Jimmy Kimmel the big liberal Pussy: How guns are important to American morality


Who is this Jimmy Kimmel pussy crying about things in front of his audience of what’s supposed to be a nightly comedy show?  I was so angry about his monologue right after the Las Vegas shooting demanding more gun control legislation that I waited to respond just to keep my volatile thoughts about him in check.   Kimmel is one of those west coast softies who have obviously been coddled through life and had the fortune to be put into a high platform in the entertainment culture—and he feels he has the right to lecture the rest of America about guns going so far to say that “no American should be able to own an M-16,” and he further went on to berate the NRA for supporting efforts to knock back more legislation from panicky politicians screaming for some short-term fix to a long-term problem.  I think I’ve had enough of these east and west coast liberal losers inflicting on my American culture a value system that is as foreign to this country as an alien visiting here from Mars might be.  Guns in America are important and are at the core of our independence—and every bit as important as any other Amendment, especially the First.  Americans should be able to own anything they want, and when bad guys do bad things with guns, more laws won’t do the trick.  The problem is much more complicated than what Jimmy Kimmel the pussy is advocating.

I had an extraordinarily bad week of last where hundreds of people I have been dealing with and millions of dollars in investment were on a razor’s edge of peril and it took every skill I had in the tool box to keep everything on track.  It was a brutal life that could easily crush anybody’s resolve.  But one thing I do to manage all that stress is to balance it out with things I enjoy and to that effect I had a chance to visit with my family the Neiderman Family Farm down the road from my house in Liberty Township.  I shot guns all through the week on my Cowboy Fast Draw target range.

Then on the weekend we visited a family retreat in central Kentucky where I had the opportunity to do some four wheeling and some shooting of the big guns to blow off some steam.   All those places added up to a lot of good sanity maintenance for me—they reminded me what was important as the storm clouds swirled around me professionally and as usual, I had everything sorted out by Monday morning—because of the way I manage my stress.  Guns are a huge part of that personal maintenance.

When I talk about the big guns, I am specifically talking about my favorite gun, my Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum.  I brought the 500 grain cartridges which are getting close to the top load you can fire out of a handgun.  The S&W .500 is the most powerful handgun manufactured in the world.   With the smell of a campfire blowing my way as a spectacular sunset cast it’s gaze upon my shooting position on a hilltop the punishing satisfaction of firing such a massive bullet at a steel plate target from 30 yards away is something specifically American and uniquely manly.  I wasn’t with a bunch of drunken heathens the way Hollywood might paint that picture

I just described, nearby the women were sitting around a campfire eating camp food and talking about domestic concerns.  My niece was there with me shooting a new gun for her concealed carry endeavors.  Her husband was shooting with me also while my brother-in-law was showing me his new collection of guns.  It was very much a family event and everyone was having a good time.  When I fired my big .500 it hit the steel plate so hard that it broke the chain that was hanging the target and we all marveled at the tremendous impact and firepower of the S&W .500.  For me holding that big gun I think about the great engineering that went into making something that powerful so safe.  Aside from the fact that you need to be pretty strong to hold the gun because of the massive recoil, holding that much power in the palm of your hand to me is a miracle of modern industry—and that’s what I think about when using that marvelous gun.

But some idiot like Jimmy Kimmel would never understand what that moment was like, or those methods of personal management.  They’d say that no civilian human being should be able to own such a magnificent weapon.  Why should I be allowed to have something so powerful—according to the same culture that produces monsters like Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood pedophiles?   Two days earlier at the Niederman Farm where my family attended the Fall Festival it was all about country living, big barns, lots of animals, tractors, and homemade jellies and apple ciders.  On the way to the family retreat down in Kentucky we stopped by Dry Ridge to eat at the Cracker Barrel there and of course the place was packed.  All the people there were similar to the people at the Niederman Farm.

They were Christian people happy with the simple things in life.  Most of them were gun advocates to some degree or another, and of course in the Cracker Barrel are signs and homage’s to the Second Amendment, from antique rifles displayed on the wall to paraphernalia sold in their famous gift shops.  It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while, and after such a rough week it really calmed me down.  But honestly it was the environment and the people who did it—it was the southern hospitality that people like Jimmy Kimmel make fun of as vigorously as the they do the gun culture that emerges from it.  Let’s face it; the NRA doesn’t have many impassioned members in Los Angeles.  But at the Cracker Barrel in Dry Ridge, Kentucky I could have stood on a table and read from the latest American Rifleman magazine and the customers would have been enthusiastically supportive.

Did I need to own and fire such a huge weapon which was right there with me while I was at the Cracker Barrel, because we were on our way down to the family retreat?  According to Jimmy Kimmel and the cast of Saturday Night Live I didn’t.  In their west and east coast viewpoints it is more moral to piss in the alley of a bar at 3 AM in New York City and to have sex with strange women which are part of their culture than to go shooting with close family members in the middle of God’s country in the American south.  I could easily look at Jimmy Kimmel’s personal life and pick it to pieces.  I’m sure I could declare a lot of things he likes to do illegal and destructive to a good American life.  At any time I could use that big gun to cause all kinds of damage, but it never crossed my mind because in having such a huge weapon it requires responsibility.  Once you act responsibly with a firearm people find that they act responsibly with other things in their lives as well.   That’s the way you find most people who are huge NRA supporters and concealed carry permit holders—they are some of the nicest people there are in the world—and they are honest.  Owning guns tends to bring out the best in people because the foundation of owning firearms is in responsibility.  Once people accept responsibility for something like a gun, they find they can apply the same values to other things and it makes them vastly better people as a result.

The problems that caused that liberal loser in Vegas to shoot up all those people are more systemic than in the right to own firearms.  Kimmel completely missed the point of the Second Amendment and it was painful to listen to him articulate all the stupid Hollywood dinner party talking points without knowing the reality of what the gun culture is.  I would argue that liberalism is the cause of such breakdowns, and that if we really wanted to solve the problems in our society—then we’d make liberalism illegal, not the physical firearms.  I shoot a lot and I love my guns—they are very therapeutic to me.   I like owning large, powerful weapons because they exercise a level of control that makes people better because of that responsibility.   I know and deal with people all over the world and I can report honestly that there isn’t anywhere quite like a gun range or a Cracker Barrel.  It’s not just I grew up with these ideas around me from my home in Liberty Township to the many times I’ve been shooting with family members.  I routinely deal with people of Hindu faith, people who are devote Buddhists—many people from every corner of the globe and I get along well with all of them.  But what’s missing from their various cultures is the kind of independence and positive American spirit that you find in places like that Dry Ridge Cracker Barrel.

The Niederman Family Farm is an expensive ticket, but it is in Liberty Township where most of the homes these days are well over a quarter million dollars.  It’s not uncommon anymore for a home in my neck of the woods to be close to a million dollars—and for the people who move to Liberty Township they want the best of both worlds.  They want access to the great industry that is common to the area in very capitalist friendly political zones, and they like being able to take their families to the Niederman Farm on holidays.  With the money they make at the Niederman Farm they pay their taxes and they improve the property every year so everyone wins.  As I ate a hot dog there during a setting sun with my grandchildren and sipped on drink I thought of Jimmy Kimmel and realized that he was a lost guy who was stuck in a bubble of Hollywood culture that didn’t like people who eat at the Cracker Barrel.  They didn’t like NRA members because guns are beyond their experience.  They are big government socialists who want to mold the world into the image of the rest of the world, which is in a lot of trouble.  I would rather eat at the Cracker Barrel in Dry Ridge or shoot my big .500 Magnum against a setting sun with the smell of wood smoke fresh from a raging camp fire than to eat noodles in Tokyo or sip wine in Venice.  That is what these gun grabbing cry babies are really scared of.  It’s not the guns, but the attitude and independence of the people who use guns to maintain a philosophy that is rooted in individualism instead of collectivism.  Jimmy Kimmel is a pussy because the weight and sorrow of the collective tragedy of Las Vegas was just too much for him.  He had no mechanisms of intellect to deal with his feelings of despair that he felt in realizing that the institution of Americanism couldn’t keep people from harm—and he wants even more laws to support his false belief in the merits of institutionalism.  But for me, and many people who carry and use guns a lot, especially big guns—it is in the focus on personal responsibility in having such things that make us hold the door open for ladies at the Dry Ridge Cracker Barrel while everyone waits in line to just be seated—and they are happy to do it, because they are generally happy people treating their fellow Americans with reverence and respect.  What drives liberals’ crazy is that the respect starts with gun ownership and is the backbone of a civil society—and that is why they cry like a bunch of dwindling pussies on a quest for their own destruction every chance they get, which is why liberalism should be illegal well before guns ever are.

Oh, and remember when I said I practiced Cowboy Fast Draw in my private range?  Well, this is what it looks like.  To me it’s like practicing a golf swing–it’s a sport–a way to test yourself against the forces of nature.  And its pretty cool and a lot better than anything liberals like Jimmy Kimmel do for fun.

Rich Hoffman

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Guns and Books: The keys to a happy and free civilization–Samantha Power’s guilt

I say it quite a lot these days, and I’ll continue to do so. If you have two main things in your life you can consider yourself a free person. The first is the ability to read and to use it to consume many books over your lifetime. Having the ability to read and use the knowledge gained from books can make a person nearly invincible—95% of the time. If you are smart, you can get through most anything in life, even physical threats—just with what you learn from books. If you put a smart person in an MMA ring with a beast of a world-class fighter—I will bet on the smart person every time. Because there are more tools to beating brute force that come from intelligence that severally put people who rely on just physical strength to get by in life. Then for that last 5% of the time—you need to own and know how to use firearms. The gun is the great equalizer in life, so by having that you can keep villainy away no matter what anybody may throw at you. That’s why in American society, those two things are what I’d say are the two most important elements to living a free life.

To prove my point just look at the mess Samantha Power is in, who used to be the UN Ambassador under the Obama administration. The academic radical used her position to spy on political rivals and essentially brought in most of our intelligence agencies in the process into a grand scheme that showed just how dangerous collectivism in any capacity can be. Most everyone involved in the federal government activity under the Obama administration told the same story revealed by the Power unmasking of Trump political players—which was the modern equivalent to a witch hunt as we’ve ever seen. Many pundits including Rush Limbaugh did a fabulous job of exploring the who, what, when and hows of this story—so my point here would be on the “why” it is necessary to never trust any institutional system that uses collective force to enforce a philosophy. Having the ability to read and to shoot takes away that power from these types of people and are paramount in stopping villainy as we detect it.

It should come as no surprise that fascists—such as the type the Democratic Party have always inspired to become were in the business of book banning and controlling knowledge—because they needed stupid people to follow them. Smart people who are well-informed would never follow these losers who rallied behind Samantha Power to unmask people connected to the newly elected President Trump. If it can happen to a sitting president with made-up chargers created to justify wiretapping, or any other spying the government wished to conduct on their quest to control political dialogue—then it can happen to any of us. What stops that behavior is of course a well-informed society where internet information is free and easy to access, books of all kinds are available on the open market, and people are free to assemble as the Tea Party did to share educational treasures uncovered during intellectual quests that inspire others to also gain knowledge.

The same people who want to limit what people read, and watch on television under the umbrella of free speech, are the same as those who are always demanding a control on firearms and want to ban personal guns. I personally think that people should be able to carry guns everywhere—that we should be able to wear them on our hips everywhere we go, even to weddings and to court appearances. If someone doesn’t have ill intentions toward you, nor you toward them—it keeps everyone honest. The gun banning people want to put themselves between you and a potential rival as a mediator taking away the responsibility for two parties to actually work out their problems allowing passive-aggressive activity to take control of the process of peaceful exchange replacing mutual respect for fear of the law.

It is highly unlikely that a person would pick a fight with another person if that other person was wearing a gun. It doesn’t matter how big they are, or what sex they may be—when people see a gun on their hip, respect for what that gun can do is the first thing on everyone’s mind—which forces all dealings with that person to be done at an elevated level of respect. If you take that respect away and replace it with fear of prosecution, then those who think they can buy and twist the laws of our land to their advantage may not be so hesitant to do something corrupt. This is clearly what we see in the case of the Obama administration using Samantha Power to commission the many weapons of government to attempt a coup against an American election. They did it because they didn’t fear that anybody would shoot them, and they figured they controlled the strings of government so what was a person like Trump going to do to them—so long as the media played along? That’s the kind of world you get when you take respect for other people out of the equation and replace it with an adhesion to fear. The more fearless, or less moral of the human species will always think they can gain an advantage over others if they are stupid, and unarmed. That’s why Samantha and her partners under the Obama administration thought they would get away with what they did. They never expected they’d ever get caught because at the time they controlled the law and most of the people they deal with were either stupid, or unarmed—likely both.

Carrying a gun isn’t about killing other people, its more about preventing other people from killing you. Just having it does most of the work for you which then frees up your mind to pursue more intellectual pursuits. When you don’t always have to worry about some power-hungry fool coming into your life to disrupt you in some way, you can then read books and contemplate bigger ideas. Some of the best people you’ll ever meet in life are those who read more than fifty books a year and also do a lot of shooting—like people in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and in the Dakotas. They are not stupid people and they are mostly all heavily armed. You don’t see their cities being shaken to the ground in protests, and you certainly don’t associate them with any kind of crime. There’s a reason for that—and it starts with the gun and ends with the average intelligence of the people who tend to read more than other places in the country. Books and guns are the keys to a healthy and happy life and those who best utilize those two very simple things are those who end up most successful at the very foundations of existence. The proof is clear, and where those things are missing—such as in our Beltway culture, the worst that comes out of the human experience is prevalent. That is why Obama and the Democrats in general always look for ways to impose gun control. That is also why they have problems with free speech. They need people unarmed and stupid so that they can rule your minds. Once people are armed with knowledge and weapons, people like Samantha Power are just pests who can quickly be swatted aside, and that’s exactly what is happening in the age of Trump.

Rich Hoffman
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Whatever Happened to Rich Hoffman: The demands of the moment shadow the heroics of the past

A good friend of mine was in one of those online chat areas when a discussion about me came up, so he shared the contents. Below is a bit of that conversation where a couple of people were doing some remember when’s in regard to my activity with the No Lakota Levy effort. What struck me was that there is a belief that I left the Lakota area so for those who wonder about such things I am writing this to correct the record.  To answer the question that lingers for many people I still do radio and television from time to time.  For instance here is a CNN bit I did for Trump just a few weeks ago.  I am still very active in many efforts and I lend myself where needed, often,  Here is what they said:

Jon Kennedy at one time there was a guy that had all the info on the schools and what they did with a lot of money that was in the bank he showed that the school broad loaned money for road projects to be done or paid for them I cant remember all of it but they spent a lot of money on roads and I think they did not get the money back and then they were in the hole and that’s when they start asking for more from the people in tax’s I sure wish I could find all that info you would not believe what they did

Lynda Zammit I think the person you may be looking for is Rich Hoffman. He brought all kinds of nasties forward about the district administration between 2005 and 2013 and they did everything they could to shut him up and lock him up. He left the area right after the November 2013 levy passed (by 241 votes!) and right before April 2014 when they did exactly what he said they were going to do – give themselves $2,000,000 in raises while cuts remaine

Jon Kennedy wow they locked him up

Lynda Zammit Jon Kennedy No – but they tried to. He left the area in 2014. They were also doing crazy things like hiring people to take signs down encouraging people to vote no on levies. Crazy times. His blog is still going though, he’s very vocal about a lot of things

Jon Kennedy ye I look all over I can not find that info but the guy lead the vote no on are schools for years and if I remember right they funded the 747 deal and union center over pass if I remember right

In all honesty, if they could have locked me up they would have but because of our good efforts with No Lakota Levy we forced the teacher’s union to behave in ways they weren’t used to. Also to their credit the school board did listen to our issues and have made attempts to manage their budget—only in the vacuum of a weakened teacher’s union that knew if they went on strike that I would personally eviscerate them in both the media and in any other form they chose. They did pass their levy in 2013 when some of our No Lakota Levy people broke ranks falling for the same kind of stuff that is being thrown at Donald Trump now—and Sheriff Jones did the very un-Republican thing to do and that was come out in favor of the tax increase so that he could put his cops in more buildings as fear of mass shootings in schools was a hot progressive topic at the time, so that pushed their vote count over the threshold. And as the commentators remembered, Lakota did exactly what I said they’d do.

After that vote I went back to work since I knew it would be a while before Lakota would try another levy. People have to remember that I’m a person who is in my prime income making years so it was quite a sacrifice to take the period from 2005 to 2013 to fight public school levies because that’s not a very popular thing to do. When people meet you it doesn’t paint a picture of solidarity—they tend to think of you as a radical so there is a cost that most people don’t feel they can shoulder. But I have a great reputation and can stand quite a lot so I offered myself to the cause. When it was over I went to work on the next big thing, a big international project that I’ve been working on for the last four years that involves many countries, travel and long work days—a minimum of 12 hours per day. It’s not uncommon for me to work 20-hour days because that’s what it takes to be successful at things—especially hard things. But for the record I never left the area of Lakota. I’m just busy on my next project. When I get involved in something I jump all in and it becomes most of my life. There will come a time when I will move on to the next thing and when that happens I’ll do it gladly.

I did get to speak to the Lakota school board leadership over the winter and we had a nice talk under pleasant circumstances. They don’t plan to go for another tax increase until after 2020 and I let them know that I’d fight them on it when they did. They didn’t listen to me on their new superintendent, they paid him more than the governor of Ohio instead of the $80K I suggested. They will say that’s market value. I say it’s an artificially inflated cost, and we’ll fight that out next time. So long as they aren’t asking for more money, I have better things to worry about—and I do. I would have liked to see more challengers for the school board elections this fall but most people don’t want to get involved, just like they were more than happy to fall in behind me during the Lakota levy fights. So long as I lent my reputation for everyone to throw darts at, people were very courageous. But the moment they had the slightest exposure or had to show courage in standing behind me, they buckled, and that’s why nobody wanted to go on the school board. Lots of people want to talk, but nobody wants to stand for anything. I knew that going in and I know that going forward and I’ll do it again when needed. But I’m not going to joust windmills just for the attention of doing so. When there’s a fight—I’ll be there. When there’s not a fight—I’ll do something productive elsewhere.

I suppose that’s why people think I left the area, even though I do get out and about often and I’m not shy about it. Fighting levies is not my calling card to being remembered which I suppose a lot of people might be prone to become seduced by. They may even use it to acquire public office which a lot of people thought I was after. No, there is a lot more money to be made in the private sector. I hate the slowness of government. Right now actually I am dealing with the patent office in Washington D.C. and several attorneys in between and it’s a miserable experience, much like dealing with government as a member of the school board or some other position. It is hard and takes a lot out of you to deal with mundane—boring people who are entrenched government employees. But I expect to be paid for these kinds of things. I certainly don’t do them for fun, and public office to me would be miserable because you are dealing with people like that every day. Maybe when I’m older and retired I’d do it to stay sharp, but I don’t have the time to give to it now because there is money to be made and I have an obligation to myself and my family to do it. So I’m still around. But when there’s a fight to fight—I’ll be right there. In the meantime, there are many other things to do.

Rich Hoffman

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Think Like a Billionaire: Trump’s great classic explains how things will be under General Kelly


This situation is so unusual, it was humorous to listen to the Sunday talk shows this week put all their hopes into the new chief of staff General John Kelly in utilizing a proper “chain of command” at the White House.  They hope that Kelly will eliminate the “chaos” at the White House as if the Republicans had their act together.   Who are they to give Trump any advice?  What they really mean is that they hope that General Kelly will use a chain of command structure to slow down the Trump administration into something the bureaucrats are more comfortable with.   Well, again, I have news for them and I’m really surprised that more people haven’t picked up on the past writings of Donald Trump because much of what the president is doing now he’s talked about before and the future is quite clear by studying that past.  As I’ve said, recently I’ve been reading many of the old Trump books from his last couple of decades of business activity and it’s been very revealing.  But in regard to this issue of assigning General Kelly to the chief of staff position the manner of Trump’s thinking can be best seen in the 2004 book Think Like a Billionaire.

I read Think Like a Billionaire when it first came out.  At the time I didn’t think much about it.  It had some good motivational stuff in it, but it read to me more like a blog posting in novel form.  I did get the feeling from it that Trump wanted to inspire people into more successful lives—which made me think well of him.  When he wrote that book he was about to marry Melania, Ivanka Trump was still in college and The Apprentice was just entering its second season.  Jeff Zucker was eating out of Trump’s hand because the new television star was nearly singlehandedly rescuing NBC from financial ruin.  Trump was hosting Saturday Night Live and had his picture proudly displayed on their wall of fame in that historic theater.  In 2004 Trump was one of the most sought after celebrities anywhere and the NBC network was very protective of him—because he was their guy.

Re-reading Think Like a Billionaire thirteen years later in 2017 was haunting because so many things have changed since then.  Jeff Zucker is now the head guy at CNN.  Saturday Night Live hates the Trump presidency and NBC was one of the first networks to go to war with Trump once it became obvious that Trump just might beat Hillary in the election of 2016.  Obviously, The Apprentice tried to continue with Arnold Schwarzenegger  but it didn’t work because the show needed Trump’s business sense.  An actor couldn’t fake it, the person running the board room had to be someone like Trump and the show died quickly into its new season without a business guy in the seat.  The New York Times which Trump spoke so highly about in Think Like a Billionaire is now one of the fake news outlets because they absolutely hate Trump now that he is president.   Even Mark Cuban was spoken about favorably in Trump’s book.  So many who were literally kissing Trump’s ass in 2004 now are his mortal enemies and for some strange reason they actually think it will put a stop to the forward progress of Donald Trump.

One thing that is quite clear about Donald Trump in Think Like a Billionaire is that he thrives with a flat line management style and that is clearly what he’s doing now in his White House.   The reason for the success of The Apprentice is clearly due to the amount of people Trump has feeding him information for which he can then make final decisions as the point man.  The Trump Organization has always been a very dynamic force where everything flows to Trump as directly as possible.  A chain of command is not his style because he likes to be hands on with everything.   By having a flat organizational chart it allows Trump to jump from department to department enacting his influence and that is how Trump has been so successful and why he has never been duplicated even though he has put down the blue print for anyone to follow.  Trump has been unique because only he has been willing to work so hard to excel under that management style.

Cowardly people often hide behind a chain of command structure so that they can appear to do important things without having the responsibility of making hard decisions.  The military loves chains of command because it hides the sometimes bloody evil that occurs in the killing of the enemy allowing individuals to function clean of personal responsibility for institutional assassinations.  But the same chain of command allows losers and ladder climbers lacking merit to appear more valuable to an organization without having to actually do anything.   You can always sniff out a loser—by their strict adherence to a chain of command structure because it gives them cover in the peaking order of human existence.  They are the type of people who fear the sunlight of standing alone in the arena with the audience looking at them waiting for action.  Since they tend to not know what to do under those circumstances they seek the cover of a chain of command.

Strong people who are highly competent want the flexibility of moving wherever they need to as objectives are sought to complete resolution.  They don’t like chains of command because it slows down their natural leadership ability.  Imagine having to play chess by selling a board of directors on the merit of each move.  A good chess player wants to be able to move their pawns, rooks, kings and queens depending on what the game gives them—they certainly don’t want to be stuck explaining things along the way.  They just want action so they can win the game.  Trump has been successful using this method and he will continue to use that flat management method with General Kelly helping him do so.  If anything it will free Trump to move more quickly—it certainly won’t slow him down.  Kelly’s job is to help increase that lateral mobility while scooping up the leaks in the fast-moving White House.  So Republicans hoping that Kelly will slow down Trump need to get their grip on reality.  The move to Kelly was to speed things up, not to slow Trump down.

Think Like a Billionaire was a sequel to How to Get Rich—and these are books which essentially give readers a chance to tag along with Trump on all matters of his thinking from choices in cars to women.  Trump is very honest and open about his life and thinking with the intention that the reader might learn something to help them also achieve success in life.  But essentially the key to both books are that Trump’s management style is extremely flat—as most successful people are.  People who struggle through life are those who depend on chains of command.  Trump isn’t going to change anything at this point—he thrives under pressure so that is what Republicans better get used to.  I would recommend to them that they go back and read these Trump books, especially Think Like a Billionaire.  It is an extremely fascinating book now that he is president.   Historically, there really isn’t anything like it—it’s a book that has tremendous insight into a person who is president of the United States before he was serious about running.   But what it tells best is what is about to happen.  It shows a person who is always thinking and always working and now that he’s in control of the Republican Party only people who love hard work will survive.  The lazy people will lose their jobs—and that’s how it will be in the Trump White House.

Rich Hoffman

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When the Lights Go Out: The difference between “us” and “them”

Did you ever notice how when either in a school or a place of business that when a storm comes and knocks out the lights some people clap? Then there are others—usually an extreme minority who try to continue to do their work next to a flashlight or a candle?  This has always been a baffling concept to me, that people would be so happy to be relieved of their work that they could return their minds to a thoughtless existence talking about some television show, new pop song, or about some peer who isn’t present in the form of gossip.  People who clap when the lights go out are people who are essentially afraid of action and thought because they don’t want the responsibility of accomplishment.  They are essentially lazy people who struggle through life avoiding problems until the ultimate happens—all their problems catch up and destroy their life.  Then they wonder why they are unhealthy, unhappy, and why nobody wants to be around them—because they are essentially negative people.

People who clap when the lights go out are people who are looking for an excuse not to live—which essentially makes them evil—(evil is live spelled backwards). They are anti-life and are the type of people who can’t be trusted with much of anything and are always looking to make trouble.  Typically they are second-handers in life—those who live by the actions of others but usually they disguise their tendencies behind little emergencies like the lights going out, or they had a flat tire, or that it was raining.  They work harder at not doing things than actually doing things because they find the threat of responsibility much more terrifying than the work in avoiding things.

You can often tell who will clap when the lights go out by those people who complain that it’s “Monday” or utter at 4 PM on a Friday, “TGIF.” They are the same people who put “hump day” on their Facebook posting revealing that they are happy the week is half over.  These are the people in life who make it terrible for all those who enjoy life and have an optimistic view of it because it’s those who work hard even when the lights go out that carry the rest of those idiots while they hide their tendency toward inaction behind an emergency situation which they are always silently praying for.

These same people are the ones who say, “the devil is in the details,” because they hope to slow things down by getting everyone to look for that devil so they can stand to the side and avoid action. If they stall long enough maybe something will get pushed to Monday buying them a weekend to avoid the inevitable.  And on Friday night they drink to forget and to ease the pain of their life from the pressure they always feel they are under.  Those kids who grow up in school hoping the bus gets stuck in the snow, or clapping when there is a power outage are the same people who grow up drunk on the weekends because they can’t hack the pressure of living, and they don’t have the fortitude within them to always look for ways to solve problems no matter how bad things are.

People who like to work so much that they don’t let emergencies stop them are the people who make America great.  It is not the people who clap when the lights go out.  It is the people who look for a lighter in their pocket or a flashlight so they can continue reading or writing something when darkness arrives.  They don’t let the darkness stop them.  They work on weekends, they work in the middle of the week and Monday is just another day to them.  A democracy will never work in any political system so long as there are people who clap when the lights go off, and there are only one or two people who pull out their flashlights to continue working.  We are not all equal.  Some of us look for every reason to not do something while others try to squeeze every moment of life for the richest possible of goodness available.  Those who insist otherwise are those who clap when the lights go out.  Or hope for a snow day to keep them from having to attend work.

There is a reason that professional sports are so popular. Sitting in the stands while other people perform on the field is the prefect job for people who clap when the lights go out.  All they have to do is just sit there and watch other people do things—and that makes them happy.  Some of them are so arrogant that they believe all that is required of them is that they buy a jersey and attend a game and that they have somehow made an investment toward the success of that franchise.  When their team losses they get very upset and speak as if they made some grand investment that would justify their anger.  But they are just sitting in the stands waiting for the lights to go out so they can hide the fact that they are fearful of life, and always hoping that they can jump on to someone elses success at the last moment and share in the heroic efforts.  When a professional team is winning these fans say “we.”  When those teams are losing they say, “they.”

Government is filled with people who love it when the lights go out. They love it when there are funding talks and government shut downs—because they like to not work and have someone else to blame for their lack of productivity.  They hide in bureaucracy so that nobody would ever blame them for doing nothing because the invented details of muddled thinking allow them to appear majestic when they are essentially cowardly people waiting for death to ultimately take way the responsibility for living from them.  They aim to slide through life from excuse to excuse until it all ends and they can then blame God, or even the universe for their sad, pathetic existence.

That anything happens at all it is from the private sector where there are handfuls of people who still work when the lights go out, or whether its Wednesday or Saturday—every day hold the promise of something new if only they can solve this, this and this problem.  In fact solving problems is what makes them happy which is why they look for a light when they go out to continue working.  It drives them.  It is they who make the lights work in the first place.  Without those types of people there would be perpetual darkness and a string of excuses from here until the dawn of mankind.  Nothing would ever happen because always a majority of the people clap when the lights go out and only a very few look for alternatives to continue their work.

It is quite obvious what is going on with the Trump presidency—Trump and his family are a light. They always have been and the people of their core associations are of the same type.  But Washington D.C. has a culture that is nearly entirely made up of people who always have clapped when the lights went out for whatever reason.  And those people don’t like it that Trump is in the White House putting light everywhere and making people work even when the lights are turned off, and there are tornado warnings as well.  Trump won’t let those who like to hide in the dark continue doing so, so they are doing everything they can to push back at the light.  And that’s just not acceptable.  Trump was elected by people who like to work to push away the influences of those who don’t from ruining the world further.  It’s no longer fashionable to clap when the lights go out and no longer allowed to be one of those people who use chaos to hide their laziness.  Those people have been exposed and are now required to act or be run over—and that is essentially what is driving our world today.  And that’s not going to change.

Rich Hoffman

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Hollywood Down 8% in 2017: Trading politics for profit to destroy an industry

This is far more important than most people think—the movie box office for July of 2017 was down 8% from the same period a year ago.  Additionally Disney has lost around 4 million subscribers to its Disney Channels over the past three years as kids turn to other forms of entertainment.  More and more homes are cutting their cable service as it’s just too expensive for what people get,  and theater owners are struggling to survive with Hollywood giving them very little to work with to justify the big investment that a movie ticket costs these days.  That same home theater market is keeping people home more rather than go to the theater to see movies that could otherwise just be seen on Netflix.  If you couple all that with the Donald Trump versus the media battle—which will hurt traditional media extensively, the entertainment industry is in big trouble—which I have been saying for a long time.  All the stocks are down for the theater owners—which I feel sorry for.  The distributors have let them down by pushing a product that was just too liberal for mainstream American audiences and now they’ve all been hung out to dry.



For about 20 years I bounced around with tentative meetings within Hollywood.  For me it was more than a treasure hunt, I really wanted to make movies and to contribute to the library of wonderful movies that I had grown up with.  The business end was something I didn’t have much patience for since most of the people running the industry were radically more liberal than I was.  So I’d get a project floating around out there but it would go cold.  The money guys were also liberal so the project proposals I suggested were either heavily scrutinized with extensive re-writes to soften them up, or they just weren’t getting off the ground.  In a few cases I was offered positions in the industry, but my wife didn’t want to move to California—and without living in such a way that you could network in that town, it was pretty much impossible to get any project off the ground.  I went to several film festivals, won a few screenwriting awards and ended up doing a few bull whip stunts for legitimate studios but the last time I flew back from Hollywood in 2008 I knew that the industry was in trouble from a business perspective.   They weren’t going to make it which made me sad, because I liked traditional Hollywood—I always liked Howard Hughes, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Albert Hitchcock, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.  These new filmmakers in Hollywood were too political and I was from a flyover state so things just weren’t going to work out.  After that last trip I put my focus into other business opportunities and waited for the inevitable which is now upon us.

Movies cost too much to make, the labor unions which represent all the industry people has forced them all to think too collectively to stay in touch with the American people.  Reading with great interest how the Han Solo movie fell apart at Lucasfilm it’s obvious that the new generation is just too soft and manipulated by their director’s guilds—into liberal politics which the movie going audiences can’t stand.   Even though I warned of all this years ago, and have written extensively about it since, it still hurts to see an entire industry collapsing on itself.  The Hollywood product is now on life support with only a few big Disney releases carrying most of the industry.  Warner Bros. has done well with Wonder Woman, and Marvel had their usual hits with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.   Small films like Baby Driver did respectable business, but big films like Pirates of the Caribbean 5 were down a quarter from the previous installment worldwide and that isn’t good news.   Critics have been hard on these new movies as they have an extreme political slant to most reviews and once the Rotten Tomatoes scores hit online people are so turned off they just don’t go see these films and that cycle is worsening.

Hollywood is about more than just the movies themselves—it’s about an entire industry from print media like Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, to the television shows Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight.   Critics for the big newspapers have national audiences in some cases and they have abused their relationships and let that stardom go to their heads giving themselves the power to sink or swim a picture—so essentially they have cut off their own noses to spite their faces.  I remember a very specific day in Glendale, California where several day time television programs were set up on the same street to shoot exteriors and I was having lunch with some people who worked the trade publications who were full of themselves way too dangerously.  I tried to make them aware of the fragile eco system that was on full display and they had the kind of attitude that the gravy train was going to go on forever.  Well, within two years every one of those people was out of a job and their publications had folded.   They should have listened, but of course they didn’t.  Most of those big name trade publications won’t be around much longer because nobody really cares what they have to say. The media stars they talk about are today far more political than they used to be and they have aligned themselves against Trump who is set to be a very popular and successful president, and now there just aren’t enough fans of their material to carry them into the next decade.

There are going to be a lot of bankruptcies—and even the Disney Company will feel the squeeze.  While I continue to be very impressed with what Disney is doing at their parks and with the Star Wars movies as one giant mythology spanning many platforms—computer games, etc—they still rely too much on theater owners to distribute their core products and those theater owners need more than just Disney to stay afloat.   They need every weekend to have people wanting to go to the theaters to buy over-priced popcorn and soda to watch a movie they don’t want to wait for release on the home market where likely the televisions they have at home is far better than what is offered at the theater.  I will have to add that when my wife and I went to see The Book of Henry that the Regal Cinemas we went to had adjusted their prices down for popcorn and pop to a very reasonable level.  The theater owners out there are doing their jobs and adjusting to the marketplace, but Hollywood hasn’t.  They keep making the same crap and trying to repackage it instead of turning loose people with great ideas to constantly keep material fresh.  I know I wasn’t the only one trying to get new ideas to production companies—it was mainly a cultural problem.   Studio execs were too interested in getting laid at the multiple parties around town by telling chicks that they were for this liberal cause or that—so they were making decisions at the executive level in producing products that American audiences did not want to see.   Once they got their blow job they had already committed their studio to ten films for production the next year which nobody would want to see because of their overly liberalized political overtones.   Sure the chick who was giving blow jobs at the party liked the Matt Damon movie about fracking—but nobody in America wanted to see it and the budget was blown.

So the industry is toast—it won’t recover in its present form.  Of course there will be investment opportunities in new styles of media, but the Hollywood game is over.  The industry just hasn’t come to terms with it yet.  There are a few $1 billion dollar earners yet to be released in 2017 but it won’t be enough.  By the end of the year the gains will be so far down that they won’t even be worth discussing.   And life outside of Hollywood will go on.   All I can say to those people who were so haughty 10 years ago is that I sincerely tried to tell you this would happen, but you didn’t listen.  I wish you had.  So now it’s time to pay—and it will be painful.  But you people did it to yourselves.   America will be great again and Hollywood has removed itself from being a part of it—and that’s a damn shame.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Are Responsible for Hodgkinson Assassination Attempt: How, when, why and where liberals use violence to advance their cause

No, it’s not up to “us” to make the lunatic liberals who are communist activists feel better when they go too far as to actually attempt to assassinate public officials, to stick up our hands and say we are equally at fault for the rhetoric of our nation. We are at war with them—they started it—and it is completely up to them to correct the situation.  We put up with Barack Obama and his cadre of terrorist friends—(like Bill Ayers) for many years.  We didn’t like him, we spoke against him and we worked to get him out of office.  But we certainly didn’t try to kill him or even play dirty.  Republicans if they are anything tend to be overly honest and good, “turn the other cheek, Christians” even to a fault.  So “we” are not equally responsible for what the Bernie Sanders presidential volunteer did at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field when he shot up a bunch of congressional Republicans practicing for a charity game.  The fault is clearly with the leftist supporters of Hillary Clinton who like Snoop Dog and Madonna have simulated executions of President Trump for months in their “art” and disguised their message of assassination command behind the veil of “free speech.”  They knew what they were doing—they hoped one of their followers would “sacrifice” themselves the way that ol’ James Hodgkinson did—with violence under the banner of terrorism to stop the Republican advance since the 2016 elections.  The only difference between Democrats and ISIS is that the Middle Eastern terrorist organization at least admits what they are up to.  The Democrats hide their true intentions which is often exposed when they are under pressure—such as they are now.  They don’t want to get along.  They want to destroy traditional value in America and they’ll stop at nothing—even murder to do it. Both Democrats and ISIS depend on terrorism of some form to advance their causes through fear.  So, in that respect, their motives cannot be separated.

When Ted Nugent declared he would not participate in hateful rhetoric anymore the day after the shooting by James Hodgkinson he gave the left what they wanted—what the political right always gives the left—a branch of peace and a seat at the table complete with a hug and reassurance. But these people deserve none of it. The Huffington Post and many other progressive outlets took the Nugent story and ran with it so that other progressives would know that their terrorism had scored a hit and softened the resolve of the Trump base.  That is how these very evil and vile people play the game—they do bad things, throw themselves on the sword to gain the sympathy of others and out of compassion they pull you in to their crimes corrupting forever those who offer out a kind hand of solidarity—then they cut your throat while you sleep.  No, that’s not how this game is going to go down.

I in no way would call myself a radical “fringe” Republican. I love old westerns, the old television show Little House on the Prairie, and old Disney shows like Zorro and Davy Crockett. Both of my grandparents were farmers and my mother was a housewife.  I went to church almost every Sunday during my youth—up until the wife of the pastor of my church wanted a divorce from him.  When he (the pastor) failed to hold his marriage together I left the church because if that could happen to him—something was wrong and I resolved not to listen to people who didn’t have all the answers in life. I’ve always worked hard, treated people fairly—I don’t like to drink, I have never smoked, and I despise drugs, loose sex, and reckless living—for which tattoos are a part of.  I have watched over my years specifically, the world move dramatically to the political left, but I have not moved at all.  So what is considered the radical fringe right is now where I am standing.  But that is only so as defined by the radical lunatic communist leftists who have moved that perception through popular culture so far away from what used to be normal that it looks that way as defined now—in these crazy, turbulent times.

I’m hardly some underwear wearing basement blogger who can’t function in the outside world. I’ve turned down radio jobs, television offers and political advisor positions to do what I do for a living which as of now is international business.  I like challenges and am active in the world—very much so. I’m what many would consider extremely successful in all aspects of my life.  I was in Chef Ramsey’s restaurant in Chelsea, London a few months ago enjoying a very nice lunch—3 Michelin Star ecstasy—but of course during the three-hour meal I had to use the restroom.  Ramsey’s Chelsea restaurant is small—even though it is quite exquisite—it’s a little place.  So it only had one restroom—and it was a typical unisex European kind of thing.  When I walked in a very beautiful woman was standing in front of the mirror so I was concerned that I walked into the women’s restroom and for that she gave me a little giggle. I stepped out and immediately tried to go into the kitchen deducing that obviously the men’s room was in there.  The staff politely told me that the room with the beautiful woman in it was in fact the place I was supposed to be, so I proceeded cautiously.  Once in there the woman shook my hand and let me know that she was OK with everything, and not to worry.  She simply said, “Americano, yes.”  Not having anything else proper to say I replied with a smile, “That obvious, huh?”  For which she nodded and returned to her mirror where she was adjusting her makeup.  I could tell hundreds of similar stories about European travel but my overall impression was that they were pretty “fu**ed up.”  There wasn’t anything about their culture that I thought America should learn from except for maybe more of a love for books and fewer restrictions on the sciences—such as archaeological endeavors which work pretty well in Europe due to all the history recorded there.  Europe is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  Yet these new American leftists want to turn America into Europe essentially, and I’m not OK with that.  Believe me, I’ve been around the world enough to know what I like and want.  My views aren’t just because I live in a “midwestern bubble of conservatism.”  I’ve even done work in Hollywood and have known my share of stars and producers.  I’ve heard their perspective and I’m not buying into it.  They haven’t changed my mind about things—let’s just say that.  Most of the time the people I have interacted with have wrecked lives based on their stupid left-winged philosophy and it’s never been tempting to me at all.

These leftists moved into America and shipped in ideas that run counter to the traditions of this country shortly before World War II and have been taking over our institutions with a military like zeal for nearly 100 years now—and conservatives like me have been very gracious along the way—thinking that we could have an honest philosophical debate and let bygones be bygones. When Obama was elected and Democrats crammed Obamacare down our throats shortly before Christmas in 2010—and Nancy Pelosi said we had to “pass the bill to read what was in the bill” many of us took that as a final straw.  We were no longer going to put up with the communist insurrection that was hiding itself behind the Democratic Party—so we took steps to fight back and six years later we had Trump in the White House to “Make American Great Again” meaning—a restoration of the traditions and attitudes that made America great prior to World War II.  That didn’t mean we wanted to slap women around and put them “back in the kitchen fetching beers for their men lazily sitting on a couch watching football” but to open doors for ladies at restaurants, at least respect our neighbors, and promote the idea in our children of working hard and smart so that they could live a productive life.

The political leftists always intended to take over our country, they weren’t trying to live within its framework—which is why they support illegal immigration so aggressively—because they want people from other places to help them change America into something else. They thought they could shame the rest of us into putting up with it along the way—which ultimately led to the shooting by James Hodgkinson.  It’s not Republicans who go around shooting presidents and congressman—it’s always been liberals because the essence of their political philosophy is group assimilation through intimidation and raw force. It starts in the liberal public education system with kids making fun of other kids who aren’t members of their peer group for a strange haircut or a medical condition then it ends in congress or the senate using phony intelligence information from our covert institutions to attempt to drive an honestly elected president out of office by a media that thinks it’s in charge of something as an unelected layer of government.  It’s a contaminated infestation of foreign ideas that do not work and America rejected it when given the option.  So the political left seeks to remove any options such as they are doing now, and when shaming people doesn’t work—they turn to violence.

I remember when it was a huge controversy that the Devil in the television show, The Bible looked like Obama, just a few years ago.  That is about the worst that conservatives ever did to Obama.  Sure they questioned his birth certificate—for good reason.   They questioned his ties to domestic terrorists for good reason—and they hated him for going around the world bowing to world leaders and weakening our foreign policy everywhere—seemingly on purpose.  But we didn’t shoot up congress and we certainly didn’t put out stuff trying to incite our base into killing the president the way Kathy Griffin did and many others on the political “MAINSTREAM LEFT.”  We’re not talking about fringe people—we’re talking about Madonna, Snoop Dog and the entire art community of Broadway—the people who establish “popular culture.”  The political left overestimated their own power when they took over all our entertainment and media institutions thinking that they could turn all of America into drooling idiots similar to what they did in Europe.  What they ended up with is only half the nation going toward their side leaving the other half very upset and ready to fight.  So we elected Donald Trump as a “non-violent solution” to their long-term attack on our country as a “domestic enemy.”  We stopped watching their television shows, their news reporting and reading their papers driving their numbers down toward desperation.  Knowing that, they have turned toward violence because they have nothing else.

Without question when the cameras weren’t rolling Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dog and Madonna along with hundreds if not thousands of other entertainment types hoped that their violent “art” would provoke someone like James Hodgkinson into committing an act they never could—like taking violence to the enemy—the heart of America—a baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. They also knew that invoking such violence would force everyone to look at how they’ve contributed to the situation and reassess their input, like Ted Nugent has. And by doing so, they get conservatives to admit to a fault for which they played no part of.  So, no, we aren’t going to be playing that game.  “We” meaning conservatives, did not contribute to the split in this country, or the angry discourse.  That is completely under the ownership of liberals.  They decided through aggression to antagonize the traditions of America and half the nation refused to go along and are now in open defiance.  The introduction of the hostilities came from the left—not from the right—and the mandate to defend themselves from an insurrection falls on the political right.  It’s not extreme to want to protect what you value and if tradition is it, then that is their prerogative.  But conservatives are not at fault in the least for the violence that let to James Hodgkinson.  The political left, the radical leftist loons who have nothing to win an argument with in America only have the threat of violence to stay alive in this political theater.  And it is they who deserve to feel the pain and punishment of these terrible crimes.

Rich Hoffman

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