Premature Ejaculation: Don’t worry about the mobs, and violance from Democrats, they are already spent

In no way am I giving up on the written word and surrendering to a gross, pornographic diatribe of unimaginative input to the complexities of the world around us, but honestly, when thinking of the great fears of some coming revolution by Marxist agitators masking as experts of their fields, the concept of premature ejaculation is the best metaphor to use due to the primal nature of the attempt.  They want you to be scared, sure.  And on Monday of the upcoming week of September 21st 2020 all Hell will break loose in regard to President Trump nominating a new Supreme Court Justice due to the sudden death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Anybody who thought the Kavanaugh approval process was vicious hasn’t seen anything yet, and yes, it will happen before the election on November 3rd, because it has to.  Many people don’t realize what the strategy for what we call Democrats has been.  I would call them Marxists now that its all out in the open, but that strategy has been to change our laws and undermine our society to favor them controlling us to put it mildly.  As we speak in the Ohio court system, Democrats have made it a priority to undermine all laws passed and surrender all legislative control to Republicans in order to erase them by capturing a majority on the Supreme Court.  They have set their sights on attacking Justice Kennedy with all the resources at their disposal to do just that, so the battle is vicious, and they are going to lose their minds over the Ginsburg replacement.  And they are going to try to look scary, but in truth they have made two critical errors that has sealed their doom, first, they count too much on money to be an important factor in winning elections.  And two, they just don’t have majorities, they are very much an extreme minority trying to take over our nation, so whatever gains they make, legally or illegally, they won’t be able to hold.

Think of the young guy who is taking a girl out on a date planning to end the night with an intimate encounter.  He goes out and buys a nice outfit, he gets some fancy cologne, he shaves closely and does some manscaping to every last detail as he imagines how things might go and plans for each of the stages leading toward the intimacy.  He picks her up talking and acting tough going way out of his way to impress her.  They go to a movie, they go to dinner, then they go bowling so the guy can show her off to his friends, then finally after the 7th or 8th hour of their date they go back to his place for the big event.  They get into it and as soon as he sees her naked body, he pops the cork and that’s it for him for the evening, and she laughs at all the hype and the sudden loss in action and leaves unimpressed never to date the silly guy again.  That’s kind of where we are with the political left, they have busted loose their load prematurely under tremendous political pressure.   They aren’t ready legally, financially, or philosophically for the big event and now they are in a state of embarrassment.  All the fancy stuff they have done over the decades to get to this point was exposed suddenly, leaving nothing to the imagination, yet they have failed to capture anybody’s hearts and minds leaving them embarrassed irreparably.

What we are seeing with the 7 pillars talk that Glenn Beck has been discussing and all the conspiracies about George Soros, and his other anti-Trump billionaire friends is all the colognes they have put on to impress the girl, and all the fancy duds they neatly pressed and bought for the big event, but in the end, they couldn’t hold it and lost their essence before the woman could enjoy the effort.  They have not made their case for Marxism, but were forced to move too quickly because nothing else worked to get Trump out of the White House and now they had to make their moves hoping one last time to keep him from getting elected again because if he does, they will have nothing else left in the tank to fight with.  And now, with the Ginsburg situation we all remember what happened last time with Kavanaugh, and Republicans enjoyed a bump in polling after because of how ugly Democrats were about the whole thing.  The bottom line is that Trump will have picked 3 Supreme Court Justices stacking the numbers in ways that Democrats have been working their entire lives to fulfill in their favor and this will be a major, eventful loss for them.  And they sure as hell won’t be getting a second date.

So don’t be scared of the Democrats or their mobs.  Don’t be afraid of Bloomberg money in Florida and elsewhere, money can’t buy love.  The only people who care about the money these days in campaign elections are the people selling advertising.  Most of the polls from Fox News and elsewhere are not to reflect the truth of who is winning, its to convince everyone playing the game that they need to buy ad time in the traditional way, because that’s how they make their money.  The Biden lead is among “likely” voters, way oversampled Democrats, not Republicans.  In truth, Trump is poised to blow away everyone on election night, and its likely he will help a lot of Senate candidates and new members of the House.  In the end, Soros and the other billionaire donors will have history reflecting on them that they wasted billions of dollars to essentially move the political needle nowhere.  They bought agitators for sure, but those people didn’t change the nature of America in their direction, instead, the flag waving and sentiments for individual liberty have strengthened in those with the mind to see it, and rather than the intentions of the Democrats coming true, they have found the opposite to be the case.

And as many fear of an actual revolution from the Marxists taking to the streets and moving into our neighborhoods the plane fact is, there aren’t many of them.  If you take the crazy Antifa terrorists, you get a very small percentage of the white population that want communism.  Of the Black Lives Matters Marxist push, they are only 12.5% of the population, and Hispanic people are about the same.  Ad them all together and they are still all a minority.  Then not to mention that many of those demographics aren’t going to Biden, perhaps half will go to Trump, an increase from the last election to this one.  And regarding the fear that there will be hoards of protestors raping and pillaging our homes, so far the mobs have only been let loose in Democrat run cities confined to a few city blocks and an occasional highway.  They have not been challenged with the 30% of Americans who own among them 393 million guns, the largest standing army in the world, the American private citizen.  Like in Ohio, even if they did manage to push Sharon Kennedy out of office and take over the Ohio Supreme Court what would it get them?  If Democrats start changing laws, the kind of violence they have displayed could easily be turned on them by all that firepower. They can’t break the law then expect everyone else to follow it to their convenience.

All the efforts that Democrats have utilized are like that poor guy who went on the date only to uneventfully loose his manhood well short of the climax he and his date wanted.  And the embarrassment will be to such an extent that they will never get the chance again with that particular date, and likely, no other date due to the impact to their confidence.  While fear of what they might do next does sell advertising due to ratings spikes on old, archaic media devices like television and radio, the truth of the matter is that people are empowered and heavily motivated to vote for Trump for their own self interest which makes the effectiveness of any investment dollars worthless, and Americans have so many guns to defend themselves from people like George Soros that it is laughable to even think that new laws are going to be followed, like mask mandates, and that our society will change into a communist state.  Rather, people will ignore any laws made by Democrat power grabs and will simply defend themselves if the government tries to send their mobs out of the cities they control to take over the suburbs. And those are the facts of the matter.  Enjoy them, and vote Trump.  You’ll save a lot of lives in the process.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Defund Lakota Schools: The Black Lives Matters Activism of Elgin Card

If there was any doubt about the Marxist political activism of your local school, take this fine example from my local public school, the Lakota school system which is one of the largest in Ohio.  They are also in what is considered a wealthy district so they are functioning from the best place that a government school could hope for, there is a great tax base, the kids have mostly intact families at home with as engaged of parents as there are these days, and it has a political class that pays attention to it that are connected directly to the state.

In all aspects, if there was something good about public schools, Lakota would show it.  But I’ve had to deal with these people for a long time and can report that as an employer and as the largest babysitter for our community, Lakota schools is an activist organization that has ill intentions for our children, and they are very anti-family following closely the Marxist agenda for Black Lives Matters.  For proof just have a look at Lakota’s new Diversity administrator Elgin Card and his several online postings recently since he has taken the new job creating post in June of 2020 shown throughout this article.

Recently Elgin was awarded with a new job position as senior director of diversity and inclusion which now oversees the Lakota Outreach Diversity and Inclusion Department from his previous job as principal of Lakota East.  I’d say that he was Lakota’s first black principal but that would be racists to separate him from other people just by the color of his skin.  But to say the least, Elgin has been given a special job to make Lakota and its students much more woke, to use this modern term for “awake to Marxism” to put it more appropriately, and the goal of Elgin and his department is essentially to turn Lakota’s curriculum into more of a Black Lives Matters agenda rather than teaching kids to function well in society and they are wasting millions and millions of our tax dollars to fund it.  To show you have bad it is here is Elgin congratulating his boss for apologizing for his “whiteness” on Twitter.  The pictures are blurry because of the low resolution of the screen captures that were sent to me, but you get the point.

Of course none of us should have to apologize for the color of our skin, especially white people, and that Matt Miller thinks he needs to appease people of color by apologizing for something he had nothing to do with, and that there are costly promotions happening at Lakota from a labor perspective indicates that vast amounts of money are being wasted at Lakota over this issue and that is a real problem.  Racism as we will especially discover in hindsight in the year of 2020 was purely a political platform meant to derail the Trump presidency and nothing more.  Lakota especially in relation to any other place in the country is not suffering from a racist community, so all this Black Lives Matters inclusion into their focus is entirely inappropriate.  Black Lives Matters as an organization has declared itself a Marxist advocate and their purpose is one that I have been talking about for many, many years, this idea of destroying the nuclear family and returning everything in a community back to a “village” approach to everything is not what we should be paying teachers of any government schools to teach our kids.  There is no place for Marxism in a school that should be teaching kids how to live in the capitalist republic that is the United States.  Anything else is subterfuge and a waste of money.  We are not a racist nation, and we are not a racist school district, and we don’t need to waste money on a progressive advocate with a dime of our property tax collection on a person like Elgin.  If they want to make him a useful administrator like he was as principal that would be one thing.  But to pay him to be a community activist for Black Lives Matters, that is not appropriate, especially paying him six figures to do the job.

I’m involved in a lot of things, but within Lakota I am the person that many people come to when they think of fighting public education.  In the past, when I have fought against the school levy increases that Lakota has tried to put forth, my reasons for being involved were more because of these progressive stances that the district took more than what other people wanted in just trying to save money on their tax bill.  They were not aware of some of the things I had been saying about the very nature of government schools, this Marxist curriculum that has been brewing for many decades, accelerated rapidly when the Department of Education was started in 1979.  Ronald Reagan new of the government forces who wanted the spread of communism from the Soviet Union and China that were very active in those days and understood that the direction of public education was headed in that direction.  When both George Bushes were president, they had no idea what public education was up to, they thought “no child left behind” was an honorable message that would get more kids into college.  They didn’t know the intention was to turn as many kids into Marxist anti-capitalists that public education could was the true goal.  Well, by now, everyone can see the evidence for themselves and they know I wasn’t just an education hater.  It took a while, but now the doubt is no longer there, and people bring me many examples of public school radicalism that is stealing our tax money and using it like this, to advocate for some Marxist intention whether its Black Lives Matters, or some other communist conspiracy in working with China to normalize Chinese society here in the United States.  There is nothing new about any of this, but for many of my neighbors and community members, they are just now coming to terms with what Lakota and all public schools have been for decades.

My solution to all this is to defund them.  Don’t give Lakota a single dollar more, and fight hard in the future to take away their money.  This is the kind of garbage that the Lakota school board and their employee Matt Miller think is appropriate for spending tax dollars, on destroying the minds of our kids with this communist crap disguised as racism.  But in the long term, people need to get away from the patriotism of their local school and to start supporting more competitive options such as School Choice.  When President Trump gets re-elected and can then empower Betsy DeVos to defund any school teaching “wokeness” Lakota is going to lose a lot of federal money because of activism like what Elgin Card has been hired to advocate, and they will be coming to the community to cover the gaps in their mismanaged labor contracts with the teacher’s union.  And we are going to have to fight them, and not in the nice way that we have in the past, but to get vicious with them.  The people who run these schools are not our friends, and they certainly don’t have our kid’s best intentions in mind as they run these schools we pay for.  They are activists to turn our children against us and if there is any proof that you need, just look at the social media of Elgin Card and his boss, Matt Miller.  Their intentions are obvious and its time that the rest of the community realize what they are doing with the money we give them.  Its not to teach our children to be better, but to turn them against us and make them citizens of the world, under a communist flag ushered in behind the banners of racism which in the case of Lakota, is a completely made up crises politically motivated by liberal agendas in an election year.

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Peace in the Middle East: That alone is enough to win Trump’s re-election–never listen to the experts!

For those thus concerned, and how it will shake out by Election Day, what the Trump administration did just in the Middle East this past week is enough to win another four years as president.  In the context of history, if the previous four years was Trump’s list of Supreme Court Justices which proved to be the safest bet against the mob like Democrat party, then it will be the Trump foreign policies that will win the next four years.  Forget all the hype from the media, they are in denial of the very foundations of why what I’m telling you is an irrefutable fact, extending back well over 100,000 years, likely much more.  Mankind is in a rebellion against “experts” which is a long time and coming and electing Donald Trump has only proven correct, and there are people who were on the fence the last time who will now be voting for him in greater margins because of this trend.  The reason there has not been peace in the Middle East is simply because up to this point, the “experts” have been in charge leaving presidents of the past to follow their advice, hiding the real problems.  Most people understand this to be the issue from everything to foreign policy to baking cakes, and they have started to vote differently as a result.  And given the choice, they will pick Trump again, which of course has the “experts” terrified, because they have spent their whole lives learning to be experts only to see the world turn against them.

We were watching TV the other night with my grown kids and I was reminding them how many people that were at the top of intellectual circles they had met before they were 10 years old, for instance we were watching Ancient Aliens at the time and the subject was Jonathan Young who was very prominent in the Joseph Campbell Foundation in the 90s.  That was why he was so familiar to them because they had met him a long time ago.  I also reminded them that they had met and spent quite a lot of time with Jean Erdman who just died this last May at 104 years old.  She was Joseph Campbell’s wife.  And there were many other top tear philosophers and entertainment professionals that they ran into as children which I always felt would give them great confidence as they moved into adolescence.  After all, nobody in their school could claim to meet one celebrity, let alone many of the best who did some really important work behind the curtain.  But as I was telling them those stories I was thinking of Trump and how I recognized in him early everything that was happening now, which was good for our world, even if it meant the destruction of liberalism, because my perspective toward existence was anti-expert, and not in support of our entire structure of society which still believed that “experts” should be the foundation of everything.

In truth, and I’ve told this story before, when I was running around with those types of people, I had spent a 10-11-year journey reading everything Joseph Campbell had written and edited.  Many of the top minds in the world lay claim to studying the free-thinking Campbell, including many liberals, such as the most recent Health Director of Ohio, Amy Acton.  Recently I was reading Ray Dalio’s book called ‘Principles’ where he spent a lot of time talking about how Joseph Campbell changed his life and gave him meaning.  Bill Moyers of NPR was also thus enchanted, but I knew a secret about all these people that they had not discovered in Campbell’s work, and that was his embrace and discovery of the destructive nature of institutionalism.  It was in fact by the time my kids had met the elderly Erdman and Jonathan Young I was already picking about the works of Friedrich Nietzsche who was questioning the very same things.  Adolph Hitler would miss the point of the German philosopher completely when he turned supremacy of thought into an experiment on socialism and would become a villain to planet earth, but that’s how dangerous some of this stuff would be, and clearly is.  I would say that with my extra work in the effort and the laborious efforts of working through the James Joyce novel, ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ I came to some unusual ideas about institutionalism and the class of experts that have always been around in society and have done my own work toward the trajectory of mankind.  It is surprising what a person can do if they do not care to get credit for the enterprise.  I call it ghosting it as far as being an influence leader in many fields of work at the same time.

The entire notion of how humans have put “experts” at the front of social thinking has been wrong, and currently we are taking an eraser to those many centuries of failure.  It started with the Scottish Rites in Europe, culminated in the writing of our Constitution which is a work of philosophy, not so much law, and it thus produced out of the minds of a free people percolating over many more centuries, Donald Trump, a free spirit who does not limit his thoughts to the experts, but can use them to his own needs.  That is after all the central theme of the debate about Covid-19, will the world be ruled by a class of medical experts, or will they ignore them and move on in life at their own inclinations?  Google and Facebook have certainly bet on the experts. They after all think they know better just as Ray Dalio the billionaire investor thinks he knew Joseph Campbell by understanding one of his first books, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’  But he doesn’t know Campbell the way I do, and the pin heads of Silicone Valley don’t either, they only learned the surface stuff. But in truth, Campbell was a conservative anti-institutionalist and that is why no matter how hard they try to understand higher concepts, they always fail, including the ebbs and tides of the 2020 election.

I tend as a result of all this study to look at the whole story of things and with that in mind, our society failed by placing as a priority of education the creation of “experts” in the field.  What the world really needs is battle hardened leaders, people like Trump who can think above and beyond the limited advice of experts and are wise due to their own experience.  Not to go Biblical, but Trump reminds me a lot of King Solomon, people who are almost unearthly in experience, wealth, and knowledge which is truly the ultimate freedom.  To not need “experts” is the path to freedom that Americans have been looking for since the foundation of the country and that is what has liberals going crazy, because they can feel that grip over mankind slipping.  Sure, there are still some suckers out there who are stupid, uneducated, and surrender to the whims of their unchecked fears.  But the trend is against them for the first time in thousands of years, the trajectory of thought isn’t going the other way.  And with all that in mind, nobody but Trump could have brought any notion of peace to the Middle East, because the answers were outside the scope of our experts, which is why it had never happened before, even with all the resources the world could provide.  Its good to read lots of books and to function outside the limits of “expert” opinion.  Because it is there that we can only say that we are truly free, when we are free of thought away from their tyrannical grasp, and about to think on our own without their thoughts to shape our opinions.

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Why They are in a Panic: The weaknesses of Google and Facebook data collection

I know it can look scary, but as President Trump said over the weekend, we are in the middle of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the world, and there is good reason for that. Most of what we see and hear is some element of fake news, between the tech companies banning conservative voices, the mainstream media pushing Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matters with a corporate connection to our sports, and riots in the streets daily its easy to fall for the misery that they are broadcasting to us on a daily basis.

But think about it, who thinks that the government invented the internet to increase commerce or to make our lives better? No, they always wanted more control and they intended to use companies like Facebook and Google to give themselves more power and to unite the world under Chinese style communism. What you need to understand dear reader is that it isn’t you who should be panicking, its them. They have every reason in the world to panic because in spite of all their efforts and plans that extend back over a century we still picked Donald Trump for president and are poised to do it again. So much of what we see and hear currently is panic from the left and they are quite terrified of their lack of control over people which is becoming more obvious by the day.

I’ll tell Google executives what none of their people will tell them, and let this be a lesson to all the other Silicone Valley loose collared losers who would rather protest Sea World than to terraform Mars into our next shopping mall. The cause of the failure they are seeing is that with all their AI data harvesting they have not been able to trace the origin of all human endeavor, the products of their imaginations. What Google and Facebook have been mapping for the last decade or so is the worst about human beings, their desire to like or unlike a photo, porn habits, advertising desires, essentially the lower forms of human behavior, the animal needs. The needs to eat, procreate and gossip on each other to mitigate their status on the peaking order of society. The internet has been a way to study the behavior of the lowest aspects of human behavior and now they have sold that information to the governments of the world for profit and everyone has placed their bets on the 2016 election and 2020 election. When the 2016 election did not go as planned, that set off a massive panic, which we have been witnessing here in 2020 as a massive climax to all the intentions of big, organized governments.

What computers have yet to duplicate, and likely, never will, artificial intelligence can be invented by imaginative human beings, but AI will never invent imaginative people. Imagination is a higher form of human behavior and that aspect of performance has not been adequately captured by anything Google and Facebook could gather from their users. And the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and with all indications this year has only increased, the panic from the tech communities and why they are openly manipulating data and censoring any dissenting voices is because the shit is literally hitting the fan regarding their power. They are literally losing power as I’m writing this and what we are seeing from the entire political left, from Europe to China, to the Democrats in America is panic similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz having water poured over her which we all know melted her away. What people want from President Trump is hope, they want creation, they want a thriving economy which is a measurement of human ambition. They don’t want a leader, they don’t want a new god to worship from Mt. Olympus in Washington D.C., they want someone to get government out of their way and they want to be free to create.

Google and Facebook monitor the results of frustration when people can’t do as they please and think what they want. Porn for instance is a prime example of a bored civilization that is functioning from its most basic animal instincts, the need for pleasure and satisfaction of acceptance at being invited in to be as close as one can be to another human being, or human beings, naked and literally inside of each other. It’s the ultimate security blanket left over from childhood trauma at the lack of love a child gets from their mother and father, and the monsters they fear roaming around their bedrooms at night. Sex is just such a driver to put a security blanket on the minds of the timid who arrive late in life with those undealt with emotions. What doesn’t get measured by Google tracking and Facebook likes are the secrets of the mind from those who aspire to do more, because so far no Google engineer has figured out how to capture the aspirations of humankind rather than their insecurities. The things that people are afraid of and how they behave as consumers of curiosity do not represent what people would like to be.

So far the best measure of what humans want to be has been traced by the arts, specifically our movie culture in America. People buy a ticket for the media they most like, and these days that sentiment has moved over into video games where limits on the mortality of humans has already transferred over into avatars. Death and resurrection occurs moment by moment in the video game world as players such as in Call of Duty die and are reborn several times in a minute. Players in that realm have already become immortal in a lot of ways and are thus engaged in getting the best score and building up their stats with something showing productivity. I would argue that the average movie studio and video game producer has a better grip on the desires of human behavior than Google and Facebook, and the fear for them is that soon the governments will figure that out too. That is why Google had a minor meltdown at their lack of ability to control the outcome of the 2016 election and are hell-bent to control the 2020 election. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this 2020 election, including Covid-19 and the race riots and they know from their internal polling that President Trump and his supporters are winning anyway. None of this was supposed to happen, yet it is, and they are terrified.

Knowing how terrified they are of you, you should take that as a bit of reassurance as I’ve just now explained to you a true future state that is well beyond anybody’s current projections of the matter. Mankind, all over the world is driving toward a destination that Google does not understand even with all their power. And Facebook, as history will remember it and governments will in fury remember was a dating website. The same people who use a picture of themselves 10 years old and 100 pounds lighter are giving them information they sell to governments to move policy, and of course the data is all wrong because the sources were corrupted at the point of collection. Without an ability to capture what people want to be there is no way to understand truly how they will vote, or purchase in a society driven by imagination and not raw animal instincts. And when all the smoke clears in 2020, that is how history will be written, and how the power will shift to what should be as opposed to what is.

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Lakota Schools and the Radical Marxist Black Lives Matter Agenda: Destroying the minds of children one class at a time

It’s an inconvenient truth for a lot of parents, and even politicians, to witness now that the covers have been pulled off for them to what extent they learn how little they can trust their local public school. It should have always been obvious to any mind open to asking the right questions just how bad the situation was. I’ve been talking about it for a very long time so its not all that surprising to me, but Covid-19 has revealed a lot of what the teacher unions were always about and the radical agenda that is from the far left that has emerged into the school curriculums. It’s a national, even international effort, but sadly I have seen aggressive examples of it right in my back yard at Lakota schools in Southern Ohio. Parents and school reform activists became quite angry when they started noticing the online learning approach that Lakota was utilizing as more and more students were logging on to their classrooms from home to surrender to the made-up government enemy, a virus that was far more political than deadly, giving an insight to the radical leftist agenda that has been destroying our children’s minds for decades. Some of the screen shots from the Lakota online material can be seen below which shows a very close tie in to the Black Lives Matters Marxist attack on our current culture even going so far to admit that the stated goal is to eliminate white culture.

When Lakota and other public schools talk about the black race and the great history of it it looks like they are only thinking of the made up one from the Disney film, ‘Black Panther’, not the actual history. They aren’t talking about black personalities like Candace Owens who is a current spokesperson for Republican causes, and they certainly aren’t talking much about Frederick Douglass. They are looking for much lower intellects as their examples of racial justice, and their assumptions are every bit as racist as the KKK has been in history. People who aren’t racist shouldn’t be looking at skin color anyway when they deal with people, I don’t and have a long history of treating everyone fairly. But that’s not what the Lakota curriculum is teaching young people. What they want is tribalism, a return of the village concept where local chieftains rule over the masses herding people together in ways that governments find are easy to control. They are looking to erase what a lot of us think of as a “black neighborhood” by teaching our kids to accept the crime and poverty that are common in those places, without instructing young people of the bad decisions that cause those conditions. Instead, we are supposed to surrender to the conditions themselves, just as it was assumed that we all would with the government propaganda, coronavirus.

Government schools like Lakota don’t want to teach our children a real history and to raise them to be good, productive people. They simply want compliant creatures with destroyed minds who will do what they are told when they finally do become adults. This tribal push to take a race of people who originated in a part of the world where poverty and a reverence for nature were embraced and to put them on a platform as the goal for all people is not only dangerous, but its stupid. A trip to modern Africa will show a rejection of capitalism and a people torn by war due to Marxist uprising for centuries now, and where that same behavior was brought into America, it is no surprise that black neighborhoods are soups of crime and desperate vandalism. I know many, many people of color who are very successful, but they didn’t become that way by listening to the advice of their public schools, which teaches them that victimhood by the color of their skin should give them reparations or some special status of apology from white people. All successful people of any color become that way by not becoming victims and taking charge of their lives starting with their decisions. And that is not what Lakota is teaching, or any public school for that matter. They are teaching essentially that the capitalism of western civilization which tends to have been created by white people should surrender by guilt of association a past with slavery should yield to the Marxist tribalism of the African and that the purpose of public education is to establish this new norm.

I was talking about all this with my kids the other day as they were setting up online courses for their own kids—my grandchildren. I think the online teaching is far superior to the actual classrooms, because at least the moms can be there to provide a different point of view. The schools themselves are cesspools of liberalism that control the minds of our children for too much of a day, out of convenience as babysitting services, and are so destructive to our culture. My kids have been out of high school for over 12 years now and have been telling me stories of how bad their school days really were now that they have kids of their own to care for. Take away the football games, the dances, and the graduations and what they have to say about the entire experience is much what I had to say about it a generation before—it was a huge waste of time and the experience destroyed most of the minds of the kids participating. Parents for example think of Lakota East as a destination school where their kids might get a step into a good college due to the perceived academic standards. They will spend small fortunes on nice homes within the Lakota district to give their kids an advantage in life, but the reality is that my kids generation of students at one of the best schools in the state was known as “emo university” a place full of stoners, lowlife crybabies, and the perpetually unambitious because what the kids really wanted in life was a parent who loved them, but instead sent them to a stupid school full of oversexed, over drugged losers who have gone nowhere in life over the last decade and are projected to drop even further in the decades to come. My kids had a hard time telling me of anything good from their school days.

Many kids wouldn’t have any other opinion about public school, because they have no other influences, and that’s why this Marxist agenda at Lakota is so dangerous to their minds. My kids had options, they had me who taught them to think critically and how to get out of life the things they wanted. I taught them to question everything and we spent hours and hours together as they were growing up, and as adults, talking about the products of their thoughts. Most kids don’t have anything close to that experience, so they are open books completely vulnerable to what some crazed radical agenda wants to pour into their minds. What started that discussion with my kids now 12 years or so out of high school at Lakota, was their own kids and my suggestion to consider how bright a mind might be if it didn’t have to waste away in the dungeon of thinking that typical public schools provide. What if we didn’t turn off the minds of children, how much better off in life would they be? Well, I know the answer. The point was for my kids to think about it for themselves. And by the evidence its quite clear, even at Lakota, the examples of liberal activism are there for all to see. I would go so far to call it stunning, and audacious. But not surprising.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Joe Biden Speech: A choice between reality and a production

I feel sorry for people who don’t know, I thought everyone did until I heard the reviews from Biden’s speech on Thursday where everyone was so shocked that he did so well. Watching it the first time, then watching it again, there is a lot of Hollywood magic going on with it that is never going to hold up on a live stage. They did their best to make him look good, they wrote his speech, they put the cameras in the right locations, and they edited the event to make it look live. But watching it, I don’t think Joe Biden was even reading the teleprompter live. It was a production, not a presidential announcement. It was a product of the puppet masters and not a man offering to lead from the White House. In many ways it was the starkest contrast to President Trump who doesn’t need the support cast and operates with strings on him for anybody to pull. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I thought the metaphors were clear to everyone, including the production team trying to get that many sentences out of Joe Biden before he started talking about kids rubbing the hair on his legs. They gave him a 20-minute script to read and they likely did it in several takes until they had the best one, and that is what we saw on television.

The giveaway to the whole event was the two medium shots they used before and after the speech to set up the event. Those were both live and the had Biden sort of lip sync his movements to match the video event. They were just far enough that even on a 4k television it would be difficult to make out the features of his face so long as he put his hands in the right place, which Biden was able to do well enough to sell to the public that it was a live broadcast. Biden was oddly in a room where nobody else was, the video board they had showed people clapping who were watching, but they were in a different location and would never know if who they were clapping for was live, or had been recorded two weeks ago. It wouldn’t matter to them. At the end of the speech of course they moved back to a medium shot where Biden’s wife and a few others came out from behind the stage to then help sell that everything was happening live. They waved to the clapping video images on the video monitor for a few minutes then went outside into the parking lot where the DNC had set it up like a drive-in theater to a live audience and fireworks.

OK, so if the point of the whole convention was to “socially distance” then why didn’t Biden give that speech outside to the crowd instead of having them watch the video monitor? As a presidential candidate shouldn’t he have been able to read a teleprompter outside to the crowd? Wouldn’t that have been just as effective? Of course, it would, however, the point of the social distancing, and using Covid-19 as cover for live interactions was to keep Biden on script. The social distancing was part of the illusion to help sell the scripted cut-aways, the medium shots and the lip syncing so that Biden could have that perfect speech and wow the media with a tightly controlled impression. It didn’t bother me in the least, I figured it was the only way they could get him to get through that speech, and its show business, and that is half the battle in running for president. There are a lot of Democrats who work in Hollywood who are out of work over Covid-19 so they helped make a video presentation that made Joe look decent. I suspect watching that clip a few times now of the speech that it is a combination of several takes and the editors put together a greatest hits of it and synced it together with computer technology and perhaps even a bit of CGI to match all the takes into one seamless transition, sort of like what movie productions have done on films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘1917.’

The real giveaway is that they gave the speech inside a building to absolutely no live audience when just a few feet away outside was a parking lot full of people waiting to hear the speech but being forced to watch it on a video monitor. I would have brough this up yesterday, but I continued to hear all during Friday that Biden did this great job on his speech and that he had nailed it like he was a gymnast or something. But he didn’t. It was all a fake to be honest, just like the Covid-19 Plandemic, and many other things that the Democrats are trying to tell us are important. It was a production, not reality. What’s even worse is that most of the media likely know that what I have said about the speech is true, and they made themselves part of the illusion by trying to sell it as reality. The speech itself isn’t the problem, it represents what Democrats are offering as a platform and if people want to vote for that, then there you go. But when you try to sell an illusion as a fact, well that crosses the line of ethics. People go to a magic show expecting to be tricked. When they go to a political event, they are looking for information to help them cast a vote or to gather more people to their way of thinking. This level of dishonesty is precisely why everything is at a perilous place these days, and people are literally ready to kill each other.

I would go so far to say that Democrat Convention planners have been wanting to use Covid-19 to pull off this very kind of stunt because they are well aware that Biden is failing in health and they just want to get him over the finish line. This plan has been in place most of the year and is why Kamala Harris dropped out in December so that she could be a trojan horse of socialism getting elected on Joe’s back. Joe just wants to win something in his life even if they must carry him over the finish line. He just hopes he can live long enough. What’s bad about it all is that they are not selling the actual product but are purposely using deceit to achieve their political objective. And just like they have been trying to sell Covid-19 as this deadly disease, they are trying to show that Biden is alive and well, and can still give a speech when both are extreme fictions not rooted in any kind of reality. And that ultimately is what they are selling in this election. Do you want to go back to sleep and watch the production they put on to work their menace behind illusions, or do you want out of the Matrix and to fight for your freedom to live, think, and plan? That is what this election is really about—it’s the reality versus the production. And after Biden’s speech, we can be sure of one thing, that he’s not about reality.

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F**K Covid-19: Sturgis a “Hopelessly Devoted” love letter to America

It is like watching children ponder the location of the moon in the sky, they can see it, but can’t understand why they can’t touch it. To understand such things they have so many things to learn about atmospheres and space, orbital trajectory, the solar system in general and the meaning of distances. Yet they can see it and ponder understanding, but to us who do know, it’s a painful experience to watch them undertake the journey. For liberals, trying to get their mind around the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the words of the Smash Mouth rock band declare to a packed crowed at a Buffalo Chip concert, “F**K that Covid sh**.” To make matters worse for the liberals was that there was no social distancing going on, no mask wearing, and the event appeared to their little Marxist minds to put people over profit. They were thinking completely wrong about everything and to their horror it took these rebellious motorcycle riders who looked ready to fight any Antifa thug, any Black Lives Matter Marxist protestor, any thug from the Left at any time of day to reveal to them the truth of their long laid plans.

Many didn’t see it coming or going, and many wouldn’t have known about it if they had. Heck, it was revealed just this week that a couple of young 20 something YouTubers had just discovered the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” so many people have long forgotten about Olivia Newton-John and the 40th anniversary of the musical film Xanadu. Well I hadn’t. To celebrate I took some time to listen on my iPhone some of the great music from Olivia Newton-John over the years and was thinking of those kids while watching the news coverage of Sturgis and it was quite clear what has been happening. In case anybody hasn’t noticed, because like those YouTube kids of today, they don’t get their entertainment the way older people did, through movies, music on the radio, and celebrity updates through month magazines at the newsstand. Kids today get everything instantly, their music is on demand, and by now many of the Marxist implants have re-shaped the entire entertainment industry leading up to this massive Covid conspiracy. Yes, it is a conspiracy, the science is fake, lets just get that out of the way. It’s been a long-planned attack by Eastern cultures against Western civilization using Christianity’s “turn the other cheek” value system to back door Trojan Horse their way into power.

You don’t have to believe me, just study our media culture from the time of the Xanadu film to the present and consider what’s changed. A movie like Xanadu couldn’t be made today, not even for Netflix because the industry has all these young college trained Marxists working as reviewers and they would have eaten alive a nice good girl like Olivia Newton-John before anybody signed on the dotted line to green light a low budget cheesy effects film like Xanadu which featured the music of a top notch rock band like ELO. Back then, cheesy meant ambitious and an innocent shot at making a little money off the good feelings of optimism and romance—which Olivia Newton-John delivered perfectly at every phase of her career.

Even at 71 she is still a sweetheart even though life has been hard on her. But you’d never know that with her smile and optimism as she gave interviews for the 40th anniversary inquisitors. In the growing markets of art and entertainment, as in all other industries, there was a tolerance for ambition and optimism that has since been eradicated, and you can see it in our culture, especially in our music. Nobody is doing what the Bee Gees did back when Olivia Newton-John was at the top of her game and was just one of many like her who put out so much good music that it was impossible to listen to the radio for five minutes and not hear a song we didn’t like. That’s not how things are today by a long shot.

Liberals are below the line people, so they have injected themselves in the entertainment industry continuously since the 40s and 50s until they controlled just about everything, and they have been steering our society toward the type of compliant losers who would one day believe that an invisible virus could actually shut down the entire earth while climate activists cheered behind the scenes at how easy it was to convince people to do so. After all, it took a long time to gain the trust of people and to slowly boil away their optimism into the type of below the line thinking that would paralyze them with fear when a virus like Covid could be introduced to the world as a change agent from capitalism to Marxism. Music like what Olivia Newton-John wrote and performed were purposely obliterated, the emotions of love and passion were pushed out of the industry in favor of hate and jealousy. That much is clear even from the most mainstream musical performers of today, like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The purpose of the industry was to remove hope from listeners and plant in their minds a sense of helplessness that would then be easily exploited for liberal causes in the future, which is what we have seen as a reaction to Covid-19.

But this article is not about Olivia Newton-John, or even a history of pop music in our culture, its about Smash Mouth, Sturgis and the liberal meltdown over the 250,000 riders who came to the bike rally and essentially told the world, “F**K Covid.” The horror to liberals was that after their many decades of work to destroy the great things of Western civilization, which great musical artists like Olivia Newton-John sang about in song and movies, there are still people in America who obviously will not be conquered without violence. There are still people in America who will vote for Trump even if he pulled down his pants and F**ked his wife in the middle of the street at that Sturgis Rally, and nobody would take a vote away from him and that is frustrating to the globalists like Bill Gates and the losers at Google who have for years been plotting the demise of the capitalist world and a unification of a communist one ran by the United Nations. This Covid thing was supposed to be their Death Star to America, the chain reaction would destroy everything and leave behind a compliant people they could easily control. Except for those damn motorcycle riders and Trump supporters who refuse to wear the China masks of compliance.

Liberals have literally ruined the world, the evidence is in our music and entertainment culture to remove hope from our minds so that they could more easily control us, and even with all the effort they have put forth, and as close as they came with Covid-19, there is still vast parts of the American population who refuse to obey and are defiant over even basic things. When the Sturgis Rally happened and after days of partying and other acts of topless debauchery, the political left could only shake their heads at their lack of any real control over people’s minds, and their lack of ambition to fight those people directly in the streets. This was not how the plan was supposed to work, and it has been fun to watch them squirm. Because they deserve it. Its better for them to feel that sting of defeat now, rather than in an actual physical altercation, which is just brimming on the horizon depending on how the election goes. But either way, compliance is not for America. That’s for sure. What I saw out of the bikers at Sturgis wasn’t lunacy or bare-chested debauchery, but a love letter to America and freedom in general that Olivia Newton-John sang about in her song, “Hopelessly Devoted.” And that is what made the political left so angry, it wasn’t the lack of masks, or social distancing as much as it was the evidence that some people in America were still hopelessly devoted to freedom and could not be scared away from it for the life of them.

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Most Public School Teachers are Communists: Their fat asses reveal all that they have been trying to hide

I personally am happy and was delighted to hear that the Kentucky Teacher’s Union has called for a delay of school openings, which essentially should be starting about now. The amount of uncertainty and planning that this has caused so many is truly tragic, yet I find it funny because these actions are solidifying everything I have said about the teaching profession in general for so many years. And in spite of themselves, the teacher’s unions all across America are essentially doing just as those in Kentucky are, they are doing exactly as I have always said they would and what their true intentions are as teachers truly were. Precisely at the start of this whole Covid-19 mess I said that the two things that were going to be tough to do was to wrestle away the emergency powers from all the state governors and to convince the teachers to go back to work. After all, they have been off work now for most of 2020, and they get paid from our tax money anyway. So why would they want to go back to work, what incentive is in it for them? Well, people are actually stupid enough to believe that they really love our children, that they would want to go back to work to help teach our nation. Nope, that’s not what they are all about. Even though we can all name people who are “teachers” in the government schools, their ethics as people prohibit them from doing anything positive. Ultimately there is a reason that they pick that profession even if they hide their maliciousness even from themselves, their actions always give them away.

Most of the time, the definition of a liberal is a person guided through life by the limits of their existence and they use those limits to essentially hide their own laziness. You find them in government disproportionately frequently because rules and regulations are more defined in those fields which are attractive to the liberal because it is easy to hide the desire to achieve very little in life behind the bureaucracy of government nonsense. A liberal will spend a lot of time and energy explaining why something can’t be done as opposed to creating solutions to achieve an objective. That is because liberalism by its nature is a below the line way of looking at the world. Liberals love rules and regulations because it gives them an excuse to do very little in life, and still get paid for it. And that is ultimately why teacher unions are against any kind of performance review. The teachers as members may not agree with the teacher unions, but ultimately the collective bargaining agreements put good money in their pockets for essentially being a part time job so they give up their desire to do a good job in exchange for maintaining the social norms of complacency which is exactly what the damaging product of educating then becomes to their poor students. Teachers teach kids to turn off their minds instead of igniting them for a bright future. No mind is happy liberal or conservative when it is taught not to solve problems and to accept the world as it is, and to live within the realm of nature. There is nothing more depressing to any human being than realizing that there is nothing you can do, that you just need to shut up, turn off your mind to solutions, and do what they tell you.

That is also why there aren’t many teachers teaching that are over 30 years of age and who don’t look like spoiled potatoes. They do get depressed that the job of teaching is not what they thought it would be as little girls and boys. The system does not want to turn on the pilot light of children, it wants to douse them with water so the light goes off forever. The goal of teaching under the socialist union structure is to create a compliant, dead mind instead of one that challenges reality itself with positive solutions. So those teachers eat too many cakes, drink too much wine and by the time they are in their forties they are fat assed losers hateful toward anybody not caught in the rut they find themselves in, and they stay there because nobody would pay them so much money otherwise. You don’t see any fashion models marching in the recent protests in Chicago where the teacher’s union there is always looking for more money through strikes that its likely kids never learn anything in school. Parents never ask these questions because they want the free babysitting service and can’t afford themselves to question the system. They need the public schools so that they can work, then they wonder why their kids come home one day early in puberty going from looking like a nice kid to some pin cushion tattooed freak who is too lazy to work, wants constantly to live off government welfare and essentially do nothing in life but become an advocate for same sex marriage and saving the earth by killing themselves on it through abortion, hard drinking and drugs. That’s what kids learn in public school, they don’t learn to follow Elon Musk to Mars or how to use Thorium to power the next neighborhood off the grid of the local power company.

I always have seen public schools and their teachers as slowly killing kids. Critics will say its because I had a bad experience with school myself, which is partially true. But my bad experience wasn’t unique to me, it was that I entered my school days uniquely awake for a lot of reasons, and I never bit the hook. Instead I made a game out of fighting it. I wouldn’t learn until much later that most people in life who become anything significant did much the same thing, they rebelled from the government education systems and were largely self-taught. Government schools do not produce the next Einsteins and Edisons, or Walt Disney types. And so I would argue that they are worthless unless their ambition is to do so. Rather what public schools have become simply the island of lost boys in Pinocchio where the kids turn themselves to jack asses literally through the experience to find themselves in servitude to the state for the rest of their lives. The teachers turn off their own minds in exchange for the long summers off and good pay just as the system chews up kids with liberalism and teaches them to destroy themselves forever as their parents drop them off and run to work to have affairs with their co-workers and lie to themselves that everything they are doing is for their family, while they continue to live a complete lie and expect nobody to notice. But the size of their asses give it all away.

The longer this Covid fear goes on, the more people will realize how much better they are not sending their kids to the government schools, and it is my hope that kids will learn less about how not to do things in life and accept that their minds are not so tethered to failure, that the solutions to everything is within them, and that maybe more will rebel and become good people in the future as adults because at a critical time in their life, the teachers were not there to teach them how to be losers. And if anything good does come out of the 2020 disaster of government failure over Covid-19, it will be that kids were free of the government schools long enough to be less imprisoned. And people will learn that they don’t really need those government teachers, because they’ll learn to live without them forever.

I’m sure there are some reading this and thinking that what I am saying about teachers is over-the-top. Well, consider what “red for ed” means and you’ll see what I mean. Red is for communism and that is what teachers have always intended for our children. Only now, they are no longer afraid to conceal it. Its out of the box and they no longer care if you know. They have your money and your kids. They don’t need you and are very arrogant about it, even to the extent that they don’t see that they are damaging their brand as they speak by refusing to go back to work. Because they don’t connect performance to their paychecks just like any communist would refuse to see.

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The Sinking Ship of Public Education: Take your kids away from the Marxist teachers before its too late

The most important question of the day is, should schools reopen amid the Covid-19 panic that world governments have imposed on us for purely political reasons? This is where many conservatives find themselves in the very circumstances that have allowed them to be suckered time and time again, their belief that the public school experience and their love of college sports should cause them to overlook the obvious problem that all education in America has almost been completely taken over by liberal analysis and that by participating we empower those who wish to do us all great harm. The reality of public education is that what they teach is bad, what they plan to do to the nuclear family is detrimental, and that the whole system should b reconsidered from the ground up and built with American needs in mind, not some corporate socialism that had planned for the United Nations to rule the world, as it is now. If you are a conservative person there is no way in hell you should send your children back to a public school. You should take the extra care to teach them yourself because now that the teacher’s unions have been rewarded with this Covid-19 reaction, they will try the same thing with every disease and virus that comes down the pike for years. Shortened school hours are going to be a thing in the future of all government schools, so the way to break the cycle is to not participate and to step away.

The argument for going to school for a lot of parents is that kids need to learn to participate in life with other kids. But if kids can’t play sports, if there can’t be social gatherings and kids are going to have to spend 7 to 8 hours a day wearing a mask, its just not worth going to school. Kids should be homeschooled by a diligent parent committed to ensuring that kids get what they need. If you want kids to get exposure to other kids, invite them over to play where they don’t have to be regulated by the government mask wearing mandates. Just cut all public options falling under the liability of government out of the picture and take children’s educations beyond the reach of government. That is the best thing anybody could do for their children. Even under the best of times with public education, what kids were learning sucked, and was in need of reform anyway. So now is as good of a time as any to implement that change. Because teachers have no plans to go back to school without kicking and screaming over the dangers of Covid-19. Don’t pander to them, don’t lobby for them to give you the free baby-sitting service provided by the state with confiscated tax money derived from property value. Just forget about it and find a new way, because the old is lost forever.

Many people have not yet had the time to figure out the massive costs that have been incurred over Covid-19, and we aren’t done. Because there were so many suckers over the government reaction to China’s recent coronavirus, every little sniffle that comes from now on will attempt to incite a similar panic. The Marxists of the world, many who belong to the government school teacher’s unions, have seen that the American economy can be terrorized and shut down over panic, and they will try again and again until people stick up for themselves, which doesn’t appear to be any time soon. So when it comes to public school, there will never be a “normal.” Politicians are just now starting to panic because the resistance to going back to school has been unforeseeably difficult. I’m not surprised at all, but apparently, a lot of people are. Those friendly schoolteachers that parents wanted to trick themselves into trusting so they could go live their busy lives and fulfil their career objectives have proven to be rather nefarious and the sting of that reality is just starting to set in. For many kids, the things of yesteryear that they value, like getting a girlfriend or boyfriend and passing notes in the hall are never going to be a reality. The school dances, they aren’t going to happen. The community unifying football games…………nope, they aren’t going to happen either. As far as the Marxists and socialists from the labor unions who run all our schools, they will never allow that “normal” to return again, and its time that everyone come to grips with that.

The way to fight back is to take away their jobs. Do their jobs for them and cut them out of the loop. Teach the kids at home for a few years as the smoke settles and force the change. Break their budgets by taking away the enrollment. Everyone has had to deal with the free babysitters this long, why not just keep going. It’s the more responsible thing to do. Anybody who says they love their kids should never send their children to such liberal death camps, because that’s what they are. A quick look at the Antifa kids and the Black Lives Matters protestors will show what modern education is producing, kids who don’t know up for down or inside from outside. They are taught to be radicals of the left and that their parents are idiots, so why empower more of that behavior by sending your kids back to school? You shouldn’t. If you want your kid to be smart, happy, and responsible—keep them away from the corrosive, and detrimental government schools. They are a waste of time, money, and effort. What they sell is poison, and nothing else.

Anything that was valued came with a cost. Those high school sweethearts, the sports, the social elements of public school can all be replaced with other activities. Currently they are controlled by radicalized leftists so why send your kids to such a menace? With schools proposing various options that do not give the free babysitting service without muffling your children with facemasks all day and making the school experience more and more prison like, why do it at all? Public schools have been failed institutions for years under the best of circumstance. What they are offering now is just ridiculous and anybody who says they love their kids should not participate. Rather, take responsibility for your kid’s future yourself and teach them at home. You couldn’t do any worse than the Marxist idiots who are doing it now. If kids are going to learn online, that takes most of the work out of the actual instruction anyway. At least you can be there to make sure they are doing it. But the new world is the way its going to be and if you don’t take responsibility for their education, then nobody is going to do it for you. The truth is, they never were doing it for you. What they did when they had your kids was corrupt them like some menace, they weren’t teaching them. And now that they have an excuse to drive society further to the left, teachers will take advantage of it until their power is taken away from them. That means we must take our children out of their ovens and protect them from the radical left-winged teachings of these vile specimens. That realization either comes now, when you can actually do something about it, or later when the inevitable is realized, but mark this on your calendar, public schools will never be the same again. So don’t hang on to a rope to that past when all its attached to is a sinking ship in the icy waters of the north Atlantic. Its going down now or later, but its still going down. Don’t let your kids go down with it.

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After Covid-19 and the Race Riots: A new definition for case law regarding the Second Amendment

I’ve listened and read the opinions of hundreds of lawyers and political acrobats discuss their opinion of the Second Amendment and whether or not the language justifies the ownership of firearms to protect private property at one’s home, or the ability of private people to organize a militia in case a standing army is not available to defeat an invader. Obviously because there are so many people in the United States who are openly working against the Second Amendment at every level of society, the Supreme Court has been avoiding cases discussing it, including this year. But Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas did come out recently proclaiming that it is the duty of the Court to deal with such cases, even if the results do end up strengthening the Amendment in the long run. That has been the goal of the anti-gunners, was to weaken the Second Amendment through case law over the decades and centuries and to dispute the sanity of the Founding Fathers and as progressives, to “progress” American society beyond the need for standing armies and the defense of personal property. They have other goals and now that they have had a century or so to build their progressive infrastructure its time to stop debating the original language of the Second Amendment, but in measuring how successful it has been in defending America from the dire effects of liberalism.

We don’t need to analyze the need for the Second Amendment any longer, because now we have proof of its effectiveness, and a fantastic example of its future usefulness. In 2020 all theory discussion about the need for people to own firearms and to use them to defend a civil society from the clutches of anarchy were quite apparent from the massive government failure of coronavirus shutdowns, the pandering of the media to chaos, and the instigation of race riots by that same media, and government failure that have caused so much damage in our inner cities. The theories of complete government failure leaving innocent people vulnerable to villainy are no longer warnings, they have happened, and we have the results. Gun free zones are dangerous places when institutionalism fails, which it has in the past, but more recently has been on a grand scale that has redefined all interpretations of the Second Amendment to a modern context that should now be the foundations for all case law, and the need of the Supreme Court to strengthen it as they did in the District of Columbia v. Heller case. They have been reluctant to make judgments on more cases because they know the language of the Second Amendment will make it so that institutionalism will lose its place of control over the minds of individuals and gun control reform will go in the opposite direction.

After the Covid-19 lockdowns, where it was obvious that foreign investment was influencing the daily policy of sovereign Americans, we saw a nearly complete destruction of effective government in the United States. The stability of American life was in question and chaos was perilously close to resembling a complete invasion by a foreign power. Even by the summer months America had not bounced back from the attack on its way of life and it was gun ownership that truly held the line and kept civil society flowing somewhat properly. With over 300 million guns in private ownership, it was really the only thing saving people from corrupt, over-zealous health directors who wanted to use Covid-19 to steal away people’s liberties for Agenda 21 policy changes. Several decades of terribly bad public education had shown that most people didn’t understand their rights or how American government should run sending their minds toward global management of their daily affairs and when all that failure became instituted, the dire effects were only staved off by gun ownership keeping a failed government in check and on the sidelines.

Then to cover their failures from Covid-19, when the millions of deaths didn’t come, and people were most angry that their liberties had been squandered away needlessly, their jobs destroyed, their livelihoods ripped to pieces, the unelected bureaucrats in the media stoked the fires of racism hoping to protect the institutions they sought to preserve which put to the streets thugs, criminals and anarchists in an attempt to hide all the trouble they had created. Fortunately for America the riots were only able to grow in gun free zones which largely kept them to the inner cities. The rest of America functioned largely unaffected because of the Second Amendment. With calls to defund the police and further destroy aspects of the American economy with supply chain disruptions and economic activity we have now seen the results of a failed government and its counterparts, and America did not fall because the centralized aspects of it were not able to cause a chain reaction of massive failure, which is the key behind the entire Second Amendment strength. Centralized government fails and when it does, we cannot lose our country. Enemies of America of course would love to see America fall with economic collapse, race baiting, and a general sense of hopelessness by individuals seeking a warm blanket of institutionalism to protect them from danger. But in truth, a gun in the home, on the hip concealed under a jacket, or within our cars is the best way to quell the ill intentions that often reside in evil people hiding in the open within institutional mechanisms.

The courts at every level understand the intent of the Second Amendment, but most of them are monsters created by the institutionalism that has been created to give average people control over the masses, and to fulfill the centuries of failure to the minds of individualism. So they do not want to get caught in that cross-fire, as institutionalists they feel obliged to protect the institutions that gave them power. But nobody can say “what if” any longer when talking about massive government failure where the Second Amendment might be needed. Because now we’ve seen it. We no longer have to debate the validity of the term “militia” because now we’ve seen it in action when thugs and anarchists fanned by the media where tempted to emerge into the suburbs to take their race baiting plight to the homes there, but armed homeowners stood at the entrances of their neighborhoods with their AR-15s to protect their property, because the police weren’t allowed to get involved. And even when President Trump tried to call in the National Guard, we saw that they were not allowed to get involved either. So it was only the Second Amendment that kept chaos from taking completely over all across the nation. The thin blue line was not the police who were part of the institutional failure, but rather gun ownership that preserved the rule of law under the pressure of radicalized failure. So now, for all the future we know how valuable the Second Amendment was in persevering our country through a difficult period and we understand how case law should be strengthened in favor of it, not to weaken it. Thankfully, Kavanaugh and Thomas understand what has been said here, and logic will dictate that more judges join them, because that is the true trend of the future. Anybody who says otherwise is in denial, and need to go back to law school. Institutionalism is prone to failure and when it does, we cannot lose our society. And that is the lessons we now have as a fact to rule on for the future, and how it will be from now on.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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