I am Not Proud to be an American: Land of the lazy, home of the terrified, that is what has become of us

What are you supposed to do when you call 911 and the people on the other end are the bad guys? When you can’t trust the FBI because they are obviously working a political agenda, or the courts no longer function because they have liberal, activist judges. Or the governors of our states have taken a stupid little virus outbreak and inflated the math to make it appear more scary to justify a massive socialist power grab. Who would ever have thought that two of America’s biggest cities, New York and Los Angeles would be locked down indefinitely while people cowered in fear in their homes wearing masks to avoid a virus? And who in their right mind would ever in the past put up with an American doctor telling us all that the Covid-19 virus was in control, not us and that we’d have to yield to it, to do what it said. And if a second outbreak happened in the fall, we might have to shut down everything again.

Who would have ever thought that we’d have to practically beg the government to make a living, and would have to comply with a long list of stupid rules just to do so, and that government would shut down and destroy trillions of dollars of economic growth then have the audacity to lecture us like children that we’d have to comply with the rules they pulled literally out of their ass, or we could go to jail, be fined, or perhaps even destroyed for insubordination, much like General Flynn was working directly with the Trump administration, or Roger Stone. It is for these reasons and many more that I can say for the first time in my life, I am not proud to be an American. I don’t want to look at the American flag. I don’t want to watch Trump talk about anything. And the reason is I don’t like losers and my country has been made into a bunch of losers that I don’t want to be associated with over this whole Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s been bothering me for a while, the American reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, but it came most to my mind the other day when my wife was buying summer clothes for me. Normally, American flag shirts, hats, flags of all kinds, swimming suits, are the types of things I enjoy wearing. But this time I told her I didn’t want those kinds of things. For instance, my attire when going to Kings Island’s water park with my grandchildren are very audacious American flag printed swimming shorts, an obvious bright red American flag themed t-shirt and my cowboy hat to protect myself from the intense sun, and that’s me most of the time that I am not wearing a suit for business.

When I was five years old, I was so patriotic even back then that my mother painted my room all in red, white and blue stars all over the walls, and that lasted all through my childhood. In the fourth grade my teachers and friends at school were quite concerned that I wore a cowboy hat to school with red, white and blue combinations of outfits looking like I was going to a rodeo instead of grade school. And when I was in high school no matter how much trouble I got in to, or no matter how many lives were lost in the quest for manhood, I never lost any sense of pride in being an American. As a married adult I have worked for several campaigns politically starting with Ross Perot way back in the 90s, and have been involved in patriotic movements since.

Sure, times have been tough, I remember the night Bill Clinton was elected and feeling gut punched while sitting on the steps of the Westin Hotel thinking life was over as we knew it. I know how painful it is to work so hard for a presidential candidate and to not have them win. I remember how I felt during the Wako and Ruby Ridge assaults by the ATF and the FBI where the kind of power hungry activism that would later show up against Trump from the top of the DOJ connected directly a previous presidential administration trying to overturn an American election to preserve the gains made toward globalism. I remember how 9/11 felt, and how blank it was to see no airplanes flying for weeks, and what cost that had to our economy in 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists both foreign and domestic. But never did I feel a lack of pride in being an American. I always felt that we were just a turn or two away from fixing everything and making it right again—until really the night before the primary election in Ohio of March 16th, 2020 just days after the unthinkable happened, Governor DeWine under the spell of Amy Acton “ordered” all bars and restaurants closed and was forcing Americans to hide in their homes and not attack a viral outbreak that was intent to shut down our economy. Since that day, things only got worse day by day, but that was the day that broke the back of America and made me feel ashamed to see any flag flying anywhere.

How can we say that America is the home of the free and land of the brave when we are hiding in our homes wearing masks and listening to scientists uttering complete nonsense, and destroying our economy and lives based on voodoo assumptions given by people with an obvious anti-American bias? We can’t, we have instead become the land of the lazy, the home of the terrified, where people look at you funny for not hiding behind a mask and waiting for the government to tell us its safe to go outside. There have been some signs of life, some protests where people have pushed back against authority, have went to jail and challenged the courts. But there hasn’t been near enough. The fact that all of LA County in California would sit tight and obey a corrupt mayor and a power tripping governor without somebody getting their ass seriously kicked says a lot about just how wimpy we have become as Americans. Where we have already cancelled most of our firework shows for the summer, especially 4th of July celebrations because we have allowed Dr. Fauci and the CDC to convince us that we have to yield to the whims of a microscopic virus instead of attacking it. And that we must do the same to the political class who suddenly decides how we work, if we are allowed to work at all, and when.

I’ve been mad before when my side loses, its not uncommon for me to throw televisions out the window when my favorite football team loses, I’ve done that more than once. One thing I don’t like to do in life is lose and being part of a losing team. I resist team activity for that very reason, because most people don’t care about winning as much as I do. The value of the American flag is something that could likely be restored in me. But there would have to be a lot of winning involved to get there. Otherwise, a rage of anger is all I feel and a desire to make the people attacking our American culture pay with blood for attempting to subvert our Constitution, our rule of law. To answer the original question with my view of the world, when you can’t call 911 and trust the people who answer, its time for a real fight and to make the enemy feel the way I do now. Its time to take away from them what they have taken from me, stolen under the flag of fear they have been peddling for months and terrifying an overly compliant culture into their homes looking out only through cracks in the curtains afraid of what they might see. I’m not OK with losing and let’s go ahead and say it, we have been losing in America and it will take a lot to turn it around, if it even can be. And those are the facts that we must deal with.

I need to see a lot more of this to make the American name mean something again.  And to me, this doesn’t go near far enough.

Rich Hoffman

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Judy Mikovits and Plandemic: They want you to think its a conspiracy, but in truth, its all too real

To understand all the controversy regarding the anger surrounding the doctor Judy Mikovits just look at Dr. Doom himself, the well-known Dr. Fauci and in context it will all be clear. Mikovits is the conspiracy theory advocate that Google has a personal war with because what she is saying goes against their strategy of contact tracing every human being on earth, much the way their Google Maps works by casting a GPS chart wherever you are anywhere at any time, even in the most remote part of the world. Free-will is not conducive to their objectives so they have put out a well-documented smear campaign against Mikovits for daring to question the recent outbreak of Covid-19. There is a very controversial documentary that is constantly being removed from YouTube and every other social media platform.  Below is a guy talking about it, in a negative way, which are the only videos not being banned.  Michelle Malkin also has a great interview that is very much worth watching.  Its right now the most banned video in the world, and that should tell you something.  Even the website PandamicMovie.com has been shut down.  I don’t see anything controversial about any of the information, and Mikovits herself is a pretty smart lady.

I’ve read both her books, one called ‘Plague: One Scientists Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)’ and the other, which is new and very hard to get, ‘Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense.)’ I read Plague well before the Covid-19 virus, a few years ago, and it made sense to me. That’s part of the reason I saw Covid-19 coming out of China as a weapon of Marxism rather than any real threat of death from the outset. If you know what’s going on, it’s not a surprise or a conspiracy theory. And that’s why the organizations pushing Covid-19 danger hate Judy Mikovits and have tried to paint her as a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist when in reality she is simply a fallen angel who used to be one of “them” but fell from asking too many questions. Judy is a disgruntled employee, not a conspiracy advocate, in spite of what “they” want you to believe.  And the story she has to tell is a very good one.

Like most professions the medical profession, especially at the level Dr. Fauci operates is all about getting funding for research. Understandably, some of that research works, some of it doesn’t and even the best vaccines with the intent of immunology goes bad. It might fix the targeted ailment, but the side effects might cause permanent cell restructuring and lead to even deadlier diseases—like autism, ME/CFS—or many other things. It’s not that the medical community shouldn’t keep trying new medicines in the lab with an intent toward human conquest of all diseases, but the path to Hell is paved with good intentions and by default a lot of patients do end up in Hell far worse off than if they had never sought out a doctor’s help at all. That was the point of Judy Mikovits’ books. She’s certainly not anti-science, quite the opposite. But her problem is in the process itself, of the medical industry as a whole, and the culture that springs forth.

People tend to think of Doctors as highly educated people who are beyond fail, and people put their blind trust in them, to a fault. In reality, they are just as bad as anybody else in society, and the higher up you go in the food chain the worse. Such as Doctor Fauci, who has a tendency as a used car salesman for selling pandemics to society starting way back in the 1980s with HIV. Fauci may not be a good doctor, what he is good at is scaring the hell out of people with big words, which then tricks politicians into funding his projects. In the medical community other doctors suck up to Fauci because he is a means of bringing money to their projects. Fauci is a salesman and that’s about it, and Covid-19 was never about danger, it was about selling a New World Order. For Fauci that was to bring in money to scientific research which taken by itself might be a noble endeavor. But for all the boot-lickers off Fauci’s efforts, such as Google’s need for contact tracing all diseases, or Facebook’s need to sell itself as an official government censor of propaganda, or communist China’s desire to spread their power and influence to every corner of the world, the salesman of the whole effort fell on Doctor Doom and it was all about money for him. Not for his projects, but to be that rockstar at the dinner parties from everyone who did get the money. Doctor Fauci is in love with the celebrity of being that kind of doctor and its not a conspiracy theory for Judy Mikovits to point that out.

But “they” certainly don’t want you to know what’s behind the curtain dear reader, because once you find out that they really have no idea what they are doing and that most of the science we are talking about is still in its infancy, you’ll stop trusting them and that will really hurt their funding. If it becomes politically liable to take controversial positions, then politicians won’t fund some of the science that people under Fauci’s control want to conduct. And that is clear in both of Mikovits’ books, especially Plague, the first one. Reading that book you could easily see how dangerous all the assumptions of Covid-19 were. They don’t know what they are doing, they certainly have no idea if social distancing would have any impact, or wearing masks in public—or any of the measures they’ve suggested. They are just playing in a lab with viruses with often good intentions but their alignment with politics makes them dangerous, because it is there that they get their funding. So doctors often do whatever they need to so to make a political class happy. And the political class they were trying to impress was that coming out of communist China. Bill Gates has a big check book and they are willing to do whatever to impress him to continue funding for their projects. And that of course has led to the global disaster we are seeing now.

I sometimes forget that people don’t read much anymore and just take whatever they hear on television or through Google searches for their information. I would recommend reading Judy Mikovits’ books. The second one, Plague of Corruption is very hard to get, its constantly sold out these days. Lots of people are reading it which is bad news for the government censors. People get it and that’s exactly why we have a First Amendment in the United States, even if Google, Facebook, and the government itself wants to get rid of it so they can hide their vile plans from us. But the info is out there and people are getting angrier by the week. When I read the books, my thought was that I know a lot of people like Judy Mikovits. If you can overlook the obvious hurt she has of being cast out of the medical community for just asking the right questions, you’ll learn a lot about the medical industry in general, which is just as screwed up if not more so than every other industry. When dumb people are in charge, this is what happens, and when good people are cast out, you get people like Judy Mikovits. But take comfort in this, she is not a conspiracy theorist. Rather, she was and is a front-line reporter who knows how we got where we are presently, and voters need to understand it so they can change it, for the better. Don’t trust what “they” tell you, read it for yourself and use your mind to solve the problems independently.

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW Radio: Defending Senate Bill 1

It was great to hear George Lang, who is running for the 4th District senate seat in Ohio as the Republican representative give an update to House Bill 1 on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW. Currently George is the 52nd representative of the House in Ohio so he was part of the instigation of that bill which intends to put some shackles on the lunatic health director of Ohio, Amy Acton who has essentially led all states in America with her draconian lockdowns. You can hear that great interview on that show below at the 18:30 mark of the 5/6/20 broadcast. The interview was actually on the 7th but whoever set up the podcast put in the date for the previous day. Now a word of warning to my longtime readers, this is not the same Scott Sloan that used to put me on all the time over school levy issues. That guy is long gone, and he left when Darryl Parks lost his key position as the program manager for the station. The physical guy is the same, but people do change over time and this Scott Sloan is a much softer version. Hearing him tell the story, it has something to do with his wife who is on Clear Channel radio often these days. But the interview is still good and worth listening to in order to understand what needs to happen to Ohio government in the wake of the lockdowns that we have all experienced which have destroyed the economy.

Its also no secret that I like George Lang an awful lot. But we are not carbon copies of each other. George clearly has his own thoughts about things. It is my mind that Governor DeWine should be impeached for what he did under the Covid-19 CDC mandated pandemic, especially how he let a liberal Obama health director in Amy Acton take over and run our state straight into the ground with all the terrifying liberal activism that was straight out of that previous president’s administration. George is much more willing to give people a fair shake and to assume the best in people, which is why he is a fantastic politician who represents Butler County, Ohio wonderfully. What George and I agree on is the fundamentals of governance, which was on clear display during the interview, people don’t need government to tell them how to wipe their ass, how to buy food, and to act like their mom every day telling them to wash their hands. Government should not micromanage people, even in a crisis. And George is one of the most articulate members of the Ohio House in that regard, he gets “it” philosophically and is a real treasure in Butler County.

Of course Scott Sloan is all about fairness these days and he questioned the political motives for why the Ohio House moved forward this past week with the bill that became Senate Bill 1, to pull back on the draconian powers that give Amy Acton so much abusive power during a health crises. Sloan wanted to believe the move was purely political particularly since Governor DeWine has promised to veto the bill the moment it hits his desk. That is a fight that will now rage quite long and this is just the start of it. Under emergency powers in Ohio the law gives someone like Amy Acton way too much power, it goes back to legislation that is over 100 years old when representatives couldn’t move to the capital to vote so easily. What Senate Bill 1 does is cut down the time of those emergency powers to 14 days instead of the infinite time that is currently allotted. Nobody in their right mind would ever figure there would be an Obama abortion/climate activist on the administration of a Republican governor, but there’s a first time for everything and now that we’ve seen it, we have to act on it. To answer Sloan’s question, why now, well, this was the first opportunity for the House to convene since the emergency health directive locked everyone in their homes for months, and much of that was Mike DeWine playing politics with the matter. So long as he held emergency powers, he was safe from these kinds of reprimands from congress, he is not eager to give back that power, because there will be lots of hell to pay for many years to come because of the bad decisions he has made which led to this point.

Also from Sloan’s point of view, he represents a large part of the population that doesn’t know what to think about the Covid-19 virus. People like me are way too far in front of it to talk about how people feel about it, which Sloan is one of those members. Most people out there want to believe in “leaders” to tell them things. They don’t want to be leaders in their life, so they put a disproportionate trust in authority figures and it is quite a shock to them that someone like Amy Acton might have had malicious intentions behind her lockdown measures. George of course gives her the benefit of doubt just as he does the Governor. The biggest crime Acton committed was that she’s a liberal, she thinks like one, acts like one and solves problems like one. George blames DeWine for putting her in that seat to begin with, especially knowing her manner of thinking. Scott Sloan looks at her as doing the best job possible under the difficult circumstances. I look at it all as a vast scheme from China to destroy our American economy. That is a platform of thought that is well beyond where WLW is willing to go these days. To accept that is a bridge too far for most people’s daily lives, and most people just can’t handle that lack of trust for any authority figure.

But that comes back to the heart of why Senate Bill 1 is so important. We just can’t have health directors running our economy for longer than 14 days. If a governor can’t articulate a state of emergency in that period of time, then there are bigger problems. The worst part of the coronavirus was that nobody in leadership anywhere in the world could put a timetable to when the virus was going to be contained. Once they had a taste of the power, few governors wanted to give it back. This bill forces a legislative evaluation to renew those powers which is why DeWine is against it. It’s a check on his power that he doesn’t want. Hopefully there are enough votes from Democrats to override his veto, because if there was ever clear evidence that there needs to be checks on power, it comes out of this whole Covid-19 mess. And that should be something that everyone can agree on. Senate Bill 1 is not a political stunt, it was the first opportunity for the legislature to stick up for themselves and get Ohio moving back in the right direction after clearly bad decisions by the DeWine administration. Sure we know now in hindsight that the reaction to Covid-19 was overblown. Yet DeWine needed help in making decisions that could have saved more lives and minimized greatly the impact to the budget that are about to become far worse than the Covid-19 virus. As George put the blame for Amy Acton on Mike DeWine’s shoulders, we must all prevent such single points of failure in the future, especially when liberals get so much power so quickly and end up running all our lives. And that is what this whole story is all about no matter where people are on the political spectrum. In the future, someone needs to hit the brakes faster, and Senate Bill 1 is all about that, and the House couldn’t have introduced it faster.

Rich Hoffman

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America is what it is because of Risk Takers: Government can print money, but it can’t produce lost opportunity

I suppose we always knew it, but the audaciousness of the revelation has been stunning. The government’s attitude toward business owners and businesspeople in general during the outbreak of Covid-19 has been jaw-dropping in its arrogance, and ignorance. To think that government is doing the world a favor by letting people get back to work is stupid at best, yet that is the attitude. To promote healthcare workers in such a way to call them heroes as many people put on the unemployment line by destroyed businesses made that way by the government’s over-reaction to a virus has been insulting, and has well defined the true problem that has always been there, just not expressed honestly. Politicians like to say they support businesses when they are looking for donation checks, but truly, they see their roles in our republic as something of a kingly station that grants out rights and privileges rather than in representing the people who really make the world turn. That was obvious when the Governor of New Jersey indicated that he did not consider the Bill of Rights when he closed down their state’s businesses. After all, it was all in the name of “safety.” And under those conditions, we just make things up as we go, that’s what they told us anyway. The Covid-19 crises has displayed one thing clearly, people in the political class do not understand our American Constitution, and they certainly don’t understand what makes America different from other places in the world—an aspect that was truly ignored during the shutdowns of 2020 that put us all on a course of another Great Depression. The notion that we should shut down our economy to be “safe” was the most destructive thing we could have done and that politicians did it so easily says that they have no idea what, or who makes America, America—and that is a real problem.

I know very well that a risky life is not for everyone. I understand that most people are not as risk obsessed as I am, that they have a natural aversion to it. That’s OK. Risk can be scary, and most people want to be safe, and American society has a place for them. But risk is at the center of our entire economy, and our way of life. When risk is incentivized, it can be said that we have the best society in America, the most people benefit when some risktaker in the form of a business person goes to the bank to borrow millions of dollars to advance a business concept. Whether the action is a new manufacturing facility, or a new restaurant, our economy depends on risk takers to go all in on an idea for the hope of profit to make something out of nothing. And that’s how jobs are created. If our economy is a big open highway trying to inspire dangerous people to drive over 100 MPH down it with an exotic sports car, then government is that big, fat ass, slow truck that takes up all the lanes with an intent to slow everything down to its limits and that is what we have witnessed with the Covid-19 reaction to a danger. Government took over and put all of America’s risk takers off the streets, locked them in their homes, took over their operations and gave society huge limits in economic activity costing trillions of lost dollars in our economy.

This was most on display as government checks were issued and loan applications distributed to allow businesses to recover some of their lost costs during the shut down over the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Government just didn’t understand that no matter how much money they printed and distributed, it wouldn’t come close to being enough—because nobody was measuring opportunity cost. My daughter is a good example of this, she has a six figure a year business as a photographer. But with the stay at home measures imposed on her, her clients have no idea how to even schedule their events, so her business has dried up to nothing, and it will take years to build that business back up to what it was before government stuck its fat ass on the highway and essentially stopped all economic activity. Her husband lost his job because manufacturing up and down the supply chain has dried up completely, because nobody knows how to predict market forces now that government has disrupted everything, so all those previous good jobs have been cut until there is better schedule visibility. Those are just my examples in my family, there are many others, we all know people who have had their lives destroyed by the actions of government, and those who have managed to keep their jobs have found them intolerably made more difficult, all in the name of some government view of safety.

But what has been ignored is that our entire economy is built on risk, and we need risk to exist as Americans. We should never be following some foreign model of how to live a good life, because most of the world is very risk averse. Life is better in America because of risk, every place of business that we see is the result of someone taking a great risk to operate a business in hopes of making more than a little money, and that risk gives us all options we otherwise wouldn’t have had. To listen to Lt Governor Husted outline what must happen on May 1st to allow businesses to get back to work was like being in kindergarten again where some teacher was telling us all the rules for going to the bathroom. Suddenly we are supposed to change everything we do in life because that fat assed government that is so slow with bureaucracy is going to define to us that we should not live in a risky way, and that businesses were going to have to live with that mandate. Well, if we change our attitude about a silly virus then we will change our attitudes about going to the bank to start that new idea we’ve been thinking about. The end result is that instead of thinking about new business ideas and how to make money off them, our people are now thinking about how to be compliant to a virus that the government wants to think is dangerous so that they can acquire more power—because as a group of the political class, they are naturally risk-averse. Yet they want to feel like they are players in the world, so they are trying to have that respect without the risk.

I don’t mind that people are stupid, or afraid of risky activity. But don’t get in the way of people who do want to take risks. It is not an American thing to do but to hide in their homes over a tiny virus and hope that government can safely manage us all to compliance. Social distancing is not an American thing to do. Most of the reason there were hospital shortages to deal with the Covid outbreak was because of too much federal regulation. Everything should be operating at the speed of business not of government, and risk should be embraced, not penalized. Risk is hard enough without making it harder due to government intervention, and that concept should be better understood. And certainly, more respected. Instead of giving out awards to people terrified of their own inability to fight off a virus and promote massive government interference, the awards and respect should be going to businesspeople who make the world go. At best, they should be given a lot more respect for the risks they do take often without anybody even knowing how much pressure they are under in the hopes of making enough profit to have a decent life. Politicians want the good life without the risk, and they are so out of touch with risk that they have obviously forgotten that America is nothing without risk and instead of trying to slow it down, they should get out of its way and let risk happen by those with the stomachs to endure it.

Rich Hoffman

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We Should Have Never Shut Down The Economy: Hiding in our homes, and behind body bags defeats the nature of being an American

I have the privilege of living a good life, not because anybody gave it to me, but because I have chosen to live it by overcoming massive amounts of opposition to seize it, and as a result I know legislators, associate occasionally with judges, supreme court judges, Lt. Governors—people of all types who run the world legally. I love to read and personally adore the constitution of my state of Ohio. It is much more freedom loving of individual sanctity than even the federal Constitution and think it is a tremendous advancement in human thought. I have a copy of the Ohio Constitution next to my reading chair that I reflect upon most weeks of the year at least once, and I rely on it for all the forward thinking considerations that we must make in our times to advance those ideas of personal freedom and a life dedicated to independence from being compelled to just be sheep in the world.

And it is within that framework that some of Ohio’s laws regarding gun ownership, such as a duty to retreat are so despicable, because they go against the spirit of what we set out to do in Ohio, and that is to create a government that served individual necessity, and the private property that a good life might produce when actively pursued. If you take any CCW class in Ohio you will learn that the castle doctrine does not give you the right to just shoot anybody who enters your home. You have a duty to retreat, and to preserve your life and to let whoever is breaking into your home to have your “stuff” at their pleasure. And it is that same kind of ridiculous assumption that is at the heart of this entire Covid-19 crises, which serves government for government’s needs and ignores completely any notion of individual liberty and a life pursued for those lofty goals.

I understand President Trump’s dilemma. I’ve met Donald Trump a few times and I like him as a business leader. I’ve been very enthusiastic about supporting him as a president. But I am not so star struck to be blind to when he’s wrong, and he is with his reaction to Covid-19. Sure, he knows he’s going to be blamed for an absolutely stunning collapse of the American economy—bewildering really. True wartime bombardment on a scale of when the Nazis bombed London during the blitz. The damage to America from this coronavirus outbreak will be in the many trillions. Its so big that many people just can’t get their minds around it, so when the question arises if 100,000 to 500,000 deaths are acceptable, I would say of course they are. It is more important to live for something—like preserving our American economy—than in hiding in our homes waiting for mother government to protect us. Of course, Trump is the government now and he has allowed their panic driven doctors to run his administration, and if he doesn’t let them, they’ll put every death suffered under Covid-19 on him and ruin his chances for re-election. I’m sure Trump figures that if only he could lead the effort to a satisfying conclusion, measured in lives saved, then he can at least control the news cycle instead of it controlling him. And that’s a good strategy for winning the next election. However, the fear of liability for how the death count has been measured regarding Covid-19 has paralyzed all logical thought and put many mayors, governors and even President Trump on their heels and over-reacting losing focus on what we are as Americans. We don’t run and hide from viruses even if people we know and love die from them. We fight to protect our way of life.

It was raining last Friday, in the middle of the day as this Covid-19 virus was reaching a level of hysteria I’ve never seen in my lifetime and I went to the Kroger Marketplace for some lunch since all the restaurants were closed. I wanted to go to P.F. Changs but of course I couldn’t go inside so I was headed to the frozen section to get a Benihana frozen meal to eat, which ended up tasting fantastic. As I entered the building people were running through the rain and hiding behind their masks hoping not to get this coronavirus from anybody covering their heads doubly terrified of acquiring pneumonia from the cold spring rain—the kind where our grandparents used to warn us against catching our death. Viral outbreaks are nothing new, and neither are the kind of deaths that are projected to occur from the Covid-19. What’s different about this one is how the media and governments have focused on it, and anytime you look at something so closely its ugly. I don’t trust any of the measurements the government has been providing, including the number of deaths. The government is highly motivated to show President Trump every death and to personalize it to control his thoughts. The same with Mike DeWine who lost people early in this media swarm that inspired them to step over Constitutional boundaries to enact foreign interests as a policy, let’s just be nice and say that for now. My personal philosophy is always to live a little dangerously. Actually, I choose to live a lot dangerously which is why I know some of the people I mentioned at the beginning of this article, but I am not one. I love danger. I love fighting. And I’m not afraid of a little rain, or a virus. If my body gets attacked, I expect it to defeat the perpetrator, and I live my life that way in everything I do. So I walked across the parking lot of Kroger dripping with water, soaked to the bone walking calmly at a pace I set, not that the weather mandates, and I bought my Benihana lunch, and enjoyed it.

So, it’s completely against my nature to have a government tell me to hide in my home while the “experts” fight this virus. And I’m certainly not going to trust what they tell me, even President Trump. At some point I will pick to pieces the way the government did its math on the Covid-19 virus to inspire such a panic which I view as an attack on my country and I’m ready for a fight over it. Compliance is not an option. Being a wimp is not an option. Safety is a consideration, not an expected way of living and trusting government is just a stupid idea no matter who is running it. When the rubber hits the road, our lives and the things we do with them, the products of our existence has value. Our economy has value, more than most are willing to admit and we do not have an obligation to retreat at the sign of a virus just as we should never just let a robber steal our possessions in our home without shooting and killing them. We do not have a duty by any Constitution to retreat from a threat, and the same holds true with the coronavirus.

People keep asking me how long this will go on, this stay at home order set by government so that it can deal with this crises the way all inefficient governments do, slow and cowardly, like those people I mentioned running through the rain with their masks and jackets perched up over their heads to save them from potential “death.” The states of our country are not bringing in money. Eventually, very soon, within weeks, the pain of that lack of revenue is going to crush them. Surely they are counting on President Trump to declare a state of emergency and bail them out of the debts, many which they had before this coronavirus ever hit. But there won’t be money for government employees because there just hasn’t been any sales tax, which is the most irresponsible aspect of this whole shutdown over viral concerns. Many more lives are being ruined because of the destroyed economy than by anything this Covid-19 virus will produce. The lawsuits that will happen after this is over will be monstrous, detrimental to a court system that won’t even be able to pay employees to staff the courts. This is a tragedy on a scale beyond comprehension and is far more damaging than even the high number that Doctor Doom predicted of millions of deaths. When all this is over, there will be a lot of asses to kick and that is where I’m at. Giving up our freedoms is not worth saving a few lives. Our economy, the possessions of our intellect we do not have a duty to retreat from. Just as the duty to retreat is wrong in Ohio regarding the castle doctrine, it is just as wrong to stay in our houses to allow the government to save face for its lack of preparedness to deal with this World Health Organization pandemic as they called it, and panicked the world into communist action. No matter how many body bags they stack up on television for us to see, there is an ass kicking coming, and it was they who started it. We can fight in the streets, we can fight in the courts, but that fight will happen, and the outcome will not be the one that Bill Gates and the losers at Google calculated in their modeling before all this started.

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio: A Quiet Place–The list of things that can kill you more than Coronavirus

I have figured it out, Amy Acton from the Governor of Ohio’s Health Department developed her strategy for dealing with Covid-19 by watching the movie, A Quiet Place. Traveling down the roads of Ohio and through towns devoid of people I have an answer to a question I had after watching that movie, why would people just disappear and leave everything in an advanced society vacant and docile? Amy seems to be very influenced by this movie because the order to put everyone on essential house arrest to deal with this virial outbreak is precisely duplicating the actions taken in that modern horror movie. While watching that movie, and also, how people are dealing with this whole Coronavirus outbreak, I have the same question—why would people surrender their freedom and liberty for some alien invader? The monsters in A Quiet Place were scary, but there is no way they take over the world as they did in that film where everyone had to be “quiet” in order to live. People would have killed them, hunted them down and slaughtered them. The drama was a useless exercise, people wouldn’t behave that way in a crisis, or so I thought. Yet driving around Ohio its obvious that most people would behave just as the family in A Quiet Place did under threat of invasion, because they were doing just that.

Some facts about Covid-19 to keep in mind as we explore this fascinating topic of reaction to an alien invader, Covid-19 who is more deadly in perception than in actuality, just as in that movie, A Quiet Place. At the moment Ohio (as of 3-25-20) there are 704 confirmed cases of the virus and 10 confirmed fatalities. There is a strong belief that the number could be 5 times higher due to testing needs and people walking around with it who don’t know that they have it. With all that in mind that puts us at 3,520 cases in Ohio with 50 potential deaths from that population, out of just over 11 million people, statistically speaking. The death rate with some of that extra math taken into consideration is around .2%. That same dynamic could be said to be equal to the national numbers of 50,000 cases and 600 deaths. Of course when you are talking about measuring every life with a chart examining every single case it looks like a big number, but at those numbers its trending about at the same place as the common flu in creating fatalities. Even as Amy Acton spoke from her Quiet Place in the state capital of Ohio with 6 feet between her and everyone else using social distancing in this case to be quiet as in the film, to avoid the aggression of the virus, she has stated that out of all patients with Coronavirus, 11% will need to be in the ICU. Out of those with Coronavirus, 16% are healthcare workers getting it while treating those who have it. 25.7 percent of that infected population need to be hospitalized as 75-80% will be fine as out-patients. There is something very wrong here that a logical mind is missing, the danger of the virus has been elevated in some artificial way for some reason……hmmmm, what could it be?

Meanwhile, people are still dying of all the other things that they always have died over. Here is an interesting list of things that kill people every day and by year in the United States that are every bit as dangerous as this Covid-19 virus, but we have never shut down the country over them. The answer to why will make you very angry, but before getting to that, let’s have a look at the list:

115 persons die each day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States (30,000 per year)

 Every day, approximately 123 Americans die by suicide

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 76 million people in the United States become ill from the food they eat, and about 5,000 of them die every year

Of the 5,051 people who died from choking in 2015, 2,848 were older than 74.

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men.

Around 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, resulting in the hospitalization of 6,000 to 13,000 people each year in the United States

Over 1,000 people get struck by lightning every year in the United States, and over 100 of them die as a result of the strike

In 2017, more than 70,000 people died from drug overdoses, making it a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States

An estimated 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States

500 children go to the hospital every year from choking or other injuries.

Furthermore, every year 80,000 people go to the hospital to get treatment for injuries from lawn mowers.

Every year 15,500 people go to the hospital in the United States to treat injuries caused by falling off a ladder. While 113 ladder falls every year prove to be deadly.

Every year there are 43,200 hospital visits for injuries caused by furniture tipping over onto someone. Of those people, 26 are crushed to death. While another 1.8 million people go to the hospital after falling out of bed. 450 of those people die from the fall. While coffee tables cause 143,070 children under the age of 5 to visit the emergency room every year. Also 237 people go to the hospital every year from burning themselves on lightbulbs.

Every year, 6,000 people go to the hospital for pencil related injuries. Many times the injuries are the result of a pencil being stuck in someone’s eye. While other times, sharp pencils stab and cut the skin. Of these 6,000 injuries, 100 more prove to be fatal. Pens also injure and kill people. On average, 100 people a year die from chewing on a pen

Space heaters cause 40% of all household fires. They also cause an average of 1,490 injuries and 470 deaths every single year.

The United States alone has 300 toaster-related deaths. Most of the deaths are the result of electrical shock from sticking a knife into the slots to remove jammed toast.

Every year 9000 people end up in the hospital from choking on toothpicks. Most toothpick victims are children between the ages of 5 and 14. Furthermore, an average of 3 people die every year from accidentally swallowing toothpicks, puncturing their internal organs.

An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications in 2018.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2017 personal exercise, with or without exercise equipment, accounted for some 526,000 injuries the most of any category of sports and recreation. Basketball followed with about 500,000 injuries, while bicycling, with 457,000 injuries, and football, with 341,000 injuries, ranked third and fourth.

In the US, around 4,000 to 5,500 people die from gang violence each year. Among all gun homicide cases, 80% of them are gang related.

So as Amy Acton and Doctor Doom from the CDC have been saying, its all about bringing down the curve, the amount of sick and in need of hospital beds matched against the supply. So the need in America is to string out the cases, slow down the virus so that the hospitals won’t be overrun by the sick. But if that were the concern the World Health Organization wouldn’t be stating that America will be the next epicenter of the virus scaring everyone to death even as the CDC has ads on Fox News keeping on the front of everyone’s minds day and night so there is no room to think about anything else. The health people are talking out of both sides of their mouth for a reason—because this was never about a virus outbreak that once it is all said and done will be nothing more than just another flu. It was about scaring people into paralysis to have an influence on the dialogue for the day after, for more socialized medicine ran by the government, more funding for the CDC, and behavioral change in America in general. Hardly before anybody knew anything about this virus people were saying that life in America would never be the same.

Yet as Amy Acton spoke about the danger of the curb increasing and how terrible this week would be with sheer deaths, the 1,300 hospital beds that are available in Ohio are only 70% occupied. Based on models she has been looking at with global “scientists” all from liberalized colleges who certainly have a political stake in the outcomes of these models, she thinks Ohio will need 50% more hospital capacity before its all said and done. That however doesn’t makes sense since as we said giving generous estimates to the amount of people who actually have it, based on those who have actually been tested, there is nothing to justify that extra demand based on the rate that people are healing from the virus and being discharged to return home.

To date across the world around 100,000 people have recovered from the virus, it is not a death sentence as it has been made out to appear. It is simply another money grab for funding for the medical industry that has been artificially constrained due to socialized medicine tampering with the American supply which is precisely why Amy Acton is concerned. The limit is their own fault, and to hide it, they have sought to make it all of our problem by playing into some primal fear we all might have of an alien invasion and the behavior that might push us hiding in our homes during the days of Armageddon, which government sought to create to hide their intentions all along. And because of all that they have taken a virus, that certainly has its risk factors, but is nothing outside of the dangers we have in every day life, and blown them out of proportion to drive a day after response to socialized medicine, New Green Deal concerns, and to harm the American economy to equalize with the rest of the world in a very political way. And to do it, they tapped into our greatest fears, likely by watching some movie like A Quiet Place and trying to make laws that brought that reality to our daily lives by taking fiction and turning it into perceptual fact.

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio is Closed for Business: Amy Acton is in charge and she wants us all to be quiet

One thing was clear when Governor DeWine, Lt Governor Husted, and Ding Bat Amy Acton shut down Ohio for business out of fear of a little virus called Covid-19 and that was that the next governor of Ohio needs to be a business guy, not some career politician. It was embarrassing to watch a Republican administration talk about essential services as just the supply chain that keeps people fed, like truckers and store clerks, but ignored all the other businesses that do just about everything that society needs. And they are wondering why more people aren’t in the business of making face masks and that getting them now is in such short supply. Government is certainly the problem; they don’t get it. To listen to the Sunday press conference where our one man show under emergency orders and no legislature to help cool heads prevail is copying other panic driven losers from other states in putting people under house arrest essentially and stopping all businesses except for those who beg and plead to manufacture things. When pressed on the topic by a reporter Jon Husted stated that some people would be allowed to feed animals at zoos, and those kinds of things. Is that what he thinks makes the motor of the world work? It was an unbelievable display of an out-of-touch group of people who are just disconnected from reality.

Particularly, Amy Acton went on quite a spiel about having to drive in to work to give those daily news conferences on the China Virus and to be insulted that it was business as usual, that people were ignoring her “suggestions” on how to deal with this virus outbreak. An “outbreak” as defined by health nuts and liberal losers. Not by rational people, certainly not. Amy went on to say that we should be listening to the people in Italy who are suffering from this virus as if all conditions are apples to apples comparisons. She stated quite explicitly that we all needed to calm down and be quiet and that was somehow going to save millions of lives. It was unbelievable that DeWine let her prattle on like that, but he seems used to it. No wonder he thinks the sky is falling listening to her for a few minutes. I have joked about his relationship with her, but I don’t think its so much of a joke. She has him wrapped around her finger and this is the danger of emergency orders that go on for indefinite periods of time by single points of failure. And this governor and his administration is out of touch by his leadership and this virus issue is well beyond his scope to deal with. He’s a law guy, not a business guy and we all knew that going in with him. But he has failed worse than any of us feared. Under pressure he has folded like a cheap lawn set. DeWine tried to keep things positive, but its obvious that its Amy Acton that is running Columbus without the legislature knowing anything about what’s going on.

When the rumors of Ohio shutting its doors to the world and telling everyone to stay home emerged early Sunday morning I started making phone calls to get a bead on the situation, and they didn’t know anything was going to happen. Yet the rumor was flowing, in the same way as the rumors of all the Humvees being shipped around the country and that Trump’s DOJ is seeking ways to arrest people to hold indefinitely. People can see what’s happening and they don’t like it, the government is turning up the temperature of the water and seeing how far they can go without the frog jumping out. Some people have already jumped out of the water and are ready for war. I have been trying to quell those thoughts, but when I used the usual chains of command to get answers, the people in the state legislature couldn’t tell me, which meant that the Governor was going rogue and using his emergency powers in an abusive way. Sure enough, at 2 PM, just as almost every day since the previous Sunday revealed, DeWine was further encroaching against our rights and he expected conformance without question. It’s not hard to blame people for thinking that this government has turned against them. Now they have had their jobs robbed from them and their employers are being handed a costly bill that no bailout can pay back.

And we are being sold that this is our generation’s World War II effort, and that we all must make sacrifices. No, we don’t, only stupid people talk like that. The reason we have medical shortages to deal with a flood of Covid-19 cases is because there hasn’t been enough free market in the medical field. You can hear in Amy’s statements a radical climate activist, she wants the roads clear, she wants the world to be quiet. That sounds like a psycho to me. But worse, we are told that we must sacrifice because the medical industry isn’t ready for a surge in need. Why is that, because we have Medicaid expansion that is essentially cost controls mandated from government, and we’ve spent the last decade debating socialized medicine in Obamacare. So there haven’t been any great innovations or manufacturers entering the marketplace because the last thing they want is big daddy government in their back pocket controlling their margins. That’s why we aren’t ready for a Covid-19 outbreak. If government had not been locking up that huge part of our economy, we might well have drive through windows right now solving all these problems like a fast food restaurant. It was government that caused the problems and here was Amy Acton complaining that she needs more government power to protect health care workers dealing with limited supplies—caused by government. It’s insane that these people can talk with a straight face. We must sacrifice because government has stood in the way of progress—not because this is our World War II moment to show what we’re made of. It’s a stupid problem to have that stupid people have made for us, and now we are being told to deal with more stupidity because they don’t know what they are doing, or have let environmental activists confuse medicine as the new Green Deal.

What is obvious is that there is tyranny in safety and the incompetent wish to hide in doing the easiest thing there is to do in the world, and that is to say no. No for people who can’t tell what the truth is from what is false, or radical, or politically motivated is what these three chose to do as they have acted well out of the norms of the legislature. The strains of emergency powers utilized under duress and a lack of understanding about the free market and the nature of business has taken a toll on these minds and revealed what could only be considered insanity and a state of disconnected understanding as the world burns while we are told it is heroic to hide in our homes while an invisible enemy pillages us, by the definition of Amy Acton and the World Health Organization. By saying no, not making a leadership decision to understand what the real numbers of Covid-19 mean, DeWine’s administration has put us all in harm’s way and this is a caution for all things in the future. Government must always have a check on their power, even under emergency situations with no end date in site. This doesn’t pass the smell test and now we are all in jeopardy not from a virus, but from government itself. Ohio is closed for business because our leadership was weak, acted alone and couldn’t live up to the pressure as their imaginations have run away from them and logic has fled for more sane minds.

Rich Hoffman

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