Richard Hardy’s ‘The Program Manager’: A book more about communism in the corporate world than business, but well worth the read

You have to understand, I read a lot. A whole lot. And if I could, I’d read even more. Every time we have one of these Holiday seasons and all the people I know send me texts and emails wishing me good tidings and my response back to them is usually short and to the point, it’s usually because I’m rushing back to a book. That’s not all I do of course, I live a very full life, but I think reading a lot and maintaining my rule of reading at least one book a week all weeks of the year is very important. Professionally I am a professional problem solver, and I don’t spend any time looking over my shoulder the way a lot of people do worrying about being knocked off the ladder of success because honestly the root source of my magic is my ability to read and communicate what I have learned. But to be honest, it takes a lot of work. I don’t think there is any book on this planet that can teach people to be successful if they are not willing to do a lot of hard work. I would say to anybody who fantasizes about being successful that unless you are willing to outwork the other person, you will likely always be second place in anything you do, or in a lot of cases, dead last. If you lack drive, curiosity and a quest for knowledge you will not have much of a life, and those are just cold hard facts. My habit is to look at reading as a daily exercise and I do it as much as I can, and the results always give me a competitive advantage not so much over other people, but in the circumstances of challenges that are presented to us all. I like having the answers to questions before they are even asked, so keeping a brain fed is the best way to achieve that function.

Being the Holiday season of Thanksgiving where generally there are four consecutive days off every year it is a time to catch up my ratio for the year and to stay on target, I needed to read seven more books to catch up to my 2018 targets. Some of the books I read in 2018 were big ones so it can sometimes take a week or two longer to read them, which throws off my target, which I always catch up on during the two Holidays at the end of the year. Over this particular Holiday weekend I was able to read four books, some of them 300 to 400 pages, some of them only about 150. And surprisingly it was that shorter book called The Program Manager written back in 1999 and self-published by Richard Hardy formerly of Boeing that I enjoyed the most. Usually books on business topics are boring and the fun of life is not present in them. But its important to suffer through them because always there are little nuggets of information that need polished a bit before you can use them, but are of great value nevertheless.

Much to my surprise Richard Hardy likely nearing retirement hit on a very slippery topic in his book on how to be a program manager, and that is to articulate how much communism is present in the modern world both politically and within corporate structures. It really too me by surprise, but as an older guy it is understandable. But I’m sure within Boeing there was a lot of consternation about his book coming out, even if it was self-published and a little rough on the grammar. The insights are quite good and as you’d expect from someone at the top of their particular field of endeavor. I look at those kinds of books as though you had the opportunity to meet someone and have them tell you their life story and you can extract from that whatever you want. The professionalism of the publishing profession is to put it as bluntly as Richard Haley did, filled with communists. Of course, nobody calls themselves that, and many of the publishers in New York and London think that term is rubbish. They call themselves progressives now, or “environmental activists” but that is only because they don’t know their history. For students of history, not the history they teach you in public education or in college, what is present in almost everything, especially in the corporate world, is varying degrees of communism that people have just accepted over the last 100 years. A book like Hardy’s The Program Manager would never be published professionally by a New York publisher. But sometimes it is those books that are the most valuable to read.

And while we are being blunt, most of the Lean activities that most company’s employ to attempt to mitigate that trend is to get communist thinking of group associations and power from above structures to become more holistic instead of siloed. Cuba for instance as a communist country was extremely siloed meaning they were never open to outside ideas, but only the ones flowed from the top down. Lean concepts are all about decentralizing those sentiments so that the point of emphasis is the health of the company everyone works with. Like most politicians’ power structures within an organization chart become their obsession and they constantly view their workers as middle-class citizens, or even worse, among the poor and they spend a lot of time thinking about that class structure when they should be thinking about running a business. I was curious what Richard Hardy who worked in the very stringent Boeing culture did to solve problems in that environment and was surprised to find him such an Ayn Rand fan, an individualist who understood the nature of all things. After reading his book I’m not surprised that he was so successful and sought after. But I was surprised to learn how consistent it was to my own personal thoughts on the matter.

And that is what reading can do for you, just when you think you know everything that there is to know, you find yourself surprised by something that should be obvious but isn’t. When it comes to business books, most of them are very dry and philosophically dormant. They talk about how to do something but don’t really get into why companies are siloed or how holistic thinking can be good and sustainable for continued profit growth and employee sustainability. But Richard Hardy made his point quite well protecting the names of his fellow workers at Boeing and replacing them with a metaphor of bulls protecting a herd as essentially being the primary objective of the program manager. Most of what he said in his book are things that are easily obtained in other books and college level courses, but in his case he was talking about the development of the Joint Strike Fighter well in advance of our modern times which I remember being a part of, so I had some context to his subject, then to read some of the behind the scenes decisions and the why and hows was quite a treat. It was a very nice surprise that doesn’t come along too often.

I don’t know how well the copies of it that are still out there will be. I bought one that was in good condition arrive, but as I flipped through it the pages were falling out from being dry rotted. I practically had to tape the thing together as I read it to keep the book intact. But if you can get your hands on one not so much for the task of business management, but for understanding how communism entered all our lives and tried to change the nature of American life so subtly and over such a long period of time, it is a very interesting read and well worth the time in doing it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Real Killers of Jamal Khashoggi: The context of honesty regarding Trump’s defense of Saudi Arabia–never forget Seth Rich

Now we are seeing the evidence of how things became so screwed up before the Donald Trump presidency. As Black Friday dawned across the American continent and gas prices were down on average by .25 cents per gallon the issue of morality came up regarding public relations between our White House and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s direct relationship with the Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. For some reason we were all supposed to be worried that the Prince put the hit out on the reporter and cut up his body in an embassy in Istanbul. The reporter himself was a friend of Osama Bin Laden saying of him, “I collapsed crying a while ago, heartbroken for you Abu Abdullah”, using Bin Laden’s nickname. “You were beautiful and brave in those beautiful days in Afghanistan, before you surrendered to hatred and passion. Khashoggi to put it simply in a very complex story was a liberal progressive on the world stage and had the sympathetic ear of all liberals trying to advance the world in a direction it didn’t want to go. Like most liberals they tried to use peer pressure applied through the media to destroy the lives of people whereas the Crown Prince still used old world tactics like death and torture to maintain power. So in such a world of vast immorality, How can any value be determined? Essentially in the power of the United States economy. That is where morality resides.

The reports are that it took seven minutes to die as assassins had injected the reporter with a numbing agent to alleviate the pain and stop the screaming. The hit squad listened to music on their head phones as they started cutting up the body, while still alive. They removed the body parts piece by piece and destroyed the evidence, just as Democrats had with their email evidence was well as our own F.B.I. in their attempts to have a coup against the incoming President Trump before he took power., and once the killing occurred, everyone went about their business. Turkey was outraged that the United States wouldn’t take action against Saudi Arabia who tried to dredge up the memory that it was Saudi Arabia who had backed the attacks of 9/11. But what they failed to mention was that it was the Jamal Khashoggi faction that supported the terrorism as he was a supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood. You might remember those guys who had personal invites to visit President Obama in the White House often from 2008 to 2015. It’s not a conspiracy theory or a “whisper campaign” to discredit the radical Khashoggi, but rather a fact. Ultimately in the war of power alignments in the Middle East with Israel in the middle of it all and Saudi Arabia to stand in direct conflict with Iran and Syria the urgings of the progressives are that all that should come to an end just because one of their own was killed in the conflict.

But there are other ways of destroying people, not just in cutting them up into little pieces and getting rid of the body so nobody will ever really no the gruesome details. Liberals in America literally did everything they could to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh prior to being confirmed on the Supreme Court. Liberals try desperately to destroy the careers of anybody who stands against them in the press, such an example would be the best-selling author Bill O’Reilly, formally on Fox News. They had no problem trying to use a phony sex scandal to destroy everything O’Reilly stood for, the media was so vicious that they didn’t care if he ever showed his face in public again. Did they physically kill O’Reilly, no, but that’s not how people destroy other people in civilized nations. In the Middle East, they still kill people literally. In the West, enemies of others try to kill the social footprint a person has in the world using democratic peer pressure to do the messy part of the work. We are talking about a double standard such as how the media did not hold Sherrod Brown from Ohio who had a history of domestic violence but ignored it so that the senator could defend his seat from the challenger Jim Renacci. Liberals don’t care about Khashoggi or moral clarity, they only care that they lost a voice in their attempts at global progressive crusades. They care about how they can change the world and gain power using ever manipulative tactics to do so. But nothing more.

And the people from the so-called conservative branch of things within the GOP such as Bob Corker and Bill Kristol, all Never-Trumpers who are raw displays of who various factions of the political right and left are still enemies of the President and the people who elected him, much the way the conflict between the Crown Prince and Khashoggi were. In Saudi Arabia they kill each other, in America we fight it out in the press. Is that better than killing a person, arguably it’s still aggression and conflict. Kristol isn’t going to be killed by Trump but the conflict is just as real between them. Enemies of the President would love to trap him into making enemies with Saudi Arabia so that by 2020 the American economy would be a wreck and people would blame Trump for the high gas prices and further instability in the Middle East. Why should Trump change all that over some progressive reporter who was against him too? Where is the incentive?

And Senator Menendez who just won reelection in New Jersey, by a little bit, is crying for morality over the Khashoggi murder too. Menendez the federal corruption charges guy who had all kinds of trouble in 2018 after a judge declared a mistrial barely saving him from serious jail time is on the lecture trail promoting action against Saudi Arabia. This is the same person who has an “F” with the NRA and anywhere else in the country besides liberal New Jersey wouldn’t be able to be elected on a one-person ticket suddenly has international credibility because he has come out against Trump’s support of Saudi Arabia. These are the kind of people who are standing against President Trump—these people aren’t any different from the assassins who chopped up Jamal Khashoggi. The only real difference is that they aren’t as literal in their villainy. But the are all villains attempting to change the world to their own version of it.

The only real morality of all these scandalous characters, and Trump clearly understands it, is the American economy. By siding with the Saudis in the world it gives him negotiating leverage for all future deals but more than anything it keeps gas prices down through the critical Holiday season. One bad move with the economy and all that positive GDP growth that the United States is experiencing could turn negative, and that is really what the liberal press and RINO conservatives like Corker and Kristol are after. Nobody ever cared about Jamal Khashoggi being cut up into little pieces, only that they in the media didn’t want the same thing to happen to them. But they will use anything to attempt to bring down President Trump, even if they can trap him into making an error in moral judgment that would destroy the American economy. And that military equipment that the United States is selling to Saudi Arabia, that is worth so much money, it means more than just jobs to Americans who make it, it’s all about having a friend in the Middle East that can stand against Iran and protect Israel. That is really what the liberal press is after, they want America out of the complicated Middle East so that progressivism can be ushered in on the backs of Islamic radicalism. And for that they will kill anybody literally or metaphorically. The American economy is the bright light that saves so many lives around the world, and without that light many more people die and are plundered out of existence by radical progressives and even members of America’s own intelligence agencies who still hope and pray for a one world order. The assassins cutting up Khashoggi were probably much more morally fit than the typical liberal operative, like James Comey, Hillary Clinton or even Peter Strzok. At least the assassins were conscious enough to listen to something pleasant while they did the dirty work. American liberals in many cases are much, much, much more brutal and uncaring. They can do the deed and lie to our faces without having to listen to any music, and that makes them very dangerous.

Just remember something, Seth Rich……………………………………The New York Times certainly didn’t do a big investigation on that murder directly attached to the DNC.  Hmm, and I don’t recall Saudi Arabia forcing a resolution on that murder.  So why Jamal Khashoggi?  Well, watch all these videos and use the questions that come from them be your guide to reality.  And when the question comes up about law enforcement covering up evidence to help create a political story, never forget what the F.B.I. did for Hillary Clinton.

Ultimately, this is why I support Julian Assange at Wikileaks.  I’ve been to the embassy there and I think the Trump administrating should stand with him as the world closes in to remove his journalism from the reporting of global news.  I personally don’t trust the media and their ties to governments.  This is just one case that shows the dangers.  I stand with Julian Assange!  That’s me in the picture at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange lives.  I consider it one of the few places in the world where real freedom of the press exists. 

Rich Hoffman

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Thankfully No Jokesters at the White House Correspondence Dinner in 2019: Respect and Leadership do not owe comedy “equality”

Honestly, I think the pick to put Ron Chernow as the headliner of this year’s White House Correspondence Dinner is a good one. His book on Grant was fabulous as he is a great historian and to me that should be the purpose of the dinner. This tradition of laughing at ourselves as a country is a pretty dumb one. How it got started in the first place is something that we should have revisited a long time ago. I understand the need for comedy, but there is psychologically something much more sinister going on at roasts of celebrities and people who have achieved great importance, and when it comes to President Trump, he has one clear message for his years as the leader of the Executive Branch, respect is a theme he has always wished to cultivate on projects he works on. This trend to make fun of everything so not to show that we as a culture and as a people don’t take ourselves too seriously has major flaws that should have ended after Johnny Carson and Bob Hope’s era closed. After them, the trend went out of control and has turned into a joke and that doesn’t help America be great, which for many in the typical White House Correspondence Dinner audience always wanted anyway.

I share with Trump a distaste for personal aggrandizement. I just never have participated in it and I don’t do it to other people. Part of the gift of thinking positive about everything is that it has to start with yourself and if you are making fun of some imperfection that you have to show the world that you aren’t any better than they are, well then you are a captor to their limitations for themselves. When you work hard to be the best person that you can be, why on earth would you sit around and let people find flaws in what you have done? Especially when the people making fun of you haven’t made any efforts themselves at greatness.

We all have grown up with this notion that its good not to take yourself very serious and it was always a false one. After all, if you don’t take yourself seriously, who else will, and in many cases—especially when it comes to children we raise, people we lead in industry or just friends and neighbors, they need someone to believe in. So if we allow our value to be cheapened by silly jokes about ourselves and allow our image to be brought down to earth where all the lazy and unambitious are sitting around as losers smoking pot, drinking too much and generally showing no yearning to live life to the fullest, then we have cheapened everything we individually stand for, and that has always been the point.

When people who do great things allow themselves to be chided and ridiculed with a display of humility it is a silent endorsement that the masses and all their lackluster effort are the standard and the efforts of the great are meant to be absorbed in the murky depths of social stagnation. There was always an unsaid truth between the person who makes fun of other people and those who allow it that states a lack of superiority in the target and if left unchecked the bar that we should all aspire to falls short. In my own personal life even as a very little kid people would tell me, especially adults, that you can’t go through life as if your shit doesn’t stink. You can’t go around acting like you are better than everyone else and expect to be a successful person, because they won’t let you into the gates of life if you don’t make peace with them. Well, I never listened and all those things they said were untrue. Reality states that if you are the best at things no matter what controversies are going on in your life, the world will beat a path to your door and line up to seek your attention, because they will need what you have to offer. So why would anybody who works harder than the average person ever give jokesters a seat at the table of equality by allowing puns to go unchecked.

People who want to elevate themselves by castigating the successful and harder working will call their targets “thin skinned” if they don’t silently endorse the efforts at equality by allowing it to continue. But why did it ever become necessary to “take a joke” especially if one doesn’t dish it out? I can tell you dear reader that the source of that trend comes from the same European concepts that invented Marxism and it never should have been allowed to set foot in American culture. Personally, I am a very positive person by nature. I think greatly of myself obviously and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love myself and everything I do and I live every single day and every single second of that day trying to be the best that I can be. And when I deal with other people, I always look for the positives in them. I always try to extract out of them goodness and a positive self-image. People who fail to respond or persist to continue their lives as a joke and find jokes in others are really just too lazy to try to accomplish anything in life, so their attempts at jokes are meant to keep the bars of life low for everyone. I see this as detrimental to any productive culture and have never participated. I don’t let people make fun of me and I don’t make fun of them. If they do make fun of me, I will tear up whoever it is that is doing the banter because I see it as an attack not just on me as a person, but on what the efforts of goodness should stand for. Do I take myself seriously, yes? Of course! And for damn good reason. Everyone should, and I am happy to help them look in the mirror and like the person that looks back at them. But fault-finding is a very negative thing and has huge implications on the quality of any society, and I personally don’t allow it.

I have never thought it appropriate to have a White House Correspondence Dinner that centered around telling jokes and making fun of our own culture. People around the world watch the video clips and it doesn’t set a good standard for a country that leads the world to make. Why would anybody follow a culture that finds so much fault with itself? The answer is they wouldn’t. Yet that has always been the secret ambition of the jokesters, to keep others from following the great people of high ambition and taste, and to celebrate the weak losers of lazy aptitude. We are talking about the kind of society that celebrates the star football player in any school at the same level of the class clown to the point where the star plays right along to endorse the behavior because they think it’s the popular thing to do—and that if they don’t, they may lose their star status. That is the great ruse of our modern times, that jokesters are just as important as the stars that build the society.

I understand Trump’s reservations about the way the White House Correspondence Dinner has been conducted. After all it has the word “White House” in it so that is a brand that President Trump has a great interest in protecting. Why would he want to cheapen it with the jokes of the stupid and lazy, to lower its image on the world stage just so that he could appear “cool.” That’s what we say to people we want to lower their guard to us, “be cool.” Don’t get upset, just drop your standards and opinions and join us in the collective mud of civility where we are all equally bad, stupid and imperfect creatures of God. No thanks. I like striving for perfection every day and working as hard as I can to get there. The last thing I want to hear is some joke about my hair, or the way I talk, or other little nitpick. And Trump is of the same mind, and I don’t blame him for it one bit! One way to make America great again is to believe that its great to start with, and that requires looking at the greatness and celebrating it, not making fun of it and trying to demean it so that other people won’t feel the pressure to be better. They need to try to be better and not use jokes as a way to insulate themselves from the expectations of the ambitious.

Rich Hoffman

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Who Made Who: Trump made them, not the other way around

Since the election there has been quite a subtle shift, even from Fox News which many think is fueling the Trump presidency. There has certainly been a lot of anger leveled in the Fox News direction. But those thoughts come from people who really don’t know what is going on, they are clinging to ancient truths that no longer matter, and ways of thinking that are simply outdated, such as reverence for the military, concern about ancient Gods—in this case global warming, and a non-business first approach to virtually everything. Before Donald Trump won the presidency, the business class were only supposed to contribute money to political campaigns, they weren’t supposed to be making any of the real decisions, but that has changed, and likely forever and the resentments from those in the old world who were quite something to talk about back then, are suddenly finding themselves useless and passed over. As I said, even Fox News has been very critical of President Trump over military funeral visits, the dealing of Saudi Arabia and their assassinations, and every dip in the stock market. In truth Fox News doesn’t command the ratings of nearly the kind of audience that talk radio does, or the monthly publications of the NRA, so who really cares if Fox News goes even more liberal as the new CEO there seems to want to take it. It won’t make President Trump weaker, it will just inspire people to switch to new methods of getting the news they want, like Alex Jones online. People are going to get what they want one way or another and President Trump is a creation of that desire and the old guard just hasn’t come to terms with that notion yet. That much was very obvious on Saturday Night Live the weekend before Thanksgiving 2018. The following video makes their hatred of Trump abundantly obvious.

Petty is the word for their approach to President Trump but it really shows what kind of people are running things at NBC. The world is changing under their feet and one of their old superstars is now in the Executive Branch looking like he will easily win a second term. In a few years many in the modern media won’t be around any longer, the world has literally changed right under their feet and they were too busy bitching and trying to change the nature of human beings to notice it. As progressives attempting to play down all the attributes that make human beings great, such as thinking, a desire to change their environment, and a strong desire to change the direction of history in every generation, liberals have put themselves on a rope hanging from the edge of a vast metaphorical cliff which is coming untethered by the moment. And it can certainly be understood why they are anxious, and even angry. But that still doesn’t excuse them for their ignorance.

Speaking for myself, but as a representative of a Trump supporter it’s not important to me that Trump visits the military on Thanksgiving. I could care less, we aren’t at war in the world. The Afghanistan situation is a mess only because politicians made it that way. The way Trump has leveraged to win conflicts around the world is through economics. If the United States has all the money, and the wealth generated as the world’s largest oil producer, who cares what despots are doing around the world who are literally begging for a piece of that wealth. In Trump’s view we shouldn’t even have troops overseas, his goal is to get them home. This comparison to what President Bush did or Obama for that matter is just ridiculous. While Trump was making himself into a billionaire George W. Bush was abusing alcohol and cocaine living off the wealth of his family’s business. While many say that Trump benefited from his own father’s business there is a great difference, Bush chose to mooch off that wealth doing very little in his life to advance it while Trump was driven to the point of obsession with making his own mark in the world. Bush and Obama were not leaders, only in title. Trump is a true pace setter. He doesn’t have to live under the terms of presidents from the past who were essential failures.

There have also been many comparisons from those who don’t know much about history that Trump is a lot like Teddy Roosevelt in that he is an unconventional president who is facing many opportunities to bust up monopolies. With Roosevelt there was always a kind of hatred of those who had wealth as he was a lot like George W. Bush and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth never really learning how money was made. Trump did learn. Roosevelt went to war with the railroad and oil tycoons of the early 20th Century but Trump isn’t so inclined to ruin the billionaires who are working against him in the tech sector. Saturday Night Live was almost coaxing Trump into a fight with Jeff Bezos who has become the political left’s new champion because he is currently the richest man in the world. But what they don’t know is that Jeff Bezos could spend every last dollar of that wealth on the presidency and he couldn’t win it. You know why dear reader? Because he couldn’t win over people like you and I. I personally like Bezos as the head of Amazon and his ventures into space, but he’s kind of a weird guy. He couldn’t walk into an arena like Trump does and command so much energy. Trump built his wealth the old-fashioned way, through real estate in a tough market. Wealth by itself isn’t an automatic ability to do everything in life. Trump is smart enough to know that business deals with Saudi Arabia are good for America. Who cares if they assassinate a reporter from Jeff Bezos Washington Post? You see, there are other ways to skin a cat—direct conflicts are often not the way to go.

The drop in the tech stocks is for two reasons, the uncertainty of a potential Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives and unstable news from oversea markets. Once the smoke clears those tech stocks will be bought back up and will shoot back up to over 26,000. People who buy at the lower rate will become rich in just a few months, so buy up. The dip isn’t caused by tangible value, only by emotional reaction to a changing world. Regarding the House, as I said before the election, Republicans had to guard against massive cheating by Democrats and that looks to be just the case, not just in Florida, but in most of the counties where Democrats picked up seats. Early voting ballot tampering and massive I.D. fraud look to have given Democrats a few thousand votes here and there where they needed them. Trump seems to be OK with the Democrats taking over the House and the cheating that got them there because it paints a contrast that only helps him in the upcoming 2020 election. But the markets are nervous with all these socialists getting news time because Democrats are clearly anti market and that obviously has investors nervous and in a selloff mood.

The desperation is obvious by the other side and Saturday Night Live represents that vantage point. Their view of the world is so petty and ridiculous, yet that view has ruled for many thousands of years so we can’t blame them for their anxiety. And too many still think that if only they can capture Fox News into full liberalism that the Republican march toward a much more productive and optimistic 21st Century could be stopped. In truth, people will find alternatives, it’s not the news that makes people, its people who make the news and the networks are learning those hard lessons right now. Even at the core of NBC right now is the belief that they made Donald Trump, that they made him a star who could then win the presidency, and that they have the power to take that away. In truth it was the other way around, it was Trump that made NBC a star and opened the door for reality television, and that same influence is at work in the White House. And there isn’t anybody on the political left, or the right who can do it was well as Trump. And they hate the reality of that truth.  Remember the old song by ACDC called “Who Made Who?”  Trump and creators like him made the world, the media and many others are just living in it and it drives them crazy.

Rich Hoffman

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Forget about Civility, We are Being Robbed: Massive evidence of voter fraud in Florida and other places mandate action

How do we know that Democrats are cheating and attempting to steal the election results in Arizona, Georgia and Florida, well, we have history of their behavior to compare it to from the 2016 election where Bernie Sanders was pushed out of the primary. We also have close coordination with the F.B.I. which has explosive evidence everywhere and still unresolved. Additionally, we know there is media coordination as well, specifically in the Sherrod Brown race against Jim Renacci where obvious double standards were applied to the sitting liberal senator over his past with domestic violence. If the defendant had been a Republican the story would have been plastered all over every newspaper in the country, but when it came to Sherrod Brown, Jim Renacci was supposed to apologize to the perpetrator. These things have always gone on mind you, but it wasn’t until Republicans started to push back and challenge the premise that the exposure was so obvious. It used to be said that politics was a dirty game, but what we are learning is that definition is largely attributed to one specific party and that the real fight of our modern time is to keep it that way. So civility is not an option, the nation and its people cannot all just get along so long as corruption and misdeeds define the process of a functioning political party. That is why I am so grateful for President Trump, because he is representing my interests well. When he fired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, he was doing so to deal with what is coming, and Florida and this recent example of election scandal is just the latest incarnation of evil that must be crushed out of our society, because it can’t continue untended.

When people demand civility in our modern climate of interaction with fellow Americans what they are essentially saying is for us to turn away from evil. For instance, in Arizona, during the entire election night process McSally was in the lead with a margin that was consistent, yet in the days after the election as they are still counting votes, the liberal Sinema has taken the lead as the press cheers it on like a horse race that is still continuing after the finish line was already crossed. The election tampering is obvious and there won’t be any evidence of the matter because we’re dealing largely with provisional ballots that can be destroyed rather easily laving no paper trail. Of course no evidence will be uncovered because like the Hillary Clinton emails, or the coordination with the F.B.I to attempt to steal the 2016 election the evidence is destroyed so that there won’t be any. Liberals after the election day are enraged that Trump’s White House picked up a comfortable lead in the senate and did not lose seats. Since Democrats desire as the minority party to rule from the Judicial Branch they must control the appointment of judges and with Republicans having a comfortable majority this is why they are attacking those senate seats so aggressively, cheating if needed, because is they don’t cheat, they will cease to be a political party. That is all the proof we need in this case, the means to survival indicates the willingness to conspire as they have in the past.

Brenda Snipes, the Broward County elections supervisor looks to have mixed bad provisional ballots with good ones and she is at the center of the controversy in keeping Rick Scott from winning the election and becoming the next senator from Florida. It’s not like Scott has no idea how things work in Florida because his previous job was only as governor of that same state, so he’s aware of the potential of voter fraud in the past and where those attempts might come from. Given her past, Brenda Snipes is certainly a suspect, and given that all the other results are in and hers are not indicates meddling that any honest press would seek to explore. But this modern media is in partnership with the change agent efforts of Democrats so they refuse to cover this story properly even though the evidence is literally being destroyed right in front of our faces—the evidence that Rick Scott won a tight race in Florida against Bill Nelson, the incumbent. Again, there is another senate seat that Democrats just can’t allow strategically to contribute to Trump’s ability to appoint judges and defend previous legislation. After all, what good are any House seats that Democrats gained control of if they can’t do anything with them. So they are in a desperate state to steal those two senate seats, the one in Florida and the one in Arizona using any means possible. Cheating and election fraud are options for Democrats as we have seen before shown to us in the text messages of the F.B.I. agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. If not for those text messages we wouldn’t have known about previous attempts at tampering with elections between the F.B.I. and the Democrat Party because the evidence was either suppressed or destroyed, but thankfully we know enough about the previous election to recognize the patterns of activity that are going on today specifically In Broward County under the supervision of Brenda Snipes.

Of course, the way to commit all these crimes is to insist that everyone maintain a posture of civility. It’s the classic desire of a robber to demand that we put our hands up, lay down our weapons and give them all our money and nobody will be harmed that we are talking about here. We are literally being robbed and we are supposed to keep our hands up, our eyes down, and to put up with it and to shut up. And this has been going on for many, many, many years. It’s been going on for as long as I’ve been an adult. I can report from direct experience with many mayors, many city council members and many, many politicians that this has been the relationship that politicians have had with people for many years and the corruption has been obvious to anyone willing to look at it. But the election of Trump came with it the demand from people like me that we put a stop to it starting at the top and working our way down to little counties in Florida like Broward. It is not acceptable to just take crimes and to be robbed of representation due to voter fraud.

President Trump did what he should have when he fired Sessions as Attorney General. He offered Democrats an olive branch but he knows like the rest of us that they have no intention of taking it and working with his administration to do good things for the country. Democrats have only one plan and that is to conduct themselves as change agents against the American way of life. So they will continue to lie, cheat and steal their way into power, just as they are currently doing in Arizona and Florida and they are going to attempt to destroy Trump from the House of Representatives, which will leave him with no choice but to blast open all their previously uninvestigated corruption cases, so he needs an Attorney General who will do the work. There will be a lot more fighting on the horizon because there are things to fight. Civility will enter American life when respect is given to the republic for which we all stand. But not before. So long as specifically Democrats are willing to break the laws of the country for changes that go against life in our nation which affects us all, then anger and aggression on behalf of Republicans is perfectly justifiable, and expected.

Rich Hoffman

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The World of the Living, and the Dead: Understanding what makes success and failure

I don’t think about it too much because honestly, I just live my life and try to have as much fun with it along the way. But I am also a very talented person, and a smart person so naturally I associate by default with people at all levels of society, and I enjoy it. Yet my entire life, liberal society—the part of our culture that has a certain agenda wrapped in what they call, “progressivism” has attempted to herd me into some place for which they control and I obviously have never cooperated. And their illusions of power have given them the sanctimonious lust to believe that they could edit events in my life in some dominating way. Personally, I may be one of the sanest people alive, and one of the most giving, but to liberal society I am an extreme outlaw as defined by them and that conflict has gone on all of my life, from my years as a little kid to the present, 50 years later. But lately things have been different, even more panicked from that liberal side. Lately liberals have been harassing important people who I know in an attempt to cause them to distance themselves from me in shame, which actually is a direct frustration that they have regarding their lack of power in the upcoming midterms. I understand that and I see many of these antics as the last attempt of a dying party to stay in power so they attack what they believe is the power behind the conservative movement, and they start with people like me who obviously feed a great deal of information and charisma to the base of the philosophy of conservatism. Not everyone needs to have a Fox News television show or a radio show like Rush Limbaugh. Because of all my talents such venues would be too limiting for me, so I do what I do in my own unique way and that’s never going to change, and is part of Making America Great Again. But before they are crushed out of existence I feel it appropriate to explain to them a few errors in their judgment just out of compassion.

The biggest mistake that liberals have made in their entire philosophy is that they believe that all things spring forth by group assimilation. Such as, if the group doesn’t acknowledge that you exist, that you don’t. I’ve never personally cared whether I was acknowledged for something that I do. It’s nice of course and is a show of respect from the recipients, but I’d do the things I do whether 100,000 people witnessed it, or if nobody did. If I were on the face of the moon with nobody around, I would do all the things I do everyday regardless, and that drives liberals crazy. The way that they herd people into various groups for which liberalism desires to control is by this basic assumption that humans need acknowledgment from other humans in order to conduct any behavior. While most people have been taught to respond to these liberal aspects of behavior, instinctively, they desire freedom from such intellectual controls. That is why Donald Trump can go to Florida and pack a 20,000-person arena night after night while Bernie Sanders could barely get 200 in the same venue.

The second is that even among the smartest and achievement-based people we have in American culture liberals want to believe that those people would never be who they were if not for some help in getting there. This is where my name has been brought up quite a lot lately, as the midterms have become closer and people pretty high up in the food chain have actually been threatened to disassociate themselves away from me with the implied fear that their power will be taken away if they don’t comply. But here’s the thing, people don’t make people great. Associating with other people doesn’t make a person powerful. What does is in what people can do for each other. If you are a person who has a lot to offer, people will love you. It doesn’t matter how much Google tries to censor you, it doesn’t matter how many idiots try to protest against your name, it doesn’t matter if the entire press of the city or the nation turns against you and tries to make you sound like some crazy person—but what does matter is if you can do things that other people value. Liberal society does not make or break people as they believe. Success is truly in the eye of the beholder and is clearly in their power to control. Donald Trump certainly understands this notion and he has undercut the mysticism that liberal society has functioned from for many hundreds of years. Trump knows that no matter what people say about you, that if you have something that people desire, they will rush to you even under a barrage of bullets to get to it. So to be successful, liberal society has no control over that and it drives them insane with hate. I learned that trait very early in my life and I knew that it was always a matter of time before someone like a Donald Trump came along to expose that weakness in liberal logic, and much to my joy it is happening now. When we talk about making America great again this essential individual trait is what we are discussing.

A lot of people who knew me many years ago wonder why I’m not working in Hollywood. When I was younger it’s really the only thing I professionally wanted to do. And I did have my stints in that town both as a writer and as a stuntman. Once I learned that Hollywood was really like a giant high school with all the power playing among peer groups that I always hated, I distanced myself from them. They certainly wanted what I had to offer. But I didn’t want what they had. So I went and did my own thing and was successful at other things. People with real talent don’t have to play the games socially that liberals propose. If you are good at things people can’t take that away from you. They can make it more difficult to find an audience but they can’t stop talent.

Ironically this is why the Make America Great Again movement is happening now, in 2018 as opposed to 2008 or 1998 or the year of my birth, 1968. Liberal society made its move against traditional America and they infested Hollywood, the media, academia, just about everything as far back as 1948 to be precise as China was taken over by communism and other global collectivists thought their time to shine had arrived, so they made their moves to herd all members of society into groups of their political design, and Americans being kind people sort of let things go on out of politeness. But once they figured out what was happening they started to take action. Now with the internet and the ability to speak without the censor of an editor of a major magazine or newspaper, people’s true thoughts are coming forward and they have found a voice behind Donald Trump. It’s not that Donald Trump is the leader of this movement, he’s simply the product of it and that’s what liberals just don’t understand. With online chat rooms, Instagram, and Twitter people have a voice that can get out. Of course, those internet companies that host those platforms are regretting the empowerment that they gave to individual voices, this wasn’t how things were supposed to go, but honestly, if they didn’t do it someone else would have.

So back to the original premise, there isn’t any amount of isolation that can be applied to a person like me to stop this process from going forward. By forcing people to distance themselves from me who greatly benefit from my relationship it won’t make me go away. People develop relationships with other people not out of loyalty or even a favor, they do so because of what the other person can do for them, whether it be just friendship or intellectual enrichment. Relationships aren’t determined by liberal society, they are built on individual achievement. A low life slouch will not have a relationship with a productive, loving individual because those two types of people are not compatible. They can’t be brought together artificially through liberal categorization. And neither can a successful person be separated by people who help their success, because it isn’t the rules of liberalism that makes people successful, its individual merit.

A note to those who want to think of me as a “fringe” person, nothing could be further from the truth. The definition of “fringe” again has been attempted to be defined by liberalism in the modern sense and it has failed miserably. Most people think the way I do about most things, which makes me very much the mainstream. What I say and do ultimately are the kinds of things most people find appealing and that is why no matter how much attempt is tossed in the direction to separate me from other people, they will never work because the mainstream sentiment exists between me and them, not liberalism and them. What liberalism is finally learning is much what the character Bruce Willis played in the Sixth Sense learned at the end of that movie, that all along he was dead. The movie wasn’t about him getting back to his loved ones, it was in the little boy helping him realize that he had died. And for liberals, their big moment is coming with the midterms. That is their sixth sense. Separating me from other people won’t change that reality because we are all in the world of the living. Liberalism however is already in the world of the dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Rich Hoffman

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It Was a Radical Democrat Who Mailed Those Bombs: How Kathy Wayenandt’s campaign in Ohio is tied to liberal terrorism nationwide

I’m going to go out on a limb here since it’s still early in the discovery process and proclaim that no Republican would have sent any “suspicious” packages to George Soros, Maxine Waters, the Clintons, or any of the other top Democrats that reported being the recipient of terrorist intentions. How do I know, because conservatives have no need. Conservatives are winning, so why would anybody even think of doing such a thing? The violence was instigated by a liberal, I am 100% sure. They are desperate for a way to rally their base because they are seeing the early voting numbers and energy ahead of the midterm election which I explained on Twitter.

Democrats are the kings and queens of dirty tricks and they will try anything and do anything to achieve their objectives. We are not in conspiracy theory territory here because their behavior is well recorded now, and we know that they have deep roots into the “Deep State.” The F.B.I. after all did try to conspire with Democrats to win the 2016 election so everything in the realm of dirty tricks is on the table. As I have said, I expect massive voter fraud in this midterm election, I expect attempts at violence from radical leftists’ groups. We can expect them to throw everything and the kitchen sink at trying to suppress Republican turnout which is also why I have been saying that conservative voters must show up with such force that no amount of dirty tricks will work, kind of like what happened in 2016.

This Democrat playbook is well-known now, there are no surprises from them. We knew the Kavanaugh events play by play, and they ended up fueling Republicans to the polls. In my home town of Butler County my kids went to vote early, and they were told that 500 to 1000 people every day were showing up at the early voting center to vote since it opened. In Butler County, those people aren’t voting for liberals. Republicans are energized in that same way all across the country and Democrats can see the writing on the wall. At the election center there were a lot of signs for the liberal Kathy Wayenandt that were put out by a few unionized labor volunteers to make it look like she has a campaign, but in reality, she is a good example of what is going on across the country.

I remember when Kathy Wayenandt was running the pro tax levy campaign for the local school district of Lakota. I was on the No Lakota Levy side and just a few days out from the election things were tight. It looked like the tax increase was going to go down for a fourth straight time. Now I don’t think Kathy had anything to do with it, but a note was found in the bathroom just a few days ahead of the election warning of a school shooting. Of course, when this levy was going on just as it is today, school shootings were on everyone’s mind and one of the themes of the levy was that the tax increase would be used for school security to hide the fact that it was only a money grab for teachers to get extraordinary raises—to pump money into the labor union. Well, Kathy and her radicals, the same people putting up signs everywhere recently for her run for the 52nd District against the great Republican George Lang won the election by just 1% out of thousands of voters, and the big push came from the media coverage of terrified parents worried about a school shooting. Of course, nothing ever came of the investigation because it was actually someone from the pro levy side that planted the note. That is what desperate people do when they see that things are going against them. They cheat, they lie, and they try to invoke fear.

That was just a local issue but on the grand scale of national politics the same thing is going on and some radical Democrat from their side decided to try to put Republicans on the defensive in the closing days of the election season. They hope to make sympathetic characters out of Holder, Waters, Clinton and Soros because they have been caught openly instigating violence against Republicans and Democrats have to change the narrative before they lose even more seats in the House and Senate. It is the last shot from a desperate party and likely it is a lone loser like that assassin who tried to kill Republicans at the baseball game not long ago. Remember that guy? Republicans are winning, they have no desire to do anything like this because they have Trump, a proper representative for their disenchantment and is poised to hold power well into the future. Conservatives are willing to wait in line for 24 hours to see Trump speak at a rally because he is their outlet to solving the problem. They are not motivated to mail a bunch of bombs to a bunch of Democrats who are on their way out of power—because there is no need.

I spoke yesterday at some length about the natural insanity of a typical Democrat. I even went out of my way to personally speak to Kathy Wayenandt after a recent debate and she swore to me that she wasn’t a Democrat, that she was a conservative with liberal social leanings. Well, that sounds like a mess to me, but I’ll take her word for it. As I said, Democrats have problems and they are prone to doing these kinds of things even against themselves if it evokes sympathy for their cause. I know a lot of Republicans at all levels of society and not a single one of them would go out of their way to mail a bomb to someone they didn’t like. Even with all the problems of the Obama administration and the height of the Tea Party movement no conservative came close to committing an act of terrorism—because it just doesn’t match the philosophy of being a Republican.

We are meant to think that there is some crazed branch of conservatism out there capable of doing something “terrorist” in nature and I’m saying that those elements of conservative philosophy do not exist. That doesn’t mean that conservatives will just take being pushed around either, but they don’t mail pipe bombs or commit terrorist activities. Even the faction that liberals call the “alt right” are not conservatives, the neo Nazis and KKK racists are just variations of liberalism within the Democratic party. They aren’t Republicans. They may call themselves that for the cameras, just like whoever mailed these bombs tried to make it look bad for conservatives by targeting high-profile Democrats, but their ambitions are always on the political left. Nazis, fascists and anarchists are all elements of the political left. Even though Antifa claim they are “antifascists” they are on the same side as the neo Nazi and the typical racist. Republicans are not in those groups. Tea Party members all through the last ten years educated themselves and voted accordingly, they didn’t shut down highways, harass politicians in restaurants, and try to exert force—even if they may have been justified in doing so. They voted, and they are in power, and they aren’t giving it up. And they certainly didn’t all of a sudden become terrorists. Only the Democrats know those methods and they are guilty of this one as well.

Rich Hoffman

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