New Poll Shows Why Jim Renacci Will Beat Sherrod Brown in Ohio Senate Race: A statistical dead heat from a liberal sampling

I would think that with all the drama being created about possible congressional seats that are in close races giving Democrats hope for the upcoming midterms that the news would be reported the other way. But then again, of course not. One of the biggest races in the country which is threatening one of the Senate’s biggest liberals is that between Sherrod Brown and the conservative challenger Jim Renacci. Where was this news on Fox and the other networks? It’s one of the biggest political stories in the nation yet nobody is reporting it. Can you imagine the earthquake heard around the world if Sherrod Brown fell on election night in Ohio to a handpicked Trump senatorial candidate? Yet only 4% is all that stands between them taken from a liberal poll at the start of September 2018. As it stands Brown has 46% to Renacci’s 42% which is within the margin of error and can be said to be a tie statistically speaking. In the case of this poll sampling, the name recognition and demographics favor Brown by a lot, so to have a statistical tie is big news. Probably the biggest news of the election because it says a whole lot about the true nature of the midterm race.

Sherrod Brown is a liberal in the Senate at the level of an Al Franken or Elizabeth Warren—perhaps even as liberal as Bernie Sanders. In conservative Ohio Brown has managed to stay in office because of the large union vote north of Columbus. But just two years ago many of those union voters, particularly in Cuyahoga County had Trump signs in front of their homes meaning things have changed for the liberal Senator. Renacci is cut from the same cloth as Trump and isn’t an anti-union guy meaning that those typical Brown supporters can feel good about Renacci if they want to vote for a piece of Trump, who had won the state with a roughly double-digit margin over Hillary Clinton. It’s a new political era in Ohio and Brown’s long run as a sitting senator is coming to an end.

There is still a long road to the election, but this particular election has the feel of a football game where a favored team is on the ropes holding on to a slim point advantage. To protect their victory they have to go into a prevent defense which is usually a ticket to a loss from a team that can afford to take risks. In Renacci’s case, he is the aggressor and he has Trump on the sidelines. Brown can’t afford to make Trump supporters angry because he is going after the same voters in many cases that gave Trump that big lead in Ohio. So by attacking Renacci he attacks Trump and that is dangerous for Brown.

There are three debates planned between the two candidates and this is where Brown is very vulnerable, because Renacci has a business background specifically in accounting and can talk numbers in a way that Brown needs to avoid. So in looking at the polling data supplied by Innovation Ohio I would project Renacci to be around 7% above Brown in all actuality. Of course voter turnout will be the key in the end, but at this point Republicans are just as energized in Ohio as Democrats. The problem with the Democrats is that they are at the disadvantage of trying to hold a vulnerable seat as opposed to being able to loosely defend themselves, which is the case of many Republicans like Ted Cruz in Texas facing challenges. Only this race in Ohio is a much bigger story. While Ted Cruz will surely end up with a comfortable victory, Sherrod Brown is poised to lose to Renacci. There is too much time on the clock for Brown to defend his seat against a very sharp Jim Renacci, and a very aggressive candidate at that. Knowing a bit about Renacci that I’ve been able to learn over the course of this year is that he is very competitive. Like Trump he will do whatever it takes to win, he will pound the pavement, give the speeches, energize his base, he’ll do the work. The same can’t be said about Brown. He has grown to take his seat for granted except for election years and he is already on his heels in uncomfortable ways. If he’s hoping to run out the clock on Renacci, that is a sure strategy to defeat. But if he wants to fight Renacci, and indirectly Trump himself, then he risks alienating his union support. Brown is in a really bad position.

The difference with Renacci however as opposed to Trump is that he is pretty mild-mannered and is very likable. He’s a traditional business person who has done things in life for the right reasons and when people meet him, that is what comes across. He’s just so likeable, so the more he goes around Ohio and meets people, the instant association with Trump is a plus, but for his own standing, Jim Renacci is just a good person, and a dedicated fighter which people can trust. That is what is the biggest danger to Brown over the coming two months of the political chess game. Brown for so long has managed to be that “other” senator which allowed Ohioans to feel like a bipartisan state with federal representation. Rob Portman is the conservative senator in the state who doesn’t make much by way of waves, and Brown has been that more blue-collar representative. But times have changed and Renacci has a real blue-collar background which gives voters who lean to the political right as blue-collar union types a person they can vote for without betraying the union hall. For them Renacci is a win, win. For Brown that is a nightmare.

Without question the Ohio senate race is the biggest indicator of Trump’s strength as president and the fact that Renacci is doing so well against the entrenched Brown says everything. But with two months to go, all Brown can really do is try to keep everything in front of him in a prevent position. But that won’t win this game at all. Against a weaker candidate, it might, but not with Jim Renacci. Jim is just the kind of guy who can beat Brown and the old Senator knows it. If the poll had come from Fox News or even the Republican party these numbers might not mean so much, but from Innovation Ohio, its huge news. They are not friendly to conservatives in any way.

I can proudly say that my bet has been on Jim Renacci from the very beginning. When I first learned the strategy of what Trump wanted to do in Ohio I was very supportive of it. And over the months that have followed it was easy to see how smart it was. Renacci is not a loser and he is committed to winning that Democratic held Senate seat and there isn’t much Brown can do to stop him. And that should be the lead story on every network, even CNN. But like any crowd who is rooting for a team they think is a sure thing and are trying to hold a lead against a much more aggressive team, they can only sit there in silence and hope things stay the way they are. But in their gut, they know that’s not the case. Their team is going to lose and all they can do to meet that reality is to sit there in silence and pray.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Jim Renacci: Trump endorses the Ohio candidate to take on Sharrod Brown’s Senate seat in 2018

The primary election is now under a week away and in Ohio I will be voting very enthusiastically for Jim Renacci for the U.S. Senate. For me there isn’t even a close second. Renacci is the guy who should be the Republican nominee to go after the Sherrod Brown seat this fall, and is best poised to represent the new Trump agenda. So its important that when May 8th comes around that you don’t just sit home and skip the primary vote. Go vote and cast a vote for Jim Renacci, because you can’t take anything for granted these days. We are living in a time of great change, for the better I might add, but to keep that momentum going, you must participate even if in small ways. A vote on May 8th is a small thing, but it all adds up to big things. Even with all that’s going on in the world for which President Trump is a part of he took time recently to officially endorse Jim Renacci:


Wadsworth, Ohio—Today, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci, received the endorsement of the the Trump Campaign which comes on the heels of President Trump’s personal endorsement last week.

“I am humbled to have received the Trump campaign’s endorsement for U.S. Senate, in addition to President Trump’s recent personal endorsement for my candidacy. I am proud of my record as a strong advocate for the President’s America First agenda and l look forward to continuing to advance that cause in the United States Senate,” said Jim Renacci.

I enjoyed watching the West Virginia Senate debate on Fox News where there is a similar battle going on there as in Ohio. A Republican is looking to knock off a long-held Democratic Senate seat to put the numbers more in Trump’s favor. It’s a strategy that the mainstream media is ignoring in hopes that people won’t notice, but the GOP is very active in this regard in 2018, led largely by the Trump White House. My pick by the way in West Virginia for which I have many readers is of course Don Blankenship. He’s a business guy and he was prosecuted and sent to jail for many of the same reasons Sheriff Joe Arpaio was prosecuted in Arizona. I think it takes a lot of guts to step right out of jail and run for a Senate seat at the federal level taking on an entrenched incumbent. A few years ago such a thing would be unheard of, but in 2018, why the hell not. We’re looking for people in these seats who want America to win and will fight to make it so—even when they have had to face down personal adversity to such extremes. The Blankenship case is one of those types of political stories where the Obama administration was at war with the coal industry and was seeking to weaken it. Blankenship was the CEO of a number of large coal mines all over West Virginia and when an accident happened that killed several people, the Obama Department of Justice used the power it controlled to put a CEO in jail. It was Obama’s way of showing the world that socialism was the new trend in America and that CEOs weren’t safe under the new socialist oriented president.

Jim Renacci in Ohio isn’t nearly as controversial as Blankenship but he could tell similar stories about how the federal government abused him as a private businessman. Jim as an entrepreneur has been very successful and one of his big enterprises was a General Motors Dealership that he ran around the time that GM went bankrupt. Due to a long story of government tampering and a congressman in his district who happened to be a Democrat, Jim reached out to try to save his dealership from the GM collapse. When the Democratic congressman lied to Renacci leading to a series of events where Jim lost his dealership anyway, Jim did the most noble thing he could do at the time, and that was run against that Democrat and beat him to take his senate seat away from him.

Jim Renacci is a fighter, but not in a crazy way, in the careful and precise way that top business executives are—which is the trend for where the Trump controlled Republican Party is moving—thankfully. And that is why President Trump sought Jim out of the crowd to run for the Sharrod Brown seat. Trump needs more senators on Capital Hill and he wants Jim to be one of them. But he also needs someone who can beat an entrenched Democrat to take that seat away, which is how we have arrived at this place in time under these specific circumstances.

The politics of yesterday where fizzled out lawyers and old lobbyists try to get elected to one of the two parties for a chance to become American aristocrats enhancing their social lives greatly in destructive ways without ever being expected to do anything meaningful while in office is over. Now that Trump has won the Executive Branch and is doing a very good job, former business executives like Jim Renacci are getting serious looks where they hadn’t before, and for the first time we are looking at staffing a government not with political hacks, but actual people of real world accomplishment. Who couldn’t like the reasons that Jim Renacci got into politics and his record thus far as a true conservative? Jim is just the kind of person I think every elected position should have in it, if only there were enough good people out there like Jim Renacci.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jim Renacci a few times now, one time was when he was traveling on Air Force One with President Trump to visit a local manufacturing plant in southern Ohio. He’s as solid of a person I’ve ever meet as a politician, he’s the real deal, and Trump knows it. Being handpicked by Donald Trump, when it comes to the upcoming fall, the President will come to Ohio several times to help push Jim over Sharrod Brown, and that would be good for everyone. But Trump won’t do the same for those he hasn’t handpicked, because he knows how to tell who the losers are and who the winners will be, and his time is too valuable for losers. Given that qualifier, Trump has already put a considerable amount of time into Jim Renacci, and very early in the process. So if you are a Trump supporter, it is very important to help that overall effort out by voting this upcoming Tuesday, May 8th in the primary.

I think the primary elections in May are every bit as important as the fall elections in November, but often only a fraction of the potential electorate shows up to participate. Don’t be one of those people who stay home that day. Jim Renacci needs your vote, and so does Donald Trump. To keep this conservative reform going that we are currently undergoing, we need fresh troops on the line and Jim Renacci is one of those new, fresh faces that are so badly needed in the Senate. So vote for him and help us turn the corner to the next great battle—the Sharrod Brown Senate Seat!

Rich Hoffman

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The Gun Grabbing Politicians of Ohio: Kasich, Skindell and Tavares overstep their authority with a proposed assult weapons ban

Let’s forget that the proposal is ostentatious and goes against the very foundations of American life, it says a lot about the people in elected office proposing these sudden assault weapons bans which are now being introduced in Ohio. Sens. Michael Skindell and Charleta Tavares introduced legislation making it a fifth-degree felony to possess or acquire a firearm considered an “assault weapon.” And to add to the insanity, Governor John Kasich is supporting it. That is a guy who has never been a conservative. It is amazing how far he has fallen, no wonder he was personal friends with the very liberal Ted Strickland. John Kasich has absolutely lost his mind. But for anyone in the Ohio legislature to assume that they even have a right to make it illegal to possess an “assault weapon” is seriously mistaken on such an intrusion into all our lives and it deserves action in retaliation.

Here’s why such a law could never be justified—because Kasich himself has framed the argument. Kasich in 2010 showed himself to be a Tea Party conservative then became a moderate shortly after the hard loss to the public-sector unions in 2012 on a controversial bill he had been pushing through. Then gradually as the 2016 election occurred, Kasich moved much closer to the liberal middle on the political spectrum and became a very radical anti-Trumper. Now he is wanting a second crack at a run for the presidency and is considering to run against Trump in the primary—which is a very un-Republican thing to do. But he’s planning to and will likely consider a switch in parties if he can’t get enough Republican backing—which means that Kasich was never a conservative. He was simply an opportunist—someone who is willing to wear the mask of whatever he needs to be to get elected in public office which also makes him dangerous.

Now consider the next implication—it is that these types of people are telling us that we should disarm ourselves and trust them with our lives. They’ll argue that nobody needs assault weapons to defend themselves, but as we all know from their past intentions, a ban on weapons of any kind is a step toward more restrictions until they reach their progressive stated goal of a gun free society. They won’t stop with “assault weapons.” That much is clear. They’ll keep trying forever to ban everything so if we give them anything, they’ll never stop until they take it all.

Kasich’s personal attack specifically on the “God-darn AR-15” is quite a case study. So is the proposal that anyone who has such a gun is to give it up if these Democrats have their way? That the day such a legislation is made into law that suddenly millions of people are now out-laws because they own an AR-15? Then to declare that the sporting rifle is a weapon of war and to decide that nobody should have them? Where does that stop, where politicians decide what we can and cannot have? What if some future politician decided that golf clubs needed to be banned because someone killed people with a well weighted driver? Would then the sport of golf be banned? I understand that to many people guns mean death, because that was their original purpose and is how a portion of society views them based on their educations. Guns are not just for hunting, but they aren’t just for killing either. Target shooting is a real challenge which combines known sciences into a symphony of human endeavor. It is quite a thing to do to put a lead bullet into a target 300 yards away. The quest to do such a thing is as useless as throwing a basketball through a hoop—yet many people put great credence in the sport of basketball but assume that target shooting isn’t just as relevant.

An AR-15 doesn’t shoot much of a bullet, it isn’t what I’d consider to be dangerous ammunition. I think of them as not much more powerful than a BB gun or a little ol’ .22. A .223 bullet isn’t very large, not even a quarter of an inch wide so it’s not that the gun does much damage. The bullet typically only weighs in at around .50 grains. It just has a perception of being a military style weapon because it looks that way. They look cool, so people enjoy them. Personally, I like much bigger guns, because if I’m going to shoot something, it should really exercise the power that you can contain in your hands. However, given the logic of these gun grabbing politicians, are we to ban anything that looks scary—is that the optimal purpose of making decisions about what’s legal or illegal—how something looks? That would open the idea that toy guns of all kinds could be banned because they look dangerous—whether or not they really were.

For a politician to assume that we don’t need this, or that we need that is reprehensible. For Kasich to say to a gun owner, “do you really need a “God-darn AR-15 to go hunting with.” The gun isn’t to go hunting with dumbass. It’s to learn the proficiency of a firearm without spending $3 a shot to get good with it, on the larger ammunition. Who’s to tell anybody what they need or don’t need. Do people need soccer balls, baseball gloves, or even baseball bats. Have you ever seen dear reader what a baseball bat can do to someone’s head? Talk about a dangerous weapon, a baseball bat can kill someone faster than a bullet. And a baseball traveling at 100 MPH down the first base side of the field into the stands can also kill someone, or at least cause a lot of damage. Should we ban baseball? Shooting is a sport more than its anything else, even as a tool of self-defense. A good gun becomes a trusted friend just like that old well-worn glove that you threw baseballs with your father way back when, or that great pair of golf clubs that created so many great memories hitting a silly little ball into a hole on a flat piece of grass called a “green.”

Why do we humans challenge ourselves by throwing balls into baskets, driving little balls several yards into a little bitty hole on a well mowed lawn, or try to hit a speeding ball with a wooden stick—because we are fascinated by the physics as thinking creatures of how all those elements can be combined to achieve something. And that is the essence of shooting sports. How fast can we shoot lead projectiles into a target of some distance and with what measure of reliability? Those are the questions sports shooters ask, and those are recreational elements of our American society. To designate a portion of that sporting community as “dangerous,” “needless,” or a threat to the general population is a reprehensible assumption and an assault on our very way of life. AR-15s are just another sporting rifle that may look tactical and scary but are really just inexpensive ways to get to know the mechanics of a good shooting rifle. It’s not for politicians to question why we would ever need to know about such things, its our place to enjoy them because they are products of our culture. And if you really want to peel back the onion to the truth, the Second Amendment is there because we have politicians like John Kasich who will say, do and manipulate anything as a politician to have control over the rest of us. What are we to do if he says that God told him to arrest everyone wearing a Trump shirt so that he could have a better chance of getting elected president in the next election? When he runs the state of Ohio and is power-hungry enough to switch parties for his own ambitions what might he do to any of us to clear the way? The answer is, we don’t know, and if he does abuse his authority, we need some way to check that power at the local level and sometime laws aren’t enough. Action is the only thing that can meet tyrannical force when we see it, and with Kasich, you just never know who he’s going to be from one moment to the next, and that makes him very dangerous—much more dangerous than a “God-darn AR-15.”

Rich Hoffman

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Joan the Hutt: Lee Wong and a former Lakota tax and spend liberal want control of West Chester as trustees

I was watching Star Wars with my grand-kids the other day while catching up on some news in the print media and I noticed that the big spender Joan Powell from the Lakota school board was seeking a seat on the West Chester Board of Trustees.  I was astonished that she’d come out of retirement to run for such an important seat, and given her track record even desired to put herself up to the scrutiny of public office.  But it’s her life, and she asked for it—because there’s a lot to pick on when it comes to Joan Powell.  That’s when I looked up to watch the movie again and thought it was astonishing how much she reminded me of the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt—the vile gangster and villain from the old child targeted story about good and evil.  I know Joan better than most people do and I remember how she ran the Lakota school system like a thuggish gangster for the teacher’s union complete with back room deals and a tax and spend philosophy that was as maniacal as any liberal in America.  I know because I was part of a deal she was a part of way back in 2013 when a report at the following link came out showing that Lakota had declining enrollment and didn’t need a tax increase. Yet Joan the Hutt pushed for one anyway to give pay raises to the public employees she was supposed to be managing before she retired.   Read that report here.  The important parts of the report have been highlighted in yellow on pages 1 and 16:

Lakota Enrollment study

Watch this little clip from Star Wars showing Jabba the Hutt making deals and trying to destroy her rivals.  Hutts in Star Wars are hermaphroditic so the female designation is appropriate in comparing the fictional villain from Star Wars to the real life con artist from Lakota.

Now watch this anti-Trump ad that Joan Powell the Hutt did for Hillary Clinton during last year’s presidential campaign.  Take away the flowers and the references to grandchildren, can you tell any difference? I can’t.

For context let’s go back to 2012, a group I was running with several other people called No Lakota Levy had successfully defeated several of the tax increases that Joan the Hutt tried to implement from 2005 all the way up to that point in time.  The teacher’s union was Joan the Hutt’s network and they wanted a pay increase.  The Lakota school board had to get a tax increase passed to appease those government employees and they weren’t going to do that so long as I was the face of No Lakota Levy.  Joan orchestrated through her vast network of media contacts and feminist groups a hit job against me, not much different from when Jabba set a trap for Luke Skywalker to fall into the Rancor pit to be eaten alive.  Only in real life the terrible beast I had to fight was a bunch of tax levy supporters who were part of a vicious tax and spend cult ran by Joan the Hutt.   Like the fictional movie, metaphorically, the same result occurred.  I ended up in a blistering exposé meant to destroy me in every way possible because of my involvement with No Lakota Levy.  Joan wanted to remove me from the political scene so that they could pass a levy at Lakota.  Some members of my group sided with Joan the Hutt but little to their dismay I was more popular afterwards than before.  People appreciated that I stuck to my guns to defend them from the vile clutches of this West Chester liberal and her legions of tax levy supporters.   In spite of the extremely negative press, the Joan Powell led school board knew they couldn’t get a levy passed with my name in the papers every day so they had to try something new.

Behind the scenes Joan the Hutt wanted to make a deal with me using school board members I had been supporting and members of the No Lakota Levy group.  She wanted to negotiate a two-year ceasefire on the levy fight.  I thought that was a good idea so I did my part of the deal which was to not campaign against Lakota for that two-year period of time and Joan the Hutt wouldn’t attempt another tax increase.  Meanwhile Joan the Hutt and her legions of levy supporters went hard to work paving the way for a community consensus on a tax increase hiring a progressive firm to go around and soften up the voters for another levy attempt which shouldn’t have taken place until 2014.  Taking only one year off from the levy fight Lakota went for another levy in 2013 knowing that if that report referenced above got out to the public that people would never support a tax increase.  So they broke their deal with me and went for their raises for the teacher’s union in fall of 2013.

Joan the Hutt by that time had split up the No Lakota Levy group the same way she tried to split up Republicans over Donald Trump in favor of crooked Hillary Clinton so the tax increase just barely passed.  Joan the Hutt knew that if my group had stayed together that she would have never won so she used all the levers of power to do whatever she had to do—including destroying me if possible—to give her public employees a pay raise when it was clear from the report that Lakota needed to actually cut teachers—not giving them a pay increase.  Joan the Hutt has shown on many occasions that she can have a propensity toward vile conduct to achieve her tax and spend desires and to my experience what she did at Lakota was no different from what a gangster might do for a criminal enterprise.  The double-dealing, the vicious use of legions of blood thirsty supporters and a facade of a serene grandmother to hide it all when reality indicated a vile underground network of thugs for which she was the leader.

West Chester under the guidance of Mark Welch and George Lang have produced budget surpluses and low taxation for many years now leading to an economic boom that has been unique to similar areas around the country seeing much slower growth.  But with such great numbers come the thieves and bandits who want a free ride and to seize that growing wealth so they can pass it out to their criminal underworld.   There is a third trustee at West Chester named Lee Wong who you will find often trying to get a free meal who needs a partner in crime in West Chester to get a needed second vote to plunge the community into chaos.  Lee wants to pass those surpluses produced into that public sector underworld for which Joan the Hutt has such a vast network.  You might have heard of Lee’s name before as it is often associated with scandal and treason such as the efforts he committed himself to recently in defending a woman fired from her job for giving secrets to China.   People on his side think Lee’s a hero for standing up for a public sector worker, Republicans see an alarming trend in Lee that he seems always associated with scandal and bad decisions rooted in Democratic behavior hidden behind a mask of conservatives that he knows he needs to even attempt to win any office in Butler County.  Like most public employees what Lee shares with Joan is a love for attention, taking money from those who have it and giving it to people in their inner circles of power to keep them loyal and close.  Those two see an opportunity to have a two vote count in West Chester to get control of the surpluses that have been produced by good management so that they can expand their bases of power—just like gangsters do.

The thing to do would be to keep Joan the Hutt out of office and send her back to her supposedly quit life for which she indicated in her pro Hillary Clinton commercial.  The experiences I have provided are just one example of the way she operates as a person and you have to wonder about someone like her who desires to get her hands on the levers of power to even run for such an office.   But for people who just can’t help themselves the good efforts of Mark Welch and George Lang are too attractive to avoid.  For people like Joan and Lee those surpluses are ways to make friends and obtain more free meals around town, to get a respect they can’t give themselves through merit based work.  George and Mark are privately successful so their roles as trustees have been about as pure as anyone could hope politicians to be—and that is why West Chester has been successful now for a period of years.  The criminals who want a few more friends and a way to expand their influence can’t help but want to put their teeth into that surplus to work their maniacal plans for government expansion and double-dealing drama for which their naturally corrupt minds can’t avoid.   Yes, Joan the Hutt is back and she wants to be fed a steady stream of tax money to sustain her big dreams of a vast syndicate of liberalized activism hidden behind a mask of Republican Party affiliation.  Those kinds of things can be difficult to see in reality when people shake hands, but when you watch fantasy films geared toward children, like Star Wars, it’s easy to see that in West Chester we have our own version of the popular villain Jabba the Hutt.  And she wants to become a trustee in 2017.

Oh, and in that last video, do you know why dear reader that Lakota didn’t go for that levy in 2017?  Because Joan the Hutt retired from the school board.  Miraculously after she left the board, Lakota’s finances were straightened out.  Just keep that in mind when voting in November.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Help Trump: Fighting ‘The Walking Dead’ Democrats in Butler County, Ohio and everywhere


These polls against Donald Trump, I don’t believe.  There have been so many aspects of this 2016 election that are obviously wrong, that I am suspect of all news currently.  What I do know is that Donald Trump’s speech in Detroit was magnificent—and is rally call to the last remnants of American life—and if you still love our country you need to make sure you are registered to vote and that you have to show up for the polls in November.  There are a lot of really stupid people these days, and most of them are voting for Hillary Clinton—and they don’t like our country—and they are attacking.  We are living The Walking Dead in real life but this time the zombies are Democrats. They’ve already destroyed Detroit.  Now they want to do it to the rest of America.


Trump is doing his job of saving our country, of keeping what happened to Detroit from happening to every city and county in America.  But it won’t be enough.  Trump needs a ground game and he needs money.  So below you will find ways and contact information to help him with both.  Specifically, if you live near me in Butler County, Ohio and you have time and energy to be part of Trump’s ground game, then here is a way that you can help.  My good friend Ann Becker is the main contact—get with her and do your part.


A chance to work on the Trump Campaign

Thank you for the huge response on the training on Wednesday.  Here is an updated link to register for the training.

You are invited to help Make America Great Again with the Trump Victory Campaign in Butler County. Join us for training on Wednesday, August 10th.   You must RSVP below to be allowed in the training room.

Precinct School for Trump Victory Butler County

When: Wednesday, August 10th. Doors open at 6pm. Training begins at 6:30

Where: Tori’s Station – 74 Donald Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014


Training is Free.  Pizza and pop will be on hand.  First 100 people registered get a free Trump/Pence shirt.

Join the Butler County for Trump campaign and the Butler County Republican Party as they present Precinct School on Wednesday, August 10th at Tori’s Station in Fairfield. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, and the training will begin at6:30.  You must RSVP to be allowed in the training room. 

You will be trained on how to talk to voters in this important elections.  We will look at how to go door to door – tips and tricks for making the best impact with voters. You will also be trained on the tools that that Trump campaign will use to secure victory.

This training is a must if you want to be a part of Making America Great Again.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker, State Central Committeewoman, 4th District Ohio
Email –
Social Media @annbecker1999

Additionally, Eric Trump—who is the younger son of Donald Trump, is hosting an incentive opportunity to raise money for the Trump/Pence campaign.  I’ve met Eric, he’s a great young man and when you look into his eyes, you can see a person of great sincerity, so a lunch with him at Trump Tower is worth something.  I can promise that it would be the trip of a lifetime.  So send three dollars at the link below and you will automatically be registered to win.  Three dollars isn’t much for a chance of a lifetime.  Here is the message from Eric on how to send money and why:

How would you like to get…

  1. A free flight to New York City;
  2. A private tour of our campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and
  3. A lunch with me – where we’ll talk about our strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again!

Just contribute $3 now to automatically enter for a chance to win it all.

Ever since my father officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, our campaign has surged with momentum, and more and more Americans are joining the Trump Train to help us win.

And right now is the perfect time for you to sign on.

Your contribution will push us closer to victory. And you will also get the chance to have an insider’s look at the Trump-Pence HQ in the heart of Manhattan and provide YOUR feedback on our campaign.

Contribute $3 to automatically enter to win.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s campaign is setting up fundraisers with high-powered lobbyists as we speak. But those are the people who have rigged the economy against you, left our borders wide open, and refuse to take the threat of Radical Islam seriously.

Those are the people my father wants nothing to do with. His campaign is about you, and that’s why I hope you will take action today.

I’ll be happy to meet you and hear your thoughts on our campaign one-on-one.

Thanks – good luck!

Eric Trump


Hillary Clinton is part of a vile machine that we are all up against.  In July she raised $90 million dollars which Democrats are using to attack Trump—and all of us really—and to hide the many crimes she has been a part of.  Trump and his team raised $80 million dollars which is very competitive, and that will help a lot.  But you can’t take anything for granted.  If you are reading this, you need to help in some way possible, in either of the two ways discussed above, or both.  Most of that $80 million was raised with small contributions like the link above.  Meeting Eric at Trump Tower is just an added bit of fun for whoever wins it.  But you should do it for the patriotic contribution to saving your country.  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the situation is serious.  The money is the most important thing.

The second most important thing is to get involved in the ground game.  If you don’t live in Ohio, Ann might even be able to point you in the right direction, so contact her anyway.  But if you do live in Ohio and you want to beat Hillary Clinton….call Ann—have some free pizza and learn how you can help by hitting that pavement.  Make some calls and help Trump out.  Ohio is a crucial battleground state and we don’t have Kasich’s Republicans helping—because they are still crying about their lost dream of having their guy in the White House.  We are literally talking about fixing America or destroying it—and you have to make a choice.  So make the right one and don’t sit on the sidelines.  Your country can’t withstand a lost election in November.

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The Tragedy of Stacy Schuler: The real crime is still under the rug

Just a few hours after the broadcast below Stacy Schuler, the Mason teacher was sentenced to 4 years in prison for the 16 counts against her of sexual battery. Doc Thompson and I spoke about all things involving public education in a segment that turned to humor as we dealt with all the stress evident around the subject. In this conversation we talk about all the school levies in Cincinnati starting with Lakota, we talk about Stacy Schuler, we talk about the need for innovation in education, and we spoke about Issue 2 in Ohio as well as Issue 3. Then we came unglued when the subject moved to the antics of the Lakota School Board.

What all these school systems have in common, whether it be Lakota, Fairfield, Lebanon, or Mason is they all lack essential leadership in their school boards. The fault for that starts with us for electing the wrong people to school board. But many of those bright-eyed idealists who run for those boards find themselves crushed by consensus under the weight of the Delphi Technique taught by the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association) which seeks to unify a board to unification and looks down upon dissenters. School board members who exhibit dissent are pushed off the board. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine in Mason by the name of Jennifer Miller.

Jennifer was on the school board of Mason during the years leading up to many of he events that created Stacy Schuler and I was thinking of those events as I watched Stacy calmly sit in front of a judge and await her fate. As I said in the broadcast, I thought Stacy Schuler was getting a raw deal. Her teachers union had abandoned her. Many of the school board members and administrators who knew about what was going on in Mason with Schuler had either quit and left for other jobs in other parts of the country or sat on their hands and let Stacy hang in the court of public opinion without offering to help her or speak on her behalf.

I think what Stacy did was wrong. She compromised her authority position and that dictates losing her job. But it does not dictate jail. The boys she had sex with will become celebrities, and the people who helped create the environment all escaped unharmed and that was the real crime.

The school board at Mason was exceptionally weak on this. They quietly dealt with George Coates, her boss, who had sent nude pictures of himself to Stacy because they were on her school computer. The case was much larger than Stacy Schuler having sex with 5 football players. It was a cultural failure which started in the school itself. (SEE CLIPS FROM WHEN THE INCIDENT BROKE AT THIS LINK! This will give you an idea of the scope of the story left uncovered. Kevin Bright, the superintendent was moved to Cleveland before the trail began).

The Stacy Schuler case not only showed how far down the rabbit hole we’ve all submitted to in social degradation, listening to the boys talk about sex with their teacher as though they were the stars of an American Pie movie, but it points to a much more epic problem which almost every one of us is guilty of, setting the social bar too low not only for ourselves, but for our kids. For the kids, it was clearly a joke. They smoked dope and had group sex with their teacher and were heroes for it. That is a social failure in itself. Stacy, coming out of a bad marriage and hitting the age of 30 decided, “What the hell. I feel like it so I’m doing it!” To me there is something to be admired in that proclamation even if it is against the law, because it’s honest. It may not be right morally, but she was clearly attempting to solve a puzzle deep inside her mind with acts of pornographic degradation and social rebellion.

But the real villains are still out there, and you know who you are. You are the apologists, the blamers, the people who think first how to push under the rug every item which might jeopardize the funding structure for which you administer. You’ll lie, you’ll cheat, and you’ll manipulate any fact to protect your own. But when one of your own actually gets caught, you quickly cut all your ties to them and leave them to hang without a lending hand of any kind and that makes you all cowards!

Everyone who knows me understands that I’m not a fan of teachers unions. But instead of standing around with signs protesting Issue 2 in Ohio, shouldn’t they have been protesting to help Stacy Schuler and her fall from grace? I heard nothing from the union about defending her behavior or even attacking some of the administrators who participated in this debacle. Instead, everyone went into cover-up mode and showed the world what cowards they truly are.

It is because of obvious evidence such as this, that I think public education is a complete failure and simply not worth the money. And it is about the money, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any cover-up. And this points back to the dysfunction of school boards in general, not just with the Stacy Schuler situation, but at all schools. They are not doing what they should be doing. They do not control their costs, and properly manage their resources. They function to build consensus not only among themselves, but with the community, and that is what they are taught first and foremost at the OSBA Conference. That is why Lakota’s school board is fighting. That is why Fairfield’s school board took a pay-off which was investigated by the FBI as recently as August of 2011. And that is why the Mason school board didn’t deal with Stacy Schuler before things got out of hand. They wanted deniability so they could say later, “we didn’t know.” But everyone knew, including George. Instead of helping the teacher, they took advantage of her, and that is pathetic!

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Latest on School Choice: And Death Threats to Scott Walker

For the latest on what’s happening regarding School Choice up at the capital, here is some testimony from Representative Matt Huffman from Lima, Ohio given on February 16th, 2011. There are plans to expand the voucher program which is an encouraging sign for those of us that are pushing for 100% eligibility in the state.

Here are some testimonies from parents speaking for the merit of the School Choice program.

This program will go a long way to solving many of the education funding issues we have in the State of Ohio by introducing competition to the mix. I’ll post more as I get it. There’s a long way to go, but this is a big first step.

Now, for those who are on the fence with this issue have a look at these students and what they put on Twitter during the Wisconsin protests.  We need to pull our kids back into reason.  We need to bring competition to education so radical educators will lose their voice in the free market system.  It’s of utmost importance.   

If we just let this whole system go without serious reforms it will just get worse.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior