Mark Welch and Ann Becker Win as West Chester Trustees: The strategy of leadership and the hen-pecker “wish-they-were’s”

With all elections there are a lot of ups and downs. I would have liked to have seen Ed Gillespie win the governor race in Virginia. I would have liked to have seen Ernest Gause win a seat on my own district’s Lakota school board. But in the races, that strategically mattered, I am very happy with the results of the November 7th election in 2017. For many reasons that are complex in the tapestry of politics I viewed the race for the West Chester Trustees in Southern, Ohio to be the most important because of the players involved and the potential impact on things that come next. The people I most supported won, Ann Becker won George Lang’s old seat and Mark Welch held on to his for re-election. It was a bit of a surprise to me to see Lee Wong retain his seat with 32% of the vote. Mark won with 31%. It would have seemed logical that the progressive Joan Powell would have sucked votes away from Lee, but it appears that the target was on the frontrunner Mark. After all, it was only a few months ago when Lee Wong organized a union protest at a trustee meeting to put Mark on the spot in a very political way. Some of that anger was still out there in activism for Lee and against Mark which showed up in the vote tallies. But in the overall results, it had little effect but perhaps a few percentage points. Mark won easily and that says a lot about his strength and ability to endure controversy when the chips are truly down giving him great leeway to govern as he has.

The combined talents of Mark Welch and Ann Becker is a very dynamic team and will bring great excitement to West Chester. They were very impressive down the stretch working together on a door to door campaign—even working Lakota high school football games as a team as opposed to individual candidates. That strategy paid off in the end as they beat a barrage of some fairly stout political heavy weights. Lynda O’Conner came in second to Ann’s seat and Joan Powell garnered a number of votes from her former levy supporters at Lakota to pose as a threat, so this was no easy race by any stretch of the imagination. But like most things the people who did the most work were the ones who won—except in Lee’s case. He simply rode in the wake of Mark driven largely by the controversy he created. That strategy will only work once now that it’s been exposed.

Leadership and politics are interesting things and the strategies for dealing with them are different depending on whether or not we are working with the public or private sector. Whenever you are the president of something, or the primary leader, the chicken littles will always be hen pecking at your heels trying to undermine you. No matter how good you are at your job or how nice you are to other people, the human disposition toward those with power is to knock them down a peg or two. Especially when a leader is obviously more skilled, there are always the cape riders who will try to leech off the good work of the skilled person, then at some opportune moment, they will make a move and try to take credit for everything good that was done. For Lee Wong, he made his move when he brought the union activists several months back to put Mark on a spot for running the trustee meeting. Mark couldn’t close the meeting procedurally by a scandalous move by Lee to keep it open. In the strategies of war, Lee had the high ground because he was not in the leadership position at the time—Mark was the president of the trustees. That allowed for Mark to be vulnerable regarding procedural parameters that Lee could then control with chaos—a popular tactic among liberals—especially when they are out of power. One way to destroy them is by turning those tables on them and giving them a dose of their own medicine. Let them be the president for a year and destroy them with mundane procedures—and let the public see how incompetent they really are.

Lee Wong has had the advantage of playing victim for over eight years, first with Cathy Stoker then as the third wheel behind Mark and George Lang. Anyone who might get angry at a decision Mark or George made could use Lee as their avatar. The way to defuse that trend is to take away the mystic of that avatar by letting reality choke it out. Power isn’t in titles, it’s in votes, and that should always be the focus. Let political rivals expose their docile minds to the world, and not hide behind the exceptional, and all things will work out best in the end. My assessment of why Lee Wong grabbed 32% of the vote was because he was riding the cape of Mark Welch and George Lang for a long time and people didn’t associate activity with him, only that he was part of a successful package—by default of being a trustee during very successful times for which Mark and George created.

Now it’s a new ball game. Ann Becker is not George Lang, she is a different kind of Republican. I was impressed with her ability to create optimism under pressure and to really be a cheerleader for West Chester during her campaign. If West Chester were going to take a step forward, Ann was the key to that improvement. Between her and Mark there are two very optimistic people holding the controlling votes as trustees and that is a great thing—there are no negatives involved. Lee is a harmless bystander and much easier to deal with than someone like Joan Powell. If we were to be stuck with either Lee or Joan, Lee is the lesser of the two progressive evils.

Thinking about Ann, I’ve known her for a long time now and been with her through some very tough times and I know her thoughts when nobody else has been around. She is very savvy, and very pure as a person. Dealing with her as a trustee is something anybody should consider a rare pleasure whether its politics, business, or community advancement—she is the best. She is no phony, that’s for sure. Mark has a good partner to work with under the best possible circumstances. Lee Wong may have earned a lot of votes, more than he deserved, but the cause is not anything good that he did, it’s purely his lack of responsibility that served him well in 2017. With a historical record where Mark Welch and George Lang did everything and Lee just went along for the ride, he had no controversy from a past decision to hinder his election—and if Mark had the benefit of the same, Welch might have gained an extra 10% in this election. But Mark endured a major controversy in regard to right-to-work and finished very strong, which is something he and everyone in West Chester should be very proud of.

Rich Hoffman

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Devin Patrick Kelly was a Radical Leftist: Antifa’s war against America took casualties in a Texas church

Astonishing that liberals moved so quickly to call for a ban on guns because the Texas church shooter on 11-5-2017 was one of their own.  That’s right; the 26-year old kid who walked into a San Antonio church on a bright Sunday morning to kill more than 26 innocent people was an active member of Antifa and was a liberal activist.

After committing the deed a civilian engaged the terrorist and a gun fight ensued.  Devin Patrick Kelly took a hit and fled the scene.  He died a few miles down the road where police picked him up.  If not for a good guy with a gun there at the church, the Antifa radical would have gotten away.  But he didn’t.

We need a lot more guns in a lot more places.  And we need to make all liberals a potential suspect because they are obviously at war with traditional America and they are willing to kill.  Lucky for us, there were several people who were able to capture screen grabs from Kelly’s social media accounts before the FBI swept in to cover up the story—which they obviously did in the case of Las Vegas.  Once the name was released, citizen journalists did the work that we can no longer trust our media to do.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Ernest Gause on November 7th 2017: Protecting a cash surplus at Lakota from the forces of chaos


If you ever wanted to see a guy who has his act together running for a school board position it’s Ernest Gause.  Watching this situation at Lakota schools in Southern Ohio for many years now and fighting many levies to keep taxes down, I’ve never witnessed a better person for a school board position than Ernest.  To get an idea of how on top of things he is just have a look at his website, specifically his press release section shown below.  In it Ernest breaks down the cash situation at Lakota schools and shows just where we are in 2017 to managing the Lakota school system for the next decade.  To do the job right, good school board members like Ernest Gause need to be in place to safely steer the district into the correct direction.  Gause is a school board candidate offering that not only wants to avoid future school levies, but he wants to have a replacement strategy which essentially means working within the budget parameters and decreasing the budget need over time—which has been unheard of by any school district anywhere.  And he plans to do all this by raising the expectations of Lakota as well through performance standards.

Essentially here’s the situation, Lakota has cash on hand through 2026 to avoid a school levy.  However the current school board members are reluctant to commit to that because they still spend more than they take in so the positive elements of their cash surpluses will eventually catch up to them.  Lakota has that cash surplus because they pushed for a levy they didn’t need in 2013 when they violated the deal they made with me to keep a levy off the ballot for two years after the levy defeat of 2012.  The school board at the time pushed for a levy all in the name of school security, but they really didn’t need it because of declining enrollment in our aging community, so they unnecessarily increased our property taxes into this abundance situation that we have now.  Unlike past school board candidates, Earnest actually has a plan to avoid school levies in the future but taking our current surplus and reducing the tax footprint that Lakota imposes on future development.   Here are more specifics off his website that articulate his position:

End dependencies of tax levies by creating levy replacement strategies.

As a community, we need to ask the question of why we need levies and what we can do as a community to ensure the school get what it need, our children are educated and the community (tax payers) get a return on our investment.

The answer is simple; we need transparency and full disclosure for every dollar spent.

There need to be the following:

  1. If there is going to be more busing, then which schools and how much.
  2. If there is going to be more technology, then which school and how much.
  3. If there is going to be small classes, more teachers and more resources, then which schools and how much.

Within Lakota there needs to be more transparency, more openness and better reporting to the community.

Our SUCCESS as a Community

Expand our footprint, when, where, why and how.

I am a firm believer in expanding out educational footprint. I believe a board member needs to be active in supporting education, partnering in education and an outspoken advocate of education. How do we support education? We support education by putting the work in and by supporting our teachers, administrators and our students. But in order to do that you have to educate yourself in knowing what is going on in your community and surrounding communities.

To make sure our students and our teachers are ready for the tools of the 21st century, six schools have demonstration classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with a variety of devices, including:
• 1-to-1 laptops
• A classroom projector
• A mini-projector
• Two aqua boards
• iPad and tablet sets
• A document camera
• A digital camera
• An AV rover
Champion Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to compete on the world stage by partnering with Universities.

Enhance professional trade programs through business and university partnerships for electrician, plumbers, pipefitters, realtors, engineering, accounting and electronic trades.

Here is a fun quiz that can help you decide what is right for you.​
Just to be transparent, this site will ask you for your contact information!  It will give you some great insights into a trade you may be interested in.


1. Technology Tools
2. Champion STEM
3. Trade Programs

Add blended learning opportunities for special needs students.

Prepare students for transition into post-secondary institutions of higher learning through increased Academic Resources and external Partnerships with corporations.

End dependencies of tax levies by creating levy replacement strategies.
As a community, we need to ask the question of why the need levies and what we can do as a community

4. Tax Levies = NO
5. Partnerships
6. Blended Learning
   8. Resources
7. Technology Integration

Bring state of the art technology to the classroom & integrate in daily curriculum, lessons & homework

11. Data Tracking

Track GPA’s year over year in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to ensure progression and disclose at Board Meetings.   Transparency = Responsibility

Give our teachers additional resources on how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Provide Transportation to High Schools to reduce financial burden for working families.

9. Transportation
10. Distance Learning

Integrate distance learning into classrooms to attend college level courses.

12. Internships

Provide realistic job previews working with the business community for internships, summer work study and sponsorship.

Lakota’s current treasurer Jenni Logan has done a good job with the budget, but I remember when they put her up front in 2012 to profess the fiscal cliff that Lakota was headed for justifying the tax increase the board wanted at the time.  Many who know how money works told Lakota then that if they could control their costs, largely their payroll, they wouldn’t need any more money—but they didn’t listen so presently they have on hand cash until 2020 where deficit spending is projected to begin, according to this article shown at the link below.   That’s the point where the step increases start taking over from where the board has been able in the past to hold them down due to all the public pressure.  The teacher’s union has had to keep a low profile over the last half decade namely because the public sentiment was not with them, and it will continue not to be.  That makes putting good management on the school board that is smarter than the negotiators for the union a priority so that deficit spending can be avoided.  Earnest is jus t that type of manager that we need on the school board for the next decade, to keep the cash managed while raising the expectations for the district.

I think Todd Parnell is a decent board member, but if Earnest were added to the Lakota school board a trend of conservativism would finally emerge that could pave the way for a solid four vote majority by the next election term where Julie Schafer’s term would expire.   It takes time to build the right team because good candidates are hard to find.  In the case of Earnest I am very attracted to his lean manufacturing background and think the best way to keep their costs down at Lakota is by applying the same methods that are expected in business on the current teacher’s union.  One way that the labor unions for the automotive industry had to be brought into the modern age of thinking was to apply lean standards to them so that the unions couldn’t use the chaos of many different job classifications to justify outlandish wage expectations driving up the cost of the product.  Well, in this case the product is the education of children and I think the urgency of a proper approach is that much more important.  So obviously, we want good managers in place to handle the vast amounts of money that we send to Lakota and to keep them out of our pocket books in the years to come while giving kids good foundational skills they can apply for the rest of their lives through their education.  There is no reason that Lakota couldn’t be a trend setter and still drive down their payroll.  But we can’t get there unless we try something different, and Ernest Gause is a tremendous step in that direction.  So when you have to vote on Tuesday, make sure you pull the lever for that very good person on November 7th 2017

Rich Hoffman

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Pulling the Plug on the Swamp: Time for Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor


It’s no secret, and never has been.  I covered the crimes of the Clintons for years as well as many others have.  But can you believe how many crimes Hillary Clinton is so obviously involved in just during her run for president?  Can you imagine dear reader what it would be like if she had been elected president?  Wow, it’s pretty remarkable how close we came to having the worst criminal in the history of America in the White House.  If you drop the massive criminal issues involving her classified emails which got her into so much trouble, Hillary Clinton’s newly revealed rigging the DNC primary, her participation in the dossier on Donald Trump, and her involvement in Uranium One—we’re looking at a person with a massive criminal history.  Hillary makes Frank Underwood from House of Cards look mild by comparison.  Hollywood couldn’t tell Hillary’s story without coming across as fake, her crimes are that outlandish.

There is no worry now about prosecuting Clinton by the Trump Justice Department, because things could no longer be construed as attacking a political rival.  The Clinton’s are in deep doo do.  Rigging the primary run against Bernie Sanders which has been revealed by Donna Brazile in a book she is putting out.  Remember that Donna ran the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to be forced out over her own corruption right before the DNC convention of 2016?  Donna went before the world and lied for several months covering for Hillary Clinton knowing she played a part in the CNN controversy of passing debate questions to Hillary to make her look better—which she denied.  But after the election her conscience got to her and she wrote a tell all book that pretty much slams the jail door shut on the Clintons—both of them actually.

The DNC was in financial trouble, which continues to be a problem, so the Clinton’s bailed out the Party early in the primary race with Bernie Sanders but in exchange, they wanted to control the Party’s direction.  The DNC took the money and the nomination for Hillary Clinton was in the bag.  Bernie spent a small fortune running for president and he never had a chance—even though he polled well and won enough states to be competitive.  Even though we already suspected all this, knowing its all true puts a harder bite to it.

The crimes have been coming in so fast that the slow-moving country boy Jeff Sessions just hasn’t had the chance to catch up to everything.  But now there is more than enough justification for a special prosecutor to unravel this election mess based on the criteria Hilary Clinton established herself.  If you take her own words which she applied to Donald Trump about the sanctity of elections, involvement with the Russian government and the ethical behavior of presidents while in office, she literally tried to push-off all the crimes she committed onto the personality of Trump.  It’s fair to say that Trump has done nothing for which he has been accused of where Clinton is guilty of everything.

If you read The Big Lie from Dinesh D’Soauza you will see how the DNC over the years have used Saul Alinsky methods to apply crimes they committed onto completely innocent people—because those people were good Christians who were always taught to turn the other cheek and to take on the sins of their accusers.  Saul Alinsky learned to expose that through his mentor, Al Capone so that level of manipulation applied as a criminal strategy is what Hillary Clinton’s DNC was all about.   Barack Obama studied the same type of approach and that is why they have brought such a mess to politics.  In their world nobody was ever going to challenge them because they controlled the entire process—so their crimes were quite flagrant.   When you read The Big Lie it becomes instantly obvious where racism started in America, and who built the Nazi Party in Germany—it was 100% Democrats.  Yet Republicans are always framed in such a way even though they had nothing to do with either.  It was Republicans who stood against racism.  It was Republicans who wanted to combat the Nazis.  Yet the criminal minds of Democrats especially under the leadership of Hillary Clinton has sold to the public the opposite notion, just as they are with Trump since day one of his presidency.

I would add that now we know why they are fighting Trump so hard.  Without Trump winning the presidency, all this would have been swept under the rug.  Donna Brazile would have kept her mouth shut and played ball like she had previously.  But with a new day in politics emerging where actions are actually reflected off the new president in a positive way, the game is changing and people are now enabled to come forward.  It’s like I said several articles ago, the Washington D.C. culture will come unraveled just as Hollywood has because once people step away from the mandates of institutional thinking, they are empowered to act as individuals.   Some of what Donna Brazile is saying now is quite astonishing, but given her Christian background she at least has a feeling of guilt to guide her actions.  Now, knowing what we do now—what does anybody think about that meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on that airplane in July was all about?   Can you smell the corruption and the level that it changed the FBI investigation into her email server during a presidential election?

Also like I said some time ago, the DNC is broke and it has no mechanisms for finding money.  Most Americans aren’t left of center liberals, and the Party has moved in that direction, so there isn’t any financial backing unless you tap into the university crowd and Hollywood.  Well, Hollywood just imploded and that cozy relationship has just blown up in the DNC’s face as well.  We are not in the same world politically as we were a year ago.  That’s how the Democratic Party got into trouble to begin with.  They had to accept dirty Clinton money just to put up a candidate against the Republicans.  Now with the Clintons out of the picture where is the money going to come from?   I mean its one thing to have the entire media in the bag, to have the Washington D.C. swamp blowing wind into your sales, but if you don’t have cash on hand, what are you going to do?  How can you compete?

Democrats are already having trouble winning elections.  Their ideas just don’t float in a world of capitalism.  We now understand that Democrats are what ruin cities like Detroit and Chicago—why would we vote for more of them?  And presently they don’t even have the money to sell their story as they have in the past.  With the Clintons and Obamas out of the arena what can Democrats do?  Nothing.  So now is the time Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor into the election problems of the DNC in preventing one candidate from winning in an actual high-profile case of election fraud.   Let that prosecute uncover whatever they find.  It’s not any more complicated than that, but if just that one act would be done, the DNC would forever be ended, because the corruption is so vast.   If you really want to help drain the swamp Jeff Sessions, just pull the plug.  It’s right there in front of all of us, and Hillary Clinton is the plug to pull.  Put a special investigator on her dealings over the DNC and watch that swamp disappear right down the drain.   By the midterms in 2018, there may be no Democrats left to run—because they are all a little guilty due to their associations with Hilary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman

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Terrorism in New York City: More failures by academic progressives–guns are the only answer

It was just hours after the loser Sayfullo Saipov crashed a rented Home Depot truck into a crowd of innocent people in New York City killing and maiming them when some idiot on Twitter started yakking about the merits of gun control in that very progressive town. Truthfully, as I remarked, the idiot probably thought the pellet gun and the paint ball gun were assault weapons and he was doing something special with them as he ran around aimlessly after the deed was done waiting for police to shoot him and send him to his “god.” Coming from Uzbekistan where printed paper is an extreme luxury, a paint ball gun might appear to such an ignorant fool to be a weapon of mass destruction. We are not dealing with normal people here but radicals from destitute places and thrown them into modern civilization like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Ancient civilizations and modern ones just don’t mix and the progressive policies that have thrown us all together have been and continue to be dismal failures. Here is how Fox New reported the incident:

Investigators in New York City were left with a range of questions Tuesday after a driver plowed a pickup truck onto a bike path and into a crowd in Lower Manhattan, killing at least eight people and injuring 11.
The suspect, identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is originally from Uzbekistan and is not a U.S. citizen, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed to Fox News.

The attack on a bright Halloween afternoon occurred not far from the new World Trade Center building and the site of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Saipov had handwritten notes pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State terror network and shouted “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) after the crash, law enforcement officials told Fox News.

Saipov, who was shot by police, was taken into custody and remained hospitalized.

The suspect had a green card, a source told Fox News. Saipov came to the U.S. in 2010, and, according to the Associated Press, has a Florida driver’s license but was said to be living in Paterson, N.J.

Saipov was an Uber driver who had passed a background check, the company told Fox News. It added that Saipov has now been banned from the app, and Uber has offered assistance to the FBI.

In actuality, it took too long for an NYPD officer to engage the target. Luckily for us, Saipov only had harmless weapons so we could afford for him to run around for several minutes before the NYPD was able to disable him with a crippling gun shot. Ideally, there should have been a gun wielding NRA member who was concealed carrying a firearm at the point of the incursion and Saipov could have been shot immediately leaving the truck as he was yelling “Allahu akbar.” That statement alone should be enough to open fire as a threat assessment indication. Waiting for the “proper” authorities to put down a threat is risky business. It’s obvious that terrorist organizations around the world are relying on these low-tech acts of violence—we’ve seen them in France, England and many other places already, so we must assume that they will happen anywhere crowds of people gather. So as a reaction to that threat, we need to spread the use of firearms to every corner of our country, especially gun free zones like New York City so that terrorists like Saipov can be stopped as quickly as possible.

Getting lucky is not a strategy. Ryan Nash happened to be close to that location where the terrorist activity occurred and was able to engage the target fairly quickly as an NYPD officer. That makes for a good story, but the response time in the future needs to be even faster if these terrorist losers are going to use these strategies. What separates terrorism in the United States from more progressive countries like the UK and France is that our people can own guns and can help be first responders to such crises as this one in New York.

I’m very tolerate of other people’s religions and lifestyles. I may find their beliefs to be complete lunacy, but I am still respectful of their right to believe things. But the line is crossed when some radical religious loser uses God to justify violence against other people. I wasn’t for it in the Crusades period, I certainly wasn’t for it when the Spanish conquered Central and South America, and I’m certainly against what the towel headed losers of ISIS are doing. Anybody who uses violence to push their religious views is evil, wrong, and deserving of swift justice as determined on an individual basis. And it doesn’t get any more individualized than an American carrying a firearm to be a first responder against terrorism. Respect for other people’s cultures and ideas goes out the window the moment they inflict violence on another culture to advance their ideology. That just isn’t permissible.

The great progressive failure is that many “academics” thought they could end wars on earth in response to the two World Wars by mixing people together. By making a great global melting pot, they thought they’d achieve world peace. They were idiots. What we ended up with was the opposite. It will take perhaps two to three hundred years of human evolution and likely a global focus on united goals to achieve world peace. For instance, the space race is a nice unifying idea that could help accelerate the process. But you can’t take some sappy ass loser like Sayfullo Saipov getting ISIS material at his mosque studying a medieval religion like Islam in its most radical form and expect him to assimilate with modern western culture in America, you are smoking crack if you think that will turn out OK. It just doesn’t work and the people who created the paperwork that allowed him into our country in the first place—like Chuck Schumer, don’t fundamentally understand the behavior patterns of human beings and they got caught playing with fire. People naturally chose to associate with people of their own beliefs. You can see it in typical families. Families with different foundation beliefs can’t even get along for Thanksgiving meals. What we have in common is football, Black Friday, and a love of food. But if we get off those topics things fall apart quickly. Some families like guns, some like college professors, some like Democrats, Republicans, and some like smoking dope, getting tattoos and pissing in the shower. Some like to have high standards for themselves and others want no standards at all—because they tend to be lazy and don’t want to wake up each day with any expectations placed upon them. Families tend to stick together when the world impresses itself upon them and they associate with their own kind to relax from the cultural expectations of the comparative societies. Liberals have tried to micromanage even the American family trying to take away those options as well thinking that if they force everyone to look at each other, then there will be no other option but peace. Instead, what has happened is that violence has escalated because families have lost their mechanisms for dealing with the world. That is on the micro level. This terrorism issue is on the macro—its part of a global failure by progressives to manage people and their cultures. It’s been a lack of respect given to each individual culture around the world and to work with their beliefs. Instead, progressives sought to destroy everything and create a new order built on combined respect. But their approach lacked respect so how did they think they’d ever achieve such a feat? The answer is that none of them thought it through—and now their failures are obvious. People are dying because of them, and still they fail to take responsibility for their terrible decisions over the last several decades.

The solution in the short-term is more guns in more places to respond quicker to the anxiety that has been created globally by the political leftists. Since America is more equipped to have more terrorist first responders than anywhere in the world, it is our obligation to show people how self-defense looks and to use that platform to change our behavior toward these radical terrorists who are functioning from a different time and by ideas that have long been considered archaic. It isn’t being “open minded” to take no action against terrorism. It’s just stupid. And it’s time for different people who aren’t so stupid to be running things—and to be carrying guns in more places so that losers like Saipov can be disabled much sooner before things really get out of control.

Rich Hoffman
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The JFK Files: How the Deep State kills people differently now, and why Trump needed to release them

I couldn’t help but think about the JFK files released by the Trump administration on 10-28-2017 as I was watching the second season of Stranger Things. Hey, it’s Halloween, and that is the hottest show on television.  It’s great stuff!  I loved the first season, and the second season is much of the same fun.  Nice and spooky, and a nice throwback to the great films of the 1980s, Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Close Encounters, E.T. and Goonies.  You know what those films all had in common, to some extent or another?  Government conspiracy—especially Close Encounters and E.T., they were important to the entire story.  People innately don’t trust the government because there is a long history of institutional failure—and we’ve all been let down in our expectations of our leading law enforcers.  When we went to the movies it was satisfying to have the creative geniuses who told stories with pictures remind us that deep in the recesses of our subconscious there was a reason for our anxiety, even as we saluted our armed forces during parades on the Fourth of July.   For me personally, a climax to that way of thinking was Oliver Stone’s great movie, JFK, which was about all the reasons we should be skeptical of our government and the power we give them.  Knowing that there was good reason to be suspicious of their actions, that same government sealed up the report of JFK’s assassination from the public and Oliver Stone was making a good case for why those reports should be released.  As fate would have it we finally had a president in office in 2017 that actually had the guts to release them.  Maybe the closing scene of JFK from Kevin Costner touched Trump the way it did me.

Without question, many people will read the JFK reports and will draw a lot of conclusions, such as the one Alex Jones deduced just hours after the release—that it was confirmed that President Kennedy was shot from the front, and that the supposed shot from above by Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have been the kill hit.  At this point that is no longer important.  What is important is that our government was way too involved in manipulating the situation down to details that should have been unimaginable.   Knowing what we do now in 2017 it is unmistakable that our government would have at least thought about killing JFK for a lot of reasons.  Because these days our government doesn’t kill people so literally, it’s far too messy.   There are after all many ways to kill someone—you don’t have to physically bleed them out to end their physical life.  In the modern age, our government seeks to murder us at our very souls in many other ways.

Who could blame Donald Trump?  After all, that same Deep State that created such a mess over the JFK assassination is after him now.   Only this time they have been trying to ruin his reputation and the life of everyone who knows him to remove him from office.  The media companies are part of the gig with the government—how does anybody think that Facebook became such a hot commodity. They don’t sell anything—except for behavior patterns to shadow governments willing to pay for it.  Yet Trump has turned that very same technology against those shadow governments—yes I mean them in the plural.  It’s not so easy just to blame the CIA and the FBI.  It’s more complicated and far more aristocratic.  But since they came after Trump why not throw it all back in their face so people can see how dumb and mortal our intelligence agencies really are.  After reading the JFK files, it’s easy to determine that the people involved in the vast conspiracy were just government workers, average in their abilities and as fallible as a common thug robbing a liquor store.  The only real difference is that these people were able to spend large amounts of confiscated tax money to fund their quests for power.   They aren’t that smart.

I personally don’t worry about them listening to everything I say and analyzing everything I write.  I’m aware of their constant surveillance of my life—and I always have been.   Often I have referred to my youth and how many times I was in trouble and had to appear in court.  Looking back on those times it seems unbelievable—a lot of people wonder how I was able to survive so much poured on so thickly over a relatively short period of time—ten years.  But what I learned is that everyone I ever met in law enforcement was not very smart.  They were often well-intentioned, but what they all had in common was a need to hide their stupidity behind the vast resources of government validity.   They ultimately believe in group think and they resent American presidents—leaders elected by the American population every four years.  The intelligence agencies of our government really believe that philosophically they are a better offering than a solitary figure in the Executive Branch.  It’s not a conspiracy to say that the Deep State hates President Trump and likely hated President Kennedy.  Heck, they hated George Washington.  They hated Andrew Jackson.  And they really hated Theodore Roosevelt.    I mean the leaders of the FBI and the CIA always salute and call American presidents “sir” but they do a lot of back stabbing and always have because they hate the idea of a powerful Executive Branch—represented by the American people.  They think collectively that they are a smarter option.

The Deep State loves other stupid people who don’t think enough of themselves to challenge their power.  If the Deep State could help put a little pussy on the side for Bill Clinton, he was fine to let them do what they felt they needed to do to keep America safe.  George W. Bush wasn’t smart enough to assume he knew more than they did, and Barack Obama certainly didn’t have such lofty expectations.  He never ran anything in his life, so the Deep State ran him over time and time again.  And to pacify Obama, the Deep State would eliminate political enemies, and shape events to whatever degree they needed to in order to help him out—like helping Philadelphia have not a single Republican vote in 2012.  Everything was fine so long as those Executive Branches didn’t really think they were running anything.   Where Kennedy went wrong it appears is that even though he played with the girls the Deep State helped him have, he still didn’t follow the script when it came to communist movement in Cuba.  There were plans there that were not in the American interests and the Deep State was aligned with the “bigger” picture as they see it.  Just like they think in regards to the many school shootings, and most recently the Vegas massacre—or the policy on immigration—after all most of those Deep State people are from Ivy League colleges locked arm and arm with Oxford and other European places of academia.

Trump is one of the few people in the world who has been to court more than I have, and he won most of his cases.  I’m sure he has a similar perspective, because when you see those people in action, you can’t help but think how stupid those people are.  The Deep State is like an offensive lineman in football that is outmatched all the time by a strong defensive end.   Smart people can get to the quarterback—the roots of all crime and legal endeavor, but the Deep State can only hold and hope they don’t get caught.  In the case of JFK they just withheld all the judgments from the public of all the times they got caught “holding.”  Today they use the media as their referees hoping to manipulate the game always to their benefit.  But Trump is exposing them every day and the old tricks just aren’t working.  If they could kill Trump physically, they would.  But they aren’t in that game anymore.  They got out of that business in the 60s.  With television going to color and the Deep State taking over the networks in the 70s and 80s, they changed the way they killed people.  Today they do it with political correctness, which might seem silly, but it’s far cleaner than something like the JFK files.  If they can take out a political opponent without having snipers in windows and a bunch of messy airplane tickets to nowhere—they have a much better success rate.  That is until now.

I heard the Sunday shows go into defensive mode over the release of the JFK files attacking the conspiracy theorists before anybody really had a chance to read the reports.  That’s how you can tell the guilt of those involved, because they are the first to flinch under pressure.  Trump did himself and all of us a tremendous service by releasing the JFK files.  Finally we can have the conversation about how much power we really want to give that power-hungry Deep State.  And Trump had a right to do so, after all, they have attempted to do much worse to Trump than anybody ever did to JFK—and over much less.  It wasn’t because Trump was a bad person—it was purely a power retention grab.  The Deep State wanted to stay in control even though Trump’s presidency is all about a change in direction.  Now that we have the JFK files it’s time to make some hard decisions about the Deep State—should we continue funding it?  Or should we try something else?   One thing we can know and trust, the American people deep down inside understand.  That Deep State hasn’t been fooling anybody.  It shows in our art.  But now it is showing in our politics, and that isn’t a good sign for them.

Rich Hoffman

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Mueller Shouldn’t be investigating a Crossword Puzzle: The massive arrests that need to be made in our government of criminals

I have to agree with Alex Jones on this whole Bob Mueller investigation issue.  After all, as I’m writing this and you are reading it, the first charges in this long Russian probe against Trump are about to be revealed, but if there were a real smoking gun, it would have been revealed over the summer. If the former FBI director had to look this hard only to come up with one silly name just for optics then there is nothing there.  But!  Mueller and his establishment politicians have just set an impossible standard for themselves and as they wonder why the Trump White House hasn’t said anything about it yet—it’s because they’ve all just hung themselves.  It wouldn’t have looked good if Hillary Clinton and many other people from the Democratic side of things went to jail after the election, because everyone would have then said that Trump was a tyrant.  So Trump has been playing things as cool as he can and letting things happen, and with just that patient pressure, the other side is bumbling over every loose stone in their path, and it’s pretty embarrassing to watch.

I’m not one who advocates violence over every little thing.  I always look for the non violent answer when there is one—and have done that over my entire life.  As some might point out, I did have a pretty violent past, well that’s because as you get older you get smarter if you do things right and I have many more options available to me as an older person intellectually than I did as a young person still learning about the world.  Instead of just having a hammer in the problem solving tool box I can use many more tools to solve problems—and watching Trump as president he has quite a nice tool box also.  He doesn’t need to do what people expect him to about anything, because he has so many more ways to solve problems without violence or traditional Beltway politics having time to react in a predictable fashion.  I’m sure if I had the opportunity to have a dinner meeting with Bob Mueller I’d like him and would find that he’s in an impossible position.  As a creation of the swamp, he needs to protect it because all the people he cares about in his life are also born and sustained by the swamp that Trump wants to drain.  I am sympathetic to that position.  But I would also say in the very next sentence that this is why we have the Second Amendment—to deal with just this specific kind of institutional failure.

When I wrote the other day that public service was not enough for me–whether it was a military record, a cop, or some ex-FBI director this is the reason.  Mueller was put on the investigation by all the same Republicans and Democrats who had their hand in creating that fake Trump dossier that we have all been talking about where supposedly Trump hired a bunch of prostitutes in Russia to piss on a bed that the Obamas had slept in while visiting.  With that cover story intact as a method of investigation the American intelligence gathering agencies were then justified in spying on the new president-elect looking for any dirt they could find before the new boss took office.  Obviously everyone was trying to cover their asses before their political opponent had a legal means to destroy their lives—which Trump has not been quick to do.  Smartly, he’s letting them destroy themselves, but nobody knew at the close of 2016 what to expect from the former reality television star.  So they abused their power to attempt to override a decision made by voters and the FBI has all kinds of dirty hands on the job. My direct experience with all positions of power are that people with a low intellect tend to abuse their authority and that just because they “serve” the public it isn’t enough to give them a free pass on everything in their lives.  I don’t care how long Comey or Mueller “served.”  I don’t care how long John McCain spent in a Vietnamese prison being tortured.  None of them get a free pass to be government thugs for the rest of their lives.  It only takes once to ruin a reputation so we must not fall in love with the easy patriotism of these people who hide villainy behind the mask of sacrifice.  There is often more to the story and to why they seek such power in the first place, and we must always be cautious in regard to them.

Mueller shouldn’t be investigating the number of letters in a cross word puzzle sold at an airport bookstore with all the serious crimes his name comes up in—like Uranium One. Mueller was the head of the FBI when that Uranium One deal was approved by the Obama White House and that is proof of definite Russian collusion with our Secretary of State at the time.  Mueller was involved and should be considered a witness, not an investigator.  He shouldn’t have the right in any form to apprehend anybody connected to the fake Trump case where a former campaign manager is being set up to be a fall guy to put attention on—while all the criminals who were really involved skate free.   If I were Paul Manafort and the Mueller investigation sent people to my home to arrest me for an obviously corrupt court system, there’d be a lot of people not going home that night, let’s just say that.  When institutions fail, and they certainly have here, Mueller has lost all his potential authority in his part of the cover-up of the real crimes.  And we can’t have any trust in those institutions again until a lot of people go to jail.  It’s one thing to be cooperative and let trusted members of law enforcement do their jobs.  But once that trust is lost, nobody in their right mind would allow themselves to be a political diversion while the real criminals roam free.  I mean these are not the days of Henry the VIII where he threw one of his ex-wives in jail because he wanted a new wife and created a false narrative so he could have sex with the new woman openly.  That’s what we’re talking about here with Clinton and Mueller with the assistance of the national media.  There are so many guilty people we really should be building a jail right now to hold them all in.  The disrespect for the law that they have all displayed mandates action and if we can’t trust the institutions to deliver it, then I would argue that is the reason for the Second Amendment.  Because without that threat, these vile people have nothing to fear from the people they rule over.

The abuse of our institutions is so over-the-top that many people just can’t believe it.  How could anybody be so evil, yet there they are.  And how somebody like Bob Mueller is in charge of any investigation is like putting the father of a killer as the primary gateway to collecting evidence to prosecute that same killer.  Then there is the timing, just as the Uranium One story kicked up a little dust suddenly now Mueller has a person to throw on the fire.  Give me a break!  I’m sure Mueller is somebody’s father and he’s somebody’s son.  Talking one on one with him, I’m sure there are good qualities that are worth knowing.  But as the head of an institution supposedly committed to justice, we are better off with the barrel of guns pointed at these bad guys, because they are dangerous—and they cannot be trusted.   For me all it takes is the continuation of the Russian story of collusion with Trump’s campaign.  I don’t think that was ever a story, but especially now with what we know about Clinton and her friends.  There is much worse there and Mueller is standing in the way of justice, not helping protect it.  That is a crime in and of itself—which is of course, unforgivable.  These are criminals who have been running our government and they don’t have the power to investigate or arrest anybody.  Given their intentions which are now obvious with Trump—to just make things up hoping to create some impeachment proceeding and erase the election of a person we put in place to fix all this mess—I don’t think they thought this thing through.  We’re not just going to go away.  If we can’t trust the legal system, then what is our next option?  I’ll tell you what I see.  I can see it in the holster sitting right next to my chair right now.  I’m not going to allow criminals to run my government.  That’s just not an option.   People like me voted for Trump because we knew all along that these government people were dirty.  But if they prevent our elected representative from doing their jobs—then what recourse do we have?  Surrender is not an option.  So what else?

They did this to themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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