Candice Keller, Locked in a Vault, Yet Nobody can Find Her: A campaign doomed from beginning to end

I had hoped that the rumors were not true and that Candice Keller would in fact be at the Butler County Chamber Coalition debate for the 4th Ohio Senate District at the Benison Event Center in downtown Hamilton. But like the giant bank vault of that old building that has stories to tell going back to the gangsters of prohibition, not even Candice was inside. All of her that made it was her name tag at a table where she should have been if ever she hoped to be a real candidate for the upcoming primary election on March 17th. I had hoped to talk to her, to salvage her political career somewhat by getting behind George Lang and living for another day, but she didn’t even show up to have that conversation. Instead, it appears that her phobia of public speaking was true and that her weak speeches at the State House were more than just a rookie learning her way in a new office, Candice has a real problem getting her thoughts across to the public in events like this one, which is crucial to any viable candidate.

A lot of people have such phobias of public speaking and being judged by so many people, but anybody running for a big office must understand that these expectations come with the territory. In her case she managed to offer something fresh to her district and people gave her a chance largely through church networks and Facebook. But people expect their political representatives to learn as they go and events like the one at the Benison Event Center are part of the job, and winning those debates are expected. The job for the 4th District Senate Seat is bigger than a Facebook campaign, these types of things are how politicians communicate to their constituents, not just through quips to the media, but in presenting herself to a crowd that isn’t always happy to see her and to win them over. That’s part of the game. Instead, Candice had an empty chair with her name on it, and her son showed up to video the other candidates to see how the professionals did it. But her empty seat was quite a statement, it said a lot more than if she had come and made a fool of herself. At least if she had, people might sympathize, but instead all she gave the audience was the impression that she didn’t even care enough to arrive.

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What her son was able to record was a very polished George Lang who is the obvious front runner deliver very well on all the questions that were asked of him. George is the real deal at every level, he is good with people, honest, understands the needs of donors, and he can reach across the aisle to work with anybody on anything. Candice’s son also saw a very sharp Kathy Wyenandt who will be the Democrat nominee after the primary. All evening she and George spoke well together in a polite way without surrendering their integrity, but in the manner that both of them could go to Columbus and get bills passed by members of the various influencers. Even if Candice did luck out and Moses came to separate the Red Sea for a freakish win at the Republican primary, for which the entire GOP is asking her to resign due to her reckless commentary about Nazis and gay people, Candice doesn’t have the horsepower to beat Kathy Wyenandt in a head to head race. Currently, the way things are, Kathy has a numbers problem, she’s running as a Democrat so no matter how good she is, she’s on the wrong side. But with the GOP not behind Candice, and Keller looking to be terrified of public debates, she would have no hope of winning a major election against Wyenandt.

That is why I wanted to talk to Candice, to help her see the light before it was too late. Instead, she is off on a fantasy that she can avoid these kinds of things and still win with a Tea Party like activism. Only I was there when the Tea Party was young, and so was George Lang. Many of the best conservatives today in the GOP are from that movement. What Candice and what’s left of the Tea Party are those who have not found an identity in the new focus of leadership that has emerged under President Trump. They haven’t made the transition from rock chucker to leader. George Lang certainly has; he is very much the Trump Republican in the race. When Trump comes to town, its George that he would seek, certainly never Candice, especially in the wake of her media troubles. She’s toxic poison right now with no future in sight once she steps out of her House seat and that would be a real tragedy to the election that she did win.

Keller’s son was also able to record the bumbling lunacy of Ding Dong Lee Wong who had a terrible debate. An absolute disaster. I would say about it, at least he had the guts to come. However, afterwards when everyone was talking during a social hour Lee disappeared rather quickly. The group I was talking to figured that it was because East Avenue was nearby, and he was likely going on shopping visits for his old friend Robin McDaniel—the “working girl.” Of course, before going Ding Dong Lee Wong said that the solution to the employment challenges were to just let in more Chinese people, or something to that effect, which left the audience baffled and looking for more to come. But at least Lee was there to make a statement, which was more than Candice. All jokes aside about the brevity of Lee’s post-debate networking, the obvious front runner of the debate was George Lang as expected, and Lee looked to understand that after this season of debates, this one in Hamilton being likely one of the last before the primary. Any hopes Lee had of landing a blow against Lang that could damage his frontrunner status was gone and so was Lee’s spirit. I almost felt sorry for Ding Dong Lee, but because I know the history of how much he hates George Lang, I won’t go so far to reach out an olive branch. He can wallow in it for plenty as far as I’m concerned.

Once the room had cleared and everyone went home, I did ask the caretakers of the place if I could look in the vault to see if Candice was back there somewhere. To humor me, they actually looked with me holding that name tag to identify Candice.  Nobody was in the vault, but it was impressive to look at such an antiquated structure from the years long gone. It reminded me a lot of the campaign of Candice Keller, confined, locked up, and even looted beyond comprehension. Her perceived path to victory was to lock herself in such a vault to the outside world and hope that some miracle might happen to get her elected into a high office by just throwing rocks outside those confines at a genuinely good person in George Lang. She should know with all her supposed Christian values that lying about people as she has been disparaging the character of Lang to such a degree won’t get her any keys to heaven. I’d love to help her with her problem, but all she gave me to work with was a nametag and an empty seat and the perception of an audience that already thought of her as a loser.

Rich Hoffman

Mark Welch is the Only Real Candidate for the 52nd House of Representatives in Ohio: It takes a lot more than just voting

Another exciting opportunity for this upcoming primary and eventual election in November is that Mark Welch is offering himself as a candidate for the 52nd State Representative seat in Ohio. With George Lang moving over to the senate his friend Mark is willing to cover that House seat and to keep a good thing going which the two of them have been doing for a long time in West Chester, only extending that same effort out into Ohio in a larger way. The tremendous success that Mark Welch has experienced as a trustee of the very successful West Chester township makes him the best pick in the primary to make the most out of that state seat and continue that good work on a larger stage. Like George, Mark has the highest grade possible from the Buckeye Firearms Association and has been endorsed by 80% of the precinct representatives in the 52nd District area, which is 80 total–19 in Fairfield Township, 25 in Liberty Township and 46 in West Chester. That’s an important thing to know because Welch’s primary opponent in this election is Jennifer Gross the retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force and current nurse. She’s a well-intentioned person but has not yet developed any political clout to play at that level. When it comes to experience and a ready built network to get things done with that Representative seat, Mark Welch is the clear choice.

Experience isn’t everything, Donald Trump did step out of his role as a real estate tycoon to run for office and win. But those were extraordinary circumstances and to be honest, these House of Representative seats are pretty tough to run and hold without losing yourself along the way. They are the ultimate middle management jobs where you get squeezed from both ends and you have to be pretty savvy to stay true to the voters, yourself, and the constitutional principles that got you involved in the first place. Mark has been a very successful trustee now for several cycles and West Chester has seen great success which he has been a major part of. It will not be difficult for him to take that experience to Columbus and work the House and network in the Senate in the same fashion. He has great passion for the job and I can say that I knew Mark in the beginning when he was just a bright eyed hopeful like Jennifer Gross is now looking to contribute something to the world around them. Before being a trustee Mark was a successful businessperson, and still is. The Republican Party is always in need of fresh new faces to fill some of these seats, but to be honest, the optimal way to get them is to get into the pool and get your feet wet, then start swimming in deeper and deeper water. The 52nd District House of Representatives seat is about a lot more than just voting yes or no, there is a lot of work that must go on that nobody sees and we want a person who can handle all that with a smile on their face and ambition for the job every morning.

For about 10 years, especially in Butler County, Ohio we have been going through a strong team building phase. We have had enormously strong Tea Party efforts at the height of that movement and many of those people are now office holders who are helping to shape the direction of the Republican Party and are natural extensions of the Trump administration coming directly out of the White House. Perhaps 10 years ago before any good groundwork was being done to reform good, honest politics in Butler County Jennifer’s jump into the deep end of the pool would be applauded. We would have wanted anybody to penetrate the castle wall and hope to unlock the door from the other side. They may have been slain in the process, but we would have thrown our support behind her in hopes that she might be a change agent for the better. But at some point, you do win the castle and now you have to switch from victim to aggressor and you have to hold the castle—because you’ve taken it. And at the same time, you must create a path for others to follow so that you can grow as an effort.

Its not enough to say that a candidate wants to change the political system for the little people, or like that Democrat woman in Butler County who wants to run against George Lang for the Senate seat of the 4th, “People over Politics,” those are clichés from the past. Going from a nurse to a powerful 52nd House Seat would be a tough step for Jennifer Gross because she hasn’t had time to do the proper networking that is involved in being successful in a seat like that. Sure, she might make it up as she goes, but the odds are, she will only be a fraction effective as she hopes to be where Mark Welch will be able to hit the ground running because he has done the work along the way. What a lot of people don’t know about these political seats is that you have to be able to raise money, do the ribbon cutting, deal with all the people who suck up to you, but you can’t lose yourself along the way, which has been a major problem for a lot of people in the past. We’ve done well with the 52nd Seat in Butler County for a long time with good solid people sitting in it, which is why Mark is the best choice in this election for it. While its true that Jennifer Gross has financial resources that make her somewhat independent, the raising money isn’t just for winning elections, its how people in Columbus measure the most valuable voice that matters in bill proposals and other voting matters, the leverage you bring to the table as a member of the House.

Raising money is the quiet capital that is valued the most in the world of politics and its how things get done. Not how the money is used, but in how much money a politician can get their hands on because it says that the people of your district trust you enough to write a check for thousands of dollars. If they’ll do that, then the weight of a vote in Columbus where everyone has their own district concerns means more than just someone who happens to win an election because they had their mortgage paid off and showed up to cast a vote. There is a big difference in such political capital and anybody who hopes to be effective in a state seat anywhere in the country has to solve that basic riddle just as someone must learn to swim if they are going to be in the part of the pool where they can’t touch the ground with their feet. A school board seat or a trustee position is the first logical step in building that network. By the time a candidate gets to a state seat, they need to have the ability to have fundraisers and to capture a significant amount because that is how Columbus measures the potency of a fellow member.

And for people who don’t know Mark Welch the way I do, as a tireless worker who is always upbeat in every setting, and is willing to do the reading and understanding that it takes to cast proper votes that are truly Republican and not some fence sitter waiting to see if conservative values are fashionable enough to cast a vote, the most valuable number to keep in mind is that Mark has 80% of the precinct vote which are the people who really count in all elections. And they are endorsing him because they have had time over the last several elections to get to know him. Jennifer hasn’t, it will take a while, but the truth is, she is untested. While she may be a good person and a nice nurse with a military record, she has to prove that she can handle the fundraisers, the ribbon cutting and all the temptations that come with a powerful office without losing herself in the process. And Mark Welch in this case is the only candidate who has proven he can handle it, and then some. And Welch is the only candidate in this election who could fill that 52nd House seat the way we have come to expect and do the good work there that we all require. I’d like to see more from Jennifer in the future, but she has some work to do before she starts swimming in a seat like this.

Rich Hoffman

Why Democrats Hate Trump and Republicans in General: The choice between being a winner or a loser

It took a few days for it all to settle in, the debacle for the Democrats in Iowa, the terrible reaction to the State of the Union address President Trump gave this week, and the acquittal in the senate of the failed impeachment attempt of that same president, but the essence of the failures of the Democrat Party are deep and reflect an America most people despise, that of the loser. Its one thing to have compassion for people who are born losers, its quite another to allow ourselves to be controlled by them. We don’t want losers telling us what to do, and we certainly don’t want our lives limited by them. And what we saw this week by Democrats under great pressure, because the Republican Party under President Trump’s leadership is working very well, are members of the other party that just can’t compete, and they are fully aware of it. All their attempts to “equalize” the situation failed leaving them essentially to be a heaving mess of below the line thinking that nobody finds attractive. It reminded me why I simply don’t like Democrats, its not due to their race, their sex, or even their essential philosophy they say is steeped in compassion for other people, the planet, or even the less talented, its because their view of the world is rooted in negative victimization and nothing else, and that was never what becoming an American or staying an American was ever supposed to be about.

Plenty has been said by lots of smart people regarding the events of this past week, but nothing says incompetency like the Iowa caucuses. When people asked me about it, and these other events my reply was to compare it to a football game. Any quarterback from even a high school team can hit a running receiver in stride 30 yards down the field if they know where they will be at precisely the correct time that the ball is released from their hand, so long as they have 5 seconds or more to make the decision to throw. However, when a quarterback must play against a good defense and the line of the opposition is pressing down on that quarterback in 2.5 seconds or less, then even good quarterbacks will look like bumbling fools on the field of play. The Democrats are used to having all the time in the world to throw the ball, Republicans in the past have not pressed them out of some gentlemanly agreement to be equally deficient in performance. That is until President Trump came along from the private sector and started applying expectations to government—which is the source of their hatred of him. Suddenly there were expectations on Democrats that they just were not ready to deal with, and instead of trying to get better over the last three years, they have bet everything on getting rid of the expectation, symbolized in President Trump.

The media has gone along with the game allowing the Democrats to feel empowered as a political class to some level of competency so long as there was never any real measure. But Trump brought measures with him to Washington D.C., the same kind of measures that all private industry is judged by and the essence of it is that Democrats just weren’t ready. And when it was showtime in Iowa, it was an embarrassing mess. And when the State of the Union speech was given by President Trump, the Democrats could only sit there and listen as they spent all their time and energy being the opposition to Trump’s measures that they couldn’t share any joy in the long list of accomplishments that the President spoke about for over an hour straight. All they could do is sit there like the victims they have chosen to be, or to protest all together by not showing up, wearing white outfits to reflect the women’s suffrage movement from the turn of the last century, or do as Nancy Pelosi did at the end of the speech, rip it up because they had found themselves behind on all of it.

Then of course the next day, Republicans in the senate, except for the chameleon Mitt Romney, voted to acquit the President of the attempted coup by Democrats by quelling impeachment dashing any hopes of removing Trump from office before the election in November. That is what having a winning attitude will do for a person or a party, people tend to unite behind it and bask in its joy. But when your entire platform is about being a victim, that’s not at all an attractive prospect. People may see themselves as losers, but few people are happy staying that way and that’s all the Democrats are offering, which is why as a party, they are failing so epically. I hate to say it again, but I predicted all this many years ago and sure enough, its happing right on schedule. It’s not that Trump himself did it all, he was but the vehicle. It really comes down to personal beliefs, if they are above or below the line. You can’t build a great anything if the participants have a loser attitude. Trump was elected by an excited base because they recognize in Trump someone who wants to win. They do too, and so the Trump base was born. Its not hard to figure out, its something that evolved out of a natural trajectory of thought.

What you will find dear reader when talking to the “other side” whether its in an elevator at an apartment complex in Hyde Park which is full of anti-Trump socialites who know more about wine than they do politics, or the angry mother at Kroger shopping for weekend snacks for her family while running all three of her kids from one sporting event to another and doesn’t have time to know what’s going on in the outside world aside from what she sees on Yahoo’s front page of news, is that people who dislike Trump or Republicans in general are angry at their own lack of understanding about the world and their laziness to do the work in learning more so they could be more informed. They want to remain below the line people, people obsessed with what they can’t do, or what they can’t be. They want to relish in their victimhood because they just don’t have the ambition to take a positive position in their own lives on anything, and the Republicans of Trump make them feel the pressure to be more, and they hate it.

When people say they hate Trump what they are really saying is that they are too lazy to keep up and that they want to go back to the days where they didn’t feel so much pressure. Where they could give a little statement to the press about something and the media would run with it, but nobody really expected anybody to do anything about it. Democrats had likely the worst week they have had in years not because anything changed for them, but now there are measures to compare to, and that pressure is something they are not used to dealing with. It should be expected that people wanting to remain victims in life would be unhappy with the sudden growth of the country under the Trump presidency which expects good results about everything. Ripping up the SOTU speech the way Nancy Pelosi did was no different than all the attempts to impeach Trump, or to convict him just because he had expectations, they were too lazy to live with. Instead they kept their eyes on victimization when the Trump administration was bringing empowerment and before they could blink, the Democrats had lost their base almost completely. And now its too late for them to do anything about it.

Rich Hoffman

George Lang: The Magnificent future Senator of Ohio

While the President of the United States was in Iowa getting in front of the Democrat primaries there, there was a rally in West Chester that had more people at it than the averages of all the Democrat presidential candidates have at any of their rallies. Joe Biden would have considered himself lucky to have so many people gather anywhere he is at, let alone people coming to gather in his honor even though he wasn’t even there. Yet that was what happened with Trump, the supporters of Butler County were willing to wait in line and give respect to the President even when he’s 500 miles away in a completely different state. And that includes politicians like George Lang who is currently a member of the Ohio House of Representatives running for the senate. George Lang has supported Donald Trump well before the Republican primaries of 2016 even had their first vote, so he certainly wasn’t going to miss a rally for the President taking place in his home district even while the House was locked in a procedural stalemate. Lang persuaded leadership to let him leave the chamber and drive from Columbus to West Chester in time to give this very energized speech. After the event was over, George headed back to Columbus to conclude his work with the House and it is people like this who have emerged in such a positive way in American politics with Trump leading the way in the White House.

George Lang has always been magnificent and full of abundant energy. However, he has never had the opportunity to be so effective as he has since Donald Trump has been elected. In the speech he gave at the Trump rally he was able to distinguish a bit why he was elected to the House and is such a front runner in the Senate, he used to be a trustee in West Chester which thrived under his leadership. West Chester under Lang’s pro-business policies has thrived into a wonderland of business, entertainment, and a residential paradise, one of the truly best places to live in all of America, and therefor the world. Given the energy he has for whatever job he plunges himself into, George Lang excels and everyone he touches benefits. In that way he is truly magnificent. He understands that its not government that gives people opportunity, but that it’s the job of the politician to get government out of the way of progress as much as possible so that the individual can think, create, and bring forth the wonders of their imaginations.

During Lang’s speech he spoke about the timeline of progress stating that society might have had many new inventions much sooner in life than with government always standing in the way. Of course he’s speaking about the very important journey from Aristotle to the Founding Fathers and how human intelligence had evolved away from kingship to the wonders of a Thomas Edison inventing new things every couple of days at the end of the 19th century. Not everyone is so inclined to be such a contributor, but any productive society wants to set up the conditions for uniqueness to spring forward and to thrive under the protection of a stable society. If government has a job it is to create that stability, but certainly not to micromanage people into bureaucratic compliance to out of touch politicians. George Lang has always understood what the true role of government should be and West Chester has thrived under his leadership and divine energy.

That same energy was on full display at the Trump rally with the events of his very busy day, starting out early with House business and an important vote to end at the Trump rally, only to finish off back in Columbus to resume business without complaint or any measure of apathy. George Lang is a tireless warrior for the innovative, the creative, and the diligent business leaders not just wanting to make money for their companies and employees, but to extend their personal risk into operations of a chance that wouldn’t be possible under any other form of government but the supporter who seeks to remove regulation and barriers giving more time and investment to new business creation. With that kind of approach West Chester has created a climate where new business investment has been willing to give new birth to strip malls like the ones that Kroger moves out of to make new, magnificent Marketplace stores only to leave behind shells of smaller buildings now vacant, like a crab leaving behind a smaller shell only to take on the form of a larger creature. In West Chester most of the time new business concepts move into those smaller shells to take advantage of the very friendly business climate, such as The Web near Lakota East, and The Antique Mall that moved into the old Biggs location. Other communities struggle to keep their real estate fresh and exciting, but due to Lang’s very friendly pro-business environment and his ability to help build the next generation of trustees in West Chester, this land of economic paradise continues to grow in positive ways, under the invisible hand of innovation and sheer creativity free of too much government intervention.

Many of us aren’t trained to think in such a way, that better results come from less government. Our education institutions teach us the opposite, but history has shown that the true path is the one that George Lang understands, less is more and unbridled energy is contagious. That is what separates Lang from the pack of ankle biters who constantly are trying to peck at him into slowing down long enough for them to catch up. But Lang is a tireless warrior of intellect and passion. The candidates running against him for the upcoming primary are either rock throwers who have no other pages in their playbook or they are social butterflies who think they can shake hands with enough people to get a free lunch. They are not at the caliber of George Lang and they are well aware of it. You didn’t see them speaking at a Trump rally, and you certainly don’t see them with backstage pictures with President Trump, essentially because like minds gravitate toward each other and George Lang and Donald Trump are essentially likeminded personalities who occasionally find each other in the chaos of government driven conformity as change agents seeking to reverse that trend. Trump has now been doing on a national scale what George Lang has been doing for decades in West Chester, promoting a pro-business climate, going against the bureaucrat class who simply want to tie everyone’s hands with more unthoughtful regulation, and inspiring individuals to take leadership positions in their own lives instead of waiting for someone who never comes to provide it for them. Empowerment is the theme of this new age of politics and like Donald Trump, George Lang is one of the original creators.

So for more reasons than just to give a speech, George Lang rushed to West Chester to be with fellow Trump supporters to rally for tomorrow’s new opportunities and to cast a wide net of optimism on the future itself. With all the hope for what’s best about people, George Lang enjoys empowering people to do what’s best for them, which then becomes what’s best for their community decided by market need, not some stuffy regulator afraid of their own shadows and in essence, that is a remarkable opportunity we all have, to have people like George Lang as options on a voter card, and Donald Trump who with such boyish optimism can put the world on their backs and carry them over mountains of red tape to a land of opportunity that was always there, only we could not see it for the mess presented to us. That is why George is so magnificent, its because he has never learned to fail, never accepted less than his dreams, and is in spite of many barriers given to him in his own life never yielded to them. And the result is this fantastic man who is willing to give to everyone who can vote for him the opportunities for unlimited fulfilment if only they would dare enough to say yes to it.

Rich Hoffman

A Miracle in West Chester: People brought together to cheer on a president who wasn’t even there

As there was an event dedicated to President Trump held by a combination of people important to the re-election actions needed in 2020, I was reminded of some of the more subtle realities of leadership management that don’t get talked about much. To comment that there was a Trump rally in West Chester, Ohio that drew a very large crowd, and he wasn’t even there says a lot about just how good this president is in ways that modern academia is clueless about. They can’t teach this kind of leadership effect at West Point, or any institution of learning, because the contents of its power are so elusive that it is beyond the measurement of modern methods. But I have come to understand it in my own way, the nature of influence leadership and just how important it is into shaping the world that we know. Even with all the attacks against President Trump, and the attempts to prevent the inevitable that comes from his raw enthusiasm for everyday life, I have watched his remote influence shape directly the lives of a cast of characters I have known within the Republican Party in such positive ways that it has been almost magical, straight out of a Disney movie.

Locally within Butler County where Republicanism is almost a regional consideration, the values have not always been aligned. I was reminded at that same event by several people that the Butler County Republican Party supported John Kasich during the last election, and we all watched that character fall from grace completely, and totally making himself a national embarrassment along the way as he made a hard left on the political spectrum almost toward the death and resurrection of Karl Marx himself. Even for me, I had been in conflict with many of the people celebrating the Presidency of Donald Trump. We all had differences rooted in positions along that political spectrum, yet at the event, we were all friends united by a common love, and understanding that Trump brings to everything he does, and that is the element that makes him so good. He unites as all leaders do people’s attention toward the obscure and they love him for it.

Even now, I see that the person I had been supporting for Senate, Jim Renacci has conflict with the current governor of Ohio Mike DeWine. I could tell similar stories about many people attending the West Chester Trump Rally on January 30, 2020. There were people there who had been at each other’s throats in years before, myself included, but with a little Chick-Fil-A offered up as a food option and a lot of positive sentiment directed toward the stage where current politicians reminisced about the Trump presidency, there was great love born from the experience where those differences melted away like a spoonful of butter on hot pancakes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was quite something to witness.

I have been warning many who have been in the fight for a long time not to become too in love with the thrill of the fight, and the nature of conflict, because at some point there will be a unifying circumstance that will bring everyone together as friends again. So its important to be open to that friendship when it gives rise to the opportunity. Its also important not to put away the weapons of war too deep into the closet either. Just because everyone has found unity in an idea, conflict is still the bond that creates future friends and pushes for the development of new frontiers of thought. Sipping tea and conversing over lattés doesn’t get you there. Team building comes directly out of people unified by necessity and war still is the most unifying function that can focus people’s attention on the things that connect them, not what divides. Part of the reason the Democrats are so floundering to find solutions for themselves these days is that they have used an attempted need to create hatred for President Trump to move their base forward, perhaps in the way that the Tea Party movement thought of Obama. The problem is, President Trump is a very likeable person and he has managed to unify nearly the entire spectrum of the Republican Party into a happy family, maybe as much as would ever be possible, and he has done it in a remarkably short period of time.

I was part of many conversations in those early days of Trump among those same Republicans, many whom supported Kasich for President, or Ted Cruz types. Some of us still had old war wounds from political endeavors where we all weren’t in agreement, particularly on public union issues. But under the pro-growth policies of the Trump approach to things, many of those concerns have been crushed under the sheer optimism of a Dow Jones marker near 30,000. I think it’s a lot to ask of any expectation, but if we can’t get politicians to agree on cutting out the fat in their budgets, Trump has chosen to think big and grow our way out of it. Even for me, I can see a path that will deal with the national debt in the next term as all these pro-growth strategies will begin operating in the black. That doesn’t solve the problem of debt spending by a government out of control, but the Trump solution of solving part of it with sheer growth has put the knives back in their sheaths and allow friendships to spring forth once again on unified fronts. That doesn’t mean that constructive conflict won’t continue, but perhaps instead of slit throats it will only be arm wrestling.

The media seemed to have difficulty understanding the story of this Trump Rally in West Chester, because as they kept saying, Butler County is Trump Country. What’s so big about a rally there with or without him. Where is the news? Of course, the prejudice from newsroom directors is obvious, they could find a story in a cat stuck in a tree, so their choice is not to give any positive news to the public about anything Trump does. But their boycott on logic went deeper to that, to an almost subconscious understanding of this leadership issue, and that the Democrats just don’t have an equal. But outside of the conflicts of politics, the story is in the long reaching effects of good leadership and how unifying it can be in obtaining goals everyone can agree on. That to my eyes is a miracle of modern splendor nearly unheard of in the history of the world. It was a good story to see, so many wild and woolly Republicans of all different backgrounds and needs unified in such a wonderful way, that was a news story that should have made front page news in any other time. But because the other side doesn’t have a comparable advocate, the results are being ignored in hopes that the greater world might not yet be touched by such a miracle. And to know the characters involved in this shin dig in West Chester, calling it a miracle is an understatement. Yet former enemies were now friends, and the seething combat that often takes place on Facebook and during fierce campaigns was now cheers for a president far away in Washington D.C., not even there to shake hands and pump his fist to the crowd, and that was something to behold for the prosperity of all time to witness.

Rich Hoffman

A Look Behind the Democrat Veil: There is nothing but smoke, not even a mirror

My history with lunatics, sword swallowers, and magicians helps me more often than all the people I know with doctorates and master’s degrees in understanding the truly life ending behavior of the Democrats, which might not be covered by anybody else in the entire world, even Rush Limbaugh. And so it went that the strategy of the entire DNC was on full display Thursday, December 5th as Nancy Pelosi announced that her congress would move forward with impeachment of President Trump. The less observed truth to their entire strategy was revealed by a fight at a rally for Mayor Pete, Joe Biden called a guy “fat” as he sparred with him over his own corruption scandal in Ukraine, and Hillary Clinton attempted to reset her dismal personality on the Howard Stern Show, almost simultaneously. In short, the objective is to get rid of Trump with impeachment so that one of the DNC candidates can make some ground, then try to create their own Trump moments to capture the attention of voters. The only problem is, they have no idea what they are doing or why people voted for Trump in the first place.

Democrats are trying to be Trump without having the authenticity of character that made so many people vote for him for president in 2016. They think they can play act some of his character traits, like going onto Howard Stern and “winging” it with flamboyance and bravado and that suddenly it might catapult them into the hearts and minds of America. But the crowds tell the whole story, what was astonishing in both Joe Biden’s townhall where he fought with the old man at that event challenging him to a push up contest and calling him names, or at the Mayor Pete event that sounded like it only had about four people there including the old lady who tried to hit a protestor with her walker. There just isn’t any excitement for these people yet the media who are fully in on the act, are trying to make them appear legitimate, but its not working.

In Biden’s case, the entire impeachment premise that the Democrats have put forth assume that Joe Biden was Donald Trump’s rival for the 2020 seat. But that guy isn’t in the running, he’s certainly not in first place. After watching him over these last several weeks, the polls that show him as the front runner must be phony, because if that is the best that the DNC have, (which I think he is) then they are in real trouble. Talk about a gaffe driven loser, between his comments about kids jumping in his lap and wanting to rub his hairy legs, then this mess with calling this guy at his townhall fat, Biden will never survive the one on one debates with Trump. And apparently everyone knows it, which is why they are trying to at least tarnish Trump with some impeachment scandal that is completely phony, so they can hope to have a shit shots chance in Hell at getting some votes in the next election. But I say it’s over for them before they can even get started because what they are trying to do is way too obvious. They don’t have any original ideas of their own, or personalities that inspire leadership, so they are copying elements of Trump without understanding why it worked in the first place. It’s one of the most pathetic things that I’ve ever seen, especially taken not individually, but rather in the context of the DNC presidential strategy for which they are all trying to play some part.

Hillary was right about some parts of Trump’s success, he did do interviews with anybody anywhere, even in his pajamas. His access to the media was explosive, but even if she had done the same, she still wouldn’t have won, and here’s why. Nobody cared about what she had to say. Nobody wanted to hear about her stupid glass ceiling of victimization womanhood, nobody wanted to hear her cough every five seconds. And nobody wanted to hear the way she really screws up saying “R’s.” She’s the crazy working mom that nobody wants to play at her house, because she’s so overbearing, stiff, and unimaginative. And she’s what the Democrats thought of as their best.

We’ve watched for a few years now the Democrats attempt put out on the market what they think voters want espousing issues that they hope people care about, like marijuana legalization, socialism for all, and open borders. Yet their people are really just used up pot heads who don’t have any pizzazz because they are cardboard cut-outs of what they think are real people. Trump is a complete person with a big personality who is where he is in life due to his wild life and many wins that have shaped him into an interesting character who can get things done. People want an achiever, not a copycat—they want authenticity. What’s insulting is that these people, Joe Biden, Clinton, Mayor Pete—and all the rest of them both in front of the camera and behind—and with all their educations, professional experience, and power in politics—they can’t come up with anything better. And that is the sad truth for them.

Then what’s worse is that while they feel they have to copy elements of Trump from 2016 to win some votes and get their base excited about something, they have conspired with a phony claim of corruption, for which Joe Biden is actually guilty of, to remove Trump from office before the election even happens because they have no other cards to play. If you think of things that way, the whole situation is entirely pathetic. That they think we are all that stupid is even worse. Because they do think that little of us.

You can tell a lot about people when the pressure is on, how they manage the stress. Biden folds like a piece of wet paper. He will never be able to go toe to toe with anybody in prime time, he can’t even do it when the media is rigged in his favor. Hillary already failed to match Trump in an election. She tried, but she was exhausted. In hindsight, she may want to do more interviews, and attend more campaign stops to match the Trump effort, but she just doesn’t have the health and stamina to do it. Talking about it is one thing, doing it is quite another. It takes a lot more than just going on Howard Stern, you must have something to say that people actually want to hear. And the rest of the DNC candidates aren’t any better off. Nancy Pelosi is even in on the game trying to copy elements of the Tea Party in her impeachment delivery sounding more like Butters from South Park than some historian evoking the sentiment of our founding documents. She misses the mark as bad if not worse than the rest of them because she thinks that by copying the Tea Party, which is where Donald Trump came from in the first place, that she will inspire action toward her Democrats. Which of course is the worst miscalculation in the history of politics. Taken all together the DNC is a disaster without a plan, character, or original ideas. And copying what does work won’t save them.

Rich Hoffman

Of Course Dan Bishop Won: It’s not that close

No matter how much they tried, when the votes were counted the conservative Dan Bishop won the special election for the North Carolina House seat that the mainstream media had been indicating was up for grabs. Supposedly Bishop was down 17 points to his rival Dan McCready just three weeks ago, but everything tightened up by the time the election was held to a squeaker—by 2 points. Well, it wasn’t that close after all, and it never was. It was a special election, the Democrats pulled out all the stops to get their guy in position and the guy still lost. That is the story. Even with the “fake news” meaning the favorable polling samples, and the massive media backing of McCready, the Democrat still lost. It has nothing to do that Trump won that same district by 12. It has everything to do with turnout. A lot of people were home watching Netflix, not out voting which is the key to understanding who will win in 2020. Even when advantages are given to Democrats, they still lose because most of their real power is only in manipulation and help by government and media. Not by the actual sentiment of real voters.

As President Trump pointed out on Twitter, Greg Murphy won by 62% to 37% not even a close race, also in North Carolina, and more of an indicator of actual national sentiment, especially through the core of the country. Yet almost nobody covered the North Carolina 3rd District race in any measurable way. It was mostly ignored, and that tells you everything, I of course was, I had on all the outlets I could get from my war room complete with popcorn and Mello Yello. I was in heaven listening to all the breaking results which for my ears never leaned toward the Democrats. The compelling story for the media with Bishop was that he was attached to the anti-transgender bathroom movement, so he was a target for the liberal press. For Greg Murphy, he is likely going to become part of the House Freedom Caucus. His views are very solid conservative.

Personally, I love the Xs and Os of politics, and in business—in everything really, because it is there where the truth always resides. You can know how good a sports team is not always by the little victories they get when the other team plays worse than the eventual winner, but in the tape where real performance is measured. The same holds true in business. A clock is right by default twice a day, but all other measures, anything goes. And that is how it is in politics. A few stumbles here and there by Republicans figuring out how to live under a Trump lead party where people like John Bolton are fired, who would have been put on a pedestal in the Bush administration as the party “experts.” The party is different, its better. Its much less global and much more hometown than it used to be and that has taken some adjustments, and during that transition, the country has been split. There are many moderate people out there that just want to live their life and they don’t really know what they feel about things, and they vote for the middle of the road, which is why things have been so close in so many elections.

But the real Xs and Os of politics shows a trend that is obvious to me. It doesn’t mean that Republicans should take anything for granted, because they shouldn’t. Even where Bishop should have blown the doors off McCready if the election had been during a presidential ballot, where turnout would have been much higher, there is always the risk of underperforming due to lack of enthusiasm. But the Democrats know the same Xs and Os that I’m seeing, and so do all the smart people out there. Even with the massive retirements from congress, Democrats are not poised to hold the House. And they don’t have anybody who is going to come out of the primaries to face Trump in 2020. Trump is going to butcher any Democrat who tries to face him in a one on one debate. And everyone can see that writing on the wall even though currently they are trying to position the election the way it was between Bishop and McCready—with Trump at a deficit so that they can inspire Democrats into action.

But the action just isn’t there. The Democrats have turned so hard left that its forcing many of those moderates to choose, which they don’t like to do. And being part of human nature, when people are forced to do something, they usually show antagonism toward the side forcing them to make a decision and will go in the opposite direction. In that regard the election season is not even close. The media wants to portray it that way for their ratings needs but in reality, the boots on the ground, the money in the bank and the voter enthusiasm just isn’t there for Democrats. That is what is obvious in the North Carolina elections. Even when Democrats cheat and hedge things to their advantage with the cooperation of the media, they can’t win.

Democrats completely rely on the victim status of their voters to carry them to the wins they can get and most of America just doesn’t see themselves as victims, below the line thinkers. Enough do to give Democrats the hope to play a game against Republicans but more and more, that game is leaning toward lopsided victories. And for Republicans they should not let their foot off the gas but should blow out the Democrats to the point where they are destroyed as a party. Because in all actuality, what they represent needs to change anyway. Socialism has no place in American politics. The Democrats are not the optimists of JFK, they are the socialists of Karl Marx and that is what we are fighting. They do not have a seat at the table thinking in that way and voters are voicing their opinions wherever the media actually covers the situation honestly, which is very hard to get, even for me.

The truth in the cases where they try to hide it is often in what is not said, not what is. And learning to read those signs shows the real Xs and Ox of politics and what we can expect next. The two wins in North Carolina indicate that after all that’s been said by the media and Democrats in general, even when they can focus their efforts on just a few Republicans, that they can’t even move the needle. What do they think is going to happen when Trump is on the ballot with all these incoming Republicans? Voter turnout will be high and if it is, Republicans will take back the House and all three branches of government will rightfully go back to Republicans. And Democrats are generally terrified of that, and they should be. A second term Trump presidency with no Mueller investigation, the FBI on its heels from the previous corruptions and everyone in the Beltway running to hide in the nearest bar hoping they don’t get a summons by the Department of Justice will be dangerous for them. But good for the country. And future elections won’t be so close, not by a longshot.

Rich Hoffman

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