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The Truth About Stonehenge: Comments about the absurdity of summer solstice rituals

Visiting Stonehenge for me recently was one of the most important things I’ve ever done. It wasn’t just a bucket list item that I wanted to see at least once in my life—it was crucial. I have read so many books starting at a very young age where Stonehenge was contemplated that I needed to see the place in person. But to get to it you have to make a trip to England—and to do that you have to see a lot of other things and London usually has some part to play in such an expedition—so enough time in a schedule is necessary to accommodate such a task. However, this year I was able to get there and it was everything I expected and more. More than anything I was extremely impressed by the position the Neolithic complex held on the high plains of western England and the relation that all the mounds in the surrounding countryside had with the ancient stone ritual center. I think Stonehenge is remarkable in many different ways and its history is quite vast—much deeper than what the type of people who showed up at the summer solstice events which happen every year where druid loving people watch the sun rise on the longest day of the year.

I watched the events that these types of people participate in and it actually makes me pretty mad. The druids were not in any way involved with building Stonehenge. Their Celtic heritage is just another rendition of the modern nature worshipping hippie—the earth first losers who plague our modern politics with wishy-washy sentiment rooted in a new religion—making Mother Earth the new Yahweh or Shiva. For them and their followers of the modern age—Stonehenge is an earth worshipping symbol that a bunch of second handers from the region of Germany adopted to have sex parties and conduct themselves foolishly while under the ground dating back over 10,000 years were the relics of civilizations’ origins waiting still to be discovered. The reasons for Stonehenge’s alignments to the sun and other celestial bodies go far beyond the natural worshipping druids.

Yet like the American Indian the true meaning of the people who built Stonehenge goes undetected because intellectual curiosity cannot get past the necessity for spiritual redemption. Even the people studying Stonehenge cannot help but be pulled into the earth worship distortion that people like these druid lovers bring to the site during real archaeological study. When I was there the obvious layers of observation was distinctly obvious. On the surface, you have all these conclusions that are wrapped up in the methods of druid mythology which has always been associated with the site—unjustifiably. The druids came along many centuries after the final stages of construction at Stonehenge in 2500 BC. But to look properly at Stonehenge you have to be willing to look at Old Sarum to the south and Avebury to the north—as well as many hundreds of earthworks over the 50 miles of regional coverage. There was a lot going on in that region of England dating from the end of the last Ice Age to the relative present of 4000 years ago. For many millenniums—much longer than our present age—the Stonehenge region was very important and it goes well beyond the need to worship the earth.

Dating back 10,000 years—at least, are the skeletons of many sacrificed animals. What we know of Stonehenge and its modern rocks were built on the sacrificial site of these animal bones. Even in recent years—the last stages of Stonehenge after final construction, human sacrifices where happening with frequency—many of them quite brutal. I’m inclined to think that the stone alignments with the various solstices had less to do with celestial worship and more to do with keeping track of their progress throughout the year—likely to mark the points in time where interactions with important events occurred—such as when it became known how to calculate complicated mathematical concepts among a bunch of supposed nomads hunting and gathering for their entire lives and doing nothing else. Somewhere along the line of this 10,000-year span something happened that made people do remarkable things in that rather unremarkable landscape.

Then there is the problem of understanding that the builders of Stonehenge were not a regional phenomenon, but a global one. I am quite convinced after visiting Stonehenge and seeing things with my own eyes that the same people who built that place were also in North America building the many similar structures still seen all over the Americas. We are likely looking at a society that was much more advanced than we give it credit for, and was likely part of the culture that existed all over the world prior to the time the Book of Genius was written. Many calculate that the Great Deluge took place around 2348 BCE which is just a few hundred years after the final touches of Stonehenge so we are dealing with more than just mythology and Earth worshiping killers. We’re dealing with a particularly potent hidden history that is right in front of our faces—yet we hide the truth behind our recent religious inventions—and that is compelling.

Evidence of life—even giant stones like what we see at Stonehenge do not last very long. Once you apply 20 or 30,000 years of wear to anything it often becomes unrecognizable and that to me is the most compelling aspect of the Neolithic monuments surrounding the Stonehenge area. Without question to me the same culture that built Stonehenge ended up in some way in North America and likely China. Without question, there were global sea trade routes moving all around the world at a time when we think of the people of Stonehenge as being separate and rising independently. The evidence simply doesn’t support that if you look at everything instead of just the Stonehenge complex. And then there is the case of the American Indian—they are obviously from the China region and settled in North America as a separate transaction of migration and they were interacting with these Stonehenge people—whoever they were—well before the druids walked out of Germany. All this is very revolutionary and certainly changes what we know about our own history. That’s why I so badly wanted to visit the site in person as opposed to reading about it as I have so much. It is clear that even lifelong researchers into Stonehenge are trying to fit it into what we know about science, instead of letting history properly tell its story with us being a willing audience. We’ve tried too hard to shape the narrative to fit our comfort level.

The biggest question about Stonehenge is—why there, and likely that answer is due to events that occurred before the Ice Age even happened. The uneventful plain of land in western England did not suddenly just pop up all these really remarkable monuments—something inspired people to do these things at a great cost to themselves—and that is where we need answers—and we’re not going to get it by watching a bunch of hippies worship the sun. I think the reason the sun was so important to all these ancient people clearly marks their need to demonstrate to the political masses a way to tell time. The sacrificial elements that often come out of collapsing societies tend to be what we study but the initial cause is where the focus should be. Why, and why there?

The mathematics involved alone extend well beyond the achievements of Greek study—it is time to accept that Greek and Roman empires were only ages and that all this had come before in times long forgotten. I think Stonehenge says to us that society wasn’t so primitive—at least aspects of it. People may have come from the surrounding countryside to become part of something bigger, and wiser at Stonehenge, and Avebury, but the people who built all these things were far less nomadic than we want to admit. They were rather advanced and that is something we need to deal with. They were a global society, not a regional one. It may take us 100 to 200 more years to find enough evidence to support some of the things I’ve said here, but the evidence is stacking up, and much of this is obvious. We just need more evidence before re-writing history books. But mark what I’m saying here, these druid rituals are just a bunch of left leaning hippies who are trying to use history to justify their religion of Mother Earth worship. They are as loony as the fools who sacrificed other human beings at Stonehenge trying to make it rain. They are not the builders of Stonehenge, or the causes for why it’s there to begin with. They are just more of a second-hand civilization riding the coattails of greatness and hoping that they can loot the credit for it over the lens of history. So far it has worked for them, but the evidence emerging is telling us the truth, and they are certainly blind to it.

Rich Hoffman
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Megyn Kelly’s Career Killing Interview with Alex Jones: Karen Handel and many other Republicans win easily

It was even worse than I thought, the Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones for her new NBC Sunday night show—which is not performing as expected. In a lot of ways, you could tell the results of the special elections held on June 20th 2017 based on the NBC broadcast by Megyn Kelly. It wasn’t even close in the 6th District Georgia race where Karen Handel easily beat the Democrat Hollywood money, and over in South Carolina Ralph Norman took his seat for the Republicans making it a 4-0 run in these special elections since Donald Trump took over at the White House. And if you listened carefully, the NBC execs behind Megyn Kelly’s new show were screaming in frustration at this strange new mysterious world where they had very little control over the mass population—and that people have instead put their efforts behind people like Alex Jones instead of traditional figures like Tom Brokaw and the new-comer Megyn Kelly. They are lost and simply don’t understand what’s going on.

Megyn Kelly’s Jones interview was technically a ratings disaster and resonated with the many Hollywood productions that are losing money this year because they don’t represent the masses in the fly over states. As the election results came in for the 6th District in Georgia I received the information that the two directors of the new Han Solo movie have left the production over “creative differences.” I liked those guys but they started filming in London on that picture in February, the same time that I was there and they were very enamored with all the anti-Trump rhetoric coming out of all the liberal precincts—and in London that gives the impression of a majority in the world. I thought then as I do now that they were too close to all that anti-Trump radicalism and surely those elements would end up in the Han Solo movie—which wouldn’t be good. Without question Disney has been watching all these events and while it’s too early to tell, I would bet money that those boys decided they couldn’t deal with changing up elements of the Han Solo film to reflect the political realities of the world as of now. It’s a much different place than it was last year when the script was written and if Disney wants a good picture in the spring of 2018, then they better get with the program. Everybody better—because all these witch hunts against Trump are going to amount to nothing—in the end he’s going to be one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had in the United States—Republicans are going to increase their House and Senate seats and like it or not, more people can relate to Alex Jones than they do Megyn Kelly.

Megyn’s mission was to make Alex Jones look stupid, and he knew that—so he scooped her and beat NBC to the punch by secretly recording her then releasing the tapes over the weekend ahead of the big Father’s Day show. And after listening to her promise Jones that she wasn’t doing a hit piece, then watching how NBC cut up the interview—it was clearly everything she promised it wouldn’t be and Jones came out looking even better. NBC hates that there is competition out there like Alex Jones. Megyn tried to take shots at the Infowars method of reporting—which was essentially a bunch of internet reports that come out of cyberspace and is talked about on Infowars in a very laissez-faire manner—as opposed to the way it’s done at NBC and the other networks where an editor—(usually someone who gives a lot of money to Democratic political causes) validates a story given by a reporter and shapes it to the network’s position—calling it truth. Alex Jones at Infowars wants everything fast and loose and thus can cover a lot more ground than some giant bureaucratic organization like NBC who uses sex to essentially sell their Democratic ideas then uses traditional anchors like Tom Brokaw to reflect back to a time when nobody questioned their news reporting to validate their authority.

The frustration and even exasperation of NBC for this new kind of news which Alex Jones represents with millions of fans gathered up from the internet doesn’t begin to come close to understanding what happened. Essentially, thirty years ago the primary networks of NBC, ABC, and CBS had a stronghold on the media and they controlled the narrative. Back then the conservatives had Reagan in the White House and most of their movie stars like Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson were openly conservative, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, and many other male actors were open members of the Republican Party so everyone lived in a kind of careful balance with everyone else. But the leftists plotted and schemed behind our backs and we ended up with the Clintons in the White House in the 90s. Our movie stars become noticeably less conservative. Television began to push an openly progressive agenda—such as when Ellen was kissed on network television by Laura Dern—and Madonna was showing us that reckless sex was something we should all be thinking about. In reaction to all these leftist incursions, talk radio rose to prominence and eventually as the internet increased in usability the conservative message went to cyberspace—since it was shoved out of Hollywood and New York media productions.

Alex Jones was one of those upstarts and now just twenty years later he has millions of daily viewers and his monthly hits on his website far exceed that of NBC. That has left all these media organizations exasperated with plots to stop the bleeding by shaming people into changing their behavior. But it hasn’t worked and instead more people have went the other way. They have tried every trick available to them, including fixing the polling numbers as they did in Georgia and with Trump—yet Republicans keep winning. That is because as a media group they arrogantly thought that if they controlled the mainstream outlets like Hollywood and New York broadcasting—that they’d control the message—but instead people have found other ways to get their message—with or without the traditional media. If the question were truly what comes first the chicken or the egg—clearly it was the egg—the roots of conservative values in America. You could still cut the head off the chicken—(the media) but the egg still came first. The media was there to reflect American culture—not to shape it. The media forgot their role and life moved on without them. They tried to take away the conservative influences and what they ended up with were declining ratings and people they had far less control of. With Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood—at least those guys lived a little hard and fast which the Democrats could understand. People like Alex Jones they can’t understand at all. Alex is like that crazy canoe tour operator in the mountains of Tennessee who is all country, all guns, and all red-blooded testosterone driven maleness—and because the media overplayed their hand—one of those guys ended up with an audience of millions putting out stories by the hour where NBC spends days reviewing stories suitable for the political spin approved by the Bilderberg meetings—just to make sure that Mr. Soros isn’t upset by the slant because those network chiefs want to sit by him at the next charity event and they want his advertising money—indirectly of course. By the time all that happens Alex Jones will have produced 10 headline stories and discussed them for hours on end. That is why NBC has been losing.

It’s not Alex Jones’ fault that he has such high ratings and it’s not the human races’ fault because people don’t like the kind of news that NBC wants to produce. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault that he’s a ratings magnet—because people want to hear what he has to say and how he says it. It has always been NBC and the other mainstream networks who have decided that they wanted to work against the current of American lifestyles to change it into something they thought was more to their liking. And just like they thought they could spin the Georgia election into a close race, and that they could somehow shame Alex Jones into stopping what he’s been doing at Infowars—all it really comes down to is a bunch of losers complaining that the world does not like what they are offering and their feelings are hurt. Everything from the obstruction of justice investigations into Trump’s White House down to his Tweets, people like Megyn Kelly who have played the game to become a part of that losing world now have to face it that the reason Donald Trump listens to Alex Jones and now he’s the president—and Jones has so many millions of followers, is that there is a market need for these people—because they more accurately reflect the America that we are all living in. And that is a reality all these people on the other side have to face. They can trick themselves into believing falls polls, and emotional stories like Sandy Hook—but in reality, a majority of the American people like what they like. And they like Alex Jones, and they like Donald Trump. They don’t necessarily like Megyn Kelly which is obvious by the ratings. And more and more, they don’t like Democrats. They are losing everywhere and the longer Trump is president, the harder time Democrats will have to win anything. Trump is much more popular than the phony polls will indicate. These are the facts and so long as the MSM refuses to see those facts and look toward people like Alex Jones and declare them the problem—they’ll never learn the lessons they need to improve themselves.

I think that was the dagger that will kill Megyn Kelly’s career. After the interview, there were rumors she was in negotiations to return to Fox, but she’s burnt too many bridges there and she has upped her profile to such a level that she will have a hard time just being a correspondent. She had positioned herself to be the next Barbra Walters—but clearly, that is not her skill set. She might have pulled it off if not for this Alex Jones interview—she hoped that a little sex appeal and flirting would entice enough to do a hit piece on Jones—take him down and make all her NBC bosses happy—but instead she exposed herself embarrassingly on tape which was played by Jones who knew what was going on, and now that’s all anybody will remember about her. But the fault really isn’t hers, it was NBC who set the stage to begin with, and let her believe that these tactics would work in the modern competitive news market. We are living in the days of the Drudge Report—where the narrative is set dynamically leaving the crusty old news sources to crawl crippled along an unknown landscape. Even if they did manage to take Alex Jones out, there are plenty of people who would take his place—because the demand is there. And that is a reality that NBC better learn fast. Maybe Disney is finally learning it—but not fast enough. The entire old world of the media should have known better—but they didn’t.

Rich Hoffman

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Megyn Kelly Uses Sex to Get Alex Jones Interview–and Gets Caught: A huge black eye for NBC News

Remember what I said about Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin?   CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. It only pulled in 6.1 million viewers and she was pummeled by the ex-KGB leader in content. In her obvious hatred of Donald Trump she looked for the fire behind the smoke of the Russian investigation story but all she found was a smoke bomb for which Putin placed right in her lap with a smile.  That smile said, “there is no fire in Russia-but it brought you here so I could look up your skirt.  Russia had no collusion with the Trump campaign.”  After that failure you’d think she would have learned but clearly she is an average talent and has used her looks to advance her career and now she has thoroughly blown it—she picked Alex Jones as one of her next interviews. Obviously she is on a female power trip to attack all alpha males in their natural habitats and to launch NBC news back into a reputable place with their liberal base while attempting to discredit the 6 million viewers who watch and listen to Alex Jones. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

Jones had been recording her which she should have assumed, so the way she landed the interview with the controversial radio broadcaster was truly embarrassing leaving Kelly exposed in a big way before her show even aired.  She went for a kill and the gun ended up in her own mouth.  It was unbelievable how she went about convincing Alex Jones to speak to her.  So she did it all to herself.  He certainly didn’t go to her.  She played with fire and got burnt badly.  Jones released elements of their interview together along with secretly recorded tapes which told the whole story before Megyn Kelly was even able to get her content on the air showing that internet journalism is much faster than the old static network broadcasting which attempts to build up a story for days to pad the ratings. Jones beat her to the punch with his recordings which revealed Megyn Kelly groveling like a bar whore on Jones’ recent custody battle obviously pandering to him the way a woman might do who wants to be the next girl in a man’s life. She told him all the right things trying to gain his sympathy and she certainly used her sex to do it.

The subplot to Megyn Kelly’s climb to power started when she was given the 9 PM spot at Fox News where she challenged Bill O’Reilly for supremacy.  Then she accused Roger Ailes of sexual misconduct which if you listen to her interview with Alex Jones, she was obviously prone to flirting with men to get what she wanted.  Ailes probably talked about her sexy bras because she was showing them off hoping to get his attention—then when he did she sprang her trap and built a human resource case against him to bump up her pay and hold her position on the network, until she could find someone else to jump to—like the much more liberal NBC.  When she attacked Donald Trump in the Fox News debate of August 2015 which he turned on her very cleverly, it left her very publicly humiliated.  Over the next year she worked with Gretchen Carlson to oust Ailes at Fox which occurred on July 21st 2016.  He died a few months after a $20 million dollar settlement with Carlson.  And Megyn Kelly’s role in running an underground network of disgruntled women at Fox News continued to give radical leftist groups insight like a Trojan horse into the network which eventually brought down Bill O’Reilly—unjustifiably.  Megyn after her scorched earth at Fox News and a feud with Donald Trump that continued for over a year as he rose to power and prominence eventually winning the presidency, hurt her at Fox so she left for one of Trump’s enemies at NBC still looking for revenge over their inability to get back at him for leaving The Apprentice to run for president. Without Megyn picking a fight with Donald Trump, she doesn’t get the offer to work at NBC.

And that’s what we got from the behind the scenes stuff with Alex Jones is an insight into how she works—and that makes it clear what she’s always been doing.  Kelly has been building herself up as a kind of Wonder Woman—attacking all these masculine forces around the world at the highest level using sex to get into their door then using the evidence of their advancements to turn the tables on them.  Obviously it didn’t work with Putin, or Trump so for some reason she thought she could lure Alex Jones into a gotcha trap to attack his 6 million viewers—but he never let her get off the ground. This was the second big failure for her on a high profile exposé within a month and this one was considerably worse given the pre-interview recordings that Jones put out showing Kelly’s behavior when the cameras were turned off.

Megyn let Alex flirt with her to get what she wanted—she conducted herself no different than a stripper at a gentlemen’s club—massaging the ego of the customer she thought would give her what she wanted while all along she planned to attack him even though she promised that she never would.  Her bosses at NBC wanted blood and she was going to deliver with the progressive intention of further brining down masculinity in American culture by showing what a bunch of pigs these men were.  But Alex avoided the temptation to be taken seriously by a beautiful woman at a traditional network and stuck to his guns.  By recording who she was behind the camera it was easy to see how Ailes and many others over the years had been pulled into traps by power climbing women like Megyn Kelly only to be destroyed as a result when those women stick the knife in their backs–just a hint, if a woman is at your desk and she bends down so you can see down her shirt advertising her goods—she’s very aware of what she’s doing—it’s a good idea not to comment or even consider taking the bait.  In these modern times nobody does it as openly as Megyn Kelly.

When we say we are at war, this is what it looks like.  Long gone is the chivalry of battlefield antics where life and death are articulated with the strategy of political supremacy.  What we have now is literally just the war at the political level without the weapons of conflict to confuse the issue leaving this raw and unromantic battle for which we are seeing play out in our cultural roots. Megyn Kelly is attacking masculinity and tradition to give her political side a victory and Alex Jones is fighting against the corporate structure that is embedded in culture to remove the collectivist roots behind it which seek to spread a form of communism to every corner of the globe—and NBC is obviously committed to that very strategy—proud as a Peacock. But like a soldier being visited by a whore when the bullets weren’t flying Megan Kelly visited the recently divorced conspiracy leader at his home in Austin, Texas and tried to seduce him into a mistake.  But Alex was looking for the knife well before it came out and once again Megyn Kelly has shown that she is what Trump has always said about her—a lightweight. She was only given her show at NBC because of her sex and her ability to use it to get close to powerful men whom she could attack to gain power.  But this time she ran out of luck and her past collided with her future—and when given the chance, Alex Jones didn’t hesitate to conduct his metaphorical kill shot.  And it’s good that he did—because if he hadn’t—she would have.

Rich Hoffman

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James Hodgkinson’s Assassination Attempt Wasn’t Isolated: Deep State Mueller and many others ignore Lorretta Lynch crimes to attack Trump

On the day of the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia by a radical left-winged terrorist by the name of James Hodgkinson, the special counsel investigation into the made up Trump/Russia collusion story announced that it was widening its investigation against Trump for obstruction of justice over the firing of James Comey.  If that is the case and the old FBI agent Mueller thinks that such an investigation is even appropriate—and that is the standard–then Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton need to be prosecuted immediately, because the evidence has already been produced against them.  The hatred that caused the simpleton fool Hodgkinson to do what he did in attempting to assassinate congressional Republicans begins and ends at the feet of the extreme leftists who are currently being protected by people like Mueller, Comey and the other members of the Deep State.  Then there is the media which has empowered the furtherance of real crimes, such as Comey’s illegal leaking of classified information as the Director of the FBI, which caused this special counsel investigation to begin with—they collectively created the vile creature that was James Hodgkinson.  The following video and information reported after the shooter was identified came right off his Facebook page and clearly tell the story.  I don’t know about you dear reader, but I’m not going to put up with it.  These are villains and they are attacking everything that America stands for—and they won’t stop with some liberal loser like James Hodgkinson.  They are desperate and they are killers.  They seek to use idiots prone to quick tempers and intellectual stupidity to do their bidding, but make no mistake about it—behind James Hodgkinson are the puppet masters of the political left—and their desire to commit violence to stay in power—at whatever cost–drives their every breath. Before Trump endures anything close to an investigation into “obstruction of justice” Lorretta Lynch needs to be convicted for her proven actions in that category.

James Hodgkinson was a 66-year-old from Belleville, Illinois.  On June 14th, he opened fire at several Republican lawmakers practicing for the Congressional Baseball game.

Political Views

James’ Facebook profile shows support for Bernie Sanders, FDR, and progressive causes while containing several posts that were hateful toward President Trump and his administration.[11][3]


His favorite television programs include Last Week Tonight, Democracy Now, The Rachel Maddow Show, Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show.[3] James was a part of a number of left-leaning Facebook groups such as The Road To Hell Is Paved With Republicans, Join The Resistance Worldwide!!, Rachel Maddow For President 2020, The Democrats, etc.[3]

James volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign. He viewed Hillary Clinton as Republican Lite and wanted Bernie to be the Green Party candidate when he lost.

On the morning of June 14th, Republican Congressmen and their staff were practicing for the Congressional softball game in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. Around 7 am, Hodgkinson opened fire on the baseball field. Five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and two Capitol Hill Police Officers, were injured.  Scalise was shot in the hip. Hodgkinson was also shot and died from his injuries. The weapon he used was an M4 assault rifle and witnesses report hearing 50 gunshots. The duration of the incident was between 5-10 minutes.


Look, this is a real war, these people are playing for keeps–and you better not turn the other cheek on them.  Its time to fight back, shoot back, and legislate back.  Hit them harder than they are hitting us–because its the right thing to do.  Failure to do so will only breed more James Hodgkinsons.

Rich Hoffman

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CNN in Butler County, Ohio at Rick’s Tavern: From Eliot Ness to Ian Flemming–Comey is in trouble

IMG_4642Of course when CNN came to Butler County to do a piece on the James Comey hearings seeking the reaction of Trump supporters I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity.  CNN has been hostile to Trump and they were coming to my turf—and I got an invite.  So I spent the day with several other Trump troops from southern Ohio at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield watching the Comey hearings which CNN set up as a kind of watch party and we stuck around to give our live reaction on Anderson Cooper’s show later that night.  The CNN people were very professional and accommodating so the event went off without any contention.  We originally were supposed to be on the Anderson Cooper show for two 15 minute segments, but because of the busy news day that was whittled down to a 4 minute piece at 9:35 PM.   So we had a problem, we had nine Trump people at Rick’s Tavern to do live television and we all had a few pages of notes that we had taken from the testimony to fill a half hour of air time.  But somehow we had to narrow all that down into a 20 second statement.  So when the camera turned to me I wasn’t sure what I was going to say or even where to start about my various thoughts–I said this.

I’ll get more into the details of the Comey hearing itself in the days to come but for this occasion, I’ll share my notes for future reference and focus on the positive experience we had with CNN at Rick’s Tavern as Americans.

Comey Notes taken on 6/8/2017:

  • Mark Warner made a dangerous assertion with the resolute conclusion of the Russian investigation as his foundation argument. How would he know that?

  • In a world where international cooperation and compromise are praised, it is interesting that working with the Russians is even something that would cause suspicion in the first place.

  • Comey says that the impression of the FBI was not in dismay, which is a purely emotional response. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  • Russian cyber intrusion by the Russians according to Comey, started in 2015 under Obama.

  • Comey said that Trump lied about him and the FBI. That perspective comes from a guy who was in charge at the time and is now an ex-employee speaking from hurt feelings.

  • Judgment of Trump’s character was that Trump might lie about him—based again purely on feelings.

  • Comey assumes that the Trump dinner was a way to get something on the FBI director to use his job as a bargaining chip to control Comey’s investigations. Again, this was purely emotionally based.   Comey made a lot of assumptions.

  • Don’t remember that Comey specifically said “chose to defame me.”

  • How did Comey know he needed to write down everything—the premise was rooted in mistrust from the beginning? The interesting thing is that Comey did not have the same level of conviction when Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to handle the Hillary Clinton case as a “matter.”  Lynch was clearly trying to shape the FBI case, yet Comey did not respond with indignation the way he did with Trump.  He obviously had made up his mind about Trump before the president took office.

  • Comey said he was uncomfortable with Trump after the meeting with him on January 6th.


  • Trump and Comey never spoke after April 11th.

  • Comey said he’d be “honestly loyal,” to Trump.

  • Comey didn’t do his duty because of the pressure from Lynch. Shows a history of bad decisions by over thinking things.

  • FBI leadership team didn’t want to speak with Jeff Sessions.

  • “Gut feel of the nature of the person I was interacting with.” This is how Comey referred to Trump.

  • Comey asked a friend that is a professor at Columbia school of journalism to leak his personal notes to the press hoping to invoke a special investigation.

  • Comey says that Russia actively participated in American elections with a great level of sophistication. But that’s nothing new, the United States does the same.  The problem is with the DNC letting themselves become victims with loose information.

  • Why would the president kick everyone out of the room—because business guys know from experience that it’s a good way to communicate and size people up—not letting them hide behind other people.

  • What is the difference in speaking one on one in a private setting and speaking on the phone with someone. This is something that Roy Blunt brought up—why would Comey feel different in person than on a phone call?

  • Comey leaked info to a friend—guilty of activism—seeking a special counsel to do what he didn’t have the courage to do himself. While he showed caution in not having a special investigation occur with Hillary Clinton, but had no problem letting one happen to President Trump.

  • Comey established a pattern of very weak behavior which likely has more to do with his firing than anything otherwise contemplated.

  • Likely, notes leaked to The New York Times are still in the possession of Comey’s friend. Seriously bad judgment.

  • Case is on obstruction of justice only if the intent was to cover up the Russian investigation. It assumes that job performance was not a factor.

  • Comey referred to himself as “captain courageous.”

As we went on the air many other Trump supporters showed up to fill in the background of the bar—specifically the Biker’s for Trump guys—so there was an ambiance of positivity that was distinctly patriotic.  The news coverage all day long had been very negative for Trump, but I didn’t see things that way, which is why I answered my question the way I did.  Clearly Comey wasn’t an honest Boy Scout as he had been playing.  He was in fact one of the big Washington Beltway leakers and he was doing it from a very high level.

He was in trouble—serious trouble and that wasn’t lost to me during the testimony.  When Comey had said he leaked his memo to a friend who then leaked it to the press, I made eye contact with the CNN producer Stephen Samaniego and he knew it too.  This wasn’t a partisan issue or a group of Ohio Trump supporters living in the bubble of regional conservatism.  Comey had admitted to something that was very serious and Trump had nailed him to the wall with Comey’s own show boating.  Once the smoke cleared from the day’s events, to the time we went on live with Anderson Cooper—that was the story.

As I watched the CNN guys and the live show on the monitor as we were finally set-up for our official shots it was clear to me that this was all part of making America Great Again.  The epic showdown on Capital Hill with Comey–flushing him out as a leaker, getting him to reveal what Loretta Lynch had revealed about the Hillary Clinton case—which we all suspected—was all part of this new Trump approach to things.  Now we had proof—testimony anyway—it all occurred because of the way Trump does things. None of this would have happened with any other president.  The Iran Contra hearings nearly destroyed all the good things that Reagan did—and here was Trump plowing through everything relentlessly and the political left was making major mistakes under the pressure of Trump.  And here was CNN honestly soul-searching for an understanding of how people think from the heartland of the Trump voter—Butler Country, Ohio with some of the leaders of the ground game there to talk.

They were truly curious whether or not we’d still be with him and they picked Rick’s Tavern with its big America flag hanging out front to understand why. They asked good questions and we answered them the best we could in 20 seconds.  When it came to me I said what I did, Comey portrayed himself as an honest Eliot Ness FBI agent from the Untouchables.  But what he ended up being was just a 6’8” cowering bureaucrat who knew how to talk a good game, but when the rubber hit the road, he was lost.  Trump was exposing that month by month making it so that Comey couldn’t hide it any more.  Barack Obama had no idea what competency was but here was a real businessman who knew value in people and Comey knew he was in trouble. So he decided to become the villain of a spy novel and go about passive aggressively leaking information about Trump to take down the new president—and Trump sniffed him out.  That’s when Comey made the biggest mistake of his life—he leaked his notes to a Columbia professor friend to leak the story to The New York Times.  That’s how I came up with the Ian Flemming reference—because Comey was far more interested with images and storylines than substance and facts.

I think there were around 5 million people watching CNN at that time slot so I was very proud of the opportunity to defend President Trump in the trenches, even if it was only 20 seconds—the comments did what they were supposed to do.  And for those who read here everyday, they know that there is a lot more where that came from.  I’d do it again in a second.  Trump is doing a great job, and I appreciate it, and will fight for him all day long so that he can keep doing that job.

Rich Hoffman

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The Butler County Connection to the Comey Testimony: CNN comes to town to put Trump supporters on the spot–but come up empty

I almost felt sorry for them, the team at CNN who came to Butler County, Ohio to gloat over the Comey testimony ended their day rattled to their basic foundations.  If there is a place in the United States harder core Trump—I can’t think of where that might be except out in the fringes of the cityscapes to the east of Ohio and West Virginia.  Butler County is special because it’s a strong hold of Republicanism.  It’s the home town of John Boehner—had been a huge supporter of John Kasich for governor and eventual presidential candidate.  But most recently it was responsible for helping Trump stamp out a 9 to 10 point edge over Hillary Clinton during the last election.  Given that CNN had spent so much political capital on a smoking gun emerging during the Comey testimony they invited a lot of those Trump supporters down to Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield to witness the public execution which was later filtered out on the Anderson Cooper show later the same day. Their assertion at CNN was that there was smoke and that Trump was guilty of something.  But all that smoke ended up being where smoke grenades thrown by them and others in the media to make it look like there was some fire.  Even though I’m not big fans of the people at CNN, it was embarrassing to see them up close when they came to realize it on live television.

Comey wasn’t fired to hide an investigation into Russian hacking.  He was fired because he went on just a few days prior to give senate testimony and admitted he was a befuddled, insecure person who didn’t know how to proceed and he had lost the confidence of the FBI as an institution due to his show boating during the Hillary Clinton events of 2016.  Here was a guy whose claim to fame was putting Martha Stewart in jail, who made himself into a national sensation for trying to withdraw a wire tapping order while John Ashcroft was in the hospital but was beat to the punch by the Bush White House.  Comey had a history of working against the White House when Obama nominated him to lead the FBI four years ago and obviously thereafter the same standard of prosecution did not apply.  If you put Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton side by side, case by case-Hillary Clinton should have had the death penalty thrown at her compared to Stewart.  Here was a woman in Clinton who really committed crimes at the highest level, shared classified secrets and destroyed evidence—and she was running for president.  Comey fumbled the case and sought to cover up his tracks with a lot of legal talk which nobody understood to hide his incompetence.  And he got caught. He let the Democrats nominate a criminal for the White House and when they lost the election, it has all but destroyed their party.  So Trump’s loyalty comment was in that line of thought.


The entire day all CNN wanted to do was point to the loyalty question as if it indicated guilt over Russian collusion—and that this story was bigger than Watergate.  Only there was no collusion.  Trump isn’t the kind of guy to share the spotlight with anyone—especially Russia, and as a business executive, he wants his own people to be around him—not some Obama holdover in the FBI.  But Trump knew he had to give the guy a chance—because it would look bad to come into office and fire all of Obama’s people.  That left Trump to do what a lot of head hunters who slip into executive slots as head of corporations do—you watch and listen to who does what.  Then you replace the weak links with your own people as you learn the ropes.  Comey admitted to the senate that he made judgment errors when he indicated he was “mildly nauseous” that he might have swayed the 2016 Election.  After that comment from my own vantage point I knew he had lost the hard line officers at the FBI as they were surely eye rolling the Comey statements and if I had to guess, that was the moment Trump decided to fire the FBI director and make him a “former.”

I don’t think Comey is a villain in this case—he was just over his head.  The character he made himself out to be—an Eliot Ness type of FBI agent—couldn’t hold up when the media no longer liked him.  He was fine so long as the people he was going after were the Bush White House and Martha Stewart—but when the villain was Hillary Clinton whom the entire Washington D.C. establishment supported—he found him stuck between a rock and a hard place—and he didn’t handle the pressure well.  When he shouldn’t have, he went on the air and gave extensive press conferences and spoke too freely which exacerbated the situation beyond redemption essentially forcing Trump to fire him.

Comey’s comments about feeling anxious to be alone with Trump are classic emotions when a guilty incompetent person is left defensively with a superior boss.  When other people are in the room it takes the edge off—but when you know you are guilty of not doing a very good job and you are alone with someone who can see through you—of course it would make a person like Comey nervous.  CNN wanted to make that story into one where Comey thought Trump was corrupt and the purity of his nature wouldn’t allow him to deal with the president one on one.  That is pure fantasy—in reality, Comey knew he was guilty of screwing up the Clinton case and he hoped to stay out of trouble long enough to keep his 10 year appointment by Obama.  He knew that Trump would soon learn that Comey wasn’t the best man for the job, so he had no desire to spend time alone with the president. That caused Comey to do  two more stupid things; give a public speech about how everyone was stuck with Comey for another 6 years hoping to put pressure on Trump to keep the FBI director on for fear of political backlash.  Then he gave his senate testimony mentioned above where he gave a number of statements that were just embarrassing.  Trump did the right thing and fired Comey—then he stood by his decision without a lot of politicking.  He simply said that Comey was a showboat—which was true, and that he hadn’t done a very good job.  End of story.

It’s one thing to watch these stories from afar, but to see CNN up close trying to wring out a nothing story was absolutely fascinating.  But they came to my town, to my community to catch Trump supporters live on the air with what they hoped would be administration ending testimony—and they didn’t come close to getting it.  I didn’t feel sorry for them because they were after all part of the insurgency against traditional America.  But they were people, and however wrong they were philosophically, they were still human beings suffering under a false premise that had not carried the day.  They were part of a losing, and declining effort in America and they knew it.  They took one last shot in the dark hoping to score a hit in Trump Country, and all they got were a bunch of supporters like me and several others who defended Trump valiantly.  And it wasn’t hard.  The truth has a way of showing its own majestic presence, and the CNN people were trying to make something out of nothing.  The world is literally on a precipice, given the elections in England today, the terrorist attacks in Europe, the events of the Middle East—the strange chess game in the east—the world is changing dramatically.  But for CNN, the pivot point was with the Comey story and they went all in on it—and they came up with nothing.  And they chose to do it in Butler County, Ohio—which was a mistake for them.  I enjoyed being a part of it, and I enjoyed watching them lose. But as people I know it was painful.  However in war—who cares.  Move on and prosper.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump’s Infrastructure Plan in Cincinnati: How to increase America’s GDP with efficiency and proper investment

It was good to see President Trump return to Cincinnati to give a nice speech about his trillion-dollar infrastructure plan along the Ohio River—where new bridges are desperately needed.  I remember when Obama did a speech trying to invoke the same kind of infrastructure plan at almost the same place, but for that I was very much against—because he didn’t have a plan.  Trump does.  Just a few months into his presidency just the stock market alone has infused over 3 trillion dollars into our economy, so I am confident that this infrastructure plan will pay for itself with increased productivity.  Just a few days ago I listed three key industries that could explode upon the economic scene before the end of Trump’s presidency which could not only pay down the national debt but dramatically increased GDP.  (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW)  It’s the little things that will do the most—things like privatizing the air traffic control system in America.  When Trump announced his air traffic control initiative, the media did little to properly cover it.  They were obsessed with the Russia conspiracy theory and the Comey testimony, but the real news was in Trump’s infrastructure changes.  So here is how the air traffic controller change was listed on the Trump website along with a link to the source material.  This is something to get excited about and is a key to just how and why Trump will be successful whereas Barack Obama was just a babbling idiot.

An evening stranded on an O’Hare airport runway is enough to make anyone mad, and on Monday Donald Trump responded with a plan for improving American air travel. The President endorsed spinning off air-traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration, a decades-old idea that would improve passenger experience and safety.

Mr. Trump announced principles for converting air-traffic control into a nonprofit. The new entity would be governed by a board of directors, including representatives for airlines, unions, airports and others. Instead of taxes, the outfit would be funded by user fees, which is how Canada has financed air-traffic services since 1996. The outline makes small tweaks to House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster’s proposal that stalled last year.

The proposal is being dismissed as one of Mr. Trump’s eccentric obsessions, though Al Gore supported a version in the 1990s. President Trump is right that while “every passenger has GPS technology in their pockets, our air-traffic control system still runs on radar,” circa 1945. The FAA’s modernization program known as NextGen is expected to crash through its 2025 deadline by as much as a decade.

One illustration is electronic flight strips. U.S. towers use pieces of paper to monitor a flight’s progress, even as FAA has promised to transition to digital slips, among other technology updates. How’s that going? The product will be rolled out somewhere between 2020 and 2028—to only 89 of the busiest towers, as the Reason Foundation’s Robert Poole has detailed. Canada’s air-traffic system NavCanada deployed electronic strips a dozen years ago.

In May the Transportation Department Inspector General offered some reasons why the FAA so routinely fails to deliver new technology: “overambitious plans, unreliable cost and schedule estimates, unstable requirements, software development problems, poorly defined benefits, and ineffective contract and program management.” Is that all?

FAA regulates itself, so a separation would end this conflict-of-interest and allow the agency to focus on safety and certification. This reform is endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization, and only the most cynical on the left could claim a spinoff threatens passenger safety. Democrats will say Mr. Trump is auctioning off air traffic to big business, but the principles are explicit that the entity must be a nonprofit. The outline gives airlines only two seats on the 13-member board.

Some on the right may also torpedo the plan. Among the complaints: The nonprofit would be given the air-traffic control assets at no cost, though no company would buy the equipment in this scrapyard. Another is the suspicion that anything supported by the air-traffic controller union must be unacceptable. Both the Shuster plan and the Trump principles say that current union contracts would be honored, which is hardly a major victory for labor.

Still, the more remarkable feat is how many in the industry agree on the basics: The airline trade group supports a spinoff, and last year so did the air-traffic controller’s union, which said it will evaluate the specifics of any bill. Former FAA chief officers and Transportation Secretaries also signed on. That’s a testament to how inefficient the current system is. And perhaps the traveling public can relate to Mr. Trump’s venting on Monday about having “to circle for hours and hours” over an airport.


It was really strange, I live in Cincinnati where this Trump speech occurred and leading up to it, even on conservative radio stations there was almost no coverage of it. The big television stations around town did almost no promo work for it, as opposed to the exact same type of speech that Barack Obama gave a number of years ago where the entire city came to almost a standstill to contemplate his arrival. Trump came and delivered a really good speech that has real, tangible contributions to the future of the world, and nobody covered it. They did carry the speech live on WLW radio at 1 PM but it was obvious that there was much more interest in the four home runs that Red’s player Scooter Gennett hit the night before.

With the Comey testimony happening the next day and the revelation that the loser Reality Winner as a 25-year old liberal radical stole NSA documents and leaked them to the press hoping to bring down the Trump administration, there just wasn’t room for this great news from Donald Trump. But while the media was obsessed with those stories, Trump delivered a speech on infrastructure and the need for repealing Obamacare that was going to continue working behind the scenes catching all these slow minded media millennials off guard, just as none of them were prepared for the air traffic control privatization news. The media just doesn’t think big enough to keep up with Trump—yet the work is happening in spite of the, and it drives them crazy.

I enjoyed the speech and the spectacle “not surrounding it.” As I’ve said before, the way to really know something especially when its hidden is to see how it impacts the world around it with its signature—the way other things interact with it even when hidden. Such as how we discover planets by their gravitational signature and how they pull the elliptical orbits of other plants to their mass. Trump is pulling everything to him whether or not the media acknowledges the work he is doing or not. It didn’t matter if the media covered Trump in Cincinnati really, because the show went on without them and all this happened in the wake of the air traffic control information. The sum of all this is massive economic expansion and a reinvention of our transportation systems, from bridges to air traffic controllers—to inventions not yet hitting the market. The money in this case is negligible because the thrust behind these efforts create the wealth that they will use. And it’s all very exciting.

Rich Hoffman

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