The Mysterious Middletown Mound: What the Giants of Ohio have in common with election fraud

Not to just spawn off conspiracy theories, I took a moment to go to a site that honestly pisses me off to no end, the Middletown Mound near my home, literally just a few minutes north above the Great Miami River to show a site where I will bet everything that there are the bones of giants within the contents of the mound shown in the video above.   I say that because it is well known now that it’s twin, the Miamisburg Mound just a few miles upriver from the Middletown Mound has known large skulls found within it and full skeletons of people 8’6” in height.  The people who excavated the mound were so terrified of the contents that they have not returned to excavate the mound since 1869.  Its not as if people didn’t know about the mounds or the giants, but the government came along and built the Monsanto Nuclear site right on top of this ancient complex, which dated to 200 B.C. to 1000 B.C.  All this was chronicled in a little booklet called The Brief Historical Background of Miamisburg Mound that cost $3 and was passed out at the May 1975 Explosive Safety Engineering Conference conducted on site by the Monsanto Research Corporation.  Copies of that little booklet are still floating around among the local residents.  Of course, the Monsanto site of Mound Laboratories is tied to Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and all the Hanger 18 mysteries that involved alien retro engineering and the nuclear war program in general, right there on the site of a city of ancient people who were 7 to 8 feet tall—people who would make Shaquille O’Neal look like a little fellow. 

The point of the matter is that there is still excavations that could be done at Miamisburg that would prove the point that I’m making.  And its twin, the Middletown Mound as you can see in the video is just sitting their untouched for all this time, except for some obvious looting that took place many years ago that likely has giant skulls stuck in some private collection because nobody wants to get busted by the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act.  Which was the point in my video, modern politics has decided that Native Americans as identified by the traditional Indians of cowboy movies should be exploited as an argument against the creation of America.  That’s why I addressed that issue quickly in my book, because to understand the real story of America and ironically the history of the world, you have to redefine what a Native American is.  Obviously, we aren’t talking about cultures that existed in a vacuum in 1750 A.D. or 500 A.D.  These mounds look to have been built a thousand years before Christ, before even the Greeks were doing anything about considering philosophy as an educational opportunity. 

Because of the politics of Indian exploitation by modern politics, we are avoiding a real truth to our ancient past that likely would be very valuable to understand, which is why it makes me pretty damn angry to think about.  As I pointed out, the evidence is right there in front of our faces, and there has been so much of that evidence already destroyed.  And people in the know understand, which is why there is no desire to do any kind of real excavations and to discover what kind of giant bones are in those mounds in a modern sense so that we can properly study them and move this topic beyond speculation and into the realm of science fact.  I would suggest that we have enough reports to ask the questions and to draw some basic conclusions which is what I do.  But to get into the place where we actually can write new history books and make new laws based on new understanding is something we should be eager to do as a society, but clearly are not.  The goal of modern politics is to exploit races of people based on an assumed history that evidence is showing rapidly was not correct and needs updated interpretations on what a Native American was or should be. 

For instance, there is so much evidence that there was a massive culture of these giants roaming around the Ohio River Valley that we could have that debate now based on the limited information we do have.  Even the very popular Serpent Mound has reports of 7 foot skeltons there, so this isn’t some regional anomaly involving the Great Miami River.  These giant bone findings are everywhere reported.  That leads to the question as to why aren’t they in museums? Well, the answer to that is the same as why nobody will admit to election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  The cost of that admission is greater than the management of our present society can afford to accept.  To admit that there were advanced cultures in North America well before what we would call Indians is to deal with a larger problem the world has seen since its inception, that of the Vico Cycle, of cultures that rise and fall constantly and the reasons for those failures pointing to the kind of problems we see in modern politics.  Obviously, any culture wants to believe they have the answer that nobody has previously had before, so to maintain that illusion to themselves, they chose to either destroy prior evidence to the contrary, or to ignore it even when its in front of their faces.  Which is the case of the Middletown Mound shown in the video above.  The evidence is being selected to be ignored, because modern politics does not want to surrender their ability to exploit Indians for their progressive causes, in this case to argue that the United States should have never been created, and should be disassembled and rebuilt as some global woke culture under a communist government.  Thus, the Giants of Ohio remain a mystery still, but not because there isn’t evidence, but because of political sentiment desires to pretend that they have all the answers and that they aren’t just another failure on the great wheel of the Vico Cycle and the continued failures of every culture that chooses to ignore those hard lessons of birth and creation. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Treasure out of Middletown, Ohio: Unlocking the past with E. A. Allen’s 1885 ‘Prehistoric Worlds or Vanished Races

It took over a week of trying to finally meet up with a book seller in Middletown who had a unique treasure I wanted badly. He had a rare book called Prehistoric Worlds or Vanished Races that was published in Cincinnati that chronicled the observations of the early field of archaeology around the world at the tender year of 1885. This particular body of work had survived a lot and spent much of its life in the care of a powerful figure in Middletown’s history which is partly why it was still intact, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and to start reading the massive volume from a time long forgotten. And after reading it only over a couple of days I found one of the key passages that I had been looking for that I hope leads to the repeal of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) so that proper investigations into the history of North America can take place. That passage states, “This country of ours, with its wide plains, its flowing rivers and great lakes, is said by scholars to have been the home of a people well advanced in the art of barbarian life. What connection, if any, existed between them and the Indians, is yet unsettled.” The key to that passage is that it admits in a time before the academic purge, that the Indians as Native Americans were not so “native” and that other people existed in North America historically that are much more important to who we are today, and thus, everything that is archaeologically discovered cannot fall under the criteria of NAGPRA, and should be studied properly without the sentiment of political convenience.

This NAGPRA mess really was the result of the 1988 book and then the movie that came out in November of 1990 called Dances with Wolves which was essentially an argument in favor of the Sioux Indian tribe against the White Man’s push for westward expansion. It was a political eraser to the impact of capitalism around the world and a direct way to solidify a political class of people into perpetual victimhood. It should be noticed that the NAGPRA law was enacted on November 16th by the Bush administration just a few days before the Kevin Costner movie was released just a few days later on November 21st. The buzz of the film adopted from the popular novel was on the mind of politicians in Washington and that law was their gift to the Sioux Indians because it was assumed that we all came to North America and took their land from them and now someone had to pay for that.

But that’s not quite the whole story, in fact, its not even the beginning. As the field of archaeology has evolved and much has been learned, it has become obvious that the observations of those who were in North America should have been studied much better, and with even more vigor than we study the ancient Egyptians because the people who were in North America were much more sophisticated and advanced as a culture with trigonometry that pre-dates the Greeks well in place, and the story of migration across the Bering Strait was obviously wrong. Diffusion across both oceans was happening well before Jesus Christ was ever born of Mary in the Middle East and that was not the story that had been told by countless scientists, many who had their hands out for decades to Federal funds who insisted that scientists “discover” the dialogue that suited the political class, that the brakes of capitalism could be applied so that the aristocracy of political class warfare could demonize the American Constitution for a silent coup that had been in place essentially up to the Trump election of 2016. That part of the history we have been watching unfold, but what remains is the century long cover-up that Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World, he only brought the latest of a series of inhabitants and that the Indians he had encountered were just as new to that new world as he was. Only a few hundred years separated their migrations, but what we are talking about is thousands of years of activity.

In the political theater the American government needed a victim and the Indians were it. They have used the Indians to pass all kinds of casino bills across the nation to “help them” recover some of their losses. In my area I think of the Shawnee people and their claims to land lost during the 1830 Indian Removal Act which many are claiming in hindsight to be an immoral action that should have never occurred and activists have since used it to hammer home the point of unfairness applied to the peaceful people thought of as the Indians. However, the Indians themselves had many wars with each other, some tribes lost, some won and they were as the great writer of that book said, “well advanced in the art of barbarian life.” These latest European settlers, for which America was established with philosophies that emerged out of western culture, Greek, Roman, and the Scottish Rites, wanted to bring culture with them for which the primitive hoards wished to reject, so there was a fight and the Indians lost. Yet as we have analyzed over quite a long period of time there are two kinds of people functioning in our modern day, those who revere the primitive and those who revere technical advancement. We saw this most notably when a month after the Moon landing in 1969 where Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the foreign landscape the musical festival of Woodstock showed the deep insecurities of the human races to cling to their primitive past and fight anything that might pull the covers off that security blanket for them. That is why we have a two-party political system because the human race has always had those types of people and the conflict that ensued in the wake.

The evidence is clear that the original inhabitants that E. A. Allen wrote about in that new book of mine was talking about the Beaker people, a group of Celts that came from the British Isles around the time that Stonehenge was in its advanced stages. At least that is where the evidence is pointing. The Celts are dating much earlier in England these days than previously thought which is why there was such a use of swastikas in so many relics found in that period on North American soil. The Nazi’s used swastikas as a reverence toward their old Germanic heritage before the Roman Catholic Church swept away their history of Celtic religions and lifestyles. It also looks like the people of the British Isles who migrated with the religions of the Celts had come out of the Bible lands well before the Noah stories and were part of that pre-deluge culture that is referenced in what’s left of the Bible. And that all these stories are very disconcerting to modern religion and the science that the political class want to use to erase it all from people’s minds using the Indians as the deterrent.

My problem with the Bible as a document pointing toward historical efforts was because as it was put together there were entire sections of it completely left out, such as the Book of Enoch which describes events that took place before the life of Noah, and that it is relevant to any religious analysis. I do not trust the Romans who printed the first Bibles at the fall of their empire to decide what history was relevant for a religious document and which weren’t. All this history of course was playing out in the New World before even the Roman Empire was even a thing so of course there is a lot of desire for the last culture that was relevant to protect itself from the effects of the culture that came before them. And that is what has been happening and is really what the spirit behind NAGPRA is all about. It wasn’t created to protect the idea of the Indians being the first inhabitants of North America, it is to protect the religions of the world from a truth they did not want to face, that it wasn’t the Greeks and Romans who started western civilization. Likely we wouldn’t even know about Greek society and the works of Aristotle if not for the Muslims who protected it from the great purge at Egypt’s great Library at Alexandria when the Romans burnt it to the ground.

Great books that make honest observations that predate the purges of a political class, no matter where in the world they occur are very valuable and that’s what E.A. Allen was doing in Cincinnati in 1885, was looking at the Mound Builder culture and asking the right questions, and we should have been seeking answers to those questions. Instead, we have used sentiment, religion, and a fake morality to hide history from ourselves and protect a modern ruling class from the judgments of the true record and that is something I personally can’t stand.

And to get to the real truth, beyond the modern speculation that arises out of asking questions where the evidence has been removed in most cases, you have to read from books that were around before modern academia put their spin on it to protect those forces all out of a need to get their hands on federal funding which has controlled the message for the curious, and resolute. Which is why this new book is such a treasure for me, and points to just how valuable some of those old books are in those obscure bookstores that you see here and there, and that come out of private libraries that have been hidden from the public for decades, even centuries. And I am absolutely delighted with this one, it’s a window to the world that I have been wanting to see, and what’s out of that window are great things to come.

Rich Hoffman

The Evolving Case of Giants in Ohio from Across the World: History as we know is changing forever

I’m not going to spend much time talking about it because I’m still negotiating to get a very rare book about lost races of people who have dropped out of our historic record, but I spent all weekend trying to get it. The book is considered a rare print which is something I feel a lot of passion about, and it was written during the 1800s before what I call the purge occurred. However, I can’t help but see some similarities to modern politics that are coming out of a movement that the rest of the world isn’t ready for. Its very much the same problem where establishment control over information is falling apart in this early new century where personal ambitions and hobbies are doing a better job than the traditional college institutions have, and that is what I would call the greatest mystery the world has been covering up for thousands of years, and its unraveling in front of our faces as we speak, which is why I was working so hard to secure that mysterious book all weekend long going from obscure brick and mortar bookstore to bookstore hidden in obscurity behind the chaos of a media culture that is extensive, and very noisy, most of the time quite on purpose.

I cover these issues from time to time as kind of a fun fill in to the politic discussions that normally are a majority of my work, but to me its all the same problem. Since I live in Southern Ohio I have grown up with an understanding about the mound builders that were traditionally associated with Indians and are tightly controlled by the government regarding research into who the mound builders were and why they built these things. Occasionally I have written very popular articles on the nature of the giant skeletons that were found coming out of these mounds which over time has opened up my mind to the obvious cover-up that has occurred, which the more I learn, has made me more and more angry. When we talk about the government getting involved in weaponizing the IRS or the FBI for political moves that benefit a more centralized government we find the same thing happening in the fields of the sciences. For instance, universities who do research into global warming find grants come easily to them from the government whereas those who are doing more independent research do not get money, so the university system has built their business model around liberalism for all those reasons, and it certainly does skew what research happens in the pursuit of truth and leaves much to be desired toward real inquiry.

However, we live in a time where information has been decentralized and people can talk and find each other much easier than in the past, making networking through the university system much less applicable to the endeavors of science. And more than ever, books published before the great purge of university institutionalism that started to really become a problem around 1915 have lost their power making it very important to go back to times before it and read what people were saying about archaeology and anthropology before money from the government became such a corrosive issue. And specifically, to that topic is the problem of who we are as a human species and what our true history is. I started asking those questions about 10 years ago when I ran across a map at the Mothman Festival in West Virginia that indicated in Ohio the burial locations of several giants, and I have written about them on occasion not as a conspiracy, but as an evolving topic. For instance, I know as I can see it from my front porch the very large Middletown Mound that used to be a near twin to the Miamisburg Mound just up the Great Miami River that within it are likely the skeletons of a giant race of people who lived in North America well before what we call the Indians ever inhabited the region. The evidence collected over the last ten years by many independent journalists has blown the lid off the case and we are in new territory that goes well beyond the skepticism of the television show Ancient Aliens. The government knows full well what’s in those mounds in Ohio, but it is using rules and regulations to hide the contents from society in general and for good reasons of their own. They were part of the purge and they want to keep the secrets that way for as long as possible. But like we see in politics where Donald Trump has become a great president by being unconventional, the establishment wants to maintain their power over history for as long as they can.

I wouldn’t say I have been a maniac about the topic, but I have gone around Ohio studying the various mounds and wondering if history was wrong about the makers and I have chronicled that journey on this blog site occasionally with some speculative analysis. But it was while traveling in England and visiting Stonehenge and the sites around the area where I become very convinced that it was the same people who were making monuments in the Ohio Valley, near my home, which meant that there was transatlantic diffusion by boat over three thousand years ago, well before the Vikings, well before even the Phoenicians, and certainly well before Christopher Columbus and they had an empire in place that extended all the way down to South America well before there were ever Mayans, Aztecs, and Incan people. To admit such a thing would have dire consequences to many forces who have justified their leadership to thousands of years of human civilization and to reveal that we have been living in another kind of Dark Ages, where information was controlled first by the Roman Empire, then by the Church which replaced it as a power in Europe, then by a government using secret societies to steer people’s minds away from the evidence until this present time where full disclosure is inevitable because of the free nature of our country in America and the desire to know things that have been obvious.

The more I have learned the angrier I have become due to the obvious misleading that has been going on for such a long time. I think the most important aspect of the wild fires in Brazil has been the revelation of the many lost cultures that were once established along the Amazon and we are not talking about primitive people but the same type of advanced culture that came straight out of Mesopotamia and migrated by ship across both oceans and settled in the Americas to launch just as complex cities states that have been now listed among the lost races of mankind, which is why I spent the weekend looking for that old book. I want to read it for myself and to start at that point at untangling the web of deceit that is being hidden behind the Native American façade that has paralyzed proper research in America through political correctness and a misguided assumption from the start. I will have a lot more on this in the future, but for the readers here I would direct their attention to the work of a guy who started sending me little messages almost a decade ago when I first published a list of giant skeleton locations, which surprised me when I learned about it. But since, Fritz Zimmerman has published several books on the subject and that has ignited L.A. Marzulli to start making films of their investigations and the evidence is quite overwhelming. I would suggest that it is the biggest cover-up of our civilization, and its something that deserves to be exposed because once it is well understood, it will change everything we know about history and our place within it.

Rich Hoffman

Giant Humans Discovered in the Miamisburg Mound: Confirmation of a species of human that thrived in North America before the Greeks

Several years ago Fritz Zimmerman contacted me about an article I had written regarding Giants in Ohio: The hidden history of the human race and let me know about some books he did on the subject.  Back then it was to me an extremely pioneering topic—the idea that there were 8 to 9 foot people inhabiting North America well before the people we now call Indians were established the way we know them by our history books.  It continues to be one of my most popular articles introducing many thousands of people to the idea. I ran across the topic while attending the 2009 Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia after picking up a map called “Hidden Ohio” which featured a series of paranormal hot spots and UFO sightings.  I spread it out over my motorcycle seat to read it while my wife got us some lunch from a nearby café stunned by some of the things I was seeing.  In two spots I noticed that there were discovered remains of giant people in Ohio, one across the Ohio River in Augusta, Kentucky and another burial site just to the east of Cleveland, Ohio.  Since then I have kept an open mind to new discoveries and let the evidence take things properly toward a reasonable conclusion and I can report now after nearly a decade of investigation that there is no question a species of giant human who roamed North America many years before Christ was born existed, and they were very organized—even advanced.  And that conclusive evidence was never more apparent than in what I personally discovered at the Miamisburg Mound just up the river from my home in Liberty Township, Ohio.

I grew up in likely one of the richest areas in the world for the Mound Builders.  When I was four years old I remember very specifically a visit my parents took me on to Fort Ancient.  I even remember the smell of the woods that day, so my recollection is very vivid, and it likely set me on a life course that has some unknown climax—but for now just make a note that burial mounds have always been a topic of fascination for me.  I always associated them with little 4’ people who were boring Indians hunting, gathering, and living briefly then dying until civilization came along and built cities on top of their former mud huts.  That is until reports had come through that there was a vast conspiracy started really by the Smithsonian Institute to conceal the many discoveries made by amateur archaeology in the 19th century.  The more I learned the higher the possibility was that it was all true—that early Christian advocates who were also employed by the Smithsonian desired to preserve the evolutionary theories of Darwin so long as it corresponded with the New Testament Bible and backed up the story that Christianized Europe had discovered America.  Any evidence to the contrary was stuffed away into private collections, called a hoax, or put into a museum drawer to be called upon later when more evidence and freer minds could ponder them—likely after grant money ran out and new theories might be accepted by future academics.  But that time was not in the present.

It was way back in 2003 when I read the very groundbreaking book by Michael A Cremo and Richard L. Thompson called Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race that called into question many of the previously unchallenged assumptions made about the age of mankind and their capabilities.  I read the book skeptically but quickly started considering the possibilities because two authors had sparked my interests previously, one was the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and the great writer James Joyce with his Finnegan’s Wake—which was one of my favorite all time works in literature.  The Vico cycle is featured in both works—the idea that societies always go through a four-part cycle, a theocracy, an aristocracy, a democracy, then anarchy only to start all over again time and time again.  This idea haunted me because the human trend is always to think that the present Vico cycle is always the first because their egos never want to consider that everything they might be doing politically might be pointless only to crumble away into anarchy to be born again as a theocracy.  I always thought that it might be entirely possible that the Greeks and the Asian minds of the Indus Valley might have started that present cycle beginning with the Sumerians and ending in our present time with the world falling into anarchy and yearning for theocracy to be born again from scripture—just pick the religion.

Hidden Archaeology showed evidence of that Vico cycle being ignored by modern science, so from then on I had my eyes open to new evidence and a fresh look at Ohio’s mounds which were all around my house presently and as I grew up.  So by the time I saw the two burial spots on that map in Point Pleasant, I was already headed in that direction.  Then I saw a report that there were giants discovered under some toppled trees near the Miamisburg Mound near Dayton, Ohio—and in a gravel quarry along the Great Miami River which literally flows at the end of my street so I did a little advanced reading and checked it out for myself.  What I discovered actually pissed me off quite a bit.  At Miamisburg there had only been one excavation of the site in 1881 which went about twelve feet down from the top—which is just under 70 feet tall to begin with—and they discovered some bones—then stopped digging.  Never again did anybody attempt to do any further excavations which I thought was disgraceful given its proximity to so many very good local universities.  I mean the University of Dayton is right in the neighborhood, Ohio State is literally an hour away, the University of Cincinnati just 40 minutes away to the south, and Xavier just a little closer.  The great Miami University is literally a half hour to the southwest—so we’re talking about an intellectual capability that is very close to the best in the world—yet nobody touched the site for over a hundred years and as of this writing still haven’t.  So I put my anger away and carried on with other topics visiting the site several more times over the next few years and thinking about things in more detail.  It was during a recent trip to England while I was walking around Stonehenge and looking at maps of Avebury to the north that I thought again of Miamisburg’s Mound.  At Avebury they have a mound nearly identical to the one in Miamisburg called Silbury Hill.  Silbury is just a little bit taller at 129 feet tall.  Miamisburg is 86 feet, but was probably taller when it was first built but had eroded away a bit over time.  The constructs were exactly the same and I’m pretty sure Adena Indians were not living in England at the suspected time of construction of Miamisburg—which is 1000 BC.  It’s probably much older actually—but who’s counting?

Literally the moment I landed back in Ohio from my English trip I ordered the books Fritz Zimmerman told me he had written on the topic so many years ago—because they had been on my list.  After all, he had spent over 15 years running all over the country chronically what professional academics hadn’t been willing to do—and that was compiling a listing of most of the known mounds in North America which he called The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America.  I wanted very badly to know what good ol’ Fritz had found on the topic of Miamisburg because I had my suspicions of that 1881 dig even more now—there was certainly more to it.  There was a reason everyone stopped digging and it was in that nice book Zimmerman had written that I found the answer which can be found on page 96 in an old newspaper clipping reported there from The Historical Collections of Ohio, 1881.  You see, Fritz had gone to the trouble to look all these things up so people like me wouldn’t have to—which I appreciate greatly.  And guess what I found—just as I suspected.  I’ll quote from the book:

Digging into the top of it (Miamisburg Mound) he uncovered a few bones at about 10 or 12 feet from the surface when he became frightened by a hollow sound of his pick.  He stopped the work there but the bones were preserved by Dr. Treon, and were of–enormous size, a jaw bone slipping easily over those of the largest man, flesh and all.

I consider that a discovery of importance, I have a report of evidence and a name of the recipient.  It’s at least a starting point for validation.  Now, the best thing to do would be to resume a dig at the site to confirm the report, but in the absence of such a task, we have to go on the evidence we do have.  Not doing something does not constitute a fact—or otherwise not looking for something does not mean it isn’t there.  At present the Miamisburg Mound is just sitting there dominating the countryside and it is worthy of a deeper investigation.  Because like I said, it’s nearly the size of Silbury Hill in England—and they make a big deal about that mound there.  In Miamisburg the current state of the park is disgusting, and it is very neglected even though it is one of our most important treasures in Ohio.  I think it deserves a fresh look and a new excavation at the very least.  And when we find the giant bones inside, we need to rewrite our history books to accommodate what’s there.  But until someone proves it wrong with fresh evidence, we have to go with what was said in 1881—that giant bones that were discovered in the Miamisburg Mound of an undocumented group of people by our written history built the thing, and that is a big deal.  It confirms a long suspicion I have had about these mounds in Ohio—that they are more than just burial sites of Indians—they are part of a vast civilization that existed before the Greeks and likely have an entire undocumented Vico cycle of their own—which is waiting for us to confirm with science so we can avoid the same fate.

To see for yourself what Fritz’s book says, you can get it here.  It’s a worthy travel companion for that space behind the passenger’s seat of your car as reference so you can travel around North America and find the sites for yourself and be mystified by the discoveries.

Rich Hoffman


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Jim Vieira’s Giants of North America: The reason for the vast cover-up of mankind’s history

One of the reasons I write all these articles is to ignite the thought process of inquiring minds.  It has always been my hope that those inquiring minds will see the information I present and be inspired to take the next steps.  Of all my articles one of the most popular is one from way back in 2010 called Giants in Ohio which many people have read and been inspired to do further investigation.  Even prior to the Giants of Ohio article I have written an entire award-winning screenplay on this type of subject matter titled The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia—which is a horror story grounded by an analysis of why societies rise and fall.  Hollywood represented by Wilshire Blvd told me that the story was too violent for film production—and they told me this as they funded and distributed the Kill Bill films.  But it gives me great satisfaction to see some of the stories that I have discovered deeply suppressed in our intellectual society revealed by hungry minds uncovering further aspects and over the last couple of years Stonemason Jim Vieira has done the hard work of collecting the evidence of the giant skeletons of a pre-human race that inhabited the world.  Specifically Jim’s giants were a major part of the mound builder culture in North America.  Vieira has collected over 1100 accounts of discovered giant skeletons 8’ to 10’ tall featuring double rows of teeth.  Watch the video below of an interview with Vieira as he presents voluminous amounts of evidence.  Also, be sure to watch all the videos presented here—they will help with understanding the text.

In that video Jim answered the question that has most plagued me, why aren’t these skeletons on display in museums—because many throughout the country are sitting in back rooms and private collections ready to be displayed to the world?  Jim’s answer was the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.  The ( NAGPRA), Pub. L. 101-601, 25 U.S.C. 3001 et seq., 104 Stat. 3048, is a United States federal law enacted on 16 November 1990.  That act makes such displays of Native American bones illegal assuming that Native American cultures are the proper caretakers of all things archaeologically and anthropologically viable regarding the North American Mound Builders.  Even as there is strong evidence that most Native American Indian cultures were interbred with traveling Chinese fleets from the treasure boats of Zheng He during the Ming Dynasty of emperor Zhu Di and encountered a previous race of people already operating as advanced cultures in North America that was dying off.

The Act requires federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding[1] to return Native American “cultural items” to lineal descendants and culturally affiliated Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. Cultural items include human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony. A program of federal grants assists in the repatriation process and the Secretary of the Interior may assess civil penalties on museums that fail to comply.  For instance if a particular set of discovered bones cannot be traced back to a lineal descendent because they are in fact “giants” a museum is forced to sit on the display for fear that a Native American tribe might lay claim to the remains putting the museum in violation of the law.

NAGPRA also establishes procedures for the inadvertent discovery or planned excavation of Native American cultural items on federal or tribal lands. While these provisions do not apply to discoveries or excavations on private or state lands, the collection provisions of the Act may apply to Native American cultural items if they come under the control of an institution that receives federal funding.

Lastly, NAGPRA makes it a criminal offense to traffic in Native American human remains without right of possession or in Native American cultural items obtained in violation of the Act. Penalties for a first offense may reach 12 months imprisonment and a $100,000 fine.  So in other words, any giant remains in private collections cannot be published because such a violation could be a punishable offense leaving people to hide such things in their closets and only talk about them around family dinner tables.

The arguments against the type of reporting that Jim Vieira was using to support his hypothesis is that the multitude of newspaper reports taken from all over the country saying the same things about giant human like bones are hoaxes typically created by sensational journalists trying to sell newspapers completely unsubstantiated by orthodox science—and cannot be therefore trusted.  For instance the accounts of the Conneaut Creek settlers of 1813 who begin unearthing the “Conneaut Giants” that had skulls so large they could fit over the heads like helmets of the amateur archaeologists at the time.  These discoveries have been ridiculed by orthodox science as a hoax even though there is much written about them.  Like many discoveries at the time the bones were discovered while farming and building railroads.  Religious belief and treasure hunting contaminated the study, as well as poor scientific practice.  However, the lack of knowledge and preservation cannot erase the discoveries.

“…when the roadway of the Philadelphia & Erie road, where it passes through the Warfel farm, was being widened, another deposit of bones was dug up and summarily deposed of as before (Thrown in a neighboring ditch). Among the skeletons was one of a giant, side by side with a smaller one, probably that of his wife. The arm and leg bones of this native American Goliath were about one-half longer than those of the tallest man among the laborers; the skull was immensely large; the lower jawbone easily slipped over the face and whiskers of a full faced man, and the teeth were in a perfect state of preservation. Another skeleton was dug up in Conneaut Township a few years ago which was quite as remarkable in its dimensions. As in the other instance, a comparison was made with the largest man in the neighborhood , and the jawbone readily covered his face, while the lower bone of the leg was nearly a foot longer than the one with which it was measured, indicating that the man must have been eight to ten feet in height. The bones of a flathead were turned up in the same township some two years ago with a skull of unusual size. Relics of a former time have been gathered in that section by the pailful, and among other curiosities a brass watch was found that was as big as a common saucer. 

An ancient graveyard was discovered in 1820, on the land now known as Dr. Carter and Dr. Dickinson places in Erie, which created quite a sensation at the time. Dr. Albert Thayer dug up some of the bones, and all indicated a race of beings of immense size.”
 (History of Erie County Volume 1; Warner, Beers and Co., 1884, pp. 166-169)

I wonder who has that large brass watch?  And the reports of such things go on like that for mountains of documented evidence—some of which are probably hoaxes.  Some are from aspiring writers wanting to make a name for themselves, some hoping to be some version of an Indiana Jones discovering the origins of mankind—but what they all have in common from a time where communication was not easy was that giant bones were found—poorly preserved by farmers, religious fanatics hoping them to be the lost tribes of Israel, and fortune finders.  The bones were given to respected scientists who set up make-shift exhibits at first but took them down by the 1990s hoping to get federal money for their research and not wanting to be found in violation of NAGPRA.  This is why there are no modern discoveries appearing—even though there are likely occasional instances—they are suppressed hoping not to violate any federal funding by their institutional backers.

The dominance of such discoveries during the settling of North America are unique in that a technology was brought with this new early American culture which could dig up land, build road and railways, and quickly erect homes.  Once much of states like Ohio had been dug up and manipulated by construction methods and farming, the explosion of excavation revealing these giants subsided somewhat.  Many farmers seeing some of these bones likely tossed them aside so not to prevent their work from getting done and might have casually talked about them to their families over dinner-but not taken any formal measures of preservation or study.  I know how these people think, both of my grandparents were farmers.  When they discovered things, they didn’t do anything with them if it impeded their work.  One of my grandparents traveled only once in their life out-of-state.  Their world view was entirely composed of life on their vast farm.  They wouldn’t have taken bones discovered to a local museum or college.  They’d toss them in a ditch so to milk the cows on time—which they had to do every day.  By the time modern science had a chance to credibly conduct a study; modern politics was riddled with guilt over the treatment of Indians which prevented any intelligent contemplation of the matter.  Like race relations, the Native American cultures laying claim to all ancestry of America—particularly mound building cultures prevented intelligent discussion in favor of feel good politics.  Even though it is likely that the Hopewell and Adena Indians only inhabited many of these mound cultures as second-handers, the evidence of an advanced astronomical culture which felt compelled to build strange earthworks aimed at the heavens was much more sophisticated than the typical Indian and points to a deeper history yet unexplored.

Anyone who knows anything about modern education, politics, and general human behavior and a tendency to regulate themselves into second-hander compliance is that many things are hidden in broad daylight these days by sheer manipulation of facts in favor of federal funding.  Nobody wants to lose their access to a tax payer funded gravy train, and most science exploration is very concerned with fitting their discoveries around the criteria of federal grants and other government revenue streams.  And that is the real conspiracy.

People like Jim Vieira are doing the hard work out of passion—likely inspired by Indiana Jones films to uncover some great treasure unknown to the human race.  What makes him more pure than say a Smithsonian scientist who is likely much more qualified is that Jim is not corrupted by federal money.  He’s not out trying to sell his discoveries within the confines of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) so to qualify for financial support.  Recently when Jim’s video presentation to TED Talks was pulled from YouTube these were the reasons cited by Stacy Kontrabecki Curator of TEDx Shelburne Falls as written to Jim Vieira:

Basically, TED’s fact check found that your talk is based on a debunked popular hoax from the early 1900s and promotes a well-known and widely discredited fringe theory, while misrepresenting the existence of legitimate research on this issue. (TED/TEDx is not a platform that allows unsubstantiated claims to be put forward as science.)  Here are just a few specific examples of the unsubstantiated claims in your TEDx talk:

  1. At 2:03 — You claim: “These structures are so staggering that people don’t even think they exist still.” In fact, there is a general archaeological consensus about the impressive civilization demonstrated by the mound builders in Cahokia and similar sites.
  2. At 4:05 — You claim:  “The mound builders who built all kinds of structures.” All evidence for the mound builders’ architecture suggests that they built with sod packets and wood.
  3. At 4:19 — You mention carbon-dating but do not specify what was carbon-dated. You cannot carbon-date stone. Again at 6:00.
  4. At 7:26 — You mention Mayan theories. Since the recent deciphering of almost the full Mayan script, the astronomical preoccupation attributed to Mayan writings has been largely discredited. Most of the numbers found in the Mayan script are now believed to be dates of births, coronations and wars.
  5. At 9:15 — You share newspaper clippings from the 19th century, including quotes from Abraham Lincoln, and claim they are evidence of giants. In fact, as one of our experts writes, “Skeletal hoaxes were common in the 19th century (e.g., Piltdown Man, the Cardiff Giant, and Barnum & Bailey Fiji mermaids [now at Harvard’s Peabody Museum]). If (and this is a big if) the 8-foot skeleton is real, it could be a case of medical gigantism, but it is more likely a case of exaggeration.”
  6. With respect to the theories of gigantism, the TEDx fact checkers spoke to an expert who researched Middle Woodland and Mississippian skeletal collections at the Center for American Archaeology (CAA), based in Kampsville, IL, in 2007. The CAA is one of the largest repositories of excavated Woodland and Mississippian skeletal remains in the nation, and their osteological collections are available for student and scholarly study. One expert stated “I can assure you that the archaeological Woodland and Mississippian populations were not giants. In some cases, one can observe a slight decrease in average height (a few centimeters) with the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. This is a trend that is observed in many cultures that undergo an agricultural transition, and is likely related to shorter nursing times and increased early childhood grain consumption (maximum height is highly correlated to childhood protein consumption, so a high reliance on grain during childhood tends to result in shorter stature).”
  7. At 12:49 — “Bones crumbled away because they weren’t mummified.” Skeletal preservation and mummification are unrelated processes. Plenty of skeletons survive in New England, and the disappearance of any and all skeletons that could lend evidence to these claims today is highly suspect.
  8. With respect to repeated claims that the Smithsonian is hiding or covering up evidence, the fact checkers also heard this, as well: “In 2007 I was a visiting scientist at the Smithsonian Museum Support Center, and while it is full of amazing and bizarre material (e.g., an entire herd of elephants that Teddy Roosevelt shot occupies one floor), there is no conspiracy to cover up or hide Native American giant skeletons or artifacts. Like most museums, the Smithsonian displays less than 1% of its collections at any given time, meaning that a lot of material spends decades (or sadly centuries) in its vaults awaiting exhibition. We can debate whether or not this is responsible stewardship (a debate that would also have to include a discussion of the chronic underfunding of public museums and the economics of public education), but to portray the Smithsonian today as part of some sort of a conspiracy of ‘misinformation and corruption’ to cover up Native American history by hiding giant moundbuilder skeletons excavated in the 19th century is ridiculous. Smithsonian physical anthropologists have published an impressive body of literature on the analysis of their collections.”

The bottom line for me, Jim, as a TEDx curator, is that I need to support the criteria that all science-based TEDx talks I hope to present must be fully substantiated. Unfortunately, as a result of TED’s research, we will be removing your talk from the TEDxTalks YouTube channel.

As I typically support TED Talks it becomes quickly evident what established scientific substantiation considers relevant which was mentioned by Stacy Kontrabecki after informing him of the above removal of his presentation.  Similar presentations by Jim Vieira can be found on this site which are every bit as informative as the TED Talks seminar—but the essence of her summation comes down to funding as discussed in point 8.  According to Stacy Kontrabecki—and she’s correct, most museums only display 1% of their finds due to underfunding.  In the case of Native American exhibits, no curator even if they wanted to—would dare display their giant skeletons of a race of people from North American that predates Columbus by thousands of years—because it doesn’t fit the dialogue of the museum’s reputation and would in fact put their funding mechanisms at risk.  If they decided to exhibit the remains through a private entrepreneur then the finds would violate the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and time in a federal jail would be on the table—and nobody wants to risk that.  So inaction is the choice and the evidence of the giants is suppressed.

Recently I did a story about the Ghost Ship of Cincinnati hidden in plan site across the river from a major casino and metropolitan area.  The ship was abandoned on private land so there was no way for proper research, restoration, or even examination to take place.  The ship is left in a quagmire of indecision—the owner of the ship doesn’t have the money to do anything with it, and the current owner of the land is an ex-wife who would have to coordinate with the ex-husband who isn’t even any longer in the country but is residing in Mexico City.  Then there is the LaRosa pizza family who is trying to raise money for the restoration without many takers because nobody sees the point—so the endeavor has fallen on deaf ears.  The entire history of the ship and the restoration effort consists of about 100 years of effort.  It is technically hidden in plain site.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Now think of how difficult it would be to unearth thousands or millions of years of history with the same difficulties, private land ownership standing as a barrier, politics, funding, and conceptual adherence to history.  It becomes much more difficult.  

There is no question that many cultures of ancient origin are as well hidden in America camouflaged by misconception, education failure, and static pattern ignorance.  Right under our feet is the evidence of a completely alternative version of human history that is likely not even close to the one we have been shown in museums and educations institutions.  If over the years I have been too hard  on public education, politics, and the human race in general it is because I learned about these unspoken truths many years ago and know why they are suppressed—and it is something that would make any sane person angry.  We have been lied to by virtually everyone, including the foolishness in signing the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) by President Bush in 1990 under progressive pressure to honor the Indian people out of guilt from their treatment by American governments in the past.  Native Americans were not so “native” but were like most Americans—they came from somewhere else and when they arrived, they came in contact with people who were already in North America—in this case a race of giants who likely died of disease, lost themselves due to cultural contamination, or bred with the women of the smaller race and gave birth to a new people altogether.  But the evidence says they were around in massive cultures, not just remote tribes scattered about.  They were advanced and rose and fell as a society well before Europe printed their first Bible.

As for people like Jim Vieira I write every day for people like him.  My hopes for the future of the kind of work that Jim is doing—which must be done can be seen at events like the 2014 Gen Con in Indianapolis.  It may seem off topic, but they are related.  Many of the gamers who attend that convention are participating in that kind of strategy gaming because the static education culture has failed them and they are seeking answers in mythology—whether it is in the various role-playing games taking place in the Middle Earth of the Lord of the Rings novels, or if it is Netrunner a game of monolithic megacorps colliding with netrunners in a dystopian future–the crux of their experience is in answers to a world short on them.  Netrunner specifically is a creation of modern myth concerned greatly with the problems of our day which hide carefully the evidence of a past race of giants.  The game itself is not about giant humans, but of corporations that can scan the human mind and interface it directly with electronic data, more data moves every second than was ever processed in the first five-thousand years of written language.  The network is omnipresent, the crux of modern human civilization, and while visionary corporations seek to secure their most valuable data on the network, the elite hackers known as netrunners seek to steal it.  The type of people playing those games are on a search for the truth and they can only find it in the imagination of fiction.  Jim Vieira is also trying to bridge the facts he has uncovered with research by unlocking a fiction that has been perpetrated unhindered for years by the scientific community and he is being attacked for it.  His life is the plot of the type of games being played by individuals on a similar quest and it is only a matter of time before those two worlds collide—that of the fringe inquisitor and legitimate science standing against federally backed institutional funding intent to sell a false story about Indian origins to justify 200 years of case-law built by their emotional plight.  As Gen Con grows so do the minds conducive to the type of talks that Jim Vieira is giving on Giants in North America.

It is my job to help bridge those various groups together while setting the stage for the next breakthroughs in science which will shatter the known world.  When I first wrote about these kinds of things—especially my Cahokia script—nobody talked about them.  Orthodox science was not to be challenged by anybody, which was made abundantly clear to me during a visit to the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C. during the 90’s.  Perplexed by their reaction and conclusions 20 years ago, I have learned the reason—and like most things it points back to federally backed money.  As most everyone these days except people like Vieira, museums have their hand out as second-handers for money and they will do whatever they must to obtain it—except work harder and stand individually against the current trend—set by the federal government.

There were Giants in Ohio—heck there were giants all over the world.  There were even other cultures and major cities that have been covered by construction development that are likely larger than Cahokia and much more grand—and sophisticated than the pyramids of Giza or the structures at Chichen Itza.  And the evidence is right under our feet, but we don’t have the minds to see them.  Fortunately—slowly, we are unlearning what we learned in public government schools and are reawakening to our ancient past through creative thought as it mixes with historical documentation.  Jim Vieira is doing the hard leg work of uncovering that past—conventions like Gen Con are preparing the minds of mankind to deal with the revelations which will eventually change all the text books, all the religious beliefs, and alter our knowledge about ourselves to a truth that has always been present—but has been avoided out of fear and greed for a few federal dollars and a corrupt lie that has been present since the dawn of archaeology.   Ironically at the start of the progressive era in politics was about the same time that these stories about giants began to be suppressed because they didn’t fit the dialogue of that political movement.  The two go hand-in-hand and are reflective failures of each other.  Knowledge of these failures is more than justifiable cause for anger at an institutional system built on manipulation and bold-faced lies.  Their punishment will be in their much-needed undoing.

Take a look at the participants of Gen Con-because it will be they who buy the books of Jim Vieira a decade from now.  And history will be amended—finally, and properly.

Rich Hoffman


The Ghost Ship of Cincinnati: John Rogers Maxwell’s spectral remains and lifetime of adventure

Ship2I have spent a lifetime climbing in and around human creations that once felt timeless and permanent in a historical context only to erode away into nothing glimpsed one last time by only a few curious eyes.  The process is actually remarkably fast.  I have seen towns die, homes vanish, and entire cultures philosophically collapse on themselves.  I have seen companies come and go, family dynasties raise and fall and the creations of mankind flourish then founder.  I have explored the empty carcasses of many old homes, cars, and cemeteries to study the static patterns of previous societies so to come to conclusions about the direction of our current one.  Many of my opinions about all manners of discussion were formulated in these explorations.  My mild obsessions with a giant race of men who once lived in Ohio, or the supernormal happenings in and around some of the darkest corners of our planet are rooted in observed fact and come from putting my hands and eyes on a flickering light from the past one last time before it leaves our eyes forever.  So before such a thing happened to a unique part of our history residing directly across from Lawrenceburg, Indiana nearly across from the Hollywood Casino, I had to go with my daughter to visit, and chronicle the mysterious “Ghost Ship” which is quickly fading into history.  See the video of our trip here:   

The ship really isn’t a ghost at all, but rather was a luxury yacht named the Celt and has a real life history that is nothing short of remarkable.  It was best known during World War II as The Phenakite, a training vessel designed to detect and destroy submarines.  So the story of how it ended up in a tributary of the Ohio River is a complex one that carries with it the winds of dreams contemplated by the many thousands which graced its decks.  From the bow of that ship enemies were destroyed, ruckus parties were conducted, beasts were tamed, musical careers were launched, and America celebrated the re-lighting of the Statue of Liberty by President Ronald Reagan.  Through all of its owners, the now known “Ghost Ship” all shared a sense of permanence where they believed that their lives, culture, and history were as steady as that ship.  They believed they could change its name but that the thing itself would always be there—but as the evidence of that old relic shows—nothing lasts unless it is maintained.  If things fall into disrepair they end and that goes for all things created by mankind including the culture of the countries they inhabit.

The Phenakite was built 1902 as the yacht Celt by Pusey and JonesWilmington, Delaware, for J. Rogers Maxwell, a railroad executive. It was launched on 12 April 1902.

Shortly after the United States entry in to the First World War, it was acquired by the U.S. Navy 3 July 1917. It was placed in service as USS Sachem (SP 192) on 19 August 1917 and used as a Coastal Patrol Yacht.[1] During its Navy service, it was loaned to inventor Thomas Edison who conducted government-funded experiments with it as a submarine killer.

After the end of World War I, the Sachem was returned to her owner, Manton B. Metcalf of New York, 10 February 1919. It was sold to Philadelphia banker Roland L. Taylor. It was resold in 1932 to Jacob “Jake” Martin who converted it into a fishing boat and adventure vessel.  For $2.00 Jake would take anybody anywhere they wanted to go in the Caribbean.

It was reacquired by the Navy on 17 February 1942 for $65,000 and converted for naval service at Robert Jacobs Inc., City Island, New York. It was commissioned as USS Phenakite (PYc-25), 1 July 1942 at Tompkinsville, New York and patrolled the waters off of the Florida Keys as a training vessel for sonar reading. It was decommissioned to undergo modifications and placed back in service 17 November 1944. It was used for testing sonar systems before being placed out of service on 2 October 1945 at Tompkinsville, and transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal on 5 November 1945.[1]

The vessel was then returned to her previous owner, Mr. J. Martin of Brooklyn, NY and renamed Sachem on 29 December 1945. It was struck from the Naval Register 7 February 1946. It was subsequently resold to the Circle Line of New York City and renamed Sightseer, but was later renamed Circle Line V. It served as a tour boat until 1983. It appeared in Madonna‘s Papa Don’t Preach video in 1986.

It was purchased by Robert Miller in 1986.Ship 4

The Circle Line V was reportedly scrapped in 1984 but was found abandoned outside of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, where it has been since 1987.[1] It is a popular destination for kayak enthusiasts in the Cincinnati area and is commonly referred to as “The Ghost Ship”[2] [3]

In March 2014 it was the subject of a story on the Internet comedy news podcast Broken News Daily.  CLICK THE LINK to see a condensed visual history of the vessel.

It is one thing to read about these kinds of things, it is quite another to put your hands on them.  When you see it with your own eyes, it is quickly determined how something can be lost to the slipping sand of an hourglass into the context of historical documentation.  History is often lost because that same hourglass of time measurement is turned upside down just to keep the sand moving leaving all the patterns of the previous measurement lost forever.  The Phenakite (Ghost Ship) is only 110 years old, but within a few years it will be gone only memorialized by articles like this one and a few fragmented documents.  This erosion of history is happening right in front of our faces and actually right near a resort complex that houses tens of thousands of people and moves millions of dollars of economic activity per year—but is invisible to the rest of the world.

The ironic story of The Phenakite is that it has had one of the most glorious pasts that a man-made creation can have, it has known celebrity, it has known two World Wars, it has been around and done it all and even with all that prestige, it is rotting away in plain sight little known to the rest of the world.  The same could be said of the Malden Island mysteries, my Giants of Ohio and their bones which sit as objects of curious speculation in private collections and museum back rooms not fitting in well with the fossil history of our known past.  The crystal pyramids sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  The knowledge that North America was actually settled by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty and that most of what we think of as Native Americas were a result of these voyages which took place well before the Europeans had equal naval ability.  As magnificent as the yacht named Celt was in 1902 built for John Rogers Maxwell, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, and President of the Atlas Portland Cement Company, it was only a flash in the mind of history which had been audaciously neglected by those same sands of time which vanish all too quickly by minds unable to behold the meaning of that history.   The yacht like its original owner who had been a director of many railroads and other companies, and an enthusiastic and widely known yachtsman died suddenly on December 10th 1910 at his home on 78 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, of cerebral apoplexy.  Even though the yacht would go on to embark on a century of further adventures it was the heart and will of John Rogers Maxwell that breathed the life of creation into the future “ghost ship,” which began to end the moment that creator died.Ship3

And this is the same story no matter what the topic—history is a poor caretaker of itself no matter how proud it may be of its accomplishments.  Without the efforts of a dreamer and producer, all the achievements accomplished in a lifetime vanish in less than an instant.  Without question Robert Miller was a man like Maxwell and had intentions of giving the old yacht new life but those goals fell short on the shores of the Ohio River.  The ship became a ghost of its former owner even during its heyday as the life which was breathed into it vanished just as the history which followed soon will as well.  This is the common thread that can be seen in virtually anything that is created—once that driving force is gone, the history of that object, culture, or living thing begins to end.  Once the drive of a producer leaves the life of anything—decline back into the realm of nothingness begins.  The force which drives history is not museums, academic scholarship, or text books—but the life of producers which advance the story for future generations so long as neglect does not enter into the equation.  For The Phenakite history stopped once it was dropped off in the tributary of the Ohio River by Miller who obviously had a change in his ability to preserve the craft.  But the process of that ghostly decline actually began the moment John Rogers Maxwell died in his home after a life lived well, and fully for The Phenakite and all its service to the nation, Thomas Edison, Madonna and Ronald Reagan’s Statue of Liberty lighting party in 1986 were all second-handers to the creation of a railroad tycoon.  Without him, none of the magnificent history centering on The Phenakite would have happened and because of him, there is at least a history to come to an end quietly and without much notice across from Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

In tomorrow’s article, I will cover in more detail the present owner, Robert Miller and explore what might be done to save this ship from being lost to history forever. Ship1

 For more on this topic see my article on Kerr City.  CLICK HERE. For further reading and discovery about the Cincinnati Ghost Ship see the links below:


Rich Hoffman