Of Course Dan Bishop Won: It’s not that close

No matter how much they tried, when the votes were counted the conservative Dan Bishop won the special election for the North Carolina House seat that the mainstream media had been indicating was up for grabs. Supposedly Bishop was down 17 points to his rival Dan McCready just three weeks ago, but everything tightened up by the time the election was held to a squeaker—by 2 points. Well, it wasn’t that close after all, and it never was. It was a special election, the Democrats pulled out all the stops to get their guy in position and the guy still lost. That is the story. Even with the “fake news” meaning the favorable polling samples, and the massive media backing of McCready, the Democrat still lost. It has nothing to do that Trump won that same district by 12. It has everything to do with turnout. A lot of people were home watching Netflix, not out voting which is the key to understanding who will win in 2020. Even when advantages are given to Democrats, they still lose because most of their real power is only in manipulation and help by government and media. Not by the actual sentiment of real voters.

As President Trump pointed out on Twitter, Greg Murphy won by 62% to 37% not even a close race, also in North Carolina, and more of an indicator of actual national sentiment, especially through the core of the country. Yet almost nobody covered the North Carolina 3rd District race in any measurable way. It was mostly ignored, and that tells you everything, I of course was, I had on all the outlets I could get from my war room complete with popcorn and Mello Yello. I was in heaven listening to all the breaking results which for my ears never leaned toward the Democrats. The compelling story for the media with Bishop was that he was attached to the anti-transgender bathroom movement, so he was a target for the liberal press. For Greg Murphy, he is likely going to become part of the House Freedom Caucus. His views are very solid conservative.

Personally, I love the Xs and Os of politics, and in business—in everything really, because it is there where the truth always resides. You can know how good a sports team is not always by the little victories they get when the other team plays worse than the eventual winner, but in the tape where real performance is measured. The same holds true in business. A clock is right by default twice a day, but all other measures, anything goes. And that is how it is in politics. A few stumbles here and there by Republicans figuring out how to live under a Trump lead party where people like John Bolton are fired, who would have been put on a pedestal in the Bush administration as the party “experts.” The party is different, its better. Its much less global and much more hometown than it used to be and that has taken some adjustments, and during that transition, the country has been split. There are many moderate people out there that just want to live their life and they don’t really know what they feel about things, and they vote for the middle of the road, which is why things have been so close in so many elections.

But the real Xs and Os of politics shows a trend that is obvious to me. It doesn’t mean that Republicans should take anything for granted, because they shouldn’t. Even where Bishop should have blown the doors off McCready if the election had been during a presidential ballot, where turnout would have been much higher, there is always the risk of underperforming due to lack of enthusiasm. But the Democrats know the same Xs and Os that I’m seeing, and so do all the smart people out there. Even with the massive retirements from congress, Democrats are not poised to hold the House. And they don’t have anybody who is going to come out of the primaries to face Trump in 2020. Trump is going to butcher any Democrat who tries to face him in a one on one debate. And everyone can see that writing on the wall even though currently they are trying to position the election the way it was between Bishop and McCready—with Trump at a deficit so that they can inspire Democrats into action.

But the action just isn’t there. The Democrats have turned so hard left that its forcing many of those moderates to choose, which they don’t like to do. And being part of human nature, when people are forced to do something, they usually show antagonism toward the side forcing them to make a decision and will go in the opposite direction. In that regard the election season is not even close. The media wants to portray it that way for their ratings needs but in reality, the boots on the ground, the money in the bank and the voter enthusiasm just isn’t there for Democrats. That is what is obvious in the North Carolina elections. Even when Democrats cheat and hedge things to their advantage with the cooperation of the media, they can’t win.

Democrats completely rely on the victim status of their voters to carry them to the wins they can get and most of America just doesn’t see themselves as victims, below the line thinkers. Enough do to give Democrats the hope to play a game against Republicans but more and more, that game is leaning toward lopsided victories. And for Republicans they should not let their foot off the gas but should blow out the Democrats to the point where they are destroyed as a party. Because in all actuality, what they represent needs to change anyway. Socialism has no place in American politics. The Democrats are not the optimists of JFK, they are the socialists of Karl Marx and that is what we are fighting. They do not have a seat at the table thinking in that way and voters are voicing their opinions wherever the media actually covers the situation honestly, which is very hard to get, even for me.

The truth in the cases where they try to hide it is often in what is not said, not what is. And learning to read those signs shows the real Xs and Ox of politics and what we can expect next. The two wins in North Carolina indicate that after all that’s been said by the media and Democrats in general, even when they can focus their efforts on just a few Republicans, that they can’t even move the needle. What do they think is going to happen when Trump is on the ballot with all these incoming Republicans? Voter turnout will be high and if it is, Republicans will take back the House and all three branches of government will rightfully go back to Republicans. And Democrats are generally terrified of that, and they should be. A second term Trump presidency with no Mueller investigation, the FBI on its heels from the previous corruptions and everyone in the Beltway running to hide in the nearest bar hoping they don’t get a summons by the Department of Justice will be dangerous for them. But good for the country. And future elections won’t be so close, not by a longshot.

Rich Hoffman

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Who Cares about Joe Biden When Revenge is the Sentiment of the Election?

I almost didn’t even feel that a comment or remark should be made about Joe Biden announcing his run for the presidency, however, there is an undercurrent of knowledge to pursue on the matter. While the rest of the world is happy about Joe Biden, because they need their horse race to drive cable news ratings, the reality of the situation is that my predictions about the Democrat party which I made on a live radio broadcast several years ago is coming true right on time. I predicted then an end to the Democrats as we knew them and nothing tells that story more than the candidacy of Joe Biden. The values of Democrats in general as I have said for years are tied to socialist causes, and Joe is all about that soft socialism appeal. But we are well past the un-naming of those thoughts and deep into the world of outright socialism that a guy like Joe Biden, whom I’d consider a radical far lefty, certainly not a centrist, is out for a cold reality on the campaign trail. He has no idea what he’s doing because the world that made him has already died. He just doesn’t know it yet. Joe Biden has no chance of becoming president. 0%.

For the Democrats to work they have to be unified, as they are natural collectivists. But their weakness is that their ideas are not conducive to passion, only sympathy. And if the sympathy isn’t working, they have nothing to run on, which is why I think as a party they are ending. I know there is a lot of concern about the nation turning to socialism especially now that most Democrats are open about their commitment toward that group oriented planter philosophy which has greatly limited the intellectual appeal of all culture from the dawn of the city-state. I see the situation differently, that we as a nation averted a complete disaster by naming socialism as the villain to our demise before it happened. The Obama administration for which Joe Biden was the Vice President did a lot to scare people away from the socialism they had been planning and that drove enough Republicans toward Trump to elect someone who would change the political landscape, and for good. What is going to happen over the next year and a half is something I don’t see the Democrats surviving, especially Joe Biden.

Watching Joe Biden’s campaign announcement was the first clue that he doesn’t have one. He’s talking to a Democrat base that went extinct two years ago and only their ghosts remain. And ghosts can’t cast ballots. Democrats do cheat at voting and dead people do vote all the time for them, but nowhere near enough to ensure any kind of victory. He, and the rest of the mainstream Democrats are in a lot worse situation than Republicans were in 2012 and 2013. Back then conservatives were split and Trump emerged from that fissure to fill it with action that is at the foundation of Republican philosophy. The only way that Democrats could meet that debate which resulted in the election of President Trump, was to cheat, because their thoughts on matters has very little appeal, except among really stupid people. Understanding that much the Democrats performed a far worse scandal than what Watergate was for the Nixon administration. But they never planned to get caught, because they did run everything at the time, the FBI, the Justice Department, the White House, most of and the Beltway Culture. Heck, at the time James Comey and Robert Mueller were even considered Republicans. As was the Speaker of the House John Boehner. Now we know better, Comey and Mueller were obviously pushing for Democrats to gain more leverage and they were willing to use the law as a way to assist Hillary Clinton into the Presidency. And John Boehner quit his job and became an advocate for marijuana. So much for conservatism.

I heard the story of George Papadopoulos who was working for the Trump campaign as a minor leaguer and how he was arrested after returning back to the United States after a foreign trip. The way the FBI talked to him and handled the entire case is something that in my mind provoked an open revolt. Rather than go peacefully with the FBI in my mind Papadopoulos should have kicked all their asses right there at the airport. Anybody speaking in such a fashion as they did to him upon the arrest doesn’t deserve compliance, they deserve their asses kicked and then some. No badge could overcome that basic understanding of a federal arm of government abusing its power than that case. It was quite clear after hearing Papadopoulos tell the story. And that kind of harassment didn’t stop there, it persisted into many people who were supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump, which then exploded when he actually won. Now its time for revenge for all that, and the politics of the Joe Biden crowd just don’t get it. That is obvious due to the nature of the announcement video that they put out, which was one that was edited after advisors approved it, not liking the first one. We are not in the days anymore where teams of advisors can navigate a candidate into the White House. That process is too slow for today’s news cycles, and Biden will wash out over that trait alone.

It will be the revenge for all these Democrat led investigations into Trump that will be the nail in the final coffin, and they all have it coming. Republicans are known for turning the other cheek, but that is the difference that all these Democrats are failing to understand, that is not the way it is now. In the revolution of the Republican party that took place early in this current decade, the more aggressive part of the party won out, and now revenge is very much part of the 2020 campaign, and there is a lot there to expose. And Uncle Joe had his dirty hands in the bowl too. He’s not going to come away looking pretty on this one. None of them will. The great thing about President Trump is he isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

I thought as many did that Trump should have pushed to throw Hillary Clinton in jail right after he was elected, along with those who helped her run the biggest political scandal of all time. Trump wanted to live and let live. He won the Presidency and wanted to let bygones be bygones. But the Democrats went for his jugular and they didn’t make it. Now its his turn and those who support him. They won’t survive. Trump likes to win and they gifted him with the political timing of a party already on the edge that will have many of its leaders on the precipice of real jail time and that isn’t going to help Joe Biden go anywhere politically. And if Joe isn’t the guy for the Democrats, then who is? There are so many running and they all lack any kind of focus. The next best candidate is the open socialist Bernie Sanders and that doesn’t sit well for all the Democrats who still wish to conceal their socialist natures. Yeah, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats and I will have to say, they deserve everything that is coming to them. Including the loss of the House of Representatives.

Rich Hoffman

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The Enemy

You have to understand that one of my good friends was just killed by a train in Texas. I’m still very twisted over the arrest of Roger Stone, the investigations of President Trump, and the obvious malice of the F.B.I. attempting to tilt the table in favor of Democrats during the 2016 election so regarding affairs of the “republic” I’m not in a very good mood. If it wasn’t so funny I would be even angrier over the proposed Green New Deal. I thought the old New Deal by FDR was one of the most destructive elements of a free thinking society and should have been eradicated long ago, yet here are political elements who want to go much further, so obviously its time to have a hard talk about when its time to have a real civil war again within the United States where violence is the only way to settle disputes, because the intellectual goals of the two sides are just too far apart. I think now is the time to do so, and I offer this article of opinion as a foundation for any legal issues that might take place later. Because personally speaking, I have reached my limit. I’m ready to defend the Constitution with force now, and that means that its time to define who the enemy is and understand why they are such. From now on I’m not going to rationalize how two sides can live together in debate as the republic was designed because the enemy as defined here doesn’t wish to have a discussion, or find truth in debate. They want to destroy us as Americans, and as men of family, and they don’t care who they have to hurt to get there which is why I now refer to them as “The Enemy.”

Many years ago when I first started this “blog” site I did so inspired by two of my favorite literary classics, The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers which were collections of essays written for newspaper publication around the time of the Federal Convention to hash out the details of what an American Constitution should be and what it should do to not only hold the country together, but still maintain the spirit of the Revolution so that individual rights could be maintained. It didn’t matter if the Constitution had been written now or 2000 years ago, what occurred in the newly formed United States which at the time was only 13 states was a giant leap in human thought, the idea of self-rule when for the entire known history of civilization people where always ruled by someone no matter where in the world someone may have traveled. Such a concept was worth the bloodshed of a future Civil War, the eradication of the Indian Nations, or any countries that might have tried to stand in the way, because the effort itself was captured during the formation of The United States and gave rise to a world power unlike anything that had ever occurred in all of history. And the philosophical foundations of this effort were captured in the debates of the Constitutional Conventions expressed in The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers. I devoured both as the Tea Party movement emerged in late 2008 and 2009 and found that I was much more of an Anti-Federalist than a Federalist and that for the coming decade I would offer my thoughts on these pages for others to consider in much the same fashion.

It was obvious to me that our modern society had declined to the point where intelligent debate was necessary, so I did my part and I hoped to inspire enough people to seek wisdom from debate to avoid violence. In that regard the modern Tea Party movement was very successful, the revolution was fought as it should be, through education followed by good elections. On the conservative side of things we rooted out the modern versions of Benedict Arnold, politicians like John Boehner and John Kasich from my home state of Ohio and we replaced them with the Republican Party of Donald Trump, which was very peaceful, lawful, and have launched the country into an era of prosperity that is unequivocal in our young country and have forced the world to look at themselves and make peaceful adjustments just to mitigate the risk of becoming globally irrelevant. Taking the long view, the Tea Party movement in the United States from 2009 to 2015 is the way that revolutions should take place, and it is certainly a testament to the strength of the American philosophy that was formed in The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.

Nothing ever devastates me, I’ve been through everything and seen the worst that people can offer under the worst conditions. So when I found out about the death of my friend Doc Thompson I wouldn’t say that it changed my life or sent me into some shell of sadness. I accept tragedy as part of life and simply moved on to the next thing which for me was an oversea call with some important people. Later that evening after a 20-hour work day was completed I sorted out my thoughts on the matter and decided to re-read for probably the 25th to 26th time in a ten-year period The Anti-Federalist Papers, which took me about 11 hours stopping to eat twice. Doc Thompson I saw was a person who really believed in the American ideas created by the Constitution. As an authentic person it led to his eventual death, not by conspiracy as he was hit by a train, but by the fact that the world of media for which he wanted to work had closed its doors to him and his boss Glenn Beck and they were on the short end of a world that was changing by what I will call the Enemy for the sake of literary distinction.

The Enemy wanted to change the nature of the American Constitution and since Doc was a purist, he was on the outside looking in always trying hard to find a way to get his voice out to speak in favor of Constitutional principles. Unlike his friend Glenn Beck who had made a lot of money in his early Tea Party years at Fox News and was living well off it, Doc had never hit a substantial sum of money and was the living embodiment of what the Founding Fathers would have went through had America not prevailed during the Revolution, English society would have castigated them out of existence. But what occurred to me was that Doc wasn’t supposed to have those effects, none of us were. We had the Constitution and these modern efforts by the Enemy were not supposed to have the impact to our legal and moral system that they were. As I closed the book to The Anti-Federalist Papers for the latest time I realized that violence was inevitable in order to protect The Constitution that was born from that philosophic text written during that critical period of American contemplation.

One thing that really makes me sad however is that when reading those works, The Anti-Federalist Papers and The Federalist Papers it is clear that as a society people are not as intelligent as they once were, our education system has failed, our civilization under guidance of the Enemy has had a destructive influence over our children and neighbors and it really is a tragedy that must be rectified. The Enemy therefore doesn’t just deserve a day in court, they need to be eradicated from existence because they have shown themselves to be a menace. The Enemy are those who want to change the Constitution of America from a document that protects individual liberty to a means of empowering a larger central government to distribute collective salvation even to those who don’t deserve it. Through the actions of the enemy it naturally weakens the strength of The United States as the best light the world has to yearn for and is therefore up to malice that is not forgivable by civil discourse. So from that perspective the Enemy must be destroyed and removed from the political theater and the future of this site will make that case hopefully before bullets start flying. But likely the bullets will be discharged before all is well again because such a measure will be needed to protect the Constitution from domestic enemies who are trying to destroy us all by attacking the philosophic foundations of our very existence.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes the Patriots Won Again: But why, and what does it say about the NFL and our political world

It’s only been recently that I have been a Patriots fan. I usually look at the Super Bowl as an American holiday in the middle of winter to fill those cold, long and boring months between Christmas and Spring, and I enjoy the festivities of it. I love the game itself, I love the commercials, and I love the general way it unites the country for just a few hours each year. But the NFL as a product over the last few years has become way too politically progressive and I found it alarming during Super Bowl 53 how much public employee propaganda was going on. I usually don’t care much about honoring firefighters, police and other government employee types, but this particular year it was way over the top. A lot of people don’t see anything wrong with such sentiments, but I see them as mental preparation by the “state” to impose higher taxes in the future to support the labor unions behind those job titles. The overall product that the 2018 NFL season seemed to promote were social justice concerns which appeared to be at odds with law enforcement and the military, so the NFL put forth a heavy dose of promoting both which all were way to far to the political left for my liking. However, I did enjoy the Patriots victory and the reaction to it which said a lot about the state of our nation.

It was obvious that Roger Goodell would have loved to have given the Lombardi trophy to anybody but the Patriots yet again. It was Tom Brady’s 6th and their ninth Super Bowl appearance under Bill Bellichick. The Patriots head coach was 66, Tom Brady himself was 41 and the NFL ran by Goodell truly wanted to have a younger Super Bowl aimed at the target audience of the game itself, those under 35 years of age, much the way modern politics does. But the game was a true representation of where the divide of the country currently is and I found myself rooting for the Patriots because of it. The Patriots are just a great organization, the coaches and players work harder than the other players in the NFL and the results are clear. And down the clutch with a game that was one big play too close in the fourth quarter, it was age and wisdom that beat the Los Angeles Rams and the disappointment wasn’t clearer on Goodell’s face.

I remember when the NFL ran Brett Favre out of the game once he hit 40. Surely that wasn’t the first time he pulled his pants down and showed a woman his manhood, but once he hit that age threshold, the NFL was ready for new blood and they pushed him out of the game. They’ve done the same to many players sensing that the public they have in mind are the youth. Just look at the way the media is portraying Payton Manning, and how he goes along with it, as a washed up used to be who is struggling to find relevance in his pro football years. The media is making a joke of it, and Payton is going along to get along. He understands the game and its sad. To stay somewhat relevant after the NFL Payton has to show that he’s in decline and something of a laughing-stock. That is how the NFL treats its elderly spokesmen. I didn’t enjoy many of the Super Bowl commercials this year mainly because they weren’t targeted to me. They were meant for the under 35 crowd and as we can all agree, that demographic is a lost generation born from losses before they were hardly born. What was with the beer commercial with the tattooed freak whispering? Dumb commercial for a dumb generation.

But Roger Goodell can’t live without Tom Brady and he knows it. Brady will go down in history as the best player ever and he’s a supporter of Donald Trump. The Patriots themselves are more old-fashioned American than the progressive desire for the nation in its present circumstances that wants to be more global and inclusive of other cultures. Goodell is more than willing to sell out America so that the NFL can gain international appeal and the Patriots are that grim reminder that the American game is different. The rest of the world can’t play American football, because the rules of conduct are different for us as opposed to them.

The formula the NFL has been pursuing, the kneeling at the National Anthem, the inclusion of women on the battlefield of the game, the inclusion of more progressive causes just do not match with the philosophy of working harder to become better than everyone else and to dominate your opponents. The Patriots have not had high-grade first round draft picks for years, they manage to always be a winning team by taking the hungriest players and putting them in positions to win. That was the story of Tom Brady himself who was a sixth round pick a couple of decades ago and has fought hard in his personal life to be in the best shape and best state of mind during that entire time so that he could be a dominate quarterback. Even in the realm of free agency, the Patriots have acquired and traded away many top name talent only to be good year after year anyway so long as they maintained the relationship between Brady, Bellichick, and Craft. That defies everything the NFL has tried to be, where each year the best teams are penalized so that new teams can be great by giving top draft talent to the teams most in need of help. The Patriots have shown that none of that matters. Top draft picks are often busts and don’t live up to their expectations whereas good coaching and mentorship has and does pull out the best even out of average players.

On the progressive side of things the NFL is about youth, where people are old once they hit age 35 and washed up meant for a trash heap. If there is anything more dangerous than the concussion protocol its millionaire players who were great on the battlefield who have to retire from the NFL only to become irrelevant as older people—above age 40. Progressives themselves are fundamentally about killing young people before they are born and once they have migrated out of their sexually prime years. Old age is not respected just as life isn’t in general. Only obedience and blind consumption is respected in progressive cultures, and that was quite clear in Super Bowl 53. So it was ironic that it was the oldest players and coaches with a team that has not won by new draft picks that was victorious. It was a good lesson on what really matters in these kinds of things.

It doesn’t matter whether or not anybody is a Patriots fan or whether they like Tom Brady. The facts are the facts. Late in the game when not a single touchdown had been scored and all things were equal, both the Rams defense and the Patriots were dominating each other it was age and wisdom that won out. Brady hit Gronk on the three-yard line for the go ahead touchdown. Just as Brady had done many times before. Only this time was a bit different. Everything was against Brady from making that throw and the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl. Yet they did it anyway and that was why social media and the news in general came unglued after the game was done. It was a sign of more things to come from the progressive side. In spite of progressive hopes for change and youth culture, wisdom and tradition will always win out. And thus the future is before us with an optimism that wasn’t there before.

Rich Hoffman

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Four Officers Shot in Houston: When the state abuses property rights and things go wrong–more consideration of Roger Stone’s case

There are a number of things that still bother me about the arrest of Roger Stone at his home before dawn a few days before this writing. When police officers where shot trying to enter the home of some bad guys the day that Stone was set to appear in court to make a plea, four were wounded by gunfire and even Laura Ingraham on Fox News contemplated how bad it was that often residents have more firepower in their homes than the police. The police officers after all were just doing their jobs and serving a narcotics warrant. For a while there was wall to wall coverage of the action but the key issue was not discussed. What right did the police have to enter the home of suspects? Who decides who bad guys are and how can the state impose itself on the individual rights of its citizens with the assumption that everything the state touches can be taken away in a moment’s notice if that state decides that the greater good is in jeopardy?

I am of the thinking that Roger Stone should have held his ground and retaliated against the FBI agents who assaulted him in the early morning hours. After all, we know the FBI is corrupt so what good is any warrant that they issue. The Bob Mueller investigation is an attempted insurrection of an American President. They are bending the law to use as a weapon against political enemies, so why should Roger Stone go quietly upon being assaulted. He had no record of firearm ownership and there was no reason to attack him the way the FBI did in a predawn raid to show that the “state” had power over the individual which was the real message. It was a forceful exchange to show who was the boss, even over presidents of the United States.

In Houston, Texas neighbors had reported the sale from a home of black tar heroin so the police came to arrest the suspects. Now I’m not a guy who has any tolerance for drugs or their sale. I think drug dealers should be prosecuted for attempted murder, even for the sale of marijuana, so I am not lax in my judgement on drug use and sales. But our own CIA has been very actively involved in pushing drugs into cultures for control reasons, so what makes the two guys who opened fire on the invading police any different from world governments who also sell drugs? Not much in my book, they are all bad people. So with that off the table of consideration what gave the police the right to break down the front door and enter the home of these people in Houston? The shots weren’t fired until the police entered the home. Why would anybody expect any other result?

It was obvious to me that Laura Ingraham on Fox News was a mixed bag of emotions. I had just appeared on one of her shows just last week over the Covington Catholic case and I know she is a very hard-core conservative, but it was she who suggested that it was a shame that bad guys in homes often have better weapons than the police and that its sad that police are sometimes shot just for doing their jobs. Well, doing jobs doesn’t give a free pass to an abusive state government that has forgotten that the purpose of the Constitution is to protect individual rights and property is one of the centerpieces of that argument.

The same approach is used when getting pulled over by a police officer, they shine that bright light on you and approach the vehicle as if they owned it and you inside are required to be a compliant citizen. You are expected to recognize that your rights are subject to the judgment of law enforcement and their protection of the “greater good.” Well, none of that “greater good” talk is in the Constitution. I would argue that law enforcement officers are not capable of such judgments, they are not philosophically equipped and are illiterate in the matter. So what gives them the right to confiscate private property and to kick down doors to homes just because a neighbor called in a report?

I couldn’t help but think that the news coverage of the shooting was part of the problem, immediately the news was reported with a tinge of sadness at how dangerous police work was and how you never know what’s on the other side of a door to a house. That same assumption was made by the FBI in how they set up Roger Stone with an embarrassing CNN recording of the actual raid of his home. Of course, the FBI hoped to tap into people’s ingrained sense of yielding to authorities as they watched Stone be handcuffed and taken into custody. The message of course if it can happen to Stone it can happen to all of us, so you better answer the door and yield to authorities when they come for you. And when the Houston shootings occurred even Fox News jumped on the bandwagon of state rule and decided that the police were sad victims of violence without really knowing the details. Oddly enough, the news story was almost completely gone just 10 hours later.

The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution does not indicate that we must all yield to the authority of the state. The employees of the state make mistakes all the time and just because they issue a warrant against you that does not give them the right to enter your home and arrest you on your property. They do not have the right to take your car if they suspect you of some crime and they certainly don’t have the right to spy on you maliciously. The safety of the state does not supersede our rights as individuals. Only lawyers and judges over time have muddied the waters on Constitutional interpretation with loose case-law that has created a belief that the police have such rights of intrusion. But in reality, they don’t. The police who kick down doors to serve paperwork from the state are just as bad as the drug dealers who generate suspicion to generate such paperwork. Just because police officers have a warrant for an arrest it doesn’t give them the right to kick down doors and confiscate property and rights. Warrants can be served without violence, yet the state requires violence on occasion to build up the public perception of conformity, and that is not the spirit of the American Constitution.

As much as people don’t like President Trump, while I am a very loyal supporter, he certainly is a centrist especially in regard to police and military use. I disagree with him very much when it comes to police and elements of state control of law enforcement. As I’ve said many times, I am very much of an Anti-Federalist mindset when it comes to law and order. I don’t trust people to make the right decisions about their peers. If police kick down the door to your house or violate your independence within your car while traveling about in the realm of commerce, then you have a right to defend yourself, pure and simple. And when that doesn’t happen, arrogant bastards like Robert Mueller get cocky and think they can get away with arresting big names like Roger Stone to not only punish him, but to send a message to all of us—resistance is futile. Obey the state. And that is precisely where our modern times have gone wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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MAGA Hats are all About Above the Line Thinking: Why the media picked on Nick Sandman but not Tommy Sotomayor

The MAGA hats were never part of the plan for below the line liberals, their intention was to rob Americans of hope through victimization techniques taught in public schools and to gradually take over the world. Literally, that has been their plan, so it was quite shocking to them when Trump ran for president and started making the MAGA hats a rally cry that robbed from liberals their hopes and dreams of a below the line life where they could hide from the glaring eyes of expectation and competency. It didn’t surprise me that the media made so much out of Nick Sandman staring down some old hippie type who called himself an Indian at a right to life rally, and tried to make the whole event into a white power type of thing to demonize the MAGA hats that Nick and his Catholic school classmates from Covington Kentucky were wearing. But what did surprise me is that over the same weekend Tommy Sotomayor, a black man wearing his MAGA hat got into an argument with a Hooters waitress and his video went viral, but none of the news stations covered it, even though YouTube had over a million hits on the video. People saw it, but the story didn’t fit the narrative that the below the line types were trying to create. Black people were not supposed to support Donald Trump, let alone run around wearing MAGA hats. And that caused problems that compounded into even more destruction for the liberal ambitions for controlling the world.

Donald Trump’s MAGA hats have become a symbol of above the line thinking, in much the way that wearing a suit and tie to a meeting filled with loser types sitting around with holes in their jeans and untucked shirts. It’s a behavioral representation of an idea for thinking above a problem rather than below. The efforts liberals have to use victimization as a means to advance a way of thinking is obvious below the line efforts and that was why that guy beating on his little drum claiming to be a “Native American” was propped up to be a victim of white privilege and due for some measure of respect just by his ancestral relationship to a group of people the left has sought to exploit to advance their below the line concepts for the entire human race. Nick Sandman because he was a white teenager from a Catholic school was instantly supposed to respect the rules of engagement and apologize for his very existence upon just seeing the Indian who moved in to confront him knowing that the progressive politics of Washington D.C. favored his intentions even if violence did break out. Nick was the villain just for existing and he had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat to a right to life rally of all things.

Tommy Sotomayor is a guy who goes around looking for controversy and he did provoke the situation at the Hooters restaurant after the black waitress confronted him about his MAGA hat. In spite of the obvious attempts at social grandstanding the point was well made, here was a black man with a group of other blacks standing up for their right to wear a MAGA hat and the effort was completely ignored by the very hateful below the line media. They couldn’t handle a black man fighting for the right to wear a MAGA hat in a story that was obviously much bigger than the one Nick Sandman was involved in. That story with the Covington Catholic kids made every news wire and radio station announcement across the country with stunning coordination, yet Tommy Sotomayor was ignored, essentially because he was a black man on the wrong side of the below the line progressive argument. It was a very interesting thing to watch.

Nick Sandman did a very good job in the aftermath of the ordeal, he is obviously a very above the line young man. He reported the death threats that his family had received since the news outbreak and other terrible threats that came his way which we all recognize as the type of bullying that our society has learned in public school where below the line victimization is taught to the masses for the obvious end result of reshaping the social structure from looking above the line toward problems, to living below. The whole narrative reverts back to the notion of white toxic masculinity being eradicated from the social sphere so that below the line thinking can be nurtured and a new power vacuum would be created for Democrats to fill as a perpetually tearful class of people crying out for more government services extracted from even higher taxation. The MAGA hats were never supposed to give young people like Nick Sandman hope just as the right to life types were supposed to have all legislation ripped out from under them and have their hopes of a society that valued life removed. These elements to the eyes of below the line Democrats and European progressives were never supposed to come to fruition. Even if a Republican did win the White House at some point in the next decade it would be someone like Jeb Bush who could easily be steam rolled over by below the line thinking. There would never have been a MAGA hat revolution otherwise.

But then there are people like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West who proclaim that the MAGA hats have given them power and the fortitude to stick up for themselves as individuals and as blacks. The shockwaves of that social movement is something that Democrats can’t deal with because they thought they had that whole demographic locked up into a victimization summation and that all blacks would stay there and be happy collecting their government services, and would keep voting Democrat. Instead they are wearing their MAGA hats out to Hooters and picking a fight with the establishment itself blowing the progressive narrative completely out of the water and you can know that it is very painful for them because of the silence. Progressives have no answer for it in any of the 30 to 40 people from the Democrat side of things running for president. They have nobody like Trump, and they have no message like MAGA hats to start a revolution toward above the line thinking as opposed to below.

I have several MAGA hats and I love them. They are some of the best hats that I’ve ever had because they represent to me the efforts of a president who has a desire to make America an above the line country again instead of a country of victims and despots looking for pity over every little sin in the past. The young man Nick Sandman obviously wants a shot at life-like anybody else and his MAGA hat is that hope. That same hope resides in a black man like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West. I’m sure there are lots of Hispanics and Indians who also love their MAGA hats because they understand that the notion of making America great again means that the country is heading above the line in its expectations instead of below where the filth and excuses reside. And that is what everyone who is below the line hates about the MAGA hats and why nobody covered Tommy’s Hooters experience. Because the truth is quite the opposite from what the media tried to create out of the Covington Catholic story. Once the facts where well-known, the evidence was not in the favor of the below the line Democrats and their ambitions for destruction all over the world.

Rich Hoffman

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The Illegal FBI Activism Against General Flynn: It could happen to any of us

How bad is it you might wonder, as we have previously considered the implications of the attorney for Michael Cohen’s sentencing by the FBI, and Paul Manafort, both people close to the president in some way or another. Well, the General Flynn case paints an accurate picture of just how out of control the FBI was and still is in regard to attempting to overthrow a president elected the correct way into occupying the White House. In a recent onstage interview James Comey who was leading the FBI at the time explained how he sent a couple of FBI agents into the White House to interview General Flynn and obtain incriminating information that was actually a crime created by an investigation that Flynn wasn’t even sure was happening as he was in a friendly mood during the transition and hadn’t yet learned the activism against him. And Comey attempted to lay all the blame at the feet of an unorganized Trump White House as he revered the good ol’ days of President Bush and President Obama who were very professional and procedural in their handling of management. And in that simple statement James Comey justified everything illegal that he personally assisted with in trying to overthrow the presidency by using the FBI to do so, including the seed he planted with the Mueller investigation.

Michael Flynn is a retired general from the United States Army with over 30 years of experience. These days people should be falling all over themselves to honor him, but due to his relationship with President Trump, it made him a target for anybody and everyone who wanted to bring down the Executive Branch. The intent of the FBI was clear, they sought to entrap the general into incriminating evidence by going into the White House and pretending all was well during the transitional phase then using that information later during the Mueller investigation to leverage him into working against the president, just as was attempted by Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Cohen the lawyer of course will say anything if the price is right, which is why he’s a lawyer, so he turned on Trump and would say anything. But Flynn turned out to have nothing incriminating to offer but, in the process, he has lost nearly every material possession he had worked a lifetime to get just to cover his legal expenses.

The radicals at the FBI had no problem following Comey’s orders which were clearly in rebellion to the new president simply because he didn’t feel that the people had made the right decision and that Trump just wasn’t going to be allowed to be in the White House. Using the tools of the FBI Comey openly sought to overturn the election. And in his arrogance, he has had the audacity to call himself a hero by implication. As Trump discovered the level of Comey’s role as a FBI director and possible leaker to the press, the President fired him and for that Comey has said it was obstruction of justice. Comey claims it was obstruction because a phony investigation into Russian tampering into the 2016 election had been initiated by Democrats to essentially keep Trump on his heels and keep the forces against him in their jobs. There was never any Russian tampering, but because of the DNC funded dossier which claimed Russian connections and prostitutes pissing in a bed the Obamas had slept in, the FBI figured that the best way to keep all their dirty hands from being noticed was through a false accusation at Trump and force him to defend it—which would keep them all in their jobs.

It was one of the first things Comey brought up to Trump was that Russian dossier and he did it to gain emotional leverage on the matter, and to protect his job. If Trump discovered what Comey had been up to then the leaked documents the FBI director had leaked to the press would inspire a special investigation completely politically motivated to further hinder the president in the efforts he had been elected to conduct. The FBI thought they knew better than the people who elected Trump and they worked to abuse their power to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the incoming administration and help them pave a possible trail to prosecuting members of the transition into being compromised. That is how Flynn became wrapped up in the whole ordeal to begin with. When the FBI spoke to him at the White House Flynn thought it was just members of the same team chatting about the circumstances of the world. Not that the FBI would use everything against him which only turned out to be in how Flynn remembered some dates that were irrelevant to anything in the matter. The whole conversation was a perjury trap.

If that was all there was to it, we might just say that the law is the law and that Flynn should have been more careful, so he gets what he gets. But that’s not how it is, we know that the FBI helped cover up the events of the DNC, such as Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch to discuss how the FBI would handle his wife’s case on the illegal email server they were investigating. Or in allowing Hillary Clinton and her staff members to destroy their cell phones and laptops prior to turning them over to the FBI during their investigation. Or Comey trying to merge the law into the Department of Justice decision not to prosecute the presidential nominee without undermining the rule of law his agents expected to live by simply because Lynch had decided to call off the investigation so that Hillary could run for president of the United States. The Democrats surrounding Hillary Clinton broke many laws, much worse than anything General Flynn had done, or Michael Cohen yet nothing happened to any of them. The FBI only went after Trump Republicans allowing themselves to become weapons of a political nature which is not what they were ever supposed to be.

What has happened to General Flynn just for being associated with President Trump is a travesty of justice. And we are all warned not to mess around with the FBI and cast our opinions otherwise the same fate might befall us too. If you mess with America’s intelligence agencies, they have the power to destroy your lives, and that is the message behind Comey’s activism. Because even if a member of the team gets fired, the system will rally behind the fallen soldier and destroy the life of whoever did such a thing. In Comey’s case his wife was a Hillary supporter and he obviously was operating as a Democrat, even though he has attempted to misdirect people into thinking otherwise. Just as he has covered his role in all these illegal activities by trying to associate them with justice instead of overthrow and election tampering. It was never the Russians who tampered with the election, it was Comey and his employees. Yet to cover their tracks they would rather start World War III if it made the President look bad and fulfil their political objectives for future elections. The FBI was in the business of overthrow and they are the ones guilty of espionage and election tampering. Certainly not General Flynn. He has been a pawn in the game that nobody really knew was being played, but at least now we do. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Rich Hoffman

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