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The Truth About Stonehenge: Comments about the absurdity of summer solstice rituals

Visiting Stonehenge for me recently was one of the most important things I’ve ever done. It wasn’t just a bucket list item that I wanted to see at least once in my life—it was crucial. I have read so many books starting at a very young age where Stonehenge was contemplated that I needed to see the place in person. But to get to it you have to make a trip to England—and to do that you have to see a lot of other things and London usually has some part to play in such an expedition—so enough time in a schedule is necessary to accommodate such a task. However, this year I was able to get there and it was everything I expected and more. More than anything I was extremely impressed by the position the Neolithic complex held on the high plains of western England and the relation that all the mounds in the surrounding countryside had with the ancient stone ritual center. I think Stonehenge is remarkable in many different ways and its history is quite vast—much deeper than what the type of people who showed up at the summer solstice events which happen every year where druid loving people watch the sun rise on the longest day of the year.

I watched the events that these types of people participate in and it actually makes me pretty mad. The druids were not in any way involved with building Stonehenge. Their Celtic heritage is just another rendition of the modern nature worshipping hippie—the earth first losers who plague our modern politics with wishy-washy sentiment rooted in a new religion—making Mother Earth the new Yahweh or Shiva. For them and their followers of the modern age—Stonehenge is an earth worshipping symbol that a bunch of second handers from the region of Germany adopted to have sex parties and conduct themselves foolishly while under the ground dating back over 10,000 years were the relics of civilizations’ origins waiting still to be discovered. The reasons for Stonehenge’s alignments to the sun and other celestial bodies go far beyond the natural worshipping druids.

Yet like the American Indian the true meaning of the people who built Stonehenge goes undetected because intellectual curiosity cannot get past the necessity for spiritual redemption. Even the people studying Stonehenge cannot help but be pulled into the earth worship distortion that people like these druid lovers bring to the site during real archaeological study. When I was there the obvious layers of observation was distinctly obvious. On the surface, you have all these conclusions that are wrapped up in the methods of druid mythology which has always been associated with the site—unjustifiably. The druids came along many centuries after the final stages of construction at Stonehenge in 2500 BC. But to look properly at Stonehenge you have to be willing to look at Old Sarum to the south and Avebury to the north—as well as many hundreds of earthworks over the 50 miles of regional coverage. There was a lot going on in that region of England dating from the end of the last Ice Age to the relative present of 4000 years ago. For many millenniums—much longer than our present age—the Stonehenge region was very important and it goes well beyond the need to worship the earth.

Dating back 10,000 years—at least, are the skeletons of many sacrificed animals. What we know of Stonehenge and its modern rocks were built on the sacrificial site of these animal bones. Even in recent years—the last stages of Stonehenge after final construction, human sacrifices where happening with frequency—many of them quite brutal. I’m inclined to think that the stone alignments with the various solstices had less to do with celestial worship and more to do with keeping track of their progress throughout the year—likely to mark the points in time where interactions with important events occurred—such as when it became known how to calculate complicated mathematical concepts among a bunch of supposed nomads hunting and gathering for their entire lives and doing nothing else. Somewhere along the line of this 10,000-year span something happened that made people do remarkable things in that rather unremarkable landscape.

Then there is the problem of understanding that the builders of Stonehenge were not a regional phenomenon, but a global one. I am quite convinced after visiting Stonehenge and seeing things with my own eyes that the same people who built that place were also in North America building the many similar structures still seen all over the Americas. We are likely looking at a society that was much more advanced than we give it credit for, and was likely part of the culture that existed all over the world prior to the time the Book of Genesis was written. Many calculate that the Great Deluge took place around 2348 BCE which is just a few hundred years after the final touches of Stonehenge so we are dealing with more than just mythology and Earth worshiping killers. We’re dealing with a particularly potent hidden history that is right in front of our faces—yet we hide the truth behind our recent religious inventions—and that is compelling.

Evidence of life—even giant stones like what we see at Stonehenge do not last very long. Once you apply 20 or 30,000 years of wear to anything it often becomes unrecognizable and that to me is the most compelling aspect of the Neolithic monuments surrounding the Stonehenge area. Without question to me the same culture that built Stonehenge ended up in some way in North America and likely China. Without question, there were global sea trade routes moving all around the world at a time when we think of the people of Stonehenge as being separate and rising independently. The evidence simply doesn’t support that if you look at everything instead of just the Stonehenge complex. And then there is the case of the American Indian—they are obviously from the China region and settled in North America as a separate transaction of migration and they were interacting with these Stonehenge people—whoever they were—well before the druids walked out of Germany. All this is very revolutionary and certainly changes what we know about our own history. That’s why I so badly wanted to visit the site in person as opposed to reading about it as I have so much. It is clear that even lifelong researchers into Stonehenge are trying to fit it into what we know about science, instead of letting history properly tell its story with us being a willing audience. We’ve tried too hard to shape the narrative to fit our comfort level.

The biggest question about Stonehenge is—why there, and likely that answer is due to events that occurred before the Ice Age even happened. The uneventful plain of land in western England did not suddenly just pop up all these really remarkable monuments—something inspired people to do these things at a great cost to themselves—and that is where we need answers—and we’re not going to get it by watching a bunch of hippies worship the sun. I think the reason the sun was so important to all these ancient people clearly marks their need to demonstrate to the political masses a way to tell time. The sacrificial elements that often come out of collapsing societies tend to be what we study but the initial cause is where the focus should be. Why, and why there?

The mathematics involved alone extend well beyond the achievements of Greek study—it is time to accept that Greek and Roman empires were only ages and that all this had come before in times long forgotten. I think Stonehenge says to us that society wasn’t so primitive—at least aspects of it. People may have come from the surrounding countryside to become part of something bigger, and wiser at Stonehenge, and Avebury, but the people who built all these things were far less nomadic than we want to admit. They were rather advanced and that is something we need to deal with. They were a global society, not a regional one. It may take us 100 to 200 more years to find enough evidence to support some of the things I’ve said here, but the evidence is stacking up, and much of this is obvious. We just need more evidence before re-writing history books. But mark what I’m saying here, these druid rituals are just a bunch of left leaning hippies who are trying to use history to justify their religion of Mother Earth worship. They are as loony as the fools who sacrificed other human beings at Stonehenge trying to make it rain. They are not the builders of Stonehenge, or the causes for why it’s there to begin with. They are just more of a second-hand civilization riding the coattails of greatness and hoping that they can loot the credit for it over the lens of history. So far it has worked for them, but the evidence emerging is telling us the truth, and they are certainly blind to it.

Rich Hoffman
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Democrats Are Responsible for Hodgkinson Assassination Attempt: How, when, why and where liberals use violence to advance their cause

No, it’s not up to “us” to make the lunatic liberals who are communist activists feel better when they go too far as to actually attempt to assassinate public officials, to stick up our hands and say we are equally at fault for the rhetoric of our nation. We are at war with them—they started it—and it is completely up to them to correct the situation.  We put up with Barack Obama and his cadre of terrorist friends—(like Bill Ayers) for many years.  We didn’t like him, we spoke against him and we worked to get him out of office.  But we certainly didn’t try to kill him or even play dirty.  Republicans if they are anything tend to be overly honest and good, “turn the other cheek, Christians” even to a fault.  So “we” are not equally responsible for what the Bernie Sanders presidential volunteer did at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field when he shot up a bunch of congressional Republicans practicing for a charity game.  The fault is clearly with the leftist supporters of Hillary Clinton who like Snoop Dog and Madonna have simulated executions of President Trump for months in their “art” and disguised their message of assassination command behind the veil of “free speech.”  They knew what they were doing—they hoped one of their followers would “sacrifice” themselves the way that ol’ James Hodgkinson did—with violence under the banner of terrorism to stop the Republican advance since the 2016 elections.  The only difference between Democrats and ISIS is that the Middle Eastern terrorist organization at least admits what they are up to.  The Democrats hide their true intentions which is often exposed when they are under pressure—such as they are now.  They don’t want to get along.  They want to destroy traditional value in America and they’ll stop at nothing—even murder to do it. Both Democrats and ISIS depend on terrorism of some form to advance their causes through fear.  So, in that respect, their motives cannot be separated.

When Ted Nugent declared he would not participate in hateful rhetoric anymore the day after the shooting by James Hodgkinson he gave the left what they wanted—what the political right always gives the left—a branch of peace and a seat at the table complete with a hug and reassurance. But these people deserve none of it. The Huffington Post and many other progressive outlets took the Nugent story and ran with it so that other progressives would know that their terrorism had scored a hit and softened the resolve of the Trump base.  That is how these very evil and vile people play the game—they do bad things, throw themselves on the sword to gain the sympathy of others and out of compassion they pull you in to their crimes corrupting forever those who offer out a kind hand of solidarity—then they cut your throat while you sleep.  No, that’s not how this game is going to go down.

I in no way would call myself a radical “fringe” Republican. I love old westerns, the old television show Little House on the Prairie, and old Disney shows like Zorro and Davy Crockett. Both of my grandparents were farmers and my mother was a housewife.  I went to church almost every Sunday during my youth—up until the wife of the pastor of my church wanted a divorce from him.  When he (the pastor) failed to hold his marriage together I left the church because if that could happen to him—something was wrong and I resolved not to listen to people who didn’t have all the answers in life. I’ve always worked hard, treated people fairly—I don’t like to drink, I have never smoked, and I despise drugs, loose sex, and reckless living—for which tattoos are a part of.  I have watched over my years specifically, the world move dramatically to the political left, but I have not moved at all.  So what is considered the radical fringe right is now where I am standing.  But that is only so as defined by the radical lunatic communist leftists who have moved that perception through popular culture so far away from what used to be normal that it looks that way as defined now—in these crazy, turbulent times.

I’m hardly some underwear wearing basement blogger who can’t function in the outside world. I’ve turned down radio jobs, television offers and political advisor positions to do what I do for a living which as of now is international business.  I like challenges and am active in the world—very much so. I’m what many would consider extremely successful in all aspects of my life.  I was in Chef Ramsey’s restaurant in Chelsea, London a few months ago enjoying a very nice lunch—3 Michelin Star ecstasy—but of course during the three-hour meal I had to use the restroom.  Ramsey’s Chelsea restaurant is small—even though it is quite exquisite—it’s a little place.  So it only had one restroom—and it was a typical unisex European kind of thing.  When I walked in a very beautiful woman was standing in front of the mirror so I was concerned that I walked into the women’s restroom and for that she gave me a little giggle. I stepped out and immediately tried to go into the kitchen deducing that obviously the men’s room was in there.  The staff politely told me that the room with the beautiful woman in it was in fact the place I was supposed to be, so I proceeded cautiously.  Once in there the woman shook my hand and let me know that she was OK with everything, and not to worry.  She simply said, “Americano, yes.”  Not having anything else proper to say I replied with a smile, “That obvious, huh?”  For which she nodded and returned to her mirror where she was adjusting her makeup.  I could tell hundreds of similar stories about European travel but my overall impression was that they were pretty “fu**ed up.”  There wasn’t anything about their culture that I thought America should learn from except for maybe more of a love for books and fewer restrictions on the sciences—such as archaeological endeavors which work pretty well in Europe due to all the history recorded there.  Europe is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  Yet these new American leftists want to turn America into Europe essentially, and I’m not OK with that.  Believe me, I’ve been around the world enough to know what I like and want.  My views aren’t just because I live in a “midwestern bubble of conservatism.”  I’ve even done work in Hollywood and have known my share of stars and producers.  I’ve heard their perspective and I’m not buying into it.  They haven’t changed my mind about things—let’s just say that.  Most of the time the people I have interacted with have wrecked lives based on their stupid left-winged philosophy and it’s never been tempting to me at all.

These leftists moved into America and shipped in ideas that run counter to the traditions of this country shortly before World War II and have been taking over our institutions with a military like zeal for nearly 100 years now—and conservatives like me have been very gracious along the way—thinking that we could have an honest philosophical debate and let bygones be bygones. When Obama was elected and Democrats crammed Obamacare down our throats shortly before Christmas in 2010—and Nancy Pelosi said we had to “pass the bill to read what was in the bill” many of us took that as a final straw.  We were no longer going to put up with the communist insurrection that was hiding itself behind the Democratic Party—so we took steps to fight back and six years later we had Trump in the White House to “Make American Great Again” meaning—a restoration of the traditions and attitudes that made America great prior to World War II.  That didn’t mean we wanted to slap women around and put them “back in the kitchen fetching beers for their men lazily sitting on a couch watching football” but to open doors for ladies at restaurants, at least respect our neighbors, and promote the idea in our children of working hard and smart so that they could live a productive life.

The political leftists always intended to take over our country, they weren’t trying to live within its framework—which is why they support illegal immigration so aggressively—because they want people from other places to help them change America into something else. They thought they could shame the rest of us into putting up with it along the way—which ultimately led to the shooting by James Hodgkinson.  It’s not Republicans who go around shooting presidents and congressman—it’s always been liberals because the essence of their political philosophy is group assimilation through intimidation and raw force. It starts in the liberal public education system with kids making fun of other kids who aren’t members of their peer group for a strange haircut or a medical condition then it ends in congress or the senate using phony intelligence information from our covert institutions to attempt to drive an honestly elected president out of office by a media that thinks it’s in charge of something as an unelected layer of government.  It’s a contaminated infestation of foreign ideas that do not work and America rejected it when given the option.  So the political left seeks to remove any options such as they are doing now, and when shaming people doesn’t work—they turn to violence.

I remember when it was a huge controversy that the Devil in the television show, The Bible looked like Obama, just a few years ago.  That is about the worst that conservatives ever did to Obama.  Sure they questioned his birth certificate—for good reason.   They questioned his ties to domestic terrorists for good reason—and they hated him for going around the world bowing to world leaders and weakening our foreign policy everywhere—seemingly on purpose.  But we didn’t shoot up congress and we certainly didn’t put out stuff trying to incite our base into killing the president the way Kathy Griffin did and many others on the political “MAINSTREAM LEFT.”  We’re not talking about fringe people—we’re talking about Madonna, Snoop Dog and the entire art community of Broadway—the people who establish “popular culture.”  The political left overestimated their own power when they took over all our entertainment and media institutions thinking that they could turn all of America into drooling idiots similar to what they did in Europe.  What they ended up with is only half the nation going toward their side leaving the other half very upset and ready to fight.  So we elected Donald Trump as a “non-violent solution” to their long-term attack on our country as a “domestic enemy.”  We stopped watching their television shows, their news reporting and reading their papers driving their numbers down toward desperation.  Knowing that, they have turned toward violence because they have nothing else.

Without question when the cameras weren’t rolling Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dog and Madonna along with hundreds if not thousands of other entertainment types hoped that their violent “art” would provoke someone like James Hodgkinson into committing an act they never could—like taking violence to the enemy—the heart of America—a baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. They also knew that invoking such violence would force everyone to look at how they’ve contributed to the situation and reassess their input, like Ted Nugent has. And by doing so, they get conservatives to admit to a fault for which they played no part of.  So, no, we aren’t going to be playing that game.  “We” meaning conservatives, did not contribute to the split in this country, or the angry discourse.  That is completely under the ownership of liberals.  They decided through aggression to antagonize the traditions of America and half the nation refused to go along and are now in open defiance.  The introduction of the hostilities came from the left—not from the right—and the mandate to defend themselves from an insurrection falls on the political right.  It’s not extreme to want to protect what you value and if tradition is it, then that is their prerogative.  But conservatives are not at fault in the least for the violence that let to James Hodgkinson.  The political left, the radical leftist loons who have nothing to win an argument with in America only have the threat of violence to stay alive in this political theater.  And it is they who deserve to feel the pain and punishment of these terrible crimes.

Rich Hoffman

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Mad Maxine Waters: A note to Republicans to proceed in destroying the Democratic Party forever

It should be obvious by now dear reader, usually when I write something here you are peering about 24 months into the future.  I’ve explained it before how that works but if you need a review, just search for The Metaphysics of Quality here on this site and the science is explained clearly.  But all this stuff happening to the Democratic Party is occurring right on schedule.  Now it’s time to go for the jugular and eliminate them as a political rival.

The Republicans are already split and it will be between them that all the new politics of the United States emerge.  What’s left of the Democrats now is this insane lunacy that we’ve been seeing from their most vocal activists—and it’s just not going to hold water with the American people.  Of that lunacy Maxine Waters is one of the worst—she is the one calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump and advocating the Russian conspiracy which has no evidence to support it at all because she has nothing else to point to.  The Democrats have taken a sharp turn further to the left because the Donald Trump presidency has pushed them to it and that puts them firmly in the grip of Maxine Waters.  For the sake of America it’s time to just put a dagger in them and be done with the Democrats, and for that this video done by Alex Jones on Mad Maxine is just the right approach.

After some of the dumb things that Democrats like Maxine have done over the last couple of weeks, nobody in their right mind is going to give them money.  Already after just two quarters of fundraising Democrats are down in revenue and they aren’t looking good for having money for the midterms in 2018.  They really need to start putting money in their war chests now but instead they are getting wrapped up in all these conspiracy theories and standing against the new President Trump. Meanwhile the stock market is closing at all time highs and Trump is starting to sink roots with foreign policy success.  Roughly a million jobs have been created and unemployment is way down—so the Democrats are going to have nothing in the tank once it’s revealed that there is nothing to the Russia story.  The Democrats are literally following people like Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters over the cliff and as a Republican, that’s what we want to see.

The liberal media is already in trouble, cord cutters are canceling their cable subscriptions and more people are turning to social media to get their news now than they ever have before. That means sites like this one have more news influence than what CNN and others have enjoyed in the past, so their time is done regarding control of the narrative.  So now is the time to strike Republicans and you must do it without the usual guilt and compassion displayed.  Hit them hard and do it fast.  Democrats are vulnerable.  They are losing elections and moderates have to make a choice against them—Trump has given them that out—so the Democrats can’t recover. And their public relation problems of late will be the end of them.  After losing the elections of 2016 there isn’t any prospect of picking up seats in 2018 because their platform is stale, then of course there is the money problem that they have.

Don’t feel bad in going after Mad Maxine and Kathy Griffin, and all these other liberal losers.  It’s OK to sweep them away from the political discourse because their essential philosophy doesn’t have any relevancy in the kind of America we are going to be. After six more months of Trump these Democrats will be even worse off.  They have to act this way because their ideas just can’t compete.  The Russia story that Mad Maxine is proposing is really their only hope, and that one is a fleeting one.

As we’ve discussed before, this is a war.  In war one side loses and the other side wins.  Having compassion for a fallen enemy isn’t good in the realm of strategy and I think we all have to agree that  the Democrats are the enemy—they stand for death—abortion is still the leading cause of death in America—not guns.  Democrats stand for the destruction of the American family, they support compassion for terrorism and they are against economic development.  Democrats are idiots and they are vile creatures who don’t belong in America.  They are more inclined to be like our European neighbors which is fine if they want to go and live there.  But to change America into some European hell-hole—that just isn’t permissible.

When Maxine Waters is one of the leaders of the Democratic Party that’s when you know that you are out of weapons, so now is the time to pounce.  Don’t hold back—destroy the Democrats and their liberal media.  Suck up their ratings, knock them off the air and don’t let up.  Look what they did to Bill O’Reilly and are continuing to do to people like Sean Hannity.  They’ll do it to you too if you let them.  They have been playing for keeps so now is the time to do the same to them.  Letting these idiots stick around means danger in the future. Hollywood is on the ropes, all the people who have come out against Trump are finding it hard to sell their movies—ticket sales are way down.  All the networks on television are struggling—and that means donations to Democrats will continue to drop in the coming months exacerbating the situation for them.  There is no hope short of a major mistake by Donald Trump and the Republicans that can save the Democrats now.  It’s like a football game where the score is 72 to 3 in favor of the Republicans in the fourth quarter with 2 minutes left on the clock.  If Republicans could get Trump’s agenda done before Labor Day there would be no legislative accomplishments for Democrats to run on in 2018 because all these things, Obamacare being repealed, and tax cuts are popular with people—more than 50 percent of the country.  Then there is the deregulation that Trump has implemented through Executive Orders and the assurance that stepping away from the Paris accord would save American businesses from their crippling effects. So there’s a lot to like and all the Democrats have are failed policies and conspiracy theories.  They are far worse off than Republicans ever have been—and they have no money to change their terrible situation.

Hillary Clinton’s meltdown this past week was somewhat justifiable from the Democratic point of view.  She had been the major mechanism for fundraising for Democrats and the entire party was built around the connections she and her husband built during the 90s.  Essentially all these liberal media types are the creation of the Clinton White House from 1992 to 2000.  The Hollywood machine is part of that same creation which is why so many of them are liberal now as opposed to how it used to be.  Democrats and their supporters planned this long magnificent presidential run for Hillary starting the moment her husband left office. She moved to New York so she could become a senator.  Then she tried to run for president on time in 2008 but she lost to a person of color because the party felt that was more important at the time.  She signed up as Secretary of State for the experience so that she could run in 2016—so this was a long time and coming.  The investments by the Democrats was always a double whammy, a black president then the first woman president—built with 16 years of nearly pure socialism.  The nation would be unrecognizable by the end of that—and that was their plan at all levels.  But then Trump happened and in just three months he erased all the gains progressives had made over 24 years of holding the White House and the champion of Democratic fundraising was now a vanquished soul roaming the woods distraught and clueless—and all the Democrats have left in the tank is Mad Maxine.  What we are seeing from Democrats, especially this week after a very successful foreign policy trip by Trump is listless desperation on their part to stay relevant.  However nothing they are doing is working and they know it.  The more they try actually the worse it is for them.

So do them in, end the Democratic Party and let’s move on.  There is enough political division among Republicans to quell any concerns about being too one-sided politically.  I really think Trump represents the new left whereas real conservatives will emerge as the opposing party—which is likely how it should be in the United States given the kind of demographic variety that we do have—the essence of our nation is one that is rooted in capitalism and the appreciation for life—all life.  The means to get there is where the differences come from, but I think the nation as a whole can agree on those basic fundamentals once Democrats are out of the way and moving back to Europe.  With that in mind Republicans, put them out of business for good—because they’d be happy to do it to you.  And there’s more at stake than just taking the moral high ground.  We have to destroy the enemies at our gate and on that list of insurgents is Mad Maxine Waters—not because she’s black, or because she’s a woman—but because she’s an idiot.

Rich Hoffman

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Kathy Griffin’s Lunacy: Remembering the cross-hairs of Sarah Palin

Kathy Griffin did make me laugh, which is what she says she aspires to, but not for the reasons she desired.  I laughed because her press conference was so insane that it was out of this world funny.  Griffin and her ridiculously idiotic lawyer, Lisa Bloom made absolute assess of themselves which provoked in me more laughter than I’ve had in years over their astonishing claims of victim hood.

It was Kathy Griffin who put herself in that situation by filming a scene of her holding the severed head of Donald Trump—a sitting president—obviously attempting to provoke enough anger among her base to trigger someone into committing an assassination attempt. If the political left’s standard of social responsibility is to be gauged the way that they did when Sarah Palin used gun targets on her website as a way to indicate elected positions that needed to be challenged by Republicans and was blamed for instigating assassination conjecture against Gabrielle Gifford—then what Kathy Griffin did can in no way be taken as anything but a direct threat against the President of the United States where jail time is mandated at the very least.  Yet here were these two lunatic women—people I traditionally refer to as latté sipping prostitutes because of my own experience with people like this who hide their crazy terrorism behind a social shield of femininity, actually held a big press conference and attempted to play the victim.  It was amazingly ludicrous.

You remember all that don’t you dear reader-the situation with Sarah Palin. Well, the social norms for this kind of thing were established by the media on the political left during that debate which really hurt Sarah Palin.  She never did really recover over what was technically an innocent use of a graphic to draw focus onto political districts up for grabs in future elections—yet the left insisted that what Palin did was wrong and grossly immoral.  So using that same standard what other bases do we have to go on over the pop singer Madonna’s threat to blow up the White House and now this celebrity comic seeking to incite an assassination attempt ISIS style against a sitting president because she doesn’t like the election results which literally just happened a few months ago?

How can we take what Kathy Griffin did as anything but a direct threat? It wasn’t funny in the least and she looked quite serious when she did it.  There are a lot of crazy people out there and all we can conclude was that she was trying to set one of them off with this reckless publicity stunt to kill the president.  So yeah, the Secret Service has a right to investigate her and probably prosecute her.  What she did was not only in bad taste, it was technically illegal.  The Trump family had a right to be upset about it and they acted with a lot of class in response.  The fault of the entire situation rested with Kathy Griffin and her handlers which Lisa Bloom was obviously part of and they all deserve what’s coming due to their loss in credibility.

Comics, actors and liberal lawyers don’t get to swipe at a lion then wonder why the lion eats them by screaming for the 1st Amendment to protect them.  Comics are not a protected class.  If it’s good for them, then they can get it coming back.  Kathy Griffin did destroy her career this past week when she held up that head of what was supposed to be Donald Trump.  If anybody had done something like that during Barack Obama’s presidency the person who did it would have been the subject of Ferguson style riots and they likely would have been lynched on the spot by the political left and their street level minions.  I remember being on 700 WLW radio with Doc Thompson several years ago when Obama launched a website called Attack Watch which people like us were on just for showing an opposition toward the president’s policies.  Listen below for review.  We remember how it felt to be the opposing party of a sitting president—and we remember how close we all came to tyranny in America.  Using the political left’s own criteria Kathy Griffin should be in jail right now, she certainly shouldn’t be having a press conference espousing victim-hood.

And that’s what’s so funny about this case, it truly shows how loony the political left really is.  I mean we’ve seen it for years and conservatives have sort of laughed it off—we certainly did when they went after Sarah Palin over the website controversy already mentioned, and we did when Obama showed how insecure he was with the Attack Watch threat to put people like me under the threat of government enforcement for just having a different political view.  I was always very careful not to do anything that could be construed as a threat even in my own home because I knew they were always listening waiting for me to make a mistake which they could twist into a prosecutable offense. If Kathy Griffin felt she could hold up a severed head in front of a camera imagine what she and her friends talk about at dinner parties and other places where they think nobody on the outside is listening?  I’m sure they’ve said things that would put them on a watch list for the Secret Service

We put up with the losers the left has given us for many years and occasionally I would speak with people who wondered why nobody had tried to kill Barack Obama—because we all hated him.  The guy didn’t represent us and he was constantly trying to use the power of the federal government to weaken our nation and intrude on our lives.  If you look back to that period where the political left made such a big deal about Sarah Palin—which was only 5 to 6 years ago as of this writing, we are a completely different nation now.  Even when I had my famous “latté sipping prostitute” scandal in that 2012 time frame we are not the same kind of nation now than we were then.  Many more people would agree with me today than they were prepared to admit even back then.  That was about as far as any of us on the political right would have went—none of us would have held up a severed head of Barack Obama and thought it appropriate.  Even the craziest Alex Jones antics on the air would have refused to have made a direct threat against a sitting president because we at least were that civil.  Instead we focused on using the election process to replace all these idiots—which is what we’ve done—and how things are supposed to work.  Making threats to kill someone is not appropriate under any condition.  And you can’t hide behind “art” hoping to provoke some loser out there into doing the dirty work for you.  Kathy Griffin should have known better and her crazy lawyer Lisa Booth shouldn’t have even been near a camera trying to defend what the comedian had done.

At some point the political left and right will cease to be—one side is going to win and one side will lose.  The Overton Window will move in one direction and stay there as a reflection of American culture and the left can see that they’ve lost their ground made psychologically over the many years of their insurgency.  I didn’t even know who Kathy Griffin was two days ago—but now she put herself on the radar of many conservative people—that vast red space on the political maps of our country that voted for Donald Trump. Kathy is only funny in her groups of liberal friends or with people just as dumb as she is.  At least half the nation doesn’t find her brand of comedy funny in the least.  I thought it interesting that Jim Carry came out in defense of her—notice he’s not in movies anymore.  Nobody wants to see him since he did his hit piece on the memory of Charlton Heston over gun rights.  That event pretty much ruined his career and what Kathy did was so much worse.  Yet these idiots keep doing these things thinking that they can take shots, but that the shots won’t come back at them.  No, that’s not how it works.

For those angry that Donald Trump is the president I have news for you.  He’s there because we put him there.  He represents people like me.  I got sick of the insanity and I wanted a politician in the White House who represented me and the type of people I know to fix the mess that the political left infected us all with.  I don’t want to live in their world with their rules.  I don’t want to associate with Jim Carry or Kathy Griffin’s wrinkled up old ass in any way.  I don’t want them on my television or in my movies and I certainly don’t want their advice. And like I said over seven years ago on a video I did, I don’t think they should even be in America.  If they want the kind of society that is typically found in Europe, then move there and live that life.  Leave us alone.  But Trump isn’t president because of any other factor than that we put him there as the other half of the nation that was just tired of people like Kathy Griffin being in our elected offices.  We had enough and voted for someone different and the political left doesn’t have an answer—and we know that.

We didn’t threaten to kill any of your people—not to your faces anyway—and we remained pretty civil even when we had a right to take many things very personal.  But we never did what Kathy Griffin did.  She did a lot more than cross the line—she showed just how terrible the political left is—and how normal lunacy is on her side of the political aisle.  She not only ruined her career, but she inspired many people to snap out of the spell that the political left has on their minds and made them see the light.  There are more people leaning right today than left because of Kathy Griffin—but that’s not what’s funny.  What made this whole thing such a laughable enterprise was that she actually expected to get away with it revealing the true insanity that was always there but hidden behind social convention.  But then to defend it as if she were a victim—now that was hilarious.

Rich Hoffman

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Dwayne Johnson Won’t Win as President in 2020: ‘Baywatch’ bombs big as Hollywood struggles with conservative audiences

I’m having a little fun with Hollywood these days because it is fun to say “I told you so,” especially in this case. There was a time where all I wanted to do was be a film director, and I took great strides in taking my life I that direction.  But my idea of what a film director was came from the Golden Age of movie history—of the Walt Disney days when John Huston was still making pictures.  Clint Eastwood as a film director was someone I always admired and I studied shot by shot each of his films and of course all this work put me on Hollywood’s doorstep more than once.  But each time I was in that position I found out that Hollywood had a different idea of what a film director was and essentially what we ended up with was a bunch of unionized radicals with left winged politics who were on treasure hunts to be gained through box office receipts.  Nobody wanted to make the next Citizen Kane like I did—instead they wanted to make safe little comedies that were there today and gone tomorrow—but everyone got paid.  That wasn’t my kind of thing so I never got a foothold that mattered in that industry because I just couldn’t do the collectivist thing like many of these modern directors do—where they view themselves as collaborators all equally contributing to the success of a film.  For instance, Jim Cameron was one of the greats.  I used to love him, especially his work on the Abyss, Terminator, and the magnificent piece of film making called Titanic.  No body but Jim Cameron could have made Titanic—and people who have studied the difficulties of that film know what I’m talking about.  That was always my idea of a film director.  So it is fun for me to see how right I was when I came into conflict with people, producers, financiers, and actors who thought they knew better than I did on how to make a great movie.  They were in the business, I was an outsider—and they assumed they were more qualified to make decisions on millions and millions of dollars of financial investment.  Turns out, they were so wrong and I’m rather enjoying it.

This is important because the same idiots who thought that making a movie out of Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson was a good idea are the same who think that The Rock—the same actor from Baywatch would be able to run for president against Trump in 2020. When Baywatch only made $27,605,514 over the Memorial Day weekend everyone seemed surprised even as the entire film industry went after the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in a negative way but it made nearly $300,000 million worldwide over just four days.  Baywatch had such little worldwide appeal that it didn’t even show up on their global numbers—so what were the producers of Baywatch thinking at Paramount Studios?  I mean this is all these people do for a living and they made such a terrible decision.  They should all be fired.

I remember all the fuss about Jerry Bruckheimer’s relationship with Disney after the dismal failure of The Lone Ranger—which business wise at least recovered much of its initial investment. Baywatch won’t even come close. The Lone Ranger was a pretty good movie and was successful related to its budget.  It didn’t make a billion dollars which was what Disney was hoping for but it wasn’t a flop by any measure.   For all that, Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney parted ways except for this remaining Dead Men Tell Know Tales movie leaving the franchise in limbo.  Hollywood doesn’t like Bruckheimer essentially because he’s a conservative even though he has made them all al lot of money and kept them employed for a number of years. Baywatch is what will be considered a dismal failure at the box office not even coming close to its production budget after the first weekend with loads of competition slatted in front of it, namely Wonder Woman by Warner Bros.  It won’t last long and the drop off will be severe by the time Father’s Day rolls around. But the entertainment press won’t say much about this failure because they want Dwayne Johnson to run for president and they don’t want the fact that his name doesn’t put people’s butts in seats to get in the way of their illusion. People do not see Dwayne Johnson movies to see The Rock and all his muscles the way they used to see Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford.  People go to Dwayne Johnson movies only to see the action plots he’s in.  Put him in a regular movie and ask him to carry the interest of Midwest Americans and he can’t do it—especially now that he’s labeled himself as a liberal with the potential to run against Trump.

So yeah, I took a little pleasure in seeing all the idiots who put their bets behind Baywatch fail because it is endemic of the entire entertainment industry to make such mistakes.  I mean who in their right mind would think that a 20-year-old television show was going to translate well to the big screen?  I can’t think of too many that were successful in any capacity especially one that featured bikini clad women in a time before porn was commonplace online.  Who cares to pay big money to see Baywatch on the big screen when porn is accessible on any handheld device? Anybody who thought Baywatch was going to attract people willing to pay the high price of a movie ticket for a television remake was just out of their mind.

Another interesting thing to consider is how well Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales did in oversea markets—performing above expectations—especially in China, and Russia.  While Baywatch is a regional film about concerns people only in California might find funny, the new Pirates film was entertaining to a global audience even crossing language barriers.  The themes of Baywatch are those of first world worries whereas the concerns of Pirates are more primal—reconciliation with the father, superstitions, and the basics of romance, treasure hunting and immortality. Baywatch was concerned with getting laid, Pirates with getting wealthy and living a free pirate’s life at all costs. And I’d forgive Baywatch for forgoing all motivations of profit and forgetting about the audience who was going to see their movie if I thought there was any trace of such nobility—but clearly the producers of this major flop thought they were going to get rich off a used up old rag and it was insulting to see that they had so little regard for the movie going public that they didn’t put any more thought into it than they did.  It is because of people like that which is why I’m not in that business.  They are just idiots with money in their pockets and stupid ideas that should never be put to film which shows no respect for the money they are working with in budgets.

There are lots of ways to be successful in life and I certainly didn’t need the film industry to find my own way. But I always did have a genuine love for storytelling that would have been nice to have aligned with my propensity for profit.  It’s no skin off my back, but I do enjoy watching people I warned long ago—but didn’t listen, to see them struggling now.  Yes, I did tell them so, and they thought their industry was too big to fail.  As a whole, Hollywood is on life support.  Only a few movies carry the whole industry—and that’s not nearly enough to hold up over the coming years. Hollywood needs to reinvent itself from the ground up—and Baywatch is the proof of it.   Dwayne Johnson cannot pack a movie theater and he certainly won’t be able to carry the Democratic ticket for the presidency in 2020.   When a good movie does come out, I do write about it, and support it because film, like books, music and good television is a powerful way to expand our culture.  But movies like Baywatch are just rip-offs meant to make money off bored people—and I think it’s disgusting—especially when they are sold with a straight face and the potential of a presidential run.

Rich Hoffman

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How Trump is the New Normal: The media can’t really make or break people

I heard something truly fascinating the other day from the liberal political left when they said that they were afraid of interviews like the one done with Lester Holt, because it might “normalize” the Trump presidency—as if they had some hope of stopping that now. I mean the guy is President of the United States.  From the Executive Office he is setting up the kind of culture that we will have in the United States likely for the next several decades.  I mean being a bunch of loser lefties, I can understand that they don’t like him as president, but hey, I’ve had to put up with presidents I didn’t like for the last 24 years—so shut the hell up.  It’s our turn—“Trump supporters” to enjoy the Executive Branch for a change.  I had to watch years of embarrassments from the lefties and it’s only fair that now they have to endure what I’ve had to for once. But worrying about “normalizing” Trump—if that’s what they’re worried about, they have some big problems on the horizon because the way the Executive Branch works in America it sets the discourse for our nation from a leadership position.  What is “normal” is what Trump does—not what the lefties desire—otherwise they would be winning more elections.

It reminded me of something that happened to me once, I had been in the newspapers, on the radio, and on television all the time and my political enemies just didn’t understand how I was doing it. They lobbied the radio stations and the publishers decrying them for given me “legitimacy.”  Well, I had news for them, I am a perfectly “legitimate” person.  In many cases I was smarter, faster, had loads of more stamina, worked much harder than any of them and here they were preaching to these media types that I shouldn’t be given coverage for my political issues because in doing so they were legitimizing me.  Eventually they became frustrated and they organized a hit against me much like they did recently with Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly, only I didn’t cave in which of course infuriated everyone.  They couldn’t understand why such a thing didn’t ruin my life—and of course I still did television, gave interviews, and did radio.  I stopped answering the phone from those who had betrayed me, but by no means did I stop getting coverage because I had discovered that I could give myself everything I needed.  I didn’t need them—which is largely why I write on this blog everyday.  It’s my own newspaper and people read it, and visitors can pull up stories that are very old and read them again—which you can’t seem to do anymore with the major newspapers.  And of course in the world of today, the ability to hold information for retrieval is the key to news exchange because so much comes at people so quickly that customers want the ability to revisit stories later.

The point of the matter was that I understood my own “legitimacy.” When I did a now famous photograph on the cover of the Cincinnati Enquirer it wasn’t they who made me into anything, it was me who they wanted on their cover to sell newspapers—and putting an anti-tax person on the cover with a cowboy hat and a bullwhip was a sure way to get people reading.  They didn’t create the story at the Enquirer, I did. But those lefties at Gannett Publications want to believe that they make or break people—that they give rise to governors, senators and presidents—but in reality, they don’t and Donald Trump is the evidence.

Anybody who wanted could go back to the business section of any bookstore and see the three to seven books that Trump has written over the years and understand that Donald Trump is the self-contained essence of “the power of positive thinking.” He is a person not at all interested in what people think of him and when he constantly highlights his consistently high ratings it’s his reminder that he is the one in control, not the media.  They didn’t make him, but he does them. So the media, and everyone else for that matter, have no ability to make or break Donald Trump because the billionaire businessman has never given that power over to anybody.  He developed power within himself and he does not give it away to anybody.  Media outlets may seek to ride in the wake of the stories he creates—but they don’t make him.  That is the important distinction that virtually everyone fails to understand when it comes to Trump or even the Republican Party.

I tried to explain all this to the Republicans who run the county I lived in, but they weren’t used to thinking in these ways and what ended up happening was a fractured, divided party—which was purely their fault. I was happy that they did invite me to many events where only VIPs were allowed to attend because of my contributions, but after the hit job on me, they put some distance between me and themselves.  Well, my life went on just fine.  All that changed was that I had a few less social engagements to turn down because I don’t have time for that stuff anyway, but as for the things I do I still do what I want to because my life was not contingent on the actions of other people.  If it was, there is something wrong—and even though 99% of everyone lives in a way that requires “people” It is not “people” who make or break something.  It is individual behavior.

In grade school probably the biggest thing we learn, which I think is an incredible negative, is how to conform to peer pressure. It is in grade school where we learn our social clicks which are supposed to guide us though life under the lefty’s Brave New World vision.  We learn how to take orders from our peers and from what peers that we are best matched—group associations.  It is there that we die to our individual selves, the little creature that was coddled by our parents and given all kids of special treatment as infants.  We are born again as collectivists who require other people’s approval in order to function.  We want peer approval of our cloths, of our musical choices, of our speech patterns—and thus we become something much less than we were before—by default.  The media happens to care very much about the same types of things because of their continuous drive for ratings, so they immediately fall into this default mode.   But they fail to understand the kid in the public school hallway who dresses the way they want, does what they want—and doesn’t give a rat’s ass if anybody wants to be their friend.  And when one of those people end up in the White House, the press are truly terrified because it runs counter to everything they understand.

So thus the great misunderstanding has occurred, the collective masses do not determine reality—individuals do, and no collective agreement can erase a fact. And the fact is, Donald Trump is President of the United States and he cannot be “de-legitimized.”  The media cannot “un-make” him.  And as far as being normalized, it was always the popular kids in school who decided what “normal” behavior was.  I have noticed over time that those “normal” people ended up in life absolute messes who are boring, and very unhappy as adults.  They are not the type of people who should be in charge of walking a dog let alone running a country.  So for a change the exceptional person is now in the White House and that’s the way we wanted it.  What the lefties are really worried about is now that he is, Trump will make the new normal “exceptional.”  Which is exactly what I expect from him—and so far he has delivered.

Rich Hoffman


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The Unexpected Fun of Mario Kart 8: What a capitalist culture produces that’s good

If I sat and thought about it, there are a lot of things I deal with on a daily basis that I could claim drove me to depression or misery—where your expectations for things don’t match up with the real-world output. After all, that is the #1 cause of unhappiness.  Such things might be some distant family member that you care about. who got a new tattoo against your wishes, or some catastrophic expensive business disappointment—which happens all the time.  But I stay pretty happy all the time because of my personal means of management no matter what is going on—because I have a lot of hobbies that make me very happy.  One of those things I do is video gaming where I continue to be surprised at the technical achievements that are now coming almost quarterly from the industry—the latest great surprise being the Nintendo Switch counsel.  There have been 900,000 sold in the United States as of this writing and I consider myself lucky to have one of them.  It wasn’t easy to get—but once we did get one it has become a good friend to me.  I use it all the time and it has brought a lot of joy to my family after only a month.  The new Zelda game exclusively on Nintendo is for 2017 what Uncharted 4 was to last year’s game market for the PS4.  It is just a marvelous game on every front.  It’s like playing in a virtual Akira Kurasawa film—just something really special.

On Friday April 28th Mario Kart 8 was released and I didn’t realize how big of an event that was going to be.  My youngest grandson was about to have his 1st birthday party and a lot of family members were going to be there so I planned to bring along the Switch for everyone to play and of course Mario Kart is one of those great games for a crowd to play with. So I found myself at Target hoping to get a copy of the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that is simply a revamp of the 2014 game released on the Nintendo Wii.  I thought it would be a fun game and it was a priority for me because we did have a Switch, but I wasn’t prepared for the all-out display that Target had done for the new game on the new system.   Mario Kart 8 had its own display right at the cash register the way a hot new movie release might—which I thought was odd because likely very few people in the marketplace had a Nintendo Switch yet to justify such a roll-out.  But Target was absolutely committed to the new Nintendo game system and they were not shy about it.  I was impressed by that.

We had fun with the Mario Kart 8 game all weekend.  Another of my grandchildren stayed at our house and we played it until he went to bed and then again starting at 8 AM Sunday morning until about noon when his mother picked him up.  As we were saying good-bye to them I noticed she had McDonald’s Happy Meals in the front seat and on the boxes were advertisements for Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch.  Like Target, McDonald’s had jumped on the whole Mario Kart 8 release with great capitalist enthusiasm and it was fun.  I enjoyed with all the things going on in my life to have a delightful weekend playing with this fun new game system with my kids and grandkids sharing the enthusiasm that often comes from Nintendo products while being exposed to it everywhere I went.

Last week I went to great effort to convey why I liked the movie, The Founder so much.  McDonald’s is about more than food—on many occasions in the past they have infused themselves directly into our culture—as they did recently with the Mario Kart 8 game release for the Nintendo Switch.  As I say a lot, these video games are now part of our cultural heritage—they are updated story telling avenues that are in many cases replacing the effectiveness of movies and books—so I consider them significant.  And specifically, these efforts by Target, McDonald’s and all retail companies associated with Nintendo and the release of Mario Kart 8—a simple kids game that is just fun for anybody to play—are all creations of capitalism and convey the optimism that pours forth from creative enterprise that exists for the pleasure of past time indulgence.  That indulgence only happens in free societies led by capitalist monetary commitments.

I had to see a young lady at her office on the day that Mario Kart had been released and I was early for our meeting. So when I walked in on her she was looking sheepishly at her computer screen trying to hold back a laugh.  I knew she was hiding something so I walked behind her desk and saw that she was playing Mario Kart 8 on her Nintendo Switch and she was trying to hide it from people walking by her office window. I told her I understood and she proceeded to tell me that she went out for lunch to get the new game and she couldn’t wait to play it.  This was a grown woman with a pretty important job.  So Mario is for anyone and there isn’t any harm in blowing off a little steam with some fun—which is why this Switch game system is so powerful–culturally.

After my visit to Target I stopped by Gamestop to see if I could find an AC adaptor for taking the Switch on the run, so I could charge it up away from the docking station connected to my television.  While there the guy at the counter asked me if I had Mario Kart 8 yet—which of course I said I did because I had just bought it at Target from the big display they had there.  That’s when the sales clerk said “but do you have the steering wheels?’  I was a little shocked to see him present two Mario Kart steering wheels to use while playing the fun racing game and of course I couldn’t pass them up.  So It was a Mario weekend for me and I enjoyed it greatly in spite of having plenty to worry about in all other aspects of my life.  Being surrounded by the influence of one game for a game console few people had yet was enjoyable.  I spend a lot of time talking about cultures ancient and present—and Nintendo certainly has a place of honor in our modern myth making efforts as human beings.  I couldn’t help but be impressed because there really isn’t any downside to it.  It’s all a positive aspect of capitalism—you won’t find Mario Kart 8 bringing that kind of joy to places devoid of capitalism—places like Iran, Syria, Russia—Afghanistan and so on.  Only healthy countries functioning from good philosophy and positive money flow can enjoy these types of things and Nintendo was doing a good job of putting their product in the hands of the most people possible which was wonderful.  I’d love to see a world where kids in the middle of Africa could participate in the Mario Kart fun—but for them—they are lucky to find a stable meal because of the lack of capitalism in their countries.

Nintendo specifically is a good, clean company.  All their characters are wholesome and playful.  You don’t have to worry about illicit sex and mental depletion when it comes to Nintendo products.  In every instance I can think of they are child-like in their approach to gaming but revere intelligence in the actual game play. Mario Kart 8 is a smart little party game—and Zelda is very deep—but they all have in common that Nintendo fun of living life without the burdens of modern adulthood drowning in expectations.  Everything is optimistic—just like when we were all children—which is why many people are bringing these Nintendo Switches to work with them.  I don’t get mad when I see such things because I think it makes people more productive and that this video game element to our society is taking the place of more restrictive past times that used to be utilized during lunch hour.  It is a lot more productive to play Mario Kart 8 for an hour than going to BW3s and drinking a couple of beers.  The Mario Kart player will be ready to solve problems and tackle challenges after lunch while the beer drinker will struggle to stay awake and engaged for the rest of the day.  So I see no downside to all this capitalist excess because it helps our society in every phase, mental wellness, economic development, problem solving, enthusiasm endurance—when a simple game like Mario Kart can enhance the level of excitement when shopping at Target or buying Happy Meals at McDonald’s really—everyone wins.  There is no downside.

In that regard, the Nintendo Switch has turned out to be a little bit of a miracle. In just one month it sold over 2 million units worldwide which puts it up there with the PS4 and ahead of Xbox.  A few years ago Nintendo looked like it was falling off the map.  After watching the Superbowl commercial for the Nintendo Switch I was highly skeptical—but now I am a huge fan.  I love it.  It is a perfect marriage of incredible technology and innovative product development rolled up into one beautiful package that touches many aspects of our capitalist culture which advances human thought through entertainment and philosophy.  That to me is a big deal and is something to celebrate.  I certainly did.  After a weekend like I had with the Nintendo Switch, I felt privileged to be able to play a part in it.  Not only was it fun, but it was enhancing in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible even a few months ago.

Rich Hoffman


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