Jim Renacci’s Term Limits Pledge: Overcoming the false assumption about institutional value

I felt fortunate to be invited by the Renacci team to be a part of a press conference for Jim Renacci in downtown Cincinnati to sign a U.S. Term Limits pledge in front of the media. My usual thing in events like this are not just to capture what a candidate is doing, but to examine the larger implications in a cultural aspect since that is always my interest. I care what politicians say, but for me it’s always about the larger implication. What Jim Renacci was doing was very smart, his opponent for the Ohio senate seat that Sherrod Brown currently has occupied for many decades now is one of the best examples of what an entrenched politician in Washington D.C. looks like. Renacci is the underdog in the incumbent race so he must go after weaknesses in Sherrod Brown, which is the issue of term limits. So Renacci signed a pledge to only serve two terms as a United States Senator once elected to counter the long and ridiculous record of Sherrod Brown in front of the media which was very effective. But what I like to bring to the table when covering events like this is that big picture, so I camped out in a part of the room that showed the media interaction with Renacci from a vantage point that the regular media won’t or can’t provide. By watching the video below, I think you will find the information very interesting.

The Channel 5 camera was set up on the right of my position and you will notice that not only the on-air talent asked a question, but so did the cameraman. Then positioned around the front of the room was cameras and microphones from most of Cincinnati’s media, both television and radio, and the questions they asked were fascinating. Usually when these kinds of things go on we never get to see the body language and appearance of the people asking questions, so perspective is very helpful. Most of the people in the media are liberal and present themselves as very shallow, and sloppy intellectually—literally, and their appearance shows it. It certainly says a lot about the slant they provide to any coverage that they do give. Even saying that I thought the coverage of the event was fair, but my video will certainly provide an education as to what really goes on at press events so that viewers can see for themselves how media bias enters into the picture.

What was most interesting was that the concept of term limits was generally a very difficult one for the media to grasp. By the nature of their questions it is clear why the reality of such proposals falls short of communicating effectively with their viewers and listenership. As Jim Renacci explained quite effectively, term limits should be an acceptable practice in politics—yet to the liberal thinking people who serve as filters in the media the concept is foreign to their way of thinking. The assumption by those on the political left, and often on the political right is that elected office is something that is to be aspired to, and therefore there is great intellectual value in having a long-term senator working for “the people” for several decades. But to accomplished business people, like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump, an elected office is like a retirement job. They go for elected office to give something back, not to become something.

What the media present could not grasp was that their concept of institutional value was not relevant to politics, yet just about every senator and congressman is happy to give them that illusion which is what has created such a defective political system. The pledge that Renacci signed is a promise to reverse that trend, but for many politicians who came into office because the private sector was just too scary for them, whether they were failed attorneys or just failed people, they found through a popularity contest—a typical election—redemption and they are very hungry to maintain the illusion that they are members of some aristocratic society that has some kind of special power for their constituents. That is exactly how Sherrod Brown has stayed in office for nearly half a century—because he has maintained an illusion that only someone like him can do the job. But for someone who was already successful before he ever stepped into a public office like Renacci, politics is a service job that he can easily master. The institutional value that the press was speaking about at the press conference doesn’t exist.

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is in their beliefs of institutional value over individual input. As a republic the United States was built to have a constant rotation of elected representatives enter office and leave routinely—and were never supposed to make careers out of elected positions. Liberals of course believe in the aristocratic notion that there is collective knowledge embedded within institutional systems that must be preserved by teams of people. In that case Mitch McConnell is just as guilty as Sherrod Brown in the belief that being a long-time senator has more value than a newcomer fresh to a seat. The procedural protocol of the Senate itself has more value than the vote of an individual vote from a senator or congressman.

Then there is the issue of fundraising and maintaining majorities in state houses and within Washington D.C. That same media present at the Renacci press conference is the same media that wants to turn politics into a sporting event where there are this many Republicans and this many Democrats, and every election is like a football game as to which side has the most points on the board at any given time which indicates who is winning and who is losing. Such a system inevitably attracts the dollars of special interest who then has a lot at stake in making sure their team wins—which is why political campaigns are now so expensive, which then beholden the candidates to the money people and not their constituency. It becomes a vicious cycle of dysfunction built on the false notion that institutional value has actual merit. Which it doesn’t.

What Jim Renacci was offering at this press conference was more than a publicity stunt to distinguish himself from a political opponent in the long-time senator Sherrod Brown. It was a challenge to take all the money out of politics, and all the falsehood of institutional value and to set the entire system correct with a nice healthy rotation of elected representatives. People like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump will be successes in life before and after any kind of political office, so when they are in office, we can expect good work from such people. But Sherrod Brown could have no such similar success. He can only be successful in life so long as people like the media shown in the video above believe that he has some secret power like “institutional value” to use on behalf of an American democracy—which is not what the United States is. Rule by the mob which is a “democracy” is not the same as representative rule, and under such a premise the falsehood of institutional value erodes away into mist, because it never had value to begin with. It never did from its roots in Europe, and it certainly doesn’t in modern-day America. People like Sherrod Brown are easy to find and once they are elected into office and people don’t really understand how things really work even though the media covers these types of stories every day, politicians are placed on a pedestal and kept there to satisfy the general ignorance of political parties. But when someone like Jim Renacci comes along and offers the real thing, it is then that a crises mounts—in a positive way. It is then that the falsehood of institutional value evaporates, and the truth of the matter is revealed, and that was the challenge that emerged from that very interesting press conference.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote For Jim Renacci Tomorrow: Maintaining a republic means more than just flying flags, you have to make educated votes–even in primaries

It’s not enough to fly American flags in your front yard and to make sure your NRA membership cards are in your wallets. Voting in the primary, especially these days, is a big part of the battle for our modern Republic and it requires your participation. With that said, Donald Trump has been a very active president in moving around the chess pieces for his administration, which I think is a good thing strategically for the Republican Party. Just today one day ahead of the Tuesday vote Trump has come out against Don Blankenship in West Virginia because he’s thinking ahead to the fall elections in unseating an entrenched Democrat. Yet over the weekend Trump came to a roundtable discussion essentially to throw his full weight behind Jim Renacci for the U.S. Senate seat that is designed to unseat another entrenched Democrat in Sharrod Brown. I am a supporter of Jim Renacci, a very enthusiastic supporter in fact, so I was particularly impressed with all that is going on with Donald Trump in his very active presidency that he took the time to come to Cleveland to help Jim out.

I don’t think Renacci needs help, but in a primary election that typically has a low turnout, you never know. It’s best to take nothing for granted. Renacci is really the only person running for the Senate not only in Ohio, but all around the country who could beat someone like Sharrod Brown who is as progressive as they get. He’s equivalent to someone like Elizabeth Warren and the recently ousted Al Franken. Brown has his hooks deep into the Ohio labor unions and they will do as they typically do, show up to support politicians willing to toss huge amounts of money at them. Although I did notice in northern Ohio a drastic change in 2016, those labor unions were supporting Donald Trump for a change, and with Renacci in the race, there is a chance to divide that labor vote getting some to support a Republican for a change. That by itself would be a phenomenal undertaking.

I had a chance to listen to Mike Gibbens on 55 KRC who is challenging Jim Renacci and seems like a nice guy, but he obviously doesn’t have the horsepower to do much in the Republican Party and the Trump administration overall. I admire that he touts himself as an outsider and a business guy, but he’s a bit too naive to fight in the hard battles that are coming to a head for that particular Senate seat. He certainly doesn’t have the Republican Party behind him which if that were a few years ago, I would say would be to his benefit. But a lot has changed, and that Republican Party is Trump’s to lead now, and he’s a guy who knows how to lead, and he’s building his team and Mike Gibbens isn’t on it.

That is the same kind of deal with Don Blankenship in West Virginia. I personally like Don, but Trump knows what he needs, and Blankenship is a little too crazy to win in a standard election. If he were as charismatic as Donald Trump, then some of that craziness would work to his advantage, but like Roy Moore who had made a splash when he touted his gun on stage at one particular event, he was never able to come out from under the pressure of the sex scandal that the Democrats unleashed to destroy him as a person—true or not. Trump has been aggressive in supporting certain kinds of candidates because he’s building a team within the Republican Party and his track record so far has been very consistent.

Also in Ohio is the big decision between Mike DeWine and Mary Taylor for governor. I’m a Mary Taylor kind of guy, it could be argued that DeWine knows how the government works, but that he is also a creature of the swamp. I think if the ballots were cast right now that DeWine would win with the conventional vote, so if you are looking for a change, then Mary will need your vote. If the turnout is low, Mike will likely win. If Mary’s people get out, then she has a chance to win and to challenge the Democrat for the Governor of Ohio this fall. In that election, I think Mary will have the advantage, but to get there she must win tomorrow. As I said, if you stay home and don’t participate, you won’t have a say in how this election turns out—so it’s really important to vote so that a properly elected representative of our Republic is put in place to do what is needed, instead of just an active sector of the Republican Party either defending the swamp or in looking for a pump to dump it.

Yet don’t kid yourself when it comes to Trump. When he gets behind someone as he has with Jim Renacci, he means business. Strategy is the operative word here and after these fall primaries you can bet that Trump is trying to get the seats in congress up over what he needs for votes on his agenda—and Renacci is part of that plan. As usual, Ohio is playing a tremendous role in national politics so voters there play a bigger part in the grand scheme of things and that is something to take very seriously. Don’t assume that the next person will do the job for you, you must assume that your vote may be the deciding factor in many ways, so don’t take it for granted in the least. When the smoke clears, the person you vote for, or the policy you throw your support behind may not win, but you can at least say you did what you had to do by voting. While elections are very emotional things, the essence of the participation is what is required to maintaining a proper representative Republic.

Personally, I am very, very proud of Jim Renacci to have been handpicked by President Trump to go after the Brown seat and that it is important enough for the president to take time out of his weekend to throw his full support behind Renacci. I’ve watched Jim’s campaign from the very start and he has a quiet way of dominating whatever he does, whether it’s in business or in politics and he plays a good compliment to the character of Donald Trump. So I’m very excited for Jim to win the primary and move on to the bigger challenge of beating Sharrod Brown. As I said, I think Mike Gibbens is a pretty good guy, but he just doesn’t have it in the tank to beat someone like Brown. In the primary against Renacci, Jim never really went negative on his opposition whereas Gibbens did. Usually a loser in a race is the one who has to go negative unless they are counter punching, and that wasn’t the case with Gibbens. He was an outsider who needed to make a splash and it never really worked out. I’d like to see Mike Gibbens somewhere in politics in the future, but not for this senate seat in Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Jim Renacci: Trump endorses the Ohio candidate to take on Sharrod Brown’s Senate seat in 2018

The primary election is now under a week away and in Ohio I will be voting very enthusiastically for Jim Renacci for the U.S. Senate. For me there isn’t even a close second. Renacci is the guy who should be the Republican nominee to go after the Sherrod Brown seat this fall, and is best poised to represent the new Trump agenda. So its important that when May 8th comes around that you don’t just sit home and skip the primary vote. Go vote and cast a vote for Jim Renacci, because you can’t take anything for granted these days. We are living in a time of great change, for the better I might add, but to keep that momentum going, you must participate even if in small ways. A vote on May 8th is a small thing, but it all adds up to big things. Even with all that’s going on in the world for which President Trump is a part of he took time recently to officially endorse Jim Renacci:


Wadsworth, Ohio—Today, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci, received the endorsement of the the Trump Campaign which comes on the heels of President Trump’s personal endorsement last week.

“I am humbled to have received the Trump campaign’s endorsement for U.S. Senate, in addition to President Trump’s recent personal endorsement for my candidacy. I am proud of my record as a strong advocate for the President’s America First agenda and l look forward to continuing to advance that cause in the United States Senate,” said Jim Renacci.

I enjoyed watching the West Virginia Senate debate on Fox News where there is a similar battle going on there as in Ohio. A Republican is looking to knock off a long-held Democratic Senate seat to put the numbers more in Trump’s favor. It’s a strategy that the mainstream media is ignoring in hopes that people won’t notice, but the GOP is very active in this regard in 2018, led largely by the Trump White House. My pick by the way in West Virginia for which I have many readers is of course Don Blankenship. He’s a business guy and he was prosecuted and sent to jail for many of the same reasons Sheriff Joe Arpaio was prosecuted in Arizona. I think it takes a lot of guts to step right out of jail and run for a Senate seat at the federal level taking on an entrenched incumbent. A few years ago such a thing would be unheard of, but in 2018, why the hell not. We’re looking for people in these seats who want America to win and will fight to make it so—even when they have had to face down personal adversity to such extremes. The Blankenship case is one of those types of political stories where the Obama administration was at war with the coal industry and was seeking to weaken it. Blankenship was the CEO of a number of large coal mines all over West Virginia and when an accident happened that killed several people, the Obama Department of Justice used the power it controlled to put a CEO in jail. It was Obama’s way of showing the world that socialism was the new trend in America and that CEOs weren’t safe under the new socialist oriented president.

Jim Renacci in Ohio isn’t nearly as controversial as Blankenship but he could tell similar stories about how the federal government abused him as a private businessman. Jim as an entrepreneur has been very successful and one of his big enterprises was a General Motors Dealership that he ran around the time that GM went bankrupt. Due to a long story of government tampering and a congressman in his district who happened to be a Democrat, Jim reached out to try to save his dealership from the GM collapse. When the Democratic congressman lied to Renacci leading to a series of events where Jim lost his dealership anyway, Jim did the most noble thing he could do at the time, and that was run against that Democrat and beat him to take his senate seat away from him.

Jim Renacci is a fighter, but not in a crazy way, in the careful and precise way that top business executives are—which is the trend for where the Trump controlled Republican Party is moving—thankfully. And that is why President Trump sought Jim out of the crowd to run for the Sharrod Brown seat. Trump needs more senators on Capital Hill and he wants Jim to be one of them. But he also needs someone who can beat an entrenched Democrat to take that seat away, which is how we have arrived at this place in time under these specific circumstances.

The politics of yesterday where fizzled out lawyers and old lobbyists try to get elected to one of the two parties for a chance to become American aristocrats enhancing their social lives greatly in destructive ways without ever being expected to do anything meaningful while in office is over. Now that Trump has won the Executive Branch and is doing a very good job, former business executives like Jim Renacci are getting serious looks where they hadn’t before, and for the first time we are looking at staffing a government not with political hacks, but actual people of real world accomplishment. Who couldn’t like the reasons that Jim Renacci got into politics and his record thus far as a true conservative? Jim is just the kind of person I think every elected position should have in it, if only there were enough good people out there like Jim Renacci.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jim Renacci a few times now, one time was when he was traveling on Air Force One with President Trump to visit a local manufacturing plant in southern Ohio. He’s as solid of a person I’ve ever meet as a politician, he’s the real deal, and Trump knows it. Being handpicked by Donald Trump, when it comes to the upcoming fall, the President will come to Ohio several times to help push Jim over Sharrod Brown, and that would be good for everyone. But Trump won’t do the same for those he hasn’t handpicked, because he knows how to tell who the losers are and who the winners will be, and his time is too valuable for losers. Given that qualifier, Trump has already put a considerable amount of time into Jim Renacci, and very early in the process. So if you are a Trump supporter, it is very important to help that overall effort out by voting this upcoming Tuesday, May 8th in the primary.

I think the primary elections in May are every bit as important as the fall elections in November, but often only a fraction of the potential electorate shows up to participate. Don’t be one of those people who stay home that day. Jim Renacci needs your vote, and so does Donald Trump. To keep this conservative reform going that we are currently undergoing, we need fresh troops on the line and Jim Renacci is one of those new, fresh faces that are so badly needed in the Senate. So vote for him and help us turn the corner to the next great battle—the Sharrod Brown Senate Seat!

Rich Hoffman

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Getting to Know Jim Renacci: Why he’s the best guy to unseat Sharrod Brown in Ohio

The last time I had seen Jim Renacci was when he was stepping off Air Force One with President Trump shortly after being asked directly by the president to run for the very important Senate seat in Ohio against the very liberal Sharrod Brown. Brown’s mission has been from the beginning several decades ago to turn Ohio from a red state to blue and after decades in public office has managed to help make it the color purple. Trump recognized that, and he looked at the map at where Senate seats could be picked up to help his agenda, and Sharrod Brown’s seat became part of his ambitious plan. When it was then considered who might have the fortitude and raw talent to take on such an entrenched incumbent the only name the President focused on was that of Jim Renacci—a self-made businessman with a background similar to Trump’s. Even more importantly to all that, Renacci like Trump has a history of winning what he does so for Jim to make a decision to abandon his run to become Ohio’s next governor he stepped up to the considerably harder task of unseating Sharrod Brown in what will prove to be one of the hottest national races in the upcoming midterm election. Before that happens though there is a primary to win and a lot of planning to do, so Renacci was in Mason, Ohio speaking to a very small, but important group of area Republicans.

As readers here know I’m not an autograph seeking, name dropping, picture-taking kind of person when it comes to people of celebrity and social importance. I’ve personally met President Trump on several occasions as well as Newt Gingrich and several other top-tier politicians and I didn’t go out of my way to have a picture taken with them, but Jim Renacci is different. He’s a very tenacious guy whom I believe is extremely sincere in what gaining that Brown Senate seat means to the nation and I respect him as a person for it. Getting to know Renacci as a candidate over the last several months, first as a person challenging the governor’s seat, and now under President Trump’s direct request, running for the valued Senate seat in Ohio to share one of the two available. Rob Portman is the other Senator, so there is a real opportunity here to gain someone in the Senate of Jim’s caliber and to further the Trump agenda with business people who understand it. The videos below are from this meeting which was only a few people listening to Jim speak in a private kitchen. Recording this meeting was a rare opportunity for others to get to know Jim Renacci without the Fox Business Channel cameras, the big rallies, or the interpretations of a left-leaning media filtering out the information they think important. In these two videos Jim just talks about his background and why he is the best candidate of all the Republican challengers to unseat Sharrod Brown.

One of the last questions in this meeting was directed at what Renacci specifically has regarding talent to perform this important historic journey and Jim modestly didn’t answer the question as fully as he could. Being a business guy, he is happy to let his record speak for itself because he honestly likes the other Republicans who are also running for the opportunity to take on Sharrod Brown. After all, only Renacci has been personally endorsed by the President of the United States, so he let that question linger softly—but I’ll be happy to answer it on his behalf. One thing that Jim has that others don’t is that he’s good on television. He is a frequent guest on the Fox Business Channel and MSNBC—among many others and in this modern era of television communication, Jim is good on camera. He knows how to speak the language of television, which is in how to communicate in short segments and with using all the range that a blocked off face can deliver to a direct audience in their living rooms. When running against an entrenched incumbent that has the power of the entire Democratic Party using a friendly press to preserve their position, it takes being not just a great candidate to win a race like this—it will take someone who is fantastic on television, and Renacci is.

In those videos Renacci told the story of how he came into politics in the first place, and it’s a good one that everyone should hear. Jim could easily live a good life as a self-made person and stay out of the political theater, but like Trump he found himself entering politics to offer his unique skills where they were needed most. Jim had a Chevy dealership around the time that General Motors went bankrupt and at the time many dealerships were being forced to be closed. This activity had nothing to do with Jim’s business skills, as he had been very successful, it was simply that he was selected to be closed which went against everything he understood about how things should work. So he reached out to his local congressman for help only to have that person vote against his dealership. The congressman was a Democrat and from there Jim challenged that seat in the next election and won. He has been in congress ever since facing down severe oppositions in the process.

There were many more stories than that communicated in that cozy kitchen in Mason which no media outlet would cover. There isn’t time or enough print for most media to dedicate to those types of stories, leaving voters often mystified about the actual people running. That left this little event to have quite great importance to those lucky enough to attend. To me there isn’t a better positioned person for that Senate job, and Jim certainly has the right level of fight in him to be successful. He will do what needs to be done to win, much like Trump did in his election against Hillary Clinton. Ohio may be purple now politically, but as Jim said in his speech, its going back to red and this upcoming election for this particular Senate seat is the battle that will define that political movement. However, even more important than all that is that it will solidify Trump’s agenda with more help at the federal level with the kind of Republicans that Trump is bringing to the Party as a whole.

I’ve been in the Renacci camp for most of a year now, first as a candidate for governor, and now in his run for Senate. Few politicians excite me the way that Jim does, which is why I did take a picture next to him. I did it because I was proud of him for taking on this big role and I want to help him any way possible. It is my hope that once he is elected that more business professionals at the height of their careers, like Trump was and now Renacci will follow in their footsteps and offer their skills to the world of politics. When we complain that politics is full of unsavory characters it is because many of them are not battle hardened in the rules of business. They are simply referees in the games of life, they are not the superstars who make their livings accomplishing things. Renacci is a new kind of candidate that are emerging under the years of Trump to bring the best of American enterprise into the role of managing our federal government. And that is a great opportunity for America to finally be politically what it has been in all other sectors of private endeavor, which is why getting excited about Jim Renacci for the Ohio Senate seat in Washington D.C. is very easy to do.

Rich Hoffman

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We Need More Republicans to Control the Budget: Jim Renacci for Senate is part of a Trump solution

I am happy that Republicans took care of business and worked the best they could with congress to get a budget deal passed, but I am very disappointed that another trillion dollars was added to the debt. I expect under the Trump administration to see that debt clock running backwards down to zero, not to continue piling on more spending until there simply isn’t anything left. I was encouraged by the comments of Rand Paul and my local congressman Warren Davidson to see that they were willing to speak against spending more money, but ultimately Trump said it best when he stated that Republicans simply need more Republicans to have sustainable majorities coming out of the upcoming midterms. For Republicans to have a real majority there needs to be at least a 60-vote surplus in the Senate, preferably more, and the House needs to expand, not just hold its ground. And to that effect I am very happy to see Trump so far out planting the seeds to make that happen.

I am supporting Jim Renacci for his senate run against Sharrod Brown in Ohio. Another great thing that came out of this past week was that while President Trump came to Ohio to speak about tax cuts, Jim Renacci was with him on Air Force One so a large crowd of Renacci supporters was in attendance and while we waited I had a chance to talk to them about the very dynamic senatorial candidate and current congressman. I was of course already planning to support him but I was impressed that President Trump had already singled out Renacci for a targeted Senate seat held by one of the biggest liberals in Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to see how the machine was working and I liked it, these were competent people who had a plan that I could get behind and it was exciting to see. I had no doubt that with people like Jim Renacci in the Senate that the debt clock issue could be attacked, and the other things on the Trump agenda could get done. There is no reason we can’t do all the things we need to do, take care of the military, improve our infrastructure and pay down our debt to zero with the growth of the Trump economy, but it takes the right kind of leadership to make it happen, not the kind of garbage that we have seen coming from the Beltway for the last century.

Jim’s pilot was next to me in the greeting line and I had the opportunity to get to know Jim Renacci better through that very good guy. He was the guy in my video who asked the president for a fist bump and got one, and also stated that he had been to 20 rallies for Trump during the election which received an acknowledgment from the President confirming as much. As Jim came up to where we were standing the pilot stated, “guys, this is Jim.” I was impressed that there was a very good Renacci, Trump connection this early in 2018 and Rob Portman was there as the second senator of Ohio providing the glue to hold everything together. It was an impressive display by the Ohio GOP to build this early show of teamwork that excited me, because it showed a path forward where a productive Senate could work with the President to get a lot of good things done over the next seven years if given the opportunity, and at the core of that thought was Jim Renacci.

The media was literally five feet from my position and they told a completely different story of the event than I did. To them the crowd that was gathered at Lunken airport to greet Jim Renacci and President Trump was a small, but friendly one. They neglected to report that the greeting pen was filled with 200 carefully vetted, enthusiastic supporters who were willing to stand in 25-degree weather to meet these guys, and had to go through very tight security to even get the chance. From my perspective Trump has been a master strategist from the very beginning—he has shown a real ability to pick people from the crowd and to polish them into greatness. He built a top-rated television show off just that specific talent, and here he was doing the same thing in government, finding people like Jim Renacci to put in the right place to do the most good. I see what Trump does clearly because I have the same benefit to a large extent so it’s easy for me to see it in other people—I hire a lot of people each year, and I’m good at it–at finding the right people for the right positions. It’s a complicated thing to develop because you have to read people’s body language, the way they look at you, hold their shoulders, the way they speak, to really get a feel for who they could be if they were in a particular position of employment. As a twenty-five-year-old I worked on the Rob Portman campaign when he was just a few years older than me trying to win a special election, and here he was at the center of a major political emergence. And when I finally had a chance to see Jim Renacci up close with President Trump it was obvious that this was the right guy for the upcoming Senate seat. There was no question in my mind.

As Jim, President Trump and Melania walked by me down the line I was thinking of a particular quote from the hit piece book by Michael Wolff called Fire and Fury. The prosecutor of Butler County, Mike Gmoser and I had been talking about that book as we both went through security together. He told me in a very straightforward fashion that he didn’t have time for that garbage, and wasn’t happy with the reputation of the book. But I had read it a few times which was the root of our discussion and one quote jumped out at me which I think sums up the way that progressives like Sharrod Brown see the world in such a negative way, and what the rest of us are fighting. It goes as follows:

“For Trump, as for many showmen or press release entrepreneurs, the enemy of everything is complexity and red tape, and the solution for everything is cutting corners. Bypass or ignore the difficulties; just move in a straight line to the vision, which, if its bold enough, or grandiose enough, will sell itself. In this formula, there is always a series of middlemen who will promise to help you cut the corners, as well as partners who will be happy to piggyback on your grandiosity.” Page 224, Fire and Fury.

Basically, this was the essence of Wolff’s observations and writing in the book that the political left felt represents the Trump administration, that everything is about plowing through red tape that liberals have created to achieve showy results for the sake of self-aggrandizement. The reason we have such debt, and a crumbling infrastructure as well as a depleted military is that liberals built a government over many years that used red tape to hide their inefficient “small” thinking that has created our present tragedy of monumental debt leaving it to Republicans to fix in the short run. The Republicans are tasked with solving the problem and it will take lots of good people like Jim Renacci to fix it with House and Senate majorities in 2018.

The debt crises of our present age was created by liberal-minded people who think like Michael Wolff, people who don’t really understand how money and business works and why tax cuts lead to prosperity and economic growth as opposed to confiscating the wealth of people to give out to their political base so they can get votes to stay in power. Most of our twenty trillion dollars in debt is due all that red tape that liberals have created and their formation of corners that need to be cut in order to do anything productive in life. I didn’t just read Fire and Fury once, but several times—and its horribly written, a real chore because its sloppy and filled with so much hate for Trump, but it does capture in a bottle how liberals think, and really puts on display the rational that has created so much debt to deal with in the first place. Republicans had no choice but to come up with some budget deal and I’m not happy about it. But the real solution is to expand Republican influence in 2018, not to let it shrink. Good people like Jim Renacci are part of that solution, and its great to see that President Trump has a plan. It’s also good to see that Jim Renacci is part of that plan.

Rich Hoffman
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“Holy Cow–is SHE GORGEOUS”: What the media misses about Trump, his supporters, and a return to greatness that defines America

I always enjoy being invited to these exclusive political events because it gives me a chance to spend time with good people who generally want the same things I do, a good life for everyone in America intent on a philosophy to take us all there. I didn’t know it at the time but learned later that the guy behind me was the prosecutor for Butler County, a well-known hard nose no-nonsense guy named Michael Gmoser. It was 25 degrees at the Lunken Airport and security was heavy as they checked us through the reception area of a hanger awaiting the arrival of President Trump on a visit to Cincinnati, Ohio. Michael and I spoke like a couple of guys who had a million of other things to do than to stand in the cold to await watching a plane land and to shake hands with the occupant. We both agreed that we’d only do such a thing for Donald Trump because history was literally being made every day of his presidency and he was worth the extra effort. After I learned that he was the prosecutor for my county, I understood his temperament. Most of the people in the crowed of invited guests were a little star struck of having the opportunity to meet a sitting president, but Michael Gmoser was a practical man who had a lot of people demanding time of him—but for just a few hours out of a Monday afternoon on a cold February in Ohio we took a moment to let history wash over us. Here is my video footage from the vantage point of an insider at the event—a side that most people would never get from the media. I think you’ll find it very interesting dear reader.

As I watched media coverage of this Trump occurrence later the same day they all missed the point, from the local news to the national news. As Trump stepped out of Air Force One to an enthusiastic crowd who had been awaiting him in the bone cracking cold the media rushed to position themselves for coverage, yet they all missed the mark. It’s not just because I was better positioned for the coverage, but because my vantage point of a long time Trump supporter made my footage better for the inquiring mind wondering why this president was so loved by his supporters. I was right at the edge of the fencing immediately next to the press platform, so I knew there would be media interviews from reporters working the line. Ironically, they all wanted to talk to my wife for a change—and she did a nice job. But no reporter really understood what was happening and thus had no clear way to present their material to an editor, or to the general public.
I can honestly say that every Trump event I’ve been to has been a very unique experience—he brings out in people the best and most enthusiastic hopes they might have at any given moment—it’s a rock star quality that isn’t typically associated with political figures. I remember how enthusiastic everything was way back in the Ross Perot days. I remember as well helping with the Bob Dole campaign in 96. I remember when George W. Bush came to town to turn the Museum Center into the Hall of Justice from the Justice League. I remember Barack Obama. I remember when Al Gore came to Cincinnati and stood in the flooding waters of the Ohio River as if to make climate change more of an issue of his visit—while he was still vice president under Clinton. Everything with Trump is different. I was happy to see that many of the young Republicans from Miami University were all around me. We let the girls up to the fence because they were shorter and I could easily film over their heads. Some of them had life changing moments that day, you could hear it in their voices. They had an opportunity to shake the hand of the president and they couldn’t contain their excitement.

On the video you can hear the voice of a long time Republican operative say, “Holy cow, is she gorgeous” when Melania was stepping down the steps of Air Force One. Then you could hear the young lady next to her who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old declare, “He’s gorgeous,” referring to the almost 72-year-old President Trump. Here were women from opposite ends of femininity commenting on their enthusiasm for seeing the President and First Lady in person and the energy that came from the exchange. I don’t blame the media for not understanding, even though they were virtually five feet from my position. But to really understand Trump you have to really talk to the people who were invited to this event—people who had worked hard to get him elected president and were proud of their hard work manifested before their eyes.
To Trump’s credit he could have easily have come out of Air Force One and entered into the car waiting for him in the harsh cold. The car could have driven over to where the crowd had gathered, and he could have waved and many people would have been happy to just see that. But, as was clear in the video, which wasn’t covered by any news outlet that I saw, Trump and his team complete with Melania Trump, Rob Portman and Jim Renacci elected to walk over 100 yards from Air Force One to the crowd I was in to greet him. He really didn’t have to do it, but he did it anyway and in live time it was something to see. The enthusiasm was obvious.

Spectators of all this might say that it was a friendly crowd to Trump, and that Trump is a charismatic character who loves the spotlight—but I’d say its far more complicated than that. For me the event of the day was watching Air Force One land at Lunken knowing that the people around me—all who contributed mightily to Trump’s election in Ohio helped make that reality possible. I’d attribute it to giving birth—the Trump presidency was like giving birth to a new age in politics and we were all the proud parents. It was pride I felt in watching the plane taxi to its resting place knowing what transpired in the trenches to make that happen—and that was something the media there just couldn’t get their minds around. It wasn’t just the rock star status of a president and his wife there before us, it was the pride of playing a part in making something very special happen and that everyone seemed to appreciate the gravitas of that moment—including the president.

The guy next to me was very cool, he was the official pilot of Jim Renacci and had told me while we waited for Trump that he had been to over 20 Trump rallies during the campaign. He was proud as could be to attend this little gathering of over 200 supporters, and to get a fist bump from Trump himself. Here was a grown man who had literally seen it all—he had globetrotted all over the world, and he was reduced to a kid happy to get a simple handshake by Trump. As was clear in the video, Trump took his time shaking hands with everyone who wanted to. Even though the Secret Service indicated no selfies, Trump did give some out. It was an amazing performance. And Melania Trump was gorgeous, stunning really. Not just physically, but she is a person who has emerged into her role with the poise of a genuinely sincere person who was using her position for the best possible good. That was the first time I’ve seen her in person and she was quite a stunning figure to say the least. She and my wife are the same age and Melania made eye contact with her with a nice little smile and a wave to see a kindred spirit looking back at her from the other side of the fence. It was a very strange moment of humanity that had the tapestries of magnificence—but instead of being seduced by the pomp—the temperament was mutual appreciation. Neither my wife and I are autograph or handshake types. I just like good quality people and it was nice to have such a collection of high quality people present and to be entirely honest, as I did have a million and one other things I needed to do that day—I was glad to go to this event just to see two good people in the President and his wife at the eye of a massive global storm handling everything the kind of poise that is excessively respectable and encouraging. All the hard work over the last few years was certainly worth it, and the cold and sacrifice of that day was the exclamation point at the end of a long declarative sentence. The Trumps are people just like the rest of us, made of the same flesh and bone that comes and goes with the ages. What makes them and us different is that the spirit of our ambitions together and apart has lit the world ablaze with ambition once again that time will not soon forget, and that was a wonderful enchantment.

Even if I didn’t get to meet the president and finally see in person Jim Renacci whom I am very excited for to become the next United States Senator representing Ohio, it was great to be around so many normal people collected in one place. I have no problem functioning in the world at large, but I am most happy with people who have passions that drive them in the world, people like Michael Gmoser, Renacci’s pilot (I wished I had gotten his name), the many great young Republicans from Miami University, the young kids dressed respectfully in suits for the occasion and the hundreds of other people I’ve come to know from various liberty minded events all over Ohio during the last decade. There were no millennials covered in body piercings, or other liberal lunatics present—no slack jawed hippies or anti-capitalist drug addicts, only the good people of solid conservatism that has emerged in the age of Trump. Most of all, it was a lot of good work by Ann Becker to be at the middle of so many roads that she juggles better than any circus act which brought so many paths together. I’m not sure even she understands her role in all this, but without her—I doubt that plane would have ever landed at Lunken airport carrying those fine people aforementioned above. We all play our part in the grand fortissimo of this epic journey, but I give her a lot of credit for navigating the ship through some of the roughest waters. If Odysseus had the benefit of Ann Becker as his navigator in the great literary Odyssey during the ancient year of 8th century B.C., the book would have been about one-page long.

Rich Hoffman
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Jim Renacci and ‘The Last Jedi’: Liberals and their Resistance are more alike than they know

One thing that I really like about Jim Renacci’s run for the governorship within the state of Ohio is that he is very light on his feet. As he had a press conference early in the week for which the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi was released I thought it was cleaver that he was active on Twitter tying the needs of his campaign to the pop culture monstrosity. It was a hip move that was reminiscent to the light on his feet nature of Donald Trump. The big news of course was that Renacci was partnering up with Cincinnati councilwoman Amy Murray which was another smart move—and for most politicians that would have been their news highlight of the week. But what is noticeable about Jim Renacci is that he’s very competitive, and determined to win whatever he does which is why I’m supporting him for his run for governor—to replace the docile, and much maligned closet liberal—John Kasich.

The candidacy of Renacci is actually very much in line with the pop culture for which Star Wars represents to our society at large. I’ve seen The Last Jedi, the most recent Star Wars film at an early screening and it was good of course in its own way. I understand now that I’m a traditional Star Wars guy and that these new movies, books and televisions shows will never touch my heart the way they once did—which is fine. They are fun movies that are dealing with a lot of very contemporary mythology, but nobody did it better than George Lucas. Disney should have followed the Lucas stories and stayed away from these much more progressive adoptions created by the San Francisco kids at Lucasfilm. I’ll give a little review of course once the dust settles—because there is a lot to think about. But one take away that is directly connected to the politics of our real world is that the Resistance in the movie is very much reflective of today’s political left.

I’m a Rebellion guy from the first Star Wars led by Han Solo. When Solo was a general the Rebellion won and destroyed the Empire and it was a very Ayn Rand type of embodiment. In these new movies it’s not the Rebellion any more it’s the Resistance and the new Han Solo type of character is Poe Dameron. Led completely by women now, the Resistance is very progressive and as a result they are losing. In fact, they are not only losing, but they are dreadfully inefficient and nobody in the galaxy seems to be rallying to their cause. That is a far different thing from the first movies where hot-shot pilots like Biggs and Wedge were defecting from the Empire to fight for the Rebels. In The Last Jedi, the defectors are from the Resistance. Given how politically charged our current entertainment culture is I thought it was very telling that Carrie Fisher and Laura Dern berated Poe for being too reckless and not following orders—which is ironically how people who win a lot do so—by not following orders. Then when he wasn’t in the room they commented on the fact that they only kept Poe around because he was a good-looking guy. So that’s how these progressive women like Kathy Kennedy who is running all these Star Wars movies these days see the way the world of tomorrow will be? Sexual harassment will now be dished out by the women because they are now empowered? Not that I care really, but it is a very interesting thing to watch—the hypocrisy is hilarious.

Leading up to this Star Wars movie many people who are anti-Trump including many of the production staff and actors in The Last Jedi made it clear that the Resistance was reflective of their political ideology. Without question given the number of scenes where members of the Resistance made really desperate sacrifices we are seeing essentially what the political left believes is their plight in life. They think like that FBI agent Peter Strzok who felt it was their plight in life to do whatever needed to be done to keep Donald Trump out of office—as if they knew better than the rest of us what was right. I’m a person who hates bad guys in movies, but there were a lot of moments whether it was intentional or not, that Kylo Ren was the star of the film. He was the one who had it all together and was able to achieve objectives—and to get things done. Even to the point where nice girl Rey was tempted by his power. I felt that the makers of this Star Wars movie wonderfully directed by Rian Johnson meant to say one thing about the state of politics in our current world, but ended up saying something completely unintentional—like we know we’re losers and understand why.

In the original stories by George Lucas it was the pirate Han Solo who shook off the rules and helped the Rebellion start winning again that served as the guiding light of the entire franchise. He made the Empire look like a bunch of bumbling fools outwitting them time and time again in a classic good guys against bad guy fashion. Yet in these new Star Wars movies it is the First Order now led by Kylo Ren who makes the Resistance look pathetic and weak. I know the metaphor for these modern Hollywood artists is that the First Order is the modern equivalent of Hitler or President Trump—but its not the Resistance they really adore as artists—it’s the power of Kylo Ren. It’s like a woman who says she hates men with long hair who play in rock bands doing drugs day and night then turn around and leave their nice husbands and children for just such reckless characters. There is a unique scene in The Last Jedi where it’s a kind of upside down world from the Stranger Things television show. The schizophrenia that I’m talking about is on full display here and I think they think they’ve concealed their insecurities, but at the end of the movie when there is literally nobody left in the Resistance I couldn’t help but feel that the inner fear that all members of the Progressive caucus are experiencing now can be summed up at the end of the movie. They know that the demands of the story will pull the natural order of things toward Kylo Ren in the end with Rey helping to tame him toward the needs of existence. But the story is not Rey’s, it is clearly about Kylo Ren—Han Solo’s son that was seduced to evil off the superstitions of a Luke Skywalker who thought about killing the young lad in his sleep—and then propelled him to the Dark Side out of self-preservation.

You might ask what any of this has to do with Jim Renacci and his run for governorship. Other than the fact that he used a cleaver Star Wars ad to show how he was different from his competition the candidacy is enough to stir the concerns of the real Resistance that exists in our very tangible political world. The progressives and establishment types who now look at these days of Trump and think of themselves as the Resistance in Star Wars are more correct than they know. They may get little moments of victory—like in the case of the Alabama senate race—but like the events of The Last Jedi, their numbers are dwindling down into nothing while all the resources of a vast galaxy are going to the other side. The insecurity they all face is the same as the one in that movie where Kylo Ren is supposed to be the villain—but is he really in the ways of the Force? Maybe it’s the idiots in the Resistance who are so prone to kill themselves for stupid reasons who are the real villains and that is a thought that I couldn’t help but conclude as the lights came on and the movie was over. Good guys and bad guys are really a matter of perspective definition. But………….only one side is right and one side is wrong and when nobody is left on the other side—the answer becomes obvious. What I learned from The Last Jedi is that the Force hates the Resistance. And that appears to be what’s going on in real life politics too.

Rich Hoffman

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