The Media and Me: Why all the hate?

I generally am not a vindictive person, I let people do what they want and think what they will so long as they don’t try to impede on my life. Generally. And this is certainly true of the media. About ten years ago I was friendly with most of the media in both Cincinnati and Dayton and I did a lot of radio on WLW and was on television quite often. Back then also I was going to film festivals and doing some work in Hollywood because at the time I still thought I might end up doing work in the entertainment industry. I was always a conservative and everyone knew it, but there wasn’t a need to be contentious and fight about everything. After all, these were the days of a soft George Bush presidency and the early years of Obama, so the political left largely propped up and controlled by our media culture felt comfortable, and even entitled. So a guy like me wasn’t a threat to them. Newspapers would quote me often, television news outlets would seek my opinion and I’d write occasional pieces for national magazines and everyone was happy—except for me. One thing I never liked about that system was that I had a lot more to say about everything and editors and producers would never give me enough time to put together a complete story on a given topic. So in 2010 I decided to become my own publisher so to speak and start this blog, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I never meant for it to become an endeavor of consternation, but what I have found out over the eight years since is that all media outlets hate it, and therefore don’t like me as a result.

I especially heard about how much the media doesn’t like me during this 2018 election. I’d get reports from people who associate with the press and elements close to the press who actively want to discredit everything I do, as if they were the gatekeepers of knowledge. But in reality, I write about so many things in so much detail that essentially nobody can keep up and that is the root of their anxiety. Media types are like any other worker out there, they are held to very confined standards and are certainly not free to write what they want. In the beginning I never thought of this as being a problem, but after talking to a Cincinnati Enquire reporter way back in 2011 just a year into it I realized just how jealous they were over my blog. It didn’t make much sense to me because anybody could start a blog, even them. Blog sites were free, anybody in the world could do one, so I didn’t consider what I was doing to be a threat to anybody. Just supplemental material. People would read what I’d say in newspapers and on the radio and they’d come to the blog to get more information. Since in media they don’t give you unlimited time to make your point, but just skim the highlights of any given topic.

And that is where the problems started and ended, the media never wants to solve a problem, they are perpetually the old Don Henley song “Dirty Laundry” where they need chaos, panic, and mayhem to generate the ratings they feel they need to survive, and my blog offered more than that to readers. As a writer I don’t think anybody in the United States or Europe can touch me for content and volume. I can write about more topics in quantities that often rival published books than anybody else, and that makes Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom very unique in any published venue. I didn’t set out to do that on purpose, I just let my natural inclinations take me where I felt things needed to go and I turned loose the ideas. If I want to publish articles about a reptile civilization that controls global politics and to deal with the pros and cons of that conspiracy theory, I do it and people enjoy the material. Or if we want to get into the weeds of actual political occurrences, we can do that too. Information and ideas are never bad, yet the media culture that we have had only want the headlines, never the substance. They never want a solution, only to ask the questions to provoke emotional results.

It is for that reason that I stepped gradually away from most of my media contacts. This blog did it for me. All I ever wanted to do was communicate ideas that were interesting to people who might enjoy exploring those concepts. Whether one person likes the topic or thousands really doesn’t make a difference to me. But that is also why reporters generally do not like my blog site, because it contains in it a freedom they simply don’t have. I love to read and write and I contribute to my blog in the old-fashioned way that any writer would, out of love and passion for the topics. But I would say that my efforts are similar to personalities from the past like Benjamin Franklin who did lots of things in his life, including being a publisher. I do other things in my life for money, so I have no reason to sell my published works. And that makes what I do vastly different from what all other media do and there resides the rub.

It was bound to happen sooner or later; the old modes of media would have to give way to the new. And within the new, if some publisher such as myself might come along and provide vast amounts of content out of the passion of doing it as opposed to prostituting it out like most media personalities must, then so be it. I have written millions and millions of words on a vast array of subjects but to me they all connect in very precise ways. Yet to the traditional media that can’t keep up with someone like me jealousy is their dominate emotion and that kind of thing came out dramatically on several fronts after the election of 2018. Feedback I received was nothing short of hate—that publishers like me are “ruining” the world. Well, I would ask, “from whom.” The world as we have all known it is going away, and I’m happy to see it leave. I never liked it to begin with. The age of Trump has been propelled by many people like me, but in the sheer effort of content offerings even though I am heavily restricted by Facebook, Google and Twitter, and have been for many years, the work still gets out to the people I intend for it to. If not a mass audience, a very targeted audience of people who are thinking people who are very smart. Popular mass media just have no control over this new age and they hate it. Information has been decentralized and that is a reality for the future. They could have embraced it, but they didn’t. Instead the have decided they hate me, which is their prerogative. But in the end it’s no skin off my back. I don’t need them, but they do need people like me and it was they who alienated themselves. The world will march on without them in it, and that is purely their choice to make.

Rich Hoffman

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Finally, Ohio can Pass Stand Your Ground Legilstation: Guns and GDP have a direct relationship

As we are getting the details on yet another mass shooting, this time in a California bar we need to talk about the importance of George Lang being elected to the 52nd House District in Ohio and Mike DeWine winning as Governor. DeWine winning that governor seat I thought was one of the biggest election surprises of 2018, yet the media didn’t really see the magic. Being a resident of Ohio its quite clear to me. I am very encouraged that we can finally get a Stand Your Ground law passed with someone who will finally sign the legislation. If there was anything great that came out of the 2018 election it was that pro Second Amendment representatives are fully in power and can act with authority. Stand Your Ground is a very high priority for George Lang and as I’ve written in great detail on several occasions personal ownership of firearms is directly connected to economic expansion and the positive mechanisms of capitalism. Like Florida which has good Stand Your Ground legislation economic development has come directly from it, Ohio has a wonderful opportunity to advance itself from a state being tempted to turn purple to a solid red state for the foreseeable future. And the time to act is quickly before Democrats can reset their footing and start posturing for 2020 elections.

Issue 2 failing in Butler County where George Lang’s district has the most residents was a tremendous opportunity also to deal with the root of school violence in our society, and the expansion of the Second Amendment to solve those problems. To avoid more school shootings in the future teachers must be armed, it’s that simple. There is no gray area on the matter, if we want to protect children from the criminally insane and the destitute, we must use guns for what they were invented for, personal protection at the point of a threat. There is no way to uninvent guns unless society decides to go the way of Ayn Rand’s great novel, Anthem and essentially go back to hunters and gathers living around a campfire, forgetting about the microwaves, the cars and planes, as well as the televisions of our modern society. To take guns out of society is to take away the tool that was invented by necessity by human minds to defend themselves from tyranny. That is precisely why an anti-gun stance in gun free zones is so ridiculous.

There have been times in Florida where Stand Your Ground laws were abused, and trigger-happy maniacs overstepped their rights with guns, but generally the legislation there has kept crime down and allowed for business owners to invest in the state knowing that a criminal element has a minimal influence over the population centers. Guns make people behave correctly, when people know there is a potential for gun carrying people roaming about and death is a possibility they often seek to take their temptations of crimes into other endeavors that are not so deadly. Guns and businesses are directly connected, the more guns in a society, the better their GDP. So the benefits far outweigh the losses.

Public schools are going to have to arm teachers, it’s the only way to promise parents that their kids will come home each day, is when competent teachers are carrying guns in the classroom. And competent parents as well, the more people carrying firearms, the safer a society is. And the reason that Stand Your Ground laws are so necessary is because it keeps gun users safe from unnecessary prosecution if they must use a firearm to defend situational problems. For instance, if a vile maniac stepped into a school right now and tried to shoot up a bunch of students, even if a teacher who was a gun owner confronted that assailant, the teacher under Ohio law has an obligation to retreat. That is the same situation on the street of any Ohio city, all gun owners have an obligation to avoid a confrontation. If police had the same restriction, they’d be toothless in a society to deal with people intent to commit harm.

I’ve been to Paris fairly recently and they have a very anti-gun policy even among their own police and the effects are obvious. The city is dirty, and the people are eccentrically committed to left of center criminal conduct. The major tourist areas do have a heavily armed presence to keep the criminal element away from those attractions, to keep visitors coming to the historic city, but that heavy-handed approach has the opposite effect, it is too much and can be intimidating. Paris is the perfect example of how to lose control of a population center toward the criminal element. As a result, industry has pulled away leaving only tourism to sustain their reputation, and that isn’t infinite under the current policies. Criminals can’t be allowed to rule as they do in Paris, any city, state or country that wants to prosper must empower its individual citizens to enforce the rule of law at the individual level of personal interaction. Law and order must happen everywhere, not just where the police are. That is the only way to have a prosperous society. Guns are directly related to morality and justice.

Stand Your Ground laws are needed to protect teachers from lawsuits and prosecution if they defend students from a potential terrorist. They should not hesitate and act with worry when trouble starts, they need to be free to engage a problem without fear of prosecution which could financially ruin them for the rest of their lives. That is not the way of a civilized country or state. And the answer is not in more government employees to be everywhere all the time as Issue 2 was trying to establish. People, every day people, need to be empowered to protect justice from hostilities born of insanity, greed, and malice. In doing that all public places become that much safer and businesses can invest without worrying about criminal conduct functioning beyond the reach of the police which are often overstretched by resource management.

There have been attempts to advance Stand Your Ground laws in Ohio and John Kasich, the newly born-again Democrat refused to sign anything close. Kasich in his final years as governor simply lost his mind and turned away from conservative ideas of self-reliance among people. Guns are obviously one of the biggest symbols of self-reliance in a culture and Kasich in the end was against gun rights as well. When people start legislating that they can expand Medicaid because God told them to, then all rationality was thrown out of the window and Stand Your Ground laws were off the table. We had to wait for a real Republican governor—so DeWine winning was a really big deal in Ohio. There were a lot of important races that were won on election day 2018 but DeWine winning in Ohio was one of the biggest because there has been a lot of positive legislation that has been held up due to Kasich’s sudden liberalism from 2014 on.

To make Ohio safe and prosperous not only from potential terrorists attacking our schools to protecting that manufacturing plant out in the middle of Ohio farm country from thieves looking to stock a black market, Stand Your Ground laws are a first priority to making Ohio the most business friendly state in the nation. The lack of a clear Stand Your Ground law has actually held Ohio back, along with a lack of Right to Work legislation that Kasich also held up. But now it looks like Ohio can advance in a conservative way and that is the most positive aspect of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted being elected as governor of Ohio. And it opens the potential for Ohio to become very great and a firm state in the corner of President Trump. Part of making and keeping America great again is in making Ohio great again, and with Stand Your Ground laws, that journey can finally take place.

Rich Hoffman

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How Economics Work: Just look to the home of the Whopper

One thing that kept coming up during the election of 2018 was the Democrat notion of inside out economics, as if something grew from nothing to formulate economic activity. Clearly, the only way that economic development occurs is from the top down, starting with an idea, then its implementation, followed by creation, then employment followed by delivery. Jobs do not come from nowhere to suddenly start delivery. Only people who don’t understand the basic foundations of economics could think such a thing and it was Sherrod Brown the very liberal senator from Ohio who said it most when challenged by Jim Renacci—his Republican rival. The entire idea that government creates jobs is a ridiculous notion and it is at the center of all liberal politics. Only a top down approach works which is the general understanding of conservative thought.

A great example of the nature of job creation is in my local community. Near the intersection of Liberty Fairfield Road in Butler County, Ohio and Rt. 4, where I live is several developments that serve the local community such as a Kroger, many restaurants, hardware stores and a wonderful golf course called Elk Run. My wife and I are very busy so we eat out a lot and usually take our pick rotating around all the various food options that are located at that intersection, everything from a McDonald’s to Wendy’s and Frisch’s. There’s a Gold Star, and a Skyline Chili, a Penn Station, and Chinese food—there are so many options including a few pizza places, that there is always plenty of choices and that makes our location particularly attractive to live.

Left leaning people dislike too much development, they prefer lots of green space, which I understand. I like nature, but more than that I love to see the creations that humans come up with. So I enjoy watching new developments come to being. At that intersection there have been a few plots of land that I was hoping would become new restaurants to give us even more options than we already have, but they have sat empty for decades waiting for the right time. Again, left leaning people like to see a lack of development because they think nature is the thing to follow. But in areas where human beings have decided to reside, the ambitions of the human mind can be and to me is, a very beautiful thing. So it was quite a delight to my wife and I to learn that those two plots of land were finally going to become something other than scenery.

At one location across from the Elk Run neighborhood a Dairy Queen is being built, which is very exciting. I love Dairy Queen and this one will be within walking distance so I can take my grandchildren there easily for fun little memories as opportunities present themselves. The second I learned about from a good friend of mine who is in the restaurant creation business, and that is that a new Burger King will be built across from McDonald’s. That is fantastic news because I do love to eat a good Whopper occasionally. My family eats at McDonald’s probably about 5 to 8 times a week, but sometimes we get tired of it. Especially when they are going through management problems, as they are presently. Fast food workers are always high turnover groups by their nature and managers are always challenged with creating reliable staffs. If they get a manager of one of these restaurants who doesn’t get it, the lines are often long at the drive-thrus, and the orders get messed up. So its great to have options and that usually is Wendy’s which is down the street a bit to the southwest.

Burger King is just another great option for us and its creation is literally coming from a plot of land that wasn’t doing anything and is becoming something that gives people like me an option in dining. Its creation didn’t come from some government bureaucrat who looked at that location and thought, “I think people will be best served to have a hamburger place built here.” Rather an entrepreneurial type looked at the demographic data from the area, checked the available land and its pricing and looked hard at a forecast of the new Trump economy and thought that they might make some money at that location. So they put up their money, took a lot of risk, and started getting the permits to build a new restaurant so that a guy like me could visit and have unlimited options to buy a Whopper when I grew hungry. The restaurant builder was taking a chance that he could compete with the surrounding competition and initiated their endeavor based on their best information. There is nothing inside out about that process, only the top down.

The restaurant owners of these new businesses expect to make money, if they don’t then none of the effort would be worth it. It is in the potential of making money that makes all the hard work into building such a place possible. Without that incentive, step one would never happen. That is why socialism fails throughout the world because it is hard to build things, anything. There are so many considerations and without a motivation of profit to lure out the ambitious, nothing happens. Not everyone is equipped to be a restaurant builder or an entrepreneur. Such people often have to work 60 to 100 hours a week, so it’s not for everyone. But the potential to become wealthy with such work motivates the most ambitious to try their hand and that is the key to the American capitalist system. To me I enjoy the scenery of human development sometimes more than a nice mountain or a group of trees. What the human imagination does with wood and stone to create variety in the human experience is something that is very interesting to observe. I never get tired of driving through any town to see what human beings have built for themselves out of their attempts to create wealth. It can and often is a very beautiful thing to observe. It’s not so good when those buildings built with hopes and dreams end up bankrupt and empty. But when they work, they are great to see.

All those inventions of thought make a life-like mine more productive. When I am trying to catch up on the DVR recordings over a weekend and we need to grab a quick bite to eat, I enjoy having the option to get a Whopper and to spend a Sunday afternoon learning things I’ve recorded by people who made those programs with an effort at making money. Everyone’s ambitions come together for my benefit and that is the miracle of modern society. It’s also the nature of all economic activity. Businesses don’t exist to provide jobs, but the jobs are created to pave the way for wealth creation, expanded GDP. And that is something that no Democrat ever came to terms with. They just never understood that basic concept. And that fault is purely theirs. Economic theory is not a newly discovered science, we know the rules. Only liberals have decided to ignore the rules to bend the world to some ancient vision of Karl Marx who was creating the premise of Marxism before a McDonald’s was ever built. But in these days of wealth creation under a capitalist system, the rules are quite clear. And they are wonderful to see in areas experiencing economic growth. Because that is evidence of something even better happening and with every new place of business that opens, it says that the economy is expanding, not contracting and that is always something to celebrate.

Rich Hoffman

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Take the Shot: Vote like you mean to destroy the Democrat party forever

Someone sent me this short video of a deer attacking a hunter and I couldn’t help but think of this year’s election. For so long Republicans have had the gun and all they had to do was pull the trigger, but most of the time they end up being beaten by Democrats just like the hunter in that video, because they weren’t fighters and were averse to violence. So, a dumb animal was able to dominate them easily. I look at that video and wonder why the hunter didn’t just grab hold of the horns and twist the neck off of the deer. He wouldn’t even need to fire a single shot and would save the skin of the animal from any bullet holes. It was a great opportunity to get a nice pelt off the beast. But like any passivist, the hunter obviously didn’t pull the trigger on his gun fast enough and the animal just beat the shit out of him, just like most Republicans in my life time. However, I think this time is going to be different. This time it’s up to you dear reader.

I don’t want to get too excited, its voting day and everyone needs to do their part. You have to pull the trigger. Don’t count on the other guy to pull the trigger for you, you need to do it yourself. Don’t count on early voting, don’t count on the Trump effect, don’t think for a minute that your vote doesn’t matter because a failure to do so could put the Republican party in the position of that hunter, once again. My advice to you is to vote like you are pulling the trigger on that dear and put that sucker down without any question, no opportunity by Democrats to cheat, no deep state operatives to steal the election, vote to put a kill shot through the head so that the deer will never get up again, and will instead be mounted on the wall of politics for the rest of the history of the United States. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger at the ballot box and shoot to kill.

We won’t know anything for sure until the election results come back Tuesday night, and in many cases well into Wednesday on every issue that concerns us. But here is what we do know, early voting across the nation is way up for Republicans. The Trump blitz had more of an effect than a lot of people realized in the media and the voters have been energized who have supported Trump or have been thinking about voting for Trump’s agenda. As it stands President Trump has an approval rating of over 51% and that is after two years of a liberal controlled entertainment and news industry throwing everything they’ve had at this new president. And nothing has come close to working. Nobody outworks President Trump and that essentially sets up a massive day for Republicans on Tuesday, in both the House, the Senate and the various governor races.

I am sure that polling has some suppression attempts in them particularly from NBC and ABC along with the New York Times. But not everything is a conspiracy. As I have looked at the samplings of many polls, I am seeing most of them with statistical analysis of a plus side Democratic sampling. I don’t think that’s by design in every case, just that Republicans don’t answer the phone. Ten years ago and longer when people had hard lines in their homes and caller ID was still kind of new thing, people answered their phones more. But with smart phones indicating whether or not an incoming phone number is recognized or not, Republicans just don’t answer as much as Democrats and that is throwing off pollsters’ ability to get good numbers in this social media age. Traditional phone calls are not getting the information correctly because the way that information is shared has changed.

For instance, several polls in Ohio have Sherrod Brown up big over his challenger Jim Renacci, but there are indicators that are quite clear that there is hidden data that hasn’t been considered. Voter energy for one thing, the early voting in Ohio heavily favors the GOP. There doesn’t appear to be enough union radicals to go out and support the incumbent Sherrod Brown who in any other year would easily re-win his seat. The panic in the press is that the double-digit lead that Brown has over Renacci isn’t really that big of a lead. It’s just that the pollsters do not have access to any better information that tells the whole story. In many cases the media wants to believe that Brown is safe, so they chose not to look at all the other indicators, so they stick with the traditional way of analyzing voting data. It certainly didn’t work in 2016. Maybe they made adjustments for it in 2018, but it doesn’t look that way. Sherrod Brown looks very vulnerable and a strong turnout from Republicans on Tuesday could easily give Jim Renacci a victory and another Republican senate seat which would help the Trump agenda tremendously. The control of that happening is completely in the hands of Republican voters. If they show up to vote, Republicans can win even seats that haven’t been on the radar, one’s like that of Jim Renacci.

Crowd sizes of rallies are certainly not scientific. But one thing that must be considered especially in races where 5000 to 10000 votes can turn an election in the favor of one party or another, Barack Obama or any of the celebrities that Hollywood is sending out to campaign for Democrats are not getting good showings. Obama, a former president is only filling up half the venues of his destinations whereas Trump is getting overflow crowds at every location he goes to. There are no empty seats at a Trump event, and as I’ve said, he gives the same speech over and over. His speeches are on television and can be watched live most of the time. In the laws of supply and demand Trump would be thought to have reached a saturation point with his political stance that would leave a lot of empty seats. There is more going on than meets the eye.

Now I can speak on this topic because every time Trump has come to Cincinnati, I have had the opportunity to see him, and I always get excited about it. Why, because I know everything he’s going to say? I would attribute a Trump rally to the same kind of feeling that old-world warfare inspired in people to charge an opposite line with a sword or a bayonet. It’s a very primal empowerment that Trump gives to people at his rallies, and it motivates people to take action. The unconscious agreement between Trump and his supporters is that if the President is willing to take time out of his evenings to visit people’s hometowns, then people are willing to do things for Trump after he leaves which energizes the base. I saw this very strongly in Ohio when the President came in October to a rally held in Lebanon that was under cold and rainy conditions. I had the opportunity to sit in the VIP area so I was able to see some of the behind the scenes stuff and the ramp the president was to walk out on was slick with water from a very light rain. I thought that the event coordinators were going to call off the rally because the conditions were dangerous for a President of any kind, especially someone like Trump who has the media licking their chops for a chance to watch him trip on a step or have a wardrobe malfunction with his hair giving them the ability to embarrass him, the risk just wasn’t worth it. But Trump doesn’t cancel and when he showed up, he confidently as a 72-year-old man hit the stage like a rock star and people bonded with him, as they do at all his events. After the rally, the people who stood over 12 hours waiting for a 1-hour speech hit the streets and did their work door to door, and at the polls, and that has a lot to do with why early voting is so high.

With all those things considered, when the smoke clears on Election Day, we just need to know that everyone had the courage to take their shot. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger and put down the Democrats. They have been vile and a strong election showing by Republicans could actually end the Democrat party forever. Imagine the look on their faces on Wednesday after they had lost all hope of everything during the election and showed no hope for the future. If 2016 was an indicator that they were losing power, the election of 2018 could be a final nail in their coffin, so don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. That is where things stand and the power is completely in your hand’s dear reader. So, take the shot!

Rich Hoffman

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The Weakest Ad in the History of Politics: Sherrod Brown’s attack on Jim Renacci’s hard work speaks of how tight the race really is

I’ve met Don Ksiezyk a few times and I love the guy. He’s a good person, and he’s smart. You generally have to be smart to be a pilot and he and I stood in the cold together last January waiting for Donald Trump and Jim Renacci to arrive at Lunkin Airport in Cincinnati. It took a while for the President to arrive on Air Force One so in that duration Don told me everything I’d ever need to know about airspace controls during Presidential flights. Congressman Jim Renacci had just been picked by Donald Trump to take on Sherrod Brown, the liberal senator from Ohio so the congressman was riding with Trump on this particular trip back from Washington giving Don a much-needed break. Usually when Renacci travels back to Ohio Don flies him on a private plane allowing the senatorial challenger to do his work in Washington while also doing work in his home district, which gave him the added ability to also be able to challenge that senate seat with the versatility of transportation to get back and forth. Private plane air travel costs about $2500 dollars per hour to operate, so it helps to know someone who can bring those costs down. And at a recent debate in Miami University Jim Renacci had hit Sherrod Brown so hard on multiple topics the only thing the liberal senator from Ohio could think to do was to criticize Renacci’s frequent travel by private plane trying to frame the situation as a rich man out of touch with the common people of the “middle class.”

But that didn’t work, people really didn’t care. Polls showed that Renacci was catching Brown quickly closing the gap in a frightening way for Democrats and early voting numbers for Republicans were even scarier. So Sherrod Brown had to dig deep and try a cheap shot to stay alive in order to hold his seat. So he ran a campaign ad picking on good ol’ Don Ksiezyk, Renacci’s pilot and confidant. That’s when you know the Democrats were out of bullets, because they had nothing else. Renacci hammered Brown on his lack of attention to the state of Ohio loving Washington D.C. much more than his home state, so Brown had no defense but to attack Renacci’s versatility in transportation.

The nature of the controversy was that Don was the owner of a couple of strip clubs in Cleveland, Ohio and that the plane in question was owned by Ksiezyk and American Nightlife Magazine. The hook they are trying to pin on Renacci from the Brown campaign is that the Republican challenger is a “family values” candidate so in theory Renacci is supposed to never affiliate himself with people who might call that into question. But deeper than that is the Brown hatred of money, wealth and industry, and strip clubs are a business like anything else. They are certainly much more progressive than traditional businesses, but young people don’t often get that wisdom until later in life, and when they do they are better people for it. When I met Don I saw a person who had made good with his life. Here he was a pilot for an important congressman, a man who had climbed some mountains in life, and like all good Christian people, Jim sees the person who has become something in life, not a person who lived at a lower level before. Some people never step away from those low-level places, but some people work to improve themselves, and Don is clearly one of those people.

Yet there is a vast hypocrisy at work here and its Jim Renacci who brought it up. Many years ago, over thirty years Sherrod Brown had a domestic violence case against him that was chronicled in court documents that went so far that he had to have a restraining order cast against him. Renacci has brought up that issue in the last three debates and ran ads exposing it, yet the same liberals who demanded that Brett Kavanaugh step down from his Supreme Court nomination do to a mere allegation by a few women about something that might have happened in high school, where applauding Sherrod Brown for telling Renacci to apologize for bringing up his old case as a campaign issue. The double standard was obvious, but Renacci really exposed it during the debates leaving Brown to turn to desperation. So right after the Miami debate the Brown campaign decided to attempt to paint Jim Renacci as a millionaire who flies around in private jets. Additionally, the pilot who flies Renacci around is a former strip club owner—so talking out of both sides of his mouth Sherrod Brown wanted to go after the pilot of a person Renacci knows yet Renacci wasn’t supposed to go into Brown’s past on an actual court documented problem. Doesn’t this tell the whole story?

Sherrod Brown out of desperation is trying to make a big deal about someone Jim Renacci knows who did things in his past that were not up to the moral standard of a family first Republican, but those same standards are not supposed to be applied to Brown. Yet the real target is to attack the whole corporate jet culture, which implies that successful people are not to be trusted, only big government types like Sherrod Brown. This is to fulfil the fantasy that Democrats like Brown have about economic activity. Brown wants to believe that economies are created from the inside out while reality says that its job creators who create and let the effects trickle down into the rest of society. Even a business like a strip club does more for a successful economy than a typical government job because the wealth creation is empowering, its empowering even for the women who work there and for the companies that provide concessions. So it is the subtle attack of many issues that Sherrod Brown is after here which are directly hypocritical to his own problems.

If the Brown ad against Renacci is to be considered than the domestic abuse case against Sherrod Brown is a huge issue in this campaign. Democrats can’t have it both ways. And if Jim Renacci owes Sherrod Brown an apology for bringing up the domestic violence problem, then Brown owes Don an apology. After all, Don Ksiezyk was an employer, he created jobs. Donald Trump used to run beauty pageants, and he also ran casinos, all businesses that I’d equate to running strip clubs. But people can and do improve over time and their decisions get better. That is certainly the case with Donald Trump who is now a great president and Don Ksiezyk is now a great pilot for a powerful Washington politician who needs to get around quickly. If you are a successful person flying commercial just takes too long, in the amount of time that it takes to get through security at a typical airport, a guy like Renacci with his great pilot Don can get back to Ohio and back to Washington often before the commercial flier gets on their plane.

Smart people who can avoid commercial travel utilize their time better by having such access to private planes and it’s a huge credit to Jim Renacci that he does. He is lucky to have a great pilot who is dedicated to the Renacci campaign in Don Ksiezyk who can get him all over the state and still do his work in Washington while Sherrod Brown has been left in the dust. The real issue in this Ohio senatorial campaign is that Jim Renacci simply outworked Sherrod Brown and it was Don Ksiezyk who helped make it possible. Brown is jealous and feeling the heat of a tight campaign, and all he knows to do is to try to demonize wealth creators. Jim Renacci worked hard to win the Ohio U.S. Senate seat that Sherrod Brown has held for three terms and Brown got caught taking things for granted, so he’s mad and using all kinds of hypocrisies to articulate his essential laziness, and misunderstandings of economic theory. That is one of the many reasons that Jim Renacci should win that seat. And for the record, Don Ksiezyk is a very good man.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberal Dog Whistles: Evoking acts of terror in hopes of winning an election

Even if the narrative were real, and it may be regarding the violent actions of the former male stripper Cesar Sayoc who is now known as the Florida bomber, and the Pittsburg mass shooter of the Tree of Life Synagogue by the Trump hating Robert Brown that killed 11 people and injured many others, the facts we do know is that the F.B.I. and Democrats have teamed up before to manipulate elections, and that they could easily be doing the same thing now. These kinds of tragedies are always filled with feel good stories about great police work and attempts to build trust into the government safety nets that protect innocent people from these types of scary moments but let’s not forget who we are all of a sudden championing. The F.B.I. made their arrest of Cesar Sayoc based on a single fingerprint that they found on an envelope which is extremely easy to get from a target if you want to lift it for evidence. And without going over the edge with conspiracy theory, without question deep in their hearts the Democrats who have been threatening violence over the last two months, the same type of people targeted by Sayoc are screwballs on the edge of always falling off the cliff like Robert Brown who was such an anti-Semantic radical that it was obvious his hatred fueled most of his life. Yes there are a lot of people in the world like Brown and just ahead of an election where smaller government is certainly on the minds of voters, these warning shots come at a very suspicious time.

Looking at what we know about Cesar Sayoc he wasn’t just a Democrat as I had said when the bombings were first announced. His political affiliation was a bit more complicated, he was one of those Trump voters who came onto the scene late in the game and found refuge as a born-again activist under the #MAGA umbrella. Trump did bring many voters over from the nonpolitical ledger, or the former Democrats who were thinking of walking away for something better. Caser the stripper certainly wasn’t a lifelong Republican, he was a pretty desperate person who lived a messed up life and was looking for a home in the power of Trump’s optimism, to put it nicely. It’s probably possible that he needed to do something in life to be famous but without really harming anyone so he pulled off a political stunt that would put him on a map. However, such desperate souls are pretty easy to push over the edge if your business is in the manipulation of people who makes the timing of all this more than suspicious.

What Democrats need ahead of the midterms is for Trump to stop being Trump—they need him to stop talking. He’s very popular and the size of his rally crowds are truly terrifying to Democrats who are used to being the ones who can activate masses at events to look powerful. Only with Trump its more than just a look, behind everyone who shows up for these rallies are many more who quietly watch the news from their homes and are at least motivated to vote. The Democrats don’t have an answer for the Trump effect, so it is not unreasonable to assume that they have turned to the F.B.I. for help. After all, the F.B.I. very much wants to repair their reputation. Jeff Sessions likely really wants to keep his job as Attorney General, so a fingerprint on an envelope for prosecution will do in throwing a pizza delivery man in Cesar Sayoc into jail to give everyone someone to direct their tensions toward. The van of Cesar was covered in Trump rally propaganda so the optics of the arrest were certainly joyful to the CNN types who want to make the power of government great again, instead of America. We know what type of people are in these organizations because of the evidence of manipulation that we have seen in the Hillary Clinton email case, the Benghazi cover-up, and the attempt to stage a coup against President Trump once he was in office through a leak campaign directly to the press to build sentiment against him to the public. So our thoughts must go to the same type of operators who might take some loose evidence and give the American media a name of a Trump radical to quiet down the president down the stretch. By the time we learn more about Cesar Sayoc and hear from him of his intentions of course the election and their results will be over.

The Democrats, especially lately have been talking about “dog whistles” and how dangerous Trump’s statements are to the members of his massive rallies. That’s because dog whistle dialogue is very much how they operate, they hope constantly to inspire fringe people to act in nasty ways that back their voting blocs, such as within the black communities and gang thugs of big urban areas. And Robert Brown, the anti-Semite from Pittsburg was certainly one of their hopefuls who heard their cries for action. Democrats are always hoping that gun control will push them over the top in elections. I was surprised that Senator Sherrod Brown tried to make an issue of tight gun control in a debate with Jim Renacci at the Miami University campus a few days ago because the answer to all gun violence is just as Trump stated. There should have been concealed carry holders in that Pittsburg synagogue. It’s sad to have to say such a thing while the blood is still being cleaned up from that gruesome scene, but we need more guns to protect society, not less. The police did a good job of putting Brown down when they arrived, but the situation could have been resolved at the point of the trouble with more open gun laws. Yet Brown gave the Democrats something to talk about just days away from the election on one of their favorite talking points, more government and fewer guns. The Democrats message is trusting the government to protect society, society is not competent to care for itself which is always the message behind more gun control. Robert Brown as a neo Nazi type is on the side of Democrats as all such thinkers are from the political left, contrary to the way the media has told the story.

Robert Brown likely would have snapped at some point, his social media footprint indicated a violent eventuality. But deep in their hearts Democrats would have preferred the timing to come before the elections rather than after. That was clearly their hope when they put out the message to their followers to get into the faces of conservatives and to engage them in restaurants and on the streets outside their homes. A lunatic like Robert Brown hears that kind of talk from Democrats and feels more desperate because of Trump’s move of the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing that as the capital of Israel and was motivated to act in a way that might put more anti-Israel Democrats in power to stop Trump. That is how the dog whistles work with Democrats. I actually had a chance to see that process up close at that same Sherrod Brown debate against Jim Renacci. Renacci had been publicly speaking about the Democrat Senator from Ohio’s domestic violence case and when Brown’s current wife arrived at the debate she received a standing ovation from the Democrats in the auditorium. Nobody told them to stand, or to make an issue of protecting the senator’s wife from the hostile realities of his violent past, but the Democrats in that audience felt they needed to do something to defend their strategic intentions, just as Robert Brown did when he attacked a gun free zone with the hate of his radicalism unleashed and empowered by the rantings of Maxine Waters. There are never fingerprints on sentiment, and Democrats have mastered the methods of delivering sleeper cells of terrorism through just words to their cult-like followers which is always a threat to any thriving republic to have such characters functioning within it. And the time for them to pull out every dirty trick is now, because with the projection of the midterms and early voting as they stand now, Democrats are going to lose more power come November 7th, not gain it.

The situation only appears complicated, which is also by design. Trump has been a fantastic president, few have reported the miraculous meeting that was led by Candace Owens at the White House of 400 black leaders who were wearing #MAGA hats and showing great support for President Trump that occurred on Friday. Instead only these stories of bomb makers and synagogue assassins made the news and that was all by design. Trump’s White House has done more to bring people together than any previous administration and that has ripped away the façade of the political left who have been trying to paint anti-Semites like Robert Brown as “alt-right” radicals when in reality they are quite tuned in to liberal dog whistles. And even desperate people like Cesar Sayoc have found hope in the Trump message and don’t want those dreams to perish under the current political atmosphere. Maybe he did mail part of a bomb to Democrat leaders, or maybe it was all just a set-up to get some news headlines ahead of an important election. But what we know is that the big government people don’t like Trump and they will do anything they have to do to keep him from winning majorities in the House and Senate, even if they have to blow those dog whistles that are so well-trained within Democrat influence.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Are a Form of Mental Illness: Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are perfect examples

Richard Cordray is just as bad, all liberals are within the Democrat party, but Sherrod Brown during his debate with Jim Renacci over this past weekend epitomized the flawed nature of their party’s belief in economic theory. It was astonishing to hear one of the most liberal senators from the Hill describe his economic vision which mirrors that of the equally liberal Richard Cordray. Brown described this bizarre theory that you grow economic opportunity from the middle out, as in this insulting “middle class” that he keeps talking about. Doesn’t he realize how insulting that description is? Who wants in their life to just be a middle-class voter? Not many people, most people have dreams and hopes of being something better and the American capitalist system is designed to give them a chance, and even those who fall short add fuel to the economic engine that is the greatest that the world has ever produced. But this notion that government manages economies and deals fairness to everyone is just ridiculous. Yet you could see that Sherrod Brown believed that bit of insanity with everything he had in him. If you could sum up Sherrod Brown’s opinion of his challenger Jim Renacci it was that the Republican was an accomplished millionaire before he ever entered public office and as a liberal Brown can’t stand successful people. He hates them. The same could be said of the liberal hatred of Donald Trump, they hate him because he’s a self-made man who is part of the top 1%.

All the liberal talking points whether it be Medicaid expansion, higher taxes to pay for government healthcare, more money for unionized government schools, higher taxes for the climate change cult, no matter how much you go down the list of liberal beliefs is this bizarre notion that liberals like Sherrod Brown and Richard Cordray can be trusted managing the affairs of government when they have a hard time trusting people with their own freedom. And when people become wealthy it isn’t because of any form of self-initiation, it has to be because they cheated somewhere, because that’s all they understand about human nature. Democrats function from a mistrust in basic human nature because they know they can’t be trusted themselves.

Most Democrats, actually all that I’ve ever known, have some psychological problem and they seek the protection of group affiliations to hide their flaws from the world through collectivist notions. They cannot connect reality to their fantasies always looking for ways to fulfil action by collective association. If only everyone had government healthcare, then suddenly everything would work out and could be magically paid for. They have a natural distrust in private markets because to them everything has to be managed by a class of people, and those in the middle-class are perpetually inclined to need leaders to guide them through life because they can’t think for themselves. Therefor, how can a free market approach to healthcare be viable? Yet that is the only way to bring down the cost of healthcare, through competition and getting out of the making people sick business. Of course, the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington D.C. wants people like Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown to push for government healthcare because that would give them a guaranteed market for their drugs. What Renacci and Trump are talking about are actual open markets that drive down prices through competition, such as the corrective eye surgery example that Jim Renacci brought up during a debate with Sherrod Brown. A surgical procedure that used to cost many thousands of dollars now costs a few hundred because of the competition involved in that field of endeavor. The same approach could be taken regarding everything in healthcare. If you understand the science, there is no reason for bodies to break down. Aging can be turned off and ultimately people could become productive workers well into their hundreds. People don’t need to die in their 80s. Everything in a human body is fixable, including cancer. The entire healthcare debate is a fake emergency meant to solidify political power and keep people stuck in a middle-class for which Democrats have traditionally controlled through political mechanisms.

The reason is that Democrats do not trust people to make good decisions on their own, because the people who end up becoming liberal have problems of their own and can’t understand how a free market of anything could possibly work. They can’t trust themselves with money, the opposite sex, or matters of thought so how can they understand how a free market could determine winners and losers? If the government isn’t there to determine fairness, how can life be fair? That is the essence of their basic problem and it effects everything they do in life. And when they have to deal with someone like a Jim Renacci, a self-built person, they have only hatred in their dealings with them because the wealthy are functioning from a set of rules that the typical Democrat has no knowledge of.

And while the Democrats do have their wealthy contributors, you can understand them through the same method. Those types of people are Democrats either because they feel guilt about their wealth and don’t really understand why they have it while others don’t, or they know exactly why they have it and they don’t want any competitors, so they look to government to keep people from being rivals in their industries. Just because people are wealthy it doesn’t mean they understand economics, sometimes people just get lucky and are in the right place at the right time. But largely, people like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump became wealthy because they became better in a field over their rivals and to the liberal mind that is something that just isn’t natural. Nobody could possibly be better than anybody else because economies are grown from the middle out, instead of the top down.

Yet history is not on their side on this matter. Everything happens from the top down. Nothing occurs from the inside out, its not possible. Something has to always come from something. Something never comes from nothing. Sherrod Brown’s middle-class musings are pure fantasy, the workers do not make jobs, employers do. Someone makes something and the effect of that creation trickles down into the structure of society. Therefore, economies are grown always from the top down, never from the middle out. Never. Any economist that says otherwise is scamming you, even if they say such a thing from our most prestigious universities. Such a thought is pure fantasy and is not conducive to any kind of reality.

Yet here we are looking at grown men running for the Governor of Ohio and a long-time sitting Senator in Cordray and Brown who has the economic IQ of a four-year-old. I would say they were just stupid if it wasn’t a common theme of the people from their party believing the same things. So we have to accept that the problem is a brand of psychosis specific to the type of people who become Democrats. They are broken people fearful of their own shadows and who lack self-discipline in even basic matters, and they can only function in life if someone helps them. And most of us would look at such people and desire to help them, but we should not be obligated to putting them in power, so they can have influence over our lives. Just because they are broken people doesn’t mean the rest of us have to cripple ourselves to make them feel better. And that is ultimately what Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are asking of us in Ohio, to cripple our minds, our economy, and our happiness to allow them to feel equal to the rest of us. And to build up some “middle-class” that they can feel they rule over, just to make them feel useful. No, that’s not a wise thing to do, and we should stop doing it. If they need mental help, let’s talk about giving Democrats proper treatment for their mental limitations. But when it comes to the ballot box, we owe it to ourselves to vote those losers out of office—at the very least.

Rich Hoffman

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