Guns and Teachers in Florida, an answer to a problem that won’t go away by itself

It passed the House in Florida with a comfortable vote of 65 to 47 after hours of debate. Now it goes to the desk of the governor, Ron DeSantis to be signed. The bill that has now passed and will become law in Florida is their answer to the long debated question about guns in schools, and now at least their teachers will be able to take a course and qualify to carry guns to protect students which is the ultimate answer to the whole school shooting debate. I personally have never thought it was a debatable situation and have said so in my own school district in Ohio. Guns are the answer to the tendency of violence, not the cause. But just like other aspects of culture that involve liberal input, the government tampering on the matter has created a more dangerous situation, not less of one and the only thing that needed debate was how people are afraid of guns are going to have to deal with a world that made them in the first place, out of necessity. The eradication of guns from society was never an option. Having guns in more places more often is, because of the nature of humanity, which invented them for a reason.

Listening to the debates against guns in schools in Florida was interesting. It was all emotionally driven and largely preprogrammed. The fear based diatribes were not conducive to a proper sentiment. In essence, we know from trial and error that we cannot trust the government network to protect us, and that includes police, firefighters, FBI agents, the military—if given the opportunity to fail, they often will. As it is true that we do hire those types of people for our government the truth is that they are often too slow to react or when they do, they don’t have enough skin in the game to act properly. So when there is the potential for danger, those with the most to lose and who are at the heart of a matter should be armed with deadly force so that they can protect whatever threat might come about. It’s a perfectly logical element to a problem that permeates human thought, the temptation to abuse other people for failures of others.

During the recent California synagogue attack by a nineteen-year-old kid it was a border patrol agent who was in attendance who was able to put a stop to the rampage and thwart the advance of terrorism, otherwise a lot more people would have died. There is no way to deal with mass shootings but to confront them at the point of the attack. Waiting for a 911 response simply isn’t an option. Violence has to be confronted, not avoided, and the fantasy that guns can be removed from society and that therefore opportunities for attackers to conduct themselves in such violent ways will be diminished, is simply a false hope evolved under a premise of utopia that is grounded in reality as a fantasy story. Guns are not the villains; they are the answer to villainy.

As everyone knows I have a long history with public schools and feeling that the teachers are overpaid and are dangerous in what they teach our children. But I have been willing to say that I’d support pay increases for teachers in my school district in Ohio if they are willing to carry guns while on the job, and taking on that extra responsibility. That would prevent mass shootings. It may not prevent the intent to violence, but it could minimize the impact such as what happened at that California synagogue. When the danger erupts a person comfortable with a gun needs to be there to confront the attacker. And in essence, that is the only logical answer. Nothing else will work, not metal detectors, not more school security because like the police, it’s just a job and that doesn’t always promise that in a tenuous situation, they will act properly—and certainly not more gun laws. The reliance on more centralized authority, which is always the liberal perspective gives precisely the opposite result. Only people who are highly motivated to solve a problem like that, who are in that life and death situation can really be trusted to act in their own self-interest. And when they do, they need a gun to perform that task. It was out of protecting self-interest that guns were invented in the first place and why they are such an important part of American culture.

Schools and places of worship, or any place where would be attackers know that people do not have guns are made so much more dangerous by the insistence that gun restrictions be present. Anywhere that a lot of people conduct themselves, guns should be frequent. To my experience even at bars and nightclubs, people who become gun owners don’t go around trying to shoot everyone. Guns require discipline and those who learn to use them become better people not worse in the exchange. Most of these young attackers such as end up in these school and synagogue shootings do not have that background. Even in a bar fight it’s not the NRA supporters who pull out a gun and start firing. Using guns tends to make people more responsible, not less. So gun owners are less prone to suddenly become a lunatic while at such places. More guns are better for society, not the other way around. Most gun owners who carry are by default much more careful about engaging in a conflict with another person because they are aware they are carrying deadly force and that responsibility tends to regulate irresponsible behavior. Even for that driver who cuts you off at an intersection and they give you the finger in anger provoking you. Gun carriers tend to blow it off because they know that they have the ability to control the situation and that self-assuredness brings about a much more mature outcome.

The problems occur when you take away that natural tendency and replace it with government enforcement which not even they want. The responsibility for good conduct needs to fall somewhere and experience tells us that people who carry guns tend to be the type of people who will take responsibility for a situation quicker than waiting for a centralized authority to respond to danger. So in all public places guns are the answer to less violence. Not fewer guns and more government authority. The difficult things for liberals to admit to themselves is that more government isn’t the answer. More cops in schools, more people to work security who might end up paying union dues for their job at a metal detector—those are not options because they cost too much and they do nothing to solve the problem. We’ve seen it too often, when gun fire does erupt, cops aren’t always willing to throw themselves in front of the bullets. To some of them, often a ratio that is not acceptable, it’s just a job to them and like the cops in Parkland Florida, they run and hide like everyone else. But not everyone is like that, some people are naturally inclined to leadership and those are the people we want carrying guns, everywhere. And its good to see that Florida is moving in that direction. Maybe the rest of the country will get it and follow before more school shootings occur.

Rich Hoffman

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MAGA Hats are all About Above the Line Thinking: Why the media picked on Nick Sandman but not Tommy Sotomayor

The MAGA hats were never part of the plan for below the line liberals, their intention was to rob Americans of hope through victimization techniques taught in public schools and to gradually take over the world. Literally, that has been their plan, so it was quite shocking to them when Trump ran for president and started making the MAGA hats a rally cry that robbed from liberals their hopes and dreams of a below the line life where they could hide from the glaring eyes of expectation and competency. It didn’t surprise me that the media made so much out of Nick Sandman staring down some old hippie type who called himself an Indian at a right to life rally, and tried to make the whole event into a white power type of thing to demonize the MAGA hats that Nick and his Catholic school classmates from Covington Kentucky were wearing. But what did surprise me is that over the same weekend Tommy Sotomayor, a black man wearing his MAGA hat got into an argument with a Hooters waitress and his video went viral, but none of the news stations covered it, even though YouTube had over a million hits on the video. People saw it, but the story didn’t fit the narrative that the below the line types were trying to create. Black people were not supposed to support Donald Trump, let alone run around wearing MAGA hats. And that caused problems that compounded into even more destruction for the liberal ambitions for controlling the world.

Donald Trump’s MAGA hats have become a symbol of above the line thinking, in much the way that wearing a suit and tie to a meeting filled with loser types sitting around with holes in their jeans and untucked shirts. It’s a behavioral representation of an idea for thinking above a problem rather than below. The efforts liberals have to use victimization as a means to advance a way of thinking is obvious below the line efforts and that was why that guy beating on his little drum claiming to be a “Native American” was propped up to be a victim of white privilege and due for some measure of respect just by his ancestral relationship to a group of people the left has sought to exploit to advance their below the line concepts for the entire human race. Nick Sandman because he was a white teenager from a Catholic school was instantly supposed to respect the rules of engagement and apologize for his very existence upon just seeing the Indian who moved in to confront him knowing that the progressive politics of Washington D.C. favored his intentions even if violence did break out. Nick was the villain just for existing and he had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat to a right to life rally of all things.

Tommy Sotomayor is a guy who goes around looking for controversy and he did provoke the situation at the Hooters restaurant after the black waitress confronted him about his MAGA hat. In spite of the obvious attempts at social grandstanding the point was well made, here was a black man with a group of other blacks standing up for their right to wear a MAGA hat and the effort was completely ignored by the very hateful below the line media. They couldn’t handle a black man fighting for the right to wear a MAGA hat in a story that was obviously much bigger than the one Nick Sandman was involved in. That story with the Covington Catholic kids made every news wire and radio station announcement across the country with stunning coordination, yet Tommy Sotomayor was ignored, essentially because he was a black man on the wrong side of the below the line progressive argument. It was a very interesting thing to watch.

Nick Sandman did a very good job in the aftermath of the ordeal, he is obviously a very above the line young man. He reported the death threats that his family had received since the news outbreak and other terrible threats that came his way which we all recognize as the type of bullying that our society has learned in public school where below the line victimization is taught to the masses for the obvious end result of reshaping the social structure from looking above the line toward problems, to living below. The whole narrative reverts back to the notion of white toxic masculinity being eradicated from the social sphere so that below the line thinking can be nurtured and a new power vacuum would be created for Democrats to fill as a perpetually tearful class of people crying out for more government services extracted from even higher taxation. The MAGA hats were never supposed to give young people like Nick Sandman hope just as the right to life types were supposed to have all legislation ripped out from under them and have their hopes of a society that valued life removed. These elements to the eyes of below the line Democrats and European progressives were never supposed to come to fruition. Even if a Republican did win the White House at some point in the next decade it would be someone like Jeb Bush who could easily be steam rolled over by below the line thinking. There would never have been a MAGA hat revolution otherwise.

But then there are people like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West who proclaim that the MAGA hats have given them power and the fortitude to stick up for themselves as individuals and as blacks. The shockwaves of that social movement is something that Democrats can’t deal with because they thought they had that whole demographic locked up into a victimization summation and that all blacks would stay there and be happy collecting their government services, and would keep voting Democrat. Instead they are wearing their MAGA hats out to Hooters and picking a fight with the establishment itself blowing the progressive narrative completely out of the water and you can know that it is very painful for them because of the silence. Progressives have no answer for it in any of the 30 to 40 people from the Democrat side of things running for president. They have nobody like Trump, and they have no message like MAGA hats to start a revolution toward above the line thinking as opposed to below.

I have several MAGA hats and I love them. They are some of the best hats that I’ve ever had because they represent to me the efforts of a president who has a desire to make America an above the line country again instead of a country of victims and despots looking for pity over every little sin in the past. The young man Nick Sandman obviously wants a shot at life-like anybody else and his MAGA hat is that hope. That same hope resides in a black man like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West. I’m sure there are lots of Hispanics and Indians who also love their MAGA hats because they understand that the notion of making America great again means that the country is heading above the line in its expectations instead of below where the filth and excuses reside. And that is what everyone who is below the line hates about the MAGA hats and why nobody covered Tommy’s Hooters experience. Because the truth is quite the opposite from what the media tried to create out of the Covington Catholic story. Once the facts where well-known, the evidence was not in the favor of the below the line Democrats and their ambitions for destruction all over the world.

Rich Hoffman

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The Loser Rashida Tiaib Attempts at Impeachment: Obviuosly, she hasn’t thought things through

News flash, what does Rashida Tiaib think is going to happen if her brand of socialist radicals impeach President Trump and take over all three branches of government with their insurgents? They are going to be destroyed. It’s not going to be allowed to happen, violence will erupt and many people will die. This idea that liberals have about taking over government by force, intimidation and ANTIFA radicalism hasn’t been thought through very well. There is a reason Donald Trump was elected president. It’s not his fault, it’s the people who put him there who Rashida Tiaib should be concerned about, and calling them a bunch of white racists isn’t going to help make a case for civility either. When push comes to shove, bodies will be lying around in the streets and any fantasy of a socialist takeover will end rather fast. It’s one thing to have an ANTIFA protest on a college campus or a very liberal town full of welfare recipients who have no passions in the matter. But it’s quite another to stroll into Deadwood South Dakota and demand socialism. Uhhhh, before the mob moved one city block I’d predict about 90,000 bullet holes and some of them coming unofficially from the sheriff’s office. Any attempt to impeach President Trump, let me just say—will start a war that Rashida Tiaib isn’t prepared for—or any Democrat for that matter.

I’m at a place in my life where I want to address this problem more deeply that it just being a liberal against conservative problem. As Mitt Romney proved, and even some local people in my own town have clearly demonstrated, they are just as much losers as Democrats are. So I am thinking more these days about a more appropriate and universal understanding of the problem, designating winners and losers instead of Republicans and Democrats and here is the reason, and again I’ll refer back to The Oz Principle, everything really comes down to above the line and below the line thinking. Winners think above the line, losers think below the line. Pretty simple, right? So let’s look at this Rashida Tiaib phenomena through the lens of being a loser or a winner. Obviously, her intentions for wanting to impeach Trump is to bring victory to her party’s ambitions to take control of government. But because she is a severe case of below the line thinking she hasn’t even conceived what it might look like if that reality were to manifest—how the American people in the real world would react to it. And that is the classic problem with all below the line thinkers.

Below the line thinking essentially consists of victim hood, in explaining why someone can’t advance themselves in life. Racism under any definition is classic below the line thinking and any government that supports it, is contributing severely to a loser mindset. In any business that is trying to improve its cultural footprint organizationally, the challenge is to get more people thinking above the line than below, and that is how you essentially start getting a winning mindset across the entire organization. To put it in crayon so that everyone can understand it, this is precisely the purpose of sports within our capitalist country. We watch teams bring in certain players who are supposed to excel in whatever position they play in a particular sport and we cheer on their efforts to win more games than other cities. It’s a fun game for all of us, but the real essence of it is to find that magic combination of winners and leaders who can inspire victory. Nobody has much tolerance for a sports player who is hurt all the time or underperforms. It doesn’t matter if the fans are liberals or conservatives, most people have an open disdain for a sport figure that is not living up to the expectations that the fan base has for wins and losses.

For a lot of reasons, we have allowed as a culture way too many people who are below the line thinkers to get government jobs and to shape that employment culture in a very negative way. The government labor unions are another victimhood-based organization, full of below the line thinkers and they actually incentivize that type of culture making most government workers the type of people who are extremely inefficient. Unlike most business environments which are performance based and are always trying to look for ways to keep below the line thinking from hindering a winning culture, government looks for more below the line thinking to justify their loser attitude about everything, and to satisfy that trend they want to always grow, because that’s what losers do, they love to hide their faults in the masses so their errors aren’t so obvious.

If I were working in government as a TSA agent, or a National Park Ranger, I would make sure human resources had my number correct and would tell them to call me when funding had been restored, if ever. I would never sit around waiting for somebody else to do something so that I could pay more rent or a mortgage. I would get a second job, or even a third job and I would take care of my financial obligations. That is an example of above the line thinking, and it’s the way more people need to start thinking if we really want America to remain such a great country. Lucky for us, in the rural parts of the nation that type of thinking is quite common—particularly among farmers. When they hit a drought, or the get a flat tire on a tractor they don’t sit around crying about racism or how unfair God is to them that day, they fix the tire. And they do their best with the drought. They survive. I can say that I am an above the line thinker with the employment status example because I’ve done that before several times, went to get second and third jobs to cover my expenses. Sometimes I didn’t even have a second car, I had to ride a bicycle to work just to get there and I never bitched about it. To me that was the kind of thinking that was needed. I don’t feel sorry for a single government worker not getting a paycheck during the government shutdown. I say to them, get another job, pay your bills, and stop complaining. The airlines themselves covered their own security costs before there was ever a unionized TSA organization and it wouldn’t be hard to get back to that mode of thinking.

The fight that Rashida Tiaib is really advocating is essentially for the right to use victimhood as a calling card to the masses who are also functioning below the line to rise up and take over government. But the attitude is a loser one, you could hear it in her voice when she spoke at the bar and in the people cheering. Those weren’t people trying to win at life, those were people cheering for an excuse to remain a loser. Their hatred of Trump isn’t that he’s a bad president, but a good one that is all about setting standards and building value. But losers don’t ever think of the next steps, they only view the world below the line where they seek to join other like-minded losers to justify their lack of ambition by pointing at numbers of similar losers and declaring they are the majority and thus the pace setters for civilization. However, that is not how people think, they want to be winners even if they don’t have the personal courage and below the line thinking only destroys society, it doesn’t build it, and should Rashida ever get what she really desires in an impeachment of President Trump, she will learn rather violently how badly people love winners and hate losers.

Rich Hoffman

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Take the Shot: Vote like you mean to destroy the Democrat party forever

Someone sent me this short video of a deer attacking a hunter and I couldn’t help but think of this year’s election. For so long Republicans have had the gun and all they had to do was pull the trigger, but most of the time they end up being beaten by Democrats just like the hunter in that video, because they weren’t fighters and were averse to violence. So, a dumb animal was able to dominate them easily. I look at that video and wonder why the hunter didn’t just grab hold of the horns and twist the neck off of the deer. He wouldn’t even need to fire a single shot and would save the skin of the animal from any bullet holes. It was a great opportunity to get a nice pelt off the beast. But like any passivist, the hunter obviously didn’t pull the trigger on his gun fast enough and the animal just beat the shit out of him, just like most Republicans in my life time. However, I think this time is going to be different. This time it’s up to you dear reader.

I don’t want to get too excited, its voting day and everyone needs to do their part. You have to pull the trigger. Don’t count on the other guy to pull the trigger for you, you need to do it yourself. Don’t count on early voting, don’t count on the Trump effect, don’t think for a minute that your vote doesn’t matter because a failure to do so could put the Republican party in the position of that hunter, once again. My advice to you is to vote like you are pulling the trigger on that dear and put that sucker down without any question, no opportunity by Democrats to cheat, no deep state operatives to steal the election, vote to put a kill shot through the head so that the deer will never get up again, and will instead be mounted on the wall of politics for the rest of the history of the United States. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger at the ballot box and shoot to kill.

We won’t know anything for sure until the election results come back Tuesday night, and in many cases well into Wednesday on every issue that concerns us. But here is what we do know, early voting across the nation is way up for Republicans. The Trump blitz had more of an effect than a lot of people realized in the media and the voters have been energized who have supported Trump or have been thinking about voting for Trump’s agenda. As it stands President Trump has an approval rating of over 51% and that is after two years of a liberal controlled entertainment and news industry throwing everything they’ve had at this new president. And nothing has come close to working. Nobody outworks President Trump and that essentially sets up a massive day for Republicans on Tuesday, in both the House, the Senate and the various governor races.

I am sure that polling has some suppression attempts in them particularly from NBC and ABC along with the New York Times. But not everything is a conspiracy. As I have looked at the samplings of many polls, I am seeing most of them with statistical analysis of a plus side Democratic sampling. I don’t think that’s by design in every case, just that Republicans don’t answer the phone. Ten years ago and longer when people had hard lines in their homes and caller ID was still kind of new thing, people answered their phones more. But with smart phones indicating whether or not an incoming phone number is recognized or not, Republicans just don’t answer as much as Democrats and that is throwing off pollsters’ ability to get good numbers in this social media age. Traditional phone calls are not getting the information correctly because the way that information is shared has changed.

For instance, several polls in Ohio have Sherrod Brown up big over his challenger Jim Renacci, but there are indicators that are quite clear that there is hidden data that hasn’t been considered. Voter energy for one thing, the early voting in Ohio heavily favors the GOP. There doesn’t appear to be enough union radicals to go out and support the incumbent Sherrod Brown who in any other year would easily re-win his seat. The panic in the press is that the double-digit lead that Brown has over Renacci isn’t really that big of a lead. It’s just that the pollsters do not have access to any better information that tells the whole story. In many cases the media wants to believe that Brown is safe, so they chose not to look at all the other indicators, so they stick with the traditional way of analyzing voting data. It certainly didn’t work in 2016. Maybe they made adjustments for it in 2018, but it doesn’t look that way. Sherrod Brown looks very vulnerable and a strong turnout from Republicans on Tuesday could easily give Jim Renacci a victory and another Republican senate seat which would help the Trump agenda tremendously. The control of that happening is completely in the hands of Republican voters. If they show up to vote, Republicans can win even seats that haven’t been on the radar, one’s like that of Jim Renacci.

Crowd sizes of rallies are certainly not scientific. But one thing that must be considered especially in races where 5000 to 10000 votes can turn an election in the favor of one party or another, Barack Obama or any of the celebrities that Hollywood is sending out to campaign for Democrats are not getting good showings. Obama, a former president is only filling up half the venues of his destinations whereas Trump is getting overflow crowds at every location he goes to. There are no empty seats at a Trump event, and as I’ve said, he gives the same speech over and over. His speeches are on television and can be watched live most of the time. In the laws of supply and demand Trump would be thought to have reached a saturation point with his political stance that would leave a lot of empty seats. There is more going on than meets the eye.

Now I can speak on this topic because every time Trump has come to Cincinnati, I have had the opportunity to see him, and I always get excited about it. Why, because I know everything he’s going to say? I would attribute a Trump rally to the same kind of feeling that old-world warfare inspired in people to charge an opposite line with a sword or a bayonet. It’s a very primal empowerment that Trump gives to people at his rallies, and it motivates people to take action. The unconscious agreement between Trump and his supporters is that if the President is willing to take time out of his evenings to visit people’s hometowns, then people are willing to do things for Trump after he leaves which energizes the base. I saw this very strongly in Ohio when the President came in October to a rally held in Lebanon that was under cold and rainy conditions. I had the opportunity to sit in the VIP area so I was able to see some of the behind the scenes stuff and the ramp the president was to walk out on was slick with water from a very light rain. I thought that the event coordinators were going to call off the rally because the conditions were dangerous for a President of any kind, especially someone like Trump who has the media licking their chops for a chance to watch him trip on a step or have a wardrobe malfunction with his hair giving them the ability to embarrass him, the risk just wasn’t worth it. But Trump doesn’t cancel and when he showed up, he confidently as a 72-year-old man hit the stage like a rock star and people bonded with him, as they do at all his events. After the rally, the people who stood over 12 hours waiting for a 1-hour speech hit the streets and did their work door to door, and at the polls, and that has a lot to do with why early voting is so high.

With all those things considered, when the smoke clears on Election Day, we just need to know that everyone had the courage to take their shot. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger and put down the Democrats. They have been vile and a strong election showing by Republicans could actually end the Democrat party forever. Imagine the look on their faces on Wednesday after they had lost all hope of everything during the election and showed no hope for the future. If 2016 was an indicator that they were losing power, the election of 2018 could be a final nail in their coffin, so don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. That is where things stand and the power is completely in your hand’s dear reader. So, take the shot!

Rich Hoffman

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The Grim Reality for Democrats: Kathy Wyenandt loses steam in a local election which reflects the national implications for her party

I couldn’t help but notice that Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign sign was gone from the billboard she had been renting near my home on RT.4 in Liberty Township where she is running against George Lang for the 52nd District House seat. The old billboard was nice, and expensive and she started with her message early in September 2018. She thought like a lot of Democrats did that this whole thing was going to be easy. After all her experience told her that the 2013 Lakota levy had passed and she had led that tax increase. In reality I had to break her heart on the matter when we spoke privately later after a debate. The Lakota levy of 2013 didn’t pass by just 1% because people all of a sudden wanted to raise taxes on themselves. It was because a large portion of the resistance who was working with me wanted to play nice with the other side, so the no vote side was less inclined to show up to vote on election night. It was a simple numbers game, it was my job to evoke people’s passions to get them to the polls, even if I had to call people names. The Lakota levy didn’t pass because of anything Kathy did, but because of what the tax fighters didn’t do. She only benefited, and we had that talk personally. People are often surprised when they meet me that I’m actually a very nice person, not some crazed lunatic. But clearly after that night where she and George Lang debated her behavior changed as did that of her supporters. Sure you can still see a sign for her here and there but the energy had gone out of her campaign. Her premise from the beginning was wrong, she was a moderate running in a conservative area as a Democrat. She was a woman running against a white man and Democrats thought that was enough. Her levy supporting friends at Lakota had been treating her as a celebrity since 2013 for a levy victory when in fact it wasn’t anything they did to secure a victory, other than convince my supporters to play nice and reunite the community under the flag of Lakota. George Lang in the debate had done well with her and after the depth of just how hard it was going to be to win the 52nd District seemed to have dawned on her. And now with just a few weeks ahead of the election the money was hard to come by to renew her billboard until the election. Now it’s gone leaving only a tattered empty place with peeling paper in its place and every time I see it now I think of how it is a good metaphor for the Democrat Party.

Recently Vennessa Enoch caught me in a parking lot asking for my vote. She was a nice black woman running as a Democrat against Warren Davidson, and she obviously didn’t know who I was. Of course I was polite to her but she could see by my face that it was a mistake to hand me any campaign literature. She seemed like a nice enough lady but it was clear she didn’t know the game she was playing. The Democrats in Southern Ohio and up into counties past Columbus really thought that women were so stupid as to vote as a collective association—that girl power was a viable political strategy. Since Trump had been elected Democrats continued to think that they’d split up the women vote by offering women as candidates, such as Vennessa Enoch and Kathy Wyenandt. I don’t think Vennessa had been told by her Democratic friends that people weren’t going to like her just because society said they had to like a black woman. That voting for a person for congress in Warren Davidson’s district was going to take a lot more than that. We weren’t so stupid to vote for a liberal just because they were women or black. Those are not traits that effectively win elections, they never have been and they certainly aren’t now. Women love Trump and they specifically like the kind of Republican Party that is forming under the Trump umbrella. For examples just go to Instagram and do a search for Babes for Trump or God Guns and Freedom and you’ll see what I mean. A new kind of sexual expression is taking place where suddenly its cool for women to wear bikinis and use their bodies as billboards for Trump and Republicanism in general. Women were not doing this for John McCain, Mit Romney, or George Bush, this is a very new thing and it comes as a byproduct of having a winning approach to elections in general. There are a lot of women who love the kind of men that are emerging from the Trump administration and the Democrats are not on that wagon.

I noticed a tremendous difference in Republican attitudes at a recent event at Premier Shooting and Training where they had a Second Amendment celebration night there. For one, it was unusual to have all those top-level Republicans in the same place at the same time where fundraising wasn’t the primary objective. Some of the guys there had been around for a while, but there was something very different about them now that Trump was the head of the Republican Party. There was a swagger present that I hadn’t seen before in all the many years that I had been doing these kinds of things. Back at that Lakota levy period that Kathy Wyenandt was so proud of we had a meeting after the third attempt that went down in flames in the fall of 2011 that we should lighten up, that we had too much Tea Party in our No Lakota Levy campaign. Of course, everyone knew I wanted to punch harder than we had been. The district was not respecting voters with continued attempts at a tax increase. My friends who were all top Republicans in Butler County wanted to mend fences for the sake of business. Back then the leader of the Republican Party in Butler County was John Boehner and he was a very moderate Republican who wanted to play by the rules that Democrats established. I tried to tell them what was coming, but nobody wanted to hear it then, and only now are they seeing it. The energy that put people into voting for key elections was swagger, and confidence—not compromise and conciliation.

As I watched Republicans rejoice at a hard-fought victory over the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation I could see that finally what I had been saying for years was starting to really sink in. Trump’s election and the results of success that have followed have won over most of the key Republicans I knew in Ohio. They had adopted to this new leader of the Republican Party and were seeing success. Meanwhile Democrats were still playing an old game of identity politics that only appealed to a small minority of voters. People hadn’t voted for Hillary Clinton just because she was a woman and they weren’t going to vote for Kathy Wyenandt just because she was attractive and pleasant. Republicans for the first time in their lives could go on Instagram and see lots of mostly naked Republican women in red white and blue bikinis hold guns and Bibles all too happy to show their support for President Trump and its that kind of energy that wins elections. People over politics or some other socialist message isn’t going to work. The world had changed and Democrats were too stupid to see it. That is the reason they threw everything they had at Brett Kavanaugh and why with only a few weeks left to close the deal their campaigns in local races like the ones in Southern Ohio are running out of gas—because they didn’t understand the situation they were getting into.

Republicans should win most of their races easily around the country. There will be some surprises here and there but in essence if Republican voters show up and vote, they will easily outnumber the Democrats. There just aren’t that many Democrats, they are a minority party with a sloppy message of old socialism that only lazy people like. The new Trump Republicans are much cooler all of a sudden and if that energy fuels voter turnout, Republicans will gain seats in the House and Senate, not lose them. And I predict that there will be many more billboards going vacant for Democrat candidates in the near future. They didn’t learn from the mistakes of the past even when the evidence was quite clear. I could tell in my conversations with Kathy and Venessa that nobody on their side had talked to them the way I was which isn’t good. It’s not that I was mean or anything, but just to frame the situation they were stepping into, obviously nobody had done that for them. Because the Democrats thought all they needed was women to vote against men and their ticket to the future would be punched. What they didn’t calculate was that there were many, many women more than willing to take off their clothes and use their bodies for billboards for Trump’s Republicans and that would prove to be the deciding factor for the upcoming midterms. And it wasn’t crusty old men providing that energy, it was women, young and vivacious and looking for winners. And those winners are not in the Democratic Party, that’s for sure.

Rich Hoffman

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Life in the Arena: The worthless paper pushers and legal parasites after the champion Trump and the people who elected him

It’s just the way things work sometimes, my daughter had sent me a text expecting to stump me on a quote contained within it. Her text was the Teddy Roosevelt “Arena” speech that I know so well, so I quickly texted her a response. It is always good to read the “Arena,” especially these days. Within minutes of that little correspondence I was arguing with an industry bureaucrat about the nature of paperwork for which I said, “you know, the same people who think all this paperwork compliance is good for any business are the same idiots who think that we should save all these trees. How can you save trees when you want to produce mountains of paperwork to essentially make people with worthless jobs feel useful?” That of course set off an argument, but the anger came from the truth in my statement. We have entire industries these days of pin headed academic types who want to feel like they are in the “arena” but are actually too scared to do anything there. So they produce mountains of paperwork that they can point to and say, “look what I have done” when really they are just chicken to do anything real in their lives—and they expect to be treated as equals. They are not equal to those in the arena who fight and push to become the best at whatever they are doing. They are just bureaucrats.

Because nobody wants to deal with them, because they are sticks in the mud who eat up time with lots of unnecessary tasks regarding paperwork, these academics have started to call themselves “the elite.” Now I’m not saying that they aren’t important, academics are good for analyzing things and bouncing ideas off of, but they should never be in the lead of anything, because they are typically terrified of life in the “arena.” But their statuses as “the elites” are only by default, because nobody else sees value in what they do, so there are no challengers. That is how the legal profession has evolved into the mess it is, because unchecked paperwork lovers have built an industry around their secret language of legalisms and made themselves appear valuable to society by their specialized knowledge. But they don’t bring anything positive to human advancement, only redistribution and regulation that artificially caps off human endeavor and that is something that Donald Trump managed to work into his speech with supporters at a Charleston, West Virginia rally on the same day that Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen found themselves in massive legal problems just because they were associated with Trump’s presidential campaign.

The assumption as it was leveled at President Trump was that the paper pushers, the press, the government bureaucrats and the television pundits have confused themselves with the people in the “arena” and assumed that they are critical to American life. And that if someone like Trump disrupts the norms established by those paper pushers then all hell could be brought down on them, such as what was happening with all the people surrounding Trump’s presidential campaign, with Cohen being squeezed with raids on his law office and bent over a barrel for tax evasion. Cohen was in the arena with Trump, yet the bureaucrats wanted to believe that they were important and could pick and choose how justice is dispersed. For that Trump addressed the issue in front of the West Virginia crowd.

Trump pointed out how many homes he had that were fabulously expensive, all his successes in life, his financial ability and asked the question of the audience, who is the elite? The paper pushers aren’t the elite, it is we who do things in the world who are. The people in Roosevelts “arena” are the elite. Yet we have most of our current civilization believing that all the action is happening among the paper pushers and that actual work within the arena is subservient to the bureaucrats which brings me back to my original point about paperwork. People who function as academics are those who watch what happens in the arena and think about what they see. There can be valuable information from such analysis, but it is not more valuable than actually doing something. People in the world who risk themselves and their reputations doing things are far more valuable than the people who just watch things for a living. It is much harder to make something and to do something than to just produce more forms to fill out which represent action but, in all practicality, are as worthless as the paper they are printed on. Making more paper does not make more value, which is quite heart breaking to the academic paper pushers.

This Mueller investigation into Trump is just such an occurrence. As President, Trump is making decisions every day in the arena, and he’s doing a good job. The economy is doing well, respect around the world toward the United States is occurring and innovation is being taken seriously once again. But the critics are not in the arena. Bob Mueller is the perpetual armchair quarterback who sits and watches other people do things then studies ways to undermine the players in the arena and tries to make one side win against the other by fouling out the players of the team he doesn’t like through rules. What Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were found guilty of is child’s play compared to the illegal procedures of the other team of Democrats which Mueller and his intelligence friends are obviously cheering on. It’s disgraceful when viewed through the proper context.

Yet even worse is the assumption that the critics, the one who points out how the strong stumble, or the doer of deeds could have done them better, are the ones who design fate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because as Roosevelt said, the credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if they fail, at leas falls while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. We have a world built these days by those timid souls because they have convinced us slowly over the years that the paper pushers were among the “elite,” and that there was nobility in resistance to progress.

The government that is against Trump, and us all ironically, is not in the arena. They are not fixed toward performance and achievement. They seek to avoid failure by avoiding action all together and that is not how the games of life are won. But Trump knows how to win. There are stumbles here and there which come from anybody who fights in the “arena,” but the real elite know how to turn those foils into successes, which is why Trump is President, to bring those skills to the Executive Branch. It is not for the timid paper pushers to rob us of that achievement. It is for them to shut up and get out of the way. And let the real people conduct their business free of their corrosive sentiments.

Personally speaking, I do listen to the critics and the paper pushers. I find value in their opinions even when I don’t agree with them, because there are always things that can be learned by the arm-chair quarterbacks. But I fully desire the arena to the point where its an obsession. I would rather toil about in the arena with bones broken and sticking through my skin and in painful agony fighting with everything I have for a victory than to sit in the stands watching other people. It is in the arena where everything really happens and the people with the courage to reside there are special. Trump is a man of the arena and there are bodies in his wake, and he has earned the right to be considered among the elite. He’s elite not because of some unsaid merit, but because he has a reputation for winning, and when all is said and done, that’s all that really matters.

Rich Hoffman

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The FBI is Tampering with the 2018 Election Already: Christopher Collins is just the latest target

I’m going to go ahead and call bologna on the arrest of Republican House member Christopher Collins for insider trading charges and lying to the FBI. This is exactly why the problem with the FBI and the Clinton campaign is such a crucial one. Obviously, just a few months ahead of the November election Democrats are eyeing the Republican seat of Collins and they decided to make a criminal case move against him to put him on his heels with no time to defend his seat before the election. It’s really the same kind of strategy that is being used against Donald Trump. Collins himself was a member of the Trump transition team so the target is obvious. The FBI is using its power again to attempt to meddle in the election of 2018 and they are targeting Trump supporters in an attempt to change the nature of the election in November. This arrest has absolutely nothing to do with “insider trading.” If it did the Clinton team from two years ago would have received the death penalty. Instead, this is purely about politics and meddling in an election to attempt to diminish the number of House seats that Republicans control. Here is how Fox News reported the issue.

New York Republican Rep. Christopher Collins has been indicted on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

“These charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice,” Geoffrey Berman, an attorney for the U.S. Southern District of New York, said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The indictment also names the congressman’s son, Cameron Collins, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of his son’s fiancée. The fraud counts relate to securities of an Australian biotechnology company called Innate Immunotherapeutics, where the 68-year-old congressman served on the board.

“Christopher Collins, the defendent, violated the duties he owed to Innate by passing material; nonpublic information regarding the Drug Trial results to his son, Cameron Collins, the defendent, so that [his son] could use that information to make timely trades in Innate stock and tip others,” the indictment states. “Cameron Collins traded on the inside information and passed it to Stephen Zarsky.”

Such tough talk by Geoffrey Berman “these charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice.” Yet we have seen that the very FBI that arrested Collins, Flynn, and Manafort is the same FBI that destroyed evidence in the Hillary Clinton case and is currently protecting former President Obama’s involvement in the conspiracy of 2016 to meddle in the election of Donald Trump and then when caught to try to pin it all on some made up Russian story. Berman doesn’t care about a land of laws and that everyone should stand before a bar of justice. He is playing his part in the next conspiracy of 2018, of meddling in the next election in an attempt to remove enough Republicans from congress so that a possible fantasy of impeaching Donald Trump by a Democratic majority can take place fulfilling their original mission of altering an election by the people of the United States.

If I didn’t know otherwise I would like to believe Geoffrey Berman and the FBI, but until they use the same standard of law that is being applied to Donald Trump Jr., Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Christopher Collins I don’t believe anybody collecting a federal paycheck. I think the system is so rotten that not a damn one of them can be believed, and that sentiment will remain with me until real justice is applied to the FBI for their role in trying to destroy the Trump administration before it ever got started.

It is not lost that Google and Facebook are attempting to put a lid on the populist movement ahead of the November elections by taking down Alex Jones, hoping that fewer voters will have access to him—as a way to control the narrative using their market share to alter opinion. To add to the madness 190 votes materialized out of Franklin County Ohio to give Danny O’Conner just a little bit more votes to close the 1,564 vote gap between the GOP leader Troy Balderson. Even though there are still thousands of votes that still need to be counted it is unlikely that all of them will go to Danny O’Conner or that enough will go to him to overtake that 1,500-vote lead. But you wouldn’t know that by the news stories in USA Today and other liberal outlets. You’d think that the Democrats are climbing into position to launch their “blue wave.” The truth is that 90% percent of the Democrats voted in that election that also voted in 2016, which is mysteriously high for an August midterm election, and they still couldn’t unseat Balderson’s GOP in the 12th District in Ohio. Many GOP voters stayed home, as turnout was low, yet the Democrats still fell short, that is the story. It won’t even be close in November when turnout will be much higher. Democrats look like they reached their peak while the GOP has a lot of room to grow in that next election turnout.

The offensive movements are occurring rapidly on all fronts, from the FBI, to the media, to actual boots on the ground instigating voter tampering. And the Democrats are still losing. So they are getting desperate, they are arresting more Trump supporters to hurt voter turnout in November, in an attempt to divide the GOP. The Robert Mueller investigation is heating up to try to torpedo Trump with an October surprise that will go nowhere—all funded by the American taxpayer. And Google along with Facebook is trying to keep voters separated from Alex Jones ahead of the election. While they control their media platforms they forget that Jones is on the radio syndicated all over the nation. People don’t need anything from Google to hear Alex Jones. They are just hurting themselves, but they seem willing to go all in on this election and as big as they are, they aren’t too big to fail. By siding with Democrats Google and Facebook look to have sealed their fate for the future. They will be replaced with something else.

On a personal level I think we are all-seeing an increase in desperation by the activists of the left, they are getting more violent, they are starting to lash out more often in various ways because they see the writing on the wall. I have to remind people who this is precisely why we will now and always need a strong Second Amendment. Not that we should ever advocate shooting people, but when people lose their minds due to a failed political ideology that is leaving the field of debate, it is very possible that an increase in lone killers—who are almost always Democrats—will erupt across our society distraught that society is moving on without them. When that happens, there is nothing the local police and federal government can do about the problem. They are complicit as they are in helping create that environment, so they sure as hell can’t help fix it. Only a nice personal arsenal of firearms in the home and on your person can do that. We are dealing with really terrible bad guys here, and the FBI can count themselves among those ranks until they change their reputation through real law and order, not made up crap like they are trying to impose on Christopher Collins. And when dealing with bad, vile, people, we are in a time when we must keep our guns close and diplomacy a tabletop away. Because things could get really bad when these losers figure out that they have no other recourse but violence to preserve their existence. And when they do, we must be ready to deal with them. They will lie, they will cheat, and they will kill and destroy people’s lives—Christopher Collins is only the latest.

Rich Hoffman

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