The Dow Bounces Back: I told you so and about many other things

Obviously for those who listened to me at the start of this mess, you would be a multimillionaire by now as I told you the condition of the economy and that the stock market would bounce back to the 29,000 range because that is where human desire wanted it to be. That was the value of the money measuring social need and creativity. So for those who bought stock on the slide, or even when things dropped down to 19,000 during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns because I was telling you to stay cool, you are enjoying the results and that should make you very happy. There is a lot to be happy about. As I also said, the Covid-19 thing was a scam from the beginning, political in nature meant only to change sentiment during an election. And I would say the same thing about the race riots. They have nothing to do with George Floyd, only about injecting chaos and anarchy into our election in 2020 hoping to stop the progress that is well out of control of the establishment types who have been running things for centuries. I could spend literally entire books explaining why and who all the forces are, but for this little article on the matter, you can just be happy to relish in the fact that “I told you so” literally in every way a person could say it, and I have been 100% right when even the smartest analysis was a few weeks behind. For those who have not listened to me, live and learn.

So I’ll say this about the many ugly things we will see between now and the election by the same insurgents. The skepticism of the masses, those who do live between the 20 yard lines of a metaphorical football field, is that they don’t believe that any one person, or any group of people could be as malicious as they surely are in attempting to bring down America at any cost and that even our neighbors and friends may be insurgents every bit as vile as ISIS was as a foreign terrorist organization. They are not ready to admit to themselves that their school teachers are teaching this villainy in our government schools, that our news casters are consciously, or unconsciously advocating the philosophies of Karl Marx, or that the rich and famous of our society truly will trade being a global citizen over the rights of an American at any opportunity. People find it hard to believe that we are currently in a civil war domestically, and in World War III globally right now. They don’t see the guns, they don’t see Robert E. Lee running around with hoards of insurgent rebels fighting federalism in all its power. They don’t see a Hitler out there making the world miserable—they just see ideas coming at them on television and see the effects of the terrorists of our world on the news. But they don’t understand the strategy or who makes the plans so they have a hard time believing that there are malicious intents that are very alive right now and dangerous.

However, just like the statements I made about the economy just a few months ago I can say about the enemy right now, they are desperate and afraid. They know they have lost leverage over people’s minds and are now throwing every trick in the book at us at every level in the hopes of removing President Trump from office and to erase our ability to elect someone like him in the future—even if they can eliminate “us” all together. They are out to kill, make no mistake about it, they want to end Americans as the world has known them and to erase their thoughts completely for a return to the powers of history and the villains it produced. The truth is that even after all the Covid lockdowns and the intentions of the riots this past week, the dent in American love and optimism has been minimal. All week media types tried to provoke the Antifa groups to come out of the cities and into the suburbs to riot in front of the homes of the people who left Democrat controlled areas for a better life leaving behind all the misfits and slugs who typically vote for the Ass, but when they did things didn’t go so well. Motorcycle gangs were there to interrupt the protest and well-armed residents prevented any real organization of any substance. It took the fuel of all the liberal elements in the cities to make the riots look big, but in all reality, they were quite small. The people who live between the cities just weren’t going to put up with it and it was there that the Trump voters were born, and now they are angry and poised to do it again.

Liberalism—which is essentially Marxism is an enemy concept of American life and we have to admit that to ourselves. There is no peace to be made with those people and the sooner everyone realizes that, the better off our society will be. That’s not to say that people of different opinions can’t work together, but those who are trying to destroy the American Constitution and to reshape what happens in the wake of that activity are domestic enemies. In the best of circumstances we can have an election this year and everyone will respect the results, but we have seen that even previous presidential administrations and entire branches of federal office, such as the FBI, could become weaponized for the goals of Marxism and we have to understand the threat is real. And if I had to peg down the real cause of all the trouble we have experienced over the last several months with the shutdowns and riots, the sources of evil are the same. There are lots of people in the world like Dummy Mike DeWine who follow the rules as evil people give them out and will be the “useful idiots” that villainy demands to do its work, but most people understand at least in the pit of their stomach that something is wrong, and if given an option, they will hold the line. The rioters in many ways are just as stupid as Dummy DeWine of Ohio who are moved to action and evil rather than the originators of thought, yet the impact is the same. They make themselves domestic enemies through their lack of knowledge and we must deal with that impediment.

Yet the economy was never really in trouble, the assault to it was purely artificial—like holding a person’s head underwater to drown them. They typically won’t drown themselves. The economy was artificially submerged, the enthusiasm that made it great in the first place was still intact, so the moment people could feel free to show that enthusiasm, the markets jumped back up to where they wanted to be. And I’ll say this, the markets want to go higher. People don’t want to be afraid of their own shadows anymore. They moved to the suburbs to get away from victims of Democrat thought and they voted for Donald Trump to be away from the power and influence of big government. And that is the trend that the world is still on, even with the fake crises of Covid-19 and the fake response to race wars provoked completely by the media for the benefits of Marxism. Through it all, normal people, those living between the 20-yard lines didn’t lose their desire for freedom and they are ready to act when pressed. And that is why the Dow jumped up to close at over 27,000 and the jobs market is coming back so strong, which will continue its upward trajectory through the election and beyond.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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If You Follow Social Distancing and Mask Guidelines, You’re Stupid: Covid-19 was a scam and politicans suckered into it use rules to hide their bad decisions

I personally think that anybody who bought into this social distancing nonsense is an idiot. The same with the masks and self-quarantining. Just about everything we have done regarding Covid-19 has been wrong and stupid, and I feel sorry for the people who have been suckered into buying the ridiculousness of it all. Readers here will know that I have always felt this way, even in the first hour of the MSM pontification of coronavirus death and destruction. I always thought the virus was nothing more than a cold. Yes, people do die of complications of even common illnesses. The entire reaction to Covid-19 was political. Now I know many politicians must go along with it, including Trump. What’s he going to say, he listened to the experts and they suckered him into all this so that they could destroy his best asset during an election year. It won’t matter, but just keep in mind that I don’t even give Trump a free pass. I never trusted the “experts.” I’d go so far to say that I’m smarter than they are, and they never pulled the fast one on me, not for a single hour of this tragic ordeal that they caused. And when I say I’m smarter, intelligence can’t be measured in how much ass kissing you do to get a degree from someone, or how well you social networked in your fraternity. Intelligence is measured by information acquired and how wise you become to use it. In my case, I am well studied in many, many fields and I quickly see all sides of any story fast because of it. And in that regard, Covid-19 was easy to see as a hoax when I first saw it, and even though I do love the Trump administration, and I do love the Republican Party I wasn’t following them over a cliff just because Mike DeWine was calling himself a Republican and was at the front of the government shutdowns of our economy. I turned against Mike DeWine the night he shut down the bars and restaurants. I don’t care if aliens are invading or the devil himself crawls out of Hell and is going door to door selling Tupperware, or sex toys, we should never, ever, ever shut down our economy and react to a crises by hiding in our homes hoping a central authority will make us all safe again.

With that little disclaimer think for a moment how arrogant it is for any politician to continue insisting on “social distancing,” the amount of money it is costing restaurants to not fill all their seats, how it is costing in sporting events to not have fans in the stands buying concessions. Think of all the billions of dollars the bad decisions by politicians have cost all Americans up to this point, and now that the scientific evidence is well known that social distancing, masks, and quarantining, did pretty much nothing during the whole Covid-19 “pandemic,” consider how bad it is that they continue to slow open the economy limiting amusement parks with ridiculous social distancing rules, and sporting events putting a wet blanket over our entire society for nothing but their own selfish reasons. They were stupid and to cover their stupidity they are continuing with the ruse which is costing additional billions of dollars in lost opportunity cost and they don’t give a shit about it because they are government employees who get a paycheck from tax payers no matter how sucky they are at their jobs, which I would say based on the evidence I’ve seen, is detrimentally poor.

At this point they are not only stupid for getting us all into this mess, but they are extremely selfish for continuing the ruse. We are not selfish for not wearing masks in public. Wearing masks to prevent the spread of this virus is absolutely stupid. People need to read a few books on science before they ever try to shame anybody into wearing one. Some dude the other day thought for a second of shaming me for not wearing one while going to Cabela’s the other day for more ammunition. When he saw the way I looked at him he thought the better of it. I was ready to fight that dumb bastard right then and there. Nobody shames me into doing anything, especially when I know what they want me to do is stupid. In a professional capacity if the rules are masks and social distancing then I play by those rules but that doesn’t stop me from thinking those rules are stupid. And when its my own free will and decision making, I’m not wearing a mask or social distancing. I don’t believe it does a bit of good and that the only reason politicians are pushing it is to cover for their treacherously stupid decisions during this whole ordeal. They can’t come out and say, “hey, our mistake, we were wrong, everyone can go back to what they were doing before.” They have to continue to sell the scam for what it is because the minute people understand they have been f**ked over by the political class unconstitutionally they would have good reason to sue the state and federal government for their losses. The government caused all this massive unemployment, the government caused the increased violence in domestic cases and the suicides that are on the upswing from the many personal lives destroyed by the government reaction to Covid-19. They got suckered and now they are expecting us to social distance and wear masks to play along and pretend that this virus was so deadly that it was for our own good. But guess what, it wasn’t.

It’s bad enough that we allowed those idiots in government to shut down our economy for one day, let alone that it continues into the summer of 2020. There was never any studies that showed that social distancing would work in any capacity, to slow the spread. But as we saw, the spread was never an issue, the hospital capacity was fine, the whole Covid reaction by our government and their health directors was a scam from the start and I saw it clearly that way. Even as I was getting text messages and emails that people were dying left and right about Covid-19, I never bought it as a deadly virus. There was one guy I’ve known for 45 years who was one of the first hospital victims. He was the kind of guy who was the first to do the Achy Breaky Heart Dance back in the 90s, he was the first to declare he knew someone who died in 9/11, if there was a media event or tragedy, he was always the first one to be impacted by it.

So I was not surprised to find he was dying in a hospital over Covid-19. All it turned out to be was that his vagina was bleeding. They gave him a tampon and sent him home. You’d be surprised dear reader what your mind can do good or bad once you let a thought guide you. If you are thinking about Covid-19, yes you’ll see it everywhere, and with our media culture pushing this nonsense, how could anybody think about anything else? Yet it wasn’t hard to see it all as a scam and a political stunt coordinated across the world. If you thought Covid-19 was a real threat and continue to, now that you’ve seen the evidence, you are a sucker. And the only reason we are still “social distancing” and wearing masks in public isn’t for our own sake, but to run cover for the dumb politicians who ushered forth this foolish strategy so that they don’t look so bad for falling for it originally. I can’t remember when I’ve been wrong about something but that first week, I allowed for that possibility. But since March expired and the stats failed to live up to the hype I have been extremely angry that our society has been forced to play out a lie, which is all social distancing is, a cover story for stupid politicians who can’t admit how much their interference destroyed our lives, even more than if there really was a killer virus in our society. What we should all fear more than any health crises is the decisions of stupid politicians with too much central authority and minds not up to the tasks of making decisions for anybody. That is the REAL virus.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What did Mike DeWine Know and When did he Know it: The Plandemic to cover the effects of XMRV

The question of our times is why did Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio in March of 2019 ask for dictatorial power under terms of emergency in the 1,810 page document known as House Bill 166? The Ohio House denied that request yet when coronavirus hit one year later, the DeWine administration proceeded as if he did have those dictatorial powers falling short of directly controlling local law enforcement and state and local government without legislative oversight. Its certainly not a conspiracy to see how Governor DeWine was able so quickly to lead the nation into the lockdowns as there was clearly a plan for all the global health directors to follow. So why was DeWine following that plan and asking those types of questions a year before it was needed? And as a supposedly good Republican, why did he even play ball with these global plandemic types? I might not think so far on this issue if Google and Facebook didn’t have such a visceral reaction to the books of Judy Mikovits and were so actively banning any reference on the internet to the short little documentary about her called ‘Plandemic,’ but clearly there is something really wrong going on behind the Covid-19 virus. I think I’ve said my peace from the start and called it a hoax for what it is, but the problem is in the definitions. We are judging this conspiracy on terms we typically understand yet the answers to these questions are more all encompassing than that, it really comes down to a viral outbreak that isn’t cellular in design, but sociological and the essence of it is a mass cover-up by the medical community of their role in producing half cocked vaccines that are giving people cancers, inspiring autism in children and spreading cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The plan appears to come from the top of the medical community, from Dr. Fauci himself to use Covid-19 as a public relations move to hide truly devastating medical realities with a global shutdown for governments to gain control of inquiring minds who have been poised to rain hell on the advocates in a very punishing way.

To understand this conspiracy, we must look at liberalism itself for what it is, a virus that is attacking the healthy tissue of a civil society. As Mikovits points out in her books, viruses thrive off a host, and if they are very inefficient attackers, they kill their hosts too quickly. The truly great viruses are those who move into a host body and trick the healthy attacker cells to turn on themselves keeping an immune system from functioning properly. We could say that liberalism does this on a sociological level with the psychology of our society just as HIV would convince a healthy body to stand down when an attacker was present to kill a host body with inaction as other diseases moved in for their parasitic voyage. Yet, we’re talking about two things here, a micro reaction to viruses within a body, and a macro reaction to society as a whole to viruses both physical and emotional, but that do the same things at different levels of what we call life. People forget that viruses are living things and they have their programming to behave as they do just as all living things do, out of self-preservation. However, the virus is functioning at cross-purposes from the healthy body tissue of its host, so in that regard it is villainous to the intent of any healthy collection of cells that make up a body. The same could be said at the level of society where we are all cells of healthy bodies within that civilization. If some of us can be convinced to act in a parasitic way against healthy social norms, then the same antics of evil are clearly defined to behave in the same fashion.

The big controversy from Mikovits was that her research indicated that vaccines funneled through mice were picking up retroviruses that were only able to live in those hosts and when the vaccine was introduced to people the mouse virus was then transferred into the blood of the host and this unleashed the very dangerous XMRV cellular deterioration that we see leads to various forms of cancers artificially. And in a free society people are starting to learn that this is why their loved ones are dying, is because the well-intended vaccines were solving one problem in a host body, but were causing many others by injecting retroviruses into people which may reside dormant in a healthy body until they get older and their immune system starts to lose its luster allowing XMRV to explode and take over the host with cancerous rancidity. I would offer that this was the origin of the Covid-19 plandemic. Sure, the WHO, and China could help push the governments of the world toward communism. Bill Gates could feel good about himself by bringing cures to kids through vaccines all over the world, and the medical community could stave off billions and billions of dollars in law suits trying to keep the lid on the whole XMRV mistakes that had been percolating for most of the last century within the field of medicine, in producing vaccines without knowing much about the real scientific impact they had on healthy tissue.

We all think DeWine should have known better as a seasoned attorney, but he got caught listening to his liberal health director and from the outset of his administration he let liberalism make it sick from the start. Otherwise he wouldn’t even be asking for dictatorial powers so early when there was no clear reason for it. Only that his health director Amy Acton wanted it for her role in this “plandemic.” As a global insider she knew the debate of the whole XMRV problem and the potential tragedy that a loss in public confidence in medicine might result from it, and they were all taking actions to use the next coronavirus as a way to get control of the message and reset public relations with an emphasis that strengthened that relationship, to stop the deteriorating conditions they were observing. However, the problem with the medical community was that they had their own kind of XMRV viral outbreaking going on culturally, and that is liberalism within their ranks. That much is clear with Dr. Fauci’s “don’t wear a mask, don’t social distance, but do wear a mask and save others.” Flatten the curve by flattening the economy to extended quarantine could be disastrous for the economy. What we see out of Fauci, Amy Acton, even Google and Facebook, Gates all of them is that their Plandemic has failed and now the bill has come due and nobody wants to pay it. And Mike DeWine played his part whether by purpose or by default is right in the middle of it.

The Lake County ruling against DeWine’s emergency powers in Ohio is just the beginning, most everything that was done by Amy Acton was against the law. No matter how well intended the DeWine administration was, they broke the law, destroyed billions of dollars of economic value, and ruined the lives of many people and they did it the same way doctors unleashed XMRV into healthy people to kill them with cancer trying to save them from some other disease. The same logic applies here and as Trump puts it, the cure was far worse than the disease. We would have all been better off letting Covid-19 do its thing and trust our mostly healthy tissue to fight it off and develop herd immunity. That is what we have always done and should always do in the future. What was different this time is that there was a plan to shut down the world and try to re-energize trust in the medical community to hide the crimes of unleashing so many cancers through vaccines not properly vetted. They were trying to save themselves from an infinite number of cases from malpractice lawsuits only to essentially destroy everything they wanted to protect, just as vaccines had done to unleash XMRV. And to keep that information from the public, Google, Facebook and much of the Silicon Valley technocrats diseased with liberalism themselves sought to censor the information to further hide the results. But unfortunately for them, Judy Mikovits is now one of the top selling authors in the world and the truth is getting out. And that truth is revealing that governors like DeWine who assisted in the process of protecting the medical community from its own stupidity allowed his own liberalism to destroy his administration before it ever got started. And to make it healthy again, we must remove the cancer, in this case, Mike DeWine himself.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Deadly Virus was Never Covid-19, it was Marxism: How your local politician got suckered into being a host

The thing to know about viruses is that they migrate into our bodies by tricking or overwhelming our immune systems and gaining control of our normally healthy functions. All viral attacks are a kind of war for control of our bodies, and we count on our immune systems to fight them off. However, with deadly viruses such as HIV, they gain access to our bodies by tricking our immune systems to stand down and not engage the enemy. In retroviruses of many kinds, they attack healthy cells and actually reprogram our DNA into mutations of sick cell structure which can then lead to incurable illnesses. So it should come as no surprise that socialists and Marxist revolutionaries within the communist Chinese government and their partners in the World Health Organization would seek to duplicate viral outbreaks on a social scale and to attack each and every person in the world in the same manner, with viral ideas that attack our sociology in the same way that HIV does healthy immune systems. When doctors study these things obviously it would occur to them in order to protect their own concerns for constant government funding for their projects that a sociological viral attack would benefit them greatly and change society to what they think is a more healthy Marxist ideology which from their point of view would be better. Its not therefore surprising that the term conspiracy theory is applied to this current crises, because the strategy falls outside normal human concerns, but taken in a wide view are quite clear, and it is in that understanding that all the politicians who were tricked into lockdowns, social distancing, and face mask application to the controls of public health realize they are guilty of economic destruction and are looking to now cover their ass from the biggest folly in the history of the world.

The purpose of social distancing and why we can’t plan for sporting events, and all this nonsense about wearing face masks in public even though there isn’t a doctor in the entire world who can point to scientific proof that any of it does any good to protect anybody from Covid-19 spreading is because the virus we are dealing with was not a cell structure virus that attacks our immune systems, the viral outbreak was psychological with an intent to destroy the immune system at the sociological level. The attack was meant to attack all politicians and their need to protect their constituents with a perceived safety just as the HIV virus tricks immune systems from attacking them upon introduction into a human body. This virus spread because people tend to trust doctors and politicians as elected leaders and both were joining forces under a rebellious president in Trump to tell us that shutting down our economy was the way to fight this thing with our American flags flying in the wind. Many of us were tricked and the virus of thought spread through our society and has presented us now with an economy that is on life support living only off printed money and borrowed time.

That’s how we got here, but here’s the current problem, all these politicians have to admit that what they did was wrong and that they were suckered with the whole Covid-19 response, if we really want to cure ourselves from this Marxist attack through viral pressure, we have to admit how the trick occurred. But what they are doing and are forced to do by this Marxist strategy is to play along and validate the efforts since they are all now personally responsible for so much destruction to our economy. The vast unemployment, and the torrential debt is well beyond their scope of dealing with it, and the only way they see out is to play along with the stupid social distancing voodoo science and encourage people to wear masks in public. If they suddenly say, well, everyone can go back to work, go back to their sports, restaurants and bars—schools, everything—false alarm, then the blame for everything will fall squarly on them and they’ll lose future elections, and likely be sued for the rest of their lives. At a minimum the courts are going to be stacked against them constitutionally for many decades to come. It’s a nasty problem and their only way out is to convince the people that it was all worth while by following through with the nonsense.

By social distancing and wearing the stupid masks you are protecting the dumb people who were tricked by this social virus of Marxism into the spread which is currently destroying the entire world. They were tricked into letting this viral outbreak of sociology in, and the damage is so great none of them can withstand the scrutiny once people have to face the facts, that the virus was never Covid-19 that was so deadly, it was the ideas of Marxism that were sold under that mask, just like any deadly virus tricks immune systems into destroying themselves to allow a new host to flourish. It’s not such a far-reaching conspiracy once you understand the players. Every member of the medical profession will admit that their biggest stress in life is funding. Well, Dr. Fauci and the lunatic Amy Acton of Ohio used Covid-19 to become heroes in their circles of influence to solve that very problem. As government employees, its no skin off their back and now at dinner parties, they will be the celebration of the medical community for the rest of their lives for bringing funding to everyone in their wake. But don’t think for a second that the communists of the World Health Organization working with China didn’t get the idea for all this by studying how viruses break into healthy bodies and take over. They certainly did, and they applied it not medically, but sociologically. A virus of biology isn’t any different from a virus of thought, and people don’t typically define ideas that way, so the perils are invisible to them. But the results are the same.

Each time you put on a face mask or adhere to the voodoo science of social distancing, you are playing into the massive failure of the stupid people who allowed that virus of Marxist thought to penetrate our society and ruin our lives. It is because of them that we went from a healthy society to a sick one and the cure from the World Health Organization and all these maniacs who are pushing the idea of the global citizen movement and mandatory vaccines are the ones who propose the cure to the problems they created. A sick patient is much more likely to listen to a doomsday scenario if they are cleaving for life, instead of being healthy—so the Marxists intentionally made us all sick by wrecking our economy to change our behavior. They tricked our politicians into playing along to avoid the egg that is on all their faces and they were able to get our academic doctors to play along because it solved their funding problem. Doctors don’t care if we have a capitalist society or a communist one. Most of them would probably lean to a communist one because they think it will keep them from hustling for funding all the time. And that is how we ended up here and why you can’t stand next to someone and why they make you feel as if you have to wear a mask everywhere. Its not that doing social distancing, lockdowns and masks help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have enough real science to indicate that it doesn’t help at all. But what it does do is keep us from marching on our capitals with pitch forks and guns to take our country back from these idiots who caused this mess. So long as we wear the masks and social distance, the politicians who were conned by these viruses of thought get a free pass because it tells us that we believe their story—Covid-19 was really dangerous and justified destroying our economy to save lives. But the truth is, it didn’t. It killed many more than it saved and allowed China to get revenge on the United States for electing Trump and hitting them with that trade deal that changed the world. And that’s why this virus outbreak is really World War III but instead of the casualties being hit with gunfire to die or recover in the hospitals, it was a virus of thinking that convinced us to turn against ourselves and destroy our society, just like the HIV virus takes over a human host. But the virus wasn’t Covid-19, it was Marxism.

Rich Hoffman

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The Volcano of Sacrifice that Covid-19 Has Been: Stupidity in government on an epic scale

Largely, my view of the Covid 19 virus “pandemic” is that it’s a step back in time to where humans behaved much the way they are represented in the new Spectrum commercials, such as the one seen below where people have to jump into a volcano to make it rain. Our response to the coronavirus has been hokey, extremely superstitious, and just plain dumb at every level of government. Forgetting for the moment the various conspiracies surrounding the whole mess, the nature of our reaction is what has been so disappointing. The voodoo science of social distancing when there has been no time on earth when humans ever successfully did such a thing and to commit trillions and trillions of dollars to it is just embarrassingly dumb. And then to go through this whole mask thing, where its all about other’s lives that we must wear them is about the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard come out of people’s mouths—all of it based on voodoo sentiment and even more hokey science and to make it all worse, we are building policy on these things—such as reopening the “economy.” And the height for me was the stupidity that so many had when we found out on Thursday that the “government” was going to let us go to restaurants again, but this time with restrictions—and people were happy about it. Big daddy government was going to let us have some of our life back and people were happy to have the opportunity to just get their hair done, and possibly go to a restaurant after months of being locked in their homes essentially hiding from the coronavirus. It’s all been ridiculously stupid, as dumb as the most audacious human sacrifice to some gods just to make it rain. It was the worst of what the political left represents and it was forced upon all of us, and most people sucked it up and just put up with it like that guy in the commercial who just jumps into the volcano once he realizes that people have no stomach for a thoughtful solution to the problem at hand.

One of the dumbest things I heard during the whole Covid lockdown mess was from Dr. Fauci himself. When he said that we humans were not in charge, that the virus was and that we had to build our entire society around its desire I knew I was listening to a complete lunatic of leftist ideology. We are human beings; we don’t yield to a virus. I can think of many ways we could have attacked this virus, Far UVC light comes first to my mind, but the doctors at the White House were just so passive in their approach. Its clear they wanted to rely on voodoo science to deal with the virus instead of using hard science, such as physics to actually solve the problem. A big pharma solution was all they were willing to consider and because of that we shut down the economy and let the world take the lead destroying many of our lives in the process for no good reason at all, other than the fact that our “leaders” told us to.

Well, I don’t have a “leader” in my life. I look to absolutely no one to tell me what to think, how to act, or how to say it. I am a leader to a whole lot of people and understand fully the responsibility, but I don’t look to anyone or anything to be my leader. So I can say with a little pride that I am not imprisoned to the thoughts of any stupid people who think that the way to deal with the coronavirus was to jump into a volcano, social distance, or wear a mask while hiding like some coward in my home. And it was that view of the world that was greatly insulted the other day when I was getting gas at UDF on Seward road at 7 AM. The place was closed, and not opening until they were damn ready. Their new opening times were meant to reflect the changing demand of this new Covid economy with much reduced hours of operation. I was there with my cowboy hat, my sunglasses and a bandana around my face so not to scare everyone terrified of the Covid-19 virus looking like I was about to rob a train in the old west. A few months ago dressing that way in public to get gas would have gotten me into a lot of trouble, but these days, people are thanking me for looking that way. It all has the feeling of living in the days of Mad Max. People are about a few months from just ripping off their clothes and wearing G-strings, men and women alike as we have moved from a society that never sleeps where gas stations are open all night, to one with very limited options and specific hours as government has stuck its fat ass into all our lives to ruin them with superstition and nonsense.

I was insulted that my government had put so many policies in place based on complete voodoo science by uninterested doctors insistent to allow a virus to run our lives instead of us running it. The government approach by President Trump has been wrong, and even stupid. I see a good guy trying to win a second term from some really bad, malicious people who got suckered into listening to the type of doctors who were trying to convince that guy in the Spectrum commercial to just jump into the volcano so it would rain and the impact on our society was obviously terrible. Once Governor DeWine decided to loosen up on the guidelines and “allow” restaurants to open once again, “in steps that government could feel safe with,” not what the market needs, people were almost crying with joy. But I saw a really ugly reality, we had allowed government to grow too big, have too much power and to govern our lives in dangerous ways going back in time instead of being the type of society that is ready to reach into space and become a permanent species in the scheme of the Milky Way galaxy. Instead, we were clutching to earth afraid of a stupid little virus that has proven not to be nearly as deadly as the Doctor Doom advocates of the CDC suggested, and it has been quite a letdown. Government never had a right to take anything from us in the first place. It was their own stupidity that caused all the problems, and here we were letting them tell us when we could go to a restaurant or go to a hair salon. Its embarrassingly pathetic for the human race.

I understand many people can’t afford to have the opinion about these matters that I do, just like the guy sacrificing himself to the volcano in that Spectrum commercial they care more about the peer pressure of those in line waiting for it to rain than they do in figuring out some truly scientific means of solving their water problem. As a person who has studied the demise of ancient cultures for four decades, I can say that they all have a common element to their failure. It’s not droughts and floods that killed them off, it was social structure and belief systems. It is the Vico Cycle that was articulated so well by James Joyce in Finnegan’s Wake and we are seeing it in America with the coronavirus. Instead of reaching for the stars we are trying to climb back into the dirt where the lazy can die without expectations and things happen to them instead of them making things happen. And in times like those, that’s when the government gets all its power to rule us all, and tell us when we can eat, where we can sleep, and where we can go. Then when government decides, they can give back to us a fraction of what we had before and we will cry crocodile tears of joy at some relic from the past, even if that past is only 6 weeks old. Things can change that fast and nobody should ever forget that.

Rich Hoffman

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Mark Welch Questions Covid-19 in West Chester: The aftermath

You can hear the pain in Mark Welch’s voice at a recent meeting of the trustees in West Chester, Ohio where they discussed the Covid-19 nightmare that has shut down the economy of the region for reasons that made little sense to anybody. Mark is running for the 52nd congressional seat in Ohio that will take place by mail-in ballot by April 27th, and after watching this very sincere video where the topic of this discussion starts at the 1 hour and 15 minute mark, it is clear why I support him in the election. Mark also is a small business owner and he’s not happy, like many people aren’t. They don’t understand why their livelihoods have been robbed by shutting down the American economy, and more specifically, why Governor DeWine of Ohio has gone several steps further than the Presidential guidelines to lead the nation into a travesty of economic doom that we now know will be somewhat alleviated on May 1st when Ohio will re-open for business once President Trump laid down the federal guidelines for such an activity. Even political insiders like Mark are perplexed as to what just happened, and why. It has rocked the world this whole reaction to the global pandemic called Covid-19 out of Wuhan, China, but as Americans we expected better, and what we got was a fresh taste of harsh communism by tyrants we thought where our friendly neighbors and we have had the sharp, and sinister breath of death down our backs by a new generation of brownshirts, most of them working in our media.

Of the governors who dealt with the Covid-19 situation best, it was South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. She was heavily criticized by that new generation of brownshirts who were obvious Chinese communist sympathizers in the media because Kristi defended the Constitution to the very last moment and as a result, people respected her and the coronavirus cases were greatly minimized in that state which is more rural than most. But the results overall were very effective. Obviously the brownshirts in the media wanted her head on a plate for not following the national shutdown through peer pressure that ironically started with a Republican governor in DeWine who wanted to be the first to race to the bottom of everything you shouldn’t do as a governor. Kristi resisted it and certainly came out on top as one of the best Republican governors as a result. The governors of South Carolina and Texas also did well. But the worst was Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan who essentially became a modern version of history’s most vicious tyrants using the threat of the coronavirus to enact very rigid climate change proposals straight off the pages of the New Green Deal. It was communism here in America bypassing any legislature considerations through emergency order to rule by force, and it was disgusting. Kentucky was a close second behind Whitmer.

The truth of the matter was that the virus was never that scary. I said so much very early in the process and if I could see it, everyone else could too. DeWine should have known better as the political leader in Ohio. Its one thing to listen to a liberal climate change activist like Amy Acton, the Ohio Health Director, it’s quite another to give her a blank check to set policy under a state of emergency stress and to let her ruin the lives of millions to save a few hundred people. The rationale for the whole endeavor never made logical sense because the premise was rooted in emotion over one political topic marketed by the World Health Organization for big international objectives that were never really about the virus itself. It was about changing human behavior from the outset by using fear to control that behavior. So being right about the origins of the virus and who was to blame, I’ll also say that the continued methods outlined to return to normal is just Dumbo’s feather again. “You can fly if only you hold this feather, you can return to work if only you social distance, and wash your hands.” Its been a scam from the beginning to spread communism into the free markets of the West and now that everyone can see it, the governors have to walk back out of the mess they have put themselves in to have some success at saving face.

But its too late for that, the governors who most ruined their economy by shutting down everything and ruling with an iron fist the people of their state have Hell to pay. They have not been collecting sales tax. In Florida, which runs off tourism, the Disney Company has lost tens of millions per day due to the shutting down of the economy which surely delighted the climate activists which that company had been a part of, especially with its ownership of ABC News. Now they have felt the sting of liberal activism during an attempted takeover by communism to rule in America. Once there were a few protestors in Ohio that started on April 9th going to Columbus by a handful to let DeWine know they were sick of the shutdowns and destruction of the jobs there, Michigan became even bolder and emerged on Lansing in large numbers to protest the very progressive Whitmir. It didn’t take long for the pitchforks to come out which alarmed even the most staunch communist advocate at the World Health Organization—and their “save the world by staying home together” campaign. Americans will do just about anything to save a life in the short run, but once they smell the fish in the water, they will be looking for someone’s ass to sling from a flagpole and that is where we find ourselves and the governors know it, especially the ones who screwed up the most. They must continue to pretend that all these measures to avoid the Covid-19 virus are still valid because if people find out that they were scammed all along, things will get even worse, far worse. You can’t take people’s jobs and stuff them in their homes hiding like a bunch of cowards for over a month and expect everything to work out well. The reckoning is coming for them and they are hoping that they can keep the boogie man alive just long enough to save themselves.

I think of this whole thing as beneficial. Most people doubt that the things I say about the push for communism was real in America, because they don’t see the effort in their lives. They know the Channel 12 reporters and might go have a drink with them under normal conditions and think of them as friends. But the moment the governors put down lockdowns, unconstitutional lockdowns at that, the local media went around and attempted to shame businesses into compliance and even beat on their chests about terrorizing children at playgrounds. The police wouldn’t come to a home out of fear of coronavirus to conduct law enforcement in the city of Cincinnati, but they sure would show up to put police tape around a playground in a public park so kids out of school couldn’t play on it. And if a company had a Covid case, they were quick to place the information on the front page of the news attempting to make a minor viral outbreak into a death sentence to shame the employer into closing to join the rest of the economy in stopping completely. But it was never real, it was all pure emotion and now people can see that for themselves, and the real fear now is not of the virus, but of the people’s lives ruined by trusting public officials who abused their power and now must face the music reluctantly after playing their part in destroying America for foreign enemies who made the effort all too enticing through stupidity, greed, and a hunger for being little dictators in the long lineage of such people that have evolved out of communism. It wasn’t the virus that ended up being so dangerous coming out of China, it was their ideas of communism that came from the World Health Organization to promote the idea as a reaction to the virus and split America in two literally, and in many ways, violently.

Rich Hoffman

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Parental Government Didn’t Know Best: And now we must rebel against such fools and losers

Not sure where Governor DeWine gets off thinking he needs to tell us what we need to do to be safe going out into public, but I moved out of my parent’s house like 35 years ago. I do not need a daddy to care for me. And I certainly don’t need a bunch of health freaks to tell me that my going out of my house is a risk to the lives of everyone else. This nonsense has gone on for far too long, and let me remind everyone reading, I was one of the first in the country to point out what many are just figuring out about the coronavirus out of China, that it was a false flag of nonsense. Sure, the virus was real, but it certainly wasn’t the killer they made it out to be, it has been well within the statistical zone of regular illnesses, and it certainly wasn’t justified to shut down the world as a reaction to it. The cost to the economy was a self imposed decision and many governors like DeWine fell for it completely and believed with their Christian upbringings that they were all that stood in between life and death of the people they were governing, which turned them into nightmarish tyrants all in the name of safety. And now that the pressure is very intense to re-open new considerations are emerging, which I have also been saying for a long time, well before anybody else was saying it, the cost is upon us and no governor wants to deal with the impact of that.

I must remind readers here what an overman is, which is indicated by the title. On occasions in the past I have covered it, but it’s been a while. It’s necessary now to articulate due to the flamboyant nature of my early predictions on Covid-19 and how I was able to see what many were not so soon in the process. The truth is that my goal, and the intention of this site of communication was never to be an “everyman” or an “average man” or a person stuck in the sauce of humanity. I’m the guy who grew up going to Bible school every Sunday and would skip the section of the “Jesus Loves Me” song when it came to “we are weak but he is strong, Yes, Jesus loves me.” I was 4 and 5 years old when I started realizing that even religions in life were conditioning people’s minds to be weak, complacent, and to shape them into sheep to be led to slaughter. An “overmanwarrior” is someone who can see the big picture, perhaps not even from just the vantagepoint of a Godlike view of life on earth but within the universe, or even perhaps the multiverse—on the grandest scale possible—and fights for a sense of justice within that big view concept.

I see plenty of flaws in our constitutional republic as America was formed, but it is by far the best thing to come from the mind of mankind since its inception and its worth fighting for so that is my perspective on these kinds of problems. And with that in mind it was not hard to see the origins of this Covid-19 scam for what it was in the beginning, a communist push to change behavior all over the world with an intention to crush the American economy and thus our way of life and I have found it quite insulting to live through. It’s precisely why some governors in the United States like the Michigan lunatic Gretchen Whitmer took the good intentions of the Covid-19 outbreak recommendations and turned them into environmental, Green New Deal objectives preventing people from even visiting each other’s homes during the stay at home orders, and put a ban on using motorized vehicles for recreation while allowing sailboat use and canoes. The obvious insanity was an attack on our American way of life and people have a very good reason to be angry.

So I am quite comfortable taking the big view on everything I do and to frame a problem in that way for solutions, and as I also said in the beginning of this Covid mess, the worst aspect of it would not be the lives destroyed through the economy, the misery of being stuck in our homes by overzealous, panicky governors or even the fear of death by a little virus hyped up by a media hungry for ratings and a political objective—the worst to come would be the budget breaking tax revenue that states run off of which were clearly part of the plan when Bill Gates was working with the World Health Organization to create a change state scenario around the world that would unleash Agenda 21 from the United Nations into literally every home and property owner that existed and to control them for the benefit of bringing all cultures to an environmental target of zero emissions. The six foot, or even three-foot social distancing was never to save lives you must understand dear reader, not in the context they presented the strategy. Its not our lives they ever wanted to save, it’s the earth from their warped science perspective that they wanted to preserve, they wanted to keep you from “it” by staying in our homes, not driving around in cars creating emissions, and showing that centralized authority could manage the world unified under a crises for the intentions of communism as defined by China, who made a power move to remain a world power, and perhaps to be the only one.

Dumb, gullible people like Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine bought the add and was used as a tool to implement this psycho nonsense off the global advice of Amy Acton and now he has led us in Ohio to a terrible place. He’s worried about a few people getting sick as we get the economy going again—which we never should have shut down at all to save a single life, when the real problem is the crushing weight of the budget deficits that will go on for many years to come. Amy Acton will return to her bedside to read her unfinished Joseph Campbell books—which I have read every one of them many, many times over, while Governor DeWine, the good “moderate” Republican will go down in history as a tax and spend liberal much worse than John Kasich who crushed Ohio’s economy needlessly for many years to come. He got played by hostile global powers and his desire to “father knows best” us into safety for our own goods literally destroyed far more lives than he ever could have saved filled with good intentions, but as the saying goes, he drove us straight into Hell.

The Michigan protests against the tyrant Whitmer was more than justified, and I expect we’ll see a lot more of it. Ohio has started to have some little rallies to protest DeWine, which were kind of ridiculous with everyone observing the social distancing guidelines that have now become a legal parameter even though the concept has never seen a debate in congress or any real elected body for that matter. The World Health Organization you can bet spent many long nights trying to figure out how to spread a viral panic that would bypass all local governments and unite the world with a crises that looked to them for a new governmental leadership and DeWine let Amy Acton take him straight to their doorstep placing us all under a spell of doom that we’ve never seen in our lives.

And it was sold to us as a parental premise that was more insulting than dying of the virus itself should anybody succumb to the effects. Never again should the United States listen to any global playbook as Amy Acton did in Ohio, or any governor’s staff might recommend to them from anything coming out of the United Nations. If we didn’t come up with the strategy in America, we shouldn’t be doing it. And that is the end of the story for all future interactions. If these governors don’t adhere to our state and federal constitutions, then we are not legally bound to support their efforts of leadership, and we do have an obligation to go much further than the people of Michigan did. If the rules don’t come from the people of the United States, then to hell with the rules and the people trying to push them off on us. Any governor who looks to some global power for guidance is one that has made themselves a domestic enemy as defined by our Constitution and that’s how we must treat them.

Rich Hoffman

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We Should Have Fought Harder to Defend our Way of Life over Covid-19: Social distancing and staying home were wrong

Let’s get some things straight, scientifically speaking the whole “social distancing” thing was created by global minds to impose on the citizens of the world the concept that they all can be controlled by the state and monitored by tech companies into compliance. As far as saving lives with social distancing it was always a Dumbo’s feather at best.

The real worry by scientists who advocated the strategy was to not overburden the health care system because their inaccurate modeling showed a risk. In reality, which we’ll never know because they artificially tampered with the way humans fight viruses, that our health care system, at least in America, would have handled all the hospital needs the coronavirus demanded, and then some.

The slowing the spread strategy served nothing more than benefiting politicians who wanted this news story to go on for much too long, and a media culture that wants global socialism by taking away the free movement of people to make a point about manmade climate change. There was no science saying that social distancing would work, or that interfering with natural herd immunity would manage the virus. Instead it was the radicalized United Nations branch of micromanagement called the World Health Organization that imposed itself on the world to shut down the world economy for purely political strategic reasons and they sold the effort to us with social distancing so that they could involve every person on planet earth in the effort to “stay home to save lives.” It was for all practical purposes an attack of politics and never about saving lives, and for participating, we have all been suckered into their schemes.

America should have never played along with what they were doing in France, Italy, England, or Asia. As Americans we have a free way of life defined by very individualistic constitutional parameters. The economy or our participation in it should never be disrupted, even to save lives. Anybody who says otherwise is an enemy of America and here’s why—during every war that was ever fought where we sent troops to their deaths to charge a hill, or defend a military position we say that those deaths were worth the cost because they died protecting our way of life. That means the freedom of the Constitution to function, so we have well defined in the past that preserving our way of life was something worth dying for. That means the right to go to a baseball game, the ability to buy milk at 2 AM in the morning, or to drive to California on a whim in the middle of a work week just to go see the ocean. The concept of giving all that up to lock ourselves in our homes to “save lives” was an entirely invented concept by the enemies of bordered countries for the objectives of the progressive “communist” global movement that we see emerging in America under the Democrat party but played out on the world stage this time by the World Health Organization. We were tricked into playing their global game but in reality, we should have called their bluff from the beginning and stood by our premise that a few lives lost here and there was more than worth it to preserve our way of life. Of course nobody wants to see anybody die, but what good is life if we are all stuck in our homes with destroyed economies waiting for a bunch of nanny state micromanaging politicians who don’t have a clue about much in life to tell us it’s safe to leave and return to a job and our way of life?

I was very concerned about President Trump’s trend toward nationalism and authoritarian output but he signaled people like me right out of the gate by also standing firmly behind the Second Amendment at the outset. Essentially if things got too crazy, he showed he was willing to put the ultimate power into the hands of the people and that was important. Honestly, the lesson we have all learned here was that the American presidency during Trump’s first term was never truly ours, it had been corrupted by many global influences reflected clearly by our current media culture and we needed a person like the President to take it back from them without gunfire needed. In some ways it has been worth all the countless lives ruined by the government mandated shutdowns and the personal price we have all suffered as a result just to get some high level politician to turn the table on the World Health Organization and put the burden for their hidden actions back on them with a costly smackdown. Watching Trump so far this week of April 13th 2020 it is good to see him behave as a classic CEO as opposed to a washed out politician that doesn’t understand the forces at work. When people wonder why the leadership at the top of an organization, or what a CEO does that gets paid so much more money, we can see in President Trump the difference, the ability to play many angles for an ultimate resolution that is good for the country or a company that makes them successful. Trump has very cleverly turned the entire coronavirus pandemic into a Republican platform by making it all about border security and uniting the state governors under a common objective during an election year. That fight always needed to happen, and now it has, and the guilty parties have a lot of embarrassment to deal with, they have been exposed. This event brought them out, Trump clearly outplayed them.

But the cost of the whole effort is far greater than the lives lost to the people who did find the Covid-19 virus too much to handle on their own. Some people did die, I think at this point we all could tell some version of a personal story. But the costs don’t stop at death, many had their very lives destroyed in other ways, through unemployment, through severe violations of Constitutional liberties in a country swinging too dangerously close to becoming a complete socialist state. If before this Covid-19 I was skeptical about the competency of government I am now convinced that no government could ever get it right, not even one run by Trump. He got pulled into this mess like the rest of us, by hostile foreign powers that attacked the world all at one time with the worst weapon in the world, “pure emotion,” and the results were devastating, more destructive than any world war anybody has ever seen. Lucky for us we had Trump in office when this happened. He has played along to get control over it, but the next time we may not have such a chance and you can bet there will be a next time. And when it does happen, we have a lot of decisions to make based on the realization that governments are not capable of running our lives. They are there to help us have a civil society, not to instruct us on the ways to be one. At best they are incompetent, and slow. We should never have given them an inch. If we had death, we should have gone to the funerals and said nice things about the victims. But by staying in our homes and hiding while the World Health Organization tried to utterly destroy the world to save it from their perception of manmade climate change, we destroyed many more lives in some ways much worse. And we can never let that happen again. We should have fought to preserve our way of life more than we did, because what’s the point of living if we don’t stand for something, otherwise, what is the meaning of life but to believe in something and to stand to defend it which we didn’t do with Covid-19.

Rich Hoffman

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The Phony Math of Covid-19: How scientists tried to take over the world with a few percentage points

I called the Covid-19 viral outbreak a scam from the beginning not because it wasn’t a real virus, it has been. But the way that the World Health Organization and the CDC organized their math to communicate their concerns sent alarm bells out from the beginning. For a virus that nobody seemed to have ever seen before, scientists seemed to know a lot about it to construct models which of course manipulated the world into a global shutdown of their economies. A little reading will show that many of these same scientists behind the Covid-19 models are also supporters of the highly political climate change activism that is so prevalent, so there was a reason that they devised their math to tell such a story on something they couldn’t have known enough to do, they manipulated the math to tell a political story about climate change rather than any real danger about dying from a new virus coming out of China. And they figured that by the time people realized how wrong they were that they could point to social distancing to say that they saved the world from a pandemic and that people would then listen to them on other topics once the viral outbreak was over, and behavioral changes across the world had been introduced and accepted as new aspects of culture. What they didn’t want anybody to figure out was that they were powerless to do anything about Covid-19 because there was no vaccine and that the best way to tackle it was to get it and get over it. Once people got sick from it then they’d have some level of immunity and the danger would be averted. However, they wanted to slow the spread of the virus for a whole host of political reasons so they came up with social distancing and conned politicians around the world into following them with unusually high death toll numbers that got everyone’s attention, but ultimately had a goal of changing social behavior by an unelected mass of academics.

The common flu has a fatality rate of around .1% and routinely produces about 60,000 deaths a year through the whole year. Many people have some level of immunity to most flu outbreaks so the R-naught number of 1.3 doesn’t spread so fast, which is why only 60,000 deaths happen. Currently Covid-19 has an R-naught number of 2, which means for every one coronavirus carrier, they give it typically to 2 people. With a normal virus, its 1.3 people. So Covid-19, because it’s a new strain of virus spreads almost twice as rapidly and has a longer incubation period where the carrier is contagious—that is until human immune systems adapt and overcome as they typically are expected to do. The problem starts when scientists built their models to project the total number of the outbreak on stats that were known in January and February of 2020 where there wasn’t much testing around the world for Covid-19 so nobody knew what the actual fatality rate would be. With that in mind scientists used the number 1-3% mortality which is what we knew of cases and those who needed to go to the hospital for assistance with the virus and died—which is how they built their mortality rate number.

However, by the time scientists were building their models many people had already gotten over Covid-19 and were no longer susceptible to the virus. As of this writing there are over a million cases of coronavirus and we know of more than 233,000 who have recovered. Most of those million will recover fully with no real issues, as they would a common virus. A percentage of them will need some help at a hospital due to some statistical anomaly, yet the panic was that our healthcare system wouldn’t be able to deal with the surge because scientists used the unusually high fatality number to calculate their assumptions. I would propose this was done on purpose because the virus was so new they thought nobody would call them out on having the wrong initial fatality number and that everyone would forgive them for an error on the side of caution. But what they were really after was policy changes that helped them with their real passion, saving the planet from man-made climate change. The actual fatality number should have been in the flu range of around .1%, not up there around 1.-2%. That’s why scientists were talking about 1-2 million people dying of the Covid-19 virus instead of what it will likely be globally which is around 100,000—a big difference.

Of course, every life matters and we should try to help everyone, but the method here was to prolong the misery for political gains, not to actually save lives. It could easily be argued that immune system builders like happiness, and good food would have helped more people get coronavirus and get over it faster which would have stopped the outbreak, not prolonged it locking everyone in their homes miserable so that they got sick much easier. They did not have such a panicky governor in South Carolina and their Covid-19 cases were much more under control during the outbreak compared to other states with similar demographics. So this notion of flattening the curve was invented supposedly to accommodate that ridiculously high fatality rate that was used to build the death toll numbers. But to keep the story alive, scientists needed people to test positive for coronavirus so that they could keep building that curve with stats they could show to not have egg on their face from their original projections. That left states desperate to get people tested so they could use those numbers to justify their concern and show a buildup of daily increases of cases on their scoreboard that has been displayed on almost every news station and reported with updates around the world every 15 minutes. If we treated other viral outbreaks in the same way, we would have seen similar growth, but we focused on this one to run cover for the original recommendations of the scientists and their misstated fatality number in the beginning.

Of course with more cases reported, the fatality rate was going down, so hospitals in on the game stopped reporting deaths by pneumonia and other ailments and begin attributing them to the coronavirus hoping nobody would notice and it would give a higher death toll. After all, it would make scientists look stupid to say that a million people were going to die when only 50 or 60,000 actually did. So the need for a daily death count to justify all the bad math became an industry standard and by the time of this so-called “surge week” coronavirus was being blamed on every death that was occurring. It would not surprise me that a person dying from getting hit on the head by a shooting meteor streaming in from outer space would have that death blamed on the coronavirus to help that scoreboard look not so bad.

That is how this scam was portrayed and how scientist used that original fatality number to scare politicians into a massive global policy change when in actuality, they should have left coronavirus to the natural immune system of the human being and left the surge need to the hospitals that would normally handle such viral outbreaks in the way they do every year. It was their interference in that process that brought so much misery with the assumption of a high fatality number that threw off all the models—on purpose—to bring attention to leftist causes such as healthcare reform, climate change, and universal wages along with an expanded police state. And they managed it all with a simple number that was off by a few percentage points. They knew they could always ask for forgiveness by playing things safe. But their intentions were much more malicious than that, and for their activism, we have all suffered. How does that make you feel dear reader?

Rich Hoffman

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The New Brownshirts: Safety and compliance has become the new weapons of communism

We all have a job to do, otherwise the world ends up with a bunch of people like we see in the Tiger King documentary on Netflix that is so popular. The Constitution must be maintained with vigilance otherwise it dies and we end up being run in life by people like Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe. From hour number one of the China Virus outbreak of the latest rendition of the coronavirus which produced in people flu like symptoms of an accelerated pneumonia the cure was certainly weaponized to be much more severe than the cause and the misery absorbed by all of us will never be forgotten. I can say that I will be beating on this drum for a long time because this is the closest I’ve ever seen us come in America to a total police state. Many thought it would be science fiction to even consider such a ridiculous proposal as what we have seen as public policy in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak but here we are. I literally sat on pins and needles over the weekend of April 4th 2020 and watched the routine DeWine press conference at 2 PM worried about what the little guy would say next, whether or not wearing masks in public would become “law” or if we would all be punished due to a block party that happened in Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati Friday night. “Social distancing” had been violated and the entire state of Ohio was bracing for another over-reaction by DeWine to impose a curfew. This clearly wasn’t the way America was ever supposed to operate.

I had a lot to do over that same weekend, all of it considered essential work but I was actually concerned about being stopped to explain it, and that should never be the case in the United States ever. It was about this time that I learned that the great Republican governor of Georgia had taken the leadership on his own to re-open the beaches there to give people some level of happiness due to his recent stay at home order. The Republican governor of South Carolina had been fighting that temptation, to issue a stay at home order which was a popular well populated state that had much reduced cases of Covid-19. There are likely lots of reasons why, but I had to admire the tenacity of those governors to resist the push to close up shop which was really the intent of the entire playbook of the Covid-19 outbreak. America was under attack by a new kind of communism, and there were a whole new group of “brownshirts” emerging, or the youth of communism that overtook St. Petersburg in Russia to overthrow the entire country toward state-controlled means of production. It was happening in America and I certainly wasn’t OK with it, and I will never forget it. As I did my essential business over that weekend mentioned there were many on Twitter and other social media formats asking Governor DeWine to mandate a curfew. There were enemies functioning in the open in America and they were seeking to apply pressure on our governors to overact and rob us of our dignities promised by our Constitution, and it was getting into the very scary category.

Let’s just say I made significant investments over the weekend to protect the Second Amendment by visiting Cabela’s in West Chester, and what I saw there was truly sad. I made significant purchases and while checking out, they had very strict rules on social distancing, everything was measured six feet apart, they were only letting 50 people into the store at a time, and the cashier had to maintain that distance the entire time while taking payment and scanning all my goods. It was irritating and actually pretty scary. The men in line with me were tough outdoor types and we all were looking at each other like, “is this our country? You’ve got to be kidding.” None of us should be scared of a stupid little virus, this was not the American way to deal with a problem and even Cabela’s was caught up in the vast evil of being forced into overcompliance. Too many rules by the state imposing itself on the imagination and general happiness of what a place like Cabela’s offers our culture. Later I went to Wal-Mart in West Chester and it was the same kind of story, a line outside as if it were Kings Island to keep too many people from going into the store, social distancing was strictly being monitored and there was a quiet suspicion of everyone, because they might be the latest narc telling the government that this place of business or that was not complying as there was a class of people in our midst who wanted this coronavirus to produce a communist takeover of our Constitutional rights, and to change the nature of how we operated in the United States.

The worst thing about it was that the entire playbook for dealing with the virus was not American at all, it was based on a global reaction to what the World Health Organization called a “pandemic.” The moment they did that the entire world joined together as if it were governed by a one world government and they shut down the economy and issued stay at home orders. And in the United States we had clear home-grown terrorists who were doing their part into shaming people into compliance with this new world order—and I could see a fight coming. That was why I was nervous, it wasn’t the fight itself but the realization that once I was pulled over and questioned for doing my business, or one of these people confronted me about not wearing a mask, everything I had built my life around would be in jeopardy and an all out conflict would ensue that would prevent us from all going back nicely to the way things had been in America. Luckily later that same day Trump showed signs of his old self. The death toll numbers were obviously way overstated and the doctors at the front of the alarmism were retreating from their previous assumptions and it was obvious that the president was losing patience with them. It was time to get the economy moving again. And not all governors got completely suckered into the same behavior, which was likely what has saved us all from an all-out civil war. This reaction to Covid-19 was built completely on peer pressure and entirely too many fell victim to it.

We have an obligation to protect our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, even when there is a virus outbreak. The numbers on this coronavirus will be nowhere near what other virus outbreaks have been when its all said and done, there was no justification for shutting down the American economy and we should have never been following some playbook from another country. This attempt at forcing Americans to do the same thing that they were doing in Europe or in China was an attack on our way of life and its not forgivable. And we’ve seen that there are plenty of domestic enemies around us every day because it was they who were going around trying to shame people into following governor orders who were clearly in a competition to outdo each other in compliance to safety. Safety had become a new kind of tyranny and our lifestyles were being openly attacked by the advocates. And that is something I will never forget. I certainly won’t let anybody else forget it either.

Rich Hoffman

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