The Phony Math of Covid-19: How scientists tried to take over the world with a few percentage points

I called the Covid-19 viral outbreak a scam from the beginning not because it wasn’t a real virus, it has been. But the way that the World Health Organization and the CDC organized their math to communicate their concerns sent alarm bells out from the beginning. For a virus that nobody seemed to have ever seen before, scientists seemed to know a lot about it to construct models which of course manipulated the world into a global shutdown of their economies. A little reading will show that many of these same scientists behind the Covid-19 models are also supporters of the highly political climate change activism that is so prevalent, so there was a reason that they devised their math to tell such a story on something they couldn’t have known enough to do, they manipulated the math to tell a political story about climate change rather than any real danger about dying from a new virus coming out of China. And they figured that by the time people realized how wrong they were that they could point to social distancing to say that they saved the world from a pandemic and that people would then listen to them on other topics once the viral outbreak was over, and behavioral changes across the world had been introduced and accepted as new aspects of culture. What they didn’t want anybody to figure out was that they were powerless to do anything about Covid-19 because there was no vaccine and that the best way to tackle it was to get it and get over it. Once people got sick from it then they’d have some level of immunity and the danger would be averted. However, they wanted to slow the spread of the virus for a whole host of political reasons so they came up with social distancing and conned politicians around the world into following them with unusually high death toll numbers that got everyone’s attention, but ultimately had a goal of changing social behavior by an unelected mass of academics.

The common flu has a fatality rate of around .1% and routinely produces about 60,000 deaths a year through the whole year. Many people have some level of immunity to most flu outbreaks so the R-naught number of 1.3 doesn’t spread so fast, which is why only 60,000 deaths happen. Currently Covid-19 has an R-naught number of 2, which means for every one coronavirus carrier, they give it typically to 2 people. With a normal virus, its 1.3 people. So Covid-19, because it’s a new strain of virus spreads almost twice as rapidly and has a longer incubation period where the carrier is contagious—that is until human immune systems adapt and overcome as they typically are expected to do. The problem starts when scientists built their models to project the total number of the outbreak on stats that were known in January and February of 2020 where there wasn’t much testing around the world for Covid-19 so nobody knew what the actual fatality rate would be. With that in mind scientists used the number 1-3% mortality which is what we knew of cases and those who needed to go to the hospital for assistance with the virus and died—which is how they built their mortality rate number.

However, by the time scientists were building their models many people had already gotten over Covid-19 and were no longer susceptible to the virus. As of this writing there are over a million cases of coronavirus and we know of more than 233,000 who have recovered. Most of those million will recover fully with no real issues, as they would a common virus. A percentage of them will need some help at a hospital due to some statistical anomaly, yet the panic was that our healthcare system wouldn’t be able to deal with the surge because scientists used the unusually high fatality number to calculate their assumptions. I would propose this was done on purpose because the virus was so new they thought nobody would call them out on having the wrong initial fatality number and that everyone would forgive them for an error on the side of caution. But what they were really after was policy changes that helped them with their real passion, saving the planet from man-made climate change. The actual fatality number should have been in the flu range of around .1%, not up there around 1.-2%. That’s why scientists were talking about 1-2 million people dying of the Covid-19 virus instead of what it will likely be globally which is around 100,000—a big difference.

Of course, every life matters and we should try to help everyone, but the method here was to prolong the misery for political gains, not to actually save lives. It could easily be argued that immune system builders like happiness, and good food would have helped more people get coronavirus and get over it faster which would have stopped the outbreak, not prolonged it locking everyone in their homes miserable so that they got sick much easier. They did not have such a panicky governor in South Carolina and their Covid-19 cases were much more under control during the outbreak compared to other states with similar demographics. So this notion of flattening the curve was invented supposedly to accommodate that ridiculously high fatality rate that was used to build the death toll numbers. But to keep the story alive, scientists needed people to test positive for coronavirus so that they could keep building that curve with stats they could show to not have egg on their face from their original projections. That left states desperate to get people tested so they could use those numbers to justify their concern and show a buildup of daily increases of cases on their scoreboard that has been displayed on almost every news station and reported with updates around the world every 15 minutes. If we treated other viral outbreaks in the same way, we would have seen similar growth, but we focused on this one to run cover for the original recommendations of the scientists and their misstated fatality number in the beginning.

Of course with more cases reported, the fatality rate was going down, so hospitals in on the game stopped reporting deaths by pneumonia and other ailments and begin attributing them to the coronavirus hoping nobody would notice and it would give a higher death toll. After all, it would make scientists look stupid to say that a million people were going to die when only 50 or 60,000 actually did. So the need for a daily death count to justify all the bad math became an industry standard and by the time of this so-called “surge week” coronavirus was being blamed on every death that was occurring. It would not surprise me that a person dying from getting hit on the head by a shooting meteor streaming in from outer space would have that death blamed on the coronavirus to help that scoreboard look not so bad.

That is how this scam was portrayed and how scientist used that original fatality number to scare politicians into a massive global policy change when in actuality, they should have left coronavirus to the natural immune system of the human being and left the surge need to the hospitals that would normally handle such viral outbreaks in the way they do every year. It was their interference in that process that brought so much misery with the assumption of a high fatality number that threw off all the models—on purpose—to bring attention to leftist causes such as healthcare reform, climate change, and universal wages along with an expanded police state. And they managed it all with a simple number that was off by a few percentage points. They knew they could always ask for forgiveness by playing things safe. But their intentions were much more malicious than that, and for their activism, we have all suffered. How does that make you feel dear reader?

Rich Hoffman

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The New Brownshirts: Safety and compliance has become the new weapons of communism

We all have a job to do, otherwise the world ends up with a bunch of people like we see in the Tiger King documentary on Netflix that is so popular. The Constitution must be maintained with vigilance otherwise it dies and we end up being run in life by people like Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe. From hour number one of the China Virus outbreak of the latest rendition of the coronavirus which produced in people flu like symptoms of an accelerated pneumonia the cure was certainly weaponized to be much more severe than the cause and the misery absorbed by all of us will never be forgotten. I can say that I will be beating on this drum for a long time because this is the closest I’ve ever seen us come in America to a total police state. Many thought it would be science fiction to even consider such a ridiculous proposal as what we have seen as public policy in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak but here we are. I literally sat on pins and needles over the weekend of April 4th 2020 and watched the routine DeWine press conference at 2 PM worried about what the little guy would say next, whether or not wearing masks in public would become “law” or if we would all be punished due to a block party that happened in Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati Friday night. “Social distancing” had been violated and the entire state of Ohio was bracing for another over-reaction by DeWine to impose a curfew. This clearly wasn’t the way America was ever supposed to operate.

I had a lot to do over that same weekend, all of it considered essential work but I was actually concerned about being stopped to explain it, and that should never be the case in the United States ever. It was about this time that I learned that the great Republican governor of Georgia had taken the leadership on his own to re-open the beaches there to give people some level of happiness due to his recent stay at home order. The Republican governor of South Carolina had been fighting that temptation, to issue a stay at home order which was a popular well populated state that had much reduced cases of Covid-19. There are likely lots of reasons why, but I had to admire the tenacity of those governors to resist the push to close up shop which was really the intent of the entire playbook of the Covid-19 outbreak. America was under attack by a new kind of communism, and there were a whole new group of “brownshirts” emerging, or the youth of communism that overtook St. Petersburg in Russia to overthrow the entire country toward state-controlled means of production. It was happening in America and I certainly wasn’t OK with it, and I will never forget it. As I did my essential business over that weekend mentioned there were many on Twitter and other social media formats asking Governor DeWine to mandate a curfew. There were enemies functioning in the open in America and they were seeking to apply pressure on our governors to overact and rob us of our dignities promised by our Constitution, and it was getting into the very scary category.

Let’s just say I made significant investments over the weekend to protect the Second Amendment by visiting Cabela’s in West Chester, and what I saw there was truly sad. I made significant purchases and while checking out, they had very strict rules on social distancing, everything was measured six feet apart, they were only letting 50 people into the store at a time, and the cashier had to maintain that distance the entire time while taking payment and scanning all my goods. It was irritating and actually pretty scary. The men in line with me were tough outdoor types and we all were looking at each other like, “is this our country? You’ve got to be kidding.” None of us should be scared of a stupid little virus, this was not the American way to deal with a problem and even Cabela’s was caught up in the vast evil of being forced into overcompliance. Too many rules by the state imposing itself on the imagination and general happiness of what a place like Cabela’s offers our culture. Later I went to Wal-Mart in West Chester and it was the same kind of story, a line outside as if it were Kings Island to keep too many people from going into the store, social distancing was strictly being monitored and there was a quiet suspicion of everyone, because they might be the latest narc telling the government that this place of business or that was not complying as there was a class of people in our midst who wanted this coronavirus to produce a communist takeover of our Constitutional rights, and to change the nature of how we operated in the United States.

The worst thing about it was that the entire playbook for dealing with the virus was not American at all, it was based on a global reaction to what the World Health Organization called a “pandemic.” The moment they did that the entire world joined together as if it were governed by a one world government and they shut down the economy and issued stay at home orders. And in the United States we had clear home-grown terrorists who were doing their part into shaming people into compliance with this new world order—and I could see a fight coming. That was why I was nervous, it wasn’t the fight itself but the realization that once I was pulled over and questioned for doing my business, or one of these people confronted me about not wearing a mask, everything I had built my life around would be in jeopardy and an all out conflict would ensue that would prevent us from all going back nicely to the way things had been in America. Luckily later that same day Trump showed signs of his old self. The death toll numbers were obviously way overstated and the doctors at the front of the alarmism were retreating from their previous assumptions and it was obvious that the president was losing patience with them. It was time to get the economy moving again. And not all governors got completely suckered into the same behavior, which was likely what has saved us all from an all-out civil war. This reaction to Covid-19 was built completely on peer pressure and entirely too many fell victim to it.

We have an obligation to protect our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, even when there is a virus outbreak. The numbers on this coronavirus will be nowhere near what other virus outbreaks have been when its all said and done, there was no justification for shutting down the American economy and we should have never been following some playbook from another country. This attempt at forcing Americans to do the same thing that they were doing in Europe or in China was an attack on our way of life and its not forgivable. And we’ve seen that there are plenty of domestic enemies around us every day because it was they who were going around trying to shame people into following governor orders who were clearly in a competition to outdo each other in compliance to safety. Safety had become a new kind of tyranny and our lifestyles were being openly attacked by the advocates. And that is something I will never forget. I certainly won’t let anybody else forget it either.

Rich Hoffman

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It is Terrorism Behind the Covid-19 Outbreak: We can now prosecute those responsible

So its time to start making the case that everyone, or every organization who has attempted in some way to use the coronavirus pandemic as cited by the World Health Organization in a fearful way to change behavior, especially in America, as a terrorist. After all, that’s what terrorists do, they use fear to make a point. They don’t always have to be dressed up like some desert slugs walking in from the ruins of the Middle East. They can be working professors out of Harvard and/or run major television networks. They might even be doctors advising governors and presidents on policy regarding how to deal with a virus outbreak. They might be rich people fresh off the board with Microsoft who want to scare everyone into emitting a zero-carbon footprint to deal with climate change. Anyone who has used terror to manipulate politics to advance their own point of view could classify themselves as a terrorist and the behavior surrounding Covid-19, the “China Virus” is certainly that. I think we are now well beyond the point of saying that the models the scientists were using to predict the viral outbreak coming out of China that has paralyzed the world and shut down the economy everywhere were accidentally wrong. The way that doctors and media outlets have used that wrong information to instill fear and behavior change on just America is enough to classify them as global terrorists, and its time we start dealing with them in that way.

If a ship captain is drunk and runs their ship into a harbor killing many on accident, they would still be charged criminally with negligence. If a pilot landing a plane crashed killing many on board, they would be criminally investigated and blamed for the killings. If a train operator allowed their vehicle to pick up too much speed and crash through a derailment killing many thousands of people, they would be blamed for the conduct. So it should not be considered otherwise that the doctors and scientists who got all these models of death counts wrong with the Covid-19 shutdown of the American economy wouldn’t be held accountable. Let’s say it was an accident, they should still face jail time or other criminal prosecution for screwing up our society and ruining the happiness of so many people—even if they did so with the best intentions in mind. But, and this wouldn’t be hard to prove, if they did it with the intent to change the behavior of people with terror, then what they did was just as wrong as those 9/11 terrorists who crashed two planes into the World Trade Center to harm the American economy back in 2001. 19 years later, climate change activists and many professional scientists with an obvious hatred of capitalism have used the Covid-19 outbreak as political cover for their terrorism and it hasn’t taken long to reveal their true intentions. Already the governor of California is stating that this coronavirus is an opportunity to usher in a whole new “progressive era.” So the concept that everything behind Covid-19 is an act of terror, not a health concern as it is being disguised, is a true representation of what we are dealing with as a nation. And those openly participating are behaving with criminal conduct, not good intentions.

I’m convinced that Mike DeWine of Ohio has bought into the deadliness of the potential for this viral outbreak, because he trusts the scientists. I don’t think President Trump has, but he’s always being accused of not listening to the professionals, and with the media ready to blame him for every death that “could” happen as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak—he doesn’t have much choice but to play along. They certainly got his attention by saying millions of people were going to die as a result of this virus outbreak and each day when that doesn’t turn out to be the case, they revise the goal posts to fit a narrative that is meant to change behavior in America, everything from “social distancing” to wearing masks. Mike DeWine believes he is saving lives by being one of the first governors in the country to issue stay at home orders essentially shutting down the state. In my book, it was his decision to be a leader and to not fall for the antics of terrorism coming out of the science community that is full of climate change activists—so he is guilty for what he has done—even if he meant well. Someone must pay for the trillions of dollars lost, and for the loss of our way of life. He, nor does anybody get to say, “we’re all in this together,” then just go to bed thinking they saved the world from an invisible enemy. That enemy was never really the enemy, it was just a virus that most people became sick from and got over. Some people did die of complications like what happens with just about everything that people do. There was nothing all that unique about this virus, only that it was being weaponized to attack western civilization and it had terrorist soldiers in place to advance the dialogue and scare politicians like Donald Trump, and Mike DeWine into suspending our constitutional rights and altering our lives due to the sheer terror of potential death. Yet there is nothing that says that by staying home we are saving a single life, or that slowing the spread is doing anything but prolonging the inevitable. Where the real cure is to get the virus, stay home for a few days, then return to the world immune to coronavirus in the future, the doctors and scientists of the world have interrupted nature to invoke behavioral change that was not meant to save a single person, but assist them with advancing a progressive, socialist agenda in North America.

There is clearly enough evidence for even a mediocre lawyer to establish intent on this case on a scale for which the world has never seen. Pick a target, we are in a target rich environment, from CNN to Dr. Doom himself. We could certainly throw in Amy Acton from Ohio into that mix. I’m willing at this point to blame her for using global models corrupted with information out of Italy, Spain and New York to set policy for Ohio. Her choice to make decisions off bad data makes her guilty of all the misery she has caused in Ohio. The death toll in Ohio could be said to be the same regardless of coronavirus. Death of any kind is bad, and it looks nasty to the front-line workers and people who handle the body bags. Its not good under any condition. But to associate Covid-19 with an emphasis on a daily death count scoreboard is meant to make people just look at this virus and to sell them on behavior change as justified by an inaccurate measure. When the measure is deliberately, or accidently inaccurate and we are making decisions off it, then someone must pay for the results. And when we find out that all these death counts were propped up to advance lifestyle changes in western cultures it was terrorism that was being applied and that is a criminal enterprise that must be punished. No matter who it is perpetrating it. We need to view them not as heroes of science, but of terrorists representing climate change and seeking socialism around the world by convincing people to give up their rights for some made up greater good. And that is what we are dealing with, not well-intentioned scientists, but outright terrorists who have simply changed tactics and are presenting us with a new problem, those who seek to take advantage of our trust in order to advance political objectives.

Rich Hoffman

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Too Many “Orders” from Little Man DeWine: America has had enough–the government has let them down

When we talk about the reason’s Mike DeWine should be impeached for how he behaved during the made-up Covid-19 virus outbreak it is because of Tweets like the one displayed here. DeWine used to be a prosecutor and attorney general before he became governor of Ohio and expects people to do what he says. I’ve seen him here and there at events in the past and thought he was a nice enough guy of decent intentions, but he’s a little guy. He’s easy to step on, lets put it that way, like a little dog yapping at your feet when you visit a friend’s house who has such little dogs. You sort of pet his head, give him a piece of table scrap and send him on his way. But when such a little yapping dog becomes governor, and suddenly there are emergency powers in the hands of that little creature, now there’s a problem. Little people, or people who have an insecurity complex because all they have done with their lives is public service, always living off the state for their sustenance, are dangerous with too much power because they are trying to compensate for all kinds of psychological issues, and sure enough, since the Covid-19 crises was given an excuse by the Trump administration to abuse executive power all in the name of safety Mike DeWine became the leader of a governor’s movement to outdo each other by going way too far on the whole “social distancing” concept introduced by the CDC, which was given to them by the Bill Gates and communist loyalists, the World Health Organization.

Each day through the economic shutdown essentially started by DeWine in March the governor has progressively gotten worse and more authoritarian in his “orders.” The guy clearly doesn’t understand Americans outside of a prosecution office. American’s don’t follow orders. They may do so to stay out of jail or get away from authority, but it is not in their nature to wake up in the morning looking for someone to give them orders on how to live. So at every chance, they will rebel, especially if they don’t have trust in the people giving orders. Natural compliance is not a state Americans will stay in for a long period of time. They may be open to the idea in a natural emergency which is why I say that the Covid-19 case is fake. The virus may be real but the impact of it has been greatly overblown as a government power grab. Its global in nature and is in rebellion against a Trump administration that has been trying to put America first. People were compliant when they thought they were going to die, but so far, the math of the whole coronavirus has not revealed any real danger. The news had tried to make it so, but the reality hasn’t matched, and it won’t. DeWine has abused that nature of fear of this virus to satisfy his own ego, his little man complex that he keeps hidden from even his best friends, but was always there with him in his quests for power in politics over the years, especially as an attorney general.

To accept DeWine’s rationalizations about losing constitutional freedoms for the sake of saving lives, you must believe that the coronavirus is deadly, which it isn’t by itself. Its consistent with other dangerous things and is nothing we should alter our entire society over. The math has been faulty from the beginning, the government is trying to measure cases with more testing to bolster their graphs and justify their alarmism. But they are not so eagerly publishing recovery rates or making a very big deal out of the actual mortality rate, which they have fed into their “scientific” models at over 1% when the actual per capita ratio is well under1%. As more testing will reveal, the actual mortality rate is down with most viral outbreaks. So the focus isn’t on that, its on the number of cases that test positive and each one they get they put it on the scoreboard to scare everyone into believing they are going to die to justify their massive power grabs. If people like DeWine are too stupid to see the scam because they believe they can trust these health officials, then they shouldn’t be in office to begin with. If they know and do all this anyway, then they are massively corrupt and should be removed for that. In DeWine’s case he stepped over a judge’s ruling over holding the primary election which sent a message to everyone. It’s what he says that goes and don’t look to the courts to save you on constitutional debate. I will win. His desire to do that is why I think he needs to go. We can find another Republican to replace him. A “better” Republican, not some little guy with a power complex. That doesn’t help the Republican Party grow, it just provides a distraction that must be overcome.

To make matters worse, DeWine and several other governors who have shut down their entire economies are going to have hell to pay and they are already feeling it. They are trying to milk out the deadliness of the Covid-19 outbreak with artificially high predictions hoping the hospitals will be overrun to justify all their panic. But as I reported a few days ago, there are plenty of hospital beds in Ohio to take care of the coronavirus cases, easily. And when they are pulling that egg off their faces, it will take more than sorry to make it right with all the bankruptcies and budget deficits that they will impose on their tax payers in the wake of this “pandemic,” as the Covid-19 was called by that same communist leaning WHO. And no, we won’t forget what happened. I won’t, I can assure everyone of that, especially Mike DeWine. His orders served his needs, not the actual safety of the public. He sold it that way, and time will prove that to not be the case. So closing down the parks, the churches, Hobby Lobby and so many businesses in Ohio just to appease his ego to have his orders followed will prove to be devastating to the future of Ohio, and is yet another reason he needs to be removed from office. Its not against the law to be stupid, an ego maniac, or just gullible, but that doesn’t give anybody the right to rule over others.

And that is why no matter what Governor DeWine does, this unlimited amount of time that there is a “National Emergency” has already ran its course. People are tired of being ordered around and they can see for themselves that this silly virus isn’t as deadly as the government wanted it to be. Sure, it has accelerated patients to death who had other issues, but the government has tried to paint every little sniffle on a deadly, exotic virus from China and they attempted to rule people’s minds with fear. And people used to freedom can only be pushed so far before they start giving you the finger. And that’s where we find ourselves going into the first week of April. People are sick of Governor DeWine’s “orders.” They have gone on too long with no end in sight, and that has made people angry. And that is dangerous not for people, but for the governments who have abused their power. A day of Hell for them is coming, and there won’t be any sympathetic ears to listen. Someone is going to have to pay for all this and it won’t be the people who were abused.

The worst thing of all during the virus outbreak has been how weak and reactive our governors and even President Trump has been to provide an end date. I have heard all the theories that this whole operation is a real war against the Deep State, to get everyone safe in their homes. That this effort was to allow “Q” to happen. Honestly, I think it’s just stupidity and gullibility at play and its been bad for people to see their elected representatives fail to provide leadership under pressure and to let doctors run the world. Leadership often requires bold decision making, not the kind of people who are so risk-averse that they wear helmets out to get their mail. Its one thing to listen to their advice, its quite another to have them run our lives, because most Americans are just a little reckless by nature, and its essential into what makes us, us. We don’t want to change that.

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Doom and the Grand Covid-19 Conspiracy: Fauci and many others hope of reshapping America through panic

When I call the Covid-19 virus an attack of a different kind its due to the recognition that we all must have to fight the real invisible enemy. The perpetrators undoubtably know what they are doing but the conspiracy is not the little virus that they have everyone so terrified of using a panicky media to do so, it’s human nature itself that has been turned on its head and used as a weapon in times of a different kind of war. On this battleground most people are overly reliant on third party controllers through their media devices, and through years of failed public education have learned to trust the systems that rule their lives. That was clearly what Dr. Fauci was thinking when he went on CNN on the morning of March 29th and sabotaged President Trump’s desire to reopen America during Easter Weekend. Fauci, a lover of the idea of a global medical network where doctors get a lot more prominence in some future type of society always worried about every little disease and bump on the head, knew that if he stated that 200,000 people could die from the Coronavirus that President Trump wouldn’t be able to move forward with his plans, and that the best way to get what the medical community wanted—which was more power—was to drop that bomb on CNN before meeting with Trump, to control the content of the meeting.

I have no doubt that at the last Devos Economic Summit where I have proposed that this plan of shutting down the world, especially America was formed that these subtilties of human nature were discussed as the chain reaction that was needed to advance their plots. Why wouldn’t it work, short selling would trigger a mass sell off panic, Trump would be put on his heels as his precious American economy would be jeopardized in an election year, as a pent-up and highly ignored group of bureaucrats in the medical industry wanting very much socialized medicine to match their climate change initiatives would do all the dirty work as the investors there at Devos would buy up everything on the low and get very rich doing it. They would then spend some of those gains on foundations that further perpetuated the restructuring of the world after Covid-19 through foundations and grants. To understand the truth of that plan we must all remember that Dr. Fauci has advised many presidents and has been around for a while. Trump inherited him for a position that most wouldn’t have thought very important at the time. Even if Trump would want to fire Fauci the press would swarm all over it making it the lead story all over the world. For Trump, the only real move he would have would be to play along with Fauci and let him be embarrassed by the lower death rates. After all, while the Covid virus was going on, nobody in the world was talking about all the other things that were happening and this was a chance for the President to reach out to moderates and attempt to expand his base if only his base would stay in tact through the government mandated shutdowns. And if they didn’t, the Devos conspirators would be happy to say that they had finally managed to separate Trump from his base giving them a shot to put a Manchurian Candidate into the White House perhaps after all.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Butler County Sheriff’s department in my hometown in Ohio 911 calls have consisted of people telling on each other for having too many cars at one house, or too many people standing in one yard. People had turned on each other after just a few weeks of the stay at home orders that governors all across America had placed to self-implode the American economy only to save a few lives that were taken by an aggressive seasonal virus. The behavior of common everyday people quickly fell into the realm of a zombie apocalypse. People were turning on each other while the real villains were patiently waiting in the oversea markets to buy up the losses and set future government policy not through the United Nations, but through the World Health Organization. The front offense had not worked a decade before so this new approach which appealed to most everyone’s primal fears for basic survival was a much more prosperous one from that point of view. Who needed to send in tanks and troops when friends and neighbors had become the enemy and the focus of the engagement had been placed so close to the front of our faces that there was no way to see the big picture strategy that was at play, until of course it was too late.

It is unlikely that Dr. Fauci was anything a part of that Devos global strategy formed at the 2020 Economic Summit there, but they counted on his pent-up greed for recognition in his own profession to start the chain reaction. They knew that the fear of liability was such a pervasive concern in the highly litigious American culture that once the federal government set an aggressive standard on guidelines that every governor and mayor down the line would add their own bits to it out of fear of having a single death blamed on inaction. By overdoing the restrictions, they could at least say they did everything they could to prevent a single death by Covid-19. All they needed out of Dr. Fauci was a nonverbal conspirator who wanted to advance his chosen field under the limelight of global recognition. The rest would take care of itself. Fauci painted Trump in a corner where the Democrats could blame him for everything, if he acted too late, if he acted too aggressive, if he was not concerned enough, the media was doing the work for him in an election year of putting ropes on the President, just as the Devos conspirators had anticipated would happen. It would force Trump to try to flip around the effort and use it as a campaign platform—which was his only choice while taking a gamble that the American economy would bounce back in the summer, after loosing trillions and trillions of dollars during the shutdown.

As I was explaining all this to people wanting to understand it, I was throwing a baseball and used the thing to press up in front of the persons face I was explaining it too to conduct a proper metaphor. With the baseball literally against their eye, they could see nothing but the stitches on the baseball. Then I explained, the real way to look at this is from behind home plate as the batter hits the ball and pops the ball into the outfield for a catch next to the wall. You have the look at the ball from that distance to see what’s really going on and to understand the game. If your eye is right up against the ball, you won’t see all the other aspects of the game. And that is the real trick of the Covid-19 strategy, to put literal death in front of people and to cause them to only see the stitches and their need for basic survival—while all the events of the game go on beyond their ability to see. The intentions are obvious if you are looking at the whole field, which is how we must view what is happening to our country right now by very malicious attackers. And Dr. Fauci is playing his part for sure.

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio Has Plenty of Hospital Beds: So what is the excuse now for people stuck in their homes?

Ohio has plenty of hospital beds and can handle the “surge” of need from the coronavirus in a recent IHME model cited recently by the White House.  While its sad to think that 1,672 people in Ohio might die of the virus, more than that will die of many other things.  So if the reason for shutting down the economy with stay at home orders is the real reason for all we have suffered from, then what is the excuse now?  Here is the article as reported by the Ohio Star, click the link to see the whole thing:


A new epidemiological model cited by White House officials shows that Ohio hospitals have sufficient regular hospital bed and ICU hospital bed capacity for when the peak of the coronavirus hits the state in the upcoming weeks.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model, Ohio is projected to see its resources peak on April 20. The model shows that the Buckeye State will need 5,609 beds; however, the state presently has 14,290 beds available, according to the study.

Furthermore, Ohio is expected to need 854 intensive care unit (ICU) beds by April 20, the date the model projects the pandemic will peak in Ohio, but it already has 12,238 ICU beds ready to go. 

In terms of deaths, the IHME model predicts Ohio will have 1,672 by August 4. As of Tuesday, Ohio Department of Health (ODH) numbers show 55 people have died from the coronavirus.

In short, there  is no reason to keep Ohio closed.  So lets get back to work!

Rich Hoffman

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No, We’re Not All In this Together: When government ignores the rules we all agree to we have an obligation to replace them

There are so many things wrong with the Covid-19 reaction by our government at so many levels, but the worst attribute of it was the decision to extend the suspension of the Constitution until April 30th over fears of a high death count of people suffering from the global virus outbreak. The lockdown of our American economy is a death of its own, one that will likely cause many more deaths and suffering than the virus. But the way we have been tricked into measuring this thing put President Trump into a bad position. I get the politics on every level, but that doesn’t make it right and my position is as it always has been, whether or not Trump is president, I agree to the Constitution. When the Constitution is suspended and our government isn’t using it for guidance to the rule of law, then I no longer feel bound to those rules, and a social check is in order, even mandated. Now I am supportive of a government trying to help people when disaster strikes, but in the end with this Covid-19 virus, many governors and mayors have gone well beyond the CDC guidelines recommended at the federal level and abuse has been quite obnoxious. The danger should be quite clear to everyone, emergency powers suspending the Constitution without any clear resolution is a dangerous place to be, and that is something we all need to deal with.

Suddenly unelected pill pushers are in charge of our economy and have forced President Trump to play a bad game of relying on them for his salvation, and our own Constitutional rights. We are living presently in a world where checkpoints on our highways are in place, we are being monitored for public safety, even forced to self-quarantine should we be shown to be a risk factor to the society at large—and constantly everywhere we are being told by government that we are all in this together. Well, no we’re not, I do not accept being compelled into the same lunacy as this government has fallen under, and if there is no Constitution, then there is no law. Compliance to a government that has lost its way is not some mandate that we must all be sheep moving in a herd like a bunch of idiots and what we have witnessed has changed my thoughts on government forever. I’ve always been weary of it, but what I have seen in the last month over a viral outbreak that is really an aggressive form of pneumonia is the kind of stuff that starts wars. My only real hope in the matter is that Trump will spin all this around on his attackers. There are several avenues I can see where this can be done, but it should have never come to this. If there is a silver lining, I supposed it’s good that having Trump in the White House forced the planners of this reaction to the next virus to hit the waves to play their card now instead of a few years down the road.

President Trump has been a good president, but he got suckered on this one, the doctors told him to shut down the economy otherwise every death on the meter would be blamed on him. Then he was told by those same doctors that if he opened the economy too early, then every death would be blamed on him. They pinned him in a corner and his only play is to let their overreactions to models show how they overstepped and to hit them in hindsight. But the suspension of the Constitution, compelling General Motors to comply to being taken over by the state, a 2 trillion dollar bailout where government stuck its noses into all our lives causing massive financial failures is not OK. And we can see now how door to door searches would look, because they are happening now in minor ways, soon to be elevated based on the success. Government has pressed us to see what they can get away with and so far, we’ve been too compliant—which was a bet they were willing to make based on Google analytics and Facebook data collection. Trump is still a good president, but if he sends troops to my community, that for me is a challenge to take our government back from the clutches of these losers, not to comply with more orders.

My life is not to be surrendered to the stupidity of government bureaucrats, and I am not all in it together with lazy people who could care less. Government is there to make sure the courts run, that the highways get paved, and to keep order. They are not there to be our kings and emperors, and if they view their first role to protect people then they have opened up a definition that could easily lead to tyranny, because every action could be viewed by some timid soul to be dangerous. If a president that I have supported gets suckered into a bad deal, like what is happening over Coronavirus, then it is not my obligation to go down with the ship. The Constitution is what it is, it’s not to be suspended under ill-defined emergency orders as viewed by flawed individuals drunk with power. Check points and house arrests are too far for me. I do not trust state or federal government to make decisions on my life, especially of this magnitude. I am happy to wash my hands not to spread a virus, even to separate from others to not pass it around, but the destruction of an economy I’m proud of, and to tell me to stay inside—the government people are doing government work, just isn’t acceptable.

Regardless of what happens on April 30th, this government has lost my confidence in it to behave properly and do what it must do to advance American interests. I will still work to re-elect President Trump, but honestly it’s the whole system that bothers me, it’s a Democrat House that would even attempt to paint him in a corner with a death count and a media that would resort to such low tactics that shows me no matter who we elect that they will not respect the kind of America I have been fighting for, and that means that things probably need to get messy. We have seen this kind of hysteria over the #metoo movement, except when Joe Biden is involved, we see this over so many issues, why would anybody think otherwise when a virus is politicized to destroy America from those who truly hate it and those of us who want to preserve it. I’m not going to just sit around and let that happen. If they want a fight, well, then let’s have it. But I’ll say this, we are not all in this together. I am not participating in the kind of America they want just as they have refused to participate in the one I represent. They should know better, but joining their vision isn’t an option, and taking away our society and everything we love isn’t going to break us like some horse. I view this reaction to the Covid-19 virus shutdown as an assault and it has changed the way I will deal with government in the future. That is for sure.

Rich Hoffman

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