Donald Trump Reminds me of the Great Poker player Doyle Brunson: Give those Mariachi performers at the White House a $1 tip

If I were Donald Trump listening to the Mariachi protestors outside the White House all night attempting to keep the First Family awake, I’d walk out onto the lawn to the fence and throw a $1 bill into the hat of one of the performers. Then I’d go back inside and let the losers wear themselves out. Trump has the high ground in this fight and he can easily use it to defeat any panic driven protests from the political left. As much as a Mariachi band sounds like a vacation when you hear the music if it is taken as a cultural reference to a Marxist society south of the border, it’s a pretty pathetic protest that will turn off many voters ahead of the November mid-terms. To really add salt to the water, a $1 tip would take the air out of their ruckus. That is what those bands are all about, you can hear them in just about any restaurant in Mexico, they even play in the lines at border crossings seeking money thrown into their hats like beggars in the streets. If that is the best that the political left has, its pretty pathetic. They will wear themselves out quickly and let them.

But the event did bring to my mind the central tenet to the whole Russia issue, that of whether Trump should have chastised Putin in front of his face to make all the corrupt American intelligence directors happy covering up their own crimes, or whether Trump should have played it cool as he had. What a lot of people don’t obviously know about Trump is that he is actually quite well read, and as a best-selling author in one of his books produced through Trump University, that school that most critics said didn’t exist, was that he has a top ten reading list for students to do their own homework. One of the books Trump mentions is The Art of War. Anyone who has read that book knows what Trump is doing. I can certainly see it, I carry The Art of War around with me everywhere I go. I have a pocket version of it that I keep with me at all times, so Trump’s strategies are obvious to me, and so is what he did with Putin and the American intelligence agencies who are trying to build up a case for impeachment.

However, to the protestors on the streets in front of the White House, they likely only read work from Karl Marx and nothing else—which is why they are liberals. They have no way of understanding a strategist like Trump where even misspoken words are part of the strategy to bait opponents into a direction you wish them to go. In Trump’s world, everything is a strategy including the Mariachi protestors. While they think they are doing something that will keep the president and his family awake at night in reality they are doing exactly what Trump wants and needs. Their noise can be drowned out easily within the White House. But the optics being broadcast across America are not to the advantage of the political left. Nobody wants a cheesy Mariachi band playing in their neighborhood streets. They’ll put up with illegal immigrants as long as they are somewhat hidden in poor neighborhoods, but if they think they can migrate into the suburbs and bring a Mariachi culture into the mainstream, they have another thing coming.

The real reason that Trump couldn’t put a stop to any tampering that Putin might be involved in is because America is doing the same thing in other countries and that must continue. The political leftists were trying to trap Trump into what their global aims were, and that was to put an end to what they call American imperialism, or otherwise the influence of western culture around the world. If Trump demanded that Russia stay out of trying to influence America than Trump would be forced to do the same and that is precisely what lefties want. They want to weaken the influence of American culture around the world, they want American movies to be weaker, they want American music weaker, they want everything that comes out of America weaker. However, they want to create the illusion that other cultures have irreversibly penetrated American culture changing it forever, which is why they are attempting to use the psychological assault of a Mariachi band outside the White House to drive home the point. But Trump is smart, he knows that the protesters are an extreme minority and that they will run out of gas rather quickly and that their efforts are pushing neutral voters into the Republican column. So give them a tip and let them sing!

Getting back to The Art of War, I think its one of the most important books on strategy that there has ever been written, and Donald Trump understands it keenly. That is why China will never beat him on a trade war—they know it and he knows it. He has the high ground, it is impossible for China to win. Only people who understand strategy would know why, so the ignorant people trying to make politics about the war of tariffs are at a loss because they do not understand that book on strategy composed so long ago by the Chinese themselves. To understand any dealings with oriental cultures, The Art of War is mandatory. Trump is much more intellectual than he lets on and that is because he has mastered fundamental elements of strategy that all winning individuals learn to utilize.

The Democrats and the Deep State which supports them have projected their own strategies and Donald Trump has exploited them quite brilliantly. One of the greatest poker players in the world is Doyle Brunson who has mastered the art of making his opponents underestimate his hands even when they know he’s doing it. They think he’s talking small talk and what he’s really doing is causing them to up their bets and to inspire them to fold at the wrong times with his easy Texas talk while at the table. Trump reminds me a lot of Doyle—he’s brilliant in making people underestimate their odds against him. The most important quotes in The Art of War are about making other people empty and filling yourself by their efforts, which is what Trump has been doing since 2015 on the political stage. These Mariachi protestors are emptying themselves in front of the White House, and they are filling Trump. People see what is happening, just as Trump needs American operatives to continue to spread western ideas around the world to wear away the socialists and communists who stand between peace and war, these protestors are reminding Trump supporters that Mexican culture is being rammed down their throats from illegal aliens and the optics make it look like they are attacking the White House. Beltway insiders chuckle at what they think is causing Trump to lose sleep. But that is because they don’t understand the strategy of the situation.

I thought about keeping this to myself so not to let the enemies know what Trump is doing. But from my vantage point Trump is fulfilling another important quote from The Art of War, beating an enemy before the war even starts. Trump has already won over these protestors just like Doyle knows he often has the best hand before the dealer ever puts down the “river” card. Great strategists often win before anybody is even thinking of victory and they do so without a lot of fanfare because just like in poker, the game needs “producers.” You have to let the little guys think they are winning sometimes to fill the pot. Trump gives his opponents little victories here and there just like Doyle does in poker to convince them to fill the pot for the real betting. Trump is happy to let the protestors empty themselves and to fill the political pot with lots of talk radio discussion and cable news coverage because it fulfils the requirements of victory. And for that, we should all give those idiots a $1 tip. Because they are emptying themselves and filling us all up, and that is the brilliance of Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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Standing Proud with Donald Trump: Yes, Putin is more trustworthy

To answer John Kasich’s question which he asked on television about Trump’s Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin I am more in President Trump’s corner now than I ever have been. It wasn’t Putin who was the bully on the national stage, it was the American intelligence departments that had been weaponized by hostile forces to work against all Americans using their own money to fuel the Deep State strategies. I took much of what Trump was doing as foreign policy and attributed it to the great American game of Poker. Obviously, the rest of the world composed of the media were playing Candy Land so they had no way of understanding how Trump could speak one way to Germany then another to Russia. It really depends on what cards you have in your hands, what is on the table from the dealer and who has what chips for which you are trying to inspire a bet. Its elementary negotiating stuff and Russia is a player at the table and Trump wants to deal, which he should. But there was a lot fishy about the Robert Mueller investigation dropping the indictments of 12 Russians on the Friday before the summit as if they were trying to force Trump into picking sides. The media was oddly in sync with the Mueller investigation in attempting to paint Putin as the vilest enemy on planet earth. The investment that many from both the Republican and Democratic parties had in making Putin out to be a villain was oddly forced. Then I saw the New York Times cartoon that they had produced trying to show Putin and Trump as gay lovers. With so many forces working together to paint a picture about Vladimir Putin the question I had was why?

Trump is a great strategist and if I had been in his shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. He knows that the FBI was weaponized against him and that the swamp of Washington D.C. culture was looking to impeach him just for winning the election. If he listened to their urgings in publicly dismantling Putin for some Russian interference in the American election of 2016 then he would have validated the efforts of so many who worked against him. What if the Russians didn’t have anything to do with meddling in the election? Why should we believe an intelligence agency that tried to overthrow a winning president and covered up the crimes of Trump’s political rival? Why should any of us trust anything the intelligence agencies say about anything—because they have been caught lying many times now? I thought Putin’s offer to let the Mueller team come to Russia to interview the supposed hostile agents mentioned in the Friday indictments was a good one. If anybody really wanted to pursue justice, Mueller would have already been on a plane to conduct the interviews in Russia. But we all know that the indictments were not to pursue justice, but to take the eyes of law and order away from the crimes of the FBI and put it on some misty villain on the other side of the world. And Trump was supposed to be so patriotic that he’d back the American intelligence agencies to support the story against even himself all in the name of national unity.

Patriotism does not mean you support villainy if it is coming from your own side. Trump would not be a patriot to go to meet with officials from other countries and stand by what he knows are criminal elements from his own country. By doing so he makes himself a fool and in America it is individualism that rules, not subscription to groups and institutions. There are serious problems with the American intelligence community, many of them need to be in jail for what they did, and in order to deal well with Russia Trump needed to show that he could admit as much. Which then forces Russia, North Korea, Syria and many other hostile places around the world to step forward with similar admissions. It wasn’t unpatriotic to admit that America had its own problems with its intelligence community. To chastise Putin would be to show Trump as a liar. Yet the institutionalists behind the American intelligence community thought it was Trump’s obligation to sacrifice his individual integrity for the good of national patriotism and to sell their version of the events to the world by using Russia as the punching bag.

Yet for Trump to condemn Russia for meddling in the 2016 election the President would then be admitting that his victory was the responsibility of a foreign power. The whole point of this made up story by American intelligence was to justify why Hillary Clinton had lost. It couldn’t have been because Trump worked harder and ran a better campaign. We must never forget that the Russian dossier which was personally handed to the FBI by John McCain’s office, which was originally started by that same FBI funded by the DNC was created to tie Putin to Trump in a negative way. The only problem with it was that the entire thing was made up, just as the meddling story was. Even if Trump wanted to, he couldn’t attack Putin over Russian guilt because honestly there isn’t any real evidence that they were involved an anything significant. The real guilty parties in election meddling was American intelligence that once were caught tried to pin the blame on Russia because they were the last country on earth that anybody thought would be in a position to defend themselves from the accusation.

That is the reason that nobody involved in the conspiracy stories about Russian meddling in the 2016 election wanted Trump to meet with Putin—because it would blow up their story. Putin obviously wants to clear the air by inviting Mueller to Russia to pursue his indictments. Everybody knows there is nothing there so of course the FBI won’t go, which says everything. Yet the criticism of Trump was that he didn’t patriotically stand by his own intelligence agencies while on foreign soil. If a family has a child molester in its ranks, it is not being loyal to the family not to address the issue and call the police on the bastard knowing what he is doing to little kids. If a family member is an alcoholic and is beating the crap out of his spouse, it is not a condition of loyalty to turn the other way to protect the family name. It’s contributing to evil. And the same holds true of Trump. Putin and Russia in general may not be the best people in the world. But it’s not Trump’s duty to contribute to a false story just to show loyalty to the American intelligence agencies. They are obviously guilty of many bad deeds and if Trump wants to sell himself to the world as an honest negotiator, he must call a spade a spade and why shouldn’t he? That same intelligence agency has tried to destroy him. Why would he be loyal to them and help them off the hook they put themselves on? The answer is he shouldn’t. And he didn’t, even under great pressure. And that is what makes Donald Trump the greatest American president the world has ever seen and history will remember these events very favorably.

Rich Hoffman

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Stormy Daniels Arrested in Ohio: Why wilted flowers should be illegal

Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, that the porn actress Stormy Daniels was arrested at a Ohio strip club in Columbus for allowing a customer to touch her while performing on stage, then claiming that the arrest was politically motivated. Michael Avenatti has made a name for himself trying to use the old porn actress who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump many years ago, to advance his career and attempt to be the latest Never Trumper to destroy the new American President. So he, CNN, Saturday Night Live, and many other media outlets have tried to use the porn actress to achieve what they could not, hoping that there was more than just smoke, but a raging blaze of guilt that would bring down Donald Trump. If anything has been politically motivated or tried to use obscure laws to advance their position, it is the claims of Stormy Daniels who settled to a confidentiality agreement with the Trump team to keep any story that did occur between consenting adults, quiet. It was Avenatti who had used every obscure law he could to advance this story toward his own relevancy and caused even the Mueller investigation to raid the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen to find dirt on Trump. Why did Avenatti and Daniels think that they would be able to come to Ohio, which is Trump country with a solid red backing, and push the limits of the law without consequence?

Nobody in their right mind would want to go to a strip club and see the saggy assed Stormy Daniels who has been pillaged by so many men perform on stage in the nude as such a withering flower. The nature of things is that females are like fine flowers who are in full bloom in their late teens and twenties. A freshly cut bouquet of flowers is quite nice to look at, the petals are nicely formed, the color is very sharp, and the stems are straight and attractive. But a few days later those flowers start to wilt, and they don’t look so good. After a few days on the table, any rationally minded person will throw them out for something new. Nobody wants to look at a bunch of wilted flowers that have lost their color and their shape. Stormy Daniels is a bouquet of flowers that have been on the table for about a week too long and what she presented of herself on that Ohio strip club stage was a has been of a flower plucked by everyone but was marketed as a tourist marker saying “Donald Trump Slept Here.” Most women make a transition from beautiful young flower into something else successfully, but for Stormy, all she has is her sex appeal, and in that regard it’s quite pathetic that people like Avenatti would exploit her in such a way. You almost feel sorry for her because at 39, she needs to make herself known not for her sex appeal, but for something more intellectual.

Unfortunately, Stormy Daniels has nothing else but a melting body that looks more like a blob than an object for pollination in the game of the birds and the bees. Is it fair for women that this is the way of things—sure it is. Selling sex to a bunch of horny men is easy and Stormy Daniels exploited that nature to enrich herself. But she is also dying by the same sword. And to make up for her aging sex appeal she has chosen to make herself the front of the Never Trump movement which of course will bring her way enemies. When you have enemies, they are always looking for a way to bring you down so if you make it easy for them, of course they will do so. It didn’t matter that Stormy Daniels performed that sex show in strip clubs all across America in front of hordes of desperate men who drink so much that they still see value in the petals of a withering flower. Some of those men came because they wanted to touch what they thought Donald Trump had touched, and Stormy was happy to fulfil that fantasy. But Trump is loved in Ohio and she came to the capital of that state and performed in a manner that was scandalous toward the Trump name, and she expected that she would get away with pushing the limits. She might have gotten away with it if she where ten years younger and not at the front of an attack against a beloved president. But in her present state, it would just take the slightest little thing, and that’s exactly what happened.

I would argue that nobody should go to strip clubs, they just aren’t good places conducive to proper conduct. But if you view them for what they are, essentially flower shows for men to remain interested in sex, especially after their own wives wilt away into old age, then some understanding for their function emerges. But women who present themselves as clean fresh flowers available for the plundering by men appealing to their animal prowess have chosen a short career. Woman in the sex industry are used up by the time they are over 25 years of age. Stormy Daniels is 39. Even when she claims to have had her affair with Donald Trump, she would have been in her late twenties which is still old for people in that industry. I think he probably took a picture with her and tried to make her feel good by flirting with her given her reputation, and the rest is a fantasy of hers. But playing the game of taking off clothes and pushing up against the barriers of illegal prostitution is not something a political figure should do, and Stormy Daniels is now a political figure. She made herself that way, so she should expect more of this type of treatment in the future.

The same type of people who are defending her actions are the same losers who want legalized pot, legalized prostitution, and open borders. They are against the type of country that Trump supporters want. Avenatti and Daniels might think its fun to come to states like Ohio and flaunt their careless values in our faces as this state is the buckle on the Bible belt but they should not be surprised when they get bit by their own antics. Stormy pushed the limits and she was busted by police loyal to Trump using the laws of the state to arrest her. Michael Avenatti doesn’t get to pick the laws that he likes and doesn’t like to defend his client. If he can dig up obscure terminology to attempt to bring down the President of the United States which is his stated intention, then Ohio cops can arrest Stormy Daniels for presenting herself in an indecent way and inspiring sexual contact with customers of a palace of sin in Columbus, Ohio.

I would add to those charges the extra insult of being too old to take off her clothes in public. It should be illegal to allow Stormy Daniels to present herself as a withering flower, and to charge money for the experience just because she may have had some contact with President Trump over a decade ago. What she is doing is similar to writing graffiti on some monument, such defacement should be illegal. But nobody wants to see her saggy body eroding before our eyes and to sell the experience as “sexy.” That all by itself is justification for arrest and I don’t think this will be the last time.

Rich Hoffman
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Jim Renacci’s Term Limits Pledge: Overcoming the false assumption about institutional value

I felt fortunate to be invited by the Renacci team to be a part of a press conference for Jim Renacci in downtown Cincinnati to sign a U.S. Term Limits pledge in front of the media. My usual thing in events like this are not just to capture what a candidate is doing, but to examine the larger implications in a cultural aspect since that is always my interest. I care what politicians say, but for me it’s always about the larger implication. What Jim Renacci was doing was very smart, his opponent for the Ohio senate seat that Sherrod Brown currently has occupied for many decades now is one of the best examples of what an entrenched politician in Washington D.C. looks like. Renacci is the underdog in the incumbent race so he must go after weaknesses in Sherrod Brown, which is the issue of term limits. So Renacci signed a pledge to only serve two terms as a United States Senator once elected to counter the long and ridiculous record of Sherrod Brown in front of the media which was very effective. But what I like to bring to the table when covering events like this is that big picture, so I camped out in a part of the room that showed the media interaction with Renacci from a vantage point that the regular media won’t or can’t provide. By watching the video below, I think you will find the information very interesting.

The Channel 5 camera was set up on the right of my position and you will notice that not only the on-air talent asked a question, but so did the cameraman. Then positioned around the front of the room was cameras and microphones from most of Cincinnati’s media, both television and radio, and the questions they asked were fascinating. Usually when these kinds of things go on we never get to see the body language and appearance of the people asking questions, so perspective is very helpful. Most of the people in the media are liberal and present themselves as very shallow, and sloppy intellectually—literally, and their appearance shows it. It certainly says a lot about the slant they provide to any coverage that they do give. Even saying that I thought the coverage of the event was fair, but my video will certainly provide an education as to what really goes on at press events so that viewers can see for themselves how media bias enters into the picture.

What was most interesting was that the concept of term limits was generally a very difficult one for the media to grasp. By the nature of their questions it is clear why the reality of such proposals falls short of communicating effectively with their viewers and listenership. As Jim Renacci explained quite effectively, term limits should be an acceptable practice in politics—yet to the liberal thinking people who serve as filters in the media the concept is foreign to their way of thinking. The assumption by those on the political left, and often on the political right is that elected office is something that is to be aspired to, and therefore there is great intellectual value in having a long-term senator working for “the people” for several decades. But to accomplished business people, like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump, an elected office is like a retirement job. They go for elected office to give something back, not to become something.

What the media present could not grasp was that their concept of institutional value was not relevant to politics, yet just about every senator and congressman is happy to give them that illusion which is what has created such a defective political system. The pledge that Renacci signed is a promise to reverse that trend, but for many politicians who came into office because the private sector was just too scary for them, whether they were failed attorneys or just failed people, they found through a popularity contest—a typical election—redemption and they are very hungry to maintain the illusion that they are members of some aristocratic society that has some kind of special power for their constituents. That is exactly how Sherrod Brown has stayed in office for nearly half a century—because he has maintained an illusion that only someone like him can do the job. But for someone who was already successful before he ever stepped into a public office like Renacci, politics is a service job that he can easily master. The institutional value that the press was speaking about at the press conference doesn’t exist.

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is in their beliefs of institutional value over individual input. As a republic the United States was built to have a constant rotation of elected representatives enter office and leave routinely—and were never supposed to make careers out of elected positions. Liberals of course believe in the aristocratic notion that there is collective knowledge embedded within institutional systems that must be preserved by teams of people. In that case Mitch McConnell is just as guilty as Sherrod Brown in the belief that being a long-time senator has more value than a newcomer fresh to a seat. The procedural protocol of the Senate itself has more value than the vote of an individual vote from a senator or congressman.

Then there is the issue of fundraising and maintaining majorities in state houses and within Washington D.C. That same media present at the Renacci press conference is the same media that wants to turn politics into a sporting event where there are this many Republicans and this many Democrats, and every election is like a football game as to which side has the most points on the board at any given time which indicates who is winning and who is losing. Such a system inevitably attracts the dollars of special interest who then has a lot at stake in making sure their team wins—which is why political campaigns are now so expensive, which then beholden the candidates to the money people and not their constituency. It becomes a vicious cycle of dysfunction built on the false notion that institutional value has actual merit. Which it doesn’t.

What Jim Renacci was offering at this press conference was more than a publicity stunt to distinguish himself from a political opponent in the long-time senator Sherrod Brown. It was a challenge to take all the money out of politics, and all the falsehood of institutional value and to set the entire system correct with a nice healthy rotation of elected representatives. People like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump will be successes in life before and after any kind of political office, so when they are in office, we can expect good work from such people. But Sherrod Brown could have no such similar success. He can only be successful in life so long as people like the media shown in the video above believe that he has some secret power like “institutional value” to use on behalf of an American democracy—which is not what the United States is. Rule by the mob which is a “democracy” is not the same as representative rule, and under such a premise the falsehood of institutional value erodes away into mist, because it never had value to begin with. It never did from its roots in Europe, and it certainly doesn’t in modern-day America. People like Sherrod Brown are easy to find and once they are elected into office and people don’t really understand how things really work even though the media covers these types of stories every day, politicians are placed on a pedestal and kept there to satisfy the general ignorance of political parties. But when someone like Jim Renacci comes along and offers the real thing, it is then that a crises mounts—in a positive way. It is then that the falsehood of institutional value evaporates, and the truth of the matter is revealed, and that was the challenge that emerged from that very interesting press conference.

Rich Hoffman

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MacKinzie River Pizza Grill and Pub: A “Rich Hoffman” kind of place

I live in an area of the United States that is very rich in dining options so good restaurants opening happens quite often. I do try to get around town and get to as many of them at least once. Sometimes I’ll write a little review for them if they really stand out, but most of the time the results are pretty average. As far as places that my wife and I go often for retail and dining our most preferred location is Bridgewater Falls in Fairfield, Ohio which is close to where we live. But we don’t spend nearly as much time there as we used to since the bookstore left several years ago. The Liberty Center complex and the Streets of West Chester have evenly divided up our time due to the options located in those places. For instance, Liberty Center gets most of my attention because of the movie theater and the Cabela’s that is located there. The Streets of West Chester because of the Barnes and Noble that is still there along with Ikea is a close second. But Bridgewater is still a very nice development with great opportunities for a good evening out to eat and pick up whatever a family needs. When we eat at Bridgewater it’s usually a tossup between Chick-fil-A, Chili’s and the Fuji House. The way that Bridgewater is set up they had two prominent restaurants overlooking their two lakes that sit on an elevated piece of land that gives a nice view of the fountains at the entrance to the complex which makes it a very unique shopping experience, with Chili’s being one. Max and Erma’s was the other, but it hadn’t been doing very well. We went there once but were never inclined to go back. So I wasn’t surprised to see the place close. But I was surprised to see a new MacKinzie River Pizza Grill and Pub enter the old building, and I was very skeptical. But when it opened in late June 2018 we targeted it as a place to go to try it out.

It took us about a week to get around to it and when we finally did it was a Sunday morning, because the crowds had been pretty intense with two-hour waits. I thought that was just because the place had just opened, but I had to admit that still, it was unusual to have so much local interest so I was curious why they were drawing such large crowds which were easily sustained all through the first week. Going on a Sunday morning was to beat the crowds and see what all the hype was about. As it turned out the MacKinzie River management had turned the old Max and Erma’s building into essentially a Cabela’s. The interior was all in rustic timber and was very inviting with canoes and trees placed around the dining room to capture the feel of the original restaurant in Montana where the franchise started. This Bridgewater location was one of only 27 in the entire country and many of those were north and west within the United States, so it was very interesting to me that they had picked this particular spot for such a unique pizza place.

But it wasn’t all about pizza, it was all about fresh food and craft beers as they had an excellent bar with lots of unique bar features by way of drinks. The World Cup was playing on several of the televisions as we were seated at a nice tall table with plenty of room. The dining room was very comfortable for me as again it reminded me of the Cabela’s in West Chester that I enjoy shopping at around once a week. As busy as I am, I am a guy who likes being outside and Cabela’s gives me that touch time not necessarily with nature, but with the tools of exploring it. I go there as much as I do for ammunition for my shooting sports. I try to hit the shooting range at Premier in West Chester at least once a week as well and Cabela’s is very good about keeping ammunition for my .50 Desert Eagle AE in stock and at a good price. For me the whole experience runs together, I enjoy going into the Cabela’s store and buying something—anything because of the kind of store that it is and the way it’s decorated. Shooting the ammunition does the same thing, consuming it gives me a reason to go back to Cabela’s to buy more. I find the whole thing to be a very enjoyable experience. I had the same feeling stepping into the new Mackinzie River restaurant. Just the décor of the place made me happy.

While traveling in Japan not that long ago the group I was with made a point of identifying places in that exotic world that were “Rich Hoffman Places” which I thought was odd, but I learned a lot about how people see me in studying what kind of places they were. They were usually places of weapons and chaos which I didn’t object to, because it’s the way people interpret my behavior that had created such an impression. I rationalized that it was a positive thing that if such places conjured up elements of my personality. Cabela’s is certainly one of those “Rich Hoffman” places, I spend hours there, especially on bad days looking at new pontoon boats, new rugged clothing, and guns, reloading equipment, ammunition, knives—and beef jerky to keep in my office as part of my stress management. Book stores are also “Rich Hoffman” places as they are one of the few places that really feed my many interests. I literally love just about everything and book stores are about anything and everything, so I am most at home within them. But as the waitress brought us our appetizers I quickly realized that MacKinzie River was going to be added to the list because the food was of exceptional quality.

Not only are my wife and I empty nesters, so it’s usually easier for us to eat out these days than anything, but I get to go to a lot of restaurants for business so I get to see often what works and what doesn’t and I immediately knew that the food at MacKinzie River was a step above the rim. No wonder the place was so packed. They are known for their pizzas and burgers but they had pasta dishes that rivaled Brio Tuscan Grill. The food was certainly comfort in nature, but the quality of it was quite high. I ordered a Caribbean Pizza and it was absolutely stunning. Prior to MacKinzie River opening my family would sometimes go to Pies & Pints at Liberty Center for their specialty pizzas and the Caribbean Pizza I was having reminded me of those types of offerings. Honestly, my wife and I had just recently dined at Cooper’s Hawk also at Liberty Center and I thought the food at MacKinzie River was better—which is saying a lot.

I waited a week or so to return to MacKinzie River before getting too excited about things. I figured that there would be some enthusiasm drop off and that the quality that the staff put into their food would drift after their opening. However, it was a busy Friday night, one of my kids and grandchildren were over and we had been busy and wanted some food so we went to MacKinzie River for some carry out. We knew it would be too busy to dine in, so we stopped by, went to the bar and ordered carry out, and our choice was a 20” Caribbean pizza and it was just as high of a quality as the first one. It was literally something very special and is a new favorite of mine.

I feel very fortunate to have a MacKinzie River Pizza Grill and Pub in my neighborhood. I mean given the demographic data, they could have located in West Chester or Mason and probably reached the same type of crowd with the same income levels and sustained their business plan quite nicely. But, they picked the Fairfield location at Bridgewater Falls and I consider ourselves fortunate because they did. What a treasure to have something like that in the neighborhood, it will certainly become a regular place for my family. It is a “Rich Hoffman” kind of place which doesn’t mean it can’t be the identity of other people, but that it has enough character to even contain the consideration. There is a reason that people are waiting two hours for a table and that the place is still packed in the middle of a typical afternoon between the lunch and dinner rush. It’s not only a comfortable place to eat nicely decorated and spacious, but it has put its food quality as a priority, which all restaurants should, but few really do. So far, MacKinzie River Pizza Grill and Pub has and that makes them a destination entertainment that everyone can enjoy, and its great to see joining Bridgewater Falls as the latest and greatest of that complex. If you are looking for a great place to eat, MacKinzie River is the place to go.

Rich Hoffman

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The Power of MAGA Hats: Kino Jimenez and the political left learned a hard lesson

There is nothing I hate more than a bully, so I was quite interested in the story of Kino Jimenez who as a 30-year-old liberal attacked a 16-year-old boy on the 4th of July wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat in a Texas Whataburger restaurant at 2 AM. Good for the kids with the young man wearing the hat because they captured the attack on camera and posted the video for which there was a firestorm of anger against Jimenez. Within a few hours of the attack the video was spreading to Trump supporters who had figured out who the attacker was and posted an old address online. From there people went looking for Jimenez to beat the hell out of him only to discover that the posted address was only that of his brothers. Realizing that he was in danger Kino Jimenez shaved off his beard and hoped to lay low for a while, but police knew they had to do something so they arrested the assailant for theft and put him in jail, essentially for his own protection. What makes this one special is that it is showing unequivocally that people are starting to fight back and defend themselves from liberalism. The MAGA hats are the start of something, they have become synonymous with Trump supporters who want to do just that, Make America Great Again, and they are standing up to the very nature of liberalism which has corrupted our nation for decades to the impressions of bullies who make up that political philosophy. And that is a very new thing to see happening in American politics, where the right kind of people are finally fighting back.

I’m not a supporter of mob violence so I’m not exactly cheering that a mob of internet revenge seekers essentially hunted down Kino Jimenez and forced the hand of the Universal City Police Department to arrest the guy before people beat the hell out of him. But I am an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kind of person. Or should I say and eye for a head, and a tooth for ripping out the heart of your enemy and eating it over his last moments of life kind of guy. That turn the other cheek stuff is for dope smoking hippies who follow a Buddhist idea of peace at any cost kind of thinking—which is not conducive to confronting evil and pushing it out of our lives. The only way to truly make America great again is to confront the evil that has been working against it and in this case, it is the fight over individual rights versus the old order of collective salvation.

People like Kino Jimenez who make up the liberal political parties because they are not personally tough people. They are drawn to the Democratic Party because they wish to hide in the safety of the herd. They use the violence of a mob to gang up on individuals who typically don’t stick together and to separate conservatives from others like them with constant harassment. The primary reason that the minority of progressives, socialists and Democrats have been able to make the gains against Constitutional management that they have is due to their gang like behavior. In this case Kino Jimenez didn’t need a gang, he was a big 30-year-old guy picking on a bunch of teenage kids. He felt the power of his party behind him to join the anti-Trump movement in harassing anybody wearing one of those MAGA hats—which is what he did.

The MAGA hats were a brilliant branding scheme created by the Trump campaign which unified many disjointed individuals under the flag of a conservative movement, which is new for the Republican Party. As people who typically support individual rights the greatest weakness of conservatives were that they didn’t tend to stick together on anything, so they were constantly at the mercy of the bullies of liberalism. Liberals have no choice but to stick together, that is the nature of their political party, group think and peer pressure. Democrats require the destruction of individualism in order to sustain themselves in every situation, so they have to be bullies in order to survive. They cannot stand on the merits of their own thinking, which is their weakness and has been from the beginning. When Trump came out with that hat as a candidate it served as a binder with the greater movement of conservatism standing together in defense of itself. The MAGA hats united individuals together in a way that no conservative movement had up to that time and now two years later with Trump now comfortably in the presidency the kids in that Whataburger restaurant were feeling patriotic on the 4th of July and wanted to wear their MAGA hat out to show their sentiments toward American celebration. I did the same, I wore my MAGA hat on the 4th of July as well, for many of the same reasons and it does turn the heads of liberals every time I do it. They know what it means, it’s all about individuals coming together to fight the incursions of group think which persists in liberalism.

That frightens people like Kino Jimenez so he lashed out at the young kid wearing the hat, but something happened that he didn’t expect. People came to the defense of the 16-year-old and hit the streets hunting the bully down until justice was served. The same kind of joined attack occurred at The Red Hen in rural Virginia when they kicked out Sarah Sanders from the Trump White House staff and denied her food service. Shortly a small mob of Trump supporters showed up to protest the restaurant which was not something any of the leftists involved planned to see happen. The political left is seeing something they never counted on, conservatives are fighting back, and they aren’t sure what to do about it.

This is what I have been saying for many years, several decades now. Conservatives essentially make up most of America. Liberalism is a very small portion of the American experience, yet they have been able to puff out their chests and appear to be much larger than they really are giving the illusion of superiority in many cases, and they were able to do that because conservatives didn’t stick together or show a desire to fight back when they needed to. For all the talk and fear that came out of the Tea Party movement, the Tea Party was never about protesting and inciting violence against those with whom they disagreed. It was always about education, which is radically different from the typical leftist gathering where the only method of interaction that they have is violence or the threat of it. But now things are different, people are fighting back, the right kind of people. The MAGA hats have unified a movement behind a common cause for liberty that has not happened before except perhaps during the Revolution and it is starting to wear down the opposition.

Liberals have never stood for what America always was. They have been asking when America was ever great, so how could there be a hat demanding to make America great again. Because to them they have to destroy individual rights to exist so America was never great, to them greatness comes under the flag of group think. But now conservatives have been united under the MAGA hats and they are coming to the defense of the weak when they see there is a need—and that is something the political left cannot deal with. When it happens thugs like Kino Jimenez learn quickly the consequences of the bully tactics of liberalism when they try to suppress individual rights, the right to think different from a liberal, the right to wear a MAGA hat, the right to separate oneself from the herd of lazy marijuana inspired thugs. For a change the mobs aren’t coming from liberals, they are coming from conservatives united by Trump for the defense of individual rights, and that is something very new.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Candace Owens Should be President of The United States: Apparently Twitter thinks so too

I wasn’t kidding when I said it, but I was surprised to see such a reaction from people when I said on Twitter that I thought Candace Owens would be a great candidate for president of the United States. I mean she’s only 29 years old now but to me she has the whole package and is presently just as qualified as Barack Obama was. Candace is an organizer so with the bar of pedigree being lowered during the Obama years, just as Bill Clinton lowered the expectations of personal behavior paving the way for Donald Trump, it really can’t be said the running the Executive Branch is beyond the reach of a political novice. What we have learned over the last 32 years, first with Clinton, then with George W. Bush, eventually followed by Barack Obama is that it doesn’t take a great genius to be president. It takes a person exceptionally skilled as a promoter from the White House and knowing how to manage the people around them. It’s the perfect job for a person like Trump who has made a great living up until his presidency promoting visions. The White House is uniquely suited for that type of personality and we are learning that we should have been putting people like Trump in office for centuries. But once his job is done a decade or so down the road, what kind of people will be good for the office and to me it is obvious that it will need to be someone like Candace Owns.

After watching Candace Owens on several cable news shows I made a simple remark on Twitter that I thought she should run for president someday and that I’d support her when she was ready. That unleashed a firestorm of interest generating over 160,000 impressions in just a few hours, the response was very encouraging in the affirmative. I mean let’s be honest, even though I replied to people that we should always be color blind and not promote people in our society just because of sex—if all things are equal in the world we are currently living in conservative ideas would best be sold from the Executive Branch by a young black woman, because it would completely disarm the political left’s accusations of the Republican Party. I think Democrats are over as a party anyway. It may take another half of a decade to realize that reality, but I’m all for finishing them off by taking away their most powerful weapon, identity politics. Candace Owens in the White House would be devastating to Democrats especially when they saw that the same people who have supported Trump would support Candace. In 2018 they rationalize that Trump supporters get behind him because he’s an angry, rich, white guy. But when those same people would support Candace, a young, nice black woman, it would literally tear their minds apart because it would force them to recognize the true reality of the situation.

I have been looking for years for a chance to show that it was Republicans who are best at putting people in the White House that free up individual merit as opposed to group think. I have supported Elizabeth Dole for president, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and many others because I wanted to show that Republicans were certainly not the party of old white guys. Republicans certainly weren’t Nazis resembling Hitler from Germany or Mussolini fascism from Italy. They were the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves and gave Frederick Douglas a platform to rise in politics while many blacks in the south were still considered slaves. Once liberals started painting conservatives a certain way, as traditionalists who were against everything, it was difficult to answer such a negative and with conservatives tending to be too nice to defend themselves, it allowed the more aggressive Democrats to take shots at conservatives unjustifiably. So for many years I have been looking for a way to prove that identity politics were not part of the Republican platform in any way, and to prove that we had to have identity politics to prove it—we needed a good woman or a person of color to rise to the top of the Republican political process.

What Donald Trump will leave in his wake will be a great thing. He is doing such a great job in selling the benefits of individualism back to the American way of thinking. When people ask what making America great again means, it is simply the mindset where individual rights were protected over group rights. I personally don’t need a tribal leader to “lead” me anywhere. The person I pick for president doesn’t need to be wise in the ways of the world, or a master strategist. I just need my representative in the White House to protect individual rights and to get the bureaucrats out of my way, and I’ll take care of the rest. The nation is presently doing well because Trump has taken away a lot of the crippling regulation and taxes which were holding back our economy, and that’s all we really need out of the White House. Trump has additional business skills which are giving him a fun retirement job, but essentially conservatives don’t need any leaders to show them the way to a good life because the core of Republican thinking is in individual rights. Democrats on the other hand like Barack Obama purposely used regulation and taxes to hold back the American economy so that other places around the world could catch up to us, which has hurt individual rights in favor of group associations and peer groups—breaking the world down by race, religion, sex and income potential. Making America great again means to conservatives not a throw back to where women were in the kitchen making pies for their husbands, but in putting the center of focus of value back on individual rights, where someone like a Frederick Douglas could become a leading spokesman for the newly released slaves. Part of making America great again would be in creating a White House that could have someone like Candace Owens running it, and the country would be just fine.

The failure of Barack Obama is that we were supposed to overlook his socialist agenda for America because he was black. We were supposed to be handicapped by his race into making any opinion about the guy because of his skin color. That is not an enlightened position and people generally know it instinctively. That is why they supported Donald Trump. But when Trump’s years are done and Republicans are looking for the next great movement, I think Candace Owens would be the perfect type of person to show just how big tent the Republican Party is. If we needed Trump to resell America on the power of individual liberty after many years of socialism have tried to cripple the United States from the White House, we will need Candace Owens, or someone like her to continue selling those ideas to a public growing older from the Millennial generation that will be learning to continue that string of success well into the future. It is not for immigrants to bring their socialism from their destroyed countries with them to destroy American culture as the political left desires, it is up to people like Candace to sell them on individual freedom and to take away the restrictions of small thinking government to allow those individuals to flourish and bring the American economy great things that benefit many other people as the 21st century matures.

My suggestion in favor of Candace Owens for president at some point once the Trump family is done with their part of making history is to sell individual rights to a society of people who have been told their entire lives that their personal salvation is in the string pulling of the political class. Those of us who already know better don’t need to be taught, but there will be many who will, and it will be easier learning from Candace than from just about anybody else. That is why I think a pretty, young, intelligent woman of color would be the ideal presidential candidate in the near future, as soon as she comes to age to do it. By taking away the weapons of the political left it would further destroy their hold on the minds of people and pave the way for learning which needs to happen anyway. So Candace would be as good as anybody, and she wouldn’t need a lot of political experience to do the job. Quite the opposite.

Rich Hoffman
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