Abortion is Murder: Killing, death, and hate is what the entire feminist movement stands for

I heard some of the evilest things this week in regard to abortion, as we all did which necessitates some conversation about its role in our society. As a man, a white one at that, I am about as open and supportive of women as anybody can get, but I am also very traditional. My wife is a house wife who would not be out-of-place in 1870s America. We support each other’s roles within our family and we both work very hard, but our emphasis has always been and remains a strong desire to create a good strong family that is supportive of its members. As a house wife she is always there for our children and grandchildren. As a man, I am always a go to pillar who holds the whole thing up structurally and emotionally a rock that can be counted on no matter what is going on in the world. Anyone who would attack my way of life as toxic masculinity and my wife’s as detrimental to the feminist movement to our eyes is an anti-family insurgent out for no good. While I am open to other people’s choices and lifestyles nobody will ever convince me that traditional methods of raising a family, where the man goes out into the world to gather resources while the woman uses those resources domestically for the good of the family is not the best method of social structure. I’d say the evidence is overwhelming that the traditional American family structure is the best the world has ever seen and should be applied to everything we do as humans to procreate our species.

The context to all this is that it is expected that once as parents we decide to bring a life into this world, which that decision is arrived upon during the act of sex, that we are responsible for those lives our entire lives. It is a very above the line position to take, life requires the commitment of parental life to support in every way imaginable, and to my view 99% of all people fail at this very basic task. If you don’t want to use your life to pump life into your offspring and don’t plan to be committed to that all hours of the day for the rest of your life, then you shouldn’t have kids. To have kids then expect the state to raise them through the public education system or other methods is reckless and disingenuous to the child. I have often said that it is better to have an abortion and to not have a child than to bring a child into the world of an unloving family, because the death is much shorter than a long drawn out disappointing life when the family unit is not there to help sustain the continued growth all through their lives that children require. So I am not a cut and dry pro-lifer, but my personal views are much more conservative than the typical anti-abortion activist. I think strong masculinity plays a very important role in all family lives and that all mothers are the hub of the wheel that makes everything work and they should be protected and respected by all members in a godlike manner. That’s how it is in my house and how I think it should be everywhere in the world.

Given my commitment to family life and views of how things should be done domestically in regards to women and children most of my interactions with people disappoint me. But I respect other people’s decisions enough to give them autonomy in how they approach life. I don’t seek to impose myself on them, I simply offer answers if they would life to fix something in their life. So I am quite used to people like Monica Klein who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show this past week to defend full term abortions and the ridiculous statements made by the Virginia governor about actually murdering babies once they were born. For a professional activist her comments were horrendous and show to what extent the feminist movement is really about hate and destruction. As women they have built up a no judge position about everything in their lives, the right to work a job and be treated equally as a man, the right to participate in the political world and the right to their own selfish needs all their life in exchange for the desire to murder people under the flag of personal health for a woman’s body, as if everything “woman” was more sacred than the emergence of a life that is supposed to come from it. Monica’s comments were remarkably honest which was good. She had no real answers for Tucker once it was put on the table what the pro-abortion crowd was really after, the right to murder human beings for the convenience of a woman’s life.

I’ve always thought of the women’s movement as the most anti-family position that anybody could take and is destructive to any society. By changing the roles of the women in a society, enemies of that society benefit from the eventual destruction of the people of that culture because the off-spring is unprepared for the world and are easy to conquer, which is precisely what we are seeing in modern-day America. The argument is not whether women should be paid equally for a man’s work, or whether they should be able to vote and participate at life in any manner. Of course they should. The question is who is tending to the children, grandchildren, and other aspects of a family and making sure that everyone has the physical and emotional support they need to navigate around the world knowing that mom and dad love them and are there for them whenever needed. Behind the nasty comments of Monica Klein regarding murderous feminism is the complete lack of responsibility for anything regarding family life so that a woman can have sex free of concern, do whatever she wants with her body whenever she wants to and is not held accountable for any of her actions. Feminism is the argument that women can behave as reckless as they want in life without any consequences even to the point that they have the right to commit murder of new human beings being brought into the world even to the point of leaving the womb. That is what we are talking about, outright murder.

The entire argument is below the line and is as destructive as anybody could get. Because of it I think abortion should be illegal, not because it is sometimes needed, but because the Roe v Wade argument has essentially destroyed the integrity of our culture, allowing women to migrate below the line in their thinking when families obviously need them above the line. If a woman isn’t ready to bring life to the world, they shouldn’t be having sex. The same with men. Having sex is not more important than creating and raising a family and that is the whole argument behind the feminist movement. By attacking toxic masculinity and the desires women have to head and maintain their families with love and endurance over many generations, the modern abortion feminist is essentially arguing for murder to preserve their own rights to live below the line in everything they do. That makes people like Monica Klein one of the ugliest people on earth, because she actually tried to make the claim that feminism was more important than the life of a child and that murder is an option just to preserve the below the line traits of women’s rights, which are obviously pointless if all it really creates is a society of murders and sexualized perverts. It’s not masculinity that’s toxic, its feminists like Monica Klein who simply want all the barriers removed that keeps them from murdering children that they recklessly conceived and are too irresponsible to nurture into a lifelong commitment they are not equipped to provide. And that is a real problem that I have serious issues with. Murder is not acceptable no matter what the age of the person, especially if that person is only one day old. Abortion is murder. I might argue that the child is better off not being born to someone like Monica Klein so murder might be a better option. But murder is still murder and that is what is behind the entire feminist movement. They are anti-family and pro murder, and there is no other way to slice it.

Rich Hoffman

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Of Course Sheriff Israel Should Have Been Suspended: Democrats fly to Puerto Rico during the government shutdown

Not to be overly simplistic but politics these days could be said to be of two representative groups, Republicans represent above the line thinking as defined in the great business book, The Oz Principle and Democrats representing below the line thinking. Of course, there are plenty of Republicans who are below the line thinkers but their social aims point in that direction, so let’s use this example to have a discussion. The issue of the new Governor DeSantis suspending the bumbling fool Scott Israel over the response during the Parkland massacre is a perfect example of what we are talking about.

In the world of a typical Democrat accountability for one’s actions are never part of the consideration, below the line thinkers are always victims who are never responsible for anything. Everything to below the line thinkers is someone else’s fault, so when Sheriff Israel was given a very expensive budget in one of Florida’s wealthiest counties to protect the people there, he blew it. The shooter who would eventually attack the school had a long-troubled past which the police knew about and when the guy finally instigated his intended violence toward the kids of Parkland High School Israel’s police force wasn’t ready and behaved less than gracious under fire. Many more people died as a result of Sheriff Israel’s incompetence than otherwise would and it was a truly sad situation.

But in the aftermath, it was Sheriff Israel who was leading the charge to have guns removed from society by attacking the NRA hoping to deflect responsibility away from him and his law enforcement department. His radicalism in advocating below the line positions was excessive and even political moderates were getting tired of the excuses from Sheriff Israel. After eight months of excuses once Governor DeSantis took the official office as Florida’s next governor, he did what most Republicans seek to do, and that is provide accountability to a situation—above the line thinking.

And that is where the real difficulty is in deciding what kind of country we want to be, because we can’t be both. Below the line thinking is easy and destructive, it is far easier to destroy than to make, so that is why Democrats with their below the line thinking and overall victimhood mentality attract so many losers and can activate them to advance on a cause so quickly, because their fear is always accountability so as long as there is chaos and blame, they are quick to hide their incompetence behind violence and mass driven protests.

Accountability is hard so its much more difficult to stand up and accept that responsibility when there is always a parade of below the line thinkers to throw more animosity in your direction deflecting that pressure away from them as much as possible. This is why it was hard for even staunch NRA defenders to advocate for sanity after the Parkland shooting because the mob of below the line thinking had taken over. There was power in the masses for below the line thinkers who shared together a fear of responsibility. There was power in victimhood, in using the death of the innocent to advance a below the line political idea, such as the confiscation of guns. Guns themselves didn’t kill people, they are tools for above the line people to take responsibility for their own safety and property. But for below the line people who would never dare use a gun to defend themselves because they don’t want the responsibility, its easy to call for the elimination of personal firearms and the expansion of the state with more laws. But in the case of Parkland there were police on the scene as the gunman was killing and they did not engage. Sheriff Israel had allowed their daily routine to become too soft they were not ready for the danger when it came. But rather than take responsibility for their ill prepared training, Scott Israel deflected all responsibly to gun possession and he helped launch a national campaign against them.

If we want an accountable, and successful nation, below the line thinking just can’t be allowed—which essentially eliminates one political party from the discussion. We can see the same example of how Democrats behaved in Mid-January after they had just returned to Capitol Hill to the House and Senate only to charter a plane to fly to Puerto Rico to watch the play Hamilton. President Trump as a businessman understands leadership and accountability so he purposely stayed at the White House as the government shutdown dragged on and debate over the border wall persisted. Democrats being below the line people devoid of personal accountability don’t want to see how their actions can have an impact on the world around them so they tried to coax Republicans into playing along, but under Trump’s leadership they stayed put. While the news stories went out that government workers weren’t getting paid due to the shutdown Trump was in the White House ready to make a deal but the Democrats just off a Christmas vacation took another luxury trip to Puerto Rico to attend a high brow play. Typically, Republicans get caught in these kinds of things trying to defend themselves from a negative position, but Trump kept the discussion on above the line topics with true leadership—leading by example.

That is truly the battle of our day, the difference between personal accountability, and below the line victimhood. Losers are known as losers because they are never responsible for anything in their life, they make themselves perpetual victims because they lack the courage of personal accountability. The reason that Democrats want to expand government so much is to cover up their notion of accountability deflection. The more people involved, the more chaotic the bureaucratic chain of decision gates, the less people know that the real game is in protecting below the line thinking so that political leaders can sneak off to a luxury play in the tropics during a government shutdown and nobody would notice. And that is exactly what Democrats did in trying to protect the incompetency of Scott Israel after the Parkland shooting. The NRA which is an organization all about above the line thinking, personal accountability and the defense of American ideas became the scape-goat by default. Above the line thinking was attacked because the masses were afraid of what role they played in the mess and would rather expand government and pay more people to stand in front of them and help redistribute the blame game to everything else.

Governor DeSantis like President Trump was making a point in suspending Sheriff Israel, the intent was to demonstrate above the line thinking, just as Trump stayed at the White House to show leadership under fire. Accountability is the key to all successful enterprises, and Democrats just don’t have it in them. By their nature they always seek below the line solutions to above the line needs, so there will never be peace and joy in politics so long as this is the case. Everyone in our nation needs to at least be working toward the same objectives. One part of the country can’t take responsibility for everything while all the below the line thinkers fly off to Puerto Rico to attend a play while bitching that the President won’t budge on his needs for border wall funding. And what Sheriff Israel did, which is typical of all below the line thinkers was reprehensible, he tried to blame the very good NRA for his own incompetence. And if he had been successful, it would have had a terrible effect. Its bad enough that many people died because of him, but what’s worse is that he refused to take responsibility. That is his crime and why he had to be suspended. He’s lucky that was all.

Rich Hoffman
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There is No Such Thing as Universal Health Care for All: It’s a dumb idea created by dumb, lazy people hungry to control us all

When we are born there is no right to healthcare. Other people are not burdened with our support for life, and there is no guarantee that, that industry will even be around for our lifetime. The socialist fantasy of universal healthcare like a universal living wage are ridiculous notions born of lazy, below the line thinking. The problems of course are that people cannot be compelled just because they live to care for other people other than themselves. But more than anything, the healthcare industry itself is a changing business model and in its current state needs a lot of work. There is more to the fantasy alignment of socialism politically and socialism in medicine. One thing about modern medicine is that it is a very socialist enterprise and I personally despise it. Demanding funding to fill that monster isn’t a good idea and that is truly at the heart of the matter.

I am normally a very healthy person. One of my best features that I am very proud of is my immune system. As a kid I had perfect attendance for years in school and was seldom ever sick. As an adult I almost never miss work for anything and bounce back quickly when something major does happen. But I am over 50 now and that brings with it new challenges to a body that is beyond its reproductive usefulness. Nature has a way of rejecting bodies it no longer needs and as we age we all deal with the consequences of this effect. The world has little need for a human body that is no longer reproductive or seeking to be, so disease and degradation are facts of life for any aging person. But I still don’t accept that I am powerless to not determine my own fate so I found myself deathly sick for about three weeks at the end of 2018 and wondering the aisles of Wal-Mart at 6:30 AM seeking a way to combat my multiple ailments. I was highly suspicious that I may have ingested some government formed mutation of the flu designed to kill me because I just couldn’t shake this sickness and there were moments when I wondered if I was actually going to die.

My children were very worried, and as we moved into the New Year there was pressure to get over the sickness, so I could resume my life and all the people who need me to do my thing for their own benefit. So I won’t get into the details of what I had to do to fix myself. It certainly didn’t involve illegal drugs which I would never do under any circumstance. But I’m not going to give any of my enemies any knowledge of what I know about medicine and how to overcome attacks to my body from either genetically modified viruses or nanotechnology, let’s just say that. But I know more than most people could imagine and that condition will remain. However, for a while, I was concerned and actually considered that if I got it wrong, I may have ended up dead. So things got pretty serious. Yet when faced with the worst of it, going to the doctor was not an option, for contextual purposes.

There are times and places for doctors, but the system is so corrupt that I will avoid going even in life and death circumstances. I would trust myself more to come up with a solution than a doctor. Doctors as they are now are designed to take a sickness and extend it so that people lose their individuality and independence turning to drugs instead of their own immune systems and that is the dark little secret to the medical profession and why Democrats and other progressives want universal healthcare. They don’t want to fix people, they want to make more people’s lives dependent on the healthcare industry for which government seeks to control. It’s a very malicious plan.

As I explained to my daughters at the height of my own sickness, if a doctor had the ability to diagnose my condition then they would find prostate problems, cancer cell counts that were high, spinal alignment trouble, heart pressure problems and many other factors for which they would attempt to advise prescriptions to remedy. Most people would follow their recommendations to their own graves. As I told my kids I wasn’t ready to surrender any of my personal independence to drug companies and would rather die in the process, which I almost did a few times. But that’s how serious I was about it. As I have said many times the entire medical industry is turning toward regenerative growth, and it is there that I turned to solve my own problems, and likely always will. It works, it’s not a bunch of hippie science but in using what our bodies have their entire lives to stay healthy. I trust my immune system to fight off anything. If unusually genetically modified assailants come in contact with it, then sometimes that immune system needs a boost, but ultimately, that immune system needs to stay fighting ready all the time, and to be healthy. Our modern healthcare industry unfortunately seeks to destroy that trend and make adults more dependent on drugs than their own systems and that is the real terror that is behind the progressive universal care fantasy that is being championed by today’s Democrats.

By accepting universal healthcare for all it would be like accepting a dial-up telephone as the end of technical innovation for the medical industry. Instead of pushing for the next iPhone in technical breakthroughs where people weren’t just treated for being sick, but to restore them to complete health so that doctors and medicine didn’t have a monopoly of control on their lives is the trend that is trying to be born. With more political involvement the desire from Democrats is to prevent that opportunity because their ultimate desire is to use the medical industry to control the population, because like open borders, when they control whether or not people will live or die, that tends to have an effect on the ballot box and so far I haven’t heard anybody talk about that aspect of this argument. The Democrats don’t want to save people with universal healthcare, they want to control them.

As I provided in my personal example, I’d literally rather die than give up that personal freedom. I do not trust the medical industry to have my best health in mind when advising me on critical health issues. I’d rather take care of it myself which should say a lot. I’m by far a paranoid person, but I see a trend in medicine which indicates very below the line thinking. As an employer I am not impressed with a doctor’s note from an employee that does not come to work. I have to honor it legally, but it certainly changes how I feel about the employee as an option of investment for the future. And I exercise my rights to have such an opinion. Doctor’s don’t run my life in any way, they don’t tell me what drugs to take, what surgeries to have, or how productive I’ll be. And I am certainly not open to giving them more power with a guaranteed government backing for their industry with universal healthcare. I think that is the dumbest idea in the history of ideas for an industry that needs much less bureaucratic elements and much more innovation. People need to be restored to health not dependent on more government and the current health care industry does not fix people properly, and that is the heart of the conversation, not a right to something that is bad for you to begin with.

Rich Hoffman

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We Should Terminate all 800,000 Government Workers from the Shutdown: All federal labor unions should be illegal

One of the things I’m not going to do anymore is provide an equal argument to the inefficiencies of government, to ponder why they are so slow, inefficient and corrupt when we all know why. So why waste the time? The important elements are in identifying the problem, teaching people why its unacceptable, and correcting the situation for real in the future. And the government shutdown is one of those things that happen from time to time when reality meets the fantasy of government, and no legitimate business person in the world could look at the proposals of government and even suggest sanity. The assumptions made that people care about a government shutdown are preposterous. The rate of pay is also preposterous, many of the 800,000 jobs who are not receiving a pay check over the government shutdown would be eliminated in the private sector due to business needs anyway. Much of the demand is artificial. When I hear Democrats trying to pull on our heart-strings that those 800,000 workers are not able to pay their mortgage or their car payments and that we should be willing to toss away billions of dollars and re-open the government just so they can do so, I hear the efforts at lunacy only. It’s an insane proposal that they are making. The government shouldn’t be opening to accommodate those 800,000 jobs, those jobs should be eliminated. They should seek new jobs in the growing economy and in the private sector. That is the real issue, yet nobody has come close to addressing it.

For so many years on this site I have provided instances where government workers make a lot more than private sector workers, on average. Where CEOs do make millions on occasion, average government workers functioning under a socialist labor union are artificially inflated by their wage rate. True market conditions do not have a say in the matter because the money is stolen from the tax payers and distributed insanely to their work force, who often are extremely inefficient. In private business there is a kind of subculture of what we call “fix it men and women” who go into an organization and straighten them out in all matters of production, and the companies thrive as a result. The current replacement for General Mattis as Defense Secretary is Patrick Shanahan who was a “fix it man” at Boeing. The assumption was that General Mattis, or “Mad Dog” as they were calling him was a far superior candidate because of his military service while Shanahan wouldn’t know what he was doing. In reality the situation is quite the opposite. Private industry experiences where lean manufacturing techniques are applied to increase the efficiency of an enterprise are far better than a military general who learns authority driven process controls and constant yielding to authority, for which politics often is the typical holder of power.

The problem with Mattis turned out that he was a “mad dog” as in he turned out to be a Democrat. You don’t always know this about people until you get to know them but that left leaning political philosophy comes with it inefficiency and apathy by the nature of their existence. It’s easy to talk a good game about how to remove troops from the Middle East or the perpetual war in Afghanistan, but after a few years of no results and asking why, that is when the Democrat side of people come out, such as with terms like “compassion,” “troop strength,” and “we’ll solve the problem next year.” Only government can get away with such below the line thinking, in fact government was entirely constructed to give below the line people a means to make livings and compete in the world. In all my years of doing lots of things with government I seldom find above the line people working among their below the line ranks. OF course, by using such terms I’m referring to The Oz Principle, which is a fairly famous book on business management and the types of people who contribute to productive enterprise, and those who must be overcome.

For days now regarding the government shutdown and the replacement of Mattis as the Secretary of Defense and putting the private industry guru Shanahan in charge, Democrats have continued to insist that we all had an obligation to the inefficiencies of the past, that we shouldn’t even ask if the 800,000 workers missing out on a paycheck during the shutdown were even needed. Of course, they aren’t, we could discharge them tomorrow and nobody would even notice. So why do we have them, just to pay them a pay check? And why are there any government unions attached to these workers saying anything about anything? All government labor unions should be made illegal, immediately. They only drive up the costs to tax payers without any added benefit. A lot of times “fix it” people in private practice have to go into a union shop and break up the command that “the people” have over management and to reinvigorate management to engage with employees in ways that offset the benefits they get from a labor union. It can be tricky business, but the job gets done and organizations most often live happily ever after. But in government no such thing ever occurs. The unions run everything and there is no real management of anything. If there was one thing that people in Washington D.C. really hated about Trump it’s that he is a manager functioning from the White House. Government workers don’t want management or any expectation of success, they just want their overly high paycheck and to use it to live a life of unrewarded excess, meaning they live large, but they didn’t earn that right. Which is how they end up corrupt.

In a book store you can find countless books on how to make business work better, but not a single book on how to make a government job more efficient. That’s because we have allowed the government worker to become insulated from reality. And since they have no competition, they actually think they can stand in front of us and declare how important they are when 800,000 workers are suddenly out of a paycheck and demanding to reopen the government. I would say to them, consider those jobs gone. Those 800,000 should be getting private sector jobs and moving on in life instead of waiting around for the government to reopen. If we really wanted to solve the problem of government inefficiency, we would start behaving in such a way and get rid of these ridiculous labor unions which only exist because the tax payers are forced to fund them due to no other options available. Its like being forced to buy a car from General Motors while the quality is terrible because the employees are smoking pot on every break and don’t care about the product. We have government workers who are just as bad and they are in that 800,000 number, and technically they shouldn’t have a job. Their labor unions have made management of their positions impossible and made them too expensive for what we get in services. And this government shutdown finally reveals the truth of how little we really need them. Which is why Trump needs to hold out for his border wall money. People need to know that all these government positions weren’t really needed to begin with. And instead of reopening the government just so they can get a paycheck, we should eliminate their positions all together. And this is one way to do it.

Rich Hoffman

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Comey is Shit out of Luck: The FBI allowed for the destruction of 19,000 text messages laying out the biggest case of corruption in American history

Did you see that dear reader, James Comey after his testimony in front of congress is revealing the really radical bias that was always there under his command of the FBI. The pressure is getting to the former Director as all his tentacles of influence have yet failed to remove President Trump from office and now that we know that over 19,000 text messages were deleted under the careful watch of Bob Mueller, Comey’s friend and special counsel investigator, that real trouble is on the horizon. The Republicans that Comey is pleading to for help are the ones who are dying off and retiring, because they can’t hack the game. The new Republicans are the ones that were always there, but did not have a voice. Market circumstances in the world of politics have changed that ratio however, and now they are showing up to pass judgment, and Comey clearly doesn’t like it. His blame of these new ways of looking at things is misplaced on Trump and his supporters. Comey forgets that one didn’t make the other, its only that the protective blankets for which he had operated have been pulled away leaving him exposed, and like a child having those covers stripped away in the middle of the night in a dark, cold room, it’s a terrifying proposal.

You have to consider what Comey was really expressing when he spoke to reporters after the hearings on December 17th 2018, he wanted a step back into the good ol’ days where Republicans were lap dogs to radically disguised Democrats operating as conservatives and setting the agenda of thought. And those Republicans didn’t ever do anything to upset the apple cart even though there were many good reasons for doing so. Such an approach allowed Jim Comey and his friends in the intelligence community to believe that they were philosopher kings of political discourse and operated immune from performance or scrutiny so that they could define what was good in the world and protect that good even if it meant breaking the law on occasion—or perhaps often. Of course, when you are the law enforcement’s top cops, they were functioning under the assumption that anything they did was lawful, because they knew better than anybody else.

When I did a CNN segment on the truthfulness of James Comey a few years ago I knew then there was something very fishy about the guy. I wanted to believe him, like most of America did. He looked the part of a top cop and he seemed polite and considerate, the way you’d expect someone given great powers to behave. But it seemed like a ruse based on little things that he said that didn’t quite make sense and what evolved over the subsequent months was a guy who had been a public servant, and a kind of beta man to his wife and daughters within his family to a sudden celebrity allowed to come out from under a rock and get a taste of the lime light, and he liked it. So the Hillary Case gave him a place on the front pages of history with presidential candidates and the highest echelons of politics and he let the appeal of it all suck him in.

He tampered with the evidence probably to make his wife happy, who was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and it probably made him a big man within his family for a while. He likely also enjoyed the ass kissing people from both sides awarded him with in the days leading up to the election. He had allowed his agents reporting directly to him to become radicalized into overturning the results of the election and they had to cover it up. But now they’ve been caught and he would desperately like to erase his part in it all. His first mistake was when he allowed the Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take a secret meeting with Bill Clinton and turn it into a deal to erase the Hillary Clinton email investigation as if it never happened. So under pressure he came out and spelled the case out so that he could maintain his reputation as the honest Boy Scout within the ranks of the FBI, but also tell the world there was nothing to see. As he said, no reasonable prosecutor would seek a case against Hillary because she was covered by the Obama White House and nobody would want their record tarnished with an impossible case. So with that Comey hoped everything would just ride off into the sunset and the FBI and himself would live happily ever after.

But Trump won the election………………….

Now the FBI had to play clean up because their fingerprints were all over the email corruption as they had allowed for the destruction of evidence and a behavioral practice of picking winners and losers in the election. If Trump really meant what he said to Hillary during the debates about locking her up, and by the way the Trump supporters had behaved at political rallies, there was a real danger to the FBI in getting caught. So Comey directed his agents to use the FISA courts to spy on the Trump transition team so that they could gather some kind of dirt to bust the incoming administration on anything they could discover so that Trump himself would never be able to conduct a proper investigation into what the FBI had done. Using the Russian dossier paid for by the DNC Comey sought to use it to extort Trump into a compliant relationship with the FBI. And just in case the plan went south Comey leaked his confrontations with President Trump to the media so that a special investigation against the Trump administration could occur in case Comey was fired for his activism, which he was in May of 2017.

By now Trump was supposed to be crushed and his administration in shambles, but it hasn’t turned out that way. The midterms did not go strongly for Democrats. Sure they filled some seats being vacated by Rino Republicans who were largely Never Trumpers, but they didn’t make any real ground as hoped, and things look very strong for Trump in 2020. There aren’t any Democrats to run against him and his approval ratings are great in spite of the constant negative press. People just aren’t listening, so the old tricks haven’t work leaving Comey wondering what’s next. He has literally tried to do everything to keep investigations into his investigators on their heels and wrapped in chaos. And now we know the Mueller team actually destroyed more evidence, so Comey’s plans have come unraveled rather spectacularly. His activism is now unleashed, and raw and real trouble is on the horizon for him, even though the Washington D.C. culture is more than willing to run cover for him as long as they can. Because after all, if Comey goes down, most of Washington D.C. will as well as they are all guilty of government activism on some level or another. And that leaves James Comey, shit out of luck.

You can see it on his face too. He knows it, he’s not stupid. He’s just corrupt, corrupted in many ways. He is and was the well-intentioned radical who thought government ran the people and that the FBI ran the government. He lost his place in history and his grip on reality. Because now he knows the hard way that his assumptions about things were completely wrong, and that old Boy Scout innocence that he has used all these years just doesn’t work anymore, because we know the truth about him. And he has nowhere left to hide.

Rich Hoffman

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Breaking the Vico Cycle: Capitalism is the key to the truth

Another aspect of the direction of our curiosity that we will have to come to terms with, as a human race, is that we’ve been here before. We are on the Vico cycle and honestly, I’d like to see us break that trend and not make the mistakes of that past that were made. That is the reason behind most conspiracies, is that the ruling powers don’t want to admit that they are on the same trajectory. They want to believe that their government, their religion, their political philosophy is the latest and greatest and that this time they have it different. I have spent much of the last thirty years studying ancient cultures and comparative mythologies so my opinions are built on a vast understanding of the problem which most people and institutions wish not to think about. As much as I love NASA, the Republican Party and even the Christian religion, I understand their limits which are going to come undone now that information is decentralized and adventure is again becoming monetized. Without question once we allow for space tourism that cat will be out of the bag, we will discover ourselves on the face of the moon, and along the old ancient sea shores of Mars. We will find the source of many of our ancient mythologies and it will be difficult to come to terms with. Our institutions will struggle to find their relevancy, our religions will blow apart, and our politics will collapse in on itself with the realization that we’ve done it all before.

That is why it is important to understand that the only real value that there is in the entire universe is that which is created through human productivity. Of course the governments of the world have had a tough time sending rovers to Mars and taking pictures of the moon and having to scrub the photos of archaeological evidence of previous cultures already there. For me personally there were three main things that brought my mind to this obvious reality, the first was in learning about the Cholula pyramid in Mexico south of Teotihuacan. It is the largest pyramid by volume known so far in the world and it is nearly completely covered with dirt that makes it look like a natural hill over 200 ft tall. On its top is a Catholic church Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, built there by the Spanish conquistadors to make their mark and attempt to erase the religions of their predecessors as they made themselves the change agent of Mayan and Aztec life.

The second was the realization that in my area of Ohio, within the United States there used to be a vast kingdom of giant humans, people over 7 ft tall, who inhabited the area and were buried in many of the giant mound complexes so known to the region. One such mound is just down the road from my home, about 5 miles or so and is of a similar size as the Silbury Hill complex at Avebury in England. The top of the mound had been looted many years ago but has otherwise not been properly excavated even through the very nice college of Miami University is just down the road. Up the Great Miami River is a twin of this mound called the Miamisburg Mound which is of a similar size and scope. It had an excavation at the end of the 1800s, they found a few bones and nobody has touched it again since.

There is no desire to touch it again by our institutional knowledge. Instead our political system has used the American Indian as an excuse to do nothing creating an artificial constraint called the NAGPRA. The third thing was in reading the great James Joyce classic novel, Finnegan’s Wake. That’s where the whole Vico cycle came alive to me and I realized that Joyce had written the book in a coded language to hide its contents from the political and religious powers of our times, so that only clever, smart people could unlock them. Knowing just those three things—and there are many others, but for me those three things confirmed my suspicions beyond any reasonable doubt that we will find our own history in outer space and learn that life on earth was just one more conquered frontier on our quest to survive.

Human society didn’t just do one thing for millions of years then suddenly blossom into thriving civilizations building magnificent pyramids and telling stories of monsters and gods battling it out in the cosmos. Those stories were told before a long time ago in places beyond earth. What is hard to admit to ourselves is that our political order and our institutions in general are more interested in their own power than they are in the science of discovery. Even the puritanical scientist that claims they want to save the whale, the polar ice caps, or even the history of the moon and Mars are hungry to make their sponsors happy with their results which of course come from institutions and politics that desire to keep all this information from the public so that they can hold power for just a little while longer. At least you can trust the healthy industrialist which seeks to monetize discovery because the value of that ambition is a measurable claim, we can all trust. Science we cannot because they are often funded by the political order of our day and their results often are skewed so that they can gather up money for efforts that don’t contribute to any real productivity, which leaves them always at the mercy of those who are willing to give them money to publish results the current political order desires.

That is why they make fun of those who point to Mars and to other celestial bodies and say that the origin of mankind didn’t come from some monkey in the desert or on the plains of Africa, but they fled from some tragedy out there beyond the barriers of earth and they sought refuge in a new and vast world after they lost their homelands due to circumstances that are yet to be revealed. And now we are plotting a course to return and to discover the truth of it all, which we always needed to know, but for which our present politics just couldn’t fathom. To study how even the F.B.I. could seek to destroy President Trump because he was truly elected a people’s president and is as independent of the old order as the modern age would allow us to get, then it isn’t hard to understand why NASA must scrub photos from the moon and Mars that show signs of life for which their bosses have said, the public will learn of it when they are ready, when their religions will allow them to grasp the truth. But in reality what they really mean is that they want to hold power for as long as possible because once humans colonize the planet, they will no longer care about what politicians or church leaders think on earth. They will be on the frontier experiencing a whole new way of life, one that is determined by the value of productivity, not ancient reverence to dying ideas.

If you want to know the truth about science consider that what they are saying they are seeing on Mars has already been covered up right here on earth, at Cholula, at the Ohio mounds, within the book Finnegan’s Wake. If we can’t deal with the reality right in front of us, what are we going to do when there is no civilization to hide it through a barrier of civility? That is why values have to be determined now and finally—a system of understanding reached that is divorced of past sins. Capitalism is the only real truth that there ever was and once we bring that to the stars we can’t allow for the suppression of the obvious. We have to come to terms with it and not make the same mistakes again. Its time for the Vico cycle to end.

Rich Hoffman

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Richard Hardy’s ‘The Program Manager’: A book more about communism in the corporate world than business, but well worth the read

You have to understand, I read a lot. A whole lot. And if I could, I’d read even more. Every time we have one of these Holiday seasons and all the people I know send me texts and emails wishing me good tidings and my response back to them is usually short and to the point, it’s usually because I’m rushing back to a book. That’s not all I do of course, I live a very full life, but I think reading a lot and maintaining my rule of reading at least one book a week all weeks of the year is very important. Professionally I am a professional problem solver, and I don’t spend any time looking over my shoulder the way a lot of people do worrying about being knocked off the ladder of success because honestly the root source of my magic is my ability to read and communicate what I have learned. But to be honest, it takes a lot of work. I don’t think there is any book on this planet that can teach people to be successful if they are not willing to do a lot of hard work. I would say to anybody who fantasizes about being successful that unless you are willing to outwork the other person, you will likely always be second place in anything you do, or in a lot of cases, dead last. If you lack drive, curiosity and a quest for knowledge you will not have much of a life, and those are just cold hard facts. My habit is to look at reading as a daily exercise and I do it as much as I can, and the results always give me a competitive advantage not so much over other people, but in the circumstances of challenges that are presented to us all. I like having the answers to questions before they are even asked, so keeping a brain fed is the best way to achieve that function.

Being the Holiday season of Thanksgiving where generally there are four consecutive days off every year it is a time to catch up my ratio for the year and to stay on target, I needed to read seven more books to catch up to my 2018 targets. Some of the books I read in 2018 were big ones so it can sometimes take a week or two longer to read them, which throws off my target, which I always catch up on during the two Holidays at the end of the year. Over this particular Holiday weekend I was able to read four books, some of them 300 to 400 pages, some of them only about 150. And surprisingly it was that shorter book called The Program Manager written back in 1999 and self-published by Richard Hardy formerly of Boeing that I enjoyed the most. Usually books on business topics are boring and the fun of life is not present in them. But its important to suffer through them because always there are little nuggets of information that need polished a bit before you can use them, but are of great value nevertheless.

Much to my surprise Richard Hardy likely nearing retirement hit on a very slippery topic in his book on how to be a program manager, and that is to articulate how much communism is present in the modern world both politically and within corporate structures. It really too me by surprise, but as an older guy it is understandable. But I’m sure within Boeing there was a lot of consternation about his book coming out, even if it was self-published and a little rough on the grammar. The insights are quite good and as you’d expect from someone at the top of their particular field of endeavor. I look at those kinds of books as though you had the opportunity to meet someone and have them tell you their life story and you can extract from that whatever you want. The professionalism of the publishing profession is to put it as bluntly as Richard Haley did, filled with communists. Of course, nobody calls themselves that, and many of the publishers in New York and London think that term is rubbish. They call themselves progressives now, or “environmental activists” but that is only because they don’t know their history. For students of history, not the history they teach you in public education or in college, what is present in almost everything, especially in the corporate world, is varying degrees of communism that people have just accepted over the last 100 years. A book like Hardy’s The Program Manager would never be published professionally by a New York publisher. But sometimes it is those books that are the most valuable to read.

And while we are being blunt, most of the Lean activities that most company’s employ to attempt to mitigate that trend is to get communist thinking of group associations and power from above structures to become more holistic instead of siloed. Cuba for instance as a communist country was extremely siloed meaning they were never open to outside ideas, but only the ones flowed from the top down. Lean concepts are all about decentralizing those sentiments so that the point of emphasis is the health of the company everyone works with. Like most politicians’ power structures within an organization chart become their obsession and they constantly view their workers as middle-class citizens, or even worse, among the poor and they spend a lot of time thinking about that class structure when they should be thinking about running a business. I was curious what Richard Hardy who worked in the very stringent Boeing culture did to solve problems in that environment and was surprised to find him such an Ayn Rand fan, an individualist who understood the nature of all things. After reading his book I’m not surprised that he was so successful and sought after. But I was surprised to learn how consistent it was to my own personal thoughts on the matter.

And that is what reading can do for you, just when you think you know everything that there is to know, you find yourself surprised by something that should be obvious but isn’t. When it comes to business books, most of them are very dry and philosophically dormant. They talk about how to do something but don’t really get into why companies are siloed or how holistic thinking can be good and sustainable for continued profit growth and employee sustainability. But Richard Hardy made his point quite well protecting the names of his fellow workers at Boeing and replacing them with a metaphor of bulls protecting a herd as essentially being the primary objective of the program manager. Most of what he said in his book are things that are easily obtained in other books and college level courses, but in his case he was talking about the development of the Joint Strike Fighter well in advance of our modern times which I remember being a part of, so I had some context to his subject, then to read some of the behind the scenes decisions and the why and hows was quite a treat. It was a very nice surprise that doesn’t come along too often.

I don’t know how well the copies of it that are still out there will be. I bought one that was in good condition arrive, but as I flipped through it the pages were falling out from being dry rotted. I practically had to tape the thing together as I read it to keep the book intact. But if you can get your hands on one not so much for the task of business management, but for understanding how communism entered all our lives and tried to change the nature of American life so subtly and over such a long period of time, it is a very interesting read and well worth the time in doing it.

Rich Hoffman

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