Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer Didn’t Suddenly Become Sane: They are preparing for the day after

I’ve been listening all week to the support suddenly for the very liberal journalists Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper by conservatives, but nobody has pointed out why.  Only that it is suddenly there, where those two mainstream news guys are now asking harder questions of the Biden campaign and specifically Nancy Pelosi.  Well, it’s not because suddenly they found a conscience.  Rather, they know that the polling has been lying, they see the lack of voter engagement for Joe Biden, and they want to still be working on the day after the election instead of being snuffed out as fraud news people attached to the losing party.  And you know what else dear reader, you will find many more suddenly getting on the same bandwagon as we get closer to November 3rd.  For those who know how to read the writing on the wall, it’s as clear as day that Democrats are in a lot of trouble.  Now don’t underestimate them, they are going to cheat, they are going to try to steal the election any way possible.  They honestly can’t afford to lose, because part of the reason they want power is to hide their crimes over the years.  Just a little bit has been released recently—but the depth of the crimes goes very deep.  I would say its party wide like a massive mafia full of organized crime villains.  However, the gap they needed to create doubt in the outcome isn’t there and they don’t have the cover stories they required, so there is a panic forming that tells the results now.

When the rats start to jump off the ship, or distance themselves from the Party line that is how you can tell who is losing.  Sure, Trump is a showman out on stage every night dancing to the song “YMCA” and is extra positive.  Biden on the other hand looks like someone’s grandpa who has about 24 hours to live.  Everyone understands by now, even the most mind numb Democrat that Joe Biden is a vessel to put the radical Harris in the presidential seat so progressives can mark off that check mark, the first black woman to be president.  That’s all they are interested in, is hoping their control of the media will get their plan across the finish line. They counted on Trump to be harnessed by Covid-19 all the way up to the election.  They were planning that way back in March, there was never a thought that Trump would be out every night doing his rallies.  The rules of engagement were to let Covid set the parameters and the presidential candidates would yield to them letting the media manipulate the Democrats to the presidency.  Democrats were never prepared for a fair fight.  So now that they have an unleashed Trump and a lot of positive press over Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation the smart money sees where things are going.  The speculators have placed their bets.

I spelled all this out moment for moment even before the shutdowns started in March of 2020, what the Covid-19 virus was meant to do to the election.  I also pointed out that the virus would last until the election was over, and we can see also now that the communist World Health Organization has revised their advice on lockdowns.  Whoever wins the election, they understand the world has to get moving again and all the sucker politicians who bit on the Covid-19 CDC guidelines, all the Dr. Fauci doomsday scenarios, the Bill Gates manipulation with China to stop the world then blame it on President Trump because they went into his office to tell him he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the economy, it’s all coming to a close.  Trump had to hold his hand until the right cards came up and you’d think that smart people would have understood the game, like Mike DeWine from Ohio.  But too many people were suckered and scammed by the liberal media into believing everything and everyone went all in to destroy Trump and his supporters.  They bet everything on it, and it all culminated into when Trump and most of the White House staff came down with Covid-19.  That was the game plan and it had worked, Democrats were celebrating, including the media—even to the point where they thought Trump might die.  You could hear the eagerness in their reporting.  The liberal media went ahead and published a bunch of phony suppression polls to drive the dagger home and the rest was going to be a cruise to the election.  Covid-19 would have done what they expected it to do.

However, a week later, there was Trump dancing on stage, smiling and promising everyone that if he was re-elected that Covid-19 would be gone.  My prediction is that Covid-19 ends on November 4th by noon where Trump declares an end to the emergency orders.  That is the writing that is on the wall and who isn’t going to vote for a guy who will end the lockdowns and all the stupid masks for a phony pandemic?  Biden has already said that he’d continue the lockdowns and the poor economic choices coming from all the failed businesses.  When the media saw all this, they had to start distancing themselves from the obvious result of a Trump victory—clean by November 4th.  I’m so sure of it that I think California might even be at play.  The media hasn’t been reporting all these things because they hoped that they could hold a lead, but in so many ways this is like a football game where the home team looks about to lose in the fourth quarter and they start heading for the parking lots because they want to beat the traffic.  When Covid failed to stop Trump the game plan was blown.  Democrats had no other plan.

That is why Nancy Pelosi blew up on Wolf Blitzer from her favorite television station, CNN.  She has done everything she could to destroy Trump and all indications at this point show a big win for him.  And that day after with a boot on her neck is going to hurt.  It’s going to hurt for all of them.  That’s also why we will see more reporters like Tapper and Blitzer coming out to try to appear objective, because there will be life after the election, and they want a place in it.  So, fear not Trump supporters.  Go vote.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Don’t let up or get into some kind of victory formation until the last ballot is counted.  But get ready to dance on their graves, because they deserve it.  Make it hurt.  They have come after our throats and meant to kill our nation.  Remember that and don’t hesitate to rub it in.  We deserve to.  Don’t let them up for air.   Their frustration, what Nancy revealed in her interview with Blitzer shows what people about to lose power they greatly covet know is their sealed fate.  You can’t lie, cheat and steal reality, and with Trump surviving Covid and promising an end to it once elected, it pretty much sealed the Democrat party who put it all out with everything they had, and are still losing.  For them, the cost will be enormous. 

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What the New Trump Ad Says: Democrats don’t know what they are doing

This Trump ad put together after both of the national conventions tells a good story that accurately frames the situation. I have been writing and speaking for a very long time about how out of touch liberals are to the heart of human beings. One of the best examples of this has been the makers of the new Star Wars movies where they had all the tools in the world to produce a good movie but have destroyed the brand of the movie franchise anyway with an over emphasis on social justice and racial and sexual politics. I personally see it all the time, especially in the business world where corporate participants have simply been trained by too many left leaning institutions, like college, and it has numbed their hearts to the ways of human enterprise, and they are lost as to what to do without group consensus. Liberalism destroys leadership, and leadership is what makes action possible, so its no wonder that for people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton—all of them, that they believe the best days of America are behind it and that the purpose of government is to manage the decline. But in Trump we elected a builder, a person who knows how to get things done, and put his personal touch on the Republican Convention which shows.

Democrats tried to use coronavirus to put limits on Trump’s campaign freedom trying to trick him into adhering to the Covid-19 rules that they made up to provide strength to their limits. They felt that if they could dull Trump’s creativity and energy that they might have a chance at this election so they made a big deal about the in-person convention that was supposed to be held in North Carolina. Then when Trump found a away around their opposition by moving the convention to Jacksonville, Florida they tried to use the coronavirus spikes as a way to push Trump toward a virtual convention like they were planning. That left Trump to do the convention largely from his home, which happens to be the White House. Democrats asked for it, and Trump did what he always does, he found a creative solution that was not limited to the tight controls of government. If Joe Biden was going to work from his home, Trump would too which would satisfy the critics. But in the end it worked out well for Trump because it helped him show the world that he was the occupant of the White House and that he had all the energy and creativity to stay there.

This more than shows the benefits of thinking outside the box, but it demonstrates emphatically why this new Republican Party is so much better than the old one and why Democrats are hopelessly devoted to failure. America is all about swagger, creativity and tenacity, which is why capitalism works and socialism doesn’t. You can’t have a bunch of leeches living off a system of economics and expect it to work. Capitalism needs constant vigor to continue to push competition and invention toward new objectives and the Democrats have rejected all those elements. At least in the past with Democrats like JFK, they were at least pointing to the stars and wanting to go there. These modern Democrats simply want socialism and communism and hope that if they play their cards right that they’ll be in the ruling class administration. That’s not what Trump wants, he’s already won at life, he’s achieved things and is proud of what he has accomplished and now as president he wants to share that enthusiasm for others to feel. What’s wrong with that? Not a thing, its what we should expect out of all politicians. And Trump wants to win this election like he does all things, giving us a full example of ultimately why conditions in America have improved under Trump. A passion for winning is the beginning of any success.

Yet there is more said in that Trump ad than most people realize, Democrats expected to win this election by defining the rules of conduct which they control, then forcing everyone else to adhere to them. That’s how we ended up with the Covid-19 reaction, is that liberal “experts” set limited ground rules which were controlled by a centralized authority that severely limited the output of the nation economically. Which is precisely why socialism never works anywhere and communism is a complete failure. Democrats point to China and says that communism can work, but they are wrong. China lives off the lives of others, they do not do for themselves. They steal American business ideas and technology and use their vast labor force to produce everything cheaper. The lack of self-direction in their economy is obvious, where even with over a billion people and vast plots of land, they still trail behind the GDP of America. A free people are much more efficient and creative than a people dominated by too many rules and regulations. Democrats had to live by the rules they created with the convention, where Trump worked around the rules and the results were obvious. One convention was certainly better than the other—by a lot.

This election is about rules and freedom, and they do not go well together. Democrats believe that an overly managed society is the path to prosperity, and when it doesn’t come easily, they point to racial diversity and sex to garner improvement. But the lesson they have never learned is that economics is a measurement of creativity, a society of free people who all have equal opportunities to be successful is the best way to arrive at a fair and just society which is how Trump was able to parade a long line of very diverse people to the convention to say great things about him for days on end without pause. There wasn’t a weak spot in the entire convention whereas the Democrats came across as a telethon at 2 am in the morning. Ultimately tribalism is a liberal concept and like the chieftains of old modern liberals believe that rules make a society great. By cutting off the head of a captured prisoner the Mayans thought that the gods would bring them rain for a harvest, or that the many Indians of North America could appeal to the spirits for passage into various phases of life with a little dance around the campfire. And modern Democrats believed that appeasing an invisible enemy in Covid-19 with face masks would save them from certain death, and shutting down the economy to appease the viruses’ ego might help make it go away.

Republicans like Trump believe in creating and using their imaginations to drive impulse to action. They aren’t waiting for the appeal of any gods; they are of the belief that immortality is present in creation and that mankind can shape their own destiny which is where success comes from. Back to the Star Wars example of the old movies versus the new and why Bob Iger at Disney even with the vast resources at his disposal was unable to duplicate what George Lucas did. Achievement in life is not about skin color, sex or group think—adhering to the rules of a tribal council. Rather, it is in individuals who want to win at life who do shape the rules of the universe and point the way into the future. And you can tell by that ad that Donald Trump wants to win this election and for those of us who also like to win, the parameters of victory are obvious.

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Remember, Larry Householder is Innocent until Proven Guilty: Don’t be a sucker for liberal activism and DeWine’s desire to avoid impeachment

I think its first wise to remember that House Speaker Larry Householder from the Ohio House of Representatives is innocent until proven guilty. I happen to know personally that the House has been looking to garner support to impeach Governor Mike DeWine and Householder was obviously the leader of the House which would be required to put forth the hearings and to start that looooooonnngg process. So the timing of this bribery case with FirstEnergy and the two nuclear powerplants that were the subject of a recent billion dollar plus recovery which Larry Householder led the charge is very suspicious to me. I do like Householder, he’s way too liberal for me, but I think he’s a pretty good guy. The $60 million in what the media is calling bribery sounds like a lot of money to the young 20 something reporters who are just a few years removed from living in their parents house, but in the scheme of things, its not very much money. It is a problem if Householder used some of that money, roughly $400,000 on private desires, but we’ll see. There is an awful lot fishy about this entire case and the timing of it, and how quickly Governor DeWine asked Householder to resign his job as speaker.

Many have forgotten but the case at the press conference was laid out by the prosecutor, a Trump appointee I might add, was already covered last year and it was a nothing burger. FirstEnergy was a company suffering under the heavy Obama administration mandates for a emission free society and their whole purpose was to put companies like FirstEnrgy out of business, this political aggression going back for most of the last decade. It was the purpose of the climate change radicals and the Obama administration to put coal and nuclear power out of business in favor of solar and wind power. So its no surprise that Republicans, especially Trump supporters in elected offices, would want to reverse that trend and help Ohio with traditional jobs not destroyed by environmental activists and Marxist leaning political radicals. That was how Householder and others became involved in the very contentious FirstEnergy bailout. Its really not much different than the multi-trillion-dollar bailout the government provided everyone over Covid-19. When government makes your business fail, they owe you something, and FirstEnergy found themselves in that predicament.

I noticed several troubling elements of the press conference by prosecutors and the Cincinnati branch of the FBI, the case they spelled out, which they say involved a year and a half of investigation was essentially based on newspaper articles written by climate change activists in July of 2019. So, the investigation into Householder and others started the same time the debate began on this issue and was largely shaped back then by political enemies of Householder. The whole dark money distribution that the FBI illustrated in this case was already presented by reporters in nearly the identical detail, so that leaves the question to be answered, what new did the FBI and prosecutors do over that whole time, and why now exploit it for an arrest of Householder, the most powerful Republican in Columbus, Ohio? Even stranger, at the end of their press conference prosecutors and the FBI asked for more information on this case, as if they were just using old newspaper reports already on the record and trying to resurrect the story now hoping to bring forth more witnesses from the public during a highly contested election year, where there are fights for power in both houses—that might possibly be more friendly to Governor DeWine? Hmmmmm. Its something to contemplate.

Radical climate change activists have witnessed in 2020 realizations they could have never dreamed of in 2019, watching all of society essentially shut down over Covid-19, watching Mike DeWine essentially turn into a Democrat, and to see fractures in the Republican Party crack along the dealing with the self-imposed crises. The time to strike at Householders grip on the Republican Party was now, and perhaps an even greater ally in DeWine could be made as he moved obviously much further to the political left. That’s just a thought I have based on experience. It wouldn’t surprise me if all that was true, and additionally, if the former Attorney General himself didn’t put the FBI on the breadcrumbs of the FirstEnergy relationship with Householder to shake off talks by the House to impeach him. I don’t think anybody would argue these days that any such contemplations are beyond the realm of reality. Additionally, due to the lazy investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors it looks like they are on their own marketing campaign to restore faith in their services, but that they were so lazy, they didn’t even do their own investigation, but simply lifted their case off the ‘The Intercept’ reporting on the matter July 26th of 2019.

Politics is dirty business, its hard to keep people honest when access to so much money is flying around. Good people go bad all the time and bad people are attracted to the profession for all the reasons that the media and political enemies of Householder are piling on to crucify him. Hidden in their comments are traces of anti-American Marxism and a downright dirty hatred of Republicans who promote profit for any company. We are to believe that FirstEnergy is a vile “capitalist” company that needs to be brought down because they are not committed to the zero-emission green new deal standards of the communist climate change activists. So, any definition on the matter other than the one they have established becomes the media standard and Householder and his partners must defend themselves from that guilt first stance. It’s the same liberal argument that assumes that every white person is guilty and owes people of color reparations and should kneel before the National Anthem to show solidarity to some minority group.  Climate change is the same kind of radical argument, earth first instead of using the earth to advance mankind into an interplanetary species. This case is very much about taking out those who stand against climate change and other progressive platforms and advancing in the minds of voters the merits of new forms of energy, even if they do suck in delivery.

When the House debated House Bill 6, which is what it was called in 2019 what Republicans eventually agreed to was that to save the cost to the monthly bills that the bailout would cost customers, it was agreed to sunset many of the green new deal aspects of the regulatory mandate, which offset much of the incurred costs of the bailout. That’s what the climate activists are angry about, and that is essentially the case that the FBI has against Householder, and that is likely why Governor DeWine is quick to jump on the bandwagon. He’s turning toward more liberal vantage points anyway, and for him, it kills the talk of impeachment led by Householder because it forces the House to re-establish their leadership culture. And not to mention, Democrats are looking to flip Ohio to blue and to attack Trump energy policies. By sending a few dozen Republicans from the House into a FirstEnergy bribery scandle a few months before the election, they achieve a lot of what they’d love to do to harm Trump’s grip on Ohio. DeWine isn’t a big Trump fan, like John Kasich, he’s more of a Democrat. Who doesn’t think he’d assassinate Republicans calling for his impeachment by calling in favors to a liberalized, activist FBI and Department of Justice trying to support a governor they’ve known for a long time and to pull the party back to the left where it was before President Trump? I think DeWine is just that kind of guy, and an alliance with Democrats gets him what he wants. He loves Amy Acton, it looks like he would become a liberal if they’d have him, and this attack on Householder is just the way to do it. Hmmmm, I bet these thoughts are much more than fiction. Likely, they are the true story of what is really going on……and it wouldn’t be the first time.

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Mike DeWine’s Girlfriend, Amy Acton, Resigns: Their role in the international “Plandemic” isn’t over

The media made Amy Acton a star, the now resigned health director of Ohio who started the chain reaction of business shutdowns in the nation. And the great ratings for Governor DeWine, her boss in this exchange was also a creation of the media, because he did what they wanted, they being the “liberal, activist, press.” But what those two did together was against the law, several judges hearing some basic Mickey Mouse cases thus far have started to admit to. Government can’t take private property without due process and everything that Acton did and DeWine let her do during the Covid-19 lockdowns was wrong. The media loved it of course and did what they do by fanning the flames with fake poll numbers and flowery news coverage, but the actions by Acton demand a response that is not so friendly by the people impacted. It looks as if she understood a bit about what was coming and she got out of Dodge to put it lightly when she resigned as director in Ohio late last week. To get a sense of how serious the trouble is mounting against her, and against Governor DeWine listen to some key players call into the Bill Cunningham Show on 700 WLW Friday June 12th, 2020 during the last two hours of the broadcast at the link below.

There are a lot of people who are terrified of their own shadows out there, and they never got over moving out of the house with their parents, and they have replaced government with their parental childhood experiences. I would call that a psychosis, not a healthy political affiliation. There is something wrong with people who enjoy being scared all the time so that they can have a parental figure in their lives telling them what to do, “wear a mask” “stay in your homes” “socially distance from other people by 6’,” You can see who they are, they are the ones who voluntarily wear masks around, they have bought the Covid-19 nonsense hook, line and sinker. It was they who the media put on television and polled with fake statistics showing DeWine at something like an 80% approval rating—yeah, of course 80% of a room full of dumbasses wearing masks because they think the coronavirus is going to get them like some villain from the latest horror film will pad the fake news stats. The media told the story as if those losers represented all of Ohio, and they didn’t, and the hippie chick turned doctor, Amy Acton learned just a bit of that during her tenure under Mike DeWine. But not harsh enough to discourage politicians like these to avoid such a thing in the future.

Most of us are good people who trust the people we vote into power not to abuse it for some personal affliction. In DeWine’s case, I am quite certain he was in love with Amy Acton. He may not have been boinking her, but I think she was the girlfriend he never had. After all, he married his wife right out of high school—a lot of people his age did that kind of thing—and he knew her as a little girl when they were kids. So DeWine doesn’t have much experience with other women in a sexual way. He went out of his way to nominate an Obama activist as Health Director and immediately sought to make her job a much more important one than such positions typically are. Even to the extent that he sought from the legislature dictatorial emergency powers in March of 2019, one year before Covid-19 had national shutdowns of their economies, DeWine was seeking to make Amy Acton an all powerful medical activist well before the actual problem was on the horizon for most people. Of course, these people will lie about their feelings and intentions, but life experience helps us piece together the monstrosity of it all. Governor DeWine had a mental crush on Acton and he wanted her to be flirty and close to him. She knew what Dr. Fauci and many others were preparing to do in the medical community. After all, Hollywood was in on it, there was going to be a manufactured crises of some kind to unite the world under Agenda 21 objectives, so she had knowledge of the “Plandemic” from her international collaborators at the World Health Organization, the same places Doctor Fauci was speaking with. And to do her part, she could seduce the Governor who was a very willing participant.

When people in powerful positions are caught in a lie, they attempt to conceal it with perpetual emergencies. That is actually a strategy revealed by the famous Harvard Law paper on Change Agency by Kotter that is extremely well read. But even more so, they seek to hide crimes and mental malfunctions behind their title, and when Nino Vitale explained to Bill Cunningham a conference call with the governor on the matter of Amy Acton, DeWine started cussing and carrying on in an intimidating way. I had a friend who was also there in the room when Nino heard this and I was told the same thing weeks ago, so I know Vitale is telling the truth. This is the Mike DeWine that most people don’t see. But a half a million people did hear it for themselves when DeWine’s wife told on Bill Cunningham for talking about Amy Acton on 700 WLW weeks ago and she had the Governor call to defend his health director with very aggressive language on the air. So Governor DeWine was on his best behavior, but he does attempt to intimidate and harass people into compliance which I find funny for such a little guy. That kind of stuff never works with me, so I wonder how nobody has kicked his little ass after all these years. Somebody should have challenged him a long time ago so he wouldn’t have been so cocky during his first terms as Ohio governor where he used a crises of Covid-19 to be close to the ta tas of Amy Acton. As a man and someone who knows people very well, I am 100% sure that DeWine’s unconstitutional actions over this coronavirus was because he was trying to impress Amy Acton, the girlfriend he never let himself have. And Amy Acton, like a common street whore was willing to do anything for the cause of more liberal medical expansion and to play her part in the coming “Plandemic.” The media did their part by making heroes out of these idiots, and the rest of us were caught flatfooted and wondering what the Hell happened.

For all that many laws were broken and people were severely let down. Amy Acton and her emotional boyfriend Mike DeWine think that the pain will go away if she steps down, it won’t. I always tried to warn those two that there would be a day of reckoning, and that’s where we are now. Hell is coming to roast them legally and spiritually and it doesn’t matter that she has stepped down. She cost Ohio literally billions of dollars, likely more than that, over her role in the international Plandemic which was planned by her friends at the WHO and the CDC and someone must pay. Which of course her face was plastered all over everything, thanks to the media that screwed her over the same way she did Governor DeWine. And fellow Republicans let down DeWine because at some point, even though he’s a 70 something year old man, someone should have taken DeWine to a strip joint so he could learn that the girls talk nice to everyone, if they are tipping. Girls like Acton will flirt with the best of them for a good job and a chance to unleash their political activism. Every man and woman who finds themselves in a powerful position at some point in their life needs to understand the nature of other human beings, and clearly when it came to Amy Acton, Governor DeWine wanted to be fooled the way a schoolboy does with those first girlfriends which he never had leaving him extremely vulnerable as an adult to insurgence of progressivism who seek to destroy our rules of law by emotional sentiment and fear.

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Why George Lang Spent so Much Money to Win: The scam in the media by reporters like Michael Pitman of the Journal News

As if there weren’t enough examples recently of blatant activism coming out of the media, where they assert that they are “reporting” the news, rather than making the news that they want to report, such as has been the case over Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests, this little local article in the Journal News in Hamilton over the George Lang senate seat is a great example. On the surface the reporter, Michael Pitman can say that he reported honestly that George Lang spent more than $450,000 since July 1st 2019 to secure the GOP nomination for the 4th Ohio Senate District seat. But within the framing of that article is the activism that is designed to inspire in the readers a mistrust toward George because in the world of the media, money equals corruption and it is a dog whistle to their activist base which is understood clearly by all. Because after that statement is made, Pitman goes on to say that George’s rival in the upcoming election, the Democrat Kathy Wyenandt is sitting on $35,000 in cash, yet George is $13,000 in the hole going into the summer. In the way that the media works, that is a #METOO setup for the fall where readers are supposed to not trust the big money George Lang over the woman, “one of us” candidate who is ahead but is in threat to be knocked down by all that big money.

Here’s the truth of the matter, and the reason George needed to raise so much money and spent it to win the GOP nomination. There were two rivals going for that seat making the primary an expensive one. Kathy Wyenandt as the Democrat had no rival so she could afford to sit back and save her money going into the summer where George had some very aggressive politicians challenging him, and when it comes to elections a person has to protect their brand, especially when the media is intent to help shape the results with emotional activism. For instance, one of George’s rivals was Lee Wong, an Asian military veteran who has been quite an activist for Chinese causes. Lee ran as a Republican, but his behavior is pretty much a politician straight out of communist China, which the media of course wants to see. So Lee gets good coverage on whatever he does. He was never really a threat in the primary from the GOP perspective, but he does do “brand” damage to other candidates which was his role, to play the spoiler in this past primary election that was grossly interrupted by Mike DeWine’s fumbling of the election by cancelling it due to Covid-19 and then ordering a corrupt mail in ballot system that was conducted in April of this year, extending the original dates by over a month of campaigning.

Lang’s other rival in the primary was the very fiery Candice Keller, who was looking to go after the Tea Party vote, and whatever GOP supporters who wanted to show they would bend the knee to the #METOO movement. She was poised and certainly did try to hurt George’s brand enormously as she was the underdog and had to tear Lang down to have a shot at closing the gaps between her and him within voters minds. Between Lee and Candice there was a lot of attacking going on toward George, and of course behind those candidates are lots of GOP types who want a shot at some positions in the future and they want to sink George so they can get him out of the way for some future opportunity for them, so they also work to chip away at George’s brand when they think nobody is looking. So as a frontrunner who wants to stay that way, George Lang had to out raise and outspend to maintain his brand through a tough primary where a not so butt ugly #METOO candidate from the Democrats was waiting fresh and poised to be the media darling for reporters like Pitman.

Branding is important in all endeavors, whether it’s a business, a family, or a politician. A brand is the reputation you have, what people think of when they hear your name. So George protected his brand by raising a lot of money and spending it to overcome his opposition, which was vast, and considerable. Unfortunately, what nobody talks about these days is the reverse discrimination that any middle-aged man, especially a white man has with all the media out there driving activism in branding potential candidates. You can see the results all across this country now with the riots where incompetent people from these various sentiment groups were elected because of #METOO, or Black Lives Matter, and they aren’t the best people for the job, and it shows. Yet people are supposed to vote for candidates because they are people of color or because they are women, not because they have years of experience, run three or four businesses in the private sector—like George does—or have demonstrated great skill at building teams in a legislature. We are supposed to vote for them because they have the brand of a minority group, and in this upcoming race after George has survived all he had to in the primary, that is what George is up against.

As sure as you are reading this, George Lang is in no danger of being “in the hole” as Michael Pitman wrote in his Journal News article on the topic. The strength of George is that people like him and trust him, and he will be able to raise all the money he needs to run a proper campaign. He doesn’t need the radicals and the insurgents to give him money the way that Kathy does trying to win a Democrat seat in a very Republican district. You can almost feel the oozing hope from Pitman that Kathy might have a chance in Hell at winning the senate seat if only people might think that George blew all his money and is now going to lose to a girl. And without question, that is what many normal readers will think when they read Pitman’s article. They’ll think of George as a big money corrupt politician who only has a shot at winning by spending a lot of money while poor little Kathy is ahead, yet behind to the massive deep pockets of the GOP. Pitman says both things in his article without saying them specifically, but by simply telling the story of how we arrived, without talking about why.

The real story is that George Lang as the frontrunner must protect his brand to stay vibrant for winning that senate seat among a public that elects brands when they vote. And George can spend half a million dollars on Fox News ads to win the primary and he can do it again to beat Kathy Wyenandt in the fall. He could raise and spend a million dollars, because people trust George and they understand the game, and they are willing to invest in him to protect their interests from the vile misdeeds of sentiment politics which are often conducted in the media to destroy brands and the people behind them. Everyone knows the game who are smart and have money in their pockets, they understand that the media wants to rob them of their money, of their very lives for some socialist utopia that they read about in college, or talked about with a buddy while they smoked pot a time or two. The real story is that George Lang is so well trusted that he can raise so much money and use it in the election, which is an election of its own kind. Because people know that without someone like George out there protecting them from all the enemy forces of America, many who operate behind a media badge without consequences, then those forces will turn on them and destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for in their lives only to have it taken away like the poor store owners of downtowns in blue state regions where the mob takes what they want and leave the rest to ruin. That is the real story behind the money, which of course the media never reports as their activism continues to be the true cause of why good guys like George Lang have to spend so much money to gain a seat anyway. Not to mention, where that money gets spent—in the media. The whole process is a kind of shakedown, and the money must be spent to overcome the negative branding which that same media tears down so that they can get paid in the end.

And that is how the game is played and why George Lang raised and will spend so much money for a senate seat in Ohio.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Debate for the 4th District Senate Seat in Ohio: George Lang was the clear winner

Prior to the primary election for the 4th District Ohio Senate Seat where George Lang, Kathy Wyenandt, and Lee Wong debated for that seat, the video included was done by TvHamilton at the Benison Event Center. For those seeking to understand the candidates prior to casting a vote, here they are. One notable mention is the disgraced GOP candidate Candice Keller who did not come to participate. It appears that this was the last of the candidate forums before the primary and she had not been participating anyway, so she was represented here by an empty seat off to the side of Lee Wong. Feel free to share these contents with a friend, neighbor, or curious onlooker intending to vote on March 17th along with the brief summation that is included.

Without question to my eyes George Lang won this debate easily, and he should be the next senator for the 4th District. But ultimately its in the hands of the voters. George’s answers were very polished, as we’d expect, and was the obvious choice deserving a vote. As is clear in the debate George can hit all the notes and appeal to the voter base that has various degrees of passion about the topics that are important to us all. Few people but George could have talked about Agenda 21—something that few established politicians could ever get away with, and he appealed to moderates by stating that he was friends with Kathy Wyenandt and was willing to work with anybody over anything. He is very Donald Trumpish in that he has quite a range of abilities in communication that just about anybody can relate to, yet with his core beliefs, he believes in helping businesses which obviously help voters with good jobs and secure futures. He is also a big Second Amendment guy who is every bit as committed as the most staunch supporter without the drama of a crazed radical.

And as the current Ohio 52nd District representative in the Ohio House, a seat that Kathy lost to him in her attempt to enter a political seat as something other than a school levy supporter for the Lakota schools, George specified what he has been doing and wishes to continue to do to bring more business opportunities to Ohio. As he pointed out there are several problems that are facing our state, for one, we are bleeding young people. Our youth are leaving for destinations they perceive have more opportunities leaving us in a bad state for attracting workers for more industry wanting to move into the area. As he said, that is leaving a recruiting problem for less imaginative industry that is looking for fertile recruiting grounds for their businesses and with so many youth leaving the state after they attend college, the numbers just haven’t been there. Personally, I think this is a problem of human resource departments and not the actual demographics, but George wants to overcome that problem with incentives to have a booming population that can attract the best that the world has to offer by way of jobs. For instance, he used Butler County as the example of how the rest of the state should look, which currently has a population of around 400,000 people of good income and plenty of opportunity.

One issue that was talked about in somewhat agreement by all the candidates was Ed Choice which is currently bringing great stress to public schools all across the state with report cards that they think are unfair as vouchers are now traveling from students to the private school of their choice leaving the broken funding model that schools use exacerbated beyond repair with worry in how to maintain their exploding budgets. As George pointed out correctly, the government schools are strapped with regulatory burdens that make it hard for them to compete with private schools and he is looking for options to make it more fair for them to attract customers as the trend is to send money to the students and not the school real estate that the schools reside within. Kathy had articulate answers but unfortunately she has a long way to go to fully understand the true problem. The state of Ohio cannot come up with a proper funding model for their schools so long as the budgets that they are asking for is filled with entirely too much Parkinson’s Law, where school levies get passed and the labor unions lobby for more increases to consume the total amount of surplus that is gained in property taxes. George’s ideas are moving more to deregulating the impositions that public schools have to live up to with report card needs mandated by the state, whereas Kathy’s thoughts were to protect the system that we have in place that has all the inflated funding in it. Lee Wong didn’t know what to say, he hardly seemed to understand what the question was.

Speaking of Lee, the West Chester Trustee who is running as a Republican, he stated during this debate that he thought of healthcare as a right. I’ve been saying about him that he is a Democrat that is only running as a Republican because Butler County is full of members of the GOP, which is why things tend to be so good. He has no other path to office other than to try to sell himself as a Republican whereas he is clearly a Democrat, even a socialist in many cases with positions like his on healthcare. Of course, George’s answer is to have more competition and to bring down the costs with more options. Kathy as the only stated Democrat on the stage was looking for more of a centralized committee approach that is aligned with other Democrats on the matter. But clearly she wasn’t very interested in the topic as her primary concern resides on education issues which constitutes her only real political achievement, the passage of the Lakota levy of 2013 which instantly gave raises to teachers, some of which were making six figures, and placing those inflated wages on the backs of Lakota residents who weren’t very happy once they learned what Lakota really wanted to do with the money they extracted from the public.

Essentially the summary of the debate was that Kathy Wyenandt agreed with George on most every issue except for school funding, because that’s her only real experience going into this election. She’s essentially an education lobbyist who thinks she has enough juice to deal with multirange needs as a senator, and compared to George, she has a lot to learn. Lee Wong is an old rival of George’s from West Chester and he really didn’t seem to care if he won or not. His hope seems to be to help Candice Keller with a split West Chester vote that might hurt George and give a radical rival a chance to knock George down in the primary. He was unprepared for this debate and obviously aloof. Only George Lang showed any real promise as a state senator in the kind of capacity that is expected out of the job. And that really isn’t a surprise, but it is good for everyone to see for themselves, for those who couldn’t attend that night. The proof is here, you don’t have to take anybody’s word for it, watch it for yourself and be sure to vote on March 17th, 2020.

Rich Hoffman

Candice Keller, Locked in a Vault, Yet Nobody can Find Her: A campaign doomed from beginning to end

I had hoped that the rumors were not true and that Candice Keller would in fact be at the Butler County Chamber Coalition debate for the 4th Ohio Senate District at the Benison Event Center in downtown Hamilton. But like the giant bank vault of that old building that has stories to tell going back to the gangsters of prohibition, not even Candice was inside. All of her that made it was her name tag at a table where she should have been if ever she hoped to be a real candidate for the upcoming primary election on March 17th. I had hoped to talk to her, to salvage her political career somewhat by getting behind George Lang and living for another day, but she didn’t even show up to have that conversation. Instead, it appears that her phobia of public speaking was true and that her weak speeches at the State House were more than just a rookie learning her way in a new office, Candice has a real problem getting her thoughts across to the public in events like this one, which is crucial to any viable candidate.

A lot of people have such phobias of public speaking and being judged by so many people, but anybody running for a big office must understand that these expectations come with the territory. In her case she managed to offer something fresh to her district and people gave her a chance largely through church networks and Facebook. But people expect their political representatives to learn as they go and events like the one at the Benison Event Center are part of the job, and winning those debates are expected. The job for the 4th District Senate Seat is bigger than a Facebook campaign, these types of things are how politicians communicate to their constituents, not just through quips to the media, but in presenting herself to a crowd that isn’t always happy to see her and to win them over. That’s part of the game. Instead, Candice had an empty chair with her name on it, and her son showed up to video the other candidates to see how the professionals did it. But her empty seat was quite a statement, it said a lot more than if she had come and made a fool of herself. At least if she had, people might sympathize, but instead all she gave the audience was the impression that she didn’t even care enough to arrive.

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What her son was able to record was a very polished George Lang who is the obvious front runner deliver very well on all the questions that were asked of him. George is the real deal at every level, he is good with people, honest, understands the needs of donors, and he can reach across the aisle to work with anybody on anything. Candice’s son also saw a very sharp Kathy Wyenandt who will be the Democrat nominee after the primary. All evening she and George spoke well together in a polite way without surrendering their integrity, but in the manner that both of them could go to Columbus and get bills passed by members of the various influencers. Even if Candice did luck out and Moses came to separate the Red Sea for a freakish win at the Republican primary, for which the entire GOP is asking her to resign due to her reckless commentary about Nazis and gay people, Candice doesn’t have the horsepower to beat Kathy Wyenandt in a head to head race. Currently, the way things are, Kathy has a numbers problem, she’s running as a Democrat so no matter how good she is, she’s on the wrong side. But with the GOP not behind Candice, and Keller looking to be terrified of public debates, she would have no hope of winning a major election against Wyenandt.

That is why I wanted to talk to Candice, to help her see the light before it was too late. Instead, she is off on a fantasy that she can avoid these kinds of things and still win with a Tea Party like activism. Only I was there when the Tea Party was young, and so was George Lang. Many of the best conservatives today in the GOP are from that movement. What Candice and what’s left of the Tea Party are those who have not found an identity in the new focus of leadership that has emerged under President Trump. They haven’t made the transition from rock chucker to leader. George Lang certainly has; he is very much the Trump Republican in the race. When Trump comes to town, its George that he would seek, certainly never Candice, especially in the wake of her media troubles. She’s toxic poison right now with no future in sight once she steps out of her House seat and that would be a real tragedy to the election that she did win.

Keller’s son was also able to record the bumbling lunacy of Ding Dong Lee Wong who had a terrible debate. An absolute disaster. I would say about it, at least he had the guts to come. However, afterwards when everyone was talking during a social hour Lee disappeared rather quickly. The group I was talking to figured that it was because East Avenue was nearby, and he was likely going on shopping visits for his old friend Robin McDaniel—the “working girl.” Of course, before going Ding Dong Lee Wong said that the solution to the employment challenges were to just let in more Chinese people, or something to that effect, which left the audience baffled and looking for more to come. But at least Lee was there to make a statement, which was more than Candice. All jokes aside about the brevity of Lee’s post-debate networking, the obvious front runner of the debate was George Lang as expected, and Lee looked to understand that after this season of debates, this one in Hamilton being likely one of the last before the primary. Any hopes Lee had of landing a blow against Lang that could damage his frontrunner status was gone and so was Lee’s spirit. I almost felt sorry for Ding Dong Lee, but because I know the history of how much he hates George Lang, I won’t go so far to reach out an olive branch. He can wallow in it for plenty as far as I’m concerned.

Once the room had cleared and everyone went home, I did ask the caretakers of the place if I could look in the vault to see if Candice was back there somewhere. To humor me, they actually looked with me holding that name tag to identify Candice.  Nobody was in the vault, but it was impressive to look at such an antiquated structure from the years long gone. It reminded me a lot of the campaign of Candice Keller, confined, locked up, and even looted beyond comprehension. Her perceived path to victory was to lock herself in such a vault to the outside world and hope that some miracle might happen to get her elected into a high office by just throwing rocks outside those confines at a genuinely good person in George Lang. She should know with all her supposed Christian values that lying about people as she has been disparaging the character of Lang to such a degree won’t get her any keys to heaven. I’d love to help her with her problem, but all she gave me to work with was a nametag and an empty seat and the perception of an audience that already thought of her as a loser.

Rich Hoffman

Voters have a lot to be angry about with Kathy Wyenandt: Remembering Todd Portune and his “people over politics” theatrics

Of course George Lang still needs to win the Republican primary in March before looking ahead to the Democrat challenger for the 4th District Seat for Senate in Ohio Kathy Wyenandt, but there are a few things about her campaign already that is disturbing, and they’ve come up before. One of the reasons Lang had to raise so much money for that 4th District Seat is because he needs to beat two Republican primary challengers then a very likeable Democrat in Kathy in a county that liberals would love to turn more purple than the hard red that it has been. Liberals hope to do that with women candidates who can cross over invisible political boundaries for voters earned and unearned and Kathy will be there with some money left from her previous attempt at the 52nd District House seat which she lost to Lang and a check from the now deceased Todd Portune that was sizable for the task of purple rain in Southern Ohio. Since he just died and its not fashionable to disparage the dead, I’ll save many harsh comments I have for Commissioner Portune for some other day but I do find it interesting that he thought enough of Kathy to give her a $2,500 check. Portune and I go back a long way and it was not pleasant. He was better late in life, but vicious political theater in the days of Dwight Tillery as the Mayor and Foxy Roxy as the Vice Mayor are stories I could tell that could dwarf the Bible many times over, but to put it mildly, I do not share with Rob Portman and many other conservatives any kind words. Yet it was the passing of Portune and of learning of his contribution connection to Kathy Wyenandt that reminded me of her campaign and the message she has for politics in general that I am very much opposed to.

Wyenandt and I have talked about this several times, her belief that politics has become so toxic that her campaign slogan is “people over politics,” as if to say, she is not a partisan and will listen to people over any other influence. Well, ironically Todd Portune told me something almost exactly to the same effect almost 30 years ago while I was in his office and we were discussing a solution to a nighclub incident where a bunch of drunk kids had died in a car crash coming home from the Cooters night club after the place had closed. I was proposing to him to solicit help from the city to get approval through the CBC a non-alcoholic nightclub that would operate in Coryville right next to the freshman dorms on the University of Cincinnati’s campus and give kids somewhere else to go once all the bars closed for the night and poured a bunch of drunk kids into the world as dangerous toxins. I was weary of the Democrat Portune who had pictures of prominent politicians in his office and I wasn’t sure if I could trust him with the intentions of the group I was representing. But he said to me much of what Kathy has said recently about the common good and people over politics, so I trusted Todd Portune with my idea.

Well, and there is much political theater that fills the book ends as mentioned but the gist of it was that I found myself in a lot of political trouble every which way you can imagine and as it turned out Todd Portune, as a member of Cincinnati City Council at the time was also the attorney for the nightclub Cooters and he had ratted out all my plans to all the wrong people which killed the financial aspects of the deal and left me hanging in a very bad way. I was young, so it was a good learning experience and it only took me 10 years to dig out from that mess, but to say the least, I learned what it means when politicians tell you that they put people over politics. What they really mean is quite the opposite. When it comes to Todd Portune, I figure fate sort of played out for him. While Rob Portman, whom I knew pretty well in those days of my dealings with Portune has lots of nice things to say about Todd, I’ll just state that I’ll leave the dead to rest and let whatever version of God the readers hear have sort out the details. The lessons of those experiences are more valuable than any other element and it reminds me a lot of Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign.

Each time I’ve spoke to Kathy she is always quick to tell me that she doesn’t read this blog site, yet she knows an awful lot about it, and she always pulls the conversation around to how divisive politics is and how she thinks we can all agree to taking some of the toxic relationship out of it. She is a nice approachable person so it would take a while to dig into the details so usually those types of conversations never get into the weeds too far, but as I’ve thought about it over time, and have learned that she has even enough of a relationship with an old political rival of mine, Todd Portune, I have much more severe opinions about Kathy’s “people over politics” platform. As a school levy supporter for Lakota on the last attempt, a political point she has choosen to capitalize on, it is clear what she represents and that makes the premise revolting of what she is asking people to accept. The toxic relationship people now have in politics is because they have learned too much about the bad dealings of people like Todd Portune and the double dealing that often goes on especially among Democrats when they say to your face, “people over politics.” What that usually means is “see you in court while you spend a fortune defending yourself from some political incursion.” Democrats for years have tried to put us to sleep while they’ve literally tried to screw our eyeballs out and the toxicity of modern politics is that enough people have woken up to the fact and people like Kathy want to ease people back to sleep to that reality.

It is OK to be angry that Lakota has wasted all the money Kathy helped spend through that last levy passage and is now looking to tax homeowners even more. Of course she doesn’t want people to fight or be angry, she wants to put them back to sleep—to the good ol’ days where Democrats could talk out of both sides of their mouth and get away with it. Of course the Democrats which Wyenandt is a member want everyone to suddenly get along now that the many evils that we have discovered from politics gone wrong in the past are clear to us now. If people are thinking of those things, no Democrat will get elected for anything ever. So Kathy’s only real strategy is to try to kill everyone with kindness and put everyone back to sleep so she can have a chance at a higher office. But to answer the question that she asked me, which I know she’ll read about here on my blog, and we’ll talk about the next time we see each other out and about, is that its good to be pissed off and angry at politics and that it is people who elect representatives that can recover their interests who are waking up and that they should be angry at how they have been treated. And because of the Lakota levy of 2013 voters have a lot of reason to be angry with Kathy—and then some.

Rich Hoffman

Trump Could Win California: Going for the kill shot when you get it

One thing that we can do on sites like this one, as opposed to establishment television and newspapers is talk about the obscure truths that are out there instead of desired outcomes that are attached to advertising dollars and political affiliations. And to that end they aren’t talking about the truth of this 2020 election year as President Trump wins the White House for the second term. They would have you believe that Trump is unpopular, because he is a threat to the natural order of things, but it was and has always been that order that has caused all our problems and now after a presidential term where they threw everything they had at him, and he’s still going strong, their brand is down big time, while Republicans are up. That means good things going into this election cycle to such an extent that I think Trump could win California if he put forth a little effort there.

The numbers are obvious, between 2008 and 2016 Democrat registration climbed by 1.1 million while the number of Republicans dropped by almost 400,000. In 2016 Hillary Clinton won California with 8,753,789 votes while Donald Trump only received 4,483,810. Yet there are over 25 million voters who are registered and many more out of their population of over 40 million who could be energized to vote. Based on the 2016 election results with everyone accounted for, even the third-party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, the total amount of voters who went to the polls to vote was 14,237,884. That means that there were over ten million votes on the table that didn’t even show up, and likely many more who could become voters. The trend from 2016 to 2020 has likely changed as voters have seen what Democrat leadership has brought, wildfires due to forest mismanagement, blackouts due to not reeling in the over zealous courts, and massive amounts of poverty due to attracting homelessness to their featured cities.

This is the reason that Democrats are pushing so hard to make illegal aliens voters because the trends of election wins does not favor them, especially now. If they were able to convert all 22 million illegal aliens in America into registered voters, which is a preposterous concept, then they could win back some of the losses they have incurred over the years by their own bad conduct. The way they have kept themselves from being blown completely off the electoral map is due to their activism in turning Republicans inward toward guilt and not showing up to vote in major elections. Yet, in California, it looks like the opposite will be happening. The tree there is ripe to garner Republican fruit. The Democrats have poisoned their own baskets and the trust level is very low, and could easily be taken by a strong personality like Trump.

When Michael Moore is worried, all Democrats should be also. He sees that the current crop of Democrats is not strong enough to take on Trump. Impeachment attempts have been seen for what they were, a scam by our government to overthrow the election results of 2016, to attempt to take the spin off any potential victories for Republicans in 2020. Not to ease off the gas in Republican camps, but the momentum is certainly in their favor. With the Mueller investigation by the FBI falling flat, the economy roaring in record breaking ways, and a fired-up manufacturing sector with record low unemployment, Democrats have nothing to run on except unexciting below the line victimization. And that doesn’t inspire voters to put on their coat and brave the day to actually cast a ballot.

Republicans however have a lot to vote for, and are energized to protect the wins they have witnessed. And many of them still live in California and would like to be included in the national dialogue instead of having Republicans just surrender the state due to the overwhelming threat of immigration voters who tend to at least vote Democrat the first time they can, because they are still learning how things work in this country and Democrats represent most closely the socialists they most recently fled from wherever in the world they emerged. Its not that immigrants want socialism in America, but in many cases, its all they have previously understood, so until they’ve lived in America for a period of time and learn of the magic of capitalism, they tend to vote Democrat. But their hearts can be won with just a little effort.

California is very much at play yet nobody on the Democrat side of things will dare to speak the thought. Imagine the terrible press when it comes closer to the State of the Union speech that Trump is supposed to give to congress in January of 2020, after all the games that the House of Representatives has just played with impeachment. Nancy Pelosi will have to invite the President to speak, yet her party will not want him there after they have just worked against him in such a public way. Talk about awkward. Its like bad mouthing a family member on Facebook in a passive aggressive way to third parties, then finding out you must have dinner with that person and that you’ll be sitting right next to them. Trump can handle that kind of pressure, but the Democrats won’t be able to. They’ll try to hide under any rock they can find, but there won’t be any, and they’ll be exposed for what they are. Impeachment was the best gift they could have given Trump. Its insulting that they did it, but for energizing the base, I would say that even California could go for Trump after all this, which for Democrats would be truly a final blow.

I often say that you should have courage to go for the kill shot. Well, Democrats certainly have made a profession behaving in such a way and now the shoe is on the other foot. The kill shot for the Democrat Party would be if Trump won California. So why not try for it, put all Democrats for every position in the country, even the regional trustee races permanently on their heels by having to defend the indefensible, California and its many problems caused by Democrat leadership which is embarrassing to them. It would be better to attack than to sit around and be victims of places like Texas that are going more purple as a result of massive investments moving out of California to more conducive states. Even Republicans in California would be considered Democrats in Texas, so there is a real risk of a strong red state turning colors because of it. So why not keep those voters in California by giving them some options and an open door into the Republican Party? What do they have to lose in the process when forest fires, blackouts and extreme poverty are common life for them along with high taxes that are wasted on garbage social programs? California is ripe for the taking so why not in 2020? It would be the ultimate victory for a party that has tried to do everything they can to destroy those of us who call ourselves Republicans. It would be most deserving.

Rich Hoffman

Another Way To Know Why Lee Wong is not a Republican: The cars we drive say everything about us

Another way that you can tell that Lee Wong, the West Chester trustee who is a clear Democrat pretending to be a Republican so he can get some votes in the 4th Senate District in Ohio, is by the car he drives. I didn’t know myself until I saw a video from a protestor confronting Lee while walking around his neighborhood. Under pressure from the protestor Lee went to his car as seen below and it was one of those ridiculous Fortwo cars that are considered “smart” cars and healthy for the environment. Those stupid little cars are nonsense and dangerous and should be illegal on our roads at only 70 HP with a 1.0L 3-cyl engine. No real Republican would be caught dead in one of those greenie weenie cars. The only people who have them are those who have allowed themselves to be caught up in the fiction of global warming, which is shorthand for the spread of communism around the world using environmental concerns as the change agent. You can’t be a pro capitalist Republican and drive one of these stupid cars—it’s just an un-American thing to do. Yet, I was not surprised knowing what I do about him to see that he was one of “those guys.”

Of course, whenever Lee gets pinned down with such statements his first thing to say is that he was in the military and that if you didn’t serve, then he is more of a patriot than you are for being in the armed services. So before going on about cars and what they say about the kind of person you are, let’s cover this little issue. I don’t begrudge anybody who serves in the military. I think it’s a great place to train tomorrow’s talent. I like having the best in the world, but I am not a yes sir, no sir kind of person. Its just not in me to follow orders from anybody. My life is far more valuable than the so-called “higher calling” they teach in the military, so I don’t feel a need to thank every veteran. Good for them for whatever duty they have done for God and country, but I view them as people far behind on their personal journeys. Anybody somewhat healthy can join the military and learn to follow orders. Learning to follow orders is not how you get the next great leaders, so in my mind, if that is not the objective, it’s a wasted effort, and the military isn’t about creating leaders, it creates people who learn to follow orders, which creates problems later in life when we have to teach veterans to think for themselves. So, I’m not a fan of veterans who promote themselves as the next political leaders managing our communities. I can see that even President Trump has had to learn this harsh reality, most of the big generals he brought into his administration have turned out to be Democrats, because by their nature, they are just other versions of government employees. My two favorite generals of all time were Claire Lee Chennault and Patton, and both of those guys were in trouble with the military all the time. I am far more rebellious than those guys, so Lee’s military service is just another blight on his record in my opinion. He didn’t lay down his life for me, he did what many do, he hid from responsibility by joining up to become just another government employee, which he never got over after all these years.

But we must talk about this stupid car, this little eco friendly piece of crap that should never be on a public road with much, much larger vehicles that Lee Wong drives. First of all he shows bad judgment in falling for the communist green movement dialogue that we should all do the responsible thing and surrender our desire for big SUVs and reduce our environmental footprint by driving smaller cars. Well, no, we shouldn’t. Rather we should drive the biggest and most powerful cars we can get our hands on because it says about us that we value our individualism in a capitalist culture and that our vehicles are extensions of ourselves in the grand scheme of things, which is why at any stop light in America that is double-laned in all directions, you’d be hard pressed to see any two cars lined up in the multitudes that are the same make and model—or even color. As American’s we like choice, and we like power and our cars reflect that. The greenie weenies who produced that ridiculous piece of crap, the Smart Fortwos were attacking the nature of American life by going as far to the opposite extreme as the SUV market was pushing for to make a political statement against American values. Pure and simple.

The car in an American market, which you don’t see elsewhere in the world, except a bit in Japan who have adopted our love of cars to some extent, is a statement and an extension of our homes. You don’t work hard in life to have a quarter million-dollar home and drive around a piece of crap–the car should be an extension of our life in general. If you are young, we understand you are working your way up in life, but your goal should be something bigger and better—always. You should never sacrifice your pleasures for the benefit of some climate change fiction made up by Democrats to control people through fear. You should get the best car you can get to go with the best house, the best clothes—the best of everything you can manage for yourself because that fuel drives capitalism and our American life that is the envy of the world. With Lee driving one of those stupid cars he’s announcing to the world that he is one of “those” anti-American forces working in the world to change the way we do things. And when he gets pressed on it he quickly retreats to his service in the armed forces as a defense. Yet obvious to me is that Lee is hiding behind his military service, to mask his tendency to follow the orders of whatever mass movement is happening at the time. In this case, its submission to the global warming communists. He is so enchanted with their message that he actually spent money on one of those stupid Smart Fortwo cars that could be toppled over easily with a strong wind.

What you drive says a lot about who you are in American cultures. Many people when they meet me wonder why I’m not driving around in a sports car, which I’d love to. Only I’m a big family person who often finds myself hauling around lots of people, so mini vans and SUVs are necessary for my life. I have a hot rod car in the garage waiting for a clear schedule and that keeps me appeased. But people just reading this blog site think I would have something more ostentatious, but reality has a way of sifting through an image to the heart of a person, and that usually ends up being the case. We drive our cars in my family for a long time, but we always buy them new, and as big as possible for the reasons described. People who make a choice to buy a smaller car, especially when they are older and have the means to do anything they want financially, are making a political statement contrary to the nature of American life, and that isn’t just villainous, its anti-Republican.

Rich Hoffman