The Truth About Racism: Democrats are trying to keep them on another kind of plantation

For the wall-to-wall news coverage on race, especially coming out of CNN regarding the nightly protests over police shootings, the real story is the attempts to hide the wounds that have never healed over Reconstruction after the Civil War.  No, it is not going too far back to think about such things.  Any student of history could see it; there is a reason that Democrats want to destroy public education to control what you know and learn from history, how you might come to think and solve problems.  If they’re going to hold you, they must control what you know, and concerning the Progressive Movement that came about around the 1890s, you have to understand the scam they have been attempting to cover up for which they are most guilty. But to know it, you would have had to read books that are pretty obscure because nobody is covering this topic very well.  When we learn about the Civil War, we understand that it freed the slaves, but they never talk about the hows or whys.  And we certainly don’t remember much about Reconstruction after the Civil War.  I think Dinesh D’souza did some of the best modern work on showing who the racists of society were and what needs to be done about it, which is the great secret of our day. 

I usually wouldn’t pour any gasoline on the fire but watching this garbage on the news has forced me to reveal what nobody wants to think about.  What I see on the riot coverage are not blacks.  I know many people of color, some that I am very close with and care about very much who are black.  I see from the rioters, slaves made that way through a terrible public education system and a liberalized media hiding a terrible secret.  They only care to riot for an opportunity to steal televisions and tennis shoes. They do not care about racism or how we managed to get racism in our country and understand that.  I would point the curious mind to one of my absolute favorite books on planet earth, the incredible book about western gunfighters called Triggernometry by Eugene Cunningham, first published in 1934.  Good ol’ Eugene was around in the days of the gunfighters and knew them from first-hand accounts.  And he certainly knew the hatred that still existed, especially among bloodthirsty killers like John Wesley Hardin and Jesse James, how political their killings were.  Hardin was forged from the political circumstances in Texas during Reconstruction after the Civil War, where black police were put in charge as a stick in the eye of the defeated Democrats provoking much violence.  One of my favorite Wild West sheriffs came to have one of the most remarkable law enforcement careers in history through Reconstruction, which nobody knows about because he was a black man, Bass Reeves.  Jesse James was far more political than just a killer.  He believed he was fighting against Reconstruction, attacking radical Republicans who had freed the slaves and forcing slave states like Missouri to integrate blacks into society against their southern will. 

Democrats failed, of course, and they eventually gave up their fight against Reconstruction directly.  Instead, they entered government in the North and began undoing much of what Republicans under Lincoln and Grant started.  Of course, this took a long time to occur to mask their efforts; they adopted this new Progressive Movement that was coming out of Wisconsin, and even Teddy Roosevelt fell for it.  But it was a platform for Democrats to rebrand themselves after Reconstruction and regain power over blacks and get revenge for losing their slaves.  Through big government communism and socialism, Progressives sought to put slaves into the inner cities to control them on a new kind of plantation.  They rotted the minds of blacks through public education, gave them free government services, and sought to destroy all family structures so that the people themselves would have no support mechanism to defend themselves intellectually.  Then finally, they would highjack the Civil Rights movement by using Martin Luther King to flip the script on Reconstruction, which was around 90 years old at that time.  It may seem like ancient history to us today.  Reconstruction was very much on the minds of Democrats.  In the tumultuous 60s, where Russian communism was penetrating our colleges overtly, and blacks were being used to hide the Klu Klux Klan past, the old bushwhackers from the Civil War were still stinging from the pain of Reconstruction.  The South lost their way of life and economy to the do-gooder radical Republicans who came to power under Lincoln and Grant, and they never got over it. 

The plots to kill President Lincoln for defeating the South in the Civil War are now well known.  And the constant political scheme to ruin Grant can be studied to significant effect by reading Ron Chernow’s book titled, appropriately, Grant.  It wasn’t much different from the way Democrats and some Republicans treated President Trump.  Grant was attacked by Democrats constantly because of Reconstruction and his administration in controversy.  I remember a report I did on Grant in the third grade where I talked about him as a war hero.  I wanted to think so because he was from Ohio, essentially southern Cincinnati. So I talked him up in one of my early writing escapades, which my teacher didn’t like, even back then in the 70s.  She was all caught up on the Democrat position on Grant and wanted me to portray him as a drunk, bankrupt scallywag.  I, of course, didn’t change my report, and I did get a lousy grade, although my teacher did admit that I showed great promise with my writing ability.  But you get the point with that bit of example of the kind of extremism. This kind of situation is taught to people, especially blacks freed from slavery by Republicans and abused right up to these modern-day race riots by Democrats, and exploited for everything that Progressives can give themselves through this racism theater.

It’s not hard to find the evidence if you care to find it.  Joe Biden has a long history with former members of the Klu Klux Klan, the types who came into office and stayed there for 50 years or more, elected because of Reconstruction in the South to dismantle the efforts.  The blacks like Frederick Douglass showed great promise of the kind of people who could benefit the American way of life. Democrats compelled blacks into the inner cities for the next hundred years, up to the present where they know nothing else to do but burn down buildings, turn over cars, and steal things to make a living because that is what Democrats want out of them.  For Democrats, it is revenge against the Republicans for what happened during Reconstruction.  Yes, it goes back to that point in history.  And slowly, over time, the best revenge was for Democrats to repackage themselves to the blacks their former and current slaves.  Now you know why they want to burn books telling the stories of the past.  So that people wouldn’t learn about these kinds of things.  After all, it’s how Democrats recaptured the blacks through voting by erasing their history and any knowledge of the excellent work that Republicans did to free them the first time.  And the danger that terrified Democrats most about Trump was that he was freeing blacks again, which showed in the last election.  And that is the truth of the matter, which is the key to understanding everything you need to know, dear reader, about the racial tensions we have now. 

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John Boehner Misses the Cause of the Capitol Riot: It wasn’t Trump–it was politicians like the former Speaker

John Boehner isn’t a loser because we’re mean, its because he thinks like one

What nobody wants to admit, and this is very clear in the comments John Boehner uttered while promoting his new book on his life and times as Speaker of the House was that the violence at the Capitol was because people did not want to go back to having politicians like him running Washington D.C. again.  The violence at the Capitol was as much a rebuke against John Boehner as it was against election fraud which the establishment types that Boehner loves so much didn’t want to hear because they weren’t and still aren’t prepared to fight that fight.  Those kinds of Republicans, “John Boehner” types of Republicans are not ready to fight that kind of fight, where they stand for something, anything.  What John Boehner gives us is what he shows on the cover of his book, a cigarette chain smoker sipping on a wine glass.  His cover reminds me of James Comey actually who made similar references to wine drinking in his book on his termination from the Trump FBI.  These people like the social parts of the political jobs in Washington, but they don’t like the work.  It wasn’t Trump who egged on rioters, it was people sick of the political system John Boehner represented, and people didn’t want to return to those days, especially with Mitch McConnell coming out at the same time as a major RINO Republican just like John Boehner.  The fault for the riots fell on the shoulders of the many politicians who let down the voting public, and that is where any blame should be distributed. 

As I said in the video above, I know John Boehner through good friends of mine who are also good friends of him.  A review of my hundreds and hundreds of articles from the time when Boehner was Speaker of the House will show that I was very critical of him because he was anti-Tea Party.  And I was very Tea Party.  I remember a meeting with the Boehner people in 2010 where I asked them how we could get out of the United Nations, because at that time there was so much concern about the smart meters that was being put on our homes, and it was all driven by the United Nations looking to bring the world under a one-world government.  The Boehner people sort of laughed at the request as if my thoughts were driven by conspiracy theory.  Then there was another time where Obama had made some appointments that were impeachable offenses, and I had the evidence and the legal position in my hand.  I rode my motorcycle through the January rain to hand-deliver the contents to John Boehner’s office personally, which I did.  They of course thought the idea of impeachment of President Obama was ridiculous.  I tried to work with John Boehner, to bring him into the fold, and he stiff-armed all of us in our local community who were trying to stick to a Constitutional small government.  He was a big government guy who was much more of a Democrat than a Republican and it caused a small civil war in my community which he became so sick of that he retired.  He was a cry baby who embarrassed us with his estrogen-laced diatribes and it was obvious he wasn’t up for the job.  So, we pushed him out and replaced him with the great Warren Davidson—a much better pick who represents us to this day. 

Then to make matters worse, Boehner turned around and became a pot lobbyist for legalized marijuana.  Personally, for me, I am as anti-pot as I am Hell or the poisons of the Devil himself.  I’ve ended entire long-time friendships with people just because they tried pot, so for me, it’s a deal killer.  As much as I thought John Boehner was a big government RINO who was certainly part of the problem in Washington when he started to become a pot lobbyist, that was the end for me.  I pulled back from some of my political activity around town because I didn’t want to deal with him at events.  He made me as sick as a person can become sick.  That’s how I felt about John Boehner before he came out to slam current members of the freedom caucus like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz and attempted to put a final nail in President Trump so that he could hopefully get good enough press coverage to sell a few books.  It was and is one of the most disgusting things in politics that I can think of, largely because I know a lot about the inside story of the crying loser that is John Boehner.  What he said to the media about Trump and the MAGA movement is a gross distortion from a mind in denial of what caused Boehner and others to be pushed out of public office.  People like Rob Portman, whom I also know.  I don’t know him well now, but I knew him well when he was first getting started.  Who he is today is nothing like what he was when he first got into politics and it always sickens me to see that transformation change, from a hopeful small government freedom fighter to a wine sipping pot advocate that wants to make love, not war, when the war against our very lives is on our doorstep. 

To hear Boehner crying about why he failed as a Speaker because everyone is so angry these days, that social media allows people to voice their opinions too easily making it hard to rally people behind a common cause only displays to me a lazy politician who wants things to be as they were, where you worked 9 to 5 and shook hands with the enemy for a fabulous nightlife of banging wine glasses and talking about golf.  It’s not against the law to be a wimp, and John Boehner is a wimp.  But when you represent a community and then try to force an agenda down their throats advocating for globalism over Constitutional principles, then that problem is on you.  People got sick of politicians like John Boehner.  I met him here and there, but he was always distracted and aloof like he couldn’t wait for his next drink.  By contrast, I’ve been able to get in touch with Warren Davidson many times since his term started, and that’s with many hundreds of thousands of people in that district competing for attention.  Davidson is a good hard worker and an honest politician.  Boehner is lazy, sloppy, and a dredge on the system who wants peace because he’s too stupid and comfortable in life to fight for anything.  And the Democrats knew it.  And Trump was a fighter like Davidson, and these are the kind of people we have been replacing the Boehners in government with.  Just like a kid who was cut from a high school sports team, Boehner can make up all the reasons for his failure that he wants.  But the truth is that he caused the Capitol riots and those like him.  People were so unhappy with the thought of returning to those crooked days of wine glass deals by RINOs that they were ready to fight.  And in that case, instead of just thinking about it, they stormed the Capitol in protest.  The fault wasn’t there’s, it was in people like John Boehner.

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Why American CEOs Cave to Globalism So Often: James Robert B. Quincey from Coke lives in London

Why Coke, Delta and MLB are so weak in defending America from Globalism

The question everyone is asking is why all these corporations and their CEOs are so quick to adapt to liberal threats and to work against traditional American values.  Specifically, in this latest case, the CEOs of Coke and Delta along with Major League Baseball have involved themselves in politics protesting voting changes in Georgia which essentially demand that voter ID be part of the process after the disaster of an election in 2020 where they stole the election from Trump due to election chaos, and Democrats managed to take two senate seats in the same way.  For instance, I do think of Coke as a traditional American company because it started in America, it was nurtured as kind of a Norman Rockwell marketing campaign to solidify their sentiments to American markets, but in all reality, they are a global company that does not care about the sustainability or philosophy of American law and order.  They will see where the world ends up and if it slides into communism so be it.  Before all this happened in Georgia, I didn’t know the CEO of Coke was a guy in London named James Robert B. Quincey.  I would never have thought of Coke being operated from London, but it is, so that explains a lot.  The same with MLB, we think of them as a traditional American company, but they are a global organization now that only sees market growth in expanding into new countries.  So, the great American game isn’t so American these days, and that’s the case with most corporations.  We tend to think of them as American, they were born in America, we supported them and grew them into what they are today, but most corporations are only looking at growth and they don’t see that growth in a country with only 300 million people to support their products.  They want the billions around the world that might be part of a new market penetration, and to get that they think they need to sacrifice some of their Americanism so to tap those markets.

Ironically, I’ve spent several years sorting this kind of thing out into what I wrote in a book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business which is presently going through the editorial process with the publisher.  I have come to think of it as the answer to the long-standing problem of selling the East as the solution to everything regarding life, religion, and business commerce as it has been sold to us for many generations now.  Such as, the belief that a journey to India will awaken the third eye of our consciousness has led many confused Americans to robbery and worse while traveling there looking for spiritual alignment.  Its not just the criminal element that takes advantage of travelers going to a third world country looking for spiritual answers that makes them targets of the criminal class, but it’s the dirty conditions that greet them often in such places that tend to greatly devour the fantasy of Eastern thought being superior to Western thinking that creates much consternation.  In the East it is thought that nature is the supreme source of wisdom and should be yielded to, which then flows over into politics and business in destructive ways often.  Because in the West nature is to be used to bridge over into a change state future.  We use nature in the West to build new things and to invent, which is the point my book makes.  What was difficult about it was to turn on its head assumptions of inferiority that often comes with comparing the East with the West. 

Most of today’s CEOs are recruited to run all these big corporations with the assumption that the East is the philosophy of the future and that by adhering to it, that growth for that company will be discovered.  Today’s CEO such as James Quincey is not to be the latest gunfighter building a company against a society of outlaws standing up to danger in a dusty street, his job is to bow before the world and beg for them to become the next customer in their portfolio.  Not to cause trouble, but to mitigate risk to the projected growth of the company which means lots of bootlicking in political circles and within the industry considering the rules of conduct in a deeply litigious society.  I don’t say all that do get Quincey off the hook at Coke running the company from socialist London where without a doubt ol’ James thinks of his home city as far superior to Atlanta, Georgia as its older with much more history.  Its just the kind of thinking that a globalist would have as opposed to a righteous gun owning, truck driving American from Georgia.  Future growth isn’t in those markets, but in Spain, or Africa, even India where religion, politics, and standards of living are much, much different than they are in America.  For the CEOs, they already have the American markets, and its not from conservatives that they must worry about trouble.  Its from the people who want to bring America down, the globalists, the Democrats who they must listen if they want to continue to expand into other markets around the globe. 

When Trump said to boycott these companies, he’s actually on to something.  Thinking of how much money Coke spends on their brand image, just with NASCAR racing alone lets you know where they are weakest, and it wouldn’t take much to topple them and change their game.  After all, the thing a CEO fears the most is a drop in quarterly profits.  While they are out there in the world bootlicking their way into new market strategies, it would spell doom to them to lose market share in a place they assumed was secure forever.  When Coke and Delta opened their mouth on the voting issue in Georgia, they assumed that they wouldn’t have a backlash, but could show the world that they stand for globalism and those new markets they are after.  But it’s a gamble and Trump’s advice comes from a lot of experience.  He knows where they are weakest—its here at home in the American markets where those 300 million people have more capita income than everywhere else in the world, sometimes combined.  Sure, there are opportunities elsewhere in the world, but do you want to give up the big one in America?  That is the choice we ultimately do have to make them come to terms with. 

As I point out in my book, this isn’t an isolated issue, this is what happens to most companies when the big and bold trend setters who started those companies leave or retire away and the bootlickers and dandies come in to follow.  They don’t have ideas of their own, but they are just followers who are supposed to maintain the culture that was built for them while looking for ways to expand that influence.  In America where so many great companies were born, they are now run by globalists like this James Robert B. Quincey guy from London.  He is certainly not a NASCAR fan by nature, he lives in a place where they think of a weapon as a knife, not a gun, and to be honest, London is a miserable city that is always cloudy and stuffy.  They don’t have monster trucks there or even roads big enough to drive them, they are a different place constrained by socialism, so of course the CEO of Coke doesn’t see the problem.  But we ultimately do decide if we want to buy their products, and that choice is what they fear most.  So don’t make yourself a victim.  Vote with your wallet, because it’s the only kind of vote they can’t steal from you.  Use it and make things happen in the world with your choice! 

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The Guilt Dominion Revealed in their Court Case: Democrats can’t win elections unless they cheat, and they know it

Here’s the problem with the Dominion voting machine mess, they had an alliance with government, where the government was involved in a coup to remove a president that the people popularly elected—legally, and they all got caught.  Yet they have destroyed as much evidence as they could to erase their footprints, they have control of the media which desperately wants to help the government with their coup, and they believe they can contain the story and sustain their claims of innocence.  But that hasn’t worked, so a few months into the Biden administration, Dominion has found their brand damage irreparable, so they are lashing out with massive lawsuits trying to get the upper hand and try their many court cases in the court of public opinion instead of within the real court where discovery is unwrapping them in ways that look to be bad for their case.  Even if a guilty party destroys all the evidence of what they have done, or they get others to cover up that evidence for them, behavior can still reveal guilt by association.  When Dominion put Fox News on a lawsuit for $1.6 billion what they were essentially stating was their guilt, the same as they have done with Sydney Powell and Mike Lindell, along with others who were involved in proving that President Trump won the 2020 election with voting machines that were switching votes from Trump to Biden. 

If Dominion were innocent they would not be going on the attack, especially with the leaked statement that supposedly Sydney Powell was backing off her comments about Dominion in court stating that nobody would believe her “no reasonable person” position after the election and that her own $1.3 trillion lawsuit should be thrown out.  Turns out, that leak which the media ran with was untrue, just as most of what the government position has been, untrue.  But its hard to know in a world of hyper ridiculous statements who is telling the truth.  I believe Sydney because she is an old school federal prosecutor.  I believe Rudy Giuliani, because he has a history of being a credible character.   However, I don’t believe anything Dominion says or does because I don’t know them and they act guilty, with these leaks and their behavior with lawsuits.  When a court case is going bad, usually the attacker is the one trying to gain momentum, which is why the Fox News case has been announced so late in the process.  Because the actual case is pretty weak and not even the media can keep the lid on it much longer.  This far into the Biden presidency people were supposed to have given up on this stuff.  But as I said after the election, people will be talking about this election fraud years from now.  Dominion will never get their reputation back.  As I said after visiting Roswell New Mexico, people 70 years after the supposed UFOs crashed there still spend their days thinking about the government cover-up.  What does anybody think is going to happen when 75 million people get their vote cheated in the 2020 election?  Did they really think they’d just go away and become compliant to the new administration?  Apparently, they did much to their doom.

But you can see it in other actions too, especially after Georgia attempted to make some good out of their role in all this mess by reforming some of their laws.  Democrats have flipped out and they instantly went to corporations like Coke and Delta looking for consensus builders to drive the narrative away from any national reforms on voting, because liberals know they can’t win elections unless they can cheat the vote.  They need early voting for all their slugs of supporters, their drug addicts, their welfare recipients, their barely alive losers who can’t even role out of bed in the morning to go to a real job.  That is why early voting even on Sundays is important to Democrats, because they need more time to push their supporters out from in front of the television to take part in a civic duty.  Then of course they need mail-in ballots because some of the Democrat supporters won’t leave the house for anything and they can’t be counted on to vote.  They may run out to buy drugs, or to get a new tattoo, but they certainly don’t and won’t vote.  Smart people go out and vote for Republicans.  Dumb people go out and vote for Democrats and those are the people with all the problems in life.  But without those losers, Democrats have no supporters, so they need all kinds of voting laws to make it easier for their kind of people to vote, or for some activist like Stacy Abrams to vote for the people who won’t do it themselves, with the mail-in voting scams. 

Of course, the big philosophic debate this all brings up is should stupid, lazy, drug induced people vote at all?  How can a republic survive if such lowlife dumb people are part of the management of it?   The answer is that of course it can’t, which of course the Biden administration knows and understands.  Supporters of all these voting changes that allow cheating and late voting to count are the same people protesting national anthems, have an open border policy, want drugs to become legalized, and advocate for mass killing through abortions.  In other words, they want the foundation of America to be killed off and forgotten so that the world can move on to some global utopia as conceived by the insane for the goals of lunacy.  And getting really dumb Democrats to vote any way possible, even if cheating is required is their assurance to satisfying their goals.  That’s where Dominion came in as it was understood by blue state governors and attorney generals.  If rigged elections where needed to flip a House seat, or to contribute to a needed Senate win, then the votes could be switched from some remote location and nobody would know. 

The problem became heightened when too many people voted for Trump and it forced all these criminals to do more than a little to cheat, and the breadcrumbs are everywhere.  It will take years to sort out, but if it was all going well, Dominion wouldn’t be trying to sue everyone to set an example to shut down the little people who have evidence but wouldn’t dare bring it out in the open because of what is happening to Sydney Powell and Fox News.  People see that activity and they think, “if they are getting destroyed, what chance would I have against the government and its Dominion machines?”  That would be a good question and its all part of the plan of concealment.  So long as the court cases destroy the people with the evidence, then in that way, Dominion can destroy the breadcrumbs that come to their door and everyone can hopefully get away with the election fraud of 2020.  But I would point to the behavior of these bad characters and state that the guilt is indicated by their behavior, not so much in what evidence we actually have.  Their desire to destroy evidence and to hide the facts give them away and show a vast conspiracy that must be uncovered.  And that pressure isn’t going to go away, it will in fact last for hundreds of years and I don’t see any of these Democrats surviving that.

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A Different Way of Looking at the Border Problems: Turn them to red votes instead of blue ones

A different way of looking at the border challenges

The numbers are obvious and are part of the liberal panic that was part of the strategy to cheat in the 2020 elections.  When I say cheat, I am referring to voter rule changes made due to coronavirus specifically, but that is a topic of its own and there is vast evidence that it occurred.  However, liberals had to cheat to win their seats because Trump support had grown from 2016 to 2020 and it was obvious, specifically among black voters and Hispanics.  Black support, which is supposed to be fully in the column of Democrats went from 6% to 8% while Hispanics jumped up from 28% to 35%.  And its that last number that has everyone in a panic.  Hispanics like Trump and there is room to turn that number up even higher.  These voting blocs that Democrats have been counting on are not holding, which pushed them into over-the-top action to stop the bleeding and go on a massive media campaign to assist them into gaining power in all three houses of congress to hopefully get things back under control for them.  Republicans being the nice people they are of course hold the door open for their enemies because they think its going to get them into Heaven which leads us to our present circumstances on the border which is all the talk these days. It seems to be the only thing anybody can focus on which is why Trump was building a wall on the border with Mexico and 75 million Americans voting for him again in 2020, to secure the border and stand for a path to legal immigration.

I’ve been watching all this carefully and have some unique thoughts on the matter, especially after visiting the border states myself just a month or so ago and meeting so many Trump supporters who are Hispanic and very engaged in voting for him again.  Democrats know it too, but I think Republicans are missing the point.  Most of those people flooding the border trying to get into the United States do not know or understand the politics of America, they don’t know the difference between Republicans or Democrats so much as they just want to leave where they came from and get to somewhere that has running water and an opportunity to have a decent life.  I personally am pro-immigration; I have no problem with people of different skin colors or sexes in the very least.  I take it as a compliment when someone wants to leave their home and come to my country so they can have the things we do.  In my experience, such people are actually more American than most Americans, they work harder, are more respectable toward their neighbors, and strive for better things in life as opposed to the lucky few in the world who are actually born in America and take it for granted. 

I did laugh out loud when Kamala Harris stated that she wanted to commission a study to understand why people are flooding the border and want to immigrate to the United States.  I’ll tell you, because those other countries have fallen into bad management, something the handlers of the Biden administration obviously want to duplicate here, and now there are corrupt governments in those places, like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, everywhere that socialism and communism have infested themselves and ruined the countries where those philosophies are practiced.  If I were stuck in one of those crappy countries, I would be looking for ways to get into the United States too, to make a better life for myself and my family.  And in talking to many Hispanics personally while I was in New Mexico last month, I didn’t find a single one that didn’t love Trump.  Now that certainly isn’t the media narrative and that is at the heart of a massive coverup, but think about it, you work hard and make great sacrifices to get from a bad place to a good place, you want to feel good about it when you get there.  People who become legal immigrants can be proud of the value of that citizenship, and they appreciate that Trump protected that value, as opposed to the Democrat push to exploit people who are down on their luck only to take away their ambitions with a nanny state to get them addicted to government services and ruin them that way. 

I would say that instead of worrying about all those immigrants becoming future Blue voters I think the strategy should be to include them in the future, get them their path to citizenship and embrace capitalism so that all those new immigrants can have a job and not be stuck to the services of the government nanny state.  People flocking to the United States just want to live and have a chance at a good life.  But Republicans have allowed themselves to be suckered into this strawman argument of accepting the Democrat definitions for things.  Trump showed that the cycle could be broken if only we shifted the lens just a bit on the whole immigration issue.  There should always be a path of citizenship.  We can’t accept illegal immigration and chaos at the border.  We need a wall to protect the value of American citizenship, but we must understand that the people coming to the United States are hoping with everything they must be able to get their hands on that citizenship at some point in their lives.  And those who do have that citizenship value it, and they do enjoy voting for people like Trump, because he protected that value.

Where Republicans go wrong, whether the issue is gun control, illegal immigration, tax and spend policies, is that they allow Democrats to set the stage for all these confrontations.  They allow Democrats to define the definitions of moral conduct and the proper legislative battlefield.  Republicans assume that Democrats will do onto others as you would like others to do onto you.  That sounds nice, but that also makes anybody who thinks in such a way a sucker, and you can now see the cost of that way of thinking.  Democrats are hell bent on their own destruction and the destruction of everyone around them, and we are getting the full scope of that in the early days of the Biden administration.  The collapse of sanity at the southern border with Mexico of course was going to be out of control.  The Open Border Society people around the world who are behind the Biden administration—people like George Soros and he’s not alone—want to push people from bad places to good places to collapse the good places for their eventual overthrow.  Its just another military war tactic by hedge fund investors this time instead of railroad barons from the past, or oil tycoons.  The battles are all the same, power and control by any means necessary.  Yet I see a crack in their plan, a way to turn it around on them.  If only we would embrace immigration and instead of trying to fight Democrats on the morality of the issue, instead work to convert those people to Red votes.  And once that happened, we would see a different story on the border.

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Lee Wong Strips and Shows Everyone his 70-year-old Nipples at a Trustee Meeting: Using racism to hide incompetency

I heard about it after it happened and was waiting for the video to come out from the West Chester Trustee meeting to see for myself.  However, by the time the video did come out it was a national story because it fed a media narrative, especially from NBC that they were pushing, and Lee Wong served it up on a buffet for them to delight in.  Sure enough, on the NBC Nightly News there was the video of Trustee Lee Wong stripping off his shirt and showing us all his 70-year-old nipples after grandstanding for several minutes about his old military record which he retired from and showing off what he’s calling a scar he received during his service.  I wasn’t going to talk about it unless the video proved to be as ridiculous as I heard it was because Lee Wong is an old story in my community of West Chester and honestly, I thought the guy had embarrassed himself enough over the years.  But in a lot of ways he stuck a stick in the eye of the community that can’t be forgiven and he tried to buffer the effect with this grandiose strip show he provided at what should have been a professional trustee meeting where all the elected representatives do the township business.  But the level of radicalism was just the kind of thing that filled a national narrative that wants to divert away from the follies of the Biden administration, the mountain of evidence of voter irregularities due to all the Covid rules made willy-nilly by more radical Democrats all across the nation, and the sudden outbreaks of gun violence under the new administration that is really a major policy breakdown from liberals that they want to paint as anger toward Asians.  That’s where Wong came in.

This is what’s really going on which you never hear about in the news these days because they take the sensationalism and apply their own context to a story to fit their political agenda.   In this case, they don’t want to know anything about Lee Wong, they just wanted to see his nipples from him taking off his shirt at a township meeting.  So let’s set the record straight on Lee Wong for the national audience who doesn’t know anything about him which are now looking at West Chester as a cesspit of racism because of his pure selfishness in trying to hide his internal poll numbers which show him slipping in our community in popularity during an election year.  Hey, if there is any anger at Lee its not because of the color of his skin or his face resembling an Asian, it’s because he is a Democrat putting a Republican next to his name because that’s the only way he could get elected in a very conservative county.  He’s been in elected office for many years and people get tired of him legislating like a Democrat then when people call him on it he goes straight for racism to cover it up and try to keep people from looking too closely to what he really is as a representative in our community. 

It used to be that people were more accepting of RINOs who were obviously not very politically passionate toward the party they run under.  A guy like Lee could get away with it for decades in the past until people started waking up during this last decade and realizing how the shell game worked, and Lee has been caught in it.  Recently he made a run for the 4th Senate District in Ohio and he came in 3rd out of three which was very embarrassing to him.  And the word on the street is that he has lost his brand even within West Chester where he has been a trustee for a very long time.  Its obvious to political people who see these kinds of things, and fundraisers who give out money to politicians for their campaigns that Lee is a dead duck.  There are several challengers who donors like a lot better than Lee coming up to challenge him in this year’s race as trustee and fresh off his embarrassing loss for that senate seat, Lee Wong had to do something to get some attention.  So he did what Democrats always do, they accuse the community of racism hoping to freeze people’s true opinions about him so that they are afraid to not support him in fear of being called a racist.  And of course, NBC took the torch and lit it for all Democrats to see.  Maybe now, Lee thinks, he might get some fundraising for his fall election so he can put out some signs hoping to turn the tide that has built against him.  

In West Chester, Lee has been elected, and he has served in office, but he has failed over many years of trying.  People have voted for him, but they have grown tired of him acting more and more like a Democrat than the Republican he claims to be.  Not having an answer for that behavior, Lee turned to the nuclear option of racism hoping to increase his public persona, which obviously worked for attention.  I would say it’s the wrong kind of attention and will hang on his neck like a weight he doesn’t want.  Some of the biggest follies Lee has had fairly recently is when he aligned himself with China several years ago as tensions well before President Trump came on the scene started escalating with the communist country.  There are lots of Chinese people and Asians in our area and people accept them openly.  But not all of them go around looking to build bridges where they came from like Lee does.  Most Americans figure that if people left somewhere, its for a reason.  However, Lee has continued to show support for China any time he can, especially in the Sherry Chen case who was a scientist accused of spying for China who lost her job.  Lee’s defense was simply that it was racism that caused her to lose her job, not that she was thought to be a spy for China.  People don’t forget things like that, and that’s why people have been questioning Lee’s patriotism.  It’s his track record, not his face that is the problem.

In a time where China is more and more openly hostile toward the United States, Lee has went well out of his way to promote China as a friend which taking off his shirt in public and showing a couple of scars he received in military service a lifetime ago were meant to hide.  Yet Lee did it to himself and now he’s made it worse by trying to play the race card to get himself some attention during an election year where he has challengers and very few people who want to give him money this time around.  That fundraising gap was quite obvious during his senate run, and it looks like these other candidates are going to get the money to knock off Lee.  So its not a matter of racism that has hurt Lee Wong, it’s his own incompetence which those types of people always look to hide behind some social cause.  This latest Asian aggression story, which was made up by the media in reaction to the Atlanta shootings to divert away from the cause of sex addiction is the same tired tricks that has gotten Lee in trouble before.  Only this time, he’s gone way too far and put West Chester in an embarrassing national spotlight, all for his selfish reasons to attempt re-election when its obvious that people don’t want him anymore.  Not for his race, but because he’s incompetent.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Sheriff Jones Will Ignore Biden Executive Orders on Guns: What little power the federal government really has

Unfortunately, context is needed because most Republicans are just too damn nice for their own good, they listen and follow the rules way too easily and Democrats often abuse them while laughing all the way.  That is the nature of this ridiculous notion that Joey Biden is going to be able to rule from the Executive Branch through orders on gun control.  People, this is why we need guns, to maintain control of our own government in case we have to wrestle away control when it gets too big, too corrupt and flows away from our Constitution.  We’re not giving up our guns to a government that is out of control.  Its just not going to happen, so don’t worry about it.  Already in fact the celebrity Sheriff from my town has said that he plans to ignore any executive orders from the Biden administration before any of them have even been issued.  Sheriff Jones was on WLW radio this week on the Bill Cunningham show stating clearly what he planned to do regarding Biden’s plans for gun control by executive order, which is nothing.  He’s not going door to door to confiscate anybody’s guns and that’s the end of the story. 

Of course, Sheriff Jones is just one guy, but he did the same thing regarding the mask mandates in Butler County, Ohio where we live defying Governor DeWine quite openly, because our governor had lost control and was abusing his power.  Sheriff Jones just refused to follow and impose on the people of Butler County any of that lunacy.  Jones went onto all the big cable shows and expressed his reasoning and many other sheriffs all across the country joined him in defying their governors as they abused their emergency powers over Covid-19.  That is in effect the nature of our Republic, where there are checks on power that limit any kind of kingly rule.  It takes time to push through any new legislation which then prevents regimes of power from taking control in the United States.  That’s the way the system is supposed to work.  It’s certainly not what the Biden administration has been doing which is a radical takeover of the very nature of America as viewed by extreme foreign interference.  Other countries which run the Biden campaign do not understand Americans.  The last line of defense in our republic from abusive laws and regulations by an out of control government is defiance, and that is what Sheriff Jones and many other law enforcement agencies all across the nation are planning to do with any Biden executive orders.  Remember the mask mandate from Biden on all federal property including driving down the highway?  I traveled all across the country a few weeks after he issued that and you know what, everyone ignored it. There was nobody wearing masks in their cars driving down the roads across 9 different states.  Dumb rules are meant to be defied and broken.

So what’s the point at all of having a government or rules of any kind if people just break them.  Well, our republic is designed to have rule of law by consent, and we vote that at the ballot box.  That is why the election fraud rules that Democrats are proposing are so vile, the lack of voter ID and to open up voting to all kinds of forms of cheating such as mail in ballots that anybody can tamper with at any time to get whatever results are desired.  Even if you cheat, you still don’t get the will of consent from the people who had their elections stolen from them.  On paper the current government got rid of President Trump, but not the will of the people to have him represent them in our republic.  They gave us this bumbling idiot Joe Biden instead and people don’t like him, they didn’t vote for him, and they want to be free of the kind of government he represents.  When we had President Trump Democrats ignored most of his Executive Orders, especially on immigration.  Judges all over the country were refusing to obey the Trump administration on most everything which opened the door for future behavior.  Now that Biden has that power, it’s his turn to see what little power the Executive Branch truly has if the people of the country did not give consent to be ruled through the election process.  That gives everyone the opportunity to defy the federal government regionally because truly the power of our government is with the states, not some king living in the White House, as the handlers of the Biden administration obviously don’t understand.  The more they push, the dumber they look.

But for Republicans they fear the tyranny of the Biden administration going door to door and confiscating our guns and what that might mean to them.  After all, nobody really wants to start a war with the federal government and a lot of people are uncomfortably close to snapping and using their guns for their intended purpose, in the last line of defense in maintaining our constitutional republic from the hands of foreign invaders who have penetrated both political parties with financial influence.  Sheriff Jones gets it.  I know him actually quite well; I have a long history with him and he’s my neighbor.  We may have disagreed on union laws in the past and some other minor issues involving our local school system, but he’s a good dude and he certainly understands people.  He also knows the nature of our country and has taken an oath to our Constitution which he takes seriously as a rule of law type of guy.  And he’s not going to break that oath and betray the people of his community just because Joe Biden says so.  So for the people who live in Butler County, rest assured, the federal government is not going to be going door to door while Sheriff Jones is still in charge of law enforcement.  It’s just not going to happen and many, I would say most, sheriffs across the country will follow the Sheriff Jones example, which is why it was so important that he came out this soon to make his thoughts known. 

As I said in the video above, the law enforcement community didn’t support Joe Biden so it won’t take much for them to defy this puppet president at every turn.  Biden does not have a secret button in the Oval Office he can push and all the police suddenly get into their cars and come to our houses pulling innocent people out in the street to beat them and take their guns.  There are bad people in law enforcement who will follow Biden and they will abuse their power, but in general especially in Butler County where there are strong, good sheriffs in charge of the law, people don’t have to worry.  There may be pockets of abuse, but it won’t be that way in Butler County, Ohio and each community across the nation will have to find their groove, which is a much different thing than the entire nation falling to the tyranny of an executive order.  It’s much easier to fight your local law enforcement than some giant blob of federal government, and when the rubber hits the road on this gun control issue, that’s how it will be.  Most police will think as Sheriff Jones does making Biden powerless for his intentions.  And that’s how it is and will remain. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Trump and Fort Sumter: Understanding the election results and path forward

We’ve been doing all this for a long time, and like everyone else, I was looking for a good clean election and a second term of President Trump on November 4th.  And that’s where it was heading, until many, many government villains stopped the count on election night in five states and went into a scamper to recalibrate their voting machines which were switching votes from Trump to Biden to a new algorithm which had to be set in the middle of the night to keep Trump from winning with a massive landslide that was headed to give him over 400 electoral votes.  It was so embarrassing to the media, to the Deep State, to the Never Trumpers, to the globalist billionaire investors, to the consultant class, the pollsters to the open socialists and Marxists who have been calling for a hostile takeover of our American way of life.  Trump was going to win in spite of everything they had thrown at him and his supporters so they pulled a nuclear bomb for cheating which had never been tried before and they unleashed hell on us all essentially starting a second civil war formally in America on election night with even more audacity than the South had attacked Fort Sumter to start the last one. 

I feel good with what I have been doing with the blogs and radio over the last 10 years and honestly, I saw election night 2020 as an end to it all and a chance to start fresh.  But in the back of my mind there was this nagging feeling that we were dealing with government criminals, literally and they couldn’t afford another Trump term for their own good.  Trump had been holding off on all the dirt he had against many of these government attackers that make up what we call the SWAMP until after he won a second term, and the criminals in our government including in the CIA and FBI couldn’t afford for that to happen due to the massive complicity pointing in their direction for crimes of a massive nature.  So having nothing to lose they cheated on a scale that many think is unthinkable and the level of corruption that is now obvious to many of us, and will soon be obvious to all of us will force questions that will last for centuries about how any republic manages its representatives.  I wanted to move on with my life and do something else, I certainly didn’t want to fight in a war.  I wanted to enjoy watching movies again, playing with my grandchildren, make a decent living and occasionally go out to eat to have a nice meal with my family.  But we were attacked on election night by criminals, socialists and outright Chinese communists which meant all those nice thoughts would have to be put on hold and we’d have to go even deeper into the abyss of government corruption which had taken over through decades of lazy mismanagement by voters and politicians who took way too much for granted. 

Many people have been asking me to do podcasts of my content since its hard for many people to find time to read.  We have turned into a video-oriented society and are used to some figure presenting information to us rather than reading it by candlelight or computer in a traditional way.  I figured I’d decide how to proceed after the election was over and now that we are there and there is an obligation to step away from traditional forms of media, I’ll be making some changes to how I distribute content, because we are at war and I don’t trust any of the cable networks or their cozy relationship with the political class.  Even more than that, usually I write articles which I then provide lots of evidence so that any reader can feel assured that other people are thinking the same way, so that their thinking doesn’t feel so lonely.  But after studying the election results, which appear to have Trump winning more than 80 million votes, with 7 million actively destroyed by activists or switched to Biden to siphon off Trump’s massive lead in many states to make things closer for the media pick for insurgency to crawl across the finish line.  Many figured that this even was bigger than any form of law and order and would transcend prosecution, so they made their move and expected us to live with it. 

With all that said I have decided that my best contribution to the war is to climb even further out on the edge and explain the elusive more clearly without all the support of other media, but to create all my own content so that strategies can be seen and used for the bigger picture.  For six or seven years now, I have primarily focused my content to top tier influence leaders and it has been successful.  But with this kind of trouble with a government looking for complete insurrection, the needs change considerably so I’m going to adjust to those needs and see where it takes us. So, we’ll start with this and evolve accordingly, where the major content is in the video message where a translation of the written word isn’t the only mechanism for understanding things.  On this topic of the election being more of a Fort Sumter attack than an actual civic process talking to all the people who are trying to sort out their feelings on this matter is the best way to go.  I typically give 1200 words a day to these articles, but as many have been telling me, a picture is worth 1000 words and there are a lot of pictures in a video.  So, it should allow us to cover much more ground that can then be confirmed with written text to support the contents of the video. 

For this specific topic, waiting out the legal cases, uncovering all the mass fraud and proving it in court as the media is trying to rush to certify the election so they can swear in their pick, it feels like, actually it is, that we are all being pushed to our dooms to capitalize on our surprise before we realize what’s happened.  It’s a military tactic and we are all experiencing it currently.  But my contention is to give my point of view and share how I plan to play the long game, and the one that will defeat these attackers.  They are a minority attacking a majority and everyone needs to understand that.  Don’t be a victim, don’t let them scare you, don’t let yourself feel helpless and be flat footed to realize that crimes have just been committed against us all and that justice can be scary for normal people who don’t want the trouble in their lives.  But it has been given to us to deal with.  And my plan is as I said in the video.  I don’t recognize anything that I’ve been hearing from government, the media or even most talk radio.  We are in new territory and are writing history as we speak.  And for that, there is no script to follow or historical context to guide us.  Therefore, the burden of writing that history falls on us, and the best way to attack the problem is with fresh and free ideas on how to live life during a war we didn’t choose.  We voted for peace, but they gave us war.   So, it’s up to us to complete that task for the future of our country and our own survival. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Another Way To Know Why Lee Wong is not a Republican: The cars we drive say everything about us

Another way that you can tell that Lee Wong, the West Chester trustee who is a clear Democrat pretending to be a Republican so he can get some votes in the 4th Senate District in Ohio, is by the car he drives. I didn’t know myself until I saw a video from a protestor confronting Lee while walking around his neighborhood. Under pressure from the protestor Lee went to his car as seen below and it was one of those ridiculous Fortwo cars that are considered “smart” cars and healthy for the environment. Those stupid little cars are nonsense and dangerous and should be illegal on our roads at only 70 HP with a 1.0L 3-cyl engine. No real Republican would be caught dead in one of those greenie weenie cars. The only people who have them are those who have allowed themselves to be caught up in the fiction of global warming, which is shorthand for the spread of communism around the world using environmental concerns as the change agent. You can’t be a pro capitalist Republican and drive one of these stupid cars—it’s just an un-American thing to do. Yet, I was not surprised knowing what I do about him to see that he was one of “those guys.”

Of course, whenever Lee gets pinned down with such statements his first thing to say is that he was in the military and that if you didn’t serve, then he is more of a patriot than you are for being in the armed services. So before going on about cars and what they say about the kind of person you are, let’s cover this little issue. I don’t begrudge anybody who serves in the military. I think it’s a great place to train tomorrow’s talent. I like having the best in the world, but I am not a yes sir, no sir kind of person. Its just not in me to follow orders from anybody. My life is far more valuable than the so-called “higher calling” they teach in the military, so I don’t feel a need to thank every veteran. Good for them for whatever duty they have done for God and country, but I view them as people far behind on their personal journeys. Anybody somewhat healthy can join the military and learn to follow orders. Learning to follow orders is not how you get the next great leaders, so in my mind, if that is not the objective, it’s a wasted effort, and the military isn’t about creating leaders, it creates people who learn to follow orders, which creates problems later in life when we have to teach veterans to think for themselves. So, I’m not a fan of veterans who promote themselves as the next political leaders managing our communities. I can see that even President Trump has had to learn this harsh reality, most of the big generals he brought into his administration have turned out to be Democrats, because by their nature, they are just other versions of government employees. My two favorite generals of all time were Claire Lee Chennault and Patton, and both of those guys were in trouble with the military all the time. I am far more rebellious than those guys, so Lee’s military service is just another blight on his record in my opinion. He didn’t lay down his life for me, he did what many do, he hid from responsibility by joining up to become just another government employee, which he never got over after all these years.

But we must talk about this stupid car, this little eco friendly piece of crap that should never be on a public road with much, much larger vehicles that Lee Wong drives. First of all he shows bad judgment in falling for the communist green movement dialogue that we should all do the responsible thing and surrender our desire for big SUVs and reduce our environmental footprint by driving smaller cars. Well, no, we shouldn’t. Rather we should drive the biggest and most powerful cars we can get our hands on because it says about us that we value our individualism in a capitalist culture and that our vehicles are extensions of ourselves in the grand scheme of things, which is why at any stop light in America that is double-laned in all directions, you’d be hard pressed to see any two cars lined up in the multitudes that are the same make and model—or even color. As American’s we like choice, and we like power and our cars reflect that. The greenie weenies who produced that ridiculous piece of crap, the Smart Fortwos were attacking the nature of American life by going as far to the opposite extreme as the SUV market was pushing for to make a political statement against American values. Pure and simple.

The car in an American market, which you don’t see elsewhere in the world, except a bit in Japan who have adopted our love of cars to some extent, is a statement and an extension of our homes. You don’t work hard in life to have a quarter million-dollar home and drive around a piece of crap–the car should be an extension of our life in general. If you are young, we understand you are working your way up in life, but your goal should be something bigger and better—always. You should never sacrifice your pleasures for the benefit of some climate change fiction made up by Democrats to control people through fear. You should get the best car you can get to go with the best house, the best clothes—the best of everything you can manage for yourself because that fuel drives capitalism and our American life that is the envy of the world. With Lee driving one of those stupid cars he’s announcing to the world that he is one of “those” anti-American forces working in the world to change the way we do things. And when he gets pressed on it he quickly retreats to his service in the armed forces as a defense. Yet obvious to me is that Lee is hiding behind his military service, to mask his tendency to follow the orders of whatever mass movement is happening at the time. In this case, its submission to the global warming communists. He is so enchanted with their message that he actually spent money on one of those stupid Smart Fortwo cars that could be toppled over easily with a strong wind.

What you drive says a lot about who you are in American cultures. Many people when they meet me wonder why I’m not driving around in a sports car, which I’d love to. Only I’m a big family person who often finds myself hauling around lots of people, so mini vans and SUVs are necessary for my life. I have a hot rod car in the garage waiting for a clear schedule and that keeps me appeased. But people just reading this blog site think I would have something more ostentatious, but reality has a way of sifting through an image to the heart of a person, and that usually ends up being the case. We drive our cars in my family for a long time, but we always buy them new, and as big as possible for the reasons described. People who make a choice to buy a smaller car, especially when they are older and have the means to do anything they want financially, are making a political statement contrary to the nature of American life, and that isn’t just villainous, its anti-Republican.

Rich Hoffman

Republicans and Democrats will Never Work Together: Above and Below the line thinking

I learned a long time ago when dealing with the Lakota school system, the government school in my home district, that most everything related to government functioned below the line, which is a saying in the private sector especially popular among business consultants. In the private sector such definitions are used to convey troublesome cultures that are unprofitable. Above the line, positive affirmations are often the key to solving financial problems in private sector companies, but in government such things never happen, and the expectation is that they never will. I was told by so many labor union employees within the Lakota government schools system that private sector metrics could not be applied to things like schools, and government in general. That was of course before Republicans elected a businessman like Donald Trump to the White House, which has changed things significantly in how government operates. Trump fires people and is constantly moving people around to find the best fit, which should always have been happening in government. But until recently, it wasn’t even a consideration, which is of course why government tends to operate poorly, too expensively, and always below the line.

When I talk so poorly about Democrats its not political in the way that has become fashionable, it’s by conjecture of the evidence. If I were hired to fix a company I would have to first overcome the issues with the below the line thinkers that are always a part of every organization and use some means to correct that situation, either by terminating them, or changing their mindset to above the line thinking. We have the same problems in families, you can’t have a bunch of positive people who want to make a happy family and mix them with a bunch of below the line negative types who want to be victims at everything just so they can use failure as a shield for their own laziness. So of course we will have such people in our political system that we must vote for in the ballot box. Of those, Democrats certainly represent below the line thinking and the big government approach to everything where Republicans are above the line. President Trump is an excellent example of an above the line thinker, his business background lends itself naturally to that type of person. His popular television show was about teaching young project managers how to think above the line and not be victims, and to be successful. Then of course that is what he has been doing as President and the results to the economy are obvious, just as any company would experience when led by such a person. But Democrats are all about below the line thinking and in the scheme of things, the two just can’t co-exist without one destroying the other.

Examples of above the line thinking would be the ability to make choices, to be personally accountable, to always seek solutions, to take action. Examples of below the line thinking are to blame others, wait for others, to see failure, to see problems as obstacles. No company works well when it is filled with below the line people and it would be the consultant’s task to change that below the line culture into an above the line culture, and there are all kinds of tricks to get there. But the essence of the need is that for success to happen, switching people from below the line thinkers to above the line is not an option. We can’t live with below the line thinkers and expect to ever have success at anything. And that is the lesson for us as a nation politically.

The same holds true in everything we do whether it is trying to hold together a marriage, to build a family, running a business, or running a government. If a government is filled with a lot of below the line people, then there is no chance at success. And in my experience when trying to figure out why a multimillion dollar budget wasn’t enough for the teacher’s union, I learned quickly that there was no way to solve the problem so long as below the line people were the ones doing all the negotiating over budget allocation. You can’t solve problems with below the line people because they use problems to hide their aversion to solutions, because solutions take away excuses which leave those types of people vulnerable in ways, they aren’t comfortable with. And when such people are in control, money is wasted, resources destroyed, and nobody is ever responsible. Thus, problems rule the day.

Its not a matter of people having different opinions about things. It’s a matter of whether or not people want to solve problems or not. Those who don’t will never be able to negotiate better conditions because they need the below the line thinking to hide behind. No amount of negotiation will ever solve anything with such people, as they will constantly try to undo anything that is ever solved. And that is the state of the entire Democrat party, its all about victimhood, its all about excuses, and ultimately hopelessness. When we talk about Republicans and Democrats getting along as they once did, well I don’t know that they ever did. Thinking or John F. Kennedy when he pointed to the moon and proclaimed that we would go there, as a Democrat he was a very above the line thinker in that fashion. And he was also murdered because whether the killing was a lone communist sympathizing gunman or a government conspiracy from the deep state that wanted him out of the White House, a solution based presidency was not wanted. So he was killed.

When it comes to this topic, we can’t just let below the line thinkers rule us from their negative standpoints, and still retain our above the line values. Those things never go together and they never will. Democrats will never play well with Republicans and that is a political reality we must face. So it is not wrong to demonize Democrats for not wanting to be part of any solutions. In any company where the below the line thinkers are standing in the way of solutions, they must be removed. Its not an option. So neither is it when those same types are in the way in politics. There is no such thing as a fair world where all people get to have an equal seat at the table. There is only winning and losing, we are either doing one thing or the other. But both things can’t happen at the same time. We must make a choice. Will it be Republicans above the line or Democrats below the line in what runs a government and everything that spawns off it.

I would say that it is our modern task to figure this out and to apply such concepts to our elected offices. We should expect above the line thinking from our politicians and our government, just as we would from a well run company. If we want to have good Thanksgiving dinners with our families, we should encourage above the line thinking among all the participants. But if some of the grown up children are still mad at their parents for their own lack of success in life and are trying to blame the college they went to, the attention they received from mother, or even who among the siblings had the bigger bed growing up, then there will probably be a lot of backstabbing at family gatherings and Thanksgiving will be miserable. Everyone is either working to solve things in their life or they are using problems as shields to maintain their below the line status. And so long as government schools, judicial buildings, IRS collections, and everything under the umbrella of government is below the line, and supported by Democrats wanting more and more of it, then there will never be solutions to inflated budgets and poor performance. The solutions to those types of things is in changing behavior, not the politics of the individuals. What people call themselves are not nearly as important as to whether or not they are below the line or above the line in their essential thinking.

Rich Hoffman

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