Why American CEOs Cave to Globalism So Often: James Robert B. Quincey from Coke lives in London

Why Coke, Delta and MLB are so weak in defending America from Globalism

The question everyone is asking is why all these corporations and their CEOs are so quick to adapt to liberal threats and to work against traditional American values.  Specifically, in this latest case, the CEOs of Coke and Delta along with Major League Baseball have involved themselves in politics protesting voting changes in Georgia which essentially demand that voter ID be part of the process after the disaster of an election in 2020 where they stole the election from Trump due to election chaos, and Democrats managed to take two senate seats in the same way.  For instance, I do think of Coke as a traditional American company because it started in America, it was nurtured as kind of a Norman Rockwell marketing campaign to solidify their sentiments to American markets, but in all reality, they are a global company that does not care about the sustainability or philosophy of American law and order.  They will see where the world ends up and if it slides into communism so be it.  Before all this happened in Georgia, I didn’t know the CEO of Coke was a guy in London named James Robert B. Quincey.  I would never have thought of Coke being operated from London, but it is, so that explains a lot.  The same with MLB, we think of them as a traditional American company, but they are a global organization now that only sees market growth in expanding into new countries.  So, the great American game isn’t so American these days, and that’s the case with most corporations.  We tend to think of them as American, they were born in America, we supported them and grew them into what they are today, but most corporations are only looking at growth and they don’t see that growth in a country with only 300 million people to support their products.  They want the billions around the world that might be part of a new market penetration, and to get that they think they need to sacrifice some of their Americanism so to tap those markets.

Ironically, I’ve spent several years sorting this kind of thing out into what I wrote in a book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business which is presently going through the editorial process with the publisher.  I have come to think of it as the answer to the long-standing problem of selling the East as the solution to everything regarding life, religion, and business commerce as it has been sold to us for many generations now.  Such as, the belief that a journey to India will awaken the third eye of our consciousness has led many confused Americans to robbery and worse while traveling there looking for spiritual alignment.  Its not just the criminal element that takes advantage of travelers going to a third world country looking for spiritual answers that makes them targets of the criminal class, but it’s the dirty conditions that greet them often in such places that tend to greatly devour the fantasy of Eastern thought being superior to Western thinking that creates much consternation.  In the East it is thought that nature is the supreme source of wisdom and should be yielded to, which then flows over into politics and business in destructive ways often.  Because in the West nature is to be used to bridge over into a change state future.  We use nature in the West to build new things and to invent, which is the point my book makes.  What was difficult about it was to turn on its head assumptions of inferiority that often comes with comparing the East with the West. 

Most of today’s CEOs are recruited to run all these big corporations with the assumption that the East is the philosophy of the future and that by adhering to it, that growth for that company will be discovered.  Today’s CEO such as James Quincey is not to be the latest gunfighter building a company against a society of outlaws standing up to danger in a dusty street, his job is to bow before the world and beg for them to become the next customer in their portfolio.  Not to cause trouble, but to mitigate risk to the projected growth of the company which means lots of bootlicking in political circles and within the industry considering the rules of conduct in a deeply litigious society.  I don’t say all that do get Quincey off the hook at Coke running the company from socialist London where without a doubt ol’ James thinks of his home city as far superior to Atlanta, Georgia as its older with much more history.  Its just the kind of thinking that a globalist would have as opposed to a righteous gun owning, truck driving American from Georgia.  Future growth isn’t in those markets, but in Spain, or Africa, even India where religion, politics, and standards of living are much, much different than they are in America.  For the CEOs, they already have the American markets, and its not from conservatives that they must worry about trouble.  Its from the people who want to bring America down, the globalists, the Democrats who they must listen if they want to continue to expand into other markets around the globe. 

When Trump said to boycott these companies, he’s actually on to something.  Thinking of how much money Coke spends on their brand image, just with NASCAR racing alone lets you know where they are weakest, and it wouldn’t take much to topple them and change their game.  After all, the thing a CEO fears the most is a drop in quarterly profits.  While they are out there in the world bootlicking their way into new market strategies, it would spell doom to them to lose market share in a place they assumed was secure forever.  When Coke and Delta opened their mouth on the voting issue in Georgia, they assumed that they wouldn’t have a backlash, but could show the world that they stand for globalism and those new markets they are after.  But it’s a gamble and Trump’s advice comes from a lot of experience.  He knows where they are weakest—its here at home in the American markets where those 300 million people have more capita income than everywhere else in the world, sometimes combined.  Sure, there are opportunities elsewhere in the world, but do you want to give up the big one in America?  That is the choice we ultimately do have to make them come to terms with. 

As I point out in my book, this isn’t an isolated issue, this is what happens to most companies when the big and bold trend setters who started those companies leave or retire away and the bootlickers and dandies come in to follow.  They don’t have ideas of their own, but they are just followers who are supposed to maintain the culture that was built for them while looking for ways to expand that influence.  In America where so many great companies were born, they are now run by globalists like this James Robert B. Quincey guy from London.  He is certainly not a NASCAR fan by nature, he lives in a place where they think of a weapon as a knife, not a gun, and to be honest, London is a miserable city that is always cloudy and stuffy.  They don’t have monster trucks there or even roads big enough to drive them, they are a different place constrained by socialism, so of course the CEO of Coke doesn’t see the problem.  But we ultimately do decide if we want to buy their products, and that choice is what they fear most.  So don’t make yourself a victim.  Vote with your wallet, because it’s the only kind of vote they can’t steal from you.  Use it and make things happen in the world with your choice! 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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No Joe, America Isn’t Behind You: Massive corruption, communist insurgents, and ‘The Trump Accountability Project’

It was interesting to watch Friday night, the Biden people were trying to stage up a big celebration to announce a completely artificial victory driven by a corporate media culture hell bent on outright communism in America.  As the evening wore on, those plans had to change based on the massive evidence of cheating that was emerging from voter machines in Michigan to dead people voting in Georgia, to the altercation of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania that were being filled out on the spot by an activist governor allowing criminal activity to be performed without legal poll watchers to monitor the authenticity.  The evidence was everywhere even though all the news stations in on the takeover attempt of America by these communist insurgents, kept declaring that there wasn’t any evidence.  The situation was so bad that the Biden people had to keep pushing off their desperate attempt to look presidential and to announce the race and put an end to the election.  Biden had to wait until everyone went to bed to make a little speech about his mandate.  He thought he had enough votes to make such a statement, the real insult is that many of those votes were illegal and may not even represent any real people voting, but were completely fabricated out of thin air.  Stealing an election isn’t a win, not by any means—even though these communist losers are trying to make us think so.

For me the evidence is obvious now in hindsight, and we will be hearing about it all for many years to come.  It will take a lot to earn back the trust of Americans in any election after this event, which is just beginning to take hold.  I knew something was wrong between the hours of 11 PM on election night and 1 AM, in that two our period the path to a Trump victory was obvious and happening with comfortable margins.  The scary thing was that all the critical states involved in Trump’s pending victory suddenly stopped counting votes almost at the same time, obviously coordinated and the hunt went on to find Joe Biden enough votes to catch up to Trump.  Then the counts went on slowly for the next four days as if reality was driving the results.  Once the GOP was aware of what was happening, was that ballot harvesting and machine irregularities in software were giving Biden an artificial lead, things slowed down a lot because mobs of Trump supporters were gathering outside to protest the election theft that was now going on in the light of day.

As all this was happening the Biden communists were starting to feel pretty cocky, and all the things that we’ve been warning about them was beginning to manifest.  It became known throughout Friday and on into Saturday that many Democrat radicals were sponsoring The Trump Accountability Project which is intended to hunt down and punish Trump supporters behind the new party line of Biden.  When Biden finally did give his little speech, late at night when everyone was in bed, which is about the same time many ballots have been mysteriously showing up to go 100% for him over the past week, he alluded to some mysterious premise that Americans were united behind him and that it was only a matter of time before the ballots were all counted and he’d be declared the victor.  It was obvious that a criminal class of insurgents was attacking America and the fighting words by them with this accountability project was an open invitation for violence in the streets which might be the only way that this all gets settled.  But compliance isn’t an option.  Americans are far from being united behind Joe Biden or Commie Harris.  I know for myself, I’m happy to fight them any way that they need to be fought, in the streets, in court, in voting.  But compliance isn’t an option that’s on the table, not at all.

Remember the pick-up trucks that were running the Biden bus off the road in Texas just last week?  Even if they did manage to get rid of Trump, the people who voted for him are not going away, and they aren’t going to bend the knee to some communist overthrow of our nation.  I don’t think anybody who has been behind the Plandemic or the Biden fake presidency understands that it wasn’t Donald Trump who gave people courage.  It was Trump who offered to do the job people needed.  And if Trump isn’t doing it, someone else will be, or perhaps it will evolve into an organic mob of angry people.  I think the Democrats will pray for Trump over the alternative.  But Hidden, Lying, Joe Biden has no mandate to rule over anyone.  He’s a criminal before this election overthrow and will certainly be rejected by me.  I can promise that even if he or someone like him were president, I will pummel them every day.  The way these people treated Trump every day over the last four years does not mean that when the shoe is on the other foot, we are going to treat their person nicely.  They’ve opened up Pandora’s Box and they aren’t going to like what comes out.  They are in for a whole lot of hurt and listening to them, Biden’s speech last night and the people who think that now they are in charge they are going to round people up and punish them with The Trump Accountability Project, they don’t really understand the people behind the Trump movement.  Without a Trump to do the work, there are 70 million people who can see that their vote was attacked and they have some dark feelings about it that will be a nightmare for these communist insurgents to deal with.

The media obviously created this Joe Biden person we see running for office.  What is happening was planned for a long time and we are seeing the script play out page by page.  For those who work or have worked in corporate cultures this Biden offering of a president has all the creativity of “bow tie” day on Friday’s where employees are expected to dress accordingly to show unity for the corporation of their employment.  The U.S. Constitution and the human needs for freedom are not concerns of any corporation.  That’s why people generally don’t like their jobs and live the way they do when they aren’t at work.  Sell-outs are looked down upon for climbing the corporate ladder by wearing a golf shirt or a bow tie on Fridays because its part of their boot-licking nature.  And for those corporate representatives who have bet their futures on communist China running the world, and that Biden is the means to making that happen in America, they have decided that Joe Biden will be the president whether we voted for it or not.  We didn’t vote for socialism and communism with the 2020 election.  But they planned to give it to us anyway even if they had to lie, cheat and steal to do it.  Their clear message to us was that our vote didn’t matter and that we had better fall in line or else.

Well, I’ve never seen these tactics work anywhere, including in a corporate environment.  People will suck up their feelings for a paycheck, but they have to go home to get away from that environment and to claim weekends to be free.  Trump supporters, which is obviously most of the country, they’ve had a taste of freedom and how it can be, and they aren’t going to just get in line for the slaughterhouse of communism.  The planners of this Biden presidency clearly don’t understand that, and as they are getting their asses kicked every day from now until whenever, they are going to have to learn the hard way.  You can’t steal away a representative that the people elected not just once, but twice now, and expect everyone to get behind the movement.  Rather what’s going to happen is that the MAGA movement will grow with or without Trump.  If Republicans don’t take back the House this year, then they surely will in 2022.  Trump will continue to be an effective leader either inside the White House or on the outside.  He may even start a network to compete with Fox News and many people like me will chip away at these communist losers’ day and night forever.  And if they come to get me with their Trump Accountability Project Starbucks drinking losers, then they will run into a literal buzz saw, which I think would be fun.  Don Jr will be floating around out there for a 2024 run and we could have Trumps in the White House essentially for the rest of the decade.  But a communist take-over isn’t an option and a real violent fight is certainly on the horizon for a Joe Biden and the people with a stick up his back giving speeches like the one from last night.  We never accepted the socialist Barack Obama, and we sure as hell won’t accept for a single day what has happened during this election of 2020.  They’ve put themselves in a bad position with their criminal conduct during this election and we’re not going to forgive them for it.  We won’t just forget a year from now, or even 10 years.  No, this is a permanent break that will only be solved with conflict.  When we lose the faith of an honest election, more than just hard feelings emerge.  And for the corporate bow tie people behind Joe Biden, they clearly didn’t factor that into their plans.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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