The Start of World War III: Sovereigns against the globalists and Covid-19 was the attack

There was something very troublesome about George W. Bush’s statements over the weekend encouraging solidarity between our political parties in America which reflected back to the “we’re all in it together” campaign. It fit too nicely into the effort of the coronavirus from the beginning to justify all the measures enacted with the stay at home strategies, the social distancing and general wrecking of the economy around the world because we did some really stupid things to deal with a viral outbreak, which has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. For some reason in 2020 we decided to do something different, and extremely costly. I know President Bush in 2005 initiated this whole social distancing strategy under his administration as a way to deal with bioterrorism, so the idea had been on the table for a while, and while it was war gamed the participants found it devastating economically and socially. Yet here it is, but this time the entire world is doing it at the same time over a virus nobody knew much about and with very little science to even suggest that it might help. Yet we wrecked our economies by sticking with lots of major unknowns and now that people see that they have been scammed and are angry about it, here is George Bush saying what many pundits have been saying, including Fox New’s Sean Hannity, that we should all put our differences aside for a greater good and pull together in this crises. Well, welcome to World War III. It’s here upon us, the costs of this war will eclipse all previous wars and the path to victory is much less obvious. That is because the participants are not out in the open and fighting for land, they are fighting over ideas.

This fight is over the global citizen movement and the sovereign nation. The intent of the perpetrators which there are many in our own government and media, are to break down the borders of nations into one complete whole and the intent of the coronavirus from the beginning was to unite the world under a common enemy, the Covid-19 virus. The folly to their plan was that the virus ended up not being deadly enough and people in America only put up with the stay at home orders for a few weeks. They needed much longer to completely change behavior and the globalists didn’t get the time they needed. The media doesn’t have the kind of control over people that they had hoped, and President Trump handled the situation better than they had planned. Its hard for most people to see because nobody is trained for this kind of war, nothing in our history has prepared us for this, except for maybe the game of chess. The type of weapon used in this conflict was not guns and troops, but probably the deadliest weapon of all, fear. But not enough people were afraid of a stupid virus, so the intended strategy fell apart in America and is currently erupting into massive protests against panicked politicians who became worthless dictators overnight and threats to the American Constitution through internal social structure collapse.

I know this all sounds very “conspiratorial” and that many think of the controversial maniac Alex Jones when they hear the name “globalists” uttered in public, but like most things people usually get part of the picture, enough to ask the hard questions. But it cannot be ignored that while all this has been going on the details of the General Flynn case were revealed and we have proof that the top level offices of the FBI participated in a coup attempt of our newly elected President Trump, because he was committed to returning America to a sovereign nation and to move away from globalism. The plans for a one world government under communism go way back to even before the Cold War to the intentions of the United Nations creation and both world wars prior, so its nothing new. The only thing that changed was the way we see enemies, because they are among all nations. Its not like Americans can just throw out an American flag on their porch and unite with their friends and neighbors to fight a common enemy. This enemy likely is their friend and neighbor. It’s the fat ass school levy supporter down the street and the mad mom angry at drunk drivers ultimately looking for more safety and security from the state which is a logical complaint that paralyzes the need for freedom in its tracks for lack of defenders or an answer to the contrary. Of course, nobody wants people to die, so we accept new laws that limit our freedom and start a chain reaction that culminates into our coronavirus protocols, which enemies of America had all the data on to implement against us.

Even today some of the smartest minds out there have no idea why we are doing social distancing and stay at home orders—what government came up with the strategy? The answer is that this time it started out of the Marxist based World Health Organization and from there the world followed their lead to their own destructions. The Covid-19 virus was supposed to unite the world from a common enemy, a virus and what came after was a new world order led by the United Nations once Trump lost the election because his great economy collapsed. History will find the evidence that the World Health Organization worked with China to initiate this attack and start World War III just as domestic enemies like the FBI sought to overthrow the Trump administration with rules they controlled and court systems still loyal to former President Obama—one of the key globalists in the process of setting up the attack over many years. None of this is that far fetched once you accept that America’s own FBI was working as an enemy to our own Constitution and has been committed to these global citizen objectives.

So to answer President Bush and all those others out there who look at this situation and are calling for calm, for peace—to find the things that bring us together for a peaceful society—the answer is that they are idiots. They either don’t understand this new world of ideology that is crashing together in 2020 or they are actual Trojan Horses and declared domestic enemies that must be dealt with. They would be domestic enemies if they are seeking to change our American Constitution from the founding of a sovereign country into wrecking our borders and economy to start everyone as equal under a new ruler in the United Nations. That is the real fight and the real objective of those advocating global citizenship. The health directors for most of the United States have used the Covid-19 virus as a platform for their own progressive views, Ohio’s Amy Acton said it herself. The rules of social distancing and wearing masks in public were not to save lives, but were to instill change slowly so that people would give up their previous values and accept a “new normal” created by the United Nations in the wake. And that is how World War III started. What remains to be answered is who will win, the globalists, or the sovereigns because this fight is just getting started in the light of day. Remember, the weapons are not guns this time, but fear itself.

Rich Hoffman

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Pennsylvania with the Coronavirus: Health director Rachel Levine is a transvestite

What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania, no wonder people are so upset there and are protesting Governor Tom Wolf and that thing, Dr. Rachel Levine. Homophobic? We’re not supposed to look at the health director of Pennsylvania and not see the obvious problem, some modern progressive sentiment that belongs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, instead of a serious discussion about medicine. It was Governor Wolf who appointed that very ugly man, who has decided that he wants to be an even uglier woman. And now that confused man is in charge of the health policy of a state that is destroying the lives of its residents, and everyone is supposed to not criticize because some political movement has decided that its unfashionable. Hey, a guy who doesn’t even know what he is shouldn’t be making policy for anybody. We might feel sorry for him. We may advise him to get some psychological help. We might do a lot of things out of compassion for such a lost soul, but putting such a mess of a person on the microphone everyday to talk about fighting a major pandemic is beyond tolerance, and I’d be mad too if I lived in Pennsylvania.

I thought Amy Acton in Ohio was bad as a health director. I was skeptical when the liberal leaning Mike DeWine appointed her recently out of Ohio State as something of a greenie weenie activist. At least Acton is a woman who knows she’s a woman. She’s not a bad person. She reads. She has redeeming qualities as a human being so long as she’s not in charge of our lives, which through this Covid-19 pandemic she has now been appointed. So a natural resentment over anybody who makes decisions that affects us all is expected. The problem is that all these state governors have staffed these health director positions with very progressive minded activists, thinking that it was a nothing job that wouldn’t spend much time in the public eye, so most people don’t pay much attention to those appointments.

But through the government lockdowns following the rest of the world over the cliff in turning off our economies in fear of a silly virus, these left leaning activists have been center stage every day showing their vast incompetence as the governors have been exploited by their picks. Amy Acton seems like a smart lady, well natured, but has been in reality a gullible, global idiot. She set policy in Ohio that copied the New York and Italy models and applied them to a state that had little in common with those high death counts and economic decisions were made that were devastating. In Pennsylvania the situation is all that but worse, the poison pill has been given to the public who is a transsexual he/she that looks like it should be a character in a horror movie instead of a serious health professional, and it is insulting.

I have said from the start of the Covid-19 viral scare that the entire situation was political and that was never more obvious than in seeing what kind of people the governors have put in place as their health directors. Out of all the people Tom Wolf could have picked in Pennsylvania, he picked a transvestite to run his health department. Why? How is anybody supposed to trust the opinions of someone who can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and know what sex they are? Then to listen to the media refer to “it” as a “she” is even more insulting. When such a creature utters that everyone is in danger and needs to social distance, and to stay locked in their homes afraid of a stupid virus when there is plenty of science out there that could fight the virus, then everyone is supposed to be happy to listen and obey orders from such a person? I don’t think so. And we’re not supposed to be critical of the creature Levine because we don’t want to be called names by the same idiots who have attacked every means of fighting the virus instead of letting the virus take over our nation at every step? I can’t imagine how the logical people of that state feel about having to look at that thing, “Levine” every day to find out what new state order is going to come there way and ruin their lives even more as they watch their jobs evaporate and the incomes die. To make it all worse, the governor delivers the news with a transvestite. It’s a nightmare of a scenario that has become a reality.

No matter what the politics are, people confused about their sexuality need help, we shouldn’t be taking advice from them. Talk about science deniers, which those of us have been called who doubt that social distancing and lockdowns are the way to deal with Covid-19. What’s more than a science denier than to look at a physical body and deny that it’s a man when it clearly by all scientific measures, is. Instead, Rachel Levine says to us about itself, “I don’t like the body that God gave me, so I’m going to call myself a woman.” Well, the same could be said about the Covid virus, “I don’t like that people drive too many cars, or that they spend too much money, or are too dependent on oil. So I’m going to call the Covid-19 virus more dangerous than it is to invoke social changes to my community and since I’m the health director, you have to listen to me, or you could be jailed.” How’s that for a science denier activist put in charge of a state’s approach to health and now the economy? It’s insane!

It just goes to show what particularly the liberal minded governors are up to, and their followers. They are up to activism, in cramming down our throats now that they have power their view of the world. When we elected Trump because we were sick of being on the receiving end of that behavior for years, radicals like the Governor of Virginia, of Michigan and this Tom Wolf guy have decided to push our faces deeper into their radical politics with appointments of obvious activists like Rachel Levine. Without a care of how it looked and daring anybody to criticize him or else be called homophobic, fired from their jobs, and castigated from society for noticing the obvious they are daring us with great audacity to even think about questioning their moves. The lack of respect for a normal American society has been audacious at best, even dangerous. Because anybody who would put “that,” Rachel Levine in front of television cameras every day to tell the people of Pennsylvania whether or not they could work or be forced onto unemployment is pushing Americans too far, well beyond what is acceptable for even the advancement of a progressive society—progression meaning, beyond a Christian nation founded under God. Rather the new god is something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tom Wolf probably thought it was funny at the time of the appointment. But now that nightmare is on his watch, and he must deal with it. Its been embarrassing, and it won’t get better for him. That is a genie that won’t fit back in the bottle, because the bottle was meant for a woman in this case, and Rachel Lavine is a man.

Hey, its not our business what someone chooses to do with themselves, until they are in charge of what we do in life.  Then the rules shift to the choices people make to qualify for telling us what to do in the first place.  And there is a lot to question about the Pennsylvania health director.

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang Proposes a 20% Cut in Politician Pay Until Economy Returns: Why should government be paid for a bad job, until they fix it?

Just as a reminder, make sure to get your vote in by April 27 to be counted for the Ohio primary, and if you are voting in the 4th Senate District, make sure to vote for George Lang. The contents of this article will easily explain why he should be the best, and only pick for the upcoming election on November 3rd. In thinking about that election George would like to remind everyone, especially in the wake of the government’s reaction to Covid-19 that Governor DeWine offered to formally endorse George for his new senate seat as Lang makes the transition from the House to the Senate once he wins. But George told him thanks, but no thanks. “Your endorsement won’t help me in Butler County.” That was before the many tragic government mistakes that were made before Covid-19 became all any of us could think about, due to its ruinous nature of our state and federal economy and global sources as an intrusion.

George recently offered some much needed leadership now that Governor DeWine sees the writing on the wall, that Covid-19 is coming to an end, whether he wants it to or not, and that George as a representative in congress offered some advice to get Ohio back open for business and how to get our economy moving again. I thought the letter was fantastic and I share it with all who would like to read it below. There are three main points to this letter that should tell any voter why they should vote for George Lang. Many of his rivals in this primary election have pointed to George as too much of a political insider, and something of a silhouette of the Republican Party. Well, as I say, I have known George for a very long time and I wouldn’t waste my time being friends or even knowing someone as long as I have with George if he wasn’t the real deal and a genuinely good person. And as is obvious by this letter to the Governor over a post Covid-19 life in Ohio, George is far from some insidious, complacent insider. Rather he makes three points that were rather powerful and would be very helpful if only the rest of the House, Senate, and the Governor himself had the courage to implement them. First is that all the politicians involved in restoring the Ohio economy should take a 20% cut in pay. The 2nd thing is that Ohio should enact some very creative tax laws to help rebuild confidence in businesses to invest their time and money back into their previous endeavors because government has eroded that confidence due to the overly nanny state infusion they enacted out of panic to the coronavirus. And third Ohio should enact a Constitutional amendment that gives state legislators veto power over any governor’s executive order with a super majority vote by both houses as a safety net if under future emergencies, a governor like DeWine, meaning well, but has lost their mind over the pressure, can’t destroy our state with a massive lack of leadership. We have a House and Senate for a reason and in the future, we should use them to help governors not make the kind of mistakes that DeWine did over Covid-19. Here are the contents of the letter in a few different forms to make it easier to consume its contents.

Governor DeWine,

This requests you open all Ohio businesses on May 1st and offers ideas for how to do it.

I am reaching out to you to express my deep concern about the continued closure of so called “non-essential” businesses in Ohio.

It has become clear to me that despite the nature of COVID-19 and its seriousness – we cannot allow the cost to be more expensive than the cure. While I applaud your effort to save lives, our economy is now suffering greatly. Thousands of small businesses simply will not survive this assault. As small businesses fail, this will lead to a significant decrease in tax collections and have a negative impact on all levels of government.

Our citizens have expressed frustrations as liberties were taken from them without a vote, destroying lives and livelihoods. It is already too late for some companies to recover; it will now take years for other companies to recover from the damage done by the wholesale shutdown of our state. These actions do not bode well for the confidence in our medical experts and elected officials.

We can no longer justify the continued closure of businesses across this state when supermarkets, Liquor Stores, hardware stores and other businesses that draw people can be open. For every day that passes, businesses will die reducing jobs, income, tax dollars and our states ability to fund many things, including infrastructure that need to be done. It is important that leaders throughout our state develop a plan to assist our businesses to help them return to high productivity and profitability for our region. Furthermore, we should be prepared to weather the next crisis, whether it be financial in nature, natural disaster, or attack.

We need to provide businesses with a road map. Now, more than ever, Ohio employers need a sense of predictability. As much as possible, impacted industries need a mapped-out process of what their re-entry into more normal operations will look like and how long it will take. Time is of the essence because many business owners are barely hanging on – we need to give them as much clarity as we can about what is coming soon.
We should allow businesses to reopen with as few restrictions as possible – businesses know best how to protect their employees, customers, and vendors. If we do put any restrictions on, the state should offer a dollar for dollar tax credit so the business can accommodate state requirements (no unfunded mandates).

In the spirit of “We are all in this together” – All state legislators, the Governor and Lt. Governor should take a 20% pay cut until Ohio GDP returns to pre COVID-19 levels. Several legislator’s have already recommended this.

State budget cuts made during the pandemic will remain in place until Ohio GDP exceeds 10% of pre COVID-19 standards.

We have already adopted that Unemployment Claims during the COVID-19 pandemic will not count against an employer’s experience. Thank you. Two more unemployment issues to be adopted:

If an individual is on and receiving unemployment benefits because of the COVID-19, as soon as their former job is available, their COVID-19 will end.

No employee can be terminated for refusing to come back to work until they feel it is safe – If they choose not to return to work following the full opening of their businesses work sector – they will not be paid (unless an employer chooses to pay them), and they will become ineligible to receive continued unemployment compensation. Further, the employer at his/her discretion, can eliminate or replace any position within 12 months of the business sector being opened by the Governor, without the business bearing any unemployment impact by those choosing not to return to their job.

All state license and renewal fees should be prorated to account for the days the business/individual was not able to work.

If a business is collecting an escrow account on behalf of a borrower, they are not required to pay the bills associated with the account if the borrower is behind on paying – example, a mortgage lender will not be liable for paying income tax or insurance on a residential loan if the funds are not in the account.

Commercial Activity Tax (CAT): The upcoming May 11th filing and payment deadline should be extended. In addition, CAT liability should be based off an estimate of this year’s gross receipts instead of the prior year’s gross receipts as is current practice. Numerous businesses are currently not operating so to gather the information to file and pay the taxes is also going to be difficult, not to mention the strain on cash flow. We can have a “true up” at the end of 2021.
Net operating losses (NOLs): Ohio should model what the federal government enacted under the CARES Act. For losses arising in tax years 2018, 2019 and 2020, a five-year carryback is allowed (taxpayers can elect to forgo the carryback). This law also applies to pass-through businesses and sole proprietorships. Consideration should also be given to making similar changes at the municipal level.
Other Regulatory relief suggestions:
• Extension of additional state reporting deadlines.

• Declare a moratorium on state tax audits currently underway for a reasonable period, and halt additional audits.

• Consider some way to prevent or provide relief from the lawsuits that almost certainly will be coming after the pandemic is over, such as work stoppage due to inability to meet social distancing mandates.

• Consider a meaningful sales tax holiday period for industries that were particularly hard hit due to forced closures, such as the entertainment and restaurant industries, to entice Ohioans to support those entities.

Sales Tax
Give all retailers that were forced to close because of the pandemic a 30-day sales tax holiday. Allow them to keep the tax money for 30 days. Could be a full month. For instance, if we can open on May 15, allow the tax holiday to be the full month of June.

We should offer a sales tax holiday for all PPE equipment purchased by businesses, combined with a 100% tax credit for the purchasers.

We should encourage local governments to offer a property tax reduction commensurate with the number of days non-essential business were shut down.

We should push for a Constitutional amendment giving the state legislators veto power over any Governor executive order with a super majority vote in both houses.

Warmest Regards,

George F. Lang Craig Riedel
State Representative State Representative
House District House District

Paul Zeltwanger Mark Romanchuk
State Representative State Representative
House District House District

It’s one thing to complain about a situation, it’s quite another to put your name next to your mouth and make it part of the debate record and these suggestions by George Lang let the larger world see what kind of guy he really is. Why shouldn’t the politicians involved in the economic recovery of the state of Ohio, or of the federal nation take a pay cut until everyone is back to work and the world is functioning from pre-covid impacts? They should feel the sting of financial impact more than everyone else, they should not be insulated as they have from the realities of their bad decisions, and still have a full bank account. It takes a lot of guts to make a statement like that yet George has. There should be hundreds of names signing this letter to the Governor, yet as is obvious, there are only 4. Politicians like to complain and posture themselves, but few are like George Lang and really mean things when they say them. And even fewer are willing to lead. They want the title of a leader, but they don’t want the responsibility. Obviously, George has no problem with leadership, even when he’s in the minority opinion.

As a reminder for this primary vote, it’s happening by mail because Mike DeWine screwed it up with a bad decision to overrule a judge just hours before the primary election was to be held back in March. First you must request a ballot from the board of elections, then you fill out the information and send it in. They then mail you the actual ballot. You fill it out with colored circles then put that inside an envelope that goes into another envelope that you then must get back to the board of elections by April 27th. So, if you haven’t taken all those steps yet, you likely won’t make the window. But you should still try, or if you are stuck in the middle of the “pain in the ass” mode of actually filling out the mail-in ballot, you should plow through it and complete the process. Voting for George Lang is important. We need a guy like him out there fighting some of this mindless stupidity on our behalf. So make sure to vote. And also, share this with a friend so they can also make a good election decision. Government has not yet taken away our right to vote, although Governor DeWine has come pretty damn close. We certainly don’t want to see this trend continue, so vote to ensure that they don’t take it from us. Let them know who’s really in charge, and certainly don’t surrender your rights and liberty to a bunch of panicky politicians. Vote for good guys like George Lang to go fight them on your behalf so we can all do the work of rebuilding the world with government out of our way, not sticking their fat asses right in the middle of our business as they have with Covid-19.

Rich Hoffman

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Tom Brady is going to Tampa Bay: Lessons in leadership that our government could stand to learn

In spite of the entire country being shut down due to stupid politicians overreacting to an obvious power play by the CDC and World Health Organization to get funding for their mythical universal vaccine that they want to implement by 2025—more on that later—I’ve been having a fantastic week. With everything closed it has given more time to read with less distractions and honestly, I wouldn’t mind if it went on this way forever. If I have a reading light and we lost everything of modern convenience, I wouldn’t notice much. But I do not like having the culture we have built as Americans robbed from us. It’s a punch in the face and it deserves us hitting back. So, it has been fun to learn that Tom Brady has signed with my favorite football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which I haven’t talked about in a while because there hasn’t been much to talk about. However, in the realm of leadership the Glazer Family in Tampa continues to show truly what is at the heart of American innovation and optimism. The Buccaneers have not been to a playoff game for a number of years, but its not because the ownership hasn’t been trying. They have went through a number of coaches and players looking for just the right combination to find a winning team and now that they have signed Tom Brady after his two decades with the Patriots and his six Super Bowls with them, the Buccaneers have nearly guaranteed themselves a shot at that final elusive game at their home stadium since the next one will be at Raymond James Stadium. And the way the deal went down and why is something about leadership worth talking about.

The problem with government is that they don’t understand people and human innovation. Even well intended governors in top tier states like Mike DeWine through limited intellectual bandwidth thinks that his top priority as a governor is to save lives. But through his leadership if he mismanages those priorities he could scare everyone to death trying to save them and that is not uncommon in any top political office where they are put there by popular majority opinion rather than the true nature of a skill set. If you can scare people enough and get them to vote for you, then in politics that is a measure of success, but when real leadership is needed, nobody is there to do it because the job doesn’t flush out those traits in people and you end up with a bunch of losers trying to put a cap on life to measure success within those limits—then we end up with a society of losers. I know Trump understands this trait and he is personal friends with Tom Brady and all those guys get what real leadership is, especially in the context of games. Trump didn’t have much of a choice but to go along with this massive CDC, WHO scheme to get funding for their projects. Panic driven politicians will pay them anything they want now, so the mission has been accomplished for those organizations and if Trump resisted during an election year they would have massacred him in the press. So he is using the virus to unite people from both parties which will pretty much guarantee his re-election. It’s going to cost us trillions of dollars, but who’s counting anyway? We must save lives. (LOL) Trump, like Tom Brady has such great leadership that they think there is no surrender so long as there is time on the clock. If Trump gets re-elected, he figures he can fix everything, which is why he’s a winner. And that is likely what attracted Tom Brady to the Buccaneers, a chance to do the same and punch his own ticket as an individual for a return to a Super Bowl with a loaded team looking for that much needed leadership.

The Glazer Family is unlike other NFL team owners in that they don’t stick with a losing formula long. They will make quick and drastic adjustments to get a winning team, which works in every field—not just sports. So, I have been a Tampa Bay fan since the days that Sam Wyche was with the team after he was fired from the Cincinnati Bengals. I have not been a Bengal fan since. I cheer them on because the Bengals are my home town team, but the Mike Brown ownership of the Bengals and that family in general has a loser mindset that has sealed their fate as long as they own the team, so my decision was to put my sentiment in central Florida, a place I consider my second home anyway. The Buccaneers are loaded with talent trying to make a mediocre quarterback that they had there a champion, but the kid just couldn’t do it. Tom Brady can see it, so he has signed to lead the team to one of the most spectacular seasons that the NFL will ever see. The passing attack will be unstoppable with a quarterback as good as Brady. But those conditions weren’t created by Brady, they were created by an ownership trying every day to win. They had all the pieces in place with the payroll to show for it, but a quarterback. Now they have the best that there has ever been and anybody would have to admire that effort.

As we look around at a world closing itself off from a hidden virus, afraid of their own shadows, it was refreshing to hear from the real world and culture of America when there wasn’t any other positive news. And as bad as things have been, I enjoyed tremendously getting this news. It has been such a let down to see that the mighty American economy could be switched off so easily over a fear provoked by health officials who are always looking for money and attention that it has ground our culture to a stop and given our enemies the benefit of a laugh. I have watched the Buccaneers struggle through many seasons where they entered it with optimism and ended in failure but what I always love about them, and why I have stuck with them for so long is that they always keep trying and are perpetually on the hunt for great leadership. And that’s why they were willing to do whatever they had to do to acquire Tom Brady. In politics we have elections that allow us to look for great leadership and when we have had it, the established order of losers have attacked it with everything they have. And what’s depressing about this China Virus scare is that we have allowed it to even ruin our elections. That’s why this news about Tom Brady going to my favorite team was so optimistic. Its good to see out there that some people still get it, Brady gets it, the team gets it, and the ownership in Tampa gets it. And maybe when other people see all these elements coming together they might learn something about having a winning attitude, even when failure and loss is the only thing they experience. There is a lot of merit in continuing to try until you do get it right and after America comes out of this fake virus scare, they’ll learn a few things by watching Tom Brady pick a franchise up on his back and carry it to a victorious season. The same kind of sentiment can be done in politics if only people had the courage to do it.

Rich Hoffman

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The World Didn’t Suddenly Go Nuts: Its always been the way it is, what’s different is that people have choices

There are many who are confused by the politics of our times, who are looking at what’s going on and thinking that the world has come unglued and is about to fly apart. I would argue that these elements were always there, but that the freedoms of modern life have brought forth the truth thoughts of people and now that the froth has boiled a bit, the scum that has risen to the top is purifying our society for the better. It was clear to me that for the Republicans that it was the Tea Party movement that was starting that process, which would have happened whether or not Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck had ever been on the radio. Rather, it was the need of a public seeking answers that gave them the platform to do their thing, they didn’t make the thing themselves. The result was that true definitions of conservative values were challenged, and the party evolved into what has become Donald Trump. As the evolution of politics was boiling off all the definitions into clarity the Democrat Party was attempting to do the same only they interfered with the process and suppressed the Bernie Sanders surge in favor of Hillary Clinton, the Party pick for president for all kinds of artificial reasons. Because of that interference, that is why they are having troubles now.

As I have said for many years, socialism and communism have been at the heart of not just the labor movement, but of the entire Democrat Party going well back into the 1960s—even back to the 1930s, even the 20s. The concept of public ownership of resources seemed smart to a world that didn’t know better, but after a century of looking at the situation clearly, we can now all say that Karl Marx was smoking crack when he wrote The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital with Friedrich Engels. The idea of communism was doomed from the start because it ignores the motivations of the human race and instead imposes on it some mystical hope that assumes that intellect is subservient to nature, and its not. Intellect is born of nature, not a threat to it. So communism and all its various ideas were tried, and failed, however the Democrat Party built its entire platform around various forms of its definitions without ever saying the word to themselves openly. They hoped that by the time regular people figured out what the Democrat Party was, after years of public education, after years of union membership, after all the pushes for equal rights which were not meant to bring fairness to all, but to establish in the minds of normal people the idea that all individuals would serve the state, not their own needs, then maybe their ideas of communism would stick.

But since Republicans had that honest debate, as many sat on the fence between those two worlds, politicians like Mitt Romney, John McCain, and even known moderates like the old Ohio governor John Kasich, the never-Trumper Bill Kristol and many, many others, they had to reposition themselves on the political spectrum, many discovering about themselves that they were Democrats and not Republicans, the Democrats themselves now find their party fractured without a modern definition as to what they are, and they are clearly lost. That brings us to the present problem which was obvious on the debate stage in Las Vegas at the Democrat debate for president, especially between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren. Bloomberg the billionaire trying to buy his way into their good graces could not answer the sheer hatred that the socialist minded on that stage have for money and wealth. Bernie Sanders just as he was in the last election is the preferred candidate of the Democrats and its time they have that honest answer about their true identity otherwise they will be utterly destroyed.

When Bernie Sanders had the rally the other day where the topless women stormed on his stage there really wasn’t anything unusual about it. Those people have always been there, the radicals, the crazies, the far left communist loving advocates of a society of equals where they eat anybody who might be a threat to the status quo, and who hope to live under the radar living and dying for causes greater than the needs of individual lives. The difference between now and a time prior is that Trump’s election has separated away the good, normal people of a healthy society into a unified fashion of hopes and dreams leaving all the crazies literally naked and afraid. For many years they had been hiding in the masses, disguised as emos at the corner of a New York City street waiting in a crowd for a light to change. Or they were gathered in a booth in the corner of a Waffle House popping zits on their greasy shoulders because they haven’t bathed in days and their body oils were looking for some place to escape under their Matrix like trench coats and hair that hadn’t been washed in over a week. They were hidden from view because the message everyone received in their public educations stated that we don’t judge anybody and that everyone had a right to live anyway they wanted no matter what it was. No individual was greater than any other, everyone was equally at fault and deficient.

Well, that press is what split our nation because not everyone has been willing to accept that premise. When Donald Trump stepped into the race many who had been hoping that Paul Ryan would bring Ayn Rand’s wisdom to the Republican Party had found a true representative of their needs and that is when the cover for the communists was ripped away and they were left exposed without a proper philosophical position to disguise their true intent. For many of the crazed radicals, life taught them as they got older that they needed to be more conservative in their personal policies, that they needed to get mortgages, buy cars and pay their bills to advance in life, and that they couldn’t just rip off their shirts and parade around naked in protest of dairy products. But so long as the saner elements of our society were not passing judgment, there was some cover for the lunatics. However, Donald Trump’s election was a value judgement vote, people voted to have a good economy, they voted for the super model who lived in a gold penthouse, and they voted for a television celebrity who was actually proud to be a billionaire, because many would like to have a chance at making a lot of money themselves, and into living the good life that comes from it. They didn’t want Das Kapital to run their lives, they wanted Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

So its not hard to see what is happening and to predict the future. Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to go anywhere. He can pay off the media, but he can’t make himself likeable. And I don’t think people will ever be ready for a gay guy or a gay woman in visible leadership roles. Nobody wants to see gay behavior in public let alone on a stage running for president. Sex in itself is gross, but people put up with public affections because they assume that children will be the bi-product, and everyone loves kids, the hope of the future. But sex in itself is pretty gross, and sex that doesn’t produce children is not something people will ever be willing to publicly accept, so Mayor Pete isn’t going anywhere. Joe Biden is one of those lost in the shuffle, he’s had the covers ripped away and now he’s exposed to a dark world he has been ignoring his entire life. Elizabeth Warren is much the same, as a New England academic, she is forever lost to the campus antics of academia and its love of Karl Marx, and nothing else. That leaves essentially only Bernie Sanders who represents what the true Democrat Party has always been about because like Trump, he has at least been honest from the very beginning as to who he was. And that has allowed the political spectrum to pick clear sides which is where the nation is, for that great debate that has been poised to happen for decades. And this election year we will have it, and there will be clear losers and winners. Everyone isn’t equal, and that is what is being learned much to the distress of the topless protestors and trenchcoated wearing communists who had hoped to hide for a while longer, but no longer can.

Rich Hoffman

George Lang the Artist: Understanding the new way of viewing business as an art

Many people have the wrong idea of what art is, their thoughts on the matter has largely been shaped by their art classes in public schools that have failed to meet up with the needs of modern concerns. If you’ve ever toured the great art museums of Paris, or even of your own hometown, you’ll get a sense of it. Many modern artist types attempt like religious radicals to mold their thoughts to some 16th century definition of it and insist that high art holds the same standards, which it doesn’t. Rather, the modern concepts of capitalism are now the canvases which the great minds of business paint, and it is they who are the modern Picassos and Rembrandts. This was on my mind the other day while we were enjoying my wife’s birthday at Liberty Center in Butler County, Ohio at the Cheesecake Factory and I stood outside and marveled at all the great creations that builders had made in that vicinity that were works of modern thought and a next evolution of art. It was there that I thought about the importance of George Lang’s pro-business ideas for Ohio as a senator for the 4th District.

I don’t know many politicians who have embraced business the way that George has over his long career. Many people don’t know it, but George gives out free copies of Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged to people at Christmas so that they might learn something of the value of a unique American artform that evolved specifically in the United States, the art of making money and using it to create works of art of a different kind. If Paris and Europe in general are thought to have created art from the Renaissance period and those pieces are on display in museums to this day, American art is of a different fashion. Its artists work to overcome discriminations and inherited European regulations to create works of three-dimensional art that serve also as money making generators to pour blood of value into a culture for which the art resides. Ayn Rand figured out in her uniquely American novel what Victor Hugo and Leo Tolstoy in other cultures were learning about themselves in their own time, that American business was a new form of art in the world and it is always wonderful to see it working well such as it clearly does at Liberty Center in Butler County, Ohio.

I see builders and capitalists as the modern equivalent of artists who put their ideas into buildings, not canvases, and the results of their creations are much more interactive than just a painting expressing one moment in the mind of an artist, but a shared experience that permeates all time and space with hopes, ambitions, and sorrows. With every new hospital that is created come the hopes and dreams of childbirth, and the extreme sorrows of dying loved ones sick beyond repair living their last moments on earth. The art of the building created captures those contexts within the scope of a culture. And within those extremes are restaurants of ambition like the Cheesecake Factory and Cabela’s to entertain us along the way. I remember when George Lang was a trustee for West Chester and when it came time to build the Voice of America Park near the West Chester Hospital, it was George and others who turned over the design and function to private groups to allow full creative flow, which was a gutsy move. The park that is there now is a wonderful asset to the community, much better than if government had tried to force itself into the design of it, without all the little flairs of creativity of design that the park has now—all each in themselves works of art that enhance the experience of all residence in ways that aren’t typically measured.

The old view of art which is typically a liberal crutch insists that this new idea of art is a threat to them, so they label any supporters of capitalism as such to their way of life. That is why most politicians stay off the subject and instead pander to the arguments of the day, that the old-world view of liberalism has shaped, such as public education value, insurance for all, and elements of the socialism involved in Social Security. The new creations that spawn off all efforts of wealth could answer those old questions a thousand times over easily, but most politicians dare not go there because the challenges to the old system of thinking of art prevent them from articulating the value of business to a community because they seldom understand it themselves. That is not a problem of George Lang. He understands that businesses are the foundation of the future and all the solutions that can be found within it. And those solutions are works of art, not just profit making ventures.

As my wife and I were getting a cheesecake to take home from the Cheesecake Factory they informed me there that there are two manufacturing facilities in the United States that daily supply cheesecake to all their restaurants. The explanation was that the home office wants everything to taste uniformly good so they manage their quality control from those two facilities, which is tough competition because Wal-Mart, Kroger and many other local outlets make good cheesecakes. For the Cheesecake Factory to impose on themselves such a high-quality standard that is extremely expensive to maintain is a work of art, not any evil of capitalism as defined by a liberal in viewing artistic endeavors. Yet for that market to even take root where a canvas to paint such an artistic endeavor upon to even exist it takes politicians who know their role to remove barriers of such expression so that future concepts can be born for the benefit of all. Where such enterprise zones exist the best of modern culture can be seen. I’ve been to the Louvre in Paris. I loved it for what it was, but honestly, I saw much greater works of art at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World in every little business that was there and the bustling activity that can be seen any night of the week into the small hours of the morning.

What I’ve always loved about George Lang, whom I’ve known for more than a decade now, is that even with high ambitions at office holding, he wants those positions because he appreciates the artistic efforts that are born from them. His natural love of the novel Atlas Shrugged, which many politicians run from because of the capitalist stigma that hangs around it like a shackle to the past, is something George has always embraced, and it shows wherever he has been in a position of political power that his influence is conducive to great works of art that come from the many minds of business enterprise. And those enterprises are far outpacing the old ways of canvas art from any other period of world history, and the means to measure them are just now being understood in novels like Atlas Shrugged. Its not that the new ways of thinking of art are wrong because the old way is so slow to understand their miracles that the definitions are corroded with misunderstandings. Its just a matter of time before the rest of the world comes to the same realization, and when they do, they’ll find that George Lang was always there all along.

Rich Hoffman

The Buckeye Firearms Association Endorses George Lang: Getting HB 178 passed

The best hope for a continuation of House Bill 178 getting passed in the Senate is to have George Lang there to help convince Mike DeWine to sign the bill, which modifies weapons law, permitting concealed carry without a license, and many other positive reforms. While many are still in debate about to what extent the Second Amendment can or should be regulated, the crazy leftist who shot up a night spot in Dayton has many conservatives weak-kneed and in need of some hand holding in the aftermath. Of the people running for the 4th District Senate Seat in the upcoming primary between George Lang, Candice Keller and Ding Dong Lee Wong, only George Lang has the clout and ability to help Mike DeWine get off the fence and back to the table to sign such a bill as HB 178. As we get closer to the primary in March, its important that voters understand the strategy and best options for the issues they are most passionate about, and in Ohio the gun rights concerns are a big topic, so a bit of context is worth our time and consideration.

Candice Keller has been asked by the GOP to step down for her comments made in August in reaction to mass shootings in general. I think many people who are logical understood that much of what she said is true, about fatherless homes, and drug users being the cause of many mass shootings, but what hurt her is that she brought up Nazi language and tousled into the gay rights debate in a way that was completely unnecessary, and it hurt the GOP brand, and her stance on Second Amendment rights, which she has been a strong supporter. But she also walked right into the poo poo by giving opponents of bills like HB 178 a face to throw darts at, and therefor a great excuse for Mike DeWine to move away from signing it. So long as Candice was a face of Second Amendment rights in Columbus then she is hurting all the politicians who support the bill but had the political skill to stay out of trouble when pressed by the media for reaction to such catastrophes like the shooting in Dayton last year. This is another reason that the media has given Candice so much prominent coverage—most of it negative, because it has forced this issue underground again and made her look like a front runner in the 4th Seat Senate race. But there is a better option, a much better one in George Lang who is every bit as much of a Second Amendment supporter, I think more so, however, he has the political skill to unite people around the bill in the Senate to the Governor that Candice just doesn’t have. And even if she did, it will take her years to rebuild her political clout within the GOP to be effective in those types of discussions.

The media would like to make the race for that senate seat look much tighter ahead of the primary with its secret hopes that enough people might vote for Candice so that she can be elected to that seat only to waste it on more political scandal, which would then effectively kill HB 178 for many years. However, running for a big office seat like those in the senate takes politicians who can raise money, advertise, and then not step in it when pushed by the media for comments, who can stay on target literally with their message under great stress. And to that point only George Lang has any remote possibility of being an effective senator in the 4th District. In the financial reports for the candidates that were due on Friday of last week, George Lang had cash reserves of well over $200,000 where Candice only had $12,000. So that leaves her only strategy to hope to stay relevant is to be a rock chucker and hope that she can get some headlines and free coverage to get her message out. But the problem is, the GOP wants her to resign, so any coverage she gets is always going to be negative.

Meanwhile the Buckeye Firearms Association has endorsed George Lang for Ohio’s 4th Senate district and by mid-February the NRA is going to give its support as well. George’s record and ability has the recognized strength to advance gun rights as a senator and that momentum should not be wasted by anybody who wants to see bills like HB 178 become law without becoming so watered down by passage that it would be virtually worthless. I would encourage Candice whom I think genuinely cares about gun rights to get behind George as the best option to represent the 4th District in this great debate. But more than that, George has the ability to put that needed arm around Governor DeWine’s neck to get the signature needed to make HB 178 a reality. Those are the kinds of political skills that go well beyond a simple vote in the chamber and how things really happen in any political body.

Candice due to her lack of political skill, not necessarily her fault—time will fix a lot of that—but she’s had to take some of these extreme positions on her Facebook page to try to cover her lack of connections to secure funding for a campaign. It’s a page out of the Trump playbook, but he was rich and didn’t need to raise money for advertising in the traditional way. New media can take a creative politician far, but not that far, and her lack of ability to gather a crowd that will give her thousands of dollars in donations is something that can’t be overcome with political theater alone. There needs to be other layers to the reach of a senator in any district and that range and donation ability is the kind of leverage that gets you a lunch date with the governor to even pitch the ideas outside of chamber protocol. Everything is about political clout and that is how after this 2020 election cycle HB 178 has the best chance to get back out into the voting cycle.

The NRA knows George is the best chance and so does the Buckeye Firearms Association, and others who are sure to follow. If the true goal is to get pro firearm legislation solidified in Ohio then George is the best option. If the goal is simply to get elected into the senate by any means possible and Candice has to be forced to show all these extreme cards to get the free publicity, then she can’t truly say that she wants HB 178 to pass, because she has no ability to help advance it as a senator or as a member of the House. The GOP is distancing themselves from her and I would say to Candice that her political future isn’t over, it needs repaired. Helping to get HP 178 to a senator who can help on the other side and secure sentiment with the governor would go a long way to repairing that relationship. And that would take more guts for all the right reasons than destroying everything from the inside out just to get a political win for the short run.

Rich Hoffman