Eric Holder and Michael Avenatti want to Fight: I say, great–just tell me when and where, sounds fun!

So Michael Avenatti wants to fight does he? He has challenged Donald Trump Jr. to an MMA match of three rounds in the octagon. If Trump doesn’t want to do it, I’d be happy to take his place. It would be really fun to smash Avenatti’s face into a bleeding husk of disorganized flesh. Anytime Michael, anytime you New York softy. And Eric Holder is talking tough too, he said that when we “Republicans” go low, that they “Democrats” will kick us. Sounds like a threat to me. Hey, it’s not Republicans who are shooting up baseball games, or blocking off roads in protest, or are scratching at the doors to the Supreme Court throwing fits like a baby because they didn’t get what they wanted. Basically, all I have to say to these advocates of violence is that they don’t want to go there. There is nothing to be afraid of from some stringy haired leftist. If the political left thinks they are going to win anything with violence, they have already lost everything. I can say that I’m not going to put up with it. If one of these losers gets in my face, that will be the end of them. Generally, Republicans have been good about not provoking violence, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Republicans still believe in the rule of law, so they leave those kinds of acts to the authorities. But if you take away that option, I wouldn’t put any bets on Democrats to be the more aggressive. If they want to fight, I personally would welcome that approach. I’d much rather fight than talk.  They are incorrect when they say the way to earn Republican respect is to get “tough.”  From my perspective, it just pisses me off, and if they think that challenging conservatives to a fight is smart, they need a forceful education it would seem.

Violence and the threat of it is one of the most primal emotions for human beings and it is the way that collectivist-oriented people mean to enforce their solidarity. Without the threat of violence, the political left really has nothing to negotiate with. It’s interesting that they have now revealed these strategies openly. But they were always there, violence and bullying is what Democrats have always done to advance their cause. Without their ability to evoke fear in people, they have no way to get people to accept their goofy philosophies. However, that doesn’t work so well in real life. Its one thing to talk tough within your own circles of influence, it’s quite another to challenge people who are actually tough and are not inclined to being pushed around.

As a Republican I’m a bit old fashion, if someone hits me in the face or insults me in some way, I have no problem dishing it back out to them. I don’t go around looking for fights, but if someone brings one to me, I do enjoy fighting. I don’t think Avenatti, Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton understand what the real people who make up the flyover states are all about. Empty threats lose their luster really fast. It’s one thing to threaten violence to a bunch of millennial latte sippers at Starbucks, it’s quite another to step up to a shooting range in Ohio and start rattling off their mouths. This is essentially why Democrats are for gun control, they understand that for their way of governing to work, people can’t have the ability to defend themselves. But in my own case, I would never turn to the gun first with those people. Fists and stamina would be all that would be required.

The best thing when it comes to conflict is to be able to have discussions, and to be able to articulate your position. You should never have to turn to violence, because if you do, you have already started to lose. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy fighting. Personally, I love fighting. I have some conflict with someone somewhere every few weeks. These days they don’t end up being physical altercations where fists are thrown. When I was younger and untested that kind of thing happened a lot more, but these days the fights are usually verbal, and they get intense—and nobody beats me. I have what many would call a “vicious” temper. And I don’t stop once I get going. Some punk like Michael Avenatti wouldn’t stand a chance. The loser Eric Holder wouldn’t even break a sweat. I could turn him into a screaming girl within a minute. If these people want a fight, I would love to give it to them. We aren’t the ones asking for it, but we sure as hell can finish it.

I think such a system of settling issues is good, there are worse things in life than fighting. By not fighting it allows wimpy people like Avenatti and Holder to believe themselves to be tough, because nobody calls their bluff. But one way to have a more honest society is to be able to distinguish between illusion and reality. When someone challenges you to a fight, there is almost a moral responsibility to call them out on it in the name of honesty, otherwise the aggressor is allowed to advocate a falsehood of threatening content for the aims of evil. We aren’t so civilized in life that we have outgrown the need for fighting. These people in the Democratic Party are the mainstream and they are calling for fights, so we have an obligation to set the record straight. Eric Holder won’t be kicking me let me make that clear, nor will anybody else. It will never happen.

I’ve managed most of my life to live with a good, moral disposition. Sometimes challenges come along, and you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes fights are fast, sometimes they last decades, but it is always my focus to win every one of them. There is nothing wrong with having a never surrender attitude, it can help in all aspects of life. But when challenged like these leftist insurgents are prone to do these days, we have to let them know that such threats are not permissible. It doesn’t matter obviously to them that physical threats of violence toward others is illegal. So is drug possession, and many other things that liberals do. But they truly believe that the rules do not apply to them and that they can run around our streets harassing good people with threats of violence. Protestors do not have a right to shut down roadways, they put themselves at risk of being run over. They do not have a right to punch Trump supporters in the back of the head without being destroyed in retaliation. If they aren’t going to live by the laws of our land, then why should we?

There is no higher path–taking the “high” road when it comes to conflict–it is not the best option. What is, is to crush your enemies with verbal and or physical violence. It is best to avoid such circumstances, but if the former attorney general of the United States wants to evoke violence, then he can deal with the mess. But compliance is not an option. Yielding to a bully isn’t either. Threats against us cannot go uncontested and speaking for myself, I really do hope one of these losers tries their aggression with me. It would be fun to deal with it—kind of a free pass legally to decimate them completely, because they started it. So I say to them, bring it on.

Rich Hoffman

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Another Great Jobs Report: The horse race of economics doesn’t tell the whole story

It was another good jobs report, 134,000 jobs were created in the month of September with the unemployment rate trickling down to 3.7 percent, the lowest in 49 years! All that with a major hurricane hitting the mainland of America, which is pretty amazing. The Trump economy is ticking along nicely, and we are all feeling it these days, if it weren’t for the distracting Kavanaugh hearings, the fictitious Mueller investigation and the general poo pooing that comes out of the media every minute of every day, Americans could be said to be having the time of their lives. It is a time of great prosperity that has surpassed expectations in almost every fiscal way possible. Another consecutive month of positive reporting’s that have continued to increase since the tax cuts at the end of 2017.

Stocks did take a bit of a hit; home markets are down as the Fed has increased interest rates yet again. The Federal Reserve and other market analysts still do not seem to understand what is happening, to them they disbelieve that the market can be this bullish without a downturn as the tend to believe in cyclical tides of cash flow. But these kinds of positive indexes are not created by moving money around and social controls such as interest rate evaluations, they are born from real optimism and creative intellectual growth which comes from a culture that “makes wealth” not one who simply manages it.

Wealth creation is specifically a human trait. No other animal in the universe that we know of presently can do it. It is an act of imagination, the concept of product development for the use of other lifeforms is specifically confined to the roll of imagination which only humans possess to any degree of usability. Many scientists like to profess that dolphins and whales are very intelligent creatures, but when was the last time you saw a dolphin design a car? Being intelligent isn’t the only ingredient needed for wealth creation, it is important to have a vast imagination as a culture because what comes forth from it is the creation of new ideas. Wealth creation is simply a measure of that creativity.

On the same day that the jobs report came out for September it was reported that China was putting spy chips into Apple products and those sold by Amazon. That pushed stocks down for those companies, and the $15 minimum wage at Amazon certainly didn’t help. But this brings to mind the simple question about why China feels they must spy on Americans and attempt to sabotage American companies. Well, it comes back to the basic problem that all Chinese have in their culture, they lack an imagination. The nature of their communist culture has suppressed individual thought, their school systems collective obedience has not taught them how to think, only how to conform, not individual development, and that has destroyed their intellectual capacity as a nation. You can see the trend as China used their leveraged capitol gained in the pre-Trump years to purchase many studios in Hollywood and shifted the house movie picks more toward collectivist enterprises, the net result has been a decaying Hollywood product. The lack of imagination is obvious as sitcoms are reaching back into the 80s to resurrect comedies that worked, like Rosanne, and Murphy Brown. New content is hard to come by in a collectivist culture.

But due to the enterprising spirit of the Trump administration assisted by tax cuts many in America who still possess imaginations are creating products and delivering them to markets expanding the economy. Of those 134,000 jobs reported those are mostly private sector jobs where someone is making new flashlights, car batteries, and golf clubs. Not centrally planned state sponsored government jobs administratively focused. When jobs like that are created there is of course an overflow effect that grows into the following month as more jobs trickle down into every demographic group. When leftists attempt to suggest that there is no such thing as “trickle down economics” they are doing so with the same vigor that attempted to associate Brett Kavanaugh to gang rape. These are just not concepts rooted in reality.

I haven’t talked about Star Wars in a while, but I couldn’t help but think of all these concepts while watching the Blue Ray of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which I thought was one of the best Star Wars films I’ve seen since the 80s. But in going through the bonus content of the release it was obvious that the filmmakers were a long way away from the kind of filmmaker George Lucas was back then. Everyone was just going through the motions and trying to copy what the original filmmakers had created. There was nothing really original in that movie which is partly why Star Wars is losing its magic. In a lot of ways the left leaning politics of the modern employees at Lucasfilm and Disney are suffering from the same ailments as the country of China—a lack of imagination. In the case of Lucasfilm, they have so many tools to work with, yet they just can’t seem to get the job done because they are lacking intellectual imagination. Even though George Lucas admittingly copied off old television shows like Flash Gordon, there was a lot of imagination to provide fresh perspective to the old material. That is not the case now, all we get from Lucasfilm and Disney is an homage to our childhoods. Modern kids don’t care about our childhoods, they have so many other things to occupy their minds, especially video games. So what ends up on a movie screen is a copy of a copy of a copy made by people who are truly underdeveloped intellectually, and it shows in the product.

But Hollywood is the old world, the Trump economy is empowering many new companies that will replace the old models well into the future and that is truly exciting. With the kinds of jobs growth that we are seeing consistently now for many months it is easy to project where all this will end up. We’re not talking about a typical Bull Market, but a long sustainable growth market that will add trillions of dollars of new wealth that will be sustainable well into the future. That is exciting news, but you might not hear it presented that way on the mainstream news—and the reason would be due to the lack of a crises in the information. If you ever listen to a horse race announcer, you would have to understand that their job is not so different from a typical news reporter from the mainstream press. They have to talk up the downsides, such as stocks that dipped because of interest rate hikes, or tariff talk—but if you plot out the results from turn 4, usually the clear winner is easy for all to see and this jobs report is no different. With the creation of new jobs, it means that the imagination of America is being stirred again and those side effects will show up in all aspects of our culture, from our music to our movies—to even our clothing choices. There is a lot to be excited about, but the means of communicating that to mass audiences is missing, because it doesn’t tend to keep people tuned in to the horse race. But in essence, this September jobs reports says that our bets are safe and that the horse we have been rooting for is winning by a mile.

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is a Really Great Guy: If 2nd Amendment supporters voted for him, he’d beat Sherrod Brown easily

Every time I have met Jim Renacci I have grown to like him more and more. Usually it’s the opposite effect, the more you get to know someone, the more you find that their little flaws start depreciating your opinion of them. But not Jim Renacci. He has grown on me in a very positive way and I find that when he leaves back to wherever he needs to go next that I actually want to spend more time around him. Even saying all that nice stuff I was very impressed that he came up to me at a fire pit where we were having some fabulous hamburgers fresh off the grill at Premier Shooting and Training Center to shake my hand and talk to me a bit. It was a casual event with only a few hundred people around, most of them were running for office of some kind, but because the event was a 2nd Amendment celebration Jim Renacci flew all the way out from Washington D.C. to attend. At the end of the night he flew back, so he was only around for a few hours, and part of that he came over and stood around the fire with my family enjoying a brief moment of correspondence. Just hours before he was all over Fox Business talking about the Kavanaugh hearings and he was still wearing the same suit, not having time to change. After talking to my family and a few other people he gave the short speech seen below, then went back to the airport.

I’ve known a lot of politicians and it has only been recently where I have found that I like some of them personally. The reason is that we have all emerged into this current circumstance together but doing different things to help restore our republic, so we have that in common to build relationships off of. Ten to fifteen years ago I was not into the group of politicians that were around back then. I was not a John Boehner guy or a supporter of most of the trustees and commissioners. But that has changed quite a lot over the last decade as the Tea Party movement forced an evaluation at the Central Committee level that was hard-fought and heavily debated. Then Donald Trump was elected, and that certainly created a philosophic shift that made the event at Premier Shooting uniquely special. It has also cleared the decks for Jim Renacci to run for some of these big seats as a genuinely good man as opposed to just another political hack. That is why I enjoyed talking so much to Jim Renacci. He’s just a good person.

But as Jim said about his fight with Sherrod Brown, even though Sherrod Brown has been working the state of Ohio for decades as an elected representative and is favored to win his senate seat back that Jim Renacci is challenging him for, Brown could easily lose if only the 2nd Amendment supporters of Ohio came out and voted for Renacci. You can forget about the union vote, you can forget about all the radical Democrat protestors, you can forget about all the supporters of Sherrod Brown—if just the 2nd Amendment people showed up on election day to vote for Jim Renacci he would win easily. So why not make that happen?

Jim Renacci could have easily have said of the Premier Shooting event that he had been too busy to attend. He wasn’t even in town. He had every reason in the world not to come really, but because he respects the 2nd Amendment so much, he took time out of his very busy day to fly back to Ohio and spend some time with a small crowd at a gun range. It occurred to me as he came by to see me personally that if he was willing to go through all that trouble, why in the hell wouldn’t 2nd Amendment enthusiasts be willing to go to the polls and vote on election night? Its not asking too much. If they did, Jim Renacci would easily beat Sherrod Brown and Donald Trump would have one more senator to work with on the Hill. Ironically, the same held true in every district where the races between Republicans and Democrats were tight. The difference maker could really be gun supporters who pushed candidates over the top for Trump.

In the great book on strategy, The Art of War, the basic premise is that most conflicts are won before anybody ever takes the battlefield. In many ways the only reason Sherrod Brown has won all these many times is because voter turnout is low. People are often busy with other things, so they aren’t interested in voting. But when it comes to values, Jim Renacci represents far more people in Ohio than Sherrod Brown. Democrats learned a long time ago that they best way to leverage conditions as a minority in their direction is to frustrate voters into believing that no matter what they do, elections will keep solutions out of the reach of everyday people. The focus then becomes an us versus them on every issue, such as the 2nd Amendment where we are always afraid that the liberals are going to come after our guns, so we put our defenses in the places where they desire, not where they would serve us best. But really, all we need to do as gun supporters is to put our efforts behind a candidate like Jim Renacci and the gun grabbing from the political left would be over. It really is that simple. Too simple for people to believe, but that is the situation.

As I said, Jim Renacci is just a good person, I have enjoyed getting to know him a bit and if there is any justice in this world, he will beat Sherrod Brown in the upcoming election. But given the amount of gun owners and supporters that there is in Ohio there really isn’t any reason that there should be an “if.” We have the power to make Jim Renacci’s election a “when,” with an easy win against Sherrod Brown. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters far outnumber all other activist groups. The biggest weakness is that conservatives and gun enthusiasts tend to be very individually based, they don’t march in herds like Democrats do, so that makes them harder to organize for voting purposes. But if they could only do that one little thing and show up to vote for Jim Renacci and all the other Republicans on their ticket they would not only preserve their gun rights from the radicalism of the gun grabbing left, but they could advance those rights in productive ways. And all they need to do for that to happen would be to realize that they easily outnumber their opposition, and to just take care of business at the ballot box. There is no reason to worry about gun grabbers going from door to door to take our guns when the conflict can be ended right here and now with a simple—bloodless election. The only thing holding 2nd Amendment supporters back is the knowledge that the power to win all these elections is truly in their hands. All they have to do is use it.

Rich Hoffman

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New Poll Shows Why Jim Renacci Will Beat Sherrod Brown in Ohio Senate Race: A statistical dead heat from a liberal sampling

I would think that with all the drama being created about possible congressional seats that are in close races giving Democrats hope for the upcoming midterms that the news would be reported the other way. But then again, of course not. One of the biggest races in the country which is threatening one of the Senate’s biggest liberals is that between Sherrod Brown and the conservative challenger Jim Renacci. Where was this news on Fox and the other networks? It’s one of the biggest political stories in the nation yet nobody is reporting it. Can you imagine the earthquake heard around the world if Sherrod Brown fell on election night in Ohio to a handpicked Trump senatorial candidate? Yet only 4% is all that stands between them taken from a liberal poll at the start of September 2018. As it stands Brown has 46% to Renacci’s 42% which is within the margin of error and can be said to be a tie statistically speaking. In the case of this poll sampling, the name recognition and demographics favor Brown by a lot, so to have a statistical tie is big news. Probably the biggest news of the election because it says a whole lot about the true nature of the midterm race.

Sherrod Brown is a liberal in the Senate at the level of an Al Franken or Elizabeth Warren—perhaps even as liberal as Bernie Sanders. In conservative Ohio Brown has managed to stay in office because of the large union vote north of Columbus. But just two years ago many of those union voters, particularly in Cuyahoga County had Trump signs in front of their homes meaning things have changed for the liberal Senator. Renacci is cut from the same cloth as Trump and isn’t an anti-union guy meaning that those typical Brown supporters can feel good about Renacci if they want to vote for a piece of Trump, who had won the state with a roughly double-digit margin over Hillary Clinton. It’s a new political era in Ohio and Brown’s long run as a sitting senator is coming to an end.

There is still a long road to the election, but this particular election has the feel of a football game where a favored team is on the ropes holding on to a slim point advantage. To protect their victory they have to go into a prevent defense which is usually a ticket to a loss from a team that can afford to take risks. In Renacci’s case, he is the aggressor and he has Trump on the sidelines. Brown can’t afford to make Trump supporters angry because he is going after the same voters in many cases that gave Trump that big lead in Ohio. So by attacking Renacci he attacks Trump and that is dangerous for Brown.

There are three debates planned between the two candidates and this is where Brown is very vulnerable, because Renacci has a business background specifically in accounting and can talk numbers in a way that Brown needs to avoid. So in looking at the polling data supplied by Innovation Ohio I would project Renacci to be around 7% above Brown in all actuality. Of course voter turnout will be the key in the end, but at this point Republicans are just as energized in Ohio as Democrats. The problem with the Democrats is that they are at the disadvantage of trying to hold a vulnerable seat as opposed to being able to loosely defend themselves, which is the case of many Republicans like Ted Cruz in Texas facing challenges. Only this race in Ohio is a much bigger story. While Ted Cruz will surely end up with a comfortable victory, Sherrod Brown is poised to lose to Renacci. There is too much time on the clock for Brown to defend his seat against a very sharp Jim Renacci, and a very aggressive candidate at that. Knowing a bit about Renacci that I’ve been able to learn over the course of this year is that he is very competitive. Like Trump he will do whatever it takes to win, he will pound the pavement, give the speeches, energize his base, he’ll do the work. The same can’t be said about Brown. He has grown to take his seat for granted except for election years and he is already on his heels in uncomfortable ways. If he’s hoping to run out the clock on Renacci, that is a sure strategy to defeat. But if he wants to fight Renacci, and indirectly Trump himself, then he risks alienating his union support. Brown is in a really bad position.

The difference with Renacci however as opposed to Trump is that he is pretty mild-mannered and is very likable. He’s a traditional business person who has done things in life for the right reasons and when people meet him, that is what comes across. He’s just so likeable, so the more he goes around Ohio and meets people, the instant association with Trump is a plus, but for his own standing, Jim Renacci is just a good person, and a dedicated fighter which people can trust. That is what is the biggest danger to Brown over the coming two months of the political chess game. Brown for so long has managed to be that “other” senator which allowed Ohioans to feel like a bipartisan state with federal representation. Rob Portman is the conservative senator in the state who doesn’t make much by way of waves, and Brown has been that more blue-collar representative. But times have changed and Renacci has a real blue-collar background which gives voters who lean to the political right as blue-collar union types a person they can vote for without betraying the union hall. For them Renacci is a win, win. For Brown that is a nightmare.

Without question the Ohio senate race is the biggest indicator of Trump’s strength as president and the fact that Renacci is doing so well against the entrenched Brown says everything. But with two months to go, all Brown can really do is try to keep everything in front of him in a prevent position. But that won’t win this game at all. Against a weaker candidate, it might, but not with Jim Renacci. Jim is just the kind of guy who can beat Brown and the old Senator knows it. If the poll had come from Fox News or even the Republican party these numbers might not mean so much, but from Innovation Ohio, its huge news. They are not friendly to conservatives in any way.

I can proudly say that my bet has been on Jim Renacci from the very beginning. When I first learned the strategy of what Trump wanted to do in Ohio I was very supportive of it. And over the months that have followed it was easy to see how smart it was. Renacci is not a loser and he is committed to winning that Democratic held Senate seat and there isn’t much Brown can do to stop him. And that should be the lead story on every network, even CNN. But like any crowd who is rooting for a team they think is a sure thing and are trying to hold a lead against a much more aggressive team, they can only sit there in silence and hope things stay the way they are. But in their gut, they know that’s not the case. Their team is going to lose and all they can do to meet that reality is to sit there in silence and pray.

Rich Hoffman

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How Alex Jones and David Icke Contribute to a First-Rate Mind: Just because things are considered conspiracies, doesn’t mean they are false

When critics of mine say that you can’t listen to my topics on politics or other serious matters because I also cover topics of conspiracy and pseudoscience, they are speaking of their own limitations, not the actual way that information is obtained. And to that aspect I do find that people like Alex Jones and England’s David Icke contribute to the advancement of understanding by simply asking outlandish questions then seeking evidence to support it. What critics are saying about themselves when they insist that only certain types of information are relevant to any discussion, such as those endorsed by institutional behavior, but not information accepted by institutional understanding they are actually pointing out how misunderstandings are perpetuated in civilization. My method of obtaining truth to anything is to take in information wherever it comes from then using deductive reasoning to chip away at the truth. It’s what I consider a first-rate mind who can take all the puzzle pieces wherever they come from and assemble them into the facts we must all work with. It’s a method I use professionally which is far superior to my peers in industry. When I’m trying to solve a problem, I don’t just look at the accepted institutional evidence because honestly, if someone wants to hide something, the way to do it is to hide it behind institutional trust. And this is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from people these days because information has become so decentralized, and that is why conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and David Icke are so popular today. They ask lots of outlandish questions and make proposals that sound crazy to the typical institutionalists. But if taken as just part of a pile of evidence, there are useful concepts introduced that advance thought, which is why I never disregard anything until truth proves something false.

I’m a big believer of brainstorming and I can say from firsthand experience that my methods really piss people off. Such as in business, if I am trying to solve a really complicated problem I invite everyone I can think of to a 15 to 30-minute meeting, from the highest in a company to what might be considered the lowest according to an organizational chart. I ignore the organizational chart because my goal is not to appease the people who are high up on the chart, but to get to the truth, so I bring in everyone, treat them with equal respect and pick their brains and see what they can throw up on one of my “white board meetings,” where anything and everything is considered. I often get a mess of crazy ideas but mixed into them all is some grain of the truth that if you sift through it leads to the answer you are seeking. I look at it like mining for gold. Gold never comes out looking wonderful, you have to dig for it and clean it up before its ready to use. And that is my method for obtaining obscure answers to complicated problems. It is the method of the way any first-rate mind would proceed, and I can say that over the years the people who most hate it are those who are high up on an organizational chart, because they either want to believe that the common people under them are stupid, or that they (as higher ups) have something to hide that they want to keep concealed from the people lower on the organizational chart. And that is exactly what is going on within our own Federal government presently, and why Donald Trump is so hated, because he has a similar method of obtaining information. Its quite a common thing among successful business people to have a decentralized flow of information flowing to them as an executive. Even the guy who pushes brooms all day long has valuable things to say about their observations, so nothing should be left off the table.

When David Icke puts forth that a reptilian race is controlling a few families on planet earth and is trying to flow all politics through them there is some interesting things to sift through. Humans certainly do behave in a strangely maniacal way toward ritual and superstition. Even so-called wise people do believe that spiritual aide can help them overcome earthly challenges over their rivals so that belief comes from somewhere. Until we know where, we have to consider the possibilities. Is it an alien group of reptile people? Who knows. What matters is that some people believe them to be a factor so we have to consider the who, what, why, when and where as to how. Are the villains actually reptilian people? I say it doesn’t matter, but what does is the propensity of some to cleave to a social elite status that then interrupts proper management of our civilization. And of that observation, David Icke has done some fantastic work—it doesn’t matter if its aliens or a bunch of people who went to Yale and wish to protect that institutions reputation with skewed social data. The impact on the world is the same.

When I started years ago my public education crusade my assertion was that public schools were focused on one primary thing, brainwashing children into liberalism and they gained permission from the parents by offering free babysitting services making it all too easy for the programing to take effect. When I said such a thing, critics called it a tin hatted conspiracy on the level of David Icke or Alex Jones. But reality has shown me to be completely correct and it doesn’t sound so crazy these days, because the evidence has been quite apparent. The reason is that information has been decentralized and the state no longer can suppress the data from voters. For instance, my home district of Lakota schools has thrown many millions of dollars of payroll at teachers yet the performance of the students has gone down instead of up. Paying teachers more money has never been a direct contributor to the quality of the public-school system because the schools were never really about education. Past the fifth grade the emphasis of public education has been to fit children into some social demographic and process them into institutional controls, so test scores are not reflective of the reality because the goal was always assimilation, not education. When I said it, it scared people, but these days more people are ready to admit the mess that public education has become. Even though people didn’t want to admit it, when I said the things I did about public education the institutionalists wanted to believe it was all a conspiracy theory, but as it turned out, I was more than correct, even in the early days of speculation.

The controversy of Alex Jones going to Washington D.C. and all the trouble he brought with him is just another example. I thought Alex Jones was baiting Marco Rubio with the whole hand on the shoulder thing. There wasn’t much that Rubio could do to fight a guy like Jones, there was no way to win without being willing to slug it out with Jones. That is why Alex Jones has been taken down from all social media platforms, because the belief is from the institutionalists, for which Marco Rubio is certainly one of them, is that they make the world. Jones was a reminder that there were forces shaping the present world that were outside of those institutional limits, and that’s why Rubio went to the default defense of trying to pretend he didn’t know who Alex Jones was. It was Rubio’s way of saying that if the institutions don’t recognize you, that you have nothing the world wants; therefore, I don’t know you. But when Alex Jones called Rubio a bathhouse frat boy, there was an accuracy to that statement that cuts across all party politics, and ultimately points to the reason that Marco lost the primary election to Trump.

Information, wherever it comes from is not dirty or even crazy. I have found that even the most disjointed mind sometimes produces great intelligence even if the reality of possessing that knowledge does make them a little eccentric and off the wall. It takes a first-rate mind to take all that information in and to put it to good use, and those that can are wonderful problem solvers. Those who are afraid of that truth call information they don’t like conspiracies, as if to marginalizing it out of usefulness. But the evidence says that you can never give institutional knowledge a monopoly on results. Even if the information comes from someone who believes that a reptile species is controlling us all, or that ancient aliens once settled the planet, or that the Illuminati is asking for blood sacrifices in modern politics to skew election results in their favor, there are aspects in truth to everything, even the most outlandish story. But it takes a good mind to extract that value. And just because a majority of people do not possess such skills does not make the usefulness of those skills less valid. Only more so.

Rich Hoffman

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“Lock Her Up”: Why Trump supporters will never be satisfied until Hillary Clinton is in jail

It’s amazing how intuitive the American people are, voters free of institutional imprint to decipher instincts that guide them to the truth through the smoke screens of civility. Watching these rallies that Donald Trump does, such as this one prior to Labor Day weekend in Indiana, where the audience chants, “lock her up,” it is actually astonishing how accurate people were when given a platform to speak from, such as one of those rallies even though at the time that it all started, the concept of locking her up seemed like a remote necessity. They didn’t know several years ago when these rallies began just how deeply corrupt Hillary Clinton and the DNC really were, or to the extent that the FBI tampered with the election process to help the Democrats do better, but all along the crowds at the Trump rallies knew by instinct that there was enough of something bad happening to justify locking up the person who wanted desperately to be the first woman president, so much so that she was willing to break many laws to fulfil that fantasy. People really weren’t fooled from the beginning, which is why Trump’s poll numbers have never changed for the worse.

It’s important to understand that people really can smell a rat and they aren’t so easily conned. By observation its obvious that they can’t be manipulated by the kind of lies that the FBI fostered even though on an individual basis they are quite forgiving. But you put them into a crowded room and give them a chance to express themselves and they understand the level of criminality that was always at play, even though at the time it might only have been considered political rhetoric. With the new evidence that is coming in day by day just how entangled the manipulators of the DNC and FBI were with each other, it’s not just Hillary Clinton who should be going to jail, but it’s a large number of people, many of whom were considered squeaky clean prior to the election of 2016. From the perspective of bringing honesty back to Capital Hill, the Trump presidency has certainly rooted out the villains who were always hiding in plain sight.

The fact that disgraced Justice Department official Bruce Ohr was keeping Andrew Weissmann “in the loop” on the now famous dossier and had contact in 2016 with Weissmann, who is now a top Robert Mueller Deputy, should be enough to effectively end Mueller’s special counsel. These villains were hard at work at framing Donald Trump and electing Hillary Clinton to the presidency no matter what laws had to be broken and slowly over the months have been exposed in such embarrassing ways. When people say that the Mueller investigation should be ended, they aren’t just saying it to protect Donald Trump from possibly implicating himself, it’s because the bad guys in this situation must have the Mueller investigation to keep themselves out of trouble. Once the Mueller investigation ends and the offense is no longer in their favor, there are a lot of people in big trouble.

Yet it didn’t take the news to instruct people how they felt about Hillary Clinton. She obviously knew that the FBI was working on her behalf and was given assurances from Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama themselves that the full power of the state would be put behind her victory. During the final months of the campaign that is the reason that everyone sort of laughed off Donald Trump, as if to tell him,

don’t you know you don’t have a chance in hell of winning?” That’s when these chants started at these rallies, because Trump was their vehicle for getting at the real truth. If Trump had been a typical Republican candidate they wouldn’t have felt they could express themselves in such a way. But Trump let them speak in ways that nobody had previously, and they projected an ability to decipher bull shit from the truth quite effectively. It should all give us an understanding of just how powerful a republic style government truly is, if it’s allowed to function properly.

There is no way that the world goes back to the way it was prior to the 2016 election where the FBI operates as a corrupt umpire and calls strikes on their political enemies and balls even when the pitches are delivered precisely at the same location to their friends. What we have observed is the greatest example of scandal that any first world power has ever observed, and it’s on a massive scale, much larger than previously even considered. Hillary Clinton should certainly be in jail, just for the principle of it. Not only did the DNC rig the election on her behalf against Bernie Sanders, but they had the presidency all locked up as well with the assurances by the FBI that they had everything in the bag for her. The hatred of Trump by these people is like a burglar hating a home for having a security alarm. Trump being a political outsider screwed up everything for these villains. They thought they had everything set, and they did for some other Republican candidate. But Trump ignited in the common everyday people a voice they had been long suppressed, and that voice spoke on election night and destroyed all the elaborate plans that had been orchestrated to the contrary. The villains in this case, especially those working in the FBI should have watched more episodes of Scooby Doo when they were kids. Maybe they could have avoided all this if not for those pesky Trump supporters.

There is only one way to fix it, and that is not only for Hillary Clinton to be locked up, but for her conspirators as well. The crimes here are far more serious than Martha Stewart, or Paul Manafort, these crimes committed by the FBI and Obama White House and covered up directly by the special investigation of Robert Mueller are attacks at the essential elements of our republic. Only the people knew all along. They understood what was happening and to fix it they elected Donald Trump. And because of the pressure of having someone from outside the system in the White House, so many crimes are being uncovered, and CNN along with so many others in the media have been caught directly, and it has been embarrassing. But we have to follow the facts where they take us, and unfortunately the situation is every bit as bad as the most vocal conspiracy theorist had previously articulated.

Not that I am a frequent Alex Jones listener, but when he was attacked by Facebook and YouTube it made me want to listen to him more because he obviously is pissing off the right people. Thinking back on it he was right from the very beginning. The things he said about the inner workings of the Deep State may have sounded kooky at first but the facts have fleshed out that he had his hand on the truth from the start. But so did most people. All they really need is a voice to communicate their thoughts through, and it is quite amazing that normal people are able to see through all the smoke so clearly. People don’t need a government that tells them what they see and hear, people can do that for themselves. They need a government that listens to them and functions from that instruction and nothing more. They certainly don’t need a king or a lord to rule over them, which was the promise of Hillary Clinton and her conspirators. And they got caught doing that very thing and now its time to pay the price and of course they are unhappy about it. But if you do the crime, you have to be willing to do the time that comes with it, and obviously that is not the case. It can now be said quite clearly that the Robert Mueller investigation has had only one purpose, and it wasn’t to discover some truth about Donald Trump, it was to keep all the puppets from going to jail for their crimes in tampering with an American election. The average people knew all along, and they still chant the necessity for people to be locked up for their role in the whole deal. But the edges are closing in on the villains finally and the world will never be the same again in the aftermath. And to that we can all be happy that at least justice has a chance because Donald Trump is in the Executive Branch and not some hack who would be all too willing to play along against the wishes of the American Republic.

Rich Hoffman

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The Jacksonville Killer David Katz: Gun control is impossible in this modern age of self production

One of the reasons I have been so interested in Cody Wilson’s quest to print 3D guns and build firearms from the comfort of our own homes is that his approach does great work for the Second Amendment that not even the NRA is daring to pursue. Wilson is actually making a successful argument for the expansion of the Second Amendment as opposed to just trying to stave off incursions against it, as the NRA and most members of congress are relegated to do. Every time there is a mass shooting, such as the one on Sunday at a Madden video game tournament at the Jacksonville Landing in Florida the very first thing that politicians and anti-gun activists did is beg for more gun control. Yet that is never the real answer to the problem of mass shootings—or shootings of any kind. It is only the state’s desire as an institutional element to squelch threats to its existence and it uses every tragedy to propel its argument. So, when the 24-year-old kid David Katz got angry that he lost in the Madden tournament which was taking place that Sunday afternoon he went to his car and grabbed guns to shoot up the people who beat him. The result was 3 people were killed and 11 wounded. Katz killed himself once he had instigated the carnage.

Of course the swell of gun control advocates piled on, but in this shooting, even more so than those in the past, the cries for change were bouncing off hollow walls. Gun control would not solve this problem, the conditions that brought Katz to shoot a bunch of innocent people is much more systemic. He was apparently in turmoil over his divorced parents, like a lot of young people are these days because marriage and family life are not stable for the growth of children as they have been in the past. Intact family development is crucial to the proper mental health of children—one could argue successfully that it is the primary reason to get married in the first place—to properly create children in society.

Additionally, the video game culture is now one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, they outsell movies and regular sports events now. That raises the stakes for people like Katz who had won the Madden tournament in the previous year to use that activity as his calling card for peer respect. But even going further, the kid was an anti-Trumper in a political climate that saw great Trump successes and all that was fed by the anti-Trump media, so there are lots of complicit elements that prevented Katz from behaving in a rational way.

For Katz, if it wasn’t guns it would have been a car, a knife or a baseball bat. Clearly, he had mental health problems yet the institutions that were supposed to be doing their jobs on him failed and the kid was a menace to himself and those around him. So the question has been brought up concerning gun control, should the state be able to control his access to firearms because he has a history of mental illness and social instability? Then who is going to decide whether or not Katz is socially stable enough to have a firearm? The same FBI that allowed Bruce Ohr and his wife to create fake documents to fudge up a FISA warrant to spy on the President of the United States—so to dig up dirt on him to get him thrown out of office on impeachment and leaked information to the press to psychologically destroy him. Or a CIA that sends guns to enemies in many countries to topple governments? Deciding who is right and wrong is a matter of perspective on which state-run power is holding more assets, but that does nothing to resolve the matter of individual rights. And that is what the Bill of Rights was all about, particularly the First and Second Amendments.

That is why the Second Amendment needs to be expanded, not weakened, even to issues of common sense such as mental illness, because the state control really isn’t qualified to determine such things. They are not capable, as David Katz is a prime example. Now that guns are invented, even if they are illegal, Katz could always get his hands on them. Someone out there in the world is going to make them in some market and we cannot allow villains to have them and good guys not to. As much as gun control advocates hate the idea of a “wild, wild, west” world where everyone is armed and can kill a bad guy quickly, that is the only way to view the world of today where decentralization of ideas is the cornerstone of our present existence. The very nature of the Madden tournament there at the shopping center in Jacksonville is the evidence of a new world not controlled by the state, and people must adapt to that world. The more centralized the controls are, the more vulnerable the people are who are now operating in a decentralized world, where we order most of our consumer goods on websites like Amazon and get our entertainment on Netflix. Video games have taken the place of actual sports because they are more inclusive, and more immediate than traditional games in the backyards of our homes. And with the divorce rate up, families destroyed, and personal phones giving people more individualized options than ever before, the concept of a centralized state controlling even guns is ridiculous.

While its true that all this technology gives the state more power of surveillance than ever before, that information is useless to that power because the state is too centralized and cannot move fast enough to protect people from threats. It can only clean up the mess afterwards. There were plenty of messages provided by David Katz to attract the attention of the FBI, but what would they do to stop such carnage? Nothing. They could only file a report later and use that information to fuel the anti-gun crowd because at least the deaths might give more power to the state for which the FBI serves. The best way to deal with loose cannons like David Katz was to just shoot him right at the point of the threat. Some of the fellow video gamers at the tournament should have been armed, but the Chicago Pizza restaurant where the tournament was held was a gun free zone. It shouldn’t have been. There should have been many people there armed, not just the killer.

Even at this point if all the guns in the world were confiscated, and possessing guns or gun plans were illegal, there would be massive noncompliance. It would be worse than all the drug laws we have, where compliance never stopped anybody from smoking pot or using cocaine. The drugs came illegally, just like illegal immigration have also come. More gun laws will never stop guns. It will just destroy American jobs. The guns will be made in people’s personal machine shops and from other countries as part of a black market that nobody has any control over, and that is the only path that more gun control will take us on. That is the essential message of Cody Wilson. That now technology has been introduced to our society and that it cannot be reversed. The state forces can seek to eliminate and even rewrite history to keep that information from the minds of people, but with the quick rise of information and the public hunger for it, whether it is in the form of video games, weapons or grocery delivery there is no way to stop what has been unleashed without destroying society itself, which the state has been unwilling to do. The presidency of Donald Trump is an aspect of that new technology, without it, and Wikileaks he likely wouldn’t have ever come close to winning the office of the President. That same technology makes gun control impossible so why even entertain the idea and delay a real solution. The way to stop the crazy loser David Katz was to shoot him dead right there on the spot with Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. The two impediments to that were the nature of the youth themselves which has not been taught the value of gun ownership from either their parents or their institutions. The other was that the restaurant that the Madden tournament was being held in was a gun free zone. Those two things need to change to truly make events like that one safe. More gun control is not only unrealistic, it runs counter to the very nature of progress itself—and that Genie at this point isn’t going back into the bottle.

Rich Hoffman

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