Blacks need to Learn to Follow the Law if they Want Fairness: Markeis McGlockton made a sad mistake but the fault is not “Stand Your Ground”

As a defender of the “stand your ground” laws that many states in America have, I have to say something about Michael Drejka who shot Markeis McGlockton at a convenient store. If you watch the video of the incident, McGlockton saw Drejka talking to his wife in a car parked in a handicapped parking spot and without much provocation at all, shoved the guy so hard it put him on the ground. Then Drejka did something really stupid, he pulled out a gun and shot McGlockton in the chest, killing him. Both acts were stupid, McGlockton should have known that this isn’t a jungle setting and that you can’t just go around pushing people around because you are the biggest animal in an attempt to protect your “mate.” Drejka should have pushed McGlockton back and fought him hand to hand instead of just doing the easy thing and just shooting the bigger man dead.

That’s not all that’s wrong with this scene, McGlockton should have never just parked recklessly in the handicapped zone. Doing so showed tremendous disrespect for the law. But then Drejka should have not pressed the issue as far as he did with McGlockton’s wife. Maybe he should have said to her that she should not have parked there and left it alone. Obviously both men involved in this incident were making power moves over the other, and that led to a conflict—which could have easily been avoided. The fault is not the NRA’s or the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law that gave Drejka the legal right to open fire because McGlockton created a situation of imminent threat as perceived by the smaller man Drejka. McGlockton should have never parked in the handicapped zone and Drejka should have minded his own business. The store located in a run-down suburb of Clearwater, Florida wasn’t going to dramatically improve by enforcing a handicapped parking violation. It could be argued that if someone wanted to make the neighborhood better that it starts with little things. But shooting a man dead in front of his kids doesn’t solve any problems, especially when he wasn’t armed with anything except for a bigger body.

There was plenty of blame to go around over the incident. Up until this moment I didn’t mention that McGlockton was a black man, because it shouldn’t matter. But now that blacks have taken to the streets in an effort to make it an issue of racism, it changes things considerably. While it’s terribly sad that the three kids involved in the incident lost their father for really something stupid, it was their disregard for the law in the first place that ignited the incident. McGlockton was teaching his kids that they could do anything they want wherever they went and if anybody challenged them, then they could just kick the ass of whoever was involved. That travesty started when McGlockton parked his car and went into the store to get some snacks for his family. His resolution for resolving a conflict was violence. He didn’t try to talk to Drejka or provide a reason for what was happening, he just resorted to brute force to intimidate Drejka into submission. If anyone is concerned about racism and the reason that law biding white people are afraid of law breaking black people, this incident is a perfect example. If blacks want to be treated fairly, they need to assimilate into a law biding culture. But if they are parking in handicapped parking places to show a disregard for the rules of white people, and when challenged want to pick a fight, then there will continue to be animosity between the two sides.

If it would have been me I would have never even thought to pull a gun on McGlockton for just a silly push. If Drejka wanted to be a tough guy, which he obviously did, he should have fought McGlockton man to man without using a gun in any way. The situation clearly didn’t call for deadly force. If Drejka was intent to intrude on another family’s business, he should have had the guts to fight McGlockton directly. The two men might have lost some teeth and had some broken bones, but they’d all be alive today and there would be a lot less trouble. While advocates of peace would say that no conflict should have occurred, sometimes an ass kicking is needed and it looks like McGlockton had one coming, just because he was obviously used to using his big body and his skin color as leverage in society to push people around.

But this was not an example of why Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law. The gun should have never been pulled from Drejka’s pocket. Stand your ground laws are for situations much less obvious, such as someone breaking into your home. Or when an attacker is presenting deadly force as a direct threat to you such as using a knife, a chair, or a gun themselves. Not an unarmed man just threatening physical violence. Even after pulling the gun, McGlockton took a step back—and that’s when Drejka should have put the gun away and brought down the tempers of the incident. Instead he pulled the trigger showing terrible judgment. Such a handling of a gun is a terrible use of the responsibility of carrying one. It was just stupid in every way you can look at it.

However, Stand Your Ground is needed, because there are often thugs running around like McGlockton who do think to use weapons to rob, steal, and intimidate innocent people and they need to know that there is a chance that someone will pull a gun on them and shoot them dead. I say that McGlockton was a thug because he fundamentally didn’t care about the rules of the handicapped zone. If he’s not going to observe that simple little law whose to say that he would obey other laws created by white society—in his view—and sought to use force to push the limits of anything he could get away with. With such people police officers have little means to enforce a law that all members of society will observe so at that point people like carrying weapons around as civilians are really our only means of enforcement. Even though there is a desire to use racism to punish Drejka for such a poor use of a firearm, the sheriff knows that if not for such gun owners, that society in his community would break down to every thug walking around seeking to dominate others with sheer intimidation.

Stand your Ground laws should be present in every state and community because it is essential to the preservation of private property, individual rights and the basics of the rule of law. Critics will say that we are not living in the Wild, Wild West and we should not be giving civilians guns to walk around in public with. But, we aren’t living in the jungle either where primates fight each other over the mating rights of a female, and so long as we have sectors of society who do think we live by the laws of the jungle, we will always have a need to use deadly force to put down dangerous attackers who threaten the basic responsibilities of a civilized society. Parking in a handicapped zone was an open disrespect for a basic law, and it started a fight that was handled poorly. But the first mistake happened when McGlockton parked in the wrong place and when someone questioned him, he resorted to violence. He shouldn’t have died over it, but the original fault was completely his.

Rich Hoffman

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Donald Trump Reminds me of the Great Poker player Doyle Brunson: Give those Mariachi performers at the White House a $1 tip

If I were Donald Trump listening to the Mariachi protestors outside the White House all night attempting to keep the First Family awake, I’d walk out onto the lawn to the fence and throw a $1 bill into the hat of one of the performers. Then I’d go back inside and let the losers wear themselves out. Trump has the high ground in this fight and he can easily use it to defeat any panic driven protests from the political left. As much as a Mariachi band sounds like a vacation when you hear the music if it is taken as a cultural reference to a Marxist society south of the border, it’s a pretty pathetic protest that will turn off many voters ahead of the November mid-terms. To really add salt to the water, a $1 tip would take the air out of their ruckus. That is what those bands are all about, you can hear them in just about any restaurant in Mexico, they even play in the lines at border crossings seeking money thrown into their hats like beggars in the streets. If that is the best that the political left has, its pretty pathetic. They will wear themselves out quickly and let them.

But the event did bring to my mind the central tenet to the whole Russia issue, that of whether Trump should have chastised Putin in front of his face to make all the corrupt American intelligence directors happy covering up their own crimes, or whether Trump should have played it cool as he had. What a lot of people don’t obviously know about Trump is that he is actually quite well read, and as a best-selling author in one of his books produced through Trump University, that school that most critics said didn’t exist, was that he has a top ten reading list for students to do their own homework. One of the books Trump mentions is The Art of War. Anyone who has read that book knows what Trump is doing. I can certainly see it, I carry The Art of War around with me everywhere I go. I have a pocket version of it that I keep with me at all times, so Trump’s strategies are obvious to me, and so is what he did with Putin and the American intelligence agencies who are trying to build up a case for impeachment.

However, to the protestors on the streets in front of the White House, they likely only read work from Karl Marx and nothing else—which is why they are liberals. They have no way of understanding a strategist like Trump where even misspoken words are part of the strategy to bait opponents into a direction you wish them to go. In Trump’s world, everything is a strategy including the Mariachi protestors. While they think they are doing something that will keep the president and his family awake at night in reality they are doing exactly what Trump wants and needs. Their noise can be drowned out easily within the White House. But the optics being broadcast across America are not to the advantage of the political left. Nobody wants a cheesy Mariachi band playing in their neighborhood streets. They’ll put up with illegal immigrants as long as they are somewhat hidden in poor neighborhoods, but if they think they can migrate into the suburbs and bring a Mariachi culture into the mainstream, they have another thing coming.

The real reason that Trump couldn’t put a stop to any tampering that Putin might be involved in is because America is doing the same thing in other countries and that must continue. The political leftists were trying to trap Trump into what their global aims were, and that was to put an end to what they call American imperialism, or otherwise the influence of western culture around the world. If Trump demanded that Russia stay out of trying to influence America than Trump would be forced to do the same and that is precisely what lefties want. They want to weaken the influence of American culture around the world, they want American movies to be weaker, they want American music weaker, they want everything that comes out of America weaker. However, they want to create the illusion that other cultures have irreversibly penetrated American culture changing it forever, which is why they are attempting to use the psychological assault of a Mariachi band outside the White House to drive home the point. But Trump is smart, he knows that the protesters are an extreme minority and that they will run out of gas rather quickly and that their efforts are pushing neutral voters into the Republican column. So give them a tip and let them sing!

Getting back to The Art of War, I think its one of the most important books on strategy that there has ever been written, and Donald Trump understands it keenly. That is why China will never beat him on a trade war—they know it and he knows it. He has the high ground, it is impossible for China to win. Only people who understand strategy would know why, so the ignorant people trying to make politics about the war of tariffs are at a loss because they do not understand that book on strategy composed so long ago by the Chinese themselves. To understand any dealings with oriental cultures, The Art of War is mandatory. Trump is much more intellectual than he lets on and that is because he has mastered fundamental elements of strategy that all winning individuals learn to utilize.

The Democrats and the Deep State which supports them have projected their own strategies and Donald Trump has exploited them quite brilliantly. One of the greatest poker players in the world is Doyle Brunson who has mastered the art of making his opponents underestimate his hands even when they know he’s doing it. They think he’s talking small talk and what he’s really doing is causing them to up their bets and to inspire them to fold at the wrong times with his easy Texas talk while at the table. Trump reminds me a lot of Doyle—he’s brilliant in making people underestimate their odds against him. The most important quotes in The Art of War are about making other people empty and filling yourself by their efforts, which is what Trump has been doing since 2015 on the political stage. These Mariachi protestors are emptying themselves in front of the White House, and they are filling Trump. People see what is happening, just as Trump needs American operatives to continue to spread western ideas around the world to wear away the socialists and communists who stand between peace and war, these protestors are reminding Trump supporters that Mexican culture is being rammed down their throats from illegal aliens and the optics make it look like they are attacking the White House. Beltway insiders chuckle at what they think is causing Trump to lose sleep. But that is because they don’t understand the strategy of the situation.

I thought about keeping this to myself so not to let the enemies know what Trump is doing. But from my vantage point Trump is fulfilling another important quote from The Art of War, beating an enemy before the war even starts. Trump has already won over these protestors just like Doyle knows he often has the best hand before the dealer ever puts down the “river” card. Great strategists often win before anybody is even thinking of victory and they do so without a lot of fanfare because just like in poker, the game needs “producers.” You have to let the little guys think they are winning sometimes to fill the pot. Trump gives his opponents little victories here and there just like Doyle does in poker to convince them to fill the pot for the real betting. Trump is happy to let the protestors empty themselves and to fill the political pot with lots of talk radio discussion and cable news coverage because it fulfils the requirements of victory. And for that, we should all give those idiots a $1 tip. Because they are emptying themselves and filling us all up, and that is the brilliance of Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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The Age of President Trump: The great work that Jennifer Grossman is doing at The Atlas Society

I truly wish that there were more hours in a day, because if I could get 120 hours out of a day, I’d do it in a second and waste not a one of them. I am not a formal member of The Atlas Society, but I think Jennifer Grossman is doing a great job as the new CEO, which is dedicated to the Ayn Rand philosophy of Objectivism. My lack of membership is that I am not a group person, and I have too many interests to stick with just one of them. While I support Objectivism over other current types of thinking, I think we have a long way to go as human beings to get where we need to, so I like to keep an open dialogue to the types of thought that needs to be invented to deal with the reality of our current discoveries. In that manner I pay a lot of attention to the Joseph Campbell Foundation, as well as the NRA and my Cowboy Fast Draw Association activities. I’m involved in local political groups and am very busy in business. I love to follow the science fields of archaeology, regenerative medicine and aviation so my main frustration is that I run out of hours to pursue all my interests every day, but I do try to get to all of them as time permits. With all that in mind this video shown below produced by The Atlas Society I thought deals perfectly with people’s fears about Trump’s trade policies. The video is about the evil of envy, which is the type of age that we currently are in and history will remember this period most succinctly.

While Objectivists are divided over Trump and have been since the beginning thinking him to be too dictatorial for their free market sensibilities I think he truly is an Objectivist as he has said before by stating the great Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead as his favorite book. As a major developer in New York, The Fountainhead fits his lifestyle over the years and now as an older person who has been there and done it all, I think he’s intent to play his own version of John Galt, striking not just at the world, but using the leverage of the American economy to break down socialist incursions in every facet of global politics and economic development to pave the way for a capitalist revolution that will usher in lots of wonderful productivity into the 21st and 22nd centuries. People say that Trump is not sophisticated and while he’s not likely to give any public speeches like Howard Roark did in The Fountainhead, or John Galt did in Atlas Shrugged, the President does seem intent to use the nature of envy in people to crush their addictions to social deformity.

It is amazing that the stock market values have stayed as high as they have with all the disruptions going on in the world, which says a lot about the power of Trump’s deregulation policies. But the trade war is something that has had to happen for a long time, and it takes a personality like Trump to impose it. While taxes on free trade goes against Objectivist ideas, I see them as a weapon against the current trend of mixed economies where the socialist nature of value depreciation is openly looting off the good produced by imaginative injections into human endeavor. If the socialist aspects are attacked and exposed for what they are by having the mask ripped away, and the pain of tariffs forces other economies to move toward a free trade policy as the ultimate uncle in a negotiation, then that would be a good thing, and is likely the end result of this current crises. While in Ayn Rand’s mind she envisioned striking against society to allow the parasites to be exposed, Donald Trump’s move is more aggressive, and more practical. As a salesman he is happy to promote the value of something while pointing out the flaws of the parasites, which will ultimately be more effective in the long run.

The American economy is the leverage that makes a trade war work. Trump is openly allowing the world to watch free market tactics work against mixed economies by beating them at their own game. America as it has followed others over the cliff as well is not a fine example of a free market either, and Trump is showing others what a totalitarian state-run campaign looks like, which of course has Objectivists worried—but the big picture is that Trump is simply showing cards. As President he has the authority to do so, but his nature is to go the extreme opposite way and lay the foundations down for a very laissez-faire capitalist system not just in the United States, but for the entire world. If there is one thing that Trump will be remembered for, it is in pulling together the global economy under the leadership of America and pulling away that guidance from the European Union or the Asian corridor. For those who work the markets, now is the time to buy. Trust me.

The reason this is important is because we are just a few years away from mining asteroids in space for the next great gold rush in human history, and all this socialist garbage needs to be over by then. With philosophy robbed from most of the world leaving people as empty vessels of ideology the danger is that the world won’t be ready to meet this space race of open territory not controlled by any government yet in space. For instance, who will control mines on the moon, and what countries will settle on Mars—and who will work the many asteroids to pull away the gold, silver and titanium that are abundant in them? All this activity is only a few short years away so someone needs to take the lead on this new age of wealth creation. Luxembourg is already deeply committed to space mining, and the UAB is well on its way to being the first to utilize the benefits. Space mining is going to happen, there will be a new rush into space driving tomorrow’s economy, the question is simply who will lead it. America is positioned to lead due to our economic power but what needs to be removed is the politics of envy that has been introduced which is holding back mankind in a destructive way.

If it was the Age of Reason that unleashed the concept of capitalism, and it was the Age of Envy that unleashed Karl Marx, then it will Be the Age of Trump that will take us to the kind of laissez-faire economics we have been wanting for many years. Ironically the evidence is in the video games that our young people are playing, in spite of the discussions about violence contained within them, the video game industry is the most laissez-faire industry I think we’ve ever seen and the nature of the games for which people enjoy are due to their nearly pure capitalist natures. I would argue that the reason so many millennials support socialism these days are so that they can stay home and play video games more often, because many of them find the video game world much more interesting than the real world, which is a shame. But to escape the effects of the Age of Envy, young people have turned to video games for the relief.

The key to good investments and in knowing what will happen next as the great new age of our times you have to see the big picture and I would argue that Donald Trump does, and that his end game is a more Objectivist world. And we need that Objectivist world to deal with the new economy of tomorrow, in regenerative medicine, deep space mining, and artificial intelligence. Our global economy could easily increase by 100s of trillions of dollars over the next twenty years and even the poorest person on earth could find themselves wealthy if only they embraced the correct philosophy. And to arrive there, the good work of Jennifer Grossman is bridging that gap rapidly. For those who are afraid that there is a big recession coming that will result in the Trump tariffs, actually the opposite is going to happen. We are about to enter an age of unprecedented wealth—5% GDP growth in the United States, and we are going to have to change the way we view wealth so that we can deal with all this excitement.

Rich Hoffman

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No Conservative Can be a Racist: Understanding the nature of merit based exsistance

We need to clear something up about our present time, it is impossible for those who are philosophically aligned with conservatism to have any remnants of racism in them. No real conservative could be a racist. Its impossible in every way imaginable. When a Democrat or some 26-year-old reporter writes an article explaining how Donald Trump is a racist due to his border policy, they are expressing their own vast ignorance at the meaning of such a word—they simply don’t know what it means, or how its applied. Racism is a very ancient form of stupidity and is a left-over remnant of mankind’s past in experimenting with superstition and religion. It’s the ultimate group think, to assume that all Jews think this way, or that all Germans think another way, or that people from the continent of Africa have limits of this kind or that kind—all those thoughts are rooted in a misunderstanding that cultural behavior is directly connected to genetic structure—which its not. For anyone who believes in individual rights, it is disingenuous and ignorant to chain people to the group association of their past. It just doesn’t make sense.

To get to the roots of this debacle examine the nature of the type of people who are doing all this genetic research these days, into their own family trees. I have listened to many crazy lunatics over the years go into extreme lengths to discover who in their family’s past was a rug cleaner in the court of some European king, or some great, great-uncle cleaned the gun of a letter carrier in some great American war. Or that their grandfather or father knew a guy who knew a guy who was friends with a guy who knew the agent of a popular rock band and managed to get back stage passes—and for that the entire family is supposed to be proud of their association with touching celebrity in their lives and to actually brag about it. Such thoughts are the foundations of racism, and people who believe in any way that the genetic fortunes of some family member from their past equates to some rubbed off merit passed down through the ages are simply wrong.

You can see this same type of behavior when people inherit unearned wealth after a powerful character dies in a family and the less intelligent descendents try to figure out how to manage the wealth that was left behind. Often those direct family members didn’t have to work hard and learn intellectually how to manage wealth, so millions of dollars that took a lifetime to build are squandered away in months or years by the relatives who inherit it because they do not possess the skills that built the wealth just because of their genetic makeup, or that they happened to marry into a powerful family. The world functions off merit-based intelligence not whether or not a person becomes great and just because they have a son or daughter that all that greatness magically rubs off on the offspring. What does rub off is the access to such greatness and for people within a circle of influence to learn from some older person, but to assume that magically success will just happen because of genetics is a preposterous concept that has long left the minds of anybody intelligent. Those types of thoughts might have had a place in primitive times, but they are long outdated and have been proven wrong and are not part of any conservative movement. The very concept of conservatism puts values on individual behavior, not group assimilation and racism is all about group identity.

Those on the political left do not think in individual terms so everything they see has some primitive form of group association. For instance, there are actual discussions about President Trump’s Supreme Court pick and what school of law they might have attended as if the school itself might make a Supreme Court Justice better than another from a different school. The failed assumption is that it is the school as a group that is responsible for a brilliant legal mind, not the actions of the student in becoming great through hard work and perseverance. It is in the mind of the liberal the association with groups that deserve the credit for excellence. We hear the same type of comparisons in sports, a team that wins a lot often umbrellas the credit for frequent victories on “team philosophies” not the individual efforts of the team members themselves who are responsible. Even with the great play of LaBron James the other individuals on the 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t very good and they could not beat the Golden State Warriors for the championship. Just because LaBron James was on the Cleveland Team, the entire team wasn’t suddenly good as a whole. The team sucked and only found themselves in the playoffs because of LaBron James. When they had to play teams with other talented NBA players, they couldn’t match the effort and they lost. A school, a team, or a family lineage cannot make someone great, only individualized hard work and effort.

Knowing all that, it is impossible for a race of people to lay claim to any level of intelligence or aptitude. There are brilliant people born along the shores of the Congo River and in the mountain tops of the Andes. They can occur anywhere at any time, and it is up to them to develop those skills as individuals. America was never a racist nation. There is no place on planet earth that has such a diverse and successful assembly of individuals achieving greatness. A successful American is not a person of any kind of color, not even white. Such concepts are entirely made up by people who are liberal in their thinking because they don’t understand the basics of individualized achievement. People aren’t successful in America because they inherited some business from their father or that they went to a certain school. They are successful because they worked hard and developed themselves as individuals to do what others could not, or would not. But once done, the achievement doesn’t carry over into all the children and grandchildren. Doing a heredity search two hundred years from now won’t automatically make some future person more successful just because someone in their family was successful once. It takes the actions of an individual to brew success and that comes from a well-developed mind, not skin color or sex.

The misconceptions of the ignorant, which most liberals are, do not make reality a defined state. Their ignorance and lack of philosophic understanding does not change the rules of the universe. All existence is merit based. A success today does not make a success tomorrow and it certainly doesn’t hide in the genetic makeup of a human being. Only really dumb people would think such a thing. Conservatives are by their basic epistemology those who believe in individualized achievement, and that goes for a person of any color or sex. If a person is good, it doesn’t matter what their background, and it doesn’t matter who their parents were or if their family lineage at some point in the past touched greatness. All that matters is whether the individuals who make up the human race are working to become exceptional in some endeavor and whether or not they manage to have success. There is no racism in the conservative political parties because they are all based on individual behavior, and that knows no genetic limitation. Only the effort behind the mind of individuals.

Rich Hoffman
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Case of The Red Hen: Stephanie Wilkinson showed us why breaking the law on gun legislation is perfectly justifiable–if the “left” wants to fight, let’s go

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary for President Trump was with her family 200 miles into the Virginia countryside when they stopped by the little town of Lexington for some food at The Red Hen. From outside, it looked like an arty little place, badly painted and small—with only 26 seats, yet it had been a rough week and a little cultural experience seemed like just the thing, so they stepped inside to have a family meal, hopefully without the media paying much attention so they could relax. Yet the staff recognized her and wanted to make a political issue of the visit. Lexington was a liberal town centered in a conservative county, so they are already at odds with the Trump supporters of the rural countryside surrounding the town.

Not sure what to do they called up the cousin of Meryl Streep herself who was the restaurant owner and also the Director of Main Street Lexington which was a group designated to inspire a friendly business atmosphere in the downtown area. Stephanie Wilkinson as a liberal activist who had hired a lot of radicals to her staff had to take their side so she came in during the appetizer portion of the meal that was being served to Sanders and pulled her aside to ask her to leave. Sarah respected the restaurant owners right to serve whoever they wanted, so she and her family left. More specifics about this case can be seen at The American Thinker article below as well as this very interesting video featuring an interview with Stephanie Wilkinson herself. So much for her efforts at trying to help downtown Lexington—she just put a black eye on that poor town with her liberal activism, and everyone will have to pay for it, not just the little dump they call The Red Hen.

The hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer, when pressed by reporters in the wake of the aftermath, Wilkinson said she would do it again, and that she felt morally compelled to make the decision citing that the restaurant had certain standards that they had to uphold and that she had to uphold those standards by asking a member of the President’s staff to leave. Obviously, this is a problem because it calls to mind the rantings of the political left over the refusal of bakery owners to serve to gay people, or the Kentucky case of the clerk of courts to certify a marriage certificate because it was a gay couple, the notion of “standards” is quite an open issue, because those standards could be defined differently by different people in different regions. As much as the political left made of the issue you’d think they wouldn’t be so stupid to attempt such a refusal to serve, but obviously as the Supreme Court recently upheld, such places do have the right to discriminate if they so choose.

The case of the week which Sarah Sanders had to deal with by members of a very ignorant and immature press corps, was the breaking up of children from their parents at the border who had to be detained for trying to illegally cross the American border from the south. The political left was involved in attempting to spread the notion that illegal immigrants should ignore the law so to change the nature of the American population more to their favor. The political left at just about every issue they care about feel quite comfortable ignoring laws they don’t agree with and using mass force in the form of protests to legislate by overwhelming the courts. The same approach could be said to be in play over the marijuana controversy, where states are supposed to say, “oh well, people are going to smoke it anyway, so let’s just make it legal.” They are trying to do the same thing over border security, “look at all these poor children without their parents, let’s just let everyone out of jail and open up the borders.” The children are used as pawns, the media plays long with the narrative and law breaking is advocated as a viable option to the current state of things.

Yet mysteriously, those same liberals assume that if they lobbied for gun control for example, that the other half of the country who are not liberals would just magically obey the law if it were liberals who were in charge. Does that make any sense? What good would more gun rules be if all the people who like guns, like me, ignored those laws, overwhelmed the courts with cases they couldn’t possibly deal with, and filled the jails to the point that they couldn’t afford to send anybody else to jail. There are probably around 1.20 guns per American citizen, which comes out to well over 360 million and counting. Who in the right mind thinks that those gun owners would ever comply with the gun confiscations that the political left are always advocating for? The sheer numbers make it impossible, because if pushed, those of us with guns would just refuse to comply, the same way that liberals do on issues like border security, drug legalization, and even common decency such as restaurant service. I mean two can play at this game and I look at the case of Stephanie Wlkinson as a perfect example of how the political left has shown us their cards opening the refusal of any future liberal administrations to outright rebellion against any rules they might come up with. Lawlessness, and physical violence such as we’ve seen by the liberal group of anarchists called ANTIFA that have opened the door toward that type of reasoning. Do they think that conservatives won’t fight back, or that we won’t push back against incursions of our value judgments? Just because we tend to settle disputes with legal recourse and polite debate, that doesn’t mean that we will accept lawless administrations dictating terms to our lives.

Sarah Sanders did the right thing, if she had stayed, the radical lefts in the kitchen probably would have just spit in her food and sabotaged their experience passive aggressively. So they did her a favor to ask her to leave. She likely had a much safer meal elsewhere. What’s more dangerous than people like Stephanie Wilkinson openly protesting conservatives they don’t agree with are the saboteurs who just piss in your food from the kitchen, and believe me, that does happen. It’s good to know their minds, to watch how they probe the fences and how they react when they are not in charge, because when and if they ever are again, we have just as much right to break the law as they do, especially over the issue of gun control. The political left has shown us what they are willing to do when they aren’t the ones making the rules, and they have opened the door to outright lawlessness. So when they beg the police to come and confiscate our guns, they shouldn’t be surprised when we say no.

Liberals like Stephanie Wilkinson and her crappy Red Hen restaurant is a small player in the world economy. It is likely that people from outside of downtown Lexington, Virginia are not flocking to her restaurant of gay servers on a Friday and Saturday night for a “cultural meal.” Now if there were a Chick-fil-A in town, that place would be swamped, but not the Red Hen. Wilkinson probably thought that this whole deal with Sarah Sanders would be a good publicity stunt and fellow liberals would flock to Lexington to fill up their empty storefronts with like-minded liberal losers. But the opposite is happening to her, the Trump supporters from the countryside are just a little pissed off now, and the ramifications of that can be pretty scary. And like her cousin Meryl Streep learned, because Hollywood isn’t doing so well these days in the aftermath of their Trump protests, Stephanie Wilkinson poked the wrong bear. And that serves as a greater metaphor for all future legislation. If liberals are going to break laws and ignore conduct of proper decency in restaurants, than why should the rest of us respect them? Oh, didn’t think that far, did they?

If these liberal losers want to fight, I’m game.  If I were them, I wouldn’t bet on winning that fight.  After all, we ain’t playing patty cake.  The “left” better watch what they wish for.

Rich Hoffman
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The Communist Cult of Valerie Jarrett: China’s move to unite the world under a “progressive” flag

I suppose I hadn’t thought much of Valerie Jarrett until this recent controversy from Roseanne Barr where the television sit com star got into a lot of trouble for calling the former Obama advisor some names. I didn’t think the names were that bad considering how the other side treats conservatives—that’s the kind of world we are living in these days, so I didn’t think much of it until I saw how strangely swift the condemnation against Barr was from every corner of the media industry. It was almost strangely coordinated. Bob Iger from Disney was most stunning making a decision to cancel Barr’s number one hit show off ABC television in just a few hours coming to Jarrett’s defense in an alarming fashion. Then I heard how Jarrett referred to the whole incident as a “teaching moment,” during an interview and something was very fishy about the whole thing.

I didn’t pay much attention to Jarrett during the Obama years because her boss was much worst, and an obvious socialist sympathizer who was trying to spread Marxism anywhere and everywhere he could. Like Jarrett’s mysterious defense from so many media sectors for something that isn’t nearly as bad as other things that have been said about our current president by some of the same people condemning Roseanne Barr presently. But here we were a few years out of the Obama administration and Jarrett seems to turn up in the news quite often. As I was thinking this a friend of mine pointed me to Jarrett’s past and sure enough she has deep ties into the communist movement of Iran. A lot of people forget that the motivation of the terrorism behind the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t any real attempt to advance the Muslim religion or even a fairness between the races, it’s the spread of Marxism across the Middle East and down into Africa. Several family members of Valarie Jarrett were big participants into the spread of the communist movement especially her grandfather and her father-in-law Vernon Jarrett. After doing a little research into that claim this is what I came up with. More details are available at the links:

According to the FBI documents, Vernon Jarrett’s job was to “write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would ‘disseminate the Communist Party line among … the middle class.”

“Faithful to her roots, [Valerie Jarrett] still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Judicial Watch. “Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshall Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file.”

Judicial Watch also reported that it obtained public records in 2014 that show Valerie Jarrett “was a key player in the effort to cover up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious, a disastrous experiment in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed guns from the U.S. to be smuggled into Mexico so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels.”

Now of course just because a bunch of family members are flaming communists from Iran that doesn’t mean Valarie followed in their footsteps. However, just a little research into her activities during her entire adult life point in that direction and all that gives a lot of insight into why the Obama administration was trying to make deals with Iran to give them money to support their terrorist activity even turning their eyes of justice away from the illegal drug trade in South America by Hezbollah an Iranian backed Shi’s terrorist organization that was getting its financing off illegally sold drugs destined for North America. I mean can we agree that it’s not a conspiracy to assume at this point that an American president was assisting in the poisoning of Americans by a terrorist organization intent to spread Marxism by destroying the minds of the youth with poison so that they couldn’t fight back? The evidence all points in that direction. And Valarie Jarrett was there to hold Obama’s hand on all these things, and it was a little creepy to have her almost lecture us on television after Roseanne Barr’s comments that all that had happened was a “teaching moment.”

Additionally, I have noticed, especially lately as I was watching the box office numbers of the new Star Wars film and compared them to what went on with The Black Panther in China, and the current Marvel movie Infinity War that the communists were still very hostile toward American business brands such as the GAP, Marriott, even American Express. Those companies are changing policy to bow to the rulers of China so that they can do business there assuming that the region was the next superpower. That’s not true of course, China has been a propped-up country on the world stage given power only because too many in the United States were willing to regulate American businesses to the point that they’d move to China—it was always part of the plan for which President Trump is now reversing, thankfully. The American left obviously has an intense desire to see China succeed on the world stage as an economic superpower because it fulfils their fantasy of a communist world. I thought recently it was very odd how the new Star Wars movies were being slammed by the American press for underperforming in China which is a major sore spot for Bob Iger at Disney because he has worked hard to cultivate a relationship with the communist party in that country for distribution opportunities. It doesn’t make much sense taken at face value because we’re only talking about an extra $50 to a $100 million in movie ticket sales per picture in the Chinese market. The domestic take is much more powerful. I mean its nice if you can get it, but China and the United States are totally different places ideologically, so Hollywood should never expect to mesh the two together seamlessly, unless of course they wish to destroy the American market and make them more like the Chinese, which apparently is the objective.

So what does all this have to do with Valarie Jarrett, well, China and Iran are part of the modern movement of spreading communism. They have all changed the name of the attempt to “progressivism” meaning they intend to “progress” beyond the economic philosophy of capitalism and the effort is quite audacious. I was stunned recently while visiting the very good Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to find there an entire exhibit dedicated to China. Other countries weren’t represented, there wasn’t an exhibit for Russia, or Brazil, just China. As I worked my way through it they were promoting China as the new ruling country in the world and emphasizing that if anybody wanted to be anything in this world, they needed to get used to China being the ruling country. This was simply astonishing, people needed to understand their history. While I love China, I really like Chinese food and I love some of their literature, philosophy, and history—China does not have it together. In World War II if not for America China would now be part of Japan because without us China would have been conquered into a Japanese territory easily. Oddly FDR seemed to use the American defense of China not to stop the Japanese, but to allow the communists coming out of the North to gain in power while the regime in power and friendly to the West weakened. Students of history know that FDR in America had a soft spot for socialism and communism as he had good relations with Hitler and Stalin prior to the start of World War II and looks to have been friendly in policy toward Mao Zedong’s communist takeover of China immediately after the war concluded. America had saved China from the Japanese and delivered it straight into the hands of the communists, which then spread in influence into Korea and Vietnam dragging America into two more wars. Only recently under Donald Trump is the one in Korea looking to be finally won. North Korea finally looks to be turning toward capitalism which China isn’t happy about, and neither is Russia. But long story short, China is on the decline, not the rise and the exhibit at Indianapolis designed to instruct school children that China will be their new overlords in the world already looks dated because of its lack of relevancy. Without question educators a few years ago thought that to be the case, but under the Trump White House China’s fortunes are turning. But don’t tell Hollywood that, or the rest of the American left, they are in denial about this change in tune and are fighting with everything they have to keep the train of the world on the tracks of Marxism, or else.

And that looks to be why Bob Iger was so quick to come to Valarie Jarrett’s defense while Donald Trump gets called much worse on Disney’s networks daily. It’s not racism and fairness that the political leftists want, they simply use that as a guilt trick to sustain their real objective, in spreading Marxist ideas of fairness and equality to prep the minds of our youth for the new name of communism–progressivism. But none of it is about “fairness,” it’s about obedience and following the dictates of the communist overlords—getting used to calling someone else master. That master the political left hopes and dreams of is their political class where they will serve as society’s educated elite much the way China rules over their people and many American businesses to this very day. China should consider themselves lucky to have American businesses in their country, and American films like Solo: A Star Wars Story. But they have been artificially propped up by the global progressives to believe that “China” would be the next superpower and they would achieve that because Marxism would become the global standard once America collapsed on itself. The footprints were already in the sand, you could see that at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis and at just about any school board meeting in America. China was going to be the new standard we’d all have to live up to, and we had better start behaving ourselves, even if we tell an off-color joke that the “party” doesn’t like. It would be a teaching moment for everyone else to watch the life of the person telling the joke to be destroyed. That is what Valarie Jarrett meant as Bob Iger came to her defense so quickly. It’s not about fairness, it’s about learning to obey to the communist overlords. That is the role Iran plays on the world stage. China now plays the good cop, while Iran is the bad cop, but they all want the same thing—the spread of Marxism that destroys America and brings it to the knees of China, which will then unify the world from Africa to South America with one big happy government-run at Beijing instead of New York and London.

After looking at the situation more carefully, it looks like Roseanne was going too easy on Jarrett. We’re not talking about the thoughts and feelings of an individual, we are talking about a grand fight between ideologies that are in conflict to rule the world. I wouldn’t say that the Trump supporters want to rule the world in the way that the political left does. But a failure to make a clear decision about which side we are all on yields to the side that has made that decision. And the political left wants old school communism as it is being run in China, and they want it everywhere in the world. They have been teaching it to our kids in public education, they have taken over all of America’s media industries and they want to take over the minds of every last American individual. All Bob Iger needed was a way to explain to the stockholders why he had to dump a top-rated television show on ABC. He had to support it because it was making money for Disney’s shareholders—but ideologically Roseanne was dangerous because it was feeding Trump’s election base in a way that was perilous to the cause of global progressivism, (the new name for communism). And Valarie Jarrett is still very much at the center of all hope that the progressivism movement has of a global conquest.

Rich Hoffman

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Glenn Beck Is Supporting Donald Trump: The nature of gangs and animals in America

It says a lot that Glenn Beck wore a “Make America Great Again” hat during his show on Friday, May 20th, 2018. He then went on to list the great accomplishments of Donald Trump shown below thus far in his presidency, which is really just getting started. If Donald Trump has won over Glenn Beck—which is probably more out of economic necessity than out of sentiment—then there are a lot more like him that are also coming over to the right side of things. Apparently for Beck it was the media reaction to the MS-13 issues where the president called the gang leaders in many American cities animals, that pushed him over the edge and into the Trump camp. Honestly after all that Beck has said about Donald Trump from the time of the primaries to the present, it caused me to no longer listen to Beck, let alone watch any of his programs. Prior to his hatred of Trump, and being one of the first Never Trumpers, I promoted Beck any way I could—especially his radio station, The Blaze. It was always on somewhere in my life, but I turned it off over two years ago now and dropped Beck in every way possible. So it was a little shocking to see him throw his support behind Donald Trump so honestly.

Welcome to the twisted world of liberalism where its like an Alice in Wonderland parody on everything. For instance, the May 17th 2018 Robin Hood event in New York City that tried to raise awareness for ways of fighting poverty, but in doing so it was largely liberals and progressives who were hosting the thing—which is to say that their solution to poverty is to use socialism to solve the problem. But logic says that socialism causes the problem. Socialism is what has put people on the streets and in need of homeless shelters. Some of those idiots who are poor were taught through socialism that somebody would always be there to give them something—and they were never taught that the path to success means you must work more than 40 hours a week at something—your whole life. Living in the lower middle class which we now call the working poor—according to the advocates for the Robin Hood charity in New York, the richest city in the world has it has 1.8 million people living in poverty. Yet if you talk to those people to discover why they are poor, it is because somewhere in their life they were taught they wouldn’t have to work more than 40 hours a week, or even less, to live—that someone would feed them, so thus, they are homeless or at the poverty level due to their beliefs. They could easily get out of poverty if they did as Oprah does—who is a big supporter of this Robin Hood group, and that is to work70 to 90 hours a week, like most successful people do.

The designation that members of MS-13 are not animals by the political left is just as perplexing. One thing that is hard for many people to admit is that left leaning monsters like the nice people at that Robin Hood event in New York dressed up with great opulence to convince people to donate money to the poor are really just another form of MS-13, a gang designed to muscle individuals towards the aims of a collective minority. Gangs and mobs are part of the liberal lifestyle and they are taught in school. That kid in Texas who shot up kids he didn’t like in his high school just a few weeks before graduation was a creation of the liberal left, where peer groups are formed to cast people into gangs—by design. MS-13 are made up of the leaders of the El Salvador revolution during the 1980s as they fled their country and hit the streets of Los Angeles as a bunch of marijuana users—literally. Over the years they spread to other American cities and began taking over as drug distributers and today they are into just about everything that crime syndicates are into. It doesn’t take much to learn that the liberal left wants these gangs terrorizing people in the poor communities they reside in, because it gives them an excuse to come up with more gangs to deal with the aftermath of the efforts.

The teacher’s unions are gangs who join together to extort the tax payers into giving them more money for doing a job that requires less than 40 hours a week of commitment if you average out their yearly investment into their professions. By massing together as a gang the government school teachers gain power and influence much the way MS-13 does and are the methods that the political left uses to stay in power over people. They use fear and anxiety to move people toward their needs, so it was a very personal thing to have Donald Trump call MS-13 gang members, animals—because people on the political left from the Robin Hood charity donors to school teachers all across America identify with those MS-13 animals intellectually. They all use the same methods of coercion to advance their liberal positions. So when a school shooting occurs like it did in Texas this past week at a small high school in Santa Fe the problem is the gun’s fault, not the person doing the shooting. In poverty, it is the fault of the United States for not giving more money to the poor, not the people who are too lazy to work more than 40 hours a week to pick themselves up and over the poverty line. And when it comes to gangs, they call them immigrants looking for opportunity in America when all they really are is considered dangerous terrorists who are killed on site in their native country of El Salvador, because they know the truth, that MS-13 members are dangerous animals who will kill innocent people as easily as most of us drink a glass of water. The political left wants all these gangs to spread fear through the weak and lazy so that they can have voters in fall elections—so that their gang can rule in Washington, as it has for so many years.

It was to leave that game in Washington D.C. that caused me to support Donald Trump from the beginning, and to turn off Glenn Beck. Beck was talking peace, and love when what was needed was to confront all these gangs directly and end the practice of mob rule in America in favor of America first policies that unite all people under the flag of the United States. Beck clearly didn’t see the potential behind Donald Trump, but now he does and like the rest of us has joined the correct fight. Many on Beck’s sentimental side of politics were willing to give the benefit of the doubt toward the realms of evil that we all deal with which breeds itself on the progressive side of politics. They didn’t understand that the key to beating all these gangs that have set up shop in the United States, from MS-13 to the teacher’s unions was to put a self-made billionaire in the Executive Branch who had lived the life of luxury for so long that he couldn’t be enamored by the power of gangs into making decisions which favored them in some way. Instead he calls them animals, which they are, and with that designation he is calling most on the political left the same, and they know it. So they distorted the truth to their favor and finally Glenn Beck had enough. The situation became clear as it is for so many others in America who had been willing to turn the other cheek so much that their heads were about to fall off from being slapped so many times. Enough is enough. It is good to see the good among us joining back together to fight the tyranny of group think—it has taken over out country for far too long and its about time to fight back to remove their influence from our lives—starting with the obvious, MS-13 and their animal behavior that is not conducive to a good life for anybody. From teacher unions to MS-13 all these gangs must go, and its about time for us all to admit that to ourselves.

Rich Hoffman
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