The Most Beautiful Woman in Africa: Setting the bar high for those too lazy to reach for it

In any other year in any other administration Melania Trump’s trip to Africa climaxing at the pyramids of Egypt would have been a world stopping event of high praise and elegance. Just the pageantry of one of the world’s most beautiful women going on safari in Kenya or standing boldly in front of the Great Sphinx would have filled every magazine cover in the fashion industry with her grace. And as physically stunning in her beauty as Melania is she’s smart and gracious as well representing America in the best way possible in every category. There isn’t much to criticize about her, and there is a whole lot to like. But back home with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, and an unemployment number that was historic all on its own, her husband’s big news overshadowed what was one of the most spectacular trips a First Lady ever conducted in America to foreign soil and it’s a shame that most people missed it. But astonishingly the attention Melania did get was roundly negative because some of the outfits she chose to wear were just too good for average people in the media to withstand.

What’s important about the reaction that most reporters, and liberal internet trolls had about Melania’s visit to some of Africa’s great places was that it revealed the essential hate that has fueled the Democratic Party for years. Part of that hate you can find in any junior high school when the first girl of a sixth or seventh grade class starts showing breast development or other signs of a blooming flower that will start to attract he attention of boys. Personally speaking, I’ve always felt that wearing hats were stylish and were respectful to the society for which you represented, and I’ve done it all my life. I used to wear a cowboy hat everywhere when I was in grade school from fifth grade all the way up to and past my graduation and people would say the meanest things. The more they did it, the more I wore the hats and more often. Essentially anytime individuals show themselves to be apart from the herd either through personal beauty or chosen attire, the mob mentality that is part of our animal makeup wants to beat it down into submission to let everyone know that standing out is not a desired trait.

The hatred that comes from people toward those of exception and independence comes from not wanting any individual to raise a bar that others might feel the pressure to live up to. The true meaning behind the name calling and social banter is to make those exceptional people feel the pressure to come back down to earth with the rest of the world and not to raise the level of performance expectation too high. You can actually see this behavior at work in just about every industry on planet earth. Average performance will get you a seat at the table with the cool people. Society calls people cool who are the pace setters for everyone else, and all people are supposed to stay under the bars that they set. Today the “cool people” are marijuana smoking hip hop artists like Snoop Dogg or tattooed freaks and body pierced losers like those seen in typical pop music bands. The not so subtle message to their followers is to revert toward tribalism and collective unity through shared pain and personal mutilation. From the cool people of establishment society these days it is good to mutilate your individual bodies and to seek redemption in collective associations. Melania’s message to the world while touring Africa was the opposite, and that is what set the criticism of her afire.

In America many in the media and in entertainment industries have tried to lower the outward image of the average American into something that low intelligence, lottery buying, gambling addicts would feel comfortable with. Forget about Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, instead show the world Jack Black farting on stage. People have an easier time living up to the low standard as opposed to aspiring to the high one so over time the expectation has drifted into recess with the losers of the world becoming the cool people—and the cool people are always the trend setters. Only Melania Trump was one of those trend setters who built a career well before she met Donald Trump as a top fashion model in the industry selling images which people were fine with so long as it stayed in the realm of sex. But now that she is a First Lady with policy influence, it was a real threat to the status quo to have her running around Africa looking like she strolled off the pages of GQ inspiring people to greatness. But for Melania she was promoting her “Be Best” campaign and how best to achieve that but by looking and acting exceptional.

The hatred from the left essentially comes from any reference to exceptionalism where people are expected to behave at a level of excellence. After all the political left has attempted to remove all examples of goodness from our society by stripping away any level of expectation. The result is what we are now seeing among millennials who are suddenly mystified why people don’t just love them because they stepped into a room. Liberals did everything they could to push fathers out of the home and to marry the mothers of children who suddenly looked to government as the home care provider. A scheme that was more than just a little obvious, because instead of loving a father the children would grow up loving government and would keep politicians in power who were all to happy to be that parental role in their lives all their lives.

But Melania broke more than a few rules when she dressed to match her enthusiasm for a unique country and all its ancient mysteries instead of being sensitive to the lazy and lackluster with less than a sensational presentation of herself. She was supposed to be sensitive to the needs of the weak and those not as gifted physically as she was. She was expected to cut her hair short and to put on a few pounds to make average people not feel inferior. She was expected to stuff her breasts up tight against her body and not wear pants that showed the curves of her fuselage. Most of left leaning people wanted to see a Mrs. Potato head, not a fashion model working from the White House. These kinds of trips were supposed to be reserved to people like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie from the Hollywood crowd, not a sitting First Lady. How could anybody in the future ever compete with Melania Trump?

Yet that was the point of the trip, the “Be Best” tour of Africa, to inspire the world to be better. And Melania did that. In retaliation the media reluctantly covered the trip with a kind of stubbornness that a child refusing to eat might display. But nobody could say she didn’t represent America well. From the perspective of liberals, she did too good. Yet that’s exactly what we want from a representative to the White House that we elected to conduct our business. We want the people of Africa to be successful and to be inspired. If they want to learn from our economic system, we are happy to teach them. But Melania didn’t go there to put on a tribal headdress and bow to some tribal king who still thinks the moon is going to help his crops grow. She went there to show them that prosperity was there for all to partake in and if they wanted to look like her and act like her then America could show them the way. Pandering to the cultures of the past is fine but humans should never limit themselves to such restrictions. And Melania Trump showed the world that the way to escape those limits is to “be Best” and that all starts by the way we conduct ourselves in public. And in that regard Melania Trump was “The Best” and most beautiful that Africa had ever seen. True, beauty is only skin deep, but what Melania showed was even deeper than that. She was the whole package and she represented America wonderfully.

Rich Hoffman

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Melania Trump’s “Be Best” Initiative: The secret to success is within us all–if only we think right about it

Even if she looked like an elephant’s ass, I would still think that Melania Trump is one of the most beautiful people on planet earth. Fortunately, she looks as wonderful as she acts from the inside out making her a striking personality and upon seeing her in person, I can report that the cameras don’t lie. In fact, they don’t do her justice. She is a truly beautiful person and the United States is excessively lucky to have her as a First Lady. I think she will go down in history as THE best with no close second, which says a lot, because there have been many great ones over the many years of our country’s existence. So I wouldn’t have expected anything less from her when she announced on May 7th 2018 her latest White House Initiative: “Be Best.”

I love the name for her initiative, “Be Best” which is rather all incumbent toward what is needed in our modern age. Everyone should wake up each day trying to be the best that they can be at whatever it is they are doing, especially children because the trajectory of their lives will follow the path of whatever it is they are thinking about, so they’ll always do themselves a huge favor by thinking the best of everything, no matter what it is. The program as Melania Trump has outlined it consists of three basic elements listed below:


By promoting values such as healthy living, encouragement, kindness, and respect, parents, teachers, and other adults can help prepare children for their futures. With those values as a solid foundation, children will be able to better deal with the evils of the opioid crisis and avoid negative social media interaction.


When children learn positive online behaviors early-on, social media can be used in productive ways and can affect positive change. Mrs. Trump believes that children should be both seen and heard, and it is our responsibility as adults to educate and reinforce to them that when they are using their voices—whether verbally or online—they must choose their words wisely and speak with respect and compassion.


Opioid dependence, addiction, and abuse are an epidemic in this country. BE BEST will support the families and children affected by this crisis, bring attention to neonatal abstinence syndrome, and help educate parents on the importance of healthy pregnancies.

It was pretty disgusting given the positive nature of this presentation for many in the media to criticize Melania Trump for her accent and let’s not beat around the topic—because she is a gorgeous human being. In a world where we are not supposed to discriminate against other people for how they look or what sex they happen to be, we should never berate another person just because they are beautiful. Melania was mocked because the media believes that her husband President Trump is the ultimate cyber bully, but what they miss is that it was never he who initiated the fights. The real bullies are those on the political left who use all forms of media, especially social media, to bully people through threats and intimidation into following in behind their social constraints. What those who criticized this very beautiful First Lady for, this “Be Best” initiative, were really trying to do was force Melanie into hiding so she can’t do things like this from the platform of the White House. The political left doesn’t want anybody to “Be Best” they want mediocrity so that people always turn to government for their needs, which is their essential philosophical premise in everything they do. Donald Trump is not a bully, he is one who fights back, and his wife Melania is much the same, only she uses different tools to do so.

All three of the items she listed as part of her “Be Best” initiative are symptoms of poor left-leaning political philosophy, the bullying on social media coming straight from the peer pressure tactics children learn from their public educations. If people are off doing what they want, the public schools teach children to gang up on other children to push the rogues into a peer groups formed by the government school. That is the root cause of most bullying on any media format. Even the idea of well-being is a derivative of left leaning failure because that is something that everyone must work out for themselves, and if they are following an inauthentic existence not conducive to their personal initiatives they will not be well off emotionally. Those problems often lead to the opioid abuse problem that we currently have in America. When people desire to turn off their minds to the numbness provided by drugs there are intellectual failures going on that the body is seeking relief from. So while the three topics sound distinctly different, they are very interconnected problems given off as by-products of left-leaning political ideologies.

In many ways I think this “Be Best” initiative is more powerful than Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign—because Melania is dealing with the basic essence of most of the problems young people face today. No kid wants to grow up to be “middle class,” or “poor.” They don’t want to think of themselves as blacks, whites, males or females, they just want to have a shot at the wildest dreams they can come up with as a result of their childhoods of playing. I make mention often of how the lights of children gradually go out the older they get. Before five years of age, most kids still have on those lights in their eyes that they can be anything they want in life so long as they can dream it. This is a very optimistic period in their lives. But due to our social failures in government education and our general failures as adults to adhere to a successful philosophy that leads by example healthy, and wealthy lives in America, children begin to lose hope with each year they come toward adulthood. To deal with that loss of hope they turn to peer groups and drugs to mitigate the losses they see coming at them faster than they are prepared to deal with such a crisis. The genius behind Melania’s proposal is that by taking the mind to the place of being the best at something, it puts the acquisition of dreams on a much higher priority list and even if young people fall short of their wildest fantasies, they often find that their lives are much better off as a result of their high objectives. When we have a society with such expectations, the net result is often a much-improved overall society.

It’s not enough to just say “No” to drugs. You must stop why people desire to do drugs in the first place, or that temptation to gang up on another child from within a peer group to push individuals into breaking down to the force of a mob and adhere to the values of a foreign entity just to survive the threats of physical and mental harm will continue to persist. What Trump has been doing is bullying the bullies, he has not been the villain. And Melania coming from a communist country as a little girl to end up in the White House gaining a platform to actually help people has done the most with her position in a positive way—and her efforts are beyond criticism. Nobody in their right mind could say anything negative about Melania Trump or her efforts at improving the world—unless they are part of the problem. And for those who stand against the “Be Best” initiative, they reveal themselves as the true villains of our national politics and have always been part of the problem for which we must now correct.

Rich Hoffman
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“Holy Cow–is SHE GORGEOUS”: What the media misses about Trump, his supporters, and a return to greatness that defines America

I always enjoy being invited to these exclusive political events because it gives me a chance to spend time with good people who generally want the same things I do, a good life for everyone in America intent on a philosophy to take us all there. I didn’t know it at the time but learned later that the guy behind me was the prosecutor for Butler County, a well-known hard nose no-nonsense guy named Michael Gmoser. It was 25 degrees at the Lunken Airport and security was heavy as they checked us through the reception area of a hanger awaiting the arrival of President Trump on a visit to Cincinnati, Ohio. Michael and I spoke like a couple of guys who had a million of other things to do than to stand in the cold to await watching a plane land and to shake hands with the occupant. We both agreed that we’d only do such a thing for Donald Trump because history was literally being made every day of his presidency and he was worth the extra effort. After I learned that he was the prosecutor for my county, I understood his temperament. Most of the people in the crowed of invited guests were a little star struck of having the opportunity to meet a sitting president, but Michael Gmoser was a practical man who had a lot of people demanding time of him—but for just a few hours out of a Monday afternoon on a cold February in Ohio we took a moment to let history wash over us. Here is my video footage from the vantage point of an insider at the event—a side that most people would never get from the media. I think you’ll find it very interesting dear reader.

As I watched media coverage of this Trump occurrence later the same day they all missed the point, from the local news to the national news. As Trump stepped out of Air Force One to an enthusiastic crowd who had been awaiting him in the bone cracking cold the media rushed to position themselves for coverage, yet they all missed the mark. It’s not just because I was better positioned for the coverage, but because my vantage point of a long time Trump supporter made my footage better for the inquiring mind wondering why this president was so loved by his supporters. I was right at the edge of the fencing immediately next to the press platform, so I knew there would be media interviews from reporters working the line. Ironically, they all wanted to talk to my wife for a change—and she did a nice job. But no reporter really understood what was happening and thus had no clear way to present their material to an editor, or to the general public.
I can honestly say that every Trump event I’ve been to has been a very unique experience—he brings out in people the best and most enthusiastic hopes they might have at any given moment—it’s a rock star quality that isn’t typically associated with political figures. I remember how enthusiastic everything was way back in the Ross Perot days. I remember as well helping with the Bob Dole campaign in 96. I remember when George W. Bush came to town to turn the Museum Center into the Hall of Justice from the Justice League. I remember Barack Obama. I remember when Al Gore came to Cincinnati and stood in the flooding waters of the Ohio River as if to make climate change more of an issue of his visit—while he was still vice president under Clinton. Everything with Trump is different. I was happy to see that many of the young Republicans from Miami University were all around me. We let the girls up to the fence because they were shorter and I could easily film over their heads. Some of them had life changing moments that day, you could hear it in their voices. They had an opportunity to shake the hand of the president and they couldn’t contain their excitement.

On the video you can hear the voice of a long time Republican operative say, “Holy cow, is she gorgeous” when Melania was stepping down the steps of Air Force One. Then you could hear the young lady next to her who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old declare, “He’s gorgeous,” referring to the almost 72-year-old President Trump. Here were women from opposite ends of femininity commenting on their enthusiasm for seeing the President and First Lady in person and the energy that came from the exchange. I don’t blame the media for not understanding, even though they were virtually five feet from my position. But to really understand Trump you have to really talk to the people who were invited to this event—people who had worked hard to get him elected president and were proud of their hard work manifested before their eyes.
To Trump’s credit he could have easily have come out of Air Force One and entered into the car waiting for him in the harsh cold. The car could have driven over to where the crowd had gathered, and he could have waved and many people would have been happy to just see that. But, as was clear in the video, which wasn’t covered by any news outlet that I saw, Trump and his team complete with Melania Trump, Rob Portman and Jim Renacci elected to walk over 100 yards from Air Force One to the crowd I was in to greet him. He really didn’t have to do it, but he did it anyway and in live time it was something to see. The enthusiasm was obvious.

Spectators of all this might say that it was a friendly crowd to Trump, and that Trump is a charismatic character who loves the spotlight—but I’d say its far more complicated than that. For me the event of the day was watching Air Force One land at Lunken knowing that the people around me—all who contributed mightily to Trump’s election in Ohio helped make that reality possible. I’d attribute it to giving birth—the Trump presidency was like giving birth to a new age in politics and we were all the proud parents. It was pride I felt in watching the plane taxi to its resting place knowing what transpired in the trenches to make that happen—and that was something the media there just couldn’t get their minds around. It wasn’t just the rock star status of a president and his wife there before us, it was the pride of playing a part in making something very special happen and that everyone seemed to appreciate the gravitas of that moment—including the president.

The guy next to me was very cool, he was the official pilot of Jim Renacci and had told me while we waited for Trump that he had been to over 20 Trump rallies during the campaign. He was proud as could be to attend this little gathering of over 200 supporters, and to get a fist bump from Trump himself. Here was a grown man who had literally seen it all—he had globetrotted all over the world, and he was reduced to a kid happy to get a simple handshake by Trump. As was clear in the video, Trump took his time shaking hands with everyone who wanted to. Even though the Secret Service indicated no selfies, Trump did give some out. It was an amazing performance. And Melania Trump was gorgeous, stunning really. Not just physically, but she is a person who has emerged into her role with the poise of a genuinely sincere person who was using her position for the best possible good. That was the first time I’ve seen her in person and she was quite a stunning figure to say the least. She and my wife are the same age and Melania made eye contact with her with a nice little smile and a wave to see a kindred spirit looking back at her from the other side of the fence. It was a very strange moment of humanity that had the tapestries of magnificence—but instead of being seduced by the pomp—the temperament was mutual appreciation. Neither my wife and I are autograph or handshake types. I just like good quality people and it was nice to have such a collection of high quality people present and to be entirely honest, as I did have a million and one other things I needed to do that day—I was glad to go to this event just to see two good people in the President and his wife at the eye of a massive global storm handling everything the kind of poise that is excessively respectable and encouraging. All the hard work over the last few years was certainly worth it, and the cold and sacrifice of that day was the exclamation point at the end of a long declarative sentence. The Trumps are people just like the rest of us, made of the same flesh and bone that comes and goes with the ages. What makes them and us different is that the spirit of our ambitions together and apart has lit the world ablaze with ambition once again that time will not soon forget, and that was a wonderful enchantment.

Even if I didn’t get to meet the president and finally see in person Jim Renacci whom I am very excited for to become the next United States Senator representing Ohio, it was great to be around so many normal people collected in one place. I have no problem functioning in the world at large, but I am most happy with people who have passions that drive them in the world, people like Michael Gmoser, Renacci’s pilot (I wished I had gotten his name), the many great young Republicans from Miami University, the young kids dressed respectfully in suits for the occasion and the hundreds of other people I’ve come to know from various liberty minded events all over Ohio during the last decade. There were no millennials covered in body piercings, or other liberal lunatics present—no slack jawed hippies or anti-capitalist drug addicts, only the good people of solid conservatism that has emerged in the age of Trump. Most of all, it was a lot of good work by Ann Becker to be at the middle of so many roads that she juggles better than any circus act which brought so many paths together. I’m not sure even she understands her role in all this, but without her—I doubt that plane would have ever landed at Lunken airport carrying those fine people aforementioned above. We all play our part in the grand fortissimo of this epic journey, but I give her a lot of credit for navigating the ship through some of the roughest waters. If Odysseus had the benefit of Ann Becker as his navigator in the great literary Odyssey during the ancient year of 8th century B.C., the book would have been about one-page long.

Rich Hoffman
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The Wonderful Melania Trump: Without her, a Donald Trump presidency wouldn’t be possible–that’s why the media is attacking her more

If there is a person I really feel sorry for its Melania Trump.  She did such a marvelous job during the Holiday season to bring great class to the White House, but the moment that we hit January 2018 the fangs and venom of a very hate filled culture came after the Trump family with everything it had—and she has taken the brunt of it as the person most sensitive to pressure.  The target of course is Donald Trump—her husband.  He can handle anything; he’s a 71-year-old billionaire who made his way through life as an alpha male playboy real estate investor.  She knew what she was marrying and I really think Melania has had an effect on Trump as a person over time.  He likely married her for her looks initially, but it is the class of her personality that appears to have had a gradual change on him—and having another son at a point in his life when he was most ready for it.  So the constant CNN stories about Stormy Daniels, the porn star that was allegedly paid $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about an affair with Trump in 2006 would be a hard thing to deal with.  The small-minded Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury likely did as well.  Then there were the SAG awards where it was obvious that Melania was hated by the Hollywood left where they spent much of their show roasting her just because she is physically beautiful.  If I were Melania I’d be questioning right now if any of all this White House business was actually worth it.

I knew a girl a long time ago who was a premier model for Penthouse magazine.  She was 26, a few years older than I was at the time and she was married to a developer in Cincinnati who was magnificently connected to all the movers and shakers.  He was in his late 50s so obviously she wasn’t physically attracted to the guy, but she did love his money.  I knew him as well, he was a good guy who obviously wanted a trophy wife to show off to all his friends in the business world because as every man knows, other men judge alpha males by the quality of their wives and their ability to get the attention of other women as potential mates.  If you want to be the top dog among other males you need to have the best looking wife and also have the ability to steal away your friend’s wife—just to show him that you are better than he is.  Of course this kind of thinking is what drives the women’s rights groups with their own radical progressivism—but we’re talking about millions of years of innate instinct here which resides in the human species.  Women are attracted to men who can provide the most options for a growing family.  They aren’t all that concerned with looks, but with what a man can do for them.  A man wants to show that he can have the pick of a litter in potential mates.  If a man is really a top male, he can take any woman he wants and this is essentially Michael Wolff’s presentation of Trump in that book of his.  To a beta male like Wolff, this is disgusting behavior, but to other alphas, they understand it and don’t hold it against Trump.

This woman I was speaking about was in desperate yearning for male attention from people in her own age group.  She enjoyed meeting the mayor and local celebrities with her husband, but she couldn’t do anything with her needs for physical contact due to her husband’s age.  She was simply an ornament hanging on his arm to make him look good.  She knew that when she married him, but that didn’t stop the human need for personal contact.  He and she were pretty good friends, they talked and shared a lot together.  But sex for him was a task—for her it was a need—and that came from being at two different biological stages in their lives.  That left her living a life of quiet desperation that I’m sure is a bit of what Melania is going through right now.  Trump is great at many things—but at nearly 72 years old there’s not much he can do for a woman like Melania Trump.  When she was living in New York at the top of a golden tower apartment hidden from the world when she wanted to be, the arrangement was likely worth the downside.  But in the White House where everything is under microanalys every five seconds the pressure is probably pretty immense.

Melania is essentially the same age as my wife is now so I can understand the needs she probably has.  Melania isn’t the type of FLOTUS that Michelle Obama was where she says in your face types of things to the other political side routinely.  Melania as a top fashion model was used to being liked, her jewelry line was sought after by the biggest celebrities, and now to see those people hating her at the SAG awards must be painful. But it is all worth it.  In the end of all this I think she will go down as the greatest FLOTUS that the United States ever had. Currently she has brought a class to that White House that even President Trump has to live up to and that is a remarkable achievement.  I’m sure that she played a major role and making Trump into the kind of man who could run for president—instead of running around golf courses with porn stars.  For alpha males there is a very subtle switch that takes their otherwise destructive personal behavior and turns them into an extreme positive force and I credit Melania Trump for providing that to her husband.

As I read the Wolff book I was pretty stunned by the small mindedness of everyone in it, from the perspective of the little man author of course.  As a little beta man he has a natural resentment toward alpha types and that shows in his writing.  But there is of course some truth to what he put on paper, especially in relation to Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon.  At the start of the book the two men were sitting around at a restaurant contemplating what kind of president Trump would be as the newly elected victor of the 2016 election.  Ailes just fired from Fox News apparently was a little mystified that he had turned down Trump to run his campaign and that this fat slob in Bannon from the small market $1.5 million dollar a year operation in Brietbart was now one of the most powerful men in the world.  But the two men were students of history and they really couldn’t believe that Trump—the man they had known for years—was president.  “The Donald” was after all a player, a reckless business investor who used his massive charisma to make people do things they might otherwise not do.  How could he be president when they knew more about history and politics than he did?  Well, Trump obviously had all the ingredients to be president and he is doing a remarkable good job.  But what he has that everyone else doesn’t is Melania Trump, that takes all those great skills he has and focuses them on bigger things than sleeping with porn stars and other top models in entertainment to prove his alpha maleness.  That is why I think she deserves a lot of credit for this wonderful revolution that is going on.

If the people at CNN and the publishers and authors out there who are like Michael Wolff, just hanging around in the background trying to pick apart every little thing that Trump does as president, if they really knew anything they’d see what a great woman Melania is and what role she has played in improving our White House by being that silent partner which gives far more than anybody realizes.  That gift doesn’t come from just her looks; it comes from being a good person that inspires in the people around her greatness.  I’d say that is really the source of people’s resentment of her—because they unconsciously understand that the way to bring down Trump is to bring down his wife.  That is his only real weakness.  That’s the soft side of Donald Trump that he doesn’t show.  I don’t think we’d have a President Trump without her and I hope she can fight through these tough months—because the work that is done over these next few years will change America for the better.  And her role in it may not be truly ever realized, but without her none of it would have a chance.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Carl Rullmann and Melania Trump’s Wondrous Christmas Trees: Stumps of life that give meaning to existence

As I was admiring the magnificent Christmas decorations at the White House by the gifted fashion eye of Melania Trump I received the notification from his widow that one of my long-time friend and readers Carl Rullmann had died on Monday November 20th. She went on to say that even in his final days when he could no longer read himself, she would read my articles to him. She elaborated that Carl looked forward to everything I had to say about everything which was a nice way to put it. Because I do literally write about everything, and often deeply, which is my inclination. I first met Carl over eight years ago when I was at a meeting and he rushed over to tell me how much he enjoyed my segments on 700 WLW radio and we have been friends ever since. He often would send me private emails wanting to talk more explicitly about things I had written that he took issue with, as a deeply religious man. I enjoyed the banter and understood what role some of that interaction played in his life as he suffered through several illnesses over the last couple of years culminating in his event on the 20th. I felt sorry for his wife Rita immediately as it had to have taken a lot of personal courage for her to contact me in the way she did just seven days after. But I view death differently than most people and I found the beauty of Carl’s life to be a similar reflection as what Melania Trump was doing at the White House, and instead of feeling sorrow for a lost friend, I found joy.

This year was the first my wife and I bought a real tree for Christmas. You have to understand, my wife and I are people who keep our emotions close in check all the time and we have enjoyed over the decades the knowledge that after New Year’s celebrations are complete and we head into those cold January days with nothing much to look forward to until spring arrives, that our Christmas tree would go into a box in our basement to be resurrected the next year. She came from a wealthy family and that’s how they did things, mainly for the convenience of it. So when we were married way back in 1988 we did much the same thing, getting artificial trees that were easy to put up and take down without a lot of emotional pomp and circumstance. What I didn’t know, that really didn’t emerge until our children were fully grown and we started having lots of grandchildren to deal with, was that deep down inside she always wanted to have a live tree for Christmas.

I grew up with a live tree, each year my family had bought one going through the ritual of picking one out and then putting it up. The whole experience climaxed on Christmas Day when the whole mythology came alive to a nice end. It was always sad to take the tree down, but always extraordinarily exciting to put them up. I never remember a Christmas from my childhood that wasn’t an exciting period of my life—and the live Christmas tree was always the centerpiece. It always seemed odd to me that after Christmas my dad would take the tree out to our burn pile and we’d burn it sometime around late January and February. I’d look at it dormant on its side out in the cold covered in snow with the branches all brown and dry and wonder if it was the same magnificent thing that had been in our living room bringing so much joy.

My wife and I mutually didn’t want the emotional roller coaster of a live tree during our marriage. It gave us counsel to know that the centerpiece of our Holiday joy was always in our basement—yet the experience never seemed quite authentic. So it was much to my surprise when we were out shopping for early Christmas items when she declared, “let’s get a live tree this year.” Well, it didn’t take much for me to agree to it. We are after all empty nesters. Our kids come over for Christmas and it’s always nice, but they have their own lives these days and we are often only in it when they can find the time and will to get together. Our Christmas mornings now are very lonely and for us that is devastating, because we both always loved to have children in the house to bring mornings like Christmas to life in such grand ways. Now there are grandchildren, but we get about a half hour and it’s nowhere near the same. So buying a live tree for Christmas with all the emotion that can be involved for that Holiday I thought was a bold move for her.

I’ve watched the various presidents over the years in how they decorated the White House for Christmas because it says a lot about who they are. Back with the Clintons in the 90s there were utterances that they hung condoms on their Christmas tree because as progressives, they were actively pushing politically to replace Christianity as a guiding light for the masses. The Bush White House was more traditional and a welcome sign after the debacle that was the Clintons but that particular White House was too careful and sensitive to the progressive movement seeking to accommodate them more than traditionalists like me would have liked. Then there was the Happy Holidays of the Obama era—which was not as anti-Christian as the Clintons, but certainly wasn’t what we would call “traditional” in America. They sort of went through the motions and everyone could tell. But it wasn’t until Melania was able to design the decorating in the White House that we could see for the first time how magnificent the Executive Branch could be in leading the charge to restore Christmas to its proper place in American culture. Melania’s use of live trees and lighting was simply phenomenal, and it actually made me proud that my wife and I had decided to do a live tree this year as our personal tree has had the same kind of effect on our personal household. Because it was my wife’s first live tree she has put a lot of extra love in it knowing that the life of the tree deserved the extra attention. As she put it the whole reason the tree was raised and cut down was to serve this one purpose for just one little month of our lifetimes. Melania on the grand scale did much the same and the combined result to me was spectacular and filled me with pride and patriotism.

Of course it will be sad to take down our tree this year. And it will be sad to take down all the great trees in the White House. But the joy they provide for that very short time I think is a proper metaphor for all our lives. We are talking about the four seasons of course, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, or conception, birth, life and death metaphorically for us all. These Christmas trees represent life in the dead of winter when life ends and renews on the first day of the New Year. It’s a lifecycle and during Christmas in addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, we have constructed our holidays to serve a more appropriate and modern-day relevancy to our own existence, and Christmas trees are at the center of that mythology. They are a symbol and celebration of life in the time of death—winter. And in the case of my friend Carl Rullmann who lived a great life and was eager to learn something new right up until the end, he like our Christmas trees are wonderful to look at and appreciate. For the radiance of life that flowed through them does end and the body of the lifeform does diminish and fall away. In the case of Christmas trees we toss them out after the Holiday season for disposal, just like the dead of our human species. But it’s the celebration of their life in the times of Christmas all lit up and displayed with honor that is the point of living. Carl was one of those people and during life his lights and ornaments representing his experiences will carry on in our memories. Yes the body does die but all our lives are better because of our experiences with each other. And that is what I will always think of for now on when I see a live Christmas tree. They are beautiful things!

Safe travels Carl Rullmann on the next adventures of existence. Because like the Christmas trees we are all cut off at the stem and drinking water out of a little pot that keeps us alive just long enough. It is when we transcend that limit and drink from the waters of eternal life that our real adventure begins. And that is a beautiful thing as wall, in many ways more beautiful than life itself.

Rich Hoffman

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Joan Powell Announces she is a Progressive: ‘Putting Women in Their Place’ and more feminist Misery

Just to prove that everything I’ve ever said about Joan Powell is 100% correct just have a look at this polished video done by the kind of people who supporter her for the West Chester Trustee seat she is running for on the November 7, 2017 election.  The organization producing this video is an openly progressive group called Putting Women in Their Place and they are part of that radical leftist ideology that attempted to put Hillary Clinton in office just because she was a woman.  Well, there is a great woman running for trustee in West Chester and her name is Ann Becker.  Yet these hypocritical progressives ignore women who are openly conservative and instead go after supporting candidates who will walk the line of radicalism and man hating that come with groups like this.  If you want a good laugh, just watch this video.

I don’t think Joan Powell is an evil person, or is even stupid.  But she has used her network of radical feminists to come after me before due to her massive failures as a school board member at Lakota where she heavily abused a very generous budget of over $160 million dollars per year and essentially caved to the labor union’s demands for higher wages, then asked tax payers to leverage the expense on their property taxes.  Under the guidelines of these idiots, the Putting Women in Their Place crowd, we aren’t supposed to judge any woman for anything.  We are supposed to always look the other way when they do something because the value of their progressive organization is to put women in charge of things instead of men—regardless of how incompetent those women are.

You can hear that in Joan’s voice when she says that the West Chester Trustees have a “father knows best” approach to life in what has become one of the best places in America to live.  Well, maybe father does know best in this case, because it has obviously worked in West Chester.  But in her video, obviously because she’s running against her, Joan fails to mention that Ann Becker is running for a trustee seat given up by George Lang, and she is the endorsed Republican in the race.  For those who need clarification, Ann is a woman, and a very good one at that.  What these progressive groups really mean is that they want man haters in these seats they are running for.  Just have a look at their website.

You won’t find progressive women like Joan Powell and the rest of those latte sipping slobs on that website supporting Ivanka Trump’s quests as a representative of Donald Trump’s administration.  And you won’t see them talking about how wonderful of a first lady Melania Trump is—how gracious and caring she has been in her role as the first lady.  Honestly, the Trump administration has done more positive for women in just the last few months than previous administrations have done during their entire terms.  I don’t see these progressive women cheering on the great work of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House Press Secretary.  I mean women don’t need to win beauty contests to be great in those positions—but there is a beauty in competency and Sarah is one of the best that there ever has been.  Where are these progressive groups in support of these very fine women?

That’s how we get to the real truth about what these progressive women are after.  Everyone remembers when I called these types of women latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match, because these were the idiots who were running the pro levy groups at Lakota and damning all of us with high property taxes because they felt they had a right to function without being questioned.  When they couldn’t answer the questions they went straight to gender politics—because they had nothing else.  Their minds were flat and lazy and they relied on their control of sex in relationships to dominate the political landscape.   As an example a very powerful man wanted to give money to our levy fighting group, and it was for a substantial amount of money.  He asked us not to tell his wife who was also a prominent Republican socialite—because she was a school levy supporter and a progressive buddy with Joan Powell who caused all the mess to begin with.  I stood there looking at this very nice man who was a business tycoon in West Chester and he was worried about his wife finding out about giving us money to fight higher taxes because honestly he was worried he wouldn’t get any sex from her for the foreseeable future.  That’s how I came up with the prostitute notion, because these “progressive” women have used these kinds of tactics to bend politics into their direction for many years, and it has really crippled our society.  Men go along with it to keep peace in the house, but is that any way to live?

I have an aunt who is one of these bra burning progressives—a real man hater.  I never really had a bad experience with her except that I never agreed with her politics.  She was horrible to deal with on Holidays and the few times a year I had to see her, she always felt she needed to infuse her political opinions on us.  My mom was a housewife, one of the last ones, and this aunt felt it was her mission in life to change that status.  (Just as a footnote, you can tell the difference in the kind of kids the two families produced.  My mom’s kids are all successful in every aspect of their lives.  None of the aunt’s have been.  Not their fault, because it starts with the parents) She was molded as a 1960s feminist and we all sort of put up with her, and that went on for many years.  Well out of the blue about 15 years ago she contacted my wife for no apparent reason and wanted to take her to lunch.  You have to understand, I am politically as far from this lady as there are units of measure to cover the distance.  So her calling my wife was highly unusual, but she did and they went out for lunch.  The whole purpose of the lunch visit was to attack me for being a traditionalist and to recruit my wife who was a stay-at-home mom into the world of progressive women.

At the end of the lunch this lady actually told my wife, “we women must stick together—or else.”  She actually threatened my wife with implied violence if she didn’t subscribe to her version of feminist radicalism.   I have not spoken to that person since except to tell my family why I have completely painted her out of my life.  I mean I have never been a control freak about what my wife does. I am very easy to deal with in regard to people’s personal decisions.  I have always let my wife and two daughters do pretty much as they saw fit, but I always did make my opinions known.  I certainly didn’t deserve to have this bra burning feminist trying to inject herself into my marriage to create discontent to fulfill some progressive political objective.   My wife was a very strong woman taking great care of my family in a traditional way.  As a former model she was always very attractive and that drove this aunt crazy—so she felt she needed to get control over her for some perverse social reason.   It caused a rift in our family that still exists.  I never forget anything, and don’t intend to start now.

We have another one who is the mom of one of the people who have married into our family.  When we get together to go shooting she sometimes is there, but she hates guns.  Actually, hate is too light of a word.  She is insanely against them, yet she comes to these family events knowing full well what’s going to happen at them.  She is very dramatic in her hatred and she openly imposes herself on everyone at the gathering.  She loves all that hippie rock from the 60s and 70s and expects us all to just shut up and let her rattle on and on about it, and if we say anything to her she demands that we are women haters.   When we go on and shoot anyway you’d think we threw Holy water on her during an exorcism.  She is ridiculous.  Her husband who is a staunch conservative just sits there and smiles.  When she’s away we ask why he puts up with her.  The answer is an embarrassing one, but you get the picture.  No man wants to be locked out of their own bedroom and these types of progressive women feel that is their right to use sex as leverage to control the politics of a family.  If a man gets tired of it and goes to Vegas to have a weekend with a bunch of whores then those women want half of everything the man possesses—including the kids.  These progressive women have become a menace to happiness and they think they are empowered to create all this misery because they embed themselves like Kathy Bates into every part of our lives.

Speaking from my personal experiences I just think they are crazy.  Somewhere in their ideology and their menopausal hormones is the villain of insanity.   Most of them are older and beyond repair.  Younger women can find moments of sanity after a good romp, because they aren’t yet biologically disposed of.  As younger women they still enjoy the company of a good man, but when they get older and no longer care for sex, they hold their husbands hostage to it because he has nowhere to go.  He’s not allowed to cheat on her by their marriage contract, but if he wants if from her, he has to do what she says.  So the man does what most do and they develop a hobby out in the garage, whether its model airplanes, fixing up a classic car, or playing golf with the guys so they can get away from these progressive idiots and the insanity that always follows in their wake.  Speak to any of these progressive women for a little while and you’ll find some variation to the stories I have just articulated.  Insanity is a common theme with them.   They may speak well socially, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see it.

Progressive women don’t really want women in power; they want certain kinds of women in power.  Conservative women are not welcome, only the man hating radicals who will play the game of imposing liberal politics into their marriages so that they can corrupt every relationship they have in their contacts—from family events to manicures.  Progressive women have all the power and they do use sex to control the world around them.  They play the victim socially, but in their bedrooms that is how they expand their kingdoms and there are many, many men who are prisoners in those bedrooms.  They wish they had a wife that wanted to share a life with them, but those types of progressive women only want misery so they can maneuver everything around them to the insanity of their twisted politics.  And now you know dear reader what Joan Powell is, and what she wants to do.  And you know who backs her.  Now all you have to do is stop her at the ballot box—because she by her politics is a hypocrite, like all progressive women are.    They are hypocrites because they use politics to hide a deep hatred they have about women who are beautiful, or smart—or are truly happy on their own.  Progressives require group think and they need to pull in as many women as possible into their vortex of misery so they can still look in the mirror and deal with what looks back—a hateful loser who often ruins the relationships of all the sane people in their lives—and they need to hide from those mistakes behind some political cause invented to conceal their folly.   Remember that when you vote.

Rich Hoffman

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Melania Trump: ‘How Great Thou Art’

There has never been a First Lady like Melania Trump—and her presence in the White House over these next few years will alone boost the morale of the American way of life. I have watched a lot of these inaugurations and I have read about many others throughout history and there was never a woman with the grace of Melania Trump to do the job as well as the current First Lady has and will be doing.

I have hated Barack Obama and how he ran the Executive Branch over the last eight years, but I’ll have to say, when Melania brought Michelle Obama a nice present upon their meeting before the inauguration, I actually didn’t hate the Obamas so much. Melania did everything during the inauguration with such grace and class that she even melted away the extreme anger I had for the Obamas with just the simple exchange of a present.

I hate to think that whatever Melania gave Michelle from Tiffany’s in New York might be thrown away and abused with hatred from one administration toward the next because I think Melania’s actions were genuine. I think she really likes Michelle Obama and wanted to give her something to feel better about leaving behind the only thing that gave her value in life—the White House.  Without the executive office, the Obamas are just regular people and that obviously bothers Michelle Obama.  However, Melania seemed to understand even though her life was like stepping out of Heaven itself bearing gifts for a mortal job in the White House to restore the nation back to health with her love.  So even though she couldn’t relate to Michelle’s condition, she was sympathetic to it and she brought a nice gift hoping to ease the pain—and hopefully that was appreciated.  Because when I saw it I thought it was very classy.

Over the following days Donald Trump went right to work like I always thought he would, starting the process of repealing Obamacare, getting rid of TPP, getting the Keystone and Dakota pipelines rolling, meeting with Elon Musk and many other business leaders hoping to infuse optimism back into the investment market. Right after that meeting he had another with union leaders of all people and started a very complicated process of changing demographic voting patterns.  Donald Trump put out a wage freeze for federal employment and started working toward massive budget cuts and he did it with all the gusto that we’ve come to expect out of a guy who had a top rated television show on NBC doing just what he was doing now in the White House.  So why wouldn’t he be successful?

But Melania Trump is something else all together—a class act in every way you can imagine and we’ve only really witnessed her for a few days—most notably on the inauguration. Before that she was a bit of a mystery as she stayed off the campaign trail and out of the lime light to care for her 10-year-old son Barron.  And as I watched Melania and her husband Donald walk in the parade up to the White House very gracefully looking like the most perfect runway model of high fashion even after more than 10 hours in high heel shoes, her son Barron walked awkwardly like a giant from some other land brought down out of the tower of his birth into the world below to save it from itself.  He awkwardly waved to the crowd obviously still getting used to his large framed body for such a young boy—but was running purely on the power of his mother’s love.  Melania would nurture him along like Bambi’s mother from the classic Disney film with a simple smile.  Enemies of President Trump looked for ways to take shots at the mother and child mistaking such moments as weakness.  But the big President Trump so sure of himself didn’t worry about mother and child—but used the occasion to harden the young man into his own kind of inauguration into manhood.  And what better way for a little boy to be introduced to the public but in a presidential parade with his parents urging him alone at his own pace.

Melania was ultimately the architect of the event and both Donald Trump and the rest of the family followed her lead with great class. The more you watch the Trumps the more you realized that Melania as even the third wife of Donald J. Trump was the one who gave the brash New York businessman his grounding into life.  She was likely as responsible for him being President as all the hard work he put into it on his own.  The meaning for much of his efforts was reflected in his wife’s face.  And I don’t think that Donald Trump would disagree with me upon reading any of this.  He might not talk about it in a self-reflective way—because he’s not like that.  But watching them in that Saturday church service right after the inauguration, after all the class from the balls the night before—Melania shed real tears while the chorus played “How Great Thou Art.”  Trump was moved as well in his way but it was Melania who provoked the lead toward a standing ovation.  If you watch those two people carefully Donald Trump listens to that classic song with his arms crossed keeping his emotions in check—the way men typically do.  I do the same.  There’s not room for crying in life if you’re a man—because the little grandchildren and children behind him want to know that Dad can face anything without fear.  That is expected in all people—whether or not they get that as a reality—everyone desires such things.  But then Melania not fettered by social constraints of stoicism wiped away tears gracefully and it was obvious she was deeply touched which indicates the quality of the soul inside her beautiful body.  Melania isn’t just an ex-fashion model—she’s a deep person and in that depth she lives for bigger things.

There are phonies out there, lots of them who are soulless leeches and pretend to go to these kinds of events and feel passion for what they witness. But when you talk to them in person you find out they are like the characters from the Netflix series House of Cards.  The Trumps aren’t like that.  They are real and what they feel is genuine—which is reflected in what they do day in and day out.  Melania for over ten years has lived in that golden palace atop the New York skyline coming down only occasionally for the needed social visit.  But now she’s down for a while to help the nation heal after many years of degradation—and what she brings with her is an untarnished innocence given to her by a man who lovers her, a son who needs her, and family who counted on her to give them a solid groundwork to build a family off of.  Without her, I doubt Donald Trump would be president or any of them would be in the position they were in at that church ceremony.  And she knows the weight she carries, yet she never broke a sweat or showed a crack in her resolve—because she knew it was time now for her to give those gifts to the world in a way that only she could.  What a remarkable woman in the classiest definition possible.  She is just  what America needed—and just in time.

Rich Hoffman


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