Why Rush Limbaugh is so Beloved: Republicans are postitive people

The world’s reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis was bewildering to me. I suppose I understood why many on the left were almost cheering that his death might arrive by the end of last week yet they still seethed when he was presented with honors at the State of the Union address and was seated well next to the First Lady. You got the feeling that if his pending death wasn’t as good as sealed that many of the people in that room wouldn’t have stood for such an incursion and that they put up with it only because they felt just a little sorry for the popular conservative talk radio host. Then I wondered why we have even put up with such hatred. But I was reminded of the major difference between Trump and Limbaugh by Friday when Rush was back on the air between treatments that he fully expects to survive and listening to the story of how President Trump thought of the illness, and it all made perfect sense. Its why I have always been a Republican and why my particular brand of conservatism has been very conducive to the mentality of the current White House. Everything is very above the line with Trump, and also with Rush Limbaugh. Tragedies are expected to be overcome, not yielded to, and even a death sentence is something to solve, not to be a victim of.

As Rush told the story of his big day in Washington D.C. and the after party of a sorts in the White House Residential area upstairs with the First Family, I was hearing a story that was all too familiar to me. That is how I solve problems in my life. I don’t get emotional about anything and everything has a solution. There is no impossible, everything is on the table and its only a matter of time before a problem is resolved. I’m like that with everything and it was nice to hear that President Trump truly is at that level of optimism when he wondered why Rush couldn’t just get all the cancer cut out before the State of the Union Address then enjoy the evening unfettered. It was a reminder to me why I enjoy the people of this particular brand of politics so much, they are positive problem solvers who don’t yield to the emotions of the moment but are always looking for solutions. Democrats are the party of victims, people on their heels and surrendering to the whims of chaos, Republicans under Trump are problem solvers who look at everything as an opportunity for improvement. And in essence, that is the state of our modern political life, half the nation is looking at the glass half empty, the other half, that its half full. The glass is the glass, but the interpretation is radically different.

Rush may not survive the cancer, but then again, he might. He certainly didn’t take the time to wallow in the sorrow of the moment, he was invited to a big event with the President and he enjoyed it for all it was worth. The hatred expressed toward him was personal because there was a subconscious understanding that not only did they want the radio broadcaster dead and off the air for what they think will give them a chance at future elections, but they hate how positive Rush is and ironically that is also one of the things they hate so much about President Trump. They want to have an excuse to fail, to not achieve, or even not to try at all. They want to blame society, they want to blame their parents, they want to blame their schools, their government, their economic conditions on why they have settled in some rut in their life which they lack the courage to get out of. And Rush and Trump remind them of it.

I’ve seen that hatred up close and personal; I never yield to problems at all. Everything has a solution just waiting to be discovered. Its just a matter of time to grind things out so that we can uncover it. That’s how I run my own life, so it was very refreshing to hear to what degree President Trump exhibited the same traits. It didn’t surprise me, but it was refreshing, just as it was good to hear Rush back on the radio on Friday and the early parts of this recent week sounding like he always does for his three-hour time slot. I can’t say how many times I have turned on the Rush Limbaugh Show while overseas on trips, just to listen to him talk on the radio. While in Japan I would turn him on at 1 AM there and listen while I lay in bed because it was noon in the states, and it was very nice due to his positive outlook on everything. Even while surrounded by the necessities of whatever culture I was visiting, listening to Rush Limbaugh was unique because he’s unquestionably American, in that problems aren’t meant to be yielded to, they are meant to be overcome. While visiting those cultures overseas, it is always nice to hear a bit from home, and from the best that our American culture has to offer. I had the same experience in London and in Paris, rather than go to dinner at 6 PM somewhere and listen to the pub talk, I would put in my ear buds and listen to Rush on my iPhone while the rest of the world wallowed in sorrow of their victimized status. It wasn’t that I so much wanted the news of the moment, it was just nice to hear that Rush always had a solution to whatever problem was being discussed, and that was and is what makes Rush Limbaugh something unique and so beloved.

What the left doesn’t understand is that at whatever future time that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t do his radio show every day, that people like me will not turn to them looking for leadership. Simply, someone else will fill the role that Rush Limbaugh currently does. The interesting thing that has happened is that even with all the attempts at communism and socialism that various factions both foreign and domestic have attempted against the American people, positive people always find each other. I supported Trump because he’s always been such a positive person. I listen to Rush because he’s a positive person. In my own life, and I’m thinking of positive politicians whom I like a lot, like George Lang, Mark Welch, Ann Becker, Nancy Nix, T.C. Rogers, Roger Reynolds and even Sheriff Jones. I like them all because they are all very positive people to the core of their personalities. Even though they all have lots of reasons to look at the glass half empty, they haven’t, they always think of it as half full and are scanning the horizon for solutions. That is the biggest difference in the political gulf that exists in our modern day, and its not the task of the positive to yield to the negative. Rather, the other way around. The desire to see Rush off the air is deeper than just hoping that conservatives will lose a voice and that Democrats might win some future elections, its in hoping that the excuses for failure will remain for them to hide behind. Because in truth, that is what is really behind the political tension of the American two-party system in its current form. But that was never America, we are free to solve problems, and that is what makes us different from the rest of the world and is why Rush Limbaugh is so beloved and always will be.

Rich Hoffman

Why Democrats Hate Trump and Republicans in General: The choice between being a winner or a loser

It took a few days for it all to settle in, the debacle for the Democrats in Iowa, the terrible reaction to the State of the Union address President Trump gave this week, and the acquittal in the senate of the failed impeachment attempt of that same president, but the essence of the failures of the Democrat Party are deep and reflect an America most people despise, that of the loser. Its one thing to have compassion for people who are born losers, its quite another to allow ourselves to be controlled by them. We don’t want losers telling us what to do, and we certainly don’t want our lives limited by them. And what we saw this week by Democrats under great pressure, because the Republican Party under President Trump’s leadership is working very well, are members of the other party that just can’t compete, and they are fully aware of it. All their attempts to “equalize” the situation failed leaving them essentially to be a heaving mess of below the line thinking that nobody finds attractive. It reminded me why I simply don’t like Democrats, its not due to their race, their sex, or even their essential philosophy they say is steeped in compassion for other people, the planet, or even the less talented, its because their view of the world is rooted in negative victimization and nothing else, and that was never what becoming an American or staying an American was ever supposed to be about.

Plenty has been said by lots of smart people regarding the events of this past week, but nothing says incompetency like the Iowa caucuses. When people asked me about it, and these other events my reply was to compare it to a football game. Any quarterback from even a high school team can hit a running receiver in stride 30 yards down the field if they know where they will be at precisely the correct time that the ball is released from their hand, so long as they have 5 seconds or more to make the decision to throw. However, when a quarterback must play against a good defense and the line of the opposition is pressing down on that quarterback in 2.5 seconds or less, then even good quarterbacks will look like bumbling fools on the field of play. The Democrats are used to having all the time in the world to throw the ball, Republicans in the past have not pressed them out of some gentlemanly agreement to be equally deficient in performance. That is until President Trump came along from the private sector and started applying expectations to government—which is the source of their hatred of him. Suddenly there were expectations on Democrats that they just were not ready to deal with, and instead of trying to get better over the last three years, they have bet everything on getting rid of the expectation, symbolized in President Trump.

The media has gone along with the game allowing the Democrats to feel empowered as a political class to some level of competency so long as there was never any real measure. But Trump brought measures with him to Washington D.C., the same kind of measures that all private industry is judged by and the essence of it is that Democrats just weren’t ready. And when it was showtime in Iowa, it was an embarrassing mess. And when the State of the Union speech was given by President Trump, the Democrats could only sit there and listen as they spent all their time and energy being the opposition to Trump’s measures that they couldn’t share any joy in the long list of accomplishments that the President spoke about for over an hour straight. All they could do is sit there like the victims they have chosen to be, or to protest all together by not showing up, wearing white outfits to reflect the women’s suffrage movement from the turn of the last century, or do as Nancy Pelosi did at the end of the speech, rip it up because they had found themselves behind on all of it.

Then of course the next day, Republicans in the senate, except for the chameleon Mitt Romney, voted to acquit the President of the attempted coup by Democrats by quelling impeachment dashing any hopes of removing Trump from office before the election in November. That is what having a winning attitude will do for a person or a party, people tend to unite behind it and bask in its joy. But when your entire platform is about being a victim, that’s not at all an attractive prospect. People may see themselves as losers, but few people are happy staying that way and that’s all the Democrats are offering, which is why as a party, they are failing so epically. I hate to say it again, but I predicted all this many years ago and sure enough, its happing right on schedule. It’s not that Trump himself did it all, he was but the vehicle. It really comes down to personal beliefs, if they are above or below the line. You can’t build a great anything if the participants have a loser attitude. Trump was elected by an excited base because they recognize in Trump someone who wants to win. They do too, and so the Trump base was born. Its not hard to figure out, its something that evolved out of a natural trajectory of thought.

What you will find dear reader when talking to the “other side” whether its in an elevator at an apartment complex in Hyde Park which is full of anti-Trump socialites who know more about wine than they do politics, or the angry mother at Kroger shopping for weekend snacks for her family while running all three of her kids from one sporting event to another and doesn’t have time to know what’s going on in the outside world aside from what she sees on Yahoo’s front page of news, is that people who dislike Trump or Republicans in general are angry at their own lack of understanding about the world and their laziness to do the work in learning more so they could be more informed. They want to remain below the line people, people obsessed with what they can’t do, or what they can’t be. They want to relish in their victimhood because they just don’t have the ambition to take a positive position in their own lives on anything, and the Republicans of Trump make them feel the pressure to be more, and they hate it.

When people say they hate Trump what they are really saying is that they are too lazy to keep up and that they want to go back to the days where they didn’t feel so much pressure. Where they could give a little statement to the press about something and the media would run with it, but nobody really expected anybody to do anything about it. Democrats had likely the worst week they have had in years not because anything changed for them, but now there are measures to compare to, and that pressure is something they are not used to dealing with. It should be expected that people wanting to remain victims in life would be unhappy with the sudden growth of the country under the Trump presidency which expects good results about everything. Ripping up the SOTU speech the way Nancy Pelosi did was no different than all the attempts to impeach Trump, or to convict him just because he had expectations, they were too lazy to live with. Instead they kept their eyes on victimization when the Trump administration was bringing empowerment and before they could blink, the Democrats had lost their base almost completely. And now its too late for them to do anything about it.

Rich Hoffman

George Lang Attracts Larger Crowd in West Chester than Democrat Presidential Candidates: The activism of media coverage and what they don’t tell you

Over the weekend I was able to catch up on some of the Democrat coverage of the presidential candidates while campaigning in Iowa head of their primary and it became very obvious that the Trump rally we had in West Chester last week where George Lang, Warren Davidson, Sheriff Jones and Steve Buckingham from the Trump campaign drew larger crowds. You can see those crowds in the following Twitter coverage from that event. I didn’t think about it much at the time because I was just enjoying the festivities. Everyone had a great time and it seemed to bring out the best in people Between the Butler County GOP and the Trump team they brought in Chick fil-a to feed everyone and the event was a top notch rally in so many respects. But the people coming didn’t know that and they showed up just to hear people just talking about Trump and in large numbers. Before the rally many of us talked to the press, Channel 5 came out and covered it, and so did WLW radio, but not many others. The response we received was that “you guys love Trump in Butler County, where’s the story?” After the rally once the pictures started going up from people who where there, it became obvious what the story was, the media didn’t want to cover more people coming to hear these guys talk than who are going to see the leading presidential candidate for the Democrats. For the proof of that I would like to point you dear reader to the following article by the Cincinnati Enquirer talking about an upcoming senate race between Kathy Wyenandt and Candice Keller for the 4th District of Ohio. Its very, very interesting.


I don’t like to point at media bias as some below the line reason for something, but to the average person who doesn’t know much about politics, the Cincinnati Enquirer attempted to paint the scandal ridden Republican whom the party is asking to step down from her office over several very misplaced comments to Kathy Wyenandt, the Democrat that they are trying to flip a seat to blue in the very conservative Butler County—a long held objective among the liberal news room directors and newspaper heads. Its not the news they care about, it’s the political objective which they quite openly these days advocate. The truth of that article was that there are two other candidates running for that Republican seat, George Lang and Ding Dong Wong. But the Enquirer left them out of the article and tried to paint the whole race for senate between the two women—one of which is as good as toast even within her own party.

That article was written back in August of 2019 while the news of Candace Keller’s latest scandal was hot on the press—so the intent was clear to the Enquirer’s readership, promote the Republican that is in trouble so people remember her name while promoting the Democrat woman who normally wouldn’t have a snow balls chance in Hell of making it to the freezer for preservation. Both must be artificially propped up to look like front runners in that upcoming election and the Cincinnati Enquirer was happy to play that role. So fast forward a few months to this rally for Trump in West Chester held on a night when he couldn’t even come, because he was in Iowa doing another rally ahead of the Democrats and their primary there drawing huge crowds as usual, and people showed up to see George Lang and Warren Davidson speak and the enthusiasm for those two was incredible. That was the news story that none of the outlets wanted to cover because it goes against their desires for the upcoming election for which they are desperate to shape the story.

The rally was held in very large space that none of us thought we’d come close to filling, yet the pit in front of the stage was at least double any event that Joe Biden was able to attract over the week leading up to the primary. If the news wanted to truly report the news, they’d be interested in that little fact. Instead however of reporting how many people in Butler County and specifically West Chester were interested in attending a rally where these local politicians were speaking, one of them being the frontrunner in that 4th Senate Seat race, they would have at least covered it from that perspective. “West Chester rally for local GOP candidates outdraw Democrats for presidential candidates in Iowa.” Because that was the truth of the matter. I mentioned that observation to a few people while at that rally but it wasn’t until later and listing to the speech by Sheriff Jones where he had the crowd chanting “USA, USA, USA” that it became apparent just how many people were there.

I think based on what I saw that George Lang could draw a bigger crowd within his district than any of the presidential candidates who are leading in the polls could anywhere in the country. There is more enthusiasm for George from the base of Republicans who support him than there are for any Democrat. I might have thought that before that West Chester rally, but after, there is no question. Knowing that Trump wasn’t going to be at that rally, people showed up to hear what they considered the next best thing, George Lang and Warren Davidson speak to an excited audience. And the Cincinnati Enquirer skipped out on the opportunity to cover it because they didn’t like the story. It went against their activism of trying to paint the disgraced Candace Keller as the leader who would go against the Democrat in Butler County. What they were really up to was attempting to convince the un-informed masses to clear the deck chairs for a conversion of a deep red district into a blue one by removing the biggest red piece in the puzzle from the board all together. And if they had covered the West Chester rally, it would undo the way they have poised the story to continue into the primary in March.

The Journal in Hamilton isn’t any different. The activism on their part is rampant as well, it’s the reason that all these newspapers have made themselves irrelevant. The news happens faster than they can report it, they have a bias that does not reflect the views of their readership, and they are uninteresting. I used to contribute many articles to the Western Star when I lived in Warren County for a number of years. Back then, it was the news of record locally. But now its out of business because when people want to read a news story about these things, they just open up their phone and are free to get whatever information they want. The Enquirer and The Journal never have properly adapted. If it wasn’t for the people over 60 years of age, they’d be out of business right now. All newspapers are headed over the cliff and this is the reason. But blogs like this one report these events and its much easier for a consumer of information to click here and retrieve the information months from now than it is to get a little 400 word article that is all about political activism on their part, into the mind of a busy consumer. So there you have it, since they didn’t report what a great event the West Chester rally was, now you can see it for yourself and also know that Candace Keller is not the face of the primary election, she’s the one that Republicans are trying to get out of the way due to her radicalized comments. And that is the truth of the matter that the Enquirer tried to promote in favor of their handpicked stooge, Kathy Wyenandt.

Rich Hoffman

The Outsider Don Lemon: This is what winning looks like

It has probably been noticed that much of what I have been writing has took a turn in tone from an outsider view of the world, to more to the insider. That is because Trump, whom I have supported from the very beginning, and the Tea Party movement which I was also a part of from the very first moments, are now in charge. When you win and capture the other players chess pieces you must accept that victory and not continue to act as a victim in throwing rocks at the castle walls. Once you enter and take over the occupants of that castle, and you sit on the throne, you must acknowledge that your role has changed, and you are now responsible for what happens next. So, my direction has been to prepare those victors for a proper philosophy to help them grasp that victory and not to lose it back to the heathens who have been cast out. And that is precisely what happened on CNN when Don Lemon had on a panel of people who openly mocked the intelligence of Trump supporters, they were speaking very ungraciously about their newly found view of the world outside of the castle walls—out of power and still yet unwilling to acknowledge their loss of privilege and respect in the world.

I have been writing material for those of us getting used to our winning positions so that when the other side tries to recapture their positions, these newfound winners will know how to maintain their positions and increase their winnings, and to not allow the pendulum to swing back in the other direction as it has for a few centuries now in American politics. When you gain power, you keep it, and you use it to improve the lives of people looking to you for support and leadership. And in that way of thinking I have been making the arguments that conservative views of the world are a superior philosophic vantage point concluded through experience and wisdom, quite the opposite kind of sentiment that Don Lemon was applying to Trump voters. I would argue the opposite, that Trump voters have the higher moral high ground and superior intelligence state of mind, and that is why victories are coming easily to them these days.

The political left had captured intelligentsia over a century ago and they maintained a stingy grip on it for all of our lives, to the point where they have attempted to lay claim to intelligence itself. The Progressive era as it made a political crawl for power in 1912, and ended up putting the extreme racist Woodrow Wilson into the White House with Franklin D. Roosevelt in place just over a decade later for four terms of White House occupation, claimed our education perspective with a very Marx like view of the world that people like Don Lemon still think exists. But they have not yet accepted that they lost that position not just in the 2016 election, but essentially during the entire decade that came before. The political left pushed George W. Bush further and further to the left, then gave us Obama after an embarrassing decade of Bill Clinton. People were tired of watching their republic continue to turn so far to the left on the political spectrum, so I clarified what that measurement has been in an article dedicated to the effort.

In 2008 and 2009 I was doing work with many contacts in Hollywood and was enjoying being a growing insider in entertainment media. My bullwhip act was catching on and I was getting a lot of invites to a career trajectory that was shaping up to lead to millions and millions of dollars. The networking connections that I was establishing with my talents was shaping up to be very lucrative. And it was on a film set in Glendale, California that I made a decision to lend my talents to this new conservative trend toward the Tea Party which many at that time thought was crazy—because of all the money that was on the table. I was engaged in a philosophic talk about politics with many popular stars at a lunch break while we were in line at the catering truck and I decided that I was going to have to use my abilities to help change the direction of the country. So, I became involved in the Tea Party movement helping where I could on issues local and national. I became heavily involved in talk radio and put my name next to many controversial issues because from the very beginning, I understood the political spectrum that I have now been conveying recently. What good is millions of dollars if liberalism was allowed to steal it all eventually anyway and we lose our society? In that way, I put off my insider status for a choice on the outside so that the right political philosophy could retake powers of position in our nation, so that we could all have a better society along that political spectrum.

Believe me, I felt the pain of going from an insider to an outsider. It was not a happy place, so I get the need to ridicule their betters that Don Lemon and his friends at CNN feel is necessary. And they should know that they are only digging their own hole deeper. Because unlike what I experienced in the early days of the Tea Party leading up to the Trump election of 2016, and everything that has happened since, I understood where the political spectrum was and why people started America to begin with. That the entire progressive era was a well-meaning swing way to the left of it, but that the heart of every American rested well to the right of that center and would under the needs of freedom, to continue moving to the right every chance it had. So, for Don Lemon and his supporters, and all those on the left politically, they do not have philosophy on their side. They will not be able to retake powers of position easily, unless we hand it back to them with unlocked doors and sheer neglect. That knowledge is terrifying to them, and they should be scared for how they behaved when they did have power. It is our task to give them many nightmares in the aftermath of their fall from power just as a warning to their further encroachments.

However, winning should always be the goal and we have won. Now the challenge is to stay hungry for more wins and to maintain a winning culture. To not relax and become ourselves corrupt, but to be vigilant and hungry for that winning culture at every opportunity. It is a new day and we don’t need to worry so much about being victims to the Don Lemons of the world. We have beaten them. Its ok to piss over the castle walls upon their spiteful faces, but we must never again give them political leverage over us. And that is the lesson of the day. When you get power, keep it and understand that our position is historic, and that the philosophy of mankind is on our side, and so long as we preserve the natural tendency of all human beings to function under freedom, that their movement to the political right will always guard that castle, and keep us all in the winning column for many centuries to come. We’ve all made sacrifices to get here, all battles are about such decisions. Now however that we have power, we need to keep it for the hopes of all who dream well into the history books that have not yet been written. And additionally, now that we have power, its time that we use it to do good, and bring justice to those hungry for it.

Rich Hoffman

The Political Spectrum: Understanding how to measure widom in a culture where free will is a motivator

I say this in all fairness, but in regards to the political spectrum, all values are not equal. Liberalism is not an equal philosophy to be debated for instance with understandings of conservativism as viewed by Americans. They are not all equal ideas depending on perspective, but ones that are in a state of evolution depending on the interpretation of the holder of those values. While regional beliefs do largely shape the politics of an individual, it is in practice that the theories of belief are tested, and in every circumstance since Sir Thomas More contemplated a Utopia, or Plato considered the implications of a Republic, liberalism fails. As an individual becomes more aware of the wisdom of life, they therefor become more what Americans call, conservative. And yes, there are right and wrong answers in life, only degrees of variability depending on one’s emotional evolution along that political spectrum. Someone may have a right to believe differently about something, but it is not the conditions of existence to bend the will of correctness to the fallibilities of philosophic understanding.

This is a topic of some great concern these days, since we can see through polling that the nation is evenly split between American Democrats and Republicans with the conservative party just barely holding out against liberalism. And there are currently great fears that socialism as it is taught in public schools might make a strong running for political domination as it has in other places around the world. I would offer that the situation is not so scary, and that if you travel around the world you will find that not everyone has the same view of what a conservative is or a liberal. So I tend to think about those things on one political spectrum that we can all agree upon, and our politics isn’t just related to regional values, but of understandings of graduation along that spectrum. For instance, a conservative in England if compared to a political spectrum to one living in the United States likely would be far to the left. I might think of a tea sipping conservative in England as a bleeding heart liberal in the states, and the cause of that is more in personal education than in a true value system. I would argue that as people gain freedoms in life away from their political and social structures, that the wiser they become in life and therefor, the more conservative they are. When given choices, they tend to move further to the right. Political beliefs on the left are rooted their by barriers to knowledge, not in choice. If given a choice to believe something different, people naturally pull to the right and become more conservative.

Conservatism is therefore more a measure of intelligence and understanding rather than sentiment. I often talk about Democrats as having mental deficiencies because many of their beliefs are rooted in paradoxes, such as declaring that a woman’s right to choose is actually a license to kill a baby. What dumb people think of as an option is in reality murder. Let’s call it what it is. The same irrational comment is put forth over gun control, we have the Second Amendment to protect our gains in society from those who screw up and let us down. In that eventuality, we may need to take back our government, but the government is the one with the military that we payed for. But since they control the law and the utilization of that military how could we remove them from power if we don’t have guns, if we’ve given them all to that government to manage? It’s a really dumb idea that is rooted on lazy trust in bureaucrats rather than in a conservative philosophy. When we talk about liberals, or people who have liberal sentiment, we are talking about people who have not come to logic yet in their life on that particular topic. They may be mentally handicapped for one reason or another to reaching those conclusions on their own, so various states of liberalism may keep them too far to the left on the political spectrum. As they learn more about the way life works, the tend to move more to the right. President Trump could tell a story about his life in this fashion. So could Ronald Reagan.

I have a lot of experience with liberal people going way back into my youth. I have been invited to their social parties and watched them upclose and with the barriers down, and can report that in all cases they were liberal due to some mental deficiency not yet gained through the experiences of life. You don’t often find people going in the other direction unless they hit some period of their lives where tragedy overtakes their logic and they become overly sentimental with failure and seek liberalism to hide their own low bar that they have adjusted in their lives to justify their intellectual status. Wherever you go around the world people are people, they want pretty much the same things. However, they may have very restrictive governments, or family structures that hold back their emotional development more to the side of liberalism, but as they gain more freedoms in life and continue to learn more, they always become more conservative. The political spectrum is not conducive to Einstein’s thoughts on relativity. Your thoughts about something do not change depending on where you are, but your understanding of the political spectrum may be limited to the knowledge you have access to. The spectrum is the spectrum, but a person’s place on it is bound by intelligence and understanding. This is true in Europe as it is in Kentucky within the United States. Regional beliefs may have started conservative or liberal depending on who your neighbors are, but those foundations may have a head start on the political spectrum based on the personal freedoms of that culture relative to the factors that allow thought to move to the right. But thought always wants to move to the right on the political spectrum. No logical person could argue otherwise.

Some will try however, to argue that liberalism is taught in our education institutions and that some of the best in the world are the caretakers of philosophy, but that would all be wrong. People can be taught to be comfortable on a particular place on a political spectrum and to stay there because their friends or neighbors have given themselves the same limits. Or even family members hold people to places of belief that they might not otherwise have. I have family members who think of themselves as very conservative who to me are extremely liberal, and the cause is not logic, its in a lack of understanding about the ways of the world, a lack of wisdom and exposure that built that wisdom more than actual belief. The more people learn about life, and the wiser they are, the further to the right of that political spectrum they become, whether they are a monk living on a mountaintop in the Himalayas, a drug dealer in Mexico, a priest in Kansas, a lottery ticket buyer in Las Vegas, or some wealthy billionaire in the middle of nowhere closed off from the world and enjoying the merits of their productivity. Regional beliefs can hold a person to a position along the political spectrum, but they don’t dictate the merits of wisdom and a person’s journey from liberal to conservative throughout their lifetimes.

In regard to the state of America and its split down the middle politically, that is because roughly half the nation has a lot more to learn. Its not that they have an equal seat at the table. What it does mean is that they need to hit the books and to learn more things about the world so that they can advance further to the right. There is no mixing of the ideas, there is only the degree from which a person functions along the proper trajectory of political thought, with the word “political” being functional with intellectual measurement, not belief. With that in mind, as we move deeper into the election season and people say what they will about what beliefs are politically, the context needs to be clear that politics is more a measure of wisdom than of sentiment. And depending on what values you vote on says a lot about the level of wisdom you have as a functioning person. So the smarter people become, the more they vote to the right. The less wise, the further to the left they will be. It may not always be their fault, but it is the true condition of their intellect.

Rich Hoffman

And People Wonder Why Americans Need Guns: The evidence is all around us–impeachment, abuse of power, and massive corruption

Oh, I don’t know why anybody would question the rights to gun owners to have weapons that can defend itself against a domestic military, or why we might need to carry them even in the streets everywhere we go. After all, the Democrats through a little trickery on a low voter year took both houses in Virginia and went quickly to abuse their power as fast as they could by attacking the Second Amendment. Or even as gun rights advocates marched on the capital in Richmond against those incursions, the House Democrats in Washington D.C. were trying to impeach a president that we voted for to represent us instead of turning to guns to take back our government. Without those tools, the guns that are part of American life to its very core, imagine the level of corruption that Ralphie the Governor of Virginia would embark on. Imagine the world Nancy Pelosi would envision for the rest of us, and just think how much abuse Michael Bloomberg’s billions could purchase with George Soros—a utopia of their infantile state and an all-powerful government that could crush anybody. And these are the people who tell us to trust them and to give up our guns and accept control by the state forever. No thanks. And that was the message at the pro-gun rally at Richmond on Martin Luther King Day of 2020.

Reports are indicating that around 20,000 people showed up to protest the incursions that the Democrats are trying to push through the legalization process there to essentially ban weapons from private ownership. To many reporters, that is a lot of people, but to me, its just a Trump rally. What many people have not yet learned to accept is that Trump, guns and the trend of the world is toward more options, more freedom, and much less government control on everything—and even if Democrats did manage to ban all guns from society, and could impeach President Trump from office so that they wouldn’t have to run against him in November, that the causes that put those things in place would somehow fall in line and the world would be happy. Its like a kid wishing for some magical present on Christmas and prior to that day thinking how great it will be if only someone bought them that special present. Yet when the day arrived, they open it, are happy to see that they finally that that special something. Then two hours later, now that the wanting of it is gone, its just a thing to be forgotten. And the mind moves on to something else. Even in a more primitive mode, sex offers the precise same experience, the thinking about it is much more exciting than what you get. And after the act is over, you are left with the consequences, the children that are born, the hurt feelings, the psychological attachments, the house, the shared cars, the shared refrigerator. Those are things that people often don’t think about until afterwards, and that is clearly what Democrats have been thinking about regarding gun control. They want the laws, they want to think about a society of disarmed people, but they have never really thought about what comes next.

People want options and they don’t want a government imposing on them telling them what soft drinks they can have, how many clips they can put into their guns, or even where they will get their health care. They want you to spend the money they send in taxes wisely and to leave them alone to live their lives. They don’t want potholes in the highways, because that means the state has wasted their money. They don’t want a welfare state, because that means the government is paying people not to work off the backs of those working. They don’t want to waste money on public education if the schools are just going to teach a liberalized curriculum to influential young minds. And as time has gone on government has not earned more respect for a job well done, it has gotten considerably worse. And it is in this environment that politicians think they are going to sell gun confiscation and changes to human behavior. If anything, people will hold their guns closer, not further, because its their only recourse for a change if things go wrong. Obviously, with the Trump impeachment attempts, Democrats do not respect elections. So, what will they respect? And as in the case in Virginia, when Democrats do manage to win elections, look what they do with it—they immediately move to abuse their power.

What is laughable is that Democrats looked at those 20,000 protestors who showed up mostly armed to give warning to law makers of the next steps and they pointed to their recent election in November, as if that gave them permission to move toward a gun ban with 2 million voters putting them in power. There are around 5,660,969 voters in Virginia so nearly 50% showed up to vote for the Democrats, especially in the north where Washington D.C. spill overs are having the same type of demographic change at the polls as illegal aliens are in California. Republicans have to be cautious not to stay home and trust that everything will be alright. Bloomberg’s money inspired Democrats to vote, and they did gain the House and Senate in that state giving the governor a dream scenario for their far left reaching ideas on gun control. And now we have a fight that could have easily been avoided with a simple vote on election night. But those same Democrats claiming elections have consequences are the same ones saying that Trump should be impeached because they don’t like that they lost. They don’t get to have it both ways, and they expect to.

That’s why protestors showed up with guns and why there are actually millions of those people all over the United States. Any overreach by government will be met with armed force as a last resort and that was the message in Richmond. Politicians can squabble all they want about what the numbers mean, but the bottom line is that people are not going to give up their guns, they’ll use them to push back a government looking to inflict less choice in our country. Its as simple as that. The attempts by the governor to paint the pro-gun protestors as potential violent thugs like the leftist ANTIFA goons have been is just wrong. Gun supporters in America are just like those protestors. They don’t need to bloviate for power, because they already have it and know it. It’s in their hands so there is no reason to show off with violence. And they are the majority. They need to learn from this Virginia mishap and vote in November, and not trust that other people will cover their voice—because what happens is that one side out votes the other, and soon you will have to grab your guns just to defend your basic rights. And we shouldn’t have to do that.

But it wouldn’t take much for gun owners to completely retake the American government, so long as we still have our guns, and that may be what it comes to if we learn that elections don’t matter to Democrats. What happened in Richmond is just a small example. Look how long it has taken to fight a war in Afghanistan. How in the world would any Democrat government run the United States in a civil war with so many elements that are beyond their control, even with the full utilization of our military. And that is the balance of power that we must maintain, for the sake of our country. But we first need to fully use the power of elections, just to give the option before the bullets fly. And yes, that is what we are talking about. We are at that place where that discussion must happen because of the actions Democrats are showing in Virginia and now in the Senate in Washington against President Trump. Compliance is less important than freedom and that’s where we are folks. The Democrats want to unwrap that present on gun control and they have not thought through what happens next. Hopefully, they will come to their senses before someone gets hurt.

Rich Hoffman

Jeffrey Epstein and Democrats are all the Same: The evil of ‘Sex Island’ and Pelosi’s attempts at impeachment

In so many ways what we are learning about the Jeffrey Epstein sex island in the wake of his death, is that the Democrat Party, which was participating wildly in the orgies hosted by the New York billionaire on that island, for which many secrets are desperately being secured from the investigation, are all a lot alike. The modes of sex trafficking, which could be said to be the case everywhere in the world is psychologically very close to the way that Democrats recruit new members and attempt to hang on to their old ones. The abuse is simply more mental than physical. Of course, I have been talking about losers like Jeffrey Epstein for years, while the rest of the world is just now catching on. Better late than never I suppose. So, take it to heart that what I am saying about the way Democrats behaved during their attempted election of 2020 sabotage against President Trump was out of the same playbook as Jeffrey Epstein. Mitch McConnell did a good job on the Senate floor not in making such a comparison as I am about to, but in discovering the bad, and bizarre behavior of the Democrats after they signed the impeachment documents and attempted to apply some logic, for which there wasn’t any.

It really does sum up as attempted abuse, the entire impeachment push, from the media to the local politicians espousing the same. And none of it is any different from what Jeffrey Epstein attempted and in many cases did to young girls as young as 12 years old, as we are now discovering from the evidence retrieved from that vile island of abusive sex and partying by the powerful elite who manipulated those circumstances for their pure pleasure. The reason we consider rape and sexual abuse such a vile crime ultimately is that it robs a woman of her choices and that is what went on at those sex orgies. Epstein took away the choices of the girls, took their cell phones, took their passports, took everything until all they had left was drugs and sex to drown out the pain of it all. They were lured there with opportunities for modeling jobs and other lures of wealth, but gradually, Epstein and his officers on the isolated islands stripped the girls of all hope until they were willing participates in their own misery. Aren’t the parallels obvious?

Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi have in the promised this, then that, especially with healthcare’s “we have to sign the bill to find out what’s in it” she has lied, we have watched it openly and studied her shaky hands attempt to manipulate us all in the same way that slime balls like Jeffrey Epstein lured young girls to his island with promises of great days ahead. Only when they get there, they discover that gradually all their freedoms are taken from them until all they have left as options are compliance to a higher authority. That is the Democrat playbook so it shouldn’t be surprising that they hung out with Epstein and enjoyed his orgies because its not just a job for them, it’s a lifestyle. They think in this abusive fashion in every aspect of their lives. The only difference in the abuse approach is that one is sex with underage girls, the other is mass abuse on a voter scale that is so massive that nobody can believe that anybody is that evil, and sinister.

I’m sure Nancey Pelosi doesn’t look in the mirror every day and think of herself as the political equivalent of Jeffrey Epstein. But I doubt that Epstein thought he was doing anything bad either. He probably convinced himself that he was giving the girls opportunities they’d never have otherwise and that they should thank him for the experience. This is typical of deranged people who lose touch with reality. Yet, what makes them all vile, evil people is that in order to function in the world, they must limit the choices of others to sustain their mental depravity. Anywhere where choices are eliminated in people, for whatever reason, we can say that the efforts involved are evil, whether or not we openly admit to the breaking of laws, or whether the evil is so vast that it defies legal parameters of understanding. To stand in front of the public and say that congress takes impeachment very seriously and to be a somber occasion, then to deliver pens from the signing on a literal silver platter and to pass them out in celebration is to celebrate an evil. They were happy to limit a choice election with some profundity that they made up to give their side an advantage. That is no different than Epstein drugging girls for sex or cutting them off from their families so he can destroy them in seclusion for the joy of his guests. Its all evil because it all celebrates limiting the choices of people in some way or fashion.

Most people struggled to find the words of why they were angry at this attempt against Trump and to watch Democrats actually celebrate the occasion with such audacity. That’s because most people aren’t evil. And most people couldn’t go to a sex island owned by Jeffrey Epstein and have sex with underaged girls who see no other way out of their situation except to cooperate. Because all their other options for hope had been taken from them. Most of us aren’t evil in these ways and we just don’t have the vocabulary to understand why our emotions find these things so repulsive. So, I’ve made the situation easy for you dear reader, I’ve named the beast. Now you can work with it now that we’ve said it. It’s the lack of choice that we find so repulsive, and how it works at many levels to add up to mass abuse. Most of us can agree that sex with minor girls is abusive and should be against the law, but we often don’t consider that the reason we find it so despicable is that the girls involved are stripped of their individual rights and robbed of choice until there is nothing left but to cooperate. And that was exactly what Nancy and the gang of congressional thugs were celebrating with their impeachment attempt, taking away choice in the upcoming election—they hope.

The behavior in both cases, with Epstein’s sex island and with Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats—they think its funny and joyous to limit choices to the point where people must turn to their captors and beg for elements of freedom. Nancy did it before with Obamacare, and many other congressional proposals. That is why all those people are against guns in society, because they don’t want people to defend themselves. That’s why Jeffrey Epstein took away the cell phones of the sex slaves on his island if they didn’t behave, because he couldn’t have them calling their parents for help, or friends back in the states. He had to isolate them, drug them with mind impairments so they would have bad judgment, then force them to look to only him as a way out of their circumstances. That is abuse in the worst way, but in all reality, it’s no different than what the modern Democrats as a whole are proposing. Its all abusive, except one is so evil that we can’t even comprehend its audacity. And that one isn’t the one involving sex.

Rich Hoffman