The End of the Democratic Party is Near: After the elections of August 8th 2018, a “red wave” is coming

No matter how you slice it, the election of Troy Balderson to the 12 district House seat was a big deal. By looking at a map of the various counties, a few for which downtown Columbus is a big part of, it is obvious that liberals have contaminated the metropolitan area, but up in Delaware County, the truth is much easier to see. Republicans are more than happy to vote for Trump backed candidates and only a very small minority of densely packed liberals are what kept the Democrat Danny O’Connor at a neck and neck race throughout the August 7th 2018 election. There are two forces that were hoping for Balderson to lose even if publicly they were saying they supported him, the Kasich members of the divided GOP and the liberals from the political left who were hoping that the young Danny O’Connor would tweak out a win and send hope into the Democrats ahead of the November mid-terms. It was only the previous Sunday that John Kasich was on television essentially hoping for a Balderson defeat because Donald Trump came to Delaware County to help push the GOP candidate over the top. That 12th District used to be Kasich’s years ago and in television ads O’Connor made many comparisons to the Ohio governor that were accurate. That’s because Kasich is not a conservative, but only in name only. And even with his attempts to divide the GOP away from Trump, the President still lent his support to Balderson to stretch out a victory.

Most of the Ohio race was a show, a divided GOP, a desperate Democratic Party with no ideas and only Trump derangement syndrome to fuel their voter turnout, much of it was early voting that mysteriously seems to always favor Democrats. Is there tampering, probably, but in the end, Republicans showed up in the suburbs of Columbus to defend their turf in an August election and it put a victory on the map for Trump backed candidates going into November. It was a close race only because it was an August election. November will bring out more from the GOP while the same old losers who voted for O’Connor will show up to a diminished result. There is not going to be a “blue wave” of Democrats that are going to retake the House and Senate in Washington D.C.

Donald Trump remains the premier “get out the vote” energizer politician in the country and the Democrats have nobody like him. In spite of what Frank Luntz or any other GOP pollster thinks in the traditional way at looking at election result data, a one-point victory is a one-point victory, especially when that turnout for the Democrats is largely regulated to the inner cities. That is not a growing voting base. In the other counties that surrounded Columbus that made up the 12th District it is all red, just as much of the country is. Where are all these blue votes going to come from that people on the other side hope to see? They aren’t there.

John Kasich said a lot on his ABC ‘This Week’ interview by coming out immediately and talking about how GOP women he knew weren’t going to vote for Trump in the Tuesday election. He insisted that women thought that Trump was bad for the party and that the GOP was divided because of it. Well, he was and continues to be wrong. GOP women might tell the governor things to make him happy, but when they are pulling the lever in the election booth, it’s for Trump. It’s kind of like a husband asking his wife why she’s looking at another man, and she says something like, I thought I recognized him from somewhere. The woman says this so not to hurt her husband’s feelings because she’s really thinking about more horizontal ideas with that other man, because her husband is boring. GOP women love Donald Trump because he’s confident, disruptive, and powerful. He is the rebel with a cause, and the instinct to like Trump is pure biology and logic. Nobody wants to hurt John Kasich’s feelings because he has turned into a Democrat. Most women especially in public talk and sympathize with Democrats, so its easy for Kasich to mistake what they tell him. But in their heart they crave the rebel with a cause they can believe in, and they will show up 100% of the time to vote for the president’s picks.

Much of what has been said by Democrats and people who are Democrats but wear the name of Republican next to they’re name—like John Kasich have been simply evoking their hopeful utterances. Their opinions about Trump are out of jealousy, not factual information so their statements end up corrupted by desire instead of reality. The hope that a strong showing by O’Connor means that there is a “blue wave” coming is only the cries of an inferior team grasping at their last breath as a major political party. What is going to happen after November’s elections and the GOP holds the House and Senate? What will their storyline be then? Having nothing as a platform and not being able to outwork Donald Trump, what do the Democrats have to show dominance as a party about to take over Capital Hill? They have nothing but some dying networks like CNN, MSNBC and some old liberal newspapers. They have tech companies like Facebook, Google and YouTube that are now so desperate that they are taking down people like Alex Jones as a means to stall out the populist movement ahead of the elections. If they weren’t worried about the populist message, they wouldn’t be resorting to censorship. These are not the methods of a winning party. When the opposition starts cheating, and trying to manipulate the facts—when they try to arrest members of the President’s election team and his immediate family to scare him away from a re-election by using the tools of the Deep State to destroy all opposition it is because they know they can’t win a direct election fight.

If Democrats thought they could win in November they wouldn’t be attacking people and threatening violence as they are now. They are calling for violence and harassment of GOP members because they know they are losing and have nothing to offer as a political platform. All they have is the inner cities, they cannot make any political movement in the suburbs and the proof was in the results of a weak election turnout in an August election in Ohio. It was their best chance to take a seat, but they lost anyway and nothing about that shows strength for a “blue wave.” Rather, it is the opposite that they will be seeing. When people ask me what I think will happen in the November elections I think it will be the end of the Democratic Party, not a “blue wave.” I’ve been talking about this for a long time, that the Democrats as a party will come to an end. Well, I think this is how it will happen. Once these November elections happen and Republicans hold most of their seats, perhaps even gaining some, there will be nowhere to go and no hope to be obtained for the future. The Democrats will be finished as a party and their vast corruption cases that have been suppressed for years will suddenly overflow the news, because people know a loser when they see them and once the potential for power is lost, the boot lickers will sing, and the party will never survive. And that’s very easy to see at this point.

Rich Hoffman

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Everything you Need to Know about Urban Meyer and Ohio State Football: The suggestions behind the controversy

The Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State is about much more than a domestic violence case between an employee of his and his now ex-wife. It’s about the basic assumptions of the state over individual rights and attacks on the necessity of leadership to inspire out of people all they can give toward a goal of winning. Ultimately, the Ohio State case against Urban Meyer is an attack on success in an overall attempt to lower the bar of expectations for everyone, and to feed the narrative that student athletes have rights and should be paid, and a whole host of progressive causes that are attempting to rot the very nature of American culture. But let’s start with Courtney and Zach Smith who obviously had a bad marriage from the start and explore what Urban Meyer’s responsibilities were to his direct employee and his then wife. Based on some of the evidence provided here from all sides of the story, If I were a judge on this case I would have to say that Courtney Smith realized about a year into her marriage with the Ohio State wide receiver’s coach that she wanted out. Zach was a typical football husband, he ran around partying too much, he slept with other women, and he was very domineering. Those were likely all traits that Courtney liked about him when they were dating but that changed when she started to become a mother, like it does for most women.

Courtney tried to get out of the relationship but found she didn’t have income of her own, and that the more she pressed the more violent Zach became to control his public image as a big man at Ohio State. Courtney started thinking of the complications of a divorce where she’d have to share custody with her husband and knowing that he’d be a bad influence on her children decided to go for a complete severance to push Zach out of her life for good. So she latched onto the #me too movement in an effort to get her case tried in the court of public opinion instead of a regular court where she didn’t have any money or celebrity to fight with, as what she thought was her only option to separate herself from Zach, put him on his heels for good in defense, and retain custody of the children. She didn’t care who it hurt even if it brought down an entire university and big-time college football program so long as her little babies were safe as a result. She acted totally out of typical biological female concerns and the politics of the present gave her a platform, and she took it.

Zach didn’t do himself any favors. He was an admittingly terrible husband who had no business being married in the first place, let alone producing kids he had no intention of being a role model for. He essentially made a marriage impossible giving Courtney little other option. She probably thought like a lot of women do that she could change Zach. But like everyone finds out eventually, if a guy is broken when you marry him, he’ll still be broken thirty and forty years later—and likely many ex-wives in the rear-view mirror. But what was Urban Meyer supposed to do about it other than what he did? Even with the knowledge of pictures of bruises on one of his employee’s wives’ arms, for all he knows the couple could be into some kind of Fifty Shades of Grey masochism. You often can’t tell when it comes to the sexuality of any couple what is destructive and what is healthy because sex is such a primal thing. As an employer it is best to stay out of the lives of the people who collect a paycheck from you, for the good of all.

Yet Urban Meyer is being punished for what he didn’t know, with the assumption that he should have. Given that Courtney exchanged text messages with Urban Meyer’s wife making her part of the story, the expectation from the #me too movement is that he should have instantly acted on that information and terminated his wide receiver coach and turned Zach over to authorities. Here is where things go bad, because the assumption is that the state should handle these kinds of private matters between a husband and a wife—and if we accept this premise then all employers would then be expected to do the same. That means, and I’ll use myself as an example as an employer, that if I have an employee doing their job on a time clock and he goes home and beats the hell out of his wife for whatever reason, and I hear about it, I am supposed to turn him over to authorities for punishment. It doesn’t matter how valuable that employee may be to me as a paid employee for a process where he sells his time to me for the creation of a product, the assumption is that the state supersedes all those expectations and then takes priority over all matters of conduct. I can think of several cases right now of abuse that I know about, not within the employee and employer relationship but within our family where sticking noses into other people’s business isn’t the right thing to do. Obviously in the case of Courtney and Zach their marital dysfunctions were physical in nature, but in a similar way many couples suffer under mental abuse as well, where control by one spouse over the other is the ultimate gain. It’s not right for families to inject their imprint into a marriage even when their own kids are involved let alone an employer. Spouses have at their disposal the courts and they can divorce if they don’t want to be in the marriage. People outside the marriage shouldn’t get involved, even though they may have a child they love who is being harmed in the situation. All anyone should do is provide emotional support unless the situation turns violent and usually the signs of that are telegraphed far in advance. It is for the couple to work out, not the state.

Then there is this Project Veritas recording that was released by former players of Urban Meyer that is part of a trend these days to examine the ugly side of performance. This story fits with the story of the dysfunctional marital couple on Meyer’s staff because the outside attacks all have the same expectation. Ohio State paid Urban Meyer millions and millions of dollars to win football games, which helps with college recruitment, television contracts, merchandising and even political leverage. The student athletes suffer under lots of tenuous conditions in their pursuit of big NFL money, which most of them will never see, but some under Urban Meyer do. Like any employer Urban Meyer is expected to pull out of his employees, in this case the student athletes, whatever he can get to cause them to ram their bodies into other 300-pound people at full running speed in a hope to win whatever game they are playing that day. Winning means a lot of money and prestige and that is what college athletics are all about. Take away that drama and the sport loses its audience.

Urban Meyer obviously from what I can see was a good coach, he took a few extra steps here and there to make sure the people around him were well cared for, even Courtney Smith, even his players who were falling apart due to the rigors of their condition training. The success stories on the field often have lots of bodies lying around in the locker room that nobody sees, but as they say, the show must go on because that is the point of everything. But what is happening is that complaints are being filed under the guise of individual protection for the purpose of bringing in more state control and public acceptance. Urban Meyer because he is the head of one of the most successful programs in the country has a target on his back, and he seems to handle things well even considering the ridiculousness of these situations. It is not Urban Meyer’s job to intrude on the lives of all his employees because doing so invites major boundary violations that cause more state intrusion on individual rights. Telling Courtney Smith that she never should have married Zach when all she really wants to do is protect her kids from the bad influence of a corrosive spouse is a matter of her own personal management, and she simply pulled Urban Meyer into the story because she had no other financial resources to deal with the matter on her own. We can feel sorry for her and help her on an individual level, but we can’t change the rules of conduct just to accommodate her mistakes. But that isn’t what this story is about. The truth is that it’s about using Courtney Smith as a way to attack Ohio State and the performance of student athletes under the premise of the NCAA system, to change it with radical accusations whether or not the truth is involved. The attack is not on marriage, it’s on performance and the attempt to make such a measure extinct for the future.

Rich Hoffman

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Twelve New Moons Discovered Around Jupiter: Why I stick to new media as opposed to working with the old for substantiation–independence has far more value

The news took a back seat this week along with many other big topics, but it should be considered quite interesting that 12 more moons were just discovered around Jupiter. That brings the number of moons around the giant planet in our solar system to 79 which goes to show that we are all in for a lot of news like this for the next two centuries. We’ve been looking at Jupiter for many years now with high-tech equipment and we continue to have discoveries like this happening all the time. It only builds a case that we still have a lot to learn when it comes to space and what we will learn about it. NASA also this past week announced that they planned to return to the moon within the next decade and that once we set foot once again on that moon of our own, that we will stay there, likely forever. We need a space base from which to work, because there are just so many discoveries waiting to be made and leaving from the moon is much more practical than always leaving directly from earth.

I suppose this is a good time to answer many letters I have received recently about the nature of this website and my ambitions for it. Many have asked why I don’t put my efforts into more formal markets, like established magazines and newspapers, or embed myself into more formal television and radio media—as I have in the past. The answer is simple, because the news is moving so fast and the world is so well-connected that many times what I do with information which is to personalize it into an articulate way for people to digest, there isn’t time to submit articles to an editor or even schedule television time. One thing that I learned a long time ago doing talk radio segments and even hosting live radio broadcasts is that information is needed by the public, they are very hungry for it. But the drawback to live broadcasts is that they are often forgotten as quick as people hear them. Printed media is still the best way that people retain information because they can reread what they hear coming back to their source information again and again.

Of course with the internet most broadcasts can be watched and listened to over and over again, but people seem to retain information better when they read it as opposed to having someone read it to them or give it to them in some other way. Many of my articles, even ones from many years ago are still very active. Where modern newspapers clear their stories from their servers within a few years, my articles go back for over a decade. If people want to do research on a topic from 2011 it is very easy for them to retrieve that information and track a trajectory of a story’s development, such as the evolution of space vehicles for personal transportation or regenerative health. I have found that this method of a “blog” has more staying power then regular newspaper and magazine articles in the context of history.

Also, I am not limited to a word count on these articles, which is important. Most news outlets have restrictions on how long a topic can be covered, or how many words an article can cover. This artificial limitation is ridiculous in this modern age. I get feedback all the time that my articles are too long, that people don’t have time to read over 1000 words per article every day. Well, I have found that most topics require at least that much print to cover a topic fully, and for my readers to get into the depths of a problem that is my offering. So the articles are purposely longer than what other contemporaries might think is needed. The goal of my articles is to provide coverage and opinion in detail, not to just hold readers attention to sell a subscription or get click based advertising for the site.

And for that reason, I do all this without money being involved. I have a natural interest in these topics, which many people share. I do lots of things in my life that make money, so I am not concerned about another paycheck, even though many people also think that writing on this site is all I do. In all reality, I am a very hard worker that is interested in many things, and so writing on this site is an overfill of what happens in my regular life that I am willing to share with people for their own benefit. It is not the aim of my days, so I do not have to charge money for its access or content like many newspapers do. I think there is a real honesty in some of these blog sites that have made them very beneficial to modern news sources. I have a great subscription base that has sustained itself over the years. Typically, its only more intelligent people who tend to read all this content where shorter termed thinkers stick to just the highlights of pop culture which is fine with me. I’m not interested in shaping my content to the dumbed down needs of pop culture. I just want smart people out there to know that they aren’t alone, that intelligence and thoughtfulness, along with wit are very much alive and they can always find those elements here.

Ultimately I had a very open fight with several reporters around the Cincinnati and Dayton area where they would cover me from time to time and they got into a habit of thinking that they were doing me some kind of favor. As it turned out they were very jealous of my blog site because it baffled them that I could write so much content about so many different topics and of course being employed the way they were, there was great restrictions on what they could write about. I never worry about what I’m going to write about, I love that freedom. And I’m happy to trade an official publisher that might be able to fine tune the grammatical elements with the freedom to write what is most on my mind in a fast-moving world. That made these reporters very upset leaving us to a war of words which ended with me telling them I could out-write any of them all together every day of the week all weeks of the year. Obviously, I’ve kept up my end of the bet. I think anybody would be hard pressed to find another writer anywhere, in any industry who writes as much as I do and has as much to say about anything at any time that I do—all days of the week, all weeks of the year, year after year after year. I don’t do it for money. As I have said I do many other things for money. I write because it’s a personal passion and I like the independence of doing it the way I do. I’m my own boss and I answer to nobody and that’s the way I like to do everything, But I am not shy to remind those challengers that I am out-writing them every day of the week and I don’t even get paid for it the way they do. I do all this and I still do many other things that take up most of my time all week-long.

My decision for this endeavor is largely out of a personal desire to put context to our fast-moving world in the form of writing and to cover as much as possible as quickly as things happen. Newspapers, cable shows, and local television and radio have so many people involved in their productions that it slows them down and waters their content toward loss of potency. But at my site I have only me to filter through the evidence and articulate a response, and if that is what people are looking for, they can get it. It is hard to know what to think about things as fast as they come in, so that is where I like to lend a hand. And that is the reason sites like this have become the new media that people trust and is having a vast influence over the shape of today’s culture. The traditional methods are failing, but new methods like this are growing and I’m happy to play the part that I do. The value for me is in getting the information out to the people most hungry for it, and I am reminded of that importance every time a story like this Jupiter discovery emerges. It’s easy to lose such observations in the depths of all the other events soaking up the news cycle. But at least we capture here the lightning in the bottle for the right people to see and act on, and to not forget it in the years to come when such information is ultimately most needed.

Rich Hoffman

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No Dam has Broken in Support for President Trump: It’s the institutionalists who are leaking

This was a fascinating article of pure fantasy from a mainstream news source, the belief that a dam has been broken in Trump’s support base over what happened at a press conference in Helsinki, Finland with Russia’s President Putin and President Trump. The article refers to calls from Republicans criticizing Trump’s remarks as putting Russia before America and cites comments from RINOs like John McCain, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, and others like them. These same people writing these articles actually think that Robert Mueller and James Comey are Republicans—which they of course are only in name only as well. These are not conservatives. All of these people are globalists in the way that the Bush family has been and they were always part of the problem. They are why we elected Trump and not their other Republican offerings, because voters were sick of what the Party was giving us.‘the-dam-has-broken’-but-for-how-long/ar-AAAdjBc?ocid=spartandhp

During the Obama years it was clear to people like me that James Clapper, Lois Lerner, John Brennan, and Eric Holder were corrupt, communist leaning insurgents and they were heading up our intelligence agencies. I had no idea at the time that John Brennan was actually connected to the Communist Party in any way. It was just obvious that they were not playing on “Team America” as defined by traditional standards—Chevrolet, apple pie, baseball, hot dogs, and guns. They were using the intelligence agencies as tools of a shadow government and the funding was coming from the IRS who worked as an arm of attack dogs to break up threats to this new world order, such as the Tea Party scandal by the IRS which broke loose between 2010 and 2012. By the time Trump came on the scene in 2015 many of us had enough of the obviously corrupt American government and we intended to take control of it back. Being nice, law biding citizens, we planned to do so through elections, but guys like me were planning other things. Whatever the means, it was going to happen. Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Obama, Lerner—all of them had no choice in the matter. They had shown themselves to be enemies of our republic (not a democracy) and they were going to be removed from power.

On election night of 2016 I was relieved. My son-in-law and I were grateful at 4 AM in the morning while we shot guns on my indoor range listening to the radio that we weren’t going to have to resort to violence to take back America. It was a cause of great celebration. I remember it well. My whole family went to Chili’s for lunch that same day with no sleep to speak of and had one of the finest meals we’ve ever had. It wasn’t that the food was great, but the situation was and a new day in America had taken root. I was, and continue to be very happy with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Of course the opposition represented by the villains, people like James Comey as it turned out, Peter Strzok, and the old foes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, John Brennan, James Clapper and many, many others living off the government payroll we all are forced to fund through the corrupt IRS had other plans. They now planned to use extreme measures to put the country back on the track they had been pushing it into for years, so an impasse was inevitable. Luckily up to this point armed insurrection has been avoided. But it’s always in the back of my mind. What isn’t in my mind is surrendering the republic of America into their leftist leaning hands. That’s just not going to happen.

The key to the whole story about what Trump said to Putin and who can trust whom is that we know and understand that there are spies out there in the world trying to learn what they can from each other. America has spies, Russia has spies, China has spies—everyone has spies. The reason that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was supposed to be using a government server for her email correspondence was because there were hostile spies out there trying to obtain information from her. But since she and her partners going all the way up into the Obama White House planned all along to break the law and keep government documents out of congressional oversight committees, they used a private server improperly secured at a private residence and did government business from it. The reason that’s a big deal is because it gave hostile actors easy access to her information which then ended up becoming the Wikileaks documents which came out during the election to show what was really going on in the DNC, and it cause them a lot of deserved trouble.

The content that was stolen was bad and it showed what a terrible party the Democrats were, and they were deeply embarrassed by it. But it was their own fault for not properly securing their information. Their premise is that Russia or anybody else should have never tried to infiltrate a political party for dirty information that might change elections. The Democrats used sheer stupidity to try to hide their crimes and even with the FBI attempting to provide them with a cover story the situation was so bad that the information got out anyway. People like Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and John Brennon thought they could lie to our faces and they’d get away with it because they controlled the entire judicial system effectively at every level and they felt above the average American voter. And the spies of other nations found that information. Is it Russia’s problem or anybody else that they discovered illegal activity from the DNC and provided it to Wikileaks to bring it to the public or is it the crime itself? Clearly, I am on the side of crime. I accept that there is spying going on in the world, and I expect it. If we tell Russia not to do it, then we have to follow the same rules, and that wouldn’t be a good idea. I’d rather know when bad guys get caught what they were trying to hide, and I’m grateful to know just how deep our intelligence agencies were into inflicting insurrection within our American culture. I’m not a fan of President Putin, but I’m certainly not a fan of criminal political parties within the United States weaponizing our tax payer funded intelligence agencies to work against the American voter. That I personally won’t stand for, so I voted for Trump and I stand by him emphatically today. I love the man because in my view he is saving thousands of lives while America works out this cultural void that is essentially another revolution.

I was buying another gun the other day and was proud of it. As the background check was being conducted I thought of the FBI on the other side of the line checking my history to make sure it was safe for me to buy a gun. I’m about as squeaky clean as any reviewer of a background will find, so I wasn’t worried. But I did consider that there might be some radical like Peter Strzok reviewing my purchase and might associate my name with my political activity and try to give me trouble. The fact that the thought even crossed my mind is enough to fuel the rage we should all have toward these real criminals like John Brennan, James Comey, and Peter Strzok. There is no dam that has been broken in support for Trump and that will show in the polling over the next few days. The media fantasy that these insurgents from both parties have penetrated the support base of Donald Trump is completely inaccurate. What it all amounts to is that the media and these characters, from John Kasich all the way down to Peter Strzok don’t have any idea what America is or the people who populate it, and they are about to find out with a rude awakening.

I couldn’t help but notice that Lisa Page had on her wedding ring during her congressional deposition, and she seemed to be pretty proud of it. Nothing says I love you to a husband that she cheated on then in coughing up the goods on a former lover who had just made an ass of himself during public testimony a few days prior. Yes, those texts meant what they meant, Peter Strzok had extreme bias and was the lead investigator who botched the FBI case against Hillary Clinton and tried to cover it up. And thank goodness there were spies who let the information out because we couldn’t trust our own intelligence agencies to tell us the truth. And that is what is so terribly sad on the entire issue. It wasn’t Trump’s summit with Putin, it was that the FBI let us all down and now there is hell to pay that they are hoping to avoid. But it’s too late for that. If a dam has been broken, its in our trust in American institutions, not the individual behavior of Donald J. Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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Standing Proud with Donald Trump: Yes, Putin is more trustworthy

To answer John Kasich’s question which he asked on television about Trump’s Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin I am more in President Trump’s corner now than I ever have been. It wasn’t Putin who was the bully on the national stage, it was the American intelligence departments that had been weaponized by hostile forces to work against all Americans using their own money to fuel the Deep State strategies. I took much of what Trump was doing as foreign policy and attributed it to the great American game of Poker. Obviously, the rest of the world composed of the media were playing Candy Land so they had no way of understanding how Trump could speak one way to Germany then another to Russia. It really depends on what cards you have in your hands, what is on the table from the dealer and who has what chips for which you are trying to inspire a bet. Its elementary negotiating stuff and Russia is a player at the table and Trump wants to deal, which he should. But there was a lot fishy about the Robert Mueller investigation dropping the indictments of 12 Russians on the Friday before the summit as if they were trying to force Trump into picking sides. The media was oddly in sync with the Mueller investigation in attempting to paint Putin as the vilest enemy on planet earth. The investment that many from both the Republican and Democratic parties had in making Putin out to be a villain was oddly forced. Then I saw the New York Times cartoon that they had produced trying to show Putin and Trump as gay lovers. With so many forces working together to paint a picture about Vladimir Putin the question I had was why?

Trump is a great strategist and if I had been in his shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. He knows that the FBI was weaponized against him and that the swamp of Washington D.C. culture was looking to impeach him just for winning the election. If he listened to their urgings in publicly dismantling Putin for some Russian interference in the American election of 2016 then he would have validated the efforts of so many who worked against him. What if the Russians didn’t have anything to do with meddling in the election? Why should we believe an intelligence agency that tried to overthrow a winning president and covered up the crimes of Trump’s political rival? Why should any of us trust anything the intelligence agencies say about anything—because they have been caught lying many times now? I thought Putin’s offer to let the Mueller team come to Russia to interview the supposed hostile agents mentioned in the Friday indictments was a good one. If anybody really wanted to pursue justice, Mueller would have already been on a plane to conduct the interviews in Russia. But we all know that the indictments were not to pursue justice, but to take the eyes of law and order away from the crimes of the FBI and put it on some misty villain on the other side of the world. And Trump was supposed to be so patriotic that he’d back the American intelligence agencies to support the story against even himself all in the name of national unity.

Patriotism does not mean you support villainy if it is coming from your own side. Trump would not be a patriot to go to meet with officials from other countries and stand by what he knows are criminal elements from his own country. By doing so he makes himself a fool and in America it is individualism that rules, not subscription to groups and institutions. There are serious problems with the American intelligence community, many of them need to be in jail for what they did, and in order to deal well with Russia Trump needed to show that he could admit as much. Which then forces Russia, North Korea, Syria and many other hostile places around the world to step forward with similar admissions. It wasn’t unpatriotic to admit that America had its own problems with its intelligence community. To chastise Putin would be to show Trump as a liar. Yet the institutionalists behind the American intelligence community thought it was Trump’s obligation to sacrifice his individual integrity for the good of national patriotism and to sell their version of the events to the world by using Russia as the punching bag.

Yet for Trump to condemn Russia for meddling in the 2016 election the President would then be admitting that his victory was the responsibility of a foreign power. The whole point of this made up story by American intelligence was to justify why Hillary Clinton had lost. It couldn’t have been because Trump worked harder and ran a better campaign. We must never forget that the Russian dossier which was personally handed to the FBI by John McCain’s office, which was originally started by that same FBI funded by the DNC was created to tie Putin to Trump in a negative way. The only problem with it was that the entire thing was made up, just as the meddling story was. Even if Trump wanted to, he couldn’t attack Putin over Russian guilt because honestly there isn’t any real evidence that they were involved an anything significant. The real guilty parties in election meddling was American intelligence that once were caught tried to pin the blame on Russia because they were the last country on earth that anybody thought would be in a position to defend themselves from the accusation.

That is the reason that nobody involved in the conspiracy stories about Russian meddling in the 2016 election wanted Trump to meet with Putin—because it would blow up their story. Putin obviously wants to clear the air by inviting Mueller to Russia to pursue his indictments. Everybody knows there is nothing there so of course the FBI won’t go, which says everything. Yet the criticism of Trump was that he didn’t patriotically stand by his own intelligence agencies while on foreign soil. If a family has a child molester in its ranks, it is not being loyal to the family not to address the issue and call the police on the bastard knowing what he is doing to little kids. If a family member is an alcoholic and is beating the crap out of his spouse, it is not a condition of loyalty to turn the other way to protect the family name. It’s contributing to evil. And the same holds true of Trump. Putin and Russia in general may not be the best people in the world. But it’s not Trump’s duty to contribute to a false story just to show loyalty to the American intelligence agencies. They are obviously guilty of many bad deeds and if Trump wants to sell himself to the world as an honest negotiator, he must call a spade a spade and why shouldn’t he? That same intelligence agency has tried to destroy him. Why would he be loyal to them and help them off the hook they put themselves on? The answer is he shouldn’t. And he didn’t, even under great pressure. And that is what makes Donald Trump the greatest American president the world has ever seen and history will remember these events very favorably.

Rich Hoffman

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Jurassic World: Evolution, a reality that many didn’t see coming is here.

It’s always fun when a new Jurassic World movie comes out which a fifth one does this upcoming Friday because it puts front and center the latest science of DNA manipulation and the field of paleontology.  I am convinced that the whole era of the dinosaurs is something we have only lightly touched on with our known sciences and it will likely stay that way.  I was stunned to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone in various stages of excavation at a lab at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis recently where they actually let people touch it as they worked on it.  Twenty years ago, such a thing would be off-limits to any exhibit until all the scientific work had been done because of the rarity of such a find.  But these days what we have found from the past isn’t nearly as important as our future of just remaking it.  There is enough DNA and genetic mapping to bring back to life creatures from the past.  There is a serious effort right now to bring back to life a Wooly Mammoth, and once that happens there will be real life Jurassic Parks hosting all sorts of extinct creatures, and I think that’s very exciting.  The week of every new Jurassic World release has interviews with Jack Horner, who is a real paleontologist on the front of the science and he always says some very interesting things about the latest and greatest in the study of dinosaurs.

What was different this time however was a video game that was released to accompany the new movie called Jurassic World: Evolution.  It’s a park builder game where players on PlayStation 4 and other console platforms, can build your own version of a Jurassic Park and all the problems that are associated with that task.  That for me is very exciting as I love every one of the movies because of their adventurous approach to the sciences which contain within them all the reservations of gene manipulation mixed with the excitement of infinite possibilities.   I often say that one of my favorite places on earth is Epcot Center at Disney World, for many of the same reasons that Jurassic Park seemed like such an interesting place to visit.  But I am particularly in love and have been for a long time the Jurassic Park land at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando.  Even though the ride has become a bit cheesy in recent years due to its age, I love the feeling of the place and would love to visit a place for real.  I am very excited to see what Universal Studios is going to do with their renovation of that part of their park.  Apparently, they are closing down the land this fall to reopen a Jurassic World next summer. I will likely be one of the first in line to visit it.

But the new Jurassic World: Evolutions game allows you to build multiple Jurassic Parks and run them as a park simulator controlling the cashflow of even soft drinks and getting right down on the ground level of your theme parks and interacting with the guests.  In many ways its better than visiting a real theme park because you control the crowds and everything.  You don’t have to deal with the heat of a real theme park or the sticky pavement, or smelly bathrooms.  You can just build and visit such places in your living room and honestly, I had the same kind of emotions that I’ve had when visiting the real Universal Studios.  Granted, the real thing will always be the best way to visit, real experiences will always trump virtual ones, but its pretty damn close. 

What did stun me about this latest Jurassic game is the level of gene manipulation research that it allows players to embark on, even down to changing the color of the dinosaurs by arranging their DNA in a way to give them exciting skin flourishes that visitors to the theme park would enjoy, and help you make more money.  It became quite obvious to me that this wasn’t just a game anymore, but was a vehicle to carry the mind of mankind to that next level of genetic research, the ability to essentially build anything we want—to clone ourselves if need be, and to really dig at the roots of what makes life—life. 

I found the game to be a wonderfully intellectual experience coupled with just the raw thrill of building theme parks. I love games like that because I am a manager at heart, I love to be in charge of everything I do and theme park games like this give you complete control over everything in the game.  I especially like that when you tell a ranger crew to go work on a fence or to heal some sick dinosaurs they aren’t playing on their phones off the side of the road somewhere, they are always very attentive to your commands and they do exactly what you want and need 100% of the time.  That is better than in real life where managing such people takes an extra gear that most people don’t have, because people are always trying to get away with something and you have to constantly work with people at many different levels to get them to do basic things.  It practically takes a psychology degree to deal with people, especially if you have more than 50 employees, but in games like Jurassic World: Evolution, everyone does exactly what you say every time you say it meaning you get to manage a big amusement park at the level of an owner, and you don’t have to deal with the downfalls of human failures to concentrate.

One thing is very clear as this new Jurassic World movie is about to be released compared to the one that released in 2014, science has come a long way.  We are knocking on the door to a very new age where mankind is giving itself control over these very abstract concepts.  When a video game can give you the power to not only resurrect a dinosaur, but to make it blue, green or red depending on your preference, we are stepping into very new territory.  I can remember when some of the first cloning was being done to animals way back in the 90s and how much controversy there was over stem cell research.  These days, that controversy is nearly gone, the science of these concepts is nearly routine talk and without question the next generation will have many options to build genetic life into any form they desire.  If we want to see a Woolly Mammoth again in our zoos, we can just make one off the abundant genetic material that is coming out of northern Russia these days. If we want to see a Tyrannosaurs Rex, just make one.  And if we want to build new bodies for ourselves once our bodies have become old, or we might desire to make those old bodies new again with just the tweak of our genetic coding, then we’ll be able to.  And oddly enough, that is what all these Jurassic Park movies, theme parks and video games seem to be preparing us for.

Rich Hoffman

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Speaker of the House Debates, 5G Coverage, and Expensive Bike Paths: Just another day at the office for the West Chester Tea Party

The West Chester Tea Party was always about education as opposed to activism. The purpose was and still is to this day, an organization that brought education to the public on the various topics that faced the community from month to month and even though Trump is now 500 days into his administration and has had great success, the needs of the Tea Party movement are still a necessity. And that couldn’t have been truer than the June 6th meeting of 2018 where many very important topics were presented to a fairly large gathering. Everything was covered from the state speaker of the house race in Columbus to the bike paths of West Chester, with school board news, debate about 5G phone networks, and the senate race of Jim Renacci in the upcoming fall. I managed to get some video of the event shown below, the first of which is from George Lang, the state representative from my district who was at the meeting to discuss the very contentious speaker situation ahead of a key vote which just occurred today to resolve the matter.

Kathy Dirr and George Lang have a contentious relationship over the 5G proposal that Kathy presented at the meeting. Only a small part of Kathy’s presentation ended up on my videos in the little preliminary speech shown. Later she had a 45-minute presentation illustrating what she thinks are serious health risks coming from the new cell tower technology. What she was presenting actually reminded me of a plot point from my 2004 novel called The Symposium of Justice which featured a local municipality using water towers to broadcast a signal designed to manipulate the pituitary gland in people into become overly sexualized, and mindlessly consumer based, so that they could be more easily controlled. So I can relate to the passion Kathy exhibited, however, I am a technology lover. I think the ultimate solution to the cellular breakdown that comes from all the wireless networks that are taking over our daily culture will be a concern of the past once we can just download our essence into a newly constructed body in a few years. We’ll change bodies like we change cars in the near future, so I wouldn’t be inclined to worry too much about such a thing. But that’s what makes these Tea Party meetings so wonderful, there are lots of diverse opinions that inspire great debate.

The next video was that of Mark Welch’s presentation on a compromised bike path connecting 747 to Becket Ridge instead of a very expensive multimillion dollar tax payer connection through West Chester into Mason and eventually connecting the Loveland Bike Trail with a large network. To pull off that Agenda 21 project eminent domain would have to be enacted and tax payers would be forced to pay for some hippie utopian idea that United Nations losers came up with years ago. While some elements of bike paths are positive and beneficial to communities, the idea of replacing cars with bicycles is a primitive and stupid one. So Mark came up with a way to navigate that issue quite nicely and he put in a lot of work on the matter, which is evident in his presentation. Hey, I love to ride bicycles, few people over the years have ridden them more than me, and the idea of having bike trails that could take cyclists over vast distances is appealing to me. But tax payers who won’t use those trails shouldn’t be on the hook for the cost, and property shouldn’t be taken from people for a “greater good” intention. What Mark is proposing as a trustee of West Chester is a reasonable appeasement of the mild necessity for our modern age, and better yet, it keeps the cost impact down to something that is manageable for private investment, the way things are supposed to be.

What I thought was interesting about this West Chester Tea Party meeting was that it showed the challenges of governing. Not everyone agrees on everything all the time. A lot of people present had different ideas about how to do various things that needed to be done and that was a good thing. Unlike other politically oriented meetings of this nature, the West Chester Tea Party has transitioned over time from an ideological organization to a functional one. It is easy to sit around and read books and talk about the basic philosophy of how things should be, it’s quite another thing to try to apply that ideology to real world situations. It takes guts for people like George Lang who are in the middle of the storm in Columbus with lots of tempting treasures being constantly thrown at him to stand in front of an organization he helped get off the ground over a decade prior and defend his position. Healthy debate is a great thing and that is what was going on at this meeting. The press should be covering these events because a lot of good goes on at them, more than goes on at the other regional get togethers. There is a lot of value on the table at every one I attend.

The way things used to be was that politicians were elected, and they went to their offices and people never heard from them again without the protections of their social roles to insulate them from the public. But at the West Chester Tea Party meetings, the local politicians were part of the process. The speeches by Lang and Welch were not part of the evening agenda but were spawned on the spot due to questions and comments from the attendees. Lang and Welch simply came from the back of the room to address the questions which became the speeches shown in the videos. I couldn’t help but think that this was the way things were always supposed to work in the republic for which America is. But the whole thing starts with the foundational educations that were always a part of the West Chester Tea Party. Without the basic understanding of how things are supposed to work, intellectually, nothing like what took place at the meeting could have occurred.

It is easy for politicians to make promises to get elected, and it is easy for people to vote for people then expect politicians to go off to battle and do everything right, then to complain about them when they don’t do ideologically everything that you think they should do. That’s why Tea Party events like the one in West Chester are so valuable. It gets everyone together to hash out ideology from reality and to do the best job possible in ascertaining value from the legislative experience. I thought the whole thing had evolved into a very positive thing for everyone involved. It was to me a sign of how things could be for the entire nation as the Trump administration is flowing down this intellectual attitude from the Executive Branch. The Tea Party movement is no longer just about getting people like Barack Obama out of office, but it has become a legitimate part of the legislative process because it brings proper education to the people who need it and will act on it, without the filter of the local newspaper to put a liberal spin on it. The information was good and raw and that’s just the way things should be, and it was great to see it alive and well on a pleasant summer night in West Chester, Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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