There’s Something Fishy About the Tech Companies: If you want to be free of them, leave them behind

If you’ve ever spent some time around fishermen, or at bait shops, then it wouldn’t take much to understand how the tech companies have been talking about us in their cubicles of Silicone Valley.  In those bait shops you’ll hear stories about how this kind of bait will catch this kind of fish and that kind of bait will catch another kind of fish.  Companies like Facebook and Twitter with the oversight of Google put a lot of bait in the water to get us to bite on the hook with free accounts, then started to reel us in not so suddenly that the line might break, but to wear us out until we couldn’t fight it anymore to be caught as their prize in a political conquest toward communism that has long been their dreams.  Where guns and the toppling of governments failed to work in the past, this time they used social media and the relatively new invention of the Internet to fish for complete control over each one of us, which describes most of the events of the year 2020.  It was all about fishing, not actual fish, but Americans by tech companies who would then throw their captured fish into the pond of China for their use and the payday was a good one for them. 

Its not by accident that virtually at the same time all the tech companies aligned perfectly with government to pull free speech away from so many people who were part of the Trump political movement.  Its also not by accident that suddenly censorship is the leading trend of the day, as if it was a good day.  Even Etsy is in on the scam.  Those invisible terms of service agreements that most of us just sign blindly has given tyrannical authority of most online vendors to suddenly be the arbiters of free speech, and if they want to stay relevant, then they better sign up for the new cancel culture rules.  If an item doesn’t fall within the accepted political rules, such as something that might be interpreted as too violent, then its out.  The justification that they use is that after the Capitol riots, we must express ourselves as a more civil society, civility interpreted by them of course.  For many, this is all very scary.  The violation of trust that the fish feel for being snagged by some baited lure is of course for them, terrifying.  But in my mind, it is best not to bite on those lures.  Get smart and stay away from being caught all together. 

A long time ago I ran around with some very rich people and I became involved in some of their activities.  I even partnered with a few only to have one of them go bad on me, and it ended up costing me a virtual fortune.  When I sat down in that guy’s office to plead with him to not go bad, he told me simply, “he who has the gold rules.”  Meaning, he had the gold, I had only hope, ambition, and the promise of hard work.  Because he controlled the gold, he controlled the situation.  I wanted to kill him right on the spot, but he was right.  I took the lesson as a young person and learned from it.  What I learned was probably worth more than any amount of money that I could have made with that guy, so in some ways, he did me a favor that no college on earth was teaching.  And I would say the same here, the free accounts that we all had with Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook were not free.  We were simply the fish in the fish tank swimming around to look pretty for their portfolios.  When they decided to sell us, or snag us out of the tank, there was nowhere to go.  If they wanted us, they could get us any time they wanted.  They gave us the illusion of free speech the way that someone who has an aquarium for all their caught fish might decorate it to look like a natural habitat.  But in reality, its all an illusion, we belong to them so long as we use their service.      

It might sound harsh, but I would say don’t cry over the lack of free speech at the big tech companies or their unfair alliance with big government here in the United States, or the country of China or their masters the wealthy billionaires who are really trying to form their own international government that rules all the governments of all countries, they are all just out there fishing with each other.  To them we are just fish swimming around in a pond that we thought was a vast ocean, but in reality it was all just a pond that they controlled.   And the game to them is what lure they will use to catch us when they want to at will.  That is why I am harsh about not crying when the tech companies catch us with their lures.  Learn not to bite on their free stuff.  Learn to make your own stuff that they don’t control.  Be careful of anything that is free, or in the case of Parler, they were paying for their service, the web hosting that Amazon offered.  But the terms of their use were changed by a company eager to please social justice reforms and communist agenda strategies for an emerging market in China.  Don’t put yourself in a position to be a victim to being sold out.  The illusion that they are in control is only that way because you are swimming in their fish tank by their terms for the easy food they occasionally toss in for your convenience.  But they feed their fish to make you fat and docile so that when they need to, they can get you to easily bite on the bait they throw at you whenever they want. 

The next steps in the MAGA movement is to make our own social media where we control the servers.  We should also go several steps further, we need our own news, our own book publishing, our own production of music, movies, and television studios.  We should even create our own streaming service.  I know that sounds like a lot, but once Trump is free of the day-to-day activity of the White House, that is the next logical step for him and those who want to help him with these kinds of things.  Because ultimately, we don’t need to swim in the little ponds of Twitter and Facebook.  We should be swimming in that big, vast ocean.  If you really want to live free, then be free.  Don’t depend on government or their alliances with communist sympathizers and companies wanting stability at all cost to manage the masses through that means.  But more than anything, don’t cry to them or grovel.  Vote with your feet and take your business and the dollars they seek somewhere else.  Ruin them from the inside out and show them that its you who holds the real gold that they want, and make it so that at will you can take it from them leaving them in the dust, or on the hook for the next big catch.  Turn the tables on them, don’t be a victim of them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What Happens after the Capitol Attack: An underground resistance against the China communists seizing control

For context, throughout this communist insurgency I have called to anybody who is willing to listen to follow the rule of law as far as you can.  However, in the video above I spell out the case as to why attacking the Capitol building in Washington DC was a healthy thing to do.  It may save lives down the road.  It’s sad that anybody lost their life but what the people were doing who stormed the Capitol was express themselves from an obvious invasion by leftist radicals and criminals just as a coup and outright censorship was applied to disrespectfully apply force and fear to the American nation to provoke them to be ruled or destroyed.  By taking away the option to believe in an election with two obvious election thefts, the bad guys here thought they’d get away with it without anybody punching them in the face, so the Trump people with nowhere else to turn expressed themselves through violence.  Obviously, tyrannical force to bring the nation under communist law was always the plan, and the shock expressed by the politicians who call the Capitol building home was unified, and the media outlets who had just spent a year advocating for violence in mob riots all of 2020 found the shoe on the other foot, which everyone could see showing all what I’ve been saying for a very long time.  You can only push people, nice Christian people, so far until they get to the point of breaking and taking the fight to the enemy.

Even with the mass purge by Twitter and other social media platforms, and the treatment by the media, my statements are that as private companies even publicly traded its their stuff and I respect their ownership rights.  If they don’t want Trump there, that’s fine.  If they don’t want me, I’m fine to go somewhere else.  But don’t come to my house and expect to tell me what to do either.  I’ll find alternative media, or I’ll start my own thing.  I do not believe there is any chance of coexisting with liberals, so I don’t want to consume their products.  They obviously don’t want to coexist with conservatives otherwise their behavior wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been.  All these radicals and sell-out politicians think they have acquired power but this is different than when Jimmy Carter won, or Bill Clinton, or even Commie Obama.  With the crimes we have witnessed over the last four years of attempting a coup of our elected president in Trump and this terrible behavior at the end of his first term, with House Democrats looking to impeach him again with a hope of knocking him out of trying for a second term, the hostilities have been coming from illegitimate government that I will not recognize as representative.  To me, these are hostile criminals who have attacked our country by playing along at coexistence until they felt they could make their move, and now they have made it.  Trump supporters tried to play the rule and law game by voting for our representation, we turned to the judiciary to enforce rule of law, but all that was stripped away from us by these attackers leaving us nowhere to turn.  My hope was that in the attack of the Capitol building that perhaps, although its doubtful, that maybe the political left might learn a lessen before things get worse.  But putting up with this insurgency just isn’t an option. 

Also I hinted a bit into some of my foundation thoughts on the matter by discussing one of my favorite FBI agents from the communist fighting days, Cleon Skousen.  I’ve always loved Cleon, he represents my kind of America back when he warned in his books as a field agent for when the FBI had not yet been infiltrated with crazy leftists about the strategy and desires of the communists pouring into America.  Even I have held back throwing the word “communist” around as the names have been changed over the last several decades to progressives and just small “S” socialists.  Big “C” communists have generally been accepted as dying off with the fall of the Soviet Union.  However, the Chinese are communists, and it is that type of communism that they are insisting the world unite under and the tech companies are clearly on board.  I can understand not deleting your accounts right now, especially after over ten years of use.  But I plan to stop using any company as much as possible that is not friendly to freedom, because they want communism as it exists in China.  Even our politicians have compromised our nation with so much debt that China rules them, and they have accepted that with most of them already on board with their brand of communism, even republicans.  Skousen was a smart guy, a top mind and even he had to admit that free people and communists could not coexist.  So at some point there will be a fight.  The situation at the Capitol building might prevent some of that future fighting.  I would hope so, people have to stick up for themselves.  But the communists assumption that they were going to make their move in 2020 for an outright takeover, which is what the election of 2020 told me, is an act of war by a domestic enemy and at the very least this new administration has to be declared illegitimate and will not be accepted, nor any laws that they sign.  I would point everyone to read Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist” as the foundation for what must happen next. 

As a result of seeing the government reaction to the Capitol attack the MAGA movement will of course go underground to cut out the foundations of everything that this insurgent government has shown its intention to do.  Clearly they are planning on harassment and door to door intimidation as other communist insurgencies in the past have utilized.  They will want to ban books, they will go after free speech any way they can.  They will try to separate Trump supporters from each other.  They think Trump is the key to all this so that by cutting him off from his Twitter account that the MAGA movement might die.  But like all communists they are not very smart as they have built their entire philosophic strategy off the loser Karl Marx and it has within it the lack of scope and imagination that can properly interact with the world.  They do not understand Trump supporters so they either want to kill us all off, or pound us into compliance so they can have their perfect revolution.  That is what I saw on January 6th 2021.  It was surprising to see so many Republicans buckle under the pressure.  But they don’t represent Trump supporters who put the President in office in the first place.  That desire isn’t gone or wasn’t created by him.  Trump is a creation of his supporters and now that effort will go underground to cut out the foundation of the communist overthrow of America and nothing else will be tolerated.  Coming together through a lack of options on social media won’t even come close to solving the problem of what’s brewing.  And it doesn’t take me to provoke it.  If anything I’ve probably managed to stop a few other uprisings.  But the more that this insurgent government pisses off people, the worse its going to get.  The Capitol attack was really just a few broken windows and some deaths resulting from panicky reactions to the situation.  I would hope that it would never get worse than that, but because of it, maybe we can avoid more of that kind of thing in the future.  But accepting the Democrat government that seized power through lying, cheating and other criminal conduct is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.  If the ballot box isn’t a way we can manage our government, then what else is there? 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why I Call Myself Cliffhanger: Stopping the long standing suffering of the philosopher at the hands of “democracy”

As I said in the video above, I’m not trying to sell you a book.  This book that I’m talking about is The Symposium of Justice that was published in 2004.  It has been out there for a while and long ago stopped giving any substantial income on its sales, which is fine with me.  It was a bit of a big deal in the 2000s, before Barack Obama was elected, I met some interesting people in Hollywood because of it, people actually liked it so much that they wanted to make a movie out of it twice.  But I learned more about the world from that book and my observations which have only become more acute over the years than the opposite reaction that usually permeates.  My problem at the time which is now more illustrated than ever are that the great philosophers of any time are usually killed or driven insane because their observations often stir up the leeches of democracy so intently that to preserve themselves from the needed social changes they would have to embark on to survive in the change state of the philosopher in question, they’d be at a loss.  So, the plots to kill and destroy the new thoughts become a priority and history tells the same story over and over. 

People have been asking why I stopped using my real name on these articles and have instead been referring to myself as Cliffhanger.  Well, to be honest it is because of the events of 2020 that I have found all the strength needed to deal with the problems from my old book.  When I wrote it everyone, especially the agents on Wilshire Blvd, several which were really into The Symposium of Justice, not necessarily due to its literary quality, but conceptually.  I wrote the book when I was in my early 30s as a direct experience I had with local politics and dealings with the FBI and a mayor at the time where to correct the situation the only options was violence because what was being covered up was the same thing that killed off a long string of philosophers from Socrates, Cicero, Nietzsche and even in a more modern sense, Robert Pirsig.  My thoughts were that if people were going to be free to think in big ways, philosophically, then they should also learn to kick some serious ass, to preserve their minds long enough for the attackers to have their schemes beaten, and themselves destroyed for their ill intentions.  Like I say a lot, I’m not a kiss and tell type, but there were some A listers in Hollywood on the production side and actor side who were into The Symposium of Justice and there were lots of philosophic beliefs that are filled in its pages.  But for all the reasons that Cicero was murdered by the plots of Mark Antony and is crazy wife, I found myself operating something of a philosophic underground which within a few years, became the blog site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  The rest is history.

Up until this year to keep the memory alive of the titled character in The Symposium of Justice I have been using the name Cliffhanger in my shooting sports, especially Cowboy Fast Draw.  When I interact with that group they never call you by name, but by your alias.   I’ve gotten used to it so much that now, especially with the events of 2020 and my growing pride in the work I did with The Symposium it has now become second nature to me and an official name I am using.  The problem at the time with The Symposium was that it was way too far out there for most people at the time. I mean the idea that a huge international organization called “The System” conspiring together to control the minds of people through radio towers that manipulated the pituitary gland of people to inspire them into consumer behavior in a maddening plot to take over the world seemed pretty far fetched even for lovers of science fiction and dystopia.  Then to have an action hero who is a part time grill cook at a local restaurant called Republics, but at night a menace to the villains violently and unstoppable stretched belief too far.  As a throwback to Zorro or Batman, Cliffhanger was something else, more of a character out of an Ayn Rand novel.  But instead of fleeing to the mountains to avoid a tyrannical government Cliffhanger was beating to a pulp the villains of The System with bullwhips to the point of audacious vigilante justice forcing anybody to contemplate the nature of law and order, which was the point of the book.   

Not to give away the ending, which I won’t for those who haven’t read it, but it was based on a real event and was my final statement on what justice meant to a society.  In it a hit man has figured out who Cliffhanger is and he’s about to kill his family in a restaurant for the spectacular fear it would generate in the community and thus, the fear that would follow making it easier for The System to control the thoughts and actions of the residents—long before there was a thought of Covid-19 or Covid-20.  Once the hitman realized what a good person Cliffhanger and his family were he realized what a loser he had been and figured that to redeem himself even a little during his life that he’d commit to that act immediately so instead of even trying to kill Cliffhanger, he would instead kill himself and do one good thing in the world as a last act, which after a lot of violence, is precisely what he did.  When you write something like these thoughts collected in The Symposium of Justice, but at the time George Bush was the president and nobody was really talking about the deeper conspiracies of government except for the real loons of extremism, it was a tough concept to grapple with, which is what happened in Hollywood.  Their comments to me was “couldn’t we have more action with the bullwhips and less philosophic talk?  If that was possible, we could make a deal.”  I of course said that wasn’t possible and would water down the point of the book.  They’d of course say that people would still read the book in bigger numbers so it would be good for marketing.  It happens all the time. I would say, but it would die a B movie death which is actually worse than not being made into a movie at all.  That kind of thing went on for two years then died on the vine when Obama was elected president.  Then I turned my eyes toward the Tea Party movement and away from the entertainment industry. 

Yet the book and all its conspiracy came true in 2020.  You could change the water towers into cell phones, and the United Nations into The System but the efforts were the same and I had spelled it all out in The Symposium of Justice so many years ago, and I was proud of it.  Because if I could nail down all that looking forward, then I could nail down the path out of the storm, and as a crisis in our lives, it showed me that I had the proper flashlight to get out of it and to show people how they can get there too.  So, it has been with great pride that out of the mess of 2020 and massive disappointments that I have had in our government, with the exception of Trump, I have been thinking of my talks with industry people about politics and entertainment and I am very happy with my work on The Symposium of Justice.  It wasn’t easy to write, it wasn’t easy to hear the criticisms, and I often felt like Cicero.  Only I never accepted that “democracy,” that foolish notion that the masses have more intelligence than an individual through collective salvation, and that the secret to beating them all I had touched that long ago filled me with a pride that felt more like a breakthrough.  And for that, I sign each of these articles appropriately, and with great enthusiasm.  I don’t fear at all death or insanity perhaps for the first time since a collection of cells made up a human body.  And within that admission, a real hope for the future is visible.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What’s The Difference Between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates: Both seem to be sanctioned by the state against capitalism, yet one was hunted down and killed, the other is smiling on TV

Like most things these days, conspiracy theories are being found to not be conspiratorial.  Many of us, certainly I have been saying it, that communism is what our schools are teaching these days.  Nobody can dispute it, but they used to.  Well, Bill Gates has always had a lot of conspiracy theories swirling around him, largely by his own doing.  He has made some really stupid comments over the years, intentional or not about climate change and to what level human populations should be managed by a central government in order to save the planet from those pesky humans.  Well, because of his relationship with Covid-19 and the various government agencies behind it, such as Doctor Doom himself, Dr. Fauci, and his early statements toward President Trump being responsible for the massive deaths from the recent coronavirus if he didn’t shut down the government, Gates put himself at the center of the controversy on purpose.  Gates and his crazy wife have been heavily involved in the World Health Organization, shaping the CDC response to Covid, and has a more than cozy relationship with the leaders of communist China.  At first everyone wanted to trust the authorities when they said Covid-19 was deadly, so they gave people like Gates the benefit of doubt.  However, it was very suspicious when Gates withdrew from the Microsoft board of the company he created with Paul Allen on the same weekend that governors started shutting down the American economy with lockdown orders through health departments in various states.  It was Friday March 13th when it happened and by Sunday the 15th, Mike DeWine of Ohio had started a chain reaction which would turn the world upside down economically with what now looks like a communist plot to infiltrate every society on earth for the end goal of eliminating the carbon footprint of capitalism in order from their perspective to save the earth from humans by destroying their activities. 

On this site I have predicted and been confirmed on everything I have said about Covid-19, its intent, the flaws, and how the story is falling apart as there is no evidence anybody in government actually knows what they are doing.  Nobody can prove that masks work, they can’t even prove how many people have died of Covid-19.  Almost every statistic coming from Covid-19 is as flimsy as voter counts in Pennsylvania and Michigan during the 2020 election cycle, made-up stupidity by incompetent government officials who are saying what they are saying obviously hoping to get some of the easy money that Bill Gates has been spreading around like fish food in an aquarium.  It has been and continues to be that everything related to Covid-19 is terrorism, because it’s the fear of it that has been advanced by advocates of lockdowns and mask wearing without any real proof that anything anybody is saying is true.  It is the fear that it “might be true” that has been driving the narrative which in and of itself has been acts of terrorism, using fear to advance a political position.  In this case the hopes and dreams of the advocates of coronavirus, even to the nations involved like China, has been to save the planet from climate change.  Using Covid-19 lockdowns as a training for human effort to stop climate change is the terrorist effort at work. 

In the video above I used the fun little movie recently called Godzilla: King of the Monsters as the correct metaphor of that plot line where the crazy wife of the protagonist joins a group of international terrorists who are looking to unleash all the ancient monsters of the world to destroy humanity but thus saving the earth from those same humans from climate change.    When I first saw the movie I thought it was an interesting concept, almost as the political left were seeking to justify their own occasional insanity by humanizing their terrorists into appearing to be compassionate people with big hearts. I thought then that the main villains reminded me of Bill Gates and his lunatic wife Malinda, but that was before Covid-19 was ever unleashed as a weapon of the left meant to attack prosperity and capitalism bringing down competing cultures to China.  But after watching lots of Bill Gates interviews and those of his wife over this past year where ABC and CBS and all the other mainstreamers who proclaimed Joe Biden won the presidency and there was absolutely no cheating involved, “even though the evidence of voter fraud is stacked now with mountains of proof that nobody wants to look at” the obvious terrorism of Bill Gates is out in the open leaving to question, why aren’t we hunting him down with the same vigor we did Osama bin Laden?

Hey, we embarked on a 20 year war in Afghanistan, we destroyed Iraq over Osama bin Laden over the 9/11 attack back in 2001 on the World Trade Center which ended up killing nearly 3000 people and destroyed two big symbols of capitalism in the world in New York.  The bin Laden strategy obviously was to kill people to get the attention of his targets, capitalism in the world, but to disrupt commerce and trade hitting markets financially to advocate for his desire to destroy the culture of the west.  Bill Gates obviously wants to do something very similar, he is attacking the culture of the west by partnering with the World Health Organization, which is a front for Chinese communism and the spread of it to all economies, in slowing the human imprint on earth in preservation of climate change initiatives that are very much part of the overall United Nations strategy.  Knowing Americans won’t listen to some foreign government like the UN when it comes to climate change, they instead came up with this Covid-19 scam to sell the need to reduce human activity, by forcing them to stay home, not to drive, not to meet in public, and to break their ties with church and family to replace those connections with a big brother government that is contact tracing everyone into a Brave New World.  What Gates has done isn’t any different than what Osama bin Laden did, both have been using terror to change human behavior, and it looks like both were willing to destroy lives and property to perform their task. Denying hydroxychloroquine to people that might save them from death is after all, murder—isn’t it?

So why hasn’t Bill Gates been arrested?  Why isn’t the FBI raiding the Gates home and hauling him and his wife off as terrors of the state?  Is it because they have too much money to be treated in such a way?  Everyone wants a piece of it who works in our government?  What is the difference between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates as terrorists?  Is it that one is sanctioned by the state for their own goals of a partnership with China and a more powerful central government?  Bill Gates has been smiling through all these interviews when some of these hard questions are coming up, yet he does not feel he has done anything wrong or that any justice will find him.  He is almost poking us all in the eye with his terrorism.  So why?  He’s obviously no friend of America, you won’t find him quoting Thomas Jefferson any time soon or those of Ben Franklin or Adams.  He is looking to put down America and mold it into the governing body of the United Nations.  And if terrorism is the tool, then that’s fine with him, as it is obvious that most of our government agrees with him.  So why did we spend so much money fighting Osama bin Laden if the same rules aren’t applied to Bill Gates?  Well, we all know the answer, but isn’t it a shame to know such things?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Objectivism: President Trump has only been the beginning

For one thing, as I have said for many months, going backwards, or accepting socialism is not an option.  Watching a political insurrection occur is not acceptable and from my point of view the cause of most of the problems is stupidity.  In many cases made that way on purpose by our attackers.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Tea Party movement was going strong.  In fact, it produced the Trump presidency, and it never really went away.  But in many ways Trump replaced the need for the Tea Party with the kind of government we had been hungry for, and a proper take-over of the Republican Party took place and many of the concerns we had for our nation were being addressed.  However, the Trump administration was very much a surface fix.  Trump did all he could from the executive branch, but the limits became well obvious as time evolved that the overall philosophy of government in America had strayed way off path and the criminals which were now in elected offices were diligent in hiding their crimes by trying to get rid of Trump the moment he started culminating in this running out the clock judicially on the greatest election fraud scam in the history of the world.  So, to fix those problems it doesn’t so much take weapons to attack the perpetrators, but it does require intelligence to run a republic which is where we must begin in 2021, with restoring intellect. 

There were two very popular books that came out of the Tea Party period which inspired a movement of people to demand better government for themselves.  The first and most obvious was The 5000 Year Leap and the second was Atlas Shrugged.  There were others, but those two epitomized the Tea Party movement and the kind of things that it took to convince people to take a chance on someone like Donald Trump for president the first time.  Yet to maintain that effort, it would obviously take more of that energy, and more people to come to a better intelligence about how to run their lives, which is part of the China attack on our country, to infiltrate all levels of our government and dumb down our population with drugs, stupidity, and any vice that could be controlled to destroy the lives of human beings as a massive conquest of an entire population was underway for world domination and the spread of communism to every corner.  For many it is a difficult concept to wrestle with, to even recognize that they need to ask a question and that lazy tendency to trust anybody anywhere that they never overcame as children was necessary for the maintenance of a free society.  Ayn Rand’s work is the best place to start presently as the books of her efforts were written in the 40s and 50s of the last century and have been part of the American experience in a healthy way for many years now.

As I explained in the video above, I am not an objectivist, which is the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  I’m way too independent as a thinker to follow blindly someone else’s thoughts on a matter.  But the people I call friends are likely most notably those types of people.  I do get along with Christian people very well too, but like Ayn Rand, I have my own thoughts about things and see philosophy as a growing exercise, something that is always evolving based on human knowledge and experience.  Ultimately for me Ayn Rand was a woman and thought like a woman—not that, that was a bad thing, but it is certainly different from me.  In her books the great heroes of her stories essentially pack up and move away from an overly obtrusive government and are constantly being tortured and victimized by a looter society.  Like an angry woman who feels dejected by her husband, Ayn Rand’s characters saunter off to create their own society in the mountains of Colorado as the world falls apart in the outside would by the crushing effects of socialism.  While these books are great for people who have been taught in public education that socialism is the goal of the world and are now voting and making decisions destructive to our country, I have a much different mindset than Ayn Rand does about conflict resolution.  Don’t get me wrong, Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors.  But I would be more inclined to deal with a corrupt government as the historic figure of Wild Bill Hickok did, with a shootout in the street than how the fictional characters of Ayn Rand did, but taking their talents home only to go on strike until the world came to their senses.  I personally think liberty needs to be defended with an eye toward violence and destruction rather than sulking in paradise waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.     

That doesn’t cheapen the message though which is critical to even asking the questions needed to run a republic.  I have probably heard the word “democracy” more in the last week than I have in all of my life, now that people who have taken for granted that America would always be here no matter how much they abused it, only now are people paying attention to the value of a good democracy.  But as I have said many, many, many, many times dear reader, a democracy is one of the four elements of the Vico Cycle which states that all civilization exist on cycles of birth and destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Building a society around a mob driven democracy is not the way to maintain the kind of Constitutional order that is talked about in The 5000 Year Leap.  To overcome that faulty mindset of a democracy, you must first master it, then build something better as a highly educated republic.  You must build your mind to be a functioning member of a democratically elected republic and to have the intellect to maintain it valuing the objectivist elements of the best among us to drive society ever forward, instead of cowering to every lazy whim of the worst and dumbest of our civilization, as we have now. And to defend those intellects, you must stand and fight off the looters who will come after you for their own sustenance like zombies from a horror film so that you can continue your education and effectiveness as a contributing member of that republic.

 In spite of how things look today, with an obvious attack by China into our American way of life it is the 27th Principle in The 5000 Year Leap on debt that speaks so clearly what the strategy of foreign invasion has been into our lives.  It was Ben Franklin who said “think what you do when you run in debt; you give another power over your liberty.”  I was fine with President Trump running up debt to fix many of the problems we had in America, because he was putting the squeeze on China with the trade deal.  It forced China to reveal their cards and show us how deep their fingers have been into our society, which is valuable.  Trump was paying for the debt with projected growth which is well underway.  But the compromise of our judicial system, many of our legislative branch, our media, our law enforcement particularly in the FBI has been the result of crushing debt over the years and a loss of allegiance to America as those bankrupt souls have looked to Chinese communism for their bailout.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  We’re not going backwards, the same needs that elected Donald Trump are still there.  However, we can clearly see that for the future we’ll need a lot more of it, and we can only get there with an intelligent republic, which starts with a few good books.  And Ayn Rand is a good place to start.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Beijing Biden’s “Little” Speech: Terror of populism is starting to set in

I watched the various reactions to Lying Hiding Beijing Joe Biden’s “little” speech on December 14th which was supposed to be a unifying speech to unite the country after a difficult election.  From the point of view of the institutionalists this was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin and Joe Biden would become more than a “fake president elect” after massive fraud gave him around 20 million votes to win an election which were totally made up and could not be verified with signatures in their wildest dreams.  Biden’s task was to announce to the world that the electoral college vote had produced the results giving him the victory and that President Trump had exhausted all his legal options, and that the election was over.  Many commentators rather than dig into the speech for the many subtle aspects of it that told a much more vivid story to my eyes, got stuck on the audacity of it, the preachiness of it, and the news cycle moved ahead into Turtle Mitch McConnel going back into his shell and yielding to the Democrats by addressing Biden as “president-elect.”  Now I said in the beginning of all this and I still say it now, and I will be saying it two and three years from now, even decades from now, the evidence of the cheating by not only the Democrats, but the billionaires hostile to Trump, the tech giants, the foreign nations who want to bring down America, their footprints in all this is still in very wet paint, and they as we speak are trying to brush away the evidence.  But too much has been discovered for them to ever get away with it and we will be digesting it for a very long time.  And in many ways, all that was revealed in the little speech that was supposed to be very big but was skipped over as inconsequential and almost quiet due to the massive amount of guilt that it revealed. 

In years past when I write about something, I would put up lots of tweets and video supporting the evidence of my opinions.  But lots of people do that, what my readers and watchers want is the cutting edge, the things they can’t get anywhere else, some opinion way out on the branch before someone cuts down the tree to destroy all evidence that anybody was on the branch, let alone that there was a branch.  Because that is the kind of world we are living in, and its part of the reason that hostile villains, such as Beijing Biden’s team think they can get away with the massive crimes they have been involved with and continue to be.  The speech itself is easy for everyone to see, but my opinion on it is the only video I provide now for these kinds of things, because its not what you see and hear that matter so much.  Production values these days by a good actor or politician can hide many crimes.  But with a keen eye and an ability to understand the subtle, the quivering voice of the criminal president-elect named so by a conspiring media and deep state insurgency couldn’t hide his fear that the questions about the election fraud had gone on too long for them to conceal and that momentum was being lost by his hopes to have a future administration. 

A panic is quite clear in even the speech writers for that diatribe in that they were trying hard to convince themselves that the election was over, and that the world had been patient while President Trump conducted his legal challenges.  Institutional preservation after all was all anybody in the Washington Swamp really cared about, including Mitch and other Republicans so Trump was taking all this dangerously over an edge that nobody would be able to return from.  Biden’s little speech was meant to crush the hopes that Trump would ever be president again, and it thinly disguised all mainstreamers into a day where nobody would remember Trump was even president at all.  But the reality that Trump and his lawyers have the goods on the cheat was just squeezing through the façade and there was a panic on the face of Biden that caused him to tread lighter than any of them would like, but too sharp and condescending for Trump voters to accept.  No, they were among a new point in world history where populism was springing up everywhere and the institutions did not have control of the situation.  And Biden for the institutions was a last-ditch effort to stay in control and they might have if only Trump had conceded, as they expected weeks ago. 

The speech was obviously practiced earlier in the day on December 14th, perhaps even written in rough form over the weekend.  But as the cameras were set up to record it, and Beijing Biden was getting his dander up from his nap to give the speech, Republicans in all the swing states including New Mexico and Nevada, which were not being talked about, threw their lot in with Trump leaving legal challenges open until January.  At the rate that evidence is pouring in about all the election fraud, the obvious reality that a lot more of it would now be coming in over the Christmas Holiday was terrifying and you could see it on Biden’s face.  For the plan to work, the election steal, the Covid counter measures, all the evil plans that liberals around the world conducted to usher in an age of global communism were unraveling before compliance had set in with the American population and none of them had a plan B.  In fact, they were exposed and looking to spend the rest of their lives answering to crimes, not being kings of the world as they were promised.  And in that little speech, Biden’s stress was showing.  You have to look a bit to see it, but you can see it in his body language, even in the way he held his mouth while delivering the lines.  It was almost like a betting man who had wagered on a big football game and his team had the lead, but the opposite team had just scored a touchdown in the final seconds putting the game into overtime, and now with the flip of a coin, they were getting the ball first and only had to march down the field to kick a field goal.  For the steal to work it had to be fast and clean gaining the confidence of a majority of Americans within a week or two.  Now six weeks out and continuing, the cracks in the case were forming.  Whether they burst before January 20th or after, it is quite clear that half the country in America isn’t going to be joining the old ranks of institutionalism.  Populism was not under control and the failure to change that status was obviously clear to Beijing Biden and his team of insurgent Democrats.  They won by a scandal and they were going down by scandal.  Even with firm talk, only suckers were listing to Biden.  He wasn’t winning over the other side and at this point, wouldn’t.  And for the criminals involved, that is a very terrifying reality for them to contend with.

The biggest giveaway in the speech was the coughing. Even trained professionals in lying have a subconscious layer of guilt that comes out in nonverbal communication or some personal quirk, such as coughing. Biden knows he’s guilty and as he stood in front of the cameras, all he had as a defense was a constant stream of coughing.  Very telling.

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Trump and Fort Sumter: Understanding the election results and path forward

We’ve been doing all this for a long time, and like everyone else, I was looking for a good clean election and a second term of President Trump on November 4th.  And that’s where it was heading, until many, many government villains stopped the count on election night in five states and went into a scamper to recalibrate their voting machines which were switching votes from Trump to Biden to a new algorithm which had to be set in the middle of the night to keep Trump from winning with a massive landslide that was headed to give him over 400 electoral votes.  It was so embarrassing to the media, to the Deep State, to the Never Trumpers, to the globalist billionaire investors, to the consultant class, the pollsters to the open socialists and Marxists who have been calling for a hostile takeover of our American way of life.  Trump was going to win in spite of everything they had thrown at him and his supporters so they pulled a nuclear bomb for cheating which had never been tried before and they unleashed hell on us all essentially starting a second civil war formally in America on election night with even more audacity than the South had attacked Fort Sumter to start the last one. 

I feel good with what I have been doing with the blogs and radio over the last 10 years and honestly, I saw election night 2020 as an end to it all and a chance to start fresh.  But in the back of my mind there was this nagging feeling that we were dealing with government criminals, literally and they couldn’t afford another Trump term for their own good.  Trump had been holding off on all the dirt he had against many of these government attackers that make up what we call the SWAMP until after he won a second term, and the criminals in our government including in the CIA and FBI couldn’t afford for that to happen due to the massive complicity pointing in their direction for crimes of a massive nature.  So having nothing to lose they cheated on a scale that many think is unthinkable and the level of corruption that is now obvious to many of us, and will soon be obvious to all of us will force questions that will last for centuries about how any republic manages its representatives.  I wanted to move on with my life and do something else, I certainly didn’t want to fight in a war.  I wanted to enjoy watching movies again, playing with my grandchildren, make a decent living and occasionally go out to eat to have a nice meal with my family.  But we were attacked on election night by criminals, socialists and outright Chinese communists which meant all those nice thoughts would have to be put on hold and we’d have to go even deeper into the abyss of government corruption which had taken over through decades of lazy mismanagement by voters and politicians who took way too much for granted. 

Many people have been asking me to do podcasts of my content since its hard for many people to find time to read.  We have turned into a video-oriented society and are used to some figure presenting information to us rather than reading it by candlelight or computer in a traditional way.  I figured I’d decide how to proceed after the election was over and now that we are there and there is an obligation to step away from traditional forms of media, I’ll be making some changes to how I distribute content, because we are at war and I don’t trust any of the cable networks or their cozy relationship with the political class.  Even more than that, usually I write articles which I then provide lots of evidence so that any reader can feel assured that other people are thinking the same way, so that their thinking doesn’t feel so lonely.  But after studying the election results, which appear to have Trump winning more than 80 million votes, with 7 million actively destroyed by activists or switched to Biden to siphon off Trump’s massive lead in many states to make things closer for the media pick for insurgency to crawl across the finish line.  Many figured that this even was bigger than any form of law and order and would transcend prosecution, so they made their move and expected us to live with it. 

With all that said I have decided that my best contribution to the war is to climb even further out on the edge and explain the elusive more clearly without all the support of other media, but to create all my own content so that strategies can be seen and used for the bigger picture.  For six or seven years now, I have primarily focused my content to top tier influence leaders and it has been successful.  But with this kind of trouble with a government looking for complete insurrection, the needs change considerably so I’m going to adjust to those needs and see where it takes us. So, we’ll start with this and evolve accordingly, where the major content is in the video message where a translation of the written word isn’t the only mechanism for understanding things.  On this topic of the election being more of a Fort Sumter attack than an actual civic process talking to all the people who are trying to sort out their feelings on this matter is the best way to go.  I typically give 1200 words a day to these articles, but as many have been telling me, a picture is worth 1000 words and there are a lot of pictures in a video.  So, it should allow us to cover much more ground that can then be confirmed with written text to support the contents of the video. 

For this specific topic, waiting out the legal cases, uncovering all the mass fraud and proving it in court as the media is trying to rush to certify the election so they can swear in their pick, it feels like, actually it is, that we are all being pushed to our dooms to capitalize on our surprise before we realize what’s happened.  It’s a military tactic and we are all experiencing it currently.  But my contention is to give my point of view and share how I plan to play the long game, and the one that will defeat these attackers.  They are a minority attacking a majority and everyone needs to understand that.  Don’t be a victim, don’t let them scare you, don’t let yourself feel helpless and be flat footed to realize that crimes have just been committed against us all and that justice can be scary for normal people who don’t want the trouble in their lives.  But it has been given to us to deal with.  And my plan is as I said in the video.  I don’t recognize anything that I’ve been hearing from government, the media or even most talk radio.  We are in new territory and are writing history as we speak.  And for that, there is no script to follow or historical context to guide us.  Therefore, the burden of writing that history falls on us, and the best way to attack the problem is with fresh and free ideas on how to live life during a war we didn’t choose.  We voted for peace, but they gave us war.   So, it’s up to us to complete that task for the future of our country and our own survival. 

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Where Polling Fails: How Trump rallies show voter engagement better than traditional measures

There are several things that must be understood regarding polling in 2020 and dividing hopeful illusion with the reality of changing ways we have to measure engagement.  The concern that President Trump is down in the polls as of this writing is to point to a specific problem in measuring engagement which has changed.  Not to mention that many of the media companies have not been reporting their “over and unders” on sampling statistics out of their own desire to shape election results, the truth of the matter is that most of the polling is sampling potential voters by quantities of 1000 or less.  The math on such an approach then figures that among a roughly similar demographic base over a mass population that those numbers will hold up.  Facebook and other social media also measure in such a way engagement through like buttons and their own carefully worded surveys.  The results of those polling attempts of course are why they have been clamping down on Trump engagement on their sites and starting to ban those they consider “influence leaders.”  A huge example of this has been Bill Mitchell on Twitter—banned for life essentially for being so right about Trump.  Yet for all their attempts at shaping the message in this election, the Trump administration this time, even more so than last time in 2016 has found a better way to measure engagement than anybody has yet discovered, and that is with these mass rallies that he has especially this week in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Engagement is one of the most difficult things to measure in any business.  Everyone has their little tricks, especially in marketing.  Facebook has built their entire business model on their ability to predict engagement based on the data they collect.  Google collects massive amounts of data on all of us so that they can predict engagement to better target ads to specific interested parties.  Every company in the world is looking for some way to unlock engagement in their employees.  Many turn to “Lean” techniques to inspire engagement with top management and the paid hourly worker organizationally.  Engagement is the key to any success in life and everyone wants to predict it in some fashion or another so they can measure and act on it.  Back in the days when the media was a few city newspapers and three primary networks which controlled pretty much what people could see and hear, polling in the way we do now, with a phone call to a likely voter was a fairly accurate way to measure voter engagement.  And most of Washington D.C.’s lobby culture is still using those methods to predict results in elections and legislative movement.  But times have changed, and people have more choice than they’ve ever had before, and those methods are no longer valid.  The measure of voter engagement has had to change in order to more accurately predict outcomes of anything.  Which is why the Trump rallies were always the target in the election. 

I don’t want to derail a legitimate argument with a slowly revealed conspiracy theory that will in time become a known fact.  But as of the present, people have been made fearful of Covid-19 as an exception to the common cold through lots of media fear and false measurement designed to inflate the samplings, just as the media has done with the Trump/Biden poll numbers.  Such as getting hit by a car equals a Covid-19 death.  Or a question worded as such, “will you vote for Joe Biden—yes or no, rather than are you better off today than you were in 2016.”  Words matter and can skew the results of what you are measuring to the effect that the sample size can be thrown off if the statistical swing is only less than 1000 measured.  Of course, if measurements were in the 10,000s or 50,000s like a lot of people assume would be the case, any slight statistical mistakes in the question variations would be smoothed out.  Such as the mortality numbers at the beginning of Covid-19 that were well over 1% when testing was still in its infancy.  But with more testing of course the case size increased but the mortality decreased to almost nothing.  If the measurement was to show that people are getting Covid, testing helped make the case.  But it didn’t show that people died of it.  The same forms of testing apply to elections as well.  Its all in what you are measuring and whether or not its relevant to the circumstances. 

Which of course brings us to the Trump rallies.  I would argue that they are more accurate than polling statistics because they are showing up in much larger quantities than the average polling samples.  There are 5000 to 10,000 people at these things waiting all day to see the President give the same speech over and over again.  What that shows us is that all those people are not only likely voters but committed voters—each one of them representing a vote for Trump.  Then if you do a little math, those participants represent a percentage of likely voters who would have liked to have gone to the rally but had other things to do.  So, they watch online, or engage in some other way.  Perhaps we give that number a multiplier by 10.  Then there are the people who support the president already but aren’t willing to stand in such a long line.  That could have a multiplier of up to 50.  And these are regional so very quickly you can have a view of how 100,000 to perhaps a million people will vote by the indication of a rally size.  Then you can observe that the rally sizes are equal no matter where Trump has them, whether its California or Florida.  That says a lot about the strength of his candidacy that the normal polling isn’t picking up because the physical observation is a better measurement of engagement than the math sample of telephone polling that ran the culture since the invention of the telephone. 

The plan from the beginning for Democrats was to use Covid-19 to attack the economy and force Trump to hide like Biden was, and to stay away from these massive rallies—essentially to hide the public engagement with the President in hopes that the message could be controlled by the media.  But obviously that isn’t working.  Since Trump did come down with Covid-19 and was able to recover and show everyone that coronavirus was not a death sentence, it has blown the entire Democrat strategy completely out of the water and they have no answer.  For a guy who was supposed to be on death’s door a few weeks ago and out of the presidential race, having Trump dancing to the YMCA song in front of 15,000 people isn’t going to allow Joe Biden to win.  The polling has not captured all this and is therefor unreliable.  Democrats and their partners in media had hoped that by measuring only the aspects of the election they controlled, that they could shape the outcome.  But as we can see from the Trump rallies, which is a new measurement in political engagement which will stand for many years to come, the measurement was false and so will be the results.  Its not that people can point to the polls and declare that they are all conspiracy and be delusional about the outcome.  Rather, the Trump rallies are a more appropriate measure of engagement which can then point to real results in elections.  With that in mind, Trump is headed for a very successful win on November 3rd.  Take nothing for granted.  But mark it on your calendar. 

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There Are No Circumstances Where Joe Biden Can Win Anything: I will not accept any election results from the largest organized crime syndicate in the world, the Democrat Party

I have listened over the last 48 hours or so all the analysis from the Trump/Biden debate that occurred on September 29th, 2020 and am a little surprised at the dumb things people came away with, such as many people in the Republican Party who thought the debate was chaotic and unpresidential. Everyone seemed to have an opinion that if Trump did this, or Trump did that, the President could have let Biden hang himself. Many thought Chris Wallace lost control of the event as if there were supposed to be invisible rules guiding the process for the protection of all from the reality of our times. The denial of the real issues that were on the table at that debate were completely ignored even though Trump put them there, yet it was surprising anyway. Hey, Trump has had nothing but lies and malice directed at him since before he ran for President and now we know for sure that Hillary Clinton didn’t just hide her email server, and the FBI helped her do it, but she paid for the Russian collusion with her party, the DNC, and actual lives and friends of President Trump were destroyed. Of course, he would and should be mad, just as many of us are. Why should Trump follow the rules, the Democrats don’t? So for me, the parts of the debate that I enjoyed were the parts where he interrupted Joe Biden, and Chris Wallace. Trump represented me in that debate, and I think it’s a hell of a lot better than the other punishments these criminals have in store for them. We are not looking at a civil political party, we are looking at insurgents and a massive criminal enterprise called the Deep State. It is my hope we can settle all this with a legal election. But if that’s not the case, accepting the behavior of these criminals to create laws for us is not on the table. Not that I’m worried about it, but there is no circumstance where I would accept anything but a Trump re-election. They owe him for what they’ve done to all of us who voted for him. There is no redeeming factor at this point, so this debate is what I would call civil. Because the alternative is far worse.

Currently there is no debate on the issues possible—because of the criminal conduct in 2016 by the Democrat Party including the Obama White House which Joe Biden was a part of, and their activities so far in 2020—and everything in between. It is just baffling that so many politicians in-the-know would assume that Trump had a right to have a policy debate with a person from the Obama administration who suggested to President Obama that they use the Logan Act to literally destroy the life of General Flynn, to get to Trump. And that same administration colluded with the election campaign of Hillary Clinton to play along with the fake Russia story, and have maintained the lie after 3 years of investigation and millions and millions of dollars wasted. Then when that didn’t work they tried to impeach Trump with another fake Ukrainian story when it was Joe and his son Hunter who were the ones selling influence to the Ukrainians and the Russians with a massive conspiracy to pin it on Trump. I thought Trump showed great restraint during the debate. Likely more than I would have. As I was watching Joe Biden’s face during the debate I kept wanting to see it smashed like a grape for what he represented, a Deep State that thinks it’s above the law and has the power to rule us all and to micromanage our lives right down to our energy consumption and what we eat.

I did listen to several good reporters who have started to lean conservative late in their lives, as logic has finally caught up to them, and to hear the shudder in their voices when they doubted all the conspiracy theories that people like me have been suggesting for decades. They are learning just how deep the Deep State is. Even the Trump family is surprised, and guess what, if not for Trump’s election, we wouldn’t know now. We would continue to have RINO Republicans who would attend these debates and go out there like nice Boy Scouts and get the shit beat out of them by the Democrats who fight dirty all the time and do nothing without malice in their hearts. Republicans have made those kinds of politicians for years, and if we continued, we wouldn’t have a country left because Democrats are looking to crush the country, not to save it. And what was on that stage for the debate was a representative of a massive government mob full of criminals who have been caught. Not only do they want power for power’s sake, but they want an end to the investigations coming ever so slowly out of Trump’s Justice Department now that the Mueller Report is finally done. The stakes are quite high for Joe Biden and his Democrat Party. They are not only fighting to win an election so they can have the White House. But they want to control the investigations that are now showing just how deep that Swamp is in Washington, and they are fighting to conceal the greatest political scandal in world history—which is saying a lot. Like I’ve said many times, its so big that people have a hard time getting their minds around it. But many who said four years ago that such suggestions were paranoid and conspiratorial are seeing now, that such thoughts are not only real, they are likely vastly understated.

How do we know the Democrats will do anything to cheat in this upcoming election? Well, they’ve done it before and are now caught in the 2016 election in a vast and unparalleled way, so big that it makes Watergate look like a grain of sand on a vast beach at low tide. The entire strategy for getting Biden elected was and likely still is to ballot harvest and cheat heavily in the swing states, especially Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I expect Trump to defend himself as viciously during the next debate if not more so, and I would support him if he picked up the moderator and Joe Biden and smashed them on the stage like a watermelon from a 20 story building. I don’t normally advocate violence, but what do Democrats think is the option, to put up with their criminal conduct and sit quietly while the enemies of America make up rules to keep us all safely away from their throats. I believe in law and order and I support the police. I support fair elections, but the people running against Trump are criminals, and we have a Deep State running them that is bigger than any mob outfit we’ve ever seen in America during its entire history, and I’m not going to put up with that. I hope Trump wins so we can have law and order, and I think he will. But there isn’t any condition that I would accept where Democrats could win back the White House. None whatsoever. Anything that puts Biden in any kind of lead I would have to assume from their observed behavior was obtained by cheating. And until Democrats changed their brand at the fundamental level, nobody with a sane mind would think or expect otherwise.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Premature Ejaculation: Don’t worry about the mobs, and violance from Democrats, they are already spent

In no way am I giving up on the written word and surrendering to a gross, pornographic diatribe of unimaginative input to the complexities of the world around us, but honestly, when thinking of the great fears of some coming revolution by Marxist agitators masking as experts of their fields, the concept of premature ejaculation is the best metaphor to use due to the primal nature of the attempt.  They want you to be scared, sure.  And on Monday of the upcoming week of September 21st 2020 all Hell will break loose in regard to President Trump nominating a new Supreme Court Justice due to the sudden death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Anybody who thought the Kavanaugh approval process was vicious hasn’t seen anything yet, and yes, it will happen before the election on November 3rd, because it has to.  Many people don’t realize what the strategy for what we call Democrats has been.  I would call them Marxists now that its all out in the open, but that strategy has been to change our laws and undermine our society to favor them controlling us to put it mildly.  As we speak in the Ohio court system, Democrats have made it a priority to undermine all laws passed and surrender all legislative control to Republicans in order to erase them by capturing a majority on the Supreme Court.  They have set their sights on attacking Justice Kennedy with all the resources at their disposal to do just that, so the battle is vicious, and they are going to lose their minds over the Ginsburg replacement.  And they are going to try to look scary, but in truth they have made two critical errors that has sealed their doom, first, they count too much on money to be an important factor in winning elections.  And two, they just don’t have majorities, they are very much an extreme minority trying to take over our nation, so whatever gains they make, legally or illegally, they won’t be able to hold.

Think of the young guy who is taking a girl out on a date planning to end the night with an intimate encounter.  He goes out and buys a nice outfit, he gets some fancy cologne, he shaves closely and does some manscaping to every last detail as he imagines how things might go and plans for each of the stages leading toward the intimacy.  He picks her up talking and acting tough going way out of his way to impress her.  They go to a movie, they go to dinner, then they go bowling so the guy can show her off to his friends, then finally after the 7th or 8th hour of their date they go back to his place for the big event.  They get into it and as soon as he sees her naked body, he pops the cork and that’s it for him for the evening, and she laughs at all the hype and the sudden loss in action and leaves unimpressed never to date the silly guy again.  That’s kind of where we are with the political left, they have busted loose their load prematurely under tremendous political pressure.   They aren’t ready legally, financially, or philosophically for the big event and now they are in a state of embarrassment.  All the fancy stuff they have done over the decades to get to this point was exposed suddenly, leaving nothing to the imagination, yet they have failed to capture anybody’s hearts and minds leaving them embarrassed irreparably.

What we are seeing with the 7 pillars talk that Glenn Beck has been discussing and all the conspiracies about George Soros, and his other anti-Trump billionaire friends is all the colognes they have put on to impress the girl, and all the fancy duds they neatly pressed and bought for the big event, but in the end, they couldn’t hold it and lost their essence before the woman could enjoy the effort.  They have not made their case for Marxism, but were forced to move too quickly because nothing else worked to get Trump out of the White House and now they had to make their moves hoping one last time to keep him from getting elected again because if he does, they will have nothing else left in the tank to fight with.  And now, with the Ginsburg situation we all remember what happened last time with Kavanaugh, and Republicans enjoyed a bump in polling after because of how ugly Democrats were about the whole thing.  The bottom line is that Trump will have picked 3 Supreme Court Justices stacking the numbers in ways that Democrats have been working their entire lives to fulfill in their favor and this will be a major, eventful loss for them.  And they sure as hell won’t be getting a second date.

So don’t be scared of the Democrats or their mobs.  Don’t be afraid of Bloomberg money in Florida and elsewhere, money can’t buy love.  The only people who care about the money these days in campaign elections are the people selling advertising.  Most of the polls from Fox News and elsewhere are not to reflect the truth of who is winning, its to convince everyone playing the game that they need to buy ad time in the traditional way, because that’s how they make their money.  The Biden lead is among “likely” voters, way oversampled Democrats, not Republicans.  In truth, Trump is poised to blow away everyone on election night, and its likely he will help a lot of Senate candidates and new members of the House.  In the end, Soros and the other billionaire donors will have history reflecting on them that they wasted billions of dollars to essentially move the political needle nowhere.  They bought agitators for sure, but those people didn’t change the nature of America in their direction, instead, the flag waving and sentiments for individual liberty have strengthened in those with the mind to see it, and rather than the intentions of the Democrats coming true, they have found the opposite to be the case.

And as many fear of an actual revolution from the Marxists taking to the streets and moving into our neighborhoods the plane fact is, there aren’t many of them.  If you take the crazy Antifa terrorists, you get a very small percentage of the white population that want communism.  Of the Black Lives Matters Marxist push, they are only 12.5% of the population, and Hispanic people are about the same.  Ad them all together and they are still all a minority.  Then not to mention that many of those demographics aren’t going to Biden, perhaps half will go to Trump, an increase from the last election to this one.  And regarding the fear that there will be hoards of protestors raping and pillaging our homes, so far the mobs have only been let loose in Democrat run cities confined to a few city blocks and an occasional highway.  They have not been challenged with the 30% of Americans who own among them 393 million guns, the largest standing army in the world, the American private citizen.  Like in Ohio, even if they did manage to push Sharon Kennedy out of office and take over the Ohio Supreme Court what would it get them?  If Democrats start changing laws, the kind of violence they have displayed could easily be turned on them by all that firepower. They can’t break the law then expect everyone else to follow it to their convenience.

All the efforts that Democrats have utilized are like that poor guy who went on the date only to uneventfully loose his manhood well short of the climax he and his date wanted.  And the embarrassment will be to such an extent that they will never get the chance again with that particular date, and likely, no other date due to the impact to their confidence.  While fear of what they might do next does sell advertising due to ratings spikes on old, archaic media devices like television and radio, the truth of the matter is that people are empowered and heavily motivated to vote for Trump for their own self interest which makes the effectiveness of any investment dollars worthless, and Americans have so many guns to defend themselves from people like George Soros that it is laughable to even think that new laws are going to be followed, like mask mandates, and that our society will change into a communist state.  Rather, people will ignore any laws made by Democrat power grabs and will simply defend themselves if the government tries to send their mobs out of the cities they control to take over the suburbs. And those are the facts of the matter.  Enjoy them, and vote Trump.  You’ll save a lot of lives in the process.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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