The Great Reset: How to fight back, and to win

Now that its all out in the open, especially since the media pick for president, Joe Biden has been announcing how he’d like a potential administration to look, the Great Reset that everyone has been talking about as a global initiative has been unleashed.  We see now what I have been saying all of 2020, that the coronavirus was created to overthrow the Trump presidency in many ways that we’ve now seen in hindsight culminating in the production of phony votes that were ridiculously high once all the results were tallied on election night.  Many crimes have been created under the umbrella of Covid-19 which was always meant to overthrow capitalism once Trump was removed from office, and in the wake of the election as it looked like the coup might be pulled off, the various blue state governors, again led by Mike DeWine of Ohio, started coronavirus lockdowns once again even after the announcement of a vaccine coming to solve the problem.  Even as I write this in fact OANN news has been banned from YouTube for violating their Covid-19 misinformation policy—for essentially talking about hydroxychloroquine as a way to manage the virus before the vaccine arrives.  Of course the reason is that the attackers of America within Google, Facebook and the primary mainstreamers in the news business don’t want a solution to the coronavirus, they want Covid-19 to bring chaos and mayhem quickly to overload our minds into a change state, which ultimately is the Great Reset to bring the American nation off its pedestal and down to the level of the rest of the world where everyone can be “equally bad.”

It was also announced yesterday on the news ticker on Newsmax that airlines were beginning to consider mandatory proof of vaccination before travelers could fly to other countries, another aspect of the Great Reset that many have been terrified of, force vaccinations and intrusions into the maintenance of our bodies that we will no longer control to live in a civil society.  But as I said in my video, there is a way to beat all this and to drive the villains from our lives.  We don’t have to be passive participants in this invasion, which is exactly what it is.  We don’t have to listen to these dumb governors.  We can have our Thanksgiving celebrations, we can enjoy Black Friday in our own way, we can have the life we all want if only we are willing to be an outlaw to the currently illegal mode of creating law through executive orders.  The best way to defeat the overreaching governors who are superseding constitutional law to create ruthless dictatorships is to not listen to them.  There is nothing that any of the governors have produced which will hold up to a court of law so the best thing to do is to challenge them in court.  Let them know you won’t take it.  Be a rebel and thumb your nose at them because just as I said before the election, once people accept these fake powers of the Covid-19 attackers, once you let Facebook and Google rule your mind, it will be harder to defeat them once they are entrenched in a communist culture from China than what we have today.  I would say we are fortunate to catch all this before it did go too far.  Beating them is easy at this stage, here’s how.

There is nothing more important to a corporation than branding.  In fact, I would say there is nothing more important to a liberal than public identity.  That’s because corporations and group think types of people are not rugged individualists who can function and solve problems on their own.  They are only able to measure the world in status, which of course can be easily destroyed in public opinion campaigns.  Corporations have spent many millions and billions of dollars on their public image, like Nike, like Facebook, like Google that they are always on the precipice of destruction and they know it.  If they lose the value of their brand, they essentially lose everything.  This alliance with the Democrat Party, the Biden team, the Chinese globalists, the billionaire class is a kind of all-in poker game they are playing, and they don’t have the cards to win.  They might have the cards in Europe, they might have them in China, but I would say they don’t have them in South America, especially Brazil.  They do have Canada, and Mexico, but not at a very high value.  And in the United States where choice is king, it is there where they are poised to be called on their bet, because people have alternatives.  You don’t have to go to Wal-Mart.  You don’t have to use Google.  You are free to bad mouth them to your friends and neighbors, to attack their “brand” any time and for however long you’d like.  You can cost them billions of dollars just by letting people know you think they suck.  Don’t be afraid to say it.  Take it to them.  You don’t have to pick up a gun and attack them or overthrow their management.  All you must do is deflate their brand to your friends and family and the rest will take care of itself. 

Corporations have only aligned themselves with the global Great Reset because they were hedging themselves for a change state in political power.  They believed that Trump would be removed from office, they’d have a puppet in the presidency and that the American people if their leader would be taken from them like in a game of chess would automatically win the game.  They did not account for the fact that the MEGA movement made Trump, Trump didn’t make the movement, so even if we do not have a physical representation in the White House, in many ways, we are much more dangerous to their brand building, and corporations will quickly regret their alliance to the Great Reset.  After all, they joined the Great Reset not to be part of some idealistic communist revolution, they did so because they thought they could eliminate their competition and could then make even more money by being one of the limited options in a state controlled economy.  If they lose their branding, that unholy alliance will come unglued quickly.  And it is in your power dear reader to make that happen. 

None of us are helpless in this Great Reset business.  We are much more in control than they want you to believe. And its not like you have to prove your worth by charging a machine gun emplacement in this war, all you have to do is admit to yourself that the participating corporations suck, and to attack their brand with your social media opinions that will erode away the many billions they invest into building their brands over the decades, which can be lost in a matter of months.  That is the way you beat these people.  Don’t cry about how unfair it is or let yourself be spooked by the enormity of the attack by foreign powers against the sovereignty of the United States.  Don’t let them “shock and awe” you into a compliant drone of communist subjugation.  Fight them by chipping away at their brand.  That is what they value most and where they are weakest.  And you’ll find that they won’t hold up long to their communist partners.  The way to win against the Great Reset is to make your opinions known and to vote with your feet and walk away—while you still can.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Corrupt FBI Hiding Behind Arrests: Who cares about P.G. Sittenfeld, its the big sharks you have to worry about

To be honest, I can’t stand P.G. Sittenfeld.  He’s a progressive and someone I would consider an Anti-American insurgent who has been hell bent on destroying my local city of Cincinnati with extreme left leaning radicalism.  But don’t expect me to thank the FBI for ruining Sittenfeld’s bid to be the next mayor by arresting the Cincinnati congressman last week on taking bribes for a development project to flip votes on council friendly to some projects totaling 40K.  Talking about this issue has been low on my priority list of topics due to the national tragedy of voter fraud that has massively caused a civil war like atmosphere in the United States by those same left-leaning communist activists doing the biding of China in exchange for power and money.  Little ol’ P.G. Sittenfeld is small game that was exploited by the Cincinnati FBI for their own public relations tour to look like Eliot Ness when in reality they are part of the problem in creating that civil war nationally.  In the FBI coup attempt of President Trump, they have placed a stigma on all their departments that likely will never go away, and it was that bit of corruption that was the most obvious element in the Sittenfeld arrest, along with two other Cincinnati councilmembers recently busted for the same kind of thing.

It was fishy when Speaker Householder in Columbus was also investigated by the same Cincinnati field office of the FBI for their role in taking bribes from nuclear power companies seeking a friendly face when Obama era politicians were trying to eliminate traditional power sources in favor of greenie weenie tech in wind power and solar in Ohio, so that we might suffer the same weak power offerings that are currently seen in California.  Its part of a bigger plan to save the planet by essentially destroying human civilization that is at the centerpiece of a Chinese led takeover of our energy supply in the United States.  Householder was trying to maintain a Republican majority.  He took some influence money along with others and everyone in Columbus knew what was going on.  Yet the FBI decided to make a big deal about it during an election year as they sought desperately to repair their tarnished reputation for playing a coup of an elected president.  And by the time we investigate the voter fraud of 2020 I have no doubt the FBI knew what was going on and who was doing it.  Yet instead of cleaning up their own internal corruption they are picking on these small-time politicians, like Larry Householder and these silly little Cincinnati city council members.

To say the least, I’m not impressed.  As I said in the video, I’m all for cleaning up corruption.  I’d like to see them all arrested and thrown in jail, and if there isn’t room in jail, then lets lower the bar for the death penalty and get rid of some of these loser son of a bitches.  I don’t want to deal with them.  I’ve been involved in Cincinnati politics for years going way back three decades.  I remember when Rob Portman was hanging around with my little group back then while during the day trying to win his first term in congress.  I was involved in some pretty hard-core scandals with Todd Portune where that guy sold me out pretty good.  That was in the Dwight Tillery days as mayor and I had some dealings with Foxy Roxy as well.  The corruption was happening then, and it will happen tomorrow in spite of the FBI trying to play Eliot Ness all of a sudden to disguise their own scandals behind some timely public relations.  As I said, if I thought the FBI were the good guys as ‘The Untouchables’ were portrayed in works of fiction in their fight against Al Capone I’d celebrate such press conferences announcing the arrest of P.G. Sittenfeld.  But truthfully, the FBI is far more corrupt than these politicians, the only difference is they have a badge representing a federal government that has obviously been hijacked by anti-American, constitution hating insurgents who should be considered domestic terrorists, not the good guys. 

What you always have to question on these kinds of things is the timing, just as coronavirus has been unleashed by those same blue state governors to try to shake public opinion away from the massive voter fraud that is yet another government coup against the people’s president, TRUMP the FBI is trying to do the same using their department to pick off these little fish losers so that the public will not see the massive crimes committed by real criminals who are in our own government and working in the FBI and CIA. These crimes by Sittenfeld and others go on all the time year after year, I’ve personally been involved and have witnessed them.  Of course, I don’t do crime, I never call myself a victim of any kind, but let’s say I was on the receiving end of the crime.  It took me roughly 20 years to get some of them back, but for the context of this discussion, its important to know that this sudden corruption isn’t new.  I’m not against seeing in the wake of all this Christopher Smitherman becoming mayor of Cincinnati.  But to my mind it could all be a set-up by the FBI.  They want Christopher to be mayor for some reason perhaps so they can take him down later and by taking Sittenfeld out now they could save him for some insurgency of progressivism later.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the intentions of this purge of current Cincinnati City Councilmembers wasn’t along those lines.  I’ve seen it before. 

It wasn’t just in Cincinnati where I’ve seen these kinds of things happen, I had run-ins with the FBI in Mason, Ohio where I tried to unravel a drug ring there that involved the mayor and the Mason police department.  I thought they’d be happy about the tapes and evidence I had gathered about a major drug dealing program that was seething with illegal activity, but instead an FBI agent came to our house and told my wife that she was a crazy lunatic for wanting an infantile understanding of justice in the world.  They went on to follow her around harassing her with constant surveillance for nearly two years after that.  I wrote about the incident in a fictional way in one of my published books.  Back then, the more I talked about the drug deals to all the high level politicians the more crimes of other kinds went on in our neighborhood, such as a rapist that nobody could seem to catch breaking into all the homes around us terrifying women all over the community.  The FBI was “on it,” as they told us.  Yet they never seemed to be able to catch the guy.  I started roaming around the streets at night with my bullwhips to catch the bastard and guess what.  The problem went away.  How about that?

We want to believe in the good in people, but my experience says that’s a dumb idea.  We should always look with scrutiny at those who are trying to bust others for crimes that they are likely committing themselves and hiding the actions behind that of a do-gooder.  In this case, the FBI is oozing with their own corruption and they are looking to build trust again with people and they are using small time corrupt politicians as their steppingstone in that direction.  But until they start arresting their own, like James Comey and many others, all they are doing is using a federal badge to hide their own crimes.  And I’m not OK with that.  They (the FBI) is supposed to work for us and I see no evidence that they give 2-shits and a nickel about any of us.  They only want their big government pension and an easy 30 years tour of duty in government work and in that way, P.G. Sittenfeld is many, many more times honest than the FBI.  At least he’s a scum bag whom we know the price of doing business.  With the FBI, we always must wonder.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Trump Legal Team: Splitting up the tasks to defeat sheer evil and massive, corrupt, communist government, lying, cheating insurgents

In a lot of ways all this post-election activity reminds me of restarting the entire freedom movement, except my blog already has enough subscribers and daily readers that it has a bit of a head start.  I have off to the side bar of this site my contact info for Gab so readers can join me there and start making a transition from terrorist Jack and the Twitter censorship that is so obvious, and embarrassing to their social media platform.  And each day instead of giving YouTube and Twitter more hits on my site, I am producing my own content with the new video hosting site, Rumble.  It’s a slow go, but it feels very fresh and satisfying.  I have to do that for my own sake, I wanted a post-election world where our side were the observed government as we have been for the last four years, but the deep roots of the Deep State go much further down and are much more dangerous than many thought. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised but am more disappointed to being right than I would have liked to have been.  That means we have to work longer and obviously harder instead of getting a much-needed break and to change what we do in the fight for freedom than what we have been doing.  What was done worked, but what we have learned requires us to adapt to the game and to play it to win. 

For this site and social media in general I have decided not to reflect on what has been or how they should be in an idealistic world where everyone follows the constitution and aims to do the right thing.  We must deal with the fact that we are not all together as Americans and that we are in an ideological fight that requires strategy and insight.  And if we look at all the talents we all have I have decided to utilize mine to help sort out the smoke from where the fires are really burning so people can understand where to fight and how.  Normally I would comment on stories that have already happen and provide context and consensus, but in this world we have discovered where massive corruption is running most of our government agencies, that’s just not enough.  And to that end, I know a lot of people are worried about Sydney Powell being removed from the Trump legal team, so I have explained the reasons she was removed and needed to be in the video for today.  I am most comfortable dealing with big picture topics that step out and away from the headlines where the solutions are outside all the junk pressed up to our faces and that is certainly the reason for a change in priorities for the Trump team led by Rudy Giuliani.  The path to keeping President Trump in office is clear so now is the time to separate all the other stuff from the very serious court cases that will be occurring going into December. 

I was reminded recently of the first Saturday after the election when I went to the “Stop the Steal” rally in Columbus, Ohio and the AP announced that they decided Joe Biden was the president.  I spoke on the steps of the capital; I’m still looking for someone who has the recording as it was one of those spontaneous moments.  The rally had just started and everyone was waiting on each other to talk.  So I got things started by accepting the megaphone and discussing the situation with people very concerned that Democrats were stealing the election from them.  I reminded the crowd gathered there that all was not over, that Trump was still the president and that I had no plans to ever accept a Joe Biden presidency and they were free to do the same thing.  I also talked a lot about the upcoming legal process which at that time wasn’t at all clear.  All we knew on that day was that Democrats had a history of lying and cheating.  We had the proof of it over their past actions.  And we could see by the performance of the votes in various states that something very fishy was happening with the counts.  We weren’t sure what or how, but it was obvious that something was happening and that as the evidence was gathered, we’d discover what. 

Now two weeks later we know pretty well all the kinds of cheating that happened and even though the story goes much deeper and will likely be untangled for many years to come, there is enough now with the core Trump legal team to proceed based on their experience as federal prosecutors to win federal cases, even if they end up in the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, Sydney and Lin Wood were free to go down the rabbit hole of the Dominion voting machines and see where it took them which is looking more and more, to a dangerous place.  At the core of this whole issue is not just the re-election of President Trump, but in trust in our voting process in any meaningful way.  Governor Kemp in Georgia and many others at very high levels, especially RINO Republicans look to be in on little bits of voter fraud and taken together, it has led to the biggest case of voter fraud the world has ever seen knowingly, and maliciously.  And its not just this person here and that person there, but thousands of people are in on it and a lot of heads will have to roll.  And that case will take a while to develop.  I believe Sydney and Lin have the goods, but when even the courts are in on these actions, the case will have to be super strong and there isn’t any media who will help find all the evidence.  As people, we are on our own, as usual.  Government has let us down and now they are protecting themselves and Sydney is on the case with Lin Wood for some eventual conclusion that will be hard for most Americans to deal with.   That lack of trust that they will experience will be terrible to digest and at this point considering it during the Trump Presidency case is just too much. 

I appreciate the positive feedback on this slightly modified format.  Share it with people who need a little reassurance because they certainly aren’t getting any confident words from the media and the Trump team themselves are under tremendous pressure.  But you’re safe here and I’ll continue to give everyone a bit of daily encouragement from my perspective and give a little insight into how I’m so clear about things that look truly frightening to those who live nice law and order lives and are so outraged by the evil they have seen, that clarity of what happens next isn’t so easy.  Years ago, I turned away from doing this kind of thing professionally because I didn’t want a boss.  I didn’t want a talk radio gig especially at Clear Channel because you can’t just say what you want on any corporate media.  I’ve also not taken any media jobs because I always worried that someday something like this mass insurrection might become a problem and I wanted freedom to deal with it.  These days, I have a portable television studio in my pocket, we all do, and I have this blog where I’m the editor and nobody else decides what topics I do or manages them.   Some might say I should have an editor besides myself, but that to me would be phony.  I think now is the time for some encouragement and talk of strategy so just like that I can make a decision to have a different approach.  And I hope people find it helpful, so far so good.  Yet together, we’ll built a new and better world without all these villains in it, and it starts with each of us not being swallowed by the D.C. Swamps of Sadness, but in staying positive and in a victory mindset, which I can see forming as we speak.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Mob is Now the Government: Understanding Peter Bronson’s book, ‘Forbidden Fruit’

I’ve told lots of stories over the years on this blog and other places about my experience with various mobs, and small-time criminals like money launderers, drug dealers and killers.  I’ve also said that I’ve managed these relationships while remaining pretty clean myself.  The biggest crimes I was involved in were traffic violations and fights where occasionally people got really hurt or killed.  I’ve talked about the get out of jail free card that I had from a prominent Cincinnati area judge that worked really well and kept me out of serious trouble until I found a nice girl and married her to start a family of my own.  I haven’t told those stories for any other reason but to give context to some of my experience.  But even with my experience, most of the mob types were just businessmen looking for political leverage in the wake of the big mobs that had recently been pushed out of the Cincinnati area by more and more federal investigators.  The remnants of their criminal conduct were in small outfits like I experienced, but those were nowhere of the kind of scale that existed in Newport, Kentucky and involved the burning down of the famous Beverly Hills Supper Club. 

I read Peter Bronson’s really good book, Forbidden Fruit: Sin City’s Underworld and the Supper Club Inferno which has just been released.  I remember Peter from the Tea Party days where I met him at one of the West Chester meetings and have watched his projects since then.  So when he wrote a book on this topic I had to read it as soon as possible and found myself very interested in it, at first by the personal experience I had from that time. But I was surprised at some of the new information he had uncovered, largely from the declassification of the JFK files which showed that the Cleveland mob which ran Newport at the time of the 60s wanted revenge for Bobby Kennedy’s attempts to clean up that town and killed JFK.  And in 1977 rival mobs were responsible for burning down the Beverly Hills Supper Club which was news to me.  It was at first announced to be an electrical fire but these days, several decades later it looks to be a case of arson.  After all, everyone knows that the best way to commit arson, especially in mobs, is to blame it on electrical fires.  Peter’s book was very good, I found it entirely interesting and I had forgotten that the same mobsters who ran Newport then moved to Las Vegas and started that town and built it into what it is today.  Its easy to forget that Vegas essentially started in Newport, Kentucky and that it had an impact on politics that led to the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Now this info on Kennedy is the end of a long string of conspiracy theories that have been declassified only very recently.  The Oliver Stone film from the 90s was just scratching the surface, the Trump administration declassified much of the really bad stuff and that is what has ended up in Bronson’s book.  But this also reminded me of what is happening now, especially with this election fraud case of the 2020 presidential race where a cabal of billionaires in George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates and many, many others have joined together to overthrow the election with massive voter fraud.  It reminded me that the mobsters never went away, they used to run old west towns like Deadwood, Tombstone and Dodge City, when gunslingers ran them out of town to bring peace to people.  Those criminal types then evolved into Al Capone and the mob of Chicago, and New York, and when the feds put pressure to run them out of town they settled in Newport, Kentucky where the laws weren’t so tight and the lights of the big cities weren’t so obvious. 

When they were run out of town the mob activity was broke up into little cells, some of which moved up I-75 to Chester Road and occupied the RT 4 corridor and many of the car dealerships along it.  That was my experience and what I learned about them was that mobsters were essentially lazy and cowardly.  They sought group appeasement because they were wimps.  They put up with me not because I committed crimes with them or for them, but because I was a strong individualist which was attractive to them, and it was in that way that I was able to get experiences that would guide me from then on.  Its not that they were bad people, but what made them evil is that they fed off innocent people to fill their lazy souls with unearned wealth and merit.  By the 90s most of those mob types were pushed off the face of the earth, they were too small time to go out to Vegas and avoid the avalanche of federal prosecutions which wanted to rid themselves of the reputations of being payed off by the mob.  In many ways people thought that those mobsters had gone away and that all our memory of them was the Godfather movies and of the movie Scarface.  Most of the people I knew back then were either killed, or died broke and very sick from hard lives and massive amounts of guilt.  Few of them ever found a jail cell because honestly, they were so worthless nobody wanted to waste time prosecuting them.

But I did realize and was reminded of it by Bronson’s book that the mob never went away.  Their motivations for easy money and group-oriented extortion didn’t disappear.  They simply got tired of being chased down by the feds and grew tired of buying off district attorneys.  They simply started running for elected office and became the government.  They made a decision after their experiences in Vegas that the next generation of the mob was to just enter government so that they could do their shakedowns with the power of the IRS at their disposal and that’s what we see today.   That’s how they were able to attempt to steal the American election of 2020 because they had gained so much unchecked power, they believed nobody would call them on it.  It reminded me of the audacity of the people I knew in the mob, only on a big scale.  And now instead of being fat guys sitting in the back of the Mike Fink riverboat on the Ohio River, another place where I used to work when I was younger, smoking a big cigar and running prostitution outfits and drug deals they were now billionaires trying to throw Trump out of office so that they could expand their cabal overseas and make trade deals that would allow for pedophilia and the legalization of drugs to go unchecked. 

Yes, the modern mobs want pot to be legalized because now that they’re in the government there is a lot of good money that can be made off the taxation of it, so now suddenly instead of bootlegging and drug running, they want to control the law so they can make money off it.  Yes, the government is now the mob, literally and they are involved in major crime just as they always have been.  But don’t fear them.  They are wimps, losers, and are generally lazy people which is why they enter the life of crime to begin with.  They don’t have the stamina to be hard working individualists.  They are attracted to such people, but they also obsess with controlling them.  When they find they can’t, they usually move on to some other town to control.  Only now, they have entered government and are taking their operation global, there’s nowhere else for them to go.  Leaving this kind of stand off which we see to this day.   And to understand a piece of that and just how bad it is or can be, I would highly recommend Peter Bronson’s book on Forbidden Fruit centering on the mob activity of Newport, Kentucky.  You’ll find it very rewarding and informative……………..and relevant. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Seeing what the Billionaires are trying to Hide: The election fraud of 2020 and their guilt and jealousy of Trump

It is a pretty amazing observation, now several days after the Trump lawyers gave a jaw dropping press conference, the reaction from the world of corporate media and global government has been almost complete silence.  The Biden people, even sleepy weepy himself has not come out to defend the accusations of major voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election which were made by Rudy Giuliani and others from that team in even a subtle way.  Even through the Sunday shows by the networks it was hardly mentioned at all, but what was were the attacks and denials by those same entities that there was even a case or consideration of any merit.  The Sunday shows did talk about Judge Brann from Pennsylvania who had in the past been appointed by the Obama administration and wouldn’t even look at the evidence that the lawyers presented, and struck down the lawsuit for stopping the vote verification as ridiculous.  Its not just because I support Trump or the team of lawyers working on his case, but I can tell and you likely can too dear reader, there is more than something fishy about the behavior of the defendants in this case, which Biden clearly is not a president of any kind—he’s a defendant in this case and like many others, thousands of others, they are very guilty of major crimes and their behavior gives them away. 

As I said in the video, if I were accused of the things Giuliani and the Trump legal team were accusing me of, I’d have to defend myself.  I’d have press conferences, I’d attack back.  But the Biden team isn’t because they can’t.  They are simply hoping to outrun the clock and to get to inauguration day letting the process advance the legal cases into the corners of our society before they can be solved and to ride momentum beyond analysis using pressure to hide the crimes.  This has after all worked for them in the past, it has worked with Hillary’s emails, it has worked with the FBI probes of internal tampering with the 2016 election with the fake Russian dossier and the Mueller investigation that was nonsense from the beginning  yet went on for over three years costing many millions of dollars when they knew all along Trump was innocent.  We have the emails and text messages that show that the FBI has been willing to stop a presidential election and to work against the intentions of the American voter so its clear that they see themselves as being smarter than the representative government that they are instructed to serve.  Then of course is maybe the worst of all, the Biden laptop which has obvious influence peddling on it and Joe’s son Biden actually on it having sex with underage girls—and pappa knowing about it. 

All those stories and this one which really has become yet again, the biggest crime on the face of planet earth have been moved further and further out ignoring any need for justice as they have now over the last several years piled up involving many thousands of people all over the world, which is also part of the strategy.  The criminals in government are counting on the massive scope of the activity to overwhelm our legal system just like the old progressive playbook suggests Cloward-Piven to topple logic with a mountain of considerations that nobody can wrap their minds around.  What all this silence spells out in this context is guilt, raw and massive guilt that is beyond refute.  And the dare from the Biden people and government itself is to present whatever evidence the Trump people want, because it all exists outside of people’s ability to see it.  People are not prepared to see all this corruption, they can maybe handle one or two things, but nobody is trained to see this much maliciousness, so therefore will not believe it.   The silence is a thumb nose to Giuliani and the Trump lawyers to proceed if they dare because the crimes are so big, that nobody will be able to see them or understand them allowing the criminals to ride off into the sunset unmolested. 

This of course provokes the question of what we don’t see who are running all this crime and that is the billionaire class of people who have been against Trump from the beginning.  Trump stepped out of their ranks and ran for president and won.  They assumed the first time that it was a joke and that he wouldn’t stand a chance.  After all, Soros and Bloomberg, along with Zuckerberg and many, many others didn’t think it was possible.  Their job was to buy politicians and get them to do what they wanted as a donor.  Trump actually won, and many of them have discovered that they don’t have what it takes to win a public office.  Jeff Bezos with all the money he has couldn’t do it, Mark Cuban even with all his charisma couldn’t do it.  Why was Trump able to do it?  How was Trump able to build this massive MEGA movement?  Not a single one of them could. Now they own most of the world through the media, through corporate business, or in the government.  Most people out there want some billionaire money from somebody including Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci.  Those people will dance to any tune if it gets them funding, so in that way you can see what can’t be seen, where everything points to our political corruption, to a few global billionaires who have bet everything they have on controlling judges, media, the entire legal system of politics so that they can get away with it, and are unleashing hell on Trump and his supporters just for existing, because they are jealous, petty little people who can’t believe there is something in the world their money can’t buy. 

The way to beat them is to call them out and not allow them to hide outside our perceived reality.  During these upcoming court cases they need to be attacked and rooted out for all to see.  They are allowed to make all the money they want, but they are not allowed to run our country, or our lives.  If they build a better product than everyone else can, then we might buy their product and make them rich.  But if they think they can use that money to overturn our entire society into some global communism, then they are setting themselves up for the embarrassment that they have only been putting off now for a long time which is culminating in this case.  Regarding the 2020 elections they were intent to keep Trump from winning, because they couldn’t win themselves.  They can’t buy the talent to unite people the way Trump can and it has driven them crazy with grief and jealousy.  So in that regard they have cheated in this election.  They think they own most of the politicians involved and the media that would cover these crimes.  The billionaires also own many of the district attorneys across the nation so these insurgents truly believe that nobody will prosecute them and that Trump is defenseless to do anything against them.  In this way they intended to steal the presidency and give it to a broken up old man to prove to the world that anybody could win the presidency, if it was they as the billionaire class who was the king maker.  And in that way, we can see who the criminals really are in this case and why nobody in the media will cover the story.  The silence is the best testimony there is to prove the guilt and who it was who committed the crimes.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Politicians Think You Are Stupid: Covid lockdowns are just the most recent massacre in history

As I said in the video, I have written a lot about Covid-19 and how it is a strategy of the Agenda 21 crowd and is a global takeover of capitalism.  Covid-19 has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with controlling people by governments and corporate partners intended for the fenced off grazing of global communism.  If anybody did care about the actual health of people, they would promote the management treatments that we know help fight coronavirus, such as hydroxychloroquine and the upcoming sources for vaccinations.  Instead, as the cheating scandal is heating up from the 2020 elections, and all those who are guilty are looking for a diversion story to shield them from reality, that they have been caught and are complicit in many federal crimes, the lockdowns by stupid and malicious governors and city mayors are back as they assume they won’t have to answer to Trump, and will have a friendly voice to their tyranny in Hiding, lying, Joe Biden.  Watching how people are reacting to this new generation of lockdowns though has been troublesome, I feel sorry for the people who are blindly following every health department edict and the guidance of the CDC because they are being suckered by an insurgency of a political class which simply wants power and it is severely disrupting the lives of so many people for no reason. 

Recently I was thinking of how similar the lockdown behavior by our society was to the massacre of the buffalo herds in the 1870s period in the vast plains between Missouri and Nevada where buffalo could be seen in herds well over the horizon and it was assumed that they would always exist in those large numbers.  There was quite a market for buffalo hides in the emerging markets in the East so buffalo hunters came to be to satisfy those markets.  Indians with their sticks and arrows couldn’t kill enough buffalo to ever impact the herd capacity, but when the developed world came along with the development of the single shot .50 caliber Sharp rifle, the buffalo hunters were able to bring down buffalo with one well placed shot through the lungs so the massacre began.  But even more than the Sharp rifles, the thing that really killed off the mass herds of buffalo was their own stupidity.  Commonly a running pack of buffalo would freeze and come to a stop if the leader of the pack was killed leaving the rest of them to be easily picked off when they should have been running away.  And when grazing in a field, if one was killed, those around it would step back a bit from the carnage but would otherwise continue grazing.  That allowed buffalo hunters to step up to them and just kill them all at will.  In that way, it was easy to massacre the buffalo and sell all the hides that one could gather and for the hunters to get rich in the process. 

Now of course all the nature boys and girls out there would say this process was evil, that capitalism destroyed the buffalo species and robbed the Indians of their food supply and that it should have never happened.  I would argue that for too long the Indians became complacent in hunting as a food supply of a stupid animal that never had to evolve due to a lack of competition.  Part of the growth process of any society is continuing to evolve as people through the pressures of competition, and on the plains of the United States at that time, everything in nature was rather docile and it was only a matter of time before some extinction event would come along and wipe them out.  If it wasn’t the cowboys of fame and fortune, it would have been a meteor or some volcano that would arise out of the ground during the next earthquake and kill everyone off because they had become so used to their existence patterns that they would fail to adapt quick enough to a challenge to it.  Whether that extinction event happened in 1870 or thousands of years in the future, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But overcoming such milestones with the tools of social advancement solves the problem of extinction for good.  Becoming a space fairing race is far better than just maintaining some synchronization with nature that could be toppled quickly at the next global catastrophe.  Yet for this purpose, the cause of the extinction event with the buffalo was their own stupidity. 

The modern politicians of this new global Marxist movement that intends to unite the world under Chinese communism, which is quite clear in the behavior of modern politicians, Facebook, Google Twitter and even the major television networks, think we are all as dumb as those buffalo.  They have no respect for our intellects and almost mock our desire to be compliant losers even to our own dooms.  They see Covid-19 as a whip to crack by our faces to startle us into cages they intend to then slaughter at their convenience, and they care nothing for your discomfort or turmoil.  They are harvesting us by using our own docile nature as weapons for our own destruction, and they think its funny.  The governor of Michigan is almost mocking us day by day even as the legislature there drafts up impeachment articles against her.  The same here in Ohio where I live.  But DeWine ignores them all as if he is the supreme leader of the universe and is beyond the reach of the law, because he is acting under “emergency authority” for which he is clearly abusing those powers without a care to how future generations will view him.   Much the way a slaughterhouse worker cares about the frightened utterances of an animal about to have its throat slit.  Those noises will be terminated in a moment anyway, so why care about them at all?  That is the attitude. 

They think you are stupid and that you won’t challenge them which is the message here.  And if you listen to them, your terminal end is already in their plans.  It’s a story in a book they’ve already closed.  They don’t care if your parents or grandparents die of coronavirus.  They don’t care if you blow your brains out in suicide because you’ve lost your job and your mind to complying with stupid government mandates.  They don’t care if you lose your life savings in a business that has been destroyed by their bad decisions.  They don’t care about any of it.  They want your hide, literally.  They don’t care what happens after, they just want to sell your hide to the Chinese communists for a quick trip to the whore house and a bottle of whiskey.  The politicians want the quick hit of power and tomorrow they’ll look for a new hide to sell.  But when it comes to Covid-19, they see a massacre that will solve a short-term problem for them, and that’s all they care about.  And if you listen to them, they will slaughter you and everything you care about without an ounce of guilt.  That is because they are evil, just as evil as the massacre of the buffalo on the American plains in the 1870s.  Even though this time the harvest is our minds and not our literal hides, the effect is the same.  So it would be to your best interest not to be stupid and just stand their while they attack you like those old, dumb, buffalo. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump and Fort Sumter: Understanding the election results and path forward

We’ve been doing all this for a long time, and like everyone else, I was looking for a good clean election and a second term of President Trump on November 4th.  And that’s where it was heading, until many, many government villains stopped the count on election night in five states and went into a scamper to recalibrate their voting machines which were switching votes from Trump to Biden to a new algorithm which had to be set in the middle of the night to keep Trump from winning with a massive landslide that was headed to give him over 400 electoral votes.  It was so embarrassing to the media, to the Deep State, to the Never Trumpers, to the globalist billionaire investors, to the consultant class, the pollsters to the open socialists and Marxists who have been calling for a hostile takeover of our American way of life.  Trump was going to win in spite of everything they had thrown at him and his supporters so they pulled a nuclear bomb for cheating which had never been tried before and they unleashed hell on us all essentially starting a second civil war formally in America on election night with even more audacity than the South had attacked Fort Sumter to start the last one. 

I feel good with what I have been doing with the blogs and radio over the last 10 years and honestly, I saw election night 2020 as an end to it all and a chance to start fresh.  But in the back of my mind there was this nagging feeling that we were dealing with government criminals, literally and they couldn’t afford another Trump term for their own good.  Trump had been holding off on all the dirt he had against many of these government attackers that make up what we call the SWAMP until after he won a second term, and the criminals in our government including in the CIA and FBI couldn’t afford for that to happen due to the massive complicity pointing in their direction for crimes of a massive nature.  So having nothing to lose they cheated on a scale that many think is unthinkable and the level of corruption that is now obvious to many of us, and will soon be obvious to all of us will force questions that will last for centuries about how any republic manages its representatives.  I wanted to move on with my life and do something else, I certainly didn’t want to fight in a war.  I wanted to enjoy watching movies again, playing with my grandchildren, make a decent living and occasionally go out to eat to have a nice meal with my family.  But we were attacked on election night by criminals, socialists and outright Chinese communists which meant all those nice thoughts would have to be put on hold and we’d have to go even deeper into the abyss of government corruption which had taken over through decades of lazy mismanagement by voters and politicians who took way too much for granted. 

Many people have been asking me to do podcasts of my content since its hard for many people to find time to read.  We have turned into a video-oriented society and are used to some figure presenting information to us rather than reading it by candlelight or computer in a traditional way.  I figured I’d decide how to proceed after the election was over and now that we are there and there is an obligation to step away from traditional forms of media, I’ll be making some changes to how I distribute content, because we are at war and I don’t trust any of the cable networks or their cozy relationship with the political class.  Even more than that, usually I write articles which I then provide lots of evidence so that any reader can feel assured that other people are thinking the same way, so that their thinking doesn’t feel so lonely.  But after studying the election results, which appear to have Trump winning more than 80 million votes, with 7 million actively destroyed by activists or switched to Biden to siphon off Trump’s massive lead in many states to make things closer for the media pick for insurgency to crawl across the finish line.  Many figured that this even was bigger than any form of law and order and would transcend prosecution, so they made their move and expected us to live with it. 

With all that said I have decided that my best contribution to the war is to climb even further out on the edge and explain the elusive more clearly without all the support of other media, but to create all my own content so that strategies can be seen and used for the bigger picture.  For six or seven years now, I have primarily focused my content to top tier influence leaders and it has been successful.  But with this kind of trouble with a government looking for complete insurrection, the needs change considerably so I’m going to adjust to those needs and see where it takes us. So, we’ll start with this and evolve accordingly, where the major content is in the video message where a translation of the written word isn’t the only mechanism for understanding things.  On this topic of the election being more of a Fort Sumter attack than an actual civic process talking to all the people who are trying to sort out their feelings on this matter is the best way to go.  I typically give 1200 words a day to these articles, but as many have been telling me, a picture is worth 1000 words and there are a lot of pictures in a video.  So, it should allow us to cover much more ground that can then be confirmed with written text to support the contents of the video. 

For this specific topic, waiting out the legal cases, uncovering all the mass fraud and proving it in court as the media is trying to rush to certify the election so they can swear in their pick, it feels like, actually it is, that we are all being pushed to our dooms to capitalize on our surprise before we realize what’s happened.  It’s a military tactic and we are all experiencing it currently.  But my contention is to give my point of view and share how I plan to play the long game, and the one that will defeat these attackers.  They are a minority attacking a majority and everyone needs to understand that.  Don’t be a victim, don’t let them scare you, don’t let yourself feel helpless and be flat footed to realize that crimes have just been committed against us all and that justice can be scary for normal people who don’t want the trouble in their lives.  But it has been given to us to deal with.  And my plan is as I said in the video.  I don’t recognize anything that I’ve been hearing from government, the media or even most talk radio.  We are in new territory and are writing history as we speak.  And for that, there is no script to follow or historical context to guide us.  Therefore, the burden of writing that history falls on us, and the best way to attack the problem is with fresh and free ideas on how to live life during a war we didn’t choose.  We voted for peace, but they gave us war.   So, it’s up to us to complete that task for the future of our country and our own survival. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Ron DeSantis is Preparing for Mobs Correctly: Violence from the political left is their only option

I think Ron DeSantis is on to something very responsible and proactive.  He is moving forward with what he’s calling an “Anti-Mob” bill that is an extension of current Florida “Stand your Ground” laws that will allow concerned citizens to shoot left winged mobs who provoke riots in the streets, as they are promising to do if Trump is successful even moderately with his court challenges over the election of 2020.  And given what I know about the case from people who have been whispering to me through many open windows, the political left has a lot of reasons to be very concerned.  In a lot of ways, it’s sad that many, many, many criminals working on behalf of the Democrats decided to stop counting on election night in six states to overthrow the election of President Trump.  But that’s water under the bridge.  They went all in, and they got caught and lots of people are guilty.  Considering what we now know about Russia Gate and FBI corruption in attempting a coup against Trump the first time, and so far nobody has gone to jail, its hard to see how this many criminals will find justice when many of them are in charge of justice and the rules.  It’s going to get pretty ugly.  And of course we know that the political left will do anything they have to do to shine the light off their criminal actions, so we know that there will be a lot of ANTIFA attacks and the racial antics of Black Lives Matters that will hit our streets and threaten our homes and businesses.  So now is the time to address that future occurrence because the violence is coming—they have promised it and they have no other option at this point, especially as these court cases shine a light on exactly what happened.

I’d say we are all better off now, knowing what we learned by the election.  It was a big climax of crimes that the Deep State was willing to commit against us all and they must win the election in the minds of people even if its illegally, because they can’t afford another Trump administration and all the investigations that could be possible by the Trump DOJ.  Obviously, the pressure is great as Bill Barr has lost his confidence and given the type of people who have infected our government these days, he likely has good reason to fear for his own life.  That seems to be the way of our government, which is run by thugs, socialists and goons who never accepted our pick for president in Trump from the outset.  They have fought us for the change we have demanded and acted against us.  It hurts to see the level of corruption that many of us have talked about for years, but it is better to know what needs to be done to put a stop to them.  After all, its our government, not theirs so there will be a fight to sort it all out in some way or another.  We’d like to not have the situation turn violent but surrendering our country to global communists certainly isn’t an option.  The timeline of these election challenges is going to be tough, as I have been saying.  Many of the cases will take months, even years to sort through, and nobody in the media wants to see the results, because it will reveal their complicity.  However as the results are released and its looking bad for the Democrats, (real bad) the threats of violence will become a very real problem and the communist thugs that are embedded in our government now will be unleashed as weapons against us, and we need a legal acknowledgment to use force to stop it. 

That is why it’s good to see DeSantis out in front of this in Florida.  All red states should implement similar legislation because in these times it might be the only military force we can use to meet the violence.  With federalism in flux with a presidential race unsettled—and this one will be unsettled for a long time regardless—we can’t count on police and military force to bring peace and justice, because we are not presently a United States.  And the radical leftist domestic enemies like ANTIFA know there is a power void, and they will exploit it for their own intentions.  I think violence will be the only way to stop it, which is sad, but its what you get when an insurgency force tried to take over a nation from outside the country and forces us to accept it with surrender.  When the surrender doesn’t happen, they have nothing left to convince us but force.  And now we’ve seen the level of criminal conduct they are capable of, with just the little evidence we learned about on the Biden laptop, and the behavior of the FBI recently, and historically, we must prepare knowing what they are capable of. 

I heard some of the dumbest stuff I’ve heard in a while on the Glenn Beck radio show this week as he commented on the ANTIFA violence that attacked Trump supporters in Washington D.C. at the Million Mega Stop the Steal march.  Beck suggested that we behave as Martin Luther King did, by not fighting back, by letting people beat us up and taking a non-violent approach to getting out thoughts conveyed.  He also pointed out that Gandhi did the same.  His reasoning is that the media will ignore the left-winged violence but would blow out of proportion any right of center actions.  Well, who cares what the media does, we have seen that almost nobody can be trusted in this new civil war from the media and we have to accept that.  They aren’t our friends; they are domestic enemies against the constitution.  No, violence I think is the only way they will be beat back.  Maybe Trump can maintain federal control before all hell breaks loose and we can use the military to stop the door to door violence.  But we must prepare for the storm that is coming and it would be helpful if we could get some help from government while we still can.  We don’t need to deal with any Soros purchased District Attorneys like Mark and Patricia McCloskey have had to deal with in St. Louis when they attempted to defend their home from the mob.  The anti-American forces that have seeped into our legal system want the mob to take your homes, or your life, or the life of your family.  So before they can prosecute you, good governors like DeSantis should protect that last line of defense the American home of a gun owner who is ready to use them to defend good from evil, our constitutional republic against a communist incursion. 

Going back to the way they lied to us on the political left on Obamacare, the IRS spying on Tea Party groups going through the years to this election fraud, I can say I’ve seen enough out of these criminals to expect violence.  The crimes and the connections are so extraordinary and the way they cover for each other we really are at a kind of impasse that we would have never seen if Trump hadn’t worked as hard as he did to expose the crime of the Democrats with 10 million more votes than he received the last time, which forced the government criminals to go overboard on their vote counts to cheat a higher number.  And when that doesn’t put Trump supporters back into a bottle they were in before 2008 when the Tea Party movement first started emerging there will be massive panic, and a desire to destroy their opposition.  And that’s where we are today.  Everyone state and community should be doing what Ron DeSantis is doing with his expansion of Stand your Ground laws aimed literally at rioters and anarchists looking for trouble.  Any enemy at this point who is burning an American Flag or is advocating anti-American ideas should now be considered a domestic enemy and we have constitutional obligations to defend ourselves and our country accordingly.  That means specifically that guns are more important than votes because our attackers have no respect for the law.  So we must plan for that kind of world and DeSantis is. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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America Needs to Get Back to Making Men: China wants to dominate and they want no resistance

As we witnessed yet another attempted coup of President Trump, this time coming from the election theft that is turning out to be massive in the 2020 election cycle, many are wondering as they watch ANTIFA thugs and Black Lives Radicals riot in the streets and harass the innocent where the men are in American society to stop the violence.  Well, I would point to the fine book by Sun Tzu, The Art of War as to how the Orientals primarily from China has sought openly to invest into American companies with the caveat that they listen to suggestions from the hive mind of communism into how to function as a corporation, and that over the decades the primary focus was to tame American men so that when the invasion came to be, there would be nobody to defend The United States from the invaders.  Orientals do not like to fight directly, they would rather attack culturally, which isn’t how Americans are trained to fight.  And Orientals will take decades to fight a battle, so slow that nobody even knows they are doing it.  The goal of the Oriental is to win the fight before the fight even happens and for many in the United States, that is what they are seeing happening in the 2020 Election.  The Oriental way of beating the West is to take out their opposition culturally, in this case through the men.


We have been watching for many years the increased divorce rates, the alarming number of homes where there isn’t a father to help raise the children and if there is, it’s a step father.  In a child’s life there may be several step fathers leaving children always feeling uprooted.  We have seen the movement of the state replacing a husband for mothers and wives and this cultural switch was not created organically, out of a social need.  It was created as a weapon of war from one culture to another, from the East to the West.  Not to get too complicated but if you follow the money of legal maneuvers, politics, corporate investment, media slanting, it will all eventually point back to China and their hive mind of communism.  Over many years they have managed through their financial investments to alter American mindsets into destroying the concept of maleness so that it would be easy to undermine our culture.  One easy way to explain how such a thing was done was an obvious example in the Star Wars franchise where Han Solo was one of the most manly men in modern film history.  For the 2015 new generation Lucasfilm led by the very progressive Kathy Kennedy wanted a big piece of the Chinese market so they softened Han Solo played by Harrison Ford from a man who had it always together and was someone everyone could count on to a guilt riddled fool in The Force Awakens, who had left his son and become basically a deadbeat dad.  And that was what gave rise to the terror that was the film’s villain.  That corporate decision was made to appease the Chinese so that the film could play to the plus billion potential filmgoers there.  In that way, China was able to control American corporations over many decades forcing companies like Google, Nike, Apple and so many others to give up their American ideas in favor of those that China was advocating for especially when it came to ideas of masculinity.

China has wanted the destruction of American men since before many of us were born.  It has come out in the kind of television shows that were developed, the kind of music that was published, the kind of books, movies and even Broadway plays that we enjoyed.  If you wanted a job in show business, there would be no more John Wayne types.  And if a manly type like Bruce Willis wanted to stay working, every now and then he’d have to take on a role that humbled him so that the movie going public would know that he didn’t think of himself as a tough guy.  Arnold Schwarzenegger fell into this trap by doing films like Jingle All the Way where his tough guy persona was satirized into complete destruction of his brand for the long haul.  All it took was the failed Republican governorship of California and an exposed sex scandal with his maid to destroy him forever, because he had refused to give up on the manly man persona he had in movies.  The Chinese were and always have been heavy investors into the Hollywood studio system and it is there that they make or break actors, and ultimately what they give young boys to look up to.  Without a strong father in the home which was created through political investment and the legal system, and by controlling the entertainment culture through the same kind of investments, America had let in an enemy with the mask of friendship but the intention for our complete destruction.

Now we have been told that men can’t be men, or that women can be men, or that people can be anything they want.  Of course, in the orient these kinds of ideas would be preposterous.  But China advocates for this confusion in the United States so that they can divide and conquer starting with the traditional role of men in holding families together and solving problems.  Or defending the nation.  When you have a society of men who don’t even know what sex they are, or what they should be doing and thinking about, its easy to beat them if conquest is the goal, and you better believe it, that is the goal of China.  If you really got down to the reasons that so many globalists hate President Trump, its because he’s a classic American man, and it goes against everything they have been trying to do to America to let him exist.  So it has been their intention to destroy President Trump completely because he might be a strong male figure to many watching him.  China has been committed to this Beta Male investment for a long time, the bow tie wearing guys who scramble in their cars for an umbrella to walk 10 feet in the rain so not to wet their precious little hair.  Trump wasn’t just a political pick for many wanting to drain the swamp, he was always a classic American man who undid a lot of the damage the Chinese wanted to inflict on men from the West.

We saw the benefit of men on the night in Washington after the Stop the Steal rally there where Proud Boys and other militia type groups hit the streets to retaliate ANTIFA violence.  ANTIFA is very much a creation of China and they want those lost boys and girls to destroy America at will, they certainly don’t want a fight in the streets.  And there was a fight and ANTIFA didn’t do so well.  Ultimately, there needs to be a resurrection of American maleness in society before anything can really be solved.  I’m sure women want men again in spite of what the media has been saying.  Now that the masks are off, things are much clearer than there were before the election and people can admit as much.  Women if given the choice between a man child and a real man, would pick the real man.  I see it too often where a pretty girl pulls up in a beat up Honda Civic to a fuel pump.  You can tell she’s either single or she’s married to a dud and is unhappy about it because she’s got tail lights that are out, she has dents in her doors from hanging out at some club looking for something better, but ending up drunk and missing parts of her clothing somewhere the next day.  Either way, she is a disaster, she’s not the “empowered” woman that the Chinese have promised through the American media.  She’s desperate and looking toward big daddy government for relief which is part of the plan.  Contrast that to the woman who pulls up in her husband’s monster truck.  She knows her man can fix anything; he works and makes money.  And if a bad guy comes to their house, he’ll kill them.  So she’s generally happy, dresses and acts that way and has little to fear in life.  The Chinese hate people like that, so the best and first way to attack the attackers is to make more solid American men.  And it all starts with naming the beast, then moving in to slay it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Doctor Dumbass and the Governors of Chinese Communism: Of course they want to get rid of Thanksgiving and Christmas–they want to kill America

We’ve talked about it for a long time, the Covid-19 virus was all along a communist insurgency plan intent to install globalism into American politics and to use the crises to change western society during the Great Reset as United Nations liberals have come to term the movement.  If anybody ever doubted it, now that we’ve had the Election of 2020 there is no longer doubt.  We’ve now seen the lying and cheating that has been going on, the censorship at Facebook and Google to start, we’ve seen how deep the deep state is.  They had to reveal themselves in an attempt to beat President Trump but in so doing had to expose who they were and what they were always up to.  Yes, our media is already deep down the road of full communism and has essentially become state propaganda no different than what we’d see in China.  We have been under attack for a long time and Covid-19 was the Trojan Horse meant to bring communism into America and now that the election is over and many of the politicians who have bought into that communism through their educations or political experience are exposed.  Before the election many were willing to give all these deep staters a free pass and consider their opinions relevant to discussion.  But now, many people can see that the deep staters are enemies to us all and must be fought as such.

Take for instance the knowledge of Covid-19, there are several treatments that can manage the virus without a vaccine, such as Regeneron and hydroxychloroquine.  But with the same level of censorship that was displayed during the election of 2020 where Twitter and Facebook were actively taking down messages and accounts that represented President Trump, even Trump’s own account, any mention of hydroxychloroquine was censored in the same way.  That is because the goal of Covid-19 was to scare people into compliance and if they knew there was a cure they wouldn’t panic.  When President Trump came down with Covid-19 himself and was able to get treated and released quickly, that blew the public narrative of the long term plan, which deeply upset the attackers of America—especially the many domestic enemies who work in our media, our schools, and our government.  Now, still following the script of the United Nations through the World Health Organization, and believing that Biden will be allowed to institute lockdowns and mask mandates as a president, many blue state governors and RINOs of red states like Ohio have gone to the next level, lockdowns for Thanksgiving and Christmas just days after the presidential election to pour on the oppression before American society could have any chance to get back on its feet.

The urgency out of Michigan and Chicago specifically to go back to lockdowns of our economy to slow the spread of the virus couldn’t be more obvious, it’s to attack specifically American holidays and to further establish control over the American population.  And the media is fully in synchronization with the effort.  When Kristie Noem, the governor of South Dakota announced that she would not comply with any national shutdown under a proposed Biden administration, the media jumped in to attack the Covid-19 cases in the Dakotas putting pressure on North Dakota to break from Noem, as other states announced they would comply to avoid the scrutiny.  To her credit, Kristie didn’t buckle, and I suspect that she won’t.  She’s one of the good ones, there will be many legal challenges in the years to come, but it will take many like her to fight back and she’ll need our support to do so.  But to the point, Covid-19 isn’t dangerous, especially with the knowledge that there is a vaccine coming.  Not that I’d take the vaccine, but for those who are afraid of Covid-19, the vaccine is just another manageable element that should open up the nation, not to provoke any kind of ridiculous shutdowns.

On this particular Sunday morning of this writing there was an article making its way around the front page of the internet talking about how the FBI had tried to shove Martin Luther King into committing suicide.  Of course King would be killed eventually as many were killed in the 60s who were threats to the Deep State as we call them now.  And instead of killing literally as many who were threats in the 60s, 70s, and 80s used to be, the media is now part of the Deep State and can destroy people in other ways without having to get all messy with deaths.  Such was certainly the case with Judy Mikovits which has been for all of 2020 a subject of incredible scrutiny, almost as much as President Trump.  But many haven’t heard of her because she has been attacked relentlessly over the internet and press because her book Plague of Corruption which came out in April of this year threw cold water on Covid-19 before it even got started. 

The book has been sold out most everywhere for months despite its almost burned book status. I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read but Mikovits as an established deep state medical researcher working in the circles of Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci, let loose many of the conspiracies that the government has involved themselves in by experimenting with various vaccines and destroying people’s lives in the process by giving them cancer and other toxic diseases.  It was in that book that I learned about this FBI plot to drive King into wanting to commit suicide.  She published the FBI letter to King in her book as an example of how the process happens.  The FBI has been doing these kinds of bad things for a long time, it didn’t just start with trying to throw Trump out of office with many coups over his term—including this recent one of voter fraud which is being explored as you read this.

It should be obvious by now what Doctor Dumbass and the rest of the deep state medical community across the world is trying to do with Covid-19, they want to control the American population with fear so that we will give up our capitalism and accept global communism.  This past week feeling haughty over the media declaration of Joe Biden winning the election Fauci pulled off his mask expecting to remain as a top doctor for the deep state and announced that these lockdowns must happen.  He actually said, “America has an ‘independent spirit’ but it is time to do what you’re told.”  Well, those are fighting words, especially knowing how these same doctors have been advocating against management of the virus and rather to let the virus manage us, so that the global takeover of our economy can take place.  As audacious as the statement was from Doctor Dumbass, it is valuable to understand what is driving the decisions of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio who was quick as a so-called Republican this week to point out that we should be calling hiding, lying, Joe Biden “president-elect.”  Otherwise from DeWine, “bend the knee.”

By the looks of things it seems obvious that we’re going to have to fight these losers in the streets.  They are looking to subvert our constitutions at the level of the state and at the federal level as well.  None of them, especially DeWine and Witmer in Michigan want to give back their emergency powers to subvert the legislature, their plan now that the election looks to be a media conquest in favor of Biden is to keep the emergencies going forever so that they never have to give that power back.  By reading the Mikovits book Plague of Corruption, you can see quite easily that has been the plan by the deep state for many decades, to hide government mistakes behind massive grabs for power to control the population by force or death if necessary.  These are a criminal class of people who are poised for a good ass kicking and its long overdue.  But certainly not, are they credible.  The lockdown proposals by these criminals is nothing short of an attack.  The solution to Covid-19 is well known and getting better by the day.  The scam that has become what the virus really was truly an attack on our American way of life, and people like Doctor Dumbass are guilty as sin for not only killing people who get in the way of the deep state, but for attempting to undermine our nation politically.  The only good thing to come out of all this is that people can now see it more clearly so that action can be taken. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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