Joan Powell Announces she is a Progressive: ‘Putting Women in Their Place’ and more feminist Misery

Just to prove that everything I’ve ever said about Joan Powell is 100% correct just have a look at this polished video done by the kind of people who supporter her for the West Chester Trustee seat she is running for on the November 7, 2017 election.  The organization producing this video is an openly progressive group called Putting Women in Their Place and they are part of that radical leftist ideology that attempted to put Hillary Clinton in office just because she was a woman.  Well, there is a great woman running for trustee in West Chester and her name is Ann Becker.  Yet these hypocritical progressives ignore women who are openly conservative and instead go after supporting candidates who will walk the line of radicalism and man hating that come with groups like this.  If you want a good laugh, just watch this video.

I don’t think Joan Powell is an evil person, or is even stupid.  But she has used her network of radical feminists to come after me before due to her massive failures as a school board member at Lakota where she heavily abused a very generous budget of over $160 million dollars per year and essentially caved to the labor union’s demands for higher wages, then asked tax payers to leverage the expense on their property taxes.  Under the guidelines of these idiots, the Putting Women in Their Place crowd, we aren’t supposed to judge any woman for anything.  We are supposed to always look the other way when they do something because the value of their progressive organization is to put women in charge of things instead of men—regardless of how incompetent those women are.

You can hear that in Joan’s voice when she says that the West Chester Trustees have a “father knows best” approach to life in what has become one of the best places in America to live.  Well, maybe father does know best in this case, because it has obviously worked in West Chester.  But in her video, obviously because she’s running against her, Joan fails to mention that Ann Becker is running for a trustee seat given up by George Lang, and she is the endorsed Republican in the race.  For those who need clarification, Ann is a woman, and a very good one at that.  What these progressive groups really mean is that they want man haters in these seats they are running for.  Just have a look at their website.

You won’t find progressive women like Joan Powell and the rest of those latte sipping slobs on that website supporting Ivanka Trump’s quests as a representative of Donald Trump’s administration.  And you won’t see them talking about how wonderful of a first lady Melania Trump is—how gracious and caring she has been in her role as the first lady.  Honestly, the Trump administration has done more positive for women in just the last few months than previous administrations have done during their entire terms.  I don’t see these progressive women cheering on the great work of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House Press Secretary.  I mean women don’t need to win beauty contests to be great in those positions—but there is a beauty in competency and Sarah is one of the best that there ever has been.  Where are these progressive groups in support of these very fine women?

That’s how we get to the real truth about what these progressive women are after.  Everyone remembers when I called these types of women latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match, because these were the idiots who were running the pro levy groups at Lakota and damning all of us with high property taxes because they felt they had a right to function without being questioned.  When they couldn’t answer the questions they went straight to gender politics—because they had nothing else.  Their minds were flat and lazy and they relied on their control of sex in relationships to dominate the political landscape.   As an example a very powerful man wanted to give money to our levy fighting group, and it was for a substantial amount of money.  He asked us not to tell his wife who was also a prominent Republican socialite—because she was a school levy supporter and a progressive buddy with Joan Powell who caused all the mess to begin with.  I stood there looking at this very nice man who was a business tycoon in West Chester and he was worried about his wife finding out about giving us money to fight higher taxes because honestly he was worried he wouldn’t get any sex from her for the foreseeable future.  That’s how I came up with the prostitute notion, because these “progressive” women have used these kinds of tactics to bend politics into their direction for many years, and it has really crippled our society.  Men go along with it to keep peace in the house, but is that any way to live?

I have an aunt who is one of these bra burning progressives—a real man hater.  I never really had a bad experience with her except that I never agreed with her politics.  She was horrible to deal with on Holidays and the few times a year I had to see her, she always felt she needed to infuse her political opinions on us.  My mom was a housewife, one of the last ones, and this aunt felt it was her mission in life to change that status.  (Just as a footnote, you can tell the difference in the kind of kids the two families produced.  My mom’s kids are all successful in every aspect of their lives.  None of the aunt’s have been.  Not their fault, because it starts with the parents) She was molded as a 1960s feminist and we all sort of put up with her, and that went on for many years.  Well out of the blue about 15 years ago she contacted my wife for no apparent reason and wanted to take her to lunch.  You have to understand, I am politically as far from this lady as there are units of measure to cover the distance.  So her calling my wife was highly unusual, but she did and they went out for lunch.  The whole purpose of the lunch visit was to attack me for being a traditionalist and to recruit my wife who was a stay-at-home mom into the world of progressive women.

At the end of the lunch this lady actually told my wife, “we women must stick together—or else.”  She actually threatened my wife with implied violence if she didn’t subscribe to her version of feminist radicalism.   I have not spoken to that person since except to tell my family why I have completely painted her out of my life.  I mean I have never been a control freak about what my wife does. I am very easy to deal with in regard to people’s personal decisions.  I have always let my wife and two daughters do pretty much as they saw fit, but I always did make my opinions known.  I certainly didn’t deserve to have this bra burning feminist trying to inject herself into my marriage to create discontent to fulfill some progressive political objective.   My wife was a very strong woman taking great care of my family in a traditional way.  As a former model she was always very attractive and that drove this aunt crazy—so she felt she needed to get control over her for some perverse social reason.   It caused a rift in our family that still exists.  I never forget anything, and don’t intend to start now.

We have another one who is the mom of one of the people who have married into our family.  When we get together to go shooting she sometimes is there, but she hates guns.  Actually, hate is too light of a word.  She is insanely against them, yet she comes to these family events knowing full well what’s going to happen at them.  She is very dramatic in her hatred and she openly imposes herself on everyone at the gathering.  She loves all that hippie rock from the 60s and 70s and expects us all to just shut up and let her rattle on and on about it, and if we say anything to her she demands that we are women haters.   When we go on and shoot anyway you’d think we threw Holy water on her during an exorcism.  She is ridiculous.  Her husband who is a staunch conservative just sits there and smiles.  When she’s away we ask why he puts up with her.  The answer is an embarrassing one, but you get the picture.  No man wants to be locked out of their own bedroom and these types of progressive women feel that is their right to use sex as leverage to control the politics of a family.  If a man gets tired of it and goes to Vegas to have a weekend with a bunch of whores then those women want half of everything the man possesses—including the kids.  These progressive women have become a menace to happiness and they think they are empowered to create all this misery because they embed themselves like Kathy Bates into every part of our lives.

Speaking from my personal experiences I just think they are crazy.  Somewhere in their ideology and their menopausal hormones is the villain of insanity.   Most of them are older and beyond repair.  Younger women can find moments of sanity after a good romp, because they aren’t yet biologically disposed of.  As younger women they still enjoy the company of a good man, but when they get older and no longer care for sex, they hold their husbands hostage to it because he has nowhere to go.  He’s not allowed to cheat on her by their marriage contract, but if he wants if from her, he has to do what she says.  So the man does what most do and they develop a hobby out in the garage, whether its model airplanes, fixing up a classic car, or playing golf with the guys so they can get away from these progressive idiots and the insanity that always follows in their wake.  Speak to any of these progressive women for a little while and you’ll find some variation to the stories I have just articulated.  Insanity is a common theme with them.   They may speak well socially, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see it.

Progressive women don’t really want women in power; they want certain kinds of women in power.  Conservative women are not welcome, only the man hating radicals who will play the game of imposing liberal politics into their marriages so that they can corrupt every relationship they have in their contacts—from family events to manicures.  Progressive women have all the power and they do use sex to control the world around them.  They play the victim socially, but in their bedrooms that is how they expand their kingdoms and there are many, many men who are prisoners in those bedrooms.  They wish they had a wife that wanted to share a life with them, but those types of progressive women only want misery so they can maneuver everything around them to the insanity of their twisted politics.  And now you know dear reader what Joan Powell is, and what she wants to do.  And you know who backs her.  Now all you have to do is stop her at the ballot box—because she by her politics is a hypocrite, like all progressive women are.    They are hypocrites because they use politics to hide a deep hatred they have about women who are beautiful, or smart—or are truly happy on their own.  Progressives require group think and they need to pull in as many women as possible into their vortex of misery so they can still look in the mirror and deal with what looks back—a hateful loser who often ruins the relationships of all the sane people in their lives—and they need to hide from those mistakes behind some political cause invented to conceal their folly.   Remember that when you vote.

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker and Mark Welch Work Together Down the Stretch: Lazy Lee Wong and many others fall short of a critical Tuesday election in West Chester


Now that we are coming down to the final days of the 2017 election for the West Chester Township Trustees it’s easy to see who really wants the job and who doesn’t—as well as who has the passion to do the job correctly, as opposed to those who only want the position for a social statement.   I was quite impressed by the efforts of Ann Becker and Mark Welch in the final days.  In the picture below you can see that they pulled together to go door to door on the last Saturday before the election which says a lot about them as candidates.  There are a lot of people running, but these two joined together to make a statement which reveals a lot about what kind of people they would be in office together.  It takes a lot of teamwork to pull together resources in the way that they have and in the world of politics, that is wonderful to see for a change.

We already know what we are getting with Mark Welch, he is the current president of the trustees and has done a great job.  Electing him only gets more of the same, which in West Chester is precisely what voters want.   However with Ann Becker, this is her first crack at the job, and she brings fresh ideas to that seat which would only expand its effectiveness.   I can’t imagine two better people running for a political office anywhere in the country than these two.  Ann isn’t a carbon copy of Mark Welch politically by any stretch of the imagination.  She brings her own flavor to the role, but as conservatives holding a very important office the team work they have shown during the campaign would naturally carry over into a good relationship working together to do the business of the people in West Chester.

That is the beauty of competition, and why we have competitive elections.  Most of the times the candidates put out a bunch of campaign signs and that’s it— those with the most money tend to get the name recognition because people generally don’t know who else to vote for but the name they saw on the side of the road at a traffic light.  They figure that if the candidate has enough money to put out a bunch of yard signs, that someone must like that candidate, so that is typically who they vote for.  But this year there are so many candidates with so many yard signs that they are all running together in the mind of the political novice, which most people are.  Few people pay much attention to-day to-day politics and the names behind them.  They just want the system to work like the gas gauge in their car.

Competition especially in this current election race has really separated the truly serious candidates from those who just want the social status of being elected.  That’s precisely what we have seen from Joan Powell the ex-school board candidate from Lakota.  In that position she was a big spender and had a reputation for caving into the union demands during teacher contracts which she paid for with tax increases against the public.  In the past she has supported cityhood for West Chester so she is one of those big government types—a person who thinks of herself as a Republican, but she’s more of a John Kasich Republican—a liberal who puts an “R” next to their name so they can get elected in a conservative county.  If Joan were running for the same type of office just ten miles south of her West Chester home she’d be just another Democrat that has virtually destroyed the economic viability of Hamilton County.   Watching her in some of the debates during this campaign season I would have thought that Joan was more savvy than what she showed, but she really fizzled out down the stretch.  She put out a few signs, but showed no energy in the days leading up to the election on Tuesday and even though I don’t support her, her presence in this competitive election was really flat.  Lucky for us all that we did have a lot of candidates to pick from because it has really exposed people like Joan for wanting the job more for a social statement in their personal careers than as a sincere person who really just wants to do a good job for the West Chester community.

Speaking of flat, Lee Wong is a current trustee and aside from a few signs has made very little effort to defend his seat.  One thing about Lee that is obvious to everyone, he’s just lazy.  He’s lazy as a trustee functioning from the politics of yesteryear where a trustee shows up for a few parades and expects free food when he goes out for lunch.  He relies mostly on his time served as a veteran to cover for his socialist tendencies as a trustee.   As an incumbent there is a lot of dirt on Lee that is floating around out there—a lot of smoke with some fire to feed it—you don’t see Lee out with his wife much.   Based on the smoke the fire that produces it says that Lee has issues with people—particularly females.  But that isn’t the most telling example of why he’s a bad candidate—he’s just a lazy person.  By nature, he doesn’t like hard work and it shows in the way he has been a trustee and in this competitive race, he’s far down the ladder as far as effort.  If people didn’t know better, they’d never know that he was running for re-election.

Lynda O’Conner is another one who put out a few signs next to Mark’s along the side of the road, but she hasn’t been out much to sell her candidacy.  In the debate that really counted, the West Chester Tea Party Forum, Lynda was a no-show, instead she sent a note.  As a school board member at Lakota she obviously thought that the run for trustee would be a lot easier than it turned out to be, so her effort matched that miscalculation.  I have supported Lynda as a school board member before, and she isn’t the worst in the world, but as trustee for the high-powered West Chester economy, she showed down the stretch that she just didn’t have the ambition to really make a name for herself.   Putting a few signs out in this election just wasn’t enough to show what kind of candidate she was, and she missed a lot of opportunities to make her mark yielding to Ann Becker when things counted most.  Lynda starting off was probably the best option but Ann clearly outworked Lynda by a lot.

That brings us to Jullian Kelley who has been a well-known socialite within the Republican Party of Butler County for a long time.  She has worked hard because she put her name out there and a considerable budget for signs—and she doesn’t want to lose.  In a typical election Jullian would likely win a seat just because of her name recognition, but in this competitive climate—especially during the West Chester Tea Party debate she has shown that she didn’t know much about the topics and was more like a room mom in school making treats for the kids in class.   Her heart was there, but her intellect just wasn’t prepared and she would likely be no better prepared for an average day at the office as a trustee than Lazy Lee Wong has been.  Getting elected into one of these positions is about more than just showing up and displaying that you can put out signs.  You have to actually know things, and do things.  On that account, Jullian is clearly lacking in competency.  Good intentions aren’t enough this time.

So on Tuesday November 7, 2017 make  sure to vote for Ann Becker and Mark Welch and reward them for a well run cooperative campaign.  Their partnership would only be good for West Chester.  As trustees it takes a lot of cooperation to manage a vast township like West Chester, which has enough people in it to be considered a city, but needs to stay small enough to maintain its competitive edge over Cincinnati to the south and Dayton to the north.  West Chester is the crown jewel of the I-75 corridor between two of Ohio’s best known cities, and it is the preferred destination for business and people of ambition who want to build a good life for themselves in a top 100 community in all of the United States.  It takes work and Ann and Mark have shown that they are willing to do the work, and to do it together—and those are the first foundations of success.  Before they can bring that success to the township however you have to vote for them, so be sure to do so.  You won’t regret it!

Rich Hoffman

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Joan Powell Comes Out Anti-Union as a West Chester Trustee Candidate: The difference between good management and being a suck-ass


One of the things that most shocked me from the recent West Chester Trustee Candidate Forum at Indiana Wesleyan College sponsored by the West Chester Tea party was that Joan Powell stated quite emphatically that she was anti-union and would like to see Ohio become a right-to-work state.  Who would have ever thought she’d say such a thing because it was Joan who sat on the Lakota school board for so many years caving into the union demands wrecking the budget with increased payroll with no management in sight.  Now that Joan is running for trustee in West Chester she has come out against labor unions which is interesting given the fact that many union radicals have targeted the trustees with their themes of dissidence exclusively because Mark Welch and George Lang had been exploring ideas to bring right-to-work legislation to West Chester specifically because Ohio’s governor Kasich has been soft on the labor unions due to his defeat of Issue 5 several years ago. Because of her friendly attitude toward labor unions in the past, strategists would have thought that Joan would seek the Lakota union votes in this trustee race but oddly she tossed that away with the statement seen below.

This may be the first time I’ve ever agreed with Joan Powell.  When I was heading the effort to make Ohio a right-to-work state in 2012 Joan turned her political guns on me and did whatever she could to erase me from what she was doing as president of the Lakota School Board.  At the time Joan was trying hard to give the teachers who worked for Lakota a raise when I had been showing that the exclusive cause of the operating levy she had been seeking was to add more to the wage rates which were already well over the average household income.  Joan’s position was extremely friendly to the labor union at Lakota, and her track record is her track record.  There isn’t anybody who can assume based on her history that Joan would do anything but lay down in future negotiations with the various unions that are in West Chester’s wheelhouse, like the police and fire departments.  I mean it’s easy to say that we value school teachers, fire fighters and police officers—and to give them all the money they are asking for.  It’s hard to tell them no, and that they already make too much money.  In the case of fire and police officers they always give you the speech about how they run into danger while everyone else runs away, so when their contracts come up public support usually favors the unions but as trustees elected to manage the finances, sometimes you have to do the hard things then explain it to people even when its unpopular.   The easy thing is to do as Joan has done in the past and that is to just give the union what they want to keep them from going on strike, then seek tax increases to cover the costs.  That’s why her statement here is so surprising.

If this Joan Powell had revealed herself 10 years ago we might have avoided a lot of bloodshed in the Lakota school district.  I might have gotten along with her!  But, my experience with her says that she knew what kind of crowd she was speaking to and she formulated her comments specifically to her audience.  What she really believes is something else entirely.  Nobody can look at the record of Joan Powell over the years as a president of the Lakota school board and determine that she was anything but excessively friendly to the public union effort.  Yet you can hear with your own ears her declaration that she is against labor unions so who could really know what to believe.

I personally think public sector unions should be illegal.  If you have a job funded by tax payers you should not be able to organize against tax payers or their representatives for more money.   In private business competition can help bring reality to labor union activism so the free market does the job of helping to manage the situation.  But in government, we are talking about monopoly status over the tax dollars in question so labor unions have unfettered access to the funds of the communities they are supposed to serve.  It’s easy to obtain the funds they desire because often the only people who stand in their way are politicians like Joan Powell who never want any bloody conflicts with their labor unions, just peace.  Elected politicians find the temptation to throw vast amounts of money at these public sector unions too easy.  It’s far easier for them to ask for tax increases from a faceless community hiding the effort behind children or the safety of our citizens.  That makes those types of people terrible managers and Joan Powell is certainly guilty of that.

Yet for the record in 2017 Joan has declared that she is against labor unions so as a note to the police, the firefighters and the public school teachers who might think that they might vote for Joan Powell looking for an easy run over politician to engage in future negotiations with—she has indicated that she is anti-union.   I mean perhaps she has learned some lessons over the years.  I wouldn’t vote for her as a trustee, the only people I think have a chance of doing good work as a West Chester trustee are Mark Welch and Ann Becker.  Lynda O’Conner may be a good pick for that third seat because Lee Wong is a disaster and Joan Powell has a terrible track record at managing big budgets.  But in regard to her statements on labor unions, I actually agree with Joan Powell on something.

In actuality Joan was likely just telling the audience what they want to hear, which is worse than being an open liberal because as a voter you can never be sure what the person you are considering really stands for.  Knowing a bit about Joan Powell I think she is very malleable—her thoughts always go to the path of least resistance and that’s fine if you are a grandma handing out cookies to your grand kids—but when you are supposed to protect millions of dollars from the greedy hands of public employees who want the most money for doing the least work—you want someone who will manage that money with some valor.  Labor unions may want to vote for Joan because they smell the blood in the water, but one thing they won’t be able to rectify is that she did come out against labor unions in the 2017 election.   Her comments are now part of the public record and they will be used against her in the future.  That’s why we have these forums, so that we can test the candidates in the forges of reality to see how they hold up to a little scrutiny.  Obviously Joan Powell says whatever she needs to in order to appease the people she is addressing.  If it’s labor unions, she gives them what they want.  If it’s the Tea Party, she does the same.  So there is nothing about Joan Powell that indicates she would ever do anything but tell people what they want to hear.  The damage she has always done, and obviously seems committed to in the future, is that she is more in love with the popularity of being a public official than in doing the hard work of management.  And that is what deciding this election of 2017 is all about.  If people want good management, Joan Powell is not their person.

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker for West Chester Trustee: Except for Mark Welch, everyone else is a wasted vote


Problem solved in West Chester, Ann Becker is running for that open trustee seat being left by George Lang and that should take care of everything—to keep the percolating rats from taking over the stable ship of economic development in West Chester.   Now the voters of West Chester just need to make it official.  As I’ve reported over the past several weeks several former and present school board members from Lakota want to become the next trustee to work with the very liberal Lee Wong on the board of trustees to be a second vote against Mark Welch, who is the current president.  For many years liberal Lee Wong and Cathy Stoker worked a two vote crusade against George Lang driving up public sector wages, building unnecessary sidewalks in places not needed essentially so Lee could walk from his home to get free food at Sushi Monk, and many other big government conspiracies that extend too far into the past to chronically completely.  That is until George managed to help get Mark Welsh elected to the board in 2013 and since then the township big enough to be a city has managed to get its finances aligned into surpluses, make a pro business environment for continued growth and generally shrink government showcasing the region as the envy of similar communities all over the country.  With George Lang moving to a state seat that has left all the liberals audacious enough to wear the masks of Republican to come forth to mooch off the successful results—which has been a concern until Ann came to the rescue to offer herself as the best candidate on the ticket.

As I write this Joan the Hutt (Joan Powell) is rummaging through tape of past board meetings featuring Mark Welch trying to help her friend Lee Wong out with some undercover political theater.  She is the pro-union, anti-business candidate in this race and she thinks she has enough old school levy supporters from her days as the Lakota school board president most responsible for the runaway budget to call in enough favors to run for one of these open trustee seats and she’s most targeting Mark Welch.   The problem with that strategy is that there is even more tape of her from her school board meetings which can easily be used against her in the same way.  The big difference is that she was a terrible president at Lakota, a big spender with a horrendous track record.  Mark has been very successful, so that is something that will sort itself out in the coming month.    Joan the Hutt will soon learn just how much people hate her and have not forgotten how terribly she managed the budget at Lakota schools.  Mark is ready to deal with her.

Lynda O’Conner is learning how the business community has not forgiven her either for her role in the past Lakota school levies.  Lynda is someone I have personally endorsed in the past, but her vote in favor of the last tax increase in 2013 shows where her budgetary sentiments really reside.  She is not what I’d call a conservative and if politicians are learning anything around the country in the wake of the Donald Trump presidency it’s that people are sick of the status quo.  The Alabama election of Judge Roy Moore over Luther Strange should come to everyone’s mind regarding this West Chester election.  Lynda is certainly an establishment type of candidate.  She’s better than the old battle axes like Joan Powell who are so out of touch they might as well be in a different solar system, but she’s nowhere near as nimble on her feet as Ann Becker—who is already into everything presently.  Being a board member would just formalize everything for Ann and the community in a positive way.  The Republican Party spent over 30 million dollars and had the endorsement of Donald Trump to elect Luther Strange yet voters picked Moore instead—the reform minded populist who had no problem brandishing a gun on stage to set himself apart from everyone else.  He won easily over the Party pick and I see similarities with Ann Becker.  Ann won’t pull out any guns on stage as she’s not crazy about firearms, but she is otherwise very much of the same mind as Donald Trump and Roy Moore as far as the type of reforms that need to take place in American politics—and West Chester is similar in sentiment to that Alabama election.  Lynda O’Conner has a pro tax track record that will prove to be her downfall under Ann.

One thing that I see likely to happen is that this plot Lee Wong has hatched to surround himself with trustees who want to build sidewalks and spend money like a drunken sailor in a brothel is that he may actually diffuse out the voters who would otherwise look at him.   Mark Welch as a very successful incumbent should easily win so long as he sticks to what he’s good at and not get pulled into Joan the Hutt’s pro union attacks.  However Lee’s base may be spread out between him, Joan and the other lesser knowns on the ballot.  Having Lynda on the ticket might actually knock him off.  It’s quite possible that Lynda and Ann could end up on the board with Mark making Lynda the new liberal in place of Lee.   Lee really screwed up when he encouraged a bunch of union radicals to overtake a trustee meeting showing his political colors in a very negative way, then just a few weeks later protesting in Cincinnati to save the job of a person accused of treason to China.  The lady may have been innocent—but then again she may have been guilty.  Lee showed bad judgment and even more radicalism in putting his name next to a person accused of treason and that will come back to bite him in this election. Just like the NFL players thought they were too big to fail, and could use their elevated platform to protest some social cause, the public sentiment was that people started burning their jerseys and cancelling their season tickets.  I know Lee calls himself a Republican and he likes to flaunt his military service as a mask of patriotism, but he behaves more as a Global Citizen movement supporter which led him to defend a person providing secrets to China.  Lee has shown similar acts of bad judgment all through his time as a trustee and this time with Lynda on the ticket he may well have pushed himself out of a seat.

The important thing to remember however through all the noise is that Mark needs to be re-elected and that Ann Becker becomes that important second vote in the wake of George Lang.  Ann is a different kind of person than George, but they are both cut from the same fiscal conservative cloth that has made West Chester great.   In a lot of ways Ann would be perfect for the next step for West Chester because she has a good mind for making a lot of people happy, which is a tough skill in politics.  She’s ideologically pure enough to vote well and hold a hard conservative line on most topics, but she’s also very creative and can think out of the box—which she does often.  With some of the problems that need to be solved in West Chester that could be just the right approach.  It certainly puts her at the top of the ticket in my book.  I’m very glad she is running—I couldn’t think of a better person to run and win a seat as a West Chester trustee.  Everyone else is just a wasted vote.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Hillary Clinton is Technically Insane: The dangers of people who are functionally crazy who seek office–like Joan Powell

I wouldn’t keep talking about it but it’s such a fascinating example of mass psychosis that we’d be doing the human race an injustice not to examine the situation. Of course I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s book tour for her new excuse called What Happened. While doing press for the book she has said some of the most bizarre things I think I’ve ever heard as a collection of thoughts from one person in serious denial. Its equivalent to a psychiatrist conducting theory on a wife-beating alcoholic drooling from being freshly drunk with his spouse sitting next to him with blood dripping from her lips from a fresh beating and bruises all over her face and arms and for the drunk blaming the lawn mower for all the miseries in his life. Mark Dice did a pretty good video seen below on this subject, but honestly, the collection of many clips displaying the sheer insanity of Hillary Clinton is overwhelming—even for people like Dice. It is difficult for any sane mind to even grapple with the insanity it takes to pull off the Hillary Clinton case. As it turns out, she is even worse than her most vicious detractors have theorized. Hillary represents just how crazy progressives typically are and how delusional they are about the nature of the world around them. Naturally a person who cannot deal with reality in the forms for which it is presented is clinically insane and must be treated with cautiously.

Locally in my home town politicians like Joan Powell who is running for a trustee seat displays similar insanity as Hillary Clinton—because the situation isn’t specific to Clinton—it is rather indicative to a mass psychosis that emerged as a result of progressive philosophy being injected into a traditional Christian culture in America and assuming that it had a right to do so. Those who subscribed to it have had to actually ignore elements of reality to pull off the ruse—in themselves, and that process has destroyed their grip on truth as defined by the relativity of human society. I have often looked at these local politicians and their supporters—like in the case of Joan Powell and observed their craziness. But the situation is obviously even deeper than that. With Hillary Clinton representing kind of a spokeswoman for insanity, many people suffering from this condition follow her blindly and its fascinating to observe. They typically say and do the same kind of things as Hillary is exhibiting—and we might not have this observational window into their crazy minds if not for the hurt feelings of the former presidential candidate who assumed that she would win an election just because she was a woman.

I never took Hillary Clinton serious as a candidate. I thought Trump would win a full year ahead of the election and I said so much on these very pages. When it was clear that Hillary would be the Democratic nominee and not someone like Joe Biden, I knew the party had picked the wrong person and that they would be defeated. I even predicted this current situation for Democrats live on the radio just a few weeks before the election of 2016. It was clear to me what was going on not because I’m a white male with an affluent background—but because I’m dealing with reality and the rules of nature to make decisions. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are not—they deal in a kind of voodoo cult of belief, suspicion, assumptions and superstitions indicative of the early hominids of our species. For people who call themselves “progressives” they have not evolved passed observing a lunar calendar and having a party when there is a summer solstice or doing a rain dance trying to usher in water for their dried-up crops. It’s not against the law to be stupid—largely it’s a choice—and people are free to be stupid if they want. But they are not free to be stupid and rule over others—and that was exactly what Hillary Clinton and all her doppelgangers running for various offices around the United States are attempting to do. Knowing something about human nature, I never thought she had a chance even though she was sold as reality by those in the media who think they are the progenerates of truth.

It’s one thing to believe something even if it’s not there, it’s quite another to go into public and blast it from every avenue defending it which clearly indicates insanity when the values of the message do not align with reality in any way, shape or form. That is what Hillary Clinton is doing on this book tour. Anybody with a thinking mind can hear her talk and know that she is not a person people like. She is a person most people would not enjoy having a beer with unless they themselves were suffering from the same condition. The trouble with Hillary is that people just don’t like her and they never have. She’s always been Bill Clinton’s punching bag and that earned her sympathy from sadomasochists and drug addicts, but normal people found her repulsive—and she should have known that going into this whole effort. But to go to the extent to break the law like she did before the campaign ever got started was in itself a kind of mass psychosis. Only really dumb people were buying into her candidacy and her polling numbers should have shown her that—and they likely did, only she didn’t pay attention to it because she was living in her own brand of reality. But to put herself out there as a presidential candidate with the media fully at her back, the crony capitalists, the progressives, the global elites, and the entire Beltway culture trying to get her elected and still get destroyed in the Electoral College is something quite spectacular. It wasn’t racism, sexism or fear of any kind that kept her from getting elected. It all came down to the fact that she was a terrible candidate and a not very likable person.

Then to watch her go around assuming that reality is something else and to write it all down for all to study for many centuries in the future is pretty crazy. If she had even a thread of sanity she would have just retired and let people think what they wanted—but to go out into society and say the things she is shows an insanity that is actually quite troubling. There are a lot of people out there in the world who aren’t very smart who use power gained through peer pressure to cover their illness—and Hillary gives them validation and hope. What should happen in the case of people like the local politician I mentioned such as Joan Powell is that they should get medical attention. But instead, because of Hillary these insane people are kind of cosplaying at life, dressing up as normal people but playing the role of a social lunatic. And that might be fine for their domesticated lives, but when they seek the levers of power for other people, that’s when they become dangerous.

Rich Hoffman

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How West Chester’s Joan Powell and Bonito Mussolini are one in the same: Understanding fascism based on real history

Whether she realizes it or not, Joan Powell’s core philosophy is very similar to Bonito Mussolini’s chief architect of fascism, the philosopher Giovanni Gentile.  There is a reason that politically left thinking people do not talk about the father of Italian fascism and attempt to use transference to distance themselves from all forms of Marxist European failures be it that of communism, socialism or fascism.  Gentile stated “everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” and he tried to implement those terms in Italy until the Allies landed and captured Mussolini.  Hitler immediately freed the fascist leader and was given parts of the German empire to rule where he immediately moved toward the socialist terms identified by Gentile.  As Dinesh D’Souza identified in The Big Lie, a book everyone should read that is in book stores right now, the story is told quite effectively of how the political left took the political platform issues that they were guilty of committing that were essentially right out of the Nazi and fascist playbook and have used their control of our education system and our media companies to erase history and attribute those traits to a bunch of slack-jawed Republicans who didn’t know how to defend themselves until Donald Trump took over the party.  If you know your history you would find that Bonito Mussolini’s political beliefs were essentially the same as Joan Powell’s.  Read her thoughts on her own website cited below.

People never reveal themselves as villains, but with Joan Powell we have her history as a Lakota school board member to use as a means to gage her performance.  By her nature Joan Powell is a big union protector, which is how she got into the race in West Chester as union radicals fearful of the ultimate reality of Right to Work in Ohio was discussed in a West Chester board meeting.  The discussion  about Right to Work of course was centered on trying to entice more businesses to locate in West Chester.  In many cases the high taxes from Lakota schools are enough to scare away business investment so the current Trustees have had to get very creative in finding reasons for business to think about making considerable investments into the region.   In the world of Bonito Mussolini totalitarianism designed to bring about a true socialist state as outlined in the 1919 document Fasci di Combattimento universal suffrage was established as a value.  When Joan Powell was president of the Lakota school board she led her followers to cut busing and sports programs to hold tax payers over a barrel until she obtained her tax increase.  That is aligned with the mentality of Mussolini fascism.  They also under fascism wanted to lower the age of voting to eighteen so they could access the youth freshly taught socialism in schools to give more power to the state.  Joan Powell did this by using the The Spark magazine at Lakota to inspire the children of the school system to go into the community and vandalize dissidents to the tax increase and fully exploited them in the media for the same end—not directly of course, but she did this through her minions—people I called latté sipping prostitutes.   Now to be fair to Joan, most public schools do these things because they are government-run schools and they teach school board members these methods.  Just Joan comes from that very socialist system and has been formed to it through her 16 years as a school board member.  She may not fully understand why she knows what she knows, but based on her actions, she knows it, and her mode of philosophic reckoning is socialism—specifically Bonito Mussolini style fascism.  Additionally it was Bonito Mussolini who championed an eight-hour workday, which became the unionized model that we have all had imposed on us in the United States.  This was an attack on the mechanisms of capitalism to begin giving workers management approval over productive output which led to eventual worker participation in industrial management and essentially the nationalization of entire industries.  During the Lakota levy campaigns Joan’s levy minions attacked private businesses that did not support the tax increase publicly extorting them with bad publicity if they did not fall in line with the totalitarianism of the Lakota levy tax increase.  It wasn’t Joan and her school board that was in charge, it was the radical LEA union that put Joan in place as their mouth piece and they used her to perpetually obtain step increases year after year mandating further tax increases on private property.  Mussolini would go on to propose that there be an 85% tax on war profits and had strong anti-clerical policies including no religious instruction in the schools.  Under Joan Powell’s years as a school board president there was a strict adherence to policies against religion in the school system for fear that state money might not come to Lakota by Governor Strickland if Lakota didn’t comply.  But perverts who were teachers who sexually abused kids were given a free pass and in many cases had everything covered up in defense of the school, and not the children as individuals—all of this in perfect alignment with Italian fascism in World War II right in West Chester, Ohio in the modern-day.

It was never anything personal with Joan Powell when she and I had many public fights through the media.  But I know history and I know what I see and understand how things became that way.  Donald Trump is the opposite of fascism, Nazism, racism—and flagrant socialism.  Joan Powell is a defender of all those things and she came out in favor of Hillary Clinton (a known criminal) during the last election.  Yes they played nice music on her ad for Hillary and she proclaimed that she was afraid that Donald Trump was too angry to be president of the United States.   But why are we so angry, even hostile at people like Joan Powell?  Because they keep messing with us and seeking to apply socialism through taxation and expanding government into all aspects of our lives—progressives are afraid of hostility because they don’t want it leveled at them when we catch them in all these lies and manipulations.  They would rather keep everyone dumb and subdued than to deal with an educated voting population who knows the difference about fascism and free market capitalism which is how West Chester has obtained so much success lately, because Mark Welch and George Lang have shrunk government, taken away a tremendous amount of tax burden and made zoning much more friendly to new business lowering their cost of compliance.

When Cathy Stoker and Lee Wong were the two to one vote on the West Chester Trustee Board before Mark Welch was elected a few years ago there was a lot of abuse with the zoning board punishing some companies over political affiliation.  If it became known that a company was affiliated with the Tea Party the zoning board would harass them until they eventually went out of business.   That was certainly the case with the Grand Ol’ Pub in West Chester.  They were constantly picked on by the zoning board and that direction came from the trustees Wong and Stoker.  Meanwhile, Willie’s across the street got by freely and was actually a meeting place for pro levy Lakota people.  In that place of business Lakota coaches and teachers would bend the ear of 700 WLW personality Bill Cunningham who owned the place, to lobby against my effective on-air campaign against them.  Bill tried to stay out of it but behind the totalitarianism of the Joan Powell led school board and the radical levy supporters he was convinced to come after me and a lot of controversy was blown in my direction—and it was Joan who was the one doing the blowing.  If I had been a normal person my career might have been over and the public shaming might have destroyed me.  But I’m unique, there is no such thing as bad publicity and it caused me to sell enough books to take my family on a nice vacation that year—so thanks Joan.   On my part I used the nature of Joan Powell to my advantage because I understood who I was dealing with.  Now I’m telling voters of West Chester—this is the person who wants to run your community.  Because if she gets elected and she has slack-jawed Lee Wong there as a second vote—Joan essentially wants to do to West Chester what Mussolini did to Italy—and that isn’t an inflated statement.  It’s based on a factual analysis of her actual behavior, and that is something that should concern everyone.

Rich Hoffman

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The Many Problems of Joan Powell: A person 10 years behind the politics of the day


Being serious about Joan Powell, the beat up old politician from Butler County, Ohio who is running for a much dreamed about trustee seat, she has a lot of problems.  Over the years she’s simply screwed over too many people.  It’s one thing to run for a school board seat that nobody wants to do, but a trustee position is a little harder, especially when Mark Welch and George Lang have done such a good job setting into motion the finances of West Chester so wonderfully.  Mark would have to lose his seat in the election, or Lee Wong for Joan to get a chance and that’s likely not going to happen even if nobody did any campaigning.  Joan’s campaign reminds me of when Jamie Green tried to come back after five years of being out of action to become a school board member at Lakota in 2011, which I spoke about below at a public forum.  A lot of things changed in the world in just five years and Jamie Green couldn’t overcome the scrutiny and for having a pretty sizable name had a hard time breaking into fourth place in a five person election.  Joan’s situation is similar now in 2017 in West Chester.

There is simply too much dirt on Joan.  On the surface she plays a nice old lady who has some grandchildren.  But, she’s been pretty ruthless when it comes to politics and her people aren’t in charge of anything anymore.  The world has changed under her feet and she’s on the wrong side of history.  Her act is old and tired and she clearly doesn’t understand it.  What she does know is that her friends down at the hair salon think she should run because poor little Lee Wong can’t get a vote in edgewise while he’s off showing tremendously bad judgment putting his name next to Chinese traitors.   The labor unions put out the bat signal hoping to resurrect Joan essentially because they want a weak negotiator at the table instead of Mark—and that’s why she’s running.  They talked her into it thinking that she’s their best chance of getting control of the West Chester Trustees again by gaining a positive vote count during future wage negotiations.

Her reputation at Lakota while she was a school board member was despicable.  Of course the public employees loved her—she constantly voted to give them more money.  Ironically the moment she left the Lakota school board that 8th largest school district in Ohio started learning to live within their budgets and they have not sought further tax increases.  Lakota has done a much better job of managing their business with Joan Powell gone than they ever did while she was there and now with a few years to analyze the situation, its clear Joan was part of the problem at Lakota and that is the best thing she has to run on in this 2017 election—is her experience at Lakota as a board member.   Her best achievement in recent years was a 2013 tax increase she managed to ride through spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars moving the vote count a measly 4 percentage points—and that was with the help of Sheriff Jones.  Likely Jones is behind Joan’s comeback here because he knows she is a tax and spend liberal and he has family on the West Chester police department who want pay raises at the tax payer’s expense so of course they want liberal Joan Powell to rubber stamp their contracts—but Jones can’t help Powell much.  He’s come out in favor of Trump and was a big part of the campaign to get him elected in Ohio.  He’s not going to be able to publicly hold her hand in the way she’ll need this time which will make it very difficult for her—because she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter masking as a Republican to get elected in Butler County, but the party has changed a lot over the last 12 months.  It’s not the same place.

Then there is the baggage, Joan has screwed over a lot of business people.  I plan to talk a lot more about that as the election nears especially in October leading up to the final vote.  Joan got caught doing a lot of double-dealing and she didn’t make any friends from the people who count most.  Sure, Patti Alderson talks to her socially but if anyone noticed at the annual party that the West Chester socialite has at her house where Republican candidates go to be noticed and ask for money for their various fall campaigns, the Party affiliation and objectives aren’t as clear as they had been.  Sure the Butler County Republicans have wrestled away control from Tea Party conservatives like David Kern in favor of never Trumper types who gambled that John Kasich would do much better than he did.  But now the Ohio governor is on his way out and he will likely be replaced by the Republican Trump supporter Jim Renacci who is making major strides toward a powerful candidacy.  He has the right people behind him and a message that is aligned with the current White House.  Whether or not Republicans like it, Trump is running the RNC and that certainly flows into local politics for which Joan isn’t in the picture.  Patti may like her from the good ol’ days, but Patti isn’t exactly part of the inner circle any more either.  She has money to direct into political pockets as she has in the past, but she doesn’t have the philosophical persuasion that she once held either.  When Joan and Patti worked out their public campaign against me in 2012 to get their tax increase passed at Lakota by 2013 they had to play some very dirty tricks which I’ve never forgotten only to have very moderate success.  And now just four years later the political landscape is much different—not in the favor of Joan Powell.  The game has left her in the dust and people like Patti are only able to hang on because of her deep pockets.  The Party is not as friendly to RINOs as it once was.

Because of Trump business people are in, liberal tax and spenders are out—and Joan is a long way away from her business background which she had when she was a little girl.  For many years now she has simply been a social activist from the school board with one of her biggest achievements coming from the failed attempt to shut down the entire school to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  You can see Joan dancing in the video below at the 7:16 mark which was a project the entire high school of Lakota East put on for the cause of Spina Bifida.  That of course was the cover story.  The real aim was to get national attention on Ellen’s show and using all the kids as a way to do it—which cost many thousands of dollars.  Joan as a member of management thought that was a good use of tax payer money and she was there dancing away at the event.  Her calculation was that the national coverage would put them over the top with public sentiment and get them a tax increase, but they failed to get on Ellen.  I ran into two of the people dancing with Joan in that video at a VIP event at the opening of Rodizio at Liberty Center in 2015 and I asked them who’s stupid idea it was to allow the entire school to make a music video with all the expense involved.  They blamed it on Joan—so that shows her decision-making ability—she’s certainly not a business minded person—and that’s what it takes to be a Republican these days especially at a trustee position.  People expect a little flamboyancy from liberal school board members; they’re more forgiving when it comes to children and social causes.  But managing how things happen where they live, that’s another matter all together.

While you can’t take anything for granted in any election—Joan will have her normal people come out to support her on election day, the union supporters who want a pay raise, the people at her hair salon and a few losers hanging out in the cracks of depravity, but she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter in a district that voted for Trump well over 10% the Ohio trend and the Republican party is much more affiliated with the new president than it was on Election Day 2016.  Joan’s record is terrible and she burnt a lot of people to achieve what she did.  She doesn’t have any people who matter in the current political structure who will go to the ends of the earth for her and Mark does.  Lee Wong doesn’t either—his biggest achievement is that he gets free meals around West Chester but he doesn’t do much else but support traitors and people who want to build sidewalks so he can walk from his house and mooch off people in the business community.  But Joan doesn’t even have that.  I’m sure she’s well funded by the old political power seeking to make a comeback, but it won’t be enough because the moment she opens her mouth people will know she doesn’t have an idea to stand on, and these days, that just won’t cut it.

Rich Hoffman

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