The Misery Index: When will the governors give back their emergency power?

It’s a tough act to walk back, but now that they’ve had a taste of the emergency powers granted to them, all these governors and mayors are going to be very reluctant to give it back to the way things are supposed to be. Emergency powers need a time limit, yet none of them can give us one, nor do they want to which at this point is why this “flatten the curve” nonsense keeps getting pushed out into April and May. In the case of Mike DeWine, I don’t think the power has gone to his head as much as he knows that there are going to be serious ramifications coming his way in the wake of this mess in Ohio, where every day businesses are closing forever, people are committing suicide, divorces are happening at an increased rate and the state budget is getting decimated. So his abuse of the power is more out of self-preservation than anything else as he has allowed Amy Acton to dig everyone deeper and deeper into a hole of financial depression by staying closed much longer than was ever deemed necessary for a virus that in the end will turn out to be a pretty standard seasonal thing. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and there’s no way out without tracking through that paint and being accused of many bad things that nobody will forget.

The Covid-19 virus will spike in the coming days, but to date we only have under 20 deaths that are attributed to the virus. Many say that’s too many but if we look at every single life with a misery meter and judge them all the way we have tracked this virus where every person who gets it has their face plastered on television and the department of health steps in to force mass quarantines and further testing of targeted audiences, the numbers are always going to be skewed toward the state’s case for more emergency powers which then allows a governor to behave like a king and sidestep the legislature as long as they can deem the need for an emergency. If every person in Ohio were measured in the same way there would be more than 20 deaths caused by the state shutdown, the fights that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise, the suicides over financial ruin, the misery of weakened immune systems that wouldn’t have otherwise been sick if they had not been forced to hide in their homes and not indulge in the things they enjoy, which then made them sick of other things. Yeah, there is a mess in every state, Ohio is not the only one, and it will be Hell for all state governments for the foreseeable future that they overblew the statistics for Covid-19 to harness the power of emergency powers for their own varied needs. But in the wake of that, they caused a lot more misery and destruction than what the virus would have if they had just trusted the free market to handle the surge in need the way we always have in the past with other viral outbreaks.

What was different with this one is that we allowed ourselves to be dominated by many foreign powers, this time coming at us in the uniform of a scientist building models that overly stated death counts and functioning from all kinds of emotional needs at the World Health Organization. We trusted these people in our government to know better and they screwed up in a massive way and now that we all know it, they are buying time hoping to push off the inevitable. We’ve handled mass virus outbreaks just as bad as Covid-19 in the past, people got sick, they stayed home and when they got better they went back to work. We certainly didn’t try to ruin everyone’s lives over a fear of hospital capacity. And we certainly have not seen where so many places around the United States have used such a minor viral outbreak to acquire so much power for the state and its government in a king-like manner without knowing when they were going to give those powers back. That anxiety is costing even more lives and money by the hour. For instance, there are people who really love baseball season. There are companies who invest lots of money in seasonal tickets and some people get great joy in going to the park on a spring day to eat a hot dog and to watch a baseball game. There are sports teams like the Reds who have spent massive amounts of salary to have a good season for the city they represent, and all that investment and momentum is on hold over the fear of massive deaths that will never come. And those people have no visibility as to when all this might end, and they can plan their lives once again.

One of the themes of this reaction to the viral outbreak shut down plan has been lives matter more than money as if those were separate elements of life. But think of the thousands and thousands of small business restaurant owners who have lost their entire inventory of food because it’s shelf life has expired and they have no idea when they can start to place more orders because they don’t know when they can open. Think of Kings Island and Cedar Point, the big amusement parks in Ohio who have no idea when they can open, hire staff, or even purchase food for their concessions. The government know nothings advocating this shutdown might say, well, those are wealthy companies and they can figure it out. Well, they shouldn’t have to, government should never make itself an impediment to anybody’s success, and if the misery index were to follow each and every person the way they have tracked the Covid-19 virus government would see just how many lives they have ruined with these “safety” actions and that they made everything much, much worse than if they had just stayed out of it.

President Trump and the Senate are certainly guilty too. Taking over General Motors to make health equipment is not acceptable, nor is a 2 trillion-dollar bailout. I get Trump’s strategy and understand the necessity of the moves, but we should never have stuck ourselves into that situation to begin with. Future presidents will abuse their power many times worse because of the precedents set forth by Trump. We have set new standards on encroaching government into everyone’s lives over the overstated concerns of a normal, everyday, virus. For all of us, there are many major decisions that will have to be made as our reaction to this whole event will be scrutinized until the end of time, but at the heart of that is the massive amount of power that was abused during it without any forecast as to when governors, presidents and mayors would give that power back. They’ll show you all these charts showing peak viral infections as if that justifies all that they’ve been doing, but they can’t tell you when they will give that power back to the House and Senate of their states to stop the madness. They are all humans with fallacies, but that is the problem we should all have learned by now from history, we can’t give any one person ever this much power, especially for such an undetermined length of time.

I really think Mike DeWine means well. I think Amy Acton, from her point of view means well. Jon Husted the Lieutenant governor in Ohio I know means well—I’m sure of it. These are not bad people. But through their well-meaning actions they have screwed up just like any CEO might ruin the lives of the people working for their company if they make bad decisions. When people make mistakes, we have to limit the damage and in the wake of this crises, that was entirely a manufactured reality based on bad math and panicky people, many, many more lives have been lost and ruined than this Covid-19 virus will ever take. The amount of cases is not important because the state is seeking to use as much testing as possible to skew the numbers in their favor, but the death toll just isn’t going to be there to justify all the panic. The power grabs from the CDC and WHO cannot continue to use uncertainty to drag out this panic into seasonal awareness that continues to shut down everyone’s lives every couple of months for every little sniffle that we might get. What has been done already far exceeds what might be acceptable, and what is certain at this point is that we can never do it again.

Rich Hoffman

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What Amy Acton has in Common with the Blackfoot Indians: Like the buffalo jump, we are being led over a cliff of Coronavirus to our doom, for the “greater good”

Well, finally there is something that Amy Acton from the Ohio Department of Health and I agree on. You might know her as the woman who has Mike DeWine wrapped around her finger and has essentially shut down almost all activity in the state of Ohio and inspired so many other very power hungry liberal governors across the nation to overreact to the Coronavirus. If you want to know why you are stuck in your home, why your businesses are closed and are bleeding money killing some of them forever, why there is no March Madness, no start to the baseball season, why Kings Island and Cedar Point are not going to open for at least another few months, you can blame Amy Acton and her crazy climate scientists from all over the world who have built bad models projecting the death toll of the Coronavirus and they have set policy to it. However, during her recent press conference on March 25th with the governor she showed who she really was, which I’ve been saying for a long time, she’s a crazy hippie chick who shouldn’t be anywhere near setting public policy of any kind. She spattered on and on about her love of Joseph Campbell, who also happens to be one of my favorite authors, and she dared to cite his great work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces as one of her main influencers. I was so touched by this I almost reached out to her with that common ground, however I know something about those people that they don’t seem to know about themselves. As a matter of fact, I used to be pretty deep into The Joseph Campbell Foundation when I was in my 20s and I left because of people like her, out of touch academic types who were attracted by the Joseph Campbell message of the power of myth, but clueless to the true nature of following one’s “bliss.” Instead, they had a propensity to act like the buffalo in some of Campbell’s stories in his best books about how the Blackfoot Indians used to treat them, and that became the range of depth of their understanding. Once I heard Amy Acton was a Joseph Campbell fan, I was convinced that everything I have said about her had been 100% true, maybe even more.

She also showed signs of the strain knowing what was coming next as this whole Coronavirus was coming to an end even as she continued to try to perk up the numbers to make her overreaction to it seem less severe. We were told that there would be millions of people dying of this stupid thing or on ICU back at the start of March and now that’s just not happening. The medical community is already trying to backtrack and say that they saved lives by acting early, but in all reality, Coronavirus was never that deadly. The scientists got it all wrong and they are responsible for literally trillions of dollars of lost GDP. Hippie chicks like Amy Acton as I have been saying is an activist using this virus to express her personal philosophies about life, and she thinks its great and heroic to sit in our homes and be quiet, and to say we are all in this together even as we now accept we have to be at least 6’ feet apart. Amy and I have one thing in common, we are both readers, and of our favorite authors Joseph Campbell we obviously share. And knowing many thousands of people like her over the years who have attended the Joseph Campbell Roundtables all across the country I feel quite comfortable in saying that those people should never be near any public policy making……..ever.

Surely since Amy Acton knows so much about Joseph Campbell then she knows in several of his books and lectures that he often spoke about the great buffalo jump that the Blackfoot Indians used to conduct to slaughter herds of the wild animals for food. What they would do was herd up the terrified beast into a rampage and direct them toward a cliff where the buffalo would jump over it and plunge to their deaths. This would then ignite some sort of Blackfoot Indian dance where the leaders of the community would dress up like the buffalo and the Indians would thank the dead bodies for sacrificing their lives so that they could live. The Blackfoot Indians believed that the spirits of the buffalo would return then to do it all again, so the little dance was important. For them it’s a wonderful example of the circle of life as identified by people spanning back 12,000 years of the practice. Essentially modern government hasn’t evolved much from that mentality, instead of the sacrifice being buffalo this time however, its average people suffering under the mistakes of a government power hungry and out of control. They are trying to paint the world in their image, of the need for sacrifice, and some notion of the circle of life, life, death, resurrection, or to cite the Vico Cycle from the great work of James Joyce which I’m sure Amy Acton is familiar with, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then finally anarchy. Putting health freaks in charge of our government, people like Amy Acton are resorting to their primal instincts which are not much different from the beliefs of the Blackfoot Indians—drive people over a cliff metaphorically slaughtering their individual natures only to have them rise up as a holistic species united through crises to unleash a new age. This is the anarchy those hippie types have been craving forever and they have run us all over a cliff economically, and emotionally to ignite that new age, where the scientists might be in charge instead of the industrialist job creator. It’s a slaughter they think is for the “greater good,” and we should all be very pissed off that its been done to us.

Yesterday I noticed that the news media, especially Channel 12 in Cincinnati had become one of the first to become the boot lickers of this power move as they told the police about some kids trying to play at a park near their homes. They proudly announced their actions on Twitter and showed the police showing up to tape off the area as restricted as they stated the children playing there were in violation of the Governor’s orders, who obviously is doing everything that the hippie chick Amy Acton tells him to. Every case of every new Coronavirus test suddenly became a weapon for the various departments of health in every county to trample all over individual lives all in the name of “safety,” and throw out the constitution for the benefit of all humanity, as defined by people like Amy Acton and her notions of sacrifice. For them the need for selfless acts are no different than the spirits of the buffalo knowing that the Indians need food and that they willingly jumped to their deaths to provide sustenance for the Blackfoot people, just as we all must by sacrificing our jobs, our restaurants and our potential for individual based happy lives. Yeah, I read a lot, likely much, much more than Amy Acton—I’ve seen all this before in history and its clearly happening now in America and specifically Ohio which has led the way in most cases to the trend of the rest of the country.

Ohio government led by Amy Acton by default of Governor DeWine’s lack of good judgment has revealed about herself a person not gifted in leadership. Her reliance on academic models to predict Coronavirus outbreaks were wrong and she knows the egg on her face is going to be ruthless. She is already talking about the arm chair quarterbacks who will scrutinize and skewer her for many months to come now that people can see that the death toll is nowhere near what Acton said they would be and that what she was really after was herding us all over a cliff to change our capitalist behavior, and through a death and resurrection, a new world of sacrifice and emphasis on collectivism would be given birth in the great cycles of life. If I didn’t know hundreds of people just like her over the years I might be surprised too, but I knew there was something kooky about her, and she clearly revealed it at that press conference. Individually, I might like talking to her—in a library or a bookstore about favorite books and great authors. But setting policy in Ohio—forget it. She shouldn’t be anywhere close to a decision, of any kind. Like the Blackfoot Indians, we can’t trust them to not see us as buffalo and lead us over a cliff to our own slaughter, because they believe it’s the only way to go—which is why they are so wrong to lead.

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio is Closed for Business: Amy Acton is in charge and she wants us all to be quiet

One thing was clear when Governor DeWine, Lt Governor Husted, and Ding Bat Amy Acton shut down Ohio for business out of fear of a little virus called Covid-19 and that was that the next governor of Ohio needs to be a business guy, not some career politician. It was embarrassing to watch a Republican administration talk about essential services as just the supply chain that keeps people fed, like truckers and store clerks, but ignored all the other businesses that do just about everything that society needs. And they are wondering why more people aren’t in the business of making face masks and that getting them now is in such short supply. Government is certainly the problem; they don’t get it. To listen to the Sunday press conference where our one man show under emergency orders and no legislature to help cool heads prevail is copying other panic driven losers from other states in putting people under house arrest essentially and stopping all businesses except for those who beg and plead to manufacture things. When pressed on the topic by a reporter Jon Husted stated that some people would be allowed to feed animals at zoos, and those kinds of things. Is that what he thinks makes the motor of the world work? It was an unbelievable display of an out-of-touch group of people who are just disconnected from reality.

Particularly, Amy Acton went on quite a spiel about having to drive in to work to give those daily news conferences on the China Virus and to be insulted that it was business as usual, that people were ignoring her “suggestions” on how to deal with this virus outbreak. An “outbreak” as defined by health nuts and liberal losers. Not by rational people, certainly not. Amy went on to say that we should be listening to the people in Italy who are suffering from this virus as if all conditions are apples to apples comparisons. She stated quite explicitly that we all needed to calm down and be quiet and that was somehow going to save millions of lives. It was unbelievable that DeWine let her prattle on like that, but he seems used to it. No wonder he thinks the sky is falling listening to her for a few minutes. I have joked about his relationship with her, but I don’t think its so much of a joke. She has him wrapped around her finger and this is the danger of emergency orders that go on for indefinite periods of time by single points of failure. And this governor and his administration is out of touch by his leadership and this virus issue is well beyond his scope to deal with. He’s a law guy, not a business guy and we all knew that going in with him. But he has failed worse than any of us feared. Under pressure he has folded like a cheap lawn set. DeWine tried to keep things positive, but its obvious that its Amy Acton that is running Columbus without the legislature knowing anything about what’s going on.

When the rumors of Ohio shutting its doors to the world and telling everyone to stay home emerged early Sunday morning I started making phone calls to get a bead on the situation, and they didn’t know anything was going to happen. Yet the rumor was flowing, in the same way as the rumors of all the Humvees being shipped around the country and that Trump’s DOJ is seeking ways to arrest people to hold indefinitely. People can see what’s happening and they don’t like it, the government is turning up the temperature of the water and seeing how far they can go without the frog jumping out. Some people have already jumped out of the water and are ready for war. I have been trying to quell those thoughts, but when I used the usual chains of command to get answers, the people in the state legislature couldn’t tell me, which meant that the Governor was going rogue and using his emergency powers in an abusive way. Sure enough, at 2 PM, just as almost every day since the previous Sunday revealed, DeWine was further encroaching against our rights and he expected conformance without question. It’s not hard to blame people for thinking that this government has turned against them. Now they have had their jobs robbed from them and their employers are being handed a costly bill that no bailout can pay back.

And we are being sold that this is our generation’s World War II effort, and that we all must make sacrifices. No, we don’t, only stupid people talk like that. The reason we have medical shortages to deal with a flood of Covid-19 cases is because there hasn’t been enough free market in the medical field. You can hear in Amy’s statements a radical climate activist, she wants the roads clear, she wants the world to be quiet. That sounds like a psycho to me. But worse, we are told that we must sacrifice because the medical industry isn’t ready for a surge in need. Why is that, because we have Medicaid expansion that is essentially cost controls mandated from government, and we’ve spent the last decade debating socialized medicine in Obamacare. So there haven’t been any great innovations or manufacturers entering the marketplace because the last thing they want is big daddy government in their back pocket controlling their margins. That’s why we aren’t ready for a Covid-19 outbreak. If government had not been locking up that huge part of our economy, we might well have drive through windows right now solving all these problems like a fast food restaurant. It was government that caused the problems and here was Amy Acton complaining that she needs more government power to protect health care workers dealing with limited supplies—caused by government. It’s insane that these people can talk with a straight face. We must sacrifice because government has stood in the way of progress—not because this is our World War II moment to show what we’re made of. It’s a stupid problem to have that stupid people have made for us, and now we are being told to deal with more stupidity because they don’t know what they are doing, or have let environmental activists confuse medicine as the new Green Deal.

What is obvious is that there is tyranny in safety and the incompetent wish to hide in doing the easiest thing there is to do in the world, and that is to say no. No for people who can’t tell what the truth is from what is false, or radical, or politically motivated is what these three chose to do as they have acted well out of the norms of the legislature. The strains of emergency powers utilized under duress and a lack of understanding about the free market and the nature of business has taken a toll on these minds and revealed what could only be considered insanity and a state of disconnected understanding as the world burns while we are told it is heroic to hide in our homes while an invisible enemy pillages us, by the definition of Amy Acton and the World Health Organization. By saying no, not making a leadership decision to understand what the real numbers of Covid-19 mean, DeWine’s administration has put us all in harm’s way and this is a caution for all things in the future. Government must always have a check on their power, even under emergency situations with no end date in site. This doesn’t pass the smell test and now we are all in jeopardy not from a virus, but from government itself. Ohio is closed for business because our leadership was weak, acted alone and couldn’t live up to the pressure as their imaginations have run away from them and logic has fled for more sane minds.

Rich Hoffman

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When Government Sticks Their Nose in our Business: Its time for them to pay for their mistakes that cost us all dearly

It doesn’t matter to me what’s going on in the rest of the world. Not to say that out of a desire to not deal with unpleasant things, but to be honest, most of the world doesn’t manage themselves very well, so their problems are largely self-induced. They generally aren’t capitalist countries, they don’t have very good diets, and their lifestyles are not optimal. I have spent time overseas on a few occasions and each time after only a week I became stir crazy and couldn’t wait to get home to the bright lights of a perpetual economy of a multi-sport society bulging with ideas and imagination. Even in London, Paris and Tokyo, I have found those places to be lacking the imagination and vibrancy of America and it is always good to return. So it puzzles me why we would ever shut down our country and all its resources to hide like cowards in our homes over a silly virus. Its just not American to do those things. And the most insulting thing of all with all the shutdowns that have occurred due to the China Virus has been the closing of businesses over sheer fear. I know a lot of people that it has hurt including a friend of mine, Mark Welch who is running for the 52nd Congressional State seat whenever Governor DeWine’s girlfriend Amy Acton decides we get to have a primary election in Ohio again. Mark and his wife had to shut down their SoZo HAIR and Spa in West Chester and they have no idea when they will be able to open again. They join thousands and thousands of similar businesses all across Ohio and now the nation has many other states that followed DeWine’s example and they will lose in incalculable amount of opportunity cost that no bailout will ever be able to repair. So lets talk about this cost of government not only to interrupt a free market over some panicky little virus, but when they do by abusing emergency powers, how they need to pay people back for their losses.

As I have said many times, I am not for bailouts. That little $1000 check is a nothing burger, but after all, it is my money and yours dear reader. They shouldn’t even have it to give back to me the way I think about things. But who is going to pay Mark back for his losses from this shut down and who will ever be able to tell him how to plan to get back on his feet again. Usually when these kinds of emergency powers are enacted they involve some regional area, like a city hit by a hurricane or a town destroyed by a tornado. But this idea of shutting down an entire state or a series of states over a fear of getting sick is a ridiculous step in dangerous waters where a very small group of people become the sudden dictators of everyone’s lives. In the case of Ohio, Mike DeWine used his emergency powers to sidestep the legislature which is designed to slow down the emotions of a crises and make good decisions—other wise to protect the people of a state from a mad scientist insanity of becoming some crazed radical who thinks they know better than the rest of us how we should be living our lives. As I’ve said, I’ve traveled around the world and I deal with many time zones every day but they lack the kind of freedom that I always end up missing, and relish upon returning to the good ol’ USA. DeWine and many other governors across the nation have destroyed that freedom with a few simple press conferences and the cost incurred is incredibly high. So who should pay for that, certainly not the business owner who has stuck their neck out to offer jobs to employees and contribute to the great American economy. It certainly isn’t the role of government to take all those employees away and pay them to stay home damaging our workpool forever with more government dependents. There is nothing that can wipe away the cost of a lunatic like Amy Acton from becoming the latest Captain Nemo on a quest for some vision only she can see that ends up destroying everyone around her. Does anybody remember the Jim Jones massacre? Jim thought he was saving everyone by killing them.

Government should never stick its nose in our business. People shouldn’t be able to call government and cry for compliance and turn the role of the governors office into a overcharged Attorney General role that basically is using this crises to become a mini emperor then to say “Trump told us to do it.” The cost for the closures of businesses like Mark’s SoZo needs to come out of somebody’s ass. The talk of the bailouts, someone must pay. These companies aren’t failing by their own missteps, they are happening because of the over-reactions of government and the government owes us all the cost of those mistakes. It’s not Mark’s job to pay for the costs that government has cost him. How are we supposed to know how dangerous Coronavirus is going to be? We’re not going to just take Amy’s word on it, or Doctor Doom at the CDC. When the hospitals aren’t overrun and the deaths aren’t in the millions, or even the thousands, they don’t get to say “well, we saved you, now we can all go to Starbucks.” Most likely, if they had done nothing we’d be exactly where we are now with the death toll—but we’d still have our economy.

I’ve been quite open about the Boeing situation before this ever happened. Sure, they had a few pilots in very poor countries who crashed their planes and there has been an investigation that has gone on now for well over a year, which has cost Boeing many billions of dollars. Government is slow, why should Boeing have to pay so much money when government steps in to do an investigation that shuts them down for such a long period of time losing massive market share and harming lots of companies downstream? What role do they play in that cost, and why isn’t there any expectation on government to get their asses moving so that Boeing could get back to work. Why aren’t they concerned about Mark’s spa? Or any other business across the country. Usually on Saturdays my wife and I eat at the Cracker Barrel in Middletown. Not today. They are closed and can’t have any idea when they can reopen. Cedar Point the amusement park in Ohio has pushed their opening day into May, not knowing how to hire and bring in supplies for that event. And to listen to these disconnected idiots yack on about some deaths in Italy or China where they eat the eyes out of fish and compare some World Health Organization statistics to us and expect it to be an apples to apples analysis is insane. And because government has no skin in the game, they don’t care how long it takes or how much money it costs. They take the money from us and give it back as if it were a gift. Meanwhile, those who generate all that money are stuck and waiting and no amount of government bailout will cover the cost. And that’s what you get when you let government get too big, and they get too much power. They abuse it then give us the cost.

Rich Hoffman

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Questions Nobody has been Asking about Covid-19: Its an attack not by a virus, but the governments of the world

Here’s the thing about Covid-19 that literally nobody is talking about, it is being told to us that it is literally a death sentence, and that it deserves 24 hours a day 7 day a week news service. Ads for it are attached to every YouTube video, it is the top story on every internet news site and it is being driven with an hysteria that just has never been seen before globally. But why? What’s the point? Those are things that just have not been talked about. The hysteria has been built by the very mention of this new virus migrating out of China, but nobody has really stated but a bunch of panic driven healthcare types why the thing is even just a little dangerous. So some context needs to be presented before we can have a basic understanding of what and why Covid-19 has consumed our lives the way it has, and why we have a right to be upset that all this drama has suckered our politicians into abusing emergency powers and essentially torpedoing our economy. The effort is on such a scale that it is beyond the scope of most people because the intentions of malicious people just aren’t fathomable to simple, God-fearing people who have inherited the earth with meekness. You must understand that much of the world has been suffering (justifiably) under massive sanctions, China being one of them, but we must not forget about North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even the European Union as the United States has used financial leverage to win trade disputes and change behavior, so there is a lot of anger out there, and a whole lot of people who have wanted revenge against the relatively small 300 million people in the United States who have all that wealth. There are also a lot of domestic enemies who want to be ruled by the United Nations operating in America who quickly latched onto this Covid-19 as a ticket to salvation. For them the World Health Organization was their latest best ticket to make that happen and they have held on to every bit of bad news with great enthusiasm. They have driven the stories of Covid-19 with a vicious attempt to bring down our entire country from the inside out with a fever that we’ve never seen before. But nobody has asked the real questions as to why, or how Covid-19 is really anything to be concerned about—all they have said is that it is.

This is the first time in the history of the world that we have looked at a virus and its impact on people on a case by case basis. The interconnected nature of the internet has allowed us to talk to people all over the world in real time and track every single victim of the virus hour by hour. That has never been done before which makes this unique, and it sets a trend that has the potential to be incredibly harmful in the future. Anything that is looked at in this way is naturally going to look bad. The charts that the CDC are putting out which are driving all this panic is more a willful exchange of bad news to drive a pandemic agenda that the World Health Organization has been hoping for over quite a long time. If they can’t rule through the United Nations and get people’s attention on global warming, the need for universal health care as a right, the need for a universal wage—things that the leftists of the world really care about who also happen to work in these disease centers because that’s the kind of work that excites them, they certainly couldn’t get the attention of the Americans unless they stripped them away of their comforts and put them in a position to listen to their pleas. If people wouldn’t come to respond to the needs of Mother Earth on their own, then they would be made to by sending everyone into a panic and using emergency powers to strip away the constitutional rights of its citizens. Yes, these are the same people who promote abortion as a right and are happy to kill many millions of infant children who are telling us that we should change our lives completely to save one life of the elderly by keeping them from getting a respiratory cold.

You can tell they don’t have a case by the way they have presented it. They do not talk about all the people who have had Covid-19 and recovered, only that we need more tests to record the cases. They have been maniacal over getting the most number of people tested so that they could show every day on their charts a growth that would continue the panic, and to send American governors into a hysteria to outdo each other with over-reaction. Mike DeWine of Ohio started the chain reaction when he declared bars and restaurants closed over a week ago of this writing. By the second weekend Democrat governors of California, Illinois, and New York were going even further to declare martial law, without the actual name. But people are confined to their homes and all activity has been halted except for the acquisition of food. And while all this is happening we are supposed to turn to government for our money, through unemployment or a government handout, and we are supposed to be happy about it to avoid a virus that more than 99% of the people who get it will recover from on their own. Because there isn’t a cure, the only point of the testing is to chart the cases person by person to incite fear and change the behavior of all Americans forever.

Then of course we are told that the reason we have to slow the spread of this virus is because we won’t have enough hospital beds to deal with all the people who are going to need them. But what they never tell you is that there isn’t a reason for the hospital beds because there is no cure anyway. Why would people go to the hospital unless they have been terrified with virus like symptoms to quarantine themselves? Otherwise, why would they go unless they were told to go. If what they had was Covid-19, they would simply recover. Some might die due to complications, but that is the case with anything. If we looked at any statistical analysis under the kind of microscope that we have with Covid-19 we’d have a reason to be concerned about just about everything we do, which is kind of the point. If we gave doctors a microphone for every danger that is out there, they’d have us all wearing bicycle helmets just for going out to get our mail. They are generally timid people anyway, letting them decide policy isn’t a good idea, and once we did, we can see what they have done with it. The whole point of social distancing they say is to slow the spread of the virus, but nobody has really said why this virus is anything worse than anything else that has come to us by way of an ailment. We don’t track every case of diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, and certainly not every flu. People’s imaginations have ran away from them and these CDC types are enjoying their time in the sun talking about all the things we should be afraid of so that behavioral changes away from capitalism can take place and they can save the earth from human interference. When we strip away the whys, wheres and whens, this is where the evidence takes us—to an attack on our lives in revenge for our economic successes these last few years, and we are being shoved into a global compliance where we are “all in this together” mentality led by the World Health Organization and its deep ties to China. And that is why we can’t get bread, and why we can’t find toilet paper. China has unleashed unto America a third world status and have tricked our politicians into overacting and falling for the scheme, and we have let them do it by being suckers to the ploy.

Rich Hoffman

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IMPEACH MIKE DEWINE: Is the governor having sex with Amy Acton?

There are only two explanations for it, Mike DeWine is either having sex with Amy Acton, or he’s a complete idiot and is just letting her be the liberal activist she’s always wanted to be because he doesn’t know better. Watching those two in these every day public scare announcements has been like watching a couple of young kids in love. Yes Mike DeWine, I “get it” I understand how a virus spreads.  But I don’t trust you to make decisions for me, you have lost that trust with this massive over-reaction to this virus.  I think of Mike DeWine as a good family man, if there is anything good to say about him at this point, and it would shock me to find out that he’s bent over for this girl. But I was surprised to learn that many people, even very religious people, fall to the fruits of a little attention by someone climbing for power at any cost. Whatever it is, Mike DeWine needs to be impeached for what he did over the voting issue on Tuesday. Its bad enough that he had already shut down the economy of Ohio which set off a chain reaction across the nation by other panic driven governors, but he has essentially been letting this former assistant climate change activist, and abortion supporter run economic policy in the state of Ohio and has circumvented the legislature all in the name of emergency to do it giving this lady free reign essentially over the nation. Impeaching DeWine would not be like the congressional attempt to impeach President Trump, in this case DeWine actually did something wrong even as a judge stated that the elections would go on as normal. DeWine went even further and tampered where he had no right to go, and that is why he has to go—as soon as possible. At the very least we must elect some other Republican the next time around, but due to his extreme radicalism, well intentioned or not, he needs to be made an example of.

Ultimately its DeWine’s problem that he appointed a bad person for the Public Health Director in Ohio. He knew her record and he appointed her anyway, she has a tendency toward liberalism and as we are learning, so does Governor DeWine. That’s why many of us held our nose to vote for him, but the surprises don’t stop there. One of the selling points was that DeWine came with Jon Husted who we hoped would keep the Governor in check. But in a meeting held shortly after the closing of the restaurants and bars in Ohio on Sunday, Husted told those listening that if all these measures saved just 10 lives, that it would all be worth it. The world had literally fallen apart, and sanity had dropped away. What leftists like earth girl Amy Acton want in the deepest recesses of their hearts is to turn humanity into a harmony with the earth and shut down all those mean big businesses, and using a little flirty feminine charm, whether or not things actually got touchy and feely, a pent up old man is likely to give more ear to her than she would otherwise deserve, and that brings up a whole lot of problems we need to consider.

I’m personally not convinced that this coronavirus is very dangerous at all. Over the weekend there were four people in West Chester who were found to have had it, the hospital there diagnosed it, then sent them home to self-quarantine. They were all in the same family, so it wasn’t exactly the end of their lives. Tom Hanks and his wife just recovered from the virus and that is likely going to be the story with anybody who gets this. We are not going to have rows and rows of hospital beds in parking lots all across the nation with sick people dying left and right. These fears come from the imaginations of climate scientists and pot smoking loons who are left over hippies yearning for a return to Woodstock, not right thinking, practical people. It looks like most people who get coronavirus won’t even know they have it and will likely recover completely with their own immune systems.

This whole thing reminds me of the campaign several years ago to reduce the amount of toilet paper that people bought and consumed, in order to save the planet. Some of these people are very loony people, and they have a right to exists of course, but they don’t have a right to shut down our economy and induce panic over nothing. Mike DeWine has empowered one of these loony leftists and given her full power to run the national economy by default all in the name of an emergency. As I ponder the relationship of Mike and Amy, I can’t help but think of what might have happened if Andrew Gillum had won in Florida the governor seat in that very tight election. We have all heard by now that Gillum was found with meth and a gay male prostitute in a Miami hotel room. He couldn’t even be dependable to his wife and three kids, yet he was just a few votes away from being a governor of a big state. Who wants someone like that making decisions with the kind of power that Mike DeWine has abused? And that is the heart of the problem. We can never just trust government to have our best interests in mind, they are human and fallible. And when Mike DeWine, let his girl Amy Acton override an Ohio judge who clearly rejected the request to shut down the election, then DeWine let an unelected bureaucrat make the decision to do so anyway, we witnessed a reckless abandonment of the rule of law all in the name of safety.

Anything could be said to be dangerous, and that is the massive danger of this virus. Its not that it will kill anybody, it’s that government and all the fallible people who run it, are making a power grab all in the name of safety. DeWine feels that he knows better than everyone else what is best for people and that’s not how things are supposed to work. Already the news reports are stating that this crisis will demand that we never go back to how things were before. This in a lot of ways is a 9/11 for the modern political terrorist, they will push for more regulation, larger government, and a more panic driven society where only they have the answer. And for people like Amy Acton, that is a dream for big government people. They want us all to be tied together and to be honest, I want nothing to do with people like that. Mike DeWine doesn’t get to decide that we are all “in this together” by literally taking away every conceivable option otherwise because some staffer of his whom he is psychologically sweet on set off his judgement into a bad direction. That is why we have checks and balances in the legislature and within the judicial. Mike DeWine decided to overstep those checks with activism and deserves to be fired from his job.

Whatever conspiracy theory might be interesting to think about, the bottom line with coronavirus is that I think many of us would rather live a little dangerously than to place our lives in the hands of micromanaging bureaucrats like Amy Acton and a love-struck governor in Mike DeWine. I’ll take my chances with coronavirus rather than to lock ourselves in our homes and to kill the best economy in the world just so maybe 10 people might live, who would otherwise die anyway of a bug, or a stick of butter. Government doesn’t get to decide for me how my life will be, they are supposed to manage our affairs within the context of the various branches of government. But when they step over everything, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat doing it, we have to throw them out of office in order to keep our system honest, or we’ll empower them to continue to step all over our Constitution and run our lives from a perspective of fear, forever.

Rich Hoffman

Mike DeWine, the Marxist Governor from Ohio: Government taking over the means of production can be viewed only one way

I’m all for uniting the Republican Party but Mike DeWine has struck out three times now in a fairly short period of time. At this point, I’m not even sure he’s a Republican. I wasn’t crazy about voting for him, many people were, but we thought we’d give him a chance since he was the eventual Republican. Now we are learning that we might as well have had a Democrat, because the way DeWine has behaved while in office we’d never know otherwise. First, he proposed the gas tax, which many of us thought was just another stupid tax. But when he said we pay as we go, it was a reasonable concession in that context. But we were suspicious of him. It was a very un-Republican thing to do. Then he came out radically anti-gun in the wake of the Dayton mass shooting at a bar. The way DeWine spoke, he was more liberal than even the mayor of Dayton, who was fully committed to antigun legislation. Ironically the shooter was a gun control advocate and through the haze of drugs knew that his mass shooting might further erode the Second Amendment. The surprise there was just how much the Governor joined the spectacle. Then there is this, the shutting down of economic activity of any gatherings of 50 or more in Ohio all in the name of safety. Governor DeWine was one of the first in the country to do this extreme measure, which of course inspired the rest of the governors to follow him leading to a national shutdown of most commercial economic activity for an unforeseen period of time. Very much, not a Republican thing to do, in fact it has the same rational as when John Kasich expanded Medicaid as an act of God. There is something very bad about all this and its at the heart of the whole coronavirus problem at large, many forces are taking advantage of people who are functioning in the white on the Color Code of Mental Awareness.

One thing I noticed since the word pandemic started getting thrown around regarding coronavirus is that people started rushing out to their gun stores to buy up guns and ammunition. I was at Premier Shooting in West Chester over the weekend then at Cabela’s on Monday and people were very active in buying guns and buying up all the ammunition they could find. I even had to go to Bass Pro Shop to get my usually routine .50AE ammunition, because Cabela’s was out of it—which never happens. And my summation of it all was that gun owners, and ultimately the kind of people who voted most supportive of President Trump function by the Color Code of Mental Awareness that is taught in CCW classes all across the country, and that is that people who function in the white are those most prone to crazy news reports like this coronavirus because they are switched off most of the time in their lives. They are the people who have all their information tracked to use by those online terms of agreements that everyone signs without thinking about how your online activity will be tracked and used for “informational services.” For the purchasers of that tracked information on Facebook and other measurements coming from Google and others, its not hard to see how a malicious government or organization could use people’s fears to advance a topic of concern, because people functioning in the white have told their enemies exactly how they would behave in a crises, which is powerful information for malicious bureaucrats who want to stage a bloodless insurrection. Conspiracy theory, I think not.

People who function in the yellow and orange get that way because as gun owners they practice for the possibilities of heightened threats and engagements. People in the white don’t want to think about such things, because they are either lazy, or just not smart enough to be challenged with the task. This is why the Second Amendment is so important to our society, and one of the reasons that those who are very power hungry understand that the key to bringing down American society rests at the heart of the gun argument. People’s instinct who have accepted the yellow and orange states of awareness are the first to see that the government is up to something even if they can’t put their finger on it, and rush out to touch some sense of normalcy at the gun range. Buying ammunition made them feel safer. Buying a new gun made them happy as the governor was announcing that bars and restaurants were going to be forced to be closed until further notice. Of course, once he did that other governors felt legally obligated to follow and before anybody could blink a society of white awareness people had stopped the economic engine of the world all in the name of saving a few lives. Then to address all the people who might lose their jobs, or to compensate for all the many millions of dollars that would be economically lost, the government proposed a bailout on the same kind of scale that General Motors was bailed out just prior to 2010, which was an act that essentially started the Tea Party movement all by itself.

The violation by government, from Mike DeWine all the way up to the CDC is that they are not trusting market forces to solve this virus problem. The 12% fatality rate in China, which is what they have been saying it was in Wuhan has nothing to do with how the same virus in the United States would be, we have better diets, better housing, better everything than that area of the world, so why would anybody assume we’d have a catastrophic result in America? Again, its government getting in the way of something when they should be getting out of the way. Our entire economic system is supposed to yield to the needs of a vast minority because its safe? And safety is defined by inflated government statistics designed to justify their power grab? The massive imposition here is that government is assuming that everyone in America is functioning from the white color on the Mental Awareness Color Code, and they aren’t. Those who aren’t, instantly observed that it wasn’t the coronavirus that was the threat, it was the incompetence of government that was, the massive mishandling of a virus coming out of Asia where trust in the free market should have stopped the outbreak with sheer tenacity, as many outbreaks had been done before so long as the markets were allowed to function and people able to do what they do when they want to do it.

But there is more to this, the overreaction is to cover the what might have happened with the statistical out of what we’ll never know because government stepped in and took control of everything, and people let them do it. And those forces knew they could get by with it because the Facebook surveys and other data collections showed information specialists that the white awareness people would tolerate a totalitarian state if safety was the driver. Bill Gates from his Microsoft Board position had been talking about this very scenario for several years, so as soon as the nuts and bolts were in place, a chain reaction of panic ensued, inspired by a government test of people’s ability to follow orders, and the white awareness people were happy to comply and do whatever government told them to. And the people who know better, and understand that government should have stayed out of the free market, and that President Trump was painted into a corner of reacting to the surge just as every governor, especially the liberal ones, to inject themselves into all our lives and to torpedo the American economy with a terrorist act that was so scary that it wasn’t even dressed up as a foreigner in a black mask, but a disease that nobody can see from a land far, far away. And because people couldn’t see it and touch it, governments around the world have made their move and a totalitarian test is well underway. But what’s most disappointing is that it was a Republican in DeWine who led the way in the United States to mass panic and incalculable economic destruction, all in the name of safety. People who shoot guns can see it for the bull shit that it is. Those who don’t are blissfully unaware yet wonder why they can’t get milk. The state has made a move to control the means of production, and it was a Republican governor who paved the way for everyone else to follow. And that is something for us all to remember for the times that come.

Rich Hoffman