Why Sherrod Brown Is Terrified of Jim Renacci: The king of the lobbyists took in more than $430,000 during 2018

It is really ironic that Sherrod Brown would chose to attack his challenger for the Ohio senate seat in Washington D.C., Jim Renacci over concerns of being a lobbyist. However, likely, that’s all Brown felt he could use to harm Renacci, which isn’t much. True that as a congressman Jim Renacci registered as a lobbyist, but that was for his own private businesses. That is the reason that Renacci got involved with politics to begin with, because when General Motors went bankrupt the government was picking winners and losers on who would keep their dealerships and Jim was selected to have his taken away. So Jim ran against his congressman who had worked to take away his dealership and won, which is how Renacci ended up in congress as a registered lobbyist. Since then there isn’t any evidence that Jim Renacci did any lobbying, other than for himself as a business person seeking justice as a victim of Democratic crony capitalism—which is vastly different from healthy capitalism. On the crony side, nobody in congress is more of a villain than Sherrod Brown. On a list of the top twenty lobbyist recipients can you guess dear reader who is at the top, with over $430,000—Sherrod Brown.



Obviously, Sherrod Brown isn’t used to being challenged for his senatorial seat by any competent candidates otherwise he would have been more prepared for Renacci. Its not like Brown isn’t experienced, he’s been in some kind of federal office since 1993 either as a member of the House or Senate. Yet in his mind he didn’t make the connection that he is the one in this senate race that has the lobby problem. Renacci went to Washington to defend his business interests and those of his district, Sherrod Brown went to the Swamp to fill his pockets. That $430,000 number came in just 2018 when he knew for most of the year that Renacci would be his challenger, yet Brown still approved a message attacking his rival of being a lobbyist.

This actually says a lot about Democrats in general. Sherrod Brown represents them well. First, they always accuse others of what they are guilty of. For instance, when Democrats say that it was the Russians that conspired with Republicans to steal the election of 2016, it was really the Democrats who conspired with the FBI to do so. When Democrats say that Republicans and conservatives in general are Neo Nazis and racists, it was the Democrats all along who were both. Hitler learned his methods of fascism from FDR and the Democrats of Woodrow Wilson, not Republicans. The KKK were not Republicans, they were Democrats—all of them. It was Republicans who freed the slaves in America and won the Civil War. And when it comes to being a lobbyist, it is Sherrod Brown who has taken all the money, more than anybody in congress. Not Jim Renacci.

The second thing about Democrats is that they just don’t understand business. As top down government aristocrats by their philosophic Machiavellian persuasion they do not understand capitalism or how money is made. They only seek to take money from those who have made it and to redistribute it to their own power bases. Sherrod Brown for instance doesn’t know what it means to create a business, he has literally been in government service his entire adult life. Whereas Jim Renacci has been building many businesses over the years and created great wealth and jobs as an entrepreneur. He only entered politics because a liberal politician selected him to be a loser in the great game and Renacci ran for office to set things right. And that is what he’s fighting for now. But all someone like Brown sees is a potential rival in the lobby market. If someone like Renacci or Trump isn’t trying to buy influence from politicians, then they are trying to change the game they make livings on, and therefore they are threats to their very Machiavellian existence where $430,000 buys companies a seat at the table of power. But if companies don’t play that game, then someone like Brown will come up with a law that punishes business owners and harms their ability to make jobs and money unless they pay the price.

When Democrats talk tough and espouse socialist tendencies in regard to corporations what they are really doing is setting the stage for a robbery through either taxation or a lobby shakedown and making that theft legal through law and enforced by either the IRS or one of the intelligence agencies. We all saw it happen in live time when Trump was elected to office and Chuck Schumer warned us all that the Swamp wouldn’t be drained, that if Trump thought he was going to take on the FBI, that they could make his life miserable, and even ruin it. Meanwhile FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were doing just that by leaking stories to The Washington Post and The New York Times to put Trump on his heels and force him to play ball. The same happens within the IRS all the time, a call from a powerful senator in the Beltway can ruin any company with fines, fees and lost time document searches as agents ransack offices with no recourse to protect the company. So what do companies do, especially large corporations, they pay the price to people like Sherrod Brown to keep the power of government away from their attempts at conducting business and generating wealth.

If it were really to be known why so many on both sides of politics are angry at Trump it is because his very existence threatens this financial racket, for which Sherrod Brown is the king. There are names on their from both parties, but Brown is unquestionably the king of lobbying. Yet Trump has not backed down and is fighting the good fight and for the first time in many decades there is a feeling within the business communities that the government isn’t their enemy that must be paid off but can be a partner. And that is why there is over 4% GDP growth. For politicians like Brown he sees the writing on the wall, his scheme as a senator in Washington D.C. is under threat and Jim Renacci is Trump’s hand-picked challenger to change that culture by taking away the seat of one of the most corrupt bureaucrats on Capitol Hill, Senator Sherrod Brown.

Brown has a lot to worry about, polling has Jim Renacci virtually tied with the old Senator and that is with three debates and two months of campaigning to do. And if that is the best that Brown has, because honestly Jim Renacci is about as squeaky clean and good as anybody can hope to find in politics, its going to be hard for Brown to make an argument against Renacci for which Brown is the guiltiest in all of politics of doing himself. In so many ways the battle between Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown is a window into the entire 2018 election, the new against the old the businessman against the government thief, the honest against the corrupt. The Republican against the Democrat and the one who wants to make the game more honest, and the one who wants to live off the dishonesty. Sherrod Brown is everything we hate about politics and for the first time in his entire career that spans over three decades in government, he has a real challenger in Jim Renacci and that has everyone who has been up to no good, terrified.

Rich Hoffman

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The Death of John McCain: Finally, Lucy won’t be able to pull away the football–Charlie Brown isn’t there to try and kick it

I typically don’t pile on when someone I don’t care for dies. It is good to just let things go when they are not necessary for strategic implementation. But with John McCain, there is so much being made about his death that it has to be addressed. Greatness, as it is being sold to us through the various aspects of our culture is not what John McCain was. It is stunning how many liberals are yearning for him now that he has died. There is more unsaid than said in this case as McCain represented a Republican Party that Democrats could easily beat. In the manner for which he is being celebrated, it is not for his courage and triumph but for his complacency and defeat, so that his humble nature might be copied by current Republicans so that Democrats might aspire to new life. John McCain is not being paraded around for all his great deeds but simply that he was until his last dying breath of servant of the state, and it will be the state that misses him. To me John McCain will always be the loser of two presidential runs, the guy who prevented Obamacare from being scrapped with his late night no vote, and he’s the Never Trumper who helped put the Steele dossier against Trump in the hands of the FBI. When I heard he had died I changed the channel to watch something else.

Yet now for days we have been hearing about how great John McCain was and how his sacrifices for our country were so magnificent—which is why we have to talk about this issue. Anymore, in this era of the Donald Trump presidency that it is the people who believe so intensely in the value of institutions that are against the new president. They have a visceral hatred for him and his independence, as well as the independence of the people who support him. If you really peel back the onion it is the institutionalized state and its servants who hate Donald Trump like jealous caged animals stuck in a zoo hates the spectators who observe them from the freedom behind a moat. John McCain was on full display from a kind of guerrilla pin watching people watch him in his natural habitat, the cages of Capitol Hill, the former POW captured behind enemy lines and tortured by the little Vietnamese. John McCain wasn’t the Rambo type of soldier that Americans fantasized about, he was the compliant soldier who did what everyone told him to, even when captured by the communists. Again during his own run for president when he had an opportunity to slam President Obama, he gave up on the chance and surrendered behind politeness while real evil did its work. The reason John McCain is being celebrated now is not for all the good things he did, it is for essentially being a Republican who left the door open for all the insurgents against America to sneak in, and for that they called McCain a patriot.

The institutionalized state views people like McCain patriots because they will sacrifice themselves so that the state can live, which is why McCain’s time as a POW is such a sentimental endeavor. While the typical Trump supporter would find heroics in killing all McCain’s captors and making belts out of them, McCain was a good prisoner who did what they told him to. He was a good Senator who lost when the institutions told him to and to yield his hopes and dreams for the highest office in the world to a young black Senator named Obama. When 700 WLWs Bill Cunningham set McCain up to take some shots at Barack Hussain Obama during the 2008 election McCain attacked the popular talk radio host for conduct unbecoming. McCain lost the election and America ended up with a socialist as its president for the next 8 years. Markets plummeted just as they do in every country where socialists are put into positions of power because the smart money left the country and took their jobs with them. McCain losing that election followed by a poor performance by Mitt Romney the following cycle created Donald Trump. For McCain to hate Trump the way he did by not even wanting the President to attend his funeral says everything about the deceased senator. He wasn’t one of the good guys. He was a Trojan horse who sided with the insurgents and encouraged those protecting the gates of Americanism to let down their doors and work with their enemies.

McCain is being celebrated as a politician who could work with both sides, when civility ruled the Senate. But what the institutions that miss him now are really mourning is that the days of Republicans leaving the door open so that bad people could take over the institutions is over, and now they miss those easy victories. While McCain probably did love his country and believed that everything he did was for the better, it all goes back to him being a prisoner of war in communist Vietnam and growing empathy for his captors and putting his faith into the institutions for which the war was fought and resigning himself to just being one little speck in the grand scheme of things that made him dangerous as a major player within the institutions which seek power at any cost—because he was all too willing to give it to them. John McCain was not a great man by my definition, nor by Trump apparently where judgments are made about conduct successfully done. McCain was the professional Charlie Brown that always had the football ripped away by Lucy at the last-minute and for that the institutions will miss him. But to the real achievers in the world, they’d rather forget that he was on their team at all.

I don’t blame Trump for not lowering the flag to half staff on Monday. McCain did everything he could to feed the phony Russian story back to the FBI which started the whole process in an effort to make it look legitimate. McCain always the good institutionalist tried to use his experience and levity as a former presidential candidate to make the Steele dossier look legitimate which started this whole mess with Mueller which is in Trump’s back pocket every day. Then to make matters worse, McCain hated Trump so much that he made it clear that the president wasn’t invited to his own funeral.

Yet that is what the institutionalized state will miss about John McCain. His death is actually the death of easy Republican defeats and a propped up Democratic Party, so of course they are sad. But why should the rest of us be? Honestly, I’d rather forget about John McCain, I certainly won’t miss him. He was a loser who hid his failures behind the sacrifices that state control required, and he renamed them victories. And for that he is being propped up as a great man being paraded around the country for the people to mourn. Will we do the same for other senators in the future, will we do such tributes to Senator Bob Dole, or Mitch McConnell? No, because what is being celebrated is not the life of John McCain but the willing servant of the institutions themselves, a feeder of evil to the causes against individual liberty. And that is what modern institutions call—good. Yes they will miss John McCain, but I certainly won’t.

Rich Hoffman

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No Real Republican Can Ever Be a Racist: Exploring the history of Neo Nazis, Antifa and “Unite the Right”

We have to talk about the various protests on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville, one of which took place right outside the White House over the weekend of August 12th 2018. About two dozen white supremacists had filed a petition for permit to have a rally called “Unite the Right” which inspired the aggressive leftist anarchists Antifa to the site to engage in hostilities. As far as political theater the media tried to paint the picture that it was right versus left in a prebattle for the midterms. But in reality it was like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini arguing over who was more to the political right than the other—which would be odd since they are all extremist lefty groups. Communism is certainly a concept of the political left. Socialism for which Germany was driven by is another extreme leftists’ philosophy, and fascism which was the theme of Italy was somewhere in the middle of those two on the political spectrum as Mussolini operated. There is nothing even remotely conservative about any of those three things. There is nothing conservative about a “neo Nazi.” And I would propose that no real conservative could ever be considered a racist. It’s just not possible.

Conservatives believe in individual merit and rights. That makes any group associations a definition as to how conservative a person might be. If a person is white and is in a country club full of rich white people who are mostly male and have incomes over a million dollars a year, they are more liberal and less Republican than the auto mechanic down the road who minds his own business, votes in every election and teaches his family values diligently every day of their life. The country club people tend to think in group associations by their very nature which erodes their conservative foundations epistemologically.

One of the reasons that America is such a melting pot where people from all over the world have been able to successfully come and make good livings is because of Republican government and the concept of our Constitution, which enables individual rights as opposed to group associations. Any real conservative would never look a person and judge them by their skin color or their ancestry. No person on earth should be judged by the lives of their parents or grandparents. They should be judged based on what they do as individuals.

Following that logic, no race of people could be scrutinized if the individual merit of their actions is taken into account. The KKK was never a branch of Republican thinkers, they were all Democrats from the south. It was Republicans that ended slavery, they didn’t conduct it. And in modern times, it is Republicans who offer opportunities and prosperity through proper government, not Democrats who seek to exploit races of people for political gain. Nobody who looks at groups of people and tries to lump them together as one identity can properly call themselves a Republican because the philosophic meaning provides a quandary that is impossible to resolve through logic.

Ironically this problem was solved by Clint Eastwood in several of his movies during the 70s and 80s. The left leaning media often attacked Eastwood films as being right leaning and part of what’s wrong with America. So Eastwood tackled the situation directly in his comedies such as Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can, the cop drama Magnum Force and the romantic comedy Pink Cadillac. In each of those movies Clint Eastwood showed the difference between the Neo Nazi and himself as represented by a kind of libertarian Reagan Republican. Eastwood was always the loner individual who had groups of neo Nazi’s always chasing after him. American audiences loved Eastwood and those films made a lot of money and are still very popular to this day because they represent how most Americans see themselves. The distinction Eastwood made in his movies was clear and that’s why even at age 88, he is still loved by much of the Trump political base.

Racism has never been a part of Republican ideas. There are of course various degrees of conservatism, there are the country club types and they consider themselves as a group superior to the mechanic because there are more of them present at the cigar bar on Tuesday nights, but we are talking about subtle differences. I call such people RINOs. John Kasich is certainly one of those types and the split in the Republican party presently is due to this philosophic distinction. Kasich expanded Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare in an effort to exploit the poor. He says God made him do it, but even that concept of God is a kind of leftist notion because when you really pull back the layers of religion, any religion, you will find many of the same ideas that make communism, socialism and fascism so attractive to weak-minded people today. But Kasich as a left leaning Republican wanted to run for president so he expanded Medicaid to pull in middle ground voters. He didn’t deal with people on their own individual merit, he packaged the poor into a nice demographic group, threw some money at them to win their votes and called it compassion. I call it racism. Whether it was white poor, or black poor, it was still group assimilation for the benefit of political power.

There were no conservatives protesting in front of the White House at the “Unite the Right” protests. There was no “right.” There were only various degrees of left leaning radical’s hell bent to take society back to a theocracy and fulfil the requirements of the Vico cycle. Tattooed skin heads and KKK members with white masks are not members of the Republican party but by their own names. To hide their acts of left leaning sentiment they have attempted to duck behind the Republican party in the same way that some modern loser sitting in a Waffle House in the middle of the night reading the Bible and proclaiming that God tells them to hate black people using some long dead uncle who knew someone who married someone who had an affair with someone in a king’s court in France 400 years ago to justify their worth in life as an utmost failure because they can’t stand on their own merit.

Most Republicans don’t defend themselves from these accusations and the media knows they won’t, because most conservatives are so independent that they never make the connection that the people being called racists are them because they don’t see themselves as a group. That is why they seldom ever defend themselves from attack, because their minds just don’t think that way. However, that is exactly what the media is trying to portray, and they count on nobody hitting back from the conservative right. That’s how these vile people have gotten away with such things for so long. But that’s coming to a close now. People are learning. Trump has given people their own version of Clint Eastwood in real life to rally behind and that Genie is not going back into the bottle. The media has just made themselves less relevant in the process because there are options out there where smart conservatives can go and not be called a racist just because some liberal tried to connect the dots where no dots appeared. And that distinction will only grow in the future leaving all these radical leftists with no place to hide, which makes them violent at first, but heavily exposed to the realities of the world.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Jim Renacci: Trump endorses the Ohio candidate to take on Sharrod Brown’s Senate seat in 2018

The primary election is now under a week away and in Ohio I will be voting very enthusiastically for Jim Renacci for the U.S. Senate. For me there isn’t even a close second. Renacci is the guy who should be the Republican nominee to go after the Sherrod Brown seat this fall, and is best poised to represent the new Trump agenda. So its important that when May 8th comes around that you don’t just sit home and skip the primary vote. Go vote and cast a vote for Jim Renacci, because you can’t take anything for granted these days. We are living in a time of great change, for the better I might add, but to keep that momentum going, you must participate even if in small ways. A vote on May 8th is a small thing, but it all adds up to big things. Even with all that’s going on in the world for which President Trump is a part of he took time recently to officially endorse Jim Renacci:


Wadsworth, Ohio—Today, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci, received the endorsement of the the Trump Campaign which comes on the heels of President Trump’s personal endorsement last week.

“I am humbled to have received the Trump campaign’s endorsement for U.S. Senate, in addition to President Trump’s recent personal endorsement for my candidacy. I am proud of my record as a strong advocate for the President’s America First agenda and l look forward to continuing to advance that cause in the United States Senate,” said Jim Renacci.

I enjoyed watching the West Virginia Senate debate on Fox News where there is a similar battle going on there as in Ohio. A Republican is looking to knock off a long-held Democratic Senate seat to put the numbers more in Trump’s favor. It’s a strategy that the mainstream media is ignoring in hopes that people won’t notice, but the GOP is very active in this regard in 2018, led largely by the Trump White House. My pick by the way in West Virginia for which I have many readers is of course Don Blankenship. He’s a business guy and he was prosecuted and sent to jail for many of the same reasons Sheriff Joe Arpaio was prosecuted in Arizona. I think it takes a lot of guts to step right out of jail and run for a Senate seat at the federal level taking on an entrenched incumbent. A few years ago such a thing would be unheard of, but in 2018, why the hell not. We’re looking for people in these seats who want America to win and will fight to make it so—even when they have had to face down personal adversity to such extremes. The Blankenship case is one of those types of political stories where the Obama administration was at war with the coal industry and was seeking to weaken it. Blankenship was the CEO of a number of large coal mines all over West Virginia and when an accident happened that killed several people, the Obama Department of Justice used the power it controlled to put a CEO in jail. It was Obama’s way of showing the world that socialism was the new trend in America and that CEOs weren’t safe under the new socialist oriented president.

Jim Renacci in Ohio isn’t nearly as controversial as Blankenship but he could tell similar stories about how the federal government abused him as a private businessman. Jim as an entrepreneur has been very successful and one of his big enterprises was a General Motors Dealership that he ran around the time that GM went bankrupt. Due to a long story of government tampering and a congressman in his district who happened to be a Democrat, Jim reached out to try to save his dealership from the GM collapse. When the Democratic congressman lied to Renacci leading to a series of events where Jim lost his dealership anyway, Jim did the most noble thing he could do at the time, and that was run against that Democrat and beat him to take his senate seat away from him.

Jim Renacci is a fighter, but not in a crazy way, in the careful and precise way that top business executives are—which is the trend for where the Trump controlled Republican Party is moving—thankfully. And that is why President Trump sought Jim out of the crowd to run for the Sharrod Brown seat. Trump needs more senators on Capital Hill and he wants Jim to be one of them. But he also needs someone who can beat an entrenched Democrat to take that seat away, which is how we have arrived at this place in time under these specific circumstances.

The politics of yesterday where fizzled out lawyers and old lobbyists try to get elected to one of the two parties for a chance to become American aristocrats enhancing their social lives greatly in destructive ways without ever being expected to do anything meaningful while in office is over. Now that Trump has won the Executive Branch and is doing a very good job, former business executives like Jim Renacci are getting serious looks where they hadn’t before, and for the first time we are looking at staffing a government not with political hacks, but actual people of real world accomplishment. Who couldn’t like the reasons that Jim Renacci got into politics and his record thus far as a true conservative? Jim is just the kind of person I think every elected position should have in it, if only there were enough good people out there like Jim Renacci.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jim Renacci a few times now, one time was when he was traveling on Air Force One with President Trump to visit a local manufacturing plant in southern Ohio. He’s as solid of a person I’ve ever meet as a politician, he’s the real deal, and Trump knows it. Being handpicked by Donald Trump, when it comes to the upcoming fall, the President will come to Ohio several times to help push Jim over Sharrod Brown, and that would be good for everyone. But Trump won’t do the same for those he hasn’t handpicked, because he knows how to tell who the losers are and who the winners will be, and his time is too valuable for losers. Given that qualifier, Trump has already put a considerable amount of time into Jim Renacci, and very early in the process. So if you are a Trump supporter, it is very important to help that overall effort out by voting this upcoming Tuesday, May 8th in the primary.

I think the primary elections in May are every bit as important as the fall elections in November, but often only a fraction of the potential electorate shows up to participate. Don’t be one of those people who stay home that day. Jim Renacci needs your vote, and so does Donald Trump. To keep this conservative reform going that we are currently undergoing, we need fresh troops on the line and Jim Renacci is one of those new, fresh faces that are so badly needed in the Senate. So vote for him and help us turn the corner to the next great battle—the Sharrod Brown Senate Seat!

Rich Hoffman

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How Do You Like Your Raise America: From the Beltway to Blue Ash–Trump knows where the heart of our country really is

It was only January 2nd 2018 that Rob Portman visited the fabulous Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash, Ohio once it was announced that the company would be giving all 126 of its employees $1000 bonuses due to the recent tax cuts that were passed just days before Christmas. Well that caught the attention of Donald Trump who came to that very same facility on February 5th just a month later to have a look at one of the first companies in the country to reinvest in their employees based on the tax cuts and to endorse congressman Jim Renacci for his run against Sherrod Brown for the Ohio senate race.

The visit yet again by President Trump to the Cincinnati area says everything about the strategic importance that the Tri-State area has in the national scheme of things. Trump understands the value of Ohio not just in winning elections and building a cohesive Republican Party ahead of the 2018 midterms. He understands where few do that what is happening in America is a huge step forward with regard to the human race—a new age of enlightenment for which Adam Smith could have only dreamed, and it’s happening in a very enthusiastic way, and it all starts with the little companies like the Sheffer Corporation—not the big industrial giants with lobbyists who camp out in Washington to get the ears and support of policy makers over wine at the Four Seasons.


How did you like that America, the raise you just received in your latest payroll check? Most everyone who has a job received on, and it was a significant increase. Most of the time we see less of our money because there is always some drooling politician voting for another tax increase for every little appeasing project that are so tempting to the negotiator afraid of federal trade unions. We have seldom in recent generations ever seen government give back money. So yes, most people employed with a real job in America got a pay increase starting at the end of January and the beginning of February. It took a lot of senators and congressional representatives to pull it off. Rob Portman certainly did his job which is why he came to the forward thinking Sheffer group in the first place. But if not for Trump’s negotiations and sheer persistence the tax cut would have never have happened. It was due to his sheer tenacity and salesmanship that a tax bill actually ended up on his desk and signed so that once the holidays were over, companies could start handing out checks to their employees and employees could start seeing more money on their checks. The whole process only took about 5 weeks which was lightning fast government.

There’s a lot to feel good about. Democrats at this point only have one hopeless shit shot from mid court to make against Trump and that is to hope that somewhere in his dealings the New York business mogul made a big enough mistake in dealing with the Russians that Democrats can create doubt about Trump’s presidency. What else have they got, they have boring candidates who are out of touch, many of them old and unappealing in every way? They are getting killed in fund-raising, so even if they did have challengers for the 2018 midterms, where will they get the money to run against Republicans? It is astonishing that after that congressional memo about the FISA abuse so many media outlets instantly went to the former model and Trump assistant Hope Hicks as someone who was up to something involving Don Jr’s interview of a Russian lawyer—as if anything there amounted to anything. For instance, watch the ABC News report shown below about the excessive detail they will go to uncovering every rock involving Hope Hicks when the most explosive evidence of collusion, obstruction of justice, and scandalous activity come from those who just hate Trump. For as much as the media celebrates their efforts at bringing down corruption from powerful people, like in the film All the President’s Men and the recent Spielberg film, The Post, the biggest conspiracy to commit crime in the history of our nation just occurred with the FBI yet only Fox News is covering. That’s not because Fox News is a partisan outlet, it’s because everyone else is in on the game for their own preservation. Hating Trump is to hate the change and refocus on priorities that come with him—a refocus from the Beltway to Blue Ash.

The hatred of Trump and his administration as I’ve explained before come from the professional bureaucrats who make a living off the chaos of Washington D.C. politics. As a self-made billionaire Trump is above Beltway politics. The only thing he may have in common with them is that he loves attention and adoration. But Trump gets that adoration at events like this Blue Ash visit while the professional bureaucrats get it from power lunches at the Four Seasons. If you’ve ever been to Georgetown dear reader and went to the mall there, and places like the Four Seasons you get the distinct impression that all of Washington politics exists for the simple reason of coming to places like that for lunch and talking with like-minded people over fancy meals and pampered circumstances. They never want to solve any real problems because it is chaos that keeps them all overly paid employees of the government and allow them to have lunch in such places and kiss people they don’t like on the cheek when they arrive for brunch to talk about essentially nothing so they can do the same thing tomorrow.

Meanwhile workers at Sheffer are happy to pick up a few Coney dogs at Skyline Chili in Blue Ash for lunch and to talk about football, baseball, or basketball, whatever is going on at the time. They just want to live their lives and bring home some money to their families. Those people at the Four Seasons didn’t think to put any money in their pockets with decreased tax burdens, or taking off the regulations that crush companies like Sheffer from doing business. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi who goes to the Four Seasons for lunch a lot might drop a $1000 each time, and not think anything of it. But a $1000 in the pockets of the workers at Sheffer is an enormous amount of money. In some ways its life changing because if you add that to the weekly increases, it gives employees a chance to get out ahead of their monthly bills just before they see substantial increases in their weekly checks—ahead of tax returns—where its likely they’ll have additional deductions. By summer those employees at Sheffer will be much better off financially than they were the year before, and they have Donald Trump to thank.

Yes, the stock market dropped substantially on the Friday that the now famous FISA memo was released. The same type of people who thrive off the chaos of government retaliated with the very positive jobs report that was coming out showing great economic growth and that wages were up already in the 2018 year. To conventional investors that means inflation and interest rate hikes at the Fed so there was a big sell off that probably isn’t over. But we are not living in conventional times. Donald Trump certainly isn’t a conventional president. It won’t take long for employees of Sheffer and the many thousands of other companies like it out there in America to start spending some of their extra money on this economy and giving new companies the needed boost in sales a chance to chase their dreams and further expand our GDP. Conventional arguments against the optimistic appraisal Trump has about GDP growth trajectory will say that everything is working against him, child-birth is down, work place participation is down, efficiencies are questionable as global markets shift priorities, and that the top growth anyone can expect is only 2%. But what they don’t know is that technology is changing giving standard economic models an irrelevancy that they haven’t quite figured out yet and productivity will be expanding per capita making all the formulas have to recalibrate themselves to the Trump economy that is several parts optimism, a tad bit of nationalism, sprinkled with opportunities created by deregulation and what we end up with is a formula for greatness that only people in Ohio and flyover states like it see first. That’s why the president was in Blue Ash and not having lunch at the Four Seasons in Georgetown.

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker Sworn in as a West Chester Trustee: Everyone loves a winner

I thought it was ironic that the same day Donald Trump won his case in court for his appointment to head the CFPD that my friend Ann Becker was sworn in as the new West Chester Township Trustee. What they had in common was they were both ushered in on the backs of victory where opposing forces had once been hard lined against them.  The key wins in elected offices had solidified sentiment toward a productive outcome. Former political adversaries had been united under the banner of victory and that is truly something wonderful. I sat in the back of Ann’s swearing ceremony, which made the video below a little hard to hear, because I wanted a nice panoramic of the packed audience. There were many there to show their support for Ann who were certainly no fans of her just three years ago. But Ann had shown wonderful leadership in helping get people elected into key Central Committee positions and she was a paramount figure in helping Donald Trump get elected in southern Ohio with Sheriff Jones. From there the rest of the Republican Party put their differences aside to rally behind Ann when she ran for George Lang’s vacant seat as he went on to become a congressman for the State of Ohio. For this moment to arrive it took a lot of effort and careful politics, and for all that tenacity I am extremely proud of Ann Becker.


Yes, the tide is changing and even people who reluctantly put their finger to the wind just months ago and thought that John Kasich’s brand of GOP would win out in Ohio now see that Trump is setting the agenda at the top and local politics is building that infrastructure at the ground level and people can now see the results. The victory for Trump at the CFPD represented a major blow to the kind of politics we are all used to. And as Ann Becker took her oath many of the people in the room who were there to welcome her into that new level of politics, had plans for her they hoped to shape. Whether those plans might be easy passage of the next police budget, or some favorable vote to use tax payer money on some private venture—Ann was the President of the Cincinnati Tea Party—so politics as usual was something that would be difficult for them to adjust to. Reform is in her every drop of blood. She is savvy enough to be nice about it, and to listen to all sides, but when the rubber hits the road, Ann is a major part of the countrywide revolution that took place over the last 10 years and now she’s on a career path as a powerful politician.

After the ceremony many of us went over to RJ’s Sports Pub to celebrate and I was surprised by how many people showed up. The waitress confided to me that they were nowhere near prepared for the onslaught of people who arrived. I don’t think Ann even thought so many people would show up to see her sworn in, let alone go to RJ’s after to celebrate with her. Winning has a unique way of unifying people. Everyone loves a winner. I remember a few years ago when secret tapes came out of the Republican Party of Butler County where the old guard was laminating against Ann Becker’s Tea Party oriented philosophy because back then conventional wisdom mandated that the Tea Party would fizzle out after the IRS crackdowns, and establishment Republicans all the way to the top were part of that conspiracy—they were part of the Swamp, part of the world that created government divisions like the CFPD to embed itself into our capitalist system and run everything from a centralized authority of Republicans and Democrats bringing to life FDR’s “Middle Way.” Ann didn’t appear to have a chance at ever being a formal candidate for anything—because her political outlook was just too pure for many establishment types to consider. But after her win to the State Central Committee and her gradual work from within, people began to see the light and like everything in life, once she proved herself to be a winner—they wanted to be near her.

We can see this phenomenon when a winning sports team is doing well, the community usually jumps on the bandwagon at the end and supports them with jersey purchases and an increase in ticket sales. Losing does not bring this kind of behavior about in people. Only winning. Winning can convert the most adversarial enemy over to your way of thinking by track record alone, and is the key to a strong negotiating position. Respect always accompanies winning, by the nature of human beings. After a year in office and all the powers of the press and politics to derail President Trump, he is a winner and is steamrolling right over everyone, friends and enemies alike. Because he’s a winner he can do things that nobody else can, which is why he is now the leader of the Republican Party. Ten years ago the Butler County Republican Party was much different from the one of today. No longer are the John Boehners and John Kasichs running things it’s people like Ann Becker and Mark Welch who are challenging their peers to the north in Liberty Township and to the west in Fairfield with a level of competency that has not been expected before—but is now. In that way the politics of Butler County changed quite a lot with the swearing-in of Ann Becker.

I’ve certainly not been a fan of Lee Wong, but even he was wearing the colors of change in his demeanor as he welcomed Ann to the board during the swearing-in. I don’t think Lee is a conservative at all by the way he legislates, but in the politics of Butler County there really isn’t a choice. The philosophy of Ann Becker has pulled the party much more to the right just as Donald Trump has at the federal level just by standing her ground and being authentic. That is a trait all winners possess, an unmistakable tenacity that brings people to you rather than you to them.

When Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer refused to come to the White House on the same day to talk budgets and taxes with Trump that was a first for the Democrats—it was something we hadn’t seen before. What it essentially amounts to is that they are losing the game and are refusing to finish. It is obvious now that the special prosecutor investigation is going nowhere, and momentum is completely on Trump’s side. Tax cuts are happening without their involvement or ability to stop it. Trump is appointing conservative judges, without their ability to stop him. Christmas has returned to the White House, without anybody in the media being able to stop it through ankle biting criticism. And good luck beating Trump on a government shutdown. Yes, times have changed a lot.

And that change was obvious with the election of Ann Becker as the newest member of the West Chester Trustees. By winning the winds of reform are at her back and all she needs to do to continue winning, is just to be herself. Everything else will take care of itself. For a young woman who just a few years ago had so many enemies she suddenly has lots of friends, and that is how real change is implemented. Change that Ann has fought hard for over a long period of time. And now she has an opportunity to really make a difference, and I’m very happy for her.

Rich Hoffman
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NOW THIS IS AN ENTRANCE: A Daring new Republican Party


Now this is the way an American president should enter an RNC convention—and this is also how a first lady should look and behave.  This is what I expect out of my representatives and why I have been for Donald Trump from the start.  But the important stuff that has been happening has not been part of most of the media broadcasts and many of them involve the Alex Jones portion of the Republican Party.  Probably the two best things from day one of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio 2016 was the “Hillary For Prison” banner flying over the entire city and Jones confronting establishment Bush Republican, Karl Rove at the airport baggage claim—who has been anti-Trump fervently.

Then of course there is Dinesh D’Souza showing off his new movie, Hillary’s America and suddenly as you look around the convention and it is obvious that Republicans are finally starting to stick up for themselves—and that is what the media is not reporting on any outlet.  It starts with Trump’s entrance on stage and ends with people like Alex Jones fighting with Karl Rove at the airport.  So here are some videos of that first day which paints a picture everyone should see of a new Republican Party emerging with a vengeance.

Rich Hoffman


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