How Alex Jones and David Icke Contribute to a First-Rate Mind: Just because things are considered conspiracies, doesn’t mean they are false

When critics of mine say that you can’t listen to my topics on politics or other serious matters because I also cover topics of conspiracy and pseudoscience, they are speaking of their own limitations, not the actual way that information is obtained. And to that aspect I do find that people like Alex Jones and England’s David Icke contribute to the advancement of understanding by simply asking outlandish questions then seeking evidence to support it. What critics are saying about themselves when they insist that only certain types of information are relevant to any discussion, such as those endorsed by institutional behavior, but not information accepted by institutional understanding they are actually pointing out how misunderstandings are perpetuated in civilization. My method of obtaining truth to anything is to take in information wherever it comes from then using deductive reasoning to chip away at the truth. It’s what I consider a first-rate mind who can take all the puzzle pieces wherever they come from and assemble them into the facts we must all work with. It’s a method I use professionally which is far superior to my peers in industry. When I’m trying to solve a problem, I don’t just look at the accepted institutional evidence because honestly, if someone wants to hide something, the way to do it is to hide it behind institutional trust. And this is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from people these days because information has become so decentralized, and that is why conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and David Icke are so popular today. They ask lots of outlandish questions and make proposals that sound crazy to the typical institutionalists. But if taken as just part of a pile of evidence, there are useful concepts introduced that advance thought, which is why I never disregard anything until truth proves something false.

I’m a big believer of brainstorming and I can say from firsthand experience that my methods really piss people off. Such as in business, if I am trying to solve a really complicated problem I invite everyone I can think of to a 15 to 30-minute meeting, from the highest in a company to what might be considered the lowest according to an organizational chart. I ignore the organizational chart because my goal is not to appease the people who are high up on the chart, but to get to the truth, so I bring in everyone, treat them with equal respect and pick their brains and see what they can throw up on one of my “white board meetings,” where anything and everything is considered. I often get a mess of crazy ideas but mixed into them all is some grain of the truth that if you sift through it leads to the answer you are seeking. I look at it like mining for gold. Gold never comes out looking wonderful, you have to dig for it and clean it up before its ready to use. And that is my method for obtaining obscure answers to complicated problems. It is the method of the way any first-rate mind would proceed, and I can say that over the years the people who most hate it are those who are high up on an organizational chart, because they either want to believe that the common people under them are stupid, or that they (as higher ups) have something to hide that they want to keep concealed from the people lower on the organizational chart. And that is exactly what is going on within our own Federal government presently, and why Donald Trump is so hated, because he has a similar method of obtaining information. Its quite a common thing among successful business people to have a decentralized flow of information flowing to them as an executive. Even the guy who pushes brooms all day long has valuable things to say about their observations, so nothing should be left off the table.

When David Icke puts forth that a reptilian race is controlling a few families on planet earth and is trying to flow all politics through them there is some interesting things to sift through. Humans certainly do behave in a strangely maniacal way toward ritual and superstition. Even so-called wise people do believe that spiritual aide can help them overcome earthly challenges over their rivals so that belief comes from somewhere. Until we know where, we have to consider the possibilities. Is it an alien group of reptile people? Who knows. What matters is that some people believe them to be a factor so we have to consider the who, what, why, when and where as to how. Are the villains actually reptilian people? I say it doesn’t matter, but what does is the propensity of some to cleave to a social elite status that then interrupts proper management of our civilization. And of that observation, David Icke has done some fantastic work—it doesn’t matter if its aliens or a bunch of people who went to Yale and wish to protect that institutions reputation with skewed social data. The impact on the world is the same.

When I started years ago my public education crusade my assertion was that public schools were focused on one primary thing, brainwashing children into liberalism and they gained permission from the parents by offering free babysitting services making it all too easy for the programing to take effect. When I said such a thing, critics called it a tin hatted conspiracy on the level of David Icke or Alex Jones. But reality has shown me to be completely correct and it doesn’t sound so crazy these days, because the evidence has been quite apparent. The reason is that information has been decentralized and the state no longer can suppress the data from voters. For instance, my home district of Lakota schools has thrown many millions of dollars of payroll at teachers yet the performance of the students has gone down instead of up. Paying teachers more money has never been a direct contributor to the quality of the public-school system because the schools were never really about education. Past the fifth grade the emphasis of public education has been to fit children into some social demographic and process them into institutional controls, so test scores are not reflective of the reality because the goal was always assimilation, not education. When I said it, it scared people, but these days more people are ready to admit the mess that public education has become. Even though people didn’t want to admit it, when I said the things I did about public education the institutionalists wanted to believe it was all a conspiracy theory, but as it turned out, I was more than correct, even in the early days of speculation.

The controversy of Alex Jones going to Washington D.C. and all the trouble he brought with him is just another example. I thought Alex Jones was baiting Marco Rubio with the whole hand on the shoulder thing. There wasn’t much that Rubio could do to fight a guy like Jones, there was no way to win without being willing to slug it out with Jones. That is why Alex Jones has been taken down from all social media platforms, because the belief is from the institutionalists, for which Marco Rubio is certainly one of them, is that they make the world. Jones was a reminder that there were forces shaping the present world that were outside of those institutional limits, and that’s why Rubio went to the default defense of trying to pretend he didn’t know who Alex Jones was. It was Rubio’s way of saying that if the institutions don’t recognize you, that you have nothing the world wants; therefore, I don’t know you. But when Alex Jones called Rubio a bathhouse frat boy, there was an accuracy to that statement that cuts across all party politics, and ultimately points to the reason that Marco lost the primary election to Trump.

Information, wherever it comes from is not dirty or even crazy. I have found that even the most disjointed mind sometimes produces great intelligence even if the reality of possessing that knowledge does make them a little eccentric and off the wall. It takes a first-rate mind to take all that information in and to put it to good use, and those that can are wonderful problem solvers. Those who are afraid of that truth call information they don’t like conspiracies, as if to marginalizing it out of usefulness. But the evidence says that you can never give institutional knowledge a monopoly on results. Even if the information comes from someone who believes that a reptile species is controlling us all, or that ancient aliens once settled the planet, or that the Illuminati is asking for blood sacrifices in modern politics to skew election results in their favor, there are aspects in truth to everything, even the most outlandish story. But it takes a good mind to extract that value. And just because a majority of people do not possess such skills does not make the usefulness of those skills less valid. Only more so.

Rich Hoffman

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Giant Humans Discovered in the Miamisburg Mound: Confirmation of a species of human that thrived in North America before the Greeks

Several years ago Fritz Zimmerman contacted me about an article I had written regarding Giants in Ohio: The hidden history of the human race and let me know about some books he did on the subject.  Back then it was to me an extremely pioneering topic—the idea that there were 8 to 9 foot people inhabiting North America well before the people we now call Indians were established the way we know them by our history books.  It continues to be one of my most popular articles introducing many thousands of people to the idea. I ran across the topic while attending the 2009 Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia after picking up a map called “Hidden Ohio” which featured a series of paranormal hot spots and UFO sightings.  I spread it out over my motorcycle seat to read it while my wife got us some lunch from a nearby café stunned by some of the things I was seeing.  In two spots I noticed that there were discovered remains of giant people in Ohio, one across the Ohio River in Augusta, Kentucky and another burial site just to the east of Cleveland, Ohio.  Since then I have kept an open mind to new discoveries and let the evidence take things properly toward a reasonable conclusion and I can report now after nearly a decade of investigation that there is no question a species of giant human who roamed North America many years before Christ was born existed, and they were very organized—even advanced.  And that conclusive evidence was never more apparent than in what I personally discovered at the Miamisburg Mound just up the river from my home in Liberty Township, Ohio.

I grew up in likely one of the richest areas in the world for the Mound Builders.  When I was four years old I remember very specifically a visit my parents took me on to Fort Ancient.  I even remember the smell of the woods that day, so my recollection is very vivid, and it likely set me on a life course that has some unknown climax—but for now just make a note that burial mounds have always been a topic of fascination for me.  I always associated them with little 4’ people who were boring Indians hunting, gathering, and living briefly then dying until civilization came along and built cities on top of their former mud huts.  That is until reports had come through that there was a vast conspiracy started really by the Smithsonian Institute to conceal the many discoveries made by amateur archaeology in the 19th century.  The more I learned the higher the possibility was that it was all true—that early Christian advocates who were also employed by the Smithsonian desired to preserve the evolutionary theories of Darwin so long as it corresponded with the New Testament Bible and backed up the story that Christianized Europe had discovered America.  Any evidence to the contrary was stuffed away into private collections, called a hoax, or put into a museum drawer to be called upon later when more evidence and freer minds could ponder them—likely after grant money ran out and new theories might be accepted by future academics.  But that time was not in the present.

It was way back in 2003 when I read the very groundbreaking book by Michael A Cremo and Richard L. Thompson called Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race that called into question many of the previously unchallenged assumptions made about the age of mankind and their capabilities.  I read the book skeptically but quickly started considering the possibilities because two authors had sparked my interests previously, one was the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and the great writer James Joyce with his Finnegan’s Wake—which was one of my favorite all time works in literature.  The Vico cycle is featured in both works—the idea that societies always go through a four-part cycle, a theocracy, an aristocracy, a democracy, then anarchy only to start all over again time and time again.  This idea haunted me because the human trend is always to think that the present Vico cycle is always the first because their egos never want to consider that everything they might be doing politically might be pointless only to crumble away into anarchy to be born again as a theocracy.  I always thought that it might be entirely possible that the Greeks and the Asian minds of the Indus Valley might have started that present cycle beginning with the Sumerians and ending in our present time with the world falling into anarchy and yearning for theocracy to be born again from scripture—just pick the religion.

Hidden Archaeology showed evidence of that Vico cycle being ignored by modern science, so from then on I had my eyes open to new evidence and a fresh look at Ohio’s mounds which were all around my house presently and as I grew up.  So by the time I saw the two burial spots on that map in Point Pleasant, I was already headed in that direction.  Then I saw a report that there were giants discovered under some toppled trees near the Miamisburg Mound near Dayton, Ohio—and in a gravel quarry along the Great Miami River which literally flows at the end of my street so I did a little advanced reading and checked it out for myself.  What I discovered actually pissed me off quite a bit.  At Miamisburg there had only been one excavation of the site in 1881 which went about twelve feet down from the top—which is just under 70 feet tall to begin with—and they discovered some bones—then stopped digging.  Never again did anybody attempt to do any further excavations which I thought was disgraceful given its proximity to so many very good local universities.  I mean the University of Dayton is right in the neighborhood, Ohio State is literally an hour away, the University of Cincinnati just 40 minutes away to the south, and Xavier just a little closer.  The great Miami University is literally a half hour to the southwest—so we’re talking about an intellectual capability that is very close to the best in the world—yet nobody touched the site for over a hundred years and as of this writing still haven’t.  So I put my anger away and carried on with other topics visiting the site several more times over the next few years and thinking about things in more detail.  It was during a recent trip to England while I was walking around Stonehenge and looking at maps of Avebury to the north that I thought again of Miamisburg’s Mound.  At Avebury they have a mound nearly identical to the one in Miamisburg called Silbury Hill.  Silbury is just a little bit taller at 129 feet tall.  Miamisburg is 86 feet, but was probably taller when it was first built but had eroded away a bit over time.  The constructs were exactly the same and I’m pretty sure Adena Indians were not living in England at the suspected time of construction of Miamisburg—which is 1000 BC.  It’s probably much older actually—but who’s counting?

Literally the moment I landed back in Ohio from my English trip I ordered the books Fritz Zimmerman told me he had written on the topic so many years ago—because they had been on my list.  After all, he had spent over 15 years running all over the country chronically what professional academics hadn’t been willing to do—and that was compiling a listing of most of the known mounds in North America which he called The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America.  I wanted very badly to know what good ol’ Fritz had found on the topic of Miamisburg because I had my suspicions of that 1881 dig even more now—there was certainly more to it.  There was a reason everyone stopped digging and it was in that nice book Zimmerman had written that I found the answer which can be found on page 96 in an old newspaper clipping reported there from The Historical Collections of Ohio, 1881.  You see, Fritz had gone to the trouble to look all these things up so people like me wouldn’t have to—which I appreciate greatly.  And guess what I found—just as I suspected.  I’ll quote from the book:

Digging into the top of it (Miamisburg Mound) he uncovered a few bones at about 10 or 12 feet from the surface when he became frightened by a hollow sound of his pick.  He stopped the work there but the bones were preserved by Dr. Treon, and were of–enormous size, a jaw bone slipping easily over those of the largest man, flesh and all.

I consider that a discovery of importance, I have a report of evidence and a name of the recipient.  It’s at least a starting point for validation.  Now, the best thing to do would be to resume a dig at the site to confirm the report, but in the absence of such a task, we have to go on the evidence we do have.  Not doing something does not constitute a fact—or otherwise not looking for something does not mean it isn’t there.  At present the Miamisburg Mound is just sitting there dominating the countryside and it is worthy of a deeper investigation.  Because like I said, it’s nearly the size of Silbury Hill in England—and they make a big deal about that mound there.  In Miamisburg the current state of the park is disgusting, and it is very neglected even though it is one of our most important treasures in Ohio.  I think it deserves a fresh look and a new excavation at the very least.  And when we find the giant bones inside, we need to rewrite our history books to accommodate what’s there.  But until someone proves it wrong with fresh evidence, we have to go with what was said in 1881—that giant bones that were discovered in the Miamisburg Mound of an undocumented group of people by our written history built the thing, and that is a big deal.  It confirms a long suspicion I have had about these mounds in Ohio—that they are more than just burial sites of Indians—they are part of a vast civilization that existed before the Greeks and likely have an entire undocumented Vico cycle of their own—which is waiting for us to confirm with science so we can avoid the same fate.

To see for yourself what Fritz’s book says, you can get it here.  It’s a worthy travel companion for that space behind the passenger’s seat of your car as reference so you can travel around North America and find the sites for yourself and be mystified by the discoveries.

Rich Hoffman


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License to Murder: What I think is behind the death of Andrew Brietbart

I am sorry to shatter the world of many of my readers with this revelation, but as promised upon the announcement of Andrew Brietbart’s death I would get into the “conspiracy theory” side of that sudden death.  Upon revealing this information which hard facts are nearly impossible to come by, it is more important to study what observable conditions we do know to understand the surroundings that led to Andrew’s death.  Before getting too far into these thoughts that I will reveal to you here you will need to understand a technology called Nanorobotics and you can read about that at the below link for a basic understanding.

Alex Jones thinks the way I do about this issue.  While those who point at Jones, and me as advocating dangerous conspiracy theories, it wasn’t us who did anything wrong.  But the circumstances around Brietbart add up logically to an assassination if the facts are observed rationally.  The same methods that first discovered black holes in the darkness of space can be used to ascertain the murderers in this case.  When black holes were discovered they were noticed by what they didn’t show to a telescope by eating light and bending space around them.  And the death of Brietbart can be understood by seeing what is being covered up.  Have a listen to Alex.

Within hours of the death Media Matters was very conciliatory, quickly offering a statement that bridged political differences.  On the surface this seemed appropriate, but under the surface, it was a bit too quick for a group that has displayed so much hatred for people like Brietbart. That’s not to say that it was Media Matters who ordered the hit, but that they were following the orders of the company line which came straight down from its owners who also have their hands into the executive branch of our current government.  The push recently from the progressive media empire has been in 2012 to hit back at the liberty groups and Brietbart was a large, symbolic target.  His recent speech at CPAC was the push that took Brietbart over the edge and called out the hit.

Since 2012 was ushered in it was on New Year’s Eve that the President of the United States signed into law the NDAA act that was the offensive launched by these progressive tacticians to bend the world into their direction.  Fox News has come under vicious attack to water down their content focusing almost exclusively on the details of the Republican candidates for president, while quite sinister news has transpired unreported by the media.  Just two weeks ago the highly respected Judge Napolitano had his show FreedomWatch cancelled as other media personalities have found themselves suddenly fired from large companies that are publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. 

“He who has the gold rules,” is what a very evil, and vile man once told me as he sold me out to the political machine to save his own skin nearly two decades ago.  His decision very nearly ruined my life, and put me on a path that was intended to kill me many times over.  And if I did not die, then I would rot away in jail for the rest of my days.  The only thing that saved me was my brain.  So I know a lot about what I’m talking about here.  The evil man was right, whoever has the gold does rule, and large companies publicly traded will pull the plug on controversial people so they can be removed as a threat, and this has been happening in abundance.  It’s a global push, not a local one.  Many people locally have seen it in newspapers being shifted around, coverage being a bit different on their nightly news, and radio stations taking noticeably “neutral” positions.  The employees of these organizations don’t know what’s going on.  They are simply responding to corporate memos.  And those memos come from those who hold the gold.  People like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones have learned to carry the news without putting the control in such hands, and this has infuriated those with the gold. That’s why people like Jones are particularly dangerous to the gold rulers, because they have lost editorial control over such media personalities.

In my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice I put into fictional context what years and years of being followed, wire tapped, and harassed by every legal mechanism available could muster.  My simplified conclusion in that book was a government organization called “The System” had developed a mind control device which affected the pituitary gland in the human brain with a radio wave activating it in a similar fashion as a brain wave does.  This would cause people to become overly sexed, and impulsive consumers—and made them easy to control.  The villain in the novel was named the Magic Man, because he had a unique way of making people disappear.  Killing people with a gun or another Hollywood type of assassination is a crude way to remove enemies.  A bullet has traceability, and actually touching a body has fingerprints and DNA that can be left behind, so the modern assassin must find ways around these traditional assassinations. 

If you haven’t read The Symposium, I’d encourage you to pick it up.  I keep the Amazon link off the right of the page.  I wrote it to get people thinking about the improbable, and to give them hope.  The money is used to fight back against these progressive losers so it’s for a good cause.  That book comes to my mind because 10 years ago it was obvious to me that this type of assassination was going on and I wanted people to understand how the game was played against them.  And the game is quite serious. America is under attack—not directly, but indirectly.  Just listen to the remainder of Alex’s broadcast. 

These days it’s not subtle mind control being employed through television broadcasts, radio waves and public relations conditioning.  Now for those rich enough to afford them, the modern assassins have nanobots.  Nanobots are real, but are very expensive so you won’t find them at Walgreens.  Nanobots are not science fiction and a thing of conspiracy theory.  They are machines that are built at a molecular level and can be so small they would be undetectable with anything but a powerful microscope.  So a coroner performing an autopsy would have to look in the specific region of the damaged tissue upon death to even see a nanobot. 

A nanobot could be programmed to attack a specific region of the body, such as a heart and weaken the cellular structure that supports the organ.  This could be done through the nervous system or actually by breaking down the actual tissue.  Once the target is assassinated and death is prescribed, the nanobot could then move to another region of the body and hide so that it will not be detected by the autopsy when tissue samples are taken and sent to the lab. 

Based on my personal experiences with law enforcement, big business, and politics, I can say with confidence that if I were hired to perform a high-profile assassination I would not use poison, because it’s detectable in an autopsy.  I would not use a gun, because that is simply too messy, predictable, and has way too much traceability.  The only reason one would use a gun is to take credit for the kill.  Not good for such a high-profile assassination.  I would use a nanobot if my client had the money to supply them.  And in Andrew Brietbart’s case, the enemy clients do have the money and access to technology. 

When I heard that Andrew Brietbart just collapsed after walking his dog in the middle of the street subsequent to being invited to a Superbowl party at Bill Ayers house where a known terrorist had cooked for Andrew it was the very first thing I thought of—nanobots.  There is means, there is motive, there are all indicators that this was a homicide.  The only reason such a statement would be regulated to conspiracy theory is because nanobots are not widely known to the science community yet, and they certainly are not part of the forensics world at this time.  There are probably only a handful of people on the entire planet who even have access to them.  Of course twenty years from now when nanobots are mainstream science and are being used to repair organs, damaged nerves and severely broken bones, this murder case of Andrew Brietbart will have long been forgotten.  The murder weapon will have dissolved away into nothing along with the natural body decay and there will be no trace left.  For all practical purposes, such a murder until that time will be considered science fiction. 

But remember where you heard it.  And know that I will be there to remind everyone that I told you so.  Because the death of Andrew Brietbart was not by natural causes, it was made to look that way by a progressive movement who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.  You can see their movements by observing the vacuums left in their wake, at what isn’t there.  Once you stop looking for an actual entity, they are easy to see in the shadows they create throughout society.  Andrew’s assassin was probably nowhere near the death when it happened.  The murder weapon was probably ingested in food that Andrew ate at a restaurant or even at someone’s house—maybe even during a party.  And once in the body it worked its way near the heart where it began to weaken the tissue there over the last couple of weeks disguising itself to the body as just another cell.  Until out in the street for everyone to see, he just died.  It was meant to look like natural causes, but more than that it was meant to be a warning to all who oppose the regime of progressivism currently attempting to rule the world. In public we dare not utter such theories otherwise we might be called kooks by the same assassins who do these killings.  But deep down inside we all know that this was a warning kill, that war is declared and there will be more death. 

Alex Jones knows it and many like him.  I certainly know it without even being there.  Because the wake around the killing reeks with motive, means, and a vast network that intend to rule the world at any cost, even innocent lives.  The weakness of this case is in a crime investigation that does not yet know or accept evidence of technology that is not yet known to the general public.  But it will be, and until then how many countless thousands will be terminated in the same fashion? 

For those who doubt what I say here, consider how the NDAA was passed and what it means.  (If you’ve forgotten already CLICK HERE for a review.)  The people involved have no love or morality for the average American, and they have shown they are willing to kill if necessary to protect their intentions.  And that is the strongest evidence at play in the death of Andrew Brietbart.  The assassins know that nobody in the legal system will pursue such a murder, because they don’t want to have the same thing happen to them.  They know like the rest of us do, that “he who has the gold—rules.”  If you want to find the murderer, follow the gold and you’ll have your man.  But nobody in the legal community has the courage to take on the ruler…sadly.  So this death will be pronounced “natural causes,” and life will go on as usual with more mysterious deaths to follow.

So we will remember Andrew Brietbart for all the things he did for liberty and that long fight out of this very black hole.  He can be seen in his finals days at the link below where I have his CPAC speech up to watch again.  And remember when you see it, that the contents of it led to his death.  So don’t let it go in vain.

To see a primitive test of a nanorobot, you can see one here moving across the surface of a dime. Welcome to the modern age of assassin technology.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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Taking the Red Pill

The Matrix has a wonderful way of putting a very common dilemma that we all face, the blue pill, or the red pill.  Now a word of warning, this is a long blog, and some of the videos are quite extensive, and are designed to assist the text.  So a bit of time is recommended to read this one. 

This dilemma is one that we are encountering politically, one that we are engaged in spiritually, and it certainly is economic in nature. And it can be best summed up as do you want to take the blue pill, which in the film The Matrix keeps a person asleep and connected to a massive virtual reality simulator, or do you take the red pill, which cuts off your brain from the simulator, and lets you see the truth.

I was watching a show on Fox, some dance show where a black dancer, an Indian dancer, a white female, and actually a person in a wheel chair were dancing on a stage. I thought the wheel chair dancer was a bit strange, and that is what keyed me to look at the other dancer’s ethnicities. I’m certainly not against any of those groups dancing, but what I felt I was witnessing was a bit of propaganda, to advance a social agenda. And for me, that’s where I draw a lot of lines. To me, this was blue pill propaganda. Let me explain.

In 1993, I was part of a “change of use” project for a rehab on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. That year, the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 was well under way, and the building code people for the city of Cincinnati were very sensitive to it. So it made my life a literal hell, because investors I had in the project I was working on were impatient to see a return on their investment, and this ADA thing was delaying the project.

The delay was simple. My change of use was on a third story warehouse space and it had a loading ramp that took people to that floor. It was a nice big ramp that a car could drive up with little trouble. But, the business on that third floor was a commercial business, and in order to get the permit, I had to comply with the ADA, which meant that people in wheel chairs had to be able to get up to that floor on their own.

The grade on the ramp was too steep for the ADA law, so the only option was that I’d have to put in an elevator, which at the time would take the enterprise up an additional $50,000 dollars and push my project over budget. And the investors would not budge on that money, so it left me in a terrible position.

Needless to say, I worked through the problem. I read the law and the Ohio version of it backwards and forwards and back again. It was a huge book of code law. I remember well over a thousand pages, and I eventually found a clause which consisted of 1 sentence which exempted our project from the law.

But until I found that, I was in deep trouble.

Now I went to the extra trouble to find a way around the issue that didn’t involve money, because the money wasn’t available. So in order for the project to move forward, I had to figure it out. I had two architects and an engineer that had to be fired and took those duties over myself in order to proceed, because within those establishments, the ADA was already an accepted practice, and they were telling their clients to spend the money to deal with the law, and they wouldn’t do the extra work to find a way around the law to save money.

What that means to me is that the cost of every project for everyone increased proportionally after the ADA went into effect, which of course drives up the cost of the services they provide, in order to recover the cost. And when it comes to government work, it justified increased spending and revenue collecting, so the ADA was a tremendous revenue stream and job creation bill.

I’ve never had anything against handicaps. My personal thoughts are one of independence. I support advancing technology that would eliminate handicaps. If the money spent on the ADA were spent on scientific research, it can be argued that we could have eliminated handicaps completely by now. But in my experience, and knowing the heart of many politicians including mayors, congressman, city council members, and you know who you are; I believe that there is a strong desire to keep people handicapped so there is job security for government. It’s not religion that is holding back Stem Cell Research. It’s government, because if people healed themselves, there’d be no reason for Health Care reform. There would be no reason for government. But we know through science, now, that aging truly is a choice. We have within ourselves the ability to heal anything, because we were built from the same cells that still reside in us all.

Without question this is the desire behind racism. As long as there is racism, there is a need for government to act as a referee. It’s all about job creation, and has nothing to do with the betterment of mankind. This is certainly the motive behind the immigration issue, which is more about bloc voting than human rights. And this is at the core of the mosque issue in New York. Government loves the conflict because it creates something for them to do, to justify their existence.

What would you say if I told you there was an immediate solution to our transportation problems in this country? Well, there is, a technology exists right now that could put the United States leap years ahead of the rest of the world technologically, and would save billions of dollars on transportation maintenance costs. It’s called the M400 Skycar. It’s been around for a while. Check out the video. Or visit

But government has been dragging its feet with this. They know that such an invention would screw up everything. States wouldn’t need so much highway funding from the Federal government because maintenance of highways would go down dramatically. We’d still need them, but to a much less extent. The Federal government uses funding to supersede the 10th Amendment in the states which allows congress and the President to impose laws they create, such as the ADA, or Health Care, or Education policies. And education is the most dangerous, because we are starting to see that 30 years of sensitivity teaching is having its effect on our population, which was the aim of government from the beginning. It makes it much easier to manage the masses, if the masses just do what they’re told. It’s an involuntary reaction to the primary concern of job security government has as it expands, and creates more and more departments.

Many people forget, but the Department of Education was only created in 1979. It’s not like it’s been around since the founding of the country and is an American tradition that must be preserved. Like many things in government, it was created after World War II, and once people fill those jobs, they go to work to justify those jobs.

It requires an intelligent public to see through the crap and vote correctly.

Now I just dumped a lot on you, and believe me dear reader, I’m sorry. Because, you see, I am on the red pill plan. I like to see things for how they are. And from what I see, most of civilization is on the blue pill.

How can I say this? Go to your local sports bar and look at what people are doing. They’re drinking to forget, and watching sports to fill their head with trivia they understand. The youth values are misplaced. Their primary information is coming from MTV, and American Idol. Their goals are clubbing and getting laid, which to me seems like a terribly short sighted way to spend time. But I’ve been married for over twenty years and one of the benefits of having a partner, and a good sex life, is that you don’t have to waste time on that non-sense. That would normally be harmless entertainment if people were on the red pill plan, but they aren’t. People want it easy, they don’t want to see. They don’t want the conflict, and they don’t want the responsibility of a decision. And being a voter requires all of those things. To be a good voter, you have to want to see the truth.

I’ve said a lot here and hopefully I haven’t lost you. Because there are things here that needs to be said in my opinion and nobody is talking about it. Glenn Beck does to some extent, but beyond him, I can’t think of too many people that truly get it. The one’s that do are either billionaires hiding behind their fortunes, or they are mountain recluses that just stay in their homes and shake their heads in frustration.

I can’t say enough about The Federalist Papers. In that book Alexander Hamilton and Madison go on to great extent about all the dangers we are currently experiencing. It brings to my mind that if attorneys had to read this book in law school, which I understand they do, then they didn’t understand it. Because the practice of law in this country is as out of control as the politics and none of them are following the formula laid down by the founders, they missed the point completely.

But the reason is that they are taking the blue pill. They are only going to law school to get to the good money of becoming a lawyer. They have their eye on the nice home, the nice family by looks only, the nice car and the social respect that only values the surface of things, in other words, the blue pill values.

And these are the people that don’t want to consider that it is a constitutional breech if the President was an illegal alien, and this is why he’s sensitive to the illegal alien issue, aside from the fact that illegal immigration is a major voting bloc of the Democratic Party. Or that it’s possible he’s like a suicide bomber sent on a mission to undo the United States from within. I’m not saying he is or isn’t any of these things, but the fact that people don’t even want to discuss it says a lot. Because the observations any thinking person has witnessed brings up the questions.

One of my favorite video games is Sid Meier’s Civilization. In that game you basically take a civilization from the Stone Age to the space age. You fight wars, develop culture, and maintain relationships with other nations, on a quest to advance your own country. In that game you can use spies to infiltrate rival countries and steal their technology. You can use important people to convert other civilizations cities to function under your control, and generally use large amounts of deception to advance your own civilization. And it is impossible to play this game without wondering if the same strategies are being applied to the United States from aggressive foreign enemies, enemies that shake your hand to your face, and plot your demise behind your back. Is such a thing a foreign concept? Doesn’t every work place in America have these kinds of elements? So why wouldn’t such plots exist at the highest levels of office politics? Why doesn’t anyone want to ask the question, and they point at the ones that do and cry conspiracy in an effort to shut them up? Because they want the relief of the blue pill, they want the simulation.

When you have an entire branch of government that doesn’t listen at all to the needs of the people that are active in government, because they are in a race to make the other half of the country, the youth, the illegal immigrants, the poor, the minorities, empowered enough to become a majority of the country’s population, then you wonder who they are listening to. Is it far fetched to think that a president would be placed into a position to undermine the constitution, and religious foundations by other civilizations? Is it that extreme? Is it far fetched that if America only pulled together after 9/11 when terrorists attacked a symbol of our economic might, hoping it would plunge America into chaos, that the same terrorists would try a different tactic, and undo the United States from within, and take away that sense of pride that was displayed on 9/12?

These are tough problems. But they can’t even be discussed if voters chose to take the blue pill instead of the red one. And it’s a shame. We get the country we deserve. And our worth is only as good as the reality we are willing to accept.

So is it the blue pill, or the red pill? Your decision and the fate of humanity are at your feet.

Rich Hoffman