Standing and Fighting: Big name Republicans gather at Premier Shooting to draw battlelines for the upcoming midterms

The Premier Shooting and Training facility in West Chester, Ohio has since its inception been a very special place. I can never think of a bad time in visiting it, which I often do. It has essentially become the Second Amendment center of Southern Ohio. And to deserve that kind of credit they have to be more than just a target range, which is fundamentally what they are. They are one of the best indoor ranges out there for the sport of shooting. Yet they are more than that by a lot, education is what most comes to my mind when I think of Premier Shooting.

They are deeply committed to teaching self-defense to the residents of West Chester and the surrounding area, and they aren’t shy about it. And what’s inside the shooting range is only part of the Premier complex, outside they have a very large fishing lake and a lot of outdoor seating that allowed them to host a very unusual event in dedication to the Second Amendment on Friday, September 28, 2018. And for that event a lot of big-name politicians gathered to allow the public to get to know them better and show their dedication to the Second Amendment in very bold ways as shown in the videos below. It was unusual to have even federal representatives fly in from Washington D.C. at great expense to themselves to be at this remarkable event. Jim Renacci and Warren Davidson for instance were there under a setting sun fresh off the Kavanaugh hearings in Washington just hours before. But Columbus representatives like Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy, George Lang, Keith Faber, John Husted, Ken Blackwell, along with local representatives like Sheriff Jones, Mark Welsh and Ann Becker were gathered as well in a remarkable gathering that wasn’t a Republican fundraiser or political rally for thousands of spectators, but just a lot of concerned people coming together for a common cause.

The biggest problem that Republicans have is that they are generally good people just trying to live their lives. There are different degrees of Republicans of course, some of more libertarian while others are more strict traditionalists, but in essence, they are people who want to live in peace and be left alone from the conflicts of the world. Presently with Donald Trump in the White House, many Republicans feel that they can step away from politics and live their lives while many of the people gathered at the Premier shooting Center event under a setting sun manage the business of running the country for them. But as we have all seen with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that isn’t enough.

There are always people out there who don’t like that we are living our lives free of their influence and they will seek to impose themselves on us. In its most basic description, Republicans are good people who want to be left alone, where Democrats want to stick their noses in everyone’s business for the task of making everyone part of their illicit schemes. And what really prevents Democrats from achieving their aims is the threat of force that comes from the Second Amendment. While the First Amendment protects political speech and gives an option to those who do not want to be a part of Democratic impositions, the Second Amendment tells individuals that they do not have to worry about any threats of force upon their individual existence.

Over a hundred years, before the advent of Progressivism which spread from Europe and embedded itself in the Democratic Party, and in some cases the Republicans, events like this gathering at Premier Shooting were commonplace. Key politicians would interact with the public in this way without Secret Service agents and armed security everywhere. This event stripped away all those barriers and allowed people to just talk to each other as concerned citizens joined by their foundation beliefs in American ideas. Steve Chabot and I had a nice talk in the foyer of the complex as he was leaving for the night and talked about football a bit. The titles we all have in life were stripped away for a few hours and we all just enjoyed rallying behind ideas we could all agree with for the cause of continued liberty.

BBQ2GO had a vendor truck parked by the lake along with other food suppliers making the gathering place outside a very comfortable experience. There was food, fire pits and a lot of cigar smoke as we all contemplated together the necessity to keep a fighting spirit going into this upcoming midterm election. That was in essence why so many big-name representatives were present, because the typical cycle is that the previous political party in power loses their edge and don’t have very high voter turnout in the next elections once they win the presidency or hold the House and Senate at the federal level. President Trump makes it even more of a risk because he has such a big voice that people who don’t like to fight so much are happy to get behind, but are not inspired to act for themselves, which was required for the midterms. Democrats were energized to work together because they want to take something from us. Republicans already have it, so they usually don’t act until someone like a Barack Obama is elected.

As the gathering at Premier was forming early in the night I was watching the Kavanaugh hearings in the VIP lounge when the Trump administration announced that it would launch an F.B.I. investigation into the allegations leveled at Brett Kavanaugh just to appease the Democrats. Of course, the strategy is to take away any leverage they might have in the future, but the risk is that their radicalism would have another week to torpedo the nomination process. Democrats have shown that they will do just about anything to stop the vote for Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court so there is always danger even if people are just minding their own business in living their lives without trying to impose themselves on others.

Democrats are always looking to attach themselves to other people so as long as they exist, there is always a threat and Republicans need to understand that. It was good to be at an event like this one at Premier where everyone understood what was at stake. Republicans were certainly in the driver’s seat. History did not have to repeat itself. Voter turnout for Republicans did not have to be surpassed by encroaching Democrats. There was a chance to gain seats not lose them, but people needed to get out there and fight, which was the key terminology of the evening. Complacency wasn’t going to work, people needed to know that the necessity for fighting never went away, even in times of peace, and that was why all these personalities had gathered in the same place to defend the Second Amendment. Without the Second Amendment, everything philosophically fell apart in America, and we just can’t have that.

I thought it was a great evening and I give a lot of credit to the operators at Premier Shooting and Training for the really hard work of organizing such an event. And Sean Maloney did a really fabulous job with everything from getting everyone where they needed to go to arranging some of the speeches and keeping the pace of the night moving forward so that there wasn’t ever any stagnant standing around. There were several representatives from the NRA there as well, one of them was Sean and they really elevated the entire event. But as nice as everything was, the undercurrent of the necessity to stand and fight was certainly there. While the gathering was friendly, the beer was cold, the barbecue was delicious, and the Friday night setting sun under a late September sky was absolutely stunning, the grim reality that out there in that big world was a fight for our lives was certainly present.

While the people there both in the public arena and those who work in special ops within the seams of society were enjoying themselves, the realities of the greater fight were quite evident. And that fight is just getting started. Just because we have something today doesn’t mean we’ll have it tomorrow. Trump may be in the White House, but we have to defend it. We can’t just show up for one election and hope its fixed forever. There is a lot more fighting that needs to be done and for all of us the upcoming election day is the minimum—everyone needs to get out there and vote.

But for some of us, many who were at that event, a lot more is required. Fighting is a necessity so long as evil people function in the world, and in this case, evil is defined by others who seek to impose upon individuals their collective manifestations of insanity and rebellion. And that cannot be tolerated. Just look at what they are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh and what they have been doing to Donald Trump. And if they can do it to you dear reader, they surely will.

Rich Hoffman

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The First Day of Summer at Premier Shooting: A nice way to celebrate what America is all about

I can’t say enough about Premier Shooting and Training Center which is in West Chester, Ohio. Every time I go there I feel renewed it is one of those places that has a spirit about it that is extremely positive. It’s a unique creation of American philosophy that does not shy away from their positive impact into the local community. They make West Chester so much better in what they do which is train people not only in proper firearms conduct, but general self-defense with various martial art forms. They are a really neat operation. Of course I’ve been to a lot of gun ranges over the years, but Premier is absolutely the best.

I was taking a VIP there the other day and it just happened to be the first day of summer and Premier was giving out free water bottles with the Premier logo on them and hot dogs. In addition to a really nice gun range that is wonderfully well ventilated and training classrooms that are equal to any college campus, they have a cafeteria overlooking their fishing lake which is very well stocked. So after doing a little shooting, they welcomed us to some hot dogs as a way to celebrate the arrival of summer which I thought was a very nice touch. Me and this VIP might have otherwise have gone to Jags for lunch, but the hot dogs were good enough given the atmosphere.

I’ve been to Premier before but recently since acquiring a gun that I had been thinking about for a very long time I have been going regularly to shoot it. Most of my shooting these days has been in my private range in my home where I shoot Cowboy Fast Draw. While that is fun, and still constitutes most of my shooting activity, the bullets are wax and not the same kind of experience as shooting my .50 AE Desert Eagle. To shoot that, you really need a range like they have at Premier. On this particular day I brought along my .500 Magnum, so we were shooting some very big ammunition for which the Premier ventilation system really showed its use. There was no lingering smoke from those big guns hanging around, it was all scooped up leaving a very pleasant environment to shoot in which is what they do best at Premier.

When I shoot in my garage with Cowboy Fast Draw, my wife loves the smell. The gunsmoke is part of the appeal for her. I leave the garage door closed when I shoot there so that the sounds don’t wake up the neighborhood. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot really early in the morning or late at night. But as good as the smoke smells it’s not good to breathe. When I’m done I usually open the garage door to let the smoke out and get the ventilation moving again. But with that type of shooting the only real explosive element is the 209 shotgun primers which are used as the propellent for the wax bullets. We’re only talking about a 7 grain bullet with about 600 FPS velocity at the barrel. You always need to use proper gun safety but these are not the types of bullets that are killing anyone. They can sting, but are perfectly safe to use in a sport like Cowboy Fast Draw. They are effective up to about 15 feet, although we compete with them up to 21 feet. But firing the .50 AE is a different matter, it typically has a 300 grain bullet with muzzle velocity of 1475 FPS and a whopping 1449 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. It really is a remarkable cartridge and what I consider an engineering marvel, to be able to contain all that power into a relatively small gun. The Desert Eagle is not a small gun by any means, but for the power output that it is utilizing, it is a real engineering feat to have such a thing work so well under such violent conditions. The smoke that is left behind if you are shooting indoors can be a lot, but at Premier, you don’t even notice it. Their ventilation system picks it all right up, it’s very impressive all its own.

Shooting for me is a daily occurrence so it’s very disingenuous to listen to people who don’t understand the sport of shooting to cry out against the 2nd Amendment. It really gets on my nerves because guns in America are not a brutal thing, they are a deeply philosophical element to the freest country on earth. Because without all the guns that we have, and places like Premier which helps take the gun from a thought to a practice, the Constitution would have been eroded away a long time ago. The only thing that keeps the three branches of government working properly, in that one doesn’t try to take over the others is the very defined understanding that the people of the nation can at anytime take back their country from the grips of corruption, should they choose to. That gives weight behind our police to do their jobs in defending our laws because if that doesn’t work, an armed society is there is a backstop. I view gun ownership as an essential American right that every household should participate in. But that right comes with responsibility and places like Premier Shooting do a fantastic job of defining that balance. The atmosphere of the place is very family oriented and patriotic. It’s the kind of place that certainly charges me up whenever I step into their doors and by the time I leave I’m good for a few days. My new Desert Eagle gives me a reason to go there more now than I did in the past and that has greatly enhanced my life.

Smaller caliber guns really don’t excite me, because I do so much shooting with the wax bullets. Working on my accuracy just on paper targets wasn’t a big attraction for me prior to the Desert Eagle. My big .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum was just too expensive, ammunition is over $3 a shot, so shooting it regularly isn’t practical. It wasn’t until this Desert Eagle for me that the slightly over $1 per shot made visits to Premier Shooting a viable option for my personal lifestyle. If I’m going to shoot a gun, I like it to be a big one because that’s kind of the point. The ballistic power so self-contained is amazing to me and is part of the joy. But to enjoy it I need a good range and that is where Premier comes in. They are the best certainly in Cincinnati and compared to most places in the country. Specifically, to West Chester, they are a great asset to a community that already had it all. I’m glad they are there. When I want to have such an experience with a VIP and we don’t feel like spending a whole half of a day playing golf or some similar activity, a half hour on a shooting lane at Premier is just the right thing. We were in and out and back to our professional tasks within the hour, and that included enjoying a hot dog by the fishing lake—and that is what makes shooting in America such a special thing, and Premier does it better than anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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Channel 9 Visits Premier Shooting Range in West Chester: Sheriff Jones backs civilian ownership of guns

I just happen to know most of the people in the informative Channel 9 piece on gun sales increases and demand for concealed carry permits that took place at the wonderful Premier Shooting and Training Center in West Chester, Ohio.  When I spotted the news van outside I was concerned that Channel 9 might attempt a story about more gun control, which would be a terrible mistake.  But they were fair, and it was actually informative.  So here it is if you missed the live broadcast.  I disagree with Sheriff Jones about a lot of things as he is too liberal for me.  But, he is completely correct in what he says to Channel 9 about guns.  Bravo Jonsey.

If you are in the market for a gun and want to learn how to use it, you should stop by and see the very good people who run the Premier Shooting and Training Center.  It is a one stop shop for everything you need to get started and maintain an interest in guns.  When times get tough like they are now, the safest things you can do is to not only buy a gun to defend your home and loved ones, but to vote with your wallet and let Washington D.C. know how you feel by spiking the sales which speaks louder than any lobbyist group could dream of for either pro or con stances on firearms.  The shooting range at Premier is one of the best in the Tri-State area.  It is a classy, clean place with a very professional staff.  They are great people and represent the best of what America has to offer.  If you are a seasoned shooter, you won’t be disappointed.  But if you are new, they will make you feel at home.  You can learn more at the following link:

Rich Hoffman


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The Premier Shooting and Training Center in West Chester, Ohio: What happens when good people are free to create

imageAs a fine example of what I have been talking about regarding good management of a town government, no finer example could be found than in West Chester, Ohio with the opening of Premier Shooting & Training Center in just a few weeks of this writing.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHY.  Typically projects like Premier are crushed through the zoning process where pin-headed liberal activists too often apply the worthlessness of their lives behind a façade of community interest using the power of regulation to provide meaning to their collectivist world vision. image Entirely too often developers have to donate huge amounts of money to politicians just so they can have the opportunity to build something halfway decent—and usually what they end up with is a long way off from the original vision once zoning chews up a project into pieces and leaves the consumer public with an end product far less imaginative than when it was conceived.  Precisely to the point, since Mark Welch has joined George Lang as a trustee in West Chester things have finally started to move in a positive direction.  At the Streets of West Chester a fabulous entertainment facility is about to open called The Main Event, which is essentially a very high scale bowling facility—among many other things.
imageThe Holiday Inn just built a wonderful hotel across from IKEA—and the steak house featured at that establishment is great for business lunches.  But then there is the Premier Shooting facility which is a game changer for a target range in the Tri-State area.  It’s so nice that people will drive into town just to visit it from other cities.  It is a top class facility.  I was happy to get an invite to a sneak peek that the owners were putting on to tour the facility behind the curtain, and all I can say is that it was extremely impressive—and that three years ago—before Mark Welch was elected as a trustee giving George Lang that critical second vote that he needed for the many previous years of struggle—that the Premier facility could have only have been built within the last year.  West Chester has a lot to look forward to regarding entertainment and leisure activity—and the Premier Shooting and Training Center is just the exclamation point at the end of an extravagant pro-capitalist government culture that has been created under the guidance of George Lang.  I personally like George, but too often people disappoint me because they don’t walk the talk.  George talks a lot—more than most people, but he walks more than he talks—let’s put it that way.image

A few years ago a gun dealer and very pro Second Amendment guy named Mike Reed tried to set up shop in West Chester.  The zoning people gave the prospective employer a rough way to go so he went north and essentially set up his Right 2 Arms gun shop in my backyard.  He is doing well and has a great shooting simulator in the basement of his shop that can get people a concealed carry permit—among other things.  I recently bought my Vaquero from Mike and was impressed to learn that it was his parents who essentially put up the money for him to manage—so it was a nice little family business that they were conducting because the family believed very strongly in the values of the NRA and specifically the Second Amendment.  In my sport of Cowboy Fast Draw we call that the Cowboy Way.image

I was more than a little surprised to learn at the preview of the Premier Shooting & Training Center that it was a very similar story to Mike’s, a mom and dad, Myron and Tommie Rowland had put up a very large amount of money to create a shooting establishment that their son will essentially manage.  He has a background in the military and law enforcement and is the martial arts instructor.
imageWhen I spoke to him he specified to me that his mission was to provide the people least able to defend themselves against aggression the means to do so—which is a tremendous service to the people of West Chester.  He could have said to me that he hoped to make enough money to break even after their first year of operating—and in the context of our conversation he could have easily have said such a thing without shame—but he was quite sincere.  That’s when it became apparent that the Premier Shooting & Training Center was a dream for this family and that George Lang and Mark Welch had created a business environment that allowed that dream to actually be constructed—along with a determined and well-known developer.image

You can see that the dream was easy to share for this determined family because walking into the foyer of the facility is a very proud tribute to the Second Amendment.  I included pictures on this article to do the place justice because the entire facility is just a testament to very firm American values.  There is nothing like the Premier Shooting & Training Center in the Tri-State area and beyond within several hundred miles.
image The shooting lanes for target work are certainly on the high-end up range, but down range it is just state of the art.  For me the most noticeable luxury was their air evacuation system which was moving a lot of air during my visit.  As all shooters know there is a lot of lead in gun smoke so at a range where several shooters are working with their firearms smoke can fill the room quickly.  That air has to be moved to keep things fresh because you don’t want to breathe too much as a shooter.  It smells nice, but isn’t good for you under sustained conditions.image

The first thing I thought of after touring the facility was that the owners of the Premier Shooting & Training Center had certainly taken care of their target audience.  The gun retail store in the center of the action will be a place that guns of all kinds can be purchased and shot on the premises in the kind of luxury setting that shoppers would expect to find at Victoria’s Secret. image It’s a nice, clean environment that provides access to their stock.  For men who love to shoot, it’s a dream come true.  But better than that—they can bring their wives without having to worry about the environment being too intimidating for them to feel included.  The shooting range is set right off the retail area and is clean and safe.  There is even an office for the range master to supervise two separate ranges by looking out a central window to ensure that no trouble occurs for the sake of safety.  There is even an armourer on site to help with gun customization or troubleshooting that is equipped for minor gunsmithing duties.  Everything about the shooting experience associated with a target range was on the top end.image

But that wasn’t all, the facility offers a gun safe so that if you have a firearm that you want to protect while you’re out of town, or that you have purchased and are awaiting a permit for—like a machine gun—or something of that nature—it can be stored at the Premier Shooting & Training Center.  I can think of a lot of times where a service like that would be valuable.  There is also a combat training area with mats on the ground to protect falling bodies while learning hand to hand combat—with additional physical training equipment typically associated with a gym.  Then there are conference rooms and classrooms that can be used to advance understanding of firearms and other topics.  One of their meetings rooms would be ideal for renting any event where 100 people or so wanted to gather for an instructional class of some kind. It was a very nice facility.image

Of course there was a lounge area designed to get people talking with one another which was a nice touch.  Additionally under various membership packages there was a VIP area that was quite nice.  The first thought I had was that this was an ideal place to bring business clients.  Instead of taking clients out for a round of golf which takes all afternoon, a trip to the Premier Shooting & Training Center was a better option for the kind of bonding that is often required during business meetings and power lunches.  The quality of the place made it fashionable especially with the VIP lounge which has the look of Teddy Roosevelt’s living room in South Dakota.  There is a very nice patio that looks out over a lake and the setting is luxurious for a shooting range.  It was a wonderful place to speak with people and network within the community.  It was a very smart idea to include as a bonus to an otherwise fantastic shooting experience.image

The Premier Shooting & Training Center was just the most recent example of what the American people can produce if you just get government out of their way and actually help them achieve their dreams.  Mark and George, even though they will not take the credit—had a lot to do with making it so that such a wonderful place could actually be built-in West Chester.  The owners had been shopping around and were looking at three possible sites.  Zoning just a few years ago in West Chester would have forced the Rowlands to go out into a more rural location where there were less college trained leftists actively working against the Second Amendment.  For West Chester to now be able to offer such a wonderful gun range within a few miles of Jags, and the Main Event is really an advantage for the entire community.  I can easily see a business afternoon with VIPs dining at Jags then swinging over to the Premier Shooting & Training Center to shoot a few rounds—maybe even let them shoot a machine gun—which Premier is licensed to handle—then conduct further business in the VIP lounge before dropping them off at their hotel for the evening.  Not only will the Premier Shooting & Training facility help train people how to defend themselves, and to more fully utilize the Second Amendment, but it will also facilitate even more business activity which will proportionally improve the productive output of the entire area.  It is the kind of place that makes you feel safely wrapped in the American flag and to realize that we live in the greatest country on earth.  And West Chester has one of the best shooting facilities in that country—right in our own back yards.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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