It Wasn’t the Russians: As Trump meets with Putin it is members of the FBI who should be going to jail

They are caught, the FBI and many of the Deep State who truly did tamper with the election results of the 2016 election. It wasn’t the Russians and it’s really embarrassing what Robert Mueller did by indicting the dozen Russian spies with a press conference announcing the move as President Trump was having tea with the Queen of England and FBI agent Lisa Page provided a closed-door deposition to congress. But before we get into all that I have to say about the protestors in England—what a bunch of losers. Now I can say I’ve been to all those protest points. I was in London right after Trump was elected and I saw the kind of people who showed up to protest the Trump visit up close, and I doubt the IQ of all of them put together added up to 10. They weren’t very smart and were obviously crippled at birth by the effects of socialism in their country. But still, by the way they were talking I expected that the blimp they built mocking Trump that was supposed to dominate the skyline would be bigger than what they presented. It was laughable what the size of the blimp actually was. This giant thing they were bragging about wasn’t much larger than a typical carnival balloon in the United States. People think much smaller in England than they do in the United States, I understand that. But if you are going to brag about your balloons to a country that gives things like that to children in America, you should at least contextually make an attempt to make a giant balloon that isn’t an embarrassment. That Trump protest balloon was pathetically small but it did give me great joy in laughing at it.

After a disastrous day of testimony from Peter Strzok and enough sound bites that would resonate for years, it was obvious to Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein that they had to do something about the optics of the situation. Strzok should have taken the fifth, but instead obviously with the support of the FBI he gave testimony on live television attempting to remove the bias that was so obvious in his text messages to his adulterous lover Lisa Page, and separate his actions as the lead investigator into both the Hillary Clinton email scandal as well as the impeachment attempts of the FBI of the new president Donald Trump. I’ll tell you what dear reader, if I were General Flynn and Paul Manafort sitting in jail and in massive debt due to the legal bills they are facing because of this witch hunt political hit job that the FBI has been conducting to attempt to destroy people close to Donald Trump, I’d be really pissed off after what I witnessed yesterday. Somebody, a lot of people, need to lose their heads after this debacle. If the FBI agents and prosecutors were so smart, they would have never attempted to sell what Peter Strzok was trying to package up in his testimony.

Let me just say this, I didn’t believe Peter Strzok—at all, and I think Comey, McCabe and many others had Peter Strzok on these investigations because of his bias, not because he separated his bias from the case, but because he didn’t. They knew, (Comey and McCabe) that Strzok wanted in the pants of the liberal FBI lawyer Lisa Page and that he wanted to impress her by getting Hillary Clinton elected and bringing down Donald Trump. Using Strzok in that way kept their hands clean, protected the Obama White House and Loretta Lynch from their activity in covering up the Hillary Clinton scandal and the rigging of the 2016 primaries by the DNC. The FBI used Strzok fix everything up on behalf of the Hillary Clinton team by letting the biased Strzok to lead the investigations. And if they got caught, they figured he was smart enough to double talk his way out of the mess.

However, the very reason that Hillary Clinton’s email server issue was a problem as a State Department employee was that there are bad guys out there trying to hack anybody they can to get secure information—people like 12 spies from Russia that were announced by Mueller, people to deflect attention away from the Strzok testimony of this past week. The Hillary Clinton campaign was very reckless, from John Podesta to Huma Abedin having confidential Clinton emails on a laptop she shared with her porn addicted husband, these people were grossly negligent, and they made it easy for anybody to hack them and release documents on the internet. The reason government officials are supposed to use proper servers and security is so that they can avoid being hacked by hostile agents. The case isn’t about the attempts of the hackers, its in the lack of security protocol in protecting sensitive information that is the problem. The only reason that Hillary Clinton was a candidate for the presidency was because Strzok did have bias about defeating whomever was in the way of Hillary Clinton, because he wanted in Lisa Page’s pants. Otherwise Hillary Clinton would be prosecuted like anybody else who didn’t secure their documents properly from hostile foreign entities.

Then the recklessness of the FBI trying to blame all their bad behavior on Vladimir Putin. Putin like all other countries looking for an advantage over dealing with the United States will take anything they can get and are always trying to hack important people—there is no surprise there. Every country in the world is trying to do such a thing, Putin certainly isn’t unique in those attempts. That is why Hillary Clinton should have never had her work flowing through an unsecure server to begin with, that is the central aspect of this entire case—her recklessness in securing information. Not that Putin might have used his agents to spy on the United States, but that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta made it easy for them. But to watch the symphony of Democrats attempt to use the Mueller information to stop Donald Trump from meeting with Vladimir Putin ahead of an important visit is almost as hilarious as that stupid balloon that protestors were flying in London. To assume that President Trump would call off his meeting with Putin over something so stupid is laughable, because it would play right into the hands of the FBI cover story they are trying to establish about their own guilt in this matter. It wasn’t Russia who tampered with the election of 2016. It was the FBI and the Justice Department under Barack Obama. And it wasn’t the Russians who attempted to change votes in that election, it was the FBI. And it wasn’t the Russians who tried to build a case to impeach a sitting president over purely political reasons—it was the FBI trying to use a love-struck Peter Strzok to show off for his liberal girlfriend, and they let him do it because it gave them all a cover story in what they were all up to. If there were 12 indictments given out over this case, it shouldn’t have been 12 obscure Russian spies—it should have been FBI agents who were working within the corrupt circle of James Comey and the mechanisms of power that Peter Strzok commanded. It is they who should be in jail.

We may shop at Wal-Mart and we may go to demolition derbies at county fairs, but we aren’t stupid in the American Midwest. Vladimir Putin isn’t the threat to our American republic, it’s the FBI and a complicit media that is desperately trying to sell Strzok’s story as a valid one. Just as they tried to sell the story that the protestors in London were representative of the world’s outrage at Donald Trump. They even had a giant blimp that filled the London skyline to show it. What the protestors turned out to be were a few small-minded socialists looking for free paychecks and free sex as painted up lunatics from the drug induced cultures of liberalism. They were an extreme minority and were ironically represented by that little balloon that they were calling a blimp. And just as ridiculous was that the FBI agent Peter Strzok wasn’t biased and that the FBI didn’t know full well what and why he did the things he did to get Hillary Clinton cleared for a Democratic run for the Presidency. They thought we were stupid and that they could sell us all this crap. What they mistook was that we trusted them, and they thought that trust was stupidity. But it wasn’t. Now that we have lost that trust we aren’t looking at Vladimir Putin or the London protestors as a distraction. We are looking at the corruption of our own FBI and we see the villains, and if justice isn’t issued, there will be hell to pay. That much is perfectly clear.

Rich Hoffman

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Defending Jim Jordan: The gayness of most modern sports progams and their strategic implementation

I’ve watched the Jim Jordan interviews where some media personalities have been pressing him on this Ohio State scandal where he was an assistant coach to Russ Hellickson and there was a culture of sexual impropriety especially led by the team doctor Richard Strauss that has emerged to show rampant homosexual abuse and I know what happened. As all my readers know I am something of an expert on human behavior and deciphering nonverbal communication so the situation is quite clear to me. Jim Jordan is being attacked vigorously by this nothing story because of his success in going after the FBI scandal. There is nothing more or less to the story than that. Jim Jordan is a man of great integrity and honor who grew up as well as possible and did as much as he could to do well in the arena of sports that everyone encouraged him to be a part of, and as he could fight justice and honor in life he has done so cleanly, which is why he’s able to take on the FBI the way he has. It is quite telling however that this story has broken as public hearings for Peter Strzok are about to be underway because the institutionalists know they have to try something to throw Jim Jordan off the trail. And the institutionalists know just where to attack as Jordan was a coach at the institution at Ohio State. They have picked a vulnerability they knew all along, and one that exists in every school sports culture to some degree or another. So to exploit that the institutionalists have attempted to change the definitions of athletic behavior which is quite normal and reframe it all under modern interpretations of abuse.

I had great promise as an athlete in public school. In grades kindergarten through 5 I was clearly the fastest kid in my school and the gym teacher knew it. He had been prepping me for great success and letting the coaches of my middle school know that I was coming. Once I was to attend sixth grade I was being tailored to be a four-sport jock, and nothing less would be acceptable given my natural talents. What nobody counted on was that I was extremely independent, I didn’t take orders well at all, and that I had a real problem with getting naked in front of other kids. It was never that I was worried about endowment. But the little taste that I did get about locker room culture was something I hated and dreaded every single day I had to go to class. The culture was very homosexual in the way that other students behaved with each other but nobody called it that. It was the thing to do, and likely everyone who is a male reading this knows what I’m talking about. Most kids just put up with it and graduate away from the activity. I sought to avoid it at all costs which completely ruined my athletic career at school. I tried to not participate, but the locker room jokes about constantly indulging in sexual acts with other males was too collectivist for me and I couldn’t participate without feeling that the activity of athletics was intent to be a homosexual one.

I had a coach in the sixth grade that was the opposite of the coach I had in the fifth, he thought it best to force me into everything with peer pressure. The fifth-grade teacher fanned my independence acknowledging the natural talent, the sixth-grade teacher thought it best to break me down and rebuild me the way a soldier is built-in boot camp. My ability to read people was just as strong then as it is today, only I didn’t have then a vast catalogue of observed behavior to draw from, so the more this guy pushed me, the further I moved from becoming an athlete in my public school. I had a particular problem with playing quarterback because you had to literally stick your hand under the anus of the center which to me seemed like and entirely gay thing to do. It literally looked and felt to me that as quarterback the center was shitting the football and I was supposed to carry it around like some treasured item. If you really think about it, football is a very gay gladiator sport. I enjoy watching it, but if you study the culture itself its very gay. So was wrestling which I hated. Once that teacher found I hated being in such intimate contact with other male students and he wrote me off as a lost cause he put me in every wrestling match with much bigger guys certainly out of my weight class. Being a guy who never backed down from anything, I would do my best each time but my hatred for the guy would increase.

I made other very astute observations that still exist today, athletes, the better they were had very dysfunctional relationships with girls and women. I thought it was very interesting that girls were so hungry to throw themselves on the arm of a star male athlete because that same person had to accept a certain level of gayness to survive in sports. The girls wanted the social status of projecting to others that they could attract the top males of that particular social context, but they were often longing when it came to actual intimacy. Even as adults, once those young males had accepted the disjointed relationship of homosexual behavior in the locker room that it limited the emotional zeal of the human pollination process leaving most young girls and women feeling, “unsatisfied” sexually. It’s not that the body parts didn’t work, but it’s the emotional aspects of sex just weren’t there. It was a running theory that I confirmed much later when I found myself a personal driver for several star Cincinnati Bengal players. Most of their girlfriends were about my age so there came times where I dated those girls and had these reports given to me first hand about the dysfunctions of athletes in the bedroom. The girls were attracted to the players not for their sexual prowess, but because of their access to fame and the elevated lifestyle that those males would shower on their bed mates. But by the time professional athletes arrived at that level, the homosexual behavior in the locker rooms had changed the way their brains were wired, so it had a major impact on intimacy.

Now of course none of us called it homosexual behavior at the time, but after applying modern interpretations of things to those times, that would certainly be the case. Many people reading this likely had some level of Jim Jordan experience where these things were gong on, as many of the wrestlers who coached under Jim are doing today, and they put the protection of the institution ahead of the definition of gayness. Their individualism was secondary to the team concept of the locker room culture because let’s face it, the nature of the homosexual activity was to strip away the sanctity of the individual and replace it with a team concept—who you grab assed with became the person you would live and die for. One reason that individualism has always come so easily to me while others struggle with it was in my decision not to accept the companionship of other males into my life in this way because that is the first peer group that young males are forced to deal with before puberty even hits. For others it comes later, the realization of what happens in locker rooms, all locker rooms—especially twenty years ago.

The former wrestlers coming out against Jordan are now beyond the prime of their lives and nobody wants to see them do anything—so redefining the locker room culture to the modern PC movement is a last-ditch attempt from them at some level of fame. I would go so far say that many of them likely have dysfunctional relationships with their wives and are using this abuse case by the Ohio State team doctor to push the blame for their problems on him since he’s now deceased and an easy target. But honestly, are we supposed to believe that these team doctors like the one at Ohio State and the US Gymnastic Team were isolated? Most people who have kids must face the same dilemma, they put their kids into these sports programs to introduce them to the concept of team building. But the sexual manipulation of the young students by old tired coaches who are in the industry so that they can have access to flesh in its rawist form is there in just about every sport even though it usually isn’t talked about, especially twenty years ago. Just about anybody could tell stories about their past as I have. Not everyone took such extreme positions as I have, but everyone has had to go through their own Jim Jordan period, where they just wanted to do a good job as a coach, but the culture was an insult to their sensibilities and they either believed that the institutional gains were superior to the sacrifices of individual sanctity, or they just didn’t know who to talk to about it, because if you were an athlete on a college campus, or even a high school, you were in the top-tier of social elevation because that school could use you to sell the merits of their institution, either in tax increases or tuition enrollment.

Jim Jordan I think tried to do his best with the situation and attempted to be a light in the darkness, but who would he tell when he noticed that the team doctor was massaging the genitals of the athletes until they discharged semen? Who was going to do anything about it twenty years ago, or even now. No sports program is going to let it out what goes on in the locker room, because that would be bad for business. There was literally nowhere to turn and even if there were, everybody to some degree had suffered similar insults, so nobody was in a position to judge the behavior as illicit. The last chance for such a judgment is the FBI itself who knows full well what goes on in locker rooms and that Jim Jordan might be susceptible to a reverse analysis due to the nature of our present society to redefine things. But that was the only context for which anything was wrong, and it was completely out of the hands of Jim Jordan who was probably too young and idealistic toward institutional value to know it was wrong. Like a lot of people, he had to put on the blinders hoping that the merits of team building would be worth it. But as he and everyone else knows who survive such experiences, it doesn’t. We are all forced upon that realization to do what we can for truth and justice. For Jim Jordan he would eventually take on the FBI as a Freedom Caucus member representing Ohio on Capital Hill. For me I turned away from sport almost completely and never did take a shower with a bunch of guys in the locker room. And when they told gay jokes and tried to grab each other’s asses, I did not participate. Others participate and find that the memories of those experiences destroy the intimacy that their wives are craving, the self-confident lover they all want is instead of shell of a man who puts more effort into his lawn mower than in her breasts and thighs. And that is the truth for which nobody wants to speak, but for which we are now supposed to judge Jim Jordan. Give me a break!

Rich Hoffman

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We Need to Knock that Smile off Rod Rosenstein’s Face: The crimes of the FBI and why this is the biggest story in the world

The biggest story of the day is not that of the loser Jarrod Ramos who stormed the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland to kill with a shotgun the editors whom he had a long-standing dispute. Nor was it the fat assed losers in desperate need of boyfriends who were protesting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s D.C. headquarters trying to shut down ICE as an organization so to support the open border fantasy of destroying America from within by overloaded illegal immigration. The story is not that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is retiring giving President Trump a much-needed pick to keep the court thinking correctly well into the future. The real story of the day was the testimony of the weaponized FBI by its current bosses in the form of the arrogant Rob Rosenstein’s comments before congress. This wasn’t just a show for the voters, this was a peeling back of the curtain in the Wizard of Oz of the real villains of our society—radical ideologues using the law and our tax money to front a coup against our election system for which they are using the legal system as a cover for operation. When you can’t trust the FBI essentially every other story is worthless, because social chaos is bound to spawn off in the wake.

The reason the Russian investigation at this point is such a joke is because its entire purpose has been to divert attention away from the radicalism utilized by the FBI for the purpose of manipulating an American election. The arrogance on full display of Rob Rosenstein and the presence of FBI agent Peter Strzok gave us a glimpse into a very subtle evil that had been percolating for quite some time. For the FBI to drag the document request by congress the way they have, and to continue to use a phony Mueller investigation hoping to run out the clock on complete social breakdown, which is going on all around us quite literally, the FBI has attempted to cover up crimes it committed against American voters with a diabolical scheme that would embarrass any plot writer for the latest James Bond movie.

All the other bad stories that are happening, especially the one involving the shooting at the Capital Gazette cascades off the bad behavior of a society lacking civility because the basic trusts of our invented institutions are in turmoil due to massive corruption among their leadership. Under President Obama the FBI became weaponized and due to a fortunate accident, President Trump was elected which exposed the menace with the villains caught in the act red-handed. Up until that point we had only suspected that our institutions such as the FBI, the IRS and other government institutions filled with government labor unionized radical employees were up to no good politically. We certainly saw it in the case of Lois Lerner and during the Fast and Furious debacle involving Eric Holder and Barack Obama. We certainly saw it in the Benghazi failures when the Obama administration tried to blame the whole thing on a video by some filmmaker. This case against Trump has the same fingerprints all over it by the tampering forces of a rival political administration. Only this time we have the evidence and the arrogance of Rob Rosenstein to confirm our worst suspicions.

Watching Peter Strzok testify on Capitol Hill, studying his body language has he entered and exited his car says a lot about the FBI. Even after all that he has done he was protected by the FBI and he believed just as Rosenstein did that the institution itself, of the FBI, is bigger than the society they are supposed to be sworn to protect. You could see it on Rosenstein’s face when he answered the questions of Jim Jorden from Ohio referring to the body of congress as an equal arm of government. The question asked of course from Jorden was why Rosenstein’s department was so slow to submit documentation to congress as requested. Obviously, the reason is to have the DOJ run out the clock and hope that some spectacular news story will come along and wash all this evidence away letting the villains at the FBI go free. But that’s not going to happen. Even with all the big news stories of this rather crazy week, nothing was bigger than the FBI testimony in front of congress. As much as they would hope, Rosenstein’s defiance was the smoking gun we all needed to see.

While its nice to put your head down on a soft pillow at night and know that we have hired people to deal with the villains of the world—such as why the FBI exists to begin with, often that security is an illusion. When the FBI becomes involved in such corruption all the good they do on the child porn cases, the surveillance of terrorist suspects and the general well-being of our society, they undo it all with just one case of corruption, and in this case it’s a lot of corruption. What makes me the angriest is that a smokescreen investigation into Trump collusion with some made up Russians has cost nearly $18 million so far, and that is just to hide the FBI’s own role in criminal activity. They have wasted enormous sums of money funded by tax payers on a story to hide their own guilt which is far different from the $57 million spent investigating Bill Clinton, or the $26 million spent on Watergate. Some might say that those other cases were examples of political witch hunts too, but in this case all Donald Trump did to find himself under investigation was that he won and election. The institutions can’t believe they didn’t see it coming, that all their indicators pointed to an easy Hillary Clinton victory. Well, I called the Trump win well over a year out. I had no doubt he would win even in October when all the dirty tricks came out. Hillary Clinton wasn’t even a legal contender, so the FBI didn’t ruin her chances, the only reason she was a candidate instead of being in jail running for president of the United States was because of them. The FBI didn’t cause Hillary to lose, Donald Trump beat her fair and square yet the pain of that victory for the other side is beyond their comprehension, so they are wasting, by the time it’s all said and done, over $20 million to prove that they aren’t the idiots that they really are.

What’s worse is that the FBI wasn’t just willing to provide legal cover for criminal conduct, but they have been willing to attack and destroy political rivals from within Trump’s circle. Using the FBI as a weapon against justice is beyond reprehensible and to watch Rosenstein and Strzok smile and at times laugh at members of congress during very serious testimony indicates that they know they are at the top of the legal ladder and they have no fear of falling off. That is a serious problem. It is the biggest story in the world right now because if there cannot be justice in the United States, there cannot be justice in Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Russia or all of Europe—anywhere. If our FBI in America is that corrupt, then what chance is there for anybody anywhere? That is why the punishment for these offenses at the FBI and their role in criminal conduct must be punished in the harshest manner possible, and we need to knock that smile off Rosenstein’s face, because behind him are thousands of ankle bitters just like him wanting to be the next top boss, and if he gets away with all this corruption, there will be no way to fix it later with those waiting in the chain of command for their opportunity to do much worse if left unchecked.

Rich Hoffman

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A Challenge to Peter Strzok: If you think you are smarter, faster and tougher than me, then let’s clear up your illusions right now

Well, after reading through that Inspector General report I have one thing to say to Peter Strzok who stated in his text messages to his girlfriend Lisa Page, that Trump supporters were poor to middle class, and uneducated—there isn’t a single FBI agent who I would say is smarter than me. I was a Trump supporter before anybody took him seriously and guess what, look how right that turned out. I mean I’m not one to toot my own horn although people might look at the millions of words I have written and think I do that very thing often, but believe me, I hold back. But it really does irritate me when people who are not as intellectually stout look at me, or a group I’m associated with as a “Trump Supporter” and think they are somehow superior to me. There is nothing about Peter Strzok that is superior. I’d like to speak on your behalf dear reader, but you’ll have to do that for yourself. And its one thing to say it, it’s quite another to do it, and Trump supporters now have history to blow wind in their sails. We are looking smarter with each day. But the massive arrogance that came from the IG Report is the least of the trouble.

The stupidity that “they” think is part of our culture in America is the real problem, such as believing that they can sell to us that the FBI had no bias in the Hillary Clinton investigation over her emails—that intent and evidence could not be deciphered based on their investigation into the matter from the Inspector General. Hey, the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were enough. By the time you add Andy McCabe into this mix along with James Comey there is plenty of evidence about FBI activism and bias that has damaged the FBI permanently. And it all starts with the basic premise that they as federal employees were given massive power over our lives and know more than we do as the people who put them in such a powerful position. So they acted against us all by trying to overturn an election because they thought we were too stupid to make an election decision on our own, so they had to intervene. If there was any tampering of the 2016 election it wasn’t the Russians we needed to worry about as to tampering it was the FBI and the leader of all that tampering was Peter Strzok under the direct supervision of Andy McCabe and James Comey. And they all need to go to jail immediately.

I didn’t think the IG Report would amount to much, after all, it’s the swamp trying to punish the swamp—how much could they reveal in such a report? But for smart people, “like me” and likely you dear reader we saw all this a long time ago. That’s why we voted for Trump in the first place. I don’t need any government overlords, I don’t have any “betters” who need to rule my life. I’m much more qualified, thank you. Nobody knows what’s better for me and my family than me. Nobody is smarter than me, especially some cheating FBI agent who can’t even keep his own family together and would say and do anything for the sexual favors of his mistress who appears to be crying all the time based on the IG Report. As bad as that report is, it points to even more problems on what isn’t in it. The Inspector General is obviously trying to do just as James Comey did with Hillary Clinton, they are trying to throw us a bone so that we attack Peter Strzok and James Comey, the obvious villains, and hopefully everything else could go back to normal. Only normal isn’t acceptable. I don’t ever want to go back to the way things were, where there are FBI agents who actually think they are better, stronger, smarter and faster than me—and will act in accordance with that misguided interpretation of reality.

When Christopher Wray as the new Trump appointed Director of the FBI spoke in reaction to this very damaging IG Report I understand that the job was a tough one. He seems like a decent person and I’m sure the people working for him are decent people as well. But are they smarter than the rest of us? Hell no. I am not impressed with the 5% recruitment rate—obviously the FBI if they have people like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok at the top of their organization their recruitment methods are not very good—I mean 5% of what, people inclined to collectivist thinking, to following orders without thought, of people who might lean Democrat—the way that Wray stated the issue he tried to make it sound that only 5% of the FBI recruiting class each year could get a job with the agency, as if that were a good thing. But he has only been the director for a very short time, only a little over a year at this point, so the same type of people who hired Peter Strzok are still making decisions of what constitutes those 5% in the acceptance criteria.

Let’s make something clear, and I’m speaking personally, I vote for representatives to go do these administrative tasks in government because it’s a waste of my time. I could do a better job at fighting bad guys than the typical FBI agent. I have no worries about running toward danger while other people run away from it. I doubt there is a single person in law enforcement that has the kind of testicular fortitude that I have, especially when there is danger. With that said, I have better things to do with my time that I think are far more valuable, so I am happy to hire Trump to go staff these positions in government to take care of the basic security of our nation. But Peter Strzok hasn’t been doing the job because I couldn’t. Let’s make that quite clear. He’s doing it because I don’t have time to do it myself and my time is put to better use on other things. It certainly isn’t for a lack of skill and intelligence. I can promise Peter Strzok this, he couldn’t walk a day in my shoes. But I could easily walk a day in his.

That is really what these people are mad at, Donald Trump is one of those smart people who have done well in the world and he has come into a presidential position and made everything look easy. For him it’s like a retirement job. He’s destroyed the fanfare and spectacle of the office which has given people like Peter Strzok a grim dose of reality. None of their jobs are that hard. What they don’t say in that IG Report is that just about anybody who works hard in the private sector could be a better FBI agent than Peter Strzok. The ceremony of their offices as federal employees are not that difficult. They could be easily replaced. The reason more people like Trump are not in office is because they have better things to do with their life. I certainly do. I don’t have time to waste on losers like Strzok and Page. They are my employees, I’m not theirs. The most revealing thing stated in the IG Report was that Peter Strzok stated to Lisa Page in documented text messages as evidence that the FBI would stop Donald Trump from becoming president. That indicates intent, and employee radicalism—and a challenge to management—me and you dear reader. He also talked about using both guns if Trump where elected—that sounds like a threat to me. And if he really means it, I’ll meet him right now and show him who really is his boss. And it isn’t the president.

Rich Hoffman

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The Respect for the FBI is Gone: Justice begins and ends at my door step

This is why all the FBI agents and Justice Department officials under the Obama White House who participated in the anti-Trump Spygate controversy need to be prosecuted, because they have lost their moral ground to function due to their actions. They have tainted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to the level where the trust has been broken beyond repair, and the only way to fix it would be to throw justice their way and let the chips fall where they may. If Robert Mueller sent a team of agents to my house right now to confiscate my cell phone, take my computer and go through my records I would say no. And if they tried to force themselves on my property there would be big trouble for them, because I now view them as members of a hostile activist political enterprise for the other side, and their legal arms of justice I do not recognize. They are part of the problem, not protectors of the Constitution and that leaves us to do the job of justice ourselves, since the people we hired can’t be trusted to do the job, and that is a problem.

What the FBI allowed to happen in the Hillary Clinton case, with destroying their cell phone evidence, with the meeting of Loretta Lynch in a private plane with Bill Clinton to obviously cut a deal for how the prosecution of his wife would be covered so that she could still run for president, to the Peter Strzok debacle where Director Comey put an anti-Trump activist on the Hillary Clinton case to help her get through the 2016 election season. The FBI had been weaponized, clearly, and in doing so they lost their good name and authority to obtain compliance from a person like me. And that status will remain until they fix it with justice. James Comey needs to be prosecuted, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton—at a bare minimum. Until any of that happens, I consider the FBI to be a hostile force. As a Trump supporter I have to assume that they’d come after me as they are him presently and hostility would be their primary intention, so there would be no cooperation and compliance from me at my household.

Just some advice to congress as they decide whether or not to give Andy McCabe immunity for his testimony, which he obviously wants. I’d be inclined to do so because he is likely to tell a story that takes this whole corruption case into the Obama White House and that would allow for the prosecution of the really big fish in this deal. As members of congress who still support the deep state, it might be tempting to let McCabe take the fifth and allow the facts to destroy his reputation, but to contain the case to just him. For the members of the swamp who have caused all this trouble it would be very damaging to the institutions of justice to have all the names I mentioned, like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch get drug over the waterboard of justice—but that’s what needs to happen. Without question a court case that drags those people and the Obamas in front of a judge would be the biggest political event in history and it would shatter the confidence many people have in their government. But I’m already there. The truth would do more to repair that problem then more lies. If McCabe can take this case to Obama’s doorstep, then we should give him his immunity and let him sing under a witness protection program. Its far more important to get to the truth than to prosecute one sacrificial victim.

I remember the outrage I felt when I learned that the Hillary people turned in smashed up laptops and phones to the FBI and that we were supposed to be alright with that. The news was reported like such a thing was an everyday occurrence, and here she was running for president of the United States. We didn’t know at the time that there was a spy in the Trump campaign put there by the FBI, we didn’t know that Hillary Clinton was going to get a free pass by the FBI and that decisions were made by James Comey before the Clinton team even submitted their evidence—destroyed as it was. We didn’t know about the phony Russian conspiracy that the political left would attempt to use to discredit the Trump election, the firing of James Comey by Trump and the leaking of documents by the former FBI director to the media to inspire the Robert Mueller investigation led by a small army of Clinton supporters. We just knew that the Clinton people destroyed their evidence, hid their private server so that nobody would ever learn what was on it to begin with—which is how all this trouble started in the first place, and we were all supposed to just accept those facts and move along. I found the situation back then laughable, now it is just amazingly corrupt.

I’m not exactly the type of person who breaks laws—I’m probably the most reliable person that the law enforcement community could hope to deal with—solid family man, respected businessman, helps people whenever possible, isn’t a public menace in any way at all. Yet because of my political affiliations, I’m likely at the top of every watch list that there is and if this kind of behavior at the FBI is allowed to continue then it doesn’t take long for good people to be villainized through the lens of collectivism. Look what happened to General Flynn. I can sure as hell say that such a thing won’t happen to me. Nobody is coming into my house and ransacking my stuff while my wife and I are held at gunpoint. That’s not going to happen. If the FBI were functioning under normal conditions, I might give them the benefit of the doubt, but not presently. I think we all have to assume that they are up to no good until they prove otherwise.

This whole Inspector General report that is coming out really has me bothered, because it’s completed and little bits of it are being leaked to the press to smoothen out the blow. But those types of calculations are part of the problem. Trying to hide or suppress information from the American people in favor of the accused is very dirty stuff. It further displays that are branches of justice cannot be trusted and that the waters of the swamp, where the “Deep State” resides is actually quite deep. Much deeper than any of us thought a year ago. So just for the record, until the FBI cleans up their own, don’t come to my house, or expect any level of compliance from me. I see the whole organization as a threat to constitutional government presently, and the burden to change that perception falls on them, not me. The way the top levels of our government functioned under the Obama White House, and still does because there are many holdovers, wasn’t much different from third world countries and banana republics trying to use fake elections to prop up dictators. That is not how things are going to be done in America and if that line of justice has to be drawn at my front door, then so be it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper: America’s biggest scandal, so why is Jimmy Kimmel talking about gun control?

Jimmy Kimmel is in the minority in our American republic and he’s frustrated by it. There are more NRA members in America than Kimmel and his other late night comedy hosts have together for their television shows and they can’t understand why they can’t move the bar on gun control with truly disgusting emotional influences such as Kimmel displayed after the latest school shooting in Santa Fe. Look people, I have explained to everyone what creates school shootings, I’ve outlined the issue explicitly, and others have as well. I think my offering, not because its my own, but because it goes further than other people have, is the best and should be looked at by everyone concerned about school shootings. The solution is rather easy, but it will require people like Jimmy Kimmel to give up their liberal approaches to the problem so that the real complications can be addressed. I don’t think Kimmel really cares about the school shooting issue—I think he’s just a liberal man who says what he has to so he can impress liberal girls and Hollywood types who live in their ridiculous coastal bubble of intellectual stagnation. But if he really cares about stopping school shootings, then he needs to listen to what I’m saying. CLICK HERE for the real answer to school shootings. However, giving up our guns, or weakening the Second Amendment is not going to happen—and here’s why.’

The biggest scandal in American history just occurred over the last two years and people like Jimmy Kimmel are a part of it—because they have used their hatred of President Trump to justify the necessity of what happened which goes far beyond any rationalizations that were ever made about Watergate. This scandal is so big that all people no matter what party they came from should be worried about it. No matter what people think about Donald Trump, they will have to admit that if he didn’t run his presidential campaign the way he did—essentially as a one-man road show with his own airplane and money to fuel it, we would have never discovered just out deep the “Deep State” truly was. The FBI and the DOJ under President Obama put a spy into the campaign of a political rival for the purpose of undermining it. The name of the spy was Stefan Halper from Cambridge and was working on behalf of traditional institutionalism to subvert the efforts of change that were taking place under a presidential candidate whom had survived all the proper primaries and delegate acquisitions to eventually win the presidency fair and square.

The FBI on many levels was conducting illegal activities to support the reigning president, Obama at the time, and attempting to hand the election to the representative of a rival political party. Traditional conservatives for which Halper was were attempting to subvert the efforts at reform for the protection of Washington D.C. institutionalism as defined by the type of politics that has gotten America into so much trouble, ultimately creating the kind of climate that produced that Santa Fe shooter culturally. The FBI and the DOJ was using the powers of government to serve a sitting president for the benefit of a candidate that was running against Trump and the whole thing would have worked if Trump had been a traditional candidate that needed advisors, money, and media resources. Because Trump could give himself all those things there wasn’t anything that the institutionalists in the FBI could do—and Trump won anyway despite all those efforts.

All this didn’t happen overnight, it’s been going on for decades likely, going all the way back to World War II. We cannot trust our government and we sure as hell can’t trust the press. So under what line of insanity does anybody think that we should be giving up our guns and our Second Amendment? That would be insanely stupid. The Second Amendment does not exist so we can hunt rabbits or go target shooting—its there to keep our government in check from just these types of problems. Liberals like Jimmy Kimmel are so intellectually lazy that they want to believe that there are countries who are performing better than the United States in the realm of governing, and that their gun control laws should be followed as a guiding light to the school shooting problem, and that’s just ridiculously stupid. Nobody is doing things better than the United States in general, more layers of government are not a solution. Making the mess that we know of in current abuses of the FBI and DOJ more exacerbated with more rules, regulations and government personnel would be insane. The world Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow liberal gun grabbers wants does not exist and it never will because logic does not accompany reality.

Even with all the evidence right there in front of our faces our nation is locked in indecision as to what to do next. How do we prosecute this case, who goes to jail? Just about everyone in Washington D.C. is guilty, and several former presidents are guilty of the cover-up as well, because this has all been going on far longer than just the Trump campaign. It probably happened to John McCain and Mitt Romney while they were going around the nation telling the rest of us to be civil—because advisors like Halper advised them to run their campaigns based on the needs of the institutions, not the real needs of our republic. Remember when Romney changed his tune after that fierce debate where he tore up Obama and was rising in the polls? Who told him to change-up his game, who told him not to go on the night-time shows—Obama certainly did. This kind of internal campaign manipulation has probably been going on since before Bob Dole’s campaign. Remember when George Bush said “no new taxes,” then he raised taxes. Who told him to do that? Probably someone working from the Shadow Government like Halper who was working both sides of the political landscape for objectives that were wanted at the FBI thinking they were a fourth branch of government and not direct employees of the Executive Branch. This entire situation is as messy as anything our country has witnessed since the War of 1812.

There are no conditions that Americans should ever give up their guns. I would say that we should make public education illegal before there are ever any considerations against the Second Amendment. There is no evidence that we can trust the FBI. They are our employees, but they think they rule as elected representatives and have become drunk on the power we gave them to act on our behalf. Instead, they have acted on interests that don’t appear to be American in any way, but rather some other source not focused on domestic affairs, but more global ones. When celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel are more than willing to use children as hostages in the gun debate but fully support abortion, criminals like Hillary Clinton, and a trust in the Deep State when the evidence shows us clearly that we should never fully trust them under any circumstances, you must ask lots of questions. This spy in the Trump campaign story is the biggest scandal in American history and should be the lead in every newspaper, and on every late-night show. We know what causes school violence and we could fix everything tomorrow just by putting guns on teachers in schools stopping them from being gun free zones. But for Kimmel to use the sadness of the school shooting to mask the much bigger problem of corruption at the highest levels of our Republic indicates how much trouble we really are in. And if not for Trump and our guns, the situation would already be far out of our grasp and irredeemable without a violent revolution. Thankfully, because of guns, we can still have an election that takes power away from people who shouldn’t have it, and if not for Trump, we wouldn’t know any of this.

Rich Hoffman
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Public Education is the Primary Cause of School Shootings: Aligning responsiblity with the desires of the human race

Think about what we are dealing with here, a kid who was nineteen years of age who had just shot up a bunch of his former classmates at a south Florida public school, visited a restaurant at a local Wal-Mart, then a McDonald’s calmly trying to get away from the crime. Luckily, he was arrested before he had a chance to do more damage. He was able to inflict so much carnage and fear without a single cop to confront him, not even the armed designated protector who was supposed to be protecting the school he just assaulted. That person was nowhere to be found. And the first, and really only thing liberals want to talk about is gun control instead of the real root cause of the problem which they are largely a major part of helping to create. The little 5’ 7” Nikolas Cruz one year suspended from that same school Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida had been rejected from the education system that assumed it could do everything for kids such as this. In a lot of ways, Cruz is the perfect example of what public schools assume they can do, but always fail, and that is to be substitutes for parental guidance. Here was a kid who had lost both of his known parents bringing a lot of trouble to Cruz’s young mind and when he needed the school most, they expelled him sending him into the world intellectually defenseless. The kid lived in a very diverse community yet he became an unapologetic racist only to fume in anger to such a boiling point that he made a conscious decision to shoot up the same school that had caused him so much pain and liberals want to take away guns so that kids such as this don’t have that option to discharge their anger. Liberals are so stupid and emotionally driven that they just don’t comprehend that it was they who created the personality of Nikolas Cruz in the first place and that guns or not, people are going to get hurt when they are forced to interact with the failures of their public education system.

I wasn’t happy at all with what I saw in the moments after the shooting, which was a bunch of kids and teachers hiding in every corner of the building like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Then the police storming the building like petrified authoritarians telling all these compliant little public education products to put away their cell phones and to march single file out into the parking lot where they would be frisked like criminals and embarrassed beyond reason. In the aftermath many of those same students would go on news programs and talk about their experience with such great emotion that the networks soaked up the good television that the tragedy provoked in their viewership. There was lots of talk about loses, and broken hearts, and the terror of the moment—but nobody did anything to talk about the primary problem of these liberal institutions that had created the mess in the first place—a system that produces so many compliant kiss ass kids that use peer pressure to instigate behavioral changes, and when a certain percentage of their population which they call “loners” refuse to comply and fall through the cracks they have no answer for what they’ve sent out into the world to be a menace to us all. They simply blame the guns, not the minds they ruined in the process.

Like many people watching the drama unfold on television my wife and I talked about what we were seeing. My wife suggested that more cops be put into the schools. That’s when I reminded her of some of the cops that were in our school when we were growing up. Cops aren’t the answer. One of the cops that was assigned to our school did everything he could to try to sleep with my wife when she was just a young freshman, and of course she wasn’t the only one. Cops as much as we like to portray them as instruments of fearless justice are just people like any of us. The police academies aren’t putting out great warriors committed to justice at any price filled with valor and a love of goodness—most of the time they are over reactive drama queens looking for attention and love in all the wrong places. If you put more cops in schools where the authority figure of such seasoned adults is mixing with the vulnerability of students taught to be compliant little boot lickers, there will be a lot of abuse of authority and sex going on that nobody wants to see. I’d say that its human nature especially for young females to be easily seduced by the cops in the halls of their schools who have guns and power to meet with them privately for sex. And females in such roles as cops are going to enjoy their ability to seduce the star football players and campus studs over their rivals the other young girls because of her authority. It doesn’t take much when you put males and females together—especially when one is give great power over another to see the blooms of sex occurring creating another kind of abuse beyond the potential violence of gunfire. While it may make everyone feel better to shift the responsibility of action, and valor under fire to some third-party to protect everyone, ultimately it is just a lack of courage that we are dealing with that just exacerbates the situation of protection because such a society only breeds more Nikolas Cruz types.

The cause of school shootings or any situation where an individual desire to lash out at a mass collection of people is a lack of personal valor and responsibility in our society which emerges right out of our public education society. Our schools are such failures that they are at the center of all these problems, including the Las Vegas shooting—the slow reaction to danger, the assumption that authorities have everything under control, the desire to assemble in mass collections of people for safety, entertainment and intellectual stimulation through group appeal. The failures are endless and actually do lead to little bits of insanity. Some of that insanity is like the kid from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who was auditioning to be the next great liberal politicians from South Florida—an irritating young person who clearly used the tragedy to launch more claims of gun control but really found himself seduced by the cameras and desperation of his classmates and adults around him to launch a public campaign that will likely last his entire life. Others are the kids like Cruz who haven’t yet shot up a school, but have been thinking about it. The police who suddenly had something to do and justify their large payrolls, the mothers who suddenly had something tangible to fear crying on television not because they were really sad about the event, but because it gave them a platform to unload all their personal insecurities. There was plenty of fault to go around as to why some loser like the assassin Cruz, the employee at a local Dollar Store, went on a rampage to kill people for all the failures in his own life. Gun control doesn’t begin to solve the problem—it simply makes people who are already desperately screwed up feel good for a short while as they avoid the real failure—our public education system and the type of people it produces into adulthood—messes of existence that are never prepared for action when it’s needed, whether that action is stopping a potential terrorist, or buying milk at the local grocery.

Because of the constant coverage on all the networks of this shooting I turned off the news and played my PlayStation 4 for a while, games like Battlefront, and Doom, and several other games that involve lots of guns shooting bad guys. Before that I was looking at paintball supplies because it is getting warmer and I was thinking of getting some equipment to shoot at other people on the many courses in my area that provide that experience. Before that I stopped by Premier Shooting in West Chester where 96 Rock was hosting a promotional activity at the gun range in the lobby. I was there to pick up some ammunition for my .500 magnum—because I was getting low. As I was playing the shooters on my home video game counsel I was thinking about the millions of kids who were also playing online with me, and wondering what it was about having the ability to shoot at other people in a playful way that was so appealing to so many people. I mean we could all chose to play a number of games, golf, football, bowling, anything. But the most popular games are the shooters—why? That’s because we all have a little warrior left in us from our primal beginnings and the ability to fight is still something we value as a species. Liberals have tried to educate that out of us, but they have failed, and in the cases of Nikolas Cruz they failed spectacularly. We live in a society where Disney sells Star Wars figures at Wal-Mart complete with guns for those figures to play fight with. If the toys didn’t have guns, nobody would buy them. We love guns in our society—the romance of using them to defend goodness from the clutches of villainy is a strong impulse to action. And the solution to our present problem is not to edit guns from our life, but to come to terms with them for the betterment of the human race—so that repressed feelings of lacking control do not cause us to run from one danger to another—such as in the perverted cop, or the over dramatized FBI agent who lets kids like Cruz fall through the cracks because they are too busy with interoffice affairs to do their jobs properly, or the teachers who want to establish a society of weaklings depended on mother government for the rest of their lives—the source of our trouble is our education system and how it aligns with our true desires as people. And until we deal with all that, there isn’t anything we can do legislatively to solve this problem of violence. The only solution is to meet it head on with more powerful guns in the hands of more competent people.

Rich Hoffman
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