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Right-to-Work Protests in West Chester, Ohio: The bad economics of dealing with people like Ed Conway

I watched with a quite a lot of disdain the West Chester Trustee meeting on January 10th 2017 seen below where union dissidents poured into the chamber to flood the citizen comments portions with outside opinion in an effort to prevent West Chester from becoming the first right-to-work township in Ohio.  As the meeting went on, especially at the 1 hour 19 minute mark, Lee Wong had coordinated the events in the room to invoke union radicalization through a poor understanding of both economics and the trends of democratic thinking–and chaos flourished.  Labor radicals with the worldly understanding of a cockroach paraded themselves to the podium and yelled from the back of the room as Lee defied Mark Welch’s intentions to close the meeting because it was out-of-control.  Each speaker in favor of the union position had already by that time showed exactly why West Chester needs to lead the charge for right-to-work in Ohio—because all of them failed to understand the nature of business creation and were reserved to look around their surroundings and proclaim that West Chester was good—so why change it.  The height of their ignorance was fervently displayed ironically during a zoning change portion of the meeting when Chris Wunnenberg was speaking and the union slugs didn’t even understand that the proposal was a managed zoning change to inspire industrial construction—that such a proposal was not yet on the table.  That of course contributes to the vast ignorance of the many speakers in favor of the unionized status quo—they don’t understand the mind of business and why providing economic freedom not only in the form of taxation, but in reduced complications against the managements of those proposed companies is important to the continued growth of West Chester in a positive direction.

Unions do not create jobs and unions certainly didn’t build West Chester as some idiot screamed from the back of the room.   Business and financial opportunity built West Chester and its neighbor to the north Liberty Township.  Unions are like tar pits, they just sit there and depending on their location, sometimes something good comes across them and gets stuck in their presence only to suffer a gradual and slow death for which they never escape.  Companies do not want to share their management of operations with people like that Ed Conway from the video who claims he’s been in West Chester since 1988.  Unions give people like Ed a seat at the table with the typically smart people who run companies—who go out on a limb with their risks to pour money into a business plan and to execute that plan for the potential of profit which workers then enjoy in the form of wages.  Without that first step, and risk of the business owner and its managers, Ed wouldn’t have a job.

But no president or manager of any business operation wants some person like Ed joining the management of employee business because it greatly limits the amount of productive output that a company or business entity can generate per person.  So for all the talk of how wages are driven up in unions and how that money is poured back into a region and that such a relationship is mutually beneficial for everyone—they don’t understand the mind of a typical businessman.  They see a business owner driving a BMW or a Mercedes and they think they are rich and are entitled to some of their wealth through some communist upbringing they learned in their public schools—and they would be wrong.  Business owners hoping not to get snared in these unionized tar pits locate in places so that they can avoid dealing with people like Ed.

I’m sure Ed Conway is a nice guy, he’s probably great to have a beer with at Buffalo Wings and Rings during a Monday Night Football game.  There is nothing wrong with not being intellectually curious so long as people make it up with being a hard worker.  I certainly don’t expect everyone in the world to read and always push themselves to be smarter from one week to the next for their entire lives—and if they want to use their union wages to feed their faces and become a gradual health risk—that’s their business—but don’t assume that they are capable of being a co-manager of a business operation. Businesses put up with unionized labor only if they can justify the effort in their profit margins.  If the margins can’t justify the pain in the ass in dealing with people like Ed—and there are millions of Ed Conways out there—then they close shop and either retire or they move to someplace friendlier to business actions.  For the proof, just drive through downtown Middletown sometime and you’ll see what people like Ed have done to their economic growth of a once proud town.  Hamilton went through the same destructive process—unionized radicals drove Fisher Body out of the Hamilton/Fairfield area as well as International Paper—and many other places of business because unions and management just don’t go together as coequal parts unless the profit margins are so explosively good that ownership can justify the pain in the ass in dealing with the unions.

In the world we are living in today, price breaks are part of every discussion and companies can no longer jack up their pricing to absorb the loss in market value per employee that unions cost in reduced revenue generating potential.  Let me be more specific.  I was on a conference call just two days ago prior to this writing and I was speaking to a unionized facility in Minnesota.  They are late on the delivery of something I need and an idiot on the other side of the line casually told me to expect delivery sometime in February.  Well, that was the wrong thing to say.  I reminded the person that February wasn’t a date—it’s a month—so I had to ask again what day in that month I would expect their already late delivery.  They just didn’t get what I was saying until it was too late.  They had already lost a future customer because I’ll never deal with such incompetence again once they have established a track record of failure.  And the fault is in their poor understanding of the nature of productive work.  They assumed that the work was some gift from the gods of production for which we are all benefactors and that they’d milk the job out until they saw fit to ship.  But without my efforts, they’d have nothing to do.  That work didn’t come from some god—it came from my efforts and without me, nothing happens.  They are just a tar pit sitting there waiting for someone to get stuck in their mess—and that is how a typical union functions.  They have no connection to productive output in a competitive marketplace.  So they are too expensive to deal with and unreliable in delivery of their contractual obligations—most of the time—because they often have management at a disadvantage and unwilling to engage them.  Similar to Mark Welch being stuck at the end of the meeting not able to get out until Lee Wong—who obviously was coordinating the chaos as a closet Democrat of the same mind as Lakota’s Sharon Mays and former school board president Joan Powell—unions play those mob rule democracy games all the time and managements of companies usually just endure the pain hoping the profit continues.  You can see that on Mark’s face as he had to sit and listen to a bunch of idiots yak because Lee Wong was fanning the flames of discontent to appease his liberal sensibilities.  No business owner wants to be in the situation Mark was in, so they avoid investing in areas where people like Ed’s unions try to co-manage a company—because they surely don’t want some guy like me calling them asking why they are late on delivery.  What is that business owner going to say—“Ed Conway refuses to work on Sunday because the union contract says he has veto power over my management team?”  But when a pricing squeeze is placed on them from outside forces—usually market driven–rather than deal with the union-they just move to some oversea option.

So when it’s wondered why right-to-work is important to West Chester, Ohio, and every state in America just watch this video.  The zoning change that Chris is proposing depends on a friendly business environment to attract actual investment—otherwise he’s working for a developer with nothing to develop.  People who might work at that facility are in limbo until some business decides to move to that location at the corner of 747 and Union Central Blvd—and they won’t do that if they are worried about dealing with intellectual handicapped people like Ed Conway.  They’ll just take their operation to northern Kentucky where they are a right-to-work state.  So if West Chester wants to compete for those businesses, and they do to keep feeding all the great service industry businesses that have invested in West Chester, they have to compete with Michigan, Indiana, and now Kentucky all with right-to-work incentives.  Ohio is late to the party because John Kasich became a liberal like Ed Conway, Joan Powell and Sharon Mays and they want the union dues to keep feeding the bank accounts of the Democratic Party.  But that’s no reason to stick with a tar pit in West Chester when it has a direct impact on whether or not a new business locates in the region.

Let me tell you dear reader what drives up wages—it’s not unions.  If a company has over 20 applicants per job needed—which is where things are now—then wages will be low because a business owner would be insane to cut into their margins just out of the good of their hearts.  Having good margins means they can compete better in the world marketplace when price breaks drive opportunity.  So get that through your heads right now.  If you really want increased wages then American business or even West Chester average wages need three or four jobs competing for the same applicant.  That’s how wages increase and the only way you get there is by making it easy for a company to locate to your region and taking away the fear that some tar pit like Ed Conway will be in the board room negotiating employee pay, holiday schedules and work day limitations.  And that is why West Chester benefits greatly by being the first township in Ohio to become right-to-work.  The unions and their supporters are just tar pits waiting for some fool to get stuck in the Democratic ideology so they can slowly feed off their carcass.  And unfortunately for them, most people running companies these days are aware of that toil, and they aren’t willing to even play the game.  The bottom line is they don’t want to deal with people like Ed Conway because in the world of business, there are many more concerns and they don’t need the extra headache.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump’s Presidential Strategy: Hillary will soon be begging for it all to end

Apparently there are some out there who are worried that Hillary Clinton is up on Donald Trump in the polls and that there is a risk of her winning the presidency completing the long-held plan by progressives to destroy America from within.   I know it’s scary, after all most of the media is in the bag for Hillary, along with Hollywood, the music industry, every public education institution, and every public sector union—and by the time you add up all those numbers, conservatives like you and I are in the extreme minority.  But—Trump has a plan and he is fulfilling it.  With only Hillary and the failed Obama legacy left between him and the presidency, he won’t allow himself to lose easily.  In fact, I am sure he will do anything and everything to win and he will start with her prime weakness—which as of June 15th, 2016—he is already exploiting.  Hillary is entitled and used to having things given to her—and she has assumed that the media would give her the presidency just because she’s a woman.  Trump is about to exploit her expectations to his advantage—just watch.

I’ve had the fortune to be in a lot of fights with people over the years—and many of the times the people were bigger and stronger than I was.  But unlucky for them which has always been the case—100% of the time—I was always smarter.   When a big hulking creature wanted to fight 7 times out of 10 they smoked cigarettes—because they were young and wanted to look tough so it usually fit their overall persona—so I’d know from the start of the fight that within 30 seconds, they’d start huffing and puffing, gasping for air.  That’s when you unleash on them a fury they can’t defend and by minute 1 minute 30 seconds, they were bloody heaps begging for an end to the conflict.  That’s when you hit them hard and make it so that they never think of picking on anybody—or fighting anybody, ever again.

Trump has Hillary right where he wants her, on the defensive, responding to his every attack.  He’s in Barack Obama’s head—clearly, forcing the last days of the current POTUS begging the collective Republican Party to come to his aid.  But there is nobody who can help them—either Obama or Hillary.  Trump is a machine who will run day and night for the next four months and in the last quarter as Hillary is gasping for air, the fatal blow will drop knocking her not only out of the race, but out of politics forever—in disgrace.  That is how Trump does things.  I understand that type of thinking—it is how winners, win—even when they are outmatched by sheer size and numbers.

Trump has campaign stops all over the nation scheduled during a time when the candidates are typically resting a bit before the summer surge toward their respective conventions.   Trump is on TV every day and speaking to thousands of people all over the country literally every day and he could do that pace likely for the rest of his life.  True, Trump just turned 70 years old, but he works like young man in his twenties and he can beat that old hag Hillary with sheer force.  She thought it was difficult to keep up with Bernie Sanders who at times had Hillary sounding like a haggard old worn out woman.  She won’t be able to keep up with the pace of Trump and it won’t take long for the fatigue to set in.

If you’ve ever watched a marathon, Hillary is like those runners who jump out to an early lead sprinting along wearing herself out.  In her case she can afford to because she has been told that all she has to do to become POTUS is show up at the finish line—because everything else is all worked out.  But a quarter way through the race, fatigue starts setting in and they begin feeling that tightness in their muscles and the overwhelming desire to stop to take a break.  That’s usually when the smarter runners overtake the early sprinters. By the Fourth of July, Trump will be fresh on Hillary’s heels watching her wear down and she’ll begin struggling to keep running.  Her old saggy ass will start showing the signs, her shoulders will slump, the bags under her eyes will fill with a few more doughnuts eaten on the road to give her instant energy—fake energy to continue looking good for the cameras.  That’s when she’ll realize she doesn’t have enough gas in the tank to beat Trump and the media will begin to grudgingly admit the problem amongst themselves.  Then she’ll get hit with one of the most boisterous Republican conventions in history.   Then following that will be a major motion picture called Hillary’s America and the low information voters will then discover things about her that they didn’t know.  That’s when Trump will really get started.  Daily he will beat on Crooked Hillary and the media won’t have an answer.  Obama will get even more defensive as his days in the White House come to a close and a silent desperation will begin to set in.

By September and October, the ragged, hag Crooked Hillary will limp into the presidential debates and Trump will slaughter her with wit and his knack for speaking off the cuff of his sleeve leaving her completely off message, and script which is her vulnerability.  That is when she’ll sink like a rock.  She’ll be exhausted and begging for an end to it.  Then Trump will hit her so hard that it will end her forever.

So get ready, this is going to be a lot of fun for those of us on the conservative side who have simply had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.  Our time is coming for a change and I’m not planning to be graceful about it.

Rich Hoffman


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The Fading of a Purple Haze: Prince leaves the world through death, but the music will last forever

Even for me, I was a little shocked that Prince had died.  It wasn’t the loss of a person that I considered to be something scratching the surface of a oveman, but the last great loss of a great talent from the 80s. I feel worse for the modern kids who don’t know what it’s like to have James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince all alive and making music for their society all on stage together.  With the modern record industry comparatively crushed relative to that unique period in 1983, shown below, the amount of raw talent that was enjoyed by the 80s may not be seen again for a long time.  For modern race baiters who declare that America is a racist nation, they obviously don’t know much about our history.  I am proud to say I live in a culture that produced minds like Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown.  Prince for all his small stature of 5’ 2” made the best of it and walked around like he was 9’2”.  I always thought of him as a remarkable person and he had an impact on me that lasted.

I also thought he was a little weird—and for whatever reason, we accept culturally people who are extremely different if they are musicians.  It’s a very strange thing to watch people who pick on others for being different turn right around and wear the shirt of a famous musician that behaves in very eccentric ways.  Prince was certainly one of those people. Prince was about nine years older than I was, so as he was making his most famous music, the album “Purple Rain,” I was traveling all over the country as an Explorer in the High Adventure Boy Scout Post, 962 ran by one of my arch rival school teachers from the 7th grade.  Me and that woman hated each other, but she was access to adventure so I put up with her and spent a lot of my time from 14 to 16 years of age doing just about everything human beings could do regarding adventure, rappelling, backpacking, spelunking, and competing against others in yearly competitions at Camp Frielander in Loveland, Ohio.  It was the only thing that could have held my interest at that particular time and I thrived in that environment.  In a lot of ways Prince and I came to age at the same time in very different ways.  Both of us learned to think bigger than just being human which a lot of Prince’s songs reflected.

I was never particularly compelled by the religious leanings of Prince, but I did enjoy his otherworldly approach to life—the eternal aspect, and he seemed to accompany me everywhere during those Explorer days.  Explorer Posts are divisions of the Boy Scouts of America, but they are co-ed activities so there were always girls around—especially on the competition campouts where explorers from all over the southern Ohio region showed up to fight it out at Camp Frielander each August.  Most of the competition was fire department Explorer Posts and those from various police divisions—where young people were basically in apprenticeships for those careers.  My Explorer Post was designed to make global adventurers, and the skills I learned there I never forgot.  I always had extreme confidence and all that came to excessive fruition during this period of my life—and my antics seemed to always occur next to a Prince soundtrack.  No matter where I was, or what I was doing, Prince was on the radio or on somebody’s private boom box.  And when it came to confidence and multitasking, I looked at Prince and took some young direction.  My introduction to the Explorer Post world came at Camp Frielander where on my very first night I blew up our campfire on purpose with a homemade bomb and picked a fight with a rival Explorer Post over a girl who me and the other males all wanted.  From winning several of the events and gaining everyone’s instant attention, like Prince I had splashed onto the stage of adventure boldly.  Within a year I was giving speeches in front of massive crowds at GE Aviation in Evendale and running around the University of Cincinnati like I owned the place and I was still six to seven years younger than all the kids attending.  From Prince I learned to step in front of an audience and take charge.  With him being so short and strange, I used to watch how he handled things and I incorporated many of his social tactics to my own escapades. So I can say that Prince greatly improved my life during a key time.

Within a few years I was elected president of the Dan Beard Council for the entire Tri-State region and I eventually secured the girl that we all wanted whom I had met that first night at Camp Frielander.  But by then I had outgrown her and I had rapidly evolved beyond many of the people who were with me that first night of that summer competition.  Literally the day that I was elected, which occurred at General Electric in front of a packed house I had met another girl that I liked a lot more so I was looking for a way to get rid of the other one and her father was one of the guiding administrators for the entire Dan Beard Council in the eastern part of the country.  Later that night when I was supposed to be in fight against a bunch of kids at my school, one of them ended up dead and of course I was the key suspect—everyone in the Explorer Post community abandoned me, including all my girl friends—and Prince’s constant music was the only thing that made sense to me during that period.  It was a surreal feeling to listen to the song, “When Doves Cry” as police cars all over Cincinnati went looking for me to question me for murder.  In 24 hours I went from the top of the world to just a few steps from jail and it was very strange.  But at no time was I afraid, or did I weep for my losses.  I simply recaptured myself quickly and got back to what I did best and within a few weeks, had recovered completely and was back to my usual persuasions.

Prince was so boldly creative that he gave to my mind, which desired unlimited energy, a glance into the eternal—and that carried me to places that would soon become self-sustainable.  I outgrew Prince by the end of the 90s largely due to the fact that I did more before I was ever 19 than some people did in their entire lives. By the time that Prince did a song for Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, I had outgrown him—but I continued to always admire the eccentric musician.  Prince was wildly imaginative and magnificently talented and I learned a lot from him at a key time in my life—and it was clear when he died that future generations wouldn’t have the same opportunity—and for me that was the saddest aspect of the mysterious death at Prince’s Paisley Park home and studio in Minnesota.  Prince at 57 didn’t eat meat, and was pretty religious for a rock star—and he had such a tiny little body.  So diseases took a toll and if he took some drugs to alleviate the pain, he likely put himself under too much strain—and he left his body to join the focus of his otherworldly pursuits which had been a big part of his music for so long.  It was that otherworldly appeal which I always enjoyed and drew from for myself. So it didn’t surprise me that his soul just decided to leave his body one day as the body struggled under pressures only the living understand.  Prince seemed indifferent to life and death, so he obviously didn’t have much fight in him to struggle through such tribulation.  But it’s always a shock to see that someone as full of life as Prince had left the world of the living—because it seems counter to his core personality.

Death is a journey of its own, and Prince took it closing a chapter on earth that future generations will only hear about.  I learned a lot from Prince, and I am happy to say that his overman appeal to me is something I quickly mastered myself—and actually exceeded by the time I was 30 years old and had suffered through many more tragedies on the same scale as that day I was elected onto the Dan Beard Council and lost it all just a few hours later. Prince seemed at that time to be the sage from the top of a mountain who had all the answers, but it wasn’t long before I was looking down on his mountain and thinking how small he really was.  That’s not Prince’s fault, as an artist, all he did was present something to contemplate through his music—it was up to us to bring meaning to it—and I did—living the life of a boundless adventurer who didn’t know any limits.  I probably achieved more earlier because of Prince than I would have without him.  Then suddenly he was gone as quickly as he came, like a purple haze and a distant memory that will soon be forgotten like a purple rain once the sun comes back out and distracts us from the day.  Such is life—but for me, I will never forget.  He was certainly one of the best and our society won’t produce another like him likely for hundreds of years—if ever.

Rich Hoffman


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Disney is so Gay: Literally–they are pushing a homosexual agenda in the ‘Once Upon a Time’ television show on ABC

It is so immature, the concept that most people have about love and instantly associating love and sex interchangeably.  In most cases the people who write these modern movie and television story lines are kids themselves—barely in their 30s—and they lack deep understandings about life and how humans evolve.  They certainly don’t understand love—for that you need a married couple who have been together for at least 25 years—and been through a lot yet still choose to stay together.  It is impossible for anybody less to write about love in a manner that is based in any kind of reality and that is certainly true of most Disney productions where they are driven by progressive values instead of tangible human motivations.  Their television show Once Upon a Time finally made good on its promise to include a gay story line in season five, and that was something I had been predicting that they’d try and the result was embarrassing.  I actually felt sorry for the writers and actors who had to portray the story line, which went something like this; although Mulan (Jamie Chung) revealed her unrequited love for Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in season three, she wasn’t the one in a new relationship in Sunday’s episode, “Ruby Slippers.” However, she did help make it happen, and now we have Disney justifying “loves first kiss” as “love” doesn’t know any boundaries, sex or ethnicity.  Love just is.  Well, they are wrong.


I love a lot of things and that love does not translate into sex.  I love movies, I love cars, motorcycles, and guns—I love my grandchildren, my kids—I love my life.  But love and sex are not equal elements to a social paradox.  Progressives to spread this gay love socialism that they have been preaching for so many years had to strip away the value of love before they could attempt to sell it the way these idiots on the show Once Upon a Time have provoked.  In order to sell gay sex to the public—which has been going on for quite a long time—they had to destroy the notion of deeply committed love and attribute it to raw physical sex—the desire to integrate biologically with another human being for first the pleasure of it—then to procreate humankind with the result.   Under the progressive definition of love, if a human feels compassion for another person, then they must have some sort of physical justification for that emotion.  For instance—they must kiss them, or touch them in some way.

Sex does not represent love.  When I see a young couple (a man and a woman) kissing at a restaurant or at a park it is a beautiful thing.  When I see a couple of girls kissing in the same settings—or God forbid a couple of dudes—it is disgusting.  The reason is that the man and the woman have the potential through their affection to create a family, and that is a beautiful thing to see.  Without the potential for the creation of a family the physical display is simply for pleasure and it can then be disgusting—because the act becomes intrusive to our senses.  Sex by itself isn’t beautiful—two fat chicks covered in tattoos and body piercings making out in an amusement park line waiting for a ride is annoying.  Anybody with experience knows that what they are seeing is a short-lived emotion.  But if a young girl is making out with her boyfriend and they are holding hands and hugging each other, then that can be kind of sweet.  The reason is that their affections for one another can lead to the creation of a family.  All of us with experience know that the public sentiments of physical expression fade away as the love grows stronger but that what they are engaging in may be the start of a new family name—and that is beautiful.

Ultimately this is why progressives are attacking traditional sex and trying to paint gay sex in a way that makes it appear to be love—because they hope to remove the value of relationships and throw that value back to the states to manage allowing people to engage in open sex with all human beings without the stigma of judgment. This was the kind of world in the dystopian novel Brave New World—where nobody really felt anything for anybody—people just engaged in sex for the pleasure of it but they did not feel the meaning of love behind it.  Sex in that book was open and meaningless.

You can love a member of the same sex—two guys can love each other—but it is not appropriate for them to take that love to the barbaric level of sexual intercourse because what would be the biological point?  The appropriate thing for two guys to do to show love for one another is to punch the other guy in the arm and call him a name—like “hey dick-head,” or “hello you diabolical scum bag,” followed by a smile.  The reason is that the two friends are showing they have command of their biological functions and are working from a foundation of mental domination—love is in the mind, not the heart.  Such relationships are able to last over many years and are a form of love.  Take away the sex and love can thrive in a relationship.  Sex is only a distraction to real love—it doesn’t define it.  Sex is only a biological function.  Love is a mental decision not related to biology.  One is a function of instinct; the other is an affirmation of shared values.

As I’ve said before—even though the House of Cards is a compelling show, the gay sex is just ridiculous.  They have attempted to normalize gay sex and it is just gross.  Disney will face the same problem as they continue to advance the gay agenda through their feature films.  When it was announced that the Green Lantern superhero was a gay character—the popularity did not increase for him.  The mass population will reject such a premise because ultimately it’s gross.  Nobody wants to look at gay sex—not really.  For the same reason that it was always the teenage girl who survived until the end of 1980s horror films—because it is always a tragic loss to lose a girl because of the potential for life that she holds within her—gay expression is something audiences will reject because they cannot relate to the characters.  Those of us with experience know that love is deeper than just physical attraction so a story cannot advance in our minds if sex is used as a substitute for love.  It just doesn’t work and having two girls show their love for each other through physical attraction in Once Upon a Time comes out awkward, and it makes you want to change the channel.  It leaves the viewer with a desire to turn away and move toward something else instead of sticking with a story they know will go nowhere biologically.

Hollywood has been trying to normalize the acts of gay sex for a long time and now they are really testing the fences.  But all they are doing is cheapening the foundations of love that every human being craves by confusing young people with expressions of sex and calling it love.  I understand that the writers of these shows haven’t lived enough to understand—and it shows in their products—but it’s not cute to see such failures exhibited as successes.  People will endure the gay sex to watch a show, but it will hurt the appeal and weaken the ultimate market viability—and that is the risk that companies like Disney run by signing up for such progressive experiments.  The moment that Woody and Buzz Light year announce that they have a gay love relationship the value of Toy Story drops immensely because the love that the two characters have for one another transcends sex—which is why the Toy Story films have been so successful.  But playing with biological and psychological relationships in stories intended for young people, like Once Upon a Time is suicidal from a creative standpoint.   I would hope that Disney would employ smarter people and not get so wrapped up in progressive politics—because it will hurt them.  And I personally want Disney to succeed—so it pains me to see them make such epic mistakes.  That prime time attempt to normalize gay sex on a popular television show was really stupid.


If you click on the link above, you’ll see something really……………gay.

Rich Hoffman


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I Hated ‘The Hateful 8’: A terrible movie by a failing Hollywood industry

There was a lot not to like about Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight. I personally didn’t see it when it came out in theaters around Christmas of 2015 because of Tarantino’s political activism against police, but I put it on the checklist.  It was sold as a western shot in 70mm traditional wide—just as Ben Hur was many years ago—so I figured it would be worth watching.  My chance came once it was released to the home theater market and I was a little excited about it. But after two hours of movie realizing that the whole thing was going nowhere, I was very concerned that if Tarantino was the best that Hollywood had to offer—that they consider him a “modern” Shakespeare–that there is no wonder their movie industry was in trouble.  At that point there was still about 45 minutes of movie left to show and I was ready to turn it off—but didn’t because I already had too much time invested.

This is what happens when someone becomes so full of themselves—and have been told by hundreds of aspiring actors and progressive movie producers that they are the greatest thing to arrive since fire.  They forget that people actually will see their movies and that those people think very differently about the world than those tucked up against the mountains of California and the Pacific Ocean. The only good characters in The Hateful Eight was the Kurt Russell character.  Samuel Jackson wasn’t the greatest and once he revealed an oral sex scene with another guy—I decided I didn’t like him and didn’t want to invest any more time into learning about him.  Most of the movie took place inside a cabin getting to know all these characters who were telegraphed very early to being all completely killed off.  There was no point to their stories or the interaction between them because it all led to one place—death.

The Hateful Eight is like a person being walked to an execution getting to know all the people spitting on him along the way.  It just doesn’t make any sense because that person was going to be dead soon—so why waste the time?  It was just horrendously stupid.  Beautifully photographed, good soundtrack—most of the time—but just a stupid story—I can’t believe anybody read that script and thought it the work of a genius—and I can’t believe anybody gave Tarantino money to make that movie.

Coming from a guy who shares with me a love for the great movie, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Tarantino obviously isn’t at the same level of Sergio Leone, and I went into The Hateful Eight hoping sincerely that he was.  Not even close—not even close to the sincerity of a spaghetti western, which I thought was the point of The Hateful Eight. It ended up being just another sign of a broken and declining culture that doesn’t make anything original anymore—even though all the tools were provided.  To suggest that The Hateful Eight is anything close to the masterpiece Hamlet, just because everyone ended up dead in the end is ridiculous.  There weren’t any sympathetic characters for which to hang a morality on in Tarantino’s movie.  All the characters were villains and none of them were people I’d want to get to know if they sat down next to me at a bar.

Even using the barroom metaphor with The Hateful Eight seems underwhelming.  Typically when a man wants to pick up a girl in a bar he engages in small talk to get her to reveal bits about herself.  Once she decides to talk about herself the conversation evolves into more personal matters.  Then as a climax and some trust won, the girl decides whether or not she wants to sleep with the guy.  It’s a little mating game that our species plays to make the experience not seem so cheap.  The Hateful Eight is like walking up to that girl and just flatly saying, “Let’s have sex.”  Then spending three hours talking about all the things you should have talked about before blurting out the obvious.  It was just despicable as a story—pathetic at every level.

I have liked other Tarantino movies—I thought Pulp Fiction was clever, and I enjoyed his work in other things—but I wouldn’t say he’s a master of anything.  He’s only smart compared to the very stupid people who now make up the Hollywood industry which these days are just a few rungs above raw porn in its creative impulse. I am really glad that I did not go to see this Tarantino western at the theater because I would have been angry at wasting the money. The Hateful Eight wasn’t a western; it was a monstrosity of undeveloped ideas from a director who obviously has personal problems holding back his artistic ability.

As an example of how all westerns should be presented these days, The Revenant is still the featured example.  If you are going to make a western, at least put in the work.  So what if someone stole the script to The Hateful Eight and that’s why Tarantino made it into a feature film.  The material wasn’t so good that an eight year old child couldn’t have written it—so whatever provoked big money donors to give Tarantino money for that piece of crap sadly overrated the ability of the troubled, progressive filmmaker.  The movie wasn’t just bad enough to write a poor review about, it was bad enough that I personally feel like I was robbed just by watching it, because I can’t get back my time.  It would have been a much better movie if Samuel Jackson hadn’t forced a naked man to perform oral sex on him, because in the last dying moments he was the only one left and I couldn’t help but think that he was the last person I wanted to see on the screen in the end.  Given that, he was the best character in the movie after Kurt Russell’s character died of poisoning.  The Hateful Eight was horrendous filmmaking and storytelling at its absolute lowest.  Sadly, it represents a new generation that thinks it’s the work of genius—because people are now so stupid and have such a low opinion of themselves that they don’t know any better.  People now can actually relate to these despicable characters.  And that’s the real problem with The Hateful Eight and the filmmakers who put that trash on the screen.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump Wins the Presidential Nomination Easily: Ted Cruz womanizing story gets no traction because there’s no money in it

It is surprising that this video hasn’t had more airtime.  Obviously the #NEVERTRUMP people are salivating at an opportunity to pounce on Donald Trump after he effectively took off for a week to rest and welcome the birth of his latest grandchild.  Cruz moved up on him in Wisconsin and the media thinks they have him cornered finally and can knock him out of the race with a gauntlet of criticism that has been unheard of in American politics.  Meanwhile, this Cruz story is pretty important.  There is obviously something very diabolical going on.  If the guy cheats on his wife and is claiming to be a “Christian” this is a big deal.  Carly jumped in entirely too fast, and Cruz is giving off the entirely wrong body language to be innocent.  He never answered the question which is pretty bad. 

Look dear reader, Donald Trump even if he doesn’t win states like Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, Oregon and several other places still wins easily with 1237 delegates by June.  He may not even need to win California to get those delegates.  I’ve done the math.  Donald Trump would have to have a major meltdown to lose.  Granted, the questions at this stage get harder and he has a lot against him—literally at every turn.  But even if he only does “OK”, he still wins the nomination without a brokered convention pretty easily.  If Trump keeps his swagger, the nomination is his.


The media wants people to believe that the whole presidential race is closer and more dramatic than it really is.  They want Trump to keep working hard to win the nomination because it makes them all a lot of money having him on the news every night.  So if they can delay it, they’ll do what they can to keep him in the news until the general election against Hillary begins.  They would like a solid eight months of Trump ratings to generate several years worth of cable news projections.  The Cruz story is going nowhere because there is no money in it.  But for voters, they should be asking hard questions about Ted Cruz.  He doesn’t have a chance to win as president, but he is a sitting senator and a Tea Party favorite.  If he’s a cheater we need to know.  Watching that video of Cruz and Carly indicates that something is very, very wrong.

Rich Hoffman


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Proof of a Global Communist Agenda Exposed: Alex Jones and his March 2016 show in full

They are lucky in a lot of ways that in America, we have the 1st Amendment.  Because the outrage is protecting them from those of us who are fully awake.  We are shooting words in an open marketplace instead of bullets.  It is obvious that many on the political left and establishment right don’t like the rebellion that is currently occurring, because not enough people are complying to sustain their formulaic plans.  But, too bad.  I will never submit to their way of thinking.  It’s just not going to happen.  If given opportunities  to compete in the marketplace of ideas, I’m happy to use that method to fight them with debate.  But if that goes away, I’m happy to do it in other ways—and I can assure everyone, that compliance with the current conditions is not an option.  To understand what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor, listen and watch this Alex Jones broadcast from Friday March, 25th.  While you are working in the garage on this nice spring day, or around the house, listen to this very good report—its three hours long.  I don’t agree with all of it, but it is quite good at detailing the fight we are all facing.  Don’t be asleep, it’s time to get up and go to work.  Join me on the battlefield.

And do a friend a favor and send this to them to help them wake up as well.  If you want the evidence of what Jones is saying, I have written millions and millions of words providing the proof.  Just look up any topic in the search bar on the left and you’ll find the evidence to substantiate what you are hearing.  If you doubt any of this remember that last night, the same day as this Alex Jones broadcast, Bernie Sanders–a socialist–filled up a 15,000 seat baseball stadium in Seattle.  The communists are rising, and the only defense there is against them–are us.

Rich Hoffman


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