Women are the Carriers of a vast Evil called Liberalism: It may be politically incorrect, but behind the mask is the truth

I purposely spoke softly about liberalism in yesterday’s article because we all know them.  We know them at our Thanksgiving dinners, we know them as co-workers.  We know them as our favorite actors on television, motion pictures, and music.  We have no choice but to interact with them because they are so deeply embedded in our culture—they are metaphorically like the zombies from The Walking Dead—sick and beyond reason and in front of us dangerously every day to deal with.  I had to write that article to show that this little piece of writing isn’t from some radical right-winger beyond hope on an international stage of intolerance.  The political left usually labels such people as “Nazis” or “fascists” which is indicative of their actual state yet they often do not know the actual meanings of the words.  That’s because all liberals to some degree or another knowingly are guilty of a deliberate abandonment of reason and live their lives in a very emotional state.  That’s not to say that they are stupid, some do have high I.Qs and have the potential to be very smart.  But they are sick with liberalism and behind that is a commitment to death, destruction and everything negative that the human race represents.  Liberals are the antithesis of evil in our world and I’d go so far here today to say that they need to be destroyed as a political ideology before any of us can advance to the next stage of human development.  Before Elon Musk can put a settlement of people on Mars, or Donald Trump can Make America Great Again, we must deal with the problem of liberalism because it infects so many people that it is the primary cause of the current civil war that we are all engaged in—and until that war is won, advancement just isn’t possible.

Liberalism is such a vast sickness that most people have it to some degree, like an allergy or the common cold.  If left untreated, it utterly rots the brain and makes a person dangerous, because they can affect other people.  For instance, this is on display any time a person goes “clubbing” where dancing, and drinking are utilized to a mass effect.  The act of doing such a thing is undoubtedly liberal because the activity is clearly social, and reckless to the concept of individuality.  Anybody can dance in a room by themselves to music, but when you do it in such a public venue, you are there for the experience to do it with other people.  The music becomes the master of thought and individuals surrender to its beat in a collective manner.  In this way all dancers in a room become part of “group think” and the music becomes their master.  Therefore drinking becomes the accepted manner of accepting liberalism into the mind for an evening by drowning out thought and surrendering to the relief of “group think” mentality.   I say relief because under the condition of liberalism personal judgments are forgiven and actions can be accepted so long as individuals behave properly to the beat of peer pressure. We all feel the pressure of our individual lives and living against a constant tide that wears away at us in our jobs, our governments and our educations which then carries over into our life at home.  But when we go drinking and dancing we are relieved of these pressures for a time as we surrender to the “group think” of the club scene.

I use the dance club concept because it is one that most people can identify with.  People who don’t surrender to “group think” are often referred to as “stiffs.”  This insult is meant to penetrate the intellect of the individual who resists the pressures of “group think.”  The most common way that liberalism is sold to us is through sex, and obviously the females of our species.  Just like Aids is a typical homosexual disease transferred through reckless sex, once infected a carrier can contaminate many people even those who engage in traditional sexual practices.  Since women are the typical means of spreading Aids outside of homosexual circles where a married male may engage in sex with another contaminated male then have sex with his wife infecting her then from there it gets out into the mass population because she then carries it to other people through her interactions, not all of them sexual—the female becomes the host of destruction.  And that is the primary vehicle for which liberalism comes to the human race.  Women tend to be more compassionate and forgiving and through sex, they are the first entryway toward accepting “group think.”  For instance, in any middle school environment, it is the females who decide what is cool by the culture or not.  They are the bookends to the various classes of people who evolve in the public education environment.  If you want to date a popular girl for instance, you must do what she decides to get into that social category.  That means you must dress a certain way, play sports, and got to a great effort to maintain a number of friends which are also sharing in that experience.  Females are the glue that brings such people together for a common cause of “popular group think.”  The same holds true for the lower classes, it is the females who create the parameters of “group think” leaving all individuals to figure out which category they wish to invest themselves in.   We then take those habits into our adult lives which make us who we are and everything we become.

We all know someone who has joined an organization like Greenpeace or PETA so that they could date a girl. You don’t often find girls joining such organizations to meet boys.  It’s almost always the other way around.  The male being biologically predisposed toward molding their thoughts to the females around them have no problem surrendering their individual thoughts about a matter so that they can become potential mates to a female they have their eye on.  Males can date that female and convince themselves to care about environmental causes or the ethical treatment of animals if it gives them access to sex, then turn right around in their peer groups with other males and go hunting and fishing with no problem at all.  Therefore it is through females that the sickness of liberalism breeds and transfers from one person to another.  This is why it’s so important to liberals to put women into every institution of human endeavor because for their sickness to spread women must be the carriers.

Of course that is an incredibly politically incorrect thing to say—liberals have made it so.  It keeps the truth from the vast evil that is in the minds of every liberal from being exposed in the light of day because we can’t even have a conversation about it leaving the concept always very raw and unexplored.   This lets the evil of liberalism spread unmolested through our society providing cover for its erosion of thought with the justification of equality.  That is what makes liberalism so dangerous.  In so many ways Dinesh D’Souze did a great job of capturing the foot prints of liberalism in our society with his great book The Big Lie.  This isn’t some work of lunacy, it’s a modern examination of what liberalism truly is and you can buy the book anywhere, even at Costco.  While Dinesh D’Souze is a conservative he makes a good case why he thinks the way he does which serves as a baseline of logical human thought.  For instance in that book he covers the fact that Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood gave the Nazi regime the idea of euthanizing people.  Hitler and his minions didn’t come up with their idea to kill their Jewish population with mass extermination methods on their own; they got it from Planned Parenthood in the states as the Nazi were coming to power.  Sanger did what all liberals tend to do, and that is she used the notional of the female to penetrate our very thoughts of mass murder and to make it a “female right.”  Once Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics established through our society as a “women’s right” it froze the males into accepting the concept or they would lose access to sex in those females.  So the males adopted the idea of mass murder as a means to not lose potential sex partners.   100 years later we generally accept abortion as a human right when in effect it is mass murder which inspired the Nazis to do it in a more direct fashion in their more male oriented structure.  What goes on in abortion clinics today is every bit as monstrous as the worst that we learned happened under the Nazis of Germany—but contextually, we are frozen from talking about it because our peer groups use liberalism to justify the murders under the guise of an individual right—which has a hidden appeal to us all.  Individual rights are the foundations of most of our motivations.   But in liberalism individual rights are always under attack, however are used as masks to advance the philosophy from concealment.

If a proper cause and corrective action is applied to any concept of liberalism, from “clubbing” to “abortion” we can trace the thinking back to an evil motive.  Evil uses liberalism to spread through human society.  The evidence does not support that conservatism is an equal contributor to such a preponderance of evil.  If a conservative is evil—they aren’t a real conservative.  Being conservative is a philosophical choice that supports individuality in all forms, which therefore supports values attributed to thinking.  Evil always involves the destruction of individuals for the greater good of “group think” which therefore holds us to the chains of the past where mankind struggled to light a fire or roll a rock across a field.   Evil does not want the human race to migrate into space or to drive an SUV to the shopping mall to buy $500 worth of cloths from Dillard’s so that individuals can look nice for that upcoming charity dinner.  Liberals prefer the young protester of SeaWorld and their torn cloths, their ears connected to the music of the moment through their iPhones and their minds seeking drugs, clubbing and sex to spread their agenda of “goodness” in protecting the Orca, or the rights of women to “choose.”  And that is precisely how we all get pulled into the vile evil that is liberalism–through accepting the people infected with it as a righteous participate in our Republic of thought in a culture of equals yielding toward sovereignty, when the reality is vile, despicable, and corrosive against everything it means to be human.

Rich Hoffman

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Mark Welch and Ann Becker Win as West Chester Trustees: The strategy of leadership and the hen-pecker “wish-they-were’s”

With all elections there are a lot of ups and downs. I would have liked to have seen Ed Gillespie win the governor race in Virginia. I would have liked to have seen Ernest Gause win a seat on my own district’s Lakota school board. But in the races, that strategically mattered, I am very happy with the results of the November 7th election in 2017. For many reasons that are complex in the tapestry of politics I viewed the race for the West Chester Trustees in Southern, Ohio to be the most important because of the players involved and the potential impact on things that come next. The people I most supported won, Ann Becker won George Lang’s old seat and Mark Welch held on to his for re-election. It was a bit of a surprise to me to see Lee Wong retain his seat with 32% of the vote. Mark won with 31%. It would have seemed logical that the progressive Joan Powell would have sucked votes away from Lee, but it appears that the target was on the frontrunner Mark. After all, it was only a few months ago when Lee Wong organized a union protest at a trustee meeting to put Mark on the spot in a very political way. Some of that anger was still out there in activism for Lee and against Mark which showed up in the vote tallies. But in the overall results, it had little effect but perhaps a few percentage points. Mark won easily and that says a lot about his strength and ability to endure controversy when the chips are truly down giving him great leeway to govern as he has.



The combined talents of Mark Welch and Ann Becker is a very dynamic team and will bring great excitement to West Chester. They were very impressive down the stretch working together on a door to door campaign—even working Lakota high school football games as a team as opposed to individual candidates. That strategy paid off in the end as they beat a barrage of some fairly stout political heavy weights. Lynda O’Conner came in second to Ann’s seat and Joan Powell garnered a number of votes from her former levy supporters at Lakota to pose as a threat, so this was no easy race by any stretch of the imagination. But like most things the people who did the most work were the ones who won—except in Lee’s case. He simply rode in the wake of Mark driven largely by the controversy he created. That strategy will only work once now that it’s been exposed.

Leadership and politics are interesting things and the strategies for dealing with them are different depending on whether or not we are working with the public or private sector. Whenever you are the president of something, or the primary leader, the chicken littles will always be hen pecking at your heels trying to undermine you. No matter how good you are at your job or how nice you are to other people, the human disposition toward those with power is to knock them down a peg or two. Especially when a leader is obviously more skilled, there are always the cape riders who will try to leech off the good work of the skilled person, then at some opportune moment, they will make a move and try to take credit for everything good that was done. For Lee Wong, he made his move when he brought the union activists several months back to put Mark on a spot for running the trustee meeting. Mark couldn’t close the meeting procedurally by a scandalous move by Lee to keep it open. In the strategies of war, Lee had the high ground because he was not in the leadership position at the time—Mark was the president of the trustees. That allowed for Mark to be vulnerable regarding procedural parameters that Lee could then control with chaos—a popular tactic among liberals—especially when they are out of power. One way to destroy them is by turning those tables on them and giving them a dose of their own medicine. Let them be the president for a year and destroy them with mundane procedures—and let the public see how incompetent they really are.

Lee Wong has had the advantage of playing victim for over eight years, first with Cathy Stoker then as the third wheel behind Mark and George Lang. Anyone who might get angry at a decision Mark or George made could use Lee as their avatar. The way to defuse that trend is to take away the mystic of that avatar by letting reality choke it out. Power isn’t in titles, it’s in votes, and that should always be the focus. Let political rivals expose their docile minds to the world, and not hide behind the exceptional, and all things will work out best in the end. My assessment of why Lee Wong grabbed 32% of the vote was because he was riding the cape of Mark Welch and George Lang for a long time and people didn’t associate activity with him, only that he was part of a successful package—by default of being a trustee during very successful times for which Mark and George created.

Now it’s a new ball game. Ann Becker is not George Lang, she is a different kind of Republican. I was impressed with her ability to create optimism under pressure and to really be a cheerleader for West Chester during her campaign. If West Chester were going to take a step forward, Ann was the key to that improvement. Between her and Mark there are two very optimistic people holding the controlling votes as trustees and that is a great thing—there are no negatives involved. Lee is a harmless bystander and much easier to deal with than someone like Joan Powell. If we were to be stuck with either Lee or Joan, Lee is the lesser of the two progressive evils.

Thinking about Ann, I’ve known her for a long time now and been with her through some very tough times and I know her thoughts when nobody else has been around. She is very savvy, and very pure as a person. Dealing with her as a trustee is something anybody should consider a rare pleasure whether its politics, business, or community advancement—she is the best. She is no phony, that’s for sure. Mark has a good partner to work with under the best possible circumstances. Lee Wong may have earned a lot of votes, more than he deserved, but the cause is not anything good that he did, it’s purely his lack of responsibility that served him well in 2017. With a historical record where Mark Welch and George Lang did everything and Lee just went along for the ride, he had no controversy from a past decision to hinder his election—and if Mark had the benefit of the same, Welch might have gained an extra 10% in this election. But Mark endured a major controversy in regard to right-to-work and finished very strong, which is something he and everyone in West Chester should be very proud of.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Ernest Gause on November 7th 2017: Protecting a cash surplus at Lakota from the forces of chaos


If you ever wanted to see a guy who has his act together running for a school board position it’s Ernest Gause.  Watching this situation at Lakota schools in Southern Ohio for many years now and fighting many levies to keep taxes down, I’ve never witnessed a better person for a school board position than Ernest.  To get an idea of how on top of things he is just have a look at his website, specifically his press release section shown below.  In it Ernest breaks down the cash situation at Lakota schools and shows just where we are in 2017 to managing the Lakota school system for the next decade.  To do the job right, good school board members like Ernest Gause need to be in place to safely steer the district into the correct direction.  Gause is a school board candidate offering that not only wants to avoid future school levies, but he wants to have a replacement strategy which essentially means working within the budget parameters and decreasing the budget need over time—which has been unheard of by any school district anywhere.  And he plans to do all this by raising the expectations of Lakota as well through performance standards.


Essentially here’s the situation, Lakota has cash on hand through 2026 to avoid a school levy.  However the current school board members are reluctant to commit to that because they still spend more than they take in so the positive elements of their cash surpluses will eventually catch up to them.  Lakota has that cash surplus because they pushed for a levy they didn’t need in 2013 when they violated the deal they made with me to keep a levy off the ballot for two years after the levy defeat of 2012.  The school board at the time pushed for a levy all in the name of school security, but they really didn’t need it because of declining enrollment in our aging community, so they unnecessarily increased our property taxes into this abundance situation that we have now.  Unlike past school board candidates, Earnest actually has a plan to avoid school levies in the future but taking our current surplus and reducing the tax footprint that Lakota imposes on future development.   Here are more specifics off his website that articulate his position:

End dependencies of tax levies by creating levy replacement strategies.

As a community, we need to ask the question of why we need levies and what we can do as a community to ensure the school get what it need, our children are educated and the community (tax payers) get a return on our investment.

The answer is simple; we need transparency and full disclosure for every dollar spent.

There need to be the following:

  1. If there is going to be more busing, then which schools and how much.
  2. If there is going to be more technology, then which school and how much.
  3. If there is going to be small classes, more teachers and more resources, then which schools and how much.

Within Lakota there needs to be more transparency, more openness and better reporting to the community.


Our SUCCESS as a Community

Expand our footprint, when, where, why and how.

I am a firm believer in expanding out educational footprint. I believe a board member needs to be active in supporting education, partnering in education and an outspoken advocate of education. How do we support education? We support education by putting the work in and by supporting our teachers, administrators and our students. But in order to do that you have to educate yourself in knowing what is going on in your community and surrounding communities.

To make sure our students and our teachers are ready for the tools of the 21st century, six schools have demonstration classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with a variety of devices, including:
• 1-to-1 laptops
• A classroom projector
• A mini-projector
• Two aqua boards
• iPad and tablet sets
• A document camera
• A digital camera
• An AV rover
Champion Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to compete on the world stage by partnering with Universities.

Enhance professional trade programs through business and university partnerships for electrician, plumbers, pipefitters, realtors, engineering, accounting and electronic trades.

Here is a fun quiz that can help you decide what is right for you.​
Just to be transparent, this site will ask you for your contact information!  It will give you some great insights into a trade you may be interested in.


1. Technology Tools
2. Champion STEM
3. Trade Programs

Add blended learning opportunities for special needs students.

Prepare students for transition into post-secondary institutions of higher learning through increased Academic Resources and external Partnerships with corporations.

End dependencies of tax levies by creating levy replacement strategies.
As a community, we need to ask the question of why the need levies and what we can do as a community

4. Tax Levies = NO
5. Partnerships
6. Blended Learning
   8. Resources
7. Technology Integration

Bring state of the art technology to the classroom & integrate in daily curriculum, lessons & homework

11. Data Tracking

Track GPA’s year over year in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to ensure progression and disclose at Board Meetings.   Transparency = Responsibility

Give our teachers additional resources on how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Provide Transportation to High Schools to reduce financial burden for working families.

9. Transportation
10. Distance Learning

Integrate distance learning into classrooms to attend college level courses.

12. Internships

Provide realistic job previews working with the business community for internships, summer work study and sponsorship.


Lakota’s current treasurer Jenni Logan has done a good job with the budget, but I remember when they put her up front in 2012 to profess the fiscal cliff that Lakota was headed for justifying the tax increase the board wanted at the time.  Many who know how money works told Lakota then that if they could control their costs, largely their payroll, they wouldn’t need any more money—but they didn’t listen so presently they have on hand cash until 2020 where deficit spending is projected to begin, according to this article shown at the link below.   That’s the point where the step increases start taking over from where the board has been able in the past to hold them down due to all the public pressure.  The teacher’s union has had to keep a low profile over the last half decade namely because the public sentiment was not with them, and it will continue not to be.  That makes putting good management on the school board that is smarter than the negotiators for the union a priority so that deficit spending can be avoided.  Earnest is jus t that type of manager that we need on the school board for the next decade, to keep the cash managed while raising the expectations for the district.


I think Todd Parnell is a decent board member, but if Earnest were added to the Lakota school board a trend of conservativism would finally emerge that could pave the way for a solid four vote majority by the next election term where Julie Schafer’s term would expire.   It takes time to build the right team because good candidates are hard to find.  In the case of Earnest I am very attracted to his lean manufacturing background and think the best way to keep their costs down at Lakota is by applying the same methods that are expected in business on the current teacher’s union.  One way that the labor unions for the automotive industry had to be brought into the modern age of thinking was to apply lean standards to them so that the unions couldn’t use the chaos of many different job classifications to justify outlandish wage expectations driving up the cost of the product.  Well, in this case the product is the education of children and I think the urgency of a proper approach is that much more important.  So obviously, we want good managers in place to handle the vast amounts of money that we send to Lakota and to keep them out of our pocket books in the years to come while giving kids good foundational skills they can apply for the rest of their lives through their education.  There is no reason that Lakota couldn’t be a trend setter and still drive down their payroll.  But we can’t get there unless we try something different, and Ernest Gause is a tremendous step in that direction.  So when you have to vote on Tuesday, make sure you pull the lever for that very good person on November 7th 2017

Rich Hoffman

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The Genie is out of the Bottle: Uranium One, the IRS, the fake Trump dossier–and we still have more wishes left!

The Genie is certainly out of the bottle now, and we still have a few more wishes  What’s happening now is everything I hoped for and more on Election Day of 2016.  If Donald Trump had not been elected we wouldn’t be seeing anything close to what we are now, and likely America would be over.  I said at the time that the idea of America may not have lived through the summer of 2017.  After all I had endorsed Donald Trump for president for precisely the reasons we are seeing today way back in 2015.  Donald Trump was saving America by standing against the tide of the criminal minded institutions using his own celebrity and wealth as leverage in a way that nobody had ever done before in world history.  Nobody knew what might happen—I had an idea, but there was no way to know what the impact might be until it happened.  Well, it’s all happening right now and the reach of villainy in our American institutions is presently unfathomable for many to deal with.   If I could have had any wish I wanted in 2015 when Donald Trump was tenaciously staying at the top of Republican polling disrupting all the traditional channels led by the Bush family and the vile Clintons, that Genie would have given me exactly what we are seeing now.

It was April 14th 2014 when what was left of the Liberty Township Tea Party met at the Elk’s Lodge to discuss the case against the IRS that the American Center for Law and Justice was conducting on our behalf against the IRS.  The Liberty Township Tea Party was one of the many targets of the IRS who had attacked those groups any way they could specifically on the 5013C status which was designed to slow down the movement and take the teeth out of reform which was sweeping the nation in 2012.  Establishment Republicans used the Tea Party from 2009 to 2012 to gain House and Senate seats, and they wanted their Party back.  Meanwhile Democrats were on their full assault toward socialism and they figured nobody was equipped to stop them.   While Republicans fought each other the Democrats were on a roll, and they controlled the Deep State emphatically.  We all knew it on that day in April at the Elk’s Lodge and all we had was essentially each other and some hope that if we did all the right things, things could come out well in the end.

I was in trouble for two videos I had done for the Liberty Township Tea Party.  Lucky for me I never do anything in politics that could be construed as payment.  When I do something “political” like this blog, or have dinner with a powerful politician money never changes hands.  I keep things as clean as possible.  It is often hard for investigators to believe that I’d do so much work for free, out of the goodness of my heart—because to their vantage point, nobody does anything like that.   Nobody just does things because it’s the right thing to do. But I do and soon after that fateful meeting Donald Trump would step out of his golden palace atop Trump Tower in Manhattan to essentially cast his resources into the fight for many of the same reasons—because it was the right thing to do.  We all knew then as we can see now that the IRS had been weaponized, but the media hardly covered the story and the Deep State had no fear of any of us, because they controlled all the politics, all the law, and all the money.  They figured that this little ACLJ lawsuit would just go away like so many things had in the past and they had nothing to worry about.

Well just this past week many things came to a boil and for those who resisted the efforts of the Deep State a turning point in that long civil war finally showed itself.  The IRS had to apologize for their behavior as the ACLJ had won their case and a very reluctant government institution had to rectify themselves ahead of the largest tax cut vote in the House which passed, in American history.  With the Dow Jones racing well over the 23,000 mark and Trump pinning down all the holdovers brilliantly forcing them to vote correctly on tax cuts, the IRS could do nothing but stand on the firing line and await their own terminations.  They had abused the American people and they had been caught and there was nothing they or their media cover could say to let them off the hook because an even bigger story was unfolding.   That is the story of the Washington Free Beacon funding the fake Trump dossier to stop him from winning the Republican nomination back in 2016.  That dossier would involve many Republicans and would unite politicians like John McCain and Hillary Clinton behind the common cause of stopping Trump any way they could and at the center of it all was the FBI director himself James Comey.  Comey of course would plot to completely let Clinton off her criminal charges during an election year to help her keep her footing—all which was highly illegal.  But if not for Trump being in the race there would have been no pressure on these people to do so much to reveal their inner workings.  These things would have remained hidden—which was what they all were counting on.

But even worse than that was the Uranium One deal.  That is the one where the Putin regime paid Bill Clinton $500,000 dollars for a single speech in Russia with the unannounced intention to secure U.S. government approval for its acquisition of Uranium One and with it tens of billions of dollars in U.S. uranium reserves.  This is the biggest scandal in the history of the United States, and it’s really too big to cover.  Normal people can’t get their minds around the level of treachery it takes to pull of something with this enormity.  But now we know why the Democrats were in such a hurry to try to create some scandal tying Trump to Russia.  Because they were the ones guilty of the act, not Trump—but they needed the light off them and onto someone challenging their Deep State control.  Yet in doing so they set their own standards for which they are presently choking—which is good.  Without Trump in the White House, this story would have gone nowhere and would have been covered by nobody.  It essentially involves the Obama administration in a very detrimental way as Hillary Clinton was running around the world selling access for personal enrichment and now they are all caught.

So what to do about all this, after all, can we put all these people in jail like they deserve?  To do that we’d have to put several former presidents in jail, many congressman, political candidates, attorneys, media personalities, former FBI directors—a whole lot of people who are guilty as Hell and now awkwardly exposed.   We knew it all along, but now we “KNOW” it.  Their downfall essentially started because they picked on the wrong people.  I mean seriously, the crap I had to go through just for two videos made for YouTube.  Not to mention the ordeal of the people who ran the Liberty Township Tea Party.  It took up a year of their time over nothing—meanwhile these scum bags were doing all this Uranium One activity and spending a lot of money to smear political opposition with fake stories and breaking many laws to obtain any information that could be used against people like Trump before they could ever throw their resources into the ring.   But now we know, and like I said, that Genie is still giving us wishes to grant.  And I have a feeling they will all come true in the weeks that come.

Rich Hoffman

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The Tragedy of Kobe Steel: How the smoke is fading and mirrors are breaking on lean manufacturing–revealing a diabolical academic scheme that was always there

The truth is there isn’t any magic wand that takes manufacturing techniques and turns companies into winners at the bottom line. Just like going to college couldn’t turn a kid into a success story without extremely hard work to go with it.  The harsh reality that many people have come to face is that you can’t buy quality, and you can’t wish yourself into profitability.  If you want to be successful in life you have to be willing to work harder than a competitor and you’ll have to figure out the latest trends before everyone else does in an ever-changing world.  It’s not enough to memorize the work of Eliyahu M. Goldratt or to study really hard the techniques of James Womach so that you can call yourself a “black belt” of lean manufacturing.  It’s still the case and it always will be that innovation and creativity are ever-changing opportunities for market dominance.  And let’s face it, that’s the name of the game.  That’s also why this global tragedy involving Kobe Steel is such a case study into the temperature of the world regarding manufacturing that it merits our tenacious considerations.

Kobe Steel is a large producer of various industry metals, particularly aluminum and due to the nature of the world marketplace distributes their product all over the world to the largest companies currently in existence.   The assumption is that since the company is Japanese that they make high quality products at Kobe Steel—just because they are made in Japan.  That country has done a great job building up their brand with an eye toward quality—which is precisely why Womack, Roos and Daniel T. Jones featured them so prominently in the 1990s book The Machine that Changed the World.  In that classic book Womack had pretty much closed the case on western mass production techniques and very subtly implied the takeover of manufacturing practices being instituted right in front of our faces.  College academics were essentially attempting to use lean manufacturing practices revolutionized by Japan—specifically Toyota into a global revolution that would help pave the way to a one world global government by unifying all various markets under the flag of lean manufacturing.  And this failure at Kobe Steel, which is quite serious presently, has the fingerprints of failure rooted in this rapid expansion of manufacturing approach that has been taking over the world since the 1960s.

The attempted academic takeover of all industries has been going on for a long time and their goal is almost always the same.  Generally the academic believes in global collectivism and that the power of the individual is subservient to the needs of group think—and the view of American mass production was that a single foreman, and a single process engineer were things of the past and that hive behavior in the form of lean manufacturing developed from Japan would become the dominate way of doing business.  But the real villain was not American manufacturing; it was the kind of rugged individualism that often emerged in American car companies and steel manufacturers.  If you peel back the onion even more behind these academic reformers they were ahead of themselves on global wealth redistribution and they purposely worked their way into the various industries with mountains of paperwork for employers to fill out so that the tasks would become so cumbersome that companies would just flee overseas to run away from bureaucracy.  The subtext to all this academic insurrection for the last 50 years has always been lean manufacturing and that American companies better get with the pace of the rest of the world or they’d be out of a job.

I’m never one to throw out the baby with the bath water; there are some really good things that Womach and his buddies came up with in that aforementioned book.  And I’m a fan of the work by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.  I like those guys, but in relation to the problems of today, I have my own thoughts—and I dare say I often go much deeper than anything that came previously.  I’d say that you have to if you want to invent something new, otherwise how would you ever stand out in a world that is so competitive?   I can also say that I’ve been through many lean manufacturing seminars over the years and all those companies that sponsored those activities are now out of business, because what they did was attempt to copy what worked in Japan to an American market, and it clearly didn’t work.  I watched with disapproval as many companies tried to take the concepts in Womack’s book and applied them directly to manufacturing facilities where American workers resisted, and resented the efforts to the point where the company just folded—because nobody seemed to understand what was really going on.

The Japanese had a unique problem after World War II.  They had lost a war and needed to rebuild their economy from the ground up.  They also had an occupying force that changed all the rules of manufacture on them, and imposed on Japanese companies union friendly policies that made innovation so much more complicated.  Just like American manufacturing at the time was peaking because the mass production techniques had created in American workers this new idea of lifelong employment instead of just doing a job in the city then returning to their fields in the country to resume their independent life—socialist oriented labor unions took root and started managing things at manufacturing facilities across America.  At that time it was a trend so America forced Japan into the same box of thought for which they needed a way to get out.  So Japan offered a policy of lifelong employment to their employee but in going a step further than unions did in America, they adopted a decentralization of authority policy where wages and promotions were attached to tenure, not performance and that essentially stabilized their work culture into a nice predictable pattern that they were able to inject into a market share that essentially ruled for the next fifty years.  This was fine with the academics because it sapped the wealth from American manufacturing and relocated it to the orient and even into Europe.  As time passed and American companies still struggled with the concepts of lean manufacturing because at the core of it is a group think that purposely diffuses the merits of individualized behavior then more American companies became Chinese and Korean companies because people in those regions already were somewhat predisposed toward lean manufacturing thought—it’s an Asian thing.  For people who will eat the eyeball of a chicken as a snack it’s no big deal to stand at an assembly line and decentralize authority to the masses of group think.  But to the six-foot six ,300 pound redneck from Appalachia that has a Confederate Flag on the front of their pick-up truck, it’s quite difficult.

However, life was never all that great in Japan.  They were willing to work hard and long, but they were still an occupied country infused with western ideas on the collapse of their great empire which was destroyed at the end of World War II.  Before that they had the samurai culture which had been destroyed by the emerging new emperor—so the people were always ready and willing to fight for something but they had been shell-shocked over the centuries with a lot of disappointment.  If they could get back at the West by imposing lean manufacturing techniques on those “cowboys” then they’d be very happy, and thus they have been riding on that reputation now for many decades even though it took a lot of smoke and mirrors to maintain the illusion.  But those mirrors essentially broke with the release of this news from Kobe Steel.  To keep up their shipments and deal with the focus of the world on their products Kobe Steel had to fudge the paperwork they helped to create and due to the constant pressure from other Asian markets which have emerged over the last twenty years, Kobe Steel had to take short cuts on quality to stay relevant.  In essence, they became dominated by new, leaner and more ambitious manufacturing techniques just as mass production had been destroyed by lean manufacturing in the 80s and 90s.

I had a front row seat to all this activity, I worked at Cincinnati Milacron in the mid 1990s and it was going out of business by the day at that point in time.  They had us studying lean manufacturing techniques just to stay alive.  I could say the same about the Fisher Body planet in Fairfield, Ohio where my grandfather worked.  I could also say the same about the Camero plant in Norwood where I knew several people who worked there.  Now there is nothing left of those places, Milacron and the Camero plant were completely bulldozed away erasing their memory.  People visiting those locations today would never know that they ever existed.  In the final days of their manufacturing lives they had the same desperate anxiety about them that we can now see out of Kobe Steel—and it saddens me to see it, but it doesn’t surprise me.  These trajectories of failure are predictable and can be traced largely back to our academic institutions that impose themselves on the creativity of any industry that must move with much more nibble feet to compete in an ever-changing world.  By the time the academics get their published opinions out about global trends, they are too late and those who listen to them find themselves on the hot seat toward losing immediately.

I may tell my secrets later, but certainly not now.  Innovation didn’t stop with Womach.  Lean manufacturing has some good things to offer, but it certainly won’t deliver anybody to the Promised Land without a lot of hard work and a new take.  Just because you study the words of something it doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed, and so many people even today think that success can be bought.  For those who think such things just look at the Kobe Steel case—a Japanese company that is still struggling to find their place in a competitive world as their niche concept of lean manufacturing is proving to be more of a gimmick now than a justifiable strategy sold by academics for the purpose of destroying manufacturing in the West so that the East could spread communism to every corner of the planet.  That was always on the mind of the academic after all—that much should be clear to everyone now.  But lucky for us all, the wheels fell off at Kobe Steel before we went too far down that road—and the good news is that innovation and the next great things are still out there waiting for the world to copy them.  Until then, I’ll keep the smile on my face watching others try to figure out the latest riddle in the world of competitive manufacturing.

Rich Hoffman

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The Most Effective Argument in favor of Guns in Soceity: What everyone misses about the need for the Second Amendment–Institituions cannot be trusted

The support for an armed society is a philosophical one, not one of just emotional attachments to tradition. There is a reason the Second Amendment was inserted into the Bill of Rights and was so important to the Anti-Federalists in the 1790-time period of American history that is just as relevant today as it was then. The human race has not “progressed to a certain level where a one world government like the utopian Star Fleet Command is running everything on earth—and it never will. The reason is that there are traits to human beings that so long as they exist prevent the complete trust of individuals into all institutions created by society. To properly have a check and balance against absolute power, individuals must have the ability to overthrow their institutions before they get too big, and too power hungry to handle the affairs of civilization properly. Guns are that fine line of control which keeps our institutions in check with the fear always in the back of their minds that at any moment the population could remove them from office under armed rebellion and replace them. The issue has never been about “assault weapons” or “bump stocks.” It’s about the nature of people and what they do when they have power over other people. Those who want more power over more people obviously are those who support removing guns from society—to whatever degree. But the essence of the argument is that we would be fools to completely trust any institution created by the minds of man. The gun allows us to manage that power we give those institutions—and without that management assistance, institutions by their nature spiral out of control and become oppressive. Because at the heart of most humans who crave power is a laziness that always retreats to default mode and would rather run society as a bunch of compliant automatons rather than free thinking variables.

To put the issue in the most simplistic forms I will provide an example that I have used actually quite often. To provide a little background about myself I am a person who loves personal freedom likely more than most people, and I have always built my life around the ability to be free of institutional control. In my youth I was a martial artist and had developed the personal ability to defend myself no matter what was presented. Growing up I never had the feeling that anybody could “kick my ass” and I still feel that way. I don’t care how big the person is or how skilled, I made a point physically to be the top of the pecking order in regard to fighting in hand to hand combat and that allowed me a certain freedom to think properly about these matters of institutional control. But melee weapons are one thing, if a person approaches you with a gun physical confrontation is not the best way to deal with a threat like that. You really need a gun no matter how skilled you may be in disarming people. The best way to prevent a threat is to show them you have a gun and give them a choice as to whether or not to continue.

For a short while I was a repo man in my early years and I was shot at on occasion. That was back in the old days before there were the kind of rules that there are today. Back then the bank would let you do quite a few things to recover an asset, so I know what it feels like to be a bit of a thief sneaking up on a car to take it away from a hostile person likely armed. I even know what it feels like to break into a home knowing a person was armed to get the car keys. This wasn’t an accepted practice but it’s always better to ask for forgiveness than permission when dealing with bureaucracies and if I could get my hands on the keys, it meant doing less damage to the asset to retrieve it so breaking into a home to get the keys was forgivable—if you were successful. But people did get mad and they did shoot to kill. So in speaking about this kind of stuff I understand it from both sides very well.

I’ve also been to Europe and can report that the people there are pretty much a defeated people. Their gun laws and progressive societies have destroyed individual initiative and expectation. They live in small homes that are too expensive and do not have an expectation of personal sanctity the way that Americans do—and this really does trace back to gun ownership. In Europe the chances of being robbed in your home are much, much greater than in the United States because thieves know that nobody is armed in the home. They think nothing of breaking and entering to steal a person’s possessions even if they are there—because being shot is not on their minds. If they have managed to get a gun off the black market then they suddenly have become the strongest person around and they use that force to their advantage—because that’s what most human beings do when they acquire power—they tend to abuse it unless they are governed by a personal constitution of morality and valor. Without those elements they become tyrants quickly—whether they control a vast institution, or are just petty street criminals. It’s all the same human dysfunction on the micro or macro levels.

The person who trained me in martial arts during my teenage years was a thug. He was a lot like the karate school owner in the movie Karate Kid. His sole purpose for the school was to teach young strong males to be killers so that they’d go to tournaments and win trophies for his wall, so that he could then charge high fees to provide instruction. I thought of him as an evil person and he eventually was busted for many crimes and did jail time, but I learned a lot from the guy. I learned that it wasn’t hard to kill a person with your hands, in fact it was pretty easy and once you learned the basics you had leverage over every other human being that didn’t know that information. Most of his students went on to become terrors—and they got into nearly as much trouble as he did. Once they had the power to literally kill with their bare hands they had no fear of anybody and they began to be bullies that nobody could stop. It was the same concept as the robber with a gun who had something everyone else was missing. Outlawing a gun doesn’t change the nature of dominating others as a human predilection. Until that problem is solved, where humans wish to dominate others, whether it’s the liberal using institutionalism to control individual behavior, or a common street thug beating people over the head with a pipe to steal $25 dollars—the desire to rule over other individuals is the problem that must be solved. No institutional laws will have any effect—because the problem at its core is an institutional issue.

More times than even I can recollect I’ve used the threat of violence to keep peace. If someone is robbing you the way to handle it best is to say, “Hay man,” show them the gun under your jacket “you don’t have to die today. I won’t even call the cops. If you keep walking you can go to sleep tonight.” It’s that simple. Just say that, have the gun to show them—even if they are pointing one at you, letting them know you have a gun and are willing to use it, will most of the time cause them to leave you alone. These things don’t happen like they do in the movies. Criminals want a nice easy hit on someone. They don’t want to die or risk injury. If they have to risk that with you, they’ll move on most of the time. That also goes with hired killers. I’ve also known several of them as well, and deep down inside they are just people like anybody else. They don’t want to die. They know that just because you shoot someone they don’t die instantly. They know if you have a gun on you that you could still shoot them even if wounded. Because of guns in our country, we see much less crime than we otherwise would because nobody really knows who has guns in the house and who doesn’t. That secures our private property in the correct way and allows for Americans to think differently than other people around the world do because private property and ownership is the essence of personal responsibility—and protecting those elements makes for a much more civil discourse at the macro level.

Any person advancing gun control measures of any kind, even the “bump stock” debate after the Las Vegas massacre are avoiding the real issue in human failure in dealing with one another. Human desire to control other humans and their thoughts is the problem and until respect at a fundamental level is established for individual sanctity, violence will always be a threat. Those threats often come from institutions because responsibility for individual behavior is disguised. However, gun ownership is more than just symbolic, they are a proper check against the human tendency to inflict through force beliefs of one group against another. The gun creates a level playing field and forces people to respect each other—which is the first foundation of proper human interaction. There is a fine line between fear and respect, and the gun helps society get there better than any law that human beings could invent. And that is the key to a properly managed society. There is nothing barbaric about gun ownership. In fact, the concept is quite a sophisticated one because it takes the human race to a level of thought that has never been achieved before in the history of the world, and the United States is the evidence that it works. Not in the presence of an active gun culture, but in the type of society and options that Americans enjoy that nobody else around the world has. Guns are key to advancing our civilization in very positive ways because they take the bullies out of contention and allow average people to rule their own lives however they see fit. And if their institutions get out of control, then people have guns to retake control, and that is the most important thing of all. Just having the gun does wonders. Hopefully nobody ever needs to use them. But I can say from personal experience that guns work very well at keeping things……..peaceful. Better than anything else ever could hope to. Institutions want to believe they can, but they can’t. They can’t control individual behavior at its core. They can influence it, but they can’t manage it without the occasional madman emerging to destroy innocent people over any little thing.

When I hold a gun, or buy a new gun, I am making an investment into the kind of human freedom that only a gun can provide. And that is not a symbol of violence. It’s a declaration of independence that is philosophical and unique to our species.

Rich Hoffman

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Steve Bannon said what I have for Years: How Republicans need to win elections to control more seats

The 60 Minute interview with Steve Bannon was a remarkable thing to watch.  For anybody who wonders if the Tea Party movement was effective just wonder if there would have ever been such a thing shown on national television 5 years ago.  Of course the answer would be no.  Such things just weren’t talked about in the mass media markets.  So it’s a pretty big deal to even see this interview with Bannon newly released by the White House back into the private sector.  As Bannon explained it, his reason for leaving the White House wasn’t because Trump asked him to go; he left so that he would be free as a private citizen to fight the federal government—which he couldn’t do as an employee of the system.  I concur with Bannon, that’s the precise reason I have never sought a public office—and why I tend to protect politicians that I think are on the right track.  Bannon is more effective from the outside, and it’s important to have people like him doing the street fighting—because that has to be part of the strategy going forward.  Five years from now even more unbelievable things will occur in politics that establishment types won’t like, so there will be many, many more battles that will be fought and we need all the street fighters we can get.

I think Bannon hit something very important during this interview that I have said before.  Some people listened to me and they have done well, politically.  But now that Bannon has said it coming right out of the White House who helped Trump beat two political dynasties, the Bush family and the Clinton family—not to mention the Obama family—I would say that in this next phase potential politicians looking for good advice should listen more carefully.  Its one thing to hesitate when there is an unproven track record, but now there is a lot that is known that wasn’t.  I’m talking about the advice Bannon said he gave Trump on Billy Bush Weekend during the October portion of the 2016 presidential election.   Established politicians told Trump that he should resign or face the most embarrassing defeat in election history.  Bannon told Trump to ignore the whole thing because the American people didn’t care.  Guess who ended up being correct?

I’m mainly thinking of some local election races this year where people I am rooting for can either hold their seats or advance themselves.  I can’t reiterate it enough; listen to what Steve Bannon is saying.  Don’t run or hide from anything, always be confrontational in the debates even in local elections.  Be a street fighter—don’t allow yourselves to be pulled into a mundane effort by playing nice.  Politics is not nice, its war, so treat it that way.  Let people like me defend you and help flash a light where it needs to be to sort the noise from the true path of necessity, but don’t hold back when it comes to vanquishing your enemies.   Playing nice won’t get you anything—but beaten.

I would go so far to say that voters in America would rather see a fight than a handshake, especially in politics.  You might remember dear reader an article I did last year stating that Trump’s membership into the WWE was the single most qualifying element of his campaign—because he knew how to put on a show that featured aggressive fighting which is a primal understanding that all people can relate to.  It’s an effective communication tool to be combative—people respect it naturally.  Playing nice the way the Bush family did, or John McCain did during his presidential run simply plays into the strengths of Democrats.  Mit Romney is a good example of how not to win an election—be nice, don’t attack your opponent and pretend like you’re always in church.  That’s how you lose.

Don’t let Democratic opponents find something you are ashamed of, like a perjury trail, a sexual harassment accusation, or the size of your personal wealth.  Always be proud of what you do and don’t give them a hook into your guilt, because they will attempt to freeze you with it.  However what you should do is to take the advice of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.  They just pulled off the most amazing election victory in the history of the world.  Not to mention I was saying things just as Bannon said them more than five years ago—so believe in this strategy.  Crush your opponents and don’t hesitate.  Take the high ground if you want, but don’t be afraid to spit down on the faces of your enemies.  If they challenge you in politics, don’t hesitate to destroy them from the face of the earth.  That is the way Republicans should approach all elections, even those against the RINOs who are in the party who want to hold it to the limits of the institutional past.

You can see how Charlie Rose tried to pin Bannon down but what was unique was that it didn’t work.  Instead Bannon knew his facts and stuck to them whenever the CBS News staff tried to shape the conversation toward classic progressive assumptions which have nothing to do with the masses of the American people who vote in elections.  Truth be told, when people are alone in the voting booth they will always vote for courage.  Most people lack personal courage so they greatly admire people with conviction even if they disagree with them.  This method doesn’t work for Democrats because they are all essentially con artists looking for implementing socialism and wealth re-distribution—so they can’t be honest about anything.  They need Republicans to be pacifists—like John McCain and Mit Romney to beat.  In a street fight, Democrats can’t win because they can’t defend themselves.

If they call you a sexist, call them worse.  If they come after you for some court case where you were innocent, then dig up every bit of dirt you can find on them and get it out to the public.  The newspapers won’t publish it because they are in bed often with the Democrats—but I will.  And other people like Steve Bannon will as well.  Success in every venture favors the bold—so don’t feel like you need to play nice just because that’s what Republicans used to do.  Trump has proven what people like me have theorized about, so take that information and expand on it.  There are too many races out there that we need win, so win them, and don’t look back—or feel like you need to shake the hand of an enemy.  Forget about all that “good will” stuff.  Democrats want to destroy our country—so fight them with that in mind.

This war is fought with the little battles, the little local races, the state races, and of course the federal seats.  To win those battles you can’t play patty cake with the enemy.  It’s one thing to be morally and intellectually correct—but you have to also take the next step.  You have to defend those things with a sometimes vicious personality.  Being nice won’t be enough.  You can be nice until they go negative and once they do, unleash hell on them until they are so miserable they don’t want to get up in the morning.  That is the way to win, and now that we have a playbook that shows it’s the way to success—I suggest everyone use it to full effect.

Rich Hoffman

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