‘The Black Panther’ Was Racist, Toward White People: Roseanne’s cancellation to fullfil Disney’s political objectives


So what was wrong with Roseanne Barr saying about the Obama administration activist Valerie Jarrett if “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj?” For that Tweet ABC owned by the Disney Company cancelled the top-rated show. I’m not seeing the problem with the hard-hitting comedian saying such a thing, Valerie Jarrett isn’t a black woman or anything—she’s fair game in the public realm, she was born after all in Shiraz, Iran. Many other comedians, even those employed by Disney in some way or another have said much worse about President Trump and white men in general. So why isn’t there allowed a banter back and forth—because in the context of things, that’s all Roseanne was doing.

I watched The Black Panther the other day not knowing much about the character or the movie other than it did very good business and I was shocked at some of the lines by the characters which were obvious put downs toward the white actors. Was that supposed to be funny? What if the white characters said something like, “you black people are all alike,” or something to that effect, how would that have gone over? Likely there would have been riots in the streets and massive protests at the box office. Even though I am pulling for Disney to do well with the new Solo Star Wars movie I couldn’t help but notice the political activism in the film, the very deliberate white guy kissing a black girl, or Han Solo arguing with an Imperial officer that they were attacking the home world of their enemy and that they were in the wrong. Does every movie these days have to have some kind of social commentary?


Can’t people just tell a story? Largely the film is good fun and avoids some of the political pitfalls that have contaminated the other three Star Wars films from the Disney era, but when you do see it the radicalism is quite jarring. At the end of the Black Panther the heroes go to the United Nations and agree to share their awesome technology with the rest of the world. That’s fine for a fantasy story, but there is nothing politically factual about the story of the Kingdom of Wakanda having all this technical power. And the United Nations is not a governing body of any influence, so much of the premise of The Black Panther is purely political, in that they are trying to create a philosophic reality by tossing out the facts of the matter.

I enjoyed The Black Panther mostly, and I root for Disney to do well most of the time. I like Star Wars, I enjoy their theme parks, I’m even looking forward to the new Incredibles 2 coming up. But they are just entertainment options at best these days, and nothing to take too seriously, until they make themselves political. And Disney is certainly guilty of that. I understand they are a company with globalist aims because that’s where the new markets are, but in doing so they are spitting in the eye of Walt Disney himself who was a very stout American patriot. If Disney were alive today he’d be a Trump supporter and likely a leader in the Tea Party movement. Bob Iger on the other hand thinks serious of being a Democratic nominee for President of the United States—is not the same type of person. Iger is pushing liberal politics into the Disney brand, and that has worked for a while so long as they didn’t cross the line. But over the last four or five years the line is being crossed constantly and the only way they’ve managed to get away with it is because there are no other media platforms out there who can really compete with them.

Obviously, the Disney Company was looking for the first opportunity to get Roseanne’s show off the air. While it was making a lot of money for the company the profits from Infinity War alone nearly erase the losses from cancelling Roseanne’s show, and for Bob Iger, feeding the political platform of the other side was something he couldn’t let happen on his watch. The message couldn’t be clearer, it is alright if liberals make fun of conservatives even crossing the lines of racism calling Trump a monkey and all types of terrible names. But if someone calls a liberal a name—especially if she’s female, then all hell will break loose. That is if people care about the Hell that is breaking loose. Honestly for me, I can take it or leave it. I watched one episode of the new Roseanne Barr show and couldn’t handle it. It was just too slow and stuck for me. It certainly wasn’t a conservative show as it was being sold. I couldn’t relate to any of the characters, so I didn’t watch another episode. They were all too negative to me, so it’s no skin off my back for the show to be cancelled. I’ll cheer for Star Wars to do well, and I like the efforts of the Marvel movies, but more and more Disney is losing people like me to their radicalism—and in the long-term, they are making a mistake because its people like me who will support them in the future. Not Valarie Jarrett, who is a well-known progressive radical who invited some rebuke from someone with enough guts to do it—because that’s the nature of the world we are living in today.

What is really going on with Disney and liberals in general with this whole two-faced duality they have going on is that as liberals they want to believe that there is a Wakanda out there, which is an obvious rip off from Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged. But also as liberals, they have no way of knowing how to get there. They just say that it exists and expect audiences to accept that reality without understanding the foundation of the philosophy. They associate liberalism with skin color and advanced technology and everyone is just supposed to go along with it until someone like Roseanne comes along and makes them look at the world of Donald Trump that they are so desperate to ignore.


Back to the Han Solo reference from Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald Trump is probably the least war hungry President America has ever had. By the end of his term many of the wars around the world will be coming to an end and that should make Disney and the liberals behind the company very happy. Donald Trump literally is like Han Solo in the new film asking why America is in all these foreign wars. He wants out. But liberals can’t handle that reality, so they choose to ignore it, and when someone like Roseanne gives them an excuse to turn away from the truth, they are more than willing to do it—even if it cuts off their own noses to spite their face.

I wouldn’t have called Valarie Jarrett an ape from the Muslim brotherhood because I have a lot more descriptive terminology to use because I have an extensive vocabulary to draw from, but many people I know of all shapes sizes, sexes and races think the same way about Valerie Jarrett, they just don’t have the intellectual means to express it beyond frustrated terminology, which is why Roseanne had a number one show. Disney can turn their eyes away from that reality, but they can’t outrun the truth. While they are doing well as a company presently, that won’t last forever. There are only so many Infinity War movies out there that they can make as they are quickly turning off conservatives in America with their radicalism. I’ve been one of their biggest fans over the years and they are turning me off, especially after watching The Black Panther. The political activism couldn’t be more obvious. And not having Roseanne on the air won’t have any impact on how people feel. It just means that they go deeper into hiding making them a phantom menace toward future political endeavors. Democrats can’t win by ignoring the facts—they have to come to terms with reality and that is obviously something they aren’t willing to do.

The situation is so bad that I had to send Ron Howard a Tweet today reminding him to keep his liberal mouth shut so that he didn’t further hurt Solo: A Star Wars Story in a very critical week where the film can make some money. I’m not interested in helping Ron Howard, Kathy Kennedy or Bob Iger and their political ideologies, I’m trying to help Star Wars. The American domestic market is still half of all box office totals and it’s not smart to only try to appeal to half the American nation. Like it or not, half the nation voted for Donald Trump and his approval ratings show it. Wasn’t it Michael Jordon who famously said, “Republicans buy tennis shoes too.” The old Star Wars movies didn’t have roots in current politics, so they were films that spoke to higher concepts. They were obviously anti-Nazi, but that was about it. The big problem with liberals is that they are participating this activism in an attempt to erase their own history with radicalism, because it was liberals who were the racists supporting slavery, and it was liberals who took over the German political machine and invented the Nazi. It wasn’t conservatives. So they hope that by overreacting to every little thing, like Roseanne Barr Tweeting about Valarie Jarrett in the same way that other comedians from the political left do toward Republicans like Trump—that they can erase history. But guess what, they can’t. Most of America knows the truth and pandering to demographic groups like Disney has been doing cannot justify liberalism as it is. Because what it always was have been the source of racism and terror. Just like the secret city of Wakanda in The Black Panther Disney can’t just say something is good without showing how, what, why, when and where, and when they attempt to history is always there with a grim reminder that it’s not on their side. Valerie Jarrett is not one of the good people, she’s at best a villain—she will never be a Disney princess. And cancelling Roseanne won’t erase that factual reality.

Rich Hoffman

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The Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper: America’s biggest scandal, so why is Jimmy Kimmel talking about gun control?

Jimmy Kimmel is in the minority in our American republic and he’s frustrated by it. There are more NRA members in America than Kimmel and his other late night comedy hosts have together for their television shows and they can’t understand why they can’t move the bar on gun control with truly disgusting emotional influences such as Kimmel displayed after the latest school shooting in Santa Fe. Look people, I have explained to everyone what creates school shootings, I’ve outlined the issue explicitly, and others have as well. I think my offering, not because its my own, but because it goes further than other people have, is the best and should be looked at by everyone concerned about school shootings. The solution is rather easy, but it will require people like Jimmy Kimmel to give up their liberal approaches to the problem so that the real complications can be addressed. I don’t think Kimmel really cares about the school shooting issue—I think he’s just a liberal man who says what he has to so he can impress liberal girls and Hollywood types who live in their ridiculous coastal bubble of intellectual stagnation. But if he really cares about stopping school shootings, then he needs to listen to what I’m saying. CLICK HERE for the real answer to school shootings. However, giving up our guns, or weakening the Second Amendment is not going to happen—and here’s why.


The biggest scandal in American history just occurred over the last two years and people like Jimmy Kimmel are a part of it—because they have used their hatred of President Trump to justify the necessity of what happened which goes far beyond any rationalizations that were ever made about Watergate. This scandal is so big that all people no matter what party they came from should be worried about it. No matter what people think about Donald Trump, they will have to admit that if he didn’t run his presidential campaign the way he did—essentially as a one-man road show with his own airplane and money to fuel it, we would have never discovered just out deep the “Deep State” truly was. The FBI and the DOJ under President Obama put a spy into the campaign of a political rival for the purpose of undermining it. The name of the spy was Stefan Halper from Cambridge and was working on behalf of traditional institutionalism to subvert the efforts of change that were taking place under a presidential candidate whom had survived all the proper primaries and delegate acquisitions to eventually win the presidency fair and square.

The FBI on many levels was conducting illegal activities to support the reigning president, Obama at the time, and attempting to hand the election to the representative of a rival political party. Traditional conservatives for which Halper was were attempting to subvert the efforts at reform for the protection of Washington D.C. institutionalism as defined by the type of politics that has gotten America into so much trouble, ultimately creating the kind of climate that produced that Santa Fe shooter culturally. The FBI and the DOJ was using the powers of government to serve a sitting president for the benefit of a candidate that was running against Trump and the whole thing would have worked if Trump had been a traditional candidate that needed advisors, money, and media resources. Because Trump could give himself all those things there wasn’t anything that the institutionalists in the FBI could do—and Trump won anyway despite all those efforts.

All this didn’t happen overnight, it’s been going on for decades likely, going all the way back to World War II. We cannot trust our government and we sure as hell can’t trust the press. So under what line of insanity does anybody think that we should be giving up our guns and our Second Amendment? That would be insanely stupid. The Second Amendment does not exist so we can hunt rabbits or go target shooting—its there to keep our government in check from just these types of problems. Liberals like Jimmy Kimmel are so intellectually lazy that they want to believe that there are countries who are performing better than the United States in the realm of governing, and that their gun control laws should be followed as a guiding light to the school shooting problem, and that’s just ridiculously stupid. Nobody is doing things better than the United States in general, more layers of government are not a solution. Making the mess that we know of in current abuses of the FBI and DOJ more exacerbated with more rules, regulations and government personnel would be insane. The world Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow liberal gun grabbers wants does not exist and it never will because logic does not accompany reality.

Even with all the evidence right there in front of our faces our nation is locked in indecision as to what to do next. How do we prosecute this case, who goes to jail? Just about everyone in Washington D.C. is guilty, and several former presidents are guilty of the cover-up as well, because this has all been going on far longer than just the Trump campaign. It probably happened to John McCain and Mitt Romney while they were going around the nation telling the rest of us to be civil—because advisors like Halper advised them to run their campaigns based on the needs of the institutions, not the real needs of our republic. Remember when Romney changed his tune after that fierce debate where he tore up Obama and was rising in the polls? Who told him to change-up his game, who told him not to go on the night-time shows—Obama certainly did. This kind of internal campaign manipulation has probably been going on since before Bob Dole’s campaign. Remember when George Bush said “no new taxes,” then he raised taxes. Who told him to do that? Probably someone working from the Shadow Government like Halper who was working both sides of the political landscape for objectives that were wanted at the FBI thinking they were a fourth branch of government and not direct employees of the Executive Branch. This entire situation is as messy as anything our country has witnessed since the War of 1812.

There are no conditions that Americans should ever give up their guns. I would say that we should make public education illegal before there are ever any considerations against the Second Amendment. There is no evidence that we can trust the FBI. They are our employees, but they think they rule as elected representatives and have become drunk on the power we gave them to act on our behalf. Instead, they have acted on interests that don’t appear to be American in any way, but rather some other source not focused on domestic affairs, but more global ones. When celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel are more than willing to use children as hostages in the gun debate but fully support abortion, criminals like Hillary Clinton, and a trust in the Deep State when the evidence shows us clearly that we should never fully trust them under any circumstances, you must ask lots of questions. This spy in the Trump campaign story is the biggest scandal in American history and should be the lead in every newspaper, and on every late-night show. We know what causes school violence and we could fix everything tomorrow just by putting guns on teachers in schools stopping them from being gun free zones. But for Kimmel to use the sadness of the school shooting to mask the much bigger problem of corruption at the highest levels of our Republic indicates how much trouble we really are in. And if not for Trump and our guns, the situation would already be far out of our grasp and irredeemable without a violent revolution. Thankfully, because of guns, we can still have an election that takes power away from people who shouldn’t have it, and if not for Trump, we wouldn’t know any of this.

Rich Hoffman
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Mr. Marijuana, John Boehner: While draining the swamp we are learning what was always underneath

When John Boehner said nine years ago that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” he was trying to appeal to the kind of conservatives that live in his community—like me. Since then he has been rooted out of the Speaker of the House position as a RINO that the Tea Party wing of the party hated, and he has since become a gun for hire lobbyist who smokes and drinks too much. I would argue that he hung around Republicans but never really was one. He is more of a Never Trumper type of old style politician that is being put out of business by the new Trump control of the Republican Party as it is now. I would also argue that Paul Ryan doesn’t fit in that new conservative party that views marijuana as an assault on American sovereignty in similar ways that illegal immigration is. These new Republicans are self-made largely, like Trump and Jim Renacci are, they don’t smoke and drink a lot so they don’t have sympathy for those who do, and they are much more market based economic expansionists due to their business backgrounds than the old rule of Party domination of the private sector. While many of the same people who are mystified by Donald Trump’s presidency think that John Boehner’s joining Acreage Holdings as a marijuana legalization advocate is a shock, it’s not to me. Boehner is just what he has always been, a malleable figure that will mold to the powers of money wherever those sources come from.


John Boehner lives in my neighborhood and he’s interacted with my family for a number of years. I supported him as Speaker of the House initially, but after a year and a half it was obvious that he wasn’t up to the job and that politics was changing under his feet. The definition of RINO was being articulated while he was in charge of the House of Representatives and he helped write it. But as far as RINOs in the Republican Party he certainly wasn’t the only one. I could write a long list of RINOs at the local level in Butler County where John Boehner lives all the way up to the current President. In fact, the battle of the RINOs and the new Republicans is what the Mueller investigation is all about with Trump—the old guard trying to preserve the meal tickets that come out of political life for which John Boehner entered as soon as he left public office. Acreage Holdings is just one of those meal tickets, a company that wants to use a former politician against legalization on their board to try to build public support for their product.

Yet what many of us have known for a while and many are learning day by day, people like Boehner are like characters from WWE wrestling. They are actors. That’s why it was important that Donald Trump get elected because that was the game all along and the conservative movement needed someone who could speak that language on behalf of real Republicans, not the RINOS—and that has disrupted the entire purpose of the political world that John Boehner thought would last for the rest of his life. For people like Boehner and Paul Ryan, they know they better get the goods now because those opportunities won’t be there in a few years.

To understand the difference in the philosophies and how to detect who from whom no matter which political party we are dealing with a definition of producers and moochers will serve best. There are plenty of people in politics today that have achieved and are self-sustaining people all their own, without the network of politics to drive them. Trump is a good example of this, and so is the senatorial candidate Jim Renacci in Ohio—these are guys who were successful in the private sector and politics is kind of a retirement job for them. Then you have people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner who were filled with good intentions but were in politics at a time in their lives when they should have been out in the world doing good business. With Ryan I had high hopes that he was an Ayn Rand fan so that his brand of conservatism would be conducive to trimming back the deficit. But the moment that Mit Romney put him on the presidential ticket in 2012, Ryan put away his love of Ayn Rand because it was a method to attack him by on the left and he became something of a Judas in the world of Objectivism. The same with John Boehner, he talked tough, and he made people read the Constitution on the first day that he took over as Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position in the world regarding politics, but when the pressures came and the temptations that come with such a powerful office spoke, he as a moocher in life couldn’t act out of his ethical desires—and that’s what makes guys like those two RINOs—or otherwise, political moochers.

There are at least 24 Republicans leaving Congress this year and several leaving the Senate which is increasing day by day—and to many who keep score cards on politics this seems devastating. But it’s really not. If you add up the effects of the Trump presidency and the vitriol coming from the political left—and the now revealed power of the Deep State, this isn’t a game many of these people were prepared for. For the people who thought they could talk their way through it and disguise their moocher natures so to enrich themselves in public office, this isn’t what they signed up for and they are getting out of the business—which I think is a great thing. After reading Peter Schweitzer’s Secret Empires there are a lot of crooked elements to both parties, so who cares if they retire? What good is a House and Senate majority if most of the people in those seats are really liberals trying to enrich themselves by moving laws into their favor, so they can get rich. If Boehner was such an anti-marijuana guy how he could have a change of heart in just nine years. The truth is that he thinks what the money tells him to think, and he is like that because he’s a moocher, not a producer.

This is what draining the swamp looks like. There is nowhere for people like John Boehner and Paul Ryan to hide, because there is now an expectation of performance that producers like Donald Trump require and that game is changing. Falling in love with the score card is not really accomplishing anything because the quality of the people in those political seats are still leveraged in favor of the moochers. With that said however I don’t see a Democratic wave hitting congress. I think the Democrats are even worse off so I wouldn’t lose any sleep. It is better to get rid of people who were never really conservative, so they can go lobby liberal issues like marijuana legalization, so we can know who they really are. That is far more important than the number of Rs and Ds in congress—because Boehner didn’t “evolve” as he says he did. He was always a short meeting and a paycheck away from seeing the other side’s point of view. The fact remains that good people don’t smoke marijuana. I don’t care how much pain they are in.


Legalizing marijuana as a compassionate medicine for people suffering ailments is ridiculous, because we have it in our means right now through regenerative medicine to eliminate the root cause of the ailments. Nobody needs the brain killing drug marijuana to have a better life. Just fix the person, don’t give them more drugs. But to the moochers out there who can’t think like a producer, that kind of talk is scary—because otherwise they don’t have a means to make money for themselves. And that is what drives them, fear of making a good living. Which is why they are so dangerous in politics to begin with. So let them go, let them quit and become lobbyists. Let them get what they can get while they can. Because the swamp is draining and it won’t be long before those options will go away all together.

Rich Hoffman
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Mexico Doesn’t Have a Good Heritage: The history of why we need a border wall

It is always good to know what we are dealing with and all the factors which helped shape circumstances. As President Trump bit by bit builds his wall which Mexico will pay for in drug confiscation alone, by the time its completed the pressure is really increasing on the forces which are behind the open border movement. A group called M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) made a satirical fantasy sci-fi short film that explores with black humor and consequences of Donald Trump´s plan of banning immigration and building an enormous wall on the Mexico – US border. As a Trump supporter I thought it was pretty funny to see how “they” (Mexicans) see him and how they see themselves—as Mexicans. They obviously don’t know their history, but they also aren’t at fault being born in such a bad place as Mexico. They had no control over that part of their lives, and nobody could blame them from wanting to come into the United States to have some kind of life. But by doing it illegally, and assuming that they could do so, and that they would be operating on Donald Trump as a surgeon is pretty ridiculous, which is the premise for this short 5-minute short film.

Obviously, there are some major problems with the story, for instance, if Donald Trump was on the operating table having open heart surgery performed on him by an illegal alien who was deported during his surgery, then how could the president have been in the giant robot Donald Trump who was attacking all the illegals after they were deported. And how did the chicken Quetzalcoatl blow up the giant robot if we saw feathers from its destruction in the previous scene? It’s still pretty funny and well done even with those obvious little problems. I think the discrepancies tell us more than their complaint about Trump. One thing that the filmmakers did do a good job of was capturing the chaotic nature of what the Mexican people have always been. Once you understand the origin of Mexico and what the open border people are really after, then much more clarity is brought to this subject.

Personally, speaking I think the most moral thing that we could do as Americans for Mexico is to simply make it one of the next states within America. That would solve many problems and give the people of Mexico a chance at a much better life. Essentially when the Spanish took over Mexico from the conquered Mayans and Aztec people and integrated them into their society, but then attempted their own kind of revolution for independence, they were soundly defeated by Sam Houston and many others which caused the borders to be what they are today. If you know the great story of Kit Carson and his friend John Fremont who were sent by President Polk to win the land of California away from the Mexican government, it is obvious that what is happening now is revenge from the forces of Europe who are still upset at the assumption Americans had for Manifest Destiny. Fremont would eventually become the first Republican senator for California as he and Kit Carson united the territory to rise up against the Mexican forces with a series of small skirmishes all across New Mexico, Arizona and California by uniting American farmers to stand up for their work and fight back against the forces of oppression which refused them ownership of their hard work. These were good people in California who fought the Mexicans and made a state out of that former Mexican territory. Kit Carson and John Fremont would eventually fight in the Civil War on the side of the Union as they were both abolitionists who endeavored to keep slavery out of the West.

The way that John Fremont specifically used the farmers of California as members of a future army to repel Mexican forces is obviously what people who want to erase those chapters of successful American history are trying to do in present day illegal immigration politics. They hope to use illegal immigrants to undo American Manifest Destiny and to undo all the gains made in North America through wars legitimately won. When I say legitimately, I mean to say that Mexico was a defeated nation even before it formed—and the results are what present day Mexico is, a miss mash of cultures all still rooted in either the collectivism of Europe or the collectivism of the former Mayan and Aztec cultures. They did not have among them people of the kind of caliber Kit Carson and John Fremont were, or even President Polk for that matter. America was a nation of laws, and of philosophy. For as much as modern American haters take up the plight of the black slaves from Africa, the Indians, or the Mexicans, without people like Polk, Fremont, and Carson the American West would have never happened and slavery would have likely remained in America as it was a practice known throughout the world. The Indians had been living in North America as they were refugees from all over the world at the time—particularly from China and they weren’t able to do anything with the resources of the nation before the Americans arrived. Just as many today point at the wealth of California, which became the 5th largest economy in the world and call it looted wealth. In all truth none of those previous cultures knew what to do with the wealth they were living on. They had no means of taking the natural resources of America and turning them into valuable goods to trade with the rest of the world. If left to their own, North America would look like present day Mexico, a mess of different cultures stumbling calling itself a country when in reality it is just a big gang of organized crime that is less sophisticated than what it was before Santa Anna tried to maintain land north of the Rio Grande for Mexico.

You can’t go back into history and undo the things you don’t like, which is what the open borders advocates are trying to do today. Westward expansion and the Manifest Destiny of American civilization into the Rocky Mountains and into California was a good moral thing to have happened. The Americans didn’t steal anything from the Mexican government. If not for the Spanish there would not have been a Mexico, and if not for the Spanish the Aztecs and Maya might have remained as the rulers of Central America. The blacks brought in for slavery might have stayed in Africa only to become today’s socialists and Marxist revolutionaries which currently have the economy of a kid’s lemonade stand. The freed slaves in America became the pacesetters for the rest of the world where abolition of the slavery practice was born. And no Indian or Mexican would have been able to unlock the great potential of California because they were not a free people able to use their intellect to take something out of the ground and do something big with it. They knew how to survive as tribes of nomads, and that was all.

Even in the modern sense when Mexicans try to assume that they are equal to the efforts of the American people their arguments fall short in the jokes they make about their own confusing existence. They really think that they have rights to the ownership of American labor, to what we’ve done in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas because the real history is just too painful for them to understand. They were always a defeated people, whether they come from the heritage of the Aztec or the Spanish, both sides were up to no good and were blood thirsty cultures intent on domination. Lucky for the world good people like Kit Carson and John Fremont were pathfinding through the American West and putting that vast territory to good use because the morality of Westward Expansion put a light to the world of what freedom could look like, in why slavery should have been abolished, and instead of worshipping foolish gods like Quetzalcoatl mankind in America could actually do something productive and advance as a civilization. You didn’t see Indians building skyscrapers, railroads and using gold to advance society. You certainly didn’t see Mexicans doing anything with their land. They currently sit on some of the greatest resources in the world yet most of their people are struggling with poverty—because they don’t think correctly about the world around them. And that makes all the difference—and is why Trump’s border wall is needed so much. It is important to show the world the definition of values which became America instead of letting the chaos of multiculturalism blur the lines of morality for all to see and witness.

Rich Hoffman
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I Saw it Coming All Along: North Korea is coming to the table of peace–they have no other choice

I saw it coming……………………I called that one a long time ago and apparently, I was the only one. None of the expensive paid pundits saw it, none of the big-time radio guys, none of the many writers of publications, no newscasters, politician or wistful contemplator saw it—but I did. I said it in many places but if you CLICK HERE you’ll see clearly dear reader I was way out in front of the Kim Jong Un story. When the rest of the world was terrified the little sausage, boy would pull us all into nuclear war launching rockets over Japan as tests, I was stating that Trump’s position was correct in pushing back at the threat by calling the North Korean dictator, “Rocket Man.”

It brought me quite a lot of joy to get that news given the way the rest of the world had been reacting—and had reacted to North Korea in general since the time that Bill Clinton was in office. I’ve said it so many times now I hate to say it again, but on these blogs there are always new readers coming and going so I might as well say it again, groups of advisors functioning from the back of a metaphorical train do not equal in intelligence and aptitude the ample observations of a good leader positioning themselves at the front of the train. Donald Trump has built his life at the front of the train. For anybody who wonders why Trump will be the greatest president in the history of the world, more so than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or even Ronald Reagan it’s not because he went to college at Yale, Harvard or was a member of the Skull and Bones—it is because he spent his life at the front of thinking using Robert Persig’s Metaphysics of Quality to make decisions well before the analysts in the back of the train even received information.

It takes courage to be at the front of the train, and really anybody could do it if they wanted. It’s not necessarily a special skill. The reason I made the call so quickly on North Korea and saw what Trump was doing is because I live my life at the front of the train of thinking as I always have—even as a fetus. It is lonely up there but it’s the only place I like to be. It sometimes shocks me that so few people even have the intellectual curiosity to come to the front of the train from the back to make leadership-based decisions. I mean isn’t that what people who make livings in Washington should be doing?

My favorite television oversea correspondent is Greg Palkot on Fox News. I simply love that guy, the way he delivers news is something that makes my day whenever he’s on. He is full of passion and he knows how to bring energy to the business of being a foreign correspondent. As I watched his reporting of the North Korean willingness to join the rest of the world with a meeting of Kim Jong Un in South Korea where President Trump would also be meeting he was as flat-footed as I’ve ever seen him. He did not turn the news story at the end of his piece with his patented “BRET” as he normally does, but simply signed off with a “Bret.” Palkot had been to North Korea many times and he understood the complicated international coordination such a meeting meant to the world and he was for the first time that I’ve watched him in a state of utter disbelief. Suddenly Donald Trump looked like the most brilliant person in the world and all the people in the back of the train of thinking—even people with boots on the ground close to the situation never saw what was around the corner. Only those who live in the front could see what was coming and that’s how it usually is.

When Trump’s administration refused to buckle under the bully tactics of North Korea it didn’t take long for Kim Jong Un to have no more cards up his sleeve, because they were never there. Yet for so many years the family of Kim Jong Un had used terror to get what they needed in the world and to support their communist nation of serious suppression. However, as I said, the economy of North Korea because of their communism could not support a war with the world, especially the United States, and once they could no longer get unlimited support from China, Russia or even Iran without Trump going on television and talking about it, it forced the family of Kim Jong Un to try something else. So he sent his sister to the Olympics to test the waters for a different kind of life for North Korea and what he found there was an open door to peace and that family tasted what it would be like to interact with the world—and they liked it. After all, these are all just kids running North Korea. Who wouldn’t want to have the latest fashions and eat the latest food offerings? And slowly through Trump’s constant pressure the people of North Korea have seen that there is something going on outside of their communist borders and they are curious as to what it is. Kim Jong Un had no choice but to come to the table of peace and participate with the world which will greatly assist his people. For the first time in well over half a century there is hope that there will be peace on the Korean peninsula.

This is happening in the first year of Trump’s presidency. He still has three more years to do the same in Palestine, Iran and Syria and all those places are feeling the same pressure. This is also why Russia which has been unmasked as a saboteur to North Korea suddenly was talking about bombing North America with a new kind of super missile. None of these countries have any real wealth to host wars in the modern era and Trump has exploited that knowledge in a way that forced peace and that’s why Kim Jong Un is going to meet with Trump in South Korea. Not only does he have no other choice, but this is the only time he can make such a decision under his own power before his own people attempt to overthrow his regime. If he wants to keep some control of his country he’ll have to join the world as a world leader, otherwise he’ll lose it all.

Yes, I’m more than just a little wistful about this news, and I can see many more news days like this coming over many topics in the near future. Pressure, force and raw leadership from the front of the train is what we are getting with President Trump and the world just has never seen such a thing before, so they are notably shocked. I’m of course am not and that is the fun of it. This should serve as a lesson, people should listen a lot more to the things I write. It’s not that they don’t now, there are some really smart people who follow what I say as a blue print to success. I of course wish there were more because I have a damn good track record at seeing what’s way around the corner even when people who get paid a lot of money should see things as clearly as I do. Listening to me could solve a lot of problems for those seeking answers even on big national stage issues. I mean it’s no skin off my back if you don’t listen. But your life would be so much better if you did.

Rich Hoffman

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Samuel Ronan the Progressive Extremist: What we learned at Lakota by the CNN star about why teachers should be armed

I didn’t know who Samuel Ronan was when he stepped up to the microphone at the very contentious Lakota school board meeting on February 27th 2017. My first impression of him was that he was just another overly emotional kid speaking against arming teachers in our public schools. The typical thing in these types of exchanges is to be respectful of the audience, even if they don’t agree with you, because it is the battle of ideas which sifts out the truth of a matter. When I spoke nobody heckled me or made comments from the audience, so I provided the same sentiment and that’s how it should be. However, there was something very fishy about the young man who quickly provided an address that didn’t seem to match anything within the Lakota district and instead of addressing the school board, the kid turned and addressed the crowd. We all sat stunned that he had crashed an otherwise civil meeting on a contentious topic. He had to be stopped because he went over the three-minute speaking limit. After Ronan spoke, the kid disappeared quickly before I had a chance to talk to him, which was fully my intention. I went out into the hall to see if he was anywhere about. He had left as quickly as he came. So I did a little checking to see who he was and what I discovered was rather revealing.


My desire to confront the kid stemmed from a couple of things he said during his speech, namely what I took as a challenge when he said that he was trained on the AR-15 platform and he doubted that any teacher would want to face him during a rampage. Those aren’t his exact words, but that’s what he was essentially saying. I’d have to watch the tape of the meeting to get the exact dialogue which actually may have been more suggestive. Of course my answer to him is “hell yeah” I’d be willing to engage an active shooter—especially if it was a kid like him—disrespectful, aggressive, showing a disregard for the rules of conduct of the established practice of a forum—those are all alarm signs that such a person is up to no good. Now, you wouldn’t shoot someone like that without provocation, but if a person will bust in on a school board meeting and not reveal what their true intentions were, taking it for granted that everyone around him would be too nice to confront him, then he made the precise argument as to why we should arm teachers. That’s what I was going to tell him until I realized after he had left that the kid was actually a progressive Democrat from Springboro, not even from Lakota, and that he had switched parties to run against Steve Chabot in the upcoming 1st Congressional District race. Even more, this wasn’t just any progressive Democrat upset about the national trend toward gun rights—especially arming teachers in schools from domestic terrorist threats—this guy ran for the Democratic National Committee Chairman seat. Not your typical anti-gun protestor.

I typically have a soft spot for young people, especially charismatic young people who involve themselves in the events of the world—but there was something creepy about Ronan that came across as startling. He wasn’t a listed speaker for the evening, he simply took the opportunity during the public comments portion, after the scheduled speakers had concluded, myself being one of them, and proceeded on with an uncomfortable rant that was misplaced for the event.  He wasn’t even speaking to the crowd, the board, or even a single individual–he was only interested in the cameras.  What was odd was that he gave his camera to a Muslim woman sitting in the middle of the crowd to record his video, then when he took the podium he addressed the crowd directly instead of the board and during his speech he edged as I said on confrontational language talking about his military background and how he knew how to use such dangerous weapons giving him an advantage over average teachers. It was an odd mix of euphemisms that had what to me contained ominous undertones. As he was talking I just took it as the talk of an overly anxious and political kid looking to be the next Dave Hog, maybe to get on the many television cameras that were present. Then for some apparent reason he included discrimination against Muslims which had no place in the discussion—only that he injected it out of nowhere. It wasn’t even relevant to the topic. Those of us present were mystified by his behavior which left us scratching our heads as he left.

It was only after that I did some investigation into the kid and discovered that he was quite a national activist, and that his presence there at Lakota showed to what extent the school district in my neighborhood was going to play in national politics yet again. Being one of the largest schools in the state of Ohio in a state that Donald Trump won by 11 points, which went his way even with the establishment Republicans at the time led by John Kasich working against him, the district of Lakota is conservative even for conservative standards. It would be Lakota where the issue of guns in schools would live or die, and this progressive activist put his sights on Lakota to leave his national mark. My instinct said to engage the kid, which I tried to do after the meeting and find out what his story was. And as it usually is, my instincts were correct—this was a kid up to no good.  Yet he hadn’t done anything overtly bad enough to mandate a confrontation.  We all just politely let him ramble on hoping he would come to reason on his own, which of course he didn’t.

He misled people about who he was to speak that night at Lakota. He stepped into the heart of Lakota management and trusted that we’d all be too nice to really engage him, and he was right. Even I was so respectful of his right to speak that we let him go on for over 3 minutes breaking all the rules that such public speaking at Lakota required. But even more than that he was misleading people on his printed campaign literature, listing himself as a Republican of the 1st District which includes the equally conservative Warren County, Ohio. He knows he stands no chance of winning a congressional seat unless he runs as a Republican in his town of Springboro. Yet just last year he ran for the DNC Chairman seat—the head of the whole enchilada and was on many debates on CNN. He was bold, and audacious—and very experienced at an early age in the art of radicalism. If you took away just a few layers of sanity from such a person, he might be the next school shooter—a person who pretends to be an innocent visitor to a school to get past the first layer of security, then when everyone was content that he was a safe person, that would be when the guns come out and a rampage would begin. If he was bold enough to crash a board meeting that has pretty strict rules of conduct and behave like he did, a similar person would work their way through official security protocols to unleash their ill intentions. That’s why we need that extra layer of security—a teacher comfortable with firearms discreetly hidden from view could engage such a radical saving so many precious seconds which likely would mean the difference between life and death.

That’s not to say Samuel Ronan is a terrorist—I think he’s a very progressive radical looking to make a name for himself. But if you consider his behavior and the way he exploited goodness, and the trust of good people there in the room with him at Lakota—a seriously deranged person would use the same tactics to get to kids in a school to satisfy whatever instability might inspire them into such a dire action. And instead of making the case for why teachers shouldn’t carry guns in the school, Ronan showed us why they should. When people can’t function on the basic elements of trust, our protocols rooted in honesty make us all vulnerable to villains who don’t observe such rules of conduct, and that is the way of our modern world, like it or not. People like Ronan who don’t tell you honestly who they are and pretend to be something when they are really something else are obviously up to no good—otherwise there would be no reason to mislead people.

The reason we are required to give our name and address as speakers before the board is to protect the process of debate for just this kind of outside intrusion of politics, and Ronan was no small-time flunky from Springboro. He was a regular on CNN who had no intention to address the school board of Lakota—he went there to record himself on a stump speech trying to cause trouble. And he came and went largely without confrontation. The point of the matter is that good people trusting that everyone attending that night had good intentions either for or against the debate in question and were operating with a basic level of respect. What Ronan taught us at Lakota is that–it is that very trust a school shooter would exploit to make a menace of our children contained within our buildings. And by the time we figured out who they were, it would be too late. That’s how 17 people died in Parkland, Florida and many other places, because there wasn’t someone there on point to stop a hostile agent of terror—even as they stand sometimes right in front of us with an offering of peace and civility, when they really intend carnage.

Rich Hoffman

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Much, Much, Much Bigger than Watergate. The FBI lied to us about their collusion with the Democratic Party

As everyone knows, my first love in any topic is human culture. I think the human being is one of the greatest most inventive creations in the universe. For instance, as we look into the deep recesses of space, we don’t see planets, black holes and clouds of dust doing anything special. They are simply following the laws of physics as we are learning to understand them. But humans, they are very imaginative creatures that are always thinking and inventing—and I find the byproducts of their thought to be endlessly fascinating. Just yesterday I was talking to a few women about the upcoming Super Bowl and how exciting it was to live in a society that had something interesting always going on—whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowls, March Madness—we have found something at all times of the year to drive our culture forward and find joy in it. The Super Bowl is unique because it falls in the dead of winter for much of North America and it certainly provides an intellectual break from the cold temperatures and dirty snow that forces people inside more than they’d like.

Of course, those women looked at me a little strange because people don’t normally talk so enthusiastically about such common place items—but I routinely do because I see the miracle in such observations. Yet my bouts with consternation usually also come when I see humans wasting themselves and their very unique ability to think where the nature of social discourse clearly turns to the lazy ambitions of evil. To a certain extent, I have certainly committed myself to eliminating this behavior from human discourse so when something political occurs that illustrates this discrepancy clearly, I cover the topic ambitiously. With that little prequel to the sequels of much discussion this issue of the FBI and the revolting behavior of the Democratic Party in the wake of the released congressional memo about the behavior of the FBI specifically in relation to the now famous Trump dossier produced by Christopher Steele—we are dealing with a topic that extends well beyond political theater. We are talking about the essence of what’s central to everything the human race stands for, and we are now forced to make a permanent change in the status of being human.

Students of history understand the context of the fallen top cop at the FBI, James Comey. When a person talks the way he has in the wake of the released FBI memo, on how he signed off on using a phony document to spy on and if possible, overthrow a newly elected American president—it is clear that Comey is very guilty of functioning from pure evil behind a façade of goodness. It’s shocking now that we know the facts just how evil Comey and the FBI under his direct was allowed to function. If you’ve ever been to court or even in a human resources office where you have to terminate an employee, the behavior is always the same. Of course, the people under scrutiny are in denial. They are the ones who have to look in the mirror when they brush their teeth and dress every day. They have to look at themselves and try to find something good so when they are caught in something disgraceful, they try to push the responsibility elsewhere as a basic survival instinct. That is where James Comey the criminal revealed way too much of himself in the wake of President Trump releasing the contents of the memo which essentially presents a very spectacular case against the top cops at the FBI for weaponizing the institution against the will of the American people.

What Comey and his agents did is quite different from regular political opinion. When Obama was elected many people such as myself joined the Tea Party movement because we did not want to see a socialist change in American ambition. We didn’t like Obama or the direction the country was going under Washington D.C. control. So we challenged him, but we did it within the context of the law and at the level of philosophic debate. The results were positive, and continued to be over the next decade. In the process we witnessed that the IRS had been weaponized against our efforts which was the first time many were able to peek under the hood of real political corruption. If it wasn’t for the competition of a philosophic debate in politics, we may never have known to what extent a weaponized IRS was working against us. Then of course as time moved on and the pressure continued to mount, we had the election of an outsider into the White House followed by even more criminal activism from our political institutions. In this case, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, former President Clinton, his wife a presidential candidate, the second in command at the FBI Andy McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan—head of the CIA, President Obama, and several field agents at the top of the political ladder, were directly involved in a massive scandal to overturn an election within America—and they saw themselves as patriots for doing so. Quite simply put, they broke the law in a spectacular fashion and violated every human trait of trust and honor.

They lied to us, all those people mentioned and many more. We have uncovered a massive culture of corruption that entails the biggest in the history of the world due to the role the United States plays on the global stage—and that’s saying a lot given the world wars experienced and many empires that have risen and fallen over the years. What is amazing is that this time the always present tendency to fall toward corruption and power sifted out those most guilty without having to fire a shot in a war, or to stage a rebellion to overtake a regime. A hidden government ruling from the confines of layered law worn like a mask to protect them from us was discovered leaving the perpetrators terrified of what comes next, because honestly, none of us know. The human race has never survived anything on this magnitude before—but I am fascinated by the inventions of human thought that have caused such a thing to emerge.

Yes, this is bigger than Watergate—much bigger. I have watched movies like All the President’s Men and this recent film The Post and I marvel at how clear the filmmakers are on the corruption that took place in the Nixon White House. For many of those young people who witnessed that crises in 1971 it was a traumatic undertaking for the entire country, to watch a president resign amid such corruption as spying on the Democratic Party with some tapes that had a small section of information missing. Yes, the cover-up was greater than the crime, but you won’t find many conservatives who would defend the actions of Nixon, even though what he did is mild in comparison to what Comey and the FBI has been caught doing in colluding directly with the Democratic Party to overthrow an election. Then to make matters worse, to try to make it look like Trump had something nefarious going on with Russia and to dismiss all the evidence uncovered as simply a partisan hit job. No, this is much bigger than partisan politics. This is something that strikes at the core traits of being human and how we conduct ourselves as living beings. What we have uncovered is so big and corrupt that many people just don’t know what to do with the information. But yet, here it is and now we have to sort through it. And one thing we now know that we weren’t sure about before, James Comey is guilty as hell and deserves a punishment that is severe and decisive—and many in his wake have it coming too.

Rich Hoffman

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