The Greatness of the Covid Rebels: Standing up to an out of control and stupid government

For a lot of people, I understand that it’s a little early for them, to admit that Covid-19 has always been a hoax and was fully implemented to allow for voter fraud.  Many people know someone who had Covid-19 and believed it to be truly detrimental which I addressed in the video above.  When the corrupt media and governments of the world is saying Covid here, Covid there, Covid everywhere, its easy to find yourself spooked by the panic created by government to serve government.  For instance, it looks like fewer people are going to die this year than last year, so if Covid deaths are so detrimental, why didn’t more people die in 2020?  Well, we all know the answer, that is if you watch my videos and read this blog.  But most people in the mainstream just aren’t there yet.  They are getting there, remember that over 80 million people voted for Trump in 2020 which is a significant amount of population in the world.  They are learning and have been for the last decade.  And I am encouraged to see many of them becoming what is being called, Covid Rebels.  The Covid Rebels are beginning to question the sanity of the ridiculous governor lockdowns and CDC protocols and seeing them for the scam they are to usher in communism into America.  That is the first step to winning some of these fights from a government that is out of control and is attempting to use panic and fear to gain power.  People who are supposed to be in charge are now pushing back, which is a very healthy thing for our country. 

The most audacious stat that I have seen recently as I was checking market activity in Asia has been that China never really shut down for Covid.  It is funny to see that the dumb world and their health officials are copying what the media is saying is wonderous control of Covid-19 from the communist country of China due to the state imposition of taking temperatures 3 times a day and the mandate to wear masks.  The reason that is funny is because China has a closed society with the media and has simply put out state propaganda saying they are doing so well, but the real reason they don’t have high case counts is because they aren’t doing the kind of testing we are in the United States.  If China tested their billion plus people the way we are in America, they’d have millions and millions of more cases than us easily.  But like a bunch of dumb asses our government and media has failed to understand that basic concept or to even ask the question.  Their assumption has been to follow China with protocols which is essentially what the communist loving CDC has done without connecting a lack of testing to the Chinese results.  Covid-19 was always an election fraud scam, nothing more.   China didn’t destroy their economy over it, but they tricked the rest of the world to destroying their own over a virus they released to the world to essentially beat Trump’s trade war.  And the communist lovers in our own country wanted to side with China to destroy our nation so they could have power.  It really is as simple as that.  Again, look at the death counts of 2020.  Its all been a shell game, trade other sicknesses for Covid counts so that hospitals and medical facilities could get government money from Covid designations. 

Knowing that the whole thing has been a hoax, yes, people should be angry at Mike DeWine in Ohio, and his girlfriend Amy Acton who is still sending love letters to the governor by the way.  It appears to be OK so long as Amy sends cookies to Frannie, DeWine’s wife.  Those people have destroyed the lives of many people in Ohio, and they did it out maliciousness and pure stupidity.  And all the other blue state governors in America who stupidly shut down the lives of innocent people for a communist plot to remove an American president, they should sure as hell be angry about it.  People have been abused and harassed for no reason only to find a world turned upside down on them for no reason.  They should march in the streets demanding their lives back, they should be suing their government.  I would go so far to say that the politicians who advanced Covid-19 so dangerously deserve far worse than that.  But rebelling against the government is a start.  They didn’t have the authority to abuse their power the way they did on a complete lack of science on a totally fabricated communist approach provided to us by our enemy China.

I would point back to prohibition as a model for how to deal with Covid-19.  Not the mobs that emerged although we could say that an Al Capone style mob in the federal government has been born out of the Covid-19 protocols.  But when bars were closed during prohibition, speakeasys came to be.  Perhaps the solution to the whole restaurant closing problem in various states is to give up the liquor licenses, to give up all the permits and to save the fees, and to operate in the back room or to call all such gatherings as private and by invitation only.  Cut the government out of the operation and pocket all the money off the books and dare an undermanned government to come after them.  The health departments don’t have the manpower or the will to fight everyone in court for unconstitutional laws anyway.  If they bust you, take them to court and make a fortune by accepting the many offers by lawyers to take these cases for free, because they are so easy to win in court.  By the nature of it, Covid-19 and the politicians who have been caught trying to scare everyone deserve to be pushed back on in that fashion.  Its almost a moral obligation to challenge their authority. But compliance, no. that is not the thing to do.  Compliance is for idiots, especially when the government authority imposing the restrictions is so stupid and anti-American to start with.  This isn’t China with over a billion people who are afraid to challenge the authority of the state.  Where only a handful of people control the entire nation by fear.  America has plenty of dumb fools who do everything the government tells them too.  But there are around half the nation who voted for Trump in the last election who aren’t that stupid, and they are starting to become Covid Rebels.  To Hell with the curfews.  To Hell with closing Christmas and other family gatherings.  To Hell with closing restaurants and night spots.  Move them to your back yards and other places that the police can’t easily get to.  Let friends and family know that you are open for business, just not officially.  Turn down the lights and have a big bouncer at the door to keep the government riff raff out.  And step around the unconstitutional laws and make some untaxable money for yourself so you can feed your families.  Cut the government out and starve them with a lack of revenue.  That is the proper way to deal with a government trying to turn communist using Covid-19 to carry the movement through fear.  The best thing you can do is to rebel against all that and take away the governments power over you, by ignoring their stupid rules, and letting them feel the sting of embarrassment that their stupidity has caused in the world

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Wanted: Men who can shoot and defend our nation against evil

Observing the situation clearly, and now no longer speculating what foreign intentions have been for our country in pitching the stupid ideas that our media have picked up and ran with, like domesticizing men and devaluing women to become more man like over the years was a clear attack on the defense of our nation.  As we look at the massive amounts of short courage in standing up for ourselves in the face of great evil regarding this election fraud issue alone, and the bullying that has been evident by corrupt and stupid governors regarding Covid-19 one thing is clear, we have needed men to defend our country and great women to raise our families and we’ve had neither leaving America open to foreign attack and scandalous behavior unchecked.  And for me it all starts with gun ownership.  Sadly, many young men and women these days have forgotten the value of a good gun and what it does for the psyche of boys and men everywhere and that at its most primal function has been the means for how China and their puppets in politics and the media have felt so confident in conducting plots of American destruction openly now in the light of day, and its been reprehensible. 

In the video above I provide several examples of why guns and gun ownership are positives specifically for young men.  Part of the plot to feminize men has been to conquer them more easily as China has planned their attack for a long time.  They didn’t want any resistance so with the same audacity that they sought to cheat in our 2020 election, they have been trying to convince men that defending their nation, and their women was a futile and stupid concept.  They also wanted to de-emphasize the need to learn combat and self-defense so that when they were attacked or were throttled in the street by some Antifa thug, that they wouldn’t know how to fight back. And like a bunch of dummies, culturally, certainly not in my household, we listened to their dumb asses.  I grew up knowing many good men who all had guns.  My grandparents had farms, real farms and on Thanksgivings, especially when I was young after dinner, we went out shooting in the field in the stark cold air.  It was for me an initiation into manhood, a way to teach the young the secrets of masculinity and of guarding the valor of a family.  It was a code of honor to learn about different guns and how they shot, how much power had to be controlled while shooting.  Guns just as is featured in the yearly classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, are the centerpiece of American civilization, especially in the life of men.  Women aren’t excluded, but typically women in traditional families like to talk about food and feeding the men in their lives, while men went out shooting together to work up an appetite for dessert once they returned inside.  And America was strong and dumb little attackers both foreign and domestic weren’t trying to overthrow the nation, because they would have been shot and killed for attempting it.

Women have their menstrual cycles to announce to them that they are changed from girls into sexually dangerous specimens who could give birth and start families of their own.  Men have almost no rituals to tell them how to manage their bigger, stronger bodies after puberty nor how to deal with their newly loaded guns in their reproductive organs.  Once boys become men with the ability to get a girl pregnant, the need to explain that danger to them is vital to the survival of any successful society.  It used to be that men respected women and they learned those basic skills by learning to shoot and master the techniques it took to handle firearms.  If boys learned how to handle guns and not kill other people in the process, they were more prepared to not stick their penises into every girl who would let them and not start families they weren’t prepared to support with a lifelong commitment.  And we can look around today and see what progressives have done to young men.  Boys today are totally disconnected from consequences because nobody has taught them how to manage danger.  Today sex is without consequence and overly coddled young men are completely devoid of the basic skills it takes to run a family, or to be in a relationship with a woman and the children of their life.  In many ways, it does all start with learning gun ownership in America.

Repeating what I said about men I knew when I was young, they all owned and used guns, not a single one out of many dozens ever shot anybody, or robbed a store, or behaved in bad ways.  All of them held responsible jobs, conducted themselves with care understanding the power they had as men, being stronger, more aggressive by nature than women typically are, the guns in their lives taught them the code of conduct for which to live.  It also taught them when it was necessary to stand up to bad people, whether it was at a trustee meeting, or a school board meeting, or some other local government event.  Gun ownership and the reminder of them hanging on a gun rack in their bedroom, or next to their bed emphasized that if justice was to be administered in life, it had to come from them, not some government losers looking for a payday out of China as we have today.  Guns have always been the centerpiece of an advanced culture because it brought forth in the men of that culture a sense of purpose and ownership that solidified constitutional principles. 

So it is in that context that we should know that political enemies of America have been seeking to destroy that relationship in preparation for their great, planned conquest.  They wanted to convince men that Bruce Jenner could put on a dress and be just another one of the girls while public schools are suspending the young boys in school for make the shape of a gun with their hands and play shooting with other boys on the playground.  That school officers and police are now being called if a teacher sees a child on a video conference who has a Nerf gun hanging on the wall behind them and designating them as a menace to society.  You can have sex and be taught all kinds of perversions in the 3rd grade these days, but if a school or any progressive learns that you bought a child a Red Ryder BB gun, then it is assumed the state has a right to destroy that family with government oversight.  And if there are some men who want to take the young boys out shooting, the are now considered terrorists, if the governors of our states even let us have Thanksgiving or Christmas due to Covid-19.  So, you see dear reader what has happened and how we arrived here.  We let progressives and foreign attackers set our gun policy and define for us what it took to be a man, and they screwed up and turned our society into cowards, and child delinquent monsters more at home in the Clockwork Orange than as heads of families and productive American citizens.  And its been reprehensible to watch, especially in the wake of great constitutional tragedy and a time where more strong people are needed from both sexes to rise to the occasion of our times and to defend us from foreign invasion.  There hasn’t been anybody there to hold the line because instead of grabbing guns to defend ourselves from aggression, the modern men are getting their hair done and picking out panties at Wal-Mart to replace the ones they soiled after the latest news broadcast scaring them to death over the next made-up pandemic by the CDC. 

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A Corrupt FBI Hiding Behind Arrests: Who cares about P.G. Sittenfeld, its the big sharks you have to worry about

To be honest, I can’t stand P.G. Sittenfeld.  He’s a progressive and someone I would consider an Anti-American insurgent who has been hell bent on destroying my local city of Cincinnati with extreme left leaning radicalism.  But don’t expect me to thank the FBI for ruining Sittenfeld’s bid to be the next mayor by arresting the Cincinnati congressman last week on taking bribes for a development project to flip votes on council friendly to some projects totaling 40K.  Talking about this issue has been low on my priority list of topics due to the national tragedy of voter fraud that has massively caused a civil war like atmosphere in the United States by those same left-leaning communist activists doing the biding of China in exchange for power and money.  Little ol’ P.G. Sittenfeld is small game that was exploited by the Cincinnati FBI for their own public relations tour to look like Eliot Ness when in reality they are part of the problem in creating that civil war nationally.  In the FBI coup attempt of President Trump, they have placed a stigma on all their departments that likely will never go away, and it was that bit of corruption that was the most obvious element in the Sittenfeld arrest, along with two other Cincinnati councilmembers recently busted for the same kind of thing.

It was fishy when Speaker Householder in Columbus was also investigated by the same Cincinnati field office of the FBI for their role in taking bribes from nuclear power companies seeking a friendly face when Obama era politicians were trying to eliminate traditional power sources in favor of greenie weenie tech in wind power and solar in Ohio, so that we might suffer the same weak power offerings that are currently seen in California.  Its part of a bigger plan to save the planet by essentially destroying human civilization that is at the centerpiece of a Chinese led takeover of our energy supply in the United States.  Householder was trying to maintain a Republican majority.  He took some influence money along with others and everyone in Columbus knew what was going on.  Yet the FBI decided to make a big deal about it during an election year as they sought desperately to repair their tarnished reputation for playing a coup of an elected president.  And by the time we investigate the voter fraud of 2020 I have no doubt the FBI knew what was going on and who was doing it.  Yet instead of cleaning up their own internal corruption they are picking on these small-time politicians, like Larry Householder and these silly little Cincinnati city council members.

To say the least, I’m not impressed.  As I said in the video, I’m all for cleaning up corruption.  I’d like to see them all arrested and thrown in jail, and if there isn’t room in jail, then lets lower the bar for the death penalty and get rid of some of these loser son of a bitches.  I don’t want to deal with them.  I’ve been involved in Cincinnati politics for years going way back three decades.  I remember when Rob Portman was hanging around with my little group back then while during the day trying to win his first term in congress.  I was involved in some pretty hard-core scandals with Todd Portune where that guy sold me out pretty good.  That was in the Dwight Tillery days as mayor and I had some dealings with Foxy Roxy as well.  The corruption was happening then, and it will happen tomorrow in spite of the FBI trying to play Eliot Ness all of a sudden to disguise their own scandals behind some timely public relations.  As I said, if I thought the FBI were the good guys as ‘The Untouchables’ were portrayed in works of fiction in their fight against Al Capone I’d celebrate such press conferences announcing the arrest of P.G. Sittenfeld.  But truthfully, the FBI is far more corrupt than these politicians, the only difference is they have a badge representing a federal government that has obviously been hijacked by anti-American, constitution hating insurgents who should be considered domestic terrorists, not the good guys. 

What you always have to question on these kinds of things is the timing, just as coronavirus has been unleashed by those same blue state governors to try to shake public opinion away from the massive voter fraud that is yet another government coup against the people’s president, TRUMP the FBI is trying to do the same using their department to pick off these little fish losers so that the public will not see the massive crimes committed by real criminals who are in our own government and working in the FBI and CIA. These crimes by Sittenfeld and others go on all the time year after year, I’ve personally been involved and have witnessed them.  Of course, I don’t do crime, I never call myself a victim of any kind, but let’s say I was on the receiving end of the crime.  It took me roughly 20 years to get some of them back, but for the context of this discussion, its important to know that this sudden corruption isn’t new.  I’m not against seeing in the wake of all this Christopher Smitherman becoming mayor of Cincinnati.  But to my mind it could all be a set-up by the FBI.  They want Christopher to be mayor for some reason perhaps so they can take him down later and by taking Sittenfeld out now they could save him for some insurgency of progressivism later.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the intentions of this purge of current Cincinnati City Councilmembers wasn’t along those lines.  I’ve seen it before. 

It wasn’t just in Cincinnati where I’ve seen these kinds of things happen, I had run-ins with the FBI in Mason, Ohio where I tried to unravel a drug ring there that involved the mayor and the Mason police department.  I thought they’d be happy about the tapes and evidence I had gathered about a major drug dealing program that was seething with illegal activity, but instead an FBI agent came to our house and told my wife that she was a crazy lunatic for wanting an infantile understanding of justice in the world.  They went on to follow her around harassing her with constant surveillance for nearly two years after that.  I wrote about the incident in a fictional way in one of my published books.  Back then, the more I talked about the drug deals to all the high level politicians the more crimes of other kinds went on in our neighborhood, such as a rapist that nobody could seem to catch breaking into all the homes around us terrifying women all over the community.  The FBI was “on it,” as they told us.  Yet they never seemed to be able to catch the guy.  I started roaming around the streets at night with my bullwhips to catch the bastard and guess what.  The problem went away.  How about that?

We want to believe in the good in people, but my experience says that’s a dumb idea.  We should always look with scrutiny at those who are trying to bust others for crimes that they are likely committing themselves and hiding the actions behind that of a do-gooder.  In this case, the FBI is oozing with their own corruption and they are looking to build trust again with people and they are using small time corrupt politicians as their steppingstone in that direction.  But until they start arresting their own, like James Comey and many others, all they are doing is using a federal badge to hide their own crimes.  And I’m not OK with that.  They (the FBI) is supposed to work for us and I see no evidence that they give 2-shits and a nickel about any of us.  They only want their big government pension and an easy 30 years tour of duty in government work and in that way, P.G. Sittenfeld is many, many more times honest than the FBI.  At least he’s a scum bag whom we know the price of doing business.  With the FBI, we always must wonder.

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Peace in the Middle East: That alone is enough to win Trump’s re-election–never listen to the experts!

For those thus concerned, and how it will shake out by Election Day, what the Trump administration did just in the Middle East this past week is enough to win another four years as president.  In the context of history, if the previous four years was Trump’s list of Supreme Court Justices which proved to be the safest bet against the mob like Democrat party, then it will be the Trump foreign policies that will win the next four years.  Forget all the hype from the media, they are in denial of the very foundations of why what I’m telling you is an irrefutable fact, extending back well over 100,000 years, likely much more.  Mankind is in a rebellion against “experts” which is a long time and coming and electing Donald Trump has only proven correct, and there are people who were on the fence the last time who will now be voting for him in greater margins because of this trend.  The reason there has not been peace in the Middle East is simply because up to this point, the “experts” have been in charge leaving presidents of the past to follow their advice, hiding the real problems.  Most people understand this to be the issue from everything to foreign policy to baking cakes, and they have started to vote differently as a result.  And given the choice, they will pick Trump again, which of course has the “experts” terrified, because they have spent their whole lives learning to be experts only to see the world turn against them.

We were watching TV the other night with my grown kids and I was reminding them how many people that were at the top of intellectual circles they had met before they were 10 years old, for instance we were watching Ancient Aliens at the time and the subject was Jonathan Young who was very prominent in the Joseph Campbell Foundation in the 90s.  That was why he was so familiar to them because they had met him a long time ago.  I also reminded them that they had met and spent quite a lot of time with Jean Erdman who just died this last May at 104 years old.  She was Joseph Campbell’s wife.  And there were many other top tear philosophers and entertainment professionals that they ran into as children which I always felt would give them great confidence as they moved into adolescence.  After all, nobody in their school could claim to meet one celebrity, let alone many of the best who did some really important work behind the curtain.  But as I was telling them those stories I was thinking of Trump and how I recognized in him early everything that was happening now, which was good for our world, even if it meant the destruction of liberalism, because my perspective toward existence was anti-expert, and not in support of our entire structure of society which still believed that “experts” should be the foundation of everything.

In truth, and I’ve told this story before, when I was running around with those types of people, I had spent a 10-11-year journey reading everything Joseph Campbell had written and edited.  Many of the top minds in the world lay claim to studying the free-thinking Campbell, including many liberals, such as the most recent Health Director of Ohio, Amy Acton.  Recently I was reading Ray Dalio’s book called ‘Principles’ where he spent a lot of time talking about how Joseph Campbell changed his life and gave him meaning.  Bill Moyers of NPR was also thus enchanted, but I knew a secret about all these people that they had not discovered in Campbell’s work, and that was his embrace and discovery of the destructive nature of institutionalism.  It was in fact by the time my kids had met the elderly Erdman and Jonathan Young I was already picking about the works of Friedrich Nietzsche who was questioning the very same things.  Adolph Hitler would miss the point of the German philosopher completely when he turned supremacy of thought into an experiment on socialism and would become a villain to planet earth, but that’s how dangerous some of this stuff would be, and clearly is.  I would say that with my extra work in the effort and the laborious efforts of working through the James Joyce novel, ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ I came to some unusual ideas about institutionalism and the class of experts that have always been around in society and have done my own work toward the trajectory of mankind.  It is surprising what a person can do if they do not care to get credit for the enterprise.  I call it ghosting it as far as being an influence leader in many fields of work at the same time.

The entire notion of how humans have put “experts” at the front of social thinking has been wrong, and currently we are taking an eraser to those many centuries of failure.  It started with the Scottish Rites in Europe, culminated in the writing of our Constitution which is a work of philosophy, not so much law, and it thus produced out of the minds of a free people percolating over many more centuries, Donald Trump, a free spirit who does not limit his thoughts to the experts, but can use them to his own needs.  That is after all the central theme of the debate about Covid-19, will the world be ruled by a class of medical experts, or will they ignore them and move on in life at their own inclinations?  Google and Facebook have certainly bet on the experts. They after all think they know better just as Ray Dalio the billionaire investor thinks he knew Joseph Campbell by understanding one of his first books, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’  But he doesn’t know Campbell the way I do, and the pin heads of Silicone Valley don’t either, they only learned the surface stuff. But in truth, Campbell was a conservative anti-institutionalist and that is why no matter how hard they try to understand higher concepts, they always fail, including the ebbs and tides of the 2020 election.

I tend as a result of all this study to look at the whole story of things and with that in mind, our society failed by placing as a priority of education the creation of “experts” in the field.  What the world really needs is battle hardened leaders, people like Trump who can think above and beyond the limited advice of experts and are wise due to their own experience.  Not to go Biblical, but Trump reminds me a lot of King Solomon, people who are almost unearthly in experience, wealth, and knowledge which is truly the ultimate freedom.  To not need “experts” is the path to freedom that Americans have been looking for since the foundation of the country and that is what has liberals going crazy, because they can feel that grip over mankind slipping.  Sure, there are still some suckers out there who are stupid, uneducated, and surrender to the whims of their unchecked fears.  But the trend is against them for the first time in thousands of years, the trajectory of thought isn’t going the other way.  And with all that in mind, nobody but Trump could have brought any notion of peace to the Middle East, because the answers were outside the scope of our experts, which is why it had never happened before, even with all the resources the world could provide.  Its good to read lots of books and to function outside the limits of “expert” opinion.  Because it is there that we can only say that we are truly free, when we are free of thought away from their tyrannical grasp, and about to think on our own without their thoughts to shape our opinions.

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The Buckeye Firearms Association Endorces George Lang: One of the truely good people in politics

Even with everything that is going on, its nice to take a moment to appreciate one of the true good guys out there in the world who is trying to make our Republic a better place through proper representation. With the world gone mad, it has been wonderful to see that George Lang, the current House of Representative for the 52nd District member running for the 4th seat in the Senate was endorsed by the Buckeye Firearms Association, along with many other endorsements, many named and many more to come. Its still early in the election season, yet George has been getting a lot of activity thrown his way by positive support from many sectors of the community he represents. We often don’t get enough time to talk about positive political stories where the people running for office, or just holding office are good and working hard in all the right ways, and George is certainly one of the good guys. And as a big time politician who raises a lot of money and has dealings with a lot of people who want representation in Columbus, I can think of few people who do it as well as George does without losing integrity in the process and is as firm in his Second Amendment roots. The Buckeye Firearms Association understands George’s value and it was great to see their endorsement this week.

I bring up the money that George has the ability to raise because as I’ve said before fundraising is a kind of vote all by itself. Its hard to convince people to write you a check so that you can run for office, buy all the signs that you do, run airtime, do the advertising that is required for name recognition. Yet, it is difficult to stay out of the kind of trouble that Larry Householder found himself in where dark money can creep into the process and corrode all the good things an office holder might try to do without getting caught in the sticky business of corruption and mayhem. Yet George was in the thick of things in Columbus when the FirstEnergy Solutions was injecting a lot of money into the support of House Bill 6 which was some tricky circumstances. George managed to stay clean of all the bottle rockets that were flying around on that one which showed just how politically savvy he is under great pressure and can still stand behind values that are unique to anybody working at such a high level.

And that is where the fine line is, critics of George Lang will attempt to tie corruption to him because he has the ability to raise so much money, because that is how the news likes to portray fundraising. Yet as a politician, it is hard to accept money for the political aspects of the vote it represents without falling for the expectations of favoritism that often spawns from the process. It costs money to run for a big office and to get elected without dividing everyone you meet along the way with differing opinions, its quite another to lose a step and fall for the temptations of expectation that often comes with it. In Lang’s case, it would be easy to step away from the Second Amendment with everything that is going on in order to appear more moderate which is where a lot of fundraising money can come from, but George never abandons his core principles, which is how he was able to stay out of trouble in Householder’s FirstEnergy scandal. Regardless of whether the FirstEnergy issue is more politics than actual scandal, it takes some very savvy politics to dodge the bullets that do fly which is much more than luck. And still stand behind your values, and George Lang continues to impress me with his ability to do that.

George is a business first politician in a time where businesses of all kinds are being attacked for any connection to profit by this new breed of socialist radicals that are infecting politics at every level, and most candidates and office holders will run from any connection. But not Lang, he doesn’t run from his core values or people he’s known. He may not always agree with them, he’s his own person, and he has a great feel for trouble before it emerges, but he can be trusted ethically in ways that most could only wish for. I feel lucky that we can vote for George Lang in Butler County which has over 400,000 residents all who want something, and he has managed to represent them well without compromising himself in the process. Yet George’s commitment to Second Amendment rights has never wavered in the least. When it would have been easy to do so, he has never backed away publicly from an important gun rights issue and that is saying something where a politician could easily be hung by their feet in the court of public opinion for any support. So that is the significance of the Buckeye Firearms Association endorsing George so early, before Labor Day for the 2020 election.

It is hard to meet with all types of people from the Ohio Military Family Month advocates to Women’s Suffrage Centennial supporters, then to have lunch with the Chamber of Commerce types all while Democrats are begging you to go to lunch to pull you to their side of an issue or a lobbyist is wanting to shower you with gifts before a fundraiser dinner must be attended later that night. Most people come across as sleezy as they must be so many things to so many different people, but George comes across as sincere. And that is because at the end of the day he is just a good person who loves his wife and kids and the ability to do the right things. He doesn’t get lost along the way because he has great grounding at home and that is the key to his success. The key is to give everyone an ear and do as many people right as their representative, but not to get lost in the process and for George, his strong family life is the sanctuary that sets him apart from everyone else. And we should all feel lucky to have such a person representing us.

When I think of George Lang I think of gun rights, business, and a real passion for doing what is right. I’ve spoken to him off the record many times and can say that the person he is on a Sunday morning before the world wakes up is the same person who shows great enthusiasm for everyone he meets in a business day. There is nothing phony about George Lang. If the world had a George Lang for every political position in our Republic at every level, everything would work so much better. I put George Lang in the same lofty category as I do Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota. There are a lot of very good politicians who are coming out of the Tea Party movement from earlier in the decade who read a lot of books on what makes a good republic work and now they are putting their skills to use. They have been very rare, but through all the negative stories, there are ones like those coming from George Lang which continue to inspire and give hope where we need it most. And on November 3rd 2020 it will be quite a privilege to go to a polling place and vote for George Lang.

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Trump Did Great with Covid-19: Governments should be prosecuted for mass murder in using a coronavirus to attempt an overthrow of an American President

Bernie Sanders pretty much admitted to all my accusations about Covid-19 with his speech at the DNC Convention. When the Mueller Report didn’t work, when the impeachment attempt by Congress didn’t work, they had to try something in 2020 so their friends at the World Health Organization under the guidance of Doctor Fauci and others used a new form of coronavirus to advance economic and emotional terrorism which they hoped would propel them into a capture of the White House after this next election. The Democrats and socialists around the world united and played it all to the smallest detail and hoped to trap Trump into also going all in on the Covid-19 reaction, then before it was too late, being stuck with the remnants of a great economy smoking on a ash heap. And if you believe the polls, which I don’t, people would not vote for Trump because of the virus as it happened on his watch, and people suffering by it would blame him. That was always the strategy, yet as they arrived at the DNC Convention to make their plea for votes, the plan was unraveling as they spoke. It didn’t have the power it should have had, because Trump did not go all in, he played along enough to get by, but he never bought into the scheme completely and that is the source of much panic. After all, the DNC had committed to making Covid-19 the centerpiece of their strategy with a “virtual convention” of pre-recorded messages while Trump flew around the country giving rally style speeches at the same time showing a stark contrast to the approach.

I am not bitter that the Trump people didn’t listen to everything I said about Covid-19. Heck, it will likely take many a decade or so to admit to themselves what I have been saying about the virus outbreak from the beginning—that our reaction to it was completely fake—it was made up using non-science from the very first government suggestions. For instance, did you know that in many states the banning of N95 masks is happening because the exhale valve on them does nothing to keep your germs from getting out to the air which could contaminate other people? Yet we were told by many during the early days of the Covid crises that the N95 masks were the best on the market and people were climbing over each other to get them. Well, after a few months of analysis, the logic has found the light of day and now N95 masks are terrible because they allow unfiltered vapors from your lungs out into the air of the potential innocent. We also know now that the half life of the virus at around 70 Degrees Fahrenheit is about 18 hours with 20% humidity. That means that the virus can live on a surface for that long without a host in those conditions, again, hindsight providing a clearer picture. With 80% humidity, the half life drops down to around 6 hours. Well, guess what the half-life of Covid-19 is when exposed to direct sunlight? 2 minutes. That means that the breakouts in the summer in places like Florida and Texas along with Arizona were due to hot conditions pushing people into their homes with the air conditioners running circulating the virus within the homes making more people sick. The best thing for them to do would have been to go outside and let the sun kill the virus. And the numbers would have dropped dramatically.

The other issues that are carefully concealed in the death reporting number of Covid-19 is that states like Ohio show that 41% of all deaths occurred in nursing homes. But as the summer has evolved and more statistics have become known the real number appears to be around 70%. And that 70% to 80% number holds through an analysis of most states in America. The talk about Andrew Cuomo’s terrible decision to send post Covid patients to nursing homes to recover and save ICU beds is just now being considered for the tremendous mistake that it was. It is now very obvious that the early government reactions to Covid-19 likely did more harm than good in sometimes doing the opposite that should have occurred. Government could easily be charged with mass murder in many of the Covid-19 cases due to malpractice in the most severe circumstance—by giving medical advice that was completely wrong for the circumstances, and I would argue that the reason was that the medical advice was designed to destroy the American economy by the Chinese and communist loving World Health Organization, cheered along by American’s billionaire class, the Gorge Soros and Bill Gates types who wanted to bring down Trump any way possible—and at any cost, including lives.

Trump’s initial Covid-19 response was to close the border and isolate the threat until Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci dropped the death bomb on the President and told him that he’d be responsible for millions of deaths. Trump listened and supported the medical movement toward containing the threat to protect people. He had to really, until the evidence started coming out otherwise. Now that we’ve had a few months to analyze things, people have been asking questions and many of my early assertions have proven to be 100% true. Covid-19 as a pandemic was a hoax. And the social isolation and mask mandates have been the worst way to deal with the virus. We would have done a much better job if we had done nothing and let nature do its thing. If we had, we likely wouldn’t have known much about Covid-19 in the least. But by making a big deal about a nothing virus and creating conditions where people in nursing homes would be most vulnerable, we now have a destroyed economy and many deaths on the hands of the governments of the world. And it was all for getting rid of Trump from the Presidency. Nothing more. Nothing.

I think Trump managed a tight situation well, and he has managed to break free of the Covid nightmare well before the election. The events that Trump held on the first day of the DNC Convention after all had people packed arm to arm which is a good sign. And the big Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota just ended where a half million bikers enjoyed life as normal with no social distancing and no masks at all, and nobody came back from that dead or taking the virus back to their communities. Do you know why, because all those people will drive home outside on motorcycles and the sun will literally bake away the virus before they get where they are going in 2 minutes. By the time the bikers get home, the virus would have been killed 900 miles earlier. And that is the real science that should have guided our public policy. Yet science was ignored at every junction on Covid-19 because the goal wasn’t to keep people safe, it was to make them sick so there was a story to tell and an election to win by blaming Trump for the deaths. And yes, people were killed in the process on purpose. History will come to terms with that in time, but for now, its important to understand to what extent the Democrats and communists of the world were willing to go, and that it almost worked for them. Luckily, Trump didn’t fall for it completely and his true reaction is the real path to a solution that will occur before Election Day, 2020.

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Trump’s Tax Holiday: Likely the best news of 2020

Probably the best thing about President Trump’s Executive Order providing anyone making less than $100K per year a “tax holiday” is that for the first time since the inception of a progressive tax system, people will finally get a taste of just how much money is being robbed from them each weak by a bloated and corrosive government. For those making six figures, they’ll see around $6,000 more added to their weekly check, distributed over those months of course, but the amount of money is significant. Most people don’t view taxable income as part of their salary because the money is robbed by the government before anybody ever gets it, so it makes it much easier for the government to spend that money knowing that nobody will challenge the amounts, because they never saw the money to begin with. This has been a problem with all taxes for a long time, the money comes from invisible methods that people seldom see or understand. Its quite another thing to have to write a check to pay taxes as opposed to the governments both state and federal just taking that money before we get our checks.

I kept waiting for somebody else to point this wonderful issue about the “tax holiday” out on one of the Sunday shows or even when the talk radio people returned to the national airwaves on Monday, since Trump signed the now famous executive orders on Saturday August 8th, 2020. But the news of the weekend wasn’t about the magnificent space successes of Space X, first splashing down the first Americans from space in decades from the International Space Station, or the successful testing of a controlled flight and landing of a Starship prototype, or just a few days later the launch of more Starlinks, all within a week of each other. The news instead was about riots destroying stores along the Miracle Mile in Chicago—again the news was focused on the primitive diatribes of yesteryear to direct the mind of mankind toward things that a slow minded government could highlight as core competencies. All this space stuff and concepts of becoming an interplanetary species is just too complicated, so the focus was on riots, failed politics and hiding from a silly virus when our society should be easily conquering all those issues with bandwidth to spare. So I’ll go ahead and make the point.

Collectively, government brings out the worst people and it is stupid for us to treat them with the kind of respect that a top-level CEO deserves. At best, government is a place holder for the real smart people who do make things happen in the world, so we should never be eager to throw endless amounts of tax money at them for the basics of society. One of the biggest criticisms of Trump’s tax holiday as a method of Covid-19 relief to everyday people is that it undermines the Social Security and Medicare systems. We are supposed to accept that those socialist measures created so long ago are viable solutions for a future that really doesn’t need either. The question of health care shouldn’t be in government managing it, it should instead be in how people can heal themselves better by living longer and more productively. And the idea of Social Security is archaic because people simply live too long now, and the money issued isn’t enough to justify all the work. It’s a system that needs to be re-invented into something else more conducive to modern society. But government, dumb as it is, wants things simple and easy for them to control, so they lay in the way of progress for all those obvious reasons, so they can stay in the management game, even though the world is moving way too fast for their tiny minds.

Trump’s brilliance on the tax holiday is that people will finally see how much money has been taken from them provoking them to ask questions as to why they should ever give it back, which is a good question. The government over the years just assumes that it owns 6% or so, even greater oftentimes just for existing while there are many people in America who pay little to no tax because they don’t make much money, and we are supposed to share government resources with them out of the kindness of our hearts. Its was always a ridiculous proposal for the last 100 years, and its just as dumb now. We need a tax holiday and once Trump gets re-elected we need to make those tax cuts permanent, and by then, people will have seen for a half a year or so how much money they have more from week to week as opposed to accepting the losses before they ever were paid. That is the best way to get support from people on serious tax cuts and innovative ways of looking into the future. People will be more likely to support such tax innovations if they can get their hands on more of their cash and see the benefit.

This idea of just blindly trusting government to spend our vast sums of income is just stupid. They do not spend our money wisely, and worse than that, they have come to feel entitled to our labor efforts without earning the respect that should always accompany the measurement of money. To listen to Democrats, negotiate with the Trump team over the stimulus package last week throwing around numbers in the trillions of dollars by people who likely struggle to add up the money for their lunch was preposterous. They don’t deserve our money and we shouldn’t have to give it to them by gunpoint, which is essentially what the IRS is for the government, a mob like entity that can take everything you own if they are displeased with you. That kind of power should never go to government and its about time we roll some of that back.

I always felt Trump was playing the hands of the coronavirus for politics, he had little choice. I may have been one of the angriest people about Covid-19 on planet earth because I saw it as a fake reaction to a global United Nations strategy from the outset. Others were much slower to it, but as of today, many more people are understanding the situation for what it has been. Yet Trump is doing what we expect him to do, to finally have a Republican who can turn a crisis into a benefit for a change. Finally we can push back on issues that otherwise would have never seen the light of day, and with Trump’s “tax holiday” we can finally get people to pay attention to real tax reform by disguising Covid-19 relief for a real strike against the progressive tax system and put the government on their heels for a change. They aren’t entitled to our money as they have believed for a long time, and with Trump steering the ship, we have our best chance ever to wrestle away that perception with lasting consequences. And that is very exciting, probably the most exciting news of this year of 2020. It may be depressing for the lazy governments that just want infinite amounts of money stolen from us with perpetuity. But its always been our money, and its about time that someone give it back to us to keep.

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Racism is not the Problem in America: Its a lack of good fathers–the truth about ‘White Privilege ‘

Truly the source of the problems we are seeing, and the ease for which our youth, and media are striving toward socialism is for one primary reason, they are lacking stable fathers in their lives and they seek government to give them what a nuclear family could not. If you took a sample of all the rioters for Antifa, all the protestors of the communist organization Black Lives Matter, and the suburban white women who have made themselves part of the #METOO movement you will find most of the participants are lacking good fathers in their lives and that missing piece to their childhood psychology is why they are lost as young people now, unable to deal with the world and looking to government for a parental replacement. And what they are calling white privilege, or privilege of any kind if peeled back to all the sentiment is a jealousy that the people they are protesting against had good parental structure and opportunities in life largely because they grew up with a father who taught them the basics in life.

My daughter actually pointed this out to me as she was thinking about Father’s Day and shared with me a website on YouTube called ‘Dad, how do I’. The guy running the site started his channel during all the Covid-19 lockdowns and within a few weeks, has literally millions of viewers, much more people are watching his new material than are watching CNN for instance, just to provide some scale. And that doesn’t surprise me. It is quite clear that biologically for our nurturing as humans starting in childhood, we need input from two parents. We need our moms for lots of security needs, at least until we become teenagers in life. But we need dads too, to show us how to change tires, deal with interacting with the world at large, and how to solve basic problems. The current problems of our times is largely a progressive problem where our institutions have messed around with the biological natures of our species and they failed. For all the reasons that Democrats are wanting to rip down the statues of the past because it was they who owned slaves and fought for slavery in the Civil War, and they want to erase their involvement as much as possible, the same group of people, Democrats, progressives, and weak kneed Republicans have not stood up for dads and the important role that a solid family structure plays in the production of the next generation. Instead, they have experimented with replacing the nuclear family with government and those who have accepted have watched their lives be destroyed with the huge void that is left in them during that process.

Its not that America is a racist nation, far from it. There is no more diverse group of people on earth than those who come from many skin colors and nationalities to join under the rules and conduct of American life. But certain sectors of our government have sought to use those skin colors to create voting blocs for their own election process. Inner cities come to mind where Democrats have essentially put people of color back on a new kind of plantation. Government took away the efforts of fathers, by doing their jobs for them leaving millions and millions of young people to grow up without fathers and the rage is obvious. Of all the protestors we see on the news turning over cars and burning them, and destroying storefronts looting the content, I would be surprised if we found a single person in those mobs who grew up with a good father, or could find them on a map in their current state. When protestors proclaim that white privilege or privilege of any kind exists what they are really asking for is that everyone be equally miserable, that government destroy the good families out there so that everyone is working from the same equally bad playing field. It has nothing to do with racism, but everything to do with good families who teach their kids right and wrong, living in a world of competition with people who had very little family structure growing up.

Government is trying to cover up the father issue, because they are the ones who made the mess. They are quick to allow people to think that the issue is a racism one, because if people thought about the problem long enough, they would discover that the real result of inner city breakdowns, or the poor living conditions in any community, it was government attempting to take over the lead roles in a typical family pushing out the father, caring for the mother and the kids that are produced under those conditions tend to grow up to become wrecks of people spending the rest of their lives lost and afraid of literally everything—because they didn’t have a dad around to show them how to solve problems, like to turn a wrench, work on a gun, change a tire on a car, or even how to hook up a water hose to a house spigot. Government knows they have screwed up so they hope now that they can appease the Frankenstein monsters that they have created by shifting the blame to racism and historic blunders, instead of the real cause, governments tampering with families to minimize the role of fathers in them, and taking over the management of a family so that the members look to government for the traditional guidance men always played in making good families.

I say all the time, and I use gentlemen clubs often as the best example because they are such deplorable cases of what’s rotten with people, strippers and prostitutes are the direct result of having a bad relationship with their fathers. I would dare say that not a single girl working in those industries had a healthy relationship with their dad and that unfortunate situation is the cause of them picking that way of life to make a few bucks while they are young and pretty. And grown women who are not quite stable and have too many screwed up relationships in their lives could trace their problems back to having a not so good dad in their lives. But the problem could be said to be present in both sexes, we just notice it more in women because within a family structure they tend to lead the rules and parameters, so if those conditions are screwed up from the start, it is unlikely that a mom is going to know how to create a good family as an adult, and they will pass on their disfunction to the next generation. So of course, the key to fixing these problems that we are seeing is not more government, more philosophy from Karl Marx, or even more education. It starts with a dad and a mom staying together and working to create a family that teaches children important things they will need when they are adults, like knowing how to use a screwdriver, how to fix a grill, or how to use a saw to cut some wood. When these basic things are not taught, then the products of those environments are going to be looking for excuses as to why failure finds them in life. And government will try to hide their role in the mess by blaming racism, or some other mask that hides the real problem—a lack of fathers in the lives of the people causing all the trouble. And that is the truth that nobody is willing to face, which is why it’s a mystery to so many people how to deal with this current crisis. But its actually quite easy to fix once we push government out of the family making business, because like everything they touch for a lot of reasons, they screw it up every time.

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“Social Distancing” was always a Scam: The new kind of terrorists in the world

My job in life is a problem solver and what I do on this site for free is because I enjoy helping people who can’t help themselves. I would not limit myself to an overly specialized field of understanding, such as to be a doctor. I would be bored out of my mind for one, and two, I wouldn’t be able to solve very many problems because often to do so, you must understand a great many things to create solutions and that is not the life of a doctor. What is sad is that this ability, the problem solver ability used to be common in America, but after listening to opinions from “experts” about the six foot distancing rule that has spawned from the coronavirus outbreak its quite obvious that the problem of dealing with Covid-19 was too far out of the scope of most people and anything that did not follow the dialogue has been considered a conspiracy theory by both Republicans and Democrats. Thankfully, Rush Limbaugh gets it and I was happy that he beat me to the punch on talking about the ridiculous nature of the “social distancing” policy that was created to give politicians more time to paint the Covid-19 virus to be more of a threat for their objectives than it really was. And they did that by tricking us to “flatten the curve” by artificially making the curve look worse with bad numbers from the World Health Organization, then prolonging the effects of the virus to justify the shutting down of the world economy. It was a massive hoax that goes well beyond the most audacious conspiracy theory except for those who can see the really big picture. Rush Limbaugh says pretty much what I have been saying about this whole matter in hour three of his April 9th show which can be viewed below.

It should be obvious to everyone that the resistance to the drug Hydroxycloroquine and azithroymycin is because to the eye of any problem solver, not a specialized doctor with political agendas, it was a quick solution from a fast acting President of the United States who wanted to put an end to the virus outbreak that was shutting down the economy, where a solution was not wanted by people like Dr. Fauci from the CDC. What he and big activist donors wanted was a means to shut down the world with a power that had never been tried before from the academic class that was heavily radicalized toward leftist causes. They were essentially Antifa but in suits and ties instead of the gear of anarchy. Most people have been trained in our society to trust what these people say, so that was the cause of the paralysis psychologically, and its why the attackers are very happy with the results of Covid-19, only that it appears to be much less deadly than they had hoped, because it’s tough to make a story out of a subpar virus and to convince people that it’s deadly when it wasn’t. The global numbers will be well under a typical virus and the only reason we are still talking about coronavirus is because we interfered with the herd immunity that naturally occurs with these things. The natural way to deal with these matters is for humans to get it, and get over it. The spread would stop by immune systems developing a resistance and if we had not interfered, Covid-19 would have died in March all on its own. Instead, we introduced social distancing to slow the spread not to save lives, but to make the story last longer for the advocates of changes to world economics through pandemic emergencies.

Once they “the experts” got our attention and froze our actions by associating everything we do on the potential for fake deaths, they had us. Now that we’ve given them this power over us not even the smartest people in the world can figure out how to reopen the American economy without being blamed by a left leaning socialist media for every death that might happen. The theme of the day is that humans interfered with the natural process of getting over viruses and stopping their outbreak by inserting medical professionals in the middle of the action to slow the spread because they wanted to do two things, highlight needs in the healthcare profession from their point of view, and to reduce the carbon imprint on the world to reduce man-made climate change. The social distancing concept was a scam from the start, sure they wanted to slow the spread, but not for the reasons they told us. They wanted to scare us into believing whatever it took to give them the stage and now that they have it, they aren’t giving it back. Trump is literally going to have to rip Dr. Fauci off the stage with his friends and to deal with the consequences. They don’t want a solution other than more laws and to make vaccines that can track us everywhere we go and everything we do mandatory by the same stupid government that over-reacted to this virus. And the longer it goes on, the more able they are to see success of their original objectives.

Now that so many have tasted the power of panic, they won’t give it back easily which is evident by the amount of time even people like Larry Kudlow are saying it will take to get back to normal. Of course, the governors and the doctors at the CDC never want to go back to normal where the world couldn’t care less what they thought about much of anything. Suddenly they are kings of the world and they like it. William Barr, the Attorney General has noticed the draconian violations to state and federal constitutions and is outraged by it. There has been so much wrong with all this activity that it has spun many minds into chaos. They can’t see the big picture because this virus has been smashing them in the face so that they can see nothing else. But I’ll be happy to report that the social distancing was never anything more than a trick to get us to look at one thing while the other hands moved the rabbit into the hat to pull out for a show to a terrified audience.

Just think of all the things we haven’t been talking about, like the FISA abuses, the many perils of the FBI activism in favor of the DNC. We haven’t even been talking about the attempts at freedom in Hong Kong and Iran by populations sick and tired of totalitarian regimes. This virus outbreak has distracted us all to the point we’d agree to almost any draconian measure just to be able to go to a restaurant again. That is exactly what these environmental wackos at the CDC and WHO wanted with this coronavirus outbreak. And their phony social distancing served only their own purposes by keeping us from talking to each other and putting our minds on this virus and nothing else so they could work Agenda 21 objectives through the World Health Organization. And to make the virus appear more dangerous and to keep the economy closed longer, they did want to slow the spread. Not to save lives but to save their movement, and we played right into it. It was a ploy any problem solver should see easily. But unfortunately, we have trusted the experts too much, because they have turned out to be terrorists of a different kind, one we weren’t prepared to see and we are now paying the price.

Rich Hoffman

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What Amy Acton has in Common with the Blackfoot Indians: Like the buffalo jump, we are being led over a cliff of Coronavirus to our doom, for the “greater good”

Well, finally there is something that Amy Acton from the Ohio Department of Health and I agree on. You might know her as the woman who has Mike DeWine wrapped around her finger and has essentially shut down almost all activity in the state of Ohio and inspired so many other very power hungry liberal governors across the nation to overreact to the Coronavirus. If you want to know why you are stuck in your home, why your businesses are closed and are bleeding money killing some of them forever, why there is no March Madness, no start to the baseball season, why Kings Island and Cedar Point are not going to open for at least another few months, you can blame Amy Acton and her crazy climate scientists from all over the world who have built bad models projecting the death toll of the Coronavirus and they have set policy to it. However, during her recent press conference on March 25th with the governor she showed who she really was, which I’ve been saying for a long time, she’s a crazy hippie chick who shouldn’t be anywhere near setting public policy of any kind. She spattered on and on about her love of Joseph Campbell, who also happens to be one of my favorite authors, and she dared to cite his great work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces as one of her main influencers. I was so touched by this I almost reached out to her with that common ground, however I know something about those people that they don’t seem to know about themselves. As a matter of fact, I used to be pretty deep into The Joseph Campbell Foundation when I was in my 20s and I left because of people like her, out of touch academic types who were attracted by the Joseph Campbell message of the power of myth, but clueless to the true nature of following one’s “bliss.” Instead, they had a propensity to act like the buffalo in some of Campbell’s stories in his best books about how the Blackfoot Indians used to treat them, and that became the range of depth of their understanding. Once I heard Amy Acton was a Joseph Campbell fan, I was convinced that everything I have said about her had been 100% true, maybe even more.

She also showed signs of the strain knowing what was coming next as this whole Coronavirus was coming to an end even as she continued to try to perk up the numbers to make her overreaction to it seem less severe. We were told that there would be millions of people dying of this stupid thing or on ICU back at the start of March and now that’s just not happening. The medical community is already trying to backtrack and say that they saved lives by acting early, but in all reality, Coronavirus was never that deadly. The scientists got it all wrong and they are responsible for literally trillions of dollars of lost GDP. Hippie chicks like Amy Acton as I have been saying is an activist using this virus to express her personal philosophies about life, and she thinks its great and heroic to sit in our homes and be quiet, and to say we are all in this together even as we now accept we have to be at least 6’ feet apart. Amy and I have one thing in common, we are both readers, and of our favorite authors Joseph Campbell we obviously share. And knowing many thousands of people like her over the years who have attended the Joseph Campbell Roundtables all across the country I feel quite comfortable in saying that those people should never be near any public policy making……..ever.

Surely since Amy Acton knows so much about Joseph Campbell then she knows in several of his books and lectures that he often spoke about the great buffalo jump that the Blackfoot Indians used to conduct to slaughter herds of the wild animals for food. What they would do was herd up the terrified beast into a rampage and direct them toward a cliff where the buffalo would jump over it and plunge to their deaths. This would then ignite some sort of Blackfoot Indian dance where the leaders of the community would dress up like the buffalo and the Indians would thank the dead bodies for sacrificing their lives so that they could live. The Blackfoot Indians believed that the spirits of the buffalo would return then to do it all again, so the little dance was important. For them it’s a wonderful example of the circle of life as identified by people spanning back 12,000 years of the practice. Essentially modern government hasn’t evolved much from that mentality, instead of the sacrifice being buffalo this time however, its average people suffering under the mistakes of a government power hungry and out of control. They are trying to paint the world in their image, of the need for sacrifice, and some notion of the circle of life, life, death, resurrection, or to cite the Vico Cycle from the great work of James Joyce which I’m sure Amy Acton is familiar with, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then finally anarchy. Putting health freaks in charge of our government, people like Amy Acton are resorting to their primal instincts which are not much different from the beliefs of the Blackfoot Indians—drive people over a cliff metaphorically slaughtering their individual natures only to have them rise up as a holistic species united through crises to unleash a new age. This is the anarchy those hippie types have been craving forever and they have run us all over a cliff economically, and emotionally to ignite that new age, where the scientists might be in charge instead of the industrialist job creator. It’s a slaughter they think is for the “greater good,” and we should all be very pissed off that its been done to us.

Yesterday I noticed that the news media, especially Channel 12 in Cincinnati had become one of the first to become the boot lickers of this power move as they told the police about some kids trying to play at a park near their homes. They proudly announced their actions on Twitter and showed the police showing up to tape off the area as restricted as they stated the children playing there were in violation of the Governor’s orders, who obviously is doing everything that the hippie chick Amy Acton tells him to. Every case of every new Coronavirus test suddenly became a weapon for the various departments of health in every county to trample all over individual lives all in the name of “safety,” and throw out the constitution for the benefit of all humanity, as defined by people like Amy Acton and her notions of sacrifice. For them the need for selfless acts are no different than the spirits of the buffalo knowing that the Indians need food and that they willingly jumped to their deaths to provide sustenance for the Blackfoot people, just as we all must by sacrificing our jobs, our restaurants and our potential for individual based happy lives. Yeah, I read a lot, likely much, much more than Amy Acton—I’ve seen all this before in history and its clearly happening now in America and specifically Ohio which has led the way in most cases to the trend of the rest of the country.

Ohio government led by Amy Acton by default of Governor DeWine’s lack of good judgment has revealed about herself a person not gifted in leadership. Her reliance on academic models to predict Coronavirus outbreaks were wrong and she knows the egg on her face is going to be ruthless. She is already talking about the arm chair quarterbacks who will scrutinize and skewer her for many months to come now that people can see that the death toll is nowhere near what Acton said they would be and that what she was really after was herding us all over a cliff to change our capitalist behavior, and through a death and resurrection, a new world of sacrifice and emphasis on collectivism would be given birth in the great cycles of life. If I didn’t know hundreds of people just like her over the years I might be surprised too, but I knew there was something kooky about her, and she clearly revealed it at that press conference. Individually, I might like talking to her—in a library or a bookstore about favorite books and great authors. But setting policy in Ohio—forget it. She shouldn’t be anywhere close to a decision, of any kind. Like the Blackfoot Indians, we can’t trust them to not see us as buffalo and lead us over a cliff to our own slaughter, because they believe it’s the only way to go—which is why they are so wrong to lead.

Rich Hoffman

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