Those Who Climb Mountains: The miracle of Trump’s Fox and Friends press conference in “The Age of Envy”

I couldn’t help but to think of the great literary classic, and one of my favorite books, Thus Spoke Zarathustra as Donald Trump became the first president in American history to come out of the White House on a Friday morning and give an impromptu press conference specifically to Steve Doocy on an unscheduled Fox and Friends live show. Trump saw the press gathered on the lawn to do their usual morning broadcasts and he just stepped out in the light of day and gave an unprecedented, fearless all access question and answer session that literally had everyone’s jaws dropping on the ground. In Nietzsche’s great classic Zarathustra had come down from his mountain top where he had been living and visited a village to teach them the way of the Übermensch. Translated to English the German term invented by the philosopher Nietzsche means overman, or otherwise more than man and is an evolution of western philosophy. While the orient is concerned specifically with group assimilation in their philosophic references, the west has always been about advancing the individual away from the group toward exceptionalism. Nietzsche did great work on the matter, but Ayn Rand took the concept even further and flushed out the ideas more succinctly. To date there is still more work to do, but without question the long line of thought on the matter of the Übermensch manifested on the White House lawn on June 15th 2018, one day after the President’s 72nd birthday, the release of the now famous IG report on the FBI case against that same president which was very embarrassing to that same FBI. The event also took place three days after Trump met with Kim Jong Un for the first time any American president has met with North Korea with the intention of a peace settlement and has so far been successful. Trump also started trade negotiations at the G7 Summit and as of the morning of that press conference had stuck China with stiff penalties in the forms of tariffs. Trump had emerged as an Übermensch, and the world wasn’t sure what to think about it.

Two big events shaped my opinion on this matter long ago. The first was a continuation of the second but is relevant because it defined my view on these matters of eastern and western philosophies colliding in a healthy way for which I’m about to speak. I was listening to a lecture by the late great Joseph Campbell where he was talking about male initiation rites of passage in comparative religious cultures and he said something that just bothered me greatly. He said that it was an accepted and common practice for people not to do too well in manners of endeavor because doing such a thing was looked down on culturally. That perplexed me because to my thinking, if you were going to do something, why wouldn’t you try to do the best and be the best at it. Growing up I was an extremely rebellious kid. Not the kind who said too many curse words or was always up to no good. I was always in trouble for trying to be too good. When a bully picked on me to force me into some jar of human constraint I always fought back which led to a pretty bad fight between my dad and I on the matter. He was very impatient with me when he said that someday “they’re going to get you,” he was saying through clinched teeth with a finger in my face. The “they” he was talking about was of course the aristocracy of non-value which Ayn Rand described in her great book titled Return of the Primitive published originally in August of 1971. At that time, I had no understanding of Nietzsche, Ayn Rand or any of the philosophic history from western civilization that I was plotting my own course to completion, I simply knew that it seemed ethically wrong to allow my will to be bent by bullies in school or the social mechanisms that seemed to fuel their behavior. As it turned out, I was a pretty smart kid who was also uniquely gifted with physical aptitude, so I learned to fight early on and really didn’t grow up with any fears of being beat up—because honestly nobody could.

But my dad was trying to prepare me for the world and at that time he thought I was just trying to be a big fish in the small pond of my community, that once I hit the world, or the world hit me that those big waves would destroy me, and he didn’t want to see that happen. So he was telling me that people don’t want you to be the best, they don’t want you to be the fastest, smartest, or most courageous. The world wanted you to have flaws, and to yield to them because it made people feel less anxious about you if they could relate to your weaknesses. What he was talking about was the general acceptance of egalitarianism as the highest virtue of advanced western thinking—which many liberal professors in our colleges were teaching was a proper mixing of eastern and western ideologies for which the world would progress to the next states of existence. Only that never seemed right to me so I rebelled even more and by rebelling I meant to exhibit myself as removed from the rest of society whenever possible. I always wanted the best-looking girl on my arm, the fastest car, to be the best in a fight and the sharpest with my mouth. I simply wanted to be the best of the best and I have always expected that out of myself and to this very day, there has never been anyone—not even governments, who have had the ability to kick my ass. The legal system certainly tried to put me into that category once things really got serious—what my dad had warned me about, but I plowed through and reached my middle years much like Zarathustra himself in that classic Nietzsche novel.

My support of Donald Trump initially, and even presently, was born out of this desire to see more Zarathustras emerging from their top positions in business and art and enter the world of politics, which is where they were needed the most to advance the concept of individualism over collectivism—and if the truth of the matter is ever really considered, the hatred that the FBI had for Donald Trump was summed up in Ayn Rand’s classic work, Return of the Primitive, specifically the chapter titled “The Age of Envy.” The established order of mankind has up to this point been made up of collective masses who used the thuggish practices of force to keep individuals of exceptional ability from emerging into any positions of influence. This conflict was essentially captured in all of Ayn Rand’s written works and are specifically an American creation philosophically which goes well beyond where Nietzsche was attempting to go. Nietzche’s version of the Übermensch failed to reach its proper escape velocity and remained a captor of socialism which led to eventually the Nazi who misinterpreted Nietzsche dangerously into a compromise with the routine collectivism of Europe which was the aristocracy of non-value spoken about earlier in this article. The evil of Hitler was that he tried to bring such a society about by essentially removing all other values from society and forcing all of Europe into seeing the world the way he did—book burning, mass executions of people who didn’t think the way he thought they should think, and any other rebellious elements. Needless to say, Hitler missed the whole point of what Nietzsche was trying to say, and Ayn Rand smoothed out the failures in her own works. Which brings us to Donald Trump, who is maybe the first of his kind in history to function at such a high level on the world stage.

About two or three times a week people ask me if its lonely at the top. My first thought is—“the top of what?” The top of a mountain in Appalachia country is not the same as the top of a mountain in the Rockies or even larger yet, the Himalayas. Being at the top of a company in West Chester isn’t the same as running a state or running a country, but they are all degrees of peaks that we achieve in life and I get the meaning. For me there is always some new mountain to climb and I’m always on the outlook, and of course the reason we do it is because it’s there. It’s a true human inclination to always look to advance ourselves—or rather is a more than human trait that comes with the experience of thought. Donald Trump at 72 years old is at the top of the world, the highest peaks a professional person can obtain in the world of earth, and he’s happy about it, and he had some fun living in that world with Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends. He was offering the same thing that Zarathustra was offering the villagers in Nietzsche’s book. However, unlike Zarathustra, Trump is driven to go further and instead of yielding to the lackluster aims of the lazy and corrupt of our human species, he is determined to break them, and that is an emotion I can fully understand. I am of the same mind. It’s that feeling you do get when you are the top of whatever you are trying to do. For me it’s never lonely at the top. I enjoy the view too much to be concerned about such things as companionship.

But one thing is quite clear, and Trump understands it, even if the rest of the world except for a few at the top who can truly see things for the way they are, the role that the FBI has played in American politics has not been to protect us from some criminal threat. But rather to protect our institutions from the threat of the overman—from the value of the bar setters who like to climb mountains and can reside at the peaks without needing the comfort of the aristocracy of non-value. This obsession with non-value goes back to the start of the human race where children born a little too perfectly were found to have flaws by their parents in hopes that some demon wouldn’t be attracted to the young child and take them over for the ways of evil. The gods of the Greeks and Romans—of every western civilization have the same quandaries—it is unsafe to expect humans to venture too far toward perfection. It is safe to see flaws, and to bow to the gods of the unseen realms and to know one’s place in the universe. It is dangerous to think that “one’s shit doesn’t stink.” It is safe to throw away values, to entertain evil with naked bodies in a mud pit of Woodstock smoking dope and setting ambitions no higher than that of collective society. It is dangerous to consider gene manipulation, to seek destinations in the stars, or to live longer than 100 years. Yet for those who like to be at the top and the perspectives that can be obtained there, the aim of the human race should always be to climb, to climb ever higher and higher anyway possible. The fuel that drives Trump is that he has the ambition of a child, a force that has not been driven from his mind, and it is bringing him and America great success. And that is very good to see. It is precisely why I voted for him and I am eager to see what mountains he can climb next because his perspective is setting the bar for the future that just might save humanity from its perpetual crawl back into the caves of the primitive. For a change in all of human history, we might just stay on top of the mountain and consider venturing even further—and that is something to get excited about.

Rich Hoffman

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Pulling Away the Masks: The brillance of Donald Trump’s Singapore Summit revealed

So many interesting things to talk about. It is all so very astonishing. Probably the most remarkable part of President Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un was the very powerful Return of the Jedi metaphor of pulling away the mask of Darth Vader only to find a nice kid under the layers of hyperbolae. The ironic thing is that it took a person from outside the established order to take away the masks that same order uses to drive public emotion, and that effect has many people reeling from the sudden exposure to the outside world. Kim Jong Un really is just another 20 something kid who wants to watch NBA basketball. He loves the West and wants to be a part of the fun, and Trump offered it to him in a way that nobody had ever done before. I watched very carefully the CNN interview with Dennis Rodman where he became very emotional over the Summit in Singapore between both of his friends Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un that it became very obvious what had always been going on. The old aristocracy that has always wanted to rule the world needed people to be afraid of something, so they put a mask on Kim Jong Un for us all to look at while they attempted to manipulate us with global ideals and the theft of American wealth for the rest of the world committed to socialism to enjoy. Using that same fear to drive people out of their native countries and into the United States the intent was always to change America from the inside out, but now that is changing. Trump’s foreign policy that many people think doesn’t exists isn’t to welcome the oppressed to our doors at the border, its to teach their home countries how to be more like the United States—and that has many in a panic.

Yes, the Bush presidents could have made peace with Kim’s family many years ago, Bill Clinton could have, and if you watched the Dennis Rodman interview, Barack Obama could have as well. As crazy as Rodman is in his public appearance, any president of the United States should have been interested in what went on in the interactions of an American who just returned from North Korea with a personal message from Kim Jong Un with any hint at a peace-offering. The really sad answer was that none of those presidents really wanted peace, and neither did the rest of the world at the aristocratic level. They needed a Darth Vader character to scare the world into their arms of leadership, so they ignored the cries for attention that came out of North Korea making the world a much more dangerous place, on purpose.

It took a very self-confident man in Trump to see past the illusions and to simply take the mask off Kim Jong Un so that peace could be discussed and more than that, to introduce western capitalism to the country that has been left so far into the dark. As it turns out it wasn’t North Korea who wanted to repress their people into the darkness of communism all this time, it was people like the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama who did. Trump wants to build a condo on the beaches of North Korea and give their people opportunities to eat at McDonald’s, like everyone else in a developed country can. But that old order needed a bad guy to scare everyone into following their leadership and what has now happened is that we are all free of that fear, for the first time.

I would expect the Democrats to be upset with Trump’s successful Singapore Summit, because they really have nothing to offer as a party and by making North Korea a friend instead of a foe, Trump has more than earned a second term, and destroyed any fantasy they had of a blue wave in November. Trump has done something in record time that many proposed was impossible. A less confident person would have listened to the pundits, to the political hacks, to the lawyers cautioning him to listen to the “experts” instead of simply walking over and taking off that Darth Vader mask to reveal a smiling young guy underneath who just wants to have what any other millennial would like to have, a cool car, a big fast airplane and a good place to get a hamburger. The Democrats have nothing to do but complain that Trump should have done this, and that he should have done that. Even Republicans in congress who have drag assed for years can only now try to associate themselves with the peace process by attaching themselves to Trump’s deal for their review. But we all know that nothing would have happened if Trump had not been willing to simply pull off the mask and help the kid from North Korea join the world with an invitation that was only issued from a White House backed by a voting sector tired of the games that aristocrats play.

What is so surprising to many people is just how manipulative so many people at the top have turned out to be, how much they have lied to all our faces about what constitutes a threat and what doesn’t. Trump really did make the whole thing with North Korea look easy and as he said in his press conference, he reminded the world that China’s economy is less than America’s and that Iran was next, which I believe my readers will recall I have been saying for some time. Capitalism and communism are not equals on the world stage. Many of the people who wanted to make Kim Jong Un into Darth Vader, which the kid played along with because his father and grandfather had put him into that role—and that role was globally accepted for what it did—even if people did die—wanted to support the managed economy world view of a lesser communism driven by the necessity to join together against a common enemy—so they made up their world enemies to provide justifications for their own existences. The miracle of what Trump is doing is what the United States should have always been doing. There was never a reason to make deals through the CIA with dictators around the globe to make peace, the way to beat them all was through economic strength, and the way to do that was to pull away the restraints of capitalism and open up free markets in a way that had never been done before.

Understanding the power of financial leverage, which Donald Trump obviously does, as well as any decent business person, it isn’t hard to bring peace to the world. A country like Iran is easy to destroy if you attack their ability to hide their Marxism behind a scary mask of radical Islam. By pulling away the mask, often we find just simple people who want all the things that the rest of us want—opportunity. When opportunities are limited the small minds will fight over table scraps, which is what the global aristocrats have been doing for many decades to us all. Trump didn’t just put an end to that practice in North Korea, he set the motion going into the other direction the entire motivation behind the immigration problem. People flee to America always to get away from some terrible place on earth. But why not make where they are coming from not so terrible? Why does North Korea have to be such a bad place—or Honduras, El Salvador or even Syria? Because the social order in favor of global communism has always wanted to use fear to drive people from one place to another, and in that transaction, voting patterns changed those destination countries to their tactical favor. But now, Trump with the simple meeting with Kim Jong Un, has just reversed that everywhere in the world, and that is a major miracle that won’t have the full ramifications of its impact measured until many future decades finally realize the significance. And when they do, the history books will all have to be completely rewritten.

Rich Hoffman

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The Summit in Singapore: I’m so proud of President Trump

The last time I stayed up all night to watch a political event was the election of Donald Trump in November of 2016. But last night I stayed up to watch all the fanfare of the Singapore Summit by a master deal maker. I am so proud of Donald Trump. I’m proud to have stuck with him through the hard times, I was proud to be one of the very first to support him, and I was proud to have seen through all the haze to get to this point in time to watch him take charge of that Summit and literally bring the world to a stop. A complete stop. The Singapore Summit was literally the most epic thing many of us may ever see—it was on par to the ending of World War 2. In a lot of ways, I think this deal with North Korea is larger than the collapse of Russia because of what it means and under the conditions for which it was achieved. Trump went from near all out war with North Korea to shaking hands with a path to peace in just 7 months—and he got a lot more done as a result. At five PM that evening with no sleep in 25 hours Trump held this amazing press conference.

In subsequent articles I will break down all the elements that led to this Trump success. I’m sure there are a lot of jaws that will have to be picked up off the floor, and people are going to reassess their lives after this, and they will be hungry for information. I understand it, but I also understand that a lot of people don’t remember that all along I have predicted everything that happened and I was able to make those statements because of that understanding. What it comes down to is that most people just have not been taught how to think correctly about things in their life. I’ve read all of Donald Trump’s books, written works that he produced before he was ever president. So nothing here is a surprise including the wonderful press conference that went on for well over an hour. Trump is very honest about everything he does, and he has been for many years, and it takes that type of person to be successful in big events. Typically, in the past, his type of personality has not been in politics or in a position to help with things like this, so what transpired was truly a unique event.

Trump just put himself on a completely different scale of American leadership and it was quite good to see. He has elevated the bar for the future, there will never be another presidential candidate who won’t be expected to perform at the level of President Trump and in that fashion we all win. Trump has literally changed the world overnight from one of skepticism and fear to one of hopes and dreams. People like me have always been there, but now that people have seen it, now there is a model in Trump to live up to and that is the most beautiful aspect of this Summit.

The key to the whole event however is the hard work of the 72-year-old Trump, a tireless person who is willing to work around the clock to achieve anything. It really comes down to unshakable self confidence and the desire to out work everyone. As an older person Trump is never asking to have a nap, or to delay a meeting like this so that he could recover from the negotiations at the G7 Summit. Trump simply does what has to be done, and he doesn’t complain. Without question, by the time Trump was back on Air Force One he was on the phone with China to talk about how well the meeting went and to discuss what comes next. That tireless, childlike energy is what many critics of Trump really don’t like because deep down inside them all is the fear that Trump raises the bar of expectations for everyone. Trump could use all the same excuses that other people use, he could blame his age, his weight, his lack of political experience—but he never does. He always expects to win whatever he does and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to obtain a victory, even at the expense of his personal comfort, and that is the key to this whole experience. It’s not so much that Trump is smarter than everyone else, it’s just that he’s willing to win and do whatever it takes to have victory. He’s like that if its just a golf game, or in international dealings. The guy likes to win in a way that young people do, and that is why this was a successful exchange.

A few days ago, I was in a pretty good fight with some colleagues over the pace of a project I am working on. For their part of it they were drag assing, and it was getting on my nerves, so we had a rather explosive “discussion.” My problem with them is that they are just going through the motions of their jobs and do not exhibit any real passion for their tasks, and that makes me sick, because I have passion for everything I do. They call my enthusiasm child-like exuberance, I would say that it is an unconquered virtue. My passion for things is only child-like in that children do not yet know what the sting of defeat is, so they approach everything with a level of play that carries them enthusiastically through every task they get involved with. For them life is an open book full of possibilities, and I can say that at my age now of over 50, I still very much have that same attitude. When I run into conquered people who do not find passion in the things they do from their work to their leisure activities, I have a very short wick with people like that. It doesn’t take long for a conflict to ensue between me and them because they literally make me sick by slowing down the process of whatever I’m doing. If their laziness robs me of the fun I get in being productive, then I consider it a personal attack. In watching President Trump work, and meeting him a few times now, I can say that he is very much of a similar mind. The guy just loves to work, and he finds people who look for excuses not to do things very frustrating, and he is confrontational to preserve his own playful spirit from the lackluster dealings of people craving to be very average in life.

The Summit in Singapore was one of those situations where nobody of an average mind, of someone who plans for lunch the moment they awake in the morning after 8 to 10 hours of sleep could have achieved. Perhaps a hard-working president like Calvin Coolidge might have matched Trump in these North Korean efforts, but not even he could have had the boyish charisma to cheer on capitalism the way Trump did, even walking Kim Jong Un over to his car to show off what capitalism could buy the young man. North Korea could very well be one of the next great economic centers of the world and Trump had the playfulness in his approach to bring that level of optimism to the negotiating table, and nobody in political theater of the world is functioning at such a level. There are a few business leaders here and there, a few film producers—some scientists—mavericks that come to mind—but nobody like that ever makes it into high level politics, yet there Trump is for the first time in history—and history has been boldly made. It is truly a significant day in so many ways. The ramifications of this day are incalculable not just historically, but philosophically. As a person who shares many of Trump’s passions as a human being—a person who just likes to be productive and has fun being that way, I am so proud of him. And I’m proud of the human race for giving a guy like that a shot at the big stage. Trump is doing great things there and guess what—-he’s far from finished. This is only year number two.

Rich Hoffman

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Everything You Need to Know About the G7 Summit, and Peace with North Korea: Han Solo and ‘The Fountainhead’ tell the whole story–the Wicked Witches of Globalism are melting

Well, the Wicked Witch of Globalism is melting before our eyes, first uttered at the socialist G7 Summit where Justin Trudeau now famously complained about President Trump’s domestic trade politics only to be slapped down by Trump while in route to Singapore to meet with Kim Jong Un. I thought John Brennan’s comments in the wake were most alarming, which represent globalists from John McCain to Barack Obama, we are now seeing just how far their roots of ideology have permeated our intellectual foundations, and it’s a little alarming. Not that we didn’t know what was there, but its kind of like pulling out a huge snake that has been parasitically feeding off a sewage pipe coming out of our house. You know it’s there but removing it and seeing how big and ugly it really is can be alarming. What we are seeing from these globalists is truly alarming and is specifically why those of us smart enough to understand the complexity of these matters supported and voted for Donald Trump very early in the election process.

When people say they couldn’t predict what would happen at the G7 Summit, or that nobody could believe that North Korea would be unified with the rest of the world, they are wrong. I predicted all these things well in advance. Even as Kim Jong Un was launching missiles over Japan, I was saying it, and only I outside of the White House, that North Korea didn’t have any real threat that they proposed to throw against the world. They were always drowning in communism and it was obvious when the reports that Dennis Rodman was becoming best friends with the North Korean dictator that the kid wasn’t such a scary person. If Kim Jong Un didn’t have a private plane in his country that could take him 3000 miles away to anywhere in the world, how was he going to launch nuclear missiles into the heartland of America? Simply put, Trump knew that all the missile launches were a bluff and he called the kid on it, and now there is nowhere but toward peace for North Korea, and Trump smartly is giving the dictator a way out into the great world of capitalism.

This of course has the globalists very terrified. As I’ve said before I look at lots of indicators in our social fabric to tell the truth about what is really going on in the world and as many readers here know I was particularly interested in the box office numbers of the new Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie has done decently, not what Disney expected, but it’s not a failure in any regards, critically or economically. Yet I thought it was strange that there was so much fury and hope from the print media around the world, especially overseas, that the new Star Wars movie fail. It took, me a few weeks to figure it out, but I have, and its related to all this news about North Korea and the G7 Summit ironically. Solo: A Star Wars Story is essentially a kid’s version of The Fountainhead. I know the Kasdans who wrote that recent Star Wars film will deny such a thing, but there is quite a cult in Hollywood emerging, especially on the Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan side of the business toward the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Anne Hathaway is a part of it—(notice she hasn’t been working so much over the last few years, she did do the new Ocean’s movie, but not much else)—and there are many actors, producers and directors who secretly enjoy Ayn Rand’s work. Well, globalists hate Ayn Rand essentially because of the basic premise of the philosophy of Objectivism that counters their notions of collectivism. The many hit pieces done unjustly against Solo: A Star Wars Story were to essentially isolate the film from the fans and to take a shot at Disney for even daring to produce such a movie. But, Disney had to come to terms with the currents of the world for which the Trump presidency were unlocking, so they made their Han Solo movie with those factors in mind.

For those who don’t know the great American novel, The Fountainhead, probably the most powerful part of the book for me anyway is when the architect Howard Roark was invited to be a part of the World’s Fair team to design a new pavilion. Through the entire book Roark had been struggling to become an elite architect and here he was being given an opportunity to have his name next to the best in the business at the World’s Fair project. But Roark always demanding out of himself personal authenticity could not allow others to loot the value of his good work under the guise of collective assimilation. To his view the other architects were not at the same level of him, they were not as advanced and no matter what he did individually, his work’s value would be associated with the board of architects as a collective value they all shared, and to him that wasn’t fair, or accurate. Much of the same thing was going on in Solo: A Star Wars Story where the character of Han Solo was looking for that same kind of authenticity. His girlfriend in the film was very much like the Dominique Francon character from The Fountainhead. Qi’ra is a young woman looking for security in a scary galaxy. She has been raised and believes that the way to stay alive is to cozy up to the most powerful—so she ends up being the head of a gang. Throughout the whole movie she is torn between Han and her protection under gang rule. Much like Dominique throughout The Fountainhead had many relationships with men trying to find happiness, but always putting security before her own personal sanctity, Qi’ra in Star Wars is playing that same type of role, and critics noticed it and slammed the film hoping that the public would reject the story. That same type of intensity is now being thrown at Donald Trump for doing in real life what much of these rogue art pieces are attempting to do, and have been for over a century now, starting really with Ayn Rand during the golden age of cinema.

Globalist have been using that big scary North Korean threat as a reason to scare everyone into some big joint global unification where the values of socialism could be assimilated with capitalism. At the G7 Summit the GDP of all those countries put together if the United States is removed from the mix hardly adds up to an equal share. The unspoken value is that without the capitalism of America, the socialism of Canada, Mexico, Germany, France—essentially all of Europe cannot match. It is essentially the Howard Roark scene in The Fountainhead where Roark quits the World’s Fair board, or when in Solo: A Star Wars Story Han tries to get Qi’ra to go against her boss at the end of the film and run off with him to live a life of freedom, which she of course turns away from tragically in a pursuit of security.

When Trump told Justin Trudeau to take a hike on Saturday while climbing on Air Force One to fly to Singapore to make peace with Kim Jong Un the world went into a panic, the globalists who need everyone to recognize that the path to everything means that individuals must toss away their personal values in favor of the collective sum of eternal assimilation—the age-old question, are we the bulb or the light that emits from it emerged without a cover to hide it. For globalists, the light bulb can be changed it’s the light that comes from it that matters. But for individualists, if there is no bulb, there is no light. Without America, there is no economy. Without America, the socialist’s failures can’t hide behind anything. And without war with North Korea, there are no villains to hide all the maliciousness of groupthink—such as in China, Russia, and all of Europe to camouflage their intentions. That is in essence what The Fountainhead is all about, what comes first, the fountain which gives forth the water, or the water. Without the fountainhead, the water cannot spring forth, it remains locked in a state of nature. It takes the brilliant mind of individuals, not boards of collectivists to unlock that potential and that is what has everyone in the global community terrified.

With Trump’s brilliant response at the G7 Summit and the wonderful actions taking place presently in Singapore the world just changed in favor of the fountainheads, and the globalists are melting. For them it’s a far bigger problem than just political ideology, it’s a scary ripping away of the covers for which they have been hiding. We now know that John Brennan as the former director of the CIA was a communist and is comments over these past few days reveal everything that I have just said. He knows that this is the end for his movement. With peace in North Korea there is no cover story for which the world stays on the board of the World’s Fair and allows the few to give value to the many when it isn’t deserved. And in Canada, a country with the amount of population of one American state, they have no economic power without the capitalism of America. Like the situation in North Korea Trump is calling their bluff and refusing to sanction the socialism of Canada—and panic is now in the air because now people will see the truth. And that truth is a wonderful thing for which many of us will see for the very first time. America has always been the world’s fountainhead. Globalists have worked really hard to hide that notion from the world insisting that we all join hands and share in the wealth. But the truth is, without America, there is no world—without the merits and values of capitalism, nobody does anything. North Korea is learning that, and now, so will everyone else. And that is the miracle for which we are currently observing.

To see the whole picture, we must observe how entertainment reflects politics, because epistemologically they feed each other. We can make observations about entertainment media that directly correlate the situation at the G7 Summit for instance or the miracle of North Korean peace. Only in the case of North Korea, as I said I predicted this a long time ago, and without question, Trump knew it too. The difference between individuals making decisions and watering down the effect of thought through collective assimilation is what we are talking about here. How can Trump just step into a meeting with Kim Jong Un without armies of people to prepare him for the task? The answer, because he’s good, and individually, he knows more and is more effective than the collective assimilation of the masses which call themselves experts. It’s why Howard Roark quit the board of architects in The Fountainhead. “No man can live for another. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. But the second-hander has used altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reversed the base of mankind’s moral principles. Men have been taught every precept that destroys the creator. Men have been taught dependence as a virtue.” Chapter XVII Part 4 p. 738. This to the collectivists who call themselves globalists these days is the most dangerous phrase in the vocabulary of mankind, for people to realize this nature in themselves and to act on it. That’s why Robert De Niro used curse words on a big award show on NBC during live television, and its why John Brennan is literally having a panic attack. Because people are learning the truth, and the fall of North Korea is not good for them. It’s the worst news in the world. But for the fountainheads, it’s the first time in the history of the world that a big name political figure has stood for them and defended their right to exist free of the assimilation of collectivists. And that is a real game changer.

Rich Hoffman

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Samuel Ronan Arrested: I told you so…………

When we talk about unstable people who find themselves in a situation where they may snap, remember that I will always be the first to say I told you so. And I don’t mean that in a haughty way, just as a relevant fact into all matters for which I spring forth information that people ought to listen to. It seems like an eternity ago when I suggested to the Lakota school board that we arm teachers in the classroom after the school shooting in Florida, when the congressional candidate Samuel Ronan from Springboro crashed the meeting and gave a disturbing speech in favor of the progressive political positions. After the meeting I warned that it was just such a person as Ronan who might attack a school or cause a public disturbance. Well, as an update, after losing the congressional primary to Steve Chabot the 28-year-old kid was arrested over the weekend, and like he did during the Lakota school board meeting which you can review at the following link, (CLICK HERE) Ronan recorded the whole thing. The video is a fascinating view of the world as understood by a typical progressive minded liberal. Like I said of Ronan before, this is a kid who ran for the top job of the Democratic Party on CNN, he’s no small-time mouthpiece. But here he is fresh off a loss after switching parties in an attempt to gain some ground into congress from a different direction behaving in a way that could have easily have escalated out of control.

There is a big difference between being a valued member of something, anything–and just being a pain in the ass. The section of video that I saw of Ronan’s arrest, I would tend to side with him on. I’m not a big fan of a “police state” where some fat slob might think that he can take over my life and cause me to surrender my existence to their doughnut eating diatribes. I actually wrote a novel about my hatred of just this very kind of arrest and taken at face value, my engagement with the officers in a situation like this wouldn’t be much different. But guess what, I’ve been in far worse situations under far worse conditions, and I’ve never been manhandled by a cop in any way over my long life at this point. So for Ronan to find himself in that type of situation there is always more to the story. Knowing that kid, he likely baited the police to act in such a way so that he could advance some progressive political issue. Like I said of Ronan at the Lakota school board meeting, I think he’s a smart kid, and an articulate person who is quite talented, but he’s also the type of person who would act on some diabolical plan and is more of a potential menace to society than the typical dissident of justice.

My warnings about people like Ronan were that if there was a person of such a mind who might think to attack a public school, because they certainly didn’t think twice about bending the rules to speak at a public meeting intended for community residences—and had the kind of charisma and lack of respect for the law that was displayed—it doesn’t take much to become a terrorist. Most people who have been fighting for the ISIS movement or ANTIFA here in the United States are people just like Ronan, radicals looking to make their mark in the world and that is often more important to them than living peacefully in society at large. Ronan is a hungry young kid looking to make his political mark in the world, and his aggression isn’t much different from the kid who was picked on too much in school who happens to pick up a gun and shoot up classrooms. The mind of a terrorist is just slightly different from that of the freedom fighter only that the terrorist uses fear to advance their cause.

Samuel Ronan clearly was attempting to use fear when he spoke at the Lakota school board meeting back in February of 2018 concerning the arming of teachers. Of course, he was of the progressive mind which was consistent with at least three of Lakota’s school board members and the teacher’s union, so he was allowed to go over his time limit and was not harassed otherwise by the officials maintaining order at the meeting that night. By the time some of us started to suspect foul play by the kid, Ronan did at that time leave the meeting. Given his behavior at Lakota it was no surprise to me to learn that Samuel Ronan had been arrested for some unspecified reason. Watching the video he took of his own arrest, it was quite clear that this won’t be the last we hear from the young man. He’s out to make a name for himself using tactics designed to evoke fear in people, and that makes him particularly dangerous.

Police are overbearing, and they can be rather stupid following orders without question and enjoying the use of excessive force whenever they get an excuse to use it. But as I’ve said, I’ve been in far worse situations than Ronan was and I’ve never been arrested for anything, even when guns and death were part of the story. When you are the good guy, police tend to detect a thug from a hero pretty fast, and it didn’t take them long to lose patience with Samuel Ronan. The young activist was obviously trying to push their buttons for his greater cause of trying to be a progressive version of Alex Jones, the radio personality and he needed this arrest to launch him on his next big political thing. But that is precisely why people like him are dangerous. So long as there are such people roaming freely around in the world, we always need guns to protect ourselves, because they are the type of people who would consider attacking a school to make a point which might make perfect sense in their own heads. The rest of the world might think they are crazy, but that doesn’t matter to people like Ronan.

Luckily in this case Ronan’s quest for attention was limited to a self-sacrificing arrest where he’s baiting the police to make a political point. But a similar personality type might go further and use those same bold tactics to attack a school full of children—especially if they are thinking of committing suicide anyway. For such people who have the kinds of talents that Samuel Ronan has, but does not have that extra gear that many of us possess which allows for the tolerance of opposing viewpoints without major acts of violence, it is they who are the ones that we all must watch out for. Locked doors and extra security guards do not protect well enough against these types of people, only the personal protection of a firearm can. An armed teacher is the best way to keep kids safe because there always have been people like Samuel Ronan in the world. I knew he was trouble when I first heard him speak at the Lakota school board meeting, and I said as much then. After watching the video of his arrest just a few months later, people should consider themselves warned. When I say something, people should listen carefully and take action appropriately because if I care enough about something to say it, I am almost always right. And I was certainly right about the behavioral characteristics of Samuel Ronan.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, there was Life on Mars: Relearning our own ancinet past and meeting our future with honesty

As sure as you are reading this, I am quite sure that there was life on Mars and that at least at a microbial level, there may still be. When the question of as to whether there is life on other planets comes up I view such a proposal as absolutely preposterous—of course there was. Life on Mars is not at all farfetched, the big difference with it is that it supersedes the timeline that we accept on earth as a history of understanding. Entire civilizations could have risen and fallen in the hundreds of millions of years before the relatively recent period on earth that we might call loosely the days of the dinosaurs. I am reading a very good book right now by Peter Frankopan called The Silk Roads: A New History of the World which puts a focus on our own world history around the Caspian Sea region just over the last 1000 years or so and a lot of things change as to our own historical perspective if looked at in such a way. Take the center of focus of human civilization from a study point of view away from London and suddenly many things look different. I have for instance written many articles talking about how the orient settled North America much sooner than anyone previously has thought, and how trade around the world occurred even back in time to the period of the Phoenicians. It is surprising how many people have trouble with just these very easy understandings of history, so they just aren’t intellectually prepared to deal with the fact that many human beings on earth are likely descendants of Martians, and that by the time that planet had lost its atmosphere and water, life there that could, found a way to reestablish themselves on earth for their basic survival, just as we today are looking for options among the stars for our next phases, if we can survive the present one.

Announced this week in a story that would have been the biggest news on planet earth a few years ago, NASA’s Curiosity rover was reported to have uncovered signatures of an environment on the red planet that may once have been habitable. In two separate studies on data collected by the Mars rover over the last few years, scientists have identified an abundant source of organic matter in the ancient soil of a long dried up lake bed and traced some of the planet’s atmospheric methane to its roots. The findings could help to guide the search for ancient microbial life and improve our understanding of seasonal processes on Mars which indicate that there may be some forms of life still functioning there. I am quite sure that once mankind starts settling on Mars during the upcoming 2020s that we will find all types of archaeology on that red planet that really for us will be like coming home. Its been a long time, but I think innately we all understand that our roots on earth started in the stars, not that we are now going to them for the first time.

It’s not just the scientific proof that is now emerging that points toward this conclusion, but its two books from our human culture that has basically captured how this can happen which I’d advise everyone to read. The first is Finnegan’s Wake, within that great novel is the keys to all known human history—centered from the European perspective—and articulates how the human race continues to reinvent itself over and over again through birth and death leaving the original history difficult to trace due to poor philosophies of mankind constantly destroying all our progress only to rise again somewhere else in the world over and over again perpetually. It doesn’t take long to realize that great societies long forgotten in our history books are probably on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, or under the English Channel, lost under the Persian Gulf and many other places as the ocean levels were much shallower tens of thousands of years ago, even hundreds of millions of years ago. Big cities like New York and Tokyo of course would have been along coastal waters in those ancient times and those locations are now under water making archaeology difficult to study if not impossible, because anything older than 10,000 years old would be by now virtually erased due to erosion and other forms of degradation.

The second book is by Ayn Rand which doesn’t get much attention where it should, and that is her little book called Anthem. In that novelette mankind has recently just discovered the light bulb—set well into the future. Obviously, that is hard for us all to comprehend, after all we are preparing to recolonize Mars, and we enjoy a technological society with the internet and delivering packages from all over the world to our doorsteps. But over the many years we find that the human need to blanket their minds with religion and superstition clouds their observations of reality—such as building an epistemological belief system in America that slavery and the abuse of the Indian are political concerns specific to the foundation of the greatest capitalist country on earth—if successful it would be possible to erase all the history of the United States from any record and to reinterpret everything through the lens of whatever political order arrives to replace it—which is a process that was well on its way to occurring before Donald Trump became president. But barring similar dynamic circumstances it is evident that all through human history this is precisely how events have unfolded, meaning that the inventions born from humanity may have occurred over and over again out of necessity only to be wiped out by political decadence and a yearning to always start over. A society might be said to be successful if it can stave off this trend for a few thousand years, but it is unrealistic to assume that it can do so over millions of years, which is the primary reason that we as human beings think that our history began only 12 thousand years ago with the stone monuments of Egypt, or Gobekli Tepe. There are even people functioning today especially in the Appalachia culture from the American south who believe that all of the history of the world is only a few thousand biblical years old—according to the latest religion of Christianity.

It’s easy to see how this could happen, most of us can relate to some circumstance where we may have a cheating spouse, and we chose not to see it because it’s too painful to deal with, or we may have bad parents which we fail to see their faults because it makes looking in the mirror much more difficult—when we do this on a much larger scale as nations it makes the analysis of history much more difficult to resurrect. I can say personally I find the history of England very fascinating, and they have fabulous programs on archaeology, but their national history sort of begins and ends after William the Conquer arrived on the scene and shaped their national identity. The current communist government of China is completely ignoring their own ancient past as they don’t want their people to have reverence for what came before, but rather what is before them now. Africa has some wonderful treasures from the past, but uncovering it is impossible as Marxist strife has enveloped the entire continent—and we all know the history of the Middle East today, what was obviously a cradle of civilization is locked behind a struggle of Islam versus Christianity.

Those are our struggles on earth, so it’s not hard to understand how we have managed to bury our own past with the planet Mars which likely took place before there were ever dinosaurs on earth, or after—or both. There could have been travel between there and here for many thousands of years until Mars was uninhabitable, then some stayed on earth while others headed for elsewhere. The evidence of such feats is in our own mythologies, which are obviously more than stories—they are footprints in the sand which do get washed away over time but are there just long enough to indicate that something happened which provoked a story in the minds of humans. The big news from NASA on the building blocks of life being discovered on Mars isn’t at all surprising to me. I expect we’ll have many more and much more profound discoveries over the coming years. The big question remains however, how can we avoid the pitfalls of the past that tend to erase such memories to begin with, so that mankind can continue to expand and exist instead of always reinventing the light bulb over and over again? That is the big question, not as to whether there was ever life on other planets and if they interacted or even started life on earth, its whether life can sustain itself long enough to advance as a civilization so that history isn’t always repeating itself for millions and millions of years. The question is not are we alone in the universe, it is whether or not we can keep life directed long enough to actually advance. That is the achievement that seems to be the biggest challenge of human life—how long can we last under a philosophic system that allows for actual progress. That is the real answer that we will soon be digging up on Mars, and how we deal with that evidence will decide our fates as humans for the next several million years—which is just a blip of geological time in the perspective of our solar system.

Rich Hoffman

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What Being A Winner Requires: A cautionary tale of refocusing the Tea Party movement

I received the following letter shown below, which I have reproduced in its entirety for reference, from the Warren County Tea Party. They think it illustrates massive corruption in Columbus, Ohio regarding the speaker of the house race and the FBI investigation of Cliff Rosenberger. The letter is written by a person who calls themselves a Republican by the name of Nino Vitale. After reading it carefully I have determined that the letter and the writer are simply ankle biters clawing their way for a piece of scrap meat waiting to fall from the table—which is where the real corruption often starts. But taking this letter along with observations I made during this past week at the West Chester Tea Party meeting where I learned that the organization that I’ve been with virtually from its inception did not fully support the arming of teachers in Lakota schools, and that other members were very suspicious of the intentions of politicians who had long been a part of the West Chester Tea Party I think some perspective is in order. But first, let’s read this letter:

Representative Nino Vitale (District 85), a conservative representing Champaign, Logan and Shelby Counties, had this to report this morning about what took place in the State House yesterday.

Un-Friggin Believable! – I’d Rather Have a Government Pause Than This Corruption.

As you know, the former speaker, Cliff Rosenberger, resigned in disgrace and under a cloud of an FBI investigation. This has embarrassed the Ohio State House and our members. This is a time when government officials are not well liked and we need to be above reproach.

Then it was found out that one mega-donor, Ginni Ragan, had been giving millions to ‘select’ house members that would then ensure the legislation she wants is brought to the floor and they vote the way she wants, even if that conflicts with their district. One of many examples of this is Medicaid Expansion, which Ohio cannot afford but the hospitals love it because it’s a direct line of cash from the taxpayer to the bottom line of the hospital. It would probably be no surprise for you to learn that Ragan has a large financial interest in the hospitals around Ohio.

We were all called into town yesterday [May 15] to vote on a new speaker. Many asked me, who will you be voting for? I was aware of a few candidates but heard there could be a few more as well. Instead of locking in on a specific person, I decided to go to Columbus with a set of principles on who would be best for a speaker. I decided on the following;

1 – The person should be removed from the current cronyism and FBI investigation.
2 – The person should be distanced from the former speaker, Cliff.
3 – The person should not be a member of the current or past leadership team that Cliff had set up in case they too could be under investigation and we elect someone who then has to resign themselves.

I felt these were ‘common sense’ principles. Given all that is going on, someone who is removed from this process is good. And why elect someone that very well could be next on the FBI’s most wanted list in the Ohio House? Elect someone clean.

Three people were nominated. Dorothy Pelanda, who was a member of Cliff’s leadership team in the last session. Ryan Smith, who is currently the finance chair and was Cliff’s roommate, in a high rise, expensive apartment, all financed by Ragan herself who owns the apartment. And Andy Thompson, an outsider who is not in leadership and not part of the current or past teams that Cliff had put together. I know all three of these people and while this is not about personalities, in looking at my three (3) principles and listening to all three (3) candidates give their speeches, Rep. Andy Thompson was clearly my choice. This was not personal, just simply about the principles I had laid out.

The speaker pro tem informed us that a new speaker would need to get to 50 votes on the floor in order to secure the speaker’s gavel. That is where the election is official. Everything we were doing in yesterday was not official.

When the vote was taken, Smith had 42, Pelanda had 3 and Thompson had 20. I was frankly shocked that 42 of my colleagues in the house felt comfortable voting for someone like Smith who was Cliff’s roommate and righthand man and was on the take from Ragan, the mega donor, living in her high-class apartment with Cliff. Why elect someone so close to all this scandal who very well could be the next person to drop and resign? Wow!

42 votes were not enough to meet the threshold of the 50 needed to vote on the floor. So a standing vote was taken of those who refused to vote for Smith on the floor in public. This standing vote was intended to embarrass us and make us targets to other members could start beating on us to change our vote and ‘get in line.’ I’m proud to say I was one of 18 members who held strong and stood up to say NO to swamp politics and corruption.

I simply do not understand how 42 members could vote for someone like this. I learned yesterday that Smith used his money to try and get a Democrat elected in Franklin County, who was running as a Republican. This person never voted Republican in his life, but yet Smith, because he wanted him for his speaker vote, agreed to fund a Democrat to the tune of thousands of dollars, and tried to defeat the Republican. This is swamp politics at its best. Without 8 of us 18, they did not have the votes and had to suspend session for today [May 16]. I had many reps tell me we need to get to the ‘people’s business’ and there were ‘important bills’ that needed to get passed. Well, why didn’t you pass those bills the last 18 months when you had the chance? We are only talking about 1 or 2 session days left for voting until the fall. I say let’s let these investigations play out over the summer and see who might be next. There are potentially other members of the House and bills that could be under investigation. Should we really be voting on bills that could be illegal or improper? I think the people are better served by a government ‘pause’ to sort this out rather than pay to play government where megadonors are funding select members who then get their bills on the floor and passed and the FBI has to step in. That’s not government of, by and for the people! One rep actually told me, people don’t know what’s going on back home in my district and they don’t know about FBI investigations and don’t know the name Cliff Rosenberger. You need to get in line and not shut the House down and vote for Smith. Well, maybe my district is more informed as people ask me about this all the time. See most of the Reps like it when you aren’t informed, because you can’t beat on us for things you don’t like. I don’t mind at all. That’s why I ran for office, to represent YOU!

I’d rather have a government ‘pause’ than a corrupt swamp government passing bills that may be pay to play and rigged by a few megadonors and their financial interests. These swamp creatures actually had the nerve to put the pay day lending bill on the floor schedule for a vote today which is a likely main target of the FBI investigation! You have got to be kidding me! I hope my other 17 colleagues stand firm. No government is better than this corruption. As for now, session has been cancelled for today and no speaker has been elected. Again, I’d rather take care and have a pause then continue on as business as usual, which is defined as pay to play, resignations, mega donors, republicans funding democrats and FBI investigations.

It’s my honor to serve you and I am doing my part to make government honorable and above reproach. I guess Trump would call that, draining the swamp. I’m dealing with 42 out of 65 Republican swamp creatures who voted for more corruption. Un-friggin-believable! Yes, I’m ticked off and I’ll fight this!

Sounds like a person who wants money from Ginni Ragan.  Click here to learn a lot more about this issue in a very educational video by George Lang.

My take on this letter is that the people distributing it are looking for an excuse to rebel against something, anything because they are unsure what to do about the change in narrative for which they are now a part of. Based on what I know about the situation, which is likely more than most people know, is that this FBI investigation of Cliff Rosenberger is a political hit not unlike that of the one that has been leveled at President Trump and the “swamp” creatures who are upset about it are the alligators, snakes, and lizards who are trying to suddenly make themselves appear to be bunny rabbits, field mice, and harmless turtles sunning themselves on an inconspicuous log floating in the waters of a marshland. Things can get pretty tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for, and that’s why its important to have an educational perspective.

What I see happening in these Tea Party organizations is that the world has shifted and people are unsure how to continue. Before Donald Trump was elected and several elected officials that were backed by the various Tea Parties started gaining seats, being a member of the rebellion was a mutual sentiment of kinship that was like a nice warm blanket for the ever-questioning participant who wanted to make needed changes to the world around them. That’s what brought the Tea Party together. It became fashionable to attend Tea Party meetings and gather in the back of the room before and after these events and shake our heads at how corrupt everything was and what a steep hill it was going to be to fix it all. But like there always is in these types of things there were people who secretly prayed in the back of their minds, probably at the unconscious level, that chaos and mayhem would always continue because they believed that those were the elements that gave them new friends within the Tea Party movement.

However, the times have changed, and the Tea Party is on the winning side—and it was because of them that the changes took place. The members of the Tea Party are not the victims of some big government conspiracy any longer, they are not the passivists who were being ignored by Disney and Homeland Security—they are now the target audience struggling to find their own way in a swamp that has the water draining more and more day by day leaving the real villains with fewer places to hide. The battle for the fate of America has shifted from Tea Party meetings into actual legislative centers where Tea Party members are now holding some of those seats and the Trump agenda is cascading down from the Executive Branch and is providing for the first time in American history a truly global approach that is favorable to the Tea Party movement, fiscal responsibility, open markets, and limited government. North Korea is actually considering joining South Korea under a capitalist unification of that entire peninsula. The Deep State has been exposed, taxes have been lowered, unemployment is better than its been in half a century—we are winning, not losing and that requires a shift in approach that many are finding difficult.

This paradox can be seen in other fields of endeavor, everything from business to sports, its fun for people to sit around and plan things, and to talk about how great this or that will be, but they secretly hope that someday never comes and that their plans never arrive to fruition because they are actually lonely people who find friends in rebellion, and the value of those exchanges come from the relationships that they build. That is clearly going on in the Tea Party movement where now that we are all on the winning side of things the pressure to perform is the first concern as the ideology of action now demands reality instead of speculation. The friendships formed in the back of the Tea Party rooms are now the leaders on the battlefield and our champions are people like Donald Trump who are draining that swamp with trade deals, a global conquest of communism, eliminating the Obama agenda, and the Clinton agenda, clearing the way for real reform at the state houses across the country, like the one in Ohio.

Those fights require the best of what we all bring to the table, but many people just aren’t ready to be on the winning team, because there were friends in the gentle rebellion of being a member of the oppressed sector of society—the people who knew better but were powerless to act. Now though, that power has been granted and they have been empowered to act and are expected to act—now is the time to put guns on teachers to save kids from the menaces of our society, now is the time to put together a Tea Party house of representatives at both the local races and at the federal level. Now is the time to put FBI agents in jail, not to follow blindly their weaponized political activism. These are the days when many of us are part of the winning team, not the team standing in the rain feeling the sting of defeat from a scoreboard not in our favor with only a cold shower and the comfort of our friends to keep us from sobbing on the sidelines. We are now the ones winning and its about time to act that way.

You must always be cautious dear reader in separating the need for human companionship from the needs of a functional republic. It is tempting to create problems so that there is a reason to discuss some great tragedy over coffee and doughnuts with a new friend. The loneliness that many bright-eyed people who see the world with too much reality coming at them is often alleviated by the camaraderie of rebellion. But that was never what the Tea Party movement was about, it was not about making friends and being happy with inaction, it was to solve problems and educate more people so that they too could participate in a thriving republic. And that is where we are today. We are winning and this is what winning looks like. Nobody should be afraid of success, of losing friends gained in rebellion, or the warm covers of chaos that provides some story of illicit behavior which lures the ear of a friend over tea—we should always be about striving to win, and to conquer those who wish to oppress us. Whether that oppressor is a young terrorist attacking our schools for one last shot at immortality before they commit suicide, or some state representative trying to use chaos to climb their way into a power position by trying to hide their alligator swamp nature into that of a docile turtle, we must be keenly aware of our surroundings—and always strive to have victory, because winning is what we were always intended to achieve, and now we are. This is what it feels like, and its time to embrace it, not to hold on to the chaos of the past out of fear of what might come next on a path none of us have been on for a destiny being written by us, not some stuffy patrons of our past. History is happening now, and its important that we approach it boldly and without fear.

Rich Hoffman

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