MAGA Hats are all About Above the Line Thinking: Why the media picked on Nick Sandman but not Tommy Sotomayor

The MAGA hats were never part of the plan for below the line liberals, their intention was to rob Americans of hope through victimization techniques taught in public schools and to gradually take over the world. Literally, that has been their plan, so it was quite shocking to them when Trump ran for president and started making the MAGA hats a rally cry that robbed from liberals their hopes and dreams of a below the line life where they could hide from the glaring eyes of expectation and competency. It didn’t surprise me that the media made so much out of Nick Sandman staring down some old hippie type who called himself an Indian at a right to life rally, and tried to make the whole event into a white power type of thing to demonize the MAGA hats that Nick and his Catholic school classmates from Covington Kentucky were wearing. But what did surprise me is that over the same weekend Tommy Sotomayor, a black man wearing his MAGA hat got into an argument with a Hooters waitress and his video went viral, but none of the news stations covered it, even though YouTube had over a million hits on the video. People saw it, but the story didn’t fit the narrative that the below the line types were trying to create. Black people were not supposed to support Donald Trump, let alone run around wearing MAGA hats. And that caused problems that compounded into even more destruction for the liberal ambitions for controlling the world.

Donald Trump’s MAGA hats have become a symbol of above the line thinking, in much the way that wearing a suit and tie to a meeting filled with loser types sitting around with holes in their jeans and untucked shirts. It’s a behavioral representation of an idea for thinking above a problem rather than below. The efforts liberals have to use victimization as a means to advance a way of thinking is obvious below the line efforts and that was why that guy beating on his little drum claiming to be a “Native American” was propped up to be a victim of white privilege and due for some measure of respect just by his ancestral relationship to a group of people the left has sought to exploit to advance their below the line concepts for the entire human race. Nick Sandman because he was a white teenager from a Catholic school was instantly supposed to respect the rules of engagement and apologize for his very existence upon just seeing the Indian who moved in to confront him knowing that the progressive politics of Washington D.C. favored his intentions even if violence did break out. Nick was the villain just for existing and he had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat to a right to life rally of all things.

Tommy Sotomayor is a guy who goes around looking for controversy and he did provoke the situation at the Hooters restaurant after the black waitress confronted him about his MAGA hat. In spite of the obvious attempts at social grandstanding the point was well made, here was a black man with a group of other blacks standing up for their right to wear a MAGA hat and the effort was completely ignored by the very hateful below the line media. They couldn’t handle a black man fighting for the right to wear a MAGA hat in a story that was obviously much bigger than the one Nick Sandman was involved in. That story with the Covington Catholic kids made every news wire and radio station announcement across the country with stunning coordination, yet Tommy Sotomayor was ignored, essentially because he was a black man on the wrong side of the below the line progressive argument. It was a very interesting thing to watch.

Nick Sandman did a very good job in the aftermath of the ordeal, he is obviously a very above the line young man. He reported the death threats that his family had received since the news outbreak and other terrible threats that came his way which we all recognize as the type of bullying that our society has learned in public school where below the line victimization is taught to the masses for the obvious end result of reshaping the social structure from looking above the line toward problems, to living below. The whole narrative reverts back to the notion of white toxic masculinity being eradicated from the social sphere so that below the line thinking can be nurtured and a new power vacuum would be created for Democrats to fill as a perpetually tearful class of people crying out for more government services extracted from even higher taxation. The MAGA hats were never supposed to give young people like Nick Sandman hope just as the right to life types were supposed to have all legislation ripped out from under them and have their hopes of a society that valued life removed. These elements to the eyes of below the line Democrats and European progressives were never supposed to come to fruition. Even if a Republican did win the White House at some point in the next decade it would be someone like Jeb Bush who could easily be steam rolled over by below the line thinking. There would never have been a MAGA hat revolution otherwise.

But then there are people like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West who proclaim that the MAGA hats have given them power and the fortitude to stick up for themselves as individuals and as blacks. The shockwaves of that social movement is something that Democrats can’t deal with because they thought they had that whole demographic locked up into a victimization summation and that all blacks would stay there and be happy collecting their government services, and would keep voting Democrat. Instead they are wearing their MAGA hats out to Hooters and picking a fight with the establishment itself blowing the progressive narrative completely out of the water and you can know that it is very painful for them because of the silence. Progressives have no answer for it in any of the 30 to 40 people from the Democrat side of things running for president. They have nobody like Trump, and they have no message like MAGA hats to start a revolution toward above the line thinking as opposed to below.

I have several MAGA hats and I love them. They are some of the best hats that I’ve ever had because they represent to me the efforts of a president who has a desire to make America an above the line country again instead of a country of victims and despots looking for pity over every little sin in the past. The young man Nick Sandman obviously wants a shot at life-like anybody else and his MAGA hat is that hope. That same hope resides in a black man like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West. I’m sure there are lots of Hispanics and Indians who also love their MAGA hats because they understand that the notion of making America great again means that the country is heading above the line in its expectations instead of below where the filth and excuses reside. And that is what everyone who is below the line hates about the MAGA hats and why nobody covered Tommy’s Hooters experience. Because the truth is quite the opposite from what the media tried to create out of the Covington Catholic story. Once the facts where well-known, the evidence was not in the favor of the below the line Democrats and their ambitions for destruction all over the world.

Rich Hoffman

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The Morality of the Wall: Sex trafficking and the desire to destroy western civilization through illegal immigration, drug use, and sexual perversion

Of course, the Democrats won’t take the deal President Trump offered to reopen the government and secure funding for his border wall, but he had to do it anyway. As I we have been talking about the battle is about politics or even ideology at this point, it’s about above the line and below the line thinking. Above the line thinkers are responsible and self-determined while below the line are victims and always looking for reasons not to do things. Nancy Pelosi’s goal in winning the House Speaker job back was purely for the title. She has been and is currently action like many incompetent people who get into a seat of power, as a below the line thinker the position hasn’t helped her. She magically hasn’t become competent suddenly. Her ability to swing a gavel hasn’t put great wisdom and leadership into her abilities like so many in this world believe. But Trump knows all that and he acted accordingly while she was out-of-town yet again. When a leader who thinks above the line is in direct conflict with an incompetent below the line person, the loser below the line never has a chance. Even though she will avoid this proposal the way Democrats always do, Trump’s strategic movements will reflect favorably on the Republican party and the shutdown can continue well into the future at the expense of the Democrats, because people can see the startling difference and how the two sides act under pressure. Trump has done a very good job during this crisis.

I think in the wake of Trump’s Saturday broadcast we should go a little deeper onto the morality of building a wall. As below the line thinkers of course misery loves company so the whole open border strategy that has been globally implemented held considerable attractiveness to the likes of Nancy and her radical Democrats who at this point might as well be call socialists. The cover is off that Trojan horse, so why dance around the subject. Because many supporters of the Democrat party are below the line thinkers they don’t want the responsibility that comes with being an American citizen and what goes on around the world quite openly these days. Forget about the political rhetoric for a bit, one of the most evil things going on in this world right now is human trafficking, and President Trump brought that up during his speech. There is a huge market for smugglers and other criminal minded to smuggle people across the Mexican/American border for the opportunity for freedom, which sounds like a well-intended enterprise until you understand the reality.

Many years ago, some very bad people decided that they would use their power and influence to shape the world toward communism. Just because people have money and power doesn’t mean they are above the line thinkers. Bad, below the line people can acquire power, and often do. And they decided that the world needed open borders, that women needed to step out of the home and into the work place leaving their children vulnerable to state-run educations. The concept of a family was going to be redefined by the state and in the ashes of all that ambition many sexual fantasies would be fulfilled which of course was the fuel behind the ambition to start with. If you step into the mind of a typical globalists you will find extreme sexual perversions to be the norm, pedophilia, under age sex with both girls and boys, bondage, homosexuality and group-oriented sex orgies. Under all the activity was two basic intentions, the desire to redefine the human race by robbing their intrinsic motivations and instead seeking their place within the state, and to pull them there with the typical stick and carrot temptations of puberty. This catapulted many below the line thinkers into their late adulthoods with a deep desire to justify their sexual illnesses with massive sexual perversions that were driving all state activity. It is safe to say that much of our political world has been filled with these below the line types and they rule the way Nancy Pelosi does, so to her the behavior is normal. Only to people who are above the line thinkers is the behavior reprehensible and even considered vile.

South of the American borders as Marxism has destroyed those economies it has been the fantasy of the corrupt globalists because the only thing there really is to do is to have babies and flood the American border hopefully to overwhelm the system and destroy the American Constitution. And in the process mothers are willing to sell their children into the slavery of human traffickers just for the hope of their kids ending up in America with a shot at a better life. In that process 1 out of 4 girls are routinely raped, so much so that their mothers give birth control pills to their daughters knowing what will happen along the way. But believe it or not, young boys are the most lucrative targets, as dirty old men thinking well below the line are seeking most what’s missing in themselves by robbing children of their intrinsic motivations and scarring the children for life. It’s all part of the plan.

In the great book by Daniel Pink called Drive, he explores some surprising aspects of human development and what really drives people to do what they do. One thing that is quite clear is that most human beings are born with intrinsic motivations to be self-directed and autonomous, and if left to their own devices, to grow up and become wonderful above the line thinkers. But self-directed people motivated intrinsically are hard to control if you are a below the line thinker from the old world so the scheme is to actually ruin people as they get older, enter puberty and are more prone to the stick and carrot motivation lifestyle that leads to below the line thinking. You see, goal-oriented motivations make people less productive than intrinsically motivated attributes. Look at a typical six-year-old kid and they are usually self-directed and soaking up all the learning they can get. Take that same child at age 14 and suddenly sex is on their minds all the time as biology has taken over making them prone to stick and carrot goals, do this and do that and you get to have sex. Then once they have lost respect for that process, they have become sexual addicts for life since there is no way to stop it once it starts. The governments of our world understand this on a conceptual level and it is the heart of the open border concept—the intention is to hold mankind to this basic animal level behavior so that they will remain all their lives easily controlled below the line thinkers. And in this relationship, pedophilia to them is a moral endeavor because it feeds this unity across the world. Destroy a person’s mind and intrinsic motivations getting them to think disfunctionally about sex and they will be controlled all their lives as below the line thinkers.

The Democrat strategy as it has been shaped by their donors, wealthy contributors like George Soros and many, many others is to accelerate this conduct of destroying people’s intrinsic motivations and making them into stick and carrot below the line thinkers all their lives, so the sex, the rapes, the child trafficking is all part of the plan. The illegal drugs are intended to poison American society and to rob thought from entire generations which is happening currently, so Trump is correct, the whole thing is a humanitarian crisis. But to Nancy Pelosi, she doesn’t want to think about her responsibility to that crises because her party is committed to perpetuating it. As below the line thinkers, they are committed to making more people that way. It is their party platform if you really get down to it. So this fight isn’t just about political ideology, it is a fight between good and evil, evil being below the line, good being above. It’s about preserving intrinsic motivations as opposed to growing up as addicts of stick and carrot rewards where no matter how much you reach for goals the stick is placed just beyond your reach all your life by unseen controllers who operate within the political spectrum. And the carrot is usually sexual in nature and can never be filled through an entire life. And when a 55-year-old man buys a sexual slave from one of these smugglers coming across the American border from Mexico the robbing of intrinsic value from the child is encouraged, not thwarted because the goal from the beginning is to take away hope so that only the world’s governments can provide safe haven and thus provide those thus employed to have all the power in the world and to gain the ability to hold the sticks that are meant to control us all—all our lives. That is what is at stake and what this fight is really about.

Rich Hoffman

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No, the Government can Stay Closed: Trump needs to build the wall

It is astonishing how stupid people can be. That they actually thought the Democrat led House would magically wave a wand and all of a sudden, the government would reopen, and the wall debate would be wiped away. That people are that dumb, because some did believe it, should concern us all. Also, one of the big government labor unions is suing President Trump for not getting paid during the shutdown as illegal. So according to the union the only legal option is to always pay government workers even if there is no money? Seriously? Where do these people come from? Where did they go to school? Because they act like they landed here from some other place not understanding how civilization works, the assumptions they make are based on a childlike understanding of the world. In reality the government can shut down forever, and the border wall is a must. Trump can’t and won’t budge on it because it is something that has to be done. And the Democrats don’t have nor will they ever have leverage on the matter. Nobody cares about government workers. They make too much money anyway.

Commentator after commentator on all networks pondered what President Trump was up to in regard to border wall negotiations. It was unfathomable to them that he would actually hold out on reopening the government to get the money from congress. Likely the issue is that they are millennials largely who are used to quick fixes to everything. The idea of a month or six-month budget fight just isn’t in their vocabulary. Then of course many of them also are part of the new borderless world concept which is a trend started by globalists to inspire a one world government of no countries only people in regions. Of course that is a not so clever fantasy of communism where values between different people are ignored and they all serve a central authority, such as the United Nations. In other places in the world it’s not so obvious the difference between one country and another, but on the Mexican/American border the contradictions are bold and obvious. You can’t have a society in need desperately the way Mexico is and put them next to a society of plenty, like America and not expect major problems. It’s not that America wants to deny the people of Mexico the advantages of capitalism. But what matters is that Mexico needs to adopt that philosophy for themselves, not expect a spillover from America for even their most basic needs.

The border wall is basically about showing that difference so that the values are separated. Open looting is not a permissible strategy, yet it is the only strategy of the Mexican government. They can only hope to openly assimilate with the United States because their Marxist revolution has been a dismal failure, so they want open borders to prevent that obvious fact to remain concealed. It’s also about fueling the illegal drug trade to bring American money south and to poison the minds of the American people so that they can be easily conquered. Make no mistake about it, Nancy Pelosi and her open border supporters want the poisoning of American youth to continue through drugs from Mexico. She and they want to fuel that market to growth, not contraction. A border wall would make that effort much harder. Drugs would still get into the country, but not at the level it is presently. Drugs are a major problem in American society, everything from alcohol to cocaine, and the Mexican government delights in seeing so many Americans hooked on a product they produce so that avenues to hide their failed Marxism can remain. To understand the situation, you have to understand the game.

There is absolutely no reason for Trump to compromise with Nancy Pelosi on the border wall funding. The minute this issue is off the table, and the government reopens, the Democrats in the House will launch a barrage of investigations into Trump intended to hammer him out of office by 2020. They don’t care about the government, the border, or the national debt. They only care about trying to get a president in the White House in 2020, so everything they do is to that end. Trump could hold out reopening the government for the next two years hanging it on the Democrats and he’d be just fine. But Nancy and the gang won’t be. Their base of support are all mushy short-term thinkers who expect easy victories. When they see that those victories don’t come, and that people really don’t care about their issues, they will find themselves in a bad position. It is they who have the obligation to negotiate, not President Trump.

It’s one thing to know that people aren’t very smart, or to have watched over time the decline of western civilization as more people have accepted Marxism and communism over time, especially in our university system. Without question we are a fragmented nation in North America. But that’s not a bad thing. We are a republic, not a democracy for this very reason. In America logical thought is given the ability to prevail over the ambitions of the mob and at the essence of it, that is what the border fight is all about. Nancy Pelosi is functioning form a mob mentality hoping to apply peer pressure on President Trump to score an early victory for her House members and to launch their ambitions for 2020 elections. But Trump has all the power in the world to stop that desire. So why wouldn’t he? That is obviously a consideration that none of the pundits on television had been thinking about. Their assumption as it always is was that Trump had the obligation to yield as good Republicans usually do, and to feed the power of mob rule as proposed by Democrats.

There is actually a lot to be revealed by Mitt Romney’s quick challenge to President Trump, trying immediately to put pressure on him to negotiate with the House and to drop the border wall funding issue. That is because Romney wants another crack at running for president and if Trump wins again, he won’t get another chance. But more than that, he is philosophically more aligned with Nancy Pelosi than with President Trump’s GOP. The idea of a borderless world is appealing to them for many reasons. But more than anything, continuing to allow Mexico to loot value off of America gives them power in allowing it. The only people seeking to go from America to Mexico are criminals and tourists looking for some excitement they can’t get in America. You don’t see them crossing the border under machine gun fire. But in Mexico you do, they will go to great measures to get into America. Why? Because what is in America is valuable to them. So why can’t they have those opportunities in Mexico? Because Marxism has ruined their economy and the borderless world advocates want to hide that reality from everyone, and the best way to do that is to mix everyone together before anybody really notices. And that is exactly why there is a border wall fight, and Trump has all the time in the world to hold to it. Because he has the high ground and he’d be crazy to relinquish it. Yet Nancy Pelosi has no time to make her case, the pressure to reopen the government is complete on her, and as the heat cranks up, she won’t be able to handle it. Watch and see!

Rich Hoffman

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Standing with Wikileaks: The reason what Bob Mueller is doing is sheer evil

I’ll never forget that evening where I had the opportunity to visit the Embassy of Ecuador in London where Julian Assange was held up under international attempts at his arrest. That particular day I had a nice tour of London visiting Parliament, then Buckingham Palace before having dinner at one of the best and most expensive restaurants in all of London, Ramsey’s by Gordon Ramsey himself. After dinner we went shopping at Harrod’s which was another best of the best type of experience, and in the middle of all that we stopped by to see the center of the universe of all controversy regarding free speech at the Embassy where Julian Assange operated as the lead editor of Wikileaks. Donald Trump had just been elected president and the world was changing. Brexit was on everyone’s mind and the powerful in the political halls around the world shuddered by what Wikileaks was able to reveal through true journalism, and everyone hated Assange for it. My visit that day put everything in a nice perspective for me because we had seen the highs and lows of life all in one day in London and the context of it all was unmistakable. I didn’t think of it at the time but it was one of the most important days of my life.

So I found it odd that as much as I think the Mueller investigation into the Trump presidency is a phony political endeavor I was quite shocked by the reckless nature of the Mueller team trying to pin a false story about Paul Manafort in jail in framing Julian Assange with a character assassination under penalty of breaking the plea deal the FBI special investigation team had with the former Trump campaign manager confined to solitary. Mueller was obviously trying to steer his case to Wikileaks which released a lot of emails from John Podesta which caused Hillary Clinton so much damage, far more than anything else did in the election of 2016. But the problem is, what was revealed by Podesta were the kind of things the United States F.B.I. and press in general should have been revealing, because there were serious infractions of the law going on. It wasn’t Wikileaks fault that they were exposing that material, it was Podesta’s fault for committing the acts then falling for a phishing scheme to extract their confinement from his personal computer by hostile agents outside of the jurisdiction of the United States. Normally this would be a problem, but what was revealed was that American intelligence was in on the deal and were trying to rig the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor. And we wouldn’t have known much of any of that without Julian Assange and his Wikileaks.

To be at the center of the storm in London helped show how broken global politics and the media that covered it really was, that a small room in an embassy in the high-end section of London could literally bring the world to its knees so easily. There really isn’t much to things and that was exposed by Julian Assange and Donald Trump extraordinarily as 2016 closed and 2017 was being ushered in. Once all the patriotism was stripped away from wanting to defend everything in my own country it was quite obvious that the Democrats and F.B.I at the very least had conspired together to break the law to rig an election and they had control of the legal system and the media empires, except for that little room in the embassy where Assange looked at me through the window like a caged rat wishing with everything in his power that he could join me in the street and taste freedom once again.

Then to watch a few years later after the runaway Mueller investigation had attempted to destroy the life of Paul Manafort only because he had worked for a time with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign and was trying to force him to say anything to keep from having more jail time imposed on him tried to use that leverage to pin the entire 2016 Democrat loss on that one guy in London, Julian Assange who is currently about to be kicked out of that embassy because Ecuador has had enough political pressure placed on them and they can’t take it anymore. So Assange is about to be pulled into a million pieces legally and Mueller knows it. The willingness of Mueller to destroy lives to preserve a social order is truly outrageous, and evil. I try to think of things in context like this, that Bob Mueller is someone’s dad, someone’s husband, someone’s son—that he has some value in the world. But to operate with such a lack of integrity—to put a system before good moral judgment is reprehensible and it becomes quite clear why a media outlet like Wikileaks is needed, because we certainly can’t trust the New York Times.

A lot of this mentality of a collective institutional view of value as opposed to individual judgment was quite apparent in a recent interview with James Comey as he revealed that he didn’t think that Trump’s pick for a backup attorney general was the sharpest knife in the drawer—it was an extraordinary statement of excessive condemnation especially considering the role Comey played in trying to destroy the Trump presidency right out of the gate with F.B.I. activism. Comey justifies his behavior that he was defending the institution of the presidency by attempting to bring down Trump and ultimately, he is the reason there is a Mueller investigation. It was never to seek justice, it was just to protect the institution of the presidency from individual will by the people who elected him. That same justification is what is attempting to paint a case against Julian Assange, that his Wikileaks is such a threat to institutionalism that it must be brought down any way possible. To those types of people individual lives don’t matter at all, but protecting the institutions that they are a part of is everything.

The reason for the context in London for me personally, was that the entire town is built off institutional history and in spite of all the great historic sites, individuals are quietly yearning everywhere for freedom. So it’s not that odd that Julian Assange has found some safety within the center of the city and a support base that keeps the police from storming his hideout and arresting him. The public wouldn’t stand for it so a kind of stalemate ensues and it was interesting to see up close. The frontier war for the entire world was happening right there and it really came down to a few bricks and windows between individual freedom and the tyranny of institutional protections even to the point where they break all the laws of mankind to protect themselves from the teeth of their crimes. Bob Mueller isn’t a good person, he is a tool like a knife, or a gun, used to inflict power over individuals to protect the evils of institutionalism and he will use it any way needed to enforce the will of his administrators. And that makes him the most dangerous person in the world, certainly not Julian Assange.

Rich Hoffman
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The Media and Me: Why all the hate?

I generally am not a vindictive person, I let people do what they want and think what they will so long as they don’t try to impede on my life. Generally. And this is certainly true of the media. About ten years ago I was friendly with most of the media in both Cincinnati and Dayton and I did a lot of radio on WLW and was on television quite often. Back then also I was going to film festivals and doing some work in Hollywood because at the time I still thought I might end up doing work in the entertainment industry. I was always a conservative and everyone knew it, but there wasn’t a need to be contentious and fight about everything. After all, these were the days of a soft George Bush presidency and the early years of Obama, so the political left largely propped up and controlled by our media culture felt comfortable, and even entitled. So a guy like me wasn’t a threat to them. Newspapers would quote me often, television news outlets would seek my opinion and I’d write occasional pieces for national magazines and everyone was happy—except for me. One thing I never liked about that system was that I had a lot more to say about everything and editors and producers would never give me enough time to put together a complete story on a given topic. So in 2010 I decided to become my own publisher so to speak and start this blog, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I never meant for it to become an endeavor of consternation, but what I have found out over the eight years since is that all media outlets hate it, and therefore don’t like me as a result.

I especially heard about how much the media doesn’t like me during this 2018 election. I’d get reports from people who associate with the press and elements close to the press who actively want to discredit everything I do, as if they were the gatekeepers of knowledge. But in reality, I write about so many things in so much detail that essentially nobody can keep up and that is the root of their anxiety. Media types are like any other worker out there, they are held to very confined standards and are certainly not free to write what they want. In the beginning I never thought of this as being a problem, but after talking to a Cincinnati Enquire reporter way back in 2011 just a year into it I realized just how jealous they were over my blog. It didn’t make much sense to me because anybody could start a blog, even them. Blog sites were free, anybody in the world could do one, so I didn’t consider what I was doing to be a threat to anybody. Just supplemental material. People would read what I’d say in newspapers and on the radio and they’d come to the blog to get more information. Since in media they don’t give you unlimited time to make your point, but just skim the highlights of any given topic.

And that is where the problems started and ended, the media never wants to solve a problem, they are perpetually the old Don Henley song “Dirty Laundry” where they need chaos, panic, and mayhem to generate the ratings they feel they need to survive, and my blog offered more than that to readers. As a writer I don’t think anybody in the United States or Europe can touch me for content and volume. I can write about more topics in quantities that often rival published books than anybody else, and that makes Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom very unique in any published venue. I didn’t set out to do that on purpose, I just let my natural inclinations take me where I felt things needed to go and I turned loose the ideas. If I want to publish articles about a reptile civilization that controls global politics and to deal with the pros and cons of that conspiracy theory, I do it and people enjoy the material. Or if we want to get into the weeds of actual political occurrences, we can do that too. Information and ideas are never bad, yet the media culture that we have had only want the headlines, never the substance. They never want a solution, only to ask the questions to provoke emotional results.

It is for that reason that I stepped gradually away from most of my media contacts. This blog did it for me. All I ever wanted to do was communicate ideas that were interesting to people who might enjoy exploring those concepts. Whether one person likes the topic or thousands really doesn’t make a difference to me. But that is also why reporters generally do not like my blog site, because it contains in it a freedom they simply don’t have. I love to read and write and I contribute to my blog in the old-fashioned way that any writer would, out of love and passion for the topics. But I would say that my efforts are similar to personalities from the past like Benjamin Franklin who did lots of things in his life, including being a publisher. I do other things in my life for money, so I have no reason to sell my published works. And that makes what I do vastly different from what all other media do and there resides the rub.

It was bound to happen sooner or later; the old modes of media would have to give way to the new. And within the new, if some publisher such as myself might come along and provide vast amounts of content out of the passion of doing it as opposed to prostituting it out like most media personalities must, then so be it. I have written millions and millions of words on a vast array of subjects but to me they all connect in very precise ways. Yet to the traditional media that can’t keep up with someone like me jealousy is their dominate emotion and that kind of thing came out dramatically on several fronts after the election of 2018. Feedback I received was nothing short of hate—that publishers like me are “ruining” the world. Well, I would ask, “from whom.” The world as we have all known it is going away, and I’m happy to see it leave. I never liked it to begin with. The age of Trump has been propelled by many people like me, but in the sheer effort of content offerings even though I am heavily restricted by Facebook, Google and Twitter, and have been for many years, the work still gets out to the people I intend for it to. If not a mass audience, a very targeted audience of people who are thinking people who are very smart. Popular mass media just have no control over this new age and they hate it. Information has been decentralized and that is a reality for the future. They could have embraced it, but they didn’t. Instead the have decided they hate me, which is their prerogative. But in the end it’s no skin off my back. I don’t need them, but they do need people like me and it was they who alienated themselves. The world will march on without them in it, and that is purely their choice to make.

Rich Hoffman

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All You Need to Know About Illegal Immigration: Understanding the latest caravan story from Mexico

So right on target for the election of November 6th is a caravan of thousands of immigrants trying to make their way toward asylum at the North American border with Mexico. Their reasons for fleeing wherever they are coming from are due to the deplorable conditions of their homeland and we are supposed to make the judgment to allow them entry even if it is under an illegal status because America is a compassionate nation that welcomes all comers. Basically, it’s a political trap caused in every way possible by the liberal-minded. They caused the conditions that these poor people are running from, the gangs, the human traffickers and the drug culture that manufactures raw poison meant to destroy the mind of North Americans, then they organize them in the way that they know how to gather together in Honorius or Guatemala and travel north to seek asylum in America, and they know when to leave to make the most impact in the media. It’s all very well-coordinated by various members of the liberal left.

I interact with more people from different places in the world than anybody I’ve met in my adult life, and that is not because I’m living a sheltered existence. Quite the contrary, I talk to many more people on a weekly basis at all levels of our social order than most people would have the opportunity to otherwise. I have a very interesting life that involves many thousands of people each week, let’s just say that. And I happen to enjoy the company of people who come from other countries because they tend to be hard workers with deep commitments to their families. For all the talk about hiring American and buying American I have a different take on it that doesn’t fit a nice political campaign slogan. I completely support President Trump’s position on illegal immigration, but as a business man he understands the same problem and is attempting to fix it through his policies on the opioid crises, but when it comes to finding hard workers for a business endeavor, most of the time when you interview 100 people for a job, the people who came from somewhere besides an American city where they grew up in a one parent household and around drugs for all of their childhood, those people aren’t prepared for a job in the United States whereas the kid who worked hard to get into America and get their green cards and American citizenship statuses are, they are hungry for the American dream because they came from places where that dream was far from a reality, so they appreciate what an employer can do for them and the relationship is very good.

When I talk to people very smart on this matter they never seem to get the big picture. Very few people are ready to admit that their children, “The Millennials” are not intellectually prepared for the workplace. They have terrible work ethics that were taught to them by an American culture that took their freedoms for granted. They are used to video games to entertain them, fast food so that they don’t even have to prepare for how they get food on a daily basis because its cheap and easy to get in America. And there are so many social safety nets that they don’t even think about things like insurance, or getting sick because they know the government has their back no matter what they do so they live lives of no consequences, and that makes them douche–bags to deal with. When I get the opportunity to give a Millennial a chance, I do every time if I think they can pass the drug screening, but most of the time I am terribly let down by their behavior. Out of every ten that you try to give a chance to, 9 of them will wash out and make themselves non-employable. Not unemployable, but rather not able to be employed because of their bad work ethics. You could pay each of them a million dollars a year and they wouldn’t be worth .50 cents because they don’t have the intellectual tools to navigate today’s workforce. The cause of this is of course liberalism, too much government in too many people’s lives, from their education systems to the type of policies that made it so that mom could find new dads and the old dads had to pay child support while trying to pay for kids in two marriages none of which the children think much of the father. The net result is several generations now of sloppy minded young people who do drugs too much, sleep too long and have to go to the doctor for every little ache and pain. The value of hard work has been driven from these poor people and they are the products of American culture mired in liberalism.

Meanwhile the liberals haven’t had quite so long to destroy the people of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Even though socialism and communism have ruined the economies of people from many third world countries, the family structures of those regions are very intact. Sons love their mothers and at least the children see their fathers working hard to make basic livings. The quality of living is not good in Guatemala, there is no economy to speak of because socialist revolutions have destroyed all opportunity for outside investment leaving behind gangs and drug dealers to fill the economic power vacuum, the young people do not have in many cases power or internet connections for video games and there are no Taco Bells on every corner for them to acquire food easily without having to make plans on how to acquire it, which is a daily challenge in most third world countries. So those people coming from those places like to work, it makes them feel good to be able to get a job and do well for their families and I find I have a lot more in common with them than I do people who have grown up taking American culture for granted. So the argument over immigrant labor isn’t about low wages as much as it is about hiring people who still value the morality of hard work. To me American work is what I grew up with having both of my grandparents own farms, they worked hard and I learned my work ethic from them, and I find I have a lot in common with a young person from the other side of the world who was taught by their mom and dad to work hard for the things they want in life even if their wildest fantasy is having a car that they can drive to that Taco Bell to get food for lunch at.

But you can’t have open borders, you can’t just let these people roam into your country turning it into a third world country, borders have value and having a way to restrict that immigration keeps the value high for those who do the hard work to get into America as a worker. Maintaining a strong border makes the value of an American job something worth fighting for, for everyone—especially the immigrant. George Soros is dreadfully wrong in his open border view of the world. And so is Paul Ryan and is desire to make the Koch brothers happy with what they call cheap labor. As I said, the situation is much more complicated than that, but even conservatives have a hard time explaining why immigrant labor is better often than what domestic labor offers. Part of making America great again is in making American workers like work again. Any hard-working culture can be said to be a successful one, and America has to relearn some of its past traits that made America great in the first place. Right now there are too many Americans that are lazy, stupid, and overly dependent on government. And that is by choice, not demand.

But ultimately when American “imperialism” is cited as a reason to be mad at American troops or policies in far-flung regions it should be viewed that America is protecting its borders so that caravans like the one presently flowing across Mexico aren’t motivated to risk everything for a potential life in America. They should have it in their home countries. If a place like El Salvador is creating problems for families to have productive lives in, then America has a moral obligation to protect its own borders to help those people have what America has so that they don’t have to make such dangerous journeys, and that is to promote capitalism in those places so that proper economies can flourish. It’s not an accident that such impoverished areas are created in the first place, we understand what makes them—its liberalism, whether the problem is in Syria, or in Central America, it is in the lack of opportunity and the dangerous conditions of their home governments that propel illegal immigration which eventually becomes an American problem as they try to flock into our borders to have what we do, freedom and opportunity. That is why the caravan traveling now must be stopped at the American border and those people sent back. But that is also why it is America’s business to promote capitalism in the regions these people are trying to escape from. The villain in the entire matter is liberalism, the same liberalism taught in modern American colleges and public schools that has destroyed the American work force. Lucky for us in a largely decentralized society, the people have been destroyed but the economic engine left running, so America is not a poor country like the ones in Central America. But to solve the problem on both sides of the issue liberalism has to be abandoned and capitalism used to fix everything. That is the only solution available and until it is, these contentious border crossings will be a problem.

Rich Hoffman

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What a V.I.P. Pass Means: The refusal of the press to understand Trump supporters

I am always grateful when someone gives me a V.I.P. pass to some event, whether its political or some sporting endeavor—or the opening of some new restaurant. When I do something, I like to get up close and personal with it, but I do not have the time to wait in lines. I am not a line kind of person largely because it’s a time management issue. I have too much going on all the time to really spend too much time on one thing. So, When I get the opportunity to be a V.I.P. at an event I take it very seriously and am always very appreciative. Usually if it’s a political event, like the Trump events always are, if I go it’s because somebody thought enough of me that they offered me a V.I.P. experience. Such a way of attending allows a person like me the time to do what I do without making it into an entire day’s event. So it was in that context that I saw the fangs of the national media at the Trump rally in Lebanon in a way I wouldn’t otherwise have, and it was obvious.

Usually at these kinds of political rallies there is a general entrance and there is a V.I.P entrance that is usually near where the media enters. In fact, the last three or four times that I had been to a Trump event, the V.I.P. entrance was in the same place as the media entered. So it was only logical as we parked in Lebanon, Ohio and came to the entrance to the Trump rally that I notice the media sign-in table, so I asked them where the V.I.P. entrance was. The girl who answered me was about a year shy of 30 and was pretty smug. She repeated what I had said like some puppet and pointed at the long line that was about a quarter-mile long that everyone else was standing in waiting to get into the event. I paused on her face because I wasn’t sure if she was challenging me to a fight or was trying to be helpful. An older man who was standing next to her and was much more reasonable pointed around a chain link fence just to the other side of their position and told me that the V.I.P. table was there.

We stepped around the fence avoiding the long line and got to the table where some really sharp young ladies were doing the check ins, so I felt that whatever that was I encountered with that bizarre lady was over. Another thing I like about V.I.P. lines is that the security is usually less intrusive. They figure that you wouldn’t have a V.I.P. pass unless you knew someone important so they treat you differently, as not a potential terrorist posing as a Trump supporter, so security is usually much smoother, and in this case, it was. Not less stringent, but more respectful for sure. Once we were through I was immediately thankful for our passes. I had brought my daughter on this particular event because out of all my family, she hadn’t yet had a chance to see the president yet, so this was going to be a treat for her. Even though we had the passes we still showed up three hours early and it was a good thing that we did because the place was already stuffed with people. Under the big roof of the main stage the entire floor was packed and there wasn’t a seat to be found. It was astonishingly crowded.

But the event organizers were very nice when they saw we had the badges and they directed us to our seats in the bleachers just behind where the president would be speaking. I was thinking about what the media lady had said as we approached, it was obvious that she thought anybody coming to a Trump rally with a V.I.P. pass was pretentious and that it was violating some unwritten rule she lived by that was very much the way Democrats view the world. Nobody was more important than anybody else so how could someone coming to a Trump rally be more important? Well, as they showed me to our seats the bigger picture was obvious. I saw people there I knew from other events and the necessity for V.I.Ps was obvious. Trump could be assured that the people directly behind him knew what to do with the cameras on them, and they were all safe people who were good for security. Mostly the people sitting around us were all either big political players or major donors, so they were invested in the safety of the president, and we were part of the show. In my own way I give a lot more to the plight of the president than people who one or two times in their life wait all night to get a seat in the arena. We all do what we do and all those things were needed for this type of show. So I didn’t feel guilty about being taken to a nice seat while the people in the pit were stuck standing for up to six hours. And they didn’t seem to resent us, we all understood the larger context. Everyone was just happy to be there.

But as the media started doing zoom checks of the crowd from their position some of the organizers caught what was going on around the media area and discussions were brewing about the bright yellow badges that the people in the V.I.P area had around their necks. And the media was talking about it in a negative way. Apparently other media types were just as appalled by the signs of a V.I.P area as that girl was that I encountered. So the event staff came by and asked us to conceal our badges and to stay in our seats. The venue was too packed to get up and move around anyway. There was no way to really go use the restroom or to get some food so the only thing we could do is stay put. That is when it really became clear to me why the media hated Trump so much, he was making even political rallies cool again by breaking down norms the press had long accepted, basic rules of practice. V.I.P. passes certainly aren’t a new thing, and Democrats have those types of things at their events as well, but the media had in their minds that Trump supporters were still a subspecies of political activism and that Trump’s people couldn’t be that organized as to have a V.I.P. base to draw from. It is a denial of their own making, but it did have an impact on the way they covered the Trump events.

It was a fascinating observation and a new level of hatred that I hadn’t seen before, but the disdain was quite clear. Perhaps at other events the thoughts were that Trump would never make it to the presidency or that if he did, Democrats would knock him out of power. So there wasn’t much consideration about different status levels of Trump support from his base. But now everything was a little more real for them, the media was getting tired of covering Trump every night and having him berate them. But they had to go because their media bosses needed the ratings of covering Trump and they were becoming very resentful. And to make matters worse were the obvious evidence of Trump’s ground game, the financiers, the provocateurs, the political support that became the members of the V.I.P. section. The media had been wanting to think that we were all playing political house, and some people still refused to believe that what they were seeing was real. But it was quite real, and even more than that—it was better than what was going on with the other side. Wherever there are V.I.P. passes that are as valuable if not more so than a back-stage pass to a rock concert, there is value that justifies them. I appreciate that value immensely. But the media obviously had a hard time accepting the obvious. They weren’t the only ones with special access, or in the case of that rally, limited access. They were able to be in the press area, but they weren’t able to get to where we were and that seemed to bother them. And that is a very subtle sign of winning that doesn’t get talked about very much. But it is one of the biggest bits of evidence of these changing times and it makes me even more proud of that little souvenir that I will never forget. It meant more to me than just being able to get a decent seat. It was the evidence of some changing times that are getting better by the day. And I’m looking forward to those continuous improvements.

Rich Hoffman

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