If Republicans Defend their Turf, Democrats Don’t Stand a Chance: The real story isn’t the midterms, it’s the biggest crime in history

It was a little surprising to see even Fox News playing the race horse game when it comes to the midterm elections of 2018. But then again they did the same thing with Hillary Clinton leading up to the 2016 elections where Donald Trump shocked the world by beating the other side in every way that you can imagine, and then some. Again Fox News was citing polling that has been released over the last few weeks and pointing to tightening races where Republicans should have these giant majorities, but appear to be in trouble, such as in Texas where Ted Cruz has a challenger. While it might make for good television, there isn’t much of a real race. There isn’t anything to be scared of. One look at the county-by-county map of the United States does not have a bunch of liberals suddenly growing out of nowhere. Of course there is always danger in these things and if conservatives take liberals for granted, Democrats do have a chance to win some seats. But that is only if conservatives stay home on election night and don’t participate. For liberals this 2018 election is a hail Mary for the end zone. For Republicans it’s a comfortable lead with only minutes left to play. Conventional wisdom usually prevails, but the horse race isn’t nearly as close as Fox News has been reporting.

So let me put your minds to ease dear reader, and do not take any of this as a reason to not participate. Take nothing for granted and make sure to vote. But let me just explain why the Democrats don’t have a chance. If you look at the great poker game, the liberals as they always do have shown all their cards in the early part of September. The Mueller investigation has done what it could do to hold back the Trump administration with chaos and instigated paranoia. Omarosa has played the role of Trojan spy and revealed her version of conspiracy from the White House, Bob Woodward’s book Fear has come out on this day to evoke a sense of incompetency at the Executive Branch to create just enough doubt to limit Trump’s road game for fellow Republicans, and then there is The New York Times piece from a supposedly anonymous author who works at a high level of Trump’s administration challenging his authority. Meanwhile Maxine Waters is running around beating the war drums of impeachment. ABC and The Washington Post are taking polls from friendly samplings to skew the results in the favor of Democrats and build the impression that liberalism is on the rise. That’s their game plan and its all they have.

Meanwhile when they step away from their media-controlled environments, such as Fox News who is willing to talk up the horse race for the sake of ratings, reality has something else to say. There are no crowds at the liberal events, nothing close to what Trump can generate. The reality of their efforts is that Americans just aren’t that liberal, especially in these days of a great economy and respect on the national stage of nations. America is doing great and people just aren’t excited about the no message Democrats. The only people excited about them are members of the media who need a good game on election night and the days leading up to it. Fox News honestly would like more people watching their news programs than their new acquisition of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. In their minds people can watch reruns after the election. For this fall’s ratings, its their news programing that matters. But to anyone who knows the poker game, the only cards left in the deck are not very good and the hand the Republicans have justifies perfectly shoving a huge amount of chips into the center of the table to lay down a big bet.

Just yesterday Representative Mark Meadows sent Hot Rod Rosenstein a letter demanding investigation into the really bad collusion revealed in the recent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages leaking information into the media to derail Trump in the spring of 2017. Of course we all know that this occurred because like the leaker recently to the New York Times there was great speculation as to who was doing all the leaking. Did you notice dear reader that James Comey seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth? Well, that is because he and many FBI officials are in big trouble over this and many issues that the Trump administration already know about. When further documents are declassified and released to the public, it will become the lead story of our generation, even of the century. The collusion of the 2016 election wasn’t the Russians, it was our own FBI working with Democrats to get elected, and in spite of their efforts, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the major entertainment celebrities, it wasn’t enough to push Hillary into the job and that terrified all the establishment figures. They are showing the same posturing now, and revealing their vast network of operatives that actively seek the manipulation of our republic. But now like then they don’t stand a chance. However this time is different, Trump has evidence which he controls as the head of the Executive Branch and like any good entertainment personality knows to hold it close until just the right time.

When Trump declassifies all these FISA documents and the network is there for everyone to look at it will destroy the Democratic momentum and send many characters into hiding, which is where James Comey is now. Barack Obama himself has his fingerprints all over this scandal so he will not be in a position to do anything for candidates in California as things tighten up in late October. These people are grossly guilty, and they have pushed Trump and all of us in a way the demands no mercy. But unlike Republicans in the past who were happy to sit on information like this and to play nicely with the Democrats Trump isn’t so inclined. They have come after him and his family with all guns blazing and they have shown their fangs, so they have brought all that is coming on themselves. In a few weeks nobody will be talking about Bob Woodward’s journalist view of how the Executive Branch should be run, or what Omarosa did to break the law by secretly recording Trump in the White House, or what The New York Times thinks about anything, because the story that will be breaking will have them all on their heels at just the right time.

But remember, do not take anything lightly. The best way to beat an opponent is to destroy them, not just a little, but completely. Show up and vote, destroy the Democrats forever by showing such great numbers against them that they never get up off the mat. Beat them so badly that they don’t even want to take another breath. That is the way to approach this election. Do not worry about losing, think about winning, and winning so largely that they can never recover as a party. Such a victory may not be good for Fox News and the horse race of politics, but it would be good for the country, which is what we should all be concerned with primarily. Go vote, and send a message that will resonate through history, and leave no doubt. That is all that really matters in the election of 2018.

Rich Hoffman

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How Alex Jones and David Icke Contribute to a First-Rate Mind: Just because things are considered conspiracies, doesn’t mean they are false

When critics of mine say that you can’t listen to my topics on politics or other serious matters because I also cover topics of conspiracy and pseudoscience, they are speaking of their own limitations, not the actual way that information is obtained. And to that aspect I do find that people like Alex Jones and England’s David Icke contribute to the advancement of understanding by simply asking outlandish questions then seeking evidence to support it. What critics are saying about themselves when they insist that only certain types of information are relevant to any discussion, such as those endorsed by institutional behavior, but not information accepted by institutional understanding they are actually pointing out how misunderstandings are perpetuated in civilization. My method of obtaining truth to anything is to take in information wherever it comes from then using deductive reasoning to chip away at the truth. It’s what I consider a first-rate mind who can take all the puzzle pieces wherever they come from and assemble them into the facts we must all work with. It’s a method I use professionally which is far superior to my peers in industry. When I’m trying to solve a problem, I don’t just look at the accepted institutional evidence because honestly, if someone wants to hide something, the way to do it is to hide it behind institutional trust. And this is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from people these days because information has become so decentralized, and that is why conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and David Icke are so popular today. They ask lots of outlandish questions and make proposals that sound crazy to the typical institutionalists. But if taken as just part of a pile of evidence, there are useful concepts introduced that advance thought, which is why I never disregard anything until truth proves something false.

I’m a big believer of brainstorming and I can say from firsthand experience that my methods really piss people off. Such as in business, if I am trying to solve a really complicated problem I invite everyone I can think of to a 15 to 30-minute meeting, from the highest in a company to what might be considered the lowest according to an organizational chart. I ignore the organizational chart because my goal is not to appease the people who are high up on the chart, but to get to the truth, so I bring in everyone, treat them with equal respect and pick their brains and see what they can throw up on one of my “white board meetings,” where anything and everything is considered. I often get a mess of crazy ideas but mixed into them all is some grain of the truth that if you sift through it leads to the answer you are seeking. I look at it like mining for gold. Gold never comes out looking wonderful, you have to dig for it and clean it up before its ready to use. And that is my method for obtaining obscure answers to complicated problems. It is the method of the way any first-rate mind would proceed, and I can say that over the years the people who most hate it are those who are high up on an organizational chart, because they either want to believe that the common people under them are stupid, or that they (as higher ups) have something to hide that they want to keep concealed from the people lower on the organizational chart. And that is exactly what is going on within our own Federal government presently, and why Donald Trump is so hated, because he has a similar method of obtaining information. Its quite a common thing among successful business people to have a decentralized flow of information flowing to them as an executive. Even the guy who pushes brooms all day long has valuable things to say about their observations, so nothing should be left off the table.

When David Icke puts forth that a reptilian race is controlling a few families on planet earth and is trying to flow all politics through them there is some interesting things to sift through. Humans certainly do behave in a strangely maniacal way toward ritual and superstition. Even so-called wise people do believe that spiritual aide can help them overcome earthly challenges over their rivals so that belief comes from somewhere. Until we know where, we have to consider the possibilities. Is it an alien group of reptile people? Who knows. What matters is that some people believe them to be a factor so we have to consider the who, what, why, when and where as to how. Are the villains actually reptilian people? I say it doesn’t matter, but what does is the propensity of some to cleave to a social elite status that then interrupts proper management of our civilization. And of that observation, David Icke has done some fantastic work—it doesn’t matter if its aliens or a bunch of people who went to Yale and wish to protect that institutions reputation with skewed social data. The impact on the world is the same.

When I started years ago my public education crusade my assertion was that public schools were focused on one primary thing, brainwashing children into liberalism and they gained permission from the parents by offering free babysitting services making it all too easy for the programing to take effect. When I said such a thing, critics called it a tin hatted conspiracy on the level of David Icke or Alex Jones. But reality has shown me to be completely correct and it doesn’t sound so crazy these days, because the evidence has been quite apparent. The reason is that information has been decentralized and the state no longer can suppress the data from voters. For instance, my home district of Lakota schools has thrown many millions of dollars of payroll at teachers yet the performance of the students has gone down instead of up. Paying teachers more money has never been a direct contributor to the quality of the public-school system because the schools were never really about education. Past the fifth grade the emphasis of public education has been to fit children into some social demographic and process them into institutional controls, so test scores are not reflective of the reality because the goal was always assimilation, not education. When I said it, it scared people, but these days more people are ready to admit the mess that public education has become. Even though people didn’t want to admit it, when I said the things I did about public education the institutionalists wanted to believe it was all a conspiracy theory, but as it turned out, I was more than correct, even in the early days of speculation.

The controversy of Alex Jones going to Washington D.C. and all the trouble he brought with him is just another example. I thought Alex Jones was baiting Marco Rubio with the whole hand on the shoulder thing. There wasn’t much that Rubio could do to fight a guy like Jones, there was no way to win without being willing to slug it out with Jones. That is why Alex Jones has been taken down from all social media platforms, because the belief is from the institutionalists, for which Marco Rubio is certainly one of them, is that they make the world. Jones was a reminder that there were forces shaping the present world that were outside of those institutional limits, and that’s why Rubio went to the default defense of trying to pretend he didn’t know who Alex Jones was. It was Rubio’s way of saying that if the institutions don’t recognize you, that you have nothing the world wants; therefore, I don’t know you. But when Alex Jones called Rubio a bathhouse frat boy, there was an accuracy to that statement that cuts across all party politics, and ultimately points to the reason that Marco lost the primary election to Trump.

Information, wherever it comes from is not dirty or even crazy. I have found that even the most disjointed mind sometimes produces great intelligence even if the reality of possessing that knowledge does make them a little eccentric and off the wall. It takes a first-rate mind to take all that information in and to put it to good use, and those that can are wonderful problem solvers. Those who are afraid of that truth call information they don’t like conspiracies, as if to marginalizing it out of usefulness. But the evidence says that you can never give institutional knowledge a monopoly on results. Even if the information comes from someone who believes that a reptile species is controlling us all, or that ancient aliens once settled the planet, or that the Illuminati is asking for blood sacrifices in modern politics to skew election results in their favor, there are aspects in truth to everything, even the most outlandish story. But it takes a good mind to extract that value. And just because a majority of people do not possess such skills does not make the usefulness of those skills less valid. Only more so.

Rich Hoffman

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The Con Man Barack Obama: A party out of ideas, weapons and ethics–looking like the party of O.J. Simpson

You know how you can detect a loser, watch Barack Obama’s speech from Anaheim, California. There are some amazingly revelatory moments in it that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming midterm election and how well Democrats will do. Especially at the beginning when he’s talking about his two trips to Disneyland when he was younger. He’s trying to copy Donald Trump’s shoot from the hip style of communication, but it comes out sounding like a criminal awaiting a life sentence in jail for tampering with the last election and he’s terrified that people are going to see through his con job. I’d go so far to say that Barack Obama looks a lot like OJ Simpson as the former football star tried to put on that glove trying to make it look too small. Sure, OJ got away with murder and most logical people feel the same way, but Obama is in that circumstance presently, that uncertain body posture of a man guilty of many things but hoping that he can pull off the con job one more time to stay out of jail.

I will have to say that I was in a particularly good mood while I was watching Obama. I had just received my new Harvey Deprimer which is a patented design of a tool I was using in my shop to prep shell casings for reloading on several different calibers. It was raining outside and I had about 2 hours of gun work to do at my work bench in my shop and I was enjoying doing it, so I watched Obama’s speech with a kind of Heaven-like disinterest. It didn’t anger me that I knew how much Obama was lying, and how he was trying to associate his administration with the suddenly good economy. “He didn’t build that,” literally, LOL. The moment that Donald Trump was elected the stock market took off, but not a day, or even an hour before. And with each new deregulation that the Trump administration unveiled the economy did better. With the tax cuts, the economy did better, and with each new trade deal worked out, more American jobs came back to the mainland, and all that happened because of a direct result of the Trump presidency. Obama literally had nothing to do with any of it, yet there he was in Anaheim, and other places suddenly trying to lay claim to the economy. Sure, I knew he was lying and it might of otherwise brought me to a great rage of anger, but hey, I had my Harvey Deprimer and I was prepping shell casings and all was right with the world. I even had a Mello Yello on my bench to sip on so I was in an unusually good situation. Not even Obama was going to ruin my day.

So without all that anger to fuel my opinions I was able to watch the former President, and soon to be convicted felon honestly, and the guy looked terrible. He looked guilty and uncomfortable. And instead of making the Democrats look better positioned to win any seats in the upcoming midterms they looked desperate. Apparently, Barack Obama is all they feel they have to challenge Trump, and that isn’t very good. That is like putting a caged deer with two broken legs into a gladiator arena with a 1000-pound lion that hasn’t had breakfast yet. On the campaign trail Trump is going to slaughter the deer, and the Democrats are in even more trouble than anybody has previously let on, even the conservative media outlets.

If the Democrats go younger they end up with people who are open socialists too rebellious to wear the donkey suit. That leaves the Democrats having to go old and what they end up with are a bunch of old cocaine addicts and hippie rejects trying to stuff their communist party memberships into their dirty underwear that their moms forgot to wash in the 60s, for which they are still wearing. They aren’t likable, and they sound phony. And even when they do manage to have a candidate that doesn’t come across as a lunatic their platform is one that has been soundly rejected in the last election and they have nothing to repackage any kind of message that people can believe in.

This issue really is noticeable in a local election near my home for the 52nd District of Ohio where George Lang has a challenger in Kathy Wyenandt for the Ohio House seat that George currently holds. Kathy isn’t a hole in her head liberal like the Obamanites, she’s more of the soccer mom, levy supporter type who gets into these kinds of things meaning well, but doesn’t have anything to fuel her intentions but to say, “I’m a mom, vote for me, because we all love moms right? So vote for me and my lightly colored blue sign that doesn’t show any patriotic reference to the American flag and I’m going to say, ‘people over politics’ is more important than anything. So vote for me.” While people might like her presentation, it comes across sounding like a cheerleader leading a cheer for a football team that is getting destroyed on the football field by the other team and it just comes out sounding foolish. And she is an example of the best of what the Democrats have these days. All across the country Democrats are turning to these mad moms and open socialists to save their party and that just isn’t going to fly. What does “people before politics” even mean? We’ve already had the wealth redistribution intentions of the political left on full display from the Obama years and it caused the Trump election. So what do Democrats want, more of that? Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign was over before she even signed her name announcing her run with that kind of attitude. Not that voters can take anything for granted, but if she represents the new face of the Democratic Party, then liberals need to put that Halloween mask back on the shelf at Wal-Mart, because it isn’t scaring anybody.

If Democrats had anybody they wouldn’t be putting Obama out there to speak, but they don’t. They are empty of ideas and likeable personalities. And if it wasn’t for a media that hasn’t figured out how dead they all really were philosophically based on real American sentiment; these modern Democrats would have been deceased long ago. Just because the media is beating the hell out of their dead carcasses with CPR saying “look, the blood is still pumping in their bodies,” we only have to point out the reality, “no, there are so many holes in their bodies that you have pushed all the blood out of them, there is nothing there. You’ve killed them.” And now all they have is a future felon to send on the road to bluff their way into hopefully a few victories. They have nothing to offer but Barack Obama, the Democrats version of the O.J. Simpson trial trying to put on the glove of the murderer and trying to make it look too small for his hands. But we all know he’s guilty and apparently by the look on his face, so does he.

Rich Hoffman

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The Wiki World: When information becomes decentralized and pure

Another aspect of the John McCain funeral that’s needs consideration was it’s really ostentatious need for attention. It went on so long and the theme seemed to be, “give us one more chance.” The “us” were of course the institutions of our society. We are in a rapid moving world now and if I had to sum up all my articles over the last ten years to provide a theme for them it was revealed during the John McCain funeral. That world is dead, the world that thought of John McCain as a hero, the one who blushed when George Bush gave Michelle Obama a piece of candy. It was a world that delighted in seeing all their royal leaders converge in one place to pay some sort of respect to the gate keepers of institutionalism. We are living in a Wiki World now where truly the means of production and thought have been given to the people of the world but it doesn’t look like the communism of the fantasy. It wasn’t the John McCains of the world who became the distributors of magic, it is in the hands of the people around the entire world at the same time and have as the means of distribution the internet. And the world will never be the same. Donald Trump is the only person who could have been or will be the president of the United State during such an age.

Wiki of course is a Hawaiian word that means “quick” but in the context of society these days it usually represents the editing of information on a website by the end use consumer. But in the framework of a Wiki World it can really be viewed to begin when the music industry fell and Nabster took over evolving into what we consider iTunes today, where people can have access to any kind of music anywhere they want it any hour of the day. When people said that they liked how John McCain’s funeral united people and they wondered why those elements weren’t present in our society any more this is what they are talking about. In the Wiki World music has been decentralized. You don’t hear on the radio every five minutes the music of Michael Jackson or Elvis because everyone is listening to their own kind of music which is different and sometimes quite exotic. On the most basic level, people are not united in society any more by their music and television shows, or even a book they’ve read. They are more independent than ever and the political changes we are seeing are a direct result of that freedom.

Now everyone has their own radio station and television production studio in their pocket with their cell phones. Journalism from citizens has taken over the industry as every person now has a high-end camera and is on point to record whatever they are experiencing. There are no long-distance charges so we can speak to people anywhere in the world over the internet and this has done more to bring down walls than any political move. As a person who has written more than a few books, I can say that I’ve watched the publishing industry change overnight, if a publisher gives a writer the run around the writer can just self publish and sell the book from their website. Of course, that is great for given obscure writers who might otherwise never get a chance to write a book a chance to become authors, but the downside is that becoming a millionaire as a writer is a much less frequent occurrence. The same with blog sites. I view my work on this site as a kind of Wiki information service. There is a part of me who enjoys the field of reporting and opinion journalism, but no enough so to deal with the nonsense of employment. So I can create my own news service. So long as I don’t care about making money with it, it brings tremendous freedom which many people prefer over traditional newspapers and magazines. Blogs like mine have literally taken over the news outlets. People would rather read a blog like this rather than the traditional newspapers and tabloids and the internet has created that opportunity for both the source suppliers and the recipients.

Clearly this isn’t what the government had in mind when it brought a bunch of schools together to create the internet to allow communication during a nuclear holocaust. The governments of the world along with companies like Facebook and Google were fishing for information and they allowed a high level of freedom for their content users to get them to bite down on the hook and give them all the information that is being talked about today. Now there is great fear that they won’t be able to pull those big fish out of the water and into the boat. People like Donald Trump and his supporters are just too big to catch because even if you did get them in the boat, what would you do with them. Google and Facebook are censoring what they think are conservative groups in an attempt to stop what is happening, which is this runaway train of decentralization that is terrifying all the government aristocrats but it’s too late. Even sports have been lost as a unifying element in our society. NFL ratings are down for more than the bad press from all the kneeling players. Younger people are playing video games now instead of attending real sports events and that will only continue. Online gaming is much more interesting.

Television can’t compete with the streaming services of Netflix or Amazon Prime, TV and first-rate movies any time any day in the comfort of your own home. No longer are people brought together to watch a show at 9 PM on a Friday night like the television drama Dallas where the nation wondered “who shot JR?” Now the most interesting shows are on YouTube by independent producers who can make anything in their personal studios that PBS or the networks could only make ten years ago. My grandson has no interest in the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, he much prefers YouTube channels on a smart TV about the video games he likes to play—direct content from the producer to the consumer with all the middle people out of it.

And with all this new freedom people are deciding on their own that they like Donald Trump and not John McCain. That they even prefer the socialism behind the Democratic Party rather than some mushy middle ground of the Obama White House. The politics of the John McCain type took away the differences and gave people some unifying factor. Like the music by Aretha Franklin which was celebrated by her own funeral around the same time of John McCain young people are no longer bound together by common songs and culture. The content of all our entertainment has been so decentralized that our politics are literally changing in front of our eyes. If things appear more extreme it is because the raw emotions of people finally have a voice instead of a watered-down version of a truth. And we will see which side will win, and that will be our culture.

Even the proposed banning of content on YouTube and Facebook are too late, if they continue to act in such a way they will be replaced with something that works better and does give a voice to people who the liberals at Google don’t like. They only have a monopoly on the process because they made everything so easy. If that is taken away from people they will just create their own next generation of Facebook and YouTube. It’s not that hard. Most of the complaints that we are hearing these days are from the old world wondering how they can get control once again. But the demands of the youth want speed and they want their own control of content because they have tasted that freedom and they want nothing else.

I was thinking of all this because a television producer for the Travel Channel contacted me recently about some of my articles about pre-Columbus civilizations in North America for a show they are working on. Even in the field of archaeology there are lots of researchers like me out there who are advancing what was known scientifically about our ancient world. We used to depend on college institutions to conduct science that we’d learn about in text books, but not anymore. Things are moving fast and blog posts like mine are advancing the topics of science at a pace that this new world demands. I’ll credit this Travel Channel producer, she is a young lady who gets it, she is part of this new decentralized world and she has been hired to provide content that can compete with all these streaming services which is how we found each other. Even five years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. We are truly living in a Wiki World and its here to stay. It’s not overly emotional and hungry for leadership. It just wants to be left alone to the imaginations of the human mind and wherever it takes them and it was born out of decentralization for the first time in all of history, and its happening right now.

The ultimate evidence of this new way of looking at the world was in a book I read recently by Cody Wilson, the young guy who has been all over the news lately for printing guns on a 3D printer. His point was a good one, how can we ever have centralized gun control legislation in a decentralized society where people can print them at their homes on essentially a computer printer? The answer of course is that nobody can. Guns are here to stay whether or not people can buy them from a corner store or make them in their homes. The will to own is there and people will have it if the restriction of information is decentralized and people can have access. The real scary thing to those who want a much more centralized society and thought that the internet would give them access and control over every person on earth is that they would learn that what people really wanted was freedom from them, not more control. Now that the information is out of the bottle, what is anybody supposed to do with it? We are in a world where the best ideas will truly win and learning what people really want is a constant fear of people like John McCain. He had to die knowing that all his polished imagery of being a POW and the son of a powerful institutionalist couldn’t get him elected president, no different from Hillary Clinton wanting to be the first woman president—just because she happened to have boobies and a lot of insider friends who wanted to see that happen. Instead, people picked Donald Trump and they continue to, even after everything that’s been said. That is because for the first-time people can truly have a choice and they made it. It wasn’t the one the institutionalists wanted, but it’s the one that the human race decided was best, and there is no way to change that now.

Rich Hoffman

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I Stand With Sheriff Jones–ARM THE TEACHERS: HELL NO on the 1.5-mill Butler County school security levy

Of course, people want to know what I think of the 1.5-mill levy that five Butler County schools are trying to pass together to boost school security. The five schools are Hamilton, Fairfield, Monroe, Edgewood and New Miami, and if the levy passes they intend to increase their school entry security, and hire mental health employees to help in what they think will help make schools safer. It’s a ten-year deal which effectively avoids the entire problem. As a long-term anti-levy advocate for public schools I am on the record at Lakota as saying if they allowed a policy of arming their teachers that I would support a levy to increase teacher compensation and help them purchase firearms. As anti-tax as I am, I support the Betsy DeVos federal purchase of firearms to help teachers get their hands on them so obviously this issue means a great deal to me. I think firearms on a teacher makes schools much safer and ultimately prepares children for the kind of world they are going to have to live in as adults. The Hamilton school board actually yielded rightly to Sheriff Jones and his billboards by voting to support arming teachers, then under great pressure and in hoping that this levy would pass, they backtracked to await the results of this election. That pulled Jones off the fence of neutrality on this particular levy to speak against it. And on that issue Sheriff Jones and I might as well be identical twins. I am with him in saying what I have said many, many times in the past. This school levy is a money grab by these school districts who are very intent to ignore the problem of school shootings and are attempting to yield to the pressure of the teacher unions and their anti-gun progressive political philosophy against the nature of this threat.


Guns and how people think of them has largely been shaped by our public education system and ultimately the liberalism of modern politics. That essential vantage point is that guns are dangerous and just looking at one is a kind of taboo and that is a far cry from how things have traditionally been in this country. As an example, obtaining a gun in America was like getting the first responsibilities into adulthood, which is the central premise to the movie that comes out every year on all our televisions during the Holiday season, A Christmas Story. Getting a gun and learning to use it responsibly was the first access that many had in their journey toward adulthood. But since that movie and the period it covers, American youth have lost that basic stepping stone into adulthood and public schools have attempted to steer minds away from such individualized ritual into accepting more state control, which is what you hear from virtually every school official as pressure mounts to arm teachers. The positions of government schools are to rely on centralized authority as opposed to individualized first responders.

Hoping to ride public emotion away from making that critical decision to individualize security in the hands of first responder teachers this Butler County school levy is one last leap to keeping that centralized authority model alive in the context of the core philosophy of public education. That assumption is a progressive belief that guns should be removed from society and that children should grow up into adults and not have their minds on guns at all—so that an eventual federal ban will occur by those future voters. By allowing guns to be part of the solution, the fear is that this new generation of young people will grow up once again accepting that guns are a critical part of American society, which of course they always have been.

I have come to think of guns as more of a philosophy than an imminent threat. Personal firearm ownership is a declaration of independence in a lot of ways and a commitment as a first responder to law enforcement. Gun ownership is not a threat to law enforcement, it is a great assistance if done properly and it is that reality for which Sheriff Jones and President Trump support arming teachers in schools to put the whole school security issue to bed for good, before more people get hurt.

We have all talked about doing something after the most recent rash of school shootings, but the real answer is to decentralize the process and give teachers the ability to be those critical first responders when danger happens. The philosophy of guns is that by owning them, we make each owner an extension of law and order rather than hiding under a desk or behind a door while we wait five to ten minutes for the police to arrive. The fantasy that many progressive people have, which many school board members are dedicated to, is that guns will be removed from American society at some point and they think by resisting a move to the other direction that they are facilitating that inevitability. But I would point out correctly that the trajectory of gun legislation is not getting more restrictive, it is getting less so. If you track gun laws back to 1992 it will become apparent that the Second Amendment has been strengthened even under the most rigorous debate, because as an invention of individual protections, guns are at the core of everything our American society stands for. And schools should be part of that instruction, working with the NRA and even gun manufacturers to facilitate great understanding of what guns are all about and how to properly use them so that young people grow up to be good gun owners in the future. Denying this reality is where all these school board members are going wrong, because they are missing the essence of educating young people in modern-day America. Taking a political stand is reckless when the evidence shows that the world is wrong on this issue. We need more guns and gun ownership, not less to make a society built on justice, honesty, and valor.

The five schools mentioned are avoiding the inevitable. They are hoping to take this money grab to appease the unionized teachers but to act as an insurance policy if something does go wrong, because they can at least say then that they tried. But we are looking for more than trying, I certainly expect there to never be a school shooting in my county schools. And if someone tries, then I expect some first responder to put down the threat right then and there and get the students back to class learning valuable things, not sitting around crying about how emotional everyone is. There shouldn’t be a need for more mental health experts in schools because the message would be quite clear, if danger erupts, the teachers are armed. And that the way to better mental health is in conducting lives in a more individualized responsible manner. In their most basic form, firearms teach their users to be more responsible people which translates to every action a person participates in. So, the benefits are many in arming teachers in public schools.

That leaves the point of this article as to whether or not the Butler County school security tax should be passed, to be answered. And I say HELL NO! It’s a chicken approach to a hard problem and for the schools themselves it is just as Sheriff Jones articulated, it’s a money grab. I hate tax increases and I think the schools cost way too much money currently, and kids don’t learn nearly enough of what they need. I would argue that the entire government school system needs to be rethought. But I stand by my previous statements on approving levies if school boards adopt arming teachers. I sympathize with the tremendous intellectual challenge it takes for them to make the switch in thinking from a centralized safety response to a more individualized one. So I’m willing to sweeten the pot for them to bring them to the right side of the argument. I personally think everyone should learn to shoot a gun. There is nothing like going to a range and respecting the people around you who are all armed with deadly weapons because it teaches the process of being safe and conducting yourself responsibly. Those basic procedural respects are missing from today’s youth and I think they would do well to get it from their teachers in school. But better yet, it is best for kids to know that their schools are truly safe because any teacher could be armed and if danger breaks out, someone is there to respond in seconds rather than minutes. And that has a direct impact on whether there is a body count or not.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberty Township Killer, Michael Anthony Strouse: Most of the time, it is good to pass judgment

One thing’s for sure, Michael Anthony Strouse who was arrested for the murder of a 23-year-old West Chester girl looks like a loser. We don’t know much about the case as of this writing other than it took good police work to discover the body which led to the arrest near the intersection of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes. Of course, I have spoken at great length about what has happened at that particular intersection and the turmoil from many deceased persons is quite extensive. If you believe in ghosts, this is not the place for you, yet that is where the body was found, along a tree line at the back of a farm-house at the corner of that intersection across from the neighborhood of Hawthorne Hills.


This case hit home with me a bit for many reasons, not just because the body of a young person was found only a few miles from my home, but because I have a personal history with the farm the body was found on. In fact, all up and down Millikin Road are the older homes of members of the Hoffman family most of them long gone. That particular farm-house was the rowdy residence of some of my cousins who were very well-known several decades ago as some pretty crazy lunatics. That particular location has a reputation for bringing out the worst in unsavory characters. It might be that well before the British settled the area before and after the Revolutionary War that many Indian mounds from ancient cultures were built upon and destroyed by farms that the spirits of some pagan deities take over the mind of the weak and inspire them to evil. It’s hard to say. But what we can determine is that by just a look at Michael Strouse, who was servicing a year-long probation for exposing himself, that the guy should have been arrested just for looking like someone who might kill somebody.

Naturally, we just can’t go around arresting people, or killing them because they might be a menace, but this Strouse guy was living in Liberty Township, one of the best places on earth to live, but he was obviously showing signs of harming other people’s lives and his appearance projected those intentions like a lit-up billboard in Las Vegas. Strouse has quite a police record, mainly for drug use and possession. Looking at him it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that he looks like the kind of loser who would kill someone, so it’s a shame that we couldn’t have acted on him sooner, before some family lost their daughter to this guy.

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, “they” are usually idiots, most of the time you can. If a person looks like a derelict and they present themselves to the world the way that Strouse did, something bad is bound to happen around them, and our first defense is to judge that they are dangerous and should be avoided, or destroyed. Speaking of that area I did get involved with the confrontation of just such unsavory characters that led to the death of one person in a shoot out just a few hundred yards to the west of the location of the body in this Strouse case. It was a long time ago and under very unfortunate circumstances, but sometimes you have to do what has to be done. In that case it was friends of mine who had actually pulled the trigger ending the life of a young juvenile delinquent. Most everyone else survived, and even though it’s not fashionable to talk about the deceased because the people who are left behind are often emotionally affected, it is individual behavior which ultimately is to blame.

It doesn’t matter if its evil spirits from some ancient culture residing in the burial mounds of a region that has long destroyed them which whisper in the ears of the drunk and drug induced young people to kill themselves and others, it is ultimately those who fail to filter out the voices who are at fault. A place may have a past, but it is how people deal with the present that either fuel evil or repeal it. A guy like Michael Strouse was dangerous, he was on probation so that what we could assume was a caring family could watch over him. But you could tell just by looking at the guy that he was trouble. With a history of using drugs and exposing himself to women, what good could possibly come from the guy? It’s not like he was going to invent the next cure for cancer or find a way to colonize space. He was just an idiot who was proud to be a parasite on the human race and he advertised his disrespect for the human condition with every cell in his body. Judging people is a good thing and if there is anything to learn from this case it’s that we should judge others more, not less.

I’m sure this is all very shocking to the residence of Hawthorne Hills across the street from where the unidentifiable body of the victim was found but they had to know by just one look at the loser Michael Strouse that someone was going to be hurt sooner or later by the guy. As I said, I know the area well and could tell stories all day long before there was ever a Hawthorne Hills of the people who fought and died in that very region out of conflicts that arose for many reasons. Why there and not someplace else? Speculation can only do its work, but in my personal case its better if its people who are trying to bring harm to other people who end up laying in a field dead to life than some innocent person. It’s always sad because whoever ends up dead is always someone’s child who had all the potential for a good life straight out of the womb. But when they get up into their mid-twenties and they look and act like Michael Strouse did, it’s too late. Nothing good is going to come from a life like that and I’m sure the neighbors in Hawthorne Hills knew, they just didn’t want to get involved.

Evil must be confronted, and when a person presents themselves with an obvious embrace of such evil, they declare themselves a threat and it is up to our judgement to engage them. I’m sure we’ll find out the details of this tragic story and it will make us sick, but the crime happened because too many people were minding their own business, and were not willing to confront evil as it was on full display. That allowed this Michael Strouse to sneak in and out of the house undetected and put in danger young women who are not yet old enough to have their wits about them. And it is that very circumstance that allows the wrong kind of people to end up dead. History may say that by the nature of human activity somebody at the corner of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes will die for one reason or another, but we should all be more engaged with our surroundings so that we can ensure that it’s not the innocent who become victims. Sometimes the villains of our world make it easy for us, and Michael Strouse will dare us to pass judgment, but for the sake of the innocent we should do so much more often.

Rich Hoffman

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It’s Time for Trump to Fire Everyone: This is what hardball looks like

The battle for the future is right here with this Trump story. What’s happening in Washington D.C. is nothing less than the heart and soul of America, so its important to cover it as much as I do. There is no bigger story in the world and now it’s getting nasty. I often feel that Trump is a kind of doppelganger to myself so I have a pretty good idea what the President will do next. Hey, he’s moving into his mid-70s. He has a reputation for not taking any crap and he’s in the most powerful executive position in the entire world. What do you think is appropriate behavior in his situation? He may live another ten years, but chances are, he’s watching his last sunsets so why not go out with a bang? I really don’t think the FBI and Robert Mueller’s insurgents thought things through properly. They picked a fight with the wrong guy and I think they are going to see quite a gauntlet thrown down.

Of course, Trump has a right to fire Jeff Sessions. Its his Department of Justice pick, and the guy is failing. Trump has politically allowed his DOJ to run this Russian investigation for the pure appearance of fairness and lack of abuse of power—but look what they’ve done with it. If Trump did nothing, he’d have a hard time dealing with it I think. What they’ve shown is a real desire to go for the jugular for those closest to Trump, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, General Flynn and many others, ruining their lives completely just to get at Trump. So why shouldn’t Trump go after them with the same vigor, if not more so? As a Trump supporter from the beginning I have to say that I expect the President to exercise all his authority to correct this situation, to fire anybody and everyone to drain this swamp in Washington D.C. and from what we’ve seen of the evidence it’s a situation that must happen.

If Trump were to fire everyone from Jeff Sessions to Bob Mueller the voters would forgive the President and it would help the midterm elections. In a recent poll it showed that the approval rating for the Democrats is hovering around 50%, well that’s because they aren’t doing anything to be criticized for. Firing all these bad people at the DOJ and FBI whom all work for the Executive Branch would not help a Blue Wave topple control of the House. It would send a message that this President will defend himself which Americans like and do something which is unusual for anybody in Washington D.C. Such behavior goes against the conventional wisdom of the pundits, but I would stand by my assertion under any criticism. If Trump fired everyone involved in these Democratic incursions he’d be even more popular and Republicans would gain seats in both the House and Senate—holding their majorities. I promise.

From there it should be Rudi Giuliani who is the next Attorney General and that’s where the real prosecutions should begin, into the Fusion GPS deal, the FBI involvement in picking winners and losers, and in making an example of the botched-up Clinton case. The DNC itself is guilty of much trouble and by going after them all and putting them on their heels the media would have no choice but to report the situation, which would erode away the Democratic approval rating properly. The only defense they have is to call Trump names and say that he’s abusing his authority. But so what? They have pushed Trump to the edge with the intent to wipe the earth clean of him. They deserve punishment and did they really think he wouldn’t? If he just takes the punches the Republicans will lose seats and Trump would be facing impeachment, for no reason other than political ones. So Trump’s best move is to go Tasmanian Devil on everyone against him and let the smoke clear in time for Republican victories. Americans love a winner, and its to Trump’s advantage to show them one.

It has baffled me to watch these people go after Trump and to show their fangs the way they have. It seemed like a really stupid thing to do because Trump has a reputation for fighting. Did they really think he’d just lay down and die? Well, obviously, that is exactly what they thought. Obviously, the point of all the investigations as of the end of August 2018 was to harm Republicans just prior to the election. Robert Mueller was always a never Trumper type Republican along the lines of a John McCain so he was always intent to ruin Donald Trump once he realized that he wasn’t going to get the top job of Director of the FBI. His aim was to take these investigations deep into Trump’s presidency to ruin him and prevent a second term. And harming Trump at the midterms was always part of the plan. Trump isn’t supposed to be in a position to help any Republican win office, he’s supposed to be hiding in the White House hoping to hold onto power with his every last breath. But Trump doesn’t need people in institutions to give him power. He always had it from the companies that he built and Mueller can’t take that from him—which prevents the Democratic objective from ever reaching fruition.

Even though CNN would accuse the President of abusing his power with terminations including Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller, the American voters would forgive Trump within hours. There would be no conspiracy. Mitch McConnell has no desire for a fight within the Republican Party, Paul Ryan is on his way out, Trump is the leader and everyone else is going to do what he says. Firings and a crackdown within his own DOJ is expected so there wouldn’t be any blowback except from those terrified that the fangs of justice would then go in their direction. There is enough abuse of power perpetrated by all the people involved in the phony Russian investigation to put a lot of people in jail and with an aggressive Attorney General in Rudi Giuliani there would suddenly be a lot of guilty people running for the hills.

Justice is clearly on the side of President Trump and he’d be crazy not to take this open window and strike back with everything in his power. Not doing so would lead to regrets that would last well past his lifetime, so its time to hit now and let the pieces fall where they fall. Playing it safe now will only lead to empowerment by those who want to undercut him at whatever cost in the midterm elections. The way to win these big elections is not to play it safe. Just like when everyone thought they had Trump dead to rights on the weekend of the Access Hollywood tapes, now is a similar issue. Trump turned the tables then using whatever he had at his disposal and he has many more weapons now than he did then, so everyone should see these next steps coming. Its time to fire everyone and if he does, President Trump will step beyond the critics into a new light that nobody else could follow, and it starts by getting rid of Jeff Sessions and replacing him with Rudi Giuliani, and instead of turning the other cheek, knocking the damn head off of those who started the slapping.

Rich Hoffman