The Democrat Fight to Continue Mass Murder: Bernie Sanders reveals what we’ve known all along

Even though it is considered radical to have an opinion that goes against the hippie notions of acting together and sharing ideas in modern America, it is good to call things as they are. Conservatives are not obligated to give liberals a seat at some table of discussion just out of fairness. A domestic enemy is a domestic enemy and it requires our values as a civilization to designate them as such, which of course is what I’m referring to as the Democrat party specifically, but more to the point, the socialists and communist who are using that platform to change America into something we all despise. Walmart turning against gun owners is just one step in that change, what they want is murder, mayhem, and the eradication of the human race—and that is in and of itself a clear revelation as to their evil intentions.

It must happen at some point, a general philosophy about what an American is must be agreed upon, just as any business must create something of a company philosophy in order to be productive. Everyone working for the company can function as an individual, but everyone must agree on what the company philosophy is and work toward it in order for the organization to have its own individual identity, which is then a value to its customers. For instance, Apple needs to have its own identity from Microsoft. They both make computers and software, but each has their own philosophy that consumers value to maintain their market sustainability. The same with nations, there must be some agreed upon philosophy that the nation functions from, you can’t have a bunch of mixed messages fighting it out under free speech. The results of conflict is that one side will win over the other and that then becomes the national philosophy.

In America the political left lost the Civil War. They were the slave owners. They were the losers who tried to reinvent themselves with the progressive movement trying to rebrand themselves away from their past evils with feminism, and civil rights, but behind it all was this desire for abortion. Abortion to kill lots of babies from their undesired social circles all the while trying to promote rights for the same people they were trying to kill. Its similar to the liberal gun control arguments where every time a few people are killed, they scream for more legislation to erode away the Constitution, yet they will kill millions of babies every year, even right up to the moment, or immediately after, that the child is born and call it “rights for the mother.” Lets just call it what it is, pure evil, and un-American.

And now its mainstream, the Democrat presidential candidates have admitted what many of us have known about them for years, they wish to tell us all what to do, everywhere we go, at all hours of the day and they have Google and Amazon helping them. They want to manage our healthcare in such a way that we don’t live very long, and that they can kill away as many people as possible to save the planet from a made-up environmental catastrophe. But their real intention is murder, the murder of millions just as it always has been with abortion activists. The racism of the post war Democrats who despised blacks because the Union had won the war, were the Democrats of the progressive party that wanted to kill off those blacks by corralling them up in inner cities and addicting mothers on welfare, making alcoholics of the fathers, and killing the babies before they were ever born. To cover their tracks which was coming to light during the Vietnam War and they wanted communism to spread over Asia, then to America, they took to civil rights to hide their true intentions of mass murder and anti-capitalist carnage.

The situation was never clearer than in 1969 when man walked on the moon proving that our society could migrate into space and take a big step in evolution. Meanwhile a month later there was Woodstock where naked young people rolled in the mud in degradation and drugged themselves into a state of below the line thinking that yearned for the primitive, to get back to nature, and to let nature rule over us all. We were never going to be one America with such radically different philosophies, one side would have to win and push out the other, and that was the way it was always going to be. Ronald Reagan was the first answer. Donald Trump was the second. Conservatives listened and tried to play nice with the other side with both of the Bush presidents, and Clinton then Obama, but at the heart of America was a desire to be above the line in their thinking.

In business above the line thinking and below are ways to make an organization better. Above the line thinking is the can-do spirit that we all like to think about when it comes to contemplation about the American flag. Below the line thinking is essentially the victimization culture, the “I can’ts” which most of us despise at face value. We may have sympathy for such people and try to help them think above the line, but not at our own peril, and that is where we are as a nation presently. Both sides can’t have their own way. It doesn’t work in any business, it doesn’t work in families, and it certainly doesn’t work in nation building. Democrats need to think below the line to exist because nothing about them is about stepping up and becoming better. They are about abortion, banning plastic straws, worship of nature which sounds good at face value until you consider that the four seasons of our earthly year are precisely the same as the Vico Cycle, spring, summer, fall and winter, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, anarchy, and that is how things have been for tens of thousands of human years. Democrats want to keep mankind on that path even if they must kill millions of potential lifeforms to do it.

Sure it was a little strange to hear Bernie Sanders admit to the reason he supports abortion is to save the planet from human habitation. But let’s face it, mass murder is mainstream in the Democrat party because of the reasons I have provided. They want to remain below the line in spite of how much the rest of us want to think above the line. And we will never agree. One side is going to win, and the other side is going to lose. We can’t co-exist. To say otherwise is to become a contributor to death, to human destruction and to step backwards not forward in the plight of mankind toward a perfection that is embedded. Democrats are not about compassion; they only use that to lure us to sleep so they can have their murder. They want abortion not for women’s rights, but to kill off undesirables and to rid the world of what they consider human filth and future capitalists. They want to worship the earth the way the primitive tribes of yesteryear did, and they would rather be as a political party the village chiefs than to walk on the moon, or Mars. And that is what we are all up against. The only question is which will we choose, because we can’t have it both ways.

Rich Hoffman

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The Latest Mass Shooter Seth Ator: Where liberalism has failed, they always call for gun control

It took nearly 24 hours after another gunman identified the 36 years old Texan Seth Ator as the Odessa mass shooter which led to many conspiracy theories right after the tragedy. What was different from this event was that the killer was pulled over by police and shot at as they approached his vehicle. It wasn’t necessarily a preplanned massacre as others have been, while using an AR platformed weapon to invoke mass destruction on innocent people. This time the guy was just doing his thing and when he was engaged by law enforcement that broke up whatever activity he was doing, it set him off into a volatile rage that turned deadly quick.

It was sad that immediately after there were already calls for gun control, and this time it was a bit different also. Anti-gun people revealed more what their intentions were, since it was obvious that Seth Ator had a bit of a criminal record. Just like with health care it was the Obama part of it that was sold with the intention of going to a public option and complete socialist takeover. Well, the red flag laws that have been proposed, as well as the background checks are just the beginning. Gun grabbers and solid political leftists want guns removed from society. They quickly were using this case as one where open carry wouldn’t have worked, and tried immediately to apply the shooters “white guy” status to support their attempts at gun control. Its all been part of their overall story, angry white guys are dangerous, racist and that they created America and all that needs to be erased from history. But to do that, of course they have to take away the guns because that’s what keeps such a rebellion from happening.

However, as I have said, and from what we know is directly applicable to this case, failed parental structures are what is causing these mass shootings, the values these kids are not getting in their families is far more destructive than any other element. Then as has been the case with every shooter lately, we are still learning about this one, but drugs both legal and illegal have played a part in altering the consciousness of the attackers. All those elements are foundations of liberal policy in the failed experiments of replacing the family with government and the results are exploding on our streets now that many of the basic foundations of proper behavior have been eroded away into this anarchy movement that we see everywhere these days.

There were early reports that this guy was on meth and was an Antifa member which I stated wouldn’t have surprised me at all. To be honest, at 36 he’s a little old for Antifa terrorism, but it would be closer to a reality than to say he was a good Christian kid from Odessa that just freaked out one day and killed a bunch of people at a traffic stop. Liberals want to remove guns from our society because they have made kids like this killer with their social policies and they are determined to use every tragedy that occurs to attack America’s gun culture, and they truly expect everyone to just take it, and go along with implied guilt for things they had nothing to do with. But the left did. As is typical of all these recent shooters, Ator came from a divorced home. While divorce has been around for a while, it only became common in our society over the last few decades. There was a stigma against it in the 70s and 80s. If a woman became pregnant prior to that period, you got married and you forced yourself to live happily ever after so that you could grow a family. And when you got older and couldn’t stand each other anymore, you still stayed married because it was the right thing to do for the kids. Because kids psychologically need parental structure, no matter how much they rebel. They need the structure of a father and a mother, and when that is replaced with something else, such as a government welfare check, a student loan program, or any form of handout that replaces a father as head of a family, we see trouble in the products of that family, the children.

Not that every young person who has a dad that lives across town and must watch their parents date other people and spend Thanksgivings with their new boyfriends and girlfriends, they don’t go out and shoot a bunch of people just for the hell of it. But it is a problem among a large portion of our population, just as heavy marijuana use is an indicator of psychotic behavior in a minority of their users. Not everyone who smokes pot becomes a killer just as not everyone growing up without a dad does, but it is certainly an indicator of future violent behavior.

I will be the first to say that the kind of world I want to live in, where we openly carry our guns, everywhere, that such a society would require the best of what our culture could produce. People in such a society would be well educated, would not abuse drugs and alcohol, and would come from solid families with loving backgrounds. The only reason we don’t have such a society is because left leaning activists want all the bad things, broken families, reckless—inconsequential sex, drug abuse, and an ignorant population. And to have those things, they don’t want guns so everyone can kill each other. They want the deviant behavior and they don’t want consequences. That is the real issue and no law proposed could fix that.

The anti-police stance of Antifa likely did have more to do with Seth Ator opening fire on the police as they approached his vehicle after a traffic stop. The solution for the political left is to take away all guns so that Seth Ator wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do such a thing. But of course the ignorance of that proposal is that it does nothing to correct the desire to shoot a cop in the first place. After the initial attack against the police, Ator drove around killing random people, but there clearly wasn’t a plan. It was behavior driven and the elements that created that behavior that was the real cause. If it wasn’t guns, it would have been something else. Killers and lunatics will use anything to invoke a menace on a population if they are unhappy, which is why guns are needed to keep such things from getting out of control. In an open carry environment, he would have been shot by a good guy with a gun sooner, but this was different because he was in a car driving around before people could really get a sense of what was going on.

Without question these shootings are more political than demanding a legal mandate because no law proposed, background checks, red flag laws, or even illegal drug enforcement will change these occurrences. They are the results of liberalism injected into an otherwise conservative society and the conflict that is the natural biproduct. At the very least in this case was the lack of a biological family that was stable and secure. Mom and dad were divorced, and some people just can’t handle that. Their anger may project outward to innocent members of society, but the root cause is the broken family and the disappointments of a child that was robbed of that basic security. We would do better to make divorce illegal than guns. But to admit such a thing, liberals would have to admit that their social experiment of removing dads from homes and attacking the core values of American life has been a failure. And they certainly won’t do that. They’d rather blame guns.

Rich Hoffman

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There is a Storm Coming: Lakota better have a boat

I think the best thing that could happen is that Julie Shaffer would lose her seat to a new school board candidate in this upcoming fall 2019 election. Jim Hahn is a potential for that, he’s running and is a business guy, and if the Lakota school board could pick him up and keep Todd Parnell, and Lynda O’Conner, there would finally be a three vote conservative presence that could avert the current levy plans that are in place for attempts beginning as early as 2020. If there is another tax attempt, I will say right now that I am all on board to resume the fight against it, and I understand that others are also interested. A gentle message to Lakota and all the real estate agents that spawn off the school system, there is a storm coming, so I hope you have built a boat, because the next levy attempt will be a bloodbath. The liberal activities of Brad Lovell Kelley Casper and of course Julie Shaffer along with the very disappointing sentiments that have evolved from the new superintendent Matt Miller, they have squandered a very good opportunity, a great budget with declining enrollment that has even further inflated the payroll for teachers who clearly aren’t worth the money, and they have been caught in gross mismanagement. The two conservative school board members have shown a bit of hope in properly managing the district, but the school board itself hasn’t gone far enough—the liberal activism is still a problem in the management of the government school.

I have no love for Julie Shaffer, we have a history together. When she couldn’t defeat my arguments back in 2012 she had to turn to identity politics to separate the No Lakota Levy group I represented for their 2013 attempt which they ended up winning by a very narrow margin. But it wasn’t Lakota who did anything to turn the tide, it was Sheriff Jones who wanted to put armed cops in the schools to protect them from mass shooters, or the potential. As it turned out, just as I said it would be, the whole thing was a scam, the money from the levy wasn’t used to cover cops or even security. Lakota did do those things, but ultimately the money was only to give teachers raises for their very high wages. My argument back then was that it didn’t bother me that Lakota had several teachers with six figure salaries, but that through collective bargaining the labor union wanted everyone to have those extraordinary salaries and back then the average wage was over 70K per year. We always hear stories about how low teachers are paid, well that’s not the case at Lakota, the teachers are well paid and the union props them all up and makes it nearly impossible to fire problem employees like the recent drama witnessed by the ex-Lakota employee, the transgender activist Emily Osterling. She sued the district for her proposed termination, and she won a settlement of $175,000 which the tax payers had to cough up ultimately.

Lakota is in my back yard so I want them to do well, but only until they become a pain in the ass in asking for too much money. I am proud of Lakota as long as they aren’t asking for money and by looking at their annual budget of over $220 million per year it is clear that the school board has not managed the money correctly. Now to their defense, the collective bargaining agreements by the union make normal value stream assessments nearly impossible. It takes three solid votes to really manage a district when there are five board members. It has taken a long time to get the two good ones that we have now and a lot of pushing and shoving. I have been asked many, many times to take on the job, but for my part, I have no desire to negotiate with a labor union all the time and I think the education system should be completely dismantled and recreated with a school choice competitive option. So its not a job for me, but we do need smart people who understand value creation to do the job. In that regard, there is an option in Jim Hahn.

However, the union vote will come out for their own preservation and they will vote this November for Julie Shaffer, so it will be a tough climb for Jim Hahn. He’s going to need some help and a good turnout. The union will not want him on the school board because they are against anything that does not stop the upward mismanagement of financial resources that are set to run out by 2023. Most of that $220 million budget is all in teacher salaries and that is just ridiculous. In an age where kids are learning more from hand held devices such as smart phones and personal computers, physical teachers are going the way of the drive-in. The test results just do not show that a teacher in the classroom make or break much in a student’s life. Most of the feel good stories are propaganda by the unions which young people are prone to be sucked in to, but are shallow in credibility at best. Just take a look at the Lakota website and their reported financials. They are short on substance but are flashy with surface points and comparisons to other districts who are every bit as much of a disaster as they are—because they are all driven by unionized employees hungry for inflated wages and as little work to do as possible.

The bloodbath that I am promising will be simple value stream analysis of what Lakota really does for our community, which is very little. The high school football games are only important to the students and their families, the other 100,000 people who live in the Lakota school system could care less and people like me without kids in the school system go through our daily days not even noticing the school buildings or their occupants. Life is busy and there is a lot for people like me to do that has nothing to do with the school system, and people like me are in the majority. All it takes is to get them to show up to vote, and they can easily out vote the union radicals which is why it takes Lakota an average of three levy attempts to get a tax increase passed. And to do that they have to resort to guerrilla warfare, not the goodness of people’s hearts. I would personally rather have the bloodbath rather than harm future business growth in our region with another Lakota tax increase, and argued that way, the way all businesses are measured, the story is quite clear. Lakota is not a value to our community, but a hindrance and the product they produce is failing and will continue to fail until the unions no longer run the government schools. That is, unless a third conservative is elected to the school board, and the budget crises that is coming can be averted. The value of the district won’t change but the bad reputation that will put Lakota through a lot of pain could be averted. And I would think that to be a good thing.

Rich Hoffman

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D23 and Star Wars: Liberal ideas are rejected everywhere, especially in a galaxy far, far away

It’s important because it involves so many parts of our culture, but as I occasionally do write about Star Wars it is interesting to watch as how its meaning has changed for people over time. Personally, when people ask me how I’m able to do so much on such a range of things, it’s because I use mythology to grasp concepts so that there is room for ideas to be conceived and to grow. I would compare it to a bowl to hold something like popcorn in, the bigger the bowl, the more ideas you can hold. Mythology is how the human race holds ideas that it can then grasp and work with, and the bigger the ideas, the better functioning the society. In a lot of ways young people have more than ever lots of vehicles to invest ideas into, not just the movies that we all grew up on, but video games, a lot of literature, and all the streaming services that are available such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. And to make those streaming services flourish there has to be a lot of content and Hollywood, as I have been saying for years, is struggling to produce. We live in one of the most creative times in human history, but we have more than ever also witnessed how liberalism in general in a culture of mass competition for ideas shows the trends of society and nothing more vividly displays that trend like Star Wars, because it is at least a cultural measure that everyone can pretty much agree is a standard mythology of our culture. Not everyone likes it, but it manages to touch most people in some way or another making a great platform for analysis.

So to catch everyone up on where Star Wars is, there is a movie coming out this December, it’s the last film of the nine part series that has been going on for 40 years. It’s an important key to whether or not Star Wars survives into the future because as of now, it only has nostalgic value. Young people don’t necessarily like it on its own, its more something that they can share with their parents and grandparents, so the brand is struggling. Watching all the D23 news from Disney over this past weekend there is a lot to look forward to from arguably the largest media company in the world. But the evidence that as a very progressive company that has lost their way into making new and fresh ideas is obvious. Disney as a company is living off their legacy properties and what they’ve done many years ago, not what they have been able to do lately. With the exception of the Marvel movies, there hasn’t been anything fresh from Disney for years as they have taken for granted that people will buy into their products even though they are spewing with progressive political causes, such as race diversity, sex issues such as feminism, and elements of gay rights that most people just aren’t comfortable with. Disney as a company has tried to hide their massive appetite for capitalism behind progressive causes and it has hurt them tremendously—because they weren’t honest about it. They would have been better off to proclaim that they are happy to make money and not ashamed of it one bit instead of trying to sell themselves off as progressive activists laboring for every liberal cause known to mankind. Not so much at the stock exchange rate yet, but that is coming just as I stated years ago after the first new age Star Wars film came out, that Disney has really screwed up the multi billion dollar franchise leaving them desperate to fix it, which is what they are promising to do on several fronts starting with the new film coming out this December in addition to several live action television shows coming to their new streaming service, such as The Mandalorian, and a new show just about Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Ewen McGregor which fans have wanted for over 20 years.

Star Wars, especially the best parts of it such as the cantina scenes where Obi-Wan cuts off the arm of an assailant in A New Hope, then shortly thereafter Han Solo kills the bounty hunter Greedo in a blaze of gun fire, these modern progressive filmmakers thought that what they had made with Star Wars could be that bowl I was talking about that could hold lots of ideas including copious amounts of progressive sentiment. Even with the billions of dollars that Disney has put into Star Wars the fans have responded flat which was most notable with the most recent Star Wars movie, which I loved, Solo: A Star Wars Story. After The Last Jedi, which I enjoyed, fans had shown they had enough of Disney tampering with something they loved and they were rejecting the Disneyification of Star Wars outright, and not buying the toys, and merchandise at the levels that Disney needed them to in order to justify their investment. This has been obvious now that the big Star Wars lands that have opened in California and now in Disney World in Orlando and people aren’t that interested. I warned everyone way back in 2015 on radio and several articles, that the key to the franchise wasn’t Luke Skywalker, it was Han Solo, the space cowboy that reflected the American values of Ayn Rand and John Wayne, which has always been at the heart of Star Wars. Star Wars for people is best when it has those elements, not actors that were cast because they were Latino, or because they were women—but because the characters were good and the actors fit the part. When Disney essentially killed off the angry white guy characters and failed to replace them with new ones, they lost their audience. The Last Jedi was essentially a movie where all the white men were killed and the crazy progressive women were all in charge and people, real people who are out there voting for Donald Trump don’t want to see movies and stories about that kind of topic, and it has really hurt the Star Wars brand.

But I am encouraged, this year at D23 Disney is showing that they can take their money and do great things with it. I am rooting for them to get it right, I want their Star Wars Land of Galaxy’s Edge to be successful, I want to see Star Wars make a strong comeback for that next generation because it is still one of the best things out there to take our culture from where it was to where it needs to go in science and thought. There is room for big ideas in Star Wars, which is what I use it for as a mythology. It’s a big story with lots of bold concepts, but at its heart it was and continues to be a space western. So long as that formula is stuck to, Star Wars will be successful. If progressive concepts are placed above that formula, then its over for Disney and they seem to understand that now, after a decade of hard lessons.

I was enjoying all the news coming out of D23 and I sort of celebrated by picking up the Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges video game which converts your smart phone into an augmented reality simulator and I have to say it is extremely impressive. But you can see clearly the hit Star Wars has taken to their brand. The unit just a year ago was being sold at Target for $200 and I picked it up this week for less than $50. I figured that for that much money I could take a risk and buy the Disney product and I’m glad I did. But considering what they had done to the legacy fans with the books and previous comics and other merchandise then gave those same fans a mess of a movie in The Force Awakens, which essentially killed all the old white guys and put progressive diversity in charge only to lose over and over again to a very inept First Order, not even I would pay that much money for a new Star Wars game. That’s unfortunate, because the game itself is just amazing, a real technical marvel and exhibition of mythology pushed to its absolute limits. Big ideas, big fun, and a major advancement of the story telling experience.

The lesson here is that progressive, or even liberal ideas cannot fill up that bowl of thought, and people won’t just accept those concepts because they like Star Wars. They like Star Wars because it represents values that most people share, small government, independence, and you gotta have guns. The anti-gun policies and hippie like love your neighbor stuff doesn’t go well with a franchise that is all about war and why wars happen. When you can’t even where a gun on your hip in cosplay to the new Star Wars land in Florida because everyone is crazy over weapons and terrorism, Disney has to understand that you can’t tell a story about peace, love, and trusting the government without weapons, and expect people to spend millions of dollars of their hard earned money on it, just so they can eat colored popcorn and drink blue milk. Star Wars is about fighting for independence, especially personal independence. In all Star Wars stories that are good are examples of institutional failure, even among the Jedi Council, and that is the heart of the entire franchise. Unfortunately, Disney was a part of that institutional thinking and it took them a long time to come close to figuring out the problem. I just hope its not too late. It would be a shame if it is.

Rich Hoffman

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Why I Support the Ghost Guns of Defense Distributed: The law of the Bill of Rights is being “law-abiding”

I probably am one of the most law-abiding citizens that anybody will ever meet, except for of course speed limits. I hate speed limits and drive over them all the time because they are just too damn slow. But I love our society and want to see people enjoying it based on the constitution that formed our republic. I certainly don’t support chaos and anarchy or more laws just so a political class can stay in power. I treat people fair, until they do me wrong, and generally want what’s best for even my enemies. With all that said I am a big supporter of all the amendments of the Constitution, especially the first ten. The original Constitution I wasn’t all that crazy about as it was way too Federalist for me. As there are worse figures in history other than Alexander Hamilton, for which I was born and raised in the city named after him, I felt that his influence on George Washington and our Constitution as a whole was way too “big government.” I’m much more Jeffersonian, or even the kind of thinking that Ben Franklin was, and I have a distrust understood by history of people who have too much power and use the legislature to ruin the lives of mankind. So, in that regard I take the 2nd and 1st Amendments very seriously and for me there is no gray area that needs to be interpreted in the Supreme Court.

As much of a Trump supporter as I have been, I do not support at all his turn toward red flag laws, as well as many prominent GOP governors into enacting them to pacify the radical political left. I see the NRA as my gun lobby because they represent me and those like me who see the 2nd Amendment as a necessary protection from the kind of corruption that often occurs when people legislatively stand over other people. And making it easier for that kind of power to reside over individuals is simply not in the cards, so no matter what gun controls are passed, my position is that they are not valid and should be discarded as useless, the way many liberals behaved about marijuana laws and other intoxicants. The behavior may be illegal, but the law turns a blind eye toward the behavior. Prostitution is also illegal, yet you can see prostitutes walking the streets openly just a few streets from the White House. So more gun laws are not something that gun owners like me are going to wake up and say, “oh, alright. Here are my guns.” No, any new laws will be opposed and ignored and will only serve to give politicians a platform to run for office on.

It is for all those reasons and more actually, that I support Defense Distributed’s work as an online open-source hardware organization that develops digital schematics for building “ghost guns.” Ghost guns are firearms that are manufactured at your home by either small CNC milling machines where you can upload the cut files off the internet and make your own guns out of blocks of aluminum, or other metals. There have even been strides in building guns off 3D printers that have hardly enough metal in them to set off a metal detector. The argument against ghost guns is that terrorists could use them to get into airports and shopping centers and cause mass havoc. But the premise is already faulty by the time we get to that statement because first you must assume that the government is competent enough to protect us, which of course they aren’t.

One of the first excuses that the prison that allowed Jeffery Epstein to disappear, either by death, or some other means from high security as soon as names were being named in that case of sex trafficking that looks to implicate so many powerful people, was that the guards were overworked. Unlike years gone by, labor unions control most government jobs, including law enforcement and they take little responsibility for anything that their members do and over emphasize everything else so that taxpayers keep voting for tax increases to give them their bottomless pit of money expectations. There are no consequences for failure in government and law enforcement is attached to that low expectation. To get in trouble as a law enforcement officer, you must do something really stupid, and often many things to keep the union from explaining away the failures.

Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas shooter after years of investigations could not be found to have a motive in the killing of 58 people and causing 851 injuries as he shot his bump stock equipped guns into a crowd of concert goers just trying to live life. There are still reports that the attack involved more than Paddock, but after a lot of money spent on the investigation it was concluded that he shot himself in the end before police stormed his room to find him dead. Trump talked the NRA into taking a stand against bump stocks and everyone lived happily ever after, only nobody still understands why he did it and how he had the kind of money to gamble away $10,000 a day as a high roller in Vegas. Many say he was a professional bank robber. Officially he made his money as a real estate investor acquiring over $2 million in assets making the rest off gambling. But the guy went from a postal worker, to a high roller in a rather dramatic fashion so there is obviously much more to the story, for which we will never know.

And that is always the case with these killers, we are never given the real story. Most of the news we get are in the first 48 hours before the FBI puts down the clamps on information getting out to the media, as we are told to “trust them.” And with each tragedy we find there are more laws going on the books to make our lives even worse with compliance. When none of those solutions and answers are even relevant to the circumstances. The real solution is to put more guns in the hands of individuals motivated to solve the problem—people not hampered by labor union expectations and politics but people who could have stopped Paddock much faster, or any other mass murderer for that matter. And when we do catch some vile evil doer, like Epstein, that they aren’t removed before they reveal more of the dirt behind the scenes of what is really going on.

Knowing how dirty our political and legal system can be, we must guard against their tyranny with the rights we have, which is where I point to the Bill of Rights and say that I can agree with those and follow that law. Not the law of modern politicians who are up to no good and want to use new laws to hide their malice. But the rules of conduct that were intended to create a functioning republic that stands for truth justice and the American way. And for that reason, I support ghost guns because the government, especially one that is involved in so much criminal conduct, does not have a right to take away our defenses and rule over us. We may need those guns to enforce a change in government, so in that context, Trump is wrong to support more gun control. All the governors are wrong. Everyone is wrong, because as much as they want you to trust them, the evidence says that we can’t. And we won’t.

Rich Hoffman

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Where in the World is Jeffrey Epstein: We will never know, or will we trust the answer

Nothing about the Jeffrey Epstein case surprises me, including the conspiracy theory that the whole suicide by hanging himself was a fake to get out of prison and to hide for the rest of his life on some island somewhere so that the state didn’t have a case against him to proceed forward. Epstein had a lot of money and that can buy justice. A lot of people would be willing to turn the other way for lifetime wealth that paid off their houses and let them live free of occupational burden. It was only Friday that court documents were unsealed proving what I’ve said about the guy was true, that unveiled high profile friends who were part of Epstein’s underaged sex ring, people like New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, investment banker Glenn Dubin, Britain’s Prince Andrew, Senator George Mitchell, MIT professor Marvin Minsky, and even Bill Clinton. There were a lot of heads to roll and one of the victims now all grown up, Virginia Gluffre was naming names and they all point to many of the leaders of the modern progressive political circles that extend well into our court system. Jeffrey Epstein was the key testimony that would bring a lot of people down so they had to get rid of him.

The body that the ME Office in downtown New York had could have been anybody. It would only require a few people at the jail to play along with a body switch and coroners are unlikely to do any DNA testing on such a presentation. Their only job would be to pronounce Jeffery Epstein dead. So such a body switch is probably more likely given the money involved and the conditions of the case than someone getting into the jail to kill Epstein. Whatever the case, it was just too costly to allow Epstein to provide any testimony on a reduced sentence that would embarrass most of the financial contributors of the Robin Hood Foundation and the social circles that have spawned off it.

I pointed out the Epstein case many years ago, decades, so my position has been consistent. I’m glad he has been taken off the streets even if he is dead, or just pushed into hiding for the rest of his life to avoid embarrassing testimony. So many people’s lives would be ruined, even if they deserve it. The conspiracy theories that have spawned off this case are natural. People don’t trust the authorities who are in charge. We don’t trust the government to give us a straight story, even when they try to. Who in their right mind is going to believe that a high profile billionaire who is in jail and has the dirt on so many people is just going to hang himself in solitary confinement when he had been on suicide watch, especially one day after damning court documents were produced, and that the security camera would “malfunction” leaving no evidence of what happened, and nobody was apparently looking? People aren’t stupid, but authorities think they are, which is why there is no trust. People smell a rat, and it isn’t in Baltimore.

We are essentially talking about the same people who were involved in getting the FBI to alter an election in favor of Hillary Clinton which had its roots deep into the Justice Department, even the Obama White House. People are still trying to get their minds around that story which is unraveling as we speak. The proof of their corruption is out, and we know the names. The trouble is the people who would normally prosecute such a case are the ones guilty so at this point, legal action has not occurred. Knowing all that, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Epstein was either killed or taken away never to be seen again to live on some island in the middle of nowhere. A better deal for him rather than spending the rest of his life in jail. He has the money to make that deal and once this case started getting traction in court that would embarrass so many liberal leaders, I’m sure they were looking to make a deal.

After all, if you are Epstein and have a major sex addiction that only underaged girls could satisfy at least 3 times a day, the best security to enjoying that activity is to get powerful people to indulge in the activity with you. Once there is shared guilt, there is security in it for someone like Epstein which is leverage. When you get as many powerful people involved as he did, that is guaranteed leverage for the rest of his life. Its less likely that he would trade that leverage away by killing himself with the cameras turned off. Its more likely that his friends would produce a body that looked like him, they’d switch it out, and they’d all win by taking away the testimony of the man himself. Epstein of course would never be able to participate in any kind of societal function again. He’d have to hide away forever on an island perhaps in the Caribbean, but that’s better than jail. The plan before a week or so ago was to beat the whole thing and get out of jail. When Virginia Giuffre and other young women from the Epstein sex island experience persisted, somehow the pressure had to be taken away, and that was the central figure in all the testimony, Epstein himself. He had the money and the leverage to make a deal that would alleviate a lot of embarrassment for New York’s liberal high society, leaving them all glad to be complicit.

The main question remains, who, and why. What we know is that the key to the Epstein case is now no longer available, no matter what conspiracy theory one might subscribe to. The central figure of all this evil has been removed. Yet we aren’t just talking about sexual perversion with these issues, and massive problems with sex trafficking where intense sexual appetites were being shared with social circles that are at the center of our entire society. Young girls from all over the world were being purchased from their families and brought into the sex ring not just for Epstein to enjoy, but many in the top tier of political power, so the story doesn’t die with Epstein. He was just the glue that held it all together. The desire to commit the evil is what is at the core of this whole story. If it wasn’t Epstein who did it, it would have been someone else.

The whole thing plays out badly, it makes rich people look bad, it makes politicians look bad, and it certainly is an embarrassment to our entire legal system. Where is the justice for these poor young girls who are now young women? Well, I think we can see clearly why Democrats and other progressives are always trying to participate in social engineering and telling us how moral they are by advocating for open borders, drug legalization, and high taxes to build a big bureaucratic state, it’s to run cover for their intense sexual appetite and excessive social perversions. And they never plan to get caught, and when they do, they always get away with it because they control the legal system. Their commitment to gay rights and women’s issues is only to serve as a mask for their sexual exploits that they hope to conceal behind their good tidings. And when there is a risk, they find a way to make a deal to keep the embarrassment off the front page of the newspapers. Don’t be surprised if 20 years from now as an 80 year old man, some fishing boat doesn’t run aground in the Caribbean and find Jeffery Epstein in a hammock sipping on a mixed drink, and enjoying life to the fullest far away from Manhattan society and the news culture of the United States. Nobody else in the world will care, and that is the best mask of all.

Rich Hoffman

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Republicans Should Stand By Candice Keller: Playing into Democrat strategies will just get more people killed

This is the problem with Republicans, they don’t stick together when there’s trouble, and they allow themselves to wear unearned guilt on things like these mass shootings that occurred this week. I certainly don’t think Candice Keller who represents the 53rd District in Ohio should step down for comments she made about the shooting on her Facebook account. We aren’t living in that world any more, if we ever were.

Comments made in the arena of free speech, the First Amendment should not be grounds for termination, which is precisely how liberals have wanted to set the stage, and any Republican who thinks they are doing good by calling for Candice to step down, are feeding a vast evil that is undoing all social order. It doesn’t matter how much you salute the flag or tout a record of public service, or how valiant you may think you are, if you are so quick to throw someone like Keller on the trash heap for saying her opinion of what the cause of the mass shootings are, then you are just as bad as the Democrats.

Keller is running for the senate in Ohio and given all the effort it takes to do such a thing, she should probably reconsider so that this whole thing doesn’t prolong deep into next year. There will be other elections, but she certainly shouldn’t give up her seat as a representative of the 53rd District. Who can argue that the cause of these increases in mass shootings are not caused by a breakdown in family structure, as Candice said, and that recreational marijuana and violent video games are not the cause? I think it is laughable that the video game industry is citing a 2018 study which says there is no connection between violence and video games. I play them, a lot—and I can call bullshit on that from personal experience. If we want to accurately discuss the cause of mass shootings, then we need to have an honest appraisal from everyone. Calling for more gun control doesn’t even begin to understand the cause it only deals with the effect of the matter, and that won’t get the job done. Many of the things that Candice said in her Facebook post were honest reflections that should be investigated as a cause of mass shootings.

As pointed out by Martha McCallum who did a piece on Fox News that showed most of the mass shooters from 1969 to the present were male and without fathers is a jarring statistic that should be at the lead of every story. Instead, we are supposed to live in a world of gender neutrality and avoid speaking of the matter which is likely the leading cause. Additionally, as I have pointed out frequently, marijuana use by itself isn’t a positive thing for our society, yet again, most of these mass shooters are users of the drug. Combine the elements of marijuana with depression medicine which is all too common these days in young people, and we have the potential for lots of disaster. Its one thing to be accepting of social experimentation such as with homosexual lifestyles and intoxication as if those were values worth defending, but when people start dying over the results of these social experiments, it’s a serious problem worth analyzing. Keller as a state representative certainly represents my point of view. It is pretty weak for other Republicans to turn on her the way they have out of fear of being critical of lifestyles that are at the center of the core issue of mass shootings.

Hillary Clinton threw her two cents on the heap as well showing exactly why she isn’t president. She pointed out on Twitter that other places in the world don’t have mass shootings like this and they have their own mentally ill people to deal with. We don’t of course know what causes people to become mentally ill in all cases, we just deal with the result that it exists. She said the difference is that we have guns in America which then let mentally ill people go on these mass shootings. Well, we are a free society where many of the places she is talking about in the world are not. Guns equal freedom and that danger is part of the cost of having that freedom. Having a good military and a police force doesn’t go far enough in protecting those freedoms. We may want to give ourselves that illusion, but in essence, it is the freedom of each and every one of us to own firearms and to use them to defend ourselves that keep freedom alive. And we use the First Amendment to debate so that we don’t have to use guns to defend our positions. Once people are fired for things they say, then we are playing into a vile strategy that Democrats have been trying to impose on us for many years. Voters will decide whether they want Candice Keller to continue to represent the 53rd District. She doesn’t need to step down out of some sacrifice to the liberal left.

Clearly the liberals of this country want to remove the Second Amendment and the First by instigating violence and public opinion that can allow them to acquire power without bloodshed. These attempts have been made all through history, often violently, and this latest period in our timeline is no different. Only liberals don’t want to take power by force, but rather by sentiment. If they can get Republicans to do their dirty work for them, they will. But what Candice did isn’t much different than the way Donald Trump became president. The Party may want to toe the line which liberals draw, but voters don’t. That’s why they elected him specifically. And that’s one of the reasons that voters voted for Candice Keller.

If we don’t deal with the real problem of mass shootings then they will continue, which I have been warning about for a long time. I would offer that the cost of all this social experimentation that has been instigated by the liberal side of the political spectrum hasn’t just been uncomfortable, its been very destructive to the developing minds of our youth. And now that those disturbed young people are all grown up, they are dangerous as free people. Guns are a part of a free culture because it gives people the right to defend themselves from others who might want to impose on them in some way, either politically, or socially. But with that comes a basic understanding of social value. If we don’t share those basic values, then we are going to have conflicts, which obviously we do. In a lot of ways, and this was certainly true of the kid who committed the mass killing in Dayton, liberals want to provoke this kind of violence because it gives them the changes they want. Secretly they want to see these deaths because it drives their agenda. 50 people died over the weekend in Chicago, but we don’t see those people plastered all over the newspapers. We only see that there were two mass shootings that combined killed 29 people. Yet every weekend in Chicago where guns are illegal, about that many people die, and nobody cares. They don’t care because it is the failure of liberalized culture that is the cause.

To continue to wear that mask, and to divert attention away from themselves, Democrats have been using the kindness of Republicans to share in the guilt of these tragedies. But conservatives had nothing to do with the violence. Even the El Paso murders were driven by left leaning ideology. President Trump has never said to kill immigrants. He has simply resisted the liberal strategy of overflowing our borders so fast that we can’t deal with the processing of them because Democrats need the votes to stay in power. Its as simple as that. Any neo-Nazi type of person that may be out there are just another version of a liberal. The media calls them the “alt-right” but that is far from accurate. No conservative believes in racism and one race rule, only Democrats. Democrats supported slavery; Republicans ended it. Hitler was a socialist, certainly not a conservative. And many of the vile things that are going on in our country now are not the fault of Republicans who stand for family values, good decent public conduct, and honor among friends and neighbors do not share the guilt on the mass shooting problem. Democrats do and I thought Candice Keller gave her thoughts on the matter accurately, which should be protected under the First Amendment. Not punished and thrown away just because Democrats want her to be. Until Republicans realize that is the game, we are all playing, they will continue to be victims, and mass shootings will continue without resolution.

Rich Hoffman

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