The Trump Strategy: Changing the way politics is conducted forever

It was different this last time, when President Trump visited the Warren County Fairgrounds to deliver a speech in favor of several GOP candidates that were on the ballot for November 2018’s midterms. I’ve seen Trump in person a few times since he had been elected president in 2016 but this campaign rally at the very unusual building on the fairgrounds site provided an almost cinematic appeal as if some Hollywood production designer had brought all these strange elements together for the benefit of the story than just happenstance. It was a Friday night in the historic town of Lebanon, Ohio and it was lightly raining, with a snow mix falling with the raindrops and President Trump was stoking the minds of thousands of people who had packed into every available spot to listen to him give essentially the same speech over and over again. But nobody cared, they were happy to be there and didn’t seem to ever want the event to end. For this particular venue I had a really fantastic seat, one just outside the television cameras and on a high perch so I could see everything that was going on. I could even see the president arrive and leave from behind the show’s façade and for me it was perfect because it facilitated my high thoughts on the matter with great conductivity.

In the short run the threat was real, Republican voters needed to hit the voting booths and support the candidates that Trump was speaking for. But from my perspective a lot had changed since the last rally I attended at U.S. Bank Arena in October of 2016 and this one in Lebanon in October of 2018. For the first time in my lifetime Republicans had a good, positive brand and they had a President who could sell it. Trump has actually changed the way campaigns work—he has changed the rules of the game itself into something that Democrats will not be able to follow. They don’t have the energy or the message leaving Trump in command of the political process for what will turn out to be the first half of the 21st Century.

I think it’s quite amazing that Donald Trump is willing to attend so many rallies across the country in order to build a team that he can work with in 2019 on the legislative side. He’s almost acting like a college coach recruiting star athletes for a football team. The tireless work he has been willing to put into the effort is truly stunning for anybody. And that effort showed in the event organization and even the crowd. There was a lot to complain about. During the speech some people actually passed out and needed medical help. But the show went on as the medical staff gathered up the sick and took them away to be cared for. And nobody complained. The Secret Service didn’t overact. The crowd wasn’t overly dramatic, and Trump never even paused. The show just went on and everyone was focused on the success of the evening.

There is no way for the two sides of politics, the liberal view and the conservative view to work out differences between each other for a sustainable republic. The two sides are not equal, they do not have shared values to build a foundation of friendship from. In the Republican Party that has been the problem from the beginning, if there were any compromises that had to be made it was always from the Republicans because they were always the only side functioning from value to barter with. Liberals were all for the abandonment of values, so they never gave anything up and that left Republican supporters always feeling shortchanged. But now there some wins under Trump’s belt and there was more to this rally because the foundations of success were there to talk about, as opposed to just a bunch of theories from two years prior. Now there was a track record and the obvious view of many more things that could be accomplished. And the Democrats had nothing to offer but complaints and emotional desires to be considered equally important. Trump’s Republican Party was willing to stick its head up out of the ground and to actually emerge into the light of day unafraid and be pace setters and that is something you don’t see every day.

Yet the show itself was very slick, the volunteers were enthusiastic and the base of support was willing to do their part and show up at each of these rallies a whole day before just to get a good place in line. While people waited volunteers handed out swag to the audience all of it well-managed and constructed. The sheer logistics to pull off one of these shows by the support staff is quite staggering. What was involved for just the Lebanon event was enough to impress, but the very next night Trump was in Richmond, Kentucky doing nearly the same thing with a lightly modified speech. Trump had done several rallies during that week in different parts of the country all of them just as complex and with similar people willing to brave the elements and waiting times to attend. In the case of Lebanon, I noticed later that the local media markets were very happy with the Trump visit, they gave him great coverage for at least two days before and after. Trump’s changes to campaigning gave local media the two things they always wanted, so the coverage turned out to be fair and positive. First were the traffic shutdowns, the news loves to talk about traffic jams and the President’s motorcade shut down traffic during rush hour all the way from downtown Cincinnati to Lebanon, Ohio over 30 miles to the north. Then the second things were the feel-good stories about how the positive rallies made people feel to be near a sitting president. I could see a brilliance in Trump’s strategy that was always there for anybody to attempt, but now Trump has made it a Republican method.

And that brought the whole thing to a kind of grand fortissimo, the difference between Republicans and Democrats fundamentally. Democrats were essentially seeking to ride the Vico cycle into the future, the endless cycle of human endeavor going from theocracy, to aristocracy, to democracy then to anarchy only to return over and over again to the beginning. Republicans however are the opposite, they are about human pro-growth and continued expansion into the future. Democrats are the hippies of Woodstock while the Republicans are the scientists trying to expand mankind’s reach to the moon. The vision from each party is not conducive and are at odds with each other and a choice has to be made. We can’t have it both ways. For me personally, I’ve always been a pro-growth guy. It makes me very sad to think that all the work we’ve done through art, literature and engineering would be tossed away only to dig at the ground like a pathetic primitive and not understand the complexities of the universe. But until Trump, Republicans didn’t know how to sell a pro-growth agenda, so the plight of the primitives dominated politics leaving Republicans to chase after. But now those roles have been reversed and it looks like a great opportunity is unfolding in front of us, and at the center of it is the remarkable Manhattan builder himself who has a pro-growth message that people can finally relate to. And the effect is obvious, and lasting. It’s a very exciting time indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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Jeff Bezos and His $15 An Hour Minimum Wage at Amazon: American workers have Donald J. Trump to thank and nobody else

Before anybody takes credit for Jeff Bezos of Amazon starting the initiative to pay all his employees a minimum of $15 per hour, we have to get a few things straight. It must be remembered that all this time, through all the Obama years, and the Bush years Jeff Bezos as the new richest man in the world thought he had the economy figured out. Nobody in their right mind—except for maybe me—thought that the American economy would ever see more than 4% GDP growth again. Those same people never thought unemployment would dip down to 3% in America either—because the manufacturing jobs had left the continent forever. That meant that if you had a job in the United States, that you should feel lucky that your employer paid you whatever they could. Bezos the big liberal thought he could use that situation to his advantage and hold his wages down to build his company into one of the most successful in the entire world—which he did. But like a typical Scooby Doo villain from that classic Hanna Barbera cartoon, Bezos found himself thwarted by the election of Donald Trump. Trump from the perspective of liberals who wanted to hold down the American economy and push business overseas to impoverished regions, like China and Africa, was going to make America great again, and that meant the economy was coming back and that jobs were going to bloom like flowers on a spring in the Midwest, and that places like Amazon were suddenly going to have to fight to keep their workforces intact if they wanted to maintain their global market dominance as a retail supplier.

Bernie Sanders and his Seattle socialists may want to credit themselves for putting pressure on Amazon to change their ways and move their minimum wage to the $15 an hour that has been demanded by those left leaning radicals. Tucker Carlson from Fox News has done much the same ironically, but it wasn’t any of those groups that pushed Bezos into the abyss, it was market competition. It’s what Donald Trump had been saying all through the campaign of 2016 when he said he wanted to be the greatest jobs president in the history of the world, this is what he meant. By lowering the unemployment rate it forces competition between companies for the best workers, and Amazon looked at how things were shaping up and he didn’t want to put his company at risk with high turnover from a strong American market, so he had to compromise. That is why he decided to make the move he did. It was because of President Trump. The number of $15 an hour is simply to try to appease the socialists who have been screaming for that wage level for a long time. Bezos probably figures that it will give him a competitive advantage over other employers for a while to set such a high minimum wage.

But don’t think for a second that Bezos had been rooting for Donald Trump to be successful, in fact the Amazon leader has been doing everything he could to destroy the Trump presidency before something like this very strong economy became a fact. Like many big corporations who long ago accepted the Bush-era New World Order where the United Nations would take over the management of human affairs, they put their bets in that corner and all their company assets then here comes Donald Trump talking about undoing it all. So of course, they got caught flat-footed after his election, and of course they wanted to defend themselves. But then again, they never should have bet against America in the first place. They had not just bet a few horses on the great race of politics, but they had bet the whole family farm and now they have to find a way to survive as Trump’s economy is poised to be the worlds most powerful for the foreseeable future.

I keep hearing about how patient the Chinese are and how superior they are to American strategies. Well, if they are so good, why do they have to steal all our intellectual material to attempt to compete? The truth is that the Chinese are not so great, they are a communist country filled with people who have individually been crushed. They are a society that has lost their individual imaginations and surrendered them to a collective consciousness. That makes them great workers, but not so great in the realm of thinking. So as a country they can only thrive if the rest of the world is artificially held down, as they had been during the last three American presidents, until Trump put a stop to the practice. Now that the big tech companies like Apple have to deal with jobs coming back to America—which was not on any consultant’s list of objectives in the near future, the strategy of everything has to change and workers can thank Donald J. Trump for that, and the people who have supported him. I can say that I knew all along what would happen if an American president had created an “America First” policy. But nobody was listening, so I put my support early on behind Donald Trump for this very reason, that by strengthening the economy all other troubles would suddenly be manageable around the world.

When a big, giant company like Amazon has to make concessions to keep their employees, especially when Bezos fought so hard to eliminate that competition by backing policies that would help destroy the American economy for a more global view, you can then know that America as a superpower has a new day to enjoy. But this time there aren’t any other superpowers to compete with because virtually every other country in the world has invested into this global scheme which suddenly has no value. It is a fascinating problem to observe. But nobody deserves credit for what Bezos has done but Donald Trump. Trump has won and fulfilled his promises and the average American worker is seeing the direct benefits, not just from the tax cuts, but in wage growth.

When people say that the tax cuts were for the rich, this is how they were wrong. Tax cuts for corporations and the upper crust wealthy has kept them in America. By staying in America, they now have to compete with all other industries for the same jobs. That means the average worker can demand more income as a result, it’s the basic law of supply and demand. Business owners were able to absorb those additional costs because of the tax cuts. Do you see now the magic dear reader? It’s basic economics 101—the kind of stuff you get in the first week of your first year of college economics. Yet nobody was following the rules but the billionaire from Queens, New York. He knew the obvious and was bold enough to stick to the formula and now the benefits are there for everyone to enjoy, except for the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. In the end if you can’t beat them, you join them, and that is how Trump is uniting the world—by being the best and forcing even the most reluctant to join him at the party. And the people who benefit most is the American worker.

I don’t like Jeff Bezos in a political way.  But I do love him as a visionary.  Welcome to the Trump Club, Jeff!

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is a Really Great Guy: If 2nd Amendment supporters voted for him, he’d beat Sherrod Brown easily

Every time I have met Jim Renacci I have grown to like him more and more. Usually it’s the opposite effect, the more you get to know someone, the more you find that their little flaws start depreciating your opinion of them. But not Jim Renacci. He has grown on me in a very positive way and I find that when he leaves back to wherever he needs to go next that I actually want to spend more time around him. Even saying all that nice stuff I was very impressed that he came up to me at a fire pit where we were having some fabulous hamburgers fresh off the grill at Premier Shooting and Training Center to shake my hand and talk to me a bit. It was a casual event with only a few hundred people around, most of them were running for office of some kind, but because the event was a 2nd Amendment celebration Jim Renacci flew all the way out from Washington D.C. to attend. At the end of the night he flew back, so he was only around for a few hours, and part of that he came over and stood around the fire with my family enjoying a brief moment of correspondence. Just hours before he was all over Fox Business talking about the Kavanaugh hearings and he was still wearing the same suit, not having time to change. After talking to my family and a few other people he gave the short speech seen below, then went back to the airport.

I’ve known a lot of politicians and it has only been recently where I have found that I like some of them personally. The reason is that we have all emerged into this current circumstance together but doing different things to help restore our republic, so we have that in common to build relationships off of. Ten to fifteen years ago I was not into the group of politicians that were around back then. I was not a John Boehner guy or a supporter of most of the trustees and commissioners. But that has changed quite a lot over the last decade as the Tea Party movement forced an evaluation at the Central Committee level that was hard-fought and heavily debated. Then Donald Trump was elected, and that certainly created a philosophic shift that made the event at Premier Shooting uniquely special. It has also cleared the decks for Jim Renacci to run for some of these big seats as a genuinely good man as opposed to just another political hack. That is why I enjoyed talking so much to Jim Renacci. He’s just a good person.

But as Jim said about his fight with Sherrod Brown, even though Sherrod Brown has been working the state of Ohio for decades as an elected representative and is favored to win his senate seat back that Jim Renacci is challenging him for, Brown could easily lose if only the 2nd Amendment supporters of Ohio came out and voted for Renacci. You can forget about the union vote, you can forget about all the radical Democrat protestors, you can forget about all the supporters of Sherrod Brown—if just the 2nd Amendment people showed up on election day to vote for Jim Renacci he would win easily. So why not make that happen?

Jim Renacci could have easily have said of the Premier Shooting event that he had been too busy to attend. He wasn’t even in town. He had every reason in the world not to come really, but because he respects the 2nd Amendment so much, he took time out of his very busy day to fly back to Ohio and spend some time with a small crowd at a gun range. It occurred to me as he came by to see me personally that if he was willing to go through all that trouble, why in the hell wouldn’t 2nd Amendment enthusiasts be willing to go to the polls and vote on election night? Its not asking too much. If they did, Jim Renacci would easily beat Sherrod Brown and Donald Trump would have one more senator to work with on the Hill. Ironically, the same held true in every district where the races between Republicans and Democrats were tight. The difference maker could really be gun supporters who pushed candidates over the top for Trump.

In the great book on strategy, The Art of War, the basic premise is that most conflicts are won before anybody ever takes the battlefield. In many ways the only reason Sherrod Brown has won all these many times is because voter turnout is low. People are often busy with other things, so they aren’t interested in voting. But when it comes to values, Jim Renacci represents far more people in Ohio than Sherrod Brown. Democrats learned a long time ago that they best way to leverage conditions as a minority in their direction is to frustrate voters into believing that no matter what they do, elections will keep solutions out of the reach of everyday people. The focus then becomes an us versus them on every issue, such as the 2nd Amendment where we are always afraid that the liberals are going to come after our guns, so we put our defenses in the places where they desire, not where they would serve us best. But really, all we need to do as gun supporters is to put our efforts behind a candidate like Jim Renacci and the gun grabbing from the political left would be over. It really is that simple. Too simple for people to believe, but that is the situation.

As I said, Jim Renacci is just a good person, I have enjoyed getting to know him a bit and if there is any justice in this world, he will beat Sherrod Brown in the upcoming election. But given the amount of gun owners and supporters that there is in Ohio there really isn’t any reason that there should be an “if.” We have the power to make Jim Renacci’s election a “when,” with an easy win against Sherrod Brown. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters far outnumber all other activist groups. The biggest weakness is that conservatives and gun enthusiasts tend to be very individually based, they don’t march in herds like Democrats do, so that makes them harder to organize for voting purposes. But if they could only do that one little thing and show up to vote for Jim Renacci and all the other Republicans on their ticket they would not only preserve their gun rights from the radicalism of the gun grabbing left, but they could advance those rights in productive ways. And all they need to do for that to happen would be to realize that they easily outnumber their opposition, and to just take care of business at the ballot box. There is no reason to worry about gun grabbers going from door to door to take our guns when the conflict can be ended right here and now with a simple—bloodless election. The only thing holding 2nd Amendment supporters back is the knowledge that the power to win all these elections is truly in their hands. All they have to do is use it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Debate for the Ohio 52nd House Seat: Winning, losing, and the game of politics

Killing the opposition with kindness is a viable political strategy and it was used by Kathy Wyenandt when she helped get the Lakota levy of 2013 passed, which increased property taxes dramatically in Liberty and West Chester Townships in Butler County Ohio–part of what is the 52nd District for which she is now running against George Lang for that House seat. Back then I advised against it but in the three previous levy attempts for which I directly ran, the no voters won. But a large part of the business community that was with me on trying to fight high taxes wanted to get along with the people on the pro levy side for which Kathy Wyenandt had been tasked to get passed after a fourth attempt. If everyone had listened to me, the levy would have been defeated, but to Kathy’s credit, she changed the behavior of her opposition and she managed to squeak out a 1% margin of victory, which was just enough to give Lakota teachers the big pay increase they had been looking for pushing their average pay well up and over $75K per year. And she was back to that same strategy in her debate with George Lang which was held at the Miami University Learning Center at the VOA Park on Tuesday the 25th of 2018. What follows is video coverage of that debate for voters to use to make their decisions.

As I have said before, I’m a George Lang supporter. Needless to say I think George is the far better candidate for the 52nd House Seat which he currently holds. I could caution him about playing nice with Kathy Wyenandt because it only helps her. But given the way this debate went, I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Essentially the best case Wyenandt made for herself during the debate was to say “I helped pass the 2013 levy at Lakota which cost property owners a lot of money in increased taxes and I want to go to Columbus to help fix it.” When it comes to all the other issues that go on in the 52nd District she wasn’t very interested. Clearly her passion was education. But on all other matters she wasn’t up to speed. So George’s seat is not in jeopardy. He still needs to campaign and do the work because Kathy is a competitor. But she just isn’t ready for a seat like the 52nd in Columbus.

But I did find that I liked Kathy Wyenandt. She knows that her personality is one of her best assets and after speaking with her after the debate for a good bit of time it was clear to me that she wasn’t a hole in her head Democrat. She is someone I could work with and maybe when this whole thing is over maybe we can tackle that school funding issue in Columbus on behalf of all of Ohio. I recently had a nice talk with Jenni Logan the treasurer at Lakota, and at this debate had similar good talks with Linda O’Conner and Ann Becker who like Kathy all want to solve problems. With the minds involved I think it might just be possible to tackle this school funding problem utilizing George Lang’s 52nd House Seat. The elements are all there for some sharp people to finally solve that issue and I think we might be able to do that.

But as I explained to Kathy when she asked me what I thought we needed to do to solve the school funding problem I of course said what I always have, that teachers are making too much money and we need to establish a per pupil education cost that Ohio can allocate funds to before we could ever begin to solve the problem at the state level. Just like any business, sure we can pay teachers six figures if that’s what we decide but what percentage can a school have of such expensive teachers. And to what effect if any does tenure play—does it help or hurt the education process—those are the real questions. But just asking Ohio property owners for a blank check for education isn’t ever going to get the job done. There are a lot of assessments that labor unions don’t want to deal with and no politician wants to touch the issue, so that is why Ohio has an unconstitutional school funding system. That is the conditional situation. I think the way to fix it would be for non-politicians to sponsor the fix and let the politicians write the bill by tagging on later. After Kathy is done with this campaign maybe we could work something out. I’d be open to putting up a bunch of ideas on a white board like we would in any business problem and see where it takes us.

As far as politics go, and she and I talked about this too, her approach is that people are sick and tired of politics as usual, that they want civility in their public officials. I would argue no. Let me put this in a way everyone can relate to. Everyone knows I love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they were on Monday Night Football this week playing the Pittsburg Steelers. I was so mad in that game that I nearly threw my television out the front window of my house. The Bucs almost won, but not enough and it disgusted me to no end to see the Buc players shaking hands with the Steeler players after the game, because I was so angry that I wanted to see someone punching someone out, to reflect my feelings on the matter. Politics is a lot like sports in our culture, for better or worse. Trump certainly understands that. If you want to rally people to your cause you must get them aligned with primitive emotion. Playing nice only helps the underdog who can only hope to keep a close race and that voter turnout will be in their favor. To win elections however, you have to make sure voters will show up to vote for your cause, and to do that you have to get them excited in the same way they might be driven to watch a sports game like football. In the end one side wins and one side loses. Monday night Steelers fans were elated that they held their slim lead until the end of the game. Bucs fans were devastated. I almost threw my $5000 television out the window in full rage. Does this kind of thing help the political discourse and solve problems? Well, I’d argue yes, because in politics you must have fundraisers and people like to bet on winners in the great horse races. And you must have majority parties in power for the cooperation of a republic to work right. It’s nice to think that people will be voted in and vote their hearts, but so long as the political philosophies of Americans are so different, party rule will be the primary strategy of determining policy, and of picking winners and losers. Until all Americans have a unified philosophy they can all agree on, politics will be another sport that people pick a side and root for.

I finished my conversation with Kathy Wyenandt saying that she didn’t sound like a liberal, she likes seeing money-making ideas evolve, so she’s not anti-business by any measure. She explained that she was conservative about most things but socially she leaned liberal. I find that’s the case with a lot of moms, the job of parenting especially for females evokes a lot of empathy. But empathy isn’t always the best way to solve problems either. Being able to understand the position of someone else isn’t always required to solve a problem, it can in fact be a hindrance. But I found it difficult to not like Kathy Wyenandt. I’m sure she will do great things if she continues to want to involve herself in public life. But I have the feeling she might be more effective free of public constraints. It takes all kinds of people to make things happen on a big scale, and as far as her passion goes to education, that is a big issue. But it’s certainly just one that concerns the 52nd District of one of Ohio’s richest areas.

All in all the debate was a good one, it showed two nice people running for the same position. George Lang has lots of experience and is battle hardened for life in Columbus where the not so nice side of politics is always present. And George knows how to navigate those dangers and still get things done. He’s very resilient without becoming pessimistic. He doesn’t worry about being all things to all people, he generally just does his best and it usually keeps him always on top. Kathy is another matter, while in this race her strategy is good in not wanting to draw blood in the campaign against George, and running as a liberal conservative in Butler County trying to be the nice person people can vote for, the reality is that her approach would be decimated in Columbus. I admired her ambition, but she needs a few steps to get there. I caught parts of her personality while we were talking that said she wouldn’t be so happy with the game of politics that are required to run an important House seat. Its one thing to say the system is corrupt, but it became that way for a reason—because under it all is the sport of politics itself. I myself have a hard time shaking hands with people I compete against, especially so soon after a big game. And in politics you have to do that kind of thing every day. I help where I can due to my temperament. I know what I’m good at and I put my efforts there. I think Kathy has a lot of that in her too. A school levy is one thing, it’s a single point issue that evokes great emotion in one side against the other. But running for a House seat involves lots of layers of politics and issues that are always changing, and it takes a certain kind of person to tackle those kinds of things. One thing that I learned from the debate was that George Lang was certainly the one who should be in that 52nd District seat in Columbus. But I also learned that I liked Kathy Wyenandt and that perhaps she may get what she wants done for schools done better outside the parameters of public office. Perhaps after this election a new journey will unfold, and it just might bring together people who were former enemies for a whole new challenge that would certainly be worth the undertaking.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Sherrod Brown is Worried: Jim Renacci and Trump are winning in Ohio leaving Democrats flat on ideas

Sherrod Brown has a big problem, and by watching this MSNBC interview with Chris Mathews, to his credit, he knows it and understands it. But as a very liberal Democrat Brown fundamentally doesn’t understand wealth creation, and that only 1% of the population in any society have the stomach for it, which is why they tend to possess more wealth. Working people is a classification created by the Democratic Party to exploit for political gain a jealousy toward job creators that began with the philosophy of Karl Marx. But in America such distinctions aren’t relevant and when the Republicans can distinct themselves as champions of the average worker and the job creators, the Democrats don’t have any real leverage politically to stand which makes this interview interesting because it is discussed in an intelligent way. Brown understands how the battlefield is lining up and it’s not to his advantage. Like he said in this Mathews interview, typically in that state of Ohio that leans red, Democrats win offices by out working their opponents. But that isn’t going to work with Jim Renacci who is running against Sherrod Brown for his long-held senate seat. Renacci works hard and he understands job creators and he respects workers, and he’s competitive. That makes this fight between Brown and Renacci a game changer for all future politics.

I hate even referring to people who would rather have a simpler life punching a pay check rather than doing the 60 to 90 hours it takes to be a job maker as “working people” but that is how they have been defined by politics. It takes all kinds of people to make strong economies and to utilize the miracles of capitalism, but for the sake of politics we have to use the terms that have been created to bunch us all into voters that can be counted on to pull the lever for various members of party politics. The great thing about Trump is that nobody in politics has done more for working people than Donald Trump, he has brought back jobs that left and he has put money in the pockets of job creators to help those jobs take roots again, and Sherrod Brown finds himself standing against both issues. Brown was against the tax cuts that Trump managed to get the Republican Party to back—which would have otherwise been consumed on socialist programs Sherrod Brown supports. Because of those tax cuts for what Democrats call the 1% investments have been made to bring jobs back from other countries and establish them once again in America meaning that for the first time in well over a decade, perhaps two, job wanted signs are now populating our communities with opportunities.

Speaking from personal experience there are quite a few very good workers who had been sitting jobless for a long time and being forced to take a government check because of the lack of options and they can now get a job and earn their money for themselves, which they like. This is a recent development, since the tax cuts essentially. Trump policies are responsible for both opportunities, the jobs coming back and the investment capital to get them rolling again leaving Sherrod Brown and his work with the liberalized John Kasich out of the process. All that Brown could manage with Kasich who made deals for his own presidential run was to expand government services to more people imprisoning them to more dependency, rather than the honor of self-reliance.

With Jim Renacci running against Brown as Trump’s hand-picked candidate, it essentially throws the Trump White House behind Renacci who is himself a very hard worker in much the way Trump has been. When Mathews pointed out the Real Clear Politics polling that showed Brown with a comfortable lead, Brown pointed out the poll I mentioned a few days ago where he was only up by four. That is not where Democrats want to be, up against a hardworking, and honest Republican, with the national backing of a president who has put his name next to Renacci and is personally responsible for bringing back the opportunities Ohio voters are seeing. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Ohio by 8% in 2016, so it wasn’t even close. Sherrod Brown is to the political left of Hillary Clinton so in a statewide election this time, even if the Republican challenger was terrible, Brown would likely struggle. But with a good candidate, like Renacci is, Brown is in real danger which is obviously very sobering.

The war of identity politics has expired with the election of Donald Trump and the Democrats are simply flat footed to deal with it. You can even see it in local races like the one in Butler County, Ohio where State Representative for the 52nd District George Lang has a Democrat challenging him for his seat in Kathy Wyenandt. Because Butler County is one of the most conservative counties in Ohio she has to run to the right of her comfort level, but the socialist nature of her party puts her in the same position as Sherrod Brown. People before politics is what she says, but what does that mean? There are all kinds of people. The 1% types who are job creators are people too, and they need workers to fill their factories. And the workers need the 1% types to make jobs for them to punch a time clock in to make some product that can then contribute to the economy. So where does that leave liberals like Kathy Wyenandt and Sherrod Brown in these days of the Trump economy? The entire Democratic platform has gambled that the Mueller investigation would erase Trump off the map by the midterms, and that hasn’t happened. That has put John Kerry out front as a potential presidential candidate to start panicking and calling Trump names as the frustration is starting to build. Not even the liberal hero Bob Woodward has stopped Trump with the latest hit book. Nothing has stopped Trump and his supporters especially in Ohio.

What has changed from now and then in 2016 in Ohio was that the Republican Party was ran by John Kasich. Now, Trump has taken over as the state leader and many of the big names of the Republican Party like Warren Davidson, Jim Renacci, and George Lang are all affiliated with the Trump presidency. If an election were held today in Ohio Trump would beat any Democrat by even more than he beat Hillary Clinton. And why, Trump has given both the worker and the job creator their pride back and cut the strings of regulation letting both do what they do best. All Sherrod Brown has managed to do was to attempt to put more people on government assistance, which for many is a disheartening thing to do. Lazy people of course don’t mind welfare, but people who can’t find a good job hate it, because they’d rather earn their own way of life than to wait for a government check to show up in the mailbox. Brown worked with the liberalized John Kasich to expand Medicaid, which is another outdated health maintenance model that could be radically altered with decentralized health care. And with those two loser positions as the only success Sherrod Brown can put his name to, he has a lot of reasons to worry.

Rich Hoffman
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If Republicans Defend their Turf, Democrats Don’t Stand a Chance: The real story isn’t the midterms, it’s the biggest crime in history

It was a little surprising to see even Fox News playing the race horse game when it comes to the midterm elections of 2018. But then again they did the same thing with Hillary Clinton leading up to the 2016 elections where Donald Trump shocked the world by beating the other side in every way that you can imagine, and then some. Again Fox News was citing polling that has been released over the last few weeks and pointing to tightening races where Republicans should have these giant majorities, but appear to be in trouble, such as in Texas where Ted Cruz has a challenger. While it might make for good television, there isn’t much of a real race. There isn’t anything to be scared of. One look at the county-by-county map of the United States does not have a bunch of liberals suddenly growing out of nowhere. Of course there is always danger in these things and if conservatives take liberals for granted, Democrats do have a chance to win some seats. But that is only if conservatives stay home on election night and don’t participate. For liberals this 2018 election is a hail Mary for the end zone. For Republicans it’s a comfortable lead with only minutes left to play. Conventional wisdom usually prevails, but the horse race isn’t nearly as close as Fox News has been reporting.

So let me put your minds to ease dear reader, and do not take any of this as a reason to not participate. Take nothing for granted and make sure to vote. But let me just explain why the Democrats don’t have a chance. If you look at the great poker game, the liberals as they always do have shown all their cards in the early part of September. The Mueller investigation has done what it could do to hold back the Trump administration with chaos and instigated paranoia. Omarosa has played the role of Trojan spy and revealed her version of conspiracy from the White House, Bob Woodward’s book Fear has come out on this day to evoke a sense of incompetency at the Executive Branch to create just enough doubt to limit Trump’s road game for fellow Republicans, and then there is The New York Times piece from a supposedly anonymous author who works at a high level of Trump’s administration challenging his authority. Meanwhile Maxine Waters is running around beating the war drums of impeachment. ABC and The Washington Post are taking polls from friendly samplings to skew the results in the favor of Democrats and build the impression that liberalism is on the rise. That’s their game plan and its all they have.

Meanwhile when they step away from their media-controlled environments, such as Fox News who is willing to talk up the horse race for the sake of ratings, reality has something else to say. There are no crowds at the liberal events, nothing close to what Trump can generate. The reality of their efforts is that Americans just aren’t that liberal, especially in these days of a great economy and respect on the national stage of nations. America is doing great and people just aren’t excited about the no message Democrats. The only people excited about them are members of the media who need a good game on election night and the days leading up to it. Fox News honestly would like more people watching their news programs than their new acquisition of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. In their minds people can watch reruns after the election. For this fall’s ratings, its their news programing that matters. But to anyone who knows the poker game, the only cards left in the deck are not very good and the hand the Republicans have justifies perfectly shoving a huge amount of chips into the center of the table to lay down a big bet.

Just yesterday Representative Mark Meadows sent Hot Rod Rosenstein a letter demanding investigation into the really bad collusion revealed in the recent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages leaking information into the media to derail Trump in the spring of 2017. Of course we all know that this occurred because like the leaker recently to the New York Times there was great speculation as to who was doing all the leaking. Did you notice dear reader that James Comey seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth? Well, that is because he and many FBI officials are in big trouble over this and many issues that the Trump administration already know about. When further documents are declassified and released to the public, it will become the lead story of our generation, even of the century. The collusion of the 2016 election wasn’t the Russians, it was our own FBI working with Democrats to get elected, and in spite of their efforts, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the major entertainment celebrities, it wasn’t enough to push Hillary into the job and that terrified all the establishment figures. They are showing the same posturing now, and revealing their vast network of operatives that actively seek the manipulation of our republic. But now like then they don’t stand a chance. However this time is different, Trump has evidence which he controls as the head of the Executive Branch and like any good entertainment personality knows to hold it close until just the right time.

When Trump declassifies all these FISA documents and the network is there for everyone to look at it will destroy the Democratic momentum and send many characters into hiding, which is where James Comey is now. Barack Obama himself has his fingerprints all over this scandal so he will not be in a position to do anything for candidates in California as things tighten up in late October. These people are grossly guilty, and they have pushed Trump and all of us in a way the demands no mercy. But unlike Republicans in the past who were happy to sit on information like this and to play nicely with the Democrats Trump isn’t so inclined. They have come after him and his family with all guns blazing and they have shown their fangs, so they have brought all that is coming on themselves. In a few weeks nobody will be talking about Bob Woodward’s journalist view of how the Executive Branch should be run, or what Omarosa did to break the law by secretly recording Trump in the White House, or what The New York Times thinks about anything, because the story that will be breaking will have them all on their heels at just the right time.

But remember, do not take anything lightly. The best way to beat an opponent is to destroy them, not just a little, but completely. Show up and vote, destroy the Democrats forever by showing such great numbers against them that they never get up off the mat. Beat them so badly that they don’t even want to take another breath. That is the way to approach this election. Do not worry about losing, think about winning, and winning so largely that they can never recover as a party. Such a victory may not be good for Fox News and the horse race of politics, but it would be good for the country, which is what we should all be concerned with primarily. Go vote, and send a message that will resonate through history, and leave no doubt. That is all that really matters in the election of 2018.

Rich Hoffman

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Resistance is Futile: Starting at the office of John Kelly–they don’t know they are already dead

I sent Rudi Giuliani a Tweet letting him know what I thought about who the radical was within the Trump administration, at least the place to start. Let me explain to that mole and all the others, and Obama and his lectures, “resistance is futile.” What’s going to happen, what is happening is going to happen. Even in their wildest fantasies if this so-called resistance were to push Donald Trump out of the White House, things would not go back to how they were before. That world that The New York Times think its readers wants does not exist. They are writing stories for ghosts who aren’t here in the world anymore. For them they have a kind of revelation coming that is a lot like the movie The Sixth Sense. At the end of the film, they are going to find out that they were dead all along, that it wasn’t the world that was having a hard time living, it was them because they were already dead. And just some friendly advice for President Trump, the answer to his question as to who on his staff is trying to lead a resistance against him, he should seek that answer in John Kelly’s office.

Looking over the Bob Woodward book, Fear, and the combination of Obama’s speech this past week attacking Trump, and the dissident within the Trump administration that supposedly wrote The New York Times “resistance” piece and what it all adds up to is sheer desperation, and a lack of understanding as to what is going on. In a lot of ways these people in what they call the “resistance” are like millennials who have been coddled all their lives by their mothers and told that they are the best little kids in the world only to come into the real world as adults and find conflict with everyone because the world certainly doesn’t see them that way. At the most basic ways of their thinking they just can’t see the forest for the trees. I managed to get my hands on Woodward’s book prior to the release and I have to say it was very disappointing. I had never read any of Woodward’s books but thought of him as a good journalist because of his work in Watergate. But that appears to be a fluke for him, because Fear is the work of a hack who is agenda driven toward some liberal version of the world that is the drug induced haze of his pot smoking generation. I was let down to find out that Bob Woodward wasn’t very good at all, even as just a writer. He is simply a marionette for the Democratic Party, which is why they think he did so well with Watergate—because it fit an agenda for them, not actually the realm of reality. If the same standards that were given to Watergate and were applied to the Trump administration, Woodward and the rest would be on the president’s side. But what they are really angry at toward Trump is something much deeper and more sinister for them.

Obama’s speech was baffling because it was like that of a kid who got caught steeling bubble gum from a local store and knowing he did it, but was attempting to con everyone that the crime had actually been conducted by an alley cat who actually stole a car leaving everyone scratching their heads. Yet Obama’s coming out party to help Democrats try to win a few seats in the midterms isn’t just an attempt to help his party, its to save himself. His fingerprints are all over this massive abuse that the government had used to spy on Trump, go after conservative journalists, and use the powers of government to keep his political party in power no matter how many laws they had to break. Obama isn’t just trying to win elections, he’s trying to stay out of jail. And I was surprised that the Woodward book had no interest in this modern Watergate story at all, but to take the eyes of the law away from Obama’s responsibilities in those crimes, but to suppress it with this odd insistence that the institution of the presidency was more important than the will of the people who elected Trump into it to change the direction of the country away from what Obama had offered.

The summation of these events are that Trump represents this new age that we are in quite well, a decentralized emphasis on personal independence where everyone who votes now has a personal computer called a phone that travels around with them everywhere. Information has been decentralized, entertainment has been decentralized and ultimately so has transportation, food acquisition, and even shopping. We are living in the age of decentralization while the liberals are obsessed with centralization. For instance, if you consider just the impact of Microsoft’s Office software, everything that it provides for its users is about decentralizing the process of intellectual content production. Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner milling machines have decentralized the production of firearms. It is now possible to have a portable machine shop in your house that makes guns just a bit bigger than a toaster oven, and nearly as easy.

I used to have massive arguments with people who insisted that a college education was the way of the future. I’d say that it certainly wasn’t worth six figures for a kid to be converted from a free-thinking person to a stuffy institutionalist just so that the degree could get them in the door of the human resource department of a major company. That was the world of America from 1950 to 1980. That is not the way of the world from 1990 to 2020. Employers just want someone who can pass the background test, hell with the degree. But in a liberal society, they want to teach people dependence, but the trend of our culture is decentralization even to the point where you can order your groceries from a food app and have them delivered directly to your home. College isn’t offering people anything they can’t get for themselves and that realization has put major holes in the basic premise of liberalism.

If you plot these changes in attitudes to their natural conclusions, it should become very obvious that Trump is more than just the symptom that Obama was referring to in his recent speech, he is the antithesis to all institutions and their inability to be useful to modern human beings. What Bob Woodward and The New York Times can’t stand about Trump, and this goes for everyone who works within the Washington D.C. culture is, Trump is the president who doesn’t need pollsters, advisors, or even a Chief of Staff. Trump does what he wants when he wants to do it, and that is exactly why he won his election fair and square in this new age of decentralization, where people can function without associations to massive groups. This revelation has proven too dangerous to those who have committed their entire lives to institutional thinking and are now facing their own extinction.

If Bob Woodward would put out a book like Fear, written obviously from a vantage point of a man obsessed with institutional valor and is appalled that it doesn’t match reality and is therefore angry at Trump for providing that evidence contrary to the sentiment, then it isn’t hard to conclude who the moles are in the White House that Trump put in place to appease the institutionalists as a negotiating tool to put them at ease that he wasn’t planning to be a crazy man in the White House. But Trump’s olive branch to the institutionalists was ignored and now the president has to fire all of them, and now he has to declassify information that will bring great harm to the Obama White House. And he will continue to protect his House and Senate seats ahead of the midterms and not be distracted by Woodward and his liberal friends when it counts the most. Resistance is futile because the intent of this new resistance is to steer American civilization back toward more institutionalism, which runs counter to everything that our society has become, magnificently decentralized. Trump is the creation of that decentralization, he is not the cause. And that is why resistance is futile. No matter what they do, they are going to lose even if their number is thousands to one. Trump is the first decentralized president in history but he won’t be the last, and in all the words that Woodward wrote in his new book, it is that aspect for which he missed completely, and why Obama is now terrified of what comes next—which he well should.

Rich Hoffman

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