Firm Tits, Tight Asses, and Virgin Galactic

I understand why it wasn’t the lead story on every news publication across the world, but that’s still no excuse. Virgin Galactic took their first passenger into space during their second trip above 50 miles in a series of flights that should put Richard Branson himself into the passenger seat by summer of this year. From there the commercial space race will be open for business and the world filled with humanity will be forever changed. But this has been the case for a long time, space is a very above the line thing to do, and most of our civilization is still very much below the line, where they perceive there is safety and security in staying victims to earth’s conditional elements. Going to space is a definitive jump into taking responsibility for mankind’s own fate and future which then brings to question lots of elements that no civilization is quite ready for. But still, I would have thought there would have been more coverage of Virgin Galactic’s efforts and trajectory of success. In my way of looking at things this story should have been the lead on every publication and cable news show. But it wasn’t which goes a long way to painting a picture of how technology and human invention is outpacing our institutional responses and political understanding. When President Trump says he wants a “Space Force” he’s an above the line guy who is already in the future. Many of our human neighbors, however, still have a long way to go.

On more than one occasion I have pointed out that the main differences between our contemporary politics could be seen clearly in the summer of 1969 when Apollo 11 reached the moon and we walked there for the first time that we know of. A month later was the music festival of Woodstock where people rolled around in the mud naked and drunk living like a bunch of apes from Africa listening to primitive music and intoxicating themselves with drugs and alcohol so that they could lose their minds from the burden of thought. Those divides are very much alive today, even more so than then because as more options have technically become available to our culture the real desire that below the line people had to hide in the masses has been exposed. There are no excuses for a good life when options are available, but mankind does not have the courage to take them. So pressure escalates and the differences between people become much more noticeable. That leaves about half of our world terrified of what will happen as civilian space travel becomes the norm.

I have run into this kind of thing in people many times and usually I avoid such people like they have the plague. So much so that many years ago when a really hot young chick wanted to sleep with me with an almost mad like obsession I found myself at her house getting to know her better with the obvious next steps in the back of both our minds. That’s when she started belittling movies that I really liked, which she thought was cool to put down. As a female she represented sex and the social norm. Many males will adopt their views towards whatever a female thinks so that they can have sex with the woman. That’s a standard practice among all males, I have talked about this phenomenon among school levy supporters where guilt driven moms support school levies because they think it’s the next best thing to them actually doing their jobs of raising their children. And generally, even though it means they have to pay more in taxes, men generally go along with it because they don’t want to limit their opportunities for sex. So that was the game this girl was playing, she was trying to establish the norms of our relationship. She figured that was her job and she had the looks to do it, even though she was the initiator of the sexual activity. That’s when she started bad mouthing Star Wars and Indiana Jones. She brought it up because I wore a hat that looked a little Indiana Jonesish to her and she thought it was funny. Well I didn’t. Even though she was a pretty young girl I saw instantly in her a little loser who was headed nowhere quick and our little get together ended about five seconds later. I left and never spoke to her again which was baffling to her. Apparently, she had never been turned down by anybody before. But in looking at her I couldn’t help but think that she was one of those below the line Woodstock types and that was very unattractive to me.

The job of science fiction, such as in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, is to get people to ask the questions, then to use science to make those things happen. Science fiction typically is a very above the line kind of art. Even negative horror stories like Alien by Ridley Scott is forward thinking in how they are working out problems based on space travel. The job of the fiction is to think above and beyond our present circumstances. The Indiana Jones films are great for asking questions and the character himself is very positive. You never see Indiana Jones sitting around crying about things. He just moves on to the next great adventure which is the kind of attitude our entire society needs to utilize to embrace space travel. So having characters and stories like those in our culture helps us all move into more complicated realms of thinking, such as commercial access to space.

I say I didn’t speak to that girl again, but I did watch her decline for a few years. Even though we worked together she gradually slipped away into darkness and ended up becoming what we might call “trailer trash.” She ended up having kids by at least three different men, she was a stripper who made pretty good money for a while until she hit 23 and started looking bad from all the smoking and hard living. Girls like that end up looking like wet paper bags left outside during a storm that blows up against a chain-link fence for several days. By the time they are 30 nobody wants anything to do with them except extreme losers and their life ends up washed out and hopeless. That is always the trajectory of not only below the line people, but below the line cultures. To have a sexual relationship with someone like that means you have to get too close and my position has always been, I’d rather not. Staying above the line in thinking means you have to stay away from getting messy with below the line people. When she declared that she took the social position against Star Wars at the time and Indiana Jones which for her was to say that she was a grown up and not interested in playing with toys and childish ideas, let me know that she and I had nothing but attraction in common, and that wasn’t enough.

And that distinction between people is where we find ourselves with this Virgin Galactic story—too many people have yielded to young seductress like the girl I mentioned and let their minds stay on below the line ideas instead of considering the possibilities of what civilian space travel actually means to our culture. To far too many people considering such a thing is still for geeks and Star Wars lovers. Space is uncool while getting stoned and drunk while at some latest music concert is cool. Of course, that makes no sense but is precisely why this Virgin Galactic story wasn’t the lead for the entire world, because too much of our culture is still functioning below the line in thinking. But I’ll make a prediction in this case, that is going to change fast. Science fiction is becoming science fact and not even the little tramps and soothsayers with perky tits and tight asses can deviate our trajectory towards destiny. And I think that is just wonderful.

Rich Hoffman

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The Politics of Sex: Using primitive emotions to control Republican intellegence from exposing reality

It was good to see Donald Trump fly into Las Vegas to campaign against Wacky Jackie ahead of the midterm elections. Any rational mind would look at the typical Democrat and understand that there is a lot “wacky” about them. The mind of a liberal just isn’t normal and they are prone to massive corruption. Of course they justify that corruption with the belief that majority opinion rules, so if what they think is a democratic sampling of insanity votes to make it a mainstream position, then by sheer numbers something can be made so. It is a really baffling concept that freezes most conservative minds, because they can’t even imagine such things as a reality which paralyzes them from taking action. It is insane that so much has been made of Christine Ford’s rape allegation against Brett Kavanaugh just a few hours before the senate was set to vote for confirmation of him onto the Supreme Court. The information had been out there for a while yet Democrats had waited until just the last-minute to make their move and everyone was just supposed to play along. Everyone knows what’s going on yet the Democrats did it anyway. How are we supposed to take any of this serious? If the incident happened at all between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh it was 36 years ago when they were little high school kids. Nobody called such things rape back then, it was just a party and virtually everyone behaved in such ways. Most of the female population and many males could have considered themselves raped if the criteria is what Christine Ford indicated. She is either ridiculously timid if she suffered trauma from an incident like what she described, or she’s just a liar trying to make a political move against a guy who is poised to be a conservative judge on the Supreme Court and as a liberal, she just can’t have that. Would she make up stories to make it so, well, yes.

I was reminded about these insane women who call themselves Democrats when I started to notice Kathy Wyenandt signs around the neighborhoods surrounding my home. She is running for the 52nd Ohio House District as a former Lakota school levy supporter—another tax and spend liberal. Only with her I have some history. My wife recently drug me out shopping and we were at the Kroger Marketplace over by Lakota East and I was reminded of the time that I had a full-blown explosion toward the levy supporters when they stood outside that shopping complex with a survey about me attacking my character in much the way liberals are now attacking Brett Kavanaugh. And it really pissed me off. It has been a few years but I never lost my anger over it and it was all the radical women who ran in Kathy Wyenandt’s group which I would eventually call latté sipping prostitutes because of the way they whored themselves out to the government union interests. It never seemed right to me that they could stand outside of a popular shopping center and call me every name in the book because I have been the face of tax increase resistance in my local community, but the minute I called them names in return you would think I beat them over the head with a bat the way they cried and protested in response. And their justification was that they were women and that somehow, I was a man and I owed them something by way of unearned respect. All I saw was a bunch of fat-assed losers who wanted to raise taxes on our property values and give that extra money to ridiculously paid union workers.

Just looking at Kathy Wyenandt’s endorsements for this Ohio House run that she is conducting and the evidence is clear, they are mostly all unions and progressive groups who are trying to use her femininity to win a House seat for the dirty Democrats. And the politics is the same as in the Lakota school levy situation where a bunch of crazy women were supposed to be allowed to call me every name in the book because I was a man who stood against higher taxes, and they expected to be unchallenged—because they were women. Their ideas about things were supposed to be beyond scrutiny just because they were women. We were supposed to have no value judgement against them, because they were women. Even Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign pitch is that we are supposed to vote for her because she was a “mom.” The entire proposal has always been insane, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from using that insanity to advance their position.

Well, I have never accepted such a ridiculous notion and I never will. Back at that Kroger incident when I was on WLW radio I really didn’t understand the drama. The men at the station, the producers and talk talent thought I was crazy for even challenging the position that the levy moms were proposing, that as a man there was an unspoken rule that we were all supposed to just yield to whatever some crazy woman thought and said. Even high-ranking Republicans who were working with me on that anti-tax campaign were terrified of pissing off those levy moms and it never made a bit of sense. Women were obviously exploiting in men a primal weakness, the capitol of sex in relationships to control voting blocs. If women didn’t get what they wanted the men didn’t get sex. If you peeled away all the pretense of politeness away, that was essentially what was happening, and men were supposed to support sheer insanity just because women might take away the chance to have sex.

Even right now when this discussion about Brett Kavanaugh comes up and whether or not Christine Ford was raped at a high school party, men are expected to play along or not get sex from their radical feminist wives. Of course, not all women are radical feminists, but those who call themselves Democrats are nearly all crazy. It comes with the territory of being a Democrat. If a man was to go to BW3s to watch Monday Night Football with a group of six or seven women and the man was to say something like, “Christine Ford probably wanted Kavanaugh and she threw herself all over him at that party for which he likely wasn’t even there, but he knocked away her advances leading up to the incident. She probably found some loser who was drunk and tried to molest him to get revenge then under the new definitions of the #METOO movement and used her sexuality to advance her modern political agenda,” the women would laugh and declare that he was right. But they would then chastise him for even saying it and if he stuck with the story they’d push him out of their circle. So guys being guys not wanting to be away from the opportunities that can come with knowing women keeps his thoughts to himself. He may talk about it with other guys, but he certainly won’t let it out around women because it might get him removed from their inner circle. And that often means for the man, less sex.

It is in that way that so many men, specifically Republicans, have been tricked into buying into all this liberal garbage advanced by crazy Democrats. To accept that Christine Ford was so traumatized over events that occurred 36 years ago but that it all climaxed just days before Brett Kavanaugh was to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, you have to be a little insane to even entertain the notion. But because she’s a woman we are supposed to not even ask any questions about integrity because the Democratic proposal is that all women are to be believed no matter what they say. Or as Kathy Wyenandt wants us to believe, because she’s a mom. But of course, that’s not enough, and at least Donald Trump is not playing along, just as I can say that I never have. When he called the Democratic challenger in Nevada to a seat in congress “Wacky Jackie,” Trump was showing more than just some comic association, he was attacking the primary strategy of the Democratic party, using women to avoid criticism to take back seats of government liberalism. And hope that the tricks against men work yet again. But this time I don’t think they will. Because this time people are finally starting to understand how the game is played against them—for both men and women.

Rich Hoffman

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A Cincinnatian’s Perspective on the Cameo Night Club Shooting: It is culture not guns that was the real villian

OK, let’s clear up some things right now since the global media—including people in India (I didn’t know they had electricity in India) are pouncing on the shooting in a Cincinnati nightclub where 15 people were shot, and as of this writing one has died.  I live in Cincinnati, so this is my turf and let me just set the record straight—the people attending the Cameo Night Club on Kellogg Avenue by the great Lunkin Airport were not NRA supporters.  The place caters to the hip hop crowd and is known as a “meat market.”  It’s not a bunch of wholesome Midwesterners getting together for a barn raising ceremony.  The place seeks to cater to a youth market—specifically college kids—and the environment is conducive to the gangsta’ culture so prevalent in urban areas where government welfare checks are handed out like candy.  So while covering this story—make it known that it wasn’t the fault of guns—it was the culture of hip hop which breeds negativity among confused youth who are easily provoked into conflict.

The people who attend these clubs are not normal Americans—everyday people who work hard, pay their taxes and try to make the next generation better than when they found it.  These are young people gathered together to listen to violent music racially inspired who take part in a culture of victimization.  Intellectually they are not much different from animals and when dogs start fighting over the same piece of meat—we all know what happens.  You can’t mix angry music with young people not yet intellectually equipped—and sell overpriced drinks to a dance floor converted to a VIP area and not expect there to be violence.  The Cameo Night Club has built its reputation pushing that line and now people crossed it.  That is the real story.  The entire shooting could have been avoided by not putting all those dangerous elements together.  It’s a cultural problem, not one that involves guns.

As the evidence is presented, the story will be watered down when it is shown that the responsibility is more cultural and of the direct responsibility of the club itself than the firearms that were used.  I know that area on the east end well down by Lunkin Airport.  The site called Cameo now used to be Annie’s which was a rock and roll hang out that brought in big name rockers after their 80s hey days were over.  And there were fights there all the time—the same as Never on Sundays in Silverton.  Those crowds were largely white rock n roll types of the heavy metal verity.  That was music for a different generation and yes they were violent places—even back then.  If two guys had their eye on the same girl, fights did break out—often.  Now that Annie’s went out of business someone thought it was a good idea to bring hip hop music out into the east end so this Cameo place took over to essentially let people live out their fantasies developed while playing the video game Grand Theft Auto.  So not only do you have an indicatively violent activity that comes with all places that play angry music—but now you have an entire generation who has played Grand Theft Auto and want to live out that fantasy in real life on weekend nights—which the Cameo club was happy to facilitate.  Now it blew up in their face and people will have to be accountable.  In the hours that come, you will find dear reader that things occurred just as I have described and now that all these media outlets have covered the story hoping to make the gun the big villain everyone will have to backtrack when they realize that the cause was the violent hip hop culture itself and the mixing of very dangerous elements together which caused this tragic situation.

There are consequences to actions and for too long we’ve all allowed ourselves to look away from this growing problem simply because white culture has been blamed for slavery so nobody is allowed to point out the obvious.  If blacks and whites, red people and yellow people and all people in between are going to live in the same country they need to have at least the same values.  But you can’t have a bunch of slum dogs celebrating hip hop gangsta’ culture openly and expect a society to thrive.  There is nothing good about a place like the Cameo Night Club.  That culture is rotten from top to bottom and I would say the same about the nightclub that was there before it in Annie’s.  There was nothing good about those places that perpetuated the benefits for mankind.  They were places to listen to angry music and pick up people for sex under drunken conditions.  Not a good mix.  And that is the problem.  It’s not firearms.

As this story unfolds it’s time to have the real discussion that is the root cause of these violent neighborhoods.  We can’t expect black communities to assimilate with the rest of the American experience when what they think is a fun time is going to places like the Cameo Club and cappin’ the ass of cops.  We already have too many generations of people who come from urban communities that think that way and they are having kids and teaching them the same stuff—and it’s time for it to come to an end.  Instead of wasting their time in the Cameo Night Club those stupid kids should have been home reading A Tale of Two Cities, or something similarly productive.  Things will only change when they change what they put into their minds.  Because what they are doing now just isn’t cutting the bacon.

Rich Hoffman


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Why America Loves Melania Trump: When you see a beautiful woman–thank her for the tremendous contributions to a free society


In the political left’s insistent pursuit of “equality” there has been one group of people consistently cast out in the debate which needs to stop.  Personally I notice this discrimination all the time and I think it’s disgusting.  The same people who perpetuate this disgusting form of discrimination are the same people who tell us that everyone is equal and that we should make no judgments—that all sexes and their preferences should be given audience to the table of respect. It’s so bad now that we are actually having a debate in some places as to whether a person identifies themselves as a man or a woman in regard to which bathroom they use.  It doesn’t matter if those people are men, or women—all that does is whether or not they “feel” like a man or a woman.  As President Obama went on his South American tour of socialist countries trying to pave the way for an “American Union” which will demand that all countries within it function from the same economic engine—for instance Canada is being run by a socialist recently elected, Cuba is communist, Mexico is socialist, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and most of the smaller countries around them are all various degrees of socialist—the United States has had the burden of financially carrying all these countries from falling over the edge of civilized advancement.  It could be argued that socialist based countries if they did not have the United States helping them would plummet into an archaic based society regressing back to a nomadic culture.  We see it in the present day Middle East, all across Africa, and of course Asia.  Therefore, it could be legitimately argued that this most disrespected group of people within the United States could be responsible greatly for the reaches of capitalism around the world and are therefore tasked with saving many lives just by their very existence.   I am talking about beautiful women of course—it’s time we stop discriminating against them and to treat them with the respect they deserve.

I have been thinking about this topic a lot on the back of the obvious degradation toward Melania Trump now that her husband is the obvious front-runner who will battle Hilary Clinton for the White House.  The formula is quite simple really, men like Trump—“A type” personalities who work hard and like to hear the praise of their victories, love beautiful women.  I mean, who doesn’t.  Love aside—because without it a marriage is pretty miserable—but nobody wants to share a bed with someone who looks and feels like a potato.  Women don’t like sleeping with a man who is grossly over-weight and men really don’t enjoy it.  When you are successful and have accomplished more than those around you, it is a good feeling to get out of a car at a big event and have a beautiful woman draped on your arm.  It lets people know that you’ve done something to earn her.  Beautiful women in American culture are the goddesses of capitalism—they encourage the nerdy pimple-faced twenty something who can’t get a date on a college campus to invent something—so that they can share their bed with a beautiful woman.  The sum of such a transaction usually means economic expansion.  When men learn that the way to get “hot chicks” is to become rich—they work very hard to do so.  It is great for capitalism.  It could be said that beautiful women drive the American economic engine that saves the world from itself.  Men work hard to have beautiful women, and women work hard to look like beautiful women—the net result is that America makes money that carries everyone else through taxation.

In socialist countries or repressed cultures such as the one that Melania came from—upward mobility in society isn’t possible with just good looks.  You have to know somebody to become successful because of the nature of their “managed” economies—or you have to sleep with someone and hope that you can become something more than a mistress.  Unfortunately once a woman hits 30 years of age, they are usually thrown to the curb in those types of countries.  Most beautiful women in socialist and communist countries are sacrificed at a very young age and never make it to midlife because they are forced to capitalize on their beauty when they are young just to survive—which is very much the case in Vietnam, India, and China—attractive girls work in the sex trade—get abused and end up in terrible situations by the time they are old enough to be mothers themselves.  It’s really a terrible and vicious cycle.

Melania Trump is someone who I greatly respect.  She left Slovenia on a hope and a prayer to become a fashion model and could have easily have been like any other beautiful woman around the world and fallen into bad hands.  Lucky for her she met Donald Trump who greatly appreciated beauty and capitalism and the two started dated which gave her a bit of a refuge from the predatory fray of using her looks to make a living.  Trump was dating her at the time that he loaned one of his private jets to GQ to have Melania take nude pictures aboard it chained to a briefcase.  Trump honestly wanted to see the pictures as did most men.  When Melania got out of a car with him at social events it let everyone know that he had made it in life—especially when all the men who compete against him have seen his wife nude in GQ.  At the time he didn’t know if he wanted to marry her or not, they were just dating.

  After spending time together they eventually decided to tie the knot and marry because she had become more than a sex kitten for him—she became a partner—and that has been great for everyone.  There are few places in the world where Melania could have risen to the top of the world in such a short period of time but in the United States.  Now as a beautiful woman she is poised to be one of our best spokespeople for capitalism from the White House as a first lady.  Sure she used her looks to land a billionaire to her bed.  Some women trap men into marriage by getting pregnant, or some other form of bondage.  There is nothing wrong with a beautiful woman advancing under a capitalist system and becoming fabulously wealthy and successful using the natural gifts they were born with.

I know quite a lot of people with a great deal of money, and most of them have what is considered a trophy wife.  Most of these guys over the years have been developers to some degree and have to attend a lot of charity social events—just like Donald Trump does.  They spend a lot of their life trying to make buildings appealing to consumers and are often very concerned about appearances—so naturally as they try to build up their brand it helps them to have a beautiful woman on their arm.  Women judge the successful competence of men based on the type of mates they attract, and of course men figure out where they stand in the peaking order of the human race based on similar factors.  When a man sees another man married to a beautiful woman he usually thinks—that guy is more endowed than me–that guy is more successful than me–or that guy is tougher than me.  When you are a powerful person you need to gain that leverage over a rival so that when you have to negotiate with them they are already thinking they are inferior to you—so for the powerful developer—or otherwise successful person enriched under capitalism—having a beautiful woman who you are married to that is twice your age younger says a lot about where you are in life—and it gives you a better seat at the negotiating table.

Looks are just one element to a good marriage, and honestly as you get older and sex becomes much less important, you want a good friend to share a bed with of the opposite sex.  But a lot could be said about the value of beautiful women and their upward mobility within capitalist cultures which drive the economic engine of our entire civilization—and I don’t think we give them enough credit.  Melania is a classy young woman and I think she deserves a lot more respect than she has been getting.  The socialists among us know innately what it would mean to have Melania in the White House, so they are in a panic driven fury to demean her in every way fashionable.  But what has been exposed in the process is the gross hypocrisy of the political left and their discrimination against beautiful women in capitalist societies.  Their attraction to socialism after all is that they don’t want to compete with Melania and other beautiful women for attention. They want an “equal” society where beautiful people are just as abused as not such beautiful people—and that equates to substantial degradation in human achievement—but at least they don’t have to feel bad about themselves.  I think it’s time that we end such thinking and recognize beautiful women for the hidden gifts they bring to all of us.  When you see one, make sure to let them know how much they are appreciated.  They are people too, and we should treat them with the respect they deserve.

Rich Hoffman


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Lyin’ Ted’s Sex Scandal: The fire behind the smoke of Super PAC investment–spilling the beans

Let me say this, I don’t like Heidi Cruz.  I felt that way before the Cruz Super PAC went after Melania Trump recently.  From what I’ve seen about Heidi she reminds me of all the school levy supporters that I have called latté sipping prostitutes in the past.  I tend not to trust people who are too religious because to my experience there are skeletons in their closet that they use religion to conceal.  I also don’t trust people who hide behind children.  However, when Roger Stone was talking about the percolating sex scandal on the Alex Jones Show a few weeks ago concerning Ted Cruz, I wasn’t all that surprised.

  When a man or woman has power, members of the opposite sex do try to seduce them as a lottery ticket toward advantage.  When you are a senator and working with a lot of young people—and you are middle-aged on top of the normal temptations, it is not hard to imagine how something scandalous might happen to Ted Cruz.   But when the National Enquirer came out with a major five woman scandal in their latest issue they either put themselves in a serious libel situation, or there is fire behind the smoke.  Given where things are in the presidential race and the premise of the Cruz candidacy—the pure-hearted Christian conservative that is Glenn Beck’s second coming—this revelation provides insight that needs to be explored further.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but what the Cruz people did—in a roundabout way with the Super PAC in Utah made me mad.  It was a holier than thou presumption that either means Cruz is pure as snow—which part of me has hoped that he was—or he was using religion in the same fashion as so many ministers have–to hide their sexual antics.  And all this would point to Heidi Cruz—there is something not quite right about her.  I don’t want her as a first lady.  Ted Cruz has seemed too good to be true, which usually means he isn’t.  So it will be interesting to see how this story plays out.  I don’t put a lot of trust in the National Enquirer, but apparently this story has been on ice for several months by multiple sources and it was only the Enquirer who took the first step to break it.  Given that the information was first discussed by Roger Stone over a week ahead of this announcement and that one of the women is Katrina Pierson—who is a Trump spokesman, it looks clear that Donald was willing to be a gentleman about the issue until the line was crossed with Melania.  And I don’t blame him a bit. 

I had been watching the Netflix show House of Cards and was enjoying it, except for the sex.  There was just too much sex in it for me.  I finally turned it off when Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey and his wife had three-way sex with their treasured Secret Service agent.  It wasn’t just two guys on a girl, it was guy on guy sex and that is something I won’t support.  However, the sex in the show is there for a reason.  People want to see it, it reflects their desires, and is very much indicative of Washington D.C. culture.  There is a part of me that hopes that this Ted Cruz sex scandal is all smoke, and if it is—I hope he sues the Enquirer into oblivion.  But there is something about Heidi Cruz which tells me that it isn’t—and that Trump was alluding to that when he defended his own wife against the Super PAC ads about Melania.

Further angering me was the finger waving Ted Cruz calling Trump a sniveling coward for attacking Heidi.  There are obvious problems with the Cruz marriage and that does not give Ted the authority to preach to Trump or anybody else what’s right.  His campaign continues to have these kinds of scandals, where third-party participants do hit pieces on his behalf that have been downright dirty.  At least with Trump, he’s out in the open about the things he does.  Ted hides and now it looks like we all know why.  If he can’t keep things cleaner than this during a campaign just think what he and his wife would be like in the White House.  Even after Cruz’s little public refute of Donald Trump—the presidential front-runner was extremely quite on Twitter not posting  anything for over 20 hours as this story developed.  That tells me everything I want to know because that hasn’t happened over the entire six month history of Trump’s run.  Why tick off all of the Cruz supporters when Ted let them down himself?  The reason is that this is more than smoke.

After hour 20, this is what Donald Trump said about this issue, written 34 minutes prior to this writing:

I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or not, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it.

Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone, and while they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

I look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin, winning the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency in order to Make America Great Again.

– Donald J. Trump

Rich Hoffman


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The Wisdom of Sheriff Wayne Ivey: Good guys with guns and Hillary Clinton’s friends–robbed at gunpoint

 “Enough is enough” when it comes to terrorism — that’s the video message Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted recently telling residents that they should start carrying firearms with them to protect his community and our nation against terrorism.  Now that is my idea of a good local sheriff, and cop.  In a lot of ways, Brevard County is a place I consider a second home, so its gives me a lot of pride to see the sheriff of that region speaking with the sense that should be obvious to everyone.  Get a gun, carry a gun, and protect yourself from the aggressive possibilities of terrorism in whatever form.

“I think the message is: people are thirsty for a solution to the terrorist activities, they’re thirsty for a solution to the active-shooter scenarios that have taken place, and I think they’re thirsty for leadership,” Ivey said in response to the national attention his video has gotten. “I think it was time for someone to stand up and say that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

People against Ivey’s proposal are of course organizations like the NAACP and virtually every other liberal conglomeration.  But nobody should listen to them because they are the cause of what’s made the situation dangerous in American to begin with.  They have been pro open borders, they have been pro Islamic immigration without consideration for the potential for radicalization, and they have been notoriously anti-gun—insisting that America copy its domestic philosophy policies from socialist nations like France and other European disasters—old, crusty regions drowning with Marxism.  As I write this President Obama is considering an executive order against firearms which is incredibly arrogant, and intrusive.  One of the worst suggestions by him is that people on a no fly list not be able to buy a gun.  Well, that won’t work; a person like me could easily be put on a no fly list because the regime in power might consider me a threat just because of the things I say.  You can’t legislate evil out of existence; you have to face it down, and you can’t let an evil government prevent good people from facing that evil.   The situation is very simple, good guys need to carry a gun so that when bad guys try to act in a terrorist fashion, the right side will have the advantage to end the threat.  Then of course the gun owner should call Second Call Defense and let them handle the legal issues.

I actually worry about trying to buy a ticket on an airplane for fear of finding my name on a no fly list because to Obama, a person like me is more of a threat to his intentions than an Islamic terrorists trying to breed more like them within the borders of the United States.   So Obama’s executive order proposal  is not intended to protect America from terrorists—it’s to protect government officials from criticism over their own mismanagement—which is an abuse of power.   There’s a reason that congress, represented by the people of our nation, have refused gun restriction action.  It’s not just because of the NRA.  The NRA has so much money and power because people like me put money into it.  They didn’t get all their lobbying wealth from some oversea billionaire like what’s behind the open border issues, and marijuana legalization legislation—or Saudi Arabian activists trying to gain legislative power within the United States by pouring money into the Clinton Foundation and letting a former president and a possible future president keep the hands of justice out of their medieval society.   The NRA and its power over congress are because of millions of people like me who want to see the Second Amendment protected from people like Obama.  He has no right to sign an executive order against firearms in any way.  If he does so he’s acting in a criminal fashion, which only justifies more gun buying to protect us from an activist government hell-bent on disarming us.

In this hostile environment where terrorists want to harm us, and our government who created the situation in every fashion wants to further restrict our ability to protect ourselves, it’s wonderful to see Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey speaking reasonably as a government official.  Good guys need to be the ones carrying guns.  We don’t need to wait for some government study sponsored by grant money for the desired results against guns to be produced as the NAACP desires to tell us what’s logical.  Good guys need to be able to stop bad guys when the intention is to bring harm against innocent people.

For instance, just the other night not that far from my own home a young teenager tried to rob a couple of contractors at gunpoint.  Big mistake for that 16-year-old kid—he apparently listened to too many rap songs about violence and played too much Grand Theft Auto.  Because one of these contractors had a concealed carry permit and pulled out his gun.  The kid shot first but the contractor then discharged his firearm ending the life of the young punk which was well within the right of the contractor.  He waited for the kid to fire first apparently, which is good to do, but dangerous—then ended the threat immediately.  Police showed up, did their investigation and found that the contractor acted within the legal parameters of our society.  The contractors lived another day, the robber didn’t.  The robber’s threat against citizens of planet earth is done forever—by his own choice. If more people carried guns and used them in these kinds of situations—not just in terrorist threats, but street robberies also—we’d have a much safer country.

Nearly at the same time as the contractor shooting in Evanston, Cincinnati attorney Stan Chesley and his wife, Judge Susan Dlott – both personal friends of the Clintons – were driving back to their Indian Hill home from a dinner in Montgomery.  Three punks followed them from the parking lot.  Once the powerful attorney and his federal judge wife were inside their home the punks kicked in the basement door of the victims’ residence, committed theft, roughed up the couple with abuse and pointed guns at (Chesley and Dlott)’s heads.  The thugs Terry Jackson, 21, Darrell Kinney, 20, and Demetrius Williams, 20 — were apprehended by Madeira police following a traffic stop the same evening—luckily.  If Chesley had been carrying a gun, he could have stopped the situation immediately.  The threat is very real; we are in a dangerous world even in nice neighborhoods.  The youth in America have been radicalized by liberal educations and entertainment.  It’s not just Muslims that are the potential threats for violence; it can be anybody—particularly if they are under thirty years of age.  Radicalized educations have destroyed the mind of young people making all of them potentially dangerous.  You can’t go around shooting them all at will, you have to wait for them to make a move against you, but you can’t assume that it won’t happen because President Obama is on the case with his executive order pin.  It is government mismanagement that has caused all these problems, and the responsibility to fix them all starts with good guys with guns.

All three stories discussed above happened in just one week.  There is not a single source of threatening behavior.  Watching out for radical Jihad fanatics is just a small piece of the puzzle.  We have an entire generation of young people raised to think they are victims and that society owes them something and that if they want that something—they’ll take it by force if necessary.   If three thugs can drive into Indian Hill and rough up a powerful couple on the speed dial of Hillary Clinton at gun point—in their home—it can happen anywhere. 

The only way to stop those possibilities from occurring is by putting a gun in the hands of good guys and giving them the ability to use that gun to stop bad guys.  We do live in a world full of good guys and bad guys.  We are expected to know the difference—and most people do.  Politicians are tone-deaf to evil, because in many cases they embrace evil by the nature of their jobs—so they are unqualified to legislate on our behalf.  Obama is certainly unqualified.   To protect us from them, we have the NRA.  And to protect us from legal recourse, we have Second Call Defense.  But to protect us from terrorist threats, whether it may be a common robber, or a Saudi terrorist attempt—the best defense is a good guy with a gun.  So let’s get guns in the hands of the best people we can find and let them do their work—and let’s turn our country back from the brink from which liberals have created for it—and put it back under our safe keeping as the barrels of our guns point outward to the threats which intend it harm.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


A Muslim in the White House: The history and reason why not

If there was any doubt ever about the depth of the corruption of our federal government by forces not committed to traditional America, the Muslim issue smoking off of Donald Trump’s recent town hall meeting is all the evidence anybody needs. A person at that town hall asked a question about Obama’s Islamic faith, which was a conclusion that Obama himself has fostered with his actions—particularly with NASA and his position regarding the Middle East where he favors Palestinian and Iranian positions over those of Israel and even Egypt. Trump listened politely. He had questions about Obama’s birth certificate in the past, which still are unanswered, as the document Obama eventually provided under pressure from Trump turned out to be computer generated—as proven by Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona.

So the issue never was settled, but the national and international media was quick to accept it so that they could move on to another issue—mysteriously. They called Trump a birther and the Department of Justice sued Arpaio for his border enforcement techniques which was obvious harassment as a direct result of the birth certificate investigation. The rest of the world moved on leaving lots of questions unanswered, propelling conspiracy theories which a significant portion of the American public are now asking, the guy at Trump’s town hall being one of them.   Trump didn’t fan the flames, but he didn’t quell them either, because anybody with any reasonable mind knows something is wrong on the issue—but at this point it’s no longer relevant. The condemnation from the political right and left was truly baffling. It was the lead story for four consecutive days propelled mostly by Republicans. It was evidence of just how far off the rocker we have all fallen as a nation.

Then over the weekend, Ben Carson got into all kinds of trouble by saying that a Muslim should not be elected president, which started a firestorm of its own. Carson’s position is a logical one, the Islamic faith is producing much of the violence seen throughout the world, and America doesn’t need to accelerate that violence by putting a Muslim in the White House. Maybe someday when terrorists aren’t using the Koran to justify beheading infidels—but until there is a good century of violent free behavior, a Muslim in an American White House empowering the radicals fueling terrorism in the Middle East even more is not a good idea. This is something any rational, well-educated mind should understand—easily.

Then on every channel, more than usual was a real hatred of Donald Trump. The endearing nurturing of his candidacy was gone. No longer was he a thorn in the side of Jeb Bush and other establishment Republicans—Trump had suddenly become a threat to everything every progressive had built a public dialogue around. Without Trump’s town hall, nobody would have thought to press Ben Carson, about what he said about Muslims in the White House. Now the cat of distrust about the Islamic faith is out of the bag on a national forum, and establishment types from all walks of life in unison are flustered and acting well out of accordance of what should be American interests.

I’ve known a fair share of Muslims. They are generally peaceful. Their need to pray to Mecca each day gets irritating, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with what I want to do, I’m fine with it. It’s weird to me, but so are a lot of things. Religion should be a private thing and people are free to practice whatever they want.   But like all religions, including the Catholic one, they have elements of collectivism that is dangerous to our republic style of government. The current Pope is using global warming and other aspects of the church he heads to spread a socialist agenda he learned from his home country of Argentina. If the current Pope who is touring America right now is the representation of God on planet earth, then that God is an idiot—because the Pope is not a friend of capitalism or the American way of life. If an American president were excessively Catholic and wanted to turn over the White House to the Pope for guidance, I would have a big problem with that as well. So it’s not just the Muslim faith. It’s any radical religious type who thinks through the collectivism of the church instead of their own free—individual will. We don’t elect religious nut cases in the White House—at least we shouldn’t. We need in America self guided, philosophically sound, individuals who are capable of leadership. We don’t always get that, but we at least have attempted to strive for that objective.

Occasionally I deal with some of the mysteries of Pre-Columbian archaeology and the discrepancies that investigative science casts against a historical record as defined by religion. There has been a lot of violent history regarding religious faith from just about every denomination. While we want an American president who respects the premise of religious value which established the United States, we don’t want a leader of the free world who blindly accepts a dialogue that can be controlled by an unholy relationship between the church and politics. We need a president who asks questions and we need a media who distrusts what a president might say—to question everything even if religion offers an opinion and attempts to use the hand of God as a justification for some evil performed. When barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria a terrible crime was committed and there is no way to recover what was lost during that tragedy. The great novel Finnegans Wake may be all that’s left of that period of history before the Roman Empire, and Halloween all that’s left of the strange rituals of that pre-history period.   The world is covered with mysterious artifacts that don’t fit with current scientific or religious understanding. There is a lot of pre-history that existed, but there is no accounting for it. So it’s dangerous and illogical to accept anything blindly—especially Islamic faith. As I’ve pointed out before without Aristotle, there would be no Islamic faith and without Zoroastrian religion there wouldn’t be any Christian or Muslim belief as those are the foundations of both. The mystery is what came before Aristotilian philosophy and Zoroastrian faith. Given that many in the media are highly educated, they should know all this, but they don’t. Instead, they are too quick to accept blind faith and false documents. They are OK to accept whatever President Obama says—even though the evidence is quite mysterious, and the fervor over just a question speaks to the same reckless agenda type of diatribe which burned down the library I referred to in Alexandria. CLICK TO REVIEW. Now you know dear reader why I support Trump so much. As a free man he is unshackled to ask the right questions without fearing upsetting the orthodox thinking, which these days is far too concerned with putting a woman in the White House, or people of different faiths, people of different sexual orientation, and anybody but the right person for the job. That is a strange value for a collective species to have. I can understand that view-point from a fanatical group, but not the entire establishment. That should send alarms to every sane mind who hears it.

Trump said all the right things in the wake and is fully aware of the challenge he posses. But I don’t think even he understood the depths of the sinister persuasion of what he terms a “dishonest media.” The media is dishonest because they are too concerned with bending logic to fit the story of their establishment. In this case their story is that Muslims are a peaceful people not prone to radicalized behavior. Yet the truth is that it is from that specific group of religious lunatics that most terrorism stems. Even radical Christians and the worst Bible thumpers are docile compared to the terrorist groups spawned from Islamic faith and their assumption that their religion is the only one of value. For instance, on the Cartoon Network late at night on Fridays is a show called Black Jesus. Such a show would never be produced called “Black Muhammad.” There would be death threats and probably someone would lose their life in response. It is because of that reality that Ben Carson said he was uneasy with a Muslim in the White House. And that is also why a question about such radicalism was asked at a Trump event. Denouncing the question as all the pundits suggested Trump should have done does not solve the problem. Ignoring the question is not what good journalism should be doing. It should be the media asking those questions, not some dude at a Trump rally. The reason why the media isn’t is why Trump says the media is dishonest, and why Republicans are supporting outsiders for the White House. Because people know something is wrong, and often the truth is hidden behind religion and the media that doesn’t cover the real facts. Among those facts are that the religions of our day are softened versions of a long forgotten pagan past. What they share in common with those distant relatives is a desire to sacrifice life essence to undefined spiritual entities. In the Catholic Church, that sacrifice is most notable during Lent and the ritual of communion. In Islamic faith, it is too often interpreted these days with the actual taking of human life, much the way the Maya, Aztec and countless head hunter cultures have for centuries. An American president needs to be free of this desire to sacrifice our country to the wishes of the uncharted, and unseen. And that is the million dollar desire of our day and the type of provocation that only Donald Trump is free to bring forth. That’s also why his poll numbers are so high because too many people are asking questions these days that nobody else will dare answer.

Rich Hoffman


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Hoffman Lenses on Scientology: The need for fathomglasses behind the veil

To use a James Joyce word, it takes fathomglasses often to see the world properly. Or more appropriately updated from the fine B-movie They Live by John Carpenter, it takes Hoffman Lenses. Out of all the names Carpenter could have used for the sunglasses that showed the wearer what was really going on behind the thin veil of reality it seems more than a convenient coincidence. Yet before that movie was made, it was normal for my view of the world to use fathomglasses to see well behind the aspects of society into the core of motivation, whether that motivation is the way cells behave toward one another during daily bodily maintenance, or how creatures of substance use their intellect to accomplish primordial tasks. Fathomglasses—“Hoffman Lenses,” are useful to understand the world in ways that are not so obvious. It takes work to wear them, but it is worth the effort.

When I was young and an upcoming writer I did the path toward progress that most writers go through. I took courses, mentored by established writers like Sol Stein and Linda Nagata, submitted to magazines of fiction and participated in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest which seemed like a good place for my type of pulp fiction. So it didn’t take long for members of the Church of Scientology to reach out to me which I looked into because of Tom Cruise. Upon my investigation it was quite clear to me that L. Ron Hubbard used his relationship with Jack Parsons, and the cult of Aleister Crowley to invent a new religion renaming some of the creatures and mythology of H.P. Lovecraft to support a growing New Age awareness of spiritual enlightenment into the hidden history of mankind which is slowly being revealed.

The Xenu character from Scientology is but one of the mythological characters that are potentials of the Lovecraft mythology regarding the origins not only of the universe, but specifically of mankind. There is no way for history to confirm that there was ever a Xenu who was the dictator of a Galactic Confederacy 75 million years ago just as there is no way to claim that there was ever a Jesus, Moses, or Abraham. All we know is that a writer put down a story and people decided to follow whatever prophet emerged from that particular mythology and place their faith into. More and more, I am convinced that the current history that we have all been following was designed to conceal the unusual background of mankind’s true origins, and the reason is the preservation of religious power as it currently shapes modern politics. Using fathomglasses to look deep into the veil of reality, it is quite clear that something is amiss regarding human history.

Ron Hubbard to his credit in his book Dianetics tries to help people find a healthy balance between Western technology and Oriental philosophy by dividing the mind into three parts, an analytical mind, a reflective mind, and a somatic mind. The essence of a person lives on for infinite rebirths so it’s kind of like the Hindu religion on overdrive. I think there was a sincere attempt to help people live in an awakened condition. But Hubbard ultimately was a collectivist who yearned to be a supreme leader of some order using his relationship with Parsons and witnessing the power of Crowley as a launch point. I continue to be stunned that Tom Cruise became a member of Scientology after his movie Eyes Wide Shut. You’d think he would have learned something on that movie shoot, but it’s his life and I ultimately think less of him because of his open worship of Hubbard. Once I learned all this I stepped back and away from the Writers of the Future events and made a decision that most of the people in the publishing industry were either open socialists, or Scientologists recruiting for their order. I didn’t want to be a part of their collective order in any regard.   With my fathomglasses, I see the followers of Jesus in much the same way as the followers of L. Ron Hubbard—they are organizing a cult they believe will take them to the next step beyond the veil—and they are largely missing the point—because they do not see the truth—because they are not allowing themselves to see the world through their own fathomglasses. They allow some leader to provide it to them—even knowing that the leader was a successful science fiction writer who wanted to advance his theory of Xenu worship. While I enjoy the Xenu mythology–until someone produces a DC-8 spaceship as a relic from millions of years ago, there is no way that anybody in their right mind would sign a billion year contract to Scientology. Anyone who would in my opinion is signing up for a cult.

It’s not that Hubbard and Lovecraft were incorrect about their pulp stories, which should be considered fiction that provokes possibilities rather than Biblical text. Fiction is a form of developing fathomglasses that can take the mind to good places of thought, so the practice of contemplation is healthy. When it gets unhealthy is when the leaders of an organization behave the way they were reported to in the supplied documentaries on Scientology—shown here. Whenever a group of people starts drawing lines between those on the inside and those on the out, they are trying to create a cult. When people try to report on that cult, or prevent them from leaving for whatever reason—or attempt to use the cult as a wedge against families, the line is crossed and the effectiveness of the mythology is greatly minimized. At that point the religious attempts of the cult have lost their intent at being a positive force, and have regulated themselves into the evils of collectivism.

But in a world where religion is used as a safety blanket to mask the harshness of only perceived realities, there is no shortage of prophets who want to be the next Jesus, or Buddha. Most people want to be remembered for something when they die away, and even those with very active imaginations yearn for the respect of the social masses placed upon them through collectivism. Yet the Hoffman Lenses say that the answer is not within those groups, associations, or prophets—but is yet deeper still where only fathomglasses into infinity can penetrate. I have found that I can see much deeper without any group associations, so I stopped caring about the Writers of the Future contests, or the published magazines. I decided to write from within and let the chips fall where they will mostly ignoring the world and its noise. Hubbard cared far too much for his place in the fabric of history to have seen the world with the proper fathomglasses, so to me he was only a science fiction writer who wanted the respect of a religion that he created. He may have had good intentions but the byproduct of those intentions were collectivism and that is the legacy of Scientology. There may be some truth to the auditing process, to the gradual revelation about Zenu, but like most religions that expect congregations to fall in to some sort of submission behind an established protocol of behavior—the individual is ignored and consumed in favor of the collective. Hubbard based his Scientology on portions of Oriental religion—which of course is based on mysticism. That aspect alone invalidates the authenticity of the endeavor.

Tom Cruise may get angry at my Hoffman Lenses, but he’d see the same if he truly viewed the world with the proper fathomglasses into reality—instead of trusting some human being quite capable of bad judgment and manipulated imagination. By that I mean that I mistrust any prophet who declares that something came to them in a dream, or was provided by some angel—or demon. If I look with the lenses of fathomglasses it is quite clear that the essence of evil and maleficent hunger brew many stage plays against the human race for designs not entirely visible to our spectrum of understanding. I don’t think there is a religion on earth capable of taking individual minds to the places that the Hoffman Lenses can see. They can try, but they all fall dreadfully short. The only way to cross that great gulf is through individual achievement. No collective endeavor can ferry the mind to such a place seen by the fathomglasses of reason. And that is the danger of following a cult, as opposed to truly walking the fine line between reality and the hidden mysteries deliberately concealed from us by those who least want us to know what is going on behind the veil.

Groups of people are easy to control, whereas individuals are loose cannons. The vile maleficent who hide in the shadows whether it be Zenu or Azathoth may try to inspire followers into the safe embrace of some prophet, but why? The answer of course is that once there, those followers can be steered into the direction of choosing. The answer to these mysteries will never be found in such directed places—and so long as they continue, mankind will continue to flip around on a dry dock as if just caught by some lowly fisherman sporting a past time and offering life in a mere bucket of water. The real answers are in the depths of the oceans, beyond the religion, the threats of sickness, insanity of all human limitations. And to reach those places you need fathomglasses worn by an individual to see them.

I love that move, They Live!  And for those who doubt this little report on Scientology watch the videos presented, and you too will begin to really see.

Rich Hoffman


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The Importance of Women: My gift to you–ZZ Top and the Lady of Tubber Tintye

As I was doing research for the Duck Dynasty story, (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) I ran across an extremely well done video remake of the “Legs” video, by ZZ Top.  I thought the video remarkable not for the pornographic nature of it but the content.  In it a young man enters a lair of beautiful women situated in various provocative poses.  Scattered throughout are other young men who appear to have coupled with some of the women, but the young man does not stop and linger on any of the girls.  Instead, he proceeds on until he finds the ultimate beauty which is the apparent object of his quest.  For me the video represents the best I have seen on YouTube during the year of 2013.  Upon watching it I was immediately reminded of the story the King of Erin and the Lady of Tubber Tintye.

I have told the story of the Lady of Tubber Tintye to my entire family, particularly the women.  It is the classic goddess motif summed up within a story of a typical hero adventure.  Yet it is so precisely told as to the psychological problem that young men all share and how all societies fundamentally function that I think it has tremendous merit.  I ran into the story through my studies of Joseph Campbell, and over the years have argued with several feminists—who went on to write their doctorial thesis on this story as evidence that feminism rules the universe.  Only most of them missed the point of the story.  Feminists tend to cherry pick the academic observations of people like Campbell who translated generations of mythological tales into the lens of progressive interpretation—which destroys the nature of the story—which was the point of the doctorial thesis interpretations.   So what I’d like to do is present to you Dear Reader the story of Tubber Tintye and the King of Erin, then at the end I’ll explain what’s going on and how it applies to that ZZ Top video.  The sum of that explanation has the power to restore our society and is not to be taken lightly, or brushed off carelessly as didactic pornography.  I will highlight in bold below the passage of the story as it most applies to the aforementioned video.  Then I will break down how this metaphor has a direct impact on our current society.  Please take the time to read this carefully.  It’s very important.

The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island

THERE was a king in Erin long ago, and this king went out hunting one day, but saw nothing till near sunset, when what should come across him but a black pig.

“Since I’ve seen nothing all day but this black pig, I’II be at her now,” said the king; so he put spurs to his horse and raced after the pig.

When the pig was on a hill he was in the valley behind her; when he was on a hill, the pig was in the valley before him. At last they came to the sea-side, and the pig rushed out into the deep water straight from the shore. The king spurred on his horse and followed the black pig through the sea till his horse failed under him and was drowned.

Then the king swam on himself till he was growing weak, and said: “It was for the death of me that the black pig came in my way.”

But he swam on some distance yet, till at last he saw land. The pig went up on an island; the king too went on shore, and said to himself: “Oh! it is for no good that I came here; there is neither house nor shelter to be seen.” But he cheered up after a while, walked around, and said: “I’m a useless man if I can’t find shelter in some place.”

After going on a short space he saw a great castle in a valley before him. When he came to the front of the castle he saw that it had a low door with a broad threshold all covered with sharp-edged razors, and a low lintel of long-pointed needles. The path to the castle was covered with gravel of gold. The king came up, and went in with a jump over the razors and under the needles. When inside he saw a great fire on a broad hearth, and said to himself, ” I’ll sit down here, dry my clothes, and warm my body at this fire.”

As he sat and warmed himself, a table came out before him with every sort of food and drink, without his seeing any one bring it.

“Upon my honor and power,” said the king of Erin, “there is nothing bad in this! I’ll eat and drink my fill.”

Then he fell to, and ate and drank his fill. When he had grown tired, he looked behind him, and if he did he saw a fine room, and in it a bed covered with gold. ” Well,” said he, ” I’ll go back and sleep in that bed a while, I ‘m so tired.”

He stretched himself on the bed and fell asleep. In the night he woke up, and felt the presence of a woman in the room. He reached out his hand towards her and spoke, but got no answer; she was silent.

When morning came, and he made his way out of the castle, she spread a beautiful garden with her Druidic spells over the island, – so great that though he travelled through it all day he could not escape from it. At sunset he was back at the door of the castle; and in he went over the razors and under the needles, sat at the fire, and the table came out before him as on the previous evening. He ate, drank, and slept on the bed; and when he woke in the night, there was the woman in the room but she was silent and unseen as before.

When he went out on the second morning the king of Erin saw a garden three times more beautiful than the one of the day before. He travelled all day, but could not escape, – could not get out of the garden. At sunset he was back at the door of the castle; in he went over the razors and under the needles, ate, drank, and slept, as before.

In the middle of the night he woke tip, and felt the presence of the woman in the room. “Well,” said he, “it is a wonderful thing for me to pass three nights in a room with a woman, and not see her nor know who she is!”

“You won’t have that to say again, king of Erin,” answered a voice. And that moment the room was filled with a bright light, and the king looked upon the finest woman he had ever seen.

Well, king of Erin, you are on LonesomeIsland. I am the black pig that enticed you over the land and through the sea to this place, and I am queen of LonesomeIsland. My two sisters and I are under a Druidic spell, and we cannot escape from this spell till your son and mine shall free us. Now, king of Erin, I will give you a boat to-morrow morning, and do you sail away to your own kingdom.”

In the morning she went with him to the sea-shore to the boat. The king gave the prow of the boat to the sea, and its stern to the land; then he raised the sails, and went his way. The music he had was the roaring of the wind with the whistling of eels, and he broke neither oar nor mast till he landed under his own castle in Erin.

Three quarters of a year after, the queen of Lonesome Island gave birth to a son. She reared him with care from day-to-day and year to year till he was a splendid youth. She taught him the learning of wise men one half of the day, and warlike exercises with Druidic spells the other half.

One time the young man, the prince of Lonesome Island, came in from hunting, and found his mother sobbing and crying.

“Oh! what has happened to you, mother? ” he asked.

“My son, great grief has come on me. A friend of mine is going to be killed to-morrow.”

“Who is he?

“The king of Erin. The king of Spain has come against him with a great army. He wishes to sweep him and his men from the face of the earth, and take the kingdom himself.”

“Well, what can we do? If I were there, I’d help the king of Erin.”

Since you say that, my son, I’ll send you this very evening. With the power of my Druidic spells, you’ll be in Erin in the morning.”

The prince of Lonesome Island went away that night, and next morning at the rising of the sun he drew up his boat under the king’s castle in Erin. He went ashore, and saw the whole land black with the forces of the king of Spain, who was getting ready to attack the king of Erin and sweep him and his men from the face of the earth.

The prince went straight to the king of Spain, and said, ” I ask one day’s truce.”

“You shall have it, my champion,” answered the king of Spain.

The prince then went to the castle of the king of Erin, and stayed there that day as a guest. Next morning early he dressed himself in his champion’s array, and, taking his nine-edged sword, he went down alone to the king of Spain, and, standing before him, bade him guard himself.

They closed in conflict, the king of Spain with all his forces on one side, and the prince of Lonesome Island on the other, They fought an awful battle that day from sunrise till sunset. They made soft places hard, and hard places soft; they made high places low, and low places high; they brought water out of the centre of hard gray rocks, and made dry rushes soft in the most distant parts of Erin till sunset; and when the sun went down, the king of Spain and his last man were dead on the field.

Neither the king of Erin nor his forces took part in the battle. They had no need, and they had no chance.

Now the king of Erin had two sons, who were such cowards that they hid themselves from fright during the battle; but their mother told the king of Erin that her elder son was the man who had destroyed the king of Spain and all his men.

There was great rejoicing and a feast at the castle of the king of Erin. At the end of the feast the queen said: ” I wish to give the last cup to this stranger who is here as a guest; ” and taking him to an adjoining chamber which had a window right over the sea, she seated him in the open window and gave him a cup of drowsiness to drink. When he had emptied the cup and closed his eyes, she pushed him out into the darkness.

The prince of Lonesome Island swam on the water for four days and nights, till he came to a rock in the ocean, and there he lived for three months, eating the seaweeds of the rock, till one foggy day a vessel came near and the captain cried out: ” We shall be wrecked on this rock! ” Then he said, “There is some one on the rock; go and see who it is.”

They landed, and found the prince, his clothes all gone, his body black from the seaweed, which was growing all over it.

“Who are you? ” asked the captain.

“Give me first to eat and drink, and then I’ll talk,” said he.

They brought him food and drink; and when he had eaten and drunk, the prince said to the captain: “What part of the world have you come from?

“I have just sailed from Lonesome Island,” said the captain. “I was obliged to sail away, for fire was coming from every side to burn my ship.”

“Would you like to go back?”

“I should indeed.”

“Well, turn around; you’ll have no trouble if I am with you.”

The captain returned. The queen of Lone-some Island was standing on the shore as the ship came in.

“Oh, my child!” cried she, ” why have you been away so long?”

The queen of Erin threw me into the sea after I had kept the head of the king of Erin on him, and saved her life too.

“Well, my son, that will come up against the queen of Erin on another day.”

Now, the prince lived on Lonesome Island three years longer, till one time he came home from hunting, and found his mother wringing her hands and shedding bitter tears.

“Oh! what has happened?” asked he.

“I am weeping because the king of Spain has gone to take vengeance on the king of Erin for the death of his father, whom you killed.”

“Well, mother, I’ll go to help the king of Erin, if you give me leave.”

“Since you have said it, you shall go this very night.”

He went to the shore. Putting the prow of his bark to the sea and her stern to land, he raised high the sails, and heard no sound as he went but the pleasant wind and the whistling of eels, till he pulled up his boat next morning under the castle of the king of Erin and went on shore.

The whole country was black with the troops of the king of Spain, who was just ready to attack, when the prince stood before him, and asked a truce till next morning.

“That you shall have, my champion,” answered the king. So there was peace for that day.

Next morning at sunrise, the prince faced the king of Spain and his army, and there followed a struggle more terrible than that with his father; but at sunset neither the king of Spain nor one of his men was left alive.

The two sons of the king of Erin were frightened almost to death, and hid during the battle, so that no one saw them or knew where they were. But when the king of Spain and his army were destroyed, the queen said to the king: ” My elder son has saved us.” Then she went to bed, and taking the blood of a chicken in her mouth, spat it out, saying: “This is my heart’s blood; and nothing can cure me now but three bottles of water from Tubber Tintye, the flaming well.”

When the prince was told of the sickness of the queen of Erin, he came to her and said: ” I’ll go for the water if your two sons will go with me.”

“They shall go,” said the queen; and away went the three young men towards the East, in search of the flaming well.

In the morning they came to a house on the roadside; and going in, they saw a woman who had washed herself in a golden basin which stood before her. She was then wetting her head with the water in the basin, and combing her hair with a golden comb. She threw back her hair, and looking at the prince, said: ” You are welcome, sister’s son. What is on you? Is it the misfortune of the world that has brought you here?”

“It is not; I am going to Tubber Tintye for three bottles of water.”

“That is what you’ll never do; no man can cross the fiery river or go through the enchantments around Tubber Tintye. Stay here with me, and I’ll give you all I have.”

“No, I cannot stay, I must go on.”

“Well, you’ll be in your other aunt’s house tomorrow night, and she will tell you all.”

Next morning, when they were getting ready to take the road, the elder son of the queen of Erin was frightened at what he had heard, and said:

“I am sick; I cannot go farther.”

“Stop here where you are till I come back,” said the prince. Then he went on with the younger brother, till at sunset they came to a house where they saw a woman wetting her head from a golden basin, and combing her hair with a golden comb. She threw back her hair, looked at the prince, and said: “You are welcome, sister’s son! What brought you to this place? Was it the misfortune of the world that brought you to live under Druidic spells like me and my sisters?” This was the elder sister of the queen of the Lonesome Island.

“No,” said the prince; “I am going to Tubber Tintye for three bottles of water from the flaming well.”

“Oh, sister’s son, it’s a hard journey you ‘re on! But stay here to-night; to-morrow morning I’ll tell you all.”

In the morning the prince’s aunt said: “The queen of the Island of Tubber Tintye has an enormous castle, in which she lives. She has a countless army of giants, beasts, and monsters to guard the castle and the flaming well. There are thousands upon thousands of them, of every form and size. When they get drowsy, and sleep comes on them, they sleep for seven years without waking. The queen has twelve attendant maidens, who live in twelve chambers. She is in the thirteenth and innermost chamber herself. The queen and the maidens sleep during the same seven years as the giants and beasts. When the seven years are over, they all wake up, and none of them sleep again for seven other years. If any man could enter the castle during the seven years of sleep, he could do what he liked. But the island on which the castle stands is girt by a river of fire and surrounded by a belt of poison-trees.”

The aunt now blew on a horn, and all the birds of the air gathered around her from every place under the heavens, and she asked each in turn where it dwelt, and each told her; but none knew of the flaming well, till an old eagle said: ” I left Tubber Tintye to-day.”

“How are all the people there? ” asked the aunt.

“They are all asleep since yesterday morning,” answered the old eagle.

The aunt dismissed the birds; and turning to the prince, said, ” Here is a bridle for you. Go to the stables, shake the bridle, and put it on whatever horse runs out to meet you.”

Now the second son of the queen of Erin said:

“I am too sick to go farther.”

“Well, stay here till I come back,” said the prince, who took the bridle and went out.

The prince of the Lonesome Island stood in front of his aunt’s stables, shook the bridle, and out came a dirty, lean little shaggy horse.

“Sit on my back, son of the king of Erin and the queen of Lonesome Island,” said the little shaggy horse.

This was the first the prince had heard of his father. He had often wondered who he might be, but had never heard who he was before.

He mounted the horse, which said: ” Keep a firm grip now, for I shall clear the river of fire at a single bound, and pass the poison-trees; but if you touch any part of the trees, even with a thread of the clothing that’s on you, you’ll never eat another bite; and as I rush by the end of the castle of Tubber Tintye with the speed of the wind, you must spring from my back through an open window that is there; and if you don’t get in at the window, you ‘re done for. I’ll wait for you outside till you are ready to go back to Erin.”

The prince did as the little horse told him. They crossed the river of fire, escaped the touch of the poison-trees, and as the horse shot past the castle, the prince sprang through the open window, and came down safe and sound inside.

The whole place, enormous in extent, was filled with sleeping giants and monsters of sea and land, – great whales, long slippery eels, bears, and beasts of every form and kind. The prince passed through them and over them till he came to a great stairway. At the head of the stairway he went into a chamber, where he found the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, stretched on a couch asleep. ” I’II have nothing to say to you,” thought he, and went on to the next; and so he looked into twelve chambers. In each was a woman more beautiful than the one before. But when he reached the thirteenth chamber and opened the door, the flash of gold took the sight from his eyes. He stood a while till the sight came back, and then entered. In the great bright chamber was a golden couch, resting on wheels of gold. The wheels turned continually; the couch went round and round, never stopping night or day. On the couch lay the queen of Tubber Tintye; and if her twelve maidens were beautiful, they would not be beautiful if seen near her. At the foot of the couch was Tubber Tintye itself, – the well of fire. There was a golden cover upon the well, and it went around continually with the couch of the queen.

“Upon my word,” said the prince, “I’ll rest here a while.” And he went up on the couch, and never left it for six days and nights.

On the seventh morning he said, ” It is time for me now to leave this place.” So he came down and filled the three bottles with water from the flaming well. In the golden chamber was a table of gold, and on the table a leg of mutton with a loaf of bread; and if all the men in Erin were to eat for a twelvemonth from the table, the mutton and the bread would be in the same form after the eating as before.

The prince sat down, ate his fill of the loaf and the leg of mutton, and left them as he had found them. Then he rose up, took his three bottles, put them in his wallet, and was leaving the chamber, when he said to himself: “It would be a shame to go away without leaving something by which the queen may know who was here while she slept.” So he wrote a letter, saying that the son of the king of Erin and the queen of the Lonesome Island had spent six days and nights in the golden chamber of Tubber Tintye, had taken away three bottles of water from the flaming well, and had eaten from the table of gold. Putting this letter under the pillow of the queen, he went out, stood in the open window, sprang on the back of the lean and shaggy little horse, and passed the trees and the river unharmed.

When they were near his aunt’s house, the horse stopped, and said: ” Put your hand into my ear, and draw out of it a Druidic rod; then cut me into four quarters, and strike each quarter with the rod. Each one of them will become the son of a king, for four princes were enchanted and turned into the lean little shaggy horse that carried you to Tubber Tintye. When you have freed the four princes from this form you can free your two aunts from the spell that is on them, and take them with you to Lonesome Island.”

The prince did as the horse desired; and straightway four princes stood before him, and thanking him for what he had done, they departed at once, each to his own kingdom.

The prince removed the spell from his aunts, and, travelling with them and the two sons of the queen of Erin, all soon appeared at the castle of the king.

When they were near the door of their mother’s chamber, the elder of the two sons of the queen of Erin stepped up to the prince of Lonesome Island, snatched the three bottles from the wallet that he had at his side, and running up to his mother’s bed, said:

“Here, mother, are the three bottles of water which I brought you from Tubber Tintye.”

“Thank you, my son; you have saved my life,” said she.

The prince went on his bark and sailed away with his aunts to Lonesome Island, where he lived with his mother seven years.

When seven years were over, the queen of Tubber Tintye awoke from her sleep in the golden chamber; and with her the twelve maidens and all the giants, beasts, and monsters that slept in the great castle.

When the queen opened her eyes, she saw a boy about six years old playing by himself on the floor. He was very beautiful and bright, and he had gold on his forehead and silver on his poll. When she saw the child, she began to cry and wring her hands, and said: ” Some man has been here while I slept.”

Straightway she sent for her Seandallglic (old blind sage), told him about the child, and asked:

“What am I to do now?”

The old blind sage thought a while, and then said: “Whoever was here must be a hero; for the child has gold on his forehead and silver on his poll, and he never went from this place without leaving his name behind him. Let search be made, and we shall know who he was.”

Search was made, and at last they found the letter of the prince under the pillow of the couch. The queen was now glad, and proud of the child.

Next day she assembled all her forces, her giants and guards; and when she had them drawn up in line, the army was seven miles long from van to rear. The queen opened through the river of fire a safe way for the host, and led it on till she came to the castle of the king of Erin. She held all the land near the castle, so the king had the sea on one side, and the army of the queen of Tubber Tintye on the other, ready to destroy him and all that he had. The queen sent a herald for the king to come down.

“What are you going to do?” asked the king when he came to her tent. “I have had trouble enough in my life already, without having more of it now.”

“Find for me,” said the queen, “the man who came to my castle and entered the golden chamber of Tubber Tintye while I slept, or I’ll sweep you and all you have from the face of the earth.

The king of Erin called down his elder son, and asked: ” Did you enter the chamber of the queen of Tubber Tintye?”

“I did.”

“Go, then, and tell her so, and save us.”

He went; and when he told the queen, she said:

“If you entered my chamber, then mount my gray steed.”

He mounted the steed; and if he did, the steed rose in the air with a bound, hurled him off his back, in a moment, threw him on a rock, and dashed the brains out of his head.

The king called down his second son, who said that he had been in the golden chamber. Then he mounted the gray steed, which killed him as it had his brother.

Now the queen called the king again, and said:

“Unless you bring the man who entered my golden chamber while I slept, I ‘II not leave a sign of you or anything you have upon the face of the earth.”

Straightway the king sent a message to the queen of Lonesome Island, saying: ” Come to me with your son and your two sisters!”

The queen set out next morning, and at sunset she drew up her boat under the castle of the king of Erin. Glad were they to see her at the castle, for great dread was on all.

Next morning the king went down to the queen of Tubber Tintye, who said: “Bring me the man who entered my castle, or I’ll destroy you and all you have in Erin this day.”

The king went up to the castle; immediately the prince of Lonesome Island went to the queen.

“Are you the man who entered my castle?” asked she.

“I don’t know,” said the prince.

“Go up now on my gray steed! ” said the queen.

He sat on the gray steed, which rose under him into the sky. The prince stood on the back of the horse, and cut three times with his sword as he went up under the sun. When he came to the earth again, the queen of Tubber Tintye ran over to him, put his head on her bosom, and said:

“You are the man.”

Now she called the queen of Erin to her tent, and drawing from her own pocket a belt of silk, slender as a cord, she said: ” Put this on.”

The queen of Erin put it on, and then the queen of Tubber Tintye said: ” Tighten, belt! ” The belt tightened till the queen of Erin screamed with pain. “Now tell me,” said the queen of Tubber Tintye, “who was the father of your elder son.”

“The gardener,” said the queen of Erin.

Again the queen of Tubber Tintye said:

“Tighten, belt! ” The queen of Erin screamed worse than before; and she had good reason, for she was cut nearly in two. ” Now tell me who was the father of your second son.”

“The big brewer,” said the queen of Erin.

Said the queen of Tubber Tintye to the king of Erin: ” Get this woman dead.”

The king put down a big fire then, and when it was blazing high, he threw the wife in, and she was destroyed at once.

Now do you marry the queen of Lonesome Island, and my child will be grandchild to you and to her,” said the queen of Tubber Tintye.

This was done, and the queen of Lonesome Island became queen of Erin and lived in the castle by the sea. And the queen of Tubber Tintye married the prince of Lonesome Island, the champion who entered the golden chamber while she slept.

Now the king of Erin sent ten ships with messages to all the kings of the world, inviting them to come to the wedding of the queen of Tubber Tintye and his son, and to his own wedding with the queen of Lonesome Island.

The queen removed the Druidic spells from her giants, beasts, and monsters; then went home, and made the prince of Lonesome Island king of Tubber

What is missing from our modern age is that the Lady of Tubber Tintye types, the goddesses of our society have been destroyed by feminism.  The goal of such goddesses in tales such as this is to provoke in young men the ultimate prize.  To apply this story to the ZZ Top video above, the hero protagonist could have stopped and engaged in sexual delight with any of the previous women of the Lady’s chamber, but he held out until he discovered the ultimate prize.  However, along the way he witnessed many men had fallen for the women in the first few rooms—and those men were of lower quality.  They had failed in their quest—and settled.

The modern progressive approach to this problem because not all women can be of a quality like the Lady of Tubber Tintye is to make them equal to the guys in the first few rooms—the failed ones who settled too easily and quickly for sexual gratification.  If one were to break down the fundamental mentality of all progressive philosophy and how it directly applies to Common Core education, feminism, gay rights, and government statism—at the core of their approach is the destruction of such goddess symbols in our society.

The reason is that such women become matriarchs of their families and the destruction of family units are what progressives are after—so that the collective state will replace the matriarch and patriarch of the modern family.  By removing the Tubber Tintye type women from culture, statists take away the incentive for strong-willed men to proceed along looking for the perfect sexual experience.  By destroying the image of the goddess which most men yearn for—like the guy in the ZZ Top video—they force all men to settle with common women in the first few rooms with a kind of intellectual orgy arranged by progressives for their benefit.

I married a Lady of Tubber Tintye.  She made me work hard for the bliss of her spinning couch.  And because she did, I valued our relationship.  And because I valued that relationship, the products of that union, the children, the nieces, the nephews, the in-laws, all the aspects of it have increased value because of my raised awareness of their importance—again brought forth by the struggle to resist the temptation to pick women from the first couple of rooms—the common girls who were only booby traps to hold intellectual pursuits suppressed with a sexual ecstasy that is conciliatory—not ecstatic.  The tragedy is that not all women are qualified to be Lady’s of Tubber Tintye, just as all men are not qualified to be The Prince of Lonesome Island.  But all men and all women should strive to be—even if they fall short.  Because such struggles are what bring forth quality, higher quality people, higher quality relationships, and higher quality intellects.  Through the struggle of existence—in this case of the Prince of Lonesome Island to seeking three bottles of water from a sacred well at Tubber Tintye, we solve the problems of living life.

Stories like this Tubber Tintye story have a level of sophistication that is not present in our current society.  With all the tools available to the 21st Century human being—we are more asleep than ever, primarily because of the imposition that global politics has played through the progressive movement to redefine the roles that rest at the heart of social psychology.  The political and social progressive is attempting to recreate the human mind and they are failing.  The intention is to destroy the motive of individual achievement in favor of statism.  Young men are discouraged from attempting to win their Lady of Tubber Tintyes by removing through feminism women who are capable of raising the level of society through their goddess power.

A woman does not have to be beautiful in the classic sense to be a Lady of Tubber Tintye.  They may not have physical beauty.  However, what is in their heart must compensate, and many women fall into this category.  They may lack sexual prowess, but harness motherly care that husbands and children both yearn for.  They may not be as beautiful as the women in the ZZ Top video, but are beautiful in other ways that cannot be photographed.  For the sake of story, physical beauty is the proper metaphor for the kind of beauty that comes from such women.

I have yet to see an academic from any of the mainstream colleges, the Yale types, the Harvards, the Oxfords who can pass through a college professor gatekeeper an interpretation of that Tubber Tintye story without slanting it toward the modern interpretation of feminism as advanced through progressive theory.  Just as progressives have done with the gay rights dialogue, they have attempted to capture the message by redefining the words.  In the case of the Tubber Tintye story the definition of “goddess” has been changed by modern academia not to hold sexual superiority to men, and a boon to the world through phallic power achieved because of the desire to win a woman, but to make the woman the equalizer of all society—by making them equal to men.  The men as they enter the various chambers of the Lady of Tubber Tintye mostly fall victim to the women of the first twelve rooms.  They did not have the power in themselves to hold out until the last room where the golden lady resided.  Most of the time they are like the Queen of Erin’s sons—cowards conceived out of adulterous lust and shameless value.  This initiation process brought forth the trial and tribulations which allowed the young prince to solve the problems of his kingdom.  Under modern progressive interpretation, the message to all women is to be one of the girls in the first rooms so there is no ultimate goal at the end on a golden couch.  Make it easy for the men so they are all equal, and make it easy for all the other girls, since they are not goddesses, but only gate keepers to the ultimate prize.

Out of my hundreds of daily readers I am aware that only two or three will read this entire story—and understand what the purpose is.  But for those two or three, I do the work because it is extremely important to understand.  Without a firm understanding of these basic concepts, society will be destroyed and redefined by inferior minds built by the lazy good for nothings in the first few rooms of that ZZ Top video.  The video itself was clearly done by filmmakers aware of this Tubber Tintye story.  For commercial reasons it was done in a sexy way to entice viewers.  However, the reason the visuals work on a primal level for males, and females is that they understand the story of Tubber Tintye from an innate appreciation of such stories.  Most every young boy dreams of growing up and slaying dragons, and winning a woman like the one in the Tubber Tintye story.  From the ages of 1 to 12 they all have a chance of hitting it big time with such a woman.  However, once they begin to use sex as proof of their manhood they tend to make concessions and end up often with the kind of women in the first few rooms—airheads that look nice, but have little really going on behind the eyes. The men who jump at such women might find them in real society in brothels, escort services, strip joints, or ladder climbers at their places of business.  If they take on those kinds of girls they’ll never reach their own version of the Lady of Tubber Tintye at the end of the long hall in the 13th room.

The job of all women is to attempt to become a Lady of Tubber Tintye, and not to settle in their lives into being one of the try-out girls on the way snagging up all the weak-minded men.  The progressive movement is entirely about destroying the Lady of Tubber Tintye types so that no man has the option of one.  In such an absence, personal kingdoms collapse to the will of statism and government can rule every individual mind as the sex obsessed must cohabitate with all the would be Prince of Lonesome Island.  This story is my Christmas present to my readers—even though I know most people will not understand it.  I have to try.  Understanding this story is the key to the freedom movement and the proper restoration of the American family.  Understanding this story will destroy progressivism and restore health to all world cultures—if only people would accept the root definitions of the role women have to a man’s mind, and how important that role is to the preservation of mankind.  I’m not talking about a throwback to the times of the cowboy, or the 1950s, but the primal underpinnings of mythology that reside as far back as the first flicker of fire from an emerging Neanderthal.

If you are a woman, be the Lady of Tubber Tintye to your family.  If you are a man, be the Prince of Lonesome Island.  In the ZZ Top video, the protagonist is a modern Prince.  Be that guy—and you will not only save yourself, your future family, but all of humanity by avoiding the easy girls in the first rooms of temptation.    Save your energy for the Lady on the Golden Couch in the 13th room, because only she is worth the effort and that effort will save the world and everyone in it.  The Lady of Tubber Tintye is Ariel from the film The Litter Mermaid, she is Princess Leia from Star Wars, she is Christine from Phantom of the Opera—she is every major character in every major story in the history of all stories.  The Lady of Tubber Tintye is even Mia Wallace from the film Pulp Fiction—it doesn’t matter that she was a drug addict—she as the goddess who had the power to pull Vincent Vega into a place he had never considered going before.  She is the Virgin Mary who brought Jesus into the world, or depending on religious conviction, she is Mary Magdallen who served as inspiration to stand up to the Pharisees in the darkest of times prior to his conviction and execution.  Every major successful story has a Lady of Tubber Tintye—even in The Lord of the Rings where the female goddess image has been replaced metaphorically as The Shire, which is an actual place. Galadriel, Arwen, and Éowyn, serve as the typical goddess figures, Galadriel pulls the Hobbits together for the bravery needed for their quest, Arwen does the same for Aragorn and Eowyn performs this task for her entire kingdom ultimately saving her father from the treachery of Worm Tongue and the forces behind him.  But the female goddess of Tubber Tintye is the actual Shire for the purposes of plot.  All good stories have a Tubber Tintye character just as all good families do, and marriages.  Without some goddess figures in the lives of the men, everything perishes—plot, motivation—even the willpower to get out of bed in the morning.  Is it any wonder that so many young men cannot find the ambition to get up in the morning………..when sex is placed so easily before them in the first few rooms of their life—what is their to work for?  The answer is nothing.

Men and women are not equal.  They are different.  Men need women to provide intended focus.  Those who do not have women in their lives tend to drift through life unfocused and full of folly.  On the other hand, women will look for many years and wait patiently for their own version of the Prince of the Lonely Island.  Some go their entire lives continuing to look for him—even after they have long married and had children.  Social pressure often pushes them into the arms of men they marry to please their parents, but their hearts are seldom in it.  That was the story of Francesca Johnson from the novel The Bridges of Madison County which mysteriously sold over 50 million copies.  The story featured a four-day affair with the noble character Robert Kincaid after years of marriage to a good man—but a common farmer not worthy of her healing power on the golden couch—not willing to take water out of a flaming well for anybody so long as the crops were ready for the state fair.  More contemporarily, she is Anastasia “Ana” Steele the 21-year-old college senior attending Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington taming through sexual bondage the billionaire 27-year-old Christian Grey.  All those stories feature a goddess figure that heals the world through her love and power.  If that element is removed, the story falls flat nearly 100% of the time.  And the results are absolutely no different in real life—when a strong female is not driving quality in her relationships, the world falls apart.  She is different from men who do not have this power.  Men have the power to slay dragons and wage war with each other—but women provide the context for the value in it.  If the woman is corrupt, then the endeavor becomes corrupt.  If the woman is righteous, such as in the Lady of Tubber Tintye—there is goodness for all as a direct byproduct of her effort.

These things cannot be escaped from—they are the rules of life.  They cannot be willed from existence such as progressives hope to do with homosexual endorsements.  Men and women cannot be made equal with hope and prayers.  Such equality cannot be given through legislation.  The desire for the Ladies of Tubber Tintye is deep in the heart of all people everywhere.  It comes out in our oldest and newest stories and are legends for a reason.  Stories that do a good job at capturing the latest Tubber Tintye version make millions of dollars not because of some trick, but because these are the stories that people crave to see—as there is a truth in those stories that cannot be reached any other way.  The lesson, which is captured so eloquently in the ZZ Top “Legs” video, is that the message that still has the most power in our culture whether it be a movie, a song, or an ad for sunglasses—is the woman is the vehicle to reach some higher place.  Get a better job get a better woman.  Drive a better car, get a better woman.  Dress nicely, get approval from better women.  Put on cologne, and gain the attraction of better women.  Goddess figure women are the dominate drivers of culture from selling jeans to automobiles.  Advertisers who have experimented with more gender neutral images find that their sales plummet, because the world is driven by the image and promise of the Lady of Tubber Tintye.  Women do not function from the same mentality.  They know innately that they are trying to appeal to be that woman from the golden couch.  They get their nails done hoping their men will work to appeal to them, their hair, their ear rings, their perfume, their diets—all in a hope of finding a Prince of the Lonesome Island who will seek their well of flaming water.  If they are lucky women, they marry such Princes, but most don’t.  They instead become bitter hags, school levy supporters, progressive bitches and detriments to all humanity.  They spend billions of dollars a year to try to pretend they are Ladies of Tubber Tintye, but because of their poor decisions, are simply women of that first room—taken by the most impatient and weak men lacking the willpower to hold out for the best of the best—the woman on the Golden Couch spinning at the center of the world and the power that drives everything.

I could write a book about this topic and make a lot of money from it.  If I wanted to, I could probably take this act on the road and do speaking engagements on the topic.  But I offer it to those here with the gumption to read it for free.  It is my hope that you Dear Reader will take the time to read and study all this and learn from it.  If you do, the world can begin to solve some of its problems, and in the end—that’s all I want.

Rich Hoffman


Teacher Kelsey Hartmann from Huber Heights: Having sex with kids to keep a market edge

I knew there was a reason I always liked Darryl Parks from 700 WLW.  On his first Saturday show of December 2012 he offered an excellent reason why Kelsy Hartmann from Huber Heights—was caught  having sex with one of her 16-year-old students in her husband’s car while pretending to do some last-minute shopping on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  According to Kelsey’s latest evaluation she was an excellent teacher, leaving Darryl to conclude that Kelsey was simply doing what many other teachers have been doing in the competitive field of public education, and that is to personally reach out to their students to give them something unique that all the evolving education tools are doing better, such as the modern computer.  One thing that a computer can’t do for young students is have intercourse with them to keep their interests so during these very difficult times when school budgets are shrinking, and work forces are being reduced teachers like Kelsey have determined to stay on top of their students–quite literally.  Maestros de escuelas públicas de amor tener sexo con hombres jóvenes y chupar sus penes!  No wonder so many parents support public education for their needy young sons.  And no wonder so many students take to the streets to tear down the signs of tax opposition when school levies are attempted.  The young boys of public education know they can’t get sex this easy anywhere else but in their classrooms, so they defend their sexually charged teachers with a fury.  Check out the pictures of Kesley at Darryl’s blog posting, and then listen to his Saturday broadcast below.

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I think Darryl is right; Rosetta Stone software has changed the field of foreign language education.  In these modern times of 2012, it is rather easy to learn a foreign language should one wish to, completely invalidating the old archaic style performed in front of a classroom.  The two years of mandatory high school foreign language education is absolutely out of date—because the modern computer does a much better job than a traditional teacher.  So credit must be given to Kelsey and her barrage of other public school teachers and their labor unions all around Ohio who have tener mucho sexo con hombres jóvenes y tragar su semon en cantidades tales que los maestros beben su hombría por la taza con el café.  And we thought teachers were drinking coffee in the morning……………………..apparently not.

A computer can teach young students in high school better than just about any teacher in any course these days—math, science, history and especially foreign language. Since most people learn by visual stimulation, the computer is much better equipped to perform most of the modern education tasks with far superior results than the traditional teacher, and the computer is a lot cheaper on labor too.  But a computer will not steal the keys of her husband’s car and meet with students on the side of a road and have sex with them to keep their interest in public education like Kelsey and her other tri-state teachers will.  That is the one thing the computer cannot do better, and that is actually provide such “hands on” training.

So whenever a school levy is voted for, and support for public education is declared, think of the over the top and under the covers antics of many fine teachers like Kelsey Hartmann and how dedicated to their students they truly are—so much so that they are willing to stay on top of their students needs—literally.  Kelsey le encanta sentarse sobre el pene de sus alumnos en el asiento trasero de un coche.    Auuuuhhh…………….public education at its finest.

Rich Hoffman