Joe Biden the Pimp: The cost of being one of the most corrupt politicians in the world

The most disgusting revelation about the influence peddling that Hunter Biden had been conducting with his father Joe—the VP of the United States at the time, it wasn’t the illicit sex practices, the raunchy use of drugs, or even the mass cover-up by the FBI and Big Tech media such as Google, Facebook and Twitter—but rather the way Joe Biden acted as a pimp for his son whoring him out to the highest bidder routinely and for many years.  No wonder Hunter Biden is a crack addict and sexual pervert.  Look how his mom and dad treated him.  Its not as if Joe Biden didn’t know what he was putting his kids into.  Over a 47 year career its quite obvious that kids like Hunter Biden are routinely prostituted out to those with power and influence to extract from their customers great wealth, and of course “pop” gets his 10% cut of the dirty deeds, just like any whore provides to their pimp.  The gig went like this, Joe Biden—“pop” would get elected into an office, such as senate, or the vice president of the Executive Branch and the family would whore themselves to those seeking to pay for influence with Biden.  That all by itself is enough to provoke a visual assessment into the evils of swamp life in Washington D.C., but think of the kind of person Joe Biden is in knowing what he is selling and by whom, and the kind of parenting that he provided to Hunter Biden reveals quite clearly just how deranged Joe is as a person.

How many kids are there like Hunter working as prostitutes for their parents who are selling influence in the same way?  Its bad enough to know of this one instance, but the evidence states that there are many, many more.  I remember in the beginning of the Trump campaign trying to explain to people why I thought Donald Trump was the best candidate for such a high office, and my reasoning was that he was independently wealthy and couldn’t be tempted with temptations to sell away influence the way Joe Biden obviously has.  That one thing was enough for me, a person who doesn’t look at a few million dollars as something worth selling your soul away to, but rather its just a tank of gas for their private airplanes.  It takes that level of thinking these days to be a good president I think, because of the vast scale of all the decisions.  But for Joe Biden, the greatest gift he could have received was to become the VP to the first black president and to be at the top of the food chain in influence peddling.  And Joe had just the right kind of son to perform the deed, a reckless derelict who would do drugs with anybody and show himself as a compromised person easy to reveal weaknesses to, or a guy who could set up sex with anybody and everyone.  Also, a kid who wasn’t afraid to give up dirt on himself which China loves, a kind of blood brother oath that could be used as an extortion tactic later should a relationship falter.

Yet how could any father look at such a son and not feel sorry for him, or to want to help him?  How could anybody love someone and not try to help them at the most foundational level?  Well, Joe didn’t love his son Hunter.  He saw him as a meal ticket, the way a lot of parents do who try to push their kid too hard in sports to get a college scholarship, saving them in the process a lot of money.  Or giving the parents social notoriety by the actions of the kid instead of earning it themselves.  Joe Biden used his kid to bridge the contact between his offices and would be buyers of influence and it was up to the kid to do all the dirty work.  Just as a pimp provides protection to his whores, but the whores are the ones who have to get naked and do all the dirty work, Biden got his money by providing the platform.  And no matter how bad it was for Hunter, no matter how many teeth he lost to drug binges, or how many crack whores he became entangled with, it wasn’t Joe Biden’s objective to fix the kid.  But only to keep him well enough to hit the streets each day to keep the racket going, to make “pop” millions and millions of dollars selling access to the office no matter what it did to Hunter in the process.

Hunter has been kept out of the public spotlight even through this whole election season, not to protect Hunter but to suppress the exploitation that has gone on for most of his life.  I can think of only the one interview when this story first broke while the primaries were still going where Hunter tried to set the record straight, but the kid was too wrecked as a drug abuser to sell the story, so they put him back in hiding.  Hunter Biden might as well have been a homeless derelict if he didn’t happen to be the son of one of the most corrupt people on planet earth.  Knowing what we do now about Joe Biden, who could think anything different.  Granted, Joe doesn’t see the corruption because he’s a swamp creature.  Everybody does it.  At least from his perspective.  Only for the first time that I can think of we finally have a choice in Trump, someone who has great kids because he was a good father.  You can tell a lot about a person by the kids they have.  One thing that you cannot do is cheat in the raising of kids.  If you suck as a person, your kids are going to suck.  They pick up everything you do and say and mold their lives to your behavior.  People like Joe think they can hide that stuff behind fancy media and a complicit lifestyle, but you can see it in the eyes of a kid like Hunter Biden.  Who you really are comes out in the children you produce; you can’t fake it. They either turn out to be good people, or they are disasters—because they learned from their parents. 

Hunter is who he is because of the way Joe and his wife treated him throughout his life.  They taught Hunter that value is created in how you can connect people, not in what you do as a person.  So for Hunter, crazy sex practices and drug abuse was acceptable so long as he brough home the gold to “pop.”  And that is what is so disgusting about the Hunter Biden story created by Joe Biden himself.  Then consider if he will do that to his child, what is he willing to do to our nation?  We all know the answer already, but perhaps now there is a bit more context to why its so evil and malicious.  It’s not just election year politics, or an October Surprise.  The Hunter Biden story up and down the elements is just evil, and it points back to terrible parenting by Joe Biden.  He was willing to whore out his kids to prop up his political career and likely the old man will outlive his children because of what he’s done to them.  Which is so terribly sad, and why its so relevant to this election.  If Joe will destroy his own kids for the things he wants in life, just think of the next deal with China led by Joe Biden.  Well, we’ve seen enough to know that, but who in their right mind wants more of that?  Nobody who thinks correctly.

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Democrats and Big Tech are Pretty Stupid: They are easy to beat if only you have the courage to do it

Do you see what liars they are dear reader; we’ve been talking about it for a long time?  Think back to the congressional impeachment of President Trump, and think about it, the FBI after all the problems with James Comey, and the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text messages, the little insights we were able to get into their world where it was obvious there was massive corruption—and know that they had this Hunter Biden laptop, and that there were threats of violence against the shop owner who had it.  Compare that to the arrest of George Papadopoulos by the FBI essentially because he worked for the Trump campaign.  The intimidation, the abuse of authority—it is all consistent.  So was the treatment of General Flynn, which Joe Biden himself was a part of by suggesting the Obama White House use the Logan Act to destroy the life of the American Patriot—just because he’s a Trump supporter.  Or what about the morning arrest with CNN’s cameras rolling, an obvious tip off, of Roger Stone.  Hey, many of us have been there for a long time, we know our government has been corrupt—deeply corrupt—for many, many years.  And we sent Trump to the White House to take it back for us without having to resort to guns and violence.  To my mind that is a more ethical way to defend the Republic.  But don’t think for a second that accepting this criminal conduct was ever an option.

Then there is the social media.  I was on YouTube many years before Google bought it, and since then I have used it only sparingly.  Twitter is the same deal, as well as Instagram.  They are picture hosting services for me essentially, and a window into how the rest of the world is seeing things through a news feed.  But I’ve been shadow banned heavily before anybody even knew what the word meant.  There is nothing about what is happening now that surprises me.   I’ve always despised Facebook and have drawn the line with them—at a great cost to myself I might add.  But these tech giants are corrupt too, they have built their entire platforms to push us all into a global society led by the Chinese.    My old friend Doc Thompson who worked for Glenn Beck used to talk to me exhaustively about these things, but most people just wouldn’t let their mind go there.  Its ironic, Doc was hit by a train a few years ago while jogging.  That is still a fishy story to me, but we’ll accept the official story that it was an accident.  But he knew better, I did, and others did also, well before there was ever a President Trump.   I have never trusted Mark Zuckerberg with anything.  To me he’s just a bratty little boy.  But now finally people see to what extent the Democrats have been investing their hopes and dreams into the corruption of the FBI to take out political rivals, or sit on evidence, or the tech companies to take a dud like Biden and actually carry him over the finish line of an election—which of course they can’t. 

Recently I’ve been talking more and more about how stupid these people really are, how their view of the world is limited to their wine circles and academic viewpoints.  The evidence is long into how they think, I did read Comey’s book and many of the others as much as it was almost choking me on puke to do it.  My conclusion is that they are stupid, yet they think they are the smartest people in the world—because they only interact with other stupid people.  I’ve worked with the media for years up until about 5 or 6 years ago.  I used to do a lot of talk radio and that kind of thing but I stepped away once it was clear how dumb many in the media industry was, and how I didn’t want to play within their limited scope of thinking.  I’ve decided to go a different way and use this platform to do much more than those single point interactions, but honestly, it was the sheer stupidity of the people involved that I had no time for.  And I know many people feel the same way I do.  Yes, I watched the Social Network on Netflix and thought it was one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in a while.  The first 45 minutes of it was insightful.  But the second 45 minutes were just an exposé of how they thought they created Donald Trump and a divided country.  They were so stupid that they think they created the problems we are seeing today, as if they molded it from the hands of God himself. 

I know a lot of people who are much smarter than those stupid kids running the Silicon Valley companies that are trying to win this election for Joe Biden, and they are certainly smarter than the losers going to work in the FBI.  I know Sean Hannity wants to think that the foot workers of the FBI are good people, but they’re not.  I know President Trump wants to think so to, even as his own picks for heading the FBI and the CIA have proven to be huge supporters of the kind of SWAMP that Joe Biden was exploiting for his own personal profit.  They think we are suckers who want to believe they’ll follow the rules, but of course, all these power players don’t because they are stupid and resort to titles and social positions to bring value to their existence, which makes them dangerous tools in a statist society.  They have no interest in learning about how or why people like us live or think things, they only want to make us as dumb as they are—and if they have to use mass intimidation to do it, they will.  Of course, what we have discovered about them is that they will use a lack of choice to steer us where they want us to go, like herding cattle to the slaughterhouse.  If we step out of line, they threaten to beat us if we don’t follow their line to our own eventual deaths at the slaughter of their design.    

Oh, and yes, they are all in.  Another Trump election will be too much for them.  They won’t know how to handle it, but that is their problem.  But in their plans is a fatal flaw, they are not as smart as we are, and they have no desire to learn.  They insist on limiting their vision to their inward looking friends in the Deep State and want to continue believing they are the masters of the universe, which is how they justified sitting on those Biden emails and severe pornographic images tied to Joe Biden himself even while our current President Trump was being eviscerated during a phony impeachment trial in congress.  That’s because they are all in on the scam, the big tech companies, the FBI, the CIA, even a DOJ who is supposed to report to the President and do what he needs done.  Attorney General Barr isn’t up for the death threats and the underlings of Obama holdovers who would just as soon cut off his head than obey his orders.  The Deep State is deep and full of villains.  But for our benefit, they aren’t very smart, and they are easy to beat if only you will see them in the reality of their true form—which is pretty pathetic. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The White Coat Summits: Advocates of mask mandates and 6 foot social distancing should be prosecuted for murder

I have come to really like Dr. Simone Gold and her White Coat Summits on the steps of the Supreme Court.  They had another one on Saturday October 17, 2020 which gave a more mainstream opinion from doctors all over the country about their understanding of Covid-19.  Of course, it was not a heavily covered story, especially with the Hunter Biden laptop story soaking up so much of the news cycle and a desperate media trying with everything in their power to make Joe Biden look relevant as a presidential candidate.  But it deserves to be known that Covid-19 as these doctors indicated was treatable from the beginning of what the World Health Organization termed, a “pandemic” designed to weaponize a coronavirus out of China to shape the political landscape in 2020 and they were willing to attack all our lives in the process costing our economy billions and billions of dollars.  Dr. Simone Gold and her team of doctors spoke well and on several topics resulting in one real opinion, that Covid-19 isn’t some scary, uncontrolled virus.  It was treatable from day one and continues to be a very manageable cold.  To fear it is to accept the politicization of it, and for the reasons of malice that were always intended as the result.

The level of censorship that we have seen regarding Covid-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop revelations has been stunning.  Nothing I haven’t pointed out before, but thinking something and knowing something are often different things.  Knowing now that our media is much closer to the state run outlets of China and North Korea has been sobering, and these members of the White Coat Summits have suffered for their professional participation, much the way dissident voices in communist countries are treated.  But even worse, all these doctors were trying to do was point out that Covid-19 was manageable and treatable.  And really up until President Trump came down with Covid and was able to quickly recover did people start officially questioning the way Dr. Fauci had advised the country on the virus from the beginning.   Its quite obvious Fauci, “Dr. Doom” himself, wanted the chaos of an unmanaged viral outbreak for political reasons and his partner, Bill Gates along with their ties to the World Health Organization have bet on using this virus to shut down vast portions of the global economy for some indefinite time period and they didn’t want to hear what Dr. Simone Gold had to say to the contrary.  And that was true of Google and Twitter too, they had invested in the eventual results of a government shutdown of the economy and were not shy about being under the bedsheets with China leading up to all this.  We have been witnessing another coup attempt during the Trump presidency, this time coming from the medical community where the “experts” were hand picked to drive the Covid-19 narrative and anybody who didn’t fall in line would be ostracized from society and find themselves unemployed which is exactly what happened to Dr. Gold and even Judy Mikovits who has a couple of the best selling books on the planet right now—but nobody would know.

Covid-19 was a scam from the beginning, a plandemic created by tech insurgents like Bill Gates to implement a world collapse of America into a change state under United Nations control.  They went all in on the effort and have been willing to destroy the lives of many people in the process.  As the doctors of the White Coat Summit have said, Covid-19 was treatable from the start.  Everyone knew what to do to stop the effects of the virus.  There was never any danger to our hospitals being over capacity and people didn’t need to die of the virus.  If they were treated early, people could have recovered much the way Chris Christie did, who recently caught Covid at a White House event, had to spend some time on an ICU because he’s terribly out of shape, but he recovered because he had access to medicine.  The advocates of Covid-19 were willing to deny help and medicine to people to drive the media message of a pandemic so that they could wrestle away political control of America and give it to global enforcers.  And to be honest, they should be prosecuted for murder in many ways, including Dr. Fauci who intentionally startled President Trump into playing along for a while.

When I call the governor of my state, Dummy DeWine I do so because he should have known better what was going on.  Instead he got caught playing out of the playbook of Amy Acton, his Health Director at the time who was obviously in sync with Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates into the end result.  DeWine got caught playing a kid’s game of keep away in regard to the virus setting up all kinds of unconstitutional orders for people to follow like 6 foot social distancing, stay at home orders, and mandates to wear a mask in public, which the doctors explained does nothing to stop Covid-19.  Nothing at all.  In fact, it likely exacerbates the situation and makes Covid-19 much worse and to spread much faster.  DeWine was one of the first of the nation’s governors to be suckered into the scam that became Covid-19 and he’ll never live it down.  Many governors followed him, which then gave the excuse to several blue state governors to lock down their states perpetually, such as Michigan.  It has only been recently that the courts are starting to catch up to these debacles, but the damage by now has long been done.  But it is sad to learn that all this damage was avoidable, and that every Covid-19 patient could have been treated.  It was our government reaction to it that cost so much in death and finances.  Yet, as is clear now, Covid-19 was an act of terrorism from the Bill Gates types out there, the billionaires who seek power through panic and enjoy with grim satisfaction watching people run to a slaughter house of their design.

What Bill Gates did with the help of Dr. Fauci was crack the whip of what they see as a cattle herd to keep everyone headed in the direction of their design, they wanted to use fear to accomplish the task.  If a person here or there stepped out of the herd, the threat of violence and worse came their way the way a cowboy will frighten a loose animal into getting back in line.  But the truth was that the message was you’ll be killed if you don’t get back in line for the slaughterhouse, which is where the herd is going.  And people will do it because they hope to live just a few minutes longer.  That is how many malicious people mostly in the medical community representing hostile governments around the world were able to get mass society to follow their stupid CDC guidance coming out of the World Health Organization which Bill Gates had a tremendous amount of influence.  Its not just that Covid-19 was always treatable, its that bad actors within America tried to use that fear of the virus to gain power, so they deliberately denied treatment to people who needed it, by hiding that treatment from the public to incite panic and great economic loss.  What they did was terrorism, and only now are people beginning to see it for what it was.  And thankfully from these doctors of the White Coat Summits, we have the proof. 

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Knowing Hitmen: The benefits of vast experience, seeing the edges of puzzles


I promised a bit of a glimpse into my experience with “hit men” and organized crime for context into how the Democrat Party conducts their business now.  My experiences, which I’ll give a little info, enough for some basic understanding I see as the opposite of Saul Alinsky’s experience with Al Capone’s mob in Chicago where he actively hung out with them and learned from them to write Rules for Radicals which became the guidebook for modern political theater and is very much what we see happening today from the DNC—the new mob of our times.  Where Alinsky just hung around the mobsters and was sort of a leech and observer, my experience was in actually working with them for my own quest which I’ll explain.  But first, one of the most informative experiences of my life involved a dinner where Channel 19 was filming a commercial and I was picked to be a part of it at 16 years old.  They were filming us eating a nice meal and I was seated with a girl I was dating who was 21 at the time and was a very successful fashion model.  She was the daughter of the piano player where I worked, a classy place that used to be where the Sharonville Convention Center is now.  It had connections to the mob out of Chicago and I learned a lot from those people.  Also at that table was the highest ranking judge in the City of Sharonville who had become a personal friend of mine and I learned a lot about law from.  I had from him an official “get out of jail free card” where if I got into some kind of trouble within Sharonville, I could hand that card to the officers and I was just one radio call in to be turned loose.  And next to him was a mutual friend of both of us, a hitman who was very actively employed and was a good friend of the place.

Now I’m a pretty clean-cut person, certainly am and always have been a law and order kind of guy.  But always with me, since I had my first memories at 1 and 2 years old, personal freedom has always been important.  In fact, I have my own views about wealth measurement.  For me, being rich means having time to do what and think what I want when I want to.  School was a miserable experience for me and I determined in the first grade that I wanted to be retired at age 20 so I wouldn’t have to listen to anybody tell me what to think about or when and where I could do it.  My parents really didn’t understand it.  Since I was always in trouble at school I spent most of my grade school years grounded for noncompliance every time my teachers complained about my behavior. No TV, locked in my room, doing anything fun socially was a treat given to a bird so I learned to live without those things.  But the trouble at school wasn’t my fault, other than I wanted to be my own person.  My kindergarten teacher I found out later went insane, but while she was employed I was the target of her wrath because I didn’t follow her instructions.  In the first grade the biggest bully in our school tried to push me out of my seat while I was drawing some dinosaurs that I was interested in thinking about—but I was supposed to be doing math homework.  I wasn’t going to be pushed around even by the big scary kid so I stabbed him in the eye with my scissors and that caused me all kinds of hell.  Every few months for the rest of my school years was like that and it sucked so bad that I couldn’t wait to graduate to escape that prison.

Isolation for a lot of reasons became my favorite past time, but when puberty hit, everyone—family, friends, social creatures of the established system were concerned that I had no interest in school dances or skating parties.  I was happiest reading and playing in our basement with toys way too late in life.  My parents thought it was best to shove me a bit out of the nest to interact with the world.  They thought I was gay because I had no interest in girls or playing with other kids. I couldn’t explain to them that girls weren’t the problem, I was attracted to them plenty.  What was the problem is that you had to waste so much time talking to them about stupid stuff, and I didn’t want to do that just so I could play with their boobies.  It seemed stupid to me, and what was even worse was that I had no interest in average girls.  I wanted the crazy beautiful ones, only.  So I set out to escape the pressure and get to personal freedom as fast as I could, and playing the game the way society set it up wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.  So with a long story made short, I found myself at that table with those kinds of contacts at 16 years old.  I was making a lot of money, I was hauling around Bengals players and their girlfriends all over town and acting as a body guard for them and many other VIPs.  I was offering my brand of fearlessness to all sides of the political spectrum, actually judges and their officers and people like that hit man who needed wisdom at times even if it came from a 16 year old kid who talked like he was 90 years old.

I couldn’t wait to get married and escape that life.  My wedding day was one of the happiest days.  I was planning to settle down with her and be a gunsmith for the rest of my life living quietly with my books and perhaps building a nice log cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  But the world wouldn’t leave me alone, literally because as I have said over the course of millions and millions of written words, people are trained in life to mooch off others for their sustenance and I have always been a hard worker, and a sincere person—and people want what I have, so they often work much harder in trying to take from me rather than working for themselves which would often be much easier.  I would not wish on anybody my experiences in my 20s and 30s.  I married when I was 19 and felt I had lived dozens of normal lifetimes by then.  I would live hundreds more over the next 20 years that would involve the very rich, excessively rich.  The very powerful, such as city mayors and bankers, investors, congresspeople and senators.  For instance, I was part of setting up the debate for Rob Portman to go on WLW radio when he was first running for congress.  If you can think of it, I’ve been there and done it and more importantly, I survived when nobody thought I would.  I know what pressure feels like, the kind of pressure that the very air you breathe feels like a crushing weight at the bottom of the deepest ocean.  I could write dozens of books on just this little time period.

Only over the last 15 years or so do I consider that I’ve achieved the wealth I wanted when I was 5 years old, just to have a free Saturday or Sunday occasionally to be alone with my books and think about what I want to think about.  I write these articles to share my experiences in hopes that others will find freedom in the same way.  I simply know too many people to give everyone a private advice session.  But I can talk to many thousands at once with them and give them the benefit from that experience in hopes that the world might become better and people find their lives more enriched by attacking the scary things that are meant to occupy their minds in ways that have always controlled humankind.  For me, its really easy to see the edges of the puzzle pieces such as is obvious with this latest attempt against President Trump’s life, or the absolute bullshit that the Democrat Party of criminals is trying to paint as a “new normal.”  I understand that most of the world hasn’t been trained in the way I have been, and most who might have had similar experiences usually flash out within a few years.  I was gifted with two great attributes that have allowed me to get through a thousand deaths with the benefits of wisdom, a natural happiness with the thoughts of my own mind and an unchained brutality to do whatever it takes to win at whatever I’m doing.  Even the 7 year old me was this way by poking that bully in the eye with the scissors.  Most people have one trait or the other, few have both.  That has given me access to some very unusual people to learn from in life, but it has also brought unbridled pain and gut punching reality.  And it is from there that I offer the wisdom of thought outside what anybody else will tell you, and how you can know you can trust it.  Because it comes from a place that is uncharted and very hard to get to, but once you do, it has the keys to all civilization and what drives them to action, such as spreading Covid-19 all over the Rose Garden to solve current political problems.  I have known people who actually do those kinds of things for a living, so its easy to see now on the nightly news the footprints of intention and malice.

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The Plan: What the 2012 Olympics told us about the upcoming Covid-19 virus weaponized for global domination

Its something that has been bothering me for the last eight years but in relation to all this Covid-19 drama I went back and re-watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics in 2012 and the little presentation given by the National Health Service suddenly made a lot more sense.  You can review the show below and specifically the part I’m talking about at the 43-minute mark.  Putting on my Finnegans Wake hat I’ll explain how the National Health Service was giving a psychological conditioning performance which is what happens in media more often than you might think.  Its why the media culture thinks they can control presidential politics and why nations seek an alliance with the media to shape the cultures of their populations.  For anybody who doubts that our 2020 reaction to a very specific strain of coronavirus wasn’t planned way in advance by the big money people, like Bill Gates, and George Soros along with many, many others then here is your proof.  If you doubt what happened in October of 2019 in New York with the precises simulation of what would become Covid-19 and to unleash it upon the world not so much as a deadly virus, but one that people believed was deadly then this video and my interpretation of the Olympic event will settle the story for good.  Even just a surface viewing of this show is haunting, but to consider that it was considered high art and broadcast to the world at one of the most watched events that there is anywhere, it should become obvious that Covid-19 was a long planned attack on global cultures and a future state map to a new world order with the newly aligned governments to become a nanny state to nurse everyone back to a productive culture—as the National Health Service and to a larger extent, the World Health Organization planned it.

The show starts with a stage full of children going to bed as the nurses read to them.  The scene is festive and vibrant, much like the Tic Tock videos of nurses dancing in hospitals that we have seen this year mysteriously coordinated as people were supposedly dying in their care and being loaded onto refrigeration trucks outside stacked to the ceiling with the dead.  These are the good times of a pre-shutdown world.  Then the children go to sleep, which could represent all of us, the children of the world, the future laying asleep on beds lit up with brilliant white light. But then comes a nightmare, along comes the nightmare disguised by images of myth in our culture such as characters from Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter.  But what is clear is that a danger is coming while the world sleeps specifically from China and the horsemen of the apocalypse within a cage as characters who look like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are awaked by a great threat as a giant wizard emerges into the sky with his magic wand coordinating the nightmare.  This character looks a bit like the Emperor from Star Wars and could represent George Soros and those like him working behind the scenes to orchestrate this terror unleashed.

The creatures who rush the stage clearly represent a viral outbreak.  At the time in 2012 many people thought what the National Health Service was trying to say was that we’ve been through plagues in the past and that they appreciated the nurses who guided us through those crises.  However, what they were showing we now know is clearly a reference to the upcoming plandemic that is upon us now, and this little play was our guidebook to dealing with it.  They were predicting a viral outbreak that would attack all those asleep and everyone would be under the spell of the giant overseer. The nurses suddenly become robotic and obviously not self-guided.  Everyone on stage was suddenly controlled by the virus and the overseer as the children ran for their lives and there was nowhere to hide.  This is what we are experiencing right now.  Make absolutely no mistake about it, the plan was for the leaders of the world to be contaminated by this Covid-19 virus and to strip away the covers of security we all live under and expose us to the great danger of this coronavirus.  President Trump likely was supposed to get it at some point in 2020 and it was meant to strip him away as a symbol of American power and show that he was controlled by the ominous forces lurking in the world just off-stage, and that we’d all be forced to follow.

Then by some miracle dozens and dozens of Mary Poppins like characters fall from the sky by their umbrellas and land eradicating the virus and forcing it off stage.  The grand overseer is reduced melting away like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and peace is restored into not so much the free state at the beginning, but to a state where security is ushered in by a nanny state literally represented by Mary Poppins herself—the ultimate nanny.  It always bothered me that there were many Mary Poppins characters but now we know.  The goal of the National Health Service and the World Health Organization represented at the Olympics was for the purpose of planting a seed of behavior so that when the moment came, people would know how to react.  The purpose of the Covid-19 virus would be to scare the hell out of everyone by attacking the very foundations of their society and what would emerge was a one world government provided behind the various health organizations in every country and that is what would unite us all to a common good—ran by them of course.  The show ends with a better, more organized world run by the nannies giving birth to a new age as represented by the giant baby that becomes the centerpiece of the stage.

The media seemed to know just what to do as the helicopter rushed President Trump off to Walter Reed hospital for treatment of Covid-19 one month before the American election.  The enemies of American independents cheered that the President was now sick and that he might die due to his age and health status.  The message was clear in 2012, nobody was going to escape this virus and the only way to live would be to turn toward the health advisers and an eventual nanny state for security.  However, what they didn’t plan was for President Trump to defeat the massive overseer himself, or for Trump supporters to flood the streets outside Walter Reed hospital to rally the president back to health the way that President Trump had rallied the nation to defend themselves against these maniacal forces and put America first.  None of that was part of the plan which is why there is a kind of major panic going on by those who believed that this little play was the game plan they had invested much of their lives into.  It was coming undone right in front of their faces.  But make no mistake about it, this Covid-19 event was about nothing but control from the start.  They have been planning it for decades and they unleashed it loose in 2020 to make their move against Trump’s America first policies, so that the United Nations could move in and take control of the world governments in what they thought was a peaceful coup.  Once America fell, the other governments of the world would follow.  But with Trump surviving and becoming more resolute than ever with supporters rallying to the cause, yeah, that wasn’t part of the plan.

I’m convinced that Democrat operatives committed to the inside understanding of what was going to happen through the various health organizations taking over government responsibilities were going to find a way to get Covid-19 to President Trump one way or another.  It is no accident that this past week many big names in the NFL also came down with positive testing keeping them from playing their games on Sunday, such as Cam Newton.  We are supposed to feel that there is no Superman who will save us from this disease and hope is supposed to be erased from our minds.  That is the point of the virus.  But when Trump fought the effects and took his hydroxychloroquine cocktails to fight Covid-19 head on instead of laying in bed by the doctors to be put to sleep literally, the whole plan fell apart.  And that’s where we find ourselves today just ahead of the election.  The events of that play are undone completely and thankfully.  But don’t kid yourself.  This wasn’t something that just happened.  Covid-19 was and will always be a power grab by the World Health Organization to put the United Nations in charge of our lives not by the point of a gun, but by the fear of a virus which they completely controlled and always planned to.

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Dumb as The Rock: Nobody cares about Trump’s taxes–especially voters

Well, its interesting to see what that other side thinks people care about, starting with the announcement by The Rock giving his endorsement to the Biden campaign on Sunday of this week around the same time that they marched Joe himself out around noon, just before the football games to make a connection between the new Supreme Court Justice nominee, Amy Comey Barrett to an eradication of Obamacare.  Hmmm, in case they didn’t know it on the political left, that issue has been solved for over a decade.  Its part of the reason for the majorities in congress since 2010 and what gave Trump his rise to the Oval Office.  He ran on getting rid of Obamacare so its not surprising that he would stick with it.  Only Democrats think that socialized medicine is popular with people now that they’ve crammed it down everyone’s throats.  Well, they are all as dumb as The Rock, a simple actor who makes his living doing what people tell him to do.  Because even dumber than all that The New York Times came out with their “October Surprise”, the Trump tax returns, or what they say are the returns.  It is stunning that they think Trump’s taxes are a deal killer, yet they dug and dug and dug for something they could publish and likely took many things out of context, or even flat out lied.  They may have even done it to provoke Trump into releasing his real tax returns in response, to set the record straight—but regardless, the attempt shows extreme stupidity in understanding the Trump voter and the trends of politics toward more personal freedom.  And that is what’s so stunning, that all these so-called smart people, these political experts, don’t understand the very basics of what has been going on.

News flash, paying taxes is looked down on with normal people.  By paying a full tax bill for every little thing that the government wants to spend money on, you label yourself as a sucker.  The game goes like this, government spends endless amounts of money to stay in elected office, and they expect taxpayers to foot the bill without question.  But for the average taxpayer, they see the money they spend in taxes as theft to some degree or another and they resent the process.  Smart people use tax loopholes to keep from paying as many taxes as possible, because as they work hard and create jobs for people, if they don’t question everything, then the government will loot them dry without a second thought.  So, any diligent businessperson is always looking for a tax savings.  If Trump paid nothing in taxes, which I seriously doubt is the case, it would show me how smart he is.  And even more, he has offered himself as a retirement job to help solve the problem by running for president and giving back all the money he would otherwise make for the job.  Paying taxes without questioning them is stupid because the government is always looking for a way to bail out their bad spending habits and the public has no other recourse to keep them in check but to either take up arms against them, or to deny them your hard earned money for which they will steal by law every chance they get.

Paying taxes is not patriotic.  It’s an endorsement that you think everything government is spending money on is valid.  A good American is not someone who just blindly pays their taxes.  Government people and the socialists who make up their ranks are largely people who have never had to make a payroll, or even create a job.  They have no idea how money is made, or value is created.  And for them to ridicule President Trump on how much money he spent on hairstyling or anything for that matter is tone deaf to the reality of the matter.  Socialists revolutionaries in congress like Sandy Cortez, (AOC) have no room to make fun of anybody for anything they spend their money on when the context of their criticism is the assumption that someone like Trump should give them the money instead so they can give it to some demographic group that wants to use them to stay in political power.  I think if the Trump spending is true on a hairstyle, then the President spent the money better on himself than in giving it to those losers.

The less money Trump paid in taxes the smarter I think he is, and that is what his base will think as well.  Democrats after all these years should know that, but that they don’t says a lot about themselves.  They should understand the same about the debate on Obamacare.  And they should know that The Rock isn’t going to do a damn thing to switch a vote from Trump to Biden.  Likely, The Rock is going to find that it will hurt his brand forever, that he came out against Trump.  People will remember and it will hurt him at the box office.  All these issues were settled in the 2016 election, the effects of celebrity, the unpopularity of Obamacare, and Trump’s tax returns and why he didn’t submit them for review.  Because they are irrelevant.  That other presidents have done so in the past says nothing, most of them were losers too and they needed income to report.  Trump by the time he ran for office was making more money in retirement off his real estate ventures than he would ever make off the government, and people voted for him understanding that.  I personally think he paid a lot of money in taxes otherwise the IRS would have been all over him and he wouldn’t have been able to function in the way he has all these years in government.  With the amount of investigation into him that there has been, he would have had a lot more trouble.  Its not uncommon for people with a great deal of personal wealth in whatever form they have it to hide their assets in ways that the government can’t get to.  That’s a smart thing to do, not a bad thing at all.

Government and their Marxist buddies in the media take value at value’s sake, so they are tone death to the subtleties of existence.  The New York Times obviously hopes to prove that Trump isn’t that rich and has been deceiving us all from the beginning.  But people get it, they understand the game of keep away from the government that is out of control.  And if a guy like Trump wants to finish out his life solving the problems of government, people are happy that he is willing to do it.  They aren’t going to hold anything against him, rather it will make him appear much stronger to them, because he’s one of them, and he has shown that they can game the system against itself.  Yet that is such a 2016 point of view.  Now Trump has a track record, so people care even less about Trump’s taxes than they did in 2016.  It was a dead story then and now its just in a state of decomposition.  That the New York Times thought it was a smart idea and unleashed it as if it was a big story shows that they are just as dumb as Biden, or The Rock.  And that they certainly don’t understand what is going on with this election.  Because they are as dumb as The Rock, and that is saying something about a guy who spends his whole life reading what other people tell him to say.  And so it goes that The New York Times is in the same boat.

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Liberals and Underaged Sex: Why pedophilia is the weapon of Democrats to usher in a reset of the Vico Cycle

With all the outrages over the Netflix film, ‘Cuties’ many questions about why sex with underage children is considered good and sacred, especially among liberal people.  Many wonder how it is tolerated at all at the most basic level.  Well, the answer is that many liberals have abandoned Christianity and the church, which is to say, the moral codes of conduct that have shaped western civilization.  Therefore, the Bible and the swearing to it to hold together the rules of a functioning republic do not apply to them, by their choice. This type of liberalism can be traced back to the writing of Utopia by Sir Thomas More in 1516 and has been the sort of pivot point that has advanced liberalism year by year from then to now.  Not that More was a pedophile, but that his way of thinking started a path of thought that has become modern liberalism and an eventual rejection of the tenants of western civilization especially among the religious.  Even more than that we have hard wired in our human brains a limiter switch that sets us upon a self-destructive path called the Vico Cycle, which was explored in the artistic novel, ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ by James Joyce, perhaps to my mind the most complicated work of literature in the history of all known civilization. I say all this because to understand the political left’s obsession with pedophilia, and pornography in general, you have to look at the situation at the level of the universe where its indifferent to the morality of our species, but the actions which are products of it, and why they exist at all.

When our species says that sex with underage kids is bad and should not happen, or that rapes shouldn’t happen, and that marriage is between a man and a woman, not a woman who becomes a man, or a man who desperately wants to identity crises themselves into a woman.  Or that gay rights should be rejected because the goal of the union is not to produce children, or even a family, but just to partake in animal oriented sex and nothing more.  These over-sexed values are part of a liberalized line of thinking which is meant to erase the gains of mankind on earth and to reset the trajectory of invention and science back to the beginning, which is what the Vico Cycle is all about, it starts with theocracy, then migrates into aristocracy, emerging into democracy, which is where parts of our society have been since the times of the Greeks and Romans, then eventually falls into anarchy, which is our present age—but as we can see from our current election, half of America wants to keep going and the other half wants to surrender to it and get back to nature, or otherwise, the beginning of the Vico Cycle.

My daughter an I had a very interesting conversation about this very thing as she took my recommendation to read Plato’s ‘Republic’ recently and commented to me that she was stunned how contemporary it was, it reads like it was written yesterday.  I pointed out to her things she already knew, but now with new context about how it was the barbarians (anarchists) who sacked Rome, and it was the Catholic Church which held Europe under a stringent spell during the Protestant Reformation and essentially kept everyone blind and stupid for centuries of authoritarian control.  Science was frowned down upon and people were even killed for asking obvious questions all in the time frame of when Plato wrote his Republic.  I told her that it was entirely possible that for many millenniums before Plato wrote that book mankind at different places around the world had likely gone through the same types of social evolution.  The reason we don’t know about them is because they are likely buried in the oceans and archaeology is not possible to discover them.  We know of the Greeks because essentially Muslims protected the works from the purges as the Roman Empire collapsed due to more and more external pressures to fall, much like those same forces are trying to crush America now.

I personally think Lolita, the book and movie by Stanley Kubrick from 1955 to 1962 is one of the most perverse stories about middle aged sex with a 12 year old girl that there has been, yet the political left considers it high art indeed.  I personally knew the director of the play Equus which played at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati in the late eighties to great controversy as it featured live sex between the actors on stage in front of everyone.  I was stunned when I saw it and my wife never got over it.  It rocked her Becket Ridge Country Club sensibilities to her foundations of Christian religion and she was angry about that play like many are now about the Netflix show ‘Cuties.’  As I said, the director of that film thought insulting the sensibilities of the Cincinnati political elite was a great thing and she took great joy in it.  A few years later in 1999 the film ‘American Beauty’ came out and won awards including Best Picture at the Academy Awards, so none of this modern context of ‘Cuties’ is new.  The Jeffrey Epstein behavior isn’t unusual, and liberals up and down the political ladder openly embrace pedophilia in the context that it has been presented to them through the arts, that fresh bodies just blooming into sexuality are pure and beautiful and meant to be enjoyed before they become wilted and slowly dying the moment they enter puberty.  For liberals they accept that cycle as a fact of life and find enjoying the first years of sexuality the best and most pure.

But don’t be fooled by all the art talk and awards that have come from pedophilia because they are only rewards given to a dog for rolling over and doing what they are told.  The behavior itself, just as it is to make pornography easy in our society over the internet is to pull the human mind back to the primitive and to keep people from considering higher thoughts.  In the great battles of a human lifetime, the real turmoil that most people feel is the need for a higher self to control the lower self.  But the goal of liberalism in every phase is to surrender to the lower self and that all notions of the higher self are rooted in sacrifice to the group order and impulses of the universe.  Individuality is to be overcome, but for many, sex keeps a mind on primitive needs always working with other people for the shared sexual experience, and once that obsession has taken over the mind from an adolescent to a young adult, then guilt keeps any single individual from becoming thoughtful and driven which assures a liberalized society into preserving the Vico Cycle well into the future.  And that is the goal of making sex a primary political objective on the large stage of international politics, and why so many fall for its short term gains.  At least with Christianity there is a desire to achieve higher individual thought above animal instincts and to manage them into Heaven.  To eliminate that hope and desire, liberals hope to trap a mind in animal needs sexually by casting the mind to the greatest source of the freshly blossomed flowers of humankind, underage sex.  And that is what makes it vast and evil, because it is truly a prison that is designed to hold a mind to the most primal aspects of existence, and nothing greater.

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The Joe Biden Speech: A choice between reality and a production

I feel sorry for people who don’t know, I thought everyone did until I heard the reviews from Biden’s speech on Thursday where everyone was so shocked that he did so well. Watching it the first time, then watching it again, there is a lot of Hollywood magic going on with it that is never going to hold up on a live stage. They did their best to make him look good, they wrote his speech, they put the cameras in the right locations, and they edited the event to make it look live. But watching it, I don’t think Joe Biden was even reading the teleprompter live. It was a production, not a presidential announcement. It was a product of the puppet masters and not a man offering to lead from the White House. In many ways it was the starkest contrast to President Trump who doesn’t need the support cast and operates with strings on him for anybody to pull. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I thought the metaphors were clear to everyone, including the production team trying to get that many sentences out of Joe Biden before he started talking about kids rubbing the hair on his legs. They gave him a 20-minute script to read and they likely did it in several takes until they had the best one, and that is what we saw on television.

The giveaway to the whole event was the two medium shots they used before and after the speech to set up the event. Those were both live and the had Biden sort of lip sync his movements to match the video event. They were just far enough that even on a 4k television it would be difficult to make out the features of his face so long as he put his hands in the right place, which Biden was able to do well enough to sell to the public that it was a live broadcast. Biden was oddly in a room where nobody else was, the video board they had showed people clapping who were watching, but they were in a different location and would never know if who they were clapping for was live, or had been recorded two weeks ago. It wouldn’t matter to them. At the end of the speech of course they moved back to a medium shot where Biden’s wife and a few others came out from behind the stage to then help sell that everything was happening live. They waved to the clapping video images on the video monitor for a few minutes then went outside into the parking lot where the DNC had set it up like a drive-in theater to a live audience and fireworks.

OK, so if the point of the whole convention was to “socially distance” then why didn’t Biden give that speech outside to the crowd instead of having them watch the video monitor? As a presidential candidate shouldn’t he have been able to read a teleprompter outside to the crowd? Wouldn’t that have been just as effective? Of course, it would, however, the point of the social distancing, and using Covid-19 as cover for live interactions was to keep Biden on script. The social distancing was part of the illusion to help sell the scripted cut-aways, the medium shots and the lip syncing so that Biden could have that perfect speech and wow the media with a tightly controlled impression. It didn’t bother me in the least, I figured it was the only way they could get him to get through that speech, and its show business, and that is half the battle in running for president. There are a lot of Democrats who work in Hollywood who are out of work over Covid-19 so they helped make a video presentation that made Joe look decent. I suspect watching that clip a few times now of the speech that it is a combination of several takes and the editors put together a greatest hits of it and synced it together with computer technology and perhaps even a bit of CGI to match all the takes into one seamless transition, sort of like what movie productions have done on films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘1917.’

The real giveaway is that they gave the speech inside a building to absolutely no live audience when just a few feet away outside was a parking lot full of people waiting to hear the speech but being forced to watch it on a video monitor. I would have brough this up yesterday, but I continued to hear all during Friday that Biden did this great job on his speech and that he had nailed it like he was a gymnast or something. But he didn’t. It was all a fake to be honest, just like the Covid-19 Plandemic, and many other things that the Democrats are trying to tell us are important. It was a production, not reality. What’s even worse is that most of the media likely know that what I have said about the speech is true, and they made themselves part of the illusion by trying to sell it as reality. The speech itself isn’t the problem, it represents what Democrats are offering as a platform and if people want to vote for that, then there you go. But when you try to sell an illusion as a fact, well that crosses the line of ethics. People go to a magic show expecting to be tricked. When they go to a political event, they are looking for information to help them cast a vote or to gather more people to their way of thinking. This level of dishonesty is precisely why everything is at a perilous place these days, and people are literally ready to kill each other.

I would go so far to say that Democrat Convention planners have been wanting to use Covid-19 to pull off this very kind of stunt because they are well aware that Biden is failing in health and they just want to get him over the finish line. This plan has been in place most of the year and is why Kamala Harris dropped out in December so that she could be a trojan horse of socialism getting elected on Joe’s back. Joe just wants to win something in his life even if they must carry him over the finish line. He just hopes he can live long enough. What’s bad about it all is that they are not selling the actual product but are purposely using deceit to achieve their political objective. And just like they have been trying to sell Covid-19 as this deadly disease, they are trying to show that Biden is alive and well, and can still give a speech when both are extreme fictions not rooted in any kind of reality. And that ultimately is what they are selling in this election. Do you want to go back to sleep and watch the production they put on to work their menace behind illusions, or do you want out of the Matrix and to fight for your freedom to live, think, and plan? That is what this election is really about—it’s the reality versus the production. And after Biden’s speech, we can be sure of one thing, that he’s not about reality.

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I Feel Sorry for Kings Island: More government tampering that is ruining yet another market sector

I did finally go to Kings Island to ride the new Orion roller coaster, and it wasn’t disappointing. It was fantastic and another fine treasure of the Cincinnati area. Kings Island did a great job with it, however, it was a sad experience. Sure, it was good to go to Kings Island again after the Covid nonsense, but it was a stifled reflection of itself. The thing for me that I couldn’t get passed after they opened again in July, once the government of Ohio finally “let them,” was the reservation system a day in advance. The masks I am against as well, but I am somewhat accommodating when on some business property where they require masks. But the reservation system was a deal killer for me. Well, as it turns out, they didn’t need the reservation system because there weren’t enough people wanting to come to the part to even worry about it. On a prime day for Kings Island to be open on a Thursday in the middle of summer, there were barely enough people there to fill the space at the entrance of International Street. Most of the rides were 5-minute walk-ons which is great for someone like me, but the pain I could feel from Kings Island wasn’t worth it. They were hemorrhaging money just for being open and it made me physically sick to see.

I was in the line for Orion when I saw a message from the Hollywood Reporter come through on my phone reporting that Disney had pushed out the release date for Mulan again along with any future Star Wars and Avatar films because of Covid-19. Looking around at the magnificent Orion roller coaster that Kings Island spent $30 million on, the largest investment in the park’s history, they were counting on long lines and for the park to become a vacation destination this year. But the Covid crowd attendance was devastating to them, and it was obvious Disney was thinking the same thing. They were going to hold out and not hemorrhage money on this current market that the government had severely interrupted by what they call safety. But to me it was all bullshit. Most politicians are not the smartest tacks in the box, most of them would not do well in the private sector so they hide in the public where the government can promise them a paycheck. Governors like Mike DeWine was a fine example of that, his reaction to Covid-19 was as a panicky parent insecure about their parental role in keeping children safe, so he was quick to distort the law and go all in on Covid-19 as a big government micromanager and to stick its fat ass in the middle of our economy to slow down everything. And it was costing companies like Cedar Fair Amusements millions and millions of dollars. And to add fuel to that fire, government could care less.

For readers of this article who don’t know my general impression of Covid-19 I think it’s a purely political thing, it has nothing to do with the deadliness of the virus. As has been proven, Covid-19 might spread easily, but governments around the world screwed up when they allowed radical medical professionals to establish new measurements on this particular coronavirus that were purely political. They gambled that it would be more deadly, hoped that it would in fact, so they could justify their political over-reaction to it. So I don’t trust any of the authorities involved in Covid-19, including President Trump. I think he got suckered into the alarmist propaganda of White House medical advisors during an election year and that he must play along, because many people who want to vote for him believe all the nonsense. But for the minds of the matter, Covid-19 was a terrorist attack on our economy and Kings Island was the obvious victim for sure. All during the “plandemic” I’ve personally been able to avoid a lot of direct impact to my life. I love going to restaurants, amusement parks, and movies, but I also love reading, video games, and hanging out with my family. So, with many of those social things not available I have just read more books. I have barely noticed what the outside world was doing. But I’ll say this, they weren’t going to Kings Island.

Government is there to help people conduct their business without killing each other, to establish the basic rules of an orderly society. It is not to get in the way of a micromanaged economy that puts severe limits on the creativity of the human race. What government has been doing and what Mike DeWine specifically was interpreting was his job as an executive of Ohio government was wrong. The media was driving the dialogue of falsehoods that even Trump had to follow, that the role of government was to keep people safe, which was clearly incorrect. And the attackers of America knew that they could really screw up our system by attacking the definition of “safe” with Covid-19. It was a plan hatched out of China after the last Trump trade deal and it involved many American corporations placing their bets on the eventual outcome which involved a collapse of American capitalism into much more socialism then eventually a united world under communism for which China would rule completely at the head of the United Nations. For me the obvious measure of lost billions and trillions of dollars from the American economy caused by this terrorist act was in entertainment. When people aren’t entertained and thinking about things besides basic survival, you can see the future GDP of our entire economy wrecked and destroyed quickly thereafter.

I know quite a few people who do work in the Walt Disney and Universal Studio theme parks in Florida and I have been curious what it would be like to wear a mask to those places and Kings Island gave me a snap shot of that effort. At Kings Island while I was there it wasn’t too bad of a day, it was about 84 degrees with the threat of rain most of the time. And let me tell you, it was hot under that mask, terrible even. No wonder nobody was going to the park and with around 4 weeks left to be open with all the payroll that Kings Island has on the books, it was clear they were going to lose many millions of dollars this year. They were losing money just to be open to keep what fans they did have plugged in enough not to lose their brand recognition completely. It will likely take years to build their business back up if Trump is elected and we get back to normal around the world on November 4th. But it will likely take much longer than that to get back to normal and that will be devastating to companies like Cedar Fair Amusements who run Kings Island. The heat at the Disney Parks would be much worse of course and its clear they are seeing the same kind of fan attendance which excites greatly the socialists who are clapping at the demise of American capitalism which is so well represented in our entertainment culture. The situation is far worse than even I had been saying, and the damage in many cases will be irreparable.

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Proctor and Gamble Overstepped its Marketplace Footprint: When corporations become advocates for mask wearing and communism in general

It must have at least been a half a dozen times this past week where people asked me why? Why take such conservative positions when corporate socialism and the tide of the country is headed in the other direction? To the people asking the question they were thinking about it all wrong of course, and their question wasn’t malicious. Ironically, the second thing that they were asking me was what my new book was all about, and because of the amount that I can write and think about, what was taking so long? Well, it just so happens that the answer to the first question was one born out of the second. In my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which I have been heavily editing over these last few weeks with dedication, there is a defense of the western civilization way of doing things—which transcends over into business of course, but politics, philosophy, warfare, art, just about everything and its no small matter to frame into a point of reference. I would never be happy to just write another self-help book for the marketplace, if I’m going to do something, I expect it to have some earth shattering effect on someone reading it for the first time and nothing less. But it has taken some time to whittle that wood into the fine carving that it is. And while its not common by health of a corporate view of the world to take positions on social matters, what it essentially comes down to is that if you don’t have a stable country to function in, then what is the point in trying to run a business of any kind? Look at what politicians have done to the business world over Covid-19. If left to their own devices, politics will ruin all our lives, so to function in the business world, we must have a stable government that we can depend on—which has always been my first concern on social matters and why I do what I do.

The first chapter of my new book is about East meeting Western philosophy on the frontiers of the Wild West for essentially the first time in history and we all know the result, the East lost. Yet we have allowed the East to think it is superior to Western thinking because governments around the world find that people functioning as such are easier to control. Western thinking requires boldness, and it gives birth to a level of creativity that is simply amazing and produces in society so many wonderful things. But the more that Eastern collectivism has taken over in the business world the worse our culture in the West has been. You can most see the effect in entertainment industries such as motion picture development and music. But now we can see the impact in sports, and even food development and it was never so obvious the audacity of corporate socialism which is meant to appease the more aggressive desire to micromanage every aspect of a culture with Chinese communism than P&G in Cincinnati who took a position on aligning social practices to the desires of government with their mask wearing announcement over the 4th of July. I wasn’t surprised by it, but it was a stunning admission to their intent and desire to appease the mobs of government with obvious aggrandizement.

The only way it works, this control that governments and their chosen corporate outlets can mandate such restriction on the population at large is to eliminate competition. P&G obviously thinks that people need their products so much that people will overlook their political positions, which is clearly what they have done by insisting that people wear masks in public as a reaction to Covid-19. You could say the same about Nike, or the NFL over the heavy political push by sponsors to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something more politically desirable. It doesn’t matter what the fans want, what the market driven economy wants, it’s what government wants and that is how bullies in government get what they want out of people in general and control the freedom of any marketplace weakening the effects of capitalism for all the strategic reasons that a person could think of. And now that the push for outright communism is out of the bag, corporate leaders raised in an education system around the world teaching essentially Eastern Philosophy are behaving as they have been taught, which I would argue was wrong from their very foundations. But its why they are so quick to fall in line with government mandates rather than challenging them in court or on the grounds of harming capitalist creativity.

The nature of all markets, especially under the flags of freedom is that competition will make them better and provide the best goods and services to those who want them. But because of the alliance of government and corporations everyone has forgotten that freedom determines the eventual reality unless governments can take away those options for complete control of a market, which does not exist. For instance, to answer P&G’s assumption about wearing a mask if the public wants to return to sports and other mass gathering events, I will say that people will drop sports all together and move on to something more fun if corporations have taken away the fun of doing such things. I can think of two examples just from last week. Nintendo Switch, which I have talked about often is so good in what it does, and continues to sell out all over the world because of the high demand it provides its customers that during all this Covid-19 shutdown nonsense that people have already found an alternative to sports. People are playing video games online with each other more and are replacing traditional social gatherings at a faster rate than anybody is ready to admit. The market money simply went somewhere else, and that is what all these sports teams are going to learn, unfortunately too late. The second thing I noticed was that Kings Island tried to open under the new government guidelines and it was just a pain in the ass for the consumer. Some people did go brave the long lines and mask wearing, but that will not be the norm. If that industry becomes so restrictive, then people will simply find something else to do. They won’t comply as the board members of these various corporations are hoping as they bootlick with politicians to find a happy middle ground everyone can relate to. The consumer isn’t going to put up with such restrictions, and they’ll take their money elsewhere. That is how it works in the real world.

I remember the damage that the baseball strike had on the game in 1994, and I would argue that it never really recovered. The NFL with all this kneeling stuff, and name changing, and the social justice garbage will learn that fans are not going to invest in something that makes them feel bad. The NBA is also going to go through the same process. And when people lose interest in sports they won’t buy the Nike shoes and Under Armor shirts at the store. They will buy something, but if they can’t feel good about the purchase, they’ll move their money elsewhere and that is in essence what my book is about, and why I do get involved in politics rather than adopting to every stupid rule that comes from government to limit what corporations can do in offering goods and services to the vast public. P&G does not have a monopoly on the marketplace even though they have been fooling themselves into thinking so. And they do not have the political leverage to do the bidding of government to wear masks and change the behavior of the marketplace. They have been an influencer, but not a driver. Free market decisions ultimately decide and understanding what free people really want is the key to making decisions about the future and that is the difference between Eastern philosophy and the optimistic gaze of the West toward potential and promise driven by imagination.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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