The Next Big Thing: Cheering on Richard Branson and his wonderful company Virgin Galactic

Putting politics aside which is hard to do because ultimately everything is political, but considering our modern conditions, those definitions are changing by the moment. I am and have always been a very excited person for everything new little thing that comes along as I am very much in love with the things that humans imagine. Nature is nice too, but I really like what humans do with the tools provided by nature and to see how civilization can advance. While many look at cell phones and the hyper communications that come with them as dangerous to the old order of doing things I think it’s all part of our natural evolution as a species accelerating toward some yet to be known destination. While everyone who knows me understands how much I love tradition particularly the American western mythologies and concepts, I am very much an achievement driven person excited for tomorrow in so many ways. And that is why despite his politics, I have been very much a fan of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavors. And according to him from the interview shown below, he still plans to get his space airline into space before Christmas of this year, which would be a great feat. I am very much hopeful that he will be successful.

It’s been coming along for a while now, but if it is considered the sheer amount of information that is coming at us so fast and furious these days as opposed to when man landed on the moon in 1969 the human race is scratching at a huge change in thought and processing. As I was catching up on what Virgin Galactic was up to and if they were going to meet their timeline one of the lead stories on the Microsoft News dashboard was the newly recorded sounds of Mars as captured by the recent rover that just landed there. Much of this past week due to the very good series on the National Geographic Channel about colonizing Mars radio broadcasts across the country were contemplating what the steps to such an act would look like and what we’d all do once we got there. Elon Musk has after all been turning up the heat for his own departure from earth to live on the ancient red planet. I see many of his antics such as the smoking pot incident on a recent podcast as his teenage moment of creating enough escape velocity for himself to make the journey. He is sabotaging his own relationship with the earth so that he can psychologically make that journey to be the first to live on Mars. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is about to unleash a series of space endeavors that are quite ambitious with his Blue Origin company. Between all these adventurous billionaires fueled by childhood loves of movies like Star Wars and Star Trek compounded by a strong deregulatory economy by the Trump administration—the primer is set for some very exciting technological breakthroughs on the frontier of space.

As I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games on my PlayStation 4 and started messing around with the online play with many thousands of other players all over the world simultaneously, I couldn’t help but think of how subconsciously as a human species this visit to the western genre was necessary for our current age to accept what was about to happen. It’s not the safety of the herd that the human race is after, it’s the rough existence away from the support of civilization for which adventure promises great rewards and many opportunities for death. This next generation needs to be someone reckless and masochistic in order to endure the rigors of a dynamic shift in human consciousness, leaving the comfort of our earth and scratching at the unlimited barriers of space travel. Presently we call space anything over 62 miles, or anybody who travels over 50 miles and astronaut. We think of the moon as a long way away, and Mars prohibitively distant. But all those definitions are about to change just as they did in the period of American westward expansion once electricity and phone communications shrunk the world with power. The main observation I had about that great video game was that human beings needed to revisit that last period of adventure and see what it looked like so that they could take this next big journey.

I don’t really like the term “collective consciousness” because it assumes that we are all functioning out of one great well of wisdom which is not what I think is going on. Rather, there are certain rational decisions that are common to reality so it is bound to be a mathematical probability that all humans will come to similar conclusions just by the mandate of deductive reasoning. And that is why texting is more interesting than talking to an actual person for most people, the human mind to seek out the rapid communication forms that come from something like a modern smart phone as opposed to a very static conversation with one single human being is needed for the world of tomorrow, where information must be process quickly as our knowledge base explodes from what was previously understood. Young people especially will have to think much faster than humans do today and be shocked by much fewer discovers than previous generations just to keep up with all the news stories that will began to demand our attention as the frontiers of space are unzipped.

Aerospace is one of my favorite industries due to its exploratory nature. I desire to be a part of it as much as possible and to be quite honest, I love every day of my life because I am. I love to help build the vehicles that take humans to the frontiers of our imagination and I have had a front row seat to many of these new developments. So out of a love of adventure which transcends politics, I am happily cheering on the events of these coming days. Richard Branson has worked hard with his team to get into space first and if he doesn’t make it soon, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos will overtake Virgin Galactic. So he doesn’t have all the time in the world, competition and capitalism demand results and the pressure is certainly on. If Branson can get into space by Christmas of 2018 it would be a life changing moment for many people around the world. But if Christmas comes and goes and Virgin Galactic is still mired in testing, then Blue Origin or SpaceX will get there first. This new space race isn’t between nations and governments, it between billionaires and capitalist mandates and that is redefining everything rapidly.

Humans are such conceptual creatures and once we get an idea in our heads reality has a way of growing around it. And from what I see that growth will spawn entirely new industries and lifestyles. There is great reason to be optimistic. Once space tourism is unleashed, likely by Virgin Galactic first, our conceptual knowledge will expand at such a pace that the world has never witnessed. We have been preparing ourselves for this age for years with the rapid digestion of so much information. It’s not by accident or greed, it’s all by necessity. As I’ve said many times my goal in a very busy life is to read at least one book a week, but I am even feeling the pressure to read not just one, but five. So grudgingly I have turned to audio books for some of them because by necessity I need the information coming at me faster than I could possibly read everything and still do everything else needed in an 18-hour work day which is pretty typical. We are all going through a similar transition and that’s what it takes to live and grow in an expanding economy driven by human adventure and curiosity. And much of that next phase starts when Richard Branson gets his Virgin Galactic space tourism over that 50-mile line where humans become technically astronauts.

Rich Hoffman

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It’s All About Gas Prices: Who cares about Khashoggi, for $20 I was able to fill up my whole tank

You have to understand what’s going on when you hear that all these United States Senators and the like are suddenly upset about the CIA report saying the crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia was directly involved in the execution of a Washington Post reporter in Istanbul. The righteous indignation is not over the death of a political activist reformer using his position as a reporter to incite challenges to Saudi Arabian rule, it is to make the gasoline lobby in Washington happy because they are very unhappy that President Trump has made America independent again at the gas pump and that has driven fuel prices under $2 per gallon where I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. This happening just as the Holiday season is in full gear giving American consumers millions and millions of extra dollars to spend on a fourth quarter spike to the 2018 economy. Those who profit from a less than great American economy are pretty pissed off, which all who are reading here should be very happy about.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the gas prices. I stopped by my usual place to get gas early in the morning before most people were up and decided to put $20 into the tank. Usually that gives me about a half tank that I use most of the rest of the week. When the pre-pay was complete, I put the gas nozzle back into its holster and jumped into the driver’s seat to go about my business. Out of habit I looked at the gas gauge just to make sure that it was reading the fuel that had just been applied to my vehicle’s tank and was surprised to see it was nearly full. That prompted me to look at the sign out by the main road at what the gas prices were and sure enough it said the price per gallon was $1.99. I thought that was simply astonishing given the world conditions. After all, that was precisely why Parisians were rioting in the streets that weekend, was due to excessively high gas prices due to too many environmental constraints.

President Trump had a plan and that was to make the American economy the strongest it has ever been, so one of the first things he did once sworn in was to make more supply of gas so that Saudi Arabia couldn’t dictate the supply exclusively essentially charging anything they wanted for a barrel of oil. Politics had created an artificial constraint to leverage favor toward the oil and gas lobby and that meant very favorable margins for them at the expense of the consumer. Trump took that away from that lobby and put the money back in the pockets of the consumer with competitive supply making America the largest oil-producing nation in just a few short years of his first term in office. A miraculous feat in and of itself. Of course, you won’t read about this miracle in the press and within the media culture because most of them still rely heavily on oil and gas money in advertising, and they certainly don’t want the public to know how fragile their existence truly was or how they have been price gouging people at the pumps for well over 50 years.

Of course, part of that equation was to keep Saudi Arabia as a supplier, because that competition leverages even American producers to keep their prices per barrel of oil down. So in a free market system that needs as many competitors as possible to get prices to a real market value, “what customers are willing to pay for gas” Trump leveraged the American fuel market to bring down the costs in Saudi Arabia and that effect has been a downward trend in gas prices since 2016, when Trump took office officially. Then of course the Crowned Prince appears to have killed off a rival in the press for which the world, particularly those in the media, wanted punishment for. But Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country. If he wants to kill people, that’s his business, right?

The way liberals work is they use peer pressure to leverage sentiment. In this case they wanted to trick Trump into going against Saudi Arabia which would really make the gas lobby happy, and it would give liberals what they want as well, a damaged president with a weak economy going into the 2020 election which would make him easier for them to beat. By excreting peer pressure on Trump they “the media run by the oil and gas lobby through advertising” could force him into a corner for which he could never get out of. But, Trump fortunately is a business guy and he isn’t so prone to emotional sentiment because he knows how the game is played, so he did the unexpected, he used his friendship with Saudi Arabia to leverage them to further reduce oil prices which is why gas prices are trending downward dramatically right in the meat of the Holiday season in America. This has pumped a lot of expendable income that would otherwise just go to oil companies in artificially inflated margins and put those dollars to use in the American economy. How about that—who would have figured?

People die all the time. For instance, a lot of people have died near the Clintons all through the years over lots of different types of issues. Benghazi comes to mind. Seth Rich does too. What if The New York Times and other newspapers put as much effort into discovering the conditions of murder of that Democrat operative who supposedly was leaking documents from the DNC directly to Wikileaks had an investigation done to the extent that they perform one for the murdered Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi? Both were high-profile murders, but one directly involved Democrats and pointed to a smoking gun that was very embarrassing to them. The other took away the leverage President Trump had created with Saudi Arabia through friendship to keep gas prices down in the fourth and first quarter of a new year during the 2018 Holiday season. The media being against the Trump agenda almost violently is picking their stories to fit an agenda, one that makes their advertisers happy ultimately.

Of those paid participants in this grand conspiracy are senators like Bob Corker, the forever Never Trumper who wears a Republican title next to his name, but might as well be a Democrat operative in all reality. Corker and those like him in the senate who really hate everything about Trump because the president is independent of the usual Washington controls would love to see the American economy tank if it got rid of President Trump. They wouldn’t care if gas prices were $4 per gallon, which they were under previous administrations for which Bob Corker was still a senator because the gas lobby was happy and that money flowed back into the pockets of senators through indirect means, and the Washington establishment was very happy about it. I’m only picking on Bob Corker because he has put himself at the front of the Anti-Trump Saudi conspiracy. There are reasons for his Anti-Trumper behavior and you’d understand if you know anything about the guy. He is a compromised person, years ago he made a lot of his previous money in real estate, a lot of which went bad. As of 2008 he had a net worth of around $19 million and just ten years later its at $40 to $50 million on a job that only pays $174,000 per year. Math doesn’t lie even though senators often do, Republicans and Democrats.

Part Two: The Corruption of Bob Corker

I say all this because you have to know the game that is being played, not the one that the media is showing. The hatred of Trump isn’t because of the death of a Washington Post reporter, it’s because the economy is too good, and that Saudi Arabia has lost their leverage. By looking the other way on the Khashoggi death Saudi Arabia has to be very thankful to Trump, and gas prices are showing it, and will get even better as we get into the 2019 vacation months. After all, the Seth Rich death was overlooked, so why not Khashoggi? I mean if all deaths are equal, everyone should care about them no matter who they are. But the Khashoggi death is only out of a need to control the optics so that the gas lobby can attempt to regain control of the world market. But Trump didn’t fall for it and I’m happy because for $20, I was able to fill up my whole tank at the gas pump. And that is what really matters.

Rich Hoffman

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The Death of Globalism: Climate activists and their great hoax are losing as Paris clearly shows

If you went to a baseball game to get to know a “globalist” better, especially a wealthy activist like George Soros, Barack Obama, or even George W. Bush what you would discover is that they are only people doing what they think is right. They wouldn’t come across as the vile, evil people that they really are because they think they are doing the right things as a collective society focused on collective attributes. They think that the way to end all wars is to take away all the things that people fight for, national borders, wealth acquisition, and innovation. They don’t care about all the good things that come from conflict which has advanced civilization, like aviation, radar technology and even medical practices because as progressives they are actually regressive who wish to step back in time and worship the collective deity of mother nature because in their youths they listened to old Beatles songs about coming together and that India had all the spiritual answers so our tasks in life were to divorce ourselves of our individuality and accept that we are all the light not the bulb. So we should endeavor to remove personal identities, possessions such as wives and families and private properties with fences around them and become citizens of the world and when we die, to assimilate into the great unknown where we become united with the same collective consciousness that moves the streams on earth and fills them with fish, or makes an eagle fly from tree to tree because we are all part of each other, and we need to learn to accept it. Yet, they are all wrong, and always have been.

Those globalist minded activists that have been running things for a long time, because they sold themselves in sheep’s clothing trying to hide the wolf within, are losing their influence. In 2016 things changed dramatically for them when a majority of the nation ignored all the traditional factors of election winning and voted to put Donald Trump in the White House. The guy was smart, self-made and wealthy so he could fight the fight that it would take because most of us have jobs and have to go along to get along to pay our bills, our mortgages and interact with people we have to make livings with who don’t always share our values. And with Donald Trump, he was an old man at the end of his life and had nothing to lose, so he could literally afford to piss off all the right people to do some great things for the country he loves while he still could. The globalists had manipulated the election process over the years to prevent just those types of circumstances from occurring all in one person, yet like a single sperm penetrating the egg of a human female against all odds of birth, a new movement was conceived, global populism and a reverence for the nationalism of their domestic countries. And now the world has evolved under great turmoil to a truly terrifying place for the average progressive.

People in Paris should have known that if they allowed their socialist country of France to adopt open socialism—or any socialism for that matter that the money would run out. For the last two weeks thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in the tourist part of town over high gas prices for which President Macron has promised to enforce to support the efforts of the mythical climate change that the globalists keep talking about. Everyone knows that the way to unite any opposition is to find some common flag that everyone can rally behind so globalists have been trying to use this climate change issue as that flag which was meant to transcend the concern of nations and their borders, and put people’s minds onto the fictional premise of deity worship in regards to mother earth. But now people have seen in President Trump that populism of a conservative nature is working and in sectors all across Europe there are challenges to the old order and even in the poor and broken hell hole of Tijuana, Mexico the mayor there is trying to become his own version of Donald Trump. People have seen that they have options to what the globalists have been offering and they are turning away from them first in spirit but now in elections.

But what about the 1,656 page climate change report by over 13 federal agencies called the National Climate Assessment report issued every four years by congress and is blaming every forest fire, flood and hurricane on climate change assuming that the earth never had these things happening until humans developed technology? What are we supposed to do with reports like that from supposedly respected institutions? After all, it is reports like that which has encouraged President Macron to raise taxes on French fuel costs artificially to pay for all their socialism. People are supposed to care about killing their planet and change their behavior domestically, not to hit the streets vandalizing popular tourist centers.

It is easy to become convinced that these globalists are winning because even in the United States socialism has now openly taken over the Democrat Party and they promise to make life hell for President Trump with countless congressional investigations underlined with a genuine hatred for all aspects of American capitalism except when they want to sip a latté at Starbucks. People like George Soros and even the Koch Brothers thought they had this whole globalism thing in the bag and the world was on an irreversible path, but Trump has beat them and taken away the fuel of their movement, and coming in 2019 the new sentiment of nationalism is destroying the cultural attempt at globalism. China is losing in the trade war in a major way against the United States. Russia isn’t even a consideration, notice how they have had to quit down in Ukraine and other places around the world? Korea is uniting and talking. Iran has been decimated and can barely feed themselves let alone sponsor terror around the Middle East. Mexico is actually defending the American border because they are terrified that Trump will close that border and destroy their tourist industry wrecking any aspects of a legitimate economy that they have left.

All through the Holiday season the global minded who run all the big networks these days, are trying to focus on the bad stock market numbers as a blame game on the Trump administration. But it is the uneasiness around the world that is causing that, the Democrats running the House of Representatives and destabilizing the markets, the tech stocks being caught data collecting for the ominous purpose of government conspiracy and losing the confidence of their consumers and a Federal Reserve that has been looking to play their part in the conspiracy by raising interest rates too early to slow down the steam and give globalists a few more tries at the plate before everything really takes off. But the writing is already on the wall. It’s too late. Now that people have tasted the freedom of Trump’s populism and seen the renewed benefits of nationalism, the trajectory of success is self-evident. And in truth, the world is turning to Trump for their answers, which is a great thing. And the globalists have lost in a big way, and for those who stand against them, thankfully so. It’s about time.

Rich Hoffman

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The Real Killers of Jamal Khashoggi: The context of honesty regarding Trump’s defense of Saudi Arabia–never forget Seth Rich

Now we are seeing the evidence of how things became so screwed up before the Donald Trump presidency. As Black Friday dawned across the American continent and gas prices were down on average by .25 cents per gallon the issue of morality came up regarding public relations between our White House and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s direct relationship with the Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. For some reason we were all supposed to be worried that the Prince put the hit out on the reporter and cut up his body in an embassy in Istanbul. The reporter himself was a friend of Osama Bin Laden saying of him, “I collapsed crying a while ago, heartbroken for you Abu Abdullah”, using Bin Laden’s nickname. “You were beautiful and brave in those beautiful days in Afghanistan, before you surrendered to hatred and passion. Khashoggi to put it simply in a very complex story was a liberal progressive on the world stage and had the sympathetic ear of all liberals trying to advance the world in a direction it didn’t want to go. Like most liberals they tried to use peer pressure applied through the media to destroy the lives of people whereas the Crown Prince still used old world tactics like death and torture to maintain power. So in such a world of vast immorality, How can any value be determined? Essentially in the power of the United States economy. That is where morality resides.

The reports are that it took seven minutes to die as assassins had injected the reporter with a numbing agent to alleviate the pain and stop the screaming. The hit squad listened to music on their head phones as they started cutting up the body, while still alive. They removed the body parts piece by piece and destroyed the evidence, just as Democrats had with their email evidence was well as our own F.B.I. in their attempts to have a coup against the incoming President Trump before he took power., and once the killing occurred, everyone went about their business. Turkey was outraged that the United States wouldn’t take action against Saudi Arabia who tried to dredge up the memory that it was Saudi Arabia who had backed the attacks of 9/11. But what they failed to mention was that it was the Jamal Khashoggi faction that supported the terrorism as he was a supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood. You might remember those guys who had personal invites to visit President Obama in the White House often from 2008 to 2015. It’s not a conspiracy theory or a “whisper campaign” to discredit the radical Khashoggi, but rather a fact. Ultimately in the war of power alignments in the Middle East with Israel in the middle of it all and Saudi Arabia to stand in direct conflict with Iran and Syria the urgings of the progressives are that all that should come to an end just because one of their own was killed in the conflict.

But there are other ways of destroying people, not just in cutting them up into little pieces and getting rid of the body so nobody will ever really no the gruesome details. Liberals in America literally did everything they could to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh prior to being confirmed on the Supreme Court. Liberals try desperately to destroy the careers of anybody who stands against them in the press, such an example would be the best-selling author Bill O’Reilly, formally on Fox News. They had no problem trying to use a phony sex scandal to destroy everything O’Reilly stood for, the media was so vicious that they didn’t care if he ever showed his face in public again. Did they physically kill O’Reilly, no, but that’s not how people destroy other people in civilized nations. In the Middle East, they still kill people literally. In the West, enemies of others try to kill the social footprint a person has in the world using democratic peer pressure to do the messy part of the work. We are talking about a double standard such as how the media did not hold Sherrod Brown from Ohio who had a history of domestic violence but ignored it so that the senator could defend his seat from the challenger Jim Renacci. Liberals don’t care about Khashoggi or moral clarity, they only care that they lost a voice in their attempts at global progressive crusades. They care about how they can change the world and gain power using ever manipulative tactics to do so. But nothing more.

And the people from the so-called conservative branch of things within the GOP such as Bob Corker and Bill Kristol, all Never-Trumpers who are raw displays of who various factions of the political right and left are still enemies of the President and the people who elected him, much the way the conflict between the Crown Prince and Khashoggi were. In Saudi Arabia they kill each other, in America we fight it out in the press. Is that better than killing a person, arguably it’s still aggression and conflict. Kristol isn’t going to be killed by Trump but the conflict is just as real between them. Enemies of the President would love to trap him into making enemies with Saudi Arabia so that by 2020 the American economy would be a wreck and people would blame Trump for the high gas prices and further instability in the Middle East. Why should Trump change all that over some progressive reporter who was against him too? Where is the incentive?

And Senator Menendez who just won reelection in New Jersey, by a little bit, is crying for morality over the Khashoggi murder too. Menendez the federal corruption charges guy who had all kinds of trouble in 2018 after a judge declared a mistrial barely saving him from serious jail time is on the lecture trail promoting action against Saudi Arabia. This is the same person who has an “F” with the NRA and anywhere else in the country besides liberal New Jersey wouldn’t be able to be elected on a one-person ticket suddenly has international credibility because he has come out against Trump’s support of Saudi Arabia. These are the kind of people who are standing against President Trump—these people aren’t any different from the assassins who chopped up Jamal Khashoggi. The only real difference is that they aren’t as literal in their villainy. But the are all villains attempting to change the world to their own version of it.

The only real morality of all these scandalous characters, and Trump clearly understands it, is the American economy. By siding with the Saudis in the world it gives him negotiating leverage for all future deals but more than anything it keeps gas prices down through the critical Holiday season. One bad move with the economy and all that positive GDP growth that the United States is experiencing could turn negative, and that is really what the liberal press and RINO conservatives like Corker and Kristol are after. Nobody ever cared about Jamal Khashoggi being cut up into little pieces, only that they in the media didn’t want the same thing to happen to them. But they will use anything to attempt to bring down President Trump, even if they can trap him into making an error in moral judgment that would destroy the American economy. And that military equipment that the United States is selling to Saudi Arabia, that is worth so much money, it means more than just jobs to Americans who make it, it’s all about having a friend in the Middle East that can stand against Iran and protect Israel. That is really what the liberal press is after, they want America out of the complicated Middle East so that progressivism can be ushered in on the backs of Islamic radicalism. And for that they will kill anybody literally or metaphorically. The American economy is the bright light that saves so many lives around the world, and without that light many more people die and are plundered out of existence by radical progressives and even members of America’s own intelligence agencies who still hope and pray for a one world order. The assassins cutting up Khashoggi were probably much more morally fit than the typical liberal operative, like James Comey, Hillary Clinton or even Peter Strzok. At least the assassins were conscious enough to listen to something pleasant while they did the dirty work. American liberals in many cases are much, much, much more brutal and uncaring. They can do the deed and lie to our faces without having to listen to any music, and that makes them very dangerous.

Just remember something, Seth Rich……………………………………The New York Times certainly didn’t do a big investigation on that murder directly attached to the DNC.  Hmm, and I don’t recall Saudi Arabia forcing a resolution on that murder.  So why Jamal Khashoggi?  Well, watch all these videos and use the questions that come from them be your guide to reality.  And when the question comes up about law enforcement covering up evidence to help create a political story, never forget what the F.B.I. did for Hillary Clinton.

Ultimately, this is why I support Julian Assange at Wikileaks.  I’ve been to the embassy there and I think the Trump administrating should stand with him as the world closes in to remove his journalism from the reporting of global news.  I personally don’t trust the media and their ties to governments.  This is just one case that shows the dangers.  I stand with Julian Assange!  That’s me in the picture at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange lives.  I consider it one of the few places in the world where real freedom of the press exists. 

Rich Hoffman

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How the Kardasian’s Saved Their $20 Million Mansion from the Wildfires: Decentralization of all services is the trend of the future

I don’t know much about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Celebrity gossip and trivial nonsense is a massive waste of time and I contribute nothing to that enterprise. I did recently learn that I liked Kanye West because he has emerged over the last few years as a Trump supporter. Other than that, I know they are celebrities and they make their mark in the world on social media. They are of course rich because they serve a role in society of making regular people occupied with foolish behavior so they won’t truly look at the world as Democrats attempt to steal even more counties in California for the House of Representatives, flipping those previously conservative seats. While crimes occurred people marvel at the Kardashian sisters and their beauty and controversy and forget about the low bar nature of their personal lives, which seems to be the only goal of magazines like “People” and other tabloid acts. But I did hear something interesting involving Kim Kardashian and her husband, that they avoided having their $20 million dollar mansion destroyed by the California wildfires in Hidden Valley by employing and maintaining their own fire department. Honestly, I had never heard of this but learned that out of all fire departments in existence a small single digit percentage of them are privately employed. But any would be something I’d consider an extraordinary revelation.

I have been a tremendous critic of public employee tax payer funded centralized organizations culminating with the Senate Bill 5 that Sharon Jones and John Kasich tried to get passed back in 2012. I went all in even though it was dangerous supposedly to piss off your local fire department, police and teachers who were all targeted in that bill to break up the collective bargaining agreements they have as public employees to suck off all our tax money in extraordinary ways without any real management to control the out of control costs. When their obvious banter came back to me that only they had the courage to run into a fire or toward danger while I slept well at night my response was to call bullshit. If I see danger I run to it every time. I love danger, actually I’m obsessed with danger—I go looking for it ever waking hour of my life, so what they were saying to me just didn’t stick. They were doing what they always do as public employees, they tried to use sentiment and a natural fear of danger to asset that we should pay them infinite amounts of money for their public service. Then we are supposed to worship them in every parade and memorial ceremony. And if you feel differently they really develop a bad relationship with you, almost like they’d love to teach you a lesson for daring to challenge their role in society.

I’ve had the same fallout with teachers. When I questioned their ridiculous budgets at my home district of Lakota I had some of those union activists approach me and declare that I couldn’t teach their classes because the effort was too hard. My response to them was that I’d be happy to take them up on that challenge. In fact, I took it even higher, I volunteered to teach four classes all by myself to prove my point, which nobody took me up on. I was quite serious about my proposal. I’m not one of those people who will say, teaching kids in a class is too hard, or that charging a gunman as a police officer is either. And in fighting fires, I think it would be fun to save people and put out fires. I wouldn’t think of it as work, more as a human obligation. So I’m not one who thinks there is great value in those occupations. I think there is value in the tasks, but as large labor unions attached to tax payer money, I think there are better ways to do it.

I’ve often said about teachers that the decentralization of information these days has made them pretty irrelevant. Once children learn to read, write and do math, the public education system pretty much just drags out their baby-sitting service for the next ten years mostly ruining the ambitions of young minds in the process. And police have their role, but more guns in the hands of responsible people is the real answer to crime and punishment. But I never really considered fire fighting as an option to decentralization. I can say that when I’ve been in situations to put out a fire, I’ve always done it myself. And some of them were quite big. I’m not a call the fire department and stand outside and wait kind of guy. I never have been and I never will be. But they do have good equipment and expertise in basic medical care that saves lives, so I have sympathy for their efforts as first responders. They fix a lot of cut up people and people who suffer heart attacks and that can be a tough job to show up at a site and have people always in a state between life and death. But do these people have to work for an international labor union and do they have to be centralized in a community?

So we’ve heard so much about the California wildfires, and how they are destroying so much property. We’ve heard they were caused by global warming and other gods of disaster by liberals who still think that rain dancing and wearing the severed head of an animal as a mask is a viable option to solving problems of drought. And we watch on the news as constrained resources fight these massive fires that just spawn out of control. But then we learn that the Kardasians had their own fire department who built a fire break around their property and kept the fires from destroying their home. Why does a constrained resource have to be so, why can’t such services be decentralized so that quick action can be taken when danger arises? If you can afford it, why limit yourself to a constrained, publicly funded service? Seems kind of dumb to me and obviously most of the wealthy people who lost their homes in places like Malibu could have done the same. Instead, like a bunch of idiots they evacuated and let the professionals do the work of letting everything burn down because they were trying to fight fires everywhere at once and doing very little to actually solve the problem.

This Kardashian example is just another glimpse into the correct future, where public utilities are decentralized, where every home generates its own power, where every home can get anywhere in the world from their driveway, where even food is brought to your door without the added complexity of having to waste time going out and getting it. Already information has been decentralized in our relatively new phones which are essentially not just communication devices with anybody in the world any time of day, but are vast libraries of information and surveillance right in the palm of your hand. I often think of my iPhone as being as powerful as a typical television station was as I grew up. That is also the trend for all these public services. If you have the money, why not have your own fire fighting department to protect your property? It makes sense to me.

But that of course isn’t the message liberals want people to hear. They want more centralized authority and they use these positions, police, fire departments and teachers to make their arguments for more government that they control. But if they were so effective, California wouldn’t burn to the ground the way it has. Most of that damage was quite avoidable and the Kardasians proved it. While the fires were hard to put out, their path can be diverted out and away from valuable property. But because their efforts were too centralized, places like Malibu just burnt to the ground leaving a bunch of celebrities to stand crying in the streets and reminding America why more centralized authority was needed in all fields of endeavor. That is until the Kardasians showed that the whole thing really has been a ruse to sell more socialism from the beginning and that is a very important observation to consider.

Rich Hoffman

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The Media and Me: Why all the hate?

I generally am not a vindictive person, I let people do what they want and think what they will so long as they don’t try to impede on my life. Generally. And this is certainly true of the media. About ten years ago I was friendly with most of the media in both Cincinnati and Dayton and I did a lot of radio on WLW and was on television quite often. Back then also I was going to film festivals and doing some work in Hollywood because at the time I still thought I might end up doing work in the entertainment industry. I was always a conservative and everyone knew it, but there wasn’t a need to be contentious and fight about everything. After all, these were the days of a soft George Bush presidency and the early years of Obama, so the political left largely propped up and controlled by our media culture felt comfortable, and even entitled. So a guy like me wasn’t a threat to them. Newspapers would quote me often, television news outlets would seek my opinion and I’d write occasional pieces for national magazines and everyone was happy—except for me. One thing I never liked about that system was that I had a lot more to say about everything and editors and producers would never give me enough time to put together a complete story on a given topic. So in 2010 I decided to become my own publisher so to speak and start this blog, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I never meant for it to become an endeavor of consternation, but what I have found out over the eight years since is that all media outlets hate it, and therefore don’t like me as a result.

I especially heard about how much the media doesn’t like me during this 2018 election. I’d get reports from people who associate with the press and elements close to the press who actively want to discredit everything I do, as if they were the gatekeepers of knowledge. But in reality, I write about so many things in so much detail that essentially nobody can keep up and that is the root of their anxiety. Media types are like any other worker out there, they are held to very confined standards and are certainly not free to write what they want. In the beginning I never thought of this as being a problem, but after talking to a Cincinnati Enquire reporter way back in 2011 just a year into it I realized just how jealous they were over my blog. It didn’t make much sense to me because anybody could start a blog, even them. Blog sites were free, anybody in the world could do one, so I didn’t consider what I was doing to be a threat to anybody. Just supplemental material. People would read what I’d say in newspapers and on the radio and they’d come to the blog to get more information. Since in media they don’t give you unlimited time to make your point, but just skim the highlights of any given topic.

And that is where the problems started and ended, the media never wants to solve a problem, they are perpetually the old Don Henley song “Dirty Laundry” where they need chaos, panic, and mayhem to generate the ratings they feel they need to survive, and my blog offered more than that to readers. As a writer I don’t think anybody in the United States or Europe can touch me for content and volume. I can write about more topics in quantities that often rival published books than anybody else, and that makes Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom very unique in any published venue. I didn’t set out to do that on purpose, I just let my natural inclinations take me where I felt things needed to go and I turned loose the ideas. If I want to publish articles about a reptile civilization that controls global politics and to deal with the pros and cons of that conspiracy theory, I do it and people enjoy the material. Or if we want to get into the weeds of actual political occurrences, we can do that too. Information and ideas are never bad, yet the media culture that we have had only want the headlines, never the substance. They never want a solution, only to ask the questions to provoke emotional results.

It is for that reason that I stepped gradually away from most of my media contacts. This blog did it for me. All I ever wanted to do was communicate ideas that were interesting to people who might enjoy exploring those concepts. Whether one person likes the topic or thousands really doesn’t make a difference to me. But that is also why reporters generally do not like my blog site, because it contains in it a freedom they simply don’t have. I love to read and write and I contribute to my blog in the old-fashioned way that any writer would, out of love and passion for the topics. But I would say that my efforts are similar to personalities from the past like Benjamin Franklin who did lots of things in his life, including being a publisher. I do other things in my life for money, so I have no reason to sell my published works. And that makes what I do vastly different from what all other media do and there resides the rub.

It was bound to happen sooner or later; the old modes of media would have to give way to the new. And within the new, if some publisher such as myself might come along and provide vast amounts of content out of the passion of doing it as opposed to prostituting it out like most media personalities must, then so be it. I have written millions and millions of words on a vast array of subjects but to me they all connect in very precise ways. Yet to the traditional media that can’t keep up with someone like me jealousy is their dominate emotion and that kind of thing came out dramatically on several fronts after the election of 2018. Feedback I received was nothing short of hate—that publishers like me are “ruining” the world. Well, I would ask, “from whom.” The world as we have all known it is going away, and I’m happy to see it leave. I never liked it to begin with. The age of Trump has been propelled by many people like me, but in the sheer effort of content offerings even though I am heavily restricted by Facebook, Google and Twitter, and have been for many years, the work still gets out to the people I intend for it to. If not a mass audience, a very targeted audience of people who are thinking people who are very smart. Popular mass media just have no control over this new age and they hate it. Information has been decentralized and that is a reality for the future. They could have embraced it, but they didn’t. Instead the have decided they hate me, which is their prerogative. But in the end it’s no skin off my back. I don’t need them, but they do need people like me and it was they who alienated themselves. The world will march on without them in it, and that is purely their choice to make.

Rich Hoffman

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Why We are Lucky to be Able to Vote for George Lang: Issue 1, and the pro-crime Democrats


There are a number of reasons to vote for George Lang to keep the 52nd House seat that he currently holds in Columbus, Ohio. One of the most obvious is that George has an ambition to make Ohio one of the most business friendly states in the United States which says a lot considering some of the states in America and their relationships with business. George understands that economies are not grown from the middle out, but from the top down. The “middle class” that liberals are always talking about is created by jobs. Without jobs there isn’t anything for a middle class to do. I don’t even like the term “middle class” because it assumes that some people are under other people and that just isn’t the way humans think generally, but in politics it’s an established term that Democrats use to describe people they want to rule over. George Lang is one of the few people I know who truly understands this relationship between people and business, and he is ambitious to allow business development to improve the lives of everyone around them. If it was only for George Lang’s pro-business stance, he would be the best person that you could hope to vote for anywhere in the country on November 6th 2018. I like a lot of people who are up for election this year, but nobody as much as George Lang. However, what really makes George special is his positions on firearm ownership, particularly Ohio’s need to have a stand your ground law.

Currently the way Ohio’s laws of confrontation are written they favor a duty to retreat in hostile situations which greatly favors the ambitions of the malicious. If the intentions of Ohio’s Issue 1 are added under the potential of the Democrat running for governor against Mike DeWine this is very dangerous for individual liberty for all Ohioans. Democrats under Issue 1 want to empty prisons and put criminals back on the streets, and obviously that will lead to more crime for which the people being threatened have a “duty to retreat.” That makes absolutely no sense, but as Ohio law is written now, and under the empowerment of liberalism, from RINO Republicans like John Kasich and extreme liberals like Sherrod Brown Democrats are poised to really make Ohio a dangerous place, due to the intent behind the legislation they support. Like their poor economic theories of growth from the inside out which is completely foolish, Democrats believe that people can and should be reformed instead of separated from those who aspire toward value. The only way to make that relationship work is to bring down the value of everyone so that the criminal and social lunatics can have a seat at the table of society. Issue 1 assumes that the prison represents a value judgment for which Democrats resent, that criminals are a lower class of people as judged by other people. This is the same reason there are liberal “duty to retreat laws.” If you really get down to what a typical Democrat believes about guns and the potential of gun violence it is that using a gun to protect yourself or your property is reprehensible because it denies the desires of other people to share in what you have should they desire it. That is why essentially all Democrats are pro crime candidates, because they desire shared assets in society as opposed to protection of individual rights—in every circumstance.

People who look at my Instagram page, and my many other social media platforms might refer to me as a gun nut, which I am a long way from being. If the news did cover me in a story, they would say that I have an obsession with guns, which from their perspective is a very dirty thing. But truly I see guns as a huge philosophic achievement in the context of human existence. Their invention and implementation on a personal basis have advanced society in tremendous ways and is the essential foundation to everything concerning law and order. Without personal ownership of firearms, America would not be the great country that it is. If you really peel back the layers of American society into what makes it great, it is personal gun ownership. Everything else trickles off that essential foundation, just like the basic economic theories of a pro-growth GDP, from the top down, guns ensure that laws are followed, and that laws are intended to protect personal property—not the property of the state, but the property of the individual.

When we talk about our nation being more divided than ever this is essentially what we are experiencing, the idea of state property and individual property. Democrats want the state to control all property and to issue out fairness whereas Republicans believe in the protection of individual property. That leaves the ambitious to outwork the lazy and some people ultimately own more property than others. Some who don’t want to work for their ownership of property rationalize that as criminals they can steal from others, which deep in their hearts is a very Democrat way of thinking, which is why Issue 1 is supported by extreme liberals like Richard Cordray and why Ohio generally has laws of confrontation that favor a “duty to retreat.”

That is why George Lang is such a great Ohio representative. He understands this basic philosophical premise which most people don’t. He’s not afraid to go into a gun store like the great one in Liberty Township, Ohio–Right 2 Arms (I buy most of my guns from them) and give a statement about his support of “stand your ground laws” which means that gun owners do not have an obligation to retreat in a conflict. It is at the point of implementation the best way to deal with criminal behavior and when criminals are contained, business owners are hungry to expand economic activity. One goes hand in hand with the other. It is not a coincidence that America has more guns in it than people. And it also has the greatest economy in the world with no country even coming in a close second—especially not communist China. When I promote guns in my social media it is not to show a love of power and the ability to inflict death, it is in support of the tool which makes economic expansion happen. Without the gun there would be no order in American society. In places around the world where guns are illegal in every case social behavior is greatly scaled back and the loss of ambition which naturally cascades off that mental aptitude destroys free enterprise and the hope of acquiring wealth through economic expansion and the entire country suffers. I’m thinking of England as I write this.

George Lang understands this complex relationship between personal firearms and business expansion, and as a state representative he will support both. If Ohio can manage to get a real Republican governor there is a real chance at getting “stand your ground laws” implemented in the near future. When gun owners and concealed carry holders do not have an obligation to retreat, criminals lose a great deal of their power and in Ohio, a state that actually is considering Issue 1 where criminals can be released from jail and thrown back into society to fulfil the insanity of Democrat thinking, the basic foundations of gun ownership are all that keep a pro-growth state economy a possibility for the future. That is one of the main reasons that George Lang is one of the best Republicans in the country that anybody could vote for and if you are in the 52nd House District on election day, you are very lucky indeed to have the ability to vote for him.

Rich Hoffman

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