Joe Biden Has Already Lost: The speech in Detroit shows it

The Joe Biden drive-in speech in Detroit which occurred over the weekend was very telling.  His team spent some time trying to make it nostalgic, to reach into the past car culture and the heyday of Americana as if to remind people that by voting for him they could return to the country they know in love.  Yet he did this by wearing a mask displaying that mankind was a victim to a virus and wasn’t smart enough to solve the problem to a pathetically small group of cars beeping horns out of a necessity to social distance to avoid spreading the virus from one person to another—a foolish yielding to the CDC guidelines which by now should be questioned by everyone due to its lack of effectiveness, or necessity.  But people put some time into the event for a speech that was only around 20 minutes of essentially complaining about President Trump.  Yet the complaints were all old news and speculation far more flimsy than the news that has been coming out regarding his son’s laptop showing influence peddling over Biden’s years in high office.  The most telling bit of the speech was in the more subtle elements, which is usually where the real story on these kinds of things resides.  What I saw in those subtilties was a loser who has clearly lost this election and was representing a political party clinging to life that somehow their friends in the media would pull out a win for them, as they promised.  Biden was an old man and the speech showed it.  He spent much of it yelling trying to show he had some energy like Trump, but it came across as scared, and desperate.

Meanwhile over the same period over the weekend Trump did five rallies, two in Florida, another in Georgia, then he went to Michigan before concluding in Wisconsin late Saturday night.  Each rally was over an hour long to packed venues of many thousands of people at airport hangers.  There will be time later to prove that the whole Covid-19 methodology was 100% political by making essentially a common cold into a political weapon meant to destroy the Trump presidency.  But for those in the know, the attempt to keep the President on the sideline during the month of October yielding to the virus as planned did not work.  Trump even had the added benefit of coming down with Covid-19 and got over it during a previous weekend.  The 50 or so White House staff who also came down with it were by now returning to work unmolested by the effects and the President’s team was back at campaigning viciously.  The Biden people had obviously been planning the Detroit speech for a while and had been hoping to compete with the President, but what came to be was far short as an effort and they knew it.   The gamble had not worked.  Covid-19 hadn’t stopped Trump or his supporters and now it was obvious, Joe Biden just didn’t have what it took to run for president.

Up to this point going all the way back to the predictable way that Democrat rivals dropped out of the race to make way for Joe after the South Carolina Primary results as a way to circle the wagons for a presidential run, the plan was to ride the effects of the virus, with Democrat activists like Dr. Fauci shaping the CDC guidelines to suit the purpose of political theater so that Biden could have a shot at standing just long enough, and speaking just enough to win if the media did the rest of the job.  But President Trump had to be sidelined with the same campaign strategies, or it never would have worked and everyone knew it.  A little behind the scenes look at Biden’s Detroit rally showed the story clearly, there weren’t many people there and the teleprompters were insanely large in order to give the effect that the former VP was speaking off-the-cuff, like Trump.  It was supposed to be their answer to the President’s vast energy and resolve, which came up embarrassingly short. And Biden knew it as he spoke.  Notice that his wife wasn’t anywhere to be seen at the Detroit event, which was obviously well planned.  The details of the Hunter Biden emails would have an embarrassing impact on anybody, with the crack pipe and pin cushion women that tend to hang around people like him like flies on shit—and they look like it.

If Joe Biden wasn’t so malicious and hadn’t threatened to beat up President Trump in the year’s past, we might feel sorry for him.  After all, the news we’ve been talking about has been bad, and its hard to get up in front of people and to speak when the point of everything has been to use the virus of Covid-19 as a shield to hide his incompetency.  Now he had to go out on the trail and talk and look lively which was never the plan.  The media was going to win this whole thing for him and here he still was getting beat 4 to 1 in weekend events by Trump who seemed to be everywhere all the time all hours of the day.  And his kids were helping the campaign with events of their own and they weren’t being photographed with skanks and crackpipes with financial ties to hostile foreign governments.  Then leading up to another debate this upcoming week there is promise that even more damning information is coming out from the Trump camp that will make the matter far worse for Biden.  Yeah, it was obviously tough for Biden to get through that speech.  He looked lost and out of energy clasping for each word as if it were going to be his last.  At this point the polling results haven’t caught the reality of the moment, even when they did everything they could to be as misleading in Biden’s direction as possible.  The evidence of his eventual defeat was clearly on his mind, and everyone else’s.

We might feel sorry for an old man like Joe Biden who has seen better days and was clearly outmatched for this presidential run.  But then we must remember to what extent he is part of a criminal enterprise who has sold away his influence for years and put our country in many compromising situations as a result.  Joe Biden might be a broken up old man, but more than that, he is paying hell now for many crimes he has committed in the past—and he has all this coming and more.  Of course, everyone has tried to help him who benefits from the vast amount of corruption that we have come to accept out of Washington, until we elected President Trump the first time. And they want a return to those glory days, such as the theme of the car culture in Detroit which the Biden people tried to emulate.  But the evidence of a Trump victory is coming through loud and clear.  Nobody is working harder than Trump, and what is clear is that even with all his work, the people of America are doing a lot of work on their own to show their support in what has become a beautiful symphony of patriotism.  And that is something Joe Biden knew he was missing in that well-planned, but weak event which tells the whole story of 2020 politics amid the made-up Covid-19 crises.

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The Terrorist Gretchen Whitmer: And her FBI conspirators against Trump

Wait a minute, we are supposed to accept that 13 terrorists were plotting to kidnap and possibly kill the tyrant Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer based on the investigation of the same FBI who worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign to cover for her destroyed emails and the Russian Hoax to disguise that scandal in a hope to overturn the 2016 election of Donald Trump?  (6 arrested on federal charges, another 7 on state charges)  In a week where Democrats have looked pretty terrible due to the president overcoming the Covid-19 virus and being restored to the public without quarantine just a week after getting the diagnosis, and a week after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Whitmer’s emergency order mandates in reaction to the virus, which has destroyed many millions of lives, we are supposed to believe her?  The timing of the accusation against a militia group that was talking on social media of taking action against the Michigan Governor because they saw no other recourse, this being months before the Supreme Court finally got around to a ruling justified their arrest for calling her names, scouting out her property, and buying a taser justified a full press conference that went national essentially to attempt to blame their actions on President Trump because nothing else had been working in the months leading up to the 2020 election.  There was some kind of assumption that wanting to retake control of the government out of control in Michigan was bad, and even a terrorist act.

Well, where were all these arrests as Democrats and big donors were plotting to overwhelm our cities with rioters, where Antifa groups (which these guys arrested sounded like they were) and Black Lives Matters activists were literally beating and killing people in our streets all summer and terrorizing people in the suburbs with threats of violence?  Those events were organized on social media, where was the FBI on those cases to bust up the rings of terrorism?  Where are the arrests of those government organizers who are actively seeking to destroy the American Constitution?  If the FBI is paying attention to 13 supposed “right winged” conspirators, what about all the left-winged attackers?  We all know the answer.  Gretchen Whitmer lost a supreme court case, she has hell coming her way due to her massive abuses of power, and she is hoping that the Democrat Party will give her a future for being a good “radical” against the Trump administration in an important time in the election, and she is using this story at the expense of the 13 people supposedly involved in the plot to give her a cover story to deflect her own crimes from the public eye.

Let’s think about how serious this is for a moment, this arrest of some people who were calling Gretchen Whitmer names over computer networks and how the FBI was able to use that information to make arrests.  So far it appears that all these people did was talk about bringing harm to Whitmer, which I have heard just about everyone say lately, from Wal-Mart to our neighborhood McDonald’s.  When a governor like Whitmer abuses her authority as grossly as she did and it destroys jobs and people’s lives the way it has, what are people supposed to do if they can’t call on the law to save them from the tyranny?  These people were looking at their constitutional options as a means to fix it, which is perfectly understandable.  Until that Supreme Court judgment last week, these 13 people had a good case for recourse.    But what’s troubling about this issue is that they were arrested just for “thinking about it” which is a very real kind of Minority Report type of government passing judgment against others to protect itself from their own mistakes.  To set the premise that people can be arrested for free speech because the contents are deemed dangerous by those who are in an authority position.  That is very bad, and scary stuff—no wonder those guys were thinking what they were thinking.  Sounds justified to me.  If the law only serves those in power, then what are people supposed to do to defend themselves?

Gretchen Whitmer and many others in government forget that she is an employee of the people who voted for her, she is not an empress.  The government is there to serve the people, not to subject the people to the rules of a tyrant.  If an elected official begins to show the signs of a tyrant, it is not enough to say wait until the next election and vote them out.  We did vote for President Trump and look how this system has treated him.  They have tried to erase our decisions as a free people and show us that we are under their control, and they have used this Covid-19 virus as a means to abuse emergency powers to gain more authority.  That is the real issue, and for these people arrested by the FBI, they were seeing the writing on the wall and they were doing what they thought they had to do in order to protect a country they love.  That’s not racist or “Right Winged.”  It is the attack of left-winged progressives that are trying to push the political spectrum so far to the communist left, then redefining the political parameters that is the issue.  It is the change state that the political left has implemented that has caused the tension.  Then trying to use that change state to paint Bill of Rights supporters or Constitutional purists as crazy radical terrorists.  No, the terrorists are the change agents who call themselves radicals who are abusing the law and causing all the trouble, including with this particular case involving Whitmer.

For me, the FBI lost its moral authority during the Trump cases, so I don’t believe anything they are doing now.  Picking on these 13 people who talked about kidnapping Whitmer in order to save their idea of the Constitution is pretty reprehensible when you consider that there are far worse conversations going on out there, especially on the political left, and the ballot harvesting plans.  For the FBI to pick on this one case to give Whitmer something else to talk about other than her massive Supreme Court loss shows a federal division that is still willing to help Democrats win elections against the people’s choice of Donald Trump.  The timing of the story couldn’t be worse—it shows the guilt of a complicit FBI to pick and choose their cases based on political merit, not in the blind pursuit of justice, which is why those people in that so-called militia group felt they had no other recourse but violence.  Yet they hadn’t acted toward that violence and the FBI arrested them anyway, a week after the Supreme Court case.  I’d be willing to bet the results of that case would have quelled the plans of the militia so why arrest them now?  Well, because the FBI wanted to help a sister out in Whitmer, and they wanted to help shape the results of the election as the Governor tried to use the arrests as an attack on Trump now that he was triumphantly beating on his chest for surviving Covid-19—the very virus she had been using to grab for so much power.  With Trump getting over the virus, and people realizing that most of what the news has told us about the coronavirus of 2020 was complete bullshit, Whitmer had to get control of the dialogue, so for that 13 people were arrested and accused of crimes against the state.  But as it is obvious, it is the state that committed all the crimes. 

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The Plan: What the 2012 Olympics told us about the upcoming Covid-19 virus weaponized for global domination

Its something that has been bothering me for the last eight years but in relation to all this Covid-19 drama I went back and re-watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics in 2012 and the little presentation given by the National Health Service suddenly made a lot more sense.  You can review the show below and specifically the part I’m talking about at the 43-minute mark.  Putting on my Finnegans Wake hat I’ll explain how the National Health Service was giving a psychological conditioning performance which is what happens in media more often than you might think.  Its why the media culture thinks they can control presidential politics and why nations seek an alliance with the media to shape the cultures of their populations.  For anybody who doubts that our 2020 reaction to a very specific strain of coronavirus wasn’t planned way in advance by the big money people, like Bill Gates, and George Soros along with many, many others then here is your proof.  If you doubt what happened in October of 2019 in New York with the precises simulation of what would become Covid-19 and to unleash it upon the world not so much as a deadly virus, but one that people believed was deadly then this video and my interpretation of the Olympic event will settle the story for good.  Even just a surface viewing of this show is haunting, but to consider that it was considered high art and broadcast to the world at one of the most watched events that there is anywhere, it should become obvious that Covid-19 was a long planned attack on global cultures and a future state map to a new world order with the newly aligned governments to become a nanny state to nurse everyone back to a productive culture—as the National Health Service and to a larger extent, the World Health Organization planned it.

The show starts with a stage full of children going to bed as the nurses read to them.  The scene is festive and vibrant, much like the Tic Tock videos of nurses dancing in hospitals that we have seen this year mysteriously coordinated as people were supposedly dying in their care and being loaded onto refrigeration trucks outside stacked to the ceiling with the dead.  These are the good times of a pre-shutdown world.  Then the children go to sleep, which could represent all of us, the children of the world, the future laying asleep on beds lit up with brilliant white light. But then comes a nightmare, along comes the nightmare disguised by images of myth in our culture such as characters from Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter.  But what is clear is that a danger is coming while the world sleeps specifically from China and the horsemen of the apocalypse within a cage as characters who look like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are awaked by a great threat as a giant wizard emerges into the sky with his magic wand coordinating the nightmare.  This character looks a bit like the Emperor from Star Wars and could represent George Soros and those like him working behind the scenes to orchestrate this terror unleashed.

The creatures who rush the stage clearly represent a viral outbreak.  At the time in 2012 many people thought what the National Health Service was trying to say was that we’ve been through plagues in the past and that they appreciated the nurses who guided us through those crises.  However, what they were showing we now know is clearly a reference to the upcoming plandemic that is upon us now, and this little play was our guidebook to dealing with it.  They were predicting a viral outbreak that would attack all those asleep and everyone would be under the spell of the giant overseer. The nurses suddenly become robotic and obviously not self-guided.  Everyone on stage was suddenly controlled by the virus and the overseer as the children ran for their lives and there was nowhere to hide.  This is what we are experiencing right now.  Make absolutely no mistake about it, the plan was for the leaders of the world to be contaminated by this Covid-19 virus and to strip away the covers of security we all live under and expose us to the great danger of this coronavirus.  President Trump likely was supposed to get it at some point in 2020 and it was meant to strip him away as a symbol of American power and show that he was controlled by the ominous forces lurking in the world just off-stage, and that we’d all be forced to follow.

Then by some miracle dozens and dozens of Mary Poppins like characters fall from the sky by their umbrellas and land eradicating the virus and forcing it off stage.  The grand overseer is reduced melting away like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and peace is restored into not so much the free state at the beginning, but to a state where security is ushered in by a nanny state literally represented by Mary Poppins herself—the ultimate nanny.  It always bothered me that there were many Mary Poppins characters but now we know.  The goal of the National Health Service and the World Health Organization represented at the Olympics was for the purpose of planting a seed of behavior so that when the moment came, people would know how to react.  The purpose of the Covid-19 virus would be to scare the hell out of everyone by attacking the very foundations of their society and what would emerge was a one world government provided behind the various health organizations in every country and that is what would unite us all to a common good—ran by them of course.  The show ends with a better, more organized world run by the nannies giving birth to a new age as represented by the giant baby that becomes the centerpiece of the stage.

The media seemed to know just what to do as the helicopter rushed President Trump off to Walter Reed hospital for treatment of Covid-19 one month before the American election.  The enemies of American independents cheered that the President was now sick and that he might die due to his age and health status.  The message was clear in 2012, nobody was going to escape this virus and the only way to live would be to turn toward the health advisers and an eventual nanny state for security.  However, what they didn’t plan was for President Trump to defeat the massive overseer himself, or for Trump supporters to flood the streets outside Walter Reed hospital to rally the president back to health the way that President Trump had rallied the nation to defend themselves against these maniacal forces and put America first.  None of that was part of the plan which is why there is a kind of major panic going on by those who believed that this little play was the game plan they had invested much of their lives into.  It was coming undone right in front of their faces.  But make no mistake about it, this Covid-19 event was about nothing but control from the start.  They have been planning it for decades and they unleashed it loose in 2020 to make their move against Trump’s America first policies, so that the United Nations could move in and take control of the world governments in what they thought was a peaceful coup.  Once America fell, the other governments of the world would follow.  But with Trump surviving and becoming more resolute than ever with supporters rallying to the cause, yeah, that wasn’t part of the plan.

I’m convinced that Democrat operatives committed to the inside understanding of what was going to happen through the various health organizations taking over government responsibilities were going to find a way to get Covid-19 to President Trump one way or another.  It is no accident that this past week many big names in the NFL also came down with positive testing keeping them from playing their games on Sunday, such as Cam Newton.  We are supposed to feel that there is no Superman who will save us from this disease and hope is supposed to be erased from our minds.  That is the point of the virus.  But when Trump fought the effects and took his hydroxychloroquine cocktails to fight Covid-19 head on instead of laying in bed by the doctors to be put to sleep literally, the whole plan fell apart.  And that’s where we find ourselves today just ahead of the election.  The events of that play are undone completely and thankfully.  But don’t kid yourself.  This wasn’t something that just happened.  Covid-19 was and will always be a power grab by the World Health Organization to put the United Nations in charge of our lives not by the point of a gun, but by the fear of a virus which they completely controlled and always planned to.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior


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Escaping the Vico Cycle: Elon Musk’s Starship and a new Trump administration will do it–the big view of world events

Its time to take a bigger picture view of our current political situation and to step beyond even the intent of global markets to crash America in an attempt to advance themselves, and to reset the clock from the point of view of the United Nations, into earthly communism showing a complete eradication of capitalism in all its forms.  There is a good, hard wired reason that many desire that.  Of course, it’s not a “good” reason, but from their point of reference, it all makes sense.  Before addressing the internal problems in America with the massive corruption of the FBI and its attachment and activism within the previous White House, ran by the community organizer, Barack Obama, we owe it to ourselves to understand why the hell anybody would think crushing America would even be a good idea.  The answer is rather simple if you pull back far enough to see it clearly, but in this case, we have to look at the entire solar system of our present residence to grapple with the problem then to understand the urgency for the forces fighting the onslaught for which human kind has decided to move against.  For the last 200,000 years, or even millions, humans have been confined to a cycle of thought known as the Vico Cycle, constructed by Giambattista Vico in his great book La Science Nuova and most explicitly utilized in one of the most difficult books to read in all of human history, Finnegan’s Wake.  I think it takes reading and understanding Finnegan’s Wake to truly grapple with the meaning of the Trump Presidency occurring in history at the same time that a person like Elon Musk is building a fantastic factory in Texas that is planning to build one of their new Starships, MK1s each week and soon every 72 hours.  Elon Musk is essentially building a railroad into space and he has a president who is willing to fight off the red tape of history to pave the way to do it and that is what has the Vico Cycle jealous and up in arms.

We’ve seen this kind of period in history before, when railroads crossed the unclaimed vastness of the American West, but at no point prior.  In literally every place around the world, tyrants and monsters always occupied unclaimed lands and territorial battles ensued which put all people in one camp of thought or another only to spend their entire lives boot licking one power or another.  In the modern sense, most of our governments yearn for that same type of approach to everything but they can feel people’s support for that Vico Cycle way of life fall away where everything goes through four basic cycles of existence, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy only to begin again anew.  Presently that is the global desperation, is to advance our cultures into the anarchy state so that the world can have a great reset of economics and global coordination so that everyone can be reborn into a new age theocracy.  If you talk to Bill Gates and George Soros and get to what they think is right and just, you will find these thoughts at their core beliefs.  In such a system the old age takes with it the dead who are on the same cycle of life personally, but its to be celebrated because a new rebirth of the whole thing leads to a chance to begin again.  Not for those who perish of course, but for society in general, and the organizers are of course poised to be the leaders of that rebirth.

Many don’t understand how with the freedoms unlocked in the American concept that massive innovations were unleashed in 19th century minds like Sam Colt and Thomas Edison—we’ll get into Edison and his light bulb in great detail in a later article—but with the railroad West a new way of thinking was born that divorced itself from the Vico Cycle.  The Indians were of course functioning from the Vico Cycle just as all people around the world had been, and that crash of conflict of course occurred in violent ways.  But innovation crushed essentially the imprisonment of the Vico Cycle and that led to where we are presently.  Throughout the last hundred years in America the old world of the Vico Cycle struggled to take over global politics with a move toward communism yet the ambitions of science and innovation had finally freed those with the courage to look at it from the Vico Cycle unleashing countless opportunities for mankind.  The most obvious clash of these ideas exploded on the stage after the first moon landing by Nasa back in 1969 which was followed by the Vico Cycle stand of Woodstock where a month later young people stripped off their clothes and had vicious sex and mind numbing drug abuse in the mud of a field listening to tribal music of a culture trying to hang on to a flow of life that had endured for thousands of years.

But now, with the technical breakthroughs of Elon Musk’s great technicians at Tesla and SpaceX we are seeing something radically new and different which has opened up all the raw emotions that have been pent up for millenniums.  SpaceX has already shown this past year what they can do with reusable rockets and how journeys into space can be done safely, and steadily without great discomfort.  Now with their Starships, essentially busses into space happening all the time, soon to be daily, the escape from the Vico Cycle will now continue the type of thinking that made America in the first place, but instead of it being westward expansion it will be to the moon, and Mars—quickly and before the end of Trump’s next presidential term, we could have a new technology and way of life that will be even more revolutionary than the internet was, or the invention of the personal PC.  The kind of world that the Starship brings to humanity will be the last dagger in the heart of the Vico Cycle which will have long lasting implications that people can see and fear, yet the trends of discovery are happening whether they like it or not.

The riots, the Deep State, the desire to focus on viral outbreaks that lock down economies are all in an effort to keep us all imprisoned to the Vico Cycle which the old powers control.  They may die in the process, but that path is understood throughout time.  Leaders rise and fall, rule and are ruled then they die only to be born again to judge the living and the dead—that is our own personal Vico Cycle.  However what is coming with Trump and Elon Musk’s Starship—along with many other inventions that are splashing through the patent office as we speak is a complete divorce from the Vico Cycle for something to replace it that has never been known to human kind, ever.  So, it is in that understanding that we must use to grapple with the elements of our times.  And to understand why there is so much desperation from those who are now calling themselves the political left.  They do want communism, but deeper than that, they want Giambattista Vico’s Vico Cycle.  They want to understand the cycle and their place on it because they are not adventurers and daredevils who thrive in bold climates and risk taking.  They are timid souls who just want to know what’s coming next, even if its death.  At least they can understand the steps and accept their fate.  But what comes with Starship and the next Trump administration is scary for them, and they can see that no matter what they do, the trends of life are against them, and there is nothing they can do to stop it now that the Vico Cycle is breaking and mankind is inventing something new for itself for what looks to be, the first time.

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Why White College Educated Women Join Terrorist Groups like ‘Black Lives Matters’: Sex and power are still the motivator, but how they are defined is the difference

One of the most boring things to write about is the problems of the sexes, but for the sake of our times, there are some major things that have to be discussed, primarily the sad truth that has been proposed about white college educated suburban women and the way the political left thinks they will vote on behalf of President Trump.  I have not yet heard anybody properly diagnose the situation truly anywhere, so it is imperative to comprehend the situation in ways that left winged politics is hiding from themselves, let alone the world at large.  To many, it is quite a mystery why highly educated women, especially white women, have been found marching with Black Lives Matters and Antifa protestors.  It was during the days of ISIS, the terror group, quite a paradox that young women especially where giving up their Christian European backgrounds to join the terrorists and to become radicalized Muslims.  It has even been quite a traumatic reality that many middle aged white women as they get down to the last few eggs in their fertility machines sneak out of the house while their husbands are sleeping to have sexual trysts with black men.  The answers to these questions have been perplexing to say the least, but are keys in understanding why women are voting for President Trump, and will continue to do so given the option, which goes against every form of demographic matrix that politics measures—because they are ignoring a huge part of the reality.

When the media reports that women are supporting Black Lives Matters, and even Joe Biden for president, they assume that it is because the women are educated in colleges and are part of some enlightened knowledge.  Often it is said that the people who support President Trump in general are not college educated, which is why its also assumed that highly educated white women would never support “The Donald” but it is never explored in the media as to why, just that it is the way that things are.  Well, the answer to that question is very disappointing to those who think otherwise, that within the halls of college institutions are the magic ingredients for sophistication and higher understanding which holds the key to the most wonderful aspects of human civilization.  But in truth, it is the sum of the most pent up sexual preponderances placed on women especially who are expected to play out the falsehoods of progressive ambitions and to thus invest those frustrations into what they think of as the dominate males of our day, the bullies of the political left and how they can dominate white males into submission with name calling and other forms of social pressure.  Yes, when the smoke clears from these discussions what we end up with in the highly educated young white college women is sexual desire still for whatever society says is the top males of our species.

For all the attempts at feminism, which is an idea concocted in the vacuum of logic, it was always assumed that in progressive life, where women could vote and leave the house without being on the arm of an aristocratic gentleman was this notion that we were stepping into a more sophisticated era where women could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, after working all day as a legal scholar and never forget romance.  A woman could be everything, but more than anything, they could be independent and function as leaders in their community without needing anybody’s approval.  But what logic did bring to the table of thought was that women didn’t really want feminism, they just wanted to use politics to bring in an age of new top males as defined by a society controlled more by rules than weapons.  Rather than the toughest males of society being the burly fighter who has killed 50 people in their life making all the women want to have a baby by such a creature for their instinctual lust for the best DNA for their offspring that is possible, the new top dog men were college professors with combovers and coffee breath who could beat other men in submission with liberal rules and regulations and force that former brute to be homeless and destitute.

The effects of liberal society has shown these educated women that the top men of their world are people of color, because they can see how they have now pushed around white men and forced them to play the woke game under command of the new bullies of our civilization.  Logic would say to these same highly educated white women that joining Black Lives Matters and Defund the Police movements would not be to their advantage.  Its not like such men and women in those Marxist groups are going to give them nice homes in the suburbs and large incomes for dazzling vacations with their future children.  But since the men of these radical groups are pushing around the men of the former power groups and getting away with it, the sexual fantasies of the white women have twisted their logic into assisting in the tyranny, all out of a yearning for their sexual organs to be exploited by the best and most brutish males however society defines them as the most aggressive.  It’s the way ultimately that women are wired.  White college trained women are not joining Black Lives Matters because they sympathize with race reparations or even that they believe anything the Democrat Party utters as a philosophy about fairness and equality.  They join Black Lives Matters because they want to f**k the bullies of our society for their own definitions of power.  The ability to have sex with the dominate forces of any society is truly how success is measured, especially among females.  Their college educations by liberal professors defined for them that these are the parameters of success, so they join the cause for those reasons alone.

That is, until President Trump came along and screwed up everything with a brutish alpha male approach to politics leaving many women to turn toward the Republican Party. There was never such a coalition of women as there is with Women For Trump that is so excited to vote for a man in his mid-seventies as they are for Trump, because it is now him who is doing the pushing around.  Those same white college educated women that have been moving toward ISIS support, Antifa, and Black Lives Matters are now confused because what they were taught about men defies what they feel about Trump, so they are torn.  Verbally they call Trump a bully, but when the lights go down and their husbands are asleep, they are looking at their windows and wanting to crawl through to some midnight rendezvous at a café serving the bottom feeders of society at the small hours of the morning and hope that they might lay nude with Trump himself or someone like him.  Because that’s the way people are wired, men look for their definitions of the most attractive women, and women look for the top male, the bully, the dominator, the one who can best give them children and a few memories in the arms of power.  How that power is defined is largely by society.  Currently, liberal terrorist groups represent that power.  But the way Trump has defined power in the new Republican Party, well, that’s changed the story quite a lot the other way.

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Governor DeWine’s FEMA Camps: Covid-19 is a complete government scam in every way meant to control all of us

OK, it seems like I do this every day now, but hey, this is the Book of Revelations, so all the “I told you so’s” are at least a little reassurance that listening to me then wasn’t a crazy thing to do, and maybe if you listen to me now, you might save yourself from all the doom and gloom that is intended for your life. It was nearly a decade ago where I told you Dear Reader about the FEMA camps that were going to emerge and it was difficult to imagine where and how they would be introduced. Well, Governor Mike DeWine whom I often call “Dummy DeWine” signed an executive directive in the middle of the night the other day with no legislature anywhere near to regulate his authoritative power and he made the FEMA camps a very real thing for the future. I have a hard time believing that Mike DeWine is part of some massive Jim Marrs conspiracy or some Alex Jones diatribe, but the governor is a process guy, meaning he doesn’t necessarily think in term of thought, but in compliance so if someone tells him something, he tends to fulfill the parameters of accomplishment. That made him a great Attorney General because the laws were established for him to follow, and he did a good job, but as a John McCain type of Republican, he has been a terrible governor in Ohio. He is following a script that has been well laid out in advance and has been playing his role including demanding dictatorial powers a year before Covid-19 even hit the stage. So all this has been quite eye opening in how true many of the conspiracies that have been talked about for years has actually been. But as a free people, we did something about it which was not part of the plan, we elected Donald Trump and have re-taken the Republican Party away from the old losers. And that sets the stage for the next thing about Covid-19 that I’m going to tell you, which should piss you off quite thoroughly.

Just an update on the DeWine impeachment given directly to me by a very prominent Republican close to the situation, they are struggling in the Ohio House to find 20 votes in favor, even though most everyone agrees that it would be a good idea. The reasons given are because the way the articles of impeachment were written that many feel it insults the intelligence of Mike DeWine and that this is an election year and the Republican Party needs to come together to get Trump re-elected. And plus, many need the Governor to get bills they write passed, and they can’t do that if their name is on impeachment legislation, so for the most part, impeaching Mike DeWine is more symbolic than practical. But I’ll tell you what, it gives new meaning to the day where Trump came to a Cleveland rally and DeWine as governor was supposed to meet him, but couldn’t because he tested positive for Covid-19. So he couldn’t go, but later that day he tested negative. Its looking more and more that either President Trump doesn’t want photos with the Ohio governor, or that DeWine doesn’t want to hang out with the president.

And that tends to be the story with Covid-19 tests just like the ones Mike DeWine took, there looks to be an extremely high occurrence of false positives, and if we could manage to take the test again, we’d find out that it was really negative. For most people, testing is still some kind of exotic luxury so to get a test that counters another test is rare, and even then, it leaves people confused as to whether or not they actually have Covid-19. It looks like the labs can get whatever results they want from the tests so that is the first indicator that we can’t trust the results of what the test claim to provide. Even so, nobody in government has yet to explain to us why testing for Covid-19 is even important. So you test positive for Covid, what happens next? Well, nothing. The virus isn’t really deadly to anybody. The CDC has had to retract the way they count Covid deaths and the real number is around 6K. Most people who have died of Covid, that number that is approaching rapidly the 200K mark are people who were carrying the virus but died of other things like heart disease, lung problems and diabetes. They were people already with health issues, yet government stupidly sought to penalize the healthy to save the morbidly unhealthy and to blame the whole thing on the virus. The result is that we can’t trust any government numbers, at all. None of it means anything.

However, as many know I was looking at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota as something of a scientific test bed of reality and here are the results. The media has scattered far and wide to attempt to make the outdoor motorcycle event a “superspreader” so they could continue to scare everyone into the government compliance tactics that we have been talking about, the mandatory masks, the quarantines, the lack of attendance at restaurants, amusement parks and sporting events—essentially the control of people and the economy using Covid-19 as the excuse. Again we are supposed to believe that just getting Covid-19 is like getting Aids or some other death sentence when in reality Covid-19 isn’t even dangerous to most of our population in the least. So Governor Kristi Noam of South Dakota has been really the only governor not to fall for the Covid nonsense and she allowed Sturgis to go on pretty much as normal. 460,000 people attended this year. The real number is likely higher because that number was counted as vehicles more than the people riding on them, so let’s just say, it was a huge sampling of people not wearing masks or socially distancing. There were even large groups of people having sex in the streets and licking and spitting all over each other at wet t-shirt contests, which is pretty gross, but for our sampling here, its about as bad of an event for containing a virus that one could imagine.

Well the results from Sturgis which has been over for well passed the quarantine period of 14 days as the CDC previously surmised and the media working hard to find a single case of Covid has only managed to attach 300 cases out of that population of roughly a half a million. What that means is that the same population per capita came down with Covid-19 as states like Ohio and Kentucky where mask mandates are normal and social distancing guidelines are most stringent, even to the point where Governor DeWine is regulating how many people can attend a professional football game, if any at all to slow the spread of the virus at sporting events. The amount of people getting the virus with just a case, is under 1%, the same as what we have seen at Sturgis ignoring all the rules of conduct that the CDC implemented without knowing a thing about this coronavirus, and that mistake has now cost our economy trillions. Governor DeWine of Ohio alone is responsible for billions of dollars of lost economy and lives ruined by his actions. Following the social distance guidelines and mask mandates or ignoring them completely has provided exactly the same results among a mass population. This silly notion of controlling the spread of the virus is a complete fiction supported by made up positive case statistics and faulty death counts.

The goal of Covid-19 has always been about controlling the population and giving the government more control, and it has been planned for years even going back to the concept of the FEMA camps. It is a product of the fantasy of government to control everyone with implementing a communist state like what China has now, and yes the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are all in on it. The internet itself was invented by government likely for this purpose. It wasn’t there to make email possible and to make it so everyone could have porn—which should tell you something about the intentions of the internet from the beginning. It was always about controlling you and I from the bureaucratic minds of the dumbest of our society—those who go to work for government to become part of the “Deep State.” We can’t trust anything they say, and enough of us became sick of the experience that we voted for Donald Trump to break the cycle and all this is happening now so that they might prevent his re-election. And that’s all Covid-19 is. It’s not dangerous by itself and it certainly shouldn’t have destroyed our economy the way it has. But our politicians have been bad, even maniacal and they used it to gain control over all of us and they have no intention to give that power back. In the end, if not with an election, we are going to have to body slam a few politicians to get that power back, because now that they’ve tasted it, they are certainly addicted to its luster.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Just How Good the Republican Convention of 2020 Was: Democrats are going to lose, and lose big

What you have been seeing with the Republican Convention during the week of August 26th 2020 is the reason that communism will never occur in the United States. There are too many diverse people with too many diverse thoughts, and the brown shirt youth attacks, and the state controlled media that have led to communism in other parts of the world at different times is not enough to overtake the thoughts of free people when given the option. The tactics of the political left are out of the playbook of communism that I have spelled out in this blog over the last ten years. It seemed strange at the time, even only a decade ago to talk about Cleon Skousen’s book ‘The Naked Communist’ and not have people look at you like you were crazy. ‘The Naked Communist’ spelled out the Left’s strategy for taking over the media, both political parties and the education system to convert America into a communist country with a slow boil. There were even many surprised people who learned what I reported about the Reagan administration having lots of communist sympathizers in it just waiting for him to become too old to stop them who were well underway with communist plans for the Department of Education which was just enacted to that aim in 1979, just a few years prior to his election. And they had captured, the communists of the world, everything our eyes and ears could see and hear and they had many people feeling that it was all hopeless, until this Republican Convention.

To say this is the best Republican Convention ever doesn’t go far enough to describe the situation. This is the first Republican Convention where the Party as we have known it wasn’t in charge. With Trump in the White House, those old insurgents who shaped the Party to reflect progressive (communist) values have been sifted out. The old political movers and shakers were not invited, mostly its been about the Trump family, old Tea Party supporters and regular people from all walks of life who have done all the talking. And they have more accurately represented the kind of people who want to vote Republican than at any time that I’ve ever seen, and that’s a good thing. The effectiveness of the show as Trump’s team presented it showed the true heart of America for really the first time in a four-day program like this which really put the Democrat effort to shame. I’m not saying that because I don’t like Democrats, which I don’t like them in any form, but because they did a terrible job with their convention just as they do a terrible job as governing, or anything regarding management. They have the wrong philosophy for life given to them by Karl Marx and it destroys everything their thoughts touch. The great things about America are still there, and it has shown brightly during the Republican Convention of 2020.

I would still urge everyone reading this, and those who have not yet read this, to stay vigilant and vote like your life depends on it, because it does. The only logical next step after this upcoming election is guns in the streets to fight them directly. Trump should win easily and we should hope so, because if he doesn’t the violence will increase dramatically from the left. They are desperate which was obvious from Hillary Clinton’s remarks after the first day. She knew how good the Republican Convention was and a panic started setting into Democrats as they all came to the same realization. America was not going to buy what they’ve been selling even with mobs of stupid kids running around in the streets yelling at people to scare them into voting for Democrats. Rather, people looked to be rebelling by not paying attention to Democrats and that was going to lead to high engagement voters in November against them, not for them. After the second night, which was even better for Republicans, the reaction by Democrats was even more apocalyptic. They are communists, not just liberals, and their century long plan to take over America was slipping away, and they could see it. After all that they’ve done, for the Trump team to produce something as good as the Republican Convention in the middle of their made up pandemic from the White House was nothing short of stunning and they will never recover from it.

The scary thing for Democrats is that there just aren’t enough wimps, losers, and compliance addicts in the Republican Party to allow communists to take over politics in America. Even with all the power they’ve managed, especially with the media, at this critical stage where all their puzzle pieces have come together, the stories, and attitudes of Republicans at the convention have shown that the spirit Democrats hoped to crush is still very much alive and well. A very traditional America is still there, it has just been hidden behind communists taking over the media. But at the convention people could see that they were not alone, and even Fox stayed with the night 2 broadcast most of the way through. They had been breaking away for pundit commentary, but the ratings were too good, so Fox stayed with most of the convention broadcast from start to finish which says everything. Where communism has been tried everywhere in the world they have never encountered free people like there are in America, who when given options, will not choose to follow them. Only by removing hope can communism spread like a virus. But the 2020 Republican Convention was all about hope which essentially undid everything the political left has been working on for generations. It all hit a wall halfway through the convention when speaker after speaker from all backgrounds and races looked to Republicanism for hope and freedom mixed with opportunities they could get from nowhere else in the world.

I would not doubt that Republicans have earned some new voters after this convention, perhaps 7% more. If they all show up to vote, Election Night will be a very dominating performance for Republicans. It is hard to imagine that the Trump team running things these days at the Republican convention could have done a better job. It was a deal killer for the Democrats for certain and the impact will be lasting. But, until there is no time on the clock don’t take a victory for granted. Go out and get some yard signs, help where you can, and make sure to vote. Protect the lead and run up the score. That is the best way to offset the obvious cheating attempts that Democrats will instigate. What they need on Election Night is a dominating victory over them, one that leaves them reeling in the grass like a snake with its head cut freshly off. A victory over Democrats will of course lead to more protests and violence from them after the election, but they will run out of gas quickly, much more so than if they were to win. A loss for them will take the air out of their communist dreams, and that would be a great thing, the best way forward for peace and justice. Which for them is now very obvious, they are going to lose, and lose badly.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Joe Biden Speech: A choice between reality and a production

I feel sorry for people who don’t know, I thought everyone did until I heard the reviews from Biden’s speech on Thursday where everyone was so shocked that he did so well. Watching it the first time, then watching it again, there is a lot of Hollywood magic going on with it that is never going to hold up on a live stage. They did their best to make him look good, they wrote his speech, they put the cameras in the right locations, and they edited the event to make it look live. But watching it, I don’t think Joe Biden was even reading the teleprompter live. It was a production, not a presidential announcement. It was a product of the puppet masters and not a man offering to lead from the White House. In many ways it was the starkest contrast to President Trump who doesn’t need the support cast and operates with strings on him for anybody to pull. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I thought the metaphors were clear to everyone, including the production team trying to get that many sentences out of Joe Biden before he started talking about kids rubbing the hair on his legs. They gave him a 20-minute script to read and they likely did it in several takes until they had the best one, and that is what we saw on television.

The giveaway to the whole event was the two medium shots they used before and after the speech to set up the event. Those were both live and the had Biden sort of lip sync his movements to match the video event. They were just far enough that even on a 4k television it would be difficult to make out the features of his face so long as he put his hands in the right place, which Biden was able to do well enough to sell to the public that it was a live broadcast. Biden was oddly in a room where nobody else was, the video board they had showed people clapping who were watching, but they were in a different location and would never know if who they were clapping for was live, or had been recorded two weeks ago. It wouldn’t matter to them. At the end of the speech of course they moved back to a medium shot where Biden’s wife and a few others came out from behind the stage to then help sell that everything was happening live. They waved to the clapping video images on the video monitor for a few minutes then went outside into the parking lot where the DNC had set it up like a drive-in theater to a live audience and fireworks.

OK, so if the point of the whole convention was to “socially distance” then why didn’t Biden give that speech outside to the crowd instead of having them watch the video monitor? As a presidential candidate shouldn’t he have been able to read a teleprompter outside to the crowd? Wouldn’t that have been just as effective? Of course, it would, however, the point of the social distancing, and using Covid-19 as cover for live interactions was to keep Biden on script. The social distancing was part of the illusion to help sell the scripted cut-aways, the medium shots and the lip syncing so that Biden could have that perfect speech and wow the media with a tightly controlled impression. It didn’t bother me in the least, I figured it was the only way they could get him to get through that speech, and its show business, and that is half the battle in running for president. There are a lot of Democrats who work in Hollywood who are out of work over Covid-19 so they helped make a video presentation that made Joe look decent. I suspect watching that clip a few times now of the speech that it is a combination of several takes and the editors put together a greatest hits of it and synced it together with computer technology and perhaps even a bit of CGI to match all the takes into one seamless transition, sort of like what movie productions have done on films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘1917.’

The real giveaway is that they gave the speech inside a building to absolutely no live audience when just a few feet away outside was a parking lot full of people waiting to hear the speech but being forced to watch it on a video monitor. I would have brough this up yesterday, but I continued to hear all during Friday that Biden did this great job on his speech and that he had nailed it like he was a gymnast or something. But he didn’t. It was all a fake to be honest, just like the Covid-19 Plandemic, and many other things that the Democrats are trying to tell us are important. It was a production, not reality. What’s even worse is that most of the media likely know that what I have said about the speech is true, and they made themselves part of the illusion by trying to sell it as reality. The speech itself isn’t the problem, it represents what Democrats are offering as a platform and if people want to vote for that, then there you go. But when you try to sell an illusion as a fact, well that crosses the line of ethics. People go to a magic show expecting to be tricked. When they go to a political event, they are looking for information to help them cast a vote or to gather more people to their way of thinking. This level of dishonesty is precisely why everything is at a perilous place these days, and people are literally ready to kill each other.

I would go so far to say that Democrat Convention planners have been wanting to use Covid-19 to pull off this very kind of stunt because they are well aware that Biden is failing in health and they just want to get him over the finish line. This plan has been in place most of the year and is why Kamala Harris dropped out in December so that she could be a trojan horse of socialism getting elected on Joe’s back. Joe just wants to win something in his life even if they must carry him over the finish line. He just hopes he can live long enough. What’s bad about it all is that they are not selling the actual product but are purposely using deceit to achieve their political objective. And just like they have been trying to sell Covid-19 as this deadly disease, they are trying to show that Biden is alive and well, and can still give a speech when both are extreme fictions not rooted in any kind of reality. And that ultimately is what they are selling in this election. Do you want to go back to sleep and watch the production they put on to work their menace behind illusions, or do you want out of the Matrix and to fight for your freedom to live, think, and plan? That is what this election is really about—it’s the reality versus the production. And after Biden’s speech, we can be sure of one thing, that he’s not about reality.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Most Public School Teachers are Communists: Their fat asses reveal all that they have been trying to hide

I personally am happy and was delighted to hear that the Kentucky Teacher’s Union has called for a delay of school openings, which essentially should be starting about now. The amount of uncertainty and planning that this has caused so many is truly tragic, yet I find it funny because these actions are solidifying everything I have said about the teaching profession in general for so many years. And in spite of themselves, the teacher’s unions all across America are essentially doing just as those in Kentucky are, they are doing exactly as I have always said they would and what their true intentions are as teachers truly were. Precisely at the start of this whole Covid-19 mess I said that the two things that were going to be tough to do was to wrestle away the emergency powers from all the state governors and to convince the teachers to go back to work. After all, they have been off work now for most of 2020, and they get paid from our tax money anyway. So why would they want to go back to work, what incentive is in it for them? Well, people are actually stupid enough to believe that they really love our children, that they would want to go back to work to help teach our nation. Nope, that’s not what they are all about. Even though we can all name people who are “teachers” in the government schools, their ethics as people prohibit them from doing anything positive. Ultimately there is a reason that they pick that profession even if they hide their maliciousness even from themselves, their actions always give them away.

Most of the time, the definition of a liberal is a person guided through life by the limits of their existence and they use those limits to essentially hide their own laziness. You find them in government disproportionately frequently because rules and regulations are more defined in those fields which are attractive to the liberal because it is easy to hide the desire to achieve very little in life behind the bureaucracy of government nonsense. A liberal will spend a lot of time and energy explaining why something can’t be done as opposed to creating solutions to achieve an objective. That is because liberalism by its nature is a below the line way of looking at the world. Liberals love rules and regulations because it gives them an excuse to do very little in life, and still get paid for it. And that is ultimately why teacher unions are against any kind of performance review. The teachers as members may not agree with the teacher unions, but ultimately the collective bargaining agreements put good money in their pockets for essentially being a part time job so they give up their desire to do a good job in exchange for maintaining the social norms of complacency which is exactly what the damaging product of educating then becomes to their poor students. Teachers teach kids to turn off their minds instead of igniting them for a bright future. No mind is happy liberal or conservative when it is taught not to solve problems and to accept the world as it is, and to live within the realm of nature. There is nothing more depressing to any human being than realizing that there is nothing you can do, that you just need to shut up, turn off your mind to solutions, and do what they tell you.

That is also why there aren’t many teachers teaching that are over 30 years of age and who don’t look like spoiled potatoes. They do get depressed that the job of teaching is not what they thought it would be as little girls and boys. The system does not want to turn on the pilot light of children, it wants to douse them with water so the light goes off forever. The goal of teaching under the socialist union structure is to create a compliant, dead mind instead of one that challenges reality itself with positive solutions. So those teachers eat too many cakes, drink too much wine and by the time they are in their forties they are fat assed losers hateful toward anybody not caught in the rut they find themselves in, and they stay there because nobody would pay them so much money otherwise. You don’t see any fashion models marching in the recent protests in Chicago where the teacher’s union there is always looking for more money through strikes that its likely kids never learn anything in school. Parents never ask these questions because they want the free babysitting service and can’t afford themselves to question the system. They need the public schools so that they can work, then they wonder why their kids come home one day early in puberty going from looking like a nice kid to some pin cushion tattooed freak who is too lazy to work, wants constantly to live off government welfare and essentially do nothing in life but become an advocate for same sex marriage and saving the earth by killing themselves on it through abortion, hard drinking and drugs. That’s what kids learn in public school, they don’t learn to follow Elon Musk to Mars or how to use Thorium to power the next neighborhood off the grid of the local power company.

I always have seen public schools and their teachers as slowly killing kids. Critics will say its because I had a bad experience with school myself, which is partially true. But my bad experience wasn’t unique to me, it was that I entered my school days uniquely awake for a lot of reasons, and I never bit the hook. Instead I made a game out of fighting it. I wouldn’t learn until much later that most people in life who become anything significant did much the same thing, they rebelled from the government education systems and were largely self-taught. Government schools do not produce the next Einsteins and Edisons, or Walt Disney types. And so I would argue that they are worthless unless their ambition is to do so. Rather what public schools have become simply the island of lost boys in Pinocchio where the kids turn themselves to jack asses literally through the experience to find themselves in servitude to the state for the rest of their lives. The teachers turn off their own minds in exchange for the long summers off and good pay just as the system chews up kids with liberalism and teaches them to destroy themselves forever as their parents drop them off and run to work to have affairs with their co-workers and lie to themselves that everything they are doing is for their family, while they continue to live a complete lie and expect nobody to notice. But the size of their asses give it all away.

The longer this Covid fear goes on, the more people will realize how much better they are not sending their kids to the government schools, and it is my hope that kids will learn less about how not to do things in life and accept that their minds are not so tethered to failure, that the solutions to everything is within them, and that maybe more will rebel and become good people in the future as adults because at a critical time in their life, the teachers were not there to teach them how to be losers. And if anything good does come out of the 2020 disaster of government failure over Covid-19, it will be that kids were free of the government schools long enough to be less imprisoned. And people will learn that they don’t really need those government teachers, because they’ll learn to live without them forever.

I’m sure there are some reading this and thinking that what I am saying about teachers is over-the-top. Well, consider what “red for ed” means and you’ll see what I mean. Red is for communism and that is what teachers have always intended for our children. Only now, they are no longer afraid to conceal it. Its out of the box and they no longer care if you know. They have your money and your kids. They don’t need you and are very arrogant about it, even to the extent that they don’t see that they are damaging their brand as they speak by refusing to go back to work. Because they don’t connect performance to their paychecks just like any communist would refuse to see.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Mike DeWine Tests Positive and Negative for Covid-19: The scam I always told you coronavirus was as an attack on the Western way of life

I call Governor Mike DeWine a dummy because as our highest government official in Ohio he allowed his naive and gullible outlook on life to easily be controlled by Marxist doctors taking direct orders from the CDC who took orders directly from the World Health Organization, who in turn took orders directly from China to shut down the great American economy in retaliation against President Trump’s trade deal which the communists were furious about. Anybody who has studied Sun Tzu’s great book, ‘The Art of War’ understood quickly what the coronavirus out of China truly was, a weapon of war, not science, and DeWine should have known better before shutting down the state through emergency directives not even contemplated through the state legislature, shitting all over the American Constitution and the Constitution of Ohio. What DeWine did was give a path for all the Blue State Governors to essentially become the communist Chinese in their micromanaging of the American way of life so there is a lot of blame to lay at the feet of Governor Mike DeWine for being stupid and going along with it. And on Thursday of the second week of August 2020 he got a feel for what people like me have been saying all along when he tested positive for Covid-19 early in the day keeping him from meeting the President on a fundraising trip to Cleveland, Ohio then later that day, tested negative. So which one was correct, how accurate is the Covid-19 testing anyway, and what does any of it mean?

I am happy to hear a little urgency out there, my local Sheriff Jones is seeing it, so is radio personality Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW. Tucker Carlson on Fox News is getting it and so is Laura Ingraham, many people are coming to learn what I was saying about coronavirus in February and March of this year and they have had to learn it the hard way. I don’t take pleasure in all these “I told you so’s” only in that maybe in the future people will listen when I say things the first time. I’ve read and studied human behavior to an extent that many couldn’t do it in several lifetimes, they certainly wouldn’t get the picture in just a few years of college, so I am able to see things way before others do, and I can sniff out maliciousness in the actions of the most deceitful people rather easily, so a lot of people would save themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just shut up and listen. But it is better late than never, especially in regard to Covid-19. The government reaction to it has been a Marxist takeover of the American way of life instigated by China for the destruction of the West and that has always been the point. Covid-19 by itself really isn’t a problem. For instance, out of all the vast cases the media reports that there are in Ohio from beginning to end, you still could put all the people who have come up positive for Covid-19 in the Ohio State Football stadium. As a percentage of population, the positive Covid people are a small group, nowhere near enough to mandate government shutdowns of the economy and the ridiculous rules and regulations given to us by government pinheads who are not our best and brightest. They pick government jobs for a reason, because they can’t hack it in the private sector and are for all practical purposes, rejects of our society who couldn’t do anything else with their lives.

Dummy Mike DeWine followed all the rules, he had handlers who kept him from doing anything risky including Amy Acton, the Marxist queen of WHO radicalism herself until just a few days ago, so the Governor had to be quite surprised to learn he tested positive for Covid-19 while being screened for a presidential visit. But like a good government worker and compliant loser that he is, it was announced that he was going to go into the mandatory 14 day quarantine that is now expected of anybody who gets the virus and those who might have even been nearby through contact tracing. In this way doctors have introduced the idea of micromanaging all our lives and putting extreme limits on our economic opportunities by taking people out of the workforce just because they might have been near someone with Covid-19. But when DeWine learned later that he actually didn’t have Covid-19 with a second test that was negative, then a new problem became obvious. How many people who have tested positive under any circumstances were given incorrect diagnosis because the testing is unreliable, and the results are politically motivated? The Governor of Ohio now saw the problem first-hand, and so did everyone who has been trying to use the news for their own political advantage. The story of the day is that every positive case that has ever been announced likely isn’t real and that like the death counts on Covid-19, can’t be trusted in any statistical manner.

Look, I told everyone that our education system was filled with Marxist radicals who wanted to teach our children all these bad Chinese communist ideas to destroy our nation several decades ago, and people were uncomfortable with that assumption. But it has turned out to be all true, every last bit of it. It was never a conspiracy; it was a fact and a lot of people would have saved themselves a lot of headaches now if only they had listened to me way back then. And the same with Covid-19, I called it a Pearl Harbor type of attack against the American way of life when we first heard about it, and we quickly need to recover and get things back to normal for strategic reasons in a fight most didn’t even know we were having. But its here and perhaps even Dummy DeWine is getting the picture now. And when Sheriff Jones is doing a press conference to state perhaps government has overstepped itself, the rest of the mainstreamers aren’t far behind. Only now do people see what has always been the problem. But their belief in the system blinded them to the obvious malicious intent behind Covid-19. They wanted to believe that government had the best of intentions, what they didn’t know was that those intentions were a communist take-over of the American way of life and all this lockdown stuff with the mask mandates were not what they signed up for.

I would venture to say that the Covid case counts the media reports every day are meaningless. Even if they were true, what is the point of reporting them? There is no medical cure for Covid except for perhaps hydroxychloroquine so what is the point of testing if slowing the spread is not the objective? Hospitals are not over capacity so what advantage is knowing anything about Covid numbers? It’s a nothing measurement. And we know we can’t trust the death numbers, because they have been contaminated by all sorts of false assumptions in how the data was even collected. The purpose of the whole Covid enterprise was a terrorist attack—in using “terror” to inspire social change—and nothing else. It wasn’t to save lives, it wasn’t for the betterment of government management of a crises, it was to create a false crises on a nothing, small virus about as dangerous as poison ivy, and to rot the American way of life out from the core. China didn’t shut down their economy and neither did many of the countries of the East. They knew what Covid-19 was and since they already control most of our media literally from a financial point of view they have literally tried to destroy us through terror. So knowing all that—what are you going to do now dear reader?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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