Mike DeWine Caving into the Real Life Jokers: When evil gets their way on gun control and the good cower with appeasment

One of the reasons I continue to be angry at the Joker film is precisely due to the way the media and even Governor DeWine has attempted to advance gun control in the state of Ohio. For all the artistic sentiments of the Joker, and why I have been talking about it so much is because it clearly tells the story of how liberals view the world. In it, Arthur Fleck is given a gun by a co-worker for free, because this friend supposedly wants to keep the professional clown from getting beat up so much. The gun then ends of getting Fleck fired from his job when it accidently falls out of his outfit while performing for cancer kids. Then while being beat up on the subway by rich, Wall Street types, Fleck uses the gun, because he has it, to kill the three attackers which puts him on a path of psychopathic violence and murder. The short story is that it was access to the gun that made the Joker, and very little else. Then of course when such things happen in real life we expect pink Republicans like Mike DeWine to side with liberal mayors like the gun control advocate that claimed fame after the recent mass shooting there to push for more gun control—and the media applauds as all that activism takes place right under our noses and is sold to the stupid with films like the Joker.

I expect the Ohio House to destroy Mike DeWine’s “Strong Ohio” gun control measures which go way to far in expanding background checks and trying to create a path to removing guns from people who may be harmful to themselves or others as defined by friends and neighbors. With the amount of gun shots and bullwhip cracks that come from my house on a daily basis, DeWine’s gun control bill could mean trouble for me from nosy neighbors and family members who may be “concerned” about my sanity—because I believe strongly in the Second Amendment and like to shoot guns a lot. The spirit of the law does nothing to cause mass shootings because the real issues that inspire such terrible conditions were actually displayed quite brilliantly within the story of the Joker—an activist Hollywood culture that takes no responsibility for the violence of their films and hides their political activism behind “art.”

There was a scene in the Joker at the end where a murderous Arthur Fleck told Robert De Niro’s late-night comedy commentator that his murders weren’t political, that he was just doing them for the enjoyment of it. Yet moments later the Joker was being placed on the hood of a police car after he shot De Niro point blank in the face on live television making him a hero of the downtrodden. A riot broke out and it was the Joker who was its leader through his murderous actions, and it was clear that the message of the film to all the troubled souls out there like the real life Arthur Fleck might follow in his footsteps stepping from fiction to reality. Such a story could certainly be told of the extreme gun hating mass shooter in Dayton Connor Betts.

I certainly let everyone I know close to the Governor, which is quite a few people by the way, know how I felt about the intentions of his red flag law proposal and to his credit he did back off. Not just because what I said on Monday October 8, 2019, but thousands of people like me who enjoy shooting and make guns a fundamental part of our American lifestyle based on good legal necessity. But it wasn’t enough for USA Today, The Dayton Daily news or The very liberal Cincinnati Enquirer, the headlines against the governor was that he wimped out and didn’t go full “red flag” but instead proposed a “pink slip” system which places mentally ill Ohioans in hospitals for up to 72 hours. Well, why would we do that, especially if we’ve seen the Joker.

The core of the problem is in how we define mental illness, which I would seriously indicate could involve every single person who calls themselves a Democrat. Then of course if Democrats were in power, they would call every single Republican insane. The definition of such a thing largely then becomes defined by perception and it is a means to taking guns from citizens, then it becomes very dangerous. The trouble with everything that Mike DeWine proposed is that it is anti-Republican and it hurts me to say it, but he should have never even put his name next to a proposal of Democrat radicalism. Any gun control measure is a suggestion for more government expansion, more money for mental illness, more hospital care, more cops, more monitoring agents when the ones we have now don’t do enough as it is. It doesn’t deal with the real problem which is liberalization as defined in the movie Joker.

When liberals empower others to blame their issues on society, or “fairness” in general, the are creating a path to action for the next mass shooter. By studying all the recent mass shooters, we can see that most of them were outright Democrats, or just plain anarchists. Most of them abused drugs and came from homes without a father. Clearly those are the kinds of things that we should be thinking about, but we aren’t instead the violence is provoked by the left, especially in movies and political positions shown in the Joker, and it is they who advocate for the gun control to fulfill their aims of eradicating the American Constitution into a more United Nations friendly document. The political left is completely invested in this topic and it shows in their products. To see the level of hatred that Hollywood and the mainstream media in general has for gun ownership in America just go see the Joker. People might say that the messages are subtle, but to me they are as obvious as Chevy Chase’s Christmas lights on his house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The Joker movie was an outlandish example of liberal viewpoints against guns and how to manage mental health and was an open call to send other psychotic dissidents into the streets to do as Connor Betts did, and that is to kill people with guns so that governors like DeWine would cave in against their base and create laws liberals want.

Honestly, I’m tired of all those losers trying to step into my life and to change it with feelings of guilt, shame and the subtle threat of violence. Movies like the Joker and the countless hours of victimization programing we see on CNN, NBC, ABC and many others cause these problems. While seeing the Joker I noticed another Harley Quinn movie was coming out, which is the Joker’s girlfriend, and Disney is doing Maleficent 2. Hollywood continues to try to make the bad guys good and with it they give truly disturbed people an excuse to snap and go on mass killing sprees, then when it happens, they don’t apologize and ask for forgiveness. Instead, they take their money to some tropical island and demand for more gun control where losers like Mike DeWine get suckered into trying it. I guess I’m grateful that in Ohio we have a strong Republican House and Senate. Because if not for them, Mike DeWine would be a runaway train of liberalism and big government expansion.

Rich Hoffman
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‘Joker’ Movie Review: The best movie that should have never been made, Todd Phillips owns the next mass killing

My impression of the Joker film by Todd Phillips is that it is the best movie that should have never been made. It was brilliantly directed, edited, and written. The acting was fantastic. The cinematography, the soundtrack, all the technical parts of the movie were just superior. And from the vantage point of the Hollywood bubble it was an interesting insight into how they view the world, so its worth seeing. I think everyone should see the Joker, especially since it is now out there in the world. To put it mildly, I loved hating it. At the end of the film I felt as if Hollywood had slapped me in the face and tried to steal from me and I wanted to lash out at them. But I was grateful for the insight into their minds, because that was very valuable. Joker is that kind of film. It was the most articulate exploration in film of mental illness that I can think of in any movie, and it stacks up with some of the great movie classics in film quite boldly. But with all that effort to tell the story of a mentally ill person who has fallen through the cracks the way countless homeless people do in real life, the point of the movie was to insight revolution on the scale that launched communism in the streets of St. Petersburg in 1917. The film is quite bold in making that announcement and the way Todd Phillips presented the movie, it was a cry for action into other mentally ill people who are out there stuck between the cracks. He made this movie for the anti-Trump ANTIFA types and was trying to do nothing short of provoking an insurrection of anarchy in our city streets using this movie as the guidepost. The next mass shooting that happens I personally will place the blame at the feet of Todd Phillips, the writers and director of this masterpiece of chaos and destruction.

A few years ago, a movie like this would never have been made, and most studios would have inserted some logic into the director’s view of this story to protect the corporate image of Warner Bros. But in these Trump hating days of the Hollywood bubble, the producers and studio executives hate President Trump as much as Todd Phillips obviously does. When Madonna threatened to blow up the White House with Trump in it during her famous speech that got her into all kinds of trouble, Hollywood allowed Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro to make their anti-Trump films exactly the way they wanted to without restriction, and to make a splash around the world that would put an end to elections where people like Trump were getting elected. At the end of the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is dancing on top of a police car as ANTIFA type terrorists dressed in Joker masks are burning everything in the city streets with a mob worshiping him while all the action was in slow motion and playing to a seventies inspired soundtrack trying to tap into the hippie days of that volatile period of American history. They weren’t shy about it, kill the rich, because they have it coming.

Yet I saw in it beyond the brilliance of the story to the real mental illness of the Democrat Party itself which was on full display. The story of the Joker complains about inequality and government funding for mental health to extreme degrees, and quite effective from their liberal perspective. I will say not to embarrass her, but my wife cried hard at the end of the movie and she spent a considerable amount of time talking to the theater attendants about how she couldn’t believe that people hated America so much as the filmmakers of the Joker. They of course were kids and had no idea what she was talking about. But she couldn’t stop herself. The hatred shown in this movie was just too much for her and she couldn’t believe people were so deranged from reality. Most people I observed left the theater not in such a state as they were better at concealing their feelings, but they weren’t happy. One of the best examples of that mentally ill view of the world was where Zazie Beetz’s character knocked on the door of Arthur Fleck’s apartment wanting to know if he was following her around the city stalking her. She was a very pretty woman and the fantasy of the left is that such a young lady would be in such a dire straight and even asking out such a loser as Fleck on a date. In the real-world Sophie Dumond would use her looks to land a nice mate with a good job, not some stringy haired loser without any money. In the real-world beautiful women like Zazie might care about people like Fleck, but they certainly wouldn’t date them. The movie Joker is filled with these little idealistic homages that if analyzed correctly show the true insanity of the movie’s viewpoint.

Every liberal assumption about the world was revealed, an extreme hatred of the rich, the need for social programs made by exploring not only the mind of Arthur Fleck but his tragic mother Penny Fleck. And the film goes on to essentially say, there are more crazy people in the world than the rich, contrite, sane, and we outnumber you. Only in reality the mob at the end of the movie comprised of thousands of protestors all dressed in clown masks and in real life, it would be a fraction of that amount. Most of those dumb kids would be home playing Playstation, not out performing Antifa violence. And that radicalism certainly doesn’t have any power to flood over into outside the city limits where space allows people to get away from the rats of mismanaged cities and liberal policy failures. Like the Joker’s girlfriend in the movie, the hope for a mob is just a fantasy, in real life only the real losers would be participating, which is the future of ANTIFA, the Trump impeachment attempts, and the election of 2020. It all makes sense to Todd Phillips and his filmmaker buddies from within the Hollywood bubble. Joker is for them the Democrat fantasy unleashed, and it is good for the rest of us to see it so that we can know how they think.

Even though much of what is in the Joker is interesting, and a fantasy from the liberal point of view, the call to hate filled action cannot be mistaken. To try to hide such intentions behind a comic book character and to call it as a “character study” is beyond reckless. I think people will die because of this movie and violence will become standardized, even justified by real life Arthur Flecks roaming around out there in the world who watch this movie, put on a clown mask and kill people by saying, “you have it coming.” Because you’re rich, beautiful, or even sane and that because they want a world of equally insane people, they have a right to kill you the way the Joker did. A movie like this is dangerous because there was no good guy there to stop the Joker the way that type of insanity is handled in a traditional Batman film, even as it was in Suicide Squad where Batman made a small appearance in the film. This movie had the future Batman only as a victimized little boy, the Joker was unchallenged, and presented in a very romantic fashion that mentally deranged people would certainly find attractive. And I felt it was all very intentional, and an attack on me personally as an American. And for that, I’m just a little pissed off. Yet, happy to see a truth through film that was not quite so obvious before I saw this movie. Its nice to see how the enemy thinks and by his own actions, Todd Phillips made himself an enemy of America with a sheer hatred that not even many terrorists would feel. Which made him the perfect director for this diabolical work of art that is even more vicious than maybe he even intended but was truthful in all its derangement. While its true this movie should have never seen the light of day, it ultimately has, and you should see it. It is what the political left has in mind for our world, and we should all know the truth of that ambition.

Rich Hoffman
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Everything You Need to Know about Ukraine: The “false solution” of the Democrat Party to remove Trump from office to hide their own crimes

It was never a conspiracy, but there are a lot of people who’d like you to believe it is. The real reason that the Democrats want to impeach Trump is out of their own preservation on many levels, mostly the debacle that has always been lingering out there involving Ukraine and the many billions of dollars that were lost out of tax payer funded assistance, which without question has trickled back out into several directions to build the media correlation that we see now that has been largely anti-Trump in its narrative. Many liberals in politics use what magicians call a false solution in order to establish a psychological misdirection to perform whatever trick they are attempting and there is an actual science to it. In that science, there is massive theft going on that is enriching many beltway participants, far beyond people like John Kerry’s son, Joe Biden’s son and obviously the fall guy Paul Manafort who was placed into the Trump campaign as part of the sell. Unfortunately for all these criminals and outright thieves which go straight into the Obama White House and the Hillary Clinton campaign of 2016 and was assisted by the FBI with a clear document trail that Glenn Beck established quite clearly in this remarkable bit of reporting he did on his Blaze television show, the evidence is quite clear as to their guilt. You would do well to watch the entire episode shown below and to share it with a friend, because this is what’s really going on with Ukraine and the desperate attempts the Democrats have to cover their crimes by getting rid of the one person in the entire world who can expose them, President Trump.

One thing that Beck didn’t cover much in his scathing report on the who, what, when and where regarding why so much American attention was involved with Ukraine to begin with is the whole false solution robbery that is the center of all activity there for which Paul Manafort was set up from the beginning as an insert into the Trump campaign to destroy it from within. You’ll have to remember dear reader that in the summer of 2016 even with Trump obviously clear to secure the Republican nomination the political beltway types didn’t give the New York billionaire much of a chance of winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton. The sentiment, even with the Wikileaks emails revealing major problems within the DNC and the Clinton campaign itself, that Hillary would easily beat Trump and that the White House would stay in the hands of Democrats. So, they were sloppy in their dealings in the Ukraine to funnel money and buy favors within the media paying off a lot of mortgages and providing a lot of vacations to exotic locations for those they wanted to influence.

To see how they played the trick of building up and positioning Manafort you would have to go back to March of 2016 where a reporter for Brietbart News, Michelle Fields complained that the previous Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski had forcibly grabbed her at an event in Jupiter, Florida which she pressed charges. At the time several other candidates were still hanging on to secure the Republican nomination, so the accusation was obviously political. Also at that time people still believed that political consultants and campaign managers were how you won a political race. Trump was running his own campaign which nobody had really seen before, so the thought was that Lewandowski had some kind of magic sauce and that if that were removed, then Trump might fail. Also, at that time was the very real possibility that Trump would win the nomination and beat his rivals to go up against Hillary Clinton, so Paul Manafort was hired to secure delegates at the convention, which of course caused a power struggle between Lewandowski and Manafort.

Once Trump saw that he had a real shot, but the media wasn’t giving him the credit he deserved he moved toward Manafort to shut up the constant criticisms by the media about his chances at maintaining dominance at a contested convention in the upcoming summer, so he needed he felt a mainstreamer in Manafort to represent him. The Trumps as a family had never done anything like this political campaign before so they wanted to put to ease all the claims that Donald Trump wasn’t experienced enough to hire the “right” kind of people. Manafort was dangled out there like cheese in a mouse trap to shut up all the critics but what was really going on was that Manafort had been a plant all along to derail the Trump campaign at the last minute and attach this Russian corruption story by Manafort to Donald himself in the last days of the campaign giving Hillary Clinton an easy shot at the White House. Clearly the Democrats wanted Trump to win the nomination over the other Republican rivals so that they could have what they thought would be an easy win in November for their party. What they didn’t expect Trump to do was to fire Manafort in August once he had secured the nomination and hire Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

The Russian corruption story was what Democrats had been building all through the nomination process to hide their embezzlement of billions of dollars siphoned off the Ukraine involvement, so they stayed with it to control Trump no matter what happened in the election. The FBI had been involved and found itself stuck with maintaining the story even though it was quite clear that Hillary Clinton should not have been the Democrat nominee due to her email problems with her server. Director Comey found himself in a tough place, his wife and daughters wanted Hillary to be the first woman president but he was running an FBI that understood the rule of law had been violated and Loretta Lynch had been caught on an airplane making deals with Bill Clinton to put the whole email investigation to bed and to get control of the FBI from the Department of Justice. So, Comey tried to play it both ways and give everybody what they wanted, which caused him to open, close then reopen the case just days before the election which kept the whole Hillary Clinton scandal open right up to the election.

The unthinkable happened, Trump won the White House and this left all these corrupt players now exposed with lots and lots of loose ends, so they did the only thing they thought they could, they attacked Trump right out of the gate so they could pull the pin on the Russian connection established by Manafort from the outset. Only there was no Russia story, it involved them, not Trump and being smart the new president wouldn’t play along. If he had been the type of person who listened to political consultants and danced to the media strings like most past presidents had, they may have duped him into playing along. But, as a billionaire, he didn’t need their money or their opinions, so he followed his own instincts giving their attempted magic trick no power over him. And now they are stuck with the story they tried to pin to him only it doesn’t fit and they have ended up looking like complete idiots.

Since so many people are involved, and likely have seen some of that stolen money come in their direction they have no choice but to stick to the story of their “false solution.” Its kind of like a magician conducting a magic trick on stage and they try to divert the attention of the audience on the false solution while they put the rabbit under the table so they can pull it out of a hat, but a little girl in the front row keeps her eyes on the magician and not the false solution and points it out to everyone embarrassing the magician greatly in the process. But the magician must keep the show going in order to save a little face as the scrutiny increases and that’s essentially what we have here. They have all been caught and they are trying everything to divert attention away from the crimes they have committed, at very high levels involving many of our best and brightest in politics and the media. Their last hope of concealing their crimes is to impeach the President of the United States. That is their only hope of getting away with the biggest scandal in not just American history, but of the world. But we’ve seen the rabbit under the table, and we can’t take our eyes away now.

Rich Hoffman

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Bob Iger’s ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’: Forget the social justice, just tell the story

I am not an anti-Bob Iger guy. As the head of Disney, I have been willing to forgive that he’s a liberal because I think he has done a pretty good job as a CEO in making that company one of the most powerful media companies in the world—arguably the biggest. Personally, I love Disney, but my interests often dwell in the challenges that corporations have in creative endeavors which obviously is a challenge the bigger a company gets. In that regard, Disney has been an interesting study and its not easy. After all, media is changing and its hard to get out in front of that change, and Iger has tried to do his best, and most of the time, he’s been right. However, with Star Wars he did blow it which I have talked about many different ways and I was very interested this week in reading his new book, ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’ that he admitted as best he could that he had some regrets about not following George Lucas’ story treatment for the latest trilogy. Clearly if Disney had handled that situation better, the Star Wars brand would not be as fractured as it is now. Iger took this opportunity in writing this book to throw the fans a bone and offer an apology which should take the edge off the activism for the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker film coming in December.

Iger’s book was good and insightful providing several examples of learning as he went along especially handling characters of great talent, like Steve Jobs and George Lucas in painting a picture of that very fine line in using massive corporate power to tell a story, when the best of what a story is comes from individual experience. Personally, after The Force Awakens came out, I was not happy and it took me a long time to give Star Wars a chance again. Largely for me it was that I had grandchildren who could use the stories the way I had shared them with my own kids. I raised my family on Star Wars so it seemed like a shame to throw everything out the window just because Bob Iger thought he needed to corporatize Star Wars to protect the brand. After all, from his point of view, Lucas was selling off the Star Wars property to let Disney take all the risk of making the next trilogy even if they might not be big billion dollar sellers at the box office the way that the market is lined up these days. Lucas thought he was selling Star Wars to a friend who would protect the brand for the long view. And the fans split along those lines. Now before the next film Bob Iger is doing just that, he’s reaching something of a compromise in getting back to the original Lucas vision, but it may be too late. Or maybe not. I’m willing to give it a chance for the reasons I mentioned. Because the upside is far too valuable.

I often talk about Star Wars as being more than just an entertainment franchise. Mythologically Star Wars is one of the hottest modes of storytelling that we have seen in all our human lifetimes. Even screwing up the canon storyline which takes place over thousands of years, Star Wars and the power of Disney and Lucasfilm before it, produces an enormous amount of cultural content, from books, television, video games, to of course the movies. The amount of material that there is from Star Wars has more of an impact on our culture than most religions and has far more power than governments over the minds of a population. And Star Wars is truly a global endeavor, no matter where in the world that you go, people know the brand and something about the stories. There are very few entertainment options that have that kind of power, so managing all that power is tricky business under even the best conditions. But at the heart of the Star Wars debate is the long desired human trait to understand free will, immortality, and the nature of spirituality. Even though the stories are kid’s stories, the questions they ask are quite large and have the tools to put minds on a higher place, exhibiting the best attributes of science fiction as a platform.

Iger’s mistake was that the very same skills that have made him a great CEO, that certain ruthlessness that you have to have to trust your own instincts are the same problems that caused him to second guess the Lucas story treatments which have now alienated fans. The Lucas story was set to take the characters that had been built through many decades of novels right into a philosophical story that might have been more like The Empire Strikes Back and less like a Star Wars greatest hits like The Force Awakens was. Iger had doubts that people would spend a billion dollars at the box office to explore the nature of the Whills and the concept of immortality within the universe. But in the end, because he held everything too tight, Disney killed the property anyway.

For me the interesting thing that Star Wars explores, that isn’t covered anywhere else in all earthly cultures is the very different approaches between oriental philosophies and the occident. Oriental obviously being collectivist in nature and the occident, focused on individual free will. The parts of Star Wars that works is the occidental part. The parts that people often don’t like even if they don’t consciously understand why is the oriental portions. However, the oriental aspects are important to the story telling so not every Star Wars story can be a billion-dollar grosser which is hard for a corporate spreadsheet to show to investors. But the study of the philosophy does drive merchandise sales for decades if done properly, and now ultimately Iger appears to understand that the Lucas vision should have been followed without his tampering.

Even for those not too interested in entertainment and pop culture aspects, the Bob Iger book is a good read and well worth the time. The selling of ideas is a tricky business after all. Speaking for myself my dealing with some of the people mentioned in Iger’s book left me wanting to live in exile just as Luke decided to do in both versions of the cannon, the extended universe and these Disney stories. And that is a challenge explored in the great book of philosophy called Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The problem remains and this is true of both Lucas and Steve Jobs who merged with Disney while he knew he was dying of cancer so that their companies could live—no matter how much liberal Hollywood types and creative geniuses want to talk about the independence of their craft and the superiority of ownership over corporate rule, ultimately the temptation to use big corporate engines to assume risk is where they always go wrong. Or is it really wrong? If Iger does make things right with fans I would argue that there are many more Star Wars story telling options for the future because of Disney ownership than without it. Many more books, more theme park tie ins, and many, many more visual mediums than if George Lucas had held onto the Star Wars brand. And with something with as much story to tell as Star Wars can tell Lucas was right to sell it to Disney. The mythology can explode so long as everyone understands the objective. And after reading the Iger book, I am sure he does. The question is, is it already too late? I certainly hope not. I’m rooting for him; I’d like to see everyone come out well in the end.

Rich Hoffman
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Winning at all Costs: Knowing the truth about a conflict

I was saying to a group of young professionals just a few hours ago that the brick wall they had hit up the supply chain for their endeavor was not an impenetrable barricade. They were discouraged and felt the sharp teeth of defeat cutting them in half and were ready to throw out the white flag to stop the pain. I asked them why, for which they replied, “we just can’t compete, and they won’t listen. We don’t have near enough power and influence to move the needle.” I asked them if they had done everything they could think of, including seducing the owner of the establishment, to bring them over to your way of thinking, to your version of “yes.” “They giggled a bit and said of course not, that would be unethical.” I said to them that what was unethical was failure. And that until you’ve done everything, literally, there is no white flag. Only a red one soaked in the blood of the other person’s essence. And that is the way I think about most things, whether its school levy fights, taxation in general, or the terribly unethical behavior that our federal government is showing these days now that the Trump presidency is challenging long established norms of corruption and communist sentiment deep within our governing walls. I’m a do anything to win kind of person and I see in President Trump the same kind of person, and whenever I can I teach people to think the same way, but you have to understand dear reader, victory is always a decision if you are willing to do anything to get it. And speaking honestly, and ethically, I am.

In that regard its not enough to say that “I can’t” do anything about the corruption we see in our government. I typically point out that school levies and public education in general are good targets to attack because the impact is so obvious. Public schools are a real attack on our American life, just take a sample from last week where children were advocated for climate “fairness” in public forums. They didn’t learn to talk about those topics from their parents in the comfort of their homes, those sentiments came straight out of their public educations where we have all paid a fortune to train their minds to work against us the way they are doing now. It would be easy to throw up our arms and say that the situation is impossible to deal with, but to my way of thinking, that’s never an option. I never feel like its too late or too big to do something about it, and the way to win something is to go all in to do so—whatever it takes. Well that goes for politics as well. If you are the better person, don’t lose to ethical standards that the political class have set to limit your effectiveness. Let them call your methods unfair, let them cry in the dark. Let them do whatever just so long as they lose in the process. Ethics and standards are defined by winners so the transitory considerations are not something that should limit you in elections or in the business of supporting others who are working to win. Winning is the only thing that matters no matter how big or small the objective is.

While its true that all versions of a truth have their side of the story you must understand that in the theater of world affairs the best way to defeat your passions is to convince you into taking a weakened position of negative decision making such as considering that its only little ol’ you against a great big world. We are clearly seeing in our public schools hostile agents in the students trained to attack our cultural maliciously, and that is what we are up against. Then the result of that activism is seen in our government itself who will lie, steal, and manipulate the media, our elections, and our own Bill of Rights which is the foundation of all law and order, and they’ll do anything to win. So while you are thinking of whether or not President Trump should have sent this Tweet or said that thing on the nightly news the side we are fighting with will stop at nothing to win. Yet you won’t match their efforts because you are governed by a sense of ethics that they have defined for you in their own government schools. Just as they have brainwashed innocent children in our public schools to think that climate science is going to end their life, to scare them into activism, these schools do the same to our children to support tax increases, advocate for reckless sex education, and anti-capitalist economies and the only people playing by the “rules” are us. We are controlled by ethics definitions established by our government making victories easier for them by playing by rules they have set for us, which they violate all the time.

The point of the matter is that we have a fight in front of us, right now. For many, its on the local level and the chain reaction of those decisions are going up to the federal level and are at the center of the Trump/Ukraine debate. The story isn’t whether or not there is a whistleblower who may have heard second hand whether Trump pushed Ukraine into investigating the improper use of a public office in Joe Biden, but to what extent both sides will do whatever they have to do to win. In that fight, finally on the Republican side of things we see in President Trump a person who thinks right about these matters, the Democrats have finally met someone who will go further than they will in winning elections. It has nothing to do with the truth, it has everything to do with a willingness to win. One side can’t play by some invisible rules of conduct while the other does whatever needs to be done. In that game, someone will always lose, and the other side will always win because they will do anything to do so. And that is the game we are playing whether it’s in business or politics. If you are going to be playing a game, you must play to win. If you lose anyway, then that is how we can know a truth about something. But we will never know until you’ve done everything that can be done to win, including seducing members of the other side into your way of thinking. That’s not unethical, its just another way of getting to the real truth, to discover what is really on the table in the great poker games of life.

We have a government that will do anything to win, and they’ve been like that for a long time. Finally, Republicans elected in Trump someone who will counter that sentiment. But for the rest of us, we must be willing to do the same, don’t yield to the other side based on some ethics consideration. The only thing that is ethical is to bring home a win for your side of things. And until you have done everything to secure a victory, you haven’t done enough.

Rich Hoffman
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Guns are to Keep Government under Control: Such is the case with the Ukraine whistleblower

Rather than debate the obvious radicalism coming out of U.S. intelligence as that is clearly the roots of the anonymous tipper regarding the Ukraine investigation into Joe Biden, I must continue to make the point that this behavior by our own government and the media apparatus that supports it is exactly why we have guns, and why we must remain a society of gun carrying people. Just like the James Comey members of the intelligence offices that are supposed to protect us from foreign entanglements are taking second hand utterances and trying to spin them out of control to look like there is some improper behavior on behalf of the president when in fact it was the other political rival, Joe Biden who had done all the dirty deeds. Any government or group who would attempt to twist such a story into a reality that accuses the President I elected into office is the same one that would forge documents and manipulate circumstances to their advantage to attempt the same to me. And that government cannot be trusted, ever.

We’ll get the details of the case but none of it really matters other than establishing intent. Here we have a president that had gone through three years of Deep State scrutiny and was entering an election with a political rival who had done a dirty deal in Ukraine. We are supposed to buy that merely asking about such a thing is somehow improper even as the media and Democrats have gone to extraordinary measures to do much worse to Trump. And that Trump isn’t supposed to pressure world leaders in the way any businessman would is swamp talk straight out of the unionized Department of Labor handbook. The rules of this scenario are created by the Deep State for use of the Deep State and nobody else. And that is what we should all be alarmed about.

These same people accusing President Trump of impropriety, when it is they who have committed the acts, are the same people screaming for more gun control for which they will administer. It will be they who decide who is mentally healthy or not, and it is they who will determine if someone should be red flagged or not—the same people who will look at Trump and say he committed a crime when it was the Democrat nominee who was working under the White House at the time who committed the real impropriety. And we are supposed to trust these people and turn over our guns to this kind of government? I don’t think so.

At best these are incompetent losers. I voted for Trump to break that cycle and I am very happy with his performance. I’m happy to keep my guns on my shelf and to go target shooting to enjoy them at my leisure. I am happy to continue to allow our election system to work as it is. But let’s get something clear. I am not happy to surrender my rights over to people like what we see in our Intelligence agencies and within the Democrat Party. I’m not going to give them rights over me on a good day, let alone a bad one. They cannot be trusted and war with them would be better than surrender. That is the bottom line of my reasoning. And every time I hear one of these stories where they try to twist around the scenario thinking we are all stupid it makes me even angrier. There is nothing wrong with how the Trump administration handled Ukraine, in any way. But there is in what Joe Biden did and many administrations before.

Really, the biggest insult is that they think we are so stupid as to trust our government over a person we voted to put in office to run it but is thwarted at every turn. If we have learned anything by the Trump presidency it’s that in previous years the Executive Branch did very little, it was these Deep State operatives who ran everything as a shadow government of unelected bureaucrats who did. They, meaning the Deep State types, used the presidency as a puppet figure to put out in front of the media, they never planned for an actual executive to run things from the White House. That’s what I expected and still do. We either have that kind of government or we don’t, which obviously I don’t think we do. But I’m not going to support a government with my taxes that isn’t, I am not willing to trade safety away for freedom. The government works for me, I don’t work for the government—and that’s the way it should be for all of us. This isn’t an ethics scenario, it’s one of management control. The government will do anything to have that control and that should alarm everyone who can read this.

At the core of all these news stories coming from corporate media, which must have an emphasis because it is so entangled in this global desire for a certain type of socialist spin on all things government, is the desire for more government control, whether it be gun control, higher taxation, more regulation, more of everything that involves pin headed bureaucrats who love the idea of controlling aspects of our lives any way they can, and to make a point they try to inspire fear in us to control votes, and even go to ethics questions such as this Ukraine deal when it is they who created the negative situation. It’s truly shameless.

The only gun control I will support under these conditions, which I don’t see changing for at least the next century, is that more people have more guns that are more powerful, and that those people know how to use them. I do not accept the view of some Great Society that James Comey, Mitt Romney, or this CIA Whistleblower have about the world. No society that they are leading is going to be great, they need to get it through their heads that they work for us, not over us. And that when they lie there are consequences. Or when they try to remove our elected president without elections, that we will notice.

The story is easy to see through, Trump is popular going into the 2020 election and all these Deep State hounds have nothing to knock him down with. Democrats are looking at their candidates and they have nothing, so from their point of view, there is nothing to lose, because they are losing anyway. But they better watch it because there are longer term consequences to their actions. I’m not one to sit and cry over how unjust things are. I expect justice and these characters are revealing perhaps more than they intended. That’s probably good because it tells us who they always were even if its sad that so many are proven not to be trusted. I will never look at the FBI or the CIA again with the same level of respect and that is a permanent situation. If we can’t manage these people from the Executive Branch, then what methods do we have except by the barrel of a gun? Because it is one of those two options. Not controlling them is not an option. They intend to control us. And to have a proper republic we must control them. So somewhere something has to give, and for the sake of peace, it has to be them.

Rich Hoffman
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Greta Thunberg: The reason we have guns in America

Like many people I thought the exploitation of the Augsburger victim, Greta Thunberg was a real tragedy. To allow her to go onto the world stage as a 16-year-old girl and embarrass herself for some communist based political climate alarmist spewing anti-capitalist utterances was in many ways’ evil. Everyone knows that the real mass extinction is abortion, which climate change advocates generally support. The politics of the Swedish girl only served to prove a point I have been long in making, that the state of our public education system is not only bad, but its dangerous.

To exploit a handicapped young girl to make a political point is really the lowest of low, and it shows just how far and desperate the liberal side of the political world is globally. For so many news networks, especially the Disney owned ABC to use her in such a way is wrong in so many ways that this not only shows why we need a complete overhaul of our public education system, but also the needed ownership of guns. Given the support politically of this radical young girl born and bred within the public education activism that is so common for liberal causes, but the attempt at the same time to tie some form of corruption committed by Donald Trump to Ukraine, when it was Joe Biden who did the dirty deeds is further preponderance of the evidence of just how vile these people are and why we can never trust any government they are trying to run. Its one thing to have differences of opinion with them, but its quite another to let them run your life with no defense against their activism. If they are willing to exploit Greta Thunberg the way they were at every level of media coverage, imagine what they would do to frame a typical resistance fighter against progressive causes who stand in their way. Just the way they attempted to tie President Trump to Ukraine is alarming enough.

A lot has already been said about the poor little girl Greta Thunberg from the other side of the globe who should have been in school instead of giving a United Nations speech, as she said herself. This isn’t an article talking about her, there are many millions just like her bred in our public education institutions toward the intentions of liberal activism. The point of the matter is that she represents a force that wishes to use any means necessary to impose on the rest of us control mechanisms that is against our wishes. The desire to make an automaton into this poor young girl’s mind to instigate fear and therefor action is what’s dangerous. If these people, as crazy as they are, were allowed to destroy us all for their political objectives, they are clearly willing to do it. That is the reason they want to take away the gun culture of America, because their real intentions are malicious and always have been.

The goal to use this handicapped, young girl from an exotic foreign country to spew on about all the things they’d love for us to fear is to drive us toward a form of control for which they rule over. To do that they must make us afraid and a society of guns is not conducive toward that objective. If people can think for themselves, the public school cannot rot their minds with climate concern nonsense. And a society that can defend their homes at the point of danger doesn’t worry about foreign powers to attack their country, so they have little need of government. Democrats and liberals in general require people to be afraid before their political philosophy is even considered. And that is why they are dangerous because they will go to any measure to make people afraid, they will use anybody, to achieve their political goals, and the evidence is all around us. So why should anybody ever give them the time of day?

I don’t see any point in the future just as there never has been in the past where weapons of war will not be needed for the maintenance of a proper government. Because so many tyrannical regimes have used fear to drive public policy there must always be a way to counter that fear to keep everyone honest. Because the threats will come from somewhere. If it isn’t government doing the threats, it will need to be the private ownership of individual rights that is required. The need for threats shifts the burden of fear from the innocent to the advocates. No government in the history of the world is free of the desire to control their populations. Its lazy and in the nature of the human race to find the best way for them to control people and if fear is the method, which it usually is, then they will do anything they can to make you afraid—including using girls like Greta Thunberg whom they have terrified through the public education system to terrify the rest of us into voting for more Democrats because the world is coming to an end, or so they’d have you believe.

That is why we say we can never give up our guns, and why gun control is inheritably wrong. It is not the right of government to even consider such regulations because they have shown time and time again that they cannot handle the responsibility. Its not that we want to shoot anybody who comes to our homes to confiscate our guns, yet we know we cannot trust the government to make good decisions on those matters. They have failed many times in the past and they will many times in the future, and they have an addiction to power so we can never let down our guard. They’ll lie to us, they will turn our children against us and make them weapons of propaganda, such as is the case with Greta Thunberg. They will take a girl with a handicapped that suits their purpose and use them without guilt to gain power for themselves in a desire to control the means of production as a bunch of pin headed losers desiring socialism over capitalism. How can people and companies rule themselves? When there is no answer they seek to take the argument to an unprovable point sold by public created products like these activist children. And it is then that they have revealed all the reasons they can never be trusted.

The lesson here is that gun control is not an option and neither is yielding our control of industry over the greedy hands of globalists who still want socialism to rule the world if not with the big “s” word or the “c” word, but with the concern over the environment which we can all relate with. And from there they use fear to take it away from us based on no evidence of any real worth and attempt to sell it to us through activism and doubt, or in the case of Greta Thunberg, sympathy. They will do anything but trust us. They only want to rule over us and it is for that reason that we must keep our guns close, and always be ready to use them so that we don’t have to be afraid. That is a task that government should fear. Its our right to make them feel that way, not the other way around.

Rich Hoffman
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