Why Jimmy Buffett is Bad for America

I was admiring the very nice resort in Orlando, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Resort when a realization of profound significance dawned on me, everything I was looking at was pure evil and anti-American. What Buffett had done with his beach bum do as little as possible in life drunk on Margaritas was a tremendous contributor to much of the below the line thinking that has mired many Americans into a perpetual state of desiring to be on vacation rather than being passionate about their work and the efforts it takes to move mountains sometimes to accomplish great things in life. I don’t blame Jimmy Buffett for discovering a sentiment in America that caught on with his popular songs about wasting away in Margaritaville, it’s people’s own damn fault, to quote his franchise building song which isn’t that old. The song itself was released in 1977 but it has grown to build a fan base of so-called “Parrot Heads” since which has grown into quite a phenomenon giving Buffett great success. He often does multiple sold out concerts every summer in my home town of Cincinnati and certainly has a special relationship with the Queen City. But I would argue that none of it is good in relation to the philosophy of a nation and the people who populate it.

My relationship with Jimmy Buffett fans has never been a good one. We come from opposite places in the universe. It first became distinguishable to me in the early 1990s while I was a waiter at Frisch’s on Fields Ertle Road just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time I was working three jobs, my waiter job at Frisch’s was the one where I made most of my money that I lived off of and I hustled hard to get as much in tips per night as I could to cover my life needs. My other jobs were working an investment deal me and a few other people were trying to get off the ground that involved many interesting, and important people in City Hall within Cincinnati, and the other was a janitorial job cleaning a local business office complex during third shift. I was in my early twenties and was working very hard, harder than most people would ever want to. But it was by choice, I wanted to do a lot, life was hard and had given me some very bad cards yet I was determined to turn them around. So I worked a lot, didn’t sleep much, and hustled to get through every day.

I learned at Frisch’s to identify different types of people quickly. I could tell what type of tables would pay the best tips and which ones weren’t worth the effort. For instance, there was a smoking section at Frisch’s back then and sometimes I’d be assigned to it. Well, I hated working there because the tips were much less, smokers tended to hold on to their dollar bills to fund their cigarette habits so you ended up working much harder for less money, which didn’t make sense to me. I always liked the nice families of Mason and Deerfield Township who came in with a husband, wife and two kids. They tipped well if you worked hard because they were functioning from a value system that matched my efforts. Its hard work raising kids. It’s hard work to keep a marriage together. It’s hard work to be so busy that treating the family to a night out at Frisch’s is considered a real treasure, so their experience with me came out well, and they tipped better than the average customer. It was those people who I always tried to have at my tables.

Jimmy Buffett was in town and I had a party of six at a big round top who were going to the Buffett concert down I-71 at Riverbend, a popular outdoor venue in Cincinnati. They were already intoxicated slightly when they arrived and looked to be endeavoring to become more so later that evening. For many unsaid reasons we just didn’t like each other. I treated them the way I treated all customers, which was very good. I made good money with my tips so I was doing something right but these six people, three couples dressed in typical “Parrot Head” attire, loose shirt, shorts from J.C. Penney and flip-flops decided they disliked me from the moment they sat down, and I didn’t like them either. Things started off well enough, but as I took their order and they made jokes about not expecting me to work too hard and how it was going to be great to “hang loose” during the concert and maybe smoke some dope our relationship quickly disintegrated. My reaction to their statements was not what they expected, they thought they were a bunch of middleagers who were being cool in front of a young person, but what they were saying was as far from my daily thoughts as a person could get, and they could tell. I tried to hide my disdain for them, but it wasn’t working. They ran me for about an hour getting them lots of stupid little things like extra catchup, and salt even though they already had plenty and when it came time to leave they left me four pennies for a tip intended to be an open insult. As they got to their car outside in their parking lot they lit up a marijuana cigarette and were giving me the finger as they saw me starting to clear their table and noticing the tip. One guy grabbed his crotch and motioned me to come outside to fight, which much to his surprise I did. The moment I opened the front door to come outside he quickly got into the car and off their drove to their concert hoping to avoid a confrontation they started. It was then that I realized that Jimmy Buffett was bad for America. It took me a long time to put together why, but I knew back then that what he was selling was poison for the American mind and those six people were certainly the products of it.

Over the years I have always been a 7 day a week 24 hours a day worker, from then until the present it has been the way I function. I like to work and I am very busy because of it. Even when I’m not working, I’m working so it has always befuddled me why people are so happy for Fridays and so depressed on Mondays. I never understood why people were in such a hurry to do nothing, but that is precisely what Jimmy Buffett has captured in his songs, such as “Hamburger in Paradise” and “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere.” The theme is to do as little as possible and get to the end of the work week so you can get shit faced and just lay around relaxing. When people talk to me through the week, I hate it when they say something to the effect such as, “It’s four days to Friday,” or “Thank God it’s Friday.” The meaning of course is that they will be free of their jobs and their bosses so they can lay around and do nothing all weekend. I think those types of meditations are unhealthy and very unproductive. In the richest country in the world I can’t help but think that if not for people like Jimmy Buffett, our adult class of people might work much harder and better becoming happier with their lives than the poor example provided in a typical Buffett song.

Jimmy Buffett is selling below the line thinking to lazy people, which is obviously very popular. The resort in Orlando is very nice, as are the Margaritaville restaurants around the nation selling the island life experience. But the essence of what they are selling is drunkenness and unproductive lifestyles and it hasn’t been good for American culture. The meaning of life can’t be found wasting away in Margaritaville, its in discovery of new ideas while working hard to uncover them. It’s in accomplishment. It’s in getting your hands dirty on Saturday and Sunday just as much as you did on Monday and Tuesday. But Jimmy Buffett has made laziness mainstream, his songs have let people off the hook of expectation and allowed them to think that being a beach bum is much more important than a corporate executive. And that is just wrong. Ultimately that’s why those customers didn’t like me all those years ago, they knew I was one of those stuffy people they were running from that evening and they didn’t want the reminder during their dinner before a Buffett concert. They didn’t want any above the line reminders. But that should have said everything, and perhaps its time we examine this relationship that Americans have with laziness, made all too possible by the type of loser life that Jimmy Buffett sings about. Maybe its time that all Americas stop wasting away, and get to work.

Rich Hoffman

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When Fighting Law Enforcement Becomes Neccessary

No matter how you slice it, Andrew McCabe is a dirty rotten scum bag as one of the top insurgents within the F.B.I. who attempted to overthrow the election of President Trump by participating in the 25th Amendment discussion to put a Constitutional end to the new presidency. I think it is also astonishingly arrogant that he admitted this detail in a new tell all book which further demonstrates the level of arrogance that we were all dealing with top officials in the intelligence community. I am proud to say that I was one of the first people in the country to call out McCabe as such a menace well before the F.B.I. found itself in the middle of a political insurrection that it joined completely on their own. And knowing that, I can say with certainty that I am willing to use the First and Second Amendment to stop them from removing my president. That’s where I am these days and why many of my discussions in these essays are leaning more toward legal arguments than just buoyant opinion. After the obvious harassment of Roger Stone and many others, I made the decision that my situation would be different and I’m explaining the legal argument ahead of time, before losers like McCabe stop the information flow as a law enforcement weapon to destroy individual liberty under tenuous conditions.

Sure Andy McCabe was fired from the F.B.I. But how many like him are still there? I am not willing to say as Sean Hannity has that people like this are unique and that all the F.B.I. agents and officers of the D.O.J. are any different. I would say that McCabe represents the general opinion of such people and that most government employees are a potential menace by the nature of their positions and culture for which they evolve. I think we know plenty about how the F.B.I. operated during the opening months of the Trump presidency, we know more about the behavior of their antics than we do about things we’ve studied for a long time, such as the moon and Mars. The evidence that we have by way of text messages just from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok tell us all we need to know, and they were working directly for Andy McCabe and James Comey. These people were tyrants who thought they knew better than we did about who and what should be in the White House and they actively plotted to remove him from office—against the wishes of those who put him there.

I feel quite justified to speak openly about using violence against these people to preserve our Constitutional Republic going forward, because for one, its our obligation as citizens of the United States and two it’s the right thing to do when abuses of power are obvious. As I write this President Trump is working out the details to declare a national emergency to build the border wall shielding America from Mexican crime elements and Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy about it. She stated that when a Democrat was president in the future then Trump was opening up the possibility to confiscate guns as a “national emergency.” See, that’s how these people think and if such a time does come to pass, that’s when there will be blood in the streets, because I can just say from my perspective, that ain’t happenin.’ The McCabes and Pelosis of the world can be viewed only one way by our own Constitution, as domestic enemies and we are obliged to encounter them and destroy them to preserve our way of life as Americans.

Electing President Trump was part of that Constitutional path to remove such people from the public domain and so far, it has worked. President Trump has done a great job as president. He has certainly done what I wanted him to do. But the arrogance of people like McCabe assumes that he knows more than me as a voter and that he felt perfectly justified to take action against me to remove my president from office by any means available to him and the F.B.I. That’s where this whole thing goes off the rails because the government has never been in charge. I’m in charge of my own life and so are you dear reader. And if Trump has not been so willing to stand in the pocket and take such a beating, I would contend that there would already be a bloody civil war going on right now. Nancy and her domestic enemies won’t be taking any guns under a national emergency. A fight much bigger than anything they can image will happen at that point and things will be very messy. I have said it many times, they are very lucky that Trump was elected president because in many ways it saved them from themselves. I remember the Election of 2016 very well and what I was willing then to do. With Trump becoming president it restored in me some sense of legal means to get the country back on track. But I am keenly aware that there are a lot of people like Andy McCabe functioning in government right now, and likely the only language they will ever listen to is force, and I am ready to go there if need be.

Considering all that think now of the Robert Mueller investigation and all the people who have suffered around the President directly, like General Flynn, and Paul Manafort who is currently sitting in jail just because he was a campaign manager for Trump. Sure, he broke some laws in other endeavors which were looked into because of his relationship to Trump, and that’s why he’s in jail but if he had not been involved with Trump he would be a free man to this day. He’s cleaner legally than McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton, Comey and many others. And the entire investigation which cost many millions of dollars and destroyed so many lives supposedly for national security was all for nothing, essentially to fulfil an original strategy by McCabe and his associates to overthrow an American president with the 25th Amendment by running him out of office under legal pressure. Just that last sentence should send shock waves through every American. If they would try such a thing with Trump, they’d do it to any of us. So why go peacefully when they come to your door with guns pulled at 5 AM in the morning? Why not just engage them as hostiles right then and there because we’ve seen what they are willing to do, even to an elected office holder of the Executive Branch.

I am personally happy to see the Constitution working, and am glad that so far such fighting has not been needed. The system is working. But it’s the intent that concerns me and why I am more than ever looking toward the Constitution and the Founding Documents as my bases for interacting with such criminal conduct among what should be trusted public employees who are obviously corrupted beyond repair. But it would not surprise me before its all said and done that actual violence may be needed to preserve our nation and that is coming from the same mind that knew Andy McCabe was dirty well before the media caught on with all these self-admissions. I hope not, but it would not surprise me in the least.

Rich Hoffman

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Gunfighters, Poker Players, and the Great American Constitution

I personally use the western expansion period of American history as a reference to something of a miracle. While the enemy in America, those trying to change the very nature of the Constitution seek to re-write history with progressive sentiments, I see the situation of the great journey into the West by Americans after the Civil War as something of a miracle and I carry around symbols of that age with me every day everywhere I go. The more I have practiced Cowboy Fast Draw with my Ruger Vaquero the more obvious the miracles of America’s west have become to me. Recently a good friend of mine who returned from Vegas brought with him some literal Trump playing cards that he found in his hotel gift shop. Even though they are only playing cards I thought they were some of the most beautiful items I have seen in a while. They are gold covered of course and have Trump’s face on a $100-dollar bill on the back. I think they are fabulous as I do love the game of poker because it is a game structured under the premise of American capitalism. I can’t carry my guns around with me everywhere, even though I think I should. I do wear a cowboy hat often and usually have playing cards and poker chips in my pocket at all times to remind me of just how special the American West was and what role it still plays to this day in the political landscape. Poker was the game of gunfighters and it was the American gunfighters who broke the back of the Vico Cycle in the context of world history and presented us with options today that I would argue are the first in human history.

History and its understanding is more than a hobby for me. I know quite a lot about it, and I would say that up until the Renaissance Period mankind likely for tens of thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands of years rose and fell along the lines of what is known as the Vico Cycle which essentially means all societies rise along a known trajectory of habit, starting with theocracy, then aristocracy, then democracy, anarchy, only to start again. When archaeologists really get into the weeds of why societies fail and great cities suddenly empty and their inhabitants disappear, it is due to this condition everywhere in the world for all recorded history and likely into history we are not even aware of because the rate of decay and erosion prevent our study that far back. During the Dark Ages of Europe, just another period of time when theocracy ruled the minds of mankind, the Renaissance was born and enlightened minds started asking hard questions that took a few centuries to work out, but eventually the Scottish Rites started contemplating what would eventually become the United States. They’d have to leave Europe to try the experiment of self-ruled people but once they did, there was a revolution and born from that the American Constitution. In the context of historical documents, starting with the Magna Carta in England and merging into what we now call the American Constitution I think are some of the greatest concepts of philosophy so far created as a species of thinking creatures.

The Constitution made many freedoms possible for minorities, for women and for all the immigrants migrating into the New World. It produced great wealth which changed the nature of global politics within a hundred years and I would argue broke the Vico Cycle of world history. There was always some Hitler type that came along and cast the world back into theocracy after anarchy but this time it was the West that saved the world from a tyrant and history was changed. Of course, the enemies of the American Constitution recognize that and have learned not to try to fight free people directly. So they are seeking to undermine the power of America by eroding away at the philosophy which created it which describes accurately our present circumstances. However, it was the American cowboy, gunslinger, card player and gold digger who effectively destroyed the Vico Cycle and put us on the precipice of leaving earth to colonize other planets, such as Mars in such a short period of time because due to the Constitution, the autonomous actions of mankind were unleashed and thus a new age was born.

I would contend that the American Indian was not “native” or “indigenous” but were in fact migrants from previous failed societies, some from the Maya, some from the Aztec, some from cultures that came and went which have never been recorded before, but all had a try at the Vico Cycle and failed reverting back to tribal theocracies dancing like idiots just to make it rain under storm clouds dressed as birds and other animals. They were not functioning under the premise of an American Constitution representing free people so the Indians were run over by a conflict of clashing philosophies, one successful and one not. One culture had science, one culture had superstitions and theocratic limitations similar to the Dark Ages of Europe. As the Indians were pushed off their lands and towns were built on the emerging American frontier brothels, casinos and criminal elements emerged and were only regulated by the gun which to an outsider looked like chaos and the worst of mankind. Modern day Las Vegas is very much the same representation, the best and worst that mankind has to offer is on full display. But the judgment of scum and villainy is only a transitory one, it is the unleashed human mind that benefited most, the opportunity to make money free of aristocracy and to personal profit from the work one applied, even if it was a diseased whore working in a gold rush town’s saloon. Or the gambler working a poker table trying to get rich off the ignorance of his associates, a new way of thinking emerged and the perils of the Vico Cycle were effectively ended on the Western frontier backed by a philosophic experiment of the American Constitution.

So yeah, the gold cards with President Trump on them from Vegas were special to me because they represent a change in thought that was new to mankind. When we talk about the age of MAGA, (Make America Great Again) this is what we are talking about, a Constitution that created great autonomy among people who unleashed thriving new opportunities which quickly became huge cities, railroads that crawled across the nation and an unrivaled international economy all within a few hundred years. The enemy of the Constitution of course are jealous and they want to erode away all the value that this fine history has produced, and they want to focus on the slavery, the conflict with the Indians, the conflict with the Spanish who had conquered Mexico and even the fights with Europe to forge the new Constitution. Of course they’d love to erase all the great gains made and get back to the Vico Cycle because it’s all they know and they lack the courage to be free themselves so they look to the Indian and the Eastern mystic for guidance, to surrender thought to the gods of superstition, which likely ruled the minds of the weak for hundreds of thousands of years. But in America things changed, the Constitution brought forth the beginnings of an autonomous culture which didn’t look pretty at first, but through the gun smoke and the haze of bar room poker games came something new, and the greatest country on the face and history of planet earth emerged and it was a miracle worth fighting for. And that’s what I think of when I see a cool gold playing card from Vegas, the hopes and dreams of a civilization that just wanted to be free of the Vico Cycle, and for once it actually happened after a lot of work and thought.

Rich Hoffman

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The Invasion

There’s no other way to put it, from the very beginning it was an invasion of American soil by enemies of the Constitution and we allowed it to go on far too long. No sane person could say otherwise. The idea that people from other countries should be able to pour into the United States openly and without passports or any kind of identification is insane unless the perspective is viewed from the position of an enemy. Democrats clearly have been willing to play their part as a political party that can’t compete in the realm of debate and must rely constantly on new membership to stay in the game. For them they must have illegal immigration to stay relevant because they have essentially turned their backs on American ideas of ownership and responsibility to advance their causes. That is why anything they propose, such as the current bill in congress to eliminate the sales of private gun transactions, or extended restrictions on gun show loopholes should be considered as a hostile act by a foreign power, because all Democrats by their very affiliation have sided with the anti-Constitutional forces seeking from outside the United States to attack the foundations of freedom which prevent their open molestation of our continental resources.

The invasion was planned long ago, likely before World War II ever started. The Great Depression certainly was a direct result of the progressive invasion where government was seeking to put the clamps on the Roaring 20s open capitalism which flourished after World War I. So this isn’t a new thing but when we talk about making America Great Again, we are talking about an American sovereignty that wasn’t present before these events. We aren’t talking about racism, women’s rights, and immigration policies—these were all conditions that were on path to improvement because of the American Constitution. Meaning, they would have happened regardless of any progressive influence. The Civil War was fought by Republicans to free people of color and the women were on the same trajectory to vote. Democrats didn’t make those things happen, the American Constitution did. The world didn’t pay much attention until two world wars later the economic powerhouse that American capitalism produced showed that the United States was on a path to outpace the rest of the world in innovation, demographic freedoms, and individualized wealth, and the world couldn’t have that.

That’s when it was decided by enemies of the United States Constitution that the very foundation of America had to be scrutinized and challenged. Those enemies sought to take over American companies and institutions in an effort to deface the foundation documents which made so many good things happen. They sought to take over our media, they took over our public schools and embedded themselves in both our political parties with deep tentacles into the lobbying community to fund the effort. And that has now been going on for many decades and was and is currently an invasion—not with guns, but of voting power. The idea of flooding the American border with illegal immigration was to destroy the sovereignty of America and ultimately the Constitution of the United States, and we should all consider that an extreme violation of our good natures.

For every person who now supports the legalization of drugs and other socially disastrous practices it’s not cool to be a loser, and that is precisely what forces against America want, they want the people of America dumb, drunk, stoned and disasters of the human condition because it makes for an easy conquest. They want corrupt lawyers making huge sums of money off Americans divorcing each other over reckless sex antics and other unfocused adult pursuits rather than learning the words and meanings of the American Constitution so they can defend it under assault. The enemies of America want the citizens of the United States to bend over backwards for global approval and a surrender of sovereign values rather than defending themselves from the inevitable tyranny of jealous hostiles from around the world wanting to topple the most successful country in the world.

Anybody who is for open borders, unregulated socialist instruction in our public schools, and evolving legal understandings of the Constitution itself is an enemy of America and is taking part in the invasion, and they need to be dealt with. We have played nice with them for decades and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but they have shown themselves to be what they are, part of the invasion force that has intended to destroy our way of life and impose on us hostile intents from across both oceans—and they are happy about it. None of this was by accident, it was purposeful, and malicious and has been as cold as their proposals to destroy human life in the womb of a mother, and to push mothers out into the world under the banner of human rights just to have the ill intent to destroy the American family so that future bold specimens of freedom fighters defending the Constitution would not even be born, or conceived. The target of these attacks from day one of the invasion was the American family and the mothers who stood at the front of them. They didn’t want to just destroy them, but the children who would never be born.

Viewed in these ways the invasion is every bit as maniacal as any in history, as when Hitler bombed London, or took over Paris. The invasion is as audacious as anything history has ever presented but because it did not come with guns, but with policies and voting numbers, they managed to disguise their intentions and to hide their military maneuvers behind political correction. We blush at even suggesting that such an invasion is even happening because it’s not cool or socially mandated to even speak in such ways. Yet it has been happening before our very eyes. The borders are being invaded, our debt is up to $22 trillion and the global powers who have launched these efforts are wringing their hands together hoping that their plans will hold, that President Trump’s economy won’t turn the tables and that Americans won’t catch onto the nature of the invasion until it’s too late.

Part of the plan was to mire Americans in chaos so that they didn’t take the time to even read the Constitution and understand it, let alone defend it with their very lives. Most Americans today are so distracted by really stupid concerns that they don’t even see the invading forces. They are too drunk and stoned to care, which was part of the plot and it should sicken everyone to the conditions of their countrymen. This is the fight of the millennia and most are too illiterate to even see it. But that doesn’t take away the reality. Truth doesn’t change just because millions of losers believe something to the contrary. This invasion is happening, and the targets are not men, women, minorities or even sexual preferences, they are the protections provided by the American Constitution for the benefit not just of Americans, but to those in the world with no hope but our bright lights and sharp ideas for which they gaze and yearn for. The enemies of America want that light to go out, and its up to us to not let that happen.

Rich Hoffman

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Public Education in America is a Disaster, Worthless and Filled with Elements of Communism

Every time I see one of these teacher strikes it makes me sick. What a bunch of lowlifes! The public education system itself is a joke in the United States. As many know, I have a long history with this subject and my attitude toward it has become more negative the more I’ve learned. My modern impression of public education is that it’s a worthless exercise and so are the teachers. What good is a teacher if they teach your kids all the wrong things. I honestly think children would learn more and do better in life playing video games rather than learn in the modern public education environment. The instruction on display is socialism and communism, and anti-American propaganda and we’d be better off as a nation if we just did away with it. The idea of a society which teaches its children as a first world country how to live in the world is a noble one, but the results have been an unmitigated disaster. Public education is a joke, kids aren’t learning the right things and the teachers are about as worthless as a fast food worker. They are lazy, pretentious and a big part of the problem is that our youth are growing up in the world without knowing what to do or how to do it.

Of course, there are always exceptions, there are good teachers and good people in the profession, but you can’t keep a massive brain drain, tax eating parasite just because a few people find good in it, or it may help a few students. I am of the mind that no public-school teacher should belong to a union. If people want to enter that profession, let the free market determine the results. No school should be attached to a zip code. Parents should never have to send their kids to a school that is not effective, they should always have a choice. And the curriculum that kids are learning should not contain any socialist concepts—at all. Kids should learn Constitutional ideas and American history from the point of view of exceptionalism only. They can ask questions about the merits of it later, when they are adults, but for their intellectual foundations, kids need to be learning about how America works, not how Marxist labor union teachers want America to be, which has been happening now for half a century—and the results clearly show in our society.

In my own background education is very important to me. I don’t think American citizens are smart enough. I don’t think people in general are yearning to be as smart as they should be. I would propose to every human being on the face of planet earth to read at least one book every week for all their lives, because the process of reading even trash is good for evoking proper thought alignments about basic concepts in any social structure. Our education system doesn’t go near far enough for me, and I am quite used to dealing with people every day with Master’s degrees and Doctorates. To me those indicators are not sufficient in establishing successful and complete people. Education should be more than that, but it always disappoints me to learn just how stupid most people are. It’s not that they couldn’t be, it’s that they put too much trust in the institutions of education and what they end up with is a bad product that they carry with them all the rest of their existence and it’s a shame. Most people are shells of what they should be because the education system let them down from pre-school to their sixth or eighth year of college once they produce their final doctoral thesis to some liberal loser who has no right or real authority to judge such things.

And we keep hearing that the teaching profession does not have enough people in it, and that there’s a shortage that must be filled with new bright-eyed participants. “Who wants to be a teacher when the pay is so bad” we keep hearing. Well, I’d argue that the pay isn’t bad and that we should be doing a lot more with less. We live in the age of autonomy where kids can learn so much more so quickly, that class sizes should be increasing not decreasing down to something less than 25 students per class. Anything along the lines of smaller class sizes and high employment needs for any district is the socialist labor unions talking. In the case of Denver, which is the latest strike the teachers are parading around with their “red for ed” t-shirts, which is to say that red stands for communism, because it is precisely what they are after, and they are declaring that they love their children so much that if only they can get a pay raise, they can get back to work. CNN shows on television that the kids joined in the protests and were fighting for their beloved teachers. What is happening is purely anti-American. The teachers do not love the children, they want too much money and the children would be better off homeless and in a street gutter than learning the system of communism that the teachers themselves are revealing. The lies and protests that are so common with unionized teachers isn’t worth paying for let alone the damage they put into the minds of our children and if we really cared as a society, we’d stop pouring so much money into that corrupt and useless system.

There are many ways to get an education, especially these days. The public-school route is probably the worst. It’s not a matter of funding, its whether we should even be talking about money, because the product is so bad. If there is anything good about public education it is gone the moment kids learn to read. Once they can do that, education should become much more autonomous than it is now and the adults involved should not be part of any collective bargaining agreements attached to tax revenue. Education should be an individual experience, not one the state is concerned with. The state’s original claim was that society needed to be taught how to be productive in the world but in the age of illegal immigration into America, employers are happy to get people who show up for work, let alone know how to read and speak in complete sentences. Anybody can have a job in the modern world if they grow up with parents who give them a work ethic. Kids aren’t learning how to have a work ethic in school so what’s the point?

It’s about time we come to terms with this diabolical menace which is the public education system. The subject itself is like talking about a public toilet, a public water fountain, a public park, a public library, a public anything. The sentiment is nice as a concept but the reality is never good. The idea that the public owns education, or land, or the means of an economy are just preposterous. The public doesn’t own anything but the right to rule themselves as individuals. They certainly don’t own our children’s minds, and it’s not up to the public to provide free baby sitting for lazy, pretentious, modern parents who don’t really want to do the job of raising children. And it’s not our job to help lazy real estate agents make money off good schools attached to zip codes when the real value of a community is in the offerings it has, schools being only one of them. The whole system is a disaster that needs to be rethought and every time I see a teacher’s strike like the one in Denver it reminds me of it.

Rich Hoffman

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John Podesta Turns to Aliens to Save Democrats in Elections

As it is clear by now, I am referring to anybody who wants to change the nature of the American Constitution to merely the “enemy” because under the oaths dedicated to it, for which we all share, the definition for domestic enemy is clearly anybody with such intentions, to change that founding document into something else. So with that definition in mind John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were certainly members of the enemy party in America and now with Trump in the White House they are political outsiders, even though the enemy wishes it not to be the case. From the perspective of the enemy having John Podesta and Hillary Clinton on the bench with four fouls each and a whole basketball game to play is intolerable and they are looking for every angle to get back into the game as is humanly possible. And understanding that it answered a lot of questions I have been having lately with all the UFO information that is suddenly flooding the marketplace, from Netflix to the History Channel, much of it very good. But why now? Well, I was watching Ancient Aliens over the weekend catching up on some 2018 episodes I hadn’t yet seen and sure enough there was John Podesta on the show advocating for Full Disclosure—the truth about alien life mingling with our current political structure. I had to shake my head, why isn’t the media clamping down hard on him for saying such a thing? If it was a Republican going onto the Ancient Aliens show saying the same things they would have been laughed off planet earth immediately, so why the free pass for John Podesta?

From my perspective I think there is a lot to the ancient alien contemplations suggested on that show, and I think there is a direct link between poltergeist activity and UFO phenomena. I tend to think that human civilization is alien in nature and that our culture has advanced by interacting with travelers that come and go from earth frequently. It’s not just one species of alien either, but many and they have been visiting earth and leaving for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. To us they are simply travelers, space is a big place and earth is just one little island destination for them to visit which they do out of curiosity, the way that we might travel to Africa or Tahiti. Of course, when they visit some of their culture rubs off on us and vice versa. I’m also quite sure that some life forms visit or interact with us through other dimensional realities, which is what we often refer to as paranormal phenomena—like a recurring ghost that might appear on the Queen Mary in Los Angeles, reflections of a period in history that replays over and over again in the quantum realm interacting with our four-dimensional world. It’s all very scientific, rational, and understandable if you really take the time to consider the circumstances. But to admit such a thing it requires us to admit a whole lot of other things that many aren’t comfortable to admit to themselves so we toss the whole subject into the realm of conspiracy and we criticize vehemently anyone who dares to put such a topic into the mainstream, that is until very recently.

I tend to think that the cause of all the recent news from Harvard law professors and NASA itself suggesting that we are going to find soon evidence of intelligent life coming from outside our planet earth as hints so that we are not shocked when it does happen—what people are calling “full disclosure.” But now its obvious that there is a political element that the “enemy” is now suggesting to utilize as a change agency a superstition of our American Constitution to make it less valid and the scope of earth protection more of a priority. And this is why the media is not attacking John Podesta, the guy at the center of the Wikileaks controversy, the guy who ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the guy who was caught having emails about “spirit cooking,” now appearing on Ancient Aliens advocating for full disclosure regarding UFO interactions and our relationships to alien life.

This isn’t new for Podesta, but the tactic is, basically the Democrats have nothing to offer by means of politics and all they have in their pocket of tricks is fear. The Trump presidency has taken a lot of fear about other countries off the table, fear of Russia, fear of Iran, fear of North Korea, perpetual wars in Syria, Afghanistan and even China leaving Democrats with very little to talk about, so their next obvious conclusion is to turn toward aliens from outer space. By pushing for full disclosure on topics that the government clearly isn’t ready to talk about, Podesta hopes that enough millennials will turn toward his party to elect politicians who will commit to full-disclosure which will happen anyway soon. So Podesta has nothing to lose by promising to be the party of Alien warning which of course they will tie into concerns about global warming. Since they can’t win an argument based on economics, morality, or basic trade policy, all they have is aliens and a basic fear of them to propel the Democrats along. Of course, the enemy itself is going along with that strategy because it fulfils their desires to stay in charge a bit longer. After all, what is the best way to deal with aliens from another world but a big government there to protect us from them?

I read Podesta’s emails very carefully when they were released by Wikileaks so it’s not hard to know his mind. I was shocked that a mainstreamer like him would go onto the Ancient Aliens show because we would all assume that he’d be ridiculed for it. But I can imagine the email traffic from him to everyone else, that by pushing for alien disclosure it helps make it look like the government is trying to shut up Hillary Clinton, that her illegal activity regarding her servers is all part of this vast alien conspiracy because she is the party candidate for full disclosure. He’s essentially trying to hide the illegal activity and the FBI assistance in it that he himself was involved in and trying to hide it behind his controversial push for revealing to the world the nature of alien life from other planets. That’s how desperate they are to reach for anything to hide their crimes and try to stay relevant in the world of politics.

So that’s the game that Podesta is playing but what is shocking is that so many people are willing to let him get away with it. I’m surprised that Podesta’s involvement in the Ancient Aliens show didn’t get him ripped to pieces in the media. But that also goes to show who the enemy really is. Imagine if Mitt Romney had even said the word, “full disclosure.” Every newspaper and news outlet would have led their stories off it. No Republican would be able to show their face in public. But the true enemy of America want’s Democrats to win any way possible, and everyone is on board with it no matter how outlandish, or “out of this world” the assumption may be.

Rich Hoffman

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Ocasio-Cortez and the Hollywood Change Agency

The enemy is certainly alive and well in Hollywood and I now know the origin of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. I had some time over this past weekend to catch up on some movies I had been wanting to watch. One was the Watchmen which was finally on Netflix. It was a movie on my list for about 10 years so I finally had a chance to see it, so I did. I liked it quite a lot but the them of it is pretty sad, human beings are faulty creatures’ intent to destroy themselves without some kind of unifying intervention. I watched a few more films, uneventful liberal propaganda, but another Netflix production jumped out as relevant especially for the uneducated millennial generation that it was targeted for, a film called IO which is the name of a moon around Jupiter where the human race had fled to once the earth became uninhabitable due to climate change. The movie just hit Netflix so I could imagine that after watching it Ocasio-Cortez and her band of Constitutional changing villains used the points of that movie to outline their Green New Deal.

There were things worth watching in IO but the premise was all wrong, it assumes that the earth is a living being that decided one day to change the composition of the atmosphere to rid it of mankind’s presence so like a bunch of idiots we evacuated the planet except for a few stragglers to colonize other destinations in space. The earth was literally trying to kill off humans as if they were a disease, a common theme among most Hollywood writers for many years now. The same elements were present in Zach Snyder’s the Watchmen, humans are faulty, intent to destroy themselves and everything around them, etc. Only in IO it was odd because the writers wanted to portray all the good things humans had done regarding culture and in the end the main protagonist stayed on earth to repopulate it living in harmony with earth’s rules and supposedly everyone lived happily ever after. The assumption in both cases was that there was always something out there that knew better than the human race what to do. In the case of IO it was the earth. In the case of the Watchman, it was Dr. Manhattan, whom I found most relatable. I’d watch the Watchmen many more times just to see more of that character alone.

Clearly Hollywood has been weaponized, I’ve covered all this before and how it came to be. They are not making the movies that made Hollywood so great years ago where studios made really good American art, such as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. The enemy has taken over and in all cases for which it controls they are using the very well-known Kotter’s Eight Steps for Transformation. These rules are well-known among intelligentsia, there is nothing new about them other than their exposure to the general public. I personally love John Kotter’s work; however, the enemy is clearly taking the next step from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and is using the Eight Step for Transformation as outlined by Kotter in The Harvard Business Review to inspire politicians to become change agents instead of representatives in a great republic. The enemy has done what it sought to do, take over Hollywood, and the media in general and to weaponize sentiment so to create change, and that is the whole purpose of the climate change proposal.

When Ocasio-Cortez announced that there were only 12 years to live on earth unless we did something different like adopting her Green New Deal the enemy in general is establishing Kotter’s number one rule, to establish a sense of urgency. That is how change agents inspire people to follow them, whether or not the proposal is real, it is a tactic used to drive people toward action. Climate change and the deadlines set are nothing more than this. The earth doesn’t really care if humans are on its surface or not. The earth will be around long after humans have decided to leave just as it was around long before. The earth is indifferent to our existence just like other planets. Planets are not very wise, they aren’t writing great works of literature or contemplating the origin of the universe, they just sit in space reacting to the elements of existence. However, the enemy has to create the artificial sentiment that danger is imminent forcing humans to act against their best interests to save the earth from a phantom menace. But the operative word is “phantom.”

To accept that notion of climate change you have to accept the premise that humans are inheritably bad, which is what Hollywood has been trying to tell us about ourselves for the last thirty years. The Watchmen was a great movie but notice how people didn’t rush out to see it and don’t behold the characters in the same regard as opposed to someone like Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is about the best that humans can be and it makes people feel good to watch a character like that. But most movie characters are about the worst that humans are which is trying to reinforce the need for change. The enemy needs the human race to see fault in themselves so that they will act politically to below the line motivations which are then rules by a larger centralized government managing those affairs, much the way the Church of Europe wanted to rule over monarchs calling themselves direct representatives to God himself. The modern equivalent is nothing more complicated, it’s an evil attempt to pull down the ambitions of the human race so that they will be inspired to act against their best interests and give power over to the centralized authority of dumb kids like Ocasio-Cortez and her band of climate change fanatics.

I wanted to watch the Watchmen because I had noticed that Zach Snyder seems to be officially now developing a movie version of The Fountainhead, which is one of my favorite novels in the history of novels. If anybody could do a real film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s work it would be Zach Snyder. Even though the Watchmen had elements of the enemy assumptions about the human race in it, Snyder likely went that way due to the source material, staying loyal to the original graphic novel. The Fountainhead will be a very controversial work that I think will be a rather dramatic answer to the change agency that Hollywood has become so in spite of all the elements we see today, I see big changes tomorrow. Not everyone is willing to serve the enemy’s wishes to turn the United States into a parasitic state of compliant losers worshiping at the alters of climate change by disregarding the best that humans can be, thinking creative beings. I honestly think we all maintain in us the good elements of Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen and that our future is there, not in rising oceans and voodoo atmospheric anomalies. The earth is pretty dumb, and nature is as philosophically affluent as a rock. It exists and does what it does for basic survival, but nothing else. Whereas humans are trying always to become better and that makes them worth something in the context of universal history.

Rich Hoffman

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