Kelly Kohls for State Senate of the 7th District: Taking the stink bugs out of the State House–starting with Shannon Jones

Collectivists are a dangerous species in that they are like bugs specifically Halyomorpha halys–brown marmorated stink bugs.  This year for whatever reason stink bugs are popping up everywhere and whenever I see one in my home, I take it outside to free it, but also to get it out of my house.  But there are so many of them that even though I could crush one of the little bugs with little effort, the creatures can ultimately consume my time as I try to address each one of them individually.  The labor unions, political party driven insurgents, and other progressive groups have had a target on my friend Kelly Kohls for a long time.   She has put herself out there pushing for real change especially on the education front—and has drawn a lot of stink bugs into her life.  One of those stink bugs—Shannon Jones in a close alliance with the Governor John Kasich and the Republican Party in Ohio have looked at Kelly’s primary challenge of Jones’ Senate seat and come directly after the former Springboro School Board President using the same tactics progressive groups have used against her in the past—a bankruptcy filing.  Of course this action comes straight out of the Republican Party to defend their grip on power at any cost.  So Kelly wanted to get her message out and answer Jones’ accusations—and of course I helped her.  I take the stink bugs out of my house without killing them—but I also intend to do the same thing with all the progressives and weak-kneed politicians in Columbus and Washington, and Shannon Jones and her John Kasich boot licking ways needs to be carried outside where they can no longer stink up the place with apathy and inaction.   Here is Kelly’s message one week before the primary challenge for Jones’ seat on May 6th 2014.

Progressives thought it was outrageous that Kelly Kohls even had a mortgage of $829,000 on a $450,000 home—and that her bankruptcy was a sign of fiscal recklessness.  This is because most of Kelly’s harshest critics are those who work for government and make great salaries doing almost nothing.  Learning how to accept progressive causes into their lives preserves their incomes.  They don’t start businesses or deal with money-making opportunities.  They simply take money so to progressives, it is a mystery as to where money comes from—and they believe it to be finite.  They emphasize the large sums of money to point out that Kelly is operating above the average norm for the “middle class” which was a term created by labor unions.

However, Kelly has five kids and most of them have gone to college by now.  Kelly herself holds a doctorate so a lot of money has been spent in the Kohls family on education and college these days is a $50K to $100K enterprise.  So Kelly hasn’t been spending money hanging out at Jags buying $300 meals every night for her friends—she’s been getting her education, putting her kids through college, and starting entrepreneurial enterprises.  All that together easily adds up to a million dollars when you try to do all those things in the same fiscal decade.  Since progressives get most of what they want in life by begging, mooching, and looting—they don’t understand Kelly Kohls—but I do, and have no problem at all standing with her in a run for State Senate.

I know how the name calling game works and 90% of what is said derogatory about Kelly Kohls is of that variety.  I have been married for a long time; my wife is a “house-wife” in the traditional sense.  She makes herself 100% available to my grown children and now grandchildren and she is proud to be the kind of mom that the television show Leave It to Beaver would have recognized in his home.  For my traditional views on family life, my disdain for feminism as a progressive movement, and a belief that all children need a strong mother in the home guiding a family to prosperity, I have been labeled a sexist because most everyone in existence is doing things wrong in their families in my opinion—and these names came at me well before I called the PTA moms at Lakota “latte sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match.”  The name calling was already going on well before—I simply wasn’t going to play the game for the “good of the community” or any group which I was a spokesman for.  The personal attacks were designed to change my behavior just like the stink bug infestation can overwhelm you if allowed.

Kelly doesn’t share all my views, she is certainly an A type personality and that can rub other A type personalities the wrong way, but she shares with me a love of tradition and commitment to spirituality.  If she doesn’t want to cook meals for her husband and await him at the door with his slippers and a newspaper that is her business within her family and I’m alright with it.  It’s a decision she has to make between her husband and her.  It certainly wouldn’t stop me from voting for her for State Senator of the 7th District.  Are women equal to men?  Most of the time women are better—on intellectual matters especially.  But men are built for heavy lifting both physically and emotionally—and this is why traditional roles had men and women separating their tasks in such a way.  The man came home and was recharged by his wife for the next day’s battles.  However, politics is an intellectual pursuit, and in it Kelly Kohls is less prone to corruption, deals, and peer pressure than a John Kasich type because of her intellectual aptitude.

Shannon Jones is not as directed as Kelly is.  She allowed herself to be steered into proposing the Senate Bill 5 controversy to drastically pull back the power of public sector unions in Ohio.  When that bill was repealed Jones and Kasich retreated into progressive pandering and Obamacare Medicaid expansion.  Shannon went right along with the party line whatever it was and did not think for herself—so she needs to be carried outside with all the other stink bugs and set free from the State House.  Kelly is much better equipped intellectually, and spiritually to do the job of Senator of the 7th District.

I’ve known Kelly for quite a while and one thing that she is at her very core is something that I recognize as being the highest quality there is for a woman—she is a mom first and everything else second.  Kelly has been a political activist and political contributor now that her children are grown because she wishes to bring her nurturing tendencies to the State of Ohio instead of just her home.  My wife has no such desires—but she is not an A type personality like Kelly and I.  Progressives have created the modern definitions for womanhood and like their fiscal policies—they are all wrong and are ruining the lives of everyone who follows them.  The real roles of traditionalist, conservatives, and men and women is far more complicated than the progressive stink bugs can wrap their minds around and that is not Kelly’s problem—nor mine.

Kelly and her husband filed for bankruptcy trying to make things happen—the way they were supposed to.  But the business climate changed on them leaving them hanging over the edge of a cliff for which they were dropped.  The bankruptcy laws in America were created to encourage investment risk because that is the requirement of capitalism.  Government workers do not take risks, they figure out whose boots they have to lick—and they do so to protect their jobs and keep the tax money flowing into their pockets.  They don’t typically try to start businesses, they don’t typically take responsibility for raising their own children—they send them off to public school to have the task done for them—and they certainly don’t take risks.  Kelly Kohls has, and now she is doing it again going after an established Senator in Shannon Jones during the May 6th primary.  And for that risk, the stink bugs are attacking her with that terrible odor they emit, which the media is happy to play off of.

Kelly simply wants to take the stink bugs out of the State House one by one starting with Shannon Jones.  Of course they won’t like it, but they don’t have a choice.  Republicans and Democrats functioning from progressive politics are stinking up Columbus and they need to be removed so that order can be brought to our Houses of Legislation.  And that is the essence of Kelly’s run against Shannon Jones.  Kelly is a mother taking care of her house and her family.  Only her care extends out to the State of Ohio and all the people in it who just want a shot at the American Dream.   To some Kelly is an education crusader, to others she is a combative “A” type personality that wants to be in charge.  To others she is a fiscally reckless overlord who lives above the “middleclass.”   To others still she is a threat to the Republican Party and even more dangerous to Democrats.  But I know her as a mother who cares the way all mothers do.  She sees Ohio as her family and she wants to fight to do what’s right for it.  And for her the best way to take care of her family is to remove the stink bugs from the State House which is why she is running for a Senate seat and why the establishment Republicans are terrified.

Rich Hoffman


How A School Board Should Work: The Success of Kelly Kohls in Springboro

With all that I have said about the proper way to manage a public school system the birth place of such thoughts has not previously been revealed.  But I am happy to reveal now that birthplace after my friend Kelly Kohls spoke at the West Chester Tea Party to a packed house on February 19th 2013.  Several years ago Kelly invited my wife and I to The Golden Lamb for a special meeting in one of the upstairs banquet rooms for a group she started with other Ohio school board members called Educate Ohio.  Kelly had recently become a member of the Springboro school board and had a lot of ideas on how to improve education quality for children while driving down the costs for the taxpayers.  Since that very innovative meeting Kelly has went on to become the head of the Warren County Tea Party and is now president of the Springboro school board and managed to drive the per pupil cost of their district downward.  Kelly has become everything that I would consider to be the most pristine example of what a school board president should be for every school in Ohio.  Watch the video below to see how she did it, and how the same type of thing could be duplicated in any district.  Her style of management should be the example that every school in the United States should follow.  But it’s not easy, if it was, everyone would do it.  And as Kelly will describe below she has faced many challenges.  In fact, on the eve of the below speech the SEA, (Springboro Education Association) filed a complaint against Kelly’s school board for unfair labor practices—which I will get into more detail in a bit.

I knew when I attended The Golden Lamb meeting years ago that good things were going to come out of Kelly Kohls and I am very proud of the very good work she has done.  It is far from easy to stand up to organized labor the way she has, but her district is much, much better for it.  If you watched the video above, you learned that Springboro’s per pupil costs are on a downward trend.  They are now into the $7,000 range down from the mid $8,000 range and this is unprecedented for any school board anywhere in Ohio.  They are actually now projecting a budget surplus which is also unprecedented.  In addition, Kelly has managed to bring up the weaknesses in the district rating system and performance of students by setting new standards of performance that are not driven by union controlled lobby expectations, but instead by common sense.

One of the major ways that Kelly has managed to gain control of the costs in Springboro is that she convinced her school board to drop out of the OSBA organization.  The Ohio School Board Association is a membership driven entity that is locked arm and arm with the Ohio Education Association, the largest teacher labor union in Ohio.  The goal of the OSBA is to train new school board members to show the community a unified front while actually taking direction from the teacher union leadership.  As soon as school board members are elected they are whisked away to Columbus for a weekend of “bonding” with other education professionals so that loyalties can be achieved and consensus delivered.  This always works against the tax payers and does absolutely no good in controlling education budgets.  Kelly’s school board has cancelled their membership to the OSBA and instead has started her own leadership group designed to teach school board members to think independently of the OSBA and the OEA.

Another thing that Kelly revealed in her speech that was very illuminating was that Ohio no longer requires teachers to have a master’s degree from college to teach—which is contrary to what many districts have been telling the public when levy pushes are provoked.  If I had a quarter for every time a teacher stated that they had to pursue a master’s degree to become a kindergarten teacher at Lakota there would be enough money to fund that school for decades with the result.  The required master’s degree mandate uttered from public schools has been deliberately misleading.  Ohio for four years now has dropped the requirement for master’s degrees for public education teachers.  The pursuit of master’s degrees has artificially driven up the labor costs of teachers through step increases which amplify budget costs.  Kelly has begun to make decisions from her school board with that knowledge which has led to a savings of the overall district financial requirements.

Of course the labor unions have had many problems with Kelly Kohls.  After the meeting shown above Kelly and I had a good laugh reminiscing about all the reporters we know who eat out of the hand of the OSBA and local teacher unions.  For Kelly it is the Dayton Daily News, a Cox Media division that writes many hit pieces against her.  For me it has become The Cincinnati Enquirer which has been chronicled with much fanfare.  The newspapers are functioning from a position of desperation.  They need content to fill their paper and they often get that content from the local school system.  They need a good relationship with the school system more than they need a relationship with the reformers of education, so loyalties fall in line accordingly.  But in Kelly’s case, especially now that she’s the president of her school board, the media needs her again, but she doesn’t need them—so they are in a precarious situation in Springboro, Ohio.

The unions see the writing on the wall under the leadership of Kelly Kohls, and know that they are losing their power and influence.  There is no public tolerance for a strike in Springboro or any of the Southern Ohio districts, so they know they cannot play that card in the future to extort more money from the district.  Unions are also losing the power of the media, because the negative press they attempt to wield has only helped Kelly Kohls and those like her become stronger and more influential.   So when Kelly indicated that the school board wished to begin negotiations on a contract that is up in June of 2013 the SEA union filed a motion against Kelly’s school board with an “unfair labor practice” complaint.  The union desires to not negotiate the new union contract until the last minute, using chaos to drive up the costs in their favor, which is an old union tactic. Kelly, being a good manager is trying to get the contract negotiated well before hand so that the numbers come out in favor of the district—which is what she is supposed to do.  The action taken by the union is a toothless gesture.  Without question they will attempt the same tactic again and again in the months to come trying to turn the public sentiment against Kohls, but it won’t work.  Kelly will gain in popularity with each labor attempt because normal people admire courage, and respect people who stand squarely against adversity.  So the more the Dayton Daily News writes about the labor dispute in Springboro, the stronger the public will lean in Kelly’s direction.  This has placed the Springboro school board for the first time in perhaps 100 years in a position of strength, and is certainly a modern first in Ohio.  Kelly’s Springboro school board is the shining modern example of how a school board should operate, and they are having immediate and noticeable success that is very dramatic.

The success of Springboro is dispelling all the myths that levy advocates for public education have been using to increase property taxes with an ultimate subtle aim of fulfilling Agenda 21 goals by collapsing suburbs through taxation using progressive groups like labor unions to set the mechanisms in place.  The unfortunate victims have been the children who by Kelly’s charts have been denied proper educations in favor of an education system designed to benefit the adult employees at the expense of youth.  The fight that Kelly has been combating is one that is of the highest honor, because in the history of Ohio far into the future, it will be remembered who fought on behalf of the children, and the future of not only Ohio, Springboro, or education in general, but the future of all mankind in the minds of our youth.  Kelly Kohls is fighting that fight and has been successful.  Now all the children of the world need is more brave souls to join Kelly in this fight against education tyranny so that proper management of tax payer resources can be provided, and the children can directly benefit.  The thieves of public education need to be put out of business, and it takes tough ladies like Kelly Kohls and a handful of others to advance that cause in order to preserve our species from the downward spiral that is currently engulfing us all in public education.

If you are a school board member or would like to become one and need guidance, please feel free to contact Kelly Kohls and the other members of the OSBLC (Ohio School board Leadership Council) at the link below.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”