IMPEACH MIKE DEWINE: Is the governor having sex with Amy Acton?

There are only two explanations for it, Mike DeWine is either having sex with Amy Acton, or he’s a complete idiot and is just letting her be the liberal activist she’s always wanted to be because he doesn’t know better. Watching those two in these every day public scare announcements has been like watching a couple of young kids in love. Yes Mike DeWine, I “get it” I understand how a virus spreads.  But I don’t trust you to make decisions for me, you have lost that trust with this massive over-reaction to this virus.  I think of Mike DeWine as a good family man, if there is anything good to say about him at this point, and it would shock me to find out that he’s bent over for this girl. But I was surprised to learn that many people, even very religious people, fall to the fruits of a little attention by someone climbing for power at any cost. Whatever it is, Mike DeWine needs to be impeached for what he did over the voting issue on Tuesday. Its bad enough that he had already shut down the economy of Ohio which set off a chain reaction across the nation by other panic driven governors, but he has essentially been letting this former assistant climate change activist, and abortion supporter run economic policy in the state of Ohio and has circumvented the legislature all in the name of emergency to do it giving this lady free reign essentially over the nation. Impeaching DeWine would not be like the congressional attempt to impeach President Trump, in this case DeWine actually did something wrong even as a judge stated that the elections would go on as normal. DeWine went even further and tampered where he had no right to go, and that is why he has to go—as soon as possible. At the very least we must elect some other Republican the next time around, but due to his extreme radicalism, well intentioned or not, he needs to be made an example of.

Ultimately its DeWine’s problem that he appointed a bad person for the Public Health Director in Ohio. He knew her record and he appointed her anyway, she has a tendency toward liberalism and as we are learning, so does Governor DeWine. That’s why many of us held our nose to vote for him, but the surprises don’t stop there. One of the selling points was that DeWine came with Jon Husted who we hoped would keep the Governor in check. But in a meeting held shortly after the closing of the restaurants and bars in Ohio on Sunday, Husted told those listening that if all these measures saved just 10 lives, that it would all be worth it. The world had literally fallen apart, and sanity had dropped away. What leftists like earth girl Amy Acton want in the deepest recesses of their hearts is to turn humanity into a harmony with the earth and shut down all those mean big businesses, and using a little flirty feminine charm, whether or not things actually got touchy and feely, a pent up old man is likely to give more ear to her than she would otherwise deserve, and that brings up a whole lot of problems we need to consider.

I’m personally not convinced that this coronavirus is very dangerous at all. Over the weekend there were four people in West Chester who were found to have had it, the hospital there diagnosed it, then sent them home to self-quarantine. They were all in the same family, so it wasn’t exactly the end of their lives. Tom Hanks and his wife just recovered from the virus and that is likely going to be the story with anybody who gets this. We are not going to have rows and rows of hospital beds in parking lots all across the nation with sick people dying left and right. These fears come from the imaginations of climate scientists and pot smoking loons who are left over hippies yearning for a return to Woodstock, not right thinking, practical people. It looks like most people who get coronavirus won’t even know they have it and will likely recover completely with their own immune systems.

This whole thing reminds me of the campaign several years ago to reduce the amount of toilet paper that people bought and consumed, in order to save the planet. Some of these people are very loony people, and they have a right to exists of course, but they don’t have a right to shut down our economy and induce panic over nothing. Mike DeWine has empowered one of these loony leftists and given her full power to run the national economy by default all in the name of an emergency. As I ponder the relationship of Mike and Amy, I can’t help but think of what might have happened if Andrew Gillum had won in Florida the governor seat in that very tight election. We have all heard by now that Gillum was found with meth and a gay male prostitute in a Miami hotel room. He couldn’t even be dependable to his wife and three kids, yet he was just a few votes away from being a governor of a big state. Who wants someone like that making decisions with the kind of power that Mike DeWine has abused? And that is the heart of the problem. We can never just trust government to have our best interests in mind, they are human and fallible. And when Mike DeWine, let his girl Amy Acton override an Ohio judge who clearly rejected the request to shut down the election, then DeWine let an unelected bureaucrat make the decision to do so anyway, we witnessed a reckless abandonment of the rule of law all in the name of safety.

Anything could be said to be dangerous, and that is the massive danger of this virus. Its not that it will kill anybody, it’s that government and all the fallible people who run it, are making a power grab all in the name of safety. DeWine feels that he knows better than everyone else what is best for people and that’s not how things are supposed to work. Already the news reports are stating that this crisis will demand that we never go back to how things were before. This in a lot of ways is a 9/11 for the modern political terrorist, they will push for more regulation, larger government, and a more panic driven society where only they have the answer. And for people like Amy Acton, that is a dream for big government people. They want us all to be tied together and to be honest, I want nothing to do with people like that. Mike DeWine doesn’t get to decide that we are all “in this together” by literally taking away every conceivable option otherwise because some staffer of his whom he is psychologically sweet on set off his judgement into a bad direction. That is why we have checks and balances in the legislature and within the judicial. Mike DeWine decided to overstep those checks with activism and deserves to be fired from his job.

Whatever conspiracy theory might be interesting to think about, the bottom line with coronavirus is that I think many of us would rather live a little dangerously than to place our lives in the hands of micromanaging bureaucrats like Amy Acton and a love-struck governor in Mike DeWine. I’ll take my chances with coronavirus rather than to lock ourselves in our homes and to kill the best economy in the world just so maybe 10 people might live, who would otherwise die anyway of a bug, or a stick of butter. Government doesn’t get to decide for me how my life will be, they are supposed to manage our affairs within the context of the various branches of government. But when they step over everything, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat doing it, we have to throw them out of office in order to keep our system honest, or we’ll empower them to continue to step all over our Constitution and run our lives from a perspective of fear, forever.

Rich Hoffman

The Misleading Candice Keller: There is no stronger politician on the 2nd Amendment than George Lang

I kept wondering all during this campaign in Ohio for the 4th Senate District seat why disgraced Candice Keller would say so emphatically, and so often, that George Lang, her political rival was such a liar. I’ve known George Lang for a very long time, and through all kinds of times, good and bad, and I’ve never known him to be any kind of liar. So I was happy to hear Candice on stage at a debate with George at the Tea Party Candidate Forum that was held at the Life Church just outside of Mason, Ohio to get context to her thought process and she spilled it during a questioning session over support of the Second Amendment. Its hard to imagine a stronger pro Second Amendment candidate anywhere in the world than George Lang, even the cowboy hat wearing politicians from the northern plain states. Lang is very pro-gun, especially for what people like Crazy Candice Keller calls, “establishment types.” I was pretty surprised that Keller tried to sell in a church of all places that George Lang had supported red flag laws in Ohio, and that it was those kinds of statements she had been trying to paint on him to punch holes in his credibility and call him “Lyin’ Lang.” I was curious how she could even suggest such a thing and I received my answer during the clip shown below.

What Crazy Keller does with information that is long in the wake of a big time politician like George Lang who is involved in all types of discussions with literally hundreds if not thousands of people every week is take things out of context and try to shape them into something supportive to her world view. In the case of the red flag laws support that she says George had written down, she’s talking about a Toledo reporter who knew Lang was as pro-gun as anybody in the Ohio Statehouse and she tried to paint him in a corner shortly after the Dayton mass shooting, the way many in the media were trying to play “gotcha” with pro Second Amendment supporters as an act of liberal activism on their part. George first gave her a blow off scenario which she took and ran with, which was completely fake news, in the same way that the media treats the Trump Administration. George Lang would never support red flag laws, so I knew as soon as Crazy Candice Keller said what she did, she was manipulating information to try to cast doubt in voter’s minds about George. But taking that same assumption, Candice should know all about how the media plays that game because they essentially destroyed her with her response to the Dayton shooting. What she said has destroyed her within the Republican Party. It is literally “crazy” that she would expect people to understand her situation, but wants to use fake news media reports as the voice of record when it comes to George Lang. The liar certainly wasn’t Lang, it was Candice Keller and it shocked me that as she has sold herself as the “church lady” that she would from a stage in a church openly lie about Lang and expect it to stick.

When I bought my .50 Desert Eagle carry gun a few years ago George was the first person I called to go shoot it with me. As I have said, I’ve known George Lang for a very long time, well before he was running for senate. I called him because I knew he would appreciate the gun for the work of art that it is, and he understood why that was an exciting moment for me to have, so it was he whom I called. We went to Premier Shooting in West Chester which is a place we both enjoy and spent a lunch hour shooting the new gun and just enjoying the atmosphere. He is as pure of a Second Amendment supporter at a political level that anybody will ever find and as he shot that big gun he was as at home with it as any seasoned veteran. So, it was quite insulting to me to hear Candice Keller try to paint George Lang as some greasy politician in bed with lobbyists and was wishy washy on red flag laws. To suggest Lang was anything close was an open lie stated consciously which was reprehensible.

In fact, it pissed me off so much that I had to ask George about it after the debate. I was wondering if maybe he floated supporting red flag laws to the Governor in order to strengthen the stand your ground bill floating around Columbus and that maybe having such a conversation might lead to a misinterpretation. As it turned out, it was just fake news from another liberal reporter/activist trying to put media pressure on politicians to take a stand against gun ownership. When you talk to as many people as George does, its easy for a reporter to take pot shots and be forgotten, which was clearly the case in Toledo. Candice Keller during that same debate was proud to announce that she didn’t know the name of a single lobbyist which is to say that she really hasn’t put in enough time into her job as a congresswoman to really know anybody. She should know the names of lobbyists, not to get money from them, but to actually know who to look out for. What she has done was demonize everyone, so anybody actually doing work in Columbus is some kind of devil up to no good, at least that’s how she presents herself. But she should know the difference about what a radicalized reporter might do to a pro-gun politician, or even how negotiations over bills can be taken out of context. Anybody who really does political work at any level knows that negotiations are not beliefs. They are positions you take to get something you want in a strategic fashion. President Trump does it all the time, throws out a position he may not want or believe in at all to learn what the other side values so he can whittle away at that to bring the negotiations to where he wants them.

The good thing is that I was at least able to get context into how Crazy Candice thinks. When this whole senate race started, I thought I might like some of Keller’s positions, as a conservative. But I’m not so sure she’s a conservative after other things she said at that debate, which I’ll get into with more articles. Sure, she says she’s pro Second Amendment, she seems pretty pro-life, but she is strangely pro big government especially when it comes to what role the EMS and firefighters in general play in budgets. And the way she distorted the Toledo reporter who was obviously an anti-gun activist trying to paint George Lang in a corner to force red flag laws on weak Republicans in Columbus, Keller should be ashamed of herself. She should have joined George in that fight if she was really a pro Second Amendment supporter. But I think she is using it as a mask to hide some deep closet liberalism she is afraid of getting out to the public. That doesn’t give her a right to lie about people then to attempt to paint them as the liars when it was she all along doing the deed.

Rich Hoffman

Crazy Candice Keller Debates George Lang: A mask of righteousness to hide sheer incompetence

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I had gone to the Candidate Forum for the West Chester Tea Party at a nice little church in West Chester hoping to get a chance to talk to Candice Keller and to convince her to get behind George Lang to salvage her political career. Instead what I found there was a bitter woman afraid of the world, claiming the opposite, which is quite evident during her closing statements at that debate shown below. I know that George Lang, her rival for the senate run for the 4th District had been trying to keep it clean, but Candice and her followers would not stop with the negative punches on their Facebook page and on that same date Friends of George Lang decided to punch back, hard with a mailer depicting Candice Keller in what would be confirmed at that debate, as a crazy, terrified, conspiracy theorist who believes that the world is out to get her and to blame everyone else for the many bridges that she had burnt. George Lang tried to play it straight with her, even during his closing comments for the night, but anybody with half a brain could see that George was all that Candice could think about, and even deeper than that, had psychologically become her pin cushion for all the mistakes she had made which was now culminating in a short lived career as a 53rd House of Representative member at the Ohio Statehouse.

The truth of the matter was that Candice Keller had caught a fellow Republican sleeping when she won the 53rd District as a Tea Party type and she was on her way to the Statehouse to legislate. She believed in conservative ideas, however her ability to practice team building and really a true understanding of what a government representative is supposed to be doing was anchored to a kind of radicalism that might sound logical to church goers on Sunday, but were not connected to reality all the other days of the week upon a more general audience, and by the time she arrived on that stage just outside of Mason, Ohio as a candidate for the 4th District, she knew of no other way to get there but to burn down the Republican Party to hide all her missteps along the way. After hearing her talk for and hour and a half I didn’t want her endorsement of George Lang any longer to save her career. I just wanted to never see her again because she’s that kind of person, a revolting specimen who blames everyone but herself for problems that she created.

Even during that clip shown above, her son was sitting in the front row of the audience mouthing intimidating gestures to George as he was talking on the stage. You can see George responding to the kid in defense, trying to keep it as light as possible. But it took me by surprise. After the debate I talked to Todd Hall, the Chairman of the Republican Party because during the debate Candice had called out to him from the stage as if to paint a target on him for the other members of the audience. Then at the end during her closing statements she indicated that she wasn’t afraid of the Republican Party or Sheriff Jones—which clearly established herself not as a Republican but a fringe radical that she had painted herself into being. That was what I was hoping to help her fix upon going, but it was quite clear that too much damage had already occurred, and she was too far gone. What Todd told me was that his phone was full of intimidating text messages from Candice Keller herself. The case was pathetic to people who know better, he certainly wasn’t afraid of her coming to try to beat him up, but she certainly meant to imply that if she could, she would because things had not gone the way she had hoped they would as she entered the Senate race. She got caught saying some bad things that forced the Republican Party to distance themselves and she didn’t give anybody time to recover, she just kept piling on until she alienated everyone. Then she sought to bring George Lang down to cover her own indiscretions. So yes, George Lang has every right in the world to fight back, and I think we all would expect him to.

Even more than that, many people whom I spoke with wanted escorts to their cars because they were concerned that Candice’s son might assault them in the parking lot outside the church. I offered to help make sure they could get to their cars safely, but why would they even think such a thing? That is not how you get elected into a high office, you can’t punch and scratch your way into a victory and try to intimidate everyone in your way. That might work for some small election, but not for a big district like the 4th. Sure, sometimes you must fight, but only when everything else falls apart. Its obvious that Candice and her supporters think fight first then burn everything to the ground second, then hope something works out last. The biggest bully in that room that night was certainly Candice Keller who had pushed and pulled everyone around her to suit her own ambitions and to hide it from the world, as she attempted to put that mask on everyone around her, and in this instance, it was George Lang because he was running against her for that senate seat. And if he didn’t like it, her son was in the front row letting George know he was watching him.

Of course, after the debate, things were pretty normal. Everyone broke off into their own circles of influence and there wasn’t any conflict. But that so many people were concerned about it says a lot about how Candice Keller has presented herself to those outside her circle. She was thought of as a bully and not in the good way, certainly not as a freedom fighter for the people in the Statehouse, but an uncooperative stone thrower who refused to hear anything from anybody who did not agree with her and if they didn’t, then they were the spawns of Satan and agents of evil from the armies of Hell. And just a note, most people don’t want to deal with people who think that way—they come across as crazy. And in the case of Candice, if you follow how she handled her House seat from beginning to end each year that she held that seat she has dug herself into a deeper and deeper hole since 2016. By the end of it just four years later not only the Republican Party of Butler County but the Ohio Republican Party didn’t want to deal with her, and that isn’t good.

People who screw up in life usually blame others for their problems, in the case of Candice Keller, it’s the establishment. Candice blew the chance to help the establishment get better so of course all she can think to do is rip it down so there is no reminder of her failure. Its easy to blame the establishment and to attack it. I do it all the time, but in doing so, we must have solutions. You can’t just destroy; at some point you have to build something. I’ve known George Lang, and good people like Mark Welch, Ann Becker and Todd Hall for a very long time and I know them to be good people who want to do good things. Good is a relative term of course depending on belief systems and all types of considerations, but good from the perspective of understanding. The measure is whether or not people can buy into that understanding of good and that’s what elections are for. What makes Candice Keller crazy is that she insists quite the opposite, that anybody who doesn’t agree with her is a devil or part of the conspiratorial establishment and she uses those designations to hide her own lack of skill in helping the establishment solve problems with truth, justice and the American way. And that is why she has lost all support around her and is headed toward another embarrassing moment in this upcoming election, for which she and her family will only have themselves to blame.

Candice said it all during her closing at the debate on March 3rd, 2020 when she spent the whole time essentially talking about George Lang and nothing about herself other than showing how different she is from him. Gas as of this date is $1.95 a gallon and knowing that was the path, DeWine wanted a gas tax which the legislature negotiated down to pay for things as we go. DeWine thought it was responsible, people like George kept him in check and kept the door open to work with the governor on gun legislation that is pro Second Amendment. All Candice did was say no. The energy deal she went on and on about was a tie to greenie weenie tech that would have went into place if the support was not voted on to contribute to financial health. George’s vote to support was to help a business struggling against a lot of forces that wanted to bring in Obama era energy policies that had set that business up to fail. All Candice said to the matter was no. As I have pointed out, firefighters belong to huge international trade unions and have funds that need to be managed, which Keller completely ignored. According to her, just because firefighters are willing to run into a fire while the rest of us run out, we should just pay them infinite amounts of money. That’s not a very conservative position at all. But more than that, Candice showed in her closing that she can bitch and show herself a victim to bullies when as it turns out, the only bully in the room was her and her campaign. And as to the things she has said about George Lang before that mailer ever went out, I know they are lies because I know George, for a long time. And she stood in a church and defended those lies with great conviction, and that makes me even question not just her sanity, but her true belief in an almighty God. After that debate, I question both.

Candice wasn’t alone, watching the video notice how Ding Dong Lee Wong sitting next to George was clapping with Candice in her closing. The takeaway is that these are people who are on the outside of politics looking in, trying to appeal to Trump supporting Tea Partiers, but under pressure and emotion revealed who they really were. And in a political system where being a Republican means something, both of those candidates were clapping that Candice was rebelling against the GOP. So, what is their option—anarchy? To become future Democrats? Or to stay as independents? That simple gesture by Crazy Candice and Ding Dong Wong states precisely why the only candidate to vote for is George Lang for more reasons than we can name, but for the one that matters most, because the other options are either crazy, dangerous, or just plain stupid. And those are not traits that belong in our Ohio Senate.

Rich Hoffman

Yes, Videogames like Call of Duty can Inspire Violance: But they are wonderful to play and a big part of our future

As we watch the results that will shape up the 2020 presidential race from the Democrat perspective it’s a good time to talk about gun control and the latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare. I recently bought the game which came out last November, which I didn’t have time for then due to other projects and a much-needed long vacation. But over the winter months and with one of my grandsons showing an interest in the game I went ahead and bought it so I could learn what all the fuss was about. I’m not new to Call of Duty, in fact my particular PlayStation 4 was a Call of Duty: Black Ops bundle so I’m familiar with the franchise and the game play. But WOW, what a cool game and for anybody who is worried about gun control fanatics taking over and outlawing guns, I think quite the opposite will be happening. For a society that is penalizing children for every time a kid pretends to make a gun with their finger, or with a comb and gets detention during recess, these games are the exact opposite. Kids after playing games like Modern Warfare and Fortnite are much more likely to grow up to be supportive of guns, not less so. After playing Modern Warfare online for a few weekends now I have to say, it’s a lot of fun, and no wonder so many people enjoy those games. But there will be a political impact that must be navigated.

I love violent video games, just as I was as a kid, I would play war with anybody with two legs and was willing. The primordial nature of it is essential to the human experience. But make no mistake about it, I have no doubt that video games can inspire violent behavior, especially among the mentally ill or perpetually hopeless. I can easily see young people, or old people wanting to mimic the killing sprees on a game like Modern Warfare in real life because the experiences in the game are so lifelike. Yet, I am not one who thinks that there should be additional regulations on the video game industry, quite the opposite. I want to be able to play games like Modern Warfare and play shoot people at all hours of the night and day in any amounts that I desire, and I want video game companies to be freer to provide even more content. However, saying that, there is a greater need today for an adult population to coach young people on real firearm handling and to develop the healthy respect that is needed when using them to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

The promotion of guns in Modern Warfare even down to modifying each weapon with a gunsmith is intense and is a great way for people to learn more about guns. I would say that for an entry point into the shooting sports, a game like Modern Warfare has tremendous potential to expand gun rights as people are more familiar with guns than ever before. When I was young, we had BB gun wars where we’d try to shoot at each other. We also would throw dirt clots out of the garden because they exploded in a cloud of dust upon impact. At every break in school we had battles with each other on the playground and up and down the hallways. Its something humans need to do with one another like kittens play fighting with each other harmlessly, but to build up the muscle memory of action when needed for some future time when it might matter to defend their families from harm. But it was never so easy than to just turn on a video game console and go into a battle like that with players all around the world on a whim and engage in such an activity without any fear at all of being hurt. This is brand new territory relatively speaking, and it is building in our society whether or not the political forces of government like it or not, a real love for firearms that goes far beyond anything that I experienced as a young person.

I would go as far to say that I found my experiences online with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare heavenlike, it is some of the best fun I can say I’ve experienced in a long time and I can’t believe I’m so late to the party. Call of Duty has been around for a while, but I have been way too busy to play in that world because I thought of it as only being for young people. But it was through my grandson that I have been learning about Fortnite and now Call of Duty in a serious way and I get the fun. I would say I’m a bit more savvy about these kinds of video game things than other people my age, but even for me, its like a whole world that has been out there that I didn’t have any knowledge of. And those people are all potential voters and they will be interested in learning to shoot for real because of their video game experiences, and it is up to those of us who support Second Amendment activities to help guide them through the experience, safely. Yet there is no question about it, these modern video game players love guns and playing around with them, it won’t take much to gain their support for a society that relishes the Second Amendment.

With all the concern that American society might slide into a socialist state, or even embrace communism by those same young people, my thoughts on the matter is that they are confused. Their educations have taught them to embrace socialism and from their point of view, if they have free health care, free college tuition, free housing—free, free, free from government, they would have more time to do something they really enjoy, like play Call of Duty. But in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or even Fortnite, the rewards for a job well done come fast and often and are the real incentive to continue playing. I found it personally very rewarding to go on a kill streak where gold rewards pop up on the screen with great dramatic effect. To get those rewards it really encourages you to keep playing and is deeply satisfying and a people responding to those neurological conditions are not going to embrace Karl Marx. Those two things just don’t go together. However, some deranged lunatic smoking way too much pot, or any at all, might want to get those same responses in real life while shooting real people, and once they have done so as a mass shooter are depressed that the thrill wasn’t nearly so rewarding and the consequences were life ending. There is a lot going on in our modern society and much of that is quite evident in the new Call of Duty game Modern Warfare. I’m a big fan now and will likely spend some time and effort on that fast-moving video game, because it’s cool, and relatively cheap when compared to shooting in real life. And for anybody who even likes guns a little bit, I can’t think of a better way to spend your free time than in playing those types of games.

Rich Hoffman

Anthony Ferrill: Workplace violance in a Wisconsin brewery demands more people carry guns

Of course, gun laws shouldn’t change in Wisconsin, or anywhere else. Those are not rights given by the state for the sake of the state, they are individual rights to defend themselves in the face of oppression and tyranny, and in all honesty, the employees shot dead at the Molson Coors campus Wednesday of this past week should have been able to carry concealed weapons. There is nothing for anybody to believe that workplace violence won’t continue well into the future, behavioral needs almost guarantee it, and that is what caused the mass shooting at the Wisconsin brewery where the shooter, Anthony Ferrill shot the people he was arguing with dead at a shift change. Things obviously were out of control between all the employees if Ferrill thought that some of his rivals were breaking into his home and messing with his property, and it sounds like the antagonism was going both ways. Likely there was some mental illness playing into the scenario, but what was the employer supposed to do about that, send Ferrill to a mental hospital out of suspicion? So long as people have conflict with one another, justified or not, killings will occur by gun, by knife, or by fist. A full Coke can fresh out of a vending machine can be a deadly weapon in a fight, it’s the desire to fight that is the problem and no law can protect society from the effects. Especially more gun laws. Its quite the opposite need, gun laws need to be looser to keep the world much more balanced.

But it didn’t take long for the Democrat governor of Wisconsin to politicize the tragedy pointing straight to the Republican majority leader standing in the way of gun laws moving through the senate. The continued belief by Democrats and all gun grabbing activists is that tragedies like this brewery shooting would never happen if only they could get rid of all guns everywhere, which of course is impossible. Most of the people at that brewery likely have enough skill to build their own guns and manufacture their own ammunition with mini machine shops set up in their homes. We can’t uninvent guns, but to defend the good Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, gun laws can be made available to give everyone equal access to defend themselves. In short, if Anthony Ferrill wanted to kill some of his co-workers during this long running dispute, it sounded as if he was smart enough to devise a way. If the guns weren’t available on the market, he could build them, or find someone who could. When you are planning a suicide effort, which he obviously was, who cares if its illegal. But what’s missing is that other workers onsite while the shooting was going on should have been able to stop it on the spot. That is where gun legislation needs to go, not the other way around.

The way human behavior works is that people tend to treat each other better when they know that death is only a trigger away. In a workplace protected by layers of human resource rules and regulations there is a lot of room for passive aggressive nonsense in day to day bickering that can add up to an explosion of anxiety at some point. The best thing to do is to discharge those emotions gradually so that they don’t build up. And when everyone knows that everyone else is carrying guns, the conversations are a lot more polite moment to moment. The way to improve behavior is to have a lot less gun free zones.

But politicians like Tom Barrett don’t really care about the victims, only in that the tragedy happened on their watch. What they do care about is making the state more a part of the day to day maintenance of people, and by removing guns from the society, they believe they can have better management control over the population. It’s a fantasy of course, but it is something that most of them think is possible, politicians who lean toward the liberal end of things. So when something happens like this shooting it is published as a mass shooting that should incite more gun control instead of what it really is, a situation of workplace violence that is much more symptomatic of real problems between people and how they interact with each other.

Really to get to the deeper issues of psychology liberals are frustrated that all their rules and regulations have not produced a safer world, and they continue to believe that they are just a rule or two away from the perfect society. The management of the plant where the shooting occurred should have been dealing with the ongoing conflict, but as we all know by now Anthony Ferrill was a man of color who was making claims of racism, true or not. That nearly paralyzes a human resource department from taking action because overcoming that negative is nearly insurmountable, which likely caused this conflict to brew literally out of control until the deaths occurred. All it took was for Ferrill to have one bad day before he just snapped and had a WTF moment and decided to kill himself and others. There are tempers flaring right now in nearly every workplace across the country, fortunately they don’t end the way Anthony Ferrill’s did. Most people reason through it with just a bit of self-preservation giving us all a buffer from the extremes. But this is all very much a behavioral problem and it won’t be solved with more gun laws. Quite the opposite happens, the more laws that create a victimized status in the minds of people like Anthony Ferrill, the more potentially dangerous they become.

But why would more victimization laws make people like Anthony Ferrill more dangerous, more of a potential killer when the intent is fairness? Well, likely below the surface in Anthony Ferrill, which now that he’s dead we’ll never know, but there was likely mental health problems hiding behind his many good deeds, such as helping his elderly neighbor fix things around the house, or in his employer believing that his good work was indicative of a healthy mind. Rather to the professional mind analyzer, such good deeds are often conducted to create barriers to mental neurosis that is a result of many undealt with tragedies haunting the inner thoughts of a victim. When a victimizing social trend such as racism is introduced to the mind of such people, they now have somewhere to hide their true demons and can now point to racist trends to be the mask that protects them from much needed judgment. And when they feel that mask no longer works, they feel exposed emotionally and act on that vulnerability in a negative way. That’s usually what happens when someone snaps, whether death is the result, or someone just quits their job one day, or they divorce a spouse of 30 years and leave everyone high and dry for no apparent reason. These are the problems that simple political laws can’t deal with and are the reasons why gun laws need to be loosened not strengthened. Once a person arrives at that point of desperation, they must know that the other person is just as armed and that they won’t get a chance to be the most powerful person on the planet even if its just for a few seconds. Because ultimately, that is the only thing that really keeps us all safe, the promise of mutual destruction and the negotiation of peace because there’s no other alternative.

Rich Hoffman

Become a Millionaire Overnight: Coronavirus deaths in China are much less than 1%, so why the panic?

You have to understand dear reader that goal of the CDC and other agencies warning about the spread of the coronavirus to the United States is to create an artificial fear that will disrupt the economy, to not only incite a short term hit to the stock market, but to produce a bad quarterly economic report around the time that the Democrat convention is about to announce its nominee. If the FBI was in on a scandal to overthrow the 2016 election working with the DNC to do so, then the CDC is up to the same kind of activism in hopes to cause poor economic news that might torpedo President Trump’s election in the upcoming fall. However, like all the attempts as before, the Russian hoax, the fake impeachment which went nowhere, the liberal establishment is using fear to attempt to capitalize off China’s fake news attempt in a similar fashion, to cover-up their poor economic performance after the Trump trade war. They hope that if the news can cover up the economic story in China, then perhaps it might incite people in America into a panic that might hurt Trump. But its more fake news, because the real value of the Dow is now over 29,000. If I were you, I would buy up some stock for those companies today, within the hour because when these kinds of things happen, its time to profit off the chaos, and to turn it around on the perpetrators.

Oh, don’t be naive and toss this news to the pile of conspiracy theories that are floating around out there. For anybody who has been to a Thanksgiving dinner full of deceitful family members pretending to like each other for the sake of the ritual knows to what level every single human being alive is capable of compunction and if profit for them is spelled out clearly, they will utilize it. For many such people employed at the CDC, the FBI, or the DNC, such compunction is obvious, and easy. They are motivated to stop President Trump by any means necessary, and if they have to try to scare people away from voting for him by taking away his greatest triumph, the economy, then they will do it with the fear of death and not think twice about it. Never underestimate the levels of evil that people will undertake to achieve something deceitful, and it is they who will be the first to call such a suggestion, a conspiracy theory. If you know people, you know that they are perfectly capable of such a malicious attempt, even if it causes trillions of dollars of temporary losses at the stock market. I would say to those thinking of what to do with their own investments, push it all in and make yourself a millionaire. The recovery will be back to pushing at 30,000 within a month.

A good indicator of such ability at market manipulation is from the primary opponents to Donald Trump who are fellow billionaires, two of them from New York, George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Mini Mike himself, the former mayor of New York, Bloomberg of Bloomberg media. Pouring a little of their money into the media system is a good way to trigger selloffs, they know how that game is played because that’s how they got rich in the first place, buying low and selling high. They know how to drive down a stock price and two of those people are running for president against Trump right now. In the United States the coronavirus isn’t much more dangerous than the common cold, more people are dying of the common cold presently than this new Chinese contraption. The virus feeds off people living in third world conditions and let’s face it, most of China is. It will not be a problem in the United States, where every part of the country has access to first world resources.

But don’t expect the money of Bloomberg, Steyer, and Soros to let the public know that. Mini Mike knows the only way he has a remote chance at beating President Trump in a fair election is if he can take down the great Trump economy, and that is what this coronavirus nonsense is all about. Likely, there are many other sources of revenue pouring into the media through ghostly sources, but if you trace the money beyond the tributaries, those three names will likely be at the head of it, but committed in a way that does not directly tie them to the panic. This panic is just more fake news, it was that way in China and it is even more that way in the United States. Presently the number of deaths from coronavirus is 2,362. Does anybody know what that is in percentage of China’s total population? Its not even 1% of the population. There are more people likely being killed each day from a hammer falling off the top of a house than are dying from this disease, so the reporting of it is meant to be misleading and to instill panic. Even more likely, there are many more people dying in China from elements of a common cold that go unreported as usual because statistically, the numbers are so small. And proportionally, the same story could be told in South Korea and Iran where more of these stories about the coronavirus are spreading. The story is a hoax. The disease might be real, but the impact it is projected to have on the world is.

But to accept that we must accept that we have so little faith in organizations like the CDC that is always looking for a handout for more government money, that this is an advertising blitz for them to get more congressional approvals for their work. Nothing like a deadly disease prevention action to jack up their funding levels, and to help harm the chances that a declining economy might hurt Trump from being re-elected. We must accept that people can be this cruel, that they would wreck fortunes and destroy lives for political motivations if those motivations serviced their desires. Even Sam Donaldson is taking a check from Mini Mike, imagine all the media outlets who are starving for some of that Mini Mike money in ads. A deadly virus outbreak is even better especially if it helps the guy that is pouring so much money through advertisements that they’d like to see continue coming. If only they could help get Bloomberg over 15%, maybe he’ll continue wasting his money?

Yes, people who are behind spreading this virus killer news think you are stupid and overly emotional, and they are trying to capitalize off your fears. Just like the left does with school levies, with Social Security—practically anything that Democrats have their name on, fear is their driving force. And because China started this rumor of a mass coronavirus outbreak several money movers jealous of Trump in the United States are piggy backing off it to attempt to drive down the stock market and hurt the great economic news that has so far been a part of Trump’s entire term. It’s the only chance they have left in the tank before the election, and, thinking the way that these guys do, it’s a chance for them to get even richer off the panic. And that is why dear reader, they think you are a sucker, a fool, and a loser who might switch your vote to them.

But wait, you still doubt what I’m saying to you? Well, think about this, usually when the media reports that there is trouble in the stock market, they always speculate as to the cause, but the evidence is always vague. However, in this case, most of the media outlets over the last couple of days, even reporting the issue before the markets even opened planted the seeds to the virus being the driver with great certainty. And that is what we all call old fashioned misdirection and an attempt to shape public opinion to enact a cause and desired political effect.

Rich Hoffman

The Criteria for State Funding of Education in Ohio: A future state free of Parkinson’s Law

Just as a preview to the upcoming debate at Lakota schools, and the post Trump election of 2020 where Betsy DeVos will unleash her education reforms I think its only fair to give a sneak peak into my position model for state funding problems in Ohio. One thing that became very clear to me while fighting the Lakota levies during the early part of the last decade was that everything pointed to problems with state funding, where the state was having a terrible time of constitutionally providing money to schools due to two major character flaws in the foundation assumptions of the public education debate. First the cost for schools were filled with what I call in this case Parkinson’s Law, which is a business term to describe typical problems in schedules, where allotted time fills to whatever dates are provided, the work fills the time provided, and secondly, the attachment of money to real estate instead of the students provided by the tax payers. Those two elements have made it impossible to come up with a proper funding model and must be solved before the state can do anything, so to answer the questions from the past, how can the pro levy people and the anti-levy people get together to focus their efforts in Columbus toward real education funding change, those two questions must first be solved. Anything that does not deal with those two issues, is off track and a useless gesture, and that will be my position on the upcoming levy fights no matter what frontier we find ourselves fighting them.

Parkinson’s Law occurs when building things like Gantt charts in business where all the parties of a process are allowed to give their perceived dates for the completion of their given task. When looking at a total project and the critical path needed for its completion, it will be quick to note that all the participants in a schedule will give themselves a comfortable amount of safety in case they have runovers and problems in their task. Taken as a whole, this takes the completion date for a project well past the usual funding requirements and must be worked out by taking away all the fluff that finds itself into the assumptions. In public schools where collective bargaining agreements take up 80 to 90% of a $200 million budget at a school like Lakota, the desire to have tax increases is only to fund this out of control filling of a budget with Parkinson’s Law where the money in the budget always fills to satisfy the supply. It has nothing at all to do with the quality of education, but everything to do in order to satisfy the comfort level of the government school in recruiting, and labor management among a hostile organization that is bound to socialist desires, the government labor unions that are embedded and cannot be removed without destroying education as we know it and the free babysitting service that it has become for so many busy, working parents.

Knowing all that, the per pupil cost of education is excessively high and no state law maker can hope to sign their name next to such an inflated figure until the schools themselves work out the true need of their paid staffs, and are getting the most out of those they do have. If a school wants to pay a teacher six figures to do a job, that’s fine. But the teacher better be worth it. However, through collective bargaining, some teachers may be worth it, some may not, but all get it because of the nature of the union agreement which goes well above and beyond what taxpayers should be funding with their property taxes. It’s the same rule that applies to private businesses, if a company has a unionized workforce, that’s fine if they can operate with it. But don’t ask the customer to pay more for those services because the union is present. That is not the fault of the customer, it’s a non-value-added experience for the taxpayer to fund on the top end for mismanaged services passed down to them through the government school looking to appease the radical elements of their labor force. To keep the labor happy and justify all the advanced degrees and other elements, Parkinson’s Law says that the budget will grow to satisfy the demands placed on it by the comfort level of the participants.

How many teachers does it take to teach a classroom in this fast moving world where video games have more influence over students than a stagnant employee teaching things in the front of the room that are already two or three years too old by the time they are trained to teach it, and how much is that teacher worth for 7 or 8 hours of their day, 5 days a week and summers off? Is it worth $70K per year, or $100k, because a lot of teachers at Lakota are making averages of that amount of money and the report cards for the school show that it hasn’t helped them get “A”s on their state report cards. Questions like that have to be asked before state funding can be acquired because those are contributors to the Parkinson’s Law I am proposing must be answered before any model can be created legally. In this day and age couldn’t a government school operate with a lot less teachers and more interactive media, even larger classrooms? Given the state of the results of our current way of doing things, its clear our education system is not doing a very good job as compared to other countries, so why would we stick with the same old same old, its too expensive and its not very effective. Education needs to be faster, and more engaging, and up to date, with the rate that computer processers increase in memory and efficiency. Things kids learn today are almost outdated before they even leave high school, so we need better ways that are much less bureaucratic to keep up. All these considerations are part of the state funding crises that must be solved before anything happens. Just lobbying the state government for more money isn’t going to solve a thing because we haven’t dealt with how that money would be spent.

Of course the answer nobody wants to talk about that thinks of public education as a crowning experience for youth, where football games and dances are centerpieces of culture young people depend on, and parents who need someone to watch their kids while they are busy at work. But the future of public education is to get government out of it, out of the regulations, out of the report cards, out of the business as much as possible and to turn over that effort to private enterprise, which the labor unions are completely against because it would take away all their emotional leverage. But that is where education is headed whether it takes 10 years to get their or 100. The inevitability is fast approaching and it won’t take long for everyone to see it. The need for more personal freedom and faster rates of learning that are not so top heavy in costs demand such a thought and that is ultimately where the state funding will reside. Any discussion besides these things is a useless one.

The assumption among education activists is to lobby for money to feed the old broken system that has not been effective, as is evidence in our present society. The current system is too expensive and does not teach the right things at the rate that kids need the information. I would offer that the cost of an average teacher should be about half what it is now and that many of them should not just do teaching as a career, but as one thing in their lives. The structure of teaching should not need a stagnant employee present to hold down the speed of learning, but should only be present to provide an interface to knowledge. That is a part time job at best in the schools of tomorrow. Certainly not worth 80K per year for hundreds and hundreds of employees only working a fraction of the day in a fraction of the year. I measure a day in 24-hour intervals, so if a job only requires 8 to 9 hours of dedication from an employee asset, it’s a part time job to my eyes. And that is how things will look as we get into the future state of government school funding models. To me, they are already extinct. Its taking other people too long to realize it, because that’s the way we’ve always done it, but once Trump is elected for his second term and his sons or even Candice Owens takes over the future of the White House going into 2030, the word “government” is coming out from in front of schools which must be privately managed. Just like health care is headed, and just about every other utility of economic expenditure. That is the wave of a fast-moving future and government schools are way behind in recognizing it. But soon, they won’t have a choice. Their entire reality will be taken away with the Parkinson’s Law that has built their budgets with so much fluff over the years that people are tired of it. And will vote accordingly.

Rich Hoffman