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Oskar Eustis and his Poor Understanding of History: The director of New York’s Julius Ceaser gets everything wrong

Oskar Eustis as the “artistic director” of the controversial Julius Ceaser play at the Shakespeare in the Park in New York City doesn’t even understand what kind of country America is, let alone have a proper commentary on translating the 400 year old play to contemporary subject matter.  He’s the guy who thought it smart to dress up Julius Ceaser as a modern-day Donald Trump and have the character murdered on stage by a “diverse” senate filled with women, people of color and many others stabbed to death by a mob.  We are a republic Oskar, not a stupid, mind numb democracy.  This play has nothing to do with America—in fact our mode of government was an invention to step away from this kind of mob driven drivel.  Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser play is about revenge, murder and political conspiracy—and all that plot driven nonsense—but its relevancy to Donald Trump for which you made him the lead character in this modern rendition—with Trump Tower leering on the skyline in full view of the audience is an attempt to taint the waters of the ignorant into poking their unsophisticated asses into open insurrection—and it isn’t forgivable.

I feel like I say this all the time about way too many subjects but I know something about William Shakespeare. My favorite of his plays is Titus Andronicus which is a character I understand completely.  I love the way it reads and to date Julie Taymor has done the best job of taking the play to film with Anthony Hopkins doing a phenomenal job as Titus.  Many creative people have applied their hand to Shakespeare and for good reason, the material is rich and it forces actors to really dig deep in understanding theater from a long ago time in a language that is almost completely foreign to us now.  So it was an insult to me to hear how this latest New York modern rendition of Julius Ceaser was abusing its artistic power and trying to explain it away once Bank of America pulled out as a sponsor for wistfully putting Donald Trump into the contemporary role of “protagonist” brutally murdered by a bunch of conniving senators. You don’t have to look too far to understand that the play’s director in this case is rooting for the Chuck Schumers of the world to plot the same kind of assassination in modern politics and that his grasp on this modern history is as shallow as a dry lake bed in Nevada.

When Oskar Eustis said in his remarks on his play that “democracy depends on the conflict of different points of view, nobody owns the truth, we all own the culture,” he displayed a predilection toward insanity that I found quite alarming.  People clapped because they figured he was an art guy who knows more than they do about these matters, but honestly the lack of understanding displayed by Eustis of this material is shocking.  It is because democracy is unreliable that we even have a republic in America—and the analysis that William Shakespeare was constantly obsessed with about the Roman republic failures in his plays are explorations in mob violence for the sake of theater and the compelling subject matter it evokes.  The Donald Trump presidency is actually an evolution beyond this kind of animalistic chaos.  Trump is not power-hungry in the way that Julius Ceaser was and he is not a person who would ever be in a position to allow a mob of conniving senators access to him in a way they could commit murder.  Trump is much more strategic, and a lot smarter than people think he is.  I would warn people not to assume that they can “outthink” the Trump—which is one of the appealing aspects of his presidency for which people like me voted for him.  I don’t want a Shakespearian White House for a change.  I want an evolution beyond it—and I have found it in Trump.


We are not all equal in a democratic America.  Some of us work a lot harder than others and thus we need the representation of a republic to prevent the mob from running the show—because the lazy, the drug obsessed, and the sexually manipulative need to be kept at a distance from the legislative process as much as possible—and the hardest working among us should be the ones running things.  We can only determine value through merit so as far as owning the truth—it doesn’t all belong to us equally.  And regarding the political left, democracy has already defeated the progressive offerings philosophically and they don’t like it and have turned toward these violent threats to stay relevant in the world.  Oskar Eustis can play word gymnastics all he wants in an attempt to take the edge off what he did—which was an open plea for the modern senate to assassinate Donald Trump.  Eustis knew that most people wouldn’t understand the words spoken in the play and that most people haven’t worked hard to gain the meanings of Shakespeare’s language.  But dress up Ceaser in Donald Trump looking suits and make his wife sound just like Melania Trump and even the dumbest people in the audience will understand and that will be what they remember.  And at the pot parties before and after the big show—which always go on with creative people the stoned losers hope that out there in the audience is a James Hodgkinson who might be a committed enough leftist with nothing to lose in life who might sacrifice themselves for the cause of “democracy” otherwise known as “mob rule.”  Don’t kid yourself in thinking that this kind of talk is not happening.  Listen to what leftists say in public—what they say when the cameras are not on is much worse.

I found it particularly insulting that Oskar Eustis on the front page of their website actually said “Act Three, Scene One of Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR takes place on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. By the time that scene is over, democracy will have vanished from the face of the earth for almost two millennia, until some English colonists on the eastern seaboard of North America start throwing tea into Boston Harbor.”  This open appeal toward the conservative movement to connect his play with the efforts of the American Revolution were disgusting—and again it’s not democracy that we’re analyzing, it’s a republic—a representative republic that requires the participation of the engaged and wise and allows the fools and addicts to beg for money on the sidewalk as “unequal” participants in history. There is quite a difference between the players on the field of a sporting event and those who just sit in the stands and watch.  Those who participate in our republic are on the field whether they vote, or become part of the mechanisms of government.  The mob is in the stands cheering or booing depending on how things go—but they are not equal participants.  People who smoke dope and study 400-year old plays about violence and the darkest of human emotions are not equal to the law student who spends 18 hours a day preparing their mind for a big case and will eventually become a senator perhaps after a successful career over many years.  They are not equal people.

Additionally I would offer that Donald Trump is a superior offering to anything that William Shakespeare ever conceived in his plays.  Understanding Donald Trump’s White House is beyond the grasp of people like Oskar Eustis and his thin understanding of history.  We are looking at an evolutionary design for which history will record and will be thankful for over the coming millennia.  To put Trump into the shoes of Julius Caesar is to try to take a full-grown adult and put baby shoes on them—Trump is far more evolved than anything Rome ever created as an emperor. The very stupid of our society may not understand how or why yet because history is being written with each moment that we breathe—but Trump is an idea that will change history for the better.  All Eustis could see as a director of a play was a way to try to hold those animalistic concepts of human nature to a White House that is moving well beyond the reach of the political left and their failed ideas.  All they have is the threat of violence to attempt to stay relevant in this tragedy of modern politics.  They are not equal in this American republic because their liberal concepts for our reality have been rejected in the theater of debate and all they have left is to attempt to redefine the definitions of fairness and the recollections of history to suit their current crises—and to hope that by calling our American system a democracy that enough dumb people will believe them in an effort to get out the vote and ignite their base for the 2018 midterms between the haze of marijuana smoke and a drug induced orgy of dirty, smelly, tattooed covered liberals laced with body piercings and a lack of deodorant forgotten due to their spending the day bitching about Donald Trump instead of getting a job and jumping on the many opportunities this administration has created for them to be more successful.  They like most liberals would rather complain, and plot murder so that they could keep their welfare checks and government jobs intact hoping beyond hope that Karl Marx will find his way into the philosophy of American politics before all the old hippies die off.  But in America its Adam Smith who set the stage and it’s not Julius Ceaser who runs our Republic—its Donald Trump, and he is a creation beyond the reach of classic literature.  That book is being written before our eyes for the first time in history—and it’s much more exciting than anything the human race has ever created before.

Rich Hoffman

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Saving the Middle East: See the smoke, the DNC has the matches

Long before Donald Trump was running for president I had read his books, because why not—he was enormously successful personally and I wanted to know his thoughts on business. He did have for most of the last decade one of the top-rated television shows about project management and general business practices that there was on The Apprentice—so reading Trump’s books was a logical thing to do.  He thinks big and correctly on most things business related and he really knows how to prioritize concepts for actual implementation.   Given that, I thought it was laughable that a bunch of pin-head establishment types actually questioned his foreign policy experience when Trump had been traveling around the world for years networking and building some of the best real estate that is out there—anywhere.  Politicians argued that the experience gained from the private sector would be of little use to Trump.  I thought otherwise of course and cast my vote along with intellectual support appropriately.  Through the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency it was obvious he was going to have good foreign policy.  But it was when he left for his first foreign visits starting with Saudi Arabia, then Israel, then the Vatican and onward that it became clear just how good Trump was going to be.

Knowing Trump through his books and watching him over the years, I feel I know what he’s doing in the Middle East and it’s working. By the reception of him in Saudi Arabia it was clear that they wanted to send him a message that they wanted to be in the United States corner—in a big way.  No other American president in history could have commanded that kind of respect and it comes due to the fact that Trump was successful as a person long before he was ever a politician and all those guys know him.  So with the power of the United States at Trump’s back—they literally rolled out the red carpet with a massive ceremony.  The trip to Israel was followed with similar enthusiasm.  Anybody who thought Trump was going to be a bumbling mess unprepared for foreign engagement was sadly mistaken and you could tell by the dead silence from the political left that the president’s foreign trip was a glittering success.  You’d have to be dead not to see the light of it.

What Trump’s foreign policy visit demolishes is this old aristocratic notion that elected office holders without any merit to their name were somehow superior to hard-working people who arrived at the top the old-fashioned way. That notion has been shattered forever as it will take years for those reluctant lefties to admit just how good Trump has been on foreign policy.  Reading a lot of history I can say that the ramifications of this trip will resonate through the centuries to come.  Teddy Roosevelt had a similar moment during his second term as president when he painted battleships white and paraded them around the world to show that America had arrived on the global stage.  Big speeches from Martin Luther King and John Kennedy came to my mind as Trump spoke about evil and the soul in the heart of Islam.  I could almost see the future exhibits at Disney World’s Epcot Center where Trump’s words would speak to the future generations quoting that speech as the moment that peace in the Middle East started.  Of course there is years of work yet to be done between Israel and the Palestinians, but history will look back to this point in time when it started.  Trump and the show surrounding him was simply amazing.

Meanwhile the small-minded press was stuck all Monday morning trying to push a silly narrative that the Russians helped Trump get elected president—and it wasn’t sticking. The Seth Rich story is picking up steam because there is fire behind the smoke and it leads to a DNC holding the matches.  The Russian story is going nowhere and once the fuel of that narrative runs out, Trump is going to have all these successful endeavors to show for his body of work and the political left is going to really have a bad day then because they will have by that time alienated themselves from the victories of the “American” team.  And all these methods of doing things were always there in Trump’s books if people would have just read them.  He’s doing exactly what I elected him to do—in precisely the correct way.

When you’ve been at the top of the game for as long as Trump has events like this foreign visit are a piece of cake. In Trump’s case the risk is all political which at his age he could care less.  It’s not like he’s trying to set up a nice job after he gets out of office.  Unlike doing deals when his own money and reputation were at stake, this stuff is easy for him and it shows.  Politicians who have never achieved anything in life in the past always relied on the unspoken code of lost aristocracy in such occasions—which is why nothing ever happened but talk.  Trump as a man of action expects results and the people he is dealing with know it, and respect it—which is the largest difference in this case.  People in life respect results driven people and that is why there is a real opportunity to finally have tangible results in foreign policy from this current White House.

The political hate for which so many subscribe is driven largely not in jealously toward Trump but in the fear that what Trump does will inspire more merit based results in the future—which is going to happen regardless of their made-up rebellion about Russia manipulating the American election. Democrats lost the 2016 election because they sucked and their media outlets in bed with them did not have the minds of America as strongly as they thought they did.   And with just a few more months of behavior against President Trump as they have so far engaged, where 93% of all news stories about the new president have been negative—they are losing credibility by the day, yet they can’t stop themselves from making the situation worse.  They just can’t get it through their heads that politics has changed in America from one of subscription to a long dead aristocracy to one driven by merit.  People respect people for what they do in life, not what name they have or what society they belong to.  Trump is the embodiment of merit.

Trump is playing chess several games ahead of everyone else while the world is playing checkers. Or put another way, the world is playing Tick Tack, Toe while Trump is playing high stakes Poker.  In Poker holding the right cards and bluffing when needed is part of the game and people playing the simpler games in the media must understand that Trump is playing this game for goodness well beyond the most intricate manipulations seen in some television show like House of Cards.  Part of Trump’s brilliance is that he doesn’t speak like a master of the English language—he speaks common speak—but he thinks on a scale that defies his ability to communicate it except in non-verbal communication—the way he walks, shakes hands, and stares at the camera.  For instance, Trump’s visit to the Western Wall which inflamed both sides in the Israeli/Palestinian negotiations was purely tactical.  Trump can do something like that where nobody else would even dare it.  After all, from a business perspective, if you always do what you’ve always done……………..you know the rest.  Trump made himself the first U.S. President to visit the site—ever.  Yet he can do it without overthinking the situation because it evokes an improvement in the situation.  It forces everyone to put their cards on the table and show what they have—which a professional negotiator at any basic level should be able to do.

Politicians and aristocratic loving media who wish to report on the pomp of the presidential office don’t like Trump because for a change the job is getting done the way the Founding Fathers always intended. We were never supposed to have a bunch of peacocks working from the Executive Branch trying to appease people instead of driving them to perform.  To perform a person must understand through merit what they are asking and in regard to politicians, they just don’t have it.  But Trump does and that was on full display in the Middle East. History has been made in a big way and the world will certainly never be the same—for the better.

Rich Hoffman

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The Washington Post Declares War Against America: Being the “Last Man Standing”

I knew we were going to arrive at this “pivot point” for several years now. It just wasn’t clear how we’d get here.  But even so, the results are astonishing–so far down the rabbit hole of liberal control America has been on as a country. Probably the most obvious shot across the stern of conservativism has been the removal of two major prime time shows for which perceived Trump supporters might enjoy, The O’Reilly Factor and the ABC comedy, Last Man Standing.  The obvious move by the heads of both networks was to unplug the Trump base from nurturing information in the form of entertainment for the exclusive objective of converting them to liberals—which isn’t going to happen.  I have until very recently never seen Last Man Standing but now that it’s been cancelled I’ve caught clips of it and was astonished that it was even on a Disney owned network.  However, the behavior of The New York Post and The New York Times regarding President Trump has been over the top.  Each day of this past week, since the firing of James Comey and the passage of the Obamacare repeal in the House has emerged stories from those two papers designed to tie up the cogs of government preventing Donald Trump from achieving anything more—and I thought it astonishing—even for these liberal radicals.  Because each of their stories involved really nothing of any substance, yet the wall to wall coverage didn’t fit the accusations.  Then there is this constant talk of impeachment.  Really?  After what we’ve become used to under the Obama White House these idiots in the liberal media actually think that type of thing will take root? If the media wants to talk about impeachment then they should look at their lack of action on the items discussed at this link then understand why nothing under Trump is going anywhere.  He hasn’t even been in office long enough to merit such discussion—yet this media thinks it can pick and choose law to support their political agenda and that makes them not just a nuisance, but dangerous.



If liberals think that by removing Tim Allen and Bill O’Reilly from television is going to defang the conservative movement, they are grossly misinformed—and I suppose that is what is most shocking to me. I mean, listening to their very small issues for which The Washington Post is making so much rhetorical comment when they were completely silent in regards to actual known crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the motivations behind their actions are obvious.  They are in insurgent mode seeking to destroy and reshape The United States into some third-rate country and they expect to do it in full view of people like me—and that’s just not going to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the constant reports from that same media about the possibility of North Korea shutting down the American power grid for months or years with cyber-attacks—which I don’t think is possible, but you never know. If such a thing would happen who would survive in America, the Berkley kids protesting everything in favor of communism or the rugged American individualists that Tim Allen played on television—the demographic type for which the show reached out to?  Within a week of a major power outage food will become a problem and people will start killing each other over it, so what would happen to that leftist utopian society under those conditions?  Obviously, it would fail quickly and all these stylish moves made by our technological society would revert back to primate behavior nearly over night. All the female CEOs of media companies would soon find themselves having to reprioritize their entire existence where food acquisition would become their number one concern—not whether or not ABCs lineup involved immigrant sit-coms as opposed to white men over 40 who cling to traditional American values.  All the tenets of progressive society where women have replaced men and those women have babies then turn them over to the state for their upbringing and education would fly out the window in less than a month.  The people who would survive most would be the gun carrying farmers of the Midwest.  Cities would fall to depravity and cesspools of murder quickly.

A society cannot credit itself as being successful or advanced if one little thing such as power loss could throw it into an unstable condition so fast. Yet the people fighting to erase the Trump Presidency want and expect to do exactly that—even down to attacking the entertainment options that such people enjoy.  That dear reader is a declaration of war and I take it that way.  What I’ve seen from our mainstream media is nothing less than a complete government take-over.  The Deep State was always much deeper than anybody thought and they are making themselves seen really for the first time.  I wanted this to happen and it was always my intention that the Trump presidency would expose these villains, but the depth of their activity has truly been shocking, which was revealed in all its glory over this past week.

So here is a little message to the people who run The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC—all these leftist’s organizations—your media groups did not invent “conservatism.”  Even the great westerns which Hollywood produced in its finest years did not make American society conservative.  The people of this country were already that way by nature of the Constitution for which we function.  The media outlets of entertainment and news back then simply provided the kind of content that those types of people wanted.  What is happening now is that those same outlets believe that they are the creators, which is a mistake.  “We”—the Tea Party types, the NRA members, the farmers, the steel workers, the coal miners, the cowboys and the monster truck drivers—we put Trump in office as a last chance to fix the country from the lefty insurrection.  By taking away conservative news, television shows, books and movies, you think that this utopian folly of liberalism is going to take root–you have a hard lesson coming to you.  Conservativism is a philosophy derived from the essential ingredients of society whereas liberalism is a utopian theory untested against reality.  It exists in places like college campuses and big cities like New York where reality is often pushed away from people’s minds—but it doesn’t hold up to feeding the basics of foundation societal thinking.  Liberalism is one power outage away from being extinct from all human thinking and that is the hard truth.  Yet people like me—and there are millions who think the way I do—are not going to let things get to that point.  Trump was our preferred answer, but we can take it to violence if that’s what leftists want.  I can say this, I’m not going to put up with liberalism any more.

For years conservatives have looked the other way and been very inclusive in regard to people who think differently than they do. Even when we knew that there were crimes committed by Hillary Clinton we were angry, but we didn’t try to shut down reality the way these Washington Post writers are doing.  They expect to sell themselves as respectable journalists while everyone can see that they are just conducting hack jobs.  You’d have to be a complete idiot to think otherwise.  Liberals may in fact be that stupid, but I certainly am not and neither are many of the conservatives I know.  Conservative ideas are forged from the fires of reality—not theory.  It’s one thing to be compassionate toward other people’s opinions—even if they are stupid opinions.  But it’s quite another to yield to evil and turn away from the truth feeding villains to destroy our society.  I’m not going to stand for that—and it doesn’t matter if Bill O’Reilly or Tim Allen are on TV to tell me so—if the Trump experiment doesn’t work—the next step is violence and the liberals won’t like that.  They won’t last in that fight.  Before Trump was elected I was very close to organizing my own group to restore America back to greatness any way possible—and likely the 2nd Amendment would have been needed.  Yielding to liberals is simply not on the table.

Then there’s Trump, I know enough about him to know this—in this current fight in Washington D.C., he will be the Last Man Standing, which is likely the real fear that liberals have in regard to the white wealthy males they seek to destroy in order to change America into their progressive utopia.  Execs at ABC blame themselves for creating Trump, and the voters who elected him with shows like the Tim Allen comedy, but they give themselves too much assumption of power.  They don’t make us, we make them.  We decide if a media company is successful or fails.  It used to be they didn’t always come out and say to half the nation that they hated them.  They wanted people to watch their networks and read their newspapers so they kept politics as light as possible.  But now, now they’ve went and done it.  They’ve declared their hatred for us, they’ve not treated our guy in the White House with the respect that we at least showed their people over the many years, and now the gloves are off.  And it’s an insult to those of us who really are tough, and forged from reality to be cast into a stew with these liberal idiots and have them expect that they should rule over us in any way.  Even if they could manage somehow to impeach Donald Trump—what do they think would happen?  That we wouldn’t take revenge for their assault?  No, I figure they are lucky that they have Donald Trump—because he protects them from us.  We have hope that Trump can fix things in the D.C. culture.  If he can’t, then we’ll have to do it ourselves, and liberals certainly won’t like that.

Rich Hoffman


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The Disgraceful, Dishonest Press: Liberal losers in Hollywood and the media show how bad it really is

I deal with a lot of people and most of them don’t come as close to being the kind of conservative that I am. So the intolerance to other people’s opinions isn’t something that I understand.  Most of the time I am very disappointed in the people I meet, but I figure if they’ve gotten through 30 to 40 years of life and still have liberal leanings toward things—a five-minute conversation with me isn’t going to change much for them—so I don’t waste the time talking.  I deal with things as close to their level as I can allow myself and move on to the next topic without a thought.  If I didn’t do that I couldn’t speak to anybody—but that’s OK, because that type of thing doesn’t do much for me anyway.  But having an intolerance toward other points of view—if I functioned like that, I simply couldn’t live.  That’s why it is so disgusting to me to see how the White House Correspondents media behaved Saturday night as President Trump stiffed them by doing something else in a different city that night.  I don’t blame Trump at all—the media does cover him differently than say, President Obama.  In spite of all their talk about being a relevant part of “democracy” the press clearly didn’t hold Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder to the level of scrutiny that they do anybody in the Trump administration—so it is they who created this mess—and only they can clean it up.

I’ve told you dear reader before, the communist insurgents from the 1950s sought openly to take over Hollywood and the American media hoping to advance those collectivist ideas a half a century later and bring down the capitalist republic envied around the world so that a global order could rise from the ashes. Public schools have assisted in this enterprise and that is why on May first 2017 there were communist demonstrations in cities across America that we wouldn’t have seen ten or twenty years ago.  Those communist sympathizers are now in Hollywood and in our media and they have advanced that communist plot line.  Not that long ago there were a sizable number of conservatives in those fields.  There were always liberals in Hollywood and in the media, but they weren’t this obnoxious and insistent on shutting out conservative voices.  But these days conservatives are under attack which is most evident at Fox News where all the old timers are losing their jobs to more progressive liberals.  I felt sorry for Eric Bolling who had his new show debut at 5 PM on “May Day” and it was a disaster.  Why did he have on Mark Cuban?  He’s an idiot—I don’t want to hear from him.  In fact I didn’t want to hear from anybody but Eric on his show—more opinions don’t equate to better thinking.  But all Fox News could think to do in that time slot was another version of The Five.  I listen to liberals all day long—I don’t want to hear them on my news after working hard all day.  I’m open to other view points, but when it comes to my entertainment time—I’m going to choose people who are like-minded.  If Fox News doesn’t give me what I’m looking for I’ll find other alternatives—and that is the real reason for the misery displayed at the Correspondent’s Dinner Saturday

The country is moving back toward conservatism and the Hollywood types along with their partners in the media don’t like it. They are not open to people with other opinions and it shows in the way the covered Obama.  There were so many things they could have nailed him on, but because he was a black Democrat they literally gave him a free pass—but decided to put down the gauntlet for Trump and we all see it.  Who do they think they’re kidding?  They are the cause of all the divisiveness and when we don’t go along with their media plans—and just openly accept their stupid progressivism they think we are the ones who are intolerant.   Check out the riots just this year at Berkeley.  That will tell you everything you need to know.

For instance, I typically enjoy the Star Trek movies when they come out, so I watched the last one, Star Trek: Beyond.  It was horrendously stupid—overly progressive and ridiculously political.  They were more concerned with showing gay sex and multi-cultural civilization than in telling a good story—so the movie bombed.  It was rejected at the box office just like most projects are that are overly sexualized toward a progressive direction—because the United States as a market is not liberal.  When media companies start thinking their task is to make people into a certain thing by using art to take them there—they will likely fail if that art does not represent the demographic targeted by the art.  Star Trek: Beyond might represent the gay people at a Pride parade with all their rainbows and dudes dressed in drag—but it doesn’t register with some mechanic in Wichita, Kansas who is certainly not thinking of sticking any part of himself in the ass of some hairy assed man.  The media both in the press and in entertainment failed to understand their marketplace and thought they actually had the power to move culture instead of giving culture what it wants.

That is the big distinction, the liberals in the news media think they can shape the minds of their viewers and the hard reality tells them that people will leave and seek out other objectives. I seldom watched The Five on Fox because I didn’t want to hear from Jaun Williams or Bob Beckel.   It’s nothing personal, I just don’t want to hear their liberal voices—it’s a waste of my time.  It’s not that I’m intolerant, it’s that I don’t want to hear it—and that is what the media is missing now that we are in the age of Trump.  They are making themselves less relevant day by day and they still don’t know it.  By the way they behaved at the correspondent’s dinner—they really don’t understand America at all.  They only understand the progressive culture of New York, Washington D.C. and a few cities in California—but no place else who actually watch their programming—or not, depending on choices.

Since Fox New canned O’Reilly and really Roger Ailes over the summer, I only watch Lou Dobbs and Brett Baier at 6 pm on the Fox owned networks. I caught the Tucker Carlson segment shown above while I had breakfast because the headline caught my eye.  But I don’t have time to commit to a complete show if the people in it don’t represent what I want to see.  I don’t need a lecture from a bunch of artists and leftists who will take their clothes off for anybody and smoke dope every now and then—to “open” my mind to other points of view.  I know what works and what doesn’t and that’s pretty much it.  Maybe when I was in my twenties I had things to learn.  These days, nobody knows what I do because they don’t work as hard as I do for information—so there isn’t much for them to “teach” me.  I just want the news—not some 26-year-old kid crying about fairness.  I want to see reports on what’s going on in the world and if the press has to spin it at all, I want a conservative view-point.  I don’t want to listen to liberals cry about every little particle floating around the universe.

It was very disingenuous to listen to the press complain about Trump because honestly, I’m not sure they know where they live. All they really accomplished was that they confirmed they didn’t understand the average Trump voter who has loaded up government positions with conservatives at all levels.  It’s pretty bad that POLITICO released in its recent survey that no members of the press identify themselves as Republican—when the people they are covering most likely are—and the audience who wants their news.  When a majority of the press are openly Democrats it becomes a larger problem and we saw it during the Obama years and the Clinton election where they lost.  They didn’t understand what happened then, or why it was a problem, and they know even less now.  Yet for them the world will go on without them—because that’s how things work.  It’s just too bad their liberal college professors never taught them that so to save them from this present disgrace.

Rich Hoffman


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To the Democrats Everyone Looks Tough: But the Russians are not even relevant–Obama bites down on the hook

It really is astonishing how far the Democrats have come in just five years with their view of Russians as being a superpower.  Remember when during the 2012 election Barack Obama made fun of Mitt Romany for suggesting that the Russians might be some lingering maniacal menace?  Then also remember when Barack Obama suggested to the Russians that he’d have move flexibility after the election obviously trying to appease Vladimir Putin despite the American people.  Now, in 2017, they seem to think that Russia is a powerhouse of activity able to manipulate the strings of the American government and that Donald Trump is a pawn to the power of the former communist country. And to prove their case they used the power of government to try to stop the forward advancement of Donald Trump winning the election in spite of all their efforts.  So for them the great tragedy of their loss is that someone else much be at fault—that Russia must be much more powerful than anybody ever thought possible—because otherwise Democrats would still be in power.

I knew it when I saw Trump’s Tweets on that early Saturday morning about his explosively angry reaction to discovering that Obama’s White House had wire tapped Trump Tower in the remaining days of the great November 8th election.  The Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton was being killed by Wikileaks and the FBI probe into the now famous deleted emails, so the Democrats needed something to stop Donald Trump—so they wire tapped him using the power of the Federal government to spy on a political rival—which was a major violation of the law.  After winning, Trump showed great grace in his victory showing no signs that he wished to prosecute either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for the obvious transgressions against justice that they displayed during that election cycle.  After all, why rub their nose in it?

But the Democrats couldn’t leave things there—no they had a job to do. And that job was to continue destroying America from the inside out with progressive policies aimed at eliminating American sovereignty.  People like me had always referred to these people as running a “shadow government” and Trump always seemed sympathetic to those thoughts—but the proof was hard to pin down because these criminals also go well out of their way to destroy the evidence.  When caught they always say first, “show us the evidence,” because they know they’ve destroyed it, and thus cannot be caught. But this time was different.  Trump was never supposed to win, but since he had the rules of engagement had changed considerably.  Trump now controlled the Department of Justice and essentially all other branches of investigative government making it much harder for Democrats to operate their “shadow government” except for career bureaucrats that had been in government jobs for decades who could try to bring Trump down from the inside.

Then those same Democrats attempting to make themselves relevant before Jeff Sessions was able to dig into his new AG job and start investigating all the crimes the Democrats have been up to–conjured up a completely false narrative about the Trump campaign’s ties to the suddenly all powerful Russians hoping something might stick. It was for them a hail-marry attempt with no time left on the clock and most of us viewed it that way.  After all, Trump had just delivered a very popular speech and public support was soaring—and the Democrats had to try something.  But what they didn’t expect to happen was what occurred next.

Most people might go on the defensive and attempt to answer a negative being pulled into the typical political trap as Republicans had for decades—but not Trump. He has always been several steps ahead of the rest of the world—that’s why he’s rich.   So when he found out for certain that Obama had attempted to wiretap his sacred residence at Trump Tower—he had enough, and set to go to war with the former presidential administration that had been caught playing dirty. Of course, Trump waited to see who would control the Democratic Party and once Obama’s guy Tom Perez was elected last week, it was clear that Obama wouldn’t be going away and that he intended to maintain control of the party.  So Trump did what any good fisherman does with his bait in the water—he let the Democrats push on the false narrative of the Russian connection nibbling away at the hook, and at the right moment Trump pulled up on the reel and caught Obama hard by the mouth sinking that hook deep into his jaw.  There would be no escaping this time, and the liberal media knew it.  Trump knew it too.  Rather than elaborate he simply held onto the reel and resumed to let the fish tire itself into exhaustion—because the end was inevitable.

Later that night I watched Saturday Night Live—which I had been avoiding, but I had to see how they would handle the situation. Like I predicted, they were lost.  Their show has been accustomed to being the cultural driver of our society and now they looked like a bunch of high school kids who partied all weekend who were supposed to put on a play, but everything went wrong because nobody studied their lines.  Their show was terrible.  Even worse, the strains were showing at the Academy Awards the week before.  The Democrats in entertainment had lost their mojo to the new age of Trump—and they didn’t know how to deal with the strain.  The cracks were showing everywhere.

The Democrats are learning something which for them is too late—but the lesson is obvious and it’s what they fear most about all forms of capitalism. When someone is really good at something and they apply pressure, they can make you look bad just through their existence.  Someone like Trump can make people befuddle themselves with just a look, which is why Arnold Schwarzenegger left The Apprentice earlier this week.  It’s the difference between an actor and the real deal.  Trump is really a successful person, while Schwarzenegger is someone who pretends to be—he does whatever the script says.  Trump writes the script.  Trump is making the Democrats into monkeys by turning their world completely upside down and reaching for moments of desperation like the Russian story.

However, the Russians are not so sinister. They have less of an economy than the entire value of the American company Apple—so who is afraid of whom?  What are the Russians going to do to us, throw bread at Alaska across the Bering Strait?  Please, they are no menace.  If there was ever talk between Russian and Trump it would have been to help spread some wealth there—certainly not to help him get elected because as Trump would say—he’s not going to take advice from people who don’t know how to win.  The Democrats are in real trouble, as I predicted on the Matt Clark radio show right before the election in 2016 where I predicted they’d be extent within a few years.  Well, guess what?  I’m right on target—again.

Rich Hoffman


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State of the Union within Butler County, Ohio: Playing the right chess game

I talk to a lot of people over the course of a week, and if I went to everything I was invited to I’d never have time for everything if I even tried. But because of the festivities of last week, I did make an exception which put me in contact with several people I haven’t spoken to for quite a while so this is a kind of the “state of the union” within the Lakota school district and Butler County politics in general and what comes next as Donald Trump moves into his first week as president of the United States.  My purpose is to keep it general because that’s all that’s necessary—as I don’t want to put people on the spot after they’ve shared some good food and a few drinks with me—because the details are what’s important.

I will say that the current Vice President and the President of the Lakota School Board told me directly that they have no intention of putting a tax increase on the ballot until the 2022 time-frame which sounded good to me. They were very proud of a union contract they just signed where they were able to balance the books somewhat surprisingly–so they deserve some credit—both the union and the school board.  That kind of thing makes me happy with all sides involved.  Just because the union worked with the school board for a change at Lakota—it doesn’t make me like labor unions any more—but it makes me hate them less—which is a good thing.  As long as they aren’t asking for more money and are striving to educate kids properly, I can support Lakota schools in the role they play as a public school—people use the service and get what they get.  It was nice to get along with members of the Lakota School Board for a change—and it was nice to see that they have come a long way over the last decade from what they were.  Hopefully that trend continues and they won’t overpay for the next Superintendent—because they are looking for one now.  (Hint, bring Spurlock back for a fraction of the cost—or someone of that caliber.)

As I listened to all the education talk I couldn’t help but think that Betsy Devos from the Trump administration will have an impact on how education is funded, how strong the unions are in public education, and what the emphasis will be—so by 2022 education will be a very different place in America and I suspect by the current trend line that it will be better—and cheaper. The per pupil cost now is just too expensive for what we are getting and that is likely to change dramatically under Betsy at the federal level.  She’s an education activists with access to deep pockets and a president who supports her—so there isn’t any reason she won’t be somewhat successful, and if she gets just a little of what she wants education will be changed forever—for the better.

The other thing is the Margy Conditt seat that is coming up and I won’t mention the names, but they know who they are. As conservatives and Tea Party people, if everyone were as perfect as one mind playing chess with many enemies who were vanquished over the last 7 years, these same people would do well not to get cocky and think that that coalition will hold up under the strain of competition.  I would move my rook into the governorship by the mid 2020s and I’d keep my queen on the inside for an election term and discover how things change under Trump then I’d move her against the opposition at that time.  Remember—in chess—rooks move in straight lines.  They cannot move diagonally, so use them wisely.  Also remember, queens in chess are most effective when they are in the center of the board.  So put them there so that more moves are available depending on what the enemy does.  But if the chess pieces change sides and work against each other then the entire game changes and that isn’t a predictable outcome.  The best thing to do is for these various chess pieces to continue doing what they have for the last several years and support each other for the obvious checkmate that is inevitable against the radicalized left.

Now to those within Southern Ohio that were nice enough to extend nice offers to the Trump Inauguration. I appreciated it, but my wife and I didn’t go because honestly, unless I could get a seat in the VIP area, I wasn’t about to meander away in the crowd where even Diamond and Silk had to watch from the pit.  They stayed at the Trump International Hotel, but were in the pit with everyone else which looked great for the cameras, but that’s not me.  My wife is kind of a girlie girl and proud of it, and I don’t put her in circumstances where conflict with anarchists might become a problem.  I have no problem dealing with those kind of losers, but I don’t put my wife in those circumstances—so we stayed home for the inauguration.  I enjoyed the festivities of the inauguration from my home county and that was enough for me.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, but even so, there were a lot of people at the inauguration and that was impressive.  Since I wasn’t at the balls talking to some of the national people directly I’d say this to them, be cool.  The political left has already lost.  They showed their ass on Saturday and the more they do things like that, the more mainstream Americans will turn away from them.  If Trump continues to show a quality side of himself as an administration keeping the bar high in every regard the political left will wither away like a flower after the first frost of autumn.

Yet even with these obvious victories well in hand, if we change our approach and start getting defensive, or allow ourselves to be divided in any way—the gains we’ve made will swing back in the other direction. So if everyone wants to keep the victories going, keep doing what you’ve been doing.  Work with the people you have and stay on target.  Forget about making politics a career and don’t look to it for personal enhancement in any way.  Let the chess pieces do what they are good at and spend the energy in the proper direction.

This is all just some friendly advice. We are looking at for the first time in American history a new day in politics and the philosophies that follow—and to keep that momentum, we shouldn’t take our foot off the petal in any way.  Good things do happen when the chess game is played properly, even if the people you’re playing against don’t know what game they are playing—is it “tick, tack, toe,” or a crossword puzzle.  Let them think what they want so long as we move the bishops in the right direction while protecting the queen so that the king splits that tactical objective and divides the forces of the other side.  You have to play the game you’re good at so that the right strategy gets implemented—and that is what we should all do going into these next few months and years.  And the first step is in playing the game the way we have.  Why change perfection?

Rich Hoffman


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Thus Spoke Zarathustra at the Trump Inauguration: Protests from Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo–why China is cutting money from Hollywood

Here is Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, and Meryl Streep protesting outside of Trump Tower during the Donald Trump Inauguration.

It is interesting to see the effect Donald Trump has had on all the shadow aspects of our culture which I have to say—I warned you all about many years ago over many millions and millions of written words.  First is this interesting little article from the Hollywood Reporter seen below where the communist country of China is now squeamish about making the kind of investments into the motion picture industry?  Do you really want to know why so many movies have sucked over the last decade—even longer, and why very good filmmakers have went from good to bad in their choice of projects?  (Tell me a film like Always could be green-lit today even with the power Steven Spielberg possesses—it won’t happen because communist China doesn’t understand those types of topics–they are American ideas)  Just follow the money and you’ll see that Beijing has had a very active interest as a communist country in controlling the message of social discourse in America and their mechanism of choice has been Hollywood.  This is why crazy liberals like Mark Ruffalo have jobs in Hollywood—to spread the communist message in favor of the people who write their checks—and is why the entire industry is so incredibly liberal.  It didn’t used to be, but it has now for quite some time as China has sought to leverage the industry under their financing allowing communism to have a voice behind actors sympathetic to their cause.  It has been disgraceful, but finally things are changing.

But that is just a footnote to the story of the Trump impact on just about all affairs.   As Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo hold a protest rally outside of Trump Tower on Thursday evening just ahead of the inauguration of Trump—we have to look at what has been revealed since the soon to be president was elected on that now famous election of November 8th 2016. I remember how it was most of last year, and I lost a lot of friends over it.  Most people during the primaries thought Trump was a joke, yet I never did.  From day one I was eager for the Trump run because he promised to expose another little secret in our American culture—that is even more pronounced than the efforts of the Chinese to take over our Hollywood industry—our intelligence community was weaponized politically to achieve the same aims.

At the end of their strategic rope just a week prior to this writing, Chuck Schumer—the cousin of that disgusting actor Amy Schumer—let his last progressive hope loose on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC when he warned that Trump should not pick fights with the intelligence community—because they knew things about all of us that we should fear.  And thus, just a few days later a dossier was produced which had been in circulation for a long time and it was floated through CNN into the liberal blog site Buzzfeed and dumped into the public with great and embarrassing fanfare.  The embarrassing details of a supposed Donald Trump paying prostitutes to piss on a bed to his delight were meant to invoke the historical recollection of Adolf Hitler doing similar things—thus hoping to control the minds of America into throwing Trump into a similar appraisal.  What’s funny about Trump is that the story wasn’t true allowing him to emphatically deny the rumors and attack the sources with vigor which revealed the true level of corruption which had seeped into our politicized intelligence community.

So who can say now that we shouldn’t have all along been concerned about those smart meters put on our houses against our will, or the NSA capturing all of our data to be used in some maniacal practice in the future to keep us all in line like animals in a farmhouse pen?  What about the allegations of false flags that I have made in quite a lot of detail.  Where not many of the stories produced to stop Donald Trump from winning of that nature?  And wasn’t the intelligence community doing so with the full support of the White House?  There dear reader you have your answer—liberal politicians and some conservatives have sought to use the intelligence community as a weapon of politics—even John McCain jumped into this latest story by personally advancing the Trump story in Russia hoping something would stick so he could maintain his progressive grip within the liberal sectors of power just a bit longer.

Trump because of his lack of fear, his personal wealth, his age, his experience has been able to take away every weapon of the liberal left and it has forced all these hidden elements of our culture to come forward and show themselves and that is why the Chinese money is drying up in Hollywood.  It’s also why these actors are so worried and screaming to maintain their relevancy.  But with the Chinese money going away in the acting profession, the actors will feel the brunt of that sooner than they’d like, so all they can do is stand outside of Trump Tower on Thursday like the apes in 2001 Space Odyssey and scream at the works of mankind—the giant obelisk in front of them made by a man of ingenuity and determination—and scream at their powerless efforts to change any minds now that the truth has been revealed.

Alex Jones and many others chronicled for quite a few years were laughed at for their suggestions that a massive global government was seeking to control us all.  I have provided a lot of evidence going all the way back to the Darryl Parks Saturday broadcasts on WLW radio in Cincinnati where he and I warned most of America of the impact of the NDAA—which would allow for the militarization of our local police against us with the flip of the switch.  Additionally I told you the nature of the attacks on those same police by communist insurgents injected into communities of color within inner cities and the works of the intelligence community to overthrow our America system—the same way the CIA has been caught doing within many foreign governments for years—playing one side against the other for a net result not seen by anybody but those working the plans—and people like me creative enough to connect the dots based on the presented evidence where the only ones who could see it.

As I predicted from the beginning, Trump’s nomination process would unveil much of this, but even to a greater degree his election into the presidency has literally caused all the cockroaches to emerge from the shadows because the light has been switched on and so many were caught out in the open doing their work under the cover of darkness.  So now that everything is out in the open what will happen to China and its control over the Hollywood left?  Well, I’ll tell you dear reader that entertainment will continue and that money will shift around and new actors will replace the old communist ones.  After all it wasn’t that long ago that most of the leading actors in Hollywood were all conservatives, such as Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and so one—and most of the top films each year had these guys involved in some way.  Now we have the age of the globalist metro sexual—and that was by choice in Hollywood inspired by the investments made by the Chinese for a greater strategy rooted in communist migration around the world.  It’s not a secret that just a few years ago some motion picture blockbusters were released in foreign markets before America so to tip the scales in the favor of globalist propaganda.  Now when box office projections are expressed, the domestic gross is considered with the global take—for instance, let’s look at Rogue One, the latest Star Wars story.

Domestic:  $488,335,734    52.8%
Foreign:  $437,100,000    47.2%
Worldwide:  $925,435,734

Domestic Summary

Opening Weekend:  $155,081,681
(#1 rank, 4,157 theaters, $37,306 average)
% of Total Gross:  31.8%
> View All 4 Weekends
Widest Release:  4,157 theaters
In Release:  29 days / 4.1 weeks

Rogue One will hit a billion dollars soon, which is great but notice how the foreign markets are nearly equal to the domestic take?  The industry has now become very reliant on that number so movies are now made with a noticeable global twist to their stories to help boost that figure.  But, here is the little secret—two of the Disney films to break that billion dollar mark in 2016 had noticeable American themes to them, Rogue One being one—Captain America: Civil War being the other.  Half of the money a movie makes in the global market comes from the relatively small county of America.  The rest of the entire world—all of Europe, all of Russia, all of China—with over a billion people hosting that population make up the rest.  The measly 300 or so million people in the United States still generate half of all box office takes that movie studios depend on.

The United States intelligence agencies working on behalf of progressives like Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama—taking the lead of Hollywood’s infestation of Chinese money which trickles through the donation contributions indirectly to control our politics have attempted to tip these scales in favor of globalism and they have tried every trick in the book literally, and were turned away at the last—most vulnerable moment.  And for that we all have a lot to be thankful for—and the cockroaches caught scampering across the floor as the light was turned on are all exposed, and will be standing outside of Trump Tower on Thursday and Friday screaming up at the creations of a truly great man who still remain a mystery to them—like those apes in 2001 Space Odyssey.  And the famous piece of music Thus Spoke Zarathustra from the great Nietzsche classic book of the same name couldn’t have been more appropriate for the beginning of that famous Stanley Kubric classic.  Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore like those helpless apes will be yelling up at the Trump Tower to a superior apparatus which has eclipsed the greatest weapon the political left had prior to November 8th 2016—a weaponized intelligence community and a Hollywood industry willing and able to romantize that weapon to the detriment of a capitalist civilization.  And Facebook functioned as a liaison between the two making most of its money as a collector of personal information for which the intelligence community could use on a personal basis, and as a way to deliver the Hollywood message directly to the public consuming entertainment products—as the originator of “fake news.”  Yet with the simple election of Donald Trump and his inauguration this week, all those contributors to our modern menace of liberalism have suddenly lost power and are left only to scream up at their betters as the world moves on and away without them.  And that is a truly great thing.  But never forget what they tried to do and how they tried to do it.  I warned you for years and now you can see it for yourself.  So guard against it in the future because cockroaches are always a threat if you leave trash out in the open when the lights are not on it.

And during the inauguration ceremonies of Donald Trump just think of Thus Spoke Zarathustra—because such a moment has finally arrived after centuries of thinking about it.

Rich Hoffman


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