‘Stand Your Ground’ in Ohio: Remember the Antifa kid, Connor Betts?

With all the discussion in Ohio about getting Stand your Ground laws put on the books before something really bad happens and good people end up going to jail for protecting themselves in all the ways that government has failed them, we need to go back in time now knowing what we do and review the Connor Betts case. Remember that guy, the Antifa shooter who shot up a nightspot in Dayton a few years ago, who had an obsession with violence and mass shootings and wanted to do his part to advance leftist causes, even as a sacrifice of himself? Well, what wasn’t reported when the newly elected Governor Mike DeWine cozied up with the mayor of Dayton—who is a oozing liberal, and wanted to go the opposite way with gun control—by becoming more restrictive. DeWine like he did with Covid-19 listened to all the big government liberal types then and it took the emphasis off who the shooter really was all along, and the subject matter became more restrictive gun ownership measures instead of an analysis of what was making these young kids think they could become mass shooters to invoke social change. Who gave them that idea? Instead, Mike DeWine fell for the Democrat platform and wanted more restrictive gun measures making Stand your Ground a much higher hill to climb.

Mike Cernovich did a good job collecting information on the Antifa kid, Connor Betts and by clicking on the Tweets from Mike, you can see that through the research into the shooter, that Betts was inspired by many media personalities especially Ben Collins at NBC. People like me pointed it out back then, that the mass school shootings and other public assassinations by radicalized young men were from the political left and were instigated by media personalities to do the bidding that Democrats have been hoping for, to drive far-left political objectives through terrorism, which was precisely what Connor Betts was willing to play a role in. That whole year of 2019 was in fact a kind of planned attack by media personalities fanning the flames to trigger among their fan base some lunatic like Betts to provoke violence and terrorize average people into giving away more of their rights. It should also be noted that all these young mass shooters were avid drug users, especially of marijuana making their minds easy to overcome with liberal passions as logic was driven from their minds by intoxication. Even knowing the facts, the media never went into details about what kind of person Betts was, or what might have motivated him to kill so many people. The only thing that anybody wanted to do a story on was for more gun control. And Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine fell for it, just as he did later for the whole Covid-19 scam. Being something of a closet liberal, DeWine has a soft spot for alarmist leftists, first with the Dayton mayor, later with Amy Acton, and it corrupts their judgments making all of us much more unsafe in the transition.

Now its not hard to see how such liberal media personalities working closely with Democrat politicians can provoke radicalized young kids in Antifa into doing their dirty work for them. We saw the crowd reaction to the movie, ‘Joker’ where Antifa riots were glorified in a very romantic fashion which was almost a recruiting film for Antifa established to do just what they are doing now, terrorizing the streets of our cities and hunting down and killing white males all in the light of day with a free pass from the media. Kids like Connor Betts were test samples of their larger strategy of insurrection. Democrats know they can’t win a straight up election against President Trump, a president truly picked by a free people, so they have turned to violence which has now culminated into an actual military strategy, that was in its infancy when Connor Betts killed in a mass shooting all those innocent people in Dayton. It wasn’t the behavior that was attacked in the media, it was the gun. Just as its not the behavior of the Antifa mobs, and the Black Lives Matters Marxists who are openly vandalizing our streets and threatening everyone who doesn’t agree with them with violence including people leaving the White House on the last night of the Republican Convention. To leave under such tight security they literally had to run a gauntlet of violence being spit on and harassed with threats to their own lives. Yet we are supposed to accept that because Connor Betts killed people, we are supposed to give up our guns and trust the people who have unleashed these mobs on the streets with our very lives? Yes, that’s what they want you to believe.

Connor Betts was a test case; these people know what they are doing. They are aware of the power they have in the media and they are using these disturbed kids to do their dirty work for them. There are a lot of Connor Betts types out there including the killer of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon over this past weekend. Rioters have been provoking in favor of violence for months holding downtown Portland hostage against the will of free people. When Trump supporters decided to gather and protest the protestors, one of them was hunted down viciously in the street and assassinated by Antifa—a stupid young kid just like Connor Betts. Kids who have had their minds destroyed by public education, radical NBC news people like Ben Collins, and many like him, and politicians who use their young stupidity to support the Marxist mantra, “the end justifies the means.” We are not talking about people who want peace, they want war, and they want to take those of us who are law abiding, and tie us up with ropes of our own goodness, and then they want to kill us all for their revolution. That is what we are dealing with.

All that was too big for Mike DeWine’s mind, he thought he was playing with people who would honor the rules, and that if he cozied up to the Dayton mayor, that he would show a desire to work in a bi-partisan manner on gun control. But all the liberals want is for good people to be unarmed so they are free to terrorize us all, unmolested. They are the modern version of the classic film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’—a great book too by the way—where the youth are coddled into being molesters of goodness out of a masochists society’s guilt from not being good enough parents to prevent the menace. And if we don’t do anything, society will fail, which the Democrats clearly want. They want western civilization to perish and for the East to take over with communism. That is not a new plan, its as old as communism itself. Global domination was always their plan and the Democrats want China to lead the way. And literally, the only defense we have from it, since we can see we can’t trust government to do anything right, is for each person who wants to be free to be a gun owner and to be protected from legal persecution the Stand your Ground proposals that are now gaining in popularity and not a moment too soon. These thugs are coming for us, and we need to be able to defend ourselves in Ohio especially. We can’t accept a duty to retreat as logical law anymore. Because there is nowhere to retreat to when they come to your doorstep. And there are a lot of young terrorists like Connor Betts watching TV, reading tweets from radical media personalities and listening to communist politicians who are ready to attack, and they will chase us all until we defend ourselves with force. They understand no other language.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Mike DeWine has Created in Ohio a Dangerious Situation: Why Stand your Ground legislation led by George Lang is the only way out

George Lang is one of the biggest advocates of gun rights in Ohio, without question. But he’s not stupid, he knows that the first thing Ohio needs for a good economy is jobs, so he has a really monumental focus as a legislator on his Business First, Small Business Caucus in Columbus, which is gaining momentum even as Covid-19 under the guidance of Governor Mike DeWine has destroyed much of the economic gains made recently. George understands that people need jobs and the best way to get those jobs is through small business, so its his plan to make business investment into Ohio conducive to investors—because that’s where everything starts. From a good, successful life, people then can acquire property and it is there that the needs for “stand your ground” laws need to be strengthened as a natural extension of the business first process. Recently, Stand Your Ground legislation was re-introduced in the Ohio House where George Lang was the chairman of the bill’s committee where several opponents came forward to speak against it within a 24-hour notification period. For the news, that was a big story because outside the Statehouse were protests guided by Black Lives Matter, and Antifa who truly want to destabilize the natural order of things. And still daily are the antics of Mike DeWine who has made Ohio a much more dangerous place by the day by bending the knee to lawlessness and the fearful antics of Covid-19.

There was a lot of controversy about George Lang stating during the primary that he didn’t want to do the heavy lifting on a gun bill supporting Stand Your Ground, because for him that is putting the cart before the horse. There needs to be a vibrant economy and that is the first need we have in Ohio for pro-growth in the future. His rival in the primary, Candice Keller sponsored a strong Stand Your Ground effort that saw a lot of support from the gun rights community, but it was introduced on the same day that Governor DeWine put out his own legislative suggestions to go the exact other way, to support the gun grabbers using the Dayton shooting last year as a platform to create more restrictive gun laws. So the Keller bill had no chance in that emotional climate. And that was the excuse given when George did act as chairman of this new Stand Your Ground effort, that the climate was wrong, people were still scared over Covid-19, which was the direct fault of Governor DeWine, and now there were riots in Columbus defacing the Statehouse nearly every night, which again was the fault of the Republican Governor Mike DeWine. The problem is that we thought of DeWine as a Republican, but he is anti-gun, he is pro-abortion because he picked Amy Acton as his Director of Health who was an Obama activist, and he has behaved like a typical Blue State legislator on a wide range of topics from taxation, to health care. The result of all these failures has made Ohio a much more destabilized place to live and empowered the rioters making gun legislation like Stand Your Ground much more needed to attract business investment back to Ohio. So that is the story of how George came to be the chairman of that committee. He’d like to think about other things, but really, there isn’t anybody else who will stand up for individual rights who have the political horsepower of Lang in Columbus. There are the usual legislators who punch first and talk second, but something like this needs the touch of George Lang to build up support, so he has stepped up to provide that leadership.

The trouble is there is never a good time to deal with Stand Your Ground. Somebody is always going to be angry at something. It is part of the strategy of chaos to keep us all on our heels so that we can never talk about the real things we need to discuss. The victimization groups always want to think of everything as below the line, so there will never be a good time to defend bills strengthening Stand Your Ground. The activists against gun rights are the same people who want to steal from our businesses and have chaos in the streets which we can all now say we are seeing in live time. We have seen what happens when we get a governor who is weak on law and order, and is willing to bend the knee to the mob, and now we see when there are efforts to defund the police, that there may not be anybody to answer a 911 call. So what are we supposed to do? The day is coming where it will only be the personal use of guns that will keep any semblance of order on our streets.

Stand Your Ground is important as a basic legal philosophy, which would put gun rights in proper alignment with the Ohio Constitution #4 of Article I: The Bill of Rights written in 1851. Its not an outdated notion, no more than any passage of the Bible is outdated in respect to the Ten Commandments. The wording in the Ohio Constitution is as such, Bearing Arms; Standing Armies; Military Power—“The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security; but standing armies, in times of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and shall not be kept up; and the military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.” Its pretty clear and no activist Supreme Court Judge can make case law otherwise, even though they have tried. As it stands now, case law says that there is a duty to retreat in an engagement. That is how Mike DeWine has approached Covid-19 and the radical protestors, and the Ohio Statehouse is the evidence of that failure. And our economy is evidence of DeWine’s subjugation to Marxist health “experts” by hiding in our homes until the virus goes away, which has destroyed our economy. In both cases, DeWine’s approach to trouble has led to failure, so that is why Stand Your Ground is being discussed once again, and it needs to be, and needs to be passed. Because in the world of George Lang, and every other state rep in Columbus who cares about business investment in Ohio, guns create a platform of law and order when government fails to create that stabilized consistency.

Mike DeWine’s idea of gun control is the same as his position on riots and Covid-19, to retreat, to bend the knee, and to beg for the bad guys to yield. And we see where that has taken us as a state. Under that climate a business investor would be crazy to look at Ohio and all its government interference, and placating of mobs as a place to bring their jobs and efforts. So that is the reason that Stand Your Ground is important. It brings the Ohio Constitution back to the condition it should be, which gives investors the reassurance they need to re-invest in Ohio after Mike DeWine destroyed the efforts of decades to build trust with the business community within a few short months of failure over Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter protests. To appease any mob of people with the promise to bend the knee to the aggressors, DeWine has made Ohio a much more dangerous place and people will have to defend themselves as a result. And that failure has really harmed the efforts of George Lang to create a business-friendly climate in Ohio, so its no wonder he chaired that Stand Your Ground effort. But it will take more than him to defend the Ohio Constitution especially as it relates to gun rights. And for that, we have a tough fight ahead, but one that will make or break us as a state, and that’s no light matter.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Stand Your Ground in Ohio: There is never a “duty to retreat,” the law is wrong

It tells you all you need to know about gun control, especially in states like Ohio where gun rights are very explicitly covered in its own Constitution, that all subsequent gun legislation has been designed to drive people toward more government central authority and not the individual rights guns protect. And that is certainly true of the liberal resistance, even by the current Republican governor of all forms of “stand your ground” laws that move through the legislature. There is another attempt at this now floating around Columbus, Ohio by lawmakers and the debate that it has spawned has been predictable. But for me, it is simply the legislature that is trying to catch up to the reality and intent of the original Constitution. This “duty to retreat” stuff is completely wrong. When assaulted with a threat, no human being has a duty to retreat, under any circumstance just to protect some hippie view of some collective existence being more important than individual ownership and the maintenance of private property.

Listening to the current crop of Democrats and open socialists running for president, all who support gun control and therefor the destruction of individual rights in favor of group affiliations, it makes me sick to think that we paid a lot of money for their educations only to have them grow up and become……that. Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere in the presidential election, but he’s been in the top job and knows better, yet when he talks about restricting gun magazines that can feed a gun in a firefight, he is way off his rocker. Citizens can’t have inferior weaponry to the state-controlled military. Who controls a potential out of control military if the wrong people are running things from the White House? People have to be able to stand up to corruption and abuse of power, and you can’t be shooting BB guns when they come knocking on your door to confiscate your property because they want it, or to throw you in jail because you are representing the wrong political party. (Roger Stone)

Our military and police are not a one stop shop of honor and protection. They must ultimately be managed by the people who pay them, and if the power goes to their heads and they are the ones with all the heavy weapons, silencers, and high capacity magazines, then they have leverage over the population and that is not their job. And when politicians fail us, such as they did during the Trump election, someone must have the power to keep them in check. No matter what anybody thinks of Donald Trump, his election revealed massive corruption at the top of the food chain, particularly among the Democrat Party and their scandals planted in Ukraine for their own enrichment. It goes far beyond Joe Biden. When the FBI is willing to edit FISA warrants and use the law for their own political desires, they will do anything else to harm private citizens and it is for that reason that any law in any state has a duty to retreat, to give the bad guys the advantage over the good, pure and simple. We know that we can’t trust government. We need government to manage affairs, but we know the power goes to their heads often, and we need to defend ourselves when it does.

In one of my published works, The Symposium of Justice the book starts out by the police letting a rapist out of jail to go after a young girl in the community. The police have a levy on the ballot for more money so they want to remind people how much the police are needed by letting a rapist out of jail and driving him by the home of a young teenage girl to “nudge” him into making her into a target that will ultimately panic the public into voting for more police funds. Just short of the attack a vigilant shows up and beats the rapist up to near death ruining the plans the police had and saving the girl from disgrace. A lot of people who have read my book think all that sounded like fiction and conspiracy theory dribble, but I can report that the entire first scene, including the vigilante action is nearly biographical and based on my own experience with the police department in Mason, Ohio while I was raising my family there and we became complicated with a marijuana distribution ring that the police were protecting, going all the way up to the mayor at the time. So don’t ever tell me I have some moral obligation to “retreat” when threatened. If you know how the game works you have a right and duty to justice to stand your ground, and nothing else. That is why my book was called The Symposium of Justice, because it was a look at what justice really is as opposed to what political tides want it to be.

American society and the culture of Ohio as a state shouldn’t not have anywhere in any of its laws a duty to retreat from a threat leaving action to the authorities. We shouldn’t give power to politically motivated prosecutors and loser lawyers to prosecute individuals who protect themselves and others with a gun, there are far more dangerous crimes out there to worry about. But to allow guns to be villains because they give power to individuals is the wrong sentiment and has no place written or implied in law. Rather, the key to a great society is when individuals can protect what they build and work for when danger comes to alter their momentum. For instance, if a businessman is taking his wife out for a nice dinner and they pull up somewhere for leisure and a robber is looking to enrich themselves at the expense of the couple, the businessman should be able to shoot the bandit dead on the spot without question, then continue their night of enjoyment unhindered. The businessman and his wife should not be subjected to embarrassment and plunder while the authorities waste countless amounts of tax dollars tracking down the villain, especially if it is found out that the businessman is a political contributor to a rival party and the bandit was sent to embarrass the businessman and force him down into a hole to hide in with disgrace from being robbed. This happens more than people are willing to admit. But regardless, its not the job of the robbed to retreat. That is just ridiculous.

There should never be in any legal writing any right to retreat, it goes against the very nature of a good society itself. Such a thing only helps the ill intent of villains, never the good people that are just trying to live their lives. The intent of such a law is to attempt to regulate good behavior to the words on a page and the promise of an oath to God, and these days, neither mean much to the villains of our society. But the barrel of a gun does, and it is that which truly keeps our world good and peaceful. Every person has a right to stand their ground, and nothing else, under no other pretense. Especially in Ohio!

Rich Hoffman

House Bill 228: No more singing in the rain for bad guys

I am extremely proud of the current congress in Ohio as the gavel dropped in the affirmative on House Bill 228. I wasn’t too excited at first as several people were quick to let me know that the vote had been taken and passed as it happened. My response to them all was that we still had a liberal governor in Kasich so he’d veto it. The bill would arrive dead essentially. But over the last couple of days many from Columbus told me much better news, that they fully expected Kasich to veto Ohio’s new Stand Your Ground law, but that they had the votes to override the veto. Now that became an entirely different matter all together and the fact that the Ohio congress acted so boldly at the end of the session spoke a lot about what’s to come for the positive. Stand Your Ground laws are needed everywhere and they reinforce the Second Amendment in ways the Bill of Rights was always philosophically designed. I consider The Anti Federalist Papers and the Federalist Papers to be some of the most joyous reading I’ve ever done in my life and there can be no understanding of American Constitutional law without accepting that the paramount epoxy of a proper structured society is the decentralization of law enforcement using the gun as the symbol of order. And for Ohio to take that proper step in making Stand Your Ground legislation the law of the land the state takes that critical step forward in raising the bar for a state that was being tempted to go purple to turning a nice bright red.

With a vote of 64 to 26 House Bill 228 passed comfortably showing great conviction. I know the House has had to sit on their attempts for a long time knowing that Kasich would prevent its advancement. But what was a surprise was that the House proved they could get the three fifths of the total vote count needed to override a veto, which in this case is 60 votes out of 99. With the 64 House of Representatives members who voted in favor o House Bill 228 they are already there. Then of course it will take 20 of 33 Senators to get passage of the bill without the governor’s signature. “Isn’t this exciting!” I learned from a good source that the senate was on board as well which was a stunning revelation. Of course, this boldness comes after the election before the newly elected congress takes over but its more than symbolic in nature. Kasich has prevented many of these conservative advancements and because many members of the House and Senate were up for election, they couldn’t afford to have Kasich pulling resources away from their re-elections. But it is refreshing to see that the moment they could, this congress acted and they did so boldly on legislation that is far from the type of change agent progressivism that has taken over Columbus in recent years like a vast sickness.

Stand Your Ground in Ohio is a big deal. The “duty to retreat” laws that have been in place were always dangerous and a real impediment to continued growth in both a population sense and in relation to business. With a “duty to retreat” it has added an unnecessary layer of burden to gun users when faced with hostile adversity. If something is going on that is hostile in nature a person acting in good faith should never have to worry about hesitating when faced with eminent threats. I can say I’ve been in those situations more than once and have not elected to use a gun because I did not want to go through the legal mess that always comes after. I have the fortune to have other tools to stay out of trouble and I use them more than I’d care to admit. But I do worry often about those tools not working and having to resort to a gun, and with Stand Your Ground, one less layer of concern has now been removed. House Bill 228 doesn’t allow people to have shoot outs in a Wal-Mart parking lot over parking spaces. But it does give gun defenders the ability to use deadly force to resolve a situation at the point of a threat. Under the “duty to retreat” obligation not only was a gun owner under a burden to diffuse a threat before using deadly force, but they had the burden on them to prove it. When some criminal loser is acting aggressively they don’t care often what happens next. They only live in the moment whereas their targets are at a tactical disadvantage of having to be put in a circumstance to think of the future while facing the possibility of everything coming to an end right then and there. If you do survive those moments, you might lose everything you own in law suit after lawsuit and many years in jail. “Duty to Retreat” favored a progressive vision of society where dissemination of activity, high taxes and massive government welfare has spawned sharp increases in criminal activity putting good people at a burden to deal with the conduct.

The way things have been reminded me of the book and movie, A Clockwork Orange, where young criminal gangs terrorize innocent people because they know that people who have built value of themselves in society are always at a disadvantage. A person who has nothing to lose always has leverage against people who have everything to lose. And progressive legislation, (regressive in human nature) favors the down and out of society, the criminally inclined and inherently lazy. Their premise is that all people are equal, and that property should be redistributed to all, so the criminal element helps them achieve this goal through open crime and theft. Obviously, they don’t want people of value to be able to defend themselves from people of little value with a gun so that is why there has been legislation in Ohio that favored “duty to retreat.” If a criminal wants what you have, then you have a duty to retreat to save the lives of everyone involved. These are the same kind of people who wanted to lower the criminalization standards in Ohio with Issue 1 over the last election. Their goals are to grow criminal conduct that redistributes property to those who need it—the down and out, and the poor—essentially the Robin Hood effect. Clockwork Orange was an interesting observation of the trend of these redistributive thoughts and in how they unleashed the worst elements of society. For the anarchist the criminal is a saint, to the builder of a republic, the criminal is a detriment, a cancer that must be eliminated.  The singing in the rain scene from that film shown above is specifically what I’m thinking about.  While the scene is a dramatized version of rape violence the behavior of the criminal mind I think is captured all too well in that Stanley Kubrick classic.  So the essence behind all such legislation is what kind of society we really want to have, a republic or a anarchists paradise that puts power in the hands of the criminal and ties the hands of the law binding and hard-working behind their backs while their assets are stolen from them. Before Ohio voted for this Stand Your Ground law, that was the philosophic premise of the previous progressive legislation.

The trend of our society in every American state is moving in the direction of the gun owners. Gun ownership is part of American life—its at the core of our philosophy. While pockets of our society are still functioning from European progressivism and the noise they leave behind sounds bigger than it really is on the nightly news, the real trend is toward more individual liberty and the protection of that liberty with a gun. If you plot out legislation history not just in the Ohio statehouse but also in Washington D.C. the trajectory of what guns mean philosophically to our society is headed away from confiscation and more gun control and toward more freedom, and many more of them in the hands of hard-working people who have something to defend. And that is great news for the good, and terrible news for the bad. While progressives hate judgements of people into such categories the gun then becomes the judge. If a bad person seeks to inflict harm on a good person who is just minding their business, now the gun can rectify that conduct. The burden is not on the good to prove that they didn’t suddenly become bad the moment they pulled the trigger. And that is historic in how humans deal with each other. Because good people don’t go around creating gun violence, but bad people do. And now we have a situational judgment that can root out the unnatural paradox. Which is a wonderful thing to behold. Nice job in the Ohio House! That is truly something to be proud of.

Rich Hoffman

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Finally, Ohio can Pass Stand Your Ground Legilstation: Guns and GDP have a direct relationship

As we are getting the details on yet another mass shooting, this time in a California bar we need to talk about the importance of George Lang being elected to the 52nd House District in Ohio and Mike DeWine winning as Governor. DeWine winning that governor seat I thought was one of the biggest election surprises of 2018, yet the media didn’t really see the magic. Being a resident of Ohio its quite clear to me. I am very encouraged that we can finally get a Stand Your Ground law passed with someone who will finally sign the legislation. If there was anything great that came out of the 2018 election it was that pro Second Amendment representatives are fully in power and can act with authority. Stand Your Ground is a very high priority for George Lang and as I’ve written in great detail on several occasions personal ownership of firearms is directly connected to economic expansion and the positive mechanisms of capitalism. Like Florida which has good Stand Your Ground legislation economic development has come directly from it, Ohio has a wonderful opportunity to advance itself from a state being tempted to turn purple to a solid red state for the foreseeable future. And the time to act is quickly before Democrats can reset their footing and start posturing for 2020 elections.

Issue 2 failing in Butler County where George Lang’s district has the most residents was a tremendous opportunity also to deal with the root of school violence in our society, and the expansion of the Second Amendment to solve those problems. To avoid more school shootings in the future teachers must be armed, it’s that simple. There is no gray area on the matter, if we want to protect children from the criminally insane and the destitute, we must use guns for what they were invented for, personal protection at the point of a threat. There is no way to uninvent guns unless society decides to go the way of Ayn Rand’s great novel, Anthem and essentially go back to hunters and gathers living around a campfire, forgetting about the microwaves, the cars and planes, as well as the televisions of our modern society. To take guns out of society is to take away the tool that was invented by necessity by human minds to defend themselves from tyranny. That is precisely why an anti-gun stance in gun free zones is so ridiculous.

There have been times in Florida where Stand Your Ground laws were abused, and trigger-happy maniacs overstepped their rights with guns, but generally the legislation there has kept crime down and allowed for business owners to invest in the state knowing that a criminal element has a minimal influence over the population centers. Guns make people behave correctly, when people know there is a potential for gun carrying people roaming about and death is a possibility they often seek to take their temptations of crimes into other endeavors that are not so deadly. Guns and businesses are directly connected, the more guns in a society, the better their GDP. So the benefits far outweigh the losses.

Public schools are going to have to arm teachers, it’s the only way to promise parents that their kids will come home each day, is when competent teachers are carrying guns in the classroom. And competent parents as well, the more people carrying firearms, the safer a society is. And the reason that Stand Your Ground laws are so necessary is because it keeps gun users safe from unnecessary prosecution if they must use a firearm to defend situational problems. For instance, if a vile maniac stepped into a school right now and tried to shoot up a bunch of students, even if a teacher who was a gun owner confronted that assailant, the teacher under Ohio law has an obligation to retreat. That is the same situation on the street of any Ohio city, all gun owners have an obligation to avoid a confrontation. If police had the same restriction, they’d be toothless in a society to deal with people intent to commit harm.

I’ve been to Paris fairly recently and they have a very anti-gun policy even among their own police and the effects are obvious. The city is dirty, and the people are eccentrically committed to left of center criminal conduct. The major tourist areas do have a heavily armed presence to keep the criminal element away from those attractions, to keep visitors coming to the historic city, but that heavy-handed approach has the opposite effect, it is too much and can be intimidating. Paris is the perfect example of how to lose control of a population center toward the criminal element. As a result, industry has pulled away leaving only tourism to sustain their reputation, and that isn’t infinite under the current policies. Criminals can’t be allowed to rule as they do in Paris, any city, state or country that wants to prosper must empower its individual citizens to enforce the rule of law at the individual level of personal interaction. Law and order must happen everywhere, not just where the police are. That is the only way to have a prosperous society. Guns are directly related to morality and justice.

Stand Your Ground laws are needed to protect teachers from lawsuits and prosecution if they defend students from a potential terrorist. They should not hesitate and act with worry when trouble starts, they need to be free to engage a problem without fear of prosecution which could financially ruin them for the rest of their lives. That is not the way of a civilized country or state. And the answer is not in more government employees to be everywhere all the time as Issue 2 was trying to establish. People, every day people, need to be empowered to protect justice from hostilities born of insanity, greed, and malice. In doing that all public places become that much safer and businesses can invest without worrying about criminal conduct functioning beyond the reach of the police which are often overstretched by resource management.

There have been attempts to advance Stand Your Ground laws in Ohio and John Kasich, the newly born-again Democrat refused to sign anything close. Kasich in his final years as governor simply lost his mind and turned away from conservative ideas of self-reliance among people. Guns are obviously one of the biggest symbols of self-reliance in a culture and Kasich in the end was against gun rights as well. When people start legislating that they can expand Medicaid because God told them to, then all rationality was thrown out of the window and Stand Your Ground laws were off the table. We had to wait for a real Republican governor—so DeWine winning was a really big deal in Ohio. There were a lot of important races that were won on election day 2018 but DeWine winning in Ohio was one of the biggest because there has been a lot of positive legislation that has been held up due to Kasich’s sudden liberalism from 2014 on.

To make Ohio safe and prosperous not only from potential terrorists attacking our schools to protecting that manufacturing plant out in the middle of Ohio farm country from thieves looking to stock a black market, Stand Your Ground laws are a first priority to making Ohio the most business friendly state in the nation. The lack of a clear Stand Your Ground law has actually held Ohio back, along with a lack of Right to Work legislation that Kasich also held up. But now it looks like Ohio can advance in a conservative way and that is the most positive aspect of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted being elected as governor of Ohio. And it opens the potential for Ohio to become very great and a firm state in the corner of President Trump. Part of making and keeping America great again is in making Ohio great again, and with Stand Your Ground laws, that journey can finally take place.

Rich Hoffman

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Why We are Lucky to be Able to Vote for George Lang: Issue 1, and the pro-crime Democrats


There are a number of reasons to vote for George Lang to keep the 52nd House seat that he currently holds in Columbus, Ohio. One of the most obvious is that George has an ambition to make Ohio one of the most business friendly states in the United States which says a lot considering some of the states in America and their relationships with business. George understands that economies are not grown from the middle out, but from the top down. The “middle class” that liberals are always talking about is created by jobs. Without jobs there isn’t anything for a middle class to do. I don’t even like the term “middle class” because it assumes that some people are under other people and that just isn’t the way humans think generally, but in politics it’s an established term that Democrats use to describe people they want to rule over. George Lang is one of the few people I know who truly understands this relationship between people and business, and he is ambitious to allow business development to improve the lives of everyone around them. If it was only for George Lang’s pro-business stance, he would be the best person that you could hope to vote for anywhere in the country on November 6th 2018. I like a lot of people who are up for election this year, but nobody as much as George Lang. However, what really makes George special is his positions on firearm ownership, particularly Ohio’s need to have a stand your ground law.

Currently the way Ohio’s laws of confrontation are written they favor a duty to retreat in hostile situations which greatly favors the ambitions of the malicious. If the intentions of Ohio’s Issue 1 are added under the potential of the Democrat running for governor against Mike DeWine this is very dangerous for individual liberty for all Ohioans. Democrats under Issue 1 want to empty prisons and put criminals back on the streets, and obviously that will lead to more crime for which the people being threatened have a “duty to retreat.” That makes absolutely no sense, but as Ohio law is written now, and under the empowerment of liberalism, from RINO Republicans like John Kasich and extreme liberals like Sherrod Brown Democrats are poised to really make Ohio a dangerous place, due to the intent behind the legislation they support. Like their poor economic theories of growth from the inside out which is completely foolish, Democrats believe that people can and should be reformed instead of separated from those who aspire toward value. The only way to make that relationship work is to bring down the value of everyone so that the criminal and social lunatics can have a seat at the table of society. Issue 1 assumes that the prison represents a value judgment for which Democrats resent, that criminals are a lower class of people as judged by other people. This is the same reason there are liberal “duty to retreat laws.” If you really get down to what a typical Democrat believes about guns and the potential of gun violence it is that using a gun to protect yourself or your property is reprehensible because it denies the desires of other people to share in what you have should they desire it. That is why essentially all Democrats are pro crime candidates, because they desire shared assets in society as opposed to protection of individual rights—in every circumstance.

People who look at my Instagram page, and my many other social media platforms might refer to me as a gun nut, which I am a long way from being. If the news did cover me in a story, they would say that I have an obsession with guns, which from their perspective is a very dirty thing. But truly I see guns as a huge philosophic achievement in the context of human existence. Their invention and implementation on a personal basis have advanced society in tremendous ways and is the essential foundation to everything concerning law and order. Without personal ownership of firearms, America would not be the great country that it is. If you really peel back the layers of American society into what makes it great, it is personal gun ownership. Everything else trickles off that essential foundation, just like the basic economic theories of a pro-growth GDP, from the top down, guns ensure that laws are followed, and that laws are intended to protect personal property—not the property of the state, but the property of the individual.

When we talk about our nation being more divided than ever this is essentially what we are experiencing, the idea of state property and individual property. Democrats want the state to control all property and to issue out fairness whereas Republicans believe in the protection of individual property. That leaves the ambitious to outwork the lazy and some people ultimately own more property than others. Some who don’t want to work for their ownership of property rationalize that as criminals they can steal from others, which deep in their hearts is a very Democrat way of thinking, which is why Issue 1 is supported by extreme liberals like Richard Cordray and why Ohio generally has laws of confrontation that favor a “duty to retreat.”

That is why George Lang is such a great Ohio representative. He understands this basic philosophical premise which most people don’t. He’s not afraid to go into a gun store like the great one in Liberty Township, Ohio–Right 2 Arms (I buy most of my guns from them) and give a statement about his support of “stand your ground laws” which means that gun owners do not have an obligation to retreat in a conflict. It is at the point of implementation the best way to deal with criminal behavior and when criminals are contained, business owners are hungry to expand economic activity. One goes hand in hand with the other. It is not a coincidence that America has more guns in it than people. And it also has the greatest economy in the world with no country even coming in a close second—especially not communist China. When I promote guns in my social media it is not to show a love of power and the ability to inflict death, it is in support of the tool which makes economic expansion happen. Without the gun there would be no order in American society. In places around the world where guns are illegal in every case social behavior is greatly scaled back and the loss of ambition which naturally cascades off that mental aptitude destroys free enterprise and the hope of acquiring wealth through economic expansion and the entire country suffers. I’m thinking of England as I write this.

George Lang understands this complex relationship between personal firearms and business expansion, and as a state representative he will support both. If Ohio can manage to get a real Republican governor there is a real chance at getting “stand your ground laws” implemented in the near future. When gun owners and concealed carry holders do not have an obligation to retreat, criminals lose a great deal of their power and in Ohio, a state that actually is considering Issue 1 where criminals can be released from jail and thrown back into society to fulfil the insanity of Democrat thinking, the basic foundations of gun ownership are all that keep a pro-growth state economy a possibility for the future. That is one of the main reasons that George Lang is one of the best Republicans in the country that anybody could vote for and if you are in the 52nd House District on election day, you are very lucky indeed to have the ability to vote for him.

Rich Hoffman

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