The Next Big Thing: Cheering on Richard Branson and his wonderful company Virgin Galactic

Putting politics aside which is hard to do because ultimately everything is political, but considering our modern conditions, those definitions are changing by the moment. I am and have always been a very excited person for everything new little thing that comes along as I am very much in love with the things that humans imagine. Nature is nice too, but I really like what humans do with the tools provided by nature and to see how civilization can advance. While many look at cell phones and the hyper communications that come with them as dangerous to the old order of doing things I think it’s all part of our natural evolution as a species accelerating toward some yet to be known destination. While everyone who knows me understands how much I love tradition particularly the American western mythologies and concepts, I am very much an achievement driven person excited for tomorrow in so many ways. And that is why despite his politics, I have been very much a fan of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavors. And according to him from the interview shown below, he still plans to get his space airline into space before Christmas of this year, which would be a great feat. I am very much hopeful that he will be successful.

It’s been coming along for a while now, but if it is considered the sheer amount of information that is coming at us so fast and furious these days as opposed to when man landed on the moon in 1969 the human race is scratching at a huge change in thought and processing. As I was catching up on what Virgin Galactic was up to and if they were going to meet their timeline one of the lead stories on the Microsoft News dashboard was the newly recorded sounds of Mars as captured by the recent rover that just landed there. Much of this past week due to the very good series on the National Geographic Channel about colonizing Mars radio broadcasts across the country were contemplating what the steps to such an act would look like and what we’d all do once we got there. Elon Musk has after all been turning up the heat for his own departure from earth to live on the ancient red planet. I see many of his antics such as the smoking pot incident on a recent podcast as his teenage moment of creating enough escape velocity for himself to make the journey. He is sabotaging his own relationship with the earth so that he can psychologically make that journey to be the first to live on Mars. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is about to unleash a series of space endeavors that are quite ambitious with his Blue Origin company. Between all these adventurous billionaires fueled by childhood loves of movies like Star Wars and Star Trek compounded by a strong deregulatory economy by the Trump administration—the primer is set for some very exciting technological breakthroughs on the frontier of space.

As I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games on my PlayStation 4 and started messing around with the online play with many thousands of other players all over the world simultaneously, I couldn’t help but think of how subconsciously as a human species this visit to the western genre was necessary for our current age to accept what was about to happen. It’s not the safety of the herd that the human race is after, it’s the rough existence away from the support of civilization for which adventure promises great rewards and many opportunities for death. This next generation needs to be someone reckless and masochistic in order to endure the rigors of a dynamic shift in human consciousness, leaving the comfort of our earth and scratching at the unlimited barriers of space travel. Presently we call space anything over 62 miles, or anybody who travels over 50 miles and astronaut. We think of the moon as a long way away, and Mars prohibitively distant. But all those definitions are about to change just as they did in the period of American westward expansion once electricity and phone communications shrunk the world with power. The main observation I had about that great video game was that human beings needed to revisit that last period of adventure and see what it looked like so that they could take this next big journey.

I don’t really like the term “collective consciousness” because it assumes that we are all functioning out of one great well of wisdom which is not what I think is going on. Rather, there are certain rational decisions that are common to reality so it is bound to be a mathematical probability that all humans will come to similar conclusions just by the mandate of deductive reasoning. And that is why texting is more interesting than talking to an actual person for most people, the human mind to seek out the rapid communication forms that come from something like a modern smart phone as opposed to a very static conversation with one single human being is needed for the world of tomorrow, where information must be process quickly as our knowledge base explodes from what was previously understood. Young people especially will have to think much faster than humans do today and be shocked by much fewer discovers than previous generations just to keep up with all the news stories that will began to demand our attention as the frontiers of space are unzipped.

Aerospace is one of my favorite industries due to its exploratory nature. I desire to be a part of it as much as possible and to be quite honest, I love every day of my life because I am. I love to help build the vehicles that take humans to the frontiers of our imagination and I have had a front row seat to many of these new developments. So out of a love of adventure which transcends politics, I am happily cheering on the events of these coming days. Richard Branson has worked hard with his team to get into space first and if he doesn’t make it soon, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos will overtake Virgin Galactic. So he doesn’t have all the time in the world, competition and capitalism demand results and the pressure is certainly on. If Branson can get into space by Christmas of 2018 it would be a life changing moment for many people around the world. But if Christmas comes and goes and Virgin Galactic is still mired in testing, then Blue Origin or SpaceX will get there first. This new space race isn’t between nations and governments, it between billionaires and capitalist mandates and that is redefining everything rapidly.

Humans are such conceptual creatures and once we get an idea in our heads reality has a way of growing around it. And from what I see that growth will spawn entirely new industries and lifestyles. There is great reason to be optimistic. Once space tourism is unleashed, likely by Virgin Galactic first, our conceptual knowledge will expand at such a pace that the world has never witnessed. We have been preparing ourselves for this age for years with the rapid digestion of so much information. It’s not by accident or greed, it’s all by necessity. As I’ve said many times my goal in a very busy life is to read at least one book a week, but I am even feeling the pressure to read not just one, but five. So grudgingly I have turned to audio books for some of them because by necessity I need the information coming at me faster than I could possibly read everything and still do everything else needed in an 18-hour work day which is pretty typical. We are all going through a similar transition and that’s what it takes to live and grow in an expanding economy driven by human adventure and curiosity. And much of that next phase starts when Richard Branson gets his Virgin Galactic space tourism over that 50-mile line where humans become technically astronauts.

Rich Hoffman

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Richard Branson’s Free Cash Idea is Rediculoulsy Stupid: Humans need to work more hours, not less as artificial intellegence enters the workplace

I think its amazing that people thought a decade ago that all my talk about socialism being taught in our schools and permeating the entertainment industry was an extreme position. Now that all the politeness has been stripped away from politics and people are revealing what they have always been as the masks have been ripped away, socialists are showing themselves. In the Democratic Party in the United States, they are starting to emerge as mainstreamers, and of course as the world struggles with the capitalism advocate and promoter Donald Trump people like Richard Branson are speaking their mind about the ultimate socialist plan, of actually giving people what they call a universal basic income. I have said many good things about Richard Branson over the years, I am a big fan of his Virgin Galactic endeavors, and I think the Virgin Airlines wing at Heathrow is fabulous, but I’m inclined to say that the English billionaire is an idiot who has either lost his mind or he just got lucky in his acquisition of wealth. Because a universal basic income will never get people off the streets and raise the living conditions of the poor. It will just exacerbate their essential problems, it will fuel their drug addictions, their alcoholism and their personal behavior problems of self-destruction. You can’t throw money at bad behavior which is why socialism will never work anywhere in the world. Money and its value is a measure of productivity, so you can’t cheat wealth. People are either productive or they aren’t. The solution to poverty is to take government out of wealth creation as much as possible and to provide as many people with productive opportunities. But even then, a certain percentage of any population will be too lazy to meet the needs of an expanding economy and throwing money at them for doing nothing won’t keep homeless people from littering or streets—it will just make more of them.

To be fair, Elon Musk also believes in this socialist universal basic income idea, and I think he’s brilliant. Not the idea of universal basic income, but in the ideas for evolved transportation systems that his companies are putting forth. I don’t fault people for having bad ideas given to them by faulty education systems and sentiments from cocktail friends who think they have this socialism thing all figured out because one of the few books they’ve read in life was from Karl Marx or some fan of the communist advocate from the middle 1800s. I don’t think anybody is qualified to talk about economic matters unless they’ve mastered The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Honestly, that should be the guidebook for which the world applies to all matters of their economies. Marx has always been a jealous envy driven person who was a peasant in Germany and died dirt poor in London as an enormously unproductive loser for which so many countries have tried to make work—but it never has. No economist from Oxford or Harvard, or anywhere will ever figure out how to make socialism work, because it goes against the basic human needs for productive intellectual output and the most foundational desire for personal freedom. Humans are not ant-like creatures that will coalesce around the needs of an insect society with a hive mind. Socialist advocates like Richard Branson may reveal their intellectual laziness by assuming that humans can be made to function in hive mind, but that is because they are not taking into account some of the most basic functions of being human—the desire for independence. Humans are not the social creatures that socialists assume they are, their most fundamental drive is toward complete independence. They may not achieve that in life, but that doesn’t mean deep down inside their most psychological foundations that independence from other human beings is not the driver of their basic behavior.

People like Musk say that he thinks there needs to be a universal basic income because from his vantage point artificial intelligence is going to take over our lives and there will suddenly be huge amounts of free time for people to enjoy in their leisure, because machines will be doing most of the productive work. The assumption is that companies won’t have enough work for people to perform 40 hours a week. This is where these visionaries in their respective fields are going wrong. They are looking at the page too closely relative to their respective interests—as billionaires in the industry of cutting edge technology. I am of the mind that we need to scrap the 40-hour work week and become 7 day a week creatures of productivity. It was the labor union movement, which was another socialist inspired creation that has been holding back the productivity of the human race and that the restrictor plate should be removed allowing people to be more productive not less. I thought it was very destructive that South Korea announced this past week that they are cutting the maximum hours that people can work in a week. They are reducing the number from 68 hours to 52, which will be crippling to their economy. What right does a government have in deciding that people can only make 52 hours’ worth of money? That concept would have never worked for me, I’ve never worked less than 60 hours per week my entire adult life, and most productive people I know are in the same situation. The message generated by such policies given by government is that productivity and work is not valued—that spiritual wellness is not connected to productivity, and those are just wrong ideas about the nature of human beings.

Even with artificial intelligence taking over many modern human tasks, the need for human productivity is not decreasing, its increasing. We shouldn’t be thinking of cutting down our work weeks to 32 or even 24 hours per week so we can sit around the house watching more Netflix and playing video games, we need to increase our work weeks to 70 to 90 hours to meet the onslaught of economic expansion that is becoming available due to growing market conditions. There are not enough people to do all the jobs which are emerging from the current 4% to 5% growth that is occurring in the United States. Unemployment is under 4% in America as well, which means everyone who wants a job essentially has one and to keep that expansion of the economy going, more productive output is needed. Artificial Intelligence and robotics will be needed for everything they can provide. But so will every living body available. The world needs to be working a lot more, not less to meet its fate in space and beyond based on the current rate of discovery and innovation. A universal basic income would cripple that notion and limit people to an income that the governments decide is enough—as they have done in South Korea. By taking away the dreams of enterprise and wealth acquisition, governments are taking away the incentive for upward mobility which fuels any economy—leading to disastrous results.

I would go so far to propose that birth rates need to increase around the world to post World War II levels just to meet the need for all the jobs and positions that will emerge out of the global economy over the next two decades. Artificial intelligence may end up everywhere, but it won’t be enough, we will need humans to continue to be productive, more productive than they’ve ever been. We certainly don’t need people sitting on their ass most of a work week collecting a paycheck from the government for doing nothing to help with their gross domestic product leaving all the employment tasks to artificial intelligence. We have the opposite problem that what Richard Branson assumes, humans aren’t less needed, they are needed more than ever, and a strong work ethic needs to be taught in our schools and through our media, certainly not what we have today. Our work weeks need to exceed 40 hours a week and the ceilings of wealth need to be raised as to what is expected. Minimums should never be a target for anybody—just doing whatever one needs to get by with. Wealth creation is an art form unique to human beings, the creation of productive output that generates income born of a human mind in pursuit of independent desires. Richard Branson obviously has faulty thinking in this category and so does anybody who thinks that socialism is going to become an international trend. I was right ten years ago when I pointed out the trend of socialism in our public schools and I’m correct now in saying that human productive output needs to increase, not decrease. Obviously its just a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up to that reality. I can promise they will, and when they do, they’ll want to read Adam Smith, not Karl Marx.

Rich Hoffman
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Going Outside In Spite of a Jealous Mother: Virgin Galactic’s milestone with the VSS Unity

It’s taken a few years to get back in the air after the crash of 2014 but Virgin Galactic put up its commercial space vehicle to a successful rocket powered flight on April 5th above Mach 1 to an altitude of 85,000 feet. The VSS Unity went through all its powered tests well creating a milestone for space travel that is considerable. While the rest of the world is thinking small and is locked in the turmoil of yesterday’s political struggles, whether it be the threats of Syria, the attacks of ISIS, the unpredictability of South Korea or even the latest revelations of America’s Deep State out of control federal government hungry for power and global domination, mankind is going to space without the nations of the world slowing the process down for a change. Because of this VSS Unity’s powered flight the schedule of taking civilian guests into space in a few months is proceeding marking a major change in the opportunities offered to our species.

I’ve been a fan of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic enterprise since the start and its been frustrating for me to watch the pain they’ve had to go through to reobtain their FAA licensing for commercial space flight. I understand the rigorous need for scrutiny when it comes to aviation, but not at the cost of innovation and adventure. As usual once federal authorities get involved, the speed of business becomes mired by comb over politicians and their lack luster view of the world. So it was nothing short of a miracle that the VSS Unity was able to get back into the air at all. Here is a bit of the story that Virgin Galactic had to endure to get back to where they were before the crash in 2014.

Initial investigations found that the engine and propellant tanks were intact, showing that there had not been a fuel explosion. Telemetry data and cockpit video showed that instead, the air braking system appeared to have deployed incorrectly and too early, for unknown reasons, and that the craft had violently broken apart in midair seconds later.

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart said on 2 November 2014 that investigators had determined SpaceShipTwo’s tail system was supposed to have been released for deployment as the craft was traveling about 1.4 times the speed of sound; instead, the tail section began pivoting when the vehicle was flying at Mach 1. “I’m not stating that this is the cause of the mishap. We have months and months of investigation to determine what the cause was.” Asked if pilot error was a possible factor, Hart said: “We are looking at all of these issues to determine what was the root cause of this mishap.” He noted that it was also unclear how the tail mechanism began to rotate once it was unlocked, since that maneuver requires a separate pilot command that was never given, and whether the craft’s position in the air and its speed somehow enabled the tail section to swing free on its own.[32]

In November 2014, Branson and Virgin Galactic came under criticism for their attempts to distance the company from the disaster by referring to the test pilots as Scaled Composites employees.[33] Virgin Galactic’s official statement on 31 October 2014 said: “Virgin Galactic’s partner Scaled Composites conducted a powered test flight of SpaceShipTwo earlier today. […] Local authorities have confirmed that one of the two Scaled Composites pilots died during the accident”.[34] This was in strong contrast to public communications previously released concerning the group’s successful flights, which had routinely presented pilots, craft, and projects within the same organizational structures, as being “Virgin Galactic” flights or activities of “the Galactic team”.[33][35][36] The BBC’s David Shukman commented that: “Even as details emerge of what went wrong, this is clearly a massive setback to a company hoping to pioneer a new industry of space tourism. Confidence is everything and this will not encourage the long list of celebrity and millionaire customers waiting for their first flight”.[28][37]

At a hearing in Washington D.C. on 28 July 2015,[38][39] and a press release on the same day[40] the NTSB cited inadequate design safeguards, poor pilot training, lack of rigorous FAA oversight and a potentially anxious co-pilot without recent flight experience as important factors in the 2014 crash. They determined that the co-pilot, who died in the accident, prematurely unlocked a movable tail section some ten seconds after SpaceShip Two fired its rocket engine and was breaking the sound barrier, resulting in the craft’s breaking apart. But the Board also found that the Scaled Composites unit of Northrop Grumman, which designed and flew the prototype space tourism vehicle, didn’t properly prepare for potential human slip-ups by providing a fail-safe system that could have guarded against such premature deployment. “A single-point human failure has to be anticipated,” board member Robert Sumwalt said. Instead, Scaled Composites “put all their eggs in the basket of the pilots doing it correctly.”

NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart emphasized that consideration of human factors, which was not emphasized in the design, safety assessment, and operation of SpaceShipTwo’s feather system, is critical to safe manned spaceflight to mitigate the potential consequences of human error. “Manned commercial spaceflight is a new frontier, with many unknown risks and hazards. In such an environment, safety margins around known hazards must be rigorously established and, where possible, expanded. For commercial spaceflight to successfully mature, we must meticulously seek out and mitigate known hazards, as a prerequisite to identifying and mitigating new hazards.”[40] In its submission to the NTSB, Virgin Galactic reports that the second SS2, currently nearing completion, has been modified with an automatic mechanical inhibit device to prevent locking or unlocking of the feather during safety-critical phases. An explicit warning about the dangers of premature unlocking has also been added to the checklist and operating handbook, and a formalized crew resource management (CRM) approach, already used by Virgin for its WK2 operations, is being adopted for SS2. However, despite CRM issues being cited as a likely contributing cause, Virgin confirmed that it would not modify the cockpit display system.[41]

WASHINGTON — As Virgin Galactic prepares to resume testing of its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane, the company announced Aug. 1 that it has received a launch license for those tests from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The license, dated July 29, covers test flights of SpaceShipTwo from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California over a two-year period. On those tests, SpaceShipTwo is carried aloft by its carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo, from which it is released and fires its hybrid rocket engine for a suborbital flight, gliding back to a runway landing.

While Virgin Galactic ultimately plans to use SpaceShipTwo to carry space tourists, the license awarded by the FAA restricts the company to transporting only “non-deployed scientific, experimental, or inert payloads” on flights carried out under the license.

The license prohibits Virgin Galactic from flying what are officially classified as “spaceflight participants” on SpaceShipTwo until the company can “successfully verify the integrated performance” of SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo. “Verification must include flight testing, and the results must be provided to the FAA prior to conducting a mission with a space flight participant on board,” the license states.

Virgin Galactic opted to receive the launch license, with those restrictions, over an alternative known as an experimental permit. Such permits allow for testing of suborbital reusable launch vehicles under a more streamlined regulatory environment, but prohibit the company holding the permit from using the vehicle for any commercial application. Blue Origin, for example, has an experimental permit for test flights of its New Shepard suborbital vehicle.

Civilian space travel is more than a giant step for the human race. Mixed in with all the safety precautions leveled at Virgin Galactic is a jealousy of those who strive for adventure and discover that it persists in everything a federal government is involved with. The sad thing about it is that the United States is faster than most places around the world for endeavors like this. There really isn’t any other place in the world where something like Virgin Galactic could even exist. Rules don’t always exist to protect people from the dangers of a new endeavor, they are often put in place to preserve the static thinking of yesterday from the challenges of tomorrow and they are incentivized to delay that tomorrow as long as they can—and they think of it as a victory to do so.

It was far more than just a technical feat to get the VSS Unity back into the air under powered flight conditions, pushing up against the edges of space so soon after their tragic crash in 2014. I think in the scheme of things that crashes will happen and people will die, but the most dangerous thing that can happen to a space program like the one at Virgin Galactic is when the bureaucrats get involved. They by nature want to keep mankind chained to their papers and their courts so any excuse they can obtain to limit the imagination of any human to bypass the governments of the world and step into space is something they are all too eager to exploit. With that understanding, Virgin Galactic is poised to resume their commercial flights into space by the end of 2018 and that is a tremendous opportunity for everyone. Not only is space the opportunity for entire new economies to develop but for the essential philosophy of mankind to change for the better. It’s time for a major change in the way everyone looks at even basic human endeavors and the potential of space puts that opportunity within reach. First it will be the very privileged who can spend $250,000 to travel out of earth’s grasp and away from the clutches of the jealous aristocrats who have ruled mankind for thousands and thousands of years. It’s not just mother earth that we are all escaping from, that overbearing parent who won’t even let us go outside when its raining. It’s the jealous brothers and sisters who seek to appease that mother with small thinking and way too many rules. But finally, the door is opening and the big new adventure of space is just outside, and now we can go. Which is wonderful news!

Rich Hoffman

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Jonathan West the Nameplate God: Be thankful for Virgin Galactic!

A young man the other day was complaining to me that he thought we’d have flying cars by now. He reminded me that in the film Back to the Future 2, flying cars were in fact a reality in the year 2015. I told him not to fear, that a flying car did in fact exist right now. All he had to do to see it was visit  SEE MY ARTICLE ON FLYING CARS HERE:

“Well, why don’t we have them yet?” he asked. “Why can’t I buy one now?”

I told him, “Because of government regulation.”

As I made that statement I was thinking of a friend of mine who is trying to build a Frisch’s in Liberty Twp by Lakota East, which all logic would dictate should be a slam dunk. Everyone likes Frisch’s. It is the perfect community meeting place and there is almost no downside to that type of commercial business. It’s another taxable revenue source, its family friendly and attractive to potential home buyers. It’s a win, win, win all the way across the board. But the Director of Zoning in Liberty Twp, Jonathan West is holding up the project because he has a rule that buildings such as restaurants cannot have statues in front of them, and anyone who knows anything about Frisch’s knows that they always have a statue of the Big Boy in front of the restaurant, always.

I can only speculate on why Jonathan West is holding up this development over a simple statue, but by experience in dealing with hundreds of people similar to him, it’s all in the nameplate. TO LEARN WHAT THE NAME PLATE GODS ARE, CLICK THIS HOT LINK. There isn’t any real logic to such a statue provision, yet it’s there and holding up something as obviously good as a Frisch’s Restaurant in a clearly commercial area. So for more complicated creations such as Flying Cars, medical improvements, and virtually all inventions that improve on an existing job sector, it is nearly impossible to get anything approved through the “Nameplate Gods.” It is in their infantile little minds that they cling to the past where they control the information. They are in fact the characters in Plato’s Republic who control the shadows on the wall. I wrote an entire article about this complex. You can read that here:

If you want to see more of what we are missing in medicine, which Nameplate Gods in the pharmaceutical industry are holding back in the same way that Jonathan West is holding back a Frisch’s in my local community I have an article about that too at the next link. Chances are you have a John West in your community, and there are thousands upon thousands of them in the state and federal government, and they keep all of us from having the technology I show in this article: (DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH ALL THOSE VIDEOS COMPLETELY. IT’S REAL)

I told the young man who in just twenty years, aging could be a thing of the past. This nonsense of driving a car everywhere will be grossly outdated. You’ll simply get into your SKYCAR and punch in your destination the same way you operate MAPQUEST and the car will take you there while you sleep. For instance, if you wanted to fly down to Disney World for the weekend but you want to stay up with your friends the night before you could do both. You could go to your SKYCAR dead tired and ready for bed, punch in your destination and wake up in Florida 5 to 6 hours later. The Sky Lanes set up by NASA and the GPS system would speak to your SKYCAR and fly you up to a ceiling of 30,000 feet and a speed of 300 MPH while you slept. It will be as common to your life of tomorrow as an IPhone is to you now.

The young man looked at me,“are you serious?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS” I said jumping up and down. “We allow politicians to hold us down, but the human mind is pressing forward anyway. It’s going on ahead and busting from the shackles of ignorance.”

He looked at me puzzled. So I answered the question I knew he wanted to ask. “Why do you think I hate unions? Why do you think I want to see education expand and become innovative? It’s not that I hate teachers, but they are protecting themselves and a static order to the old world. This new world is there for us to grab, and we must seize it!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! We cannot allow the Nameplate Gods to hold back our civilization!”

I was excited more than usual during this conversation because of the new Spaceport built in New Mexico which cost the taxpayers $209 million and centers around the new spacecraft built for Virgin Galactic which will take passengers into space for the first time in human history. See the source article of my excitement here:

I was in Florida over the summer at Cape Canaveral and there was a gloom over the area from the budget cuts by small-minded politicians like what President Obama had implemented for NASA. I told my friends in the Aerospace community that getting government out of space travel was a great thing. Yes NASA is one of the few government organizations that actually work. (CLICK THIS HOTLINK TO SEE HOW). I wrote this next article to rest their minds and let them see where the world was going. At the end of it I mentioned Virgin Galactic as a ray of hope.

Richard Branson is one of my favorite people on this planet and I think it’s wonderful that he has 200 customers on his Virgin Galactic list to spend $200,000 a ticket to fly into space, and return back to earth. That will generate $40 million dollars minus expenses and that’s only the beginning. If Branson can get Virgin Galactic to where it’s producing billions of dollars per year, then that investment will far outpace the kind of spending that NASA has been regulated to, and mankind will finally leap into space for good after being a prisoner to earth for all of human history.


Rather than speak about Branson and Virgin Galactic, I’ll let the videos and links speak on that. Instead, let me give you my dear reader a preview into what’s in store. Now that Virgin Galactic has built a practical craft that does not consume massive amounts of fuel to propel a craft into space past escape velocity with a ballistic missile, we can finally take people affordably into space routinely. This means that just as cruise ships now are vacation destinations, there will be hotels in space soon. Look for a new Hilton to be built as a space station in the foreseeable future. Vacations in space are within reach. From there manufacturing will move into orbit. Imagine what could be built in a zero g environment. What about agriculture, where a space platform could always face the sun? 24 hours a day there would be light. Think how large plants could grow without having to fight gravity? Where does the water come from? Why mining on the moon of course. The gravity is less there and much more obtainable. That’s also where materials for manufacturing would come from. What about garbage and waste on earth? We will now be able to fly it off planet and dump it into space to be consumed into some atmosphere 100,000 light years away. Now that’s GREEN TECHNOLOGY! Manufacture in SPACE!

The options suddenly become limitless, and when you consider all the agendas of the progressive party, those green tech Nameplate Gods, they are stuck in the 70’s with electric cars that only go 100 miles between charges and solar energy that is fixed to the top of a house. The future is not in their small minds, it’s out there! Look up at it to what you cannot see, because it’s there!!!!!!!

So while the small people in this world argue over why Frisch’s cannot build a new restaurant because of a statue, people like Richard Branson, and Paul Mollar are inventing the world of tomorrow.

The world is just now coming to grips the genius of Steve Jobs. They still don’t understand the genius of people like Walt Disney, who didn’t even graduate high school. They continue to be baffled by my personal favorite in George Lucas who is so forward thinking many people can’t even see his caboose. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS. I HAVE A CHART WHICH EXPLAINS IT.

The sin of the modern age is the same as it was for Christopher Columbus who tried to convince people who the earth was round, as the Vikings had already discovered. Many people who didn’t want the change in perception insisted that the earth was flat, yet there were those who knew better. Today we have labor unions and government bureaucrats who make a living off seeing the world as a flat plain, and they scoff and belittle those who say otherwise. Thank goodness there are people like Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. And thank goodness there are companies like Frisch’s. But the reason we often can’t have the benefits of vision, and investment is because of people like Jonathan West, who use the Nameplate of their position to fulfill everything they could never be on their own merit. They are the types who proclaim that the world is flat, that space travel for civilians is science fiction, and that you can’t have a Big Boy statue in front of a Frisch’s Restaurant, because once we discover otherwise, we will learn that such people are irrelevant to us, and unnecessarily hold back the entire civilization of the human race, and are tyrants as ruthless as the most despicable despot because their motives are the same; to control those who have money, to control those who innovate, because the Nameplate Gods lack the ability in themselves to do the same. They hold society back to their level of comfort. They are why we don’t have Flying Cars.

I look forward to the day where I can go to a Frisch’s on Cincinnati Dayton road before heading to a local Spaceport on vacation to earth’s orbit with my wife to relax a bit in zero G’s. Although that may seem like a long way off, it takes about that long to get things approved through bureaucrats like Jonathan West. Let’s just hope that West’s next job doesn’t end up on the board of Orbital Building Code Administrators, where he will have to approve the building the first Orbital Hotel, because he might get upset if they want to build it with a statue facing earth and hold up the construction for decades.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior