Omarosa the Dog: The context behind the comment

It wasn’t black people or a group of women who decided to record General Kelly and apparently others in the White House situation room, it was Omarosa Magnigault Newman. Various political groups identified through peer politics were not responsible for her illegal actions in breaking a confidentiality agreement with her employer. Therefor when Donald Trump called her a lowlife dog he wasn’t calling all women a dog or even black people. Yet that was the defense thrown up to defend the former White House staff member who was given a job out of kindness when the president showed his anger at having someone who had been close to him betray him for a climb at her own brand of celebrity. Trump’s term as Omarosa “the dog” is purely out of hurt and intended toward her as an individual. People say Trump should have known better and never given her such an important job to begin with, but I understand what he was trying to do. He liked her and wanted to give her a chance at something really respectful, and she fell short like a lot of people do, and it disappointed him. Sure he could have hired a more polished person for that position, and she should have considered herself lucky for even having the chance. But Trump was also trying to think outside the box and when things work, they work wonderfully. When they don’t, sometimes you get a Omarosa.

At the heart of the criticism of her is her blatant disrespect for the opportunities that she only obtained by riding on Trump’s coattails. A person like her will never amount to anything if left to her own merits so Trump being the eternal optimist that he is thinks he can fix anybody. That is a trait that I share with the president and is one of the reasons I like him so much. He’s willing to take chances on people the way a poker player will make bets even if their hand is weak, because they believe if they stick with it, that things will turn in their favor. It takes guts to take someone you know isn’t going to get many opportunities in life and give them a shot at the big picture. From my own experience such things fail about 80% of the time, but when they work 20% of the time really good things usually happen so the payoff is most of the time worth it. But you have to be willing to have failures, to make some bets that won’t lead directly to a payoff.

Looking at Trump’s White House at the Michael Cohen situation, of course Omarosa, General Flynn, even Roger Stone and Alex Jones, Trump isn’t afraid to make bets on wild people because often the payoff for one of them leads to a big treasure. But when the others fail, it looks like chaos to people who don’t understand what’s going on. If the goal of the White House was to look professional, then Trump should hire only people finely polished out of the media industry and the university system. But when Trump wins, like he did with Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, the benefits far outweigh the downside. When people are critical of Trump’s management style what they are really mad at is that he has steered away from convention always going for jackpots instead of playing the safe game and putting an emphasis on the visuals of an Executive Branch that matches the rest of Washington D.C. culture.

If you are a person with a big personality, like Trump has, you can endure disappointments. Just like in poker, you may lose a few chips on a bluffing hand, but the payoff comes when you find that real diamond in the rough and find they outproduce and outthink everyone else. It’s worth dozens of failures to find that one exceptional individual, and obviously that was what Trump was trying to do with Omarosa, and Steve Bannon. Most people can’t handle it though when they go from relative obscurity to being a respected figure around the globe, so they sabotage the efforts as a psychological defense mechanism against their own self-perception. That was clearly the case with Steve Bannon. That is certainly what Omarosa is doing and that is why Michael Cohen started to flip to the other side on the FBI case. Notice how now that the FBI is falling apart in its case against Trump that Cohen is trying to mend fences in little ways? That is the way it is with these edgy people. When they are good they are great. When they fall off the fence for which their lives are entangled, they fall hard and often break more than bones.

It hurts to put a lot of love and effort into people only to have them turn back toward decadence and the life of a loser. But you can’t often shape them into wanting to be a better person, especially if their upbringing trained them to be losers. You can hope like Trump obviously does that people will listen to you and want to be better, but you often can’t polish a turd into a diamond. Most of the time the materials just aren’t there to make it happen and the people you invest in fail. But that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. If you are a person of boundless energy, like Trump is, then there is always energy to give someone a shot. Omerosa is one of those people, he should have tried, and he did. She just couldn’t hack it and when she realized it, she started recording and plotting for her own tell all book and chance at fame on her own volition. So sure, it hurts President Trump and he appropriately called her a dog for her actions.

However, his comments are not racist. As I’ve explained often, Republicans who truly believe in individual rights cannot be racist. Omarosa is being judged on her individual behavior, not her connections to any groups whether they be that of women or those of blacks. And she can’t hide behind those groups when she gets herself in trouble which is precisely what she has been doing. It is not Trump’s fault that she flew too close to the sun and had her wings melted and lost her courage for what the administration is trying to do, that she retreated to the world of identity politics where her own insecurities could be hidden behind group assimilation.

Omarosa is a dog because like that canine species of quad walking feces eating suck asses they are often happy to sit at the side of a table and eat the scraps that people throw down at them, and that is where she has retreated. Trump tried to dress her up and give her an actual seat at the table out of compassion for her, but she just couldn’t hack it. So she jumped down off the chair and started to wag her tail begging for table scraps. For Trump that is a painful realization because she could have just eaten directly from the table, but after all, she’s just a dog. Put a dress on her, give her a nice place to reside, but she still wants to act like a dog, so he called her what she showed him was her preferred conduct. And that wasn’t racist, or sexist, it was just the correct observation of reality.

Rich Hoffman

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Blacks need to Learn to Follow the Law if they Want Fairness: Markeis McGlockton made a sad mistake but the fault is not “Stand Your Ground”

As a defender of the “stand your ground” laws that many states in America have, I have to say something about Michael Drejka who shot Markeis McGlockton at a convenient store. If you watch the video of the incident, McGlockton saw Drejka talking to his wife in a car parked in a handicapped parking spot and without much provocation at all, shoved the guy so hard it put him on the ground. Then Drejka did something really stupid, he pulled out a gun and shot McGlockton in the chest, killing him. Both acts were stupid, McGlockton should have known that this isn’t a jungle setting and that you can’t just go around pushing people around because you are the biggest animal in an attempt to protect your “mate.” Drejka should have pushed McGlockton back and fought him hand to hand instead of just doing the easy thing and just shooting the bigger man dead.

That’s not all that’s wrong with this scene, McGlockton should have never just parked recklessly in the handicapped zone. Doing so showed tremendous disrespect for the law. But then Drejka should have not pressed the issue as far as he did with McGlockton’s wife. Maybe he should have said to her that she should not have parked there and left it alone. Obviously both men involved in this incident were making power moves over the other, and that led to a conflict—which could have easily been avoided. The fault is not the NRA’s or the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law that gave Drejka the legal right to open fire because McGlockton created a situation of imminent threat as perceived by the smaller man Drejka. McGlockton should have never parked in the handicapped zone and Drejka should have minded his own business. The store located in a run-down suburb of Clearwater, Florida wasn’t going to dramatically improve by enforcing a handicapped parking violation. It could be argued that if someone wanted to make the neighborhood better that it starts with little things. But shooting a man dead in front of his kids doesn’t solve any problems, especially when he wasn’t armed with anything except for a bigger body.

There was plenty of blame to go around over the incident. Up until this moment I didn’t mention that McGlockton was a black man, because it shouldn’t matter. But now that blacks have taken to the streets in an effort to make it an issue of racism, it changes things considerably. While it’s terribly sad that the three kids involved in the incident lost their father for really something stupid, it was their disregard for the law in the first place that ignited the incident. McGlockton was teaching his kids that they could do anything they want wherever they went and if anybody challenged them, then they could just kick the ass of whoever was involved. That travesty started when McGlockton parked his car and went into the store to get some snacks for his family. His resolution for resolving a conflict was violence. He didn’t try to talk to Drejka or provide a reason for what was happening, he just resorted to brute force to intimidate Drejka into submission. If anyone is concerned about racism and the reason that law biding white people are afraid of law breaking black people, this incident is a perfect example. If blacks want to be treated fairly, they need to assimilate into a law biding culture. But if they are parking in handicapped parking places to show a disregard for the rules of white people, and when challenged want to pick a fight, then there will continue to be animosity between the two sides.

If it would have been me I would have never even thought to pull a gun on McGlockton for just a silly push. If Drejka wanted to be a tough guy, which he obviously did, he should have fought McGlockton man to man without using a gun in any way. The situation clearly didn’t call for deadly force. If Drejka was intent to intrude on another family’s business, he should have had the guts to fight McGlockton directly. The two men might have lost some teeth and had some broken bones, but they’d all be alive today and there would be a lot less trouble. While advocates of peace would say that no conflict should have occurred, sometimes an ass kicking is needed and it looks like McGlockton had one coming, just because he was obviously used to using his big body and his skin color as leverage in society to push people around.

But this was not an example of why Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law. The gun should have never been pulled from Drejka’s pocket. Stand your ground laws are for situations much less obvious, such as someone breaking into your home. Or when an attacker is presenting deadly force as a direct threat to you such as using a knife, a chair, or a gun themselves. Not an unarmed man just threatening physical violence. Even after pulling the gun, McGlockton took a step back—and that’s when Drejka should have put the gun away and brought down the tempers of the incident. Instead he pulled the trigger showing terrible judgment. Such a handling of a gun is a terrible use of the responsibility of carrying one. It was just stupid in every way you can look at it.

However, Stand Your Ground is needed, because there are often thugs running around like McGlockton who do think to use weapons to rob, steal, and intimidate innocent people and they need to know that there is a chance that someone will pull a gun on them and shoot them dead. I say that McGlockton was a thug because he fundamentally didn’t care about the rules of the handicapped zone. If he’s not going to observe that simple little law whose to say that he would obey other laws created by white society—in his view—and sought to use force to push the limits of anything he could get away with. With such people police officers have little means to enforce a law that all members of society will observe so at that point people like carrying weapons around as civilians are really our only means of enforcement. Even though there is a desire to use racism to punish Drejka for such a poor use of a firearm, the sheriff knows that if not for such gun owners, that society in his community would break down to every thug walking around seeking to dominate others with sheer intimidation.

Stand your Ground laws should be present in every state and community because it is essential to the preservation of private property, individual rights and the basics of the rule of law. Critics will say that we are not living in the Wild, Wild West and we should not be giving civilians guns to walk around in public with. But, we aren’t living in the jungle either where primates fight each other over the mating rights of a female, and so long as we have sectors of society who do think we live by the laws of the jungle, we will always have a need to use deadly force to put down dangerous attackers who threaten the basic responsibilities of a civilized society. Parking in a handicapped zone was an open disrespect for a basic law, and it started a fight that was handled poorly. But the first mistake happened when McGlockton parked in the wrong place and when someone questioned him, he resorted to violence. He shouldn’t have died over it, but the original fault was completely his.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Wins Re-election on November 4th 2020: An admission from The New York Times

I recently wrote about the EU deal with Trump to move in the direction of a no tariff world—a free trade relationship with Europe. Trump had won his hand and forced the EU to fold making it all happen. But as the print was still drying a remarkable opinion piece showed up in The New York Times of all places announcing a future Trump re-election victory as a post-election day analysis. I thought it was a stunning admission from the perspective of November 4th 2020 from a newspaper that had made itself the number one enemy of President Trump from the very beginning. In the article linked below, Bret Stephens put down a very likely case scenario of how the future election night would transpire and the events that led up to it. All the conditions mentioned within the article were obvious to Trump supporters but to hear it from the editorial scrutiny of The New York Times was something spectacular.

If I were to write that article myself I don’t think I would change anything, except for Elizabeth Warren’s running mate of Sherrod Brown. I think Brown will be defeated by Jim Renacci in the election of 2018 so he likely won’t be up for contention, but every thing else will be. Trump’s victory is nearly as clear at this point in 2018 as it will be then because as the article pointed out, the economy is great and that is credited to Trump—for good reason. And it’s that simple. People aren’t going to change their lifestyle and income for some social justice crusade for which the political left bet everything on. It’s not the way people work. Such things can be made to happen in a society that isn’t free, but if given a choice, people chose their own pocketbooks over everything else.

Trump is winning on every frontier and The New York Times article shows that even on the other side of the political ledger that people understand why. That begs to question why they are still committed to trying every day through every possible scandal to stop the Trump presidency. Ideologically they on the political left are in the minority and they are moving even further to the left—so what could they be thinking when it is well-known that people will vote in favor of the economic conditions we are presently experiencing? The only answer there is that they are hell-bent on self-destruction, which is fine with me. I think that there is only room in America for a right of center political philosophy and that the leftists have to be eradicated. They as people don’t necessarily have to be destroyed, but their minds must be changed toward reality. Reality is not a left of center position politically—reality is well right of center. The political scale for which we speak was invented by human beings. Reality is what it is, the political left can’t ignore reality to fulfil their illusions of social justice.

While most people have compassions, which is what the political left counts on, people will not choose to put their own self-interest ahead of public needs. Trump understands that people are very giving to charities and people of misfortune so long as they have money in their pockets. So the economy is king and people’s personal ability to acquire property is the determining factor as to how “giving” a society is. By securing the economy with growth pushing up against 4.1% GDP Trump essentially secured an election in 2020 and that is good for everyone, even liberals. They want a fairer world, the best way to achieve it is through the powers of capitalism. So everyone wins.

It is this fact that seems to be slowly settling on the leftists. The New York Times really doomed themselves by going to war with Donald Trump, and for them to essentially admit as much by printing that article on Trump’s 2020 re-election they are conceding to a reality they have been working against. As the article mentioned the Mueller investigation and how many Russian sympathizers were to be found in the Trump Organization prior to the 2016 election it should have been obvious that the Trump brand was an international feature in business, and it still is. Of course, they will know Russians and many other people from countries all over the world, that is the nature of international business. It was the Democrats who chose to frame Russia as a conspirator as a way to hopefully create doubt about those relationships to fuel old Cold War fantasies, which only a few years they themselves had dismissed. But they did so because it’s all they could attempt to muster against Trump, who was a global overachiever. Trump ran a beauty pageant in Moscow for a major network. Setting up such events in Russia was supposed to show great international relations and that we had achieved so much since the Cold War. Liberals attempted to redefine that effort in the context of their modern political problems and it just never stuck because people understood the situation.

Of course, there was nothing corrupt about Donald Trump and nothing that the millions of dollars of investigations could find on him. As a real playboy prior to running for office, none of the various scandals that the political left tried to pin on him mattered because it was all well-known prior. The leftists tried to redefine sexual values with Trump which they were guilty of destroying and found themselves at a loss to do anything about it. Melania Trump knew what kind of playboy Donald Trump was and understood the challenge of domesticating him. It looks as if she has done that to some degree, but likely turning 70 had far more to do with it. Trump’s playboy days are behind him finally making him free to throw his efforts fully into being a great president. Unlike Clinton or Kennedy, Trump doesn’t have to waste time chasing girls. He’s an old man now while those other presidents were in their 40s and at the height of their mid-life crises period. Trump was driving around a Lamborghini and was sleeping with hundreds of women in New York—and he was very rich when he was in his mid-life crises period. Voters understand, which is why ten-year-old stories about Trump’s sex life have gone nowhere.

Unlike other articles from The New York Times, this one I think we can all believe. It is a quiet admission that all the efforts to stop Trump were to no avail. The left had forced President Clinton and Barack Obama down our throats and had destroyed civil discourse in the meantime. So it should come as no surprise that conservatives learned from those years and put up our own candidate that would pull everything back into reality—and Trump was our president to do so. With great GDP numbers and a roaring economic forecast, Trump will win 2020 easily with more people than voted for him in 2016. And that should set up the next decade to be a roaring one. The roaring twenties will be back, and hopefully this time we can keep all the communists and socialists out of government so that they don’t cause a depression at the end of it. With Trump’s strong performance it may be possible to have members of his administration in the White House for the next 32 years, and that would go a long way to solving a lot of problems. And out of all sources, it was The New York Times to first admit it.

Rich Hoffman

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Donald Trump Reminds me of the Great Poker player Doyle Brunson: Give those Mariachi performers at the White House a $1 tip

If I were Donald Trump listening to the Mariachi protestors outside the White House all night attempting to keep the First Family awake, I’d walk out onto the lawn to the fence and throw a $1 bill into the hat of one of the performers. Then I’d go back inside and let the losers wear themselves out. Trump has the high ground in this fight and he can easily use it to defeat any panic driven protests from the political left. As much as a Mariachi band sounds like a vacation when you hear the music if it is taken as a cultural reference to a Marxist society south of the border, it’s a pretty pathetic protest that will turn off many voters ahead of the November mid-terms. To really add salt to the water, a $1 tip would take the air out of their ruckus. That is what those bands are all about, you can hear them in just about any restaurant in Mexico, they even play in the lines at border crossings seeking money thrown into their hats like beggars in the streets. If that is the best that the political left has, its pretty pathetic. They will wear themselves out quickly and let them.

But the event did bring to my mind the central tenet to the whole Russia issue, that of whether Trump should have chastised Putin in front of his face to make all the corrupt American intelligence directors happy covering up their own crimes, or whether Trump should have played it cool as he had. What a lot of people don’t obviously know about Trump is that he is actually quite well read, and as a best-selling author in one of his books produced through Trump University, that school that most critics said didn’t exist, was that he has a top ten reading list for students to do their own homework. One of the books Trump mentions is The Art of War. Anyone who has read that book knows what Trump is doing. I can certainly see it, I carry The Art of War around with me everywhere I go. I have a pocket version of it that I keep with me at all times, so Trump’s strategies are obvious to me, and so is what he did with Putin and the American intelligence agencies who are trying to build up a case for impeachment.

However, to the protestors on the streets in front of the White House, they likely only read work from Karl Marx and nothing else—which is why they are liberals. They have no way of understanding a strategist like Trump where even misspoken words are part of the strategy to bait opponents into a direction you wish them to go. In Trump’s world, everything is a strategy including the Mariachi protestors. While they think they are doing something that will keep the president and his family awake at night in reality they are doing exactly what Trump wants and needs. Their noise can be drowned out easily within the White House. But the optics being broadcast across America are not to the advantage of the political left. Nobody wants a cheesy Mariachi band playing in their neighborhood streets. They’ll put up with illegal immigrants as long as they are somewhat hidden in poor neighborhoods, but if they think they can migrate into the suburbs and bring a Mariachi culture into the mainstream, they have another thing coming.

The real reason that Trump couldn’t put a stop to any tampering that Putin might be involved in is because America is doing the same thing in other countries and that must continue. The political leftists were trying to trap Trump into what their global aims were, and that was to put an end to what they call American imperialism, or otherwise the influence of western culture around the world. If Trump demanded that Russia stay out of trying to influence America than Trump would be forced to do the same and that is precisely what lefties want. They want to weaken the influence of American culture around the world, they want American movies to be weaker, they want American music weaker, they want everything that comes out of America weaker. However, they want to create the illusion that other cultures have irreversibly penetrated American culture changing it forever, which is why they are attempting to use the psychological assault of a Mariachi band outside the White House to drive home the point. But Trump is smart, he knows that the protesters are an extreme minority and that they will run out of gas rather quickly and that their efforts are pushing neutral voters into the Republican column. So give them a tip and let them sing!

Getting back to The Art of War, I think its one of the most important books on strategy that there has ever been written, and Donald Trump understands it keenly. That is why China will never beat him on a trade war—they know it and he knows it. He has the high ground, it is impossible for China to win. Only people who understand strategy would know why, so the ignorant people trying to make politics about the war of tariffs are at a loss because they do not understand that book on strategy composed so long ago by the Chinese themselves. To understand any dealings with oriental cultures, The Art of War is mandatory. Trump is much more intellectual than he lets on and that is because he has mastered fundamental elements of strategy that all winning individuals learn to utilize.

The Democrats and the Deep State which supports them have projected their own strategies and Donald Trump has exploited them quite brilliantly. One of the greatest poker players in the world is Doyle Brunson who has mastered the art of making his opponents underestimate his hands even when they know he’s doing it. They think he’s talking small talk and what he’s really doing is causing them to up their bets and to inspire them to fold at the wrong times with his easy Texas talk while at the table. Trump reminds me a lot of Doyle—he’s brilliant in making people underestimate their odds against him. The most important quotes in The Art of War are about making other people empty and filling yourself by their efforts, which is what Trump has been doing since 2015 on the political stage. These Mariachi protestors are emptying themselves in front of the White House, and they are filling Trump. People see what is happening, just as Trump needs American operatives to continue to spread western ideas around the world to wear away the socialists and communists who stand between peace and war, these protestors are reminding Trump supporters that Mexican culture is being rammed down their throats from illegal aliens and the optics make it look like they are attacking the White House. Beltway insiders chuckle at what they think is causing Trump to lose sleep. But that is because they don’t understand the strategy of the situation.

I thought about keeping this to myself so not to let the enemies know what Trump is doing. But from my vantage point Trump is fulfilling another important quote from The Art of War, beating an enemy before the war even starts. Trump has already won over these protestors just like Doyle knows he often has the best hand before the dealer ever puts down the “river” card. Great strategists often win before anybody is even thinking of victory and they do so without a lot of fanfare because just like in poker, the game needs “producers.” You have to let the little guys think they are winning sometimes to fill the pot. Trump gives his opponents little victories here and there just like Doyle does in poker to convince them to fill the pot for the real betting. Trump is happy to let the protestors empty themselves and to fill the political pot with lots of talk radio discussion and cable news coverage because it fulfils the requirements of victory. And for that, we should all give those idiots a $1 tip. Because they are emptying themselves and filling us all up, and that is the brilliance of Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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The Brillance of Donald Trump’s Summit with Putin: Democrats and Rino Republicans have lost all claims on sanity

Ahead of the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland Democrats in America were chewing away their fingernails with worry. Some of the things they said about Trump were hilariously foolish, as if to assume that the President would be outmaneuvered by President Putin at every juncture—to sustain their own beliefs. Such as the truly insulting comments that during this summit that Putin might pull out a map of Ukraine and that Trump wouldn’t know what he was looking at, as if to insinuate that the President of the United States wasn’t smart enough to read a map. Of course as the day’s events in Helsinki evolved, Trump was magnificent and his meeting with Putin went well. As a Trump supporter I wouldn’t have expected anything less. But what continues to be fascinating is this Democratic insistence that they represent some superior intellect and that they have a monopoly on intellectual aptitude citing that Donald Trump is just another dumb Republican to fulfil their own notions of political superiority that is completely made up. I have met Donald Trump several times and read all his bestselling books—he can handle anything at any level. Vladimir Putin is not superior in any way to Donald Trump. But Trump is kind enough to bring in Putin to help solve some of the big problems in the world, like keeping North Korea on track to disarmament and in taking away the leverage of Syria in the gradually collapsing economy of Iran. There were lots of reasons to have this summit with Putin, and its good to see a president with real leadership for a change. But the good results of the day were certainly not a surprise to me.

Democrats have this perpetual problem, they have this ridiculous belief that if nobody witnesses a tree falling in the woods that it didn’t fall. They believe, and they get this from the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and his predecessors, that humans must witness something in order for it to have happened. They insist on such things while at the same time citing that faith in government must rest on foundations not rooted in reality—that blind trust must be given to the political elite of any culture. And to support these neurotic claims Democrats must have designated villains to play against, such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Republican Party, the rich—just pick an opposition and you will see that Democrats use those elements to sell their dystopian vision for the world.

The genius of Donald Trump is that he not only understands how to solve some of the most complex issues on planet earth among many different cultures, but he knows how to utterly destroy the Democrats at the same time. Everyone should be happy to have Donald Trump as president of the United States at this very particular time in history. I would say that he is the best of the best and history will remember him that way. For people who understand the game of Poker or Chess, Trump is a master of playing the right cards at the right time and getting the people around him to do what he needs them to do when he needs them to do it. And Trump isn’t doing any of this for malicious ends. It’s doing it all for the name of good—good for everyone.

To assume that Trump is a stumbling idiot is a play from a playbook that has long been irrelevant, it’s not going to work for Democrats this time. We don’t have a Mitt Romney or a George Bush for president who would allow Democrats to build up this false image of Republican leadership. In a lot of ways the Republican policy on playing the high ground against Democrats has been ineffective. In a world that plays games, Republicans always needed to learn to play the games more viciously than everyone else, because they have allowed Democrats to project an image of superiority when reality has been far from it. When a tree falls in the forest, it falls whether anybody hears it or not. Trump is the Republican answer to the long needed public image that Republicans have always been in need of.

Regarding the Democrats, to exist they must have a villain to oppose them otherwise their philosophy of emotion is worthless. Without the world being terrified about a Vladimir Putin that is some master James Bond type of villainous spy, the most timid of our populations won’t be inclined to flock to the safety of the herd which is the Democratic Party. The master strategy of Donald Trump and what he is doing right now is something I have been trying to inspire in Republicans all of my adult life, and it took someone like him to finally do it. Much of what Trump is doing is genius because he knows what I’m saying to you now dear reader, the way to undo liberalism around the world in whatever form it takes, the socialism of Europe, the communists of China, the Democrats of North America, the Marxists of Canada and Central America is to take away the villains of the world and bring them all on the same side of things so that real discussions toward peace can take place. Trump is giving everyone a seat at the table because he is confident in himself not to be taken advantage of, and once that is clear to everyone real trust can be established.

The race of our day is to truly make peace around the entire planet, and the fear that Democrats have is that once that happens, nobody will want to join their ranks, because there will be no villains to flee from. Trump is showing the world that there really are no bullies in the world, and the real challenge that Democrats have is that once people realize it, they will lose all their power. Fear is really all that Democrats have to inspire anybody to join them. They have managed to create the impression that it is they who validate value in the world, that if they don’t accept that the tree fell in the forest, that it didn’t, but reality says otherwise, and Trump is exposing reality moment by moment day by day and his genius is that he knows how to sell reality in a way that people can understand. Without that ability a lot of these miracle foreign policy visits that he has been doing just wouldn’t happen.

Watching that press conference between Trump and Putin was a thing of wonder. Trump did not allow the fake FBI story to continue to use Russia as a bad guy. He robbed them of it. The FBI has been caught trying to make Putin into the ultimate bad guy when in reality just like Kim Jong-un, he’s a small player in the world. When Russia says they did not interfere with the American elections why on earth would we believe Bob Mueller’s prosecution of some Russian agents who will never show up to provide any testimony when we watched Peter Strzok lie to our faces on national television during his testimony last week? Sure, Putin may be lying and as a former KGB agent I’m sure he has at some point lied to people. I’m sure he has even killed many people in his climb and maintenance of power. But the fact remains what we know, the FBI did lie, and they did meddle in an American election, and they did try to build a case to impeach an American president. Those are things we know, and Trump did a great thing in not playing into the story that Democrats were trying to build, that everyone is smarter than Trump and that only Democrats can control a narrative. Wrong. For a change there is a Republican who is truly in charge, and he’s smart, aggressive and a far better messaging master. And that is the worst-case scenario for Democrats. I’m very proud of President Trump for his meeting with Putin. Very classy and very strategic.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Candace Owens Should be President of The United States: Apparently Twitter thinks so too

I wasn’t kidding when I said it, but I was surprised to see such a reaction from people when I said on Twitter that I thought Candace Owens would be a great candidate for president of the United States. I mean she’s only 29 years old now but to me she has the whole package and is presently just as qualified as Barack Obama was. Candace is an organizer so with the bar of pedigree being lowered during the Obama years, just as Bill Clinton lowered the expectations of personal behavior paving the way for Donald Trump, it really can’t be said the running the Executive Branch is beyond the reach of a political novice. What we have learned over the last 32 years, first with Clinton, then with George W. Bush, eventually followed by Barack Obama is that it doesn’t take a great genius to be president. It takes a person exceptionally skilled as a promoter from the White House and knowing how to manage the people around them. It’s the perfect job for a person like Trump who has made a great living up until his presidency promoting visions. The White House is uniquely suited for that type of personality and we are learning that we should have been putting people like Trump in office for centuries. But once his job is done a decade or so down the road, what kind of people will be good for the office and to me it is obvious that it will need to be someone like Candace Owns.

After watching Candace Owens on several cable news shows I made a simple remark on Twitter that I thought she should run for president someday and that I’d support her when she was ready. That unleashed a firestorm of interest generating over 160,000 impressions in just a few hours, the response was very encouraging in the affirmative. I mean let’s be honest, even though I replied to people that we should always be color blind and not promote people in our society just because of sex—if all things are equal in the world we are currently living in conservative ideas would best be sold from the Executive Branch by a young black woman, because it would completely disarm the political left’s accusations of the Republican Party. I think Democrats are over as a party anyway. It may take another half of a decade to realize that reality, but I’m all for finishing them off by taking away their most powerful weapon, identity politics. Candace Owens in the White House would be devastating to Democrats especially when they saw that the same people who have supported Trump would support Candace. In 2018 they rationalize that Trump supporters get behind him because he’s an angry, rich, white guy. But when those same people would support Candace, a young, nice black woman, it would literally tear their minds apart because it would force them to recognize the true reality of the situation.

I have been looking for years for a chance to show that it was Republicans who are best at putting people in the White House that free up individual merit as opposed to group think. I have supported Elizabeth Dole for president, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and many others because I wanted to show that Republicans were certainly not the party of old white guys. Republicans certainly weren’t Nazis resembling Hitler from Germany or Mussolini fascism from Italy. They were the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves and gave Frederick Douglas a platform to rise in politics while many blacks in the south were still considered slaves. Once liberals started painting conservatives a certain way, as traditionalists who were against everything, it was difficult to answer such a negative and with conservatives tending to be too nice to defend themselves, it allowed the more aggressive Democrats to take shots at conservatives unjustifiably. So for many years I have been looking for a way to prove that identity politics were not part of the Republican platform in any way, and to prove that we had to have identity politics to prove it—we needed a good woman or a person of color to rise to the top of the Republican political process.

What Donald Trump will leave in his wake will be a great thing. He is doing such a great job in selling the benefits of individualism back to the American way of thinking. When people ask what making America great again means, it is simply the mindset where individual rights were protected over group rights. I personally don’t need a tribal leader to “lead” me anywhere. The person I pick for president doesn’t need to be wise in the ways of the world, or a master strategist. I just need my representative in the White House to protect individual rights and to get the bureaucrats out of my way, and I’ll take care of the rest. The nation is presently doing well because Trump has taken away a lot of the crippling regulation and taxes which were holding back our economy, and that’s all we really need out of the White House. Trump has additional business skills which are giving him a fun retirement job, but essentially conservatives don’t need any leaders to show them the way to a good life because the core of Republican thinking is in individual rights. Democrats on the other hand like Barack Obama purposely used regulation and taxes to hold back the American economy so that other places around the world could catch up to us, which has hurt individual rights in favor of group associations and peer groups—breaking the world down by race, religion, sex and income potential. Making America great again means to conservatives not a throw back to where women were in the kitchen making pies for their husbands, but in putting the center of focus of value back on individual rights, where someone like a Frederick Douglas could become a leading spokesman for the newly released slaves. Part of making America great again would be in creating a White House that could have someone like Candace Owens running it, and the country would be just fine.

The failure of Barack Obama is that we were supposed to overlook his socialist agenda for America because he was black. We were supposed to be handicapped by his race into making any opinion about the guy because of his skin color. That is not an enlightened position and people generally know it instinctively. That is why they supported Donald Trump. But when Trump’s years are done and Republicans are looking for the next great movement, I think Candace Owens would be the perfect type of person to show just how big tent the Republican Party is. If we needed Trump to resell America on the power of individual liberty after many years of socialism have tried to cripple the United States from the White House, we will need Candace Owens, or someone like her to continue selling those ideas to a public growing older from the Millennial generation that will be learning to continue that string of success well into the future. It is not for immigrants to bring their socialism from their destroyed countries with them to destroy American culture as the political left desires, it is up to people like Candace to sell them on individual freedom and to take away the restrictions of small thinking government to allow those individuals to flourish and bring the American economy great things that benefit many other people as the 21st century matures.

My suggestion in favor of Candace Owens for president at some point once the Trump family is done with their part of making history is to sell individual rights to a society of people who have been told their entire lives that their personal salvation is in the string pulling of the political class. Those of us who already know better don’t need to be taught, but there will be many who will, and it will be easier learning from Candace than from just about anybody else. That is why I think a pretty, young, intelligent woman of color would be the ideal presidential candidate in the near future, as soon as she comes to age to do it. By taking away the weapons of the political left it would further destroy their hold on the minds of people and pave the way for learning which needs to happen anyway. So Candace would be as good as anybody, and she wouldn’t need a lot of political experience to do the job. Quite the opposite.

Rich Hoffman
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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Hollywood is going extinct

I had the feeling while watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that like the dinosaurs in it that were being resurrected through DNA tampering, that Hollywood was putting on its last great epics before going extinct themselves. Identity politics is killing the motion picture experience, which was certainly present in the new Jurassic World movie, which have always been there just enough to appease the industry radicals. I never expect the Jurassic movies to be deep character pieces, they are adventure films and this one is certainly one of the best. I thought it was a really good movie, better than Jurassic World with jaw-dropping visuals and deserves everything it is making financially. But I couldn’t help but see the bigger picture at play, and this is connected to Solo: A Star Wars Story which was a great movie too, but was torpedoed for being politically incorrect, and lost money at the box office. Identity politics has destroyed this particular story telling experience. Movies in general are now officially extinct. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom does a good job of sidestepping that problem with dinosaurs and some really well-done action sequences, but if this is the best that Hollywood can do—and it is, then no wonder the movie industry is dying. As good as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was the critics gave the film a 50% Rotten Tomato score and I’ll tell you why, because Chris Pratt was fabulous in this movie. He was a traditional, very strong, white male matinée actor on par with Indiana Jones and Hollywood’s identity politics doesn’t want to feed that tradition in America and the world, they want to destroy it. Unlike Solo: A Star Wars Story fortunately, parents were willing to take their kids to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom anyway, because the dinosaurs were just great, so this particular movie will do good business in spite of industry efforts to punish the film for sticking with traditions in the role of heroics. I thought all the actors did a great job, but Chris Pratt really made this a work of love and it showed.

If the industry can’t get 100% behind a movie like these Jurassic World films they won’t get behind anything and that is the cause of Hollywood’s failure. When leftists took over the industry completely way back in the late 80s and early 90s their goal was obvious, to use Hollywood to sell their message of progressive politics. They were intent to use the fantasy aspect of movies to sell the fantasy of progressives as a disguised reality for which audiences would accept as truth, because they saw it in a movie. Only people went to movies to get away from that kind of politics, so the power of Hollywood started a gradual decline. And it wasn’t just the rejection of the product itself. Over the last thirty years video games have become so much more sophisticated, people have less time for movies and traditional television, and online streaming has proven itself to be competitive with the cinematic experience. If people were able to watch something like The Game of Thrones on their home theater systems why would they rush out to the movies to watch another Jim Carry movie from the Dumb and Dumber series?

Hollywood has a labor union problem, its presence in every movie has jacked up the cost of doing business while at the same time restricting creativity. You can’t make a movie in Hollywood unless the key people are in the labor unions and that means that people who do well in the industry desire to make the union bosses happy by slipping in politics from the union literature that they are always getting from their memberships. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Bryce Dallas Howard played Claire with a nice mix of modern woman mixed with traditional damsel in distress fantasy which is very appealing to young male viewers. So the film makers walked the line well in this movie, but her father Ron Howard has completely lost his mind if you watch his Twitter feed, which I think reflects what all these Hollywood people are suffering from and that is the liberalism that is part of their inner circle of experience, and their memberships to the trade unions are the connective tissue that holds them all together toward that distorted reality. Ron Howard I thought did a great job with Solo: A Star Wars Story, but his politics were certainly a turn-off for prospective viewers. I loved the technical aspects of that movie as well as the character itself, but the identity politics in that film were abundant. Critics couldn’t get behind the film obviously because it was about a strong white male. Now if Han Solo and Lando were involved in a homosexual relationship then critics would have loved the movie and pushed it with great reviews. But it was about a traditional romance where the white guy hero tries to win the love of the leading lady and the industry showed its wrath on that film as punishment. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom they had a lesbian character in it to appease those demographic stereotypes circulated around the trade union press—like The Hollywood Reporter. Thankfully, the producers cut the scene where the lesbian reveals her sexuality—so the nature of her sexual relationships with women went undefined in the film. Nobody goes to see a movie about dinosaurs because they want to think about the sexual appetites of the characters. They want to see action, and heroics—that’s why they buy tickets. But the trade unions don’t care about profit or the reason people buy tickets, because they are under the assumption that people will always attend movies at a movie theater so they can push their members into left leaning radicalism to get their progressive messages out to the world at any cost.

That cost is horrendous. Hollywood has turned toward global box office takes to cover their costs, and expectations. If a film doesn’t make $100 million in the communist Chinese market these days, it’s considered a failure. Movies these days can’t just be movies, they have to be vehicles of progressive propaganda that have globalists messages. Movies like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom walk the line as closely as is possible these days. I thought the action scenes were as good as any of the past Indiana Jones movies, both in quality and execution. It was smartly made on a $170 million-dollar budget which is essentially a two-act play—where most films are three act structures. I thought that was a great move, to start the movie with a tremendous action sequence that would be the climax of most movies, then to turn toward a Hitchcockian style of horror film. One of the main villains was an auctioneer played by Toby Jones, which I thought was very good—yet it wasn’t lost to me that when he was about to be eaten by a dinosaur that his combover flying in the wind was a shot at Donald Trump. There was certainly an anti-capitalist message that would have stepped all over itself if the dinosaurs weren’t larger than life and were the real scene stealers. But making a movie like this where little anti-Trump Easter eggs were thrown in to make the cast and crew happy is risky business because the filmmakers certainly don’t want people like me to derail the film over the reminders of modern politics that is entirely left leaning. For instance, there was much made about how much better the new Oceans movie made in box office acceptance over Solo: A Star Wars Story, because it’s a film where females take over the role of traditional men in that heist film. That movie is on its third weekend and it just broke $100 million domestically. Solo: A Star Wars Story did that the first week and a half of its run so the game is easy to see for those who have the eyes for it. Hollywood has used that oversea number to hide the dismal domestic box office reality from not only themselves, but the entire entertainment industry. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was smart to cut their film into a two-act structure and to put all their money upfront because it wasn’t easy to tell how the movie would do in this toxic identity politics driven world. Not every movie can do that, so reality is starting to cook the industry alive, and it is obvious.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a great movie if movies were allowed to just be movies anymore. But they aren’t. Hollywood metaphorically is the fallen kingdom refered to in the movie. Mankind is losing the world to dinosaurs because we tampered too much with science to allow our species to coexists with them, and ironically it is the Hollywood industry that is now going extinct. There is just too much competition and social media has too many critics to allow Hollywood to achieve their aim at just making progressive movies with global box office numbers that carry them all over $500 million each. That is a formula that just isn’t going to work so in many ways this latest Jurassic World movie is like watching the end of an era where literally everything we have ever known about it was blowing up in front of our faces. It was spectacular to see, and worth the ticket. But the writing is clearly on the wall. The next generation is not going to support the movie industry. They have too many other options to enjoy for their entertainment dollar, and time. Identity politics has killed the Hollywood product. And that is the real story behind Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Rich Hoffman

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