The Hive Colony: Union Protests Ignore Rational Warnings

On this site are literally hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts not just from one host, but multiple hosts, and not always from the same station, although primarily from 700 WLW. Why? Well, I’ve been a “working man” all of my life. I’ve been on all sides of the labor issue, read many, many books and newspapers, but WLW has always been a good source of information. I’ve listened to WLW for three decades and most of the time they are right on. It’s not some right-winged conspiracy. They talk about the topics that people want to hear about, so if you want to know what society thinks about something, talk radio is a great finger on the pulse of modern civilization.

Listen below to Darryl Parks covering the S.B.5 Bill.

When these organized elements usually represented by unions and democrats express anger at talk radio, and Tea Party type people, they are showing their vast ignorance, and it is embarrassing to know those people actually vote. The reason I say that is they have an obligation to American Society to learn about the world around them, yet they don’t do it. They tend not to read books, or newspapers, unless its for the sports stats, and they are easily manipulated by corrupt union bosses that are bent in a socialist direction.

Tea Party types, conservatives, and people over the age of 30 unless they are working for a powerful public sector unions, tend to read other pages of the newspaper besides the sports page, they read books, they watch Fox News because Fox News represents their world outlook, and they probably listen to talk radio during part of their day.

I’m aware, because my stats show it, that there are thousands and thousands of people looking at this site every day, and half of those people agree with me, and the other half are scanning my work to see if they can poke holes in what I post. For those people I put up all these radio broadcasts and video. There are well over a thousand videos on this site and I’ve watched every single one of them at least once. I’ve read more books than a whole lawn full of protestors, and for the hundreds of thousands of words I’ve written here, I’ve researched millions of words to get to the content. So I have no sympathy for ignorance.

While these union protestors drive around listening to FM radio and following the current pop culture music trends, and watching popular TV shows like Two and a Half Men and laughing like fools at the adolescent humor of that show, they are ignoring the vast wealth of evidence that has emerged about the unsustainable path that America is on, and which they are participating in by practicing open extortion.

Many of my friends, some of them are seen in these pictures taken at the Rally at the State House on February 17, 2011, read a lot too. That’s why we’re friends because we enjoy learning things and we spend our spare time talking about the things we learn. My friends in the Tea Party are informed, speak for themselves, and are generally grounded people. The reason the Tea Party does not have a leader, is because that is not what the Tea Party is. America does not have leaders! The Tea Party does not have a leader!

Unions do. When I look at union leadership it disgusts me because it’s too much like a “hive” mentality. Europe functioned for centuries with that same type of “hive” mentality, where there’s a king or queen, then nobility, then the workers. Union members tend to behave just like bees. Watching the union protests in Columbus reminded me of my observations of a bee colony, only the bees are much, much harder working. But the social structure is similar as well as the mentality.

The Tea Party Movement has been born because the people that don’t think with a “hive” mentality have been getting “stung” for years by the working bee union types that just keep scooping up the nectar of tax money and “coughing” it up for the queen, or whoever is their union leader. That money has then been used to buy political power that works against those original tax payers, so many of us have caught on to the scam.

American society was never intended to be a “hive” of any kind. It was supposed to be as the Tea Party is taking things, which is a society of individuals free of any queens or kings or leaders that are drunk on power.

That’s where the ignorance from those who love the “hive” mentality are perplexed, and call the Tea Party a bunch of “Tea Baggers.” They wonder how a leaderless society could function. Who initiates policy, creates law, and protects the poor?

Self-reliance is a gift we give ourselves. It’s the best feeling in the world in fact, to do for yourself and if you have something left over to help your neighbor, kids or friends. Leaders are not needed because there is a right way to do things and there is a wrong way to do things. If you know the difference, you don’t need someone to instruct you. If everyone does the right thing, like what you see in the Tea Party Movement, where everyone is generally good, non-violent, avid readers and up-to-date on current events, they might even be committed to a religion so they are spiritually grounded. What sets them apart from everyone else is that they know the difference between right and wrong, and they don’t need government to instruct them how to behave.

The welfare culture however took our nation into a “hive” like civilization and it weakened the sociology of America, much to the disgust of lovers of self-reliance. But because self-reliant people are good, and non-violent, they took a back seat.

For decades, and decades these “hive” lovers continued to ask for more, and more to where we currently are, and that’s financially strained. I can speak for myself, and I know my thoughts are shared by thousands of others, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of corruption. I’m sick of being lied to in politics. I’m tired of Public Relations Firms spinning situations against the tax payers. I’m completely sick of knowing more than the people around me and allowing the “hive” to rule, because they don’t know what they’re doing.

So the Tea Party isn’t going away folks. If you are one of those “hive” workers, I’d advise you to use this site to your advantage. Listen to the radio broadcasts, read the material, watch the videos. I put them here to help you learn how to be self-reliant. I’m offering to help you break away from a “hive” mentality to save you from yourself. You’d be advised to use the material to your advantage.

But if you want to continue to be in the “hive” because you think there’s safety in numbers, you are betting on the wrong horse.

Let me put it this way. If you saw a colony of bees building a hive on the corner of your house what would you do about it? You’d knock it down so it wouldn’t have the opportunity to sting you or your family. It’s not the bees fault though. They are just trying to live their lives and their commitment to their queen. Suddenly you come along and knock down their hive and everything they’ve worked for is destroyed, and they’ll want to sting you, of course. But you, as owner of the home, and caretakers of your family can’t allow the bees to sting your family. So you may feel bad about it, but you’d have to destroy the hive to protect your family.

That’s where we are in America. We cannot let the “hives” that have built their colonies on the house of our Constitution to continue. The humane thing is to help them become self-reliant people so they can survive on their own merits. But the hive is coming down, and there won’t be any queen bees in America’s future. We’ve given the hive a chance to live peacefully with the rest of American society and they always try to take over the house and sting anyone that gets too close. And it has to stop.

The first step to removing the hive is to remove the nectar that feeds it, and that’s tax money.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Warrior of the Week: Senator Shannon Jones

With the introduction of Senate Bill 5 last week and the debate that will ensue during the week of Valentines Day as spring time weather provides some much-needed relief from what has been a brutal winter, an important step in the history of Ohio is underway.

The beginning of the end regarding collective bargaining, a law that has crippled the state since it’s inception in 1983, Ohio has a fighting chance of getting the states finances under control, and the responsibility of that epic move falls on the shoulders of Senator Shannon Jones, who sponsored that controversial bill, and because of that bold act, it has earned her Warrior of the Week.

Listen to Senator Jones explain the bill to Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. But after her interview, stick around and listen to the rest of the program because several union leaders called in to reveal their strategy, a strategy that worked well for print media and television, but it falls apart under the scrutiny of talk radio. This provoked me to call in at the end of the program to set some things straight about the bill, which had been distorted by the emotional testimony of union leaders.

Talk radio, and professionals like Doc Thompson who read several papers a day, watches countless hours of C-Span, browses every relevant article on the internet, and spends three hours a day actually talking to people and is not easily fooled by such shallow tag words as, “it’s for the kids,” or “it’s all about safety,” will argue the facts for hours, which is to the detriment of those protectionists of the status quo, because their arguments cannot support facts, only emotion. The frustration of the union leaders is understandable. This is a scary time for them and nobody wants to see them scared. But we need to put control of management issues back in control of management, and not allow tag lines to make management the enemy just to protect collective bargaining agreements.

My point all along in defending the levy requests at Lakota is that the greed of unions to implement “step increases” did not show responsibility on their part, and are in fact driving up teaching contracts in a manner that school boards cannot control their costs. S.B.5 gives school boards the ability to eliminate those increases, and if the current board members won’t do it, members of the community can elect representatives that will do the job as it needs to be done. No longer will local cost increases be out of the control of local administration.

That’s why Senate Bill 5 is one of the boldest legislative moves ever to hit the state house of Ohio. And that’s why Senator Shannon Jones deserves to be commended for her courage, and ability to gaze into the future and be proactive for a change, instead of the typical reactivity that we’ve been accustomed to in elected officials.

It is sad to see so many union workers upset, but their behavior is only relative to the artificial security they’ve been afforded as public workers that society can’t, and never could afford. Competition is scary, but does provide the best results, and for society to get its best value for tax dollars spent, we need more freedom on allocating funds so obtaining those funds is a reward, not an expectation.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Progress Ohio Spin Machine Calls Senate Bill 5 Anti-Worker.

The following is from the Progress Ohio website, including the pictures. I will provide a short commentary afterward. I put it here in its entirety so more people can see how these types of people spin issues to suit their needs.  But one thing to notice as you read this, look how they assume that the reader of their comments are not very intelligent.  People who read a lot will notice right away the demeaning nature of the sentence structures.  But the members of these “public worker organizations” are typically not very motivated, and tend not to educate themselves with books.  They let “leaders” do their thinking for them.  So the press releases end up sounding like some trible council order from the village chief.   And anybody who understands the nature of the United States and it’s people, we don’t like to live in villages, and we don’t want leaders.  We want to lead ourselves.  Only the very lazy crave to surrender their freedom for the security of a “leader.”

COLUMBUS, OHIO – An overflow crowd of over 800 concerned Ohioans packed the halls of the Ohio Statehouse today in opposition of Senate Bill 5, a job-killing, anti-worker bill that would silence the voice of Ohio’s public servants. If passed by the Ohio legislature, Senate Bill 5 would eliminate collective bargaining for Ohio’s public employees and make it more difficult to attract and retain quality staff.

“Today, Senator Shannon Jones and her anti-worker allies jump-started their job-killing vendetta against Ohio’s middle class,” said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199 which represents over 9,000 public sector workers in Ohio. “Reducing government, cutting taxes for the rich, and taking rights away from workers might sound good to Jones, but when you talk about taking safety forces off of our streets, educators out of our communities and leaving criminals unsupervised in our towns – it’s just not practical.”

While working under the misrepresented premise of “transparency” and “reducing the size and scope of government,” Jones openly admits that there will be no direct financial benefit to the taxpayers after her exhaustive one-year research of collective bargaining. To the contrary, a report published by Policy Matters Ohio found that “allowing public sector workers to bargain collectively reduces labor strife, reduce the likelihood of strikes and can lead to better training and higher productivity for public sector workers.”


This type of rhetoric is dangerous, and extremely misleading.  Their use of terminology such as Anti-worker and the such are manipulations of the basic facts.  I know many hard-working people who routinely work circles around public workers as far as quality and it angers me greatly to hear that union represented workers are “working families.”  It’s that kind of discussion that has created our bankrupt conditions that began 27 years ago. 

There will be a lot more on this later as the facts come in.  You can read more details from me that I’ve written so far at this link.

Notice how many people showed up for this event.  Those are your working families.  The reason their voices get heard and the “real” working families get ignored are because the real workers are working.  These people are just paid lobbyists.  Groups like the OEA, Progress Ohio and many others have their members take off work to participate in these lobby events, and that’s how things became so messed up to begin with. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Sexy Senate Seduction of S.B.5: An introduction to collective bargaining reform in Ohio

What’s better than sex?  I’m talking about the kind of sex that people fantasize about in their deepest darkest secrets. It’s Senate Bill 5 otherwise known as SB5

Oh yes, SB5 is one of the most exotic, sexy pieces of legislation ever to grace paper and to come from the lips of a State Senator Shannon Jones. The dialogue and beauty of the text is enough to turn the coldest heart into a lavish, promiscuous, insidious romantic.

So what is this salacious document that I’m speaking so highly of? It’s the first, most aggressive legislation since the infamous 1983 act in favor of collective bargaining implementation, to be enacted in an attempt to stop the bleeding that public employees represented by unions are imposing on tax payers. For more than 27 years this law has remained unchanged and has strangled the State of Ohio in being able to create a positive business atmosphere that will attract business and bring jobs to Ohio. The organizations that stand behind the collective bargaining law of 1983 have little understanding of business and have over those 27 years helped create a complex puzzle that is straining the states pension system and a host of other labor related issues.

This bill is proposed by Senator Shannon Jones of Clearcreek Twp of the 7th District has the direct support of Governor Kasich and will take a major step in the direction of solving that puzzle by taking off the shackles that are draining the tax revenue flowing to the state from the caretakers of Ohio, the tax payers.

Listen to this guy. He’s why we need SB5. It’s people like him that go to those collective bargining rallies.

Among the many items in the bill the primary reforms are:

• Eliminates collective bargaining for state employees and employees of higher education institutions
• Existing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) covering those employees expire according to their terms
• Eliminates salary schedules and step increases and replaces them with a merit pay system
• Eliminates continuing contracts for teachers after the bill’s effective date
• Eliminates teacher leave policies in statute and requires local school boards to determine leave time
• Eliminates seniority as a sole criterion for Reductions In Force (RIFs)
• Removes healthcare from bargaining and instead permits school boards to govern healthcare benefit plans for employees
• Requires employees to pay at least 20% of their healthcare costs
• Allows public employers to hire permanent replacement workers during a strike
• Limits bargaining for local government employees (including school districts) to issues of wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment
• Eliminates binding arbitration for police and fire
• Abolishes the School Employee Healthcare Board
• Prohibits school districts from picking up any portion of the employee’s contribution to the pension system
• Allows a public employer in “fiscal emergency” to serve notice to terminate, modify or negotiate a CBA
While much of this bill will focus on the state, it will immediately bring transparency to localities. No longer will local school boards be able to blame the state for policies created and imposed on the districts. Step increases by teachers will now be considered raises, as they should be and school boards will be given much more independence on solving their own problems. Immediately SB5 will make changes to teacher’s contracts and benefits:
• S.B.5 eliminates new continuing, contracts after the bill’s effective date.
• The bill eliminates teacher leave polices from statute and instead requires local boards of education to establish general leave policies for employees who are not covered by a CBA.
• The bill abolishes the School Employee Health Care board and instead permits boards of education to govern health care benefits for employees.

For all these reasons and more SB5 is a bold bill that has the kind of power to seduce business back to Ohio and once again make attractive enterprise not only in bringing jobs back to the state, but to reduce the impact of the syndicate style unions that feed directly off tax payer funds, particularly in education, and allows the money to go where it’s needed. Such a step has been needed for many years but lacked legislators and a governor with the kind of courage needed to implement it.

But like any great romance, there is always a jealous lover, the overly dependent jealous spouse that lives like a leech off the life it professes to love. Below is the press release from just such a jealous, over imposing leech of the state, the OEA. They quickly seek support from their members to attempt to strong arm the bold legislative movement occurring in Columbus. Read for yourself their words and bullet points below.


For Immediate Release
Contact: Michele Prater
614-227-3071; cell 614-378-0469
Ohio Education Association opposes Senate Bill Five
Legislation will weaken public service to Ohio’s children
February 9, 2011
(Columbus) – The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is gravely concerned that the Ohio Senate is not making Ohio’s children a priority. In a tough economy and facing a major budget deficit, Ohio must focus on the essentials, and nothing is more essential than giving our children a quality education that prepares them for good jobs.
Sen. Shannon Jones’ legislation, Senate Bill 5 (SB 5), proposes to drastically curtail collective bargaining rights, ban public employee strikes, end collectively bargained salary schedules for public employees. SB 5 targets all state workers and all Ohio higher education employees, including OEA members at Columbus State, Youngstown State and other public colleges and community colleges, as well as OEA’s State Council of Professional Educators (SCOPE) bargaining unit whose members educate incarcerated adults and youths.
OEA believes collective bargaining helps educators pursue the classroom conditions, tools and support that contribute to the kind of high quality 21st century education essential to preparing students for jobs and successful careers.
Collective bargaining is a problem solving tool that shapes working conditions and improves learning conditions. Since 1983, Ohio’s collective bargaining law has created a framework that has made strikes rare and short in duration. OEA affiliates negotiate effectively to avoid strikes and disruption for student learning.
Senate Bill 5 serves to weaken Ohio’s entire middle class. Rather than creating jobs in Ohio, this legislation will hurt local communities stifling job growth.

OEA’s asks you to remember that:
• Collective bargaining allows educators a voice in improving opportunities for Ohio’s students, better classroom resources and improved teaching and learning conditions
• Teachers know best what’s needed to improve student learning , and collective bargaining gives them the opportunity to focus on teaching rather than time consuming employment issues
• Educators, like all public employees, are an integral part of the fabric of Ohio’s communities. Senate Bill 5 weakens Ohio. Rather than creating jobs, this legislation will hurt local communities, reversing Ohio’s positive economic outlook
• Ohio’s collective bargaining law has created a framework for problem-solving that has made strikes rare. OEA affiliates negotiate effectively to avoid disruption for student learning
• In a tough economy, with Ohio facing a major budget deficit, we must focus on the essentials. Nothing is more essential than giving our children a quality education that prepares them for good jobs.

I have heard in the course of my involvement in education reform virtually every one of those bullet points provided above. They use words like “weaken” and “children” and “hurt” as an attempt to stir up the thoughtless escapades of their followers who will repeat those same lines to the papers and other news organizations. However, the architects of those words have zero experience in creating jobs and creating prosperity. All they have experience in is feeding off society and convincing them that their services are so central to the jobs they are employed by that their reality can’t see the truth. But they have to believe it before they can convince taxpayers how important they are. What they don’t understand is that the regulations they have brought to the State of Ohio have only increased in the last 27 years and the monster they’ve created shows no sign of getting smaller. Under the path of collective bargaining, that monster will require more and more tax money until the system will collapse under the weight of their impositions.

There isn’t a successful formula for collective bargaining in the entire world that has sustained itself over time. The attempts tried have everywhere proved dismal failures, and under SB5 our state government has taken the first bold step to get the state healthy again. The rhetoric of the shallow rooted, selfish protectionists of the status quo will continue to rant the statements similar to the OEA Press Release. But none of them have a real plan. They are scrambling instead to find a way to keep the ponzi schemes going just a little longer because the tragedy for them is that they built their whole lives around those ponzi schemes, and it’s evident now that they won’t get out of the scheme what they invested.

For the rest of us, that chose to work outside that insidious system, and work for ourselves, or companies not tied to collective bargaining, our investment in long term longevity over short term gain proved the wise path. And it is our strategy that must be passed on to the rest of the state for the state’s health and future fortune.

Like all good love-making, sex is best when not rooted in selfish aims, but the mutual benefit of both partners. And the good lover knows what their partner needs even if the partner is obscure to the fact. So the sex is best when not done for the benefit of the giver, but for the receiver.

And that’s why this bill is so sexy. It’s what’s needed even when all parties aren’t aware that they need it. When the bill SB5 is thrust forward into the canvas of Ohio History much to the dismay of the intended object, the real impact will be felt only when selfishness flees the proceedings and both parties work together for mutual bliss.

They’ll thank you later………………..

But as many of you reading this know, sex is not good when third parties are involved and act as agents and matchmakers. That has been the role of collective bargaining in the State of Ohio. And that’s why we need to bypass the matchmakers and head straight for the bed.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior