The FBI is Tampering with the 2018 Election Already: Christopher Collins is just the latest target

I’m going to go ahead and call bologna on the arrest of Republican House member Christopher Collins for insider trading charges and lying to the FBI. This is exactly why the problem with the FBI and the Clinton campaign is such a crucial one. Obviously, just a few months ahead of the November election Democrats are eyeing the Republican seat of Collins and they decided to make a criminal case move against him to put him on his heels with no time to defend his seat before the election. It’s really the same kind of strategy that is being used against Donald Trump. Collins himself was a member of the Trump transition team so the target is obvious. The FBI is using its power again to attempt to meddle in the election of 2018 and they are targeting Trump supporters in an attempt to change the nature of the election in November. This arrest has absolutely nothing to do with “insider trading.” If it did the Clinton team from two years ago would have received the death penalty. Instead, this is purely about politics and meddling in an election to attempt to diminish the number of House seats that Republicans control. Here is how Fox News reported the issue.

New York Republican Rep. Christopher Collins has been indicted on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

“These charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice,” Geoffrey Berman, an attorney for the U.S. Southern District of New York, said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The indictment also names the congressman’s son, Cameron Collins, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of his son’s fiancée. The fraud counts relate to securities of an Australian biotechnology company called Innate Immunotherapeutics, where the 68-year-old congressman served on the board.

“Christopher Collins, the defendent, violated the duties he owed to Innate by passing material; nonpublic information regarding the Drug Trial results to his son, Cameron Collins, the defendent, so that [his son] could use that information to make timely trades in Innate stock and tip others,” the indictment states. “Cameron Collins traded on the inside information and passed it to Stephen Zarsky.”

Such tough talk by Geoffrey Berman “these charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice.” Yet we have seen that the very FBI that arrested Collins, Flynn, and Manafort is the same FBI that destroyed evidence in the Hillary Clinton case and is currently protecting former President Obama’s involvement in the conspiracy of 2016 to meddle in the election of Donald Trump and then when caught to try to pin it all on some made up Russian story. Berman doesn’t care about a land of laws and that everyone should stand before a bar of justice. He is playing his part in the next conspiracy of 2018, of meddling in the next election in an attempt to remove enough Republicans from congress so that a possible fantasy of impeaching Donald Trump by a Democratic majority can take place fulfilling their original mission of altering an election by the people of the United States.

If I didn’t know otherwise I would like to believe Geoffrey Berman and the FBI, but until they use the same standard of law that is being applied to Donald Trump Jr., Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Christopher Collins I don’t believe anybody collecting a federal paycheck. I think the system is so rotten that not a damn one of them can be believed, and that sentiment will remain with me until real justice is applied to the FBI for their role in trying to destroy the Trump administration before it ever got started.

It is not lost that Google and Facebook are attempting to put a lid on the populist movement ahead of the November elections by taking down Alex Jones, hoping that fewer voters will have access to him—as a way to control the narrative using their market share to alter opinion. To add to the madness 190 votes materialized out of Franklin County Ohio to give Danny O’Conner just a little bit more votes to close the 1,564 vote gap between the GOP leader Troy Balderson. Even though there are still thousands of votes that still need to be counted it is unlikely that all of them will go to Danny O’Conner or that enough will go to him to overtake that 1,500-vote lead. But you wouldn’t know that by the news stories in USA Today and other liberal outlets. You’d think that the Democrats are climbing into position to launch their “blue wave.” The truth is that 90% percent of the Democrats voted in that election that also voted in 2016, which is mysteriously high for an August midterm election, and they still couldn’t unseat Balderson’s GOP in the 12th District in Ohio. Many GOP voters stayed home, as turnout was low, yet the Democrats still fell short, that is the story. It won’t even be close in November when turnout will be much higher. Democrats look like they reached their peak while the GOP has a lot of room to grow in that next election turnout.

The offensive movements are occurring rapidly on all fronts, from the FBI, to the media, to actual boots on the ground instigating voter tampering. And the Democrats are still losing. So they are getting desperate, they are arresting more Trump supporters to hurt voter turnout in November, in an attempt to divide the GOP. The Robert Mueller investigation is heating up to try to torpedo Trump with an October surprise that will go nowhere—all funded by the American taxpayer. And Google along with Facebook is trying to keep voters separated from Alex Jones ahead of the election. While they control their media platforms they forget that Jones is on the radio syndicated all over the nation. People don’t need anything from Google to hear Alex Jones. They are just hurting themselves, but they seem willing to go all in on this election and as big as they are, they aren’t too big to fail. By siding with Democrats Google and Facebook look to have sealed their fate for the future. They will be replaced with something else.

On a personal level I think we are all-seeing an increase in desperation by the activists of the left, they are getting more violent, they are starting to lash out more often in various ways because they see the writing on the wall. I have to remind people who this is precisely why we will now and always need a strong Second Amendment. Not that we should ever advocate shooting people, but when people lose their minds due to a failed political ideology that is leaving the field of debate, it is very possible that an increase in lone killers—who are almost always Democrats—will erupt across our society distraught that society is moving on without them. When that happens, there is nothing the local police and federal government can do about the problem. They are complicit as they are in helping create that environment, so they sure as hell can’t help fix it. Only a nice personal arsenal of firearms in the home and on your person can do that. We are dealing with really terrible bad guys here, and the FBI can count themselves among those ranks until they change their reputation through real law and order, not made up crap like they are trying to impose on Christopher Collins. And when dealing with bad, vile, people, we are in a time when we must keep our guns close and diplomacy a tabletop away. Because things could get really bad when these losers figure out that they have no other recourse but violence to preserve their existence. And when they do, we must be ready to deal with them. They will lie, they will cheat, and they will kill and destroy people’s lives—Christopher Collins is only the latest.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Game of Poker: Lucky for us, President Trump knows how to make other countries fold

I am not what I’d consider to be a gambler. I’ve never lost once cent in a casino and I don’t put any faith in “fate” to provide any financial enrichment. But I have of late had quite an obsession with the card game of poker, for a lot of reasons. I suppose you could say that I’m at a juncture in my life that is inevitably linked with the popular gambler’s game that originated out of New Orleans just prior to westward expansion and became the modified representation of American capitalism. Poker is essentially a game of playing the cards you are dealt and making the most of them while forcing those around you to do things to your advantage. Poker is not about the cards, it’s about controlling the people who are playing the game. The chips that are bet in poker are currency which often become representative of actual cash, so the emergence of the game in America is a unique attribute that I have found myself studying of late because it fits my present lifestyle. We all play poker to some degree or another. The game just represents a frame of reference for casual play. Some are better at the game than others and it is to my great relief that we finally have a president who knows how to play it to win it all, when all the chips are on the table—he knows how to play the cards.

If you are in business of any kind the game of poker is being played, you have to use whatever cards you have to manage value against the marketplace. You are either getting played by the system or you play the system, and that’s the reality of capitalism. The by-product is worth it, but the process can be brutal. Wimpy soft minded people obviously are drawn to socialism because they don’t have the heart for that kind of game and those were the types of critics that were angry at President Trump for invoking his trade tariffs against the world markets. Yet when it came time to go all in with Europe Trump did it without blinking and the European Union blinked, and now we are suddenly talking about working toward zero tariffs in our trade with Europe starting with pharmaceuticals, medical products and soybeans—as announced by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. This was enormous news and it shows that Trump knows what he’s doing in regard to trade.

I think if more people in America understood the great game of poker they’d understand why President Trump is poised to win all these trade wars. The economics of the situation declares that all trade between nations be free and open, which is what conservatives have always wanted. The tariffs as they have been established through other administrations has been to leverage favoritism toward China, the EU and many other oversea markets to give them a shot at global dominance. But only free trade can truly do that when the value of the product traded sets the competitive circumstances of the exchange. The game between nations really isn’t any different from the game of poker, the values and strategies are the same, and Trump knows how to play it. So it is quite a relief that we finally have an American president who knows how to not only play the game, but to win it.

The aim of these tariff negotiations is to achieve a tariff free world where products can flow globally without modified value trying to shift favoritism to one country or another. If the value of the product is good, then the country trading it will benefit, naturally. Just as in poker, the values on the chips are universal throughout the game. But a $10,000 chip from one player can’t become a $100,000 chip when it comes in possession of another player and that is essentially what is happening under the present tariff system. Trump has been essentially calling the bets from the other players who clearly don’t have a hand better than what the President has, and the entire game is being reset.

What I find interesting about any game that human beings invent I find that most of them were created to fulfill a psychological relationship that the players have with the world they are living in. Such as poker emerged to play with the basic concept of capitalism as inherited from the Europeans during the 13th century where kings, queens and jokers were part of that Dark Ages world. On the river boats of the Mississippi in 1840 through 1950 the old European game evolved to incorporate American ideas about private property and having the ability to generate value and to use that value to push competitors into situations that the winner of the game desires. The trading of values through betting one value against another is what poker is all about and it’s the backbone of American business.

Politicians play poker all the time, and while they know the rules of the game, they don’t seem to be able to connect the game to real life largely because as government employees they don’t have to work very hard to generate value in their lives. When they bet something, they didn’t have to work very hard to earn it, so they don’t apply much risk to the game. For them smoking cigars and sipping on mixed drinks and talking with friends is what the game of poker is. They really don’t care who wins or loses because they are not personally invested in any of the values represented in the chips. That is essentially why traditional politicians are not good at doing what America needs done on the world stage and why we’ve been getting played more than we’ve played. Our presidents just didn’t understand the game that was being played against them so we ended up with all these terrible tariffs that other countries had placed on us and we’ve been getting short-changed when all along we have had the best cards at the table.

It took someone like Trump to know how to play our good cards, which is why Jean-Claude Juncker from the European Union is now leveraging toward a no tariff system. China isn’t far behind this decision and to understand the why and how, reporters and political commentators really need to understand the game of poker. My obsession with it is in recognizing the patterns and history of the game and how it applies to current events. That’s the reason we have games like this so that we can use leisure activity to inform us of the truly important things in the world. But when it comes to a high stakes game, whether it is for millions of dollars in a casino or a big business deal with even more value at stake, or its international political negotiations that Trump is conducting, the efforts and motions are all the same. And knowing how to win those engagements is more important than just the fun of casual play. If you are going to play, you should always play to win, and it is such a relief to find that Donald Trump is finally an American president who gets it and knows how to play poker. When the European Union folded yesterday, China is right behind them. Trump knows he has the cards to win, it’s just a matter of time before China has to reveal that they’ve been bluffing and will have to fold as well. It’s really that simple.

Rich Hoffman

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A Challenge to Peter Strzok: If you think you are smarter, faster and tougher than me, then let’s clear up your illusions right now

Well, after reading through that Inspector General report I have one thing to say to Peter Strzok who stated in his text messages to his girlfriend Lisa Page, that Trump supporters were poor to middle class, and uneducated—there isn’t a single FBI agent who I would say is smarter than me. I was a Trump supporter before anybody took him seriously and guess what, look how right that turned out. I mean I’m not one to toot my own horn although people might look at the millions of words I have written and think I do that very thing often, but believe me, I hold back. But it really does irritate me when people who are not as intellectually stout look at me, or a group I’m associated with as a “Trump Supporter” and think they are somehow superior to me. There is nothing about Peter Strzok that is superior. I’d like to speak on your behalf dear reader, but you’ll have to do that for yourself. And its one thing to say it, it’s quite another to do it, and Trump supporters now have history to blow wind in their sails. We are looking smarter with each day. But the massive arrogance that came from the IG Report is the least of the trouble.

The stupidity that “they” think is part of our culture in America is the real problem, such as believing that they can sell to us that the FBI had no bias in the Hillary Clinton investigation over her emails—that intent and evidence could not be deciphered based on their investigation into the matter from the Inspector General. Hey, the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were enough. By the time you add Andy McCabe into this mix along with James Comey there is plenty of evidence about FBI activism and bias that has damaged the FBI permanently. And it all starts with the basic premise that they as federal employees were given massive power over our lives and know more than we do as the people who put them in such a powerful position. So they acted against us all by trying to overturn an election because they thought we were too stupid to make an election decision on our own, so they had to intervene. If there was any tampering of the 2016 election it wasn’t the Russians we needed to worry about as to tampering it was the FBI and the leader of all that tampering was Peter Strzok under the direct supervision of Andy McCabe and James Comey. And they all need to go to jail immediately.

I didn’t think the IG Report would amount to much, after all, it’s the swamp trying to punish the swamp—how much could they reveal in such a report? But for smart people, “like me” and likely you dear reader we saw all this a long time ago. That’s why we voted for Trump in the first place. I don’t need any government overlords, I don’t have any “betters” who need to rule my life. I’m much more qualified, thank you. Nobody knows what’s better for me and my family than me. Nobody is smarter than me, especially some cheating FBI agent who can’t even keep his own family together and would say and do anything for the sexual favors of his mistress who appears to be crying all the time based on the IG Report. As bad as that report is, it points to even more problems on what isn’t in it. The Inspector General is obviously trying to do just as James Comey did with Hillary Clinton, they are trying to throw us a bone so that we attack Peter Strzok and James Comey, the obvious villains, and hopefully everything else could go back to normal. Only normal isn’t acceptable. I don’t ever want to go back to the way things were, where there are FBI agents who actually think they are better, stronger, smarter and faster than me—and will act in accordance with that misguided interpretation of reality.

When Christopher Wray as the new Trump appointed Director of the FBI spoke in reaction to this very damaging IG Report I understand that the job was a tough one. He seems like a decent person and I’m sure the people working for him are decent people as well. But are they smarter than the rest of us? Hell no. I am not impressed with the 5% recruitment rate—obviously the FBI if they have people like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok at the top of their organization their recruitment methods are not very good—I mean 5% of what, people inclined to collectivist thinking, to following orders without thought, of people who might lean Democrat—the way that Wray stated the issue he tried to make it sound that only 5% of the FBI recruiting class each year could get a job with the agency, as if that were a good thing. But he has only been the director for a very short time, only a little over a year at this point, so the same type of people who hired Peter Strzok are still making decisions of what constitutes those 5% in the acceptance criteria.

Let’s make something clear, and I’m speaking personally, I vote for representatives to go do these administrative tasks in government because it’s a waste of my time. I could do a better job at fighting bad guys than the typical FBI agent. I have no worries about running toward danger while other people run away from it. I doubt there is a single person in law enforcement that has the kind of testicular fortitude that I have, especially when there is danger. With that said, I have better things to do with my time that I think are far more valuable, so I am happy to hire Trump to go staff these positions in government to take care of the basic security of our nation. But Peter Strzok hasn’t been doing the job because I couldn’t. Let’s make that quite clear. He’s doing it because I don’t have time to do it myself and my time is put to better use on other things. It certainly isn’t for a lack of skill and intelligence. I can promise Peter Strzok this, he couldn’t walk a day in my shoes. But I could easily walk a day in his.

That is really what these people are mad at, Donald Trump is one of those smart people who have done well in the world and he has come into a presidential position and made everything look easy. For him it’s like a retirement job. He’s destroyed the fanfare and spectacle of the office which has given people like Peter Strzok a grim dose of reality. None of their jobs are that hard. What they don’t say in that IG Report is that just about anybody who works hard in the private sector could be a better FBI agent than Peter Strzok. The ceremony of their offices as federal employees are not that difficult. They could be easily replaced. The reason more people like Trump are not in office is because they have better things to do with their life. I certainly do. I don’t have time to waste on losers like Strzok and Page. They are my employees, I’m not theirs. The most revealing thing stated in the IG Report was that Peter Strzok stated to Lisa Page in documented text messages as evidence that the FBI would stop Donald Trump from becoming president. That indicates intent, and employee radicalism—and a challenge to management—me and you dear reader. He also talked about using both guns if Trump where elected—that sounds like a threat to me. And if he really means it, I’ll meet him right now and show him who really is his boss. And it isn’t the president.

Rich Hoffman

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Everything You Need to Know About the G7 Summit, and Peace with North Korea: Han Solo and ‘The Fountainhead’ tell the whole story–the Wicked Witches of Globalism are melting

Well, the Wicked Witch of Globalism is melting before our eyes, first uttered at the socialist G7 Summit where Justin Trudeau now famously complained about President Trump’s domestic trade politics only to be slapped down by Trump while in route to Singapore to meet with Kim Jong Un. I thought John Brennan’s comments in the wake were most alarming, which represent globalists from John McCain to Barack Obama, we are now seeing just how far their roots of ideology have permeated our intellectual foundations, and it’s a little alarming. Not that we didn’t know what was there, but its kind of like pulling out a huge snake that has been parasitically feeding off a sewage pipe coming out of our house. You know it’s there but removing it and seeing how big and ugly it really is can be alarming. What we are seeing from these globalists is truly alarming and is specifically why those of us smart enough to understand the complexity of these matters supported and voted for Donald Trump very early in the election process.

When people say they couldn’t predict what would happen at the G7 Summit, or that nobody could believe that North Korea would be unified with the rest of the world, they are wrong. I predicted all these things well in advance. Even as Kim Jong Un was launching missiles over Japan, I was saying it, and only I outside of the White House, that North Korea didn’t have any real threat that they proposed to throw against the world. They were always drowning in communism and it was obvious when the reports that Dennis Rodman was becoming best friends with the North Korean dictator that the kid wasn’t such a scary person. If Kim Jong Un didn’t have a private plane in his country that could take him 3000 miles away to anywhere in the world, how was he going to launch nuclear missiles into the heartland of America? Simply put, Trump knew that all the missile launches were a bluff and he called the kid on it, and now there is nowhere but toward peace for North Korea, and Trump smartly is giving the dictator a way out into the great world of capitalism.

This of course has the globalists very terrified. As I’ve said before I look at lots of indicators in our social fabric to tell the truth about what is really going on in the world and as many readers here know I was particularly interested in the box office numbers of the new Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie has done decently, not what Disney expected, but it’s not a failure in any regards, critically or economically. Yet I thought it was strange that there was so much fury and hope from the print media around the world, especially overseas, that the new Star Wars movie fail. It took, me a few weeks to figure it out, but I have, and its related to all this news about North Korea and the G7 Summit ironically. Solo: A Star Wars Story is essentially a kid’s version of The Fountainhead. I know the Kasdans who wrote that recent Star Wars film will deny such a thing, but there is quite a cult in Hollywood emerging, especially on the Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan side of the business toward the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Anne Hathaway is a part of it—(notice she hasn’t been working so much over the last few years, she did do the new Ocean’s movie, but not much else)—and there are many actors, producers and directors who secretly enjoy Ayn Rand’s work. Well, globalists hate Ayn Rand essentially because of the basic premise of the philosophy of Objectivism that counters their notions of collectivism. The many hit pieces done unjustly against Solo: A Star Wars Story were to essentially isolate the film from the fans and to take a shot at Disney for even daring to produce such a movie. But, Disney had to come to terms with the currents of the world for which the Trump presidency were unlocking, so they made their Han Solo movie with those factors in mind.

For those who don’t know the great American novel, The Fountainhead, probably the most powerful part of the book for me anyway is when the architect Howard Roark was invited to be a part of the World’s Fair team to design a new pavilion. Through the entire book Roark had been struggling to become an elite architect and here he was being given an opportunity to have his name next to the best in the business at the World’s Fair project. But Roark always demanding out of himself personal authenticity could not allow others to loot the value of his good work under the guise of collective assimilation. To his view the other architects were not at the same level of him, they were not as advanced and no matter what he did individually, his work’s value would be associated with the board of architects as a collective value they all shared, and to him that wasn’t fair, or accurate. Much of the same thing was going on in Solo: A Star Wars Story where the character of Han Solo was looking for that same kind of authenticity. His girlfriend in the film was very much like the Dominique Francon character from The Fountainhead. Qi’ra is a young woman looking for security in a scary galaxy. She has been raised and believes that the way to stay alive is to cozy up to the most powerful—so she ends up being the head of a gang. Throughout the whole movie she is torn between Han and her protection under gang rule. Much like Dominique throughout The Fountainhead had many relationships with men trying to find happiness, but always putting security before her own personal sanctity, Qi’ra in Star Wars is playing that same type of role, and critics noticed it and slammed the film hoping that the public would reject the story. That same type of intensity is now being thrown at Donald Trump for doing in real life what much of these rogue art pieces are attempting to do, and have been for over a century now, starting really with Ayn Rand during the golden age of cinema.

Globalist have been using that big scary North Korean threat as a reason to scare everyone into some big joint global unification where the values of socialism could be assimilated with capitalism. At the G7 Summit the GDP of all those countries put together if the United States is removed from the mix hardly adds up to an equal share. The unspoken value is that without the capitalism of America, the socialism of Canada, Mexico, Germany, France—essentially all of Europe cannot match. It is essentially the Howard Roark scene in The Fountainhead where Roark quits the World’s Fair board, or when in Solo: A Star Wars Story Han tries to get Qi’ra to go against her boss at the end of the film and run off with him to live a life of freedom, which she of course turns away from tragically in a pursuit of security.

When Trump told Justin Trudeau to take a hike on Saturday while climbing on Air Force One to fly to Singapore to make peace with Kim Jong Un the world went into a panic, the globalists who need everyone to recognize that the path to everything means that individuals must toss away their personal values in favor of the collective sum of eternal assimilation—the age-old question, are we the bulb or the light that emits from it emerged without a cover to hide it. For globalists, the light bulb can be changed it’s the light that comes from it that matters. But for individualists, if there is no bulb, there is no light. Without America, there is no economy. Without America, the socialist’s failures can’t hide behind anything. And without war with North Korea, there are no villains to hide all the maliciousness of groupthink—such as in China, Russia, and all of Europe to camouflage their intentions. That is in essence what The Fountainhead is all about, what comes first, the fountain which gives forth the water, or the water. Without the fountainhead, the water cannot spring forth, it remains locked in a state of nature. It takes the brilliant mind of individuals, not boards of collectivists to unlock that potential and that is what has everyone in the global community terrified.

With Trump’s brilliant response at the G7 Summit and the wonderful actions taking place presently in Singapore the world just changed in favor of the fountainheads, and the globalists are melting. For them it’s a far bigger problem than just political ideology, it’s a scary ripping away of the covers for which they have been hiding. We now know that John Brennan as the former director of the CIA was a communist and is comments over these past few days reveal everything that I have just said. He knows that this is the end for his movement. With peace in North Korea there is no cover story for which the world stays on the board of the World’s Fair and allows the few to give value to the many when it isn’t deserved. And in Canada, a country with the amount of population of one American state, they have no economic power without the capitalism of America. Like the situation in North Korea Trump is calling their bluff and refusing to sanction the socialism of Canada—and panic is now in the air because now people will see the truth. And that truth is a wonderful thing for which many of us will see for the very first time. America has always been the world’s fountainhead. Globalists have worked really hard to hide that notion from the world insisting that we all join hands and share in the wealth. But the truth is, without America, there is no world—without the merits and values of capitalism, nobody does anything. North Korea is learning that, and now, so will everyone else. And that is the miracle for which we are currently observing.

To see the whole picture, we must observe how entertainment reflects politics, because epistemologically they feed each other. We can make observations about entertainment media that directly correlate the situation at the G7 Summit for instance or the miracle of North Korean peace. Only in the case of North Korea, as I said I predicted this a long time ago, and without question, Trump knew it too. The difference between individuals making decisions and watering down the effect of thought through collective assimilation is what we are talking about here. How can Trump just step into a meeting with Kim Jong Un without armies of people to prepare him for the task? The answer, because he’s good, and individually, he knows more and is more effective than the collective assimilation of the masses which call themselves experts. It’s why Howard Roark quit the board of architects in The Fountainhead. “No man can live for another. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. But the second-hander has used altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reversed the base of mankind’s moral principles. Men have been taught every precept that destroys the creator. Men have been taught dependence as a virtue.” Chapter XVII Part 4 p. 738. This to the collectivists who call themselves globalists these days is the most dangerous phrase in the vocabulary of mankind, for people to realize this nature in themselves and to act on it. That’s why Robert De Niro used curse words on a big award show on NBC during live television, and its why John Brennan is literally having a panic attack. Because people are learning the truth, and the fall of North Korea is not good for them. It’s the worst news in the world. But for the fountainheads, it’s the first time in the history of the world that a big name political figure has stood for them and defended their right to exist free of the assimilation of collectivists. And that is a real game changer.

Rich Hoffman

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Lakota Throwing Away Money on Overpaid Teachers: New LEA union contract compensates the average teacher at over $100,000 per year–they are not worth it

There is of course a lot more to the story when we talk about what teachers cost, especially in overly paid districts like Lakota in Ohio. Lakota schools is one of the largest and most wealthy districts in the state with an average teacher salary climbing up to $73,000 per year now that the LEA union there has just extracted a massive pay increase for themselves with a new three-year contract. The costs of course don’t end there, unionized teachers, especially at Lakota have some of the greatest health insurance benefits that are available on the market, and they are expensive. Each teacher at Lakota on average now costs the district approximately $100,000—EACH for only working 180 days a year. The average private sector employee works around 50 weeks per years (250 days a year.) These government school employees cry about not making enough money—there isn’t enough money in the world to make them happy. I can say this, these employees aren’t worth that much money to me for essentially providing a glorified babysitting service, because what kids are learning today in the public education and the college system is not what I’d call a quality education. They sure as hell aren’t worth $100K each.

I watched the video of the Lakota LEA contract vote because I was interested in what would happen next. My hope was that the two conservatives on the board would hold, but one of them wavered and now the three liberals just signed up Lakota to exceed their 100-million-dollar budget. A decade ago roughly when I was giving Lakota such a hard time about their out of control budget I thought it was a lot that they were at $65 million, and that wasn’t enough because they over spent and needed to pass a property tax levy to pay their bills. Now only 8 years later they are out of control again. The district managed to gain a budget surplus and most of us who worked on the fiscal responsibility side of things got busy with other things, and these idiots took that surplus and just tossed it to a bunch of overpaid, spoiled brat teachers on an inflated contract then clapped themselves on the back for saving the school district from a possible LEA strike. What a dismal situation, no public-school teacher should ever threaten to walk off the job when they are paid to be that babysitting service at a bare minimum by the voters of the district. If you listen to the protestors in West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma recently, which I’m sure the LEA teachers at Lakota were threatening to mimic, we are dealing with a very destructive class of government workers who complain about everything, do very little by way of real work, and have made themselves impossibly expensive to compensate.

Watching the video of the LEA contract approval Julie Shaffer, Brad Lovell, and the ultra-liberal Kelly Casper spoke in favor of throwing endless amounts of money at these teachers. Brad went so far to say that he thought of his property tax spending as an investment into our community’s children. Comments like that really make me sick because there is nothing about throwing over $100K at liberalized propaganda advocates that makes children better prepared to become educated and functioning participants in the world around them. Take a look at today’s youth, they aren’t doing very well—their educations have essentially destroyed their minds, not made them better—and these people expect to sell us this long-proven theory to the contrary that by over paying teachers we are helping our children? Brad and Julie even went so far in their rationalizations to indicate that they had children going to Lakota, or who would go to Lakota and they wanted to make sure there were teachers there to provide them with good educations—which obviously clouded their judgments.

I knew way back when I debated Julie Shaffer on WLW radio when she first ran for school board that I was dealing with one of those panicky mom types who feed these panicky teachers all the fuel they needed to become $100K employees each in the district. The teachers complained at every step having to do homework at night, or to work on the weekends—or to have to think about their jobs over the summer—or their requirements to go back to college to obtain their master’s degrees. The teachers want money for everything and if they don’t get it they threaten to walk off the job—and always there is a parent with a kid going to the government schools like Julie and Brad who think that they can compensate their parenting into a successful experience if they toss their kids into a government school to be raised by these liberal teachers who make way too much money for doing not much at all. Back then I was challenged to run a classroom, and I accepted it. I even offered to run four at the same time. I could teach a thousand kids more in one day than they learn in their entire high school years, so those types of threats don’t work with me. The guilt and insecurities of many parents are what cause all this trouble and we have at least two of them on the Lakota school board.

Taken on their own, all these people are nice. Some of the school board members are really just concerned parents themselves, and the teachers in most cases like being around children and they enjoy the profession of teaching. I have met some teachers at Lakota who are very passionate about their work. Are they worth 100K per year—hell no. Getting paid six figures in the private sector is considered a real appreciation of value. If someone is making six figures, they are doing something important for the companies they work for. But not in government schools—its expected collectively. The people might be nice who are involved in these discussions, but that doesn’t make them worth six figures, especially when it comes out of the tax payer’s pocket directly through their property values. But nobody, especially the school board members with children in the district, considers the real impact that the government schools have on the minds of the children. I watch every day parents dropping their kids off at day care facilities and if you press them in a discussion they’ll reveal that they can’t wait until their children are of age to attend Lakota because they will be free of the expense of paying for pre-school. Most parents don’t want to be bothered with teaching their children anything, so they hope that the government school will do all the education they can’t provide as parents either because they aren’t smart enough, or they are too lazy to do it themselves. And that is really what’s behind the lunacy of Julie, Brad and Kelly on the Lakota school board. They are insecure parents who want the best for their children and they naturally will do anything for their children, except take responsibility for their educations on their own as parents. They are relying on liberalized institutions to do the job instead, and that is a danger all its own.

There is no evidence that public schools are good for kids. We loosely talk about how children need to spend time with other peers their age and learn about life. But the way government schools have evolved make them cesspools of liberalism where kids learn to hate the Second Amendment, they don’t learn about American history to the extent they should, and they are having their minds turned off, not on. Ask an 8th grader about global warming and they’ll tell you how America is destroying the world, and they know so because their teachers at school taught them that. Ask that same child to give an opinion on capitalism and American business and they they’ll go on a tirade of how the 1% run everything and that society needs to put more focus on equal rights—which is a fancy way of saying the dumb and lazy need to be equal to the ambitious and productive. As those kids look around at their teachers who make $100K per year and have paid summers off—those students are surprised to learn that the world was never the way it was presented to them in their government schools—and they aren’t prepared for that disappointment. So how is paying all this money into the government school system worth it? It’s not!

Just saying something doesn’t make it true and paying teachers at Lakota over $100,000 a year each doesn’t magically produce a good child. As much as Brad wants to believe in the system, the system of public education destroys far more lives than it helps and is simply a very expensive baby-sitting service for the adults who are too busy with their careers, or not intellectual enough themselves to teach their children the things they need to learn in life. Instead they drop their kids off at a government school, which is like dumping them at a public park with supervision and expect good results no matter what the cost—so long as the whole community is willing to help pay for it. Most of those panicky parent types like Julie Shaffer don’t mind paying a $8000 tax bill on their properties each year because it would cost them a lot more than that to send their kids to a private school. they pay the higher taxes happily because it also coaxes their neighbors who no longer have kids in the school to also pay for their child—and that’s where things get nasty. The communities of Liberty Township and West Chester have given Lakota an extraordinarily high budget to work with, and the school board couldn’t even stay within those parameters—even with declining enrollment! It’s all very embarrassing to Lakota. Nobody sympathizes with teachers who make over $100K in compensation under any conditions—especially when they are really only babysitters for busy parents. That is not a good situation at all, the people involved should be very ashamed of themselves for wasting so much money on an emotional issue that defies logic.

Rich Hoffman
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The Liberal Loon Nasim Najafi Aghdam: Why all PETA activists are just a few bad experiences away from mass murder

So what happened to the Urmia, Iranian immigrant Nasim Najafi Aghdam to cause her to shoot up the YouTube headquarters just south of San Francisco—at the northern tip of Silicone Valley? In a bizarre attack on the Google led company she shot four innocent people before apparently killing herself thus ending a bizarre life of liberal crusades practicing veganism and the religious practices of Baha’I, for which her family reportedly fled Iran to practice spending roughly a year in Turkey two decades prior. She legally bought the gun she used, her family warned police who had spoken to her just 11 hours prior to the shooting and nothing set police off to look into Aghadam’s actions any further. Aghdam also didn’t know any of the YouTube employees—she just randomly selected them, so what gun law, or law of any kind could have helped the situation? What might we say was the cause and corrective action of this particular shooting?

The first thing I’d say about Nasim Najafi Aghdam is that she was obviously suffering from mental health issues, the way a lot of liberals currently are. The reason is that their view of the world is not conducive to what is actually happening. As a PETA activist Nghdam was crusading against the nature of life itself, where those at the top of the food chain eat those under them. To any rational person such an arrangement is insane and if the question of why god would ever design such an existence is legitimately asked, only insanity can begin to provide an answer. Most of us just accept that we are the superior life form and that if we want to eat another animal, then we do so. But to ask the question as to why, or to go so far to believe that one must be a crusader against the very nature of life to the extent that Aghdam was, then mental instability is the path such people usually find themselves on.

To satisfy the illusion of working against such a system of living, where people eat those cute little animals that were seen in Aghdam’s YouTube videos, the young liberal activist had to convince herself that the work she was doing through her art had merit. So using the First Amendment Aghdam made a series of bizarre videos dedicated to her 10,000 YouTube subscribers which paid her a little money and gave her a taste of American life. But the moment that was disrupted with a policy change her natural liberal tendencies formed in her home country of Iran clashed with the merits of American capitalism where everywhere she looked she could only see a slow killing evil—which is common to liberal people who hate capitalism—she felt her only option was to attack the company that brought her so much grief, which so happened to be the company that provided her with the vehicle of expression to begin with.

Of course, once the media learned that Nasim Najafi Aghdam was one of their target demographic groups—she was a foreigner from the enemy country of Iran, she was a young female, and she was a PETA activist, the story of her attempted murders jumped right off the front page within 24 hours. YouTube as a company touches most people in the world these days, so the public interest in the story was very great, but the story was pulled anyway because the gun control debate couldn’t be advanced otherwise. People like Aghdam face an American culture with only the objective of changing it and once they realize that they can’t they get frustrated and sometimes become very violent. The media on their part do not understand why it isn’t white NRA members who are attacking these places and shooting people up—because they don’t understand the essential meaning behind the NRA and the people who make up their membership. Yet it is the typical American heritage to use the gun to hunt for one’s own sustenance who fled European oppression, much the way Aghdam did in Iran. Only one side was in harmony with existence and the other was against it—trying to change that reality with activism.

The average PETA activist who takes off their cloths and puts themselves in cages in public are not that far away from the kind of murderous activity that Aghdam indulged in. Once they put animals at the same level of human beings and protest that all life is equal they are going against the laws of the entire universe and that can be very frustrating for them. The essential pitfalls of the typical liberal is that they fight for equality by trying to repress development, intellectual and scientific. That is the core argument behind all climate science and even religions that hope to deny science to support their ancient texts. Both approaches are seeking to bend reality to the desires of their observations and when those don’t align, mental instability is often the result. Not being in accord with life is to stand against the trajectory of its experience, and liberals are often guilty of that generality. Not all of them go so far as Aghdam did, but in her case she had not been in America long enough to understand how the country works at the epistemological level. She was using the concept of American capitalism provided by YouTube to communicate her radical ideas but the moment she lost that device, she couldn’t see any other way out but to commit murder.

Imagine Aghdam going to the target range learning to use her Smith & Wesson 9 mm knowing that she intended to use it to kill employees at YouTube, and speaking calmly to the police when they found her asleep in her car on her way to commit the murders—knowing that once she went that far that she would never have a normal life again, that she’d either be killed or put in jail for the rest of her life—yet her activism drove her on toward a level of radicalism that clearly crossed the line. Her desire to change the world superseded her desire to live within the context of existence.

Most conservatives that I know, particularly those who are in the NRA would never take such a radical step because they like life too much. They enjoy hunting, watching football games on Saturdays and Sundays while grilling out in the backyard. They by the nature of their values are aligned with existence, that we have to eat to live and that something has to die so we can continue on, and they find ways to deal with that universal conundrum—what makes us so special to be at the top of the food chain and thus able to decide what lives and dies? Such discussions are at the heart of the American experience and lots of people come to the United States so they can participate in that relationship. But for those like the liberal Aghdam, they don’t accept the basic concept of American life, so how can they assimilate to it? It is quite clear that a certain percentage of liberals are just crazy by the nature of their opposition to universal law. Not all of them kill people to bend those laws toward an equality that they dream might exist if only this happened or that happened. But I would say that all liberals who are activists against basic realities are prone to such meltdowns and should be considered dangerous. Any of them could be one disappointing event away from mass murder just because they don’t have any other way of interacting with the world except in protests and threats—and when those things don’t work, they have only murder to fall back on.

Rich Hoffman
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The Art of Holly Denham: Seeing hope beyond the facade of a negative reality

I think raising children is the most rewarding thing you can do. Raising my children was likely the happiest time of my life, and what they have become makes me infinitely proud. What they become largely is the complete responsibility of the parent and any little mistake made along the way can translate into massive problems later down the line. So to see my kids arrive into their late twenties being nice productive people unbroken by the realities of existence is something I never get tired of. Both of my children do unusual things creatively which for me was always my hope for them. Most parents just want their children to be successful and moderately happy in life, but I always expected more with some of the unusual experiences I introduced them to as kids. Then like all parents must—although most don’t accomplish it—you have to have the guts to keep your grubby hands out of their lives and let them live it as much as possible—so that they can authenticate their own way through a complicated world, and you have to trust that what you taught them along the way would give them what they need. My oldest daughter is a successful photographer and is doing great things very early in life. And now her sister is applying her own brand to the world of art which can be seen below.

My first impression of my youngest daughter’s Holly Denham Art platform was pride because she had moved her abilities well beyond just sketching basic pictures, which a lot of people can do, but do it at the level of a top illustrator. It was great to see her arrive at that level, and to witness her work on the many products displayed at the website below. But then peeling back the first impression at the depth of the work and noticing her interest levels, it was obvious not just because she was my kid, that she had developed a truly artistic outlook toward the world. Upon seeing these drawings, I reflected the drawings I had seen of Pablo Picasso recently at the British Museum in London that the famous painter had made about every day life, and I had to tell Holly that I thought she was better at this stage of her work. The reason was that she had managed to reach deeply into her subjects and pull out an optimism that is very distinct for her and show it in her work. Even if at first glance the subjects are dreary and in the style of the pessimism typical of most millennials, there is always a glimmer of hope in what she does that makes her stuff different from similar works of art.

I remember how it was when I was her age, I used to hang around with all the crazy artists at 4 AM in the morning at the Perkins in Corryville at the University of Cincinnati campus, and then the Perkins in Montgomery where all the affluent rich kids who wanted to be nothing like their stiff parents came to express themselves with grunge art, music and literature over hamburgers and free refills of Coke all night. There were similar scenes played out all across the world, young people who thought they were the first to stumble out of childhood and into the injustice of the world rebelling with non-conformity—until the age of 30 came closer and the demands of children, house payments and a steady job forced them to do what they knew best, what they learned from watching their parents go through the same cycle. Thus, artists, even the really good ones, find themselves limited greatly by this cycle of observation—even Picasso’s sketches were very didactic in their worldview—featured so prominently at the greatest museums of the world. Most young artists while their window of free thinking is open to them, before the pressures of life close that window only get to the point where they ask questions and represent those questions in their art. It is therefore pretty rare to see an artist who can ask and answer some of those observational questions.

If an artist isn’t breaking through into some realization not obtained any other way, then it could be argued that the work is simply reflectional—and other than looking neat, is useless to the viewer. But capturing some hidden reality, obscured by the lenses of daily pressures is the difference between a good artist and an average one and to me it is quite clear that Holly is peaking at that goodness. Many of the pieces she has shown me recently are already there. I can only imagine what she will be like after another 2000 drawings, which she is well on her way to producing. She has always been a very interesting person and has had a need to express that uniqueness—so its very nice to see that wonder hatching early in the 21st Century for the world to enjoy.

For me however the pride is in elements that aren’t so obvious in the various sketches. Artists in order to be good need to have lived some life and been pushed to the breaking points a time or two, and most people inclined to such endeavors often turn to substance abuse to alleviate the pain of such moments where expectations don’t meet reality. In my daughter’s case, she has a vast intellect that is capable of a great deal—and because of that she can endure observations that are quite harsh without being broken emotionally, and thus can then articulate those elements onto a printed page. As a parent it is hard to let kids live and to defend them when the world thinks they should be doing something else. But the payoff is in the results which I am enjoying from her. Referencing all the “artistic” types that I’ve known over the years where they all fell short was that they become bitter and rather stagnant in their work. But the human mind craves more than anything optimism, the yearning to turn one more corner to get to a new reality and if a person can last long enough, they can achieve anything. Its one thing to identify what ails the world, it’s quite another to see it and work beyond those limits and I can see in Holly a path where she does this naturally, which puts her in a category of uniqueness that no school can teach—only the realities of a life well lived.

All life is about conflict, and the best of art shows those situations resolved, or the preparation of that resolution. Even the Da Vinci Mona Lisa is about that mysterious look captured in the midst of tumultuous times—that steady gaze from the mysteries of time peering at the future with a knowing smile. Exploring the Louvre in Paris the art shown there is mostly of this type and I don’t see it much differently from today’s comic book artists expressing themselves based on modern observational tendencies. Only today there are more options, and the artistic noise is much greater than it was in Da Vinci’s time. But the artistic process is very much the same, an individual witnesses’ life and puts to it hopes, fears, anxieties and even dreams that can punch through the imagination of a viewer to varying degrees. And to see any young person do that is a wonderful miracle of existence—especially when they turn out to be a kid that you’ve cared for from their very first moments to the present with lots of detail, yet without interrupting their own boons to self-awareness. Pride is a limited emotion to describe such a feeling, but it’s a start.

Rich Hoffman

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