The American Embassy in Jerusalem: Uncovering our true human roots as Palestinian radicals throw their bodies in front of an effort to keep it hidden

It usually comes down to either Marxism or capitalism in modern societies where ideological differences stand in the way of a peaceful exchange of social values. That is one of the reasons I find movie box office sales indicators so fascinating, because it informs us of the shared values of the average ticket buyer, where they enjoy a particular kind of movie enough to see in story form a set of idea at a movie theater with perfect strangers. In relation, regarding the unrest in the Middle East, nothing could be more fascinating than the problems between Israel and every other country in the region. Israel has been part of that region since well before the Islamic religion came to the Middle East, and even long before the Romans and Greeks had their empires which helped shape all the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. But after the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916 it was Marxist revolutionaries who channeled their anger at the western nations that were the victors of World War I and then those United Nations powers which formed up the borders of the Middle East further after World War II that took over the governments of Iran, Syria, Iraq, and everywhere else to exact revenge on the creation of Israel. The border between Palestine and Israel today is not much different from America and Mexico—on one side is a capitalist nation—on the other is a Marxist one choking on failed socialism. It really is that simple—economic opportunity versus economic limitations based completely on political ideology hiding behind masks of religion to sell it to their people.

That is why it was so significant that President Trump moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem today—to proclaim to the world that America had made a choice in the matter where it has been fashionable to play the middle ground. I am a huge supporter of this move by Trump and would add further that there could have never been peace in the Middle East until this occurred. Now we can say that a move toward peace has been made by the United States and further advancements toward peaceful enterprise in the region, and an expansion of capitalism into the Middle East for the benefit of everyone is now about to take place. That is a wonderful thing.

Of course, there is more to the story, as there always is. One of the aspects of a peaceful Middle East that I am most excited for is the restoration of proper archaeological research into the cradle of civilization that is behind the wars in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, even down into Egypt, and Libya. The greatest tragedy of this past century has been that wars over religious beliefs and political ideology have made those regions unstable and prevented proper archaeological research I would argue is necessary to understanding our own history as a civilization. For those who want validation of the great Biblical stories which have driven the most popular religions the world has ever seen, proper archaeology of the great sites of the Middle East is absolutely necessary. But there are other religions which came before Christianity that are also there for all to see and the relics from those collections have been sold all over the world into private ownership and that evidence has been alarming to those who pay attention to those types of attributes, and its time that the rest of the world is let on to that evidence.

I say it often, wars are created by those who truly want to be in power and that is certainly the case in the Middle East. There are very wealthy people who have an eye on history who know what is to be uncovered in the Middle East—evidence that mankind is much older than the Biblical accounts can chronicle, and those parties do not want mankind to know that information—because so long as most of the world’s populations fall under one of the known present religions, then those same people can easily control those people under current political assumptions. By introducing two opposites to the Middle East, Marxist revolutionaries and the capitalists behind the Jewish faith the Middle East has had much of the evidence of its vast past destroyed by war, and very little archaeology has been able to transpire due to the perpetual conflicts.

As 52 Palestinians died in protest during the opening ceremonies of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem it served as a grim reminder of as to why that region has always been unstable, and why the other side is so desperate to keep it that way. The American Embassy is a stabilizing factor and the Palestinians know that if they don’t sacrifice themselves to some degree that their end is coming anyway, and nobody up until President Trump has been willing to make that move. But Trump has an advantage in understanding the real nature of the Palestinian conflict from the side of the wealthy collectors that most people never hear about—because they get all their news from the constructed media accounts which say that the entire conflict is one of religious differences—which couldn’t be further from the truth. On the political side of things, the Middle East conflicts are between capitalism and Marxism. But even deeper than that, it is of the origin stories of civilization as a whole, and to prevent those stories from getting out, war has been used as a cover to prevent proper scientific research into the world of the Middle East which has always had the secrets just a few feet under the sand.

Honestly anywhere in the world where there is great conflict you will find a similar situation—the current governments wish to keep their citizens in the dark to the realities of the world which came before them. That is certainly the case in North America where it is now well-known that the Indians were just another come-lately group of humans who migrated into a region that had a rather sophisticated empire that rose and fell long before Columbus ever sailed to the Americas. Mexico had an advanced culture that was destroyed by Spain. To cover up that past the Spanish built Mexico City on top of the ruins to hide it for all time. All over the Central and South American regions are countries drowning in Marxism making it nearly impossible to have western universities set up shop to conduct long archaeological surveillance to uncover the true nature of ancient civilizations. What policy and rules can’t limit, the economic conditions of the region frustrate real efforts at science. There are still tremendous opportunities for archaeological research to be conducted in the great continent of Africa, but almost every country there is a Marxist regime and westerners tend to end up dead in their tents deep in the back country of the “Dark Continent.” Then of course there is Russia and China, some of the largest land masses in the world yet they are as covered as anything ever could be anywhere, because under totalitarianism politics, science is run by the state—and the states don’t want people to know what came before them. They need to create the illusion among their people who all there ever was that illuminated power and influence were their regimes—not some culture that rose and fell centuries ago, or even tens of thousands of years ago. How many Göbekli Tepes are hiding out in the deserts of the Middle East? My guess would be hundreds, if not thousands—and what would they tell us about the world before Christianity? A lot. But modern politics doesn’t want that information known to the people they wish to rule.

I am all for peace, and in order to get it, the Marxism that is driving the anxiety of the Middle East has to be conquered and driven out of the region. For that to happen, the American Embassy in Jerusalem is a good place to start. There is a need to conduct archaeology in that great city immediately that cannot occur because of the unrest that the Muslims bring to the conflict which prevents it, and the politics behind that anxiety is happy to prevent that research as long as they can. But mankind cannot allow such a thing to continue, so moving the American Embassy has more meaning than in just supporting the Jewish people of the region—it truly is the first step in peace, and in the greater understanding of our own histories as revealed through proper science. The mysteries behind so many wars are waiting for us to uncover them, and its about time. After the Embassy opened, I can say that my enthusiasm for learning these facts over the upcoming century just became much more feasible, and was a tremendous effort on behalf of science, which demands thoughtful research to be conducted free of war and turmoil.

Yes, Israeli snipers killed scores of Palestinians and wounded 1,300 as 35,000 protesters rallied against the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem overseen by Trump’s Middle East envoy of Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka. It was the Palestinians who decided they wanted to dispute the territory of Jerusalem and follow the philosophy of Marxism into such a desperate strategic position. As I have said many times, he who has the gold, rules. And it determines who will win in this conflict, and why there will be peace in the Middle East. Because finally America picked a side, and that’s all it will take.

Rich Hoffman

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Naming Jerusalem the Capital: The path to peace in the Middle East

As I’ve said before, there was this thing called the Sykes-Picot agreement signed after World War I that pushed most of the tribal Arabs out of the Middle East giving control of the region to England and France. The famous British crusader Lawrence of Arabia had unified the tribes of the Islamic Middle East to fight for the crown essentially, and once the war was won they were screwed out of the spoils of victory. The Arabs—such as the modern Palestinians have been resentful ever since. If T.E. Lawrence had not unified the Arab world, the tribes would have eventually been conquered by European forces one way or another just as the Indians were overtaken in North America. It was the nature of human development and a lot of people screwed each other over and there’s no way to take any of it back now. What’s done is done and that’s the end of the story. Only the Jews have always been a part of Jerusalem’s history and over many millennia they have been pushed and shoved around by newer religions and empires that essentially wanted to destroy them. That is in essence what is going on with Palestine to this very day. They want to return to the pre-treaty days before World War I and do not want anything to do with Israel. Their entire existence has been to claim the Holy Land in favor of Islam—which given how things evolved over the Crusade period, they have a point against Europe. But the issue with the Jews goes back much further than any of that anxiety, and that is why its right and noble for Donald Trump to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

What Islam and Christians have in common is the work of Aristotle. If not for Islam the works of Aristotle—for which much of American civilization is built—would never be known to us. So we do have them to thank for preserving that bit of Greek philosophy—which they adopted and had great success as a culture until the period of the Crusades. However, Islam is a fairly new religion upon the world scene and they have never evolved as a culture beyond the Middle Age mindset. That’s why it was a minor miracle that T.E. Lawrence was able to unit them all for a common cause, because at that point in time they were essentially living as they did 500 years earlier as tribes of nomads. Just like the nomads of North America were no match for human evolution of thought—the tribes of Arabs divided as they were became very easy to conquer once T.E. Lawrence died in a minor motorcycle crash in his homeland of England. (I’m just saying—not getting into any conspiracies—just the facts)

In 1947, the United Nations adopted a Partition Plan for Palestine recommending the creation of independent Arab and Jewish states and an internationalized Jerusalem. The nation of Israel was officially born that thus started a long history of territory wars and terrorism that persists to this day. Arab leaders all over the Middle East refuse to acknowledge the existence of Israel in any form and they’ve used terrorism to keep the area unstable in their favor. It doesn’t matter to them that the entire Middle East except for Israel looks like a war-torn region of destroyed huts and roads broken beyond repair—because they still desire to live in the times of the Middle Ages. They don’t care about human evolution of thought and industriousness. Their values are not conducive to the modern world and so far in all negotiations on the matter, the only side that has given anything has been the Jews.

Aside from the United Nations setting up the Jewish state their boldness ended there. Fearing terrorism from sponsors like Palestine and Iran, Jerusalem has been made into a kind of neutral zone where the Jews have been forced to worship their former temple from the vantage point of just one wall while Islam claimed the Dome of the Rock as their own. Not wanting to provoke further hostilities the nations of the world backed off and essentially told the Jews to be happy with what they had. That is until President Trump declared today, December 6, 2017 the day that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the American embassy would move there from Tel Aviv. Of course the Jewish people have always thought of Jerusalem as their capital but regarding the rest of the world, they wouldn’t. The reasons were many, mostly in the guilt they all played in antagonizing the situation in the first place with do-gooder intentions that really came out bad because they were trying to mix human societies at two different levels into a unified whole. That was never going to work. With the United States taking this step, it gives Israel a backing it’s never had by the world’s most valiant superpower and it changes entirely the dynamics of the Middle East.

The reason nobody has taken a stand before was because the people involved just didn’t understand how to gain a good negotiating position. Conventional wisdom thinks that by appeasing the Palestinians that the path to peace in the Middle East could only come from keeping them from wanting to destroy everyone in the world who isn’t of the Muslim faith. Trump—Mr. Art of the Deal, knows better—the way to negotiate properly against a hostile force is to destroy their premise—or what they have been trying to prevent—which was to keep the world always afraid of them so not to allow Israel to ever hold Jerusalem as the official capital. Because once that happened the idea that Israel would be pushed off the map into the Mediterranean Sea would be destroyed forever. Israel would be there to stay. Of course the Arabs will be upset and the nations of the world will want to march against Israel—like it states in the Bible in the times of Armageddon. But self-preservation is a very motivating factor and when it is realized that the United States is willing to put its foot on the necks of a culture from the Middle Ages and protect the crown jewel of the Middle East—Israel, then negotiations will become much easier. When the choice is between the capital of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, terrorism and fear are viable strategies to keep that from happening. When the choice is life or death, then the prospect of peace is much more inviting so long as they are free to live in their huts, marry their many wives and talk about the good old days when they were a new culture that persevered the work of Aristotle.

Trump knows, and many will soon learn it, that the path to peace in the Middle East is not through appeasement, it is through conquest. We can either pick modern culture or an ancient one. And if you are going to pick the ancient one, then who has claim to Jerusalem more than the Jews? Under every consideration of fairness, the Jews deserve the city of their ancestry. The many sins that have occurred from then to now are irrelevant, because the Jews were essentially there first and they have shown more than anybody in the Middle East a tendency to want to step into the 21st Century, and that’s what matters most. This move by Trump is the first step toward peace and it comes by picking a side. The next step is in the other side realizing that they are facing complete annihilation, or an opportunity to keep on living. And I think we all know what they will pick.

Rich Hoffman

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