Public Education is the Primary Cause of School Shootings: Aligning responsiblity with the desires of the human race

Think about what we are dealing with here, a kid who was nineteen years of age who had just shot up a bunch of his former classmates at a south Florida public school, visited a restaurant at a local Wal-Mart, then a McDonald’s calmly trying to get away from the crime. Luckily, he was arrested before he had a chance to do more damage. He was able to inflict so much carnage and fear without a single cop to confront him, not even the armed designated protector who was supposed to be protecting the school he just assaulted. That person was nowhere to be found. And the first, and really only thing liberals want to talk about is gun control instead of the real root cause of the problem which they are largely a major part of helping to create. The little 5’ 7” Nikolas Cruz one year suspended from that same school Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida had been rejected from the education system that assumed it could do everything for kids such as this. In a lot of ways, Cruz is the perfect example of what public schools assume they can do, but always fail, and that is to be substitutes for parental guidance. Here was a kid who had lost both of his known parents bringing a lot of trouble to Cruz’s young mind and when he needed the school most, they expelled him sending him into the world intellectually defenseless. The kid lived in a very diverse community yet he became an unapologetic racist only to fume in anger to such a boiling point that he made a conscious decision to shoot up the same school that had caused him so much pain and liberals want to take away guns so that kids such as this don’t have that option to discharge their anger. Liberals are so stupid and emotionally driven that they just don’t comprehend that it was they who created the personality of Nikolas Cruz in the first place and that guns or not, people are going to get hurt when they are forced to interact with the failures of their public education system.

I wasn’t happy at all with what I saw in the moments after the shooting, which was a bunch of kids and teachers hiding in every corner of the building like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Then the police storming the building like petrified authoritarians telling all these compliant little public education products to put away their cell phones and to march single file out into the parking lot where they would be frisked like criminals and embarrassed beyond reason. In the aftermath many of those same students would go on news programs and talk about their experience with such great emotion that the networks soaked up the good television that the tragedy provoked in their viewership. There was lots of talk about loses, and broken hearts, and the terror of the moment—but nobody did anything to talk about the primary problem of these liberal institutions that had created the mess in the first place—a system that produces so many compliant kiss ass kids that use peer pressure to instigate behavioral changes, and when a certain percentage of their population which they call “loners” refuse to comply and fall through the cracks they have no answer for what they’ve sent out into the world to be a menace to us all. They simply blame the guns, not the minds they ruined in the process.

Like many people watching the drama unfold on television my wife and I talked about what we were seeing. My wife suggested that more cops be put into the schools. That’s when I reminded her of some of the cops that were in our school when we were growing up. Cops aren’t the answer. One of the cops that was assigned to our school did everything he could to try to sleep with my wife when she was just a young freshman, and of course she wasn’t the only one. Cops as much as we like to portray them as instruments of fearless justice are just people like any of us. The police academies aren’t putting out great warriors committed to justice at any price filled with valor and a love of goodness—most of the time they are over reactive drama queens looking for attention and love in all the wrong places. If you put more cops in schools where the authority figure of such seasoned adults is mixing with the vulnerability of students taught to be compliant little boot lickers, there will be a lot of abuse of authority and sex going on that nobody wants to see. I’d say that its human nature especially for young females to be easily seduced by the cops in the halls of their schools who have guns and power to meet with them privately for sex. And females in such roles as cops are going to enjoy their ability to seduce the star football players and campus studs over their rivals the other young girls because of her authority. It doesn’t take much when you put males and females together—especially when one is give great power over another to see the blooms of sex occurring creating another kind of abuse beyond the potential violence of gunfire. While it may make everyone feel better to shift the responsibility of action, and valor under fire to some third-party to protect everyone, ultimately it is just a lack of courage that we are dealing with that just exacerbates the situation of protection because such a society only breeds more Nikolas Cruz types.

The cause of school shootings or any situation where an individual desire to lash out at a mass collection of people is a lack of personal valor and responsibility in our society which emerges right out of our public education society. Our schools are such failures that they are at the center of all these problems, including the Las Vegas shooting—the slow reaction to danger, the assumption that authorities have everything under control, the desire to assemble in mass collections of people for safety, entertainment and intellectual stimulation through group appeal. The failures are endless and actually do lead to little bits of insanity. Some of that insanity is like the kid from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who was auditioning to be the next great liberal politicians from South Florida—an irritating young person who clearly used the tragedy to launch more claims of gun control but really found himself seduced by the cameras and desperation of his classmates and adults around him to launch a public campaign that will likely last his entire life. Others are the kids like Cruz who haven’t yet shot up a school, but have been thinking about it. The police who suddenly had something to do and justify their large payrolls, the mothers who suddenly had something tangible to fear crying on television not because they were really sad about the event, but because it gave them a platform to unload all their personal insecurities. There was plenty of fault to go around as to why some loser like the assassin Cruz, the employee at a local Dollar Store, went on a rampage to kill people for all the failures in his own life. Gun control doesn’t begin to solve the problem—it simply makes people who are already desperately screwed up feel good for a short while as they avoid the real failure—our public education system and the type of people it produces into adulthood—messes of existence that are never prepared for action when it’s needed, whether that action is stopping a potential terrorist, or buying milk at the local grocery.

Because of the constant coverage on all the networks of this shooting I turned off the news and played my PlayStation 4 for a while, games like Battlefront, and Doom, and several other games that involve lots of guns shooting bad guys. Before that I was looking at paintball supplies because it is getting warmer and I was thinking of getting some equipment to shoot at other people on the many courses in my area that provide that experience. Before that I stopped by Premier Shooting in West Chester where 96 Rock was hosting a promotional activity at the gun range in the lobby. I was there to pick up some ammunition for my .500 magnum—because I was getting low. As I was playing the shooters on my home video game counsel I was thinking about the millions of kids who were also playing online with me, and wondering what it was about having the ability to shoot at other people in a playful way that was so appealing to so many people. I mean we could all chose to play a number of games, golf, football, bowling, anything. But the most popular games are the shooters—why? That’s because we all have a little warrior left in us from our primal beginnings and the ability to fight is still something we value as a species. Liberals have tried to educate that out of us, but they have failed, and in the cases of Nikolas Cruz they failed spectacularly. We live in a society where Disney sells Star Wars figures at Wal-Mart complete with guns for those figures to play fight with. If the toys didn’t have guns, nobody would buy them. We love guns in our society—the romance of using them to defend goodness from the clutches of villainy is a strong impulse to action. And the solution to our present problem is not to edit guns from our life, but to come to terms with them for the betterment of the human race—so that repressed feelings of lacking control do not cause us to run from one danger to another—such as in the perverted cop, or the over dramatized FBI agent who lets kids like Cruz fall through the cracks because they are too busy with interoffice affairs to do their jobs properly, or the teachers who want to establish a society of weaklings depended on mother government for the rest of their lives—the source of our trouble is our education system and how it aligns with our true desires as people. And until we deal with all that, there isn’t anything we can do legislatively to solve this problem of violence. The only solution is to meet it head on with more powerful guns in the hands of more competent people.

Rich Hoffman
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How to Stop Mass School Shootings: More guns not less will help correct the behavioral failure that is increasing in our youth

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida won’t be the last, and Nikolas Cruz the former student there will have followers to his antics that will lead to more death and destruction. And there isn’t a single law or regulation that can prevent it—the problem is one of ethical behavior, not legal compliance. So long as the human mind desires such things as the destruction of others, violence is always a threat and the only way to be equal in such a world is with a well-armed society. Considering the level of corruption, we have witnessed regarding the FBI over the last couple of years, more cops, more military, and more government will do nothing to stop the desire of kids falling through the cracks from wanting to inflict harm on others through mass violence. As I’ve been saying for a long time now, we are on a social trajectory that will only get worse. Kids these days aren’t going home from school and watching the Andy Griffith Show, as might have happened thirty years ago. The political left has infected our education institutions with their mind tampering utopian ideas that have had the opposite result, and now failure is everywhere. We’ll be cleaning up the mess for at least the next century. That really leaves us with one choice, an expansion of guns personally carried by good, people—teachers, administrators, and parents so that schools are no longer soft target zones ripe for the fulfilment fantasies of our much distraught youth.

It is stunning to hear so many people soaked in the images of these tragic events to demand that something must be done—as if some government agency out there might have an answer. The only two things that can save our society from the brink it is currently resting on is greater intelligence among our people and more personal defense so that when a kid like Nikolas Cruz does snap—which they are prone to do given our depleted moral compass these days, someone can shoot them dead on the spot before they have time to roam the hallways of defenseless public schools essentially shooting fish in a barrel. The death penalty, or more scrutiny of gun legislation will not stop the emergence of people like Nikolas Cruz. I’m sure we’ll learn all the reasons this kid was troubled, and what we will learn is that he turned out not to be a processed piece of meat churned from the local public-school intent to bring about Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia—he was rejected from that system and he was wrathful about it. That utopia doesn’t exist, and it never will. Schools should never be a gun free zone because we are supposed to be teaching kids to live in the world, and the world can be a violent place. Guns are a part of modern life, millions of adults that these kids are going to deal with are concealed carry holders, so guns are going to be there in American society. The fault of public schools is that they have taken a stance against such American traits, and that has put them at odds with reality when losers like Nikolas Cruz emerge to wreak havoc among the innocent.

Many pondered how a young person like Cruz with their whole life out in front of them could come to a school armed the way he did and consciously set off smoke alarms to create more soft targets created in the panic, or to toss smoke bombs around the halls to help the effect of an apocalypse to satisfy the twisted fantasy that emerges from the mind of the discontent and intellectually limited. But likely they haven’t gotten to know very many 19-year old’s these days—kids coming from broken homes with family chaos derived straight from our soup operas of entertainment. They haven’t payed attention to the music these kids listen to or watched the video games they play. These kids aren’t growing up with even a basic foundation of religion to give them the most fundamental values so what do they have—a sense of self-entitlement and no consequence taught to them in public schools which disconnects behavior from reality. I’ve been saying for a while that we will see more of this behavior, not less. A lot of people think about doing the kinds of things that Nikolas Cruz did. The difference is that most people don’t act on the fantasy. A certain percentage of our population will however, so the problem to deal with is why such a fantasy is in the minds of people to begin with.

We live in the age where at least two generations of youth have been taught that the world should not judge them. What is it they say, “don’t judge.” Well, that runs counter to the very basic instincts that human beings have. Every time a young girl turns down someone a date they are judging the premise of the proposal. Maybe the guy is too ugly, too creepy, or maybe he just smells bad. It used to be if a guy wanted to date a cute girl he might spiffy up his appearance and come back to her again with a second, a third, or a fourth try, and in that manner, society improved because for the young man to have the ability to mate with the girl, she made him do things to improve his social stature. But these days the young girl is not supposed to judge. Heck she is even taught that if she wants to be a boy, she can be—and vice versa. Sex is something that people just do, it’s not something to work for, the value of it has been completely eradicated from our society. Sex is no longer leverage for young females to inspire improvement among the males—these days its “bros before hoes,” and every woman is a potential hoe in hip hop culture. If young people want to do anything and be anything at any give time, they have been taught in public school that they can and that the world won’t judge them. Yet the world does judge, it judges a lot—and that is never going to change. Our mistake as a society is that we let this go on for far too long and it will take at least a century to correct it. In the meantime, we need to carry more guns and to shoot the failures as they trespass upon our freedoms and personal sanctity to satisfy their distorted fantasies provided to them by a portion of our society that has failed their social experiment.

There is a morality in guns that is missing from our present society, a code of conduct that extends beyond the limits of governmental power. American society is not a lover of more institutionalism—so answers along those lines just won’t get the job done. If some kid like Nikolas Cruz starts down some hallway in a gun free zone like a public school and shows intent—meaning he shows an aggressive posture even if the gun he has is just a water pistol, then he should be shot dead on the spot without further inquiry, and the mops should be brought out to clean up the blood, the cops called to file the paperwork, and everyone in the school needs to get back to work. If that is the behavioral characteristic that we adopt as a policy, then we will begin to see an end to these school shootings and the mass acts of terror that we’ve seen in places like Las Vegas. We must empower ourselves to stop this violence and the behavior which causes it, which means we must judge more, we must carry deadlier personal weapons to protect our environment as first responders to aggression, and we must not prosecute people for getting it wrong. If we have a teacher carrying a gun in school and he accidentally shoots someone who is acting like a terrorist using toy guns and masks to hide their features, then we need to give them a warning and put them back to work without further prosecution. Only these types of actions will prevent further deterioration of our social fabric, and believe me, there isn’t much time. Our public schools are putting out a lot of loser kids like Nikolas Cruz. The opportunity for more occurrences is only increasing by the day, literally.

Rich Hoffman

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The Ex-Wives of Rob Porter: Nobody, not even the White House, should make employment decisions based on battles between the sexes

Since when does the accusations from ex-wives mandate a national crisis? Why did Rob Porter have to resign again—just because his ex-wives put up some pictures of themselves with black eyes? How do we know those were caused by the former White House aide, Rob Porter? Women, especially if they feel a man they were involved with sometimes can be very vengeful if he’s moved on to someone else. They will do some pretty crazy things to get attention—so how do we know that’s not the case here? Has this #metoo movement drove everyone into insanity? And now we’re saying that the White House Chief of Staff should be fired just because of the comments of some women? We are living in a crazy period where it is assumed that anything a woman says is true and cannot be even contemplated in a court of law, and that is just insane. Nobody in their right mind would allow for such a thing because regardless of what is being proposed in the #metoo movement, women can be just as devious and manipulative as men, so everything has to be taken within reason—especially in the White House.

Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous elements of any of our lives. As I’m writing this on Valentines Day of 2018 the sweet parts of courting a potential mate is the fun part—what we all celebrate as part of the relationship experience. But reality dictates that most of the time a relationship between and man and a woman is difficult, because the two versions of human being have much of the time completely opposite biological impulses and matching those up is hard for even the most seasoned communicator. Dealing with the depressing fact that a relationship of more than five years with another person beyond the realm of friendship is often disappointing, affairs often become part of the equation which then brings more complications to an already difficult one and emotions can become very erratic. A perfectly calm person can turn into a monster when all their hopes and dreams are leveraged against them by a vengeful spouse and domestic violence may appear to be the only way out.

Men are not the only villains in domestic abuse. Where men tend to hit or punch their way out of trouble when they feel the walls closing in on all sides of them, women tend to be more cerebral in their cruelty, using sex, family, or even collective assets as forms of slow, sustained mental torture against someone in their life whom they are trying to dominate into their way of thinking. Just because physical violence may not be part of that reality doesn’t mean the abuse isn’t going on. That doesn’t mean a man can just haul of and slug a woman who is mentally abusing them, but just like a child that cries when they don’t have the communication range to articulate a challenge to their intellects, grown men will often lash out with violence when they feel pressed to the point of having no other option. Just because a man hits a woman in a domestic fight it doesn’t mean that the woman was free of guilt. It just means that the man lost the fight because he surrendered thought and used his usually greater strength to shut down the conflict through the only means he felt he could dominate. The woman certainly plays her part in propelling the anger usually.

How people manage their domestic affairs is largely a personal problem, it’s not one for the greater society. Look at what happened with the tragic situation of Quentin Smith who was fighting with his wife when she had called 911 and officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering showed up to save the day. Smith had a long history of criminal conduct and it is a bewildering case of masochism that the abused wife was even conducting a relationship the Smith, which from an outsider’s perspective she shouldn’t have been engaged in. The result of the confrontation was that tempers where hot and Smith shot and killed the two officers—and he’s going back to jail, where he had spent time previously. The woman in this case had a relationship with a known loser, and usually in such cases kids are involved and so is money needed to raise the needs of a family—so there’s always pressure in how to allocate resources. The police did what they had to do, they were called into a family’s home to resolve a fight that the couple couldn’t take care of themselves and they ended up losing their life in the process—because the couple couldn’t manage on their own. Likely, Quentin Smith isn’t the sharpest tack in the box so when pressed he gets angry and tries to use violence to get leverage over the people he deals with. In the case of a physically weaker woman, that was his default mode and the wife understood that about him, and probably at some level liked that threat of violence. Some people like to walk on the danger zone, especially masochists. There is a very fine line between couples who experiment with versions of sadomasochism and physical abuse. Sex between such couples who are already riding that fine line can be rough and dangerous. Things can become deadly when the context of that rough sex translates into the anger of real life events where barriers get blurred under emotional distress.

Not much has been said about Rob Porter’s ex-wives. But speaking from experience, they both likely enjoyed that Porter was a man who could access power, otherwise he wouldn’t be working in the White House in the first place. Sex with such a man likely made them feel safe and secure even if it was a little rough. They probably liked it. That is, until they couldn’t move him where they wanted emotionally and the relationship crumbled, and they became ex-wives instead of just wives. That’s when the daggers come out. Perfectly nice people can become extreme villains from the perspective of the other spouse under such conditions and that little harmless guy who just wants to mow his grass on a Saturday and hide in the garage to avoid the wrath of his crazy wife suddenly becomes the equivalent of a mass murderer when the antics of the husband are talked about insistently by the wife looking for a divorce, but not wanting to be the bad one to ask for it. Emotions can get pretty out of control. An ex-wife can really get vengeful if her old husband is doing well, hanging out with the president of the United States and is starting to bang a much more attractive woman—or a younger woman at that. Women in such a position may do some pretty crazy things, like hit their face against a wall and blame the ex-husband when there are bruises. Or even perhaps the woman had a rape fantasy that occurred within the context of their former marriage and there were pictures taken for the fun of it, but those pictures were resurrected to gain leverage during divorce proceedings. What is promised in pillow talk often disintegrates in a courtroom because judges almost always listen to the woman’s side of the story right or not. What happens in sexual relationships can get pretty strange and are fine until the relationship ends and there is evidence to condemn the man.

So what was the White House supposed to do with Porter? What the guy does in his private life is his business, and especially what he does with women. If he’s doing a good job at work, the employer really doesn’t have the right to go any further into personal affairs. Any employer has that restriction, we can’t go around firing people just because ex-wives are engaged in legal battles with their former lovers. We don’t hire and fire based on acquisitions and we don’t get into other people’s personal business. The courts can do what the couples desire through divorce proceedings and custody battles. But Trump and his administration were smart to take the high road. There is no scandal in the White House involving the employment of Rob Porter. Women can say a lot of things for a lot of different reasons, and so can men. How people conduct their personal relationships shouldn’t be a deciding factor on how people perform at their jobs. If we do add such a thing to the mix, we would likely find that most human beings aren’t qualified for employment. And we really don’t want to open up that can of worms, because nothing good will come of it. The #metoo movement isn’t about saving women from abusive husbands. It’s just a power move by a political class of women looking for their own advantages in the battle of the sexes. And in that battle, they are hardly innocent.

Rich Hoffman

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We Need More Republicans to Control the Budget: Jim Renacci for Senate is part of a Trump solution

I am happy that Republicans took care of business and worked the best they could with congress to get a budget deal passed, but I am very disappointed that another trillion dollars was added to the debt. I expect under the Trump administration to see that debt clock running backwards down to zero, not to continue piling on more spending until there simply isn’t anything left. I was encouraged by the comments of Rand Paul and my local congressman Warren Davidson to see that they were willing to speak against spending more money, but ultimately Trump said it best when he stated that Republicans simply need more Republicans to have sustainable majorities coming out of the upcoming midterms. For Republicans to have a real majority there needs to be at least a 60-vote surplus in the Senate, preferably more, and the House needs to expand, not just hold its ground. And to that effect I am very happy to see Trump so far out planting the seeds to make that happen.

I am supporting Jim Renacci for his senate run against Sharrod Brown in Ohio. Another great thing that came out of this past week was that while President Trump came to Ohio to speak about tax cuts, Jim Renacci was with him on Air Force One so a large crowd of Renacci supporters was in attendance and while we waited I had a chance to talk to them about the very dynamic senatorial candidate and current congressman. I was of course already planning to support him but I was impressed that President Trump had already singled out Renacci for a targeted Senate seat held by one of the biggest liberals in Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to see how the machine was working and I liked it, these were competent people who had a plan that I could get behind and it was exciting to see. I had no doubt that with people like Jim Renacci in the Senate that the debt clock issue could be attacked, and the other things on the Trump agenda could get done. There is no reason we can’t do all the things we need to do, take care of the military, improve our infrastructure and pay down our debt to zero with the growth of the Trump economy, but it takes the right kind of leadership to make it happen, not the kind of garbage that we have seen coming from the Beltway for the last century.

Jim’s pilot was next to me in the greeting line and I had the opportunity to get to know Jim Renacci better through that very good guy. He was the guy in my video who asked the president for a fist bump and got one, and also stated that he had been to 20 rallies for Trump during the election which received an acknowledgment from the President confirming as much. As Jim came up to where we were standing the pilot stated, “guys, this is Jim.” I was impressed that there was a very good Renacci, Trump connection this early in 2018 and Rob Portman was there as the second senator of Ohio providing the glue to hold everything together. It was an impressive display by the Ohio GOP to build this early show of teamwork that excited me, because it showed a path forward where a productive Senate could work with the President to get a lot of good things done over the next seven years if given the opportunity, and at the core of that thought was Jim Renacci.

The media was literally five feet from my position and they told a completely different story of the event than I did. To them the crowd that was gathered at Lunken airport to greet Jim Renacci and President Trump was a small, but friendly one. They neglected to report that the greeting pen was filled with 200 carefully vetted, enthusiastic supporters who were willing to stand in 25-degree weather to meet these guys, and had to go through very tight security to even get the chance. From my perspective Trump has been a master strategist from the very beginning—he has shown a real ability to pick people from the crowd and to polish them into greatness. He built a top-rated television show off just that specific talent, and here he was doing the same thing in government, finding people like Jim Renacci to put in the right place to do the most good. I see what Trump does clearly because I have the same benefit to a large extent so it’s easy for me to see it in other people—I hire a lot of people each year, and I’m good at it–at finding the right people for the right positions. It’s a complicated thing to develop because you have to read people’s body language, the way they look at you, hold their shoulders, the way they speak, to really get a feel for who they could be if they were in a particular position of employment. As a twenty-five-year-old I worked on the Rob Portman campaign when he was just a few years older than me trying to win a special election, and here he was at the center of a major political emergence. And when I finally had a chance to see Jim Renacci up close with President Trump it was obvious that this was the right guy for the upcoming Senate seat. There was no question in my mind.

As Jim, President Trump and Melania walked by me down the line I was thinking of a particular quote from the hit piece book by Michael Wolff called Fire and Fury. The prosecutor of Butler County, Mike Gmoser and I had been talking about that book as we both went through security together. He told me in a very straightforward fashion that he didn’t have time for that garbage, and wasn’t happy with the reputation of the book. But I had read it a few times which was the root of our discussion and one quote jumped out at me which I think sums up the way that progressives like Sharrod Brown see the world in such a negative way, and what the rest of us are fighting. It goes as follows:

“For Trump, as for many showmen or press release entrepreneurs, the enemy of everything is complexity and red tape, and the solution for everything is cutting corners. Bypass or ignore the difficulties; just move in a straight line to the vision, which, if its bold enough, or grandiose enough, will sell itself. In this formula, there is always a series of middlemen who will promise to help you cut the corners, as well as partners who will be happy to piggyback on your grandiosity.” Page 224, Fire and Fury.

Basically, this was the essence of Wolff’s observations and writing in the book that the political left felt represents the Trump administration, that everything is about plowing through red tape that liberals have created to achieve showy results for the sake of self-aggrandizement. The reason we have such debt, and a crumbling infrastructure as well as a depleted military is that liberals built a government over many years that used red tape to hide their inefficient “small” thinking that has created our present tragedy of monumental debt leaving it to Republicans to fix in the short run. The Republicans are tasked with solving the problem and it will take lots of good people like Jim Renacci to fix it with House and Senate majorities in 2018.

The debt crises of our present age was created by liberal-minded people who think like Michael Wolff, people who don’t really understand how money and business works and why tax cuts lead to prosperity and economic growth as opposed to confiscating the wealth of people to give out to their political base so they can get votes to stay in power. Most of our twenty trillion dollars in debt is due all that red tape that liberals have created and their formation of corners that need to be cut in order to do anything productive in life. I didn’t just read Fire and Fury once, but several times—and its horribly written, a real chore because its sloppy and filled with so much hate for Trump, but it does capture in a bottle how liberals think, and really puts on display the rational that has created so much debt to deal with in the first place. Republicans had no choice but to come up with some budget deal and I’m not happy about it. But the real solution is to expand Republican influence in 2018, not to let it shrink. Good people like Jim Renacci are part of that solution, and its great to see that President Trump has a plan. It’s also good to see that Jim Renacci is part of that plan.

Rich Hoffman
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So Now We Know: Clinton, the FBI, Obama, Comey, Clapper–they are and always have been–guilty as HELL

So now we know. Its one thing to speculate based on experience a hypothesis that the Clinton administration in conjunction with former president Barack Obama, the FBI, the CIA and of course the Justice Department colluded together to commit one of the biggest crimes of the millennium. It’s another thing to speculate that the media has been in bed with all of them all along, and that the case against Donald Trump from the very beginning was one meant to prop Hillary Clinton up for some mysterious reason at the expense of everyone else—including those from the Democratic Party themselves. Stating such things even a month ago sounded like the work of a fiction writer. But now we know that it’s all true, and likely much worse than even stated here. The only collusion that transpired during the 2016 election was between Hillary Clinton and the Russians with the help of the FBI directly and that is really an unfathomable letdown. Yet its true and we are witnessing the unraveling story presently, and its very ugly.

It is extremely insulting for anybody on the opposite of the political aisle from my conservative sentiments to point to the special prosecution of Mueller against the Trump administration and suggest anything of any merit. When people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and that ridiculous loser Clapper, Brennan and McCabe suggest that Nunes, Trump, and Flynn abused their offices and had any part of an obstruction of justice action I’ll admit that it pisses me off to my very core. These people, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Obama and many, many others have abused their power in office to such a treacherous point that just having them attempt to shift their blame onto the inexperienced Trump administration deserves more than just prosecution—it deserves a major ass kicking.

I was deeply appreciative to be invited to the Trump visit to Lunken airport on February 5th 2018. I really didn’t know what to expect, it was a gathering of people who had worked hard in southern Ohio to get Trump elected in 2016 and I really didn’t know how to feel about the event. On one hand I had seen President Trump many times and it was cold outside. He’s just a man after all, a politician and I’m not the kind of guy who seeks out celebrity to touch and brag to people that I was near greatness. I figure I’m already great and I don’t need people of celebrity to confirm it to myself or others. But I jumped at the chance and took some time out of my very busy day to go to the airport for a lunch time greeting of the President landing in Cincinnati.

It was one of the smartest crowds of people I had been around in quite some time. Everyone there was handpicked by the movers and shakers of the Trump campaign so being all of a like mind was part of it. But there was more—those people were all well read, educated about current events and shared similar family first values and all understood well enough that there was a massive avalanche occurring within our justice system from top to bottom that had been brewing for many years, and now the suds were pouring over the edge of the bottle. For a brief time, the portion of our population who was on the cutting edge of understanding the magnanimity of this FBI situation were all gathered in one place as opposed to being diffused among the general population that wasn’t yet very concerned about such matters. After all, in Cincinnati there are two top ranked college basketball teams about to head into March Madness—and a million other entertainment options to pay attention to—they certainly didn’t have room in their minds to contemplate a complete failure of our justice system and to apply that to the greater implications across world affairs. But the people greeting Trump at Lunken understood fully what was going on and being near the president at that moment was something of a mutual bond we had to implementing justice one last time before we were forced to use the Second Amendment ourselves to take our country away from these criminals by force. If there was ever a case in favor of the Second Amendment the way that it was proposed as a final check against an out-of-control government—this FBI collusion with Hillary Clinton and the Russians was it.

In that context watching Air Force One land at Lunken airport was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. It has taken me several days after to articulate the emotions of that moment, but watching that majestic plane land carrying President Trump, his wife, Rob Portman, Jim Renacci along with many others brought hope to me that was badly needed. It was literally a scene from an old western where the sheriff on a white horse landed in a town filled with evil and corruption, and brought justice to the innocent while castigating the wicked into oblivion. This was what we all fought so hard for to get Trump elected. We knew that there was a wickedness brewing in the upper echelons of our government. Many of us were part of the IRS case when Lois Lerner had abused her office at the IRS to create trouble for conservative groups. We suspected back then that it was the Obama White House which had directed the activity. We also suspected that the FBI was protecting President Obama, but we were called conspiracy theorists and ignored mostly—except for the very few smart people who listened to us.

We never gave up hope, instead we worked hard to find fighters who could get elected and help untangle this web of deceit without having to resort to violence to take back what was ours, our government. When Trump was elected most of my family was up until 5 AM that following morning, and we celebrated like we had won a major victory in a determining battle from the past. That’s literally how it felt. Trump proved to me during many times on the campaign trail that he had the right kind of fight in him that it was going to take to stand up to these villains who were on the tax payer payroll, but were simply serving the agents of evil which had embedded themselves into our government—without our consent. Even as they took their oaths of office to swear protection of our Constitution, they plotted an overthrow of America into a new democracy of a global order, and they were quite audacious about it. Trump was for many of us our last hope.

To see him landing as the world of politics burned on that cold day it was refreshing. Trump himself seemed to enjoy us as much as we did him. We didn’t know if he would come over to us to say hello, our part in all this was to simply greet him in Cincinnati hoping to boost his resolve as he traveled to our city to talk about the tax cuts which had just pumped up our national economy in extremely positive ways. As he and his wife headed over to where we were it was one of those moments where we fed each other at a critical time in the battle for justice. He knew what we had done for him and we knew what he was doing for us—and he wasn’t letting us down. There is no telling how many lives have been saved by the election of Donald Trump. Few people are willing to even contemplate such an occurrence, but it was certainly a possibility. After all, many of us knew that the Clintons, the Obamas and the Justice Department were dirty and corrupt to a level that we couldn’t share government resources any longer. The election of Donald Trump we knew would expose them if only the new President could hold on though the vicious attacks that would come his way. And he did, they threw everything including the kitchen sink at him and he really hasn’t shown any signs of wearing out and that has pretty much closed the case on Hillary and her band of government criminals.

Now we are witnessing the fissures that had been forming before anybody had an eye to see them, now they are obvious to all and it has brought us to this moment. What happens next is anybody’s guess. I don’t know, we’ve never seen something like this, where the highest departments of justice in the American government were found to be so corrupt. Who inflicts justice at this point? None of us know, but the first step in such endeavors is to identify the problem which we have and let the story emerge. At that point we’ll take action as needed. But at least now we at least know who the villains are and what they did to become that way—which is a whole lot more than we would have had if Donald Trump had not been elected President of the United States.

Rich Hoffman
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Tough Pick Between Donald Trump and Han Solo: Thoughts on the new movie and the context of historical perspective

Who could blame me, after all it has been a busy week, with a presidential visit to Cincinnati, the FBI getting caught in the biggest scandal in American history, a Super Bowl, a stock market plunge and a snow storm with frigid temperatures that have rocked North America into a perilous freeze. Not to mention a brutal week in the business world where next to nothing came easy and everything was at stake, I have taken a few days to talk about my thoughts about the new Han Solo movie which unleashed its first movie preview Monday morning on Good Morning America, just hours after a 45 second preview of the preview during the Super Bowl the night before. I was in fact on my way to meet President Trump at Lunken Airport when I watched the Solo preview while in the car waiting to get through security. My lack of comments on the movie were not because I didn’t like it, it was just due to the enormous number of other things going on.

I normally talk about lofty topics that range in subject matter but generally contain thematic elements that are more philosophical in nature. And my readers don’t typically like it when I stray away and talk about Star Wars. But as I see in it the greatest modern mythology we have as a human race even though the film series these days is largely made by progressive liberals from the San Francisco region, there is a core of tradition that sets Star Wars apart from all other forms of entertainment that makes it an important subject—and I find it very fascinating. I was even thinking about the new Solo movie as the hand of the president of the United States was right in front of me extending a greeting—and anybody who reads here often knows how much I think of President Trump and his wife—who was with him.

Han Solo is my favorite Star Wars character without a close second. Without Han Solo, there really isn’t a Star Wars in my option. I like Star Wars without Han Solo, but I don’t love it. But when Solo is part of a story, I’m much more interested—so a movie about the freedom fighting smuggler as a young man is something I am very interested in—and have been for a long time. Because of The Last Jedi, I have had low expectations for this movie called Solo: A Star Wars Story—but as the release date gets closer, I am getting more excited. And now with this preview, I am actually intrigued because this may actually be the best “western” to come out of Hollywood in decades.

Han Solo is all about living free, hot rod star ships, and guns. He is a character taken out of 1950s American values when westerns were almost all there was on television and at the movie theaters, and people drove in fixed up cars overcharged with horsepower to get to them. In the context of the saga which over the years has filled more and more with progressive political values as the franchise increased in popularity, Han Solo was the Ayn Rand contribution of the times who was living in a bad world and was just too good to be good at living life as a pirate, but too bad to join an organized effort—unless he fell in love with some girl. The values of Han Solo are essentially the values of Americana, so it is interesting that Lucasfilm made the decision to make a young Han Solo movie even as they have flooded their recent films with progressive inclusiveness even to the point of being uncomfortable because it often feels forced on the viewer—such as in The Last Jedi.

In the preview the Millennium Falcon is a new ship, which any Star Wars fan knows only as a beat-up wreck that is the fastest hung of junk in the galaxy. Only now the famous ship has a long point at the front instead of the mandibles that everyone has come to associate with it. Also the interior is a bright white instead of a grungy offering that we saw from an older Han Solo who had spent much of his life running from everyone who wanted to throw restraints on him. It is a strange thing to see how something we all know so well can be taken back in time and presented as a younger version of itself—its an interesting study about behavior. Obviously like most of us, Han Solo loves his ship and as an older man he sees only the beauty of it while everyone else sees junk. Solo obviously is hanging on to a period of his life where the ship was new and him acquiring it was one of the most important accomplishments he had undertaken. In this new movie we get to see why, which goes a long way to explaining the character.

Lucasfilm has foolishly played along with the national divide going on presently and have picked a more liberal political stance. Many of their actors are anti-Trumpers, even the original directors of Solo before Ron Howard came along to save the production a few weeks before the end of filming. I was in London while Lucasfilm was shooting Solo and I could see in the news reports there that members of the cast and crew where cheering on anti-Trump protests in the streets of the famous English city. That has led to a strong rebuke from conservatives about anything involving Star Wars—especially young people like Ben Shapiro who were pretty hard on this Han Solo proposal. But I think this film can go a long way to repairing that relationship and I sincerely hope it does. There is a lot of good that Star Wars can do in the world and I’d hate to see it wasted on partisan events that will dissipate completely 40 years from now when these stories will still have value to people.

It was just announced this week that there will be yet another Star Wars trilogy produced by Lucasfilm, this time by the makers of Game of Thrones. That is exciting news to me, and I think there really can’t be enough Star Wars for our modern culture. MANKIND—not Justin’s “peoplekind” is on the precipice of a very evolutionary period. Things are happening very fast these days, even in the context of the news announced at the start of this article, Elon Musk launched a luxury sports car into space as a display of audacious technical undertaking of excess bringing many people into a space age not built on Cold War hostilities but sheer curiosity and adventure. And to bridge that gulf we need a mythology that helps us through these times of very complicated technical innovation that needs a religious grounding not set in a Middle East desert—but in space where our future resides. For all of us Han Solo is a way to bring our traditional values into the context of anything that can happen and through that character we can project ourselves into the yet undiscovered worlds that are before us. That is a curious case indeed that eclipses the moments of our immediate consciousness placing our concerns into the ever after which is coming at us at a speed faster than light.

Rich Hoffman
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Did the FBI Try to Wreck the Stock Market: Anyone want to place bets?

The mysterious stock market made some gains early in the week following a wild roller coaster ride through February 7th 2018. What had been considered a tremendous Trump bump in the Dow Jones at 26,000 increasing incredibly since the election of Donald Trump into the presidency of the United States everything came to a grinding halt on Friday the 2nd. Ironically the same time a great jobs report came out, and the now infamous FISA memo was released implicating criminal activity within the FBI. I’m not prone to conspiracy theories—but I won’t turn away from them either if there is something obviously fishy going on and there isn’t any other evidence to present otherwise. We live in some very conspicuous times where we all have access to so much information, and we have grown weak intellectually because we trust that information too much. Our trust in institutionalism has never been greater because it’s convenient to our busy overcharged lives. However the danger in that is when an institution like the FBI becomes infected with criminal activity, which is obviously the case, we are slow to take action, or even see where trouble might occur when they destroy evidence to avoid getting caught. Considering that little introduction, I’m sure there is no coincidence that the FBI or their supporting institutionalists helped set off a stock market crash on Friday for which it is still recovering, and that the action was a last-ditch gasp for air in an age for which built them, which is sinking quickly.

We’ve all heard the adage, “If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to see it, did it really happen.” Well, the American intelligence agencies have studied very carefully the nature of static intellectualism and have mastered the art of deflection along those standardized realities. In this age of mass data and shared information they have all suffered to even detect the actions of terrorists because those dynamic changes in static patterns are outside their realm of understanding—as institutionalists. However, their strategies have all been built well before this modern age so their standard operating procedures are still to control the masses through media manipulation and standard behavioral models.

When it was analyzed why the stock market dropped all the way down into the 24,000 range in just a few days the jobs report was blamed. The economy was just too good making investors skittish about interest rate hikes and inflation. We also heard that the market was due for a correction and that was the cause of the erratic trading. Those may well be factors. But I think the FBI given their behavior with the FISA warrant attacking a sitting president during the transition time between the 2016 election and the inauguration would if they could hack the stock market computers purposely to send the algorithms into chaos and inspire a massive sell off. I also think that there are enough liberal investors who hate Trump enough to invoke a massive sell off based on the boot lickers who watch everything they do, and those investors wanted to hurt Trump for letting that FISA memo about the FBI out. If anti-Trump forces could show a bad economy, it would be the best way to hurt the president’s climbing popularity. Several polls on Friday as well showed the President a percentage point or two from 50% for the first time so there was certainly motivation. The question is, did the FBI and their supporters in the “deep state” have access to those methods—because if they did, they would surely use them for their own survival.

Watching the market behavior on February 6, 2018 and February 7th I have to say that the market volatility was colliding with an unseen force working behind the scenes and the natural optimism of investors bringing money back into the American economy which caused that wild roller coaster ride we witnessed throughout those days. I don’t think the market is correcting itself, to some lower figure artificially inflated. I think the hope by whatever ominous forces were at work was to hopefully incite panic that would chain react through the market trading—which prior to 2010 might have worked. But people have too much information these days and these trading amounts are too great to even let a few renegade billionaires drop the stock market by more than a few percentage points. I mean a 1000-point drop in the stock market when the values were only at 10,000 would crush our economy. But at 26,000 it simply a blimp that can easily bounce back and that’s a huge change from how things have been in the past.

I’m going to go out on a pretty strong limb and say that I think the FBI tampered with the stock market to take their criminal activity off the front page of the news—and it didn’t work. People simply have access to too much information these days to let the institutional controls direct the flow of attention away from the truth. They may be inclined to not act on that truth because its inconvenient not to trust those sources, but eventually the truth does get out because of the many options that we have now. The truth in this case is that the economy is booming, people are happy, they like Trump, and they support his efforts at discovering the villains of criminal conduct working at the top of the FBI. I don’t think the release of the FISA memo and the crash of the stock market are separate things, and I don’t think a great jobs report inspired a massive sell-off. I could be wrong, but I can’t tell you when the last time that I was, was. The FBI I believe has access to the methods of hacking computers to send markets plunging if they want to, and I think they would do it out of self-preservation. I don’t believe the FBI when they say they can’t hack an iPhone from a terrorist, or that they won’t identify a terrorist after an obvious attack occurs—or that they’d let the media destroy evidence in a crime scene like they did in San Bernardino a few years ago. I have watched these guys for a long time—I even know some agents personally, and I can say, I wouldn’t put my life in their hands based on their terrible reputation before the FISA memo revealed the truth.

Here’s the real tragedy—that I’d even think such a thing. I have so little trust in the FBI that I actually do think its possible that they’d wreck the stock market costing many people millions, if not billions of dollars in lost gains. Yes, I think the FBI is that dirty—and I thought that before Friday February 2nd. Learning through the various test messages and memo contents that we are now seeing, there is no question that the FBI was an activist organization under James Comey that saw itself as part of an unelected forth branch of government. And they didn’t like this president and they committed themselves to anything and everything to destroy him. Trump himself has claimed responsibility for the exploding stock market results, and for the FBI, it was something they thought they’d try to sink his presidency before this FISA memo sinks them. The question only remains, “could they.” I think they could, and did—but in the end, it won’t matter—because life is moving on without them, which is a greater punishment for those failing institutions than prison. But, I still want to see them go to prison too!

The stock market isn’t much different from a casino. The money movement is beneficial to companies in the same way that a lottery might generate additional tax revenue for a state. Gambling isn’t always bad—it instigates the movement of money for the potential of profit and that drives capitalist economies in a very positive way. But the stock market is also a very emotional thing, it doesn’t take much to invoke panic into a typical A type investor who is subject to popular opinions. Investors aren’t the deepest people in the world philosophically and if a computer at some stock market entry gate starts dumping stocks in a sell-off, many would be prone to follow to sell high and cover their profits believing that a mythical reset might be occurring. Only that mythical reset thought of the market was started by hedge fund mega buyers in the first place because they enjoy the ability to buy low and need to have ways of instigating panic among the little guys to allow them to leverage their purchases when its most advantageous to them. And do you believe dear reader that some of those big investors might be willing to do the FBI a favor—and to make a deal that is mutually beneficial? I do.

Rich Hoffman
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