Why They are in a Panic: The weaknesses of Google and Facebook data collection

I know it can look scary, but as President Trump said over the weekend, we are in the middle of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the world, and there is good reason for that. Most of what we see and hear is some element of fake news, between the tech companies banning conservative voices, the mainstream media pushing Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matters with a corporate connection to our sports, and riots in the streets daily its easy to fall for the misery that they are broadcasting to us on a daily basis.

But think about it, who thinks that the government invented the internet to increase commerce or to make our lives better? No, they always wanted more control and they intended to use companies like Facebook and Google to give themselves more power and to unite the world under Chinese style communism. What you need to understand dear reader is that it isn’t you who should be panicking, its them. They have every reason in the world to panic because in spite of all their efforts and plans that extend back over a century we still picked Donald Trump for president and are poised to do it again. So much of what we see and hear currently is panic from the left and they are quite terrified of their lack of control over people which is becoming more obvious by the day.

I’ll tell Google executives what none of their people will tell them, and let this be a lesson to all the other Silicone Valley loose collared losers who would rather protest Sea World than to terraform Mars into our next shopping mall. The cause of the failure they are seeing is that with all their AI data harvesting they have not been able to trace the origin of all human endeavor, the products of their imaginations. What Google and Facebook have been mapping for the last decade or so is the worst about human beings, their desire to like or unlike a photo, porn habits, advertising desires, essentially the lower forms of human behavior, the animal needs. The needs to eat, procreate and gossip on each other to mitigate their status on the peaking order of society. The internet has been a way to study the behavior of the lowest aspects of human behavior and now they have sold that information to the governments of the world for profit and everyone has placed their bets on the 2016 election and 2020 election. When the 2016 election did not go as planned, that set off a massive panic, which we have been witnessing here in 2020 as a massive climax to all the intentions of big, organized governments.

What computers have yet to duplicate, and likely, never will, artificial intelligence can be invented by imaginative human beings, but AI will never invent imaginative people. Imagination is a higher form of human behavior and that aspect of performance has not been adequately captured by anything Google and Facebook could gather from their users. And the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and with all indications this year has only increased, the panic from the tech communities and why they are openly manipulating data and censoring any dissenting voices is because the shit is literally hitting the fan regarding their power. They are literally losing power as I’m writing this and what we are seeing from the entire political left, from Europe to China, to the Democrats in America is panic similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz having water poured over her which we all know melted her away. What people want from President Trump is hope, they want creation, they want a thriving economy which is a measurement of human ambition. They don’t want a leader, they don’t want a new god to worship from Mt. Olympus in Washington D.C., they want someone to get government out of their way and they want to be free to create.

Google and Facebook monitor the results of frustration when people can’t do as they please and think what they want. Porn for instance is a prime example of a bored civilization that is functioning from its most basic animal instincts, the need for pleasure and satisfaction of acceptance at being invited in to be as close as one can be to another human being, or human beings, naked and literally inside of each other. It’s the ultimate security blanket left over from childhood trauma at the lack of love a child gets from their mother and father, and the monsters they fear roaming around their bedrooms at night. Sex is just such a driver to put a security blanket on the minds of the timid who arrive late in life with those undealt with emotions. What doesn’t get measured by Google tracking and Facebook likes are the secrets of the mind from those who aspire to do more, because so far no Google engineer has figured out how to capture the aspirations of humankind rather than their insecurities. The things that people are afraid of and how they behave as consumers of curiosity do not represent what people would like to be.

So far the best measure of what humans want to be has been traced by the arts, specifically our movie culture in America. People buy a ticket for the media they most like, and these days that sentiment has moved over into video games where limits on the mortality of humans has already transferred over into avatars. Death and resurrection occurs moment by moment in the video game world as players such as in Call of Duty die and are reborn several times in a minute. Players in that realm have already become immortal in a lot of ways and are thus engaged in getting the best score and building up their stats with something showing productivity. I would argue that the average movie studio and video game producer has a better grip on the desires of human behavior than Google and Facebook, and the fear for them is that soon the governments will figure that out too. That is why Google had a minor meltdown at their lack of ability to control the outcome of the 2016 election and are hell-bent to control the 2020 election. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this 2020 election, including Covid-19 and the race riots and they know from their internal polling that President Trump and his supporters are winning anyway. None of this was supposed to happen, yet it is, and they are terrified.

Knowing how terrified they are of you, you should take that as a bit of reassurance as I’ve just now explained to you a true future state that is well beyond anybody’s current projections of the matter. Mankind, all over the world is driving toward a destination that Google does not understand even with all their power. And Facebook, as history will remember it and governments will in fury remember was a dating website. The same people who use a picture of themselves 10 years old and 100 pounds lighter are giving them information they sell to governments to move policy, and of course the data is all wrong because the sources were corrupted at the point of collection. Without an ability to capture what people want to be there is no way to understand truly how they will vote, or purchase in a society driven by imagination and not raw animal instincts. And when all the smoke clears in 2020, that is how history will be written, and how the power will shift to what should be as opposed to what is.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Google and Facebook Act as Government Agents: The attacks against Judy Mikovits tells everyone how important her story is

You know there is something to it when so many people are leading a coordinated attack to hide the information, because if Judy Mikovits was just a loon, an ex-employee who was disgruntled, then there wouldn’t be so much controversy about preventing people from hearing what she has to say. I typically don’t pay too much attention to shadow banning and censorship from Google, Facebook and other media platforms because I figure, its their media, their rules. For the life of me I don’t understand why more conservatives don’t run and operate their own platforms of media, become the next YouTube, or Google. I was on YouTube as one of their first customers way before Google bought them up. They weren’t too big then for a startup, and I enjoyed their service. I don’t use them much now for the same reason that I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t trust them. But its quite a different story when they actively are trying to shape our society with what they deem as the “correct information.” And they are a beehive of stirred activity over Judy Mikovits which tells me, there is certainly fire under all the smoke, and we need to put it out as a society.

I was doing a kind of book review for Judy Mikovits and her two current best sellers which are incredibly relevant to the complete insanity regarding the Covid-19 situation and I couldn’t find the short little documentary called Plandemic featuring her which starts to cast doubt on the kind of world that Dr. Fauci has tried to shape as a government reaction to the well known virus coming out of China. I had literally just watched that half hour video, but it had been scrubbed completely from YouTube and Vimeo which I found very disturbing. I was going to use the video for my book review, but it wasn’t available which made no sense to me, because I had seen the movie and thought there nothing harmful that would even come close to justifying such a response. The response itself indicated that there was a lot more truth to the Judy Mikovits story than anybody wanted out, and that should piss us all off.

As I said, I read her first book Plague well before there was ever a Covid-19 virus and my favorite parts of the book were how she compared her experiences in jail to a virus taking over a healthy human host. I thought there were some brilliant passages in that book that showed me a very intelligent mind. To get to all that good stuff, you have to overlook that she was a doctor and highly respected researcher for many decades who had a falling out, which appears to involve Doctor Doom himself Dr. Fauci who we see all over this Covid-19 nonsense. So why wouldn’t we listen to a woman who is a whistleblower on unethical material in the medical community when that same guy is at the heart of destroying trillions of dollars from our economy and destroying millions and millions of lives with bad advice to our President of the United States, but that the media and social media platforms are insisting that we hear only one side of the story? Well, I’ll tell you why, because Covid-19 was a hoax from the beginning. Perhaps from Fauci’s point of view, it wasn’t malicious, but to go back to Judy’s example from her first book, the virus was more “thought” than actual biological threat. We are all being attacked by a virus penetrating our society seeking to change our behavior into something governments view as more conducive, and that is very dangerous territory for us all.

As I’ve said, I have read Judy’s books, and enjoyed them. I wouldn’t take them and run with the evidence to a conclusion, but I would consider what they are saying and use them as information important to a free mind to come to conclusions. What Google and Facebook are doing however is editing the information we have access to so that they can control the narrative for government to impose its change state on our society and that is a vile act of conduct. That tells me, that Judy Mikovits needs to be more of the central story than she is. In a lot of ways you can’t know much about Joe Biden if you don’t talk about Tara Reade, or if we don’t talk about his son’s scandal in Ukraine, or his role in unmasking General Flynn. Just listening to him give campaign speeches doesn’t tell the whole story. Voters had to know the whole story about President Trump, with his playboy background, his ownership of vile casinos and his many divorces. If its part of the story, we need to know, and people decided to vote for Trump anyway. But when information is withheld to keep people from coming to conclusions on their own, then you must wonder why.

Instead, we see the same kinds of attacks against Judy Mikovits that we do against President Trump or any of his Supreme Court nominations. The smear campaigns are even more evidence that there is fire under all the smoke. As it stands now, Judy Mikovits has the best-selling book on Amazon and is on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Both of her books are now in the top ten so people are catching on that they should be considering much more information than what the news is telling them, or their government censors in Google and Facebook are letting out. Obviously a portion of any population will blindly comply with anything the government says, but the hope from Google and Facebook is that as agents of a sociological virus outbreak of “thought,” that they can trick those healthy minded people into accepting the terms of the virus and change their society into a socialist state essentially ran by their tech companies. Sure it’s a power grab and it won’t be the last time in history that we have viruses attack our society not biologically, but through sociological means. What Judy’s books have done is put a definition on the behavior and that is dangerous to the take over movement because it tells enough people what is going on that they can prevent the behavior and that has the tech monsters scared. Because they have so many tyrants and mindless bureaucrats counting on them to be successful for this new age of authority they have been selling.

The key is that if enough people stay healthy minded through this Covid-19 outbreak then the invasion may be staved off and the Green New Deal action items that the United Nations wants to enact will fall short and disintegrate in front of their faces. So the desperation by Google and Facebook is understandable taken in that context. But it wasn’t anything that Judy Mikovits did wrong, other than tell her story. They can’t afford for her story to get out because it will ruin all their plans which should say everything to the rest of the world. Do you really want Google and Facebook to shape your life and freedoms for the future? Do you really want losers like Dr. Fauci running government healthcare and sociological response? Well, then hear out Judy Mikovits and let the truth you arrive at set you free to act.

Rich Hoffman

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Steampunk and the Future of Technology

My readers here might have noticed my new mask which is kind of Steampunkish and likely wondered what the deal with it was. Well, I was shopping with my family in the famous Charleston City Market which has been around since 1804. One of the booths had kind of a Steampunk theme which my kids are into. I haven’t paid much attention to the movement because to me it represented a time that never occurred and was rooted in “what ifs” instead of factual observation and an understanding of history. Steampunk however has turned out to be very aligned with what I want to do with my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business so through buying this mask it gave me several good ideas to build off of, so I started using it on my social media platforms because I think its pretty cool.

Death and life have very much been a part of my thinking lately, I’ve had some sick family, my own aging process and all this constant news about artificial intelligence taking over the human race–becoming actually a terminator type of conflict that seems much more possible today than it did when that popular movie first came out—has been on my mind. The mask to me is a clear indication that we can enhance our own flesh now, and the future looks to be even more of a case for it. So even when our flesh dies of natural causes we can continue to live on through various mechanical means, and this new mask of mind makes me think of those potentials and consequences, so I was very excited to get it. And in talking with my kids about Steampunk as an art movement that’s when it became clear that my argument for going back into the Wild West period to look at our value systems, which is key to my own efforts, was the same in bridging those values with the technology of the future.

As kind of a prerequisite to buying that mask my wife and I spent some time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee looking at grandfather clocks, which have always been on my radar. There is a very nice store on the main strip there that we have always gone in and contemplated. Even though these days a digital display clock is often better and far, far cheaper, there has always been a charm for me in the craftsmanship that goes into a grandfather clock that I crave. And at the height of the Victorian era for which the Wild West period was a part of that is why the stylized outfits and fonts looked the way they did. It was a very exciting time where guns became very reliable and could be used to shape a culture as the Victorian designs immigrated from Europe and moved with the expanding train system into the wild frontier of western expansion. These days many of our smartest people, people who enjoy thinking, are finding that they enjoy the values of that period and would like to see a return to those values. But we are all on the technological frontier of so many other positive elements that we must find a way to bridge these values, which is how Steampunk came to be as an art form.

Its not at all a mainstream thing yet, or if it ever will be. But one thing is quite clear, it was mainstream enough to have that mask I bought displayed at the very popular Charleston City Market and people walking by all stopped to look at the crafts displayed at that booth, so there is some very obvious curiosity by most people about this type of art, whether they understand it consciously or not. I suspect that subconsciously most people are thinking the same thing, they don’t want to lose themselves as individuals in the technology of the future, and they very much want to be in command of that relationship. We don’t want to lose our lives to technology, but rather want to see humans continue to set the agenda—but one way or the other, tech is here, and we must find our way with it. So suddenly, I’m quite a fan of Steampunk.

This mask is appropriate for me because honestly, I have no intentions of every dying. Now the nature of life may change, but my essence I suspect will live on in various forms forever, and as I get older, I am quite open into whatever enhancements I need to utilize to continue enjoying life. After all think about it, I have written so much that it will float around in cyberspace or whatever form of that space exists well into the future, that it will likely go on forever as defined by universal life spans. Even if all that is left is a skull, I will get all I can out of life because that is how I approach these kinds of things. While I do advocate for the values of the past, of the Victorian era Wild West values of pure capitalism and frontier justice, I think very much that those values not only work here on earth, but will work as we colonize space whether it is the moon, Mars or the moons of Jupiter. If I could live 20,000 years to see all those advancements happen or to help them along, I’ll do it whether the form is a living entity, legacy memories, or as a variation of that mask, a biological entity more machine than traditional life that exists without losing the basics of humanity.

Coming back from Charleston I had been listening to Rush Limbaugh while staying in the very nice Mt. Pleasant area and looking at all the sites and thinking about how Google was being thought of as evil, and that Facebook was capturing so much of us to build an artificial intelligence that it was forcing tough political and economic decisions for the future. For me the solution was in Steampunk, or at least the first doors to solving those complex problems and that mask gave me a reference point. But when it came time to come back home and I punched in my address to my Google Map app on my phone it stated at 5:30 AM in the morning that I would arrive back at my home in 10 hrs. and 16 minutes. Thinking about Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows and some by Alex Jones that I had been listening to online when everyone else had gone to bed I wanted to try an experiment knowing that Google had a profile of my habits that it had been collecting about me for many years. I decided to leave my phone plugged in so that I wouldn’t reset my destination forcing Google to recalculate my destination time.

On the way home I traveled with one of my daughters, her kids and my wife so there were lots of variables. We didn’t leave at 5:30 but the time really didn’t change from when we actually did so the Google Maps had figured out all our stops, our pace of driving and the traffic conditions from Mt Pleasant to our home address and all the surprises that can happen along the way. Outside of Columbia, South Carolina we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast. At the North Carolina line we switched around some drivers. Just outside of Ashville we stopped to let the kids use the restroom. In the heart of the mountains near the tunnels just before the Tennessee border we stopped to get some more food. In Knoxville we stopped to get more gas. Ahead of Jellico Mountain we stopped by McDonalds just to stretch and get a snack. On the other side of the mountain from Jellico to London, KY we had lots of single lane traffic and some serious traffic delays. We pulled off the highway to use the restroom yet again and we fiddled around for an additional 15 minutes because we were all tired of driving and didn’t want to rush only to sit in traffic again. We stopped just north of Lexington just to stretch because we were tired and wanted to get home but were getting impatient. Then we hit traffic in Florence that lasted all the way through the city of Cincinnati. By the time we got to our driveway the time on the trip back was 10 hrs. and 17 minutes. One minute longer than Google Maps had predicted originally, which I thought was astonishing.

Technology can be our friends or our enemies, what it becomes will largely be up to the values we bring to it. I for one plan to embrace it with an eye toward longevity and accomplishing more in a lifetime than typical biological existence would otherwise allow. And even the sad stories of family sicknesses prove that technology is on the cusp of solving many of those problems. But then what? Well, that is up to us to figure out, and that is my focus in helping to shape. And for me, that is a very exciting prospect and what I think about when I see that new mask found at the Charleston City Market. To me its not a scary thing, but something that will help us live beyond the terminal existence of yesteryear, but if we hold the values from the past that worked best and combined them with the future, we wouldn’t just get Steampunk art, but perhaps a new reality that matches what Jesus said when he walked the earth, “heaven is all around us, only men do not see it.” Well, maybe its time that we start looking at it.

Rich Hoffman

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The End of Facebook: That is a very good thing

I first heard about Facebook while I was on a movie set in Hollywood, California. We were shooting an all night firewhip sequence for a studio project and since I was the expert bullwhip artist every take during that 12-hour shoot involved me. That left lots of time for the rest of the cast and crew to talk and it was during these many conversations that started and stopped so frequently that I first heard about Facebook. It was 2008 and Facebook had just come out and was competing with Myspace as a new social media platform. I had a pretty fancy Myspace page that featured my bullwhip work and since it had been invented essentially for start-up music bands to get noticed, it had also worked for me to get noticed by Hollywood. I understood the power of this new social media thing because it had literally made it possible for me to do work for Hollywood while still a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. Typically, if you wanted to work for movies you had to live in the Los Angeles area to network, but not anymore. With social media celebrities could talk to anybody and people of all types of backgrounds could suddenly be in contact with each other.

Yet there was something I didn’t like about Mark Zuckerberg. One of the actresses on set who had recently done work for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies had been a tester for Facebook and she knew Mark. Facebook was recruiting celebrities to help push the new social media platform so to take out the previous Myspace rival and she was one of them. At that time, she was very enamored that the young 21-year old Zuckerberg was already a billionaire. I asked her why he was a billionaire for a free service for which she didn’t have an explanation. All she cared about was that Facebook could get her more work around town. As she said, a few sexy pictures of herself on Facebook would get her an opportunity to get meetings with dozens of producers for new movie projects and leap her ahead in the audition process. So she thought it was great and that Facebook was going to be the wave of the future.

I was upset to learn later that RealD 3D had no intention to use the movie footage we shot for the film but had sold it to CGI artists for movies like Iron Man 2 and The Immortals. I stayed in contact with many of the people who worked on that set for several years, especially the stunt coordinator. There was a real temptation to start a Facebook page and attach that actress as a friend which would have instantly put me on the doorstep of every entertainment figure in Hollywood which would have been worth millions of dollars in opportunity for me personally. But I couldn’t shake that Facebook seemed to me to be diabolically intrusive. I read their sign-up agreement and could not accept the data intrusion they were proposing. So I took myself out of that next wave of technology from the start.

In 2012 as I was releasing my new novel Tail of the Dragon, my publisher was telling me I needed to set up a Facebook page to promote it. Instead of setting one up myself my son-n-law did it for me, because he and my daughter were on Facebook so the damage was already done. It didn’t have any of my contacts in it, which made it pretty worthless, but it fulfilled my contractual obligations with the publisher. As I was doing radio promotion work for the book several of the talk show hosts who knew me well thought it was funny that I had set up a Facebook page, because they knew how I felt about it. But I had managed to do it in a way that kept my privacy under my control and that was just how it was going to stay. People could argue that Twitter and Google are just as bad, and I did make a transition over to those media platforms over time, but I don’t think anything is as bad as Facebook in exposing personal behavior patterns and contacts, then selling that information to companies and governments for all types of vile purposes.

Looking back on it that was quite a time in history. In the summer of 2008 while I was on that film shoot Barack Obama was running for president and those same Hollywood people were excited about him. I wasn’t excited about John McCain, but I certainly wasn’t going to support a Democrat. But the Hollywood people supported any Democrat because like Facebook it was a way to make first contact with the producers around the city. Supporting Democrats was the first requirement for working on any film or television project unless you were a specialist like me, who had a very unique talent. But even then, it only went so far. Turning away from that life by rejecting Facebook it allowed me to work for the Tea Party rebellion that eventually elected Donald Trump. Not having Facebook allowed me to operate incognito for the next decade and do some really good things, politically. The decision was an expensive one, but what good is a lot of money if you don’t have a country. Facebook to me was literally a battleground of ideology that was harmful to the rebellion that had to happen. Even though most everyone used it, including many of my Tea Party friends, and they used it to network with other like-minded people, I needed to operate off the grid, and because of it I was able to do some pretty high-level activity without leaving a crumb trail for the opposition to follow, and that was very important.

It doesn’t surprise me that the stock is tanking for Facebook. The value of the company is in extracting personal data from people and selling it. Now that they have been busted for doing just that and Mark Zuckerberg is trying to repair the public image of Facebook’s major privacy violations, the end is inevitable. Because Facebook cannot make everyone happy. They cannot give privacy to their users without making their investors angry. And they can’t give their investors what they want without violating their users, so Facebook can’t win, and they are on the decline. There is no way they can recover.

Who knows what social media platform will replace Facebook. Of course, something will but whatever it is, it won’t be like Facebook. Facebook took people by storm during an era of naiveté that will never come again. What people thought was just a free way to speak to family and friends over vast distances turned out to be a window into every part of our lives, and people will never let their guard down in quite the same way ever again. Many people are perfectly willing to trade privacy for enrichment at first glance, but it doesn’t take long for resentment to build. I was against it from the beginning and I could have made great use of it at the cutting edge, but if I had, my life would have been quite different. It is often better to operate off the grid than on it, especially when tactical reasons mandate social camouflage. So it doesn’t hurt my feelings to see Facebook going downhill. I think it’s a really good thing.

Rich Hoffman

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Why You Should Cancel your Facebook Account: Finally, Sean Parker is saying what I have all along

I first heard about Facebook in the mid 2000 time frame while I was on the set of a movie.  The celebrities there were the first to get it and promote it, and among themselves it was the latest great thing.  At that time I had a Myspace account, which is probably still out there somewhere.  I haven’t been to it in years, and it was through that site that my networking with all the movie people happened.  I participated in that first jaunt into social networking and my work in Hollywood at that time was proof of the validity of that type of use.  We were all on break at the lunch from the catering truck and sitting at picnic tables having sandwiches and having a first look at this Facebook thing and comparing it to Myspace.  My reaction to it was that the new thing was evil and I told that to Jennie Garth who was sitting next to me showing me how the new platform worked.  The people around us of course thought I was being dramatic.  They were all part of her network and they were nice people excited about this way to speak to so many people so easily.  But I knew when I first looked at the Facebook platform that this thing was different, and was a bad thing.  I had recently read a book by Jim Marrs called Rule by Secrecy and it was obvious to me that Facebook was that big device that came along through the private sector that would connect as a spy to the Deep State and that it was essentially a mouse trap to track our thoughts and actions for a wider behavior grid of big brother management of our lives.


My resistance to Facebook was fine for a while until my novel Tail of the Dragon in 2012 came out and my publisher had a fit that I refused to network on the site.  As they said, everyone was on Facebook and part of my marketing contract with them stated that I needed to do everything I could to promote the book to the public and Facebook was the best modern age mechanism to do so.  It was at that point that I half heartedly let my son-in-law create an account for the book so that my personal information wasn’t on the site.  The Tail of the Dragon had a little site that fulfilled my contractual obligations, but it never went anywhere because it wasn’t connected to any real activity.  Facebook needed my network to be alive, so without my input it wasn’t like Myspace, or even Twitter in that people can follow you and watch you—which they can on Facebook but not in the same way.  What is different about Facebook is that it requires the users commitment to the wall in order to network to other people.  Otherwise nobody will find you.  Facebook essentially demands input and use of your time and if you don’t give it your time and attention, it doesn’t do anything for you.  That makes it all too human in the way it manipulates behavior patterns.  My relationship with my publisher up until the marketing of my novel had been great through every phase until we got to the marketing portion.  Even though I had a great blog site and a decent presence online, Facebook was their primary choice in building audiences for their books, so our relationship deteriorated over that sole issue.

Everyone in my family does Facebook and none of them understand my hatred of it but it all goes back to that night in Los Angeles where I was able to see Facebook being launched by celebrities.  They were excited about it and were doing the soft sell to their fan bases which expanded the reach of the social media device so that people could get close to their favorite movie stars on the off-chance one of them might “like” something they say.  Myspace originally came about to help promote musical bands, which essentially worked for everything as a way to connect people who might otherwise not meet.  That was after all how Hollywood found out about me and solicited some of my work with bullwhips.  Of course my refusal to use Facebook put me socially on the out, even with my own family.  That and my work with the Tea Party movement starting in 2009, I’ve described these days as having to make a choice in the cultural civil war that is taking place and I was one of the first to make a serious commitment to that cause, which cost me quite a lot of street credibility.  But it all goes back to my resistance to Facebook and the way it massively took over the lives of just about everyone I knew.  Sure, I could have went along with it and made many millions of dollars, but it went against my personal beliefs of what human beings should be doing with their time, and I wasn’t going to participate.  Facebook counts on peer pressure from family members to pull you in so they can plug into your behavioral profile, but with me it has had the opposite effect.  Neither my wife or I are on Facebook and we never will be because the nature of it is extremely intrusive, and manipulative.

That is why I found Sean Parker’s comments about Facebook to be very validating this past week.  Parker of course is one of the founders of the social media device that has opened up this new revolution of human manipulation.  Facebook takes advantage of several human weaknesses, aspects of existence that I think we should all overcome, not surrender to.  That was my problem with it in the beginning and continues to be.  I call it the nosy neighbor complex where it allows people to observe from a safe distance what you are doing in your life and you are inspired to surrender that information for the validation of your actions in the form of a “like.”  By always seeking that “like” for a new photo or saying, your peer groups are actually steering your intellectual input which then transfers over to real life behavior.  People find themselves wondering if an action they are doing will be judged appropriately on Facebook, because they don’t want the social disapproval of their peers telling them otherwise.  Additionally Facebook connects people of the present with people of the past going all the way back to childhood.  At first this might seem neat, having the ability to contact long-lost people from your high school days and seeing what they are up to, and even maintaining friendships with them.  A sister-in-law of mine actually married her fourth husband who was a friend from high school, and it was Facebook that made that relationship possible.  But what Facebook gets out of the exchange is much more devious, it’s the behavioral trail that the user leaves behind which then builds a case in the Deep State for control of our mass population in a very negative way.  So it was interesting to hear one of the Facebook founders validate everything negative I have said about Facebook  for over a decade now—when I was one of the only ones saying it.

Where Facebook fails is in its ability to capture the free will of people.  In their study of election patterns for example, say in the case of Donald Trump, Facebook was useless to polling groups because people held back on their opinion about Trump due to their fear that they would receive negative social validation feedback from their peers, so they silently supported him more than Facebook was able to detect in their behavioral analysis that they sold to Deep State organizations—which is how Facebook makes their money and why Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can run for president in 2020, based on Facebook feedback, which was faulty from the start.  That left the Deep State ill prepared for the election revolution that followed, and created the first break in trust that Facebook could be counted on to steer society in the proper direction.  Mark Zuckerberg had no explanation that assured the Deep State that they could continue trusting Facebook.  After all, the social media device had been out for over a decade and it had gone as far as it could.  Facebook did what it did, but nothing more.  I did not capture the free will of people, only the things they sought approval from regarding their peers—creating a behavior control mechanism, but not showing the true desires of the human soul.

I have always argued that all societies need to align themselves to their souls and not the persnickety traits of gossip and neighbor watching—the small minded stuff that anchors human beings to primate behavior.  Facebook inspires primate behavior, and I am against it—so much so that I will go against the grain even if I’m the only one—which it feels like I have been.  But I am very happy to be proven right once again.  You know, if you people would listen to me more, you’d be a lot better off in life.  A lot of people read what I write and they profit from it.  But sadly a lot of people read and they silently enjoy the content, but they fail to act on it.  If they listened to what I told them to do, they would be a lot better off.  Think about that in the future.  What Sean Parker is saying now is worthless, he already made his money and I’m sure he’s off on the next big tech revelation.  But just remember I said what he’s saying now all along, which takes a lot of guts, and it wasn’t easy—and cost me a lot personally.  It was the right position to take.  So remember that in the future when I say something and next time don’t wait until someone like Sean Parker provides validation.   Facebook is evil and it always has been.  Your participation in it feeds that evil expeditiously which is not good for the human species in any way.

I have since lost all my Hollywood friends to Facebook, I put myself on the outside of their networks and those contacts dissolved over time.  I’ve also ostracized the publishing industry, which I worked very hard for twenty years to nurture.  Most of my family is only on speaking term on holidays with me due to Facebook.  They love it—I hate it. My blog site, this Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom endeavor didn’t help.  Since Facebook was obviously trying to pull society in the other direction I figured I pissed off everyone anyway, so why not do it diving instead of falling if you know what I mean.  Right is right, and if you are going to take a position, you might as well do it in a spectacular way—so I started this site as a way to hedge against the massive online corruption that is Facebook.  Facebook is no good and it never has been.  It feeds the forces of evil with gossip and behavior patterns and it has surely destroyed at least two generations of people around the world, intellectually. To defeat that evil, you have to stop feeding it.  If you have a Facebook account, you are still part of the problem and will be until you stop feeding that evil for what it wants in spite of your personal desires.   My position against Facebook has cost me a lot, but I’d pay it all over again and more, because it was the right thing to do.

Rich Hoffman

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Have Lost Their Minds: The flawed Facebook data and advocacy of Universal Basic Income

I personally like Elon Musk so I’ll forgive him for his ridiculous support of this re-packaged communist proposal that lefties are so excited about, the idea of Universal Basic Income distribution.   Musk is doing good things with his billions of dollars so I can forgive dumb ideas based on his baseline left-leaning philosophies identifying that he has become slightly out-of-touch with reality due to his various projects which happen to be populated by Earth-first wackos.  Musk makes a great car and his SpaceX company is way out in front on driving the frontier of space in the direction that mankind needs to go.  But that stupid kid Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook I have no sympathy for.  He’s an idiot who made his money collecting vast amounts of data from the world population and selling it to intelligence agencies for their covert work.  He’s essentially a sell-out who came into a lot of money because he had no predilection for privacy invasion and he has been fed vast sums of money to keep doing what he’s doing—because the end game is just another modern version of communism disguised as something else for the tech age.

Universal Basic Income is a global idea being floated around that essentially gives everyone a no strings attached paycheck to live life. The big problem is—who pays?  Who pays for the entire world to have a paycheck without having to earn it?  Of course Zuckerberg will tell you that it is the “states” that will have to pay as we all must become one global government working toward the same goals.  Through his Facebook analysis he knows that a majority of the world is lazy and would rather not work a job toward productivity so he’s using this trend to launch this push toward Universal Basic Income.  After all, he’s a billionaire kid who clearly doesn’t understand the value of working at McDonald’s for the summer to buy a new car or earn a down payment on an apartment. Such a proposal as Universal Basic Income will never touch him and his vast wealth—so what does he care.   But he knows that a huge part of the population currently under 30 would rather stay home and play video games and talk on Facebook all day instead of being productive people toward goals of GDP.  Zuckerberg isn’t so smart—he’s not a great visionary.  He’s just a kid who won the lottery doing what other people wouldn’t because their conscious wouldn’t allow them to.  So what Zuckerberg and his other tech buddies are suggesting is an all out assault on our basic sovereignty and it should be challenged boldly.

I’ve made my feelings about Facebook clear. I think it’s vile, and evil.  I want nothing to do with it because it’s essentially a data collection operation designed to study personal habits and associates for sale to intelligence agencies and commercial enterprises.  Facebook wants to know what you know, who you know, how you interact with those people—how important some of those people are compared to other people and essentially what your daily habits are.  Facebook knows that humans are essentially social creatures so it uses a lot of code to exploit that need for the gains of the state.  So I don’t participate.  Facebook is different from other online activity opportunities because it’s a one stop shop of data collection.  Twitter isn’t nearly as invasive, and most other web activity forces data collection to cooperate with each other to build a profile—which is much harder than most people would think.  Facebook puts it all into one place for sale and distribution to those who want to use that information for their own needs.  Facebook isn’t revolutionary it’s just a big spider web designed to capture intellectual property from its users for others to consume at their leisure.

To assume that these advocates for Universal Basic Income are smart because they are part of the tech sector is a folly. As Zuckerberg and Musk both said recently, they think artificial intelligence and robotics are going to replace the human workforce so that gives justification toward Universal Basic Income because as they say, people will still need money in that changing economy.  All this is, is a dressed up new fear created by nothing to back it, to force people into a kind of communist thinking—that we will all be replaced by robots that these tech people are building—so we should listen to them because they have “hidden knowledge” we don’t have.  So we should all be grateful to them for sharing that information—and listen to their proposal.

I don’t mean to come across arrogantly, but I seriously doubt there is anybody in Silicone Valley who can see over the horizon better than I can—into the distant future.  I’d argue that even the best futurists couldn’t outthink me on the matter.  They may be as good, but better would be a statement based on lunacy.  I don’t typically beat people over the head with it—but in cases like this, I can see clearly elements to this puzzle that Zuckerberg and Musk don’t.  In Musk’s case, I think he’s enchanted a bit too much with the power he’s helping to create—but there is a diminishing return on all that he hasn’t yet factored in.  With Zuckerberg, I just think he’s a modern communist hiding his intentions behind modern terms and technology—and he doesn’t care.  What is being ignored which is represented directly by the GDP of a nation is the effect money has on the human soul and the necessity of productivity to extract it for the benefit of spiritual growth.  Humans need to be productive and in capitalist countries that necessity is obvious—and the culture expands at a rate that is very healthy for further development.  Thus, what is missing from these so-called “genius” billionaires is the basic reality that money by itself is worthless without productivity to back it up.  If you just give someone a paycheck—the value of it might buy them groceries, cars and lodging, but it denies them the merit of productive enterprise—or the incentive to be more productive so they could participate in more of life’s fabulous treasures acquired through financial surplus.

I heard a nice challenge to Mark Zuckerberg—if he believes in his Universal Basic Income plan than why don’t he put $1 billion of his so-called $60 billion in total net worth into a little village in Africa and watch what happens.  Give those people a pay check so they can live a basic life and put no demands on it.  Let automated electric cars donated by Elon Musk drive them everywhere they need to go and introduce the best of automation to run their fast food restaurants and their basic needs for manufacturing and measure what happens.  Within a few years the total sum of all that money would be gone and the region would be sucking for more investment but GDP would not contribute to any surplus leaving more investment needed and the rate of invention would decrease because there would be no real incentive to do so except for the back yard mechanics naturally inclined to tinker with things to make them work.  They’d regress as a mini society even from the point where the billion dollars was initially given.  Within a few years there’d be no trace of that billion dollar investment and the village would go back to its status of hut dwellings and chieftain hierarchy.  But why?

Out of all the data Facebook collects it is missing one important element. Facebook can track your associations with other people, your mood at various times of day, your career choices, what you like to eat, the type of music and movies you enjoy—just about everything except for what’s most important in your life—how productive are you.  Productive people don’t tend to spend much time playing on Facebook—but lazy worthless people do—so the data that Mark Zuckerberg is looking at and selling is tainted—it cannot predict the next great revolution in thought, economic, and practice.  And before humans are ever replaced by robots and artificial intelligence, they’ll find a way to excel in other fields where imagination and human input is needed—because at the core of the human experience is the need to be productive.

Now, not everyone feels this way. There are many sick human beings out there who are psychiatrically broken and laziness is part of the symptom of living these shattered lives as a bi-product.  I would go as far to say that likely 90% of our society at all levels is psychiatrically broken to some degree—and those idiots are on Facebook giving a lot of people bad, distorted data based on a whole host of mental illness—such as needing too much correspondence with other human beings to cover deeply personal problems that lay hidden.  That’s not to say those people are not valuable or beyond hope—but as far as functioning in a democracy they are unreliable because they will always seek socialism and other forms of mass collectivism to hide their dysfunctions not only from themselves, but from society as a whole.

It is productivity that is the best way to draw out mental health issues and to become a proper human being and the human race will never surrender productivity to robots, artificial intelligence and other emerging systems of technology just so they can sit around all day and play Call of Duty.  It’s just not going to happen.  There may be a lot of people who will desire such things so they can hide in the shadows and get a free paycheck so they don’t have to deal with real life issues—but giving everyone a free pay check without attaching to it some expected productive output will only lead to a mass psychosis in human activity and we will discover too late—(a hundred years from now) that machines couldn’t do half of what we thought they could because the mysterious human soul is still needed for imagination—and imagination is the first step in all productive output.

I am so certain about these things that you can mark it on your calendar and remember that I told you first—because I just did. Mark Zuckerberg has performed a con by over-sampling human deficiencies while ignoring what matters most to human beings—which is why he and people like Elon Musk are so terrified of artificial intelligence and robots.  Most liberals don’t understand the things I’ve presented here and I would go as far to say that everyone one of them on the liberal side of thinking is operating in some rendition of mental illness.  Even though they are part of shaping tomorrow technologically, they are still liberals who don’t understand the nature of productivity properly—thus they have nothing to contribute on the really big philosophical issues of our time.  And believe me, Universal Basic Income is not a part of any human future that thrives.  It would only contribute to the Vico cycle and destroy our present course because missing from its introduction is the crucial ingredient of productive enterprise that is at the core of all human development.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Facebook Only Helps the Second-Hander: Keeping the “frenemies” at a proper distance

By now it should be clear why I do not participate in Facebook other than some very remote advancement of my literary projects. Even with those, I do not engage in the practice of associating with the mass collective of society whether it be friends, family, or “frenemies” in any means whatsoever other than this blog, which consists of top down advice and opinions intended to do two things—act as a personal notebook for myself to work out complicated topics—and to offer advice to those who need it—which is most of the world. For a person like me, there is nothing to be gained by Facebook associations. It is only good for the type of person who feels they need to justify their existence with “like” buttons and foul language to pluck up their social feathers in the manner of a peacock.   In that Facebook realm it is only the busy body type who are always on the lookout for what everyone else is doing who prosper when in their private lives they are miserable failures—Facebook allows them to be second-handers in society, to steal ideas and concepts from others via a “Facebook wall” then pass them off as their own gaining notoriety within a collective group—whatever it may be. So for me, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by Facebook. Yes it connects people from all over the world; yes it is a great way to get product notoriety—but there is a cost. It allows the bottom feeders of civilization to feel like they are equal contributors to intellectual dialogue and legislative value within circles of influence—and that is proving to be detrimental, culturally.

There is a reason that the founders of Facebook ended up gloriously rich primarily by investors seeking data collection—particularly among government agencies. The reconnaissance of who knows who and how and what little brat is harassing the latest elderly grandpa over some old-fashioned idea of family value—is just the kind of scouting report that enemies of tradition seek to capture. No longer does the CIA, or FBI have to seek complicated warrants to spy on potential threats to their existence—they just check the Facebook wall of a potential target to see what they are saying, and who likes their opinions, and who hates them. If there are those in dissidence, it is far easier to steer those minds in a negative direction against the target than to launch a complicated counter-strike involving hundreds of man hours and a lot of foot work to do the same just ten years ago. Now, the soothsayers and busybodies rule the planet from Facebook leaving those of a private mind at a severe disadvantage as the chaotic thinkers through social media now have equal latitude in cyberspace with the wise and well-earned intellect.

This is just an example, but it is one that I witnessed from afar over the Holiday season among a particular group of such busy bodies. An elderly couple wanted a family photograph but one grandchild is having particular trouble with drugs and personal social destruction. The parents of this child of course are defensive as to any judgment because ultimately it points back to them as the ones at fault for their kid’s behavior. So the friend of this poor child was brought into a family photograph for Christmas causing all kinds of commotion. The friend to the rest of the family is a symbol of the type of person who has greatly deteriorated the mind of the beloved family member fair or not—so further memories of such a person was not welcomed into the family photograph, which caused quite an uproar on Facebook.

Those most guilty of allowing the mind of the fallen child to waver on self-destruction came out on Facebook fanning the flames of discontent against the elderly couple bringing in members of the family who weren’t even remotely connected to the situation other than maybe seeing each other at a wedding or funeral, to offer their defense of the vanquished child bringing equal opinion to the matter with collective banter—as if by measuring the number of opinionated fools somehow outranked the few who were close to the situation and hurt by it. Of those are people like the grandparents who simply are on Facebook to talk to old friends and family during their silver years as travel and frequency of correspondence is increasingly difficult due to their advanced age. Once the democratic banter against the grandparents had raised to a fever pitch then the youthful felt entitled to banter four letter expletives generally making fools of themselves as the parents of these children and their extended families of liberal round hounds mixed with drug induced whores cheered from the sidelines marveling in the power of democracy that Facebook provided them.

As cowardly souls in their normal every day lives going nowhere fast and stuck like wooly mammoths in the La Brea tar pits Facebook gave these mass swarms of know-nothings the latitude to hen-peck at the truly wise and intellectual just because they don’t like the opinions shaped by the elderly personal values. The cause of the poor child’s problems in question to begin with is that the parents screwed up in the upbringing causing directly the problems at hand. So to cover up that error, they seek the blanket of social acceptance through Facebook ridicule to justify their quandary of failure in lieu of collective salvation.

That is another trend of social media that is emerging—it allows the cowardly and stupid to sit from behind the comfort of their computers and cell phones to become suddenly bold in justifying their failed existences by summation of a collective opinion consensus among others of like mind without fear of retaliation. Because social media is so effective in combining those of like mind together, and the number of idiots in the world greatly outnumber the intelligent, it is easy for such faulty thinking people to build a consensus against wisdom by collective input. If a series of drug addicts and former bar whores believe that a judgment against some particular social value is too intense by a well-hated target, that slug of a personality can then seek out aunts, friends, or that loser drunk uncle who otherwise has no valuable opinions except to add to a “like” button on a Facebook wall, and other connected losers and social outcasts to suddenly be the most important people on the planet when they can gang up and pile drive against someone because their view of the world is too “old fashioned.”

I know all too well who my frenemies are, and unlike most, I feel absolutely no impulse to make them into “friends” by seeking their counsel about anything—anything at all. If anything, I seek ways to make more “frenemies” so that my daily correspondence is made more simple allowing me more time to do the things I truly enjoy. It is good to be pleasant and fair to all people—once. But once they screw you over in some literal or intellectual way—it is time to place them on the frenemie list and discard them from the inner circle of cherished memory forever. Facebook allows those fenemies to appear as friends when really it just empowers them to become more like succubus types behaving as social destroyers than any kind of wise counsel granted from a trusted relative or friend. Facebook is only good for the despot–the intelligent introvert has nothing to be gained from the interaction but to place themselves on a cross to be picked apart by the know-nothings and dregs of society.

For this blog, my opinion is all that matters. What I write and why I write it is my own decision and device. I do not seek the approval of one other human being on planet earth in providing it. The opinions come from deep within my own thought process and does not require anybody to “like” it. But when I see validation to my original opinions play out on the Facebook stage, just remember that I told you so. To the parents of the little girl in the example, I explained to them what was going to happen if they didn’t listen over twenty years ago to the wisdom my wife and I offered. But they chose to run away from that help, and screwed up their lives and those connected to them forever. And to further conceal their mistakes they found it opportune to pounce on a person whom I respect a great deal just because that person had an opinion about the poor choices of a lifestyle that has been conducted by that child and they didn’t want a hint of that in a family picture commemorating the future.

In Facebook misery loves company, and they do find themselves there easily. Once they do, they unite together to become a dangerous band of cyberspace thugs able to pardon their poor decisions in life with collective opinion attacking like a mob all those who fall outside of their social virus of Facebook groupings. But even through the expletives and tough talk the real measure of success in life—and death—is in how one lives and how things really end up in the end. For those who speak loudest against traditional opinion of value are those who even today are drug abusers, sex addicts, failed intellectuals, destroyed personalities, conservatives turned to liberal hippies with massive college debt, homeless wrecks cast aside by their own stubbornness and a youthful culture that is hell-bent on doing it all again by drowning out the wisdom of their elders who simply love them too much to let them fail without saying something. Facebook takes that traditional wise voice of old and drowns it in a collective goo of democracy providing the illusion that mistakes can be redeemed if enough people believe something to be true. The only people who really benefit from Facebook are the second-handers, the beings that live through other people. Those who don’t function from this modern social parasitic entity gain nothing, but lose a lot—which is why I don’t participate in Facebook—and I never will. I deal with enough “frenemies” on a daily basis at just about every level—and family is not immune to that experience. So there is nothing to be gained by breaking bread with them on Facebook. Because being a person of value, they can only take that value from you. They have nothing valuable to contribute otherwise making Facebook a lost cause.

Rich Hoffman

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“Tail of the Dragon’s” New Facebook Page: Following the book across the finish line

When I made the announcement the other day that I had just approved the cover design for my new novel Tail of the Dragon from my publisher, I thought the process was completed. So far my experience with American Publishing has been nothing but extremely good. While other publishers might have rushed through the various phases of the production process after accepting a manuscript, American Book took their time at every aspect of development. At times I wondered if that was the correct path, but my experience with the editors has been extremely good and everybody brought something to the table to really tighten up the story into the breakneck, concise narrative that it ended up in the final proof. But I really didn’t know what to expect from the cover until I received another proof after the acceptance of the first that revealed how the entire book would look, and how the cover art designer Jana Rade fantastically tied the two together with continuity unique in the world of book cover design. I was so excited upon seeing her final art proof that we created a Facebook fan page for the book to start satisfying the interest that is mounting prior to the final steps of delivering to the bookstores. I revealed that new site in the video below.

Jana with very little input from me came up with the design you can see up close in the accompanying picture. She managed to capture the folklore of the actual Tail of the Dragon, and articulate that this is not a fantasy story about dragons, but in fact a book that involves a car driving down a road that looks like a dragon’s tail. It’s simple enough to not be overbearing, yet all-encompassing in many metaphorical categories capturing the philosophy explored in Tail of the Dragon, and that is the philosophy of freedom. The lone car riding along on the tail of some maniacal beast disappearing off the page and emerging onto the back cover works on many levels, and I think is a world-class work of art that merges contemporary art with tradition in a wonderful way.

American Book has now moved into the production phase which involves sending galleys out to readers, and picking up reviews, as well as registering at all the distribution outlets, which is normal, and takes about 12 weeks. Although an official date has not been set yet, it looks right now to be right at the end of summer, which places it well before this year’s presidential election, which was a goal because the Tail of the Dragon among many sub plots is about running for President of the United States. So we certainly wanted to get it out by-election season.

So we’re getting closer, which is why we now have a Facebook page. So stop by and “LIKE” the page, “Friend” us there, and “PASS” the site along to your friends in your network and help us get the word out. Seeing how the cover captured so wonderfully the events of the book in such a dramatic, yet subtle way, my excitement for bringing this very exciting story to the public is greater than ever. The more people I can share it with, the better, because the message behind Tail of the Dragon is one that has meaning to each and every person living. The more people who have the opportunity to share in it, the more of an opportunity for someone to enjoy a unique novel that offers a fresh perspective on an age-old problem—what is the meaning of freedom, and what should we do as a society to maintain it. These are the intense questions that are dealt with in Tail of the Dragon and are nothing short than the life or death message for America’s future and the state of the entire world. So come with me on a journey that could change your life and that journey for you can begin over at the new Facebook page. Click here to visit. http://www.facebook.com/tailofthedragonbook


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Rich Hoffman

What’s Behind the Facebook Stock Crash: Just another government power grab

The whole Facebook value is bewildering to me. Why anyone would buy stock into a company that offers a free site that connects other free sites together and sells the information collected is beyond me.  Such a business does not sound like a sustainable model. So I am not surprised that the stock price is plummeting.  Glenn Beck has a great theory about what is behind the Facebook stock prices and what the government is really after.  Check it out!

Pass this around. With 51% of all Americans using Facebook, it’s a good chance that someone you care about is involved in this.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

While you wait for Tail of the Dragon, read my first book at Barnes and Nobel.com as they are now offering The Symposium of Justice at a discount which is the current lowest price available.

Rich Hoffman

Why FACEBOOK is Evil: A dad shoots his daughter’s laptop

I’ll have to say that I agree with this father who saw the nasty comments his daughter put on Facebook about him and his wife. Should the father have unloaded a clip from his .45 into the laptop of his daughter for what she said about his family on Facebook? Absolutely!!!!!!!

I still get many questions as to why I do not have a Facebook account. The answer is that I think Facebook is evil, and I don’t care to participate in it. I do put a Facebook “like” button at the bottom of my posts and I see every day that hundreds of my hits come from Facebook where my readers put links to my articles on the Facebook walls to share with their friends. I recognize the upsides to having Facebook, it keeps you in easy touch with family and friends, and provides a timely status as to the activity of a person. As a matter a fact, a co-worker of mine just yesterday was trying to get a flight out of Dallas but it was delayed, so based on his Facebook page he was able to announce to everyone concerned that his flight would be later than anticipated.

But—Facebook does too much, knows too much, and tricks the user into revealing too much about themselves. About ten years ago I read a book by Jim Marrs called Rule by Secrecy. It’s a conspiracy theory book that talked about the Bilderburgers, the Rothschild’s and the One World Order type of stuff as might be expected. It also spoke about the methods the CIA and FBI were employing to attempt to put chips under everyone’s skin so they could track them easily. When I finished that book I wrote in the front, “THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS BOOK.” I meant dangerous because knowing such things can warp your view of the world and can take the mind down a rocky slope of disillusion. However, at the time of reading that book people were openly angry about the cameras that police were having put up at traffic lights calling them “big brother” and the idea of tracking people anywhere they went was still science fiction. So the CIA and many other organizations found a more subtle way to impose their will on the American and world population so to make their job much easier, they found a way to trick us into giving them all the information they’d have to spend months, perhaps years gathering and allowing our own need for voyeurism to drive a complete end to our freedoms. They put their money behind Mark Zuckerberg and allowed the program of Facebook to do all the work for them. Apparently the CIA is so in love with Zuckerberg that the Facebook founder has earned the ominous nickname from the intelligence community—the Overlord.

Now, it must be disclosed that the segment you just watched is from The Onion which is a social satire show on the Independent Film Channel, which I am a fan of. So the facts shown in that episode are rooted in reality but are not literal. For instance, I don’t think Zuckerberg is an official CIA agent. But, the billions of dollars that came his way came from somewhere and as anyone who works with money knows, “he who has the gold rules.” Zuckerberg didn’t have any money, but he had the ability to make something like Facebook which a whole army of government workers couldn’t fathom, so they took our tax money in indirect ways and gave it to Zuckerberg to purchase his alliance.

Yes—I’m aware that the CIA is reading this. The FBI is too. Go drink another coffee boys, and see if there’s another doughnut in the break room, because I could care less. I know a few agents and my assessment of them are that they are government workers, just like cops, and teachers, and I have made it pretty clear what I think of them. They have a high opinion of themselves that is not based in reality, but on the strength of their pay checks, which to me is just looted money. I don’t value their service and they don’t keep me safe. I’m perfectly capable of doing that for myself. Because of my beliefs my family has been followed, bugged, and harassed for years. It was really bad in the late 90’s up until around 2005. My wife was followed all over town by strange men in white vans. When she’d go to the grocery they’d get out and follow her around the store.

None of this ever got violent. It was just harassment. It started when we took our kids out of the Mason School System to home school them because we disagreed with the 4th grade curriculum of teaching children to put on a condom. We felt that sex education was our job, and our kids were not interested in sex in the 4th grade, so we elected not to participate. The school retaliated by trying to separate my wife from the kids during school events which my wife frequently volunteered for, so we pulled the kids out of school and taught them ourselves. It was one of the best decisions we ever made as parents.

But the social ramifications where ominous, our families turned against us in a radical way, some of that family worked for school systems as superintendents and teachers. The police began to harass our street. Neighborhood kids began to harass my children as they rode their bicycles around the neighborhood. I responded by video recording everything that happened and the police responded by recording everything we did. After a few years of this it became evident that we were recorded everywhere we went about everything we did.

The constant pressure was unsettling to my wife who treasures her freedom and privacy. We’d have conversations knowing that there were listening devices picking up on everything we said and it took her a long time to realize that the idiots on the other end of the line were just mustache men with fat bellies and inflated egos propped up with tax dollars. They were to my mind peons to my overman concept. As I explained to my wife about 10,000 times, “who cares if a fly on the wall sees or hears what we do. Who cares if they can hear us having sex? We don’t mind the dog at the end of our bed as we kick him off, why should we care about some FBI agent, or other law enforcement personnel? What is there to know about us that we don’t want them to?”

So I am aware that these days virtually nothing is private. The scanners at the airport can see through your cloths. Drones can fly outside your bedroom window. And recording devices can pick up everything you say from many yards away. This information is obtained by the cowards of the government who have turned our hard-earned money against us by stealing it from us through legalized theft and propping up citizens like Zuckerberg in the name of safety. I am not troubled that Google watches every email I send and receive. I view such things as information given in a public place. And if people want to see what I put on YouTube have at it. That’s why I posted it. Or this blog site, I put it up to share with people so they might learn something. If it was private, I’d keep it in my head where it’s safe. But Facebook crosses the line for me. It has evolved into a form of behavioral control that I reject completely. It crawls too far into people’s lives and does everything that Jim Marrs warned about in Rule by Secrecy by making people want to behave like herds of sheep, which goes against everything I personally stand for.

Because of Facebook, my extended family often knows things about other family member’s way before my wife and I do. Facebook allows for that voyeuristic tendency, that secret passion to look at what your neighbor is doing from the comfort of your own home. But it’s a trick; your behavior is being plotted and analyzed carefully. Your contacts and the entire network of your contacts are scrutinized by pot-bellied piggies on the other of a monitor. Everyone is watching each other looking for leadership. The herds of Facebook users are being watched by the herds of the government workers in the CIA and none of them have the guts to step away and be independent.

What I mean by independence is doing things in your life without looking to see what your neighbor is doing, as if reassurance is needed. It is that human need for acceptance, which causes us to look at another human being and see if they have done it first before we dare try that is the downfall of our civilization and Facebook perpetuates it by encouraging it.

This is why those who fear to stand on their own two feet and be comfortable in their own lives can be controlled by some master—an overlord if you will. In my family, it took me almost 10 years to get my wife used to the idea that she could and was watched everywhere we went. It was a trip to Cancun where all our cloths were all over the beach and a Mexican security guard patrolling the area was trying to get a peak of the action. My wife saw the behavior of voyeurism that was inherit in all human beings as we dealt with the guard. I treated the guard like he was as useless as a dog at the end of our bed. His eyes and opinion mattered about as much to me as a fly on the wall or the dog at the end of our bed. And what he said to the other dogs at the guard-house mattered as much. It didn’t matter that he had an AK-47 in his hands. Having a gun is one thing, having the courage to use it, or the knowledge, is another. After that, the unnerving sensation that we were constantly being watched and analyzed by weak-minded, fearful human beings had less impact. We had shifted gears as a couple and learned to live our lives from that perspective.

It still doesn’t make this entire tendency toward voyeurism right. It just means that my expectations for the human race must be broke down into another category. And Facebook is a good gage of that. Those who use it to spy on their friends and neighbors, or even those in law enforcement are of the “sheeple” mind-set, which is they are comfortable in the herds of human existence and can easily be steered about by the overlords like Zuckerberg and the CIA.

But these are the same idiots who couldn’t find Osama bin Ladin even though he was right in front of their faces and had a porno addiction. So much for the effectiveness of the CIA, they have been dumbed down like the rest of society to watching for the status of people on Facebook to know what is happening. I know firsthand what it feels like to be watched by these people, even targeted. And it’s no different from the spider that spins a web in the corner of your bedroom. Its eyes and ears mean nothing because it is small and harmless. I’m certainly not going to kill it for being there. I might scoop it up and take it outside if I feel like taking the time to do so, but I’m not going to avoid undressing in my bedroom because the spider can see. But I’m also not going to invite spiders into my house so that they can make a mess with a network of webs all over my bedroom, and that is what Facebook is. It’s a web of voyeuristic spiders that just clutter up your life. And since I don’t wish to be tangled in their webs, or constantly brushing them away from my skin, I keep Facebook out of my life as much as possible.

The necessity for the human being to rise past the need for social reassurance is why I look to the overman as the intended goal of our species. If being human is defined by the weakness for public acceptance than moving beyond those needs would be the definition of an overman. An overman does not worry about the overlords. They do not have power over the overman’s life. The overman does not care about the happenings of those pathetic creatures. The overmen do not care if millions of eyes are upon them everywhere they go, for it is no different in the forest where thousands of insects and the cells on the leaves of trees are aware of a human in their midst’s and they observe carefully for the sanctity of their own survival. The eyes of the CIA, the FBI, of Zuckerberg and all the rest are just that to me, the eyes of insects whose lives rise and fall by the nature of their existence. Their feeble minds are bound to imprisonment for all eternity because they are stuck in a world built by acceptance and believe that by controlling the behavior of the masses that they can ensure the survival of all. But it’s just another web built by just another spider which can be swept away in an instant at the will of the overman, and there’s nothing the spider can do about it.

And as to how Facebook is evil let me refer to the definition of evil by one of my favorite philosophers Ayn Rand from the great book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. “Evil is not consistent and does not want to be consistent. What it wants is to inject itself into the life-sustaining process sometimes—short-range, out-of-context, at whim. To achieve this end, it needs only a single concession by the good: a concession of the principle involved, a concession that evil is proper “sometimes.” Such a compromise is evil’s character of liberty. Thereafter the irrational is free to set the terms and spread by further whim, until the good—and man—is destroyed.” That is what Facebook is all about. That is why it’s evil.

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