There Will Not Be A Recession in the United States while a Trump is in the White House

There is a reason while after all these years so many smart people read this blog and follow its advice, it’s because you can trace back through history and see how many times I was correct about something that nobody could yet see on the horizon. And that trend continues to this very day. Stupid people look at my articles and they think they are too long, because essentially people don’t read any more so long articles are discouraging to lazy people. But I don’t write for the stupid and passive, but for the aggressive and wise which of course pays off for the right kinds of minds. So with that little prelude I am happy to state that there will not be a recession economically so long as there is a Trump in the White House, which will probably be for the next 12 years or so, after the 2020 election which readers here know I have already predicted will go to a second Trump term. After the next four years of Donald J. Trump I predict that Don Jr. will run and win the presidency and the economic foundations that have been planted in these early first term strategies will pay off tactically in 2020 and beyond. These fears of recession are simply that, and based on no evidence other than political hopes by the other side that something will stop the Trump administration. With the Mueller investigation out of the way, there is nothing to stop Trump in the White House and the red-hot economy that has come with him.

Many people just don’t understand what makes up an economy, including many economists who have learned all the wrong rules about market fluctuations. The expansions and contractions of economic behavior are not set in stone by the rules of academia, but are rather quite reflective of the cultural temperament of our world. By studying any culture ancient or modern their rise and falls are determined along a known trajectory of over tightened regulation or loose autonomous freedom. There is a reason that great minds for instance come to the United States to develop projects from all over the world while China has to steal technology just to compete in the marketplace, it’s because of the nature of human beings and the cultures they create. Economic expansion is a reaction to those cultural elements, not the ebb and flow of emotional responses to it.

So to put it simply, so long as mankind is advancing, not regressing, which has been quite a danger in the past—just as any great culture rises and falls, somebody in the world will be the benefactor of that expansion. For a number of years Europe and Asia have been propped up by overregulation in the United States which allowed for explosive growth in China. But under the Trump administration which is an America first platform, the economic expansion is occurring at the point of consumption. It is in North America where a vast majority of economic transaction is taking place making it once again the provider and consumer of expanding economic activity. With space markets emerging and traditional markets moving from eastern to western manufacturing the United States is in a safe spot to enjoy continued economic expansion. Countries however that have been artificially propped up by global markets, such as communist China are vulnerable and will see declining influence. But that influence is not indicative of the markets in general, only in the artificial manipulation of those markets by wishes to make communism appear more effective than it is. In all reality, that desire has been a restraint on our global demands for products and services. By transferring those elements back to the United States, markets can increase based on true demand, which will then unleash more economic expansion.

In Europe their economic expansion has been limited by their commitment to socialism. All the major economic contributors to the EU are of some brand or another socialist in nature. That has had a devastating impact on economic growth as all socialist countries experience. The growth that Europe had seen, as small as it was, had more to do with United States policies to raise taxes and burden on itself to push companies into Europe and China. The actual growth was not real, it was completely artificial created only by stealing the value from America and sending it overseas. It had nothing to do with actual market forces. It was simply wealth redistribution. The wealth was created by a cultural demand among human populations. The fulfillment of that wealth need was artificially distributed. It wasn’t Europe that created the market need so watching forecasts which indicate growth or decline in those markets will not tell any investor anything, other than Europe isn’t a safe place to put money, which is why they are declining.

Literally there is nowhere else in the world that is producing positive market growth due to their overly regulatory elements. China doesn’t care about poisoning the planet at all, but under their communist rule, they limit the development of autonomous people who will become the next great drivers of economic activity. The kind of people a society produces has a lot to do with continued economic expansion. Of course, any economy needs people to buy cars, purses and fast food—a consumer class. But if a society is top-heavy in those kinds of people, they will have big trouble if they aren’t artificially propped up in some way by a friend or neighbor. What a strong economy needs most are people who design those cars, purses and new kinds of fast food. Engineers, entrepreneurs, and a business class level of bankers and investors. In cultures who hate banks and money it should be no surprise that they have limited economic opportunity, especially if the politics of financial transference is shut off from their consumption rate.

For an economy to work well, it needs freedom, people need to be free to think and create then market their attributes to the elements of economic expansion. I would recommend to anyone who can to visit the great Louvre in Paris and to witness all the great works of art there. From that one museum you can essentially witness much of the cultural activity of the last 2000 years. It is quite a phenomenal place. But you can also see the cracks that have formed in Western Civilization that are the direct result of socialism and communism, of overly managed societies and their impacts directly on the world around them. The Louvre for all its greatness of collections and majesties doesn’t have enough bathrooms, and its dining options are severely limited. They need to learn a thing or two from Disney World where customer service and options are among the best in the world. In France they don’t understand their history, they only know that it happened. They clearly don’t understand the rise and decline of their culture and the museum pieces they have on collection. All they know is that those things happened, they don’t know why.

Just yesterday I was with my family at Chick fil-A at Bridgewater Falls in Butler County and at 2:30 PM well past lunch and well before dinner, the place was packed, the dining room full and the drive thru was wrapped around the building in a double line. Why? Because Chick-fil-A goes the extra steps of above the line thinking, they put out fresh flowers on the tables, are polite to their guests and they are willing to fight for that market share by giving people what they can’t get at home, attention. Some good conduct at the business end of anything can generate market share all its own and it really is that simple.

To understand where the American economy is going and why a recession is not even on the horizon is to understand the rate for which our human culture is expanding and the limited cast of characters on the world stage that can actually participate on the supply side. As consumers, there is virtually an unlimited supply of need, but there has to be contributors to actually building those economies. And under the Trump administration and policies, there is no place on earth more friendly to economic expansion than the United States. China will continue to hemorrhage value because they never created it to begin with. It was given to them as part of a smoke and mirror show to support communism. It was never a real value. And Europe is in the same situation. Yet the market need for economic expansion is real, and so far only the United States has endeavored to fulfill that need. And so long as that is the case, which certainly is true for the foreseeable future, there will only be positive growth in the United States. And you can take that to the bank.

Rich Hoffman

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Why We are Lucky to be Able to Vote for George Lang: Issue 1, and the pro-crime Democrats


There are a number of reasons to vote for George Lang to keep the 52nd House seat that he currently holds in Columbus, Ohio. One of the most obvious is that George has an ambition to make Ohio one of the most business friendly states in the United States which says a lot considering some of the states in America and their relationships with business. George understands that economies are not grown from the middle out, but from the top down. The “middle class” that liberals are always talking about is created by jobs. Without jobs there isn’t anything for a middle class to do. I don’t even like the term “middle class” because it assumes that some people are under other people and that just isn’t the way humans think generally, but in politics it’s an established term that Democrats use to describe people they want to rule over. George Lang is one of the few people I know who truly understands this relationship between people and business, and he is ambitious to allow business development to improve the lives of everyone around them. If it was only for George Lang’s pro-business stance, he would be the best person that you could hope to vote for anywhere in the country on November 6th 2018. I like a lot of people who are up for election this year, but nobody as much as George Lang. However, what really makes George special is his positions on firearm ownership, particularly Ohio’s need to have a stand your ground law.

Currently the way Ohio’s laws of confrontation are written they favor a duty to retreat in hostile situations which greatly favors the ambitions of the malicious. If the intentions of Ohio’s Issue 1 are added under the potential of the Democrat running for governor against Mike DeWine this is very dangerous for individual liberty for all Ohioans. Democrats under Issue 1 want to empty prisons and put criminals back on the streets, and obviously that will lead to more crime for which the people being threatened have a “duty to retreat.” That makes absolutely no sense, but as Ohio law is written now, and under the empowerment of liberalism, from RINO Republicans like John Kasich and extreme liberals like Sherrod Brown Democrats are poised to really make Ohio a dangerous place, due to the intent behind the legislation they support. Like their poor economic theories of growth from the inside out which is completely foolish, Democrats believe that people can and should be reformed instead of separated from those who aspire toward value. The only way to make that relationship work is to bring down the value of everyone so that the criminal and social lunatics can have a seat at the table of society. Issue 1 assumes that the prison represents a value judgment for which Democrats resent, that criminals are a lower class of people as judged by other people. This is the same reason there are liberal “duty to retreat laws.” If you really get down to what a typical Democrat believes about guns and the potential of gun violence it is that using a gun to protect yourself or your property is reprehensible because it denies the desires of other people to share in what you have should they desire it. That is why essentially all Democrats are pro crime candidates, because they desire shared assets in society as opposed to protection of individual rights—in every circumstance.

People who look at my Instagram page, and my many other social media platforms might refer to me as a gun nut, which I am a long way from being. If the news did cover me in a story, they would say that I have an obsession with guns, which from their perspective is a very dirty thing. But truly I see guns as a huge philosophic achievement in the context of human existence. Their invention and implementation on a personal basis have advanced society in tremendous ways and is the essential foundation to everything concerning law and order. Without personal ownership of firearms, America would not be the great country that it is. If you really peel back the layers of American society into what makes it great, it is personal gun ownership. Everything else trickles off that essential foundation, just like the basic economic theories of a pro-growth GDP, from the top down, guns ensure that laws are followed, and that laws are intended to protect personal property—not the property of the state, but the property of the individual.

When we talk about our nation being more divided than ever this is essentially what we are experiencing, the idea of state property and individual property. Democrats want the state to control all property and to issue out fairness whereas Republicans believe in the protection of individual property. That leaves the ambitious to outwork the lazy and some people ultimately own more property than others. Some who don’t want to work for their ownership of property rationalize that as criminals they can steal from others, which deep in their hearts is a very Democrat way of thinking, which is why Issue 1 is supported by extreme liberals like Richard Cordray and why Ohio generally has laws of confrontation that favor a “duty to retreat.”

That is why George Lang is such a great Ohio representative. He understands this basic philosophical premise which most people don’t. He’s not afraid to go into a gun store like the great one in Liberty Township, Ohio–Right 2 Arms (I buy most of my guns from them) and give a statement about his support of “stand your ground laws” which means that gun owners do not have an obligation to retreat in a conflict. It is at the point of implementation the best way to deal with criminal behavior and when criminals are contained, business owners are hungry to expand economic activity. One goes hand in hand with the other. It is not a coincidence that America has more guns in it than people. And it also has the greatest economy in the world with no country even coming in a close second—especially not communist China. When I promote guns in my social media it is not to show a love of power and the ability to inflict death, it is in support of the tool which makes economic expansion happen. Without the gun there would be no order in American society. In places around the world where guns are illegal in every case social behavior is greatly scaled back and the loss of ambition which naturally cascades off that mental aptitude destroys free enterprise and the hope of acquiring wealth through economic expansion and the entire country suffers. I’m thinking of England as I write this.

George Lang understands this complex relationship between personal firearms and business expansion, and as a state representative he will support both. If Ohio can manage to get a real Republican governor there is a real chance at getting “stand your ground laws” implemented in the near future. When gun owners and concealed carry holders do not have an obligation to retreat, criminals lose a great deal of their power and in Ohio, a state that actually is considering Issue 1 where criminals can be released from jail and thrown back into society to fulfil the insanity of Democrat thinking, the basic foundations of gun ownership are all that keep a pro-growth state economy a possibility for the future. That is one of the main reasons that George Lang is one of the best Republicans in the country that anybody could vote for and if you are in the 52nd House District on election day, you are very lucky indeed to have the ability to vote for him.

Rich Hoffman

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