Parental Government Didn’t Know Best: And now we must rebel against such fools and losers

Not sure where Governor DeWine gets off thinking he needs to tell us what we need to do to be safe going out into public, but I moved out of my parent’s house like 35 years ago. I do not need a daddy to care for me. And I certainly don’t need a bunch of health freaks to tell me that my going out of my house is a risk to the lives of everyone else. This nonsense has gone on for far too long, and let me remind everyone reading, I was one of the first in the country to point out what many are just figuring out about the coronavirus out of China, that it was a false flag of nonsense. Sure, the virus was real, but it certainly wasn’t the killer they made it out to be, it has been well within the statistical zone of regular illnesses, and it certainly wasn’t justified to shut down the world as a reaction to it. The cost to the economy was a self imposed decision and many governors like DeWine fell for it completely and believed with their Christian upbringings that they were all that stood in between life and death of the people they were governing, which turned them into nightmarish tyrants all in the name of safety. And now that the pressure is very intense to re-open new considerations are emerging, which I have also been saying for a long time, well before anybody else was saying it, the cost is upon us and no governor wants to deal with the impact of that.

I must remind readers here what an overman is, which is indicated by the title. On occasions in the past I have covered it, but it’s been a while. It’s necessary now to articulate due to the flamboyant nature of my early predictions on Covid-19 and how I was able to see what many were not so soon in the process. The truth is that my goal, and the intention of this site of communication was never to be an “everyman” or an “average man” or a person stuck in the sauce of humanity. I’m the guy who grew up going to Bible school every Sunday and would skip the section of the “Jesus Loves Me” song when it came to “we are weak but he is strong, Yes, Jesus loves me.” I was 4 and 5 years old when I started realizing that even religions in life were conditioning people’s minds to be weak, complacent, and to shape them into sheep to be led to slaughter. An “overmanwarrior” is someone who can see the big picture, perhaps not even from just the vantagepoint of a Godlike view of life on earth but within the universe, or even perhaps the multiverse—on the grandest scale possible—and fights for a sense of justice within that big view concept.

I see plenty of flaws in our constitutional republic as America was formed, but it is by far the best thing to come from the mind of mankind since its inception and its worth fighting for so that is my perspective on these kinds of problems. And with that in mind it was not hard to see the origins of this Covid-19 scam for what it was in the beginning, a communist push to change behavior all over the world with an intention to crush the American economy and thus our way of life and I have found it quite insulting to live through. It’s precisely why some governors in the United States like the Michigan lunatic Gretchen Whitmer took the good intentions of the Covid-19 outbreak recommendations and turned them into environmental, Green New Deal objectives preventing people from even visiting each other’s homes during the stay at home orders, and put a ban on using motorized vehicles for recreation while allowing sailboat use and canoes. The obvious insanity was an attack on our American way of life and people have a very good reason to be angry.

So I am quite comfortable taking the big view on everything I do and to frame a problem in that way for solutions, and as I also said in the beginning of this Covid mess, the worst aspect of it would not be the lives destroyed through the economy, the misery of being stuck in our homes by overzealous, panicky governors or even the fear of death by a little virus hyped up by a media hungry for ratings and a political objective—the worst to come would be the budget breaking tax revenue that states run off of which were clearly part of the plan when Bill Gates was working with the World Health Organization to create a change state scenario around the world that would unleash Agenda 21 from the United Nations into literally every home and property owner that existed and to control them for the benefit of bringing all cultures to an environmental target of zero emissions. The six foot, or even three-foot social distancing was never to save lives you must understand dear reader, not in the context they presented the strategy. Its not our lives they ever wanted to save, it’s the earth from their warped science perspective that they wanted to preserve, they wanted to keep you from “it” by staying in our homes, not driving around in cars creating emissions, and showing that centralized authority could manage the world unified under a crises for the intentions of communism as defined by China, who made a power move to remain a world power, and perhaps to be the only one.

Dumb, gullible people like Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine bought the add and was used as a tool to implement this psycho nonsense off the global advice of Amy Acton and now he has led us in Ohio to a terrible place. He’s worried about a few people getting sick as we get the economy going again—which we never should have shut down at all to save a single life, when the real problem is the crushing weight of the budget deficits that will go on for many years to come. Amy Acton will return to her bedside to read her unfinished Joseph Campbell books—which I have read every one of them many, many times over, while Governor DeWine, the good “moderate” Republican will go down in history as a tax and spend liberal much worse than John Kasich who crushed Ohio’s economy needlessly for many years to come. He got played by hostile global powers and his desire to “father knows best” us into safety for our own goods literally destroyed far more lives than he ever could have saved filled with good intentions, but as the saying goes, he drove us straight into Hell.

The Michigan protests against the tyrant Whitmer was more than justified, and I expect we’ll see a lot more of it. Ohio has started to have some little rallies to protest DeWine, which were kind of ridiculous with everyone observing the social distancing guidelines that have now become a legal parameter even though the concept has never seen a debate in congress or any real elected body for that matter. The World Health Organization you can bet spent many long nights trying to figure out how to spread a viral panic that would bypass all local governments and unite the world with a crises that looked to them for a new governmental leadership and DeWine let Amy Acton take him straight to their doorstep placing us all under a spell of doom that we’ve never seen in our lives.

And it was sold to us as a parental premise that was more insulting than dying of the virus itself should anybody succumb to the effects. Never again should the United States listen to any global playbook as Amy Acton did in Ohio, or any governor’s staff might recommend to them from anything coming out of the United Nations. If we didn’t come up with the strategy in America, we shouldn’t be doing it. And that is the end of the story for all future interactions. If these governors don’t adhere to our state and federal constitutions, then we are not legally bound to support their efforts of leadership, and we do have an obligation to go much further than the people of Michigan did. If the rules don’t come from the people of the United States, then to hell with the rules and the people trying to push them off on us. Any governor who looks to some global power for guidance is one that has made themselves a domestic enemy as defined by our Constitution and that’s how we must treat them.

Rich Hoffman

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The False Nature of Teams: Reflections on the Ohio State win over Michigan

I saw some of the most bizarre behavior during the Ohio State football game at Michigan in Ann Arbor over the weekend that its worth some observational notes. I don’t watch much college football all though I enjoy the ambiance of all fall football. The details are often too boring. The students are not yet perfected to the level of the pros and I don’t enjoy watching them. I think colleges hold back people; it doesn’t enhance them. They are good for educating people into procedures and to be good employees, but not so good in turning out unusual thinkers willing to push the limits and during the game my concerns were more than confirmed. If the goal is to find one’s place into some pecking order of procedural thinking, colleges do what people spend their money on. But they do not make leaders—I find that colleges openly lie about this objective and they charge way too much money for it, yet they convince people to pay it due to these sports programs.

Watching the Michigan side, complete with Tom Brady providing commentary in favor of the “Blue” of his former school there were these bizarre statements about teamwork, and that the team is greater than any individual, any player, any coach, anything. This was astonishing to me because I hear that come out of the mouths of many people all through my professional life from the statehouses across the country to the intimate business meetings that happen hour by hour. People say these really dumb things and it makes you wonder where they get this information. Well, I know that the colleges have become in America excessive liberal factories trying to program political activism into their students and charging a lot of money for the opportunity. In trade, most companies, especially large ones agree to hire the kids from the colleges because secretly they just want nice employees who won’t rock the boat with new, breaking thoughts. They will just do what they are told and suppress any frustrations that might arise from the arrangement. But here, at the Ohio State game was lies about the arrangement, that no individual is more important than the team and that’s just not how the world works. The snake oil salesmen have obviously been hard at work in the broadcast booths of our nation’s college football games.

In the end the game was a blowout in favor of Ohio State winning 56-27. The point of the whole exercise was to make people who have attended these universities over the years, which is the point of all college sports programs, is to give those who have graduated, a continued value for their money spent. These days its like getting DLC content for a completed video game. It gives the participants a feeling of unity and a kind of family atmosphere in those massive 100,000 people stadiums where these games are played. But right after the game is done and everyone goes home, the specifics are forgotten and its off to the next thing. The whole experience is to unify people into the team concept of college sports and to coax them into continuing to spend money on the perceived results. For the amount of money that we are talking the whole scam is pretty pathetic.

So it went at the start of the game and during all this fluffy commentary about team work being so much greater than any individual, yet the results of the game was all about individuals being better than others, and the rest of the team sat on the sideline cheering them on along with the people in the stands. The terms, “we won” as was the common term used after the game, or “we lost this one,” were ludicrous. Ohio State had better individual players who picked up the team and took them to victory. In this particular game the quarterback and the running back were the two main positions where exceptional play took place, but most of the rest of the game was just a bunch of average people fulfilling their positions. Sure, the quarterback needs someone to throw the ball to, and the running back needs blockers—but in those positions, most anybody can play those roles, which is normal for the college experience. Most any graduate can be hired or replaced, and nobody would notice. But, the exceptional players J.K. Dobbins finding holes to run through or some of those deep, accurate passes from Justin Fields weren’t part of some team other than they needed to follow the instructions of the leaders in running the proper routes and getting open to make a play. The individual efforts were far more important than any collective message about unity.

Tom Brady’s comments in support of Michigan were bizarre as well. Let’s try an experiment, let’s take Tom Brady off the New England Patriots professional football team and see how many games they win. Or let’s take away their now famous coach. The lie that a team is what wins football games is told everywhere in modern culture, people buy it completely due to these kinds of recreation events justifying their comments, but reality is not being observed. The hard work that Tom Brady has always put into the game is why his teams have changed the players but they always continue to win. He is the stabilizing factor; the players come and go but the victories are the results of the many extra hours of hard work that Brady does to stay ahead of the competition. The teams under him get the ability to win a Super Bowl ring by sitting on the bench as opposed to playing for some other team where they might be expected as individuals to do more. But the truth is, they are irrelevant to the winning process, but Tom Brady is the key to a chance—and nobody else.

And it wasn’t Michigan who made Tom Brady who he is. They didn’t give him his natural talents. They gave him a chance to show it off but Brady didn’t come out of his big win over Ohio State a number one draft pick. He had to work his way up and work harder than everyone else, and still to this day he does that. That’s why he’s over 40 and still has a starting job in the NFL. Who else is going to be better than him? In the end, it comes down to the exceptional who carry the masses—always, in sports, in business, in politics—in everything. Everything. The colleges lie to justify their roles, and the masses buy the lie so that they can feel like they are part of a winning formula. But it always comes down to individual effort that leads teams to victory. Not the other way around. Everytime someone says something so stupid as the “team” is bigger than any one person you can always know that the person saying it has no idea how the world really works, and they are faking leadership. Because leadership is not about team victories, its about doing what leaders tell you and riding their coattails to success. And like I said, a good quarterback, running back, or business partner needs someone to throw the ball to. But wins and losses do not happen as a team, they happen as a result of leadership by individuals over those hungry to be led somewhere for an effort they couldn’t get any other way. That is a truth many aren’t prepared to contemplate, yet it’s the true essence of this ever-present reality.

Rich Hoffman