Premature Ejaculation: Don’t worry about the mobs, and violance from Democrats, they are already spent

In no way am I giving up on the written word and surrendering to a gross, pornographic diatribe of unimaginative input to the complexities of the world around us, but honestly, when thinking of the great fears of some coming revolution by Marxist agitators masking as experts of their fields, the concept of premature ejaculation is the best metaphor to use due to the primal nature of the attempt.  They want you to be scared, sure.  And on Monday of the upcoming week of September 21st 2020 all Hell will break loose in regard to President Trump nominating a new Supreme Court Justice due to the sudden death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Anybody who thought the Kavanaugh approval process was vicious hasn’t seen anything yet, and yes, it will happen before the election on November 3rd, because it has to.  Many people don’t realize what the strategy for what we call Democrats has been.  I would call them Marxists now that its all out in the open, but that strategy has been to change our laws and undermine our society to favor them controlling us to put it mildly.  As we speak in the Ohio court system, Democrats have made it a priority to undermine all laws passed and surrender all legislative control to Republicans in order to erase them by capturing a majority on the Supreme Court.  They have set their sights on attacking Justice Kennedy with all the resources at their disposal to do just that, so the battle is vicious, and they are going to lose their minds over the Ginsburg replacement.  And they are going to try to look scary, but in truth they have made two critical errors that has sealed their doom, first, they count too much on money to be an important factor in winning elections.  And two, they just don’t have majorities, they are very much an extreme minority trying to take over our nation, so whatever gains they make, legally or illegally, they won’t be able to hold.

Think of the young guy who is taking a girl out on a date planning to end the night with an intimate encounter.  He goes out and buys a nice outfit, he gets some fancy cologne, he shaves closely and does some manscaping to every last detail as he imagines how things might go and plans for each of the stages leading toward the intimacy.  He picks her up talking and acting tough going way out of his way to impress her.  They go to a movie, they go to dinner, then they go bowling so the guy can show her off to his friends, then finally after the 7th or 8th hour of their date they go back to his place for the big event.  They get into it and as soon as he sees her naked body, he pops the cork and that’s it for him for the evening, and she laughs at all the hype and the sudden loss in action and leaves unimpressed never to date the silly guy again.  That’s kind of where we are with the political left, they have busted loose their load prematurely under tremendous political pressure.   They aren’t ready legally, financially, or philosophically for the big event and now they are in a state of embarrassment.  All the fancy stuff they have done over the decades to get to this point was exposed suddenly, leaving nothing to the imagination, yet they have failed to capture anybody’s hearts and minds leaving them embarrassed irreparably.

What we are seeing with the 7 pillars talk that Glenn Beck has been discussing and all the conspiracies about George Soros, and his other anti-Trump billionaire friends is all the colognes they have put on to impress the girl, and all the fancy duds they neatly pressed and bought for the big event, but in the end, they couldn’t hold it and lost their essence before the woman could enjoy the effort.  They have not made their case for Marxism, but were forced to move too quickly because nothing else worked to get Trump out of the White House and now they had to make their moves hoping one last time to keep him from getting elected again because if he does, they will have nothing else left in the tank to fight with.  And now, with the Ginsburg situation we all remember what happened last time with Kavanaugh, and Republicans enjoyed a bump in polling after because of how ugly Democrats were about the whole thing.  The bottom line is that Trump will have picked 3 Supreme Court Justices stacking the numbers in ways that Democrats have been working their entire lives to fulfill in their favor and this will be a major, eventful loss for them.  And they sure as hell won’t be getting a second date.

So don’t be scared of the Democrats or their mobs.  Don’t be afraid of Bloomberg money in Florida and elsewhere, money can’t buy love.  The only people who care about the money these days in campaign elections are the people selling advertising.  Most of the polls from Fox News and elsewhere are not to reflect the truth of who is winning, its to convince everyone playing the game that they need to buy ad time in the traditional way, because that’s how they make their money.  The Biden lead is among “likely” voters, way oversampled Democrats, not Republicans.  In truth, Trump is poised to blow away everyone on election night, and its likely he will help a lot of Senate candidates and new members of the House.  In the end, Soros and the other billionaire donors will have history reflecting on them that they wasted billions of dollars to essentially move the political needle nowhere.  They bought agitators for sure, but those people didn’t change the nature of America in their direction, instead, the flag waving and sentiments for individual liberty have strengthened in those with the mind to see it, and rather than the intentions of the Democrats coming true, they have found the opposite to be the case.

And as many fear of an actual revolution from the Marxists taking to the streets and moving into our neighborhoods the plane fact is, there aren’t many of them.  If you take the crazy Antifa terrorists, you get a very small percentage of the white population that want communism.  Of the Black Lives Matters Marxist push, they are only 12.5% of the population, and Hispanic people are about the same.  Ad them all together and they are still all a minority.  Then not to mention that many of those demographics aren’t going to Biden, perhaps half will go to Trump, an increase from the last election to this one.  And regarding the fear that there will be hoards of protestors raping and pillaging our homes, so far the mobs have only been let loose in Democrat run cities confined to a few city blocks and an occasional highway.  They have not been challenged with the 30% of Americans who own among them 393 million guns, the largest standing army in the world, the American private citizen.  Like in Ohio, even if they did manage to push Sharon Kennedy out of office and take over the Ohio Supreme Court what would it get them?  If Democrats start changing laws, the kind of violence they have displayed could easily be turned on them by all that firepower. They can’t break the law then expect everyone else to follow it to their convenience.

All the efforts that Democrats have utilized are like that poor guy who went on the date only to uneventfully loose his manhood well short of the climax he and his date wanted.  And the embarrassment will be to such an extent that they will never get the chance again with that particular date, and likely, no other date due to the impact to their confidence.  While fear of what they might do next does sell advertising due to ratings spikes on old, archaic media devices like television and radio, the truth of the matter is that people are empowered and heavily motivated to vote for Trump for their own self interest which makes the effectiveness of any investment dollars worthless, and Americans have so many guns to defend themselves from people like George Soros that it is laughable to even think that new laws are going to be followed, like mask mandates, and that our society will change into a communist state.  Rather, people will ignore any laws made by Democrat power grabs and will simply defend themselves if the government tries to send their mobs out of the cities they control to take over the suburbs. And those are the facts of the matter.  Enjoy them, and vote Trump.  You’ll save a lot of lives in the process.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Governor DeWine’s FEMA Camps: Covid-19 is a complete government scam in every way meant to control all of us

OK, it seems like I do this every day now, but hey, this is the Book of Revelations, so all the “I told you so’s” are at least a little reassurance that listening to me then wasn’t a crazy thing to do, and maybe if you listen to me now, you might save yourself from all the doom and gloom that is intended for your life. It was nearly a decade ago where I told you Dear Reader about the FEMA camps that were going to emerge and it was difficult to imagine where and how they would be introduced. Well, Governor Mike DeWine whom I often call “Dummy DeWine” signed an executive directive in the middle of the night the other day with no legislature anywhere near to regulate his authoritative power and he made the FEMA camps a very real thing for the future. I have a hard time believing that Mike DeWine is part of some massive Jim Marrs conspiracy or some Alex Jones diatribe, but the governor is a process guy, meaning he doesn’t necessarily think in term of thought, but in compliance so if someone tells him something, he tends to fulfill the parameters of accomplishment. That made him a great Attorney General because the laws were established for him to follow, and he did a good job, but as a John McCain type of Republican, he has been a terrible governor in Ohio. He is following a script that has been well laid out in advance and has been playing his role including demanding dictatorial powers a year before Covid-19 even hit the stage. So all this has been quite eye opening in how true many of the conspiracies that have been talked about for years has actually been. But as a free people, we did something about it which was not part of the plan, we elected Donald Trump and have re-taken the Republican Party away from the old losers. And that sets the stage for the next thing about Covid-19 that I’m going to tell you, which should piss you off quite thoroughly.

Just an update on the DeWine impeachment given directly to me by a very prominent Republican close to the situation, they are struggling in the Ohio House to find 20 votes in favor, even though most everyone agrees that it would be a good idea. The reasons given are because the way the articles of impeachment were written that many feel it insults the intelligence of Mike DeWine and that this is an election year and the Republican Party needs to come together to get Trump re-elected. And plus, many need the Governor to get bills they write passed, and they can’t do that if their name is on impeachment legislation, so for the most part, impeaching Mike DeWine is more symbolic than practical. But I’ll tell you what, it gives new meaning to the day where Trump came to a Cleveland rally and DeWine as governor was supposed to meet him, but couldn’t because he tested positive for Covid-19. So he couldn’t go, but later that day he tested negative. Its looking more and more that either President Trump doesn’t want photos with the Ohio governor, or that DeWine doesn’t want to hang out with the president.

And that tends to be the story with Covid-19 tests just like the ones Mike DeWine took, there looks to be an extremely high occurrence of false positives, and if we could manage to take the test again, we’d find out that it was really negative. For most people, testing is still some kind of exotic luxury so to get a test that counters another test is rare, and even then, it leaves people confused as to whether or not they actually have Covid-19. It looks like the labs can get whatever results they want from the tests so that is the first indicator that we can’t trust the results of what the test claim to provide. Even so, nobody in government has yet to explain to us why testing for Covid-19 is even important. So you test positive for Covid, what happens next? Well, nothing. The virus isn’t really deadly to anybody. The CDC has had to retract the way they count Covid deaths and the real number is around 6K. Most people who have died of Covid, that number that is approaching rapidly the 200K mark are people who were carrying the virus but died of other things like heart disease, lung problems and diabetes. They were people already with health issues, yet government stupidly sought to penalize the healthy to save the morbidly unhealthy and to blame the whole thing on the virus. The result is that we can’t trust any government numbers, at all. None of it means anything.

However, as many know I was looking at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota as something of a scientific test bed of reality and here are the results. The media has scattered far and wide to attempt to make the outdoor motorcycle event a “superspreader” so they could continue to scare everyone into the government compliance tactics that we have been talking about, the mandatory masks, the quarantines, the lack of attendance at restaurants, amusement parks and sporting events—essentially the control of people and the economy using Covid-19 as the excuse. Again we are supposed to believe that just getting Covid-19 is like getting Aids or some other death sentence when in reality Covid-19 isn’t even dangerous to most of our population in the least. So Governor Kristi Noam of South Dakota has been really the only governor not to fall for the Covid nonsense and she allowed Sturgis to go on pretty much as normal. 460,000 people attended this year. The real number is likely higher because that number was counted as vehicles more than the people riding on them, so let’s just say, it was a huge sampling of people not wearing masks or socially distancing. There were even large groups of people having sex in the streets and licking and spitting all over each other at wet t-shirt contests, which is pretty gross, but for our sampling here, its about as bad of an event for containing a virus that one could imagine.

Well the results from Sturgis which has been over for well passed the quarantine period of 14 days as the CDC previously surmised and the media working hard to find a single case of Covid has only managed to attach 300 cases out of that population of roughly a half a million. What that means is that the same population per capita came down with Covid-19 as states like Ohio and Kentucky where mask mandates are normal and social distancing guidelines are most stringent, even to the point where Governor DeWine is regulating how many people can attend a professional football game, if any at all to slow the spread of the virus at sporting events. The amount of people getting the virus with just a case, is under 1%, the same as what we have seen at Sturgis ignoring all the rules of conduct that the CDC implemented without knowing a thing about this coronavirus, and that mistake has now cost our economy trillions. Governor DeWine of Ohio alone is responsible for billions of dollars of lost economy and lives ruined by his actions. Following the social distance guidelines and mask mandates or ignoring them completely has provided exactly the same results among a mass population. This silly notion of controlling the spread of the virus is a complete fiction supported by made up positive case statistics and faulty death counts.

The goal of Covid-19 has always been about controlling the population and giving the government more control, and it has been planned for years even going back to the concept of the FEMA camps. It is a product of the fantasy of government to control everyone with implementing a communist state like what China has now, and yes the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are all in on it. The internet itself was invented by government likely for this purpose. It wasn’t there to make email possible and to make it so everyone could have porn—which should tell you something about the intentions of the internet from the beginning. It was always about controlling you and I from the bureaucratic minds of the dumbest of our society—those who go to work for government to become part of the “Deep State.” We can’t trust anything they say, and enough of us became sick of the experience that we voted for Donald Trump to break the cycle and all this is happening now so that they might prevent his re-election. And that’s all Covid-19 is. It’s not dangerous by itself and it certainly shouldn’t have destroyed our economy the way it has. But our politicians have been bad, even maniacal and they used it to gain control over all of us and they have no intention to give that power back. In the end, if not with an election, we are going to have to body slam a few politicians to get that power back, because now that they’ve tasted it, they are certainly addicted to its luster.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Not the “Change” they Wanted, but Change they will get: Changing from live people to dead ones

The basic thing that Democrats and their terrorist supporters expect us all to understand is that there is a need for change. I was watching some NFL coverage of the upcoming season and what the players were supposed to be doing besides going to training camp and this term “change” kept coming up. Such as America is a racist nation and we need to “change” it transferring power from those who have it now to those who want it. That is the basic premise of the Democrat party and their not so subtle message is that if we don’t give them the change they are demanding that violence will continue until we do. What they mean by change therefor is a change in law and order, a change in values, a change in economic systems, a change in property, a change in everything or else, they threaten to destroy us all with social disruption and chaos, even death which was the case in Portland, Oregon where Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl carried out a political assassination against a Trump supporter who was part of a group who challenged the supremacy of the left-winged activists.

The Trump supporter was Aaron Danielson and was part of a growing number of people who are supposed to accept the change that Democrats want, or else they should expect violence and possibly an end to their life. Thankfully, due to Trump’s Justice Department the murderer Reinoehl was confronted and an arrest was attempted to be made, and a shootout ensued where the Antifa thug was killed. I normally wouldn’t say it because we live in a civil society, but I found myself relieved when I heard he was killed, yet I understand that for this menace to go away, I think many more like him will have to be killed before a just society can be restored and that is the real change that is likely to come from all this.

I watched very carefully the Vice interview Michael Forest Reinoehl did for them just a few days before he was killed confessing to the execution of the Trump supporter and it was stunning. Of course he didn’t get into the details of all the pre-meditated aspects of the case but the essence is this—Trump supporters showed up in mass to push back against the control of Portland that Antifa had so the domestic terrorists called Reinoehl up while he was out with his son that day, to come into town and take care of them, because Antifa couldn’t afford to have a bunch of monster trucks roaming through their barricades and spraying them down with pepper spray and beating the hell out of them. Reinoehl’s reputation is as a foundation member who would do what needed to be done, and that’s what he set out to do to change the narrative in the media from “Trump supporters storm Portland,” to something like “Trump supporters killed for challenging Antifa.” There is plenty of footage of Reinoehl killing Danielson even in a premeditated way looking for a good time to attack. There was nothing spontaneous about it or defensive, it was a political execution and the Democrats have been fanning the flames for weeks hoping for just this kind of outcome.

Mixed with this story of Reinoehl being killed after his confession to Vice was attempts by Democrats to turn the narrative on Biden’s position against violence in the streets where they tried to blame it on Trump for inciting his base to challenge terrorists like Antifa—as if it were Trump’s fault that people like Reinoehl were provoked to begin with. And of course as things were looking bad for Democrats after a good week of polling for Trump, the Biden supporters at The Atlantic came out with the military hit piece saying Trump didn’t go to a cemetery in France to honor fallen soldiers, to hopefully hurt the gains the president had made among independent voters. Of course, the story isn’t true because if The Atlantic had such a story they would have used it two years ago when it supposedly happened, they certainly wouldn’t have sat on it. But what we are seeing is a media tied to outright terrorism to invoke “change” whether we want it or not and we are supposed to not resist it otherwise we may actually be killed. And if we fight back, then we are racists for resisting the change Democrats want.

What Democrats haven’t thought of is that they are the cause of the violence, they are proposing the taking of our country and turning it into a global state and that the acceptance of these terms are not going to sit well with the kind of people who supported the Trump presidency. If you take away the law, and you take away the order that we all enjoy, and remove the consequences for killing—then what is going to keep Trump supporters from killing all of them? If there are no laws, and they have removed the police and instead they offer chaos and mayhem to the point where Antifa mobs actually believe they have a right to kill people to fulfill their political objective, then of course they should expect the same level of violence, if not greater than what they are proposing. The American society that has been in power and uses capitalism to fuel its economy isn’t just going to bend the knee to Joe Biden and a bunch of tattooed Antifa thugs like Reinoehl. Before freedom is given up if the hope that elections will solve the problem is removed, there will be much more violence on hand to witness. Of course there will be an answer to this kind of thing and I would dare say that Antifa, Black Lives Matters and all the socialists of the Democrats are greatly outnumbered by people like Aaron Danielson who are really given no choice but to defend their life and liberty by giving people like Antifa members death.

Listening to Reinoehl talk about his reaction to Trump supporters driving their big trucks into town to challenge them, it was obvious that none of these little thugs have really been challenged in life, that Antifa is made up of couch potato losers who were given too much in life too easily and have never really been pressed for anything. And when those big trucks came into town from outside the city limits to challenge Antifa it scared them, and they reacted with a political assassination. But I would dare say that such a show of force is only the tip of the iceberg as to what kind of energy there is in America to eliminate these antagonists who threaten the happy life of the rest of us. Take that happy life away and offer to replace it with Marxism through the tech industry, or the Democrat party in general, and offer globalism with more coronavirus restrictions to our way of life and everyone is going to learn that the Trump supporters are capable of much more violence. That’s how Trump came into power to begin with and that power was represented in our Republic by a vote. If that is taken from them, then there is nothing to stop them from hitting the streets and killing the many thousands just like Michael Forest Reinoehl who are out there. A change revolution in America will not take place easily as it had other places in the world. The power that put Trump in office is the same power who can take power back in other, more forceful ways. And that is the element of change that Democrats have not calculated into their plans. Things are the way they are because they were meant to be that way, and changing that is not something people want to do and they will fight with blood and violence to protect it after the election, before the election, or at any other time in history. There will be no bending the knee to Marxism, socialism, or communism. The advocates of those changes will find that the change they do get will be to their very lives, from live people to dead ones and that if that’s what it takes to get peace, then they will get change. Just not in the form they have been planning.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump’s Great Tax Cut Proposal: Being poor is a choice in America

I don’t have a lot of faith that the liberal Supreme Court Justice John Roberts will uphold President Trump’s Executive Orders signed Saturday (August 8, 2020,) especially the first one which provides a payroll tax holiday for all Americans earning less than $100K per year. I know, Roberts is supposed to be a Bush appointed conservative, but we all know by now that he is just another swamp monster liberal, so the challenge will be obvious. Roberts did support Obama’s DACA program without legislative input, so technically Trump’s orders shouldn’t be an issue, but with Roberts, he often votes against conservatives. Yet Trump had to do something, the Democrats in the House were purposely dragging the negotiations over Covid relief out playing politics and it was within Trump’s power to do something about it, so he did. Regardless of how Roberts or anybody else comes out on the matter, Trump played his hand well putting Democrats in a no win situation either way.

Yet during the press conference announcing these orders by the President he mentioned the term “tax inequality” which is normally something liberals refer to in order to illustrate how unfair it is for corporations and the very rich to use loopholes to get out of paying taxes. However, the real issue is that liberals believe we are all obligated to pay for the nonsense that liberals come up with that sets the amount of tax that needs to be collected to pay the bills, and even as high as it is now, the Nancy Pelosi controlled House of Representatives wanted another 3 trillion dollars of fluff and liberalism to add to the debt, which was preposterous. So my view on these things is always to challenge the overall number, not the ethics of the government desire, and in this case nobody has a right to impose on the rest of us, especially those of us who work hard and pay a lot in taxes to pay for terrible management by the government. And if we can’t easily un-elect these people, we need to reduce the amount of money we do give them, which makes President Trump’s payroll tax holiday very attractive as a proposal and possible permanent solution.

The real tax inequality is by those who do make quite a lot of income and are paying a lot of taxes, much more than most people who live in America and enjoy the roads and infrastructure as much as anybody, but because they don’t work as much, if at all, are not paying anywhere near as close to the amounts that the top 20% do. It is the top 20% and 15% who end up paying the most tax, way more than the top 1% that everyone is always saying need to pay their “fair share.” Well, who says what a “fair share” is? As we all know, it’s the same idiots who came up with the cost of the budget in the first place. The middle 20% and lower 20% pay a lot less in taxes and of course the poorest 20% only pay 2.8% of the total tax burden, but it is aimed at them most of the time that the liberal budget is inflated to exploit for political reasons leaving the rest of everyone else to pay for everything. That makes Trump’s proposal on tax reduction very attractive, and even necessary.

I don’t view any progressive tax system to contain within it a system of fairness. People who earn more have arrived at those levels largely because they are willing to work harder than other people, so there is nothing fair about a bunch of slugs sucking off the system while everyone else works hard to put money into that system. Getting a 6 month reprieve from that system is something everyone should appreciate, and given the total amount of tax revenue collected, especially with all the recent re-negotiated trade deals, the payroll tax is just a small part of the puzzle anyway. The government owes those still with jobs and those going back to their jobs with decent incomes a break for what they did to everyone over Covid-19. Somehow the government has to make things right to people and this gesture by the President is only the very tip of the tip of an iceberg in getting there.

The difference between the fourth 20% and the top 15% is between the income levels of $86K and $159K per year in average cash income. The Middle 20% is $52K per year with the second 20% is $32K, and the lowest is at $13K. The poor are obviously less than that. So the tax holiday Trump is proposing is targeting this group while the top 4% and 1% will find some of their loopholes closed to balance out the difference. But in proportion to the total needs of the budget, all this revenue is a small drop of water into an ocean of need. Technically the entire progressive tax system could be abandoned in favor of a sales tax and things would be fine. The purpose that liberals want a progressive tax system is to get skin off the backs of productivity and a commitment off the population in general for the policies they come up with. So in that way, just as property taxes often pay for public education, liberals attach all tax payers to the evils they come up with that suck from the budget making us all complicit, just like tax payer funded abortions, or grants for transgender studies. The most attractive aspect of Trump’s tax holiday is that it would give people a break from participating in so much evil.

The way I look at any tax contribution chart, especially this way of increments of 20% from lowest to highest on up to the top 15%, 4% and 1% is that the higher a tax payer is on that list, the more they are doing for the society and the economy in general. They are not equal to the lowest on the scale. Income levels should not be a penalty, they are a direct measurement of value. People who make more contribute more in risk, effort, and the general intellectual contributions of economic activity. Higher wage earners do more to advance an economy and deserve a break, because without them, there is nothing for the poor to do. Being poor is a choice, if you are making less than $20K per year it’s a decision, not a mandate. I’ve worked up to three jobs at the same time to make what my family needs and that opportunity is not based on skin color, or some heritage passed down through family connections. Its because I showed up to fill a job that was in need, everything from cleaning toilets to working at Wendy’s and McDonald’s as a grill cook. If a person isn’t afraid of hard work, anybody can make more than $20K per year. But liberals want to exploit their laziness, so they have built the progressive tax system to steal from those who work and give the benefits to those who don’t, and that is incredibly unfair. And for a change, President Trump is sticking up for those who do pay all the taxes and is working to create a system that has much less tax inequality for the first time since the stupid system was enacted in the first place.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Judy Mikovits and Plandemic: They want you to think its a conspiracy, but in truth, its all too real

To understand all the controversy regarding the anger surrounding the doctor Judy Mikovits just look at Dr. Doom himself, the well-known Dr. Fauci and in context it will all be clear. Mikovits is the conspiracy theory advocate that Google has a personal war with because what she is saying goes against their strategy of contact tracing every human being on earth, much the way their Google Maps works by casting a GPS chart wherever you are anywhere at any time, even in the most remote part of the world. Free-will is not conducive to their objectives so they have put out a well-documented smear campaign against Mikovits for daring to question the recent outbreak of Covid-19. There is a very controversial documentary that is constantly being removed from YouTube and every other social media platform.  Below is a guy talking about it, in a negative way, which are the only videos not being banned.  Michelle Malkin also has a great interview that is very much worth watching.  Its right now the most banned video in the world, and that should tell you something.  Even the website has been shut down.  I don’t see anything controversial about any of the information, and Mikovits herself is a pretty smart lady.

I’ve read both her books, one called ‘Plague: One Scientists Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)’ and the other, which is new and very hard to get, ‘Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense.)’ I read Plague well before the Covid-19 virus, a few years ago, and it made sense to me. That’s part of the reason I saw Covid-19 coming out of China as a weapon of Marxism rather than any real threat of death from the outset. If you know what’s going on, it’s not a surprise or a conspiracy theory. And that’s why the organizations pushing Covid-19 danger hate Judy Mikovits and have tried to paint her as a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist when in reality she is simply a fallen angel who used to be one of “them” but fell from asking too many questions. Judy is a disgruntled employee, not a conspiracy advocate, in spite of what “they” want you to believe.  And the story she has to tell is a very good one.

Like most professions the medical profession, especially at the level Dr. Fauci operates is all about getting funding for research. Understandably, some of that research works, some of it doesn’t and even the best vaccines with the intent of immunology goes bad. It might fix the targeted ailment, but the side effects might cause permanent cell restructuring and lead to even deadlier diseases—like autism, ME/CFS—or many other things. It’s not that the medical community shouldn’t keep trying new medicines in the lab with an intent toward human conquest of all diseases, but the path to Hell is paved with good intentions and by default a lot of patients do end up in Hell far worse off than if they had never sought out a doctor’s help at all. That was the point of Judy Mikovits’ books. She’s certainly not anti-science, quite the opposite. But her problem is in the process itself, of the medical industry as a whole, and the culture that springs forth.

People tend to think of Doctors as highly educated people who are beyond fail, and people put their blind trust in them, to a fault. In reality, they are just as bad as anybody else in society, and the higher up you go in the food chain the worse. Such as Doctor Fauci, who has a tendency as a used car salesman for selling pandemics to society starting way back in the 1980s with HIV. Fauci may not be a good doctor, what he is good at is scaring the hell out of people with big words, which then tricks politicians into funding his projects. In the medical community other doctors suck up to Fauci because he is a means of bringing money to their projects. Fauci is a salesman and that’s about it, and Covid-19 was never about danger, it was about selling a New World Order. For Fauci that was to bring in money to scientific research which taken by itself might be a noble endeavor. But for all the boot-lickers off Fauci’s efforts, such as Google’s need for contact tracing all diseases, or Facebook’s need to sell itself as an official government censor of propaganda, or communist China’s desire to spread their power and influence to every corner of the world, the salesman of the whole effort fell on Doctor Doom and it was all about money for him. Not for his projects, but to be that rockstar at the dinner parties from everyone who did get the money. Doctor Fauci is in love with the celebrity of being that kind of doctor and its not a conspiracy theory for Judy Mikovits to point that out.

But “they” certainly don’t want you to know what’s behind the curtain dear reader, because once you find out that they really have no idea what they are doing and that most of the science we are talking about is still in its infancy, you’ll stop trusting them and that will really hurt their funding. If it becomes politically liable to take controversial positions, then politicians won’t fund some of the science that people under Fauci’s control want to conduct. And that is clear in both of Mikovits’ books, especially Plague, the first one. Reading that book you could easily see how dangerous all the assumptions of Covid-19 were. They don’t know what they are doing, they certainly have no idea if social distancing would have any impact, or wearing masks in public—or any of the measures they’ve suggested. They are just playing in a lab with viruses with often good intentions but their alignment with politics makes them dangerous, because it is there that they get their funding. So doctors often do whatever they need to so to make a political class happy. And the political class they were trying to impress was that coming out of communist China. Bill Gates has a big check book and they are willing to do whatever to impress him to continue funding for their projects. And that of course has led to the global disaster we are seeing now.

I sometimes forget that people don’t read much anymore and just take whatever they hear on television or through Google searches for their information. I would recommend reading Judy Mikovits’ books. The second one, Plague of Corruption is very hard to get, its constantly sold out these days. Lots of people are reading it which is bad news for the government censors. People get it and that’s exactly why we have a First Amendment in the United States, even if Google, Facebook, and the government itself wants to get rid of it so they can hide their vile plans from us. But the info is out there and people are getting angrier by the week. When I read the books, my thought was that I know a lot of people like Judy Mikovits. If you can overlook the obvious hurt she has of being cast out of the medical community for just asking the right questions, you’ll learn a lot about the medical industry in general, which is just as screwed up if not more so than every other industry. When dumb people are in charge, this is what happens, and when good people are cast out, you get people like Judy Mikovits. But take comfort in this, she is not a conspiracy theorist. Rather, she was and is a front-line reporter who knows how we got where we are presently, and voters need to understand it so they can change it, for the better. Don’t trust what “they” tell you, read it for yourself and use your mind to solve the problems independently.

Rich Hoffman

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The Volcano of Sacrifice that Covid-19 Has Been: Stupidity in government on an epic scale

Largely, my view of the Covid 19 virus “pandemic” is that it’s a step back in time to where humans behaved much the way they are represented in the new Spectrum commercials, such as the one seen below where people have to jump into a volcano to make it rain. Our response to the coronavirus has been hokey, extremely superstitious, and just plain dumb at every level of government. Forgetting for the moment the various conspiracies surrounding the whole mess, the nature of our reaction is what has been so disappointing. The voodoo science of social distancing when there has been no time on earth when humans ever successfully did such a thing and to commit trillions and trillions of dollars to it is just embarrassingly dumb. And then to go through this whole mask thing, where its all about other’s lives that we must wear them is about the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard come out of people’s mouths—all of it based on voodoo sentiment and even more hokey science and to make it all worse, we are building policy on these things—such as reopening the “economy.” And the height for me was the stupidity that so many had when we found out on Thursday that the “government” was going to let us go to restaurants again, but this time with restrictions—and people were happy about it. Big daddy government was going to let us have some of our life back and people were happy to have the opportunity to just get their hair done, and possibly go to a restaurant after months of being locked in their homes essentially hiding from the coronavirus. It’s all been ridiculously stupid, as dumb as the most audacious human sacrifice to some gods just to make it rain. It was the worst of what the political left represents and it was forced upon all of us, and most people sucked it up and just put up with it like that guy in the commercial who just jumps into the volcano once he realizes that people have no stomach for a thoughtful solution to the problem at hand.

One of the dumbest things I heard during the whole Covid lockdown mess was from Dr. Fauci himself. When he said that we humans were not in charge, that the virus was and that we had to build our entire society around its desire I knew I was listening to a complete lunatic of leftist ideology. We are human beings; we don’t yield to a virus. I can think of many ways we could have attacked this virus, Far UVC light comes first to my mind, but the doctors at the White House were just so passive in their approach. Its clear they wanted to rely on voodoo science to deal with the virus instead of using hard science, such as physics to actually solve the problem. A big pharma solution was all they were willing to consider and because of that we shut down the economy and let the world take the lead destroying many of our lives in the process for no good reason at all, other than the fact that our “leaders” told us to.

Well, I don’t have a “leader” in my life. I look to absolutely no one to tell me what to think, how to act, or how to say it. I am a leader to a whole lot of people and understand fully the responsibility, but I don’t look to anyone or anything to be my leader. So I can say with a little pride that I am not imprisoned to the thoughts of any stupid people who think that the way to deal with the coronavirus was to jump into a volcano, social distance, or wear a mask while hiding like some coward in my home. And it was that view of the world that was greatly insulted the other day when I was getting gas at UDF on Seward road at 7 AM. The place was closed, and not opening until they were damn ready. Their new opening times were meant to reflect the changing demand of this new Covid economy with much reduced hours of operation. I was there with my cowboy hat, my sunglasses and a bandana around my face so not to scare everyone terrified of the Covid-19 virus looking like I was about to rob a train in the old west. A few months ago dressing that way in public to get gas would have gotten me into a lot of trouble, but these days, people are thanking me for looking that way. It all has the feeling of living in the days of Mad Max. People are about a few months from just ripping off their clothes and wearing G-strings, men and women alike as we have moved from a society that never sleeps where gas stations are open all night, to one with very limited options and specific hours as government has stuck its fat ass into all our lives to ruin them with superstition and nonsense.

I was insulted that my government had put so many policies in place based on complete voodoo science by uninterested doctors insistent to allow a virus to run our lives instead of us running it. The government approach by President Trump has been wrong, and even stupid. I see a good guy trying to win a second term from some really bad, malicious people who got suckered into listening to the type of doctors who were trying to convince that guy in the Spectrum commercial to just jump into the volcano so it would rain and the impact on our society was obviously terrible. Once Governor DeWine decided to loosen up on the guidelines and “allow” restaurants to open once again, “in steps that government could feel safe with,” not what the market needs, people were almost crying with joy. But I saw a really ugly reality, we had allowed government to grow too big, have too much power and to govern our lives in dangerous ways going back in time instead of being the type of society that is ready to reach into space and become a permanent species in the scheme of the Milky Way galaxy. Instead, we were clutching to earth afraid of a stupid little virus that has proven not to be nearly as deadly as the Doctor Doom advocates of the CDC suggested, and it has been quite a letdown. Government never had a right to take anything from us in the first place. It was their own stupidity that caused all the problems, and here we were letting them tell us when we could go to a restaurant or go to a hair salon. Its embarrassingly pathetic for the human race.

I understand many people can’t afford to have the opinion about these matters that I do, just like the guy sacrificing himself to the volcano in that Spectrum commercial they care more about the peer pressure of those in line waiting for it to rain than they do in figuring out some truly scientific means of solving their water problem. As a person who has studied the demise of ancient cultures for four decades, I can say that they all have a common element to their failure. It’s not droughts and floods that killed them off, it was social structure and belief systems. It is the Vico Cycle that was articulated so well by James Joyce in Finnegan’s Wake and we are seeing it in America with the coronavirus. Instead of reaching for the stars we are trying to climb back into the dirt where the lazy can die without expectations and things happen to them instead of them making things happen. And in times like those, that’s when the government gets all its power to rule us all, and tell us when we can eat, where we can sleep, and where we can go. Then when government decides, they can give back to us a fraction of what we had before and we will cry crocodile tears of joy at some relic from the past, even if that past is only 6 weeks old. Things can change that fast and nobody should ever forget that.

Rich Hoffman

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Pennsylvania with the Coronavirus: Health director Rachel Levine is a transvestite

What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania, no wonder people are so upset there and are protesting Governor Tom Wolf and that thing, Dr. Rachel Levine. Homophobic? We’re not supposed to look at the health director of Pennsylvania and not see the obvious problem, some modern progressive sentiment that belongs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, instead of a serious discussion about medicine. It was Governor Wolf who appointed that very ugly man, who has decided that he wants to be an even uglier woman. And now that confused man is in charge of the health policy of a state that is destroying the lives of its residents, and everyone is supposed to not criticize because some political movement has decided that its unfashionable. Hey, a guy who doesn’t even know what he is shouldn’t be making policy for anybody. We might feel sorry for him. We may advise him to get some psychological help. We might do a lot of things out of compassion for such a lost soul, but putting such a mess of a person on the microphone everyday to talk about fighting a major pandemic is beyond tolerance, and I’d be mad too if I lived in Pennsylvania.

I thought Amy Acton in Ohio was bad as a health director. I was skeptical when the liberal leaning Mike DeWine appointed her recently out of Ohio State as something of a greenie weenie activist. At least Acton is a woman who knows she’s a woman. She’s not a bad person. She reads. She has redeeming qualities as a human being so long as she’s not in charge of our lives, which through this Covid-19 pandemic she has now been appointed. So a natural resentment over anybody who makes decisions that affects us all is expected. The problem is that all these state governors have staffed these health director positions with very progressive minded activists, thinking that it was a nothing job that wouldn’t spend much time in the public eye, so most people don’t pay much attention to those appointments.

But through the government lockdowns following the rest of the world over the cliff in turning off our economies in fear of a silly virus, these left leaning activists have been center stage every day showing their vast incompetence as the governors have been exploited by their picks. Amy Acton seems like a smart lady, well natured, but has been in reality a gullible, global idiot. She set policy in Ohio that copied the New York and Italy models and applied them to a state that had little in common with those high death counts and economic decisions were made that were devastating. In Pennsylvania the situation is all that but worse, the poison pill has been given to the public who is a transsexual he/she that looks like it should be a character in a horror movie instead of a serious health professional, and it is insulting.

I have said from the start of the Covid-19 viral scare that the entire situation was political and that was never more obvious than in seeing what kind of people the governors have put in place as their health directors. Out of all the people Tom Wolf could have picked in Pennsylvania, he picked a transvestite to run his health department. Why? How is anybody supposed to trust the opinions of someone who can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and know what sex they are? Then to listen to the media refer to “it” as a “she” is even more insulting. When such a creature utters that everyone is in danger and needs to social distance, and to stay locked in their homes afraid of a stupid virus when there is plenty of science out there that could fight the virus, then everyone is supposed to be happy to listen and obey orders from such a person? I don’t think so. And we’re not supposed to be critical of the creature Levine because we don’t want to be called names by the same idiots who have attacked every means of fighting the virus instead of letting the virus take over our nation at every step? I can’t imagine how the logical people of that state feel about having to look at that thing, “Levine” every day to find out what new state order is going to come there way and ruin their lives even more as they watch their jobs evaporate and the incomes die. To make it all worse, the governor delivers the news with a transvestite. It’s a nightmare of a scenario that has become a reality.

No matter what the politics are, people confused about their sexuality need help, we shouldn’t be taking advice from them. Talk about science deniers, which those of us have been called who doubt that social distancing and lockdowns are the way to deal with Covid-19. What’s more than a science denier than to look at a physical body and deny that it’s a man when it clearly by all scientific measures, is. Instead, Rachel Levine says to us about itself, “I don’t like the body that God gave me, so I’m going to call myself a woman.” Well, the same could be said about the Covid virus, “I don’t like that people drive too many cars, or that they spend too much money, or are too dependent on oil. So I’m going to call the Covid-19 virus more dangerous than it is to invoke social changes to my community and since I’m the health director, you have to listen to me, or you could be jailed.” How’s that for a science denier activist put in charge of a state’s approach to health and now the economy? It’s insane!

It just goes to show what particularly the liberal minded governors are up to, and their followers. They are up to activism, in cramming down our throats now that they have power their view of the world. When we elected Trump because we were sick of being on the receiving end of that behavior for years, radicals like the Governor of Virginia, of Michigan and this Tom Wolf guy have decided to push our faces deeper into their radical politics with appointments of obvious activists like Rachel Levine. Without a care of how it looked and daring anybody to criticize him or else be called homophobic, fired from their jobs, and castigated from society for noticing the obvious they are daring us with great audacity to even think about questioning their moves. The lack of respect for a normal American society has been audacious at best, even dangerous. Because anybody who would put “that,” Rachel Levine in front of television cameras every day to tell the people of Pennsylvania whether or not they could work or be forced onto unemployment is pushing Americans too far, well beyond what is acceptable for even the advancement of a progressive society—progression meaning, beyond a Christian nation founded under God. Rather the new god is something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tom Wolf probably thought it was funny at the time of the appointment. But now that nightmare is on his watch, and he must deal with it. Its been embarrassing, and it won’t get better for him. That is a genie that won’t fit back in the bottle, because the bottle was meant for a woman in this case, and Rachel Lavine is a man.

Hey, its not our business what someone chooses to do with themselves, until they are in charge of what we do in life.  Then the rules shift to the choices people make to qualify for telling us what to do in the first place.  And there is a lot to question about the Pennsylvania health director.

Rich Hoffman

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The Masks of Communism: Understanding why central authorities want us to all be equally ugly

So by now dear reader you know that the World Health Organization is filled with Marxist revolutionaries, such as their leader Tedros Adhnom. It shouldn’t be any surprise then that they had such a close alliance with China—which many modern people don’t think of as being totalitarian communist, but they are and have been. I have spent many hundreds of thousands of words explaining that to everybody back when it wasn’t “cool,” to talk about. Tedros, is essentially the Fidel Castro of the modern age, instead of wearing around the military uniform to show his dominance over the population he conquered by force to overthrow the Cuban government to bring in a communist regime, he wears a suit and works at the head of the World Health Organization hoping to spread communism around the world disguised through United Nations policies hidden behind health concerns. So also you should know by now that just about everything they are saying, and have been through the World Health Organization and all organizations that spawn off them, is not for your health and safety, but for the perpetuation of communism flowing out of China to the rest of the world quiet maliciously. And that evidence was never more clear than in the push to wear masks in public.

There has been quite and aggressive push in the United States as a reaction to the coronavirus to force people to wear masks if they go outside and interact with the public. I have had the many opportunities to travel the world and in Asia as many know, many people wear masks in public even when there isn’t a pandemic. While this might look health conscious and be considered proper PPE for average, everyday citizens, what it really represents are compliant personalities who have soaked up the propaganda of communism and how individual lives must consider the lives of others even before leaving the house. The World Health Organization has been up to this communist propaganda for a long time because their aim is and continues to be well into the future, the sustaining of life on earth from the perspective of current day geology. They view people as a nuisance on earth, and to save our planet, there needs to either be less people on it, or the people need to be centrally controlled through communism by central planners who will look out for the earth first. Those tend to be the type of people in other countries, especially Asia who listen to the nonsense of the World Health Organization and have allowed for communist ideas to migrate into their lives.

The idea that American culture would start wearing masks out in public is quite an insult, and those who do are obviously those who are prone to the cautions of the political left who want to believe that big brother government knows best and can offer protection to the timid minds of the participants. Rather, from the Marxist perspective, wearing masks to control virus spreading has nothing to do with safety, but everything to do with psychology. After all, what makes people more equal than to all be equally ugly. Forget dressing up with that nice attire to impress people in public with good looks to match and expensive cologne. There is nothing like smelling your own spit with a mask across your face to hide your nice features while a rubber band is draped irritatingly over your ears to pull at them every time you turn your head. Oh, but its for other’s safety that you do such a dumb thing. However, what they don’t tell you is that you are being trained to think not just of others, but to ignore your own comforts in sacrifice to a greater good that is defined by central planners in government who will then tell you that we must do this and that to save the earth from our human footprints. So once you accept wearing a mask in public to save others from you, then you will also accept that you must do what central planners propose to save whatever else they deem important.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I was thinking the other day how many times I have been correct about very jaw dropping revelations well before the rest of society accepted them, such as knowing that James Comey was a lying con-man very early in the process of the Trump investigations as the political left were trying to push him out of office with conspiracy. CNN asked me, and I still have the video up in a few places, “do you think that James Comey lied” while on television with a group of Trump supporters. I indicated that I did, which at the time seemed like a crazy conspiracy. We were all trained from babies to trust the FBI, how could I think such a thing many wondered. Well, when it came to this China Virus, Covid-19 I was absolutely the first to say what a massive conspiracy it was to advance communist ideas out of China and it was done completely on purpose. The World Health Organization and the American CDC already had airtime purchased in the media to advance their strategies. Even digital roadside signs were telling us everywhere we went just like out of some dystopian novel, “we’re all in this together.” By the time governors in America were shutting down the economy in the United States, just as the world had reacted, the World Health Organization was banging champagne glasses together celebrating a successful military attack on western culture financially before anybody knew what was going on. They took advantage of our trust in “experts” to exploit that trust for military gain of communism over capitalism and they had struck a victory that impacted nearly every American and European to follow their orders to the letter and not even question their motives. And to make matters even better, they were starting to wear those stupid masks in public just as Asian countries had been doing for years.

I’m not here to tell you “I told you so,” even going back to the many warnings I have provided about public education because in many ways, they have set up this communist push through their curriculum for decades. The trust people have in corrupt communist doctors doing the bidding of the World Health Organization directly for China military intentions started in our public schools. People trust experts and they learned to from their experiences in public schools. If experts tell them to wear the stupid masks so that everyone is “equally” ugly and disgusting, then they’ll do it because they have been trained not to question authority and to do as they were told so that they get that good little grade on their paper. Perhaps if they rat out their neighbors to the central authorities, they might get a lollipop, or a nice pat on the head. I emphasize all the times I have been right in the past not because I want a cable show like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but because I want to see people free to live their lives and appreciate what capitalism can do for society. I do these articles for free because I want society to prosper. And I want you to know dear reader that the push to wear masks is just another scam meant to change your behavior for communist plots that have been out there for a long time. There is nothing new about them, but they are now out into the mainstream in American culture and communists are making their move against us without gunfire this time, but with ideas communicated through trusted doctors and medical professionals disguised as being for our own good, when the reality is far from that.

Rich Hoffman

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Calling Their Bluff: Go on out there, back to the world–its not as dangerious as they are telling you

The big secret that many of these politicians, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to hide about the terrible economic impact they allowed themselves to be tricked into believing over Covid-19 is that they need you to think that every dumb thing they did was for a good reason. Yet it wasn’t. That is the reason for the drive for testing after all, to justify their failure with some data that looks scary. And for all their idiocy in bypassing the state legislators into creating law through governor directives regarding social distancing and stay at home measures, all which were completely unconstitutional and massive intrusions on all our lives. They must justify all their failure by something otherwise we might just march onto our capitals and rip all their lame asses right out of their office seats. They need you to believe that reopening America will be dangerous and that you might “die,” if you do so too early and don’t follow the doctor’s orders—we might have a reignition of the virus outbreak and have to shut everything down again. All this fear has nothing to do with reality of course, it’s about control of the message and keeping people believing that all this damage that the politicians caused by following the World Health Organization to our dooms was a good idea. It has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with justifying their panic. So the way to beat them the correct way is to not be afraid, reopen our businesses and prove to the world that we aren’t a bunch of chicken shits—and that the virus was never really deadly. We need to call their bluff. Life needs to get back to normal without social distancing, masks and social isolation—and we need to rub it in all their faces to drive the point home—because Covid-19 was always a scam meant to drive the world toward communism.

All this was of course reported in the great book Plato’s Republic with the analogy I use often of the cave. The doctors of our present society are the people in that story who have learned to predict the shadows on the cave walls and they want to keep that power over mankind. But some of us are free of our tied-up position where we must get our information by those experts, and we are free to get up and look around to discover what causes the shadows on the cave wall. If you know the story, you understand what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, the story of the cave is a warning from thousands of years ago Greek society about listening too much to experts, because they are often wrong and crave to keep a people stupid and facing the cave wall where they have power in predicting what the shadows mean. That is what Covid-19 is all about, it’s a power grab to support Agenda 21 United Nations strategies from academia to force mass society to look at the cave wall where they control the images with fear, and the cost has been horrendous. They deserve what happens next, which is to challenge their fears with bold audacity.

If this information is unfamiliar to you dear reader then perhaps it would be easier for you to watch the great movie, THX-1138 from 1971 by George Lucas before he made the Star Wars series. It is essentially a futuristic version of Plato’s cave analogy, where the main character wakes up from his controlled state where the authorities of that time keep everyone overly medicated and focused on the efforts of that government completely. What the World Health Organization has been proposing due to the coronavirus are obvious steps in the direction of the concepts explored in that movie. It should come as no surprise that the leader of the World Health Organization is Tedros Adhanom who has in the past been a Marxist revolutionary, which is key to understanding what the real intentions of the Covid-19 reaction was all along, it was never that the virus was dangerous. But it was meant to control people’s thinking to the level where centralized change agency could take place and a Marxist revolution erupt once people’s daily lives had been conditioned to accept the authority of the state by eroding individual rights due to the actual fear of death. If you are trained to see the signs, which are abundant in literature, art and history, then anybody could see from the beginning what was behind the Covid-19 pandemic as the World Health Organization called it, to trigger what we have seen all around us, a surrender of capitalist values to those of outright authoritarian Marxism.

It is the responsibility for instance of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio to know these things so they can be leaders. He should know that these kinds of things have happened in the past, such as one demonstrator at the capital tried to point out about the Nazis in Germany. The protests in Ohio were not from Neo-Nazis which are always leftists in their gatherings, but from people concerned that Ohio under the directives of Amy Acton were following in the footsteps of Germany toward their Third Reich activism prior to World War II. And to answer the governor regarding the use of swastikas and the Nazis, it was abundant from indigenous tribes in Ohio to use swastikas often. It was the Nazis who copied the Celtic cultures of yesteryear who put a bad name to them with their own authoritarian abuses, its not the swastikas themselves that were the problem. Because the cultures of North America had a very intimate relationship with swastikas well before any formal European outpost was established in the New World. DeWine is supposed to understand history and art so that he could make good decisions about the present as a leader of the state and the Republican party. Instead he has shown himself vulnerable and shallow and easy for crazy radicals like Tedros Adhanom to exploit from the World Health Organization. Instead of a communist revolution with physical troops like Mao had in China, or Castro had in Cuba, or wherever your favorite communist erupted on the world scene, Adhanom controlled the message through health policy, which the American CDC picked up, whispered in the President’s ear with the exploitation of millions of lives lost. Then state health directors overly educated in Marxist colleges—and yes, Ohio State is one of them—so that people advising governors like Amy Acton could utilize Marxist strategies behind good will health advice to ruin the American economy.

It was always a military incursion hidden through the Trojan Horse of health concerns and to see it, we all must have an understanding of the past and the thoughts that emerged from them, or even the warnings of our artistic culture from films like THX-1138. It is unlikely that George Lucas would make that movie today, in many ways, he’s one of “them” now. Its just too pleasant to plug into the Matrix and enjoy life at that level of the celebrity in San Francisco. But as a younger person he saw authoritarian danger clearly and made a great movie about Plato’s cave analogy—which is exactly what the WHO and the CDC are using to attempt a global coup of capitalism in an election year to disrupt the direction of the world economy back to one where the communists stay in control. Nothing about social distancing, wearing masks in public, and house arrest was ever about safety. It was always and continues to be about controlling our behavior and breaking us like a horse to a new normal of environmental communism instead of our raw independence that we have known up to this point. Its all about messaging and to understand that, Plato’s Republic was written 2500 years ago. Yet its as contemporary as the latest Fox News broadcast. Nothing much has changed in human thought from then until now. And the same enemies are trying their tired old schemes, only this time they did change the approach. They used the literal fear of death to convince us to listen to them. And in so doing, give over control of our individual lives to maniacal communists in global organizations who truly and without pause, want to rule the world.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the World Health Organization Should be Prosecuted for Terrorism: Agenda 21 is on our doorstep and its coming for us all

I suppose another reason that this Covid-19 thing has caught everyone so flat footed is because they likely haven’t read many books on this topic, and they surely haven’t read the very boring Agenda 21 sustainable development plan that was put together at the Rio summit a few decades ago. Books like The ‘Naked Communist’ which I did many radio episodes covering at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they gave me a lot of airtime to cover the topic of communism in the media and in local government, started to tell that complex story of forgotten history. That was the same station that gave Steven Crowder a chance in his early days so it was a good place to start. Glenn Beck has done a few books on the topic of Agenda 21 and about a decade ago there was quite a scare about electronic smart meters and having “big brother” monitor everything we did including how many loads of laundry, because we were going to be watched to that detail. Since Trump has been running for president I suppose a lot of people forgot about the United Nations efforts at creating a one world government due to the President’s “America First” approach to everything, but I saw at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak the Agenda 21 plot hatched. It is after all 2020 and the United Nations meant to have Agenda 21 in place by, well………………………………..2021. It’s all about sustainable development as they term it and they have always planned to have a Cloward and Piven crash of world economies to reset the clock and put everyone on equal, manageable footing and they’ve been breeding American media for many years to be there for them when they made their move. Well, in 2020 as the viral outbreak of Covid-19 erupted out of China and the World Health Organization helped leak it out into the world Agenda 21 was in full bloom and they weren’t even hiding it.

For those who aren’t so aware, Agenda 21 has been building for a long time, its certainly in our local zoning everywhere in the country. It is taught in schools to specialists who then end up working in government and in large corporations and follow the blueprint of the leftist policies they learn in those places. They are leftist policies relative to life in the United States, but are pretty much the middle of the road in every other country on earth and ultimately Agenda 21 is to make the world more sustainable for our planet, not for the humans that live on it. That is why so many Democrats automatically follow the trend of Agenda 21 because its hard wired into everything they have learned as adults, and its why especially liberal governors have become so quickly totalitarian tyrants within a few weeks of the state lockdowns. There was quite a celebration in the media on Saturday April 11th when Wyoming was the last state in the United States to formally recognize a unified state of emergency over the coronavirus. The peer pressure to do so has been intense by the media using a death clock of Covid-19 deaths in the corner of their broadcasts to scare everyone into “social distancing” by literally convincing people they were going to die of the rapidly spreading virus.

Yet the footprints of the entire approach to Covid-19 go straight back to the United Nations through their management of the World Health Organization. It seems to be forgotten but it was the WHO that was calling Covid-19 a pandemic making it more than just another seasonal cold for purely strategic reasons. They put a lot of phony numbers in their “models” to project high death rates and to scare President Trump into playing along, which was always a plan as well, especially during an election year where he had to play nice with Agenda 21 moderates in his own administration or risk coming across as just a Obama Truther and 9/11 conspiracy theorist listening to Alex Jones all the time. Trump needed to show he could work in a bipartisan way during a run where Joe Biden was likely going to be the opposition, the Obama administration itself that needed to protect its role in the massive “deep state” conspiracy revealed by the FBI during Trump’s election—where it wasn’t Russian tampering with the election, it was our own intelligence agencies, and they broke many big laws to do it. The strategies at every level were pure Saul Alinsky, whom we haven’t talked about much because for the last three years its all been about Trump defending himself from the forces wanting to hide their crimes behind continuous investigations of him, even going so far to impeach him in Congress. Meanwhile, as all that was happening these foreign attackers hatched this plot to get a much more friendly president in power in the United States and they made their move with this Covid-19 outbreak.

It was they who came up with the approach for how the world would deal with this virus that leaked out of communist China. The World Health Organization laid cover fire in the media for China as its wet markets unleashed yet another virus, one we didn’t have a vaccine for. The virus started infecting people in the United States as far back as November of 2019, which looks to be why California’s death numbers are so low, because of herd immunity—people got the virus and got over it as opposed to the World Health Organization’s desire which were followed to the letter by Dr. Fauci in the CDC and a direct advisor to President Trump who likely didn’t know much about viruses before this “pandemic” than most of the rest of us. So, he’d have no inkling about the malicious intent of these Agenda 21 bureaucrats. I’d say he does now. It’s the first time the United States has been tricked into participating in a global reaction to a viral outbreak where we are doing exactly what people in Italy, France, England, India, and all of Asia are doing, locking ourselves in our homes, and maintaining the ridiculous social distancing to slow the spread and to keep the news cycle going longer—not to save lives but to change human behavior to implement Agenda 21 across the world all at the same time. It’s a plot that would be more appropriate in a James Bond movie by just another philanthropist villain, only this was real life. Bill Gates isn’t typically thought of as a villain, but he is just as guilty of this crime against the United States as the FBI is of tampering with the elections of 2016 to oust President Trump because he didn’t fit in the plans of the Deep State and people were not going to get in the way of those. Bill Gates should be charged as a domestic terrorist for the United Nations because he funded and used terror to inflict a massive change of life across the world all in the name of climate change. That was after all the plot of the last Godzilla movie King of the Monsters. Only instead of it being that crazy lady who was an environmental terrorist, its Bill Gates in real life.

I have been hearing about lots of people I have known who are in the hospital with Covid-19 and many who are getting sick from it. My response is that if coronavirus wasn’t in the news the way it has been, that many of these people would just chuck it off as a bad cold and wouldn’t think much of it. They might stay home a few days to recover and within a few months, Americans would develop a herd immunity to it and would get over it, the outbreak would end naturally on its own. So, I have not been in a panic over it the way the rest of the world has been. Since I read a lot and have read all this material over the last several decades about what the authors of Agenda 21 have always intended it wasn’t hard to see this virus as more of a strategy than a natural threat. It was only a threat because the World Health Organization developed a strategy to prolong it, and to make it appear more deadly so they could implement Agenda 21 to an unsuspecting audience that trusted them, and that is why they as well should be prosecuted for terrorism. Because that’s what they are. They are the cause of so much misery and economic destruction and are just as guilty of terrorism as the Saudi terrorists who took over those jet liners and crashed them into the World Trade Center in 2001. They all wanted to collapse the economy. The 9/11 terrorists wanted to do it for Allah, the World Health Organization wanted to do it for the United Nations and the plans for Agenda 21 that have been out there from the start. And those facts will come out in the years to come, but the first step is to rid ourselves of the World Health Organization forever, then proceed from there. They do not care about our lives in the United States. They would be happy to end them all to save the earth from their point of view, and Bill Gates has been their from the start of this act to help them, which makes his role that of a domestic enemy working against a constitution we are all sworn to protect. So, we better get to protecting it before it gets wiped away completely by Agenda 21.

Rich Hoffman

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