Taking a Break to Usher in the Future

I take a lot of pride into being able to produce a lot of work in a 24-hour period. However, presently I have a lot of big projects that I’m working on so for about 60 days I’m going to take a bit of time off this news outlet so that I can contribute that time to a book I’ve been thinking about for several years now called A Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. Even with my very busy schedule I write around 1200 words per day, and to get the book done, I need to give myself that time to put those words into an actual book. The strategy for doing this is obvious from my perspective. When you want to put more chips on the table to sweeten the pot, you have to make sure you have the right hand, and I do. The timing for this project is ideal so its time to make that move.

Don’t worry, I’ll return to this effort after the time indicated. But in the meantime, I need to focus on the themes of the book instead of covering everything all the time. I have always viewed this site more as a talk radio program where freedom of thought can stream over the words without worrying too much about grammar and little structural errors, in the same way that my experience with talk radio taught me. Not to get too hung up on the 8th grade English teacher rules of language and focus more on getting the ideas out of your head and down on paper so that people can share in those sentiments and help build a movement toward a more creative and more free future. The reality of such experiments is that most people think the same things, but what they have to overcome is the alienation that comes from structured politics in isolating people from their biological need for collective sentiment, a parody of our ancient past. The wave of the future of course is the one of the American, independent, wanting to break the rules of conformity which holds us back, and the understanding that we make money in America, we aren’t ruled by it.

I have offered all this work free of charge because I want to help people come to terms with themselves, and to ultimately allow that freedom to be reflected at the voting booth. This new project of mine is for sale, so there are higher expectations for the results. If I want to do my best on it, then I need to give it the time required. Regarding the book and how it gets to market and all those elements, it takes a lot of work and won’t be a fast deal. But nothing happens until you actually write it. Lately as I have come to understand the need for a book like it, my mind has been obsessed over its contents. It took a few years for me to work out the theme and how it would distinguish itself from other business books on strategy. Thankfully, over the last several months I have had all my points sharpened into what has given me a distinct and unusual way to look at the world of business not under previous presidential administrations where some of the concepts I’ll be proposing would be laughed at by previous modes of thinking. But the Trump economy is a very real thing and will have long lasting impacts, and that change in market focus will require a uniquely “American” perspective, which will be the primary theme of the book.

For so many years America has been studying how other people do things and has been concerned about the feelings of other countries to the point of crippling our own economy to appease them. Yet America is the premier market driver of the world and has the strongest economy. So, it should be obvious that they should be studying us, not us them. And we need to understand that what we do is more effective than what others do and to finally be proud of that attribute. There has been an invisible force active and I see it every day when dealing with people no matter where in the world that they are, that highlights the weaknesses of our natures instead of seeking to overcome them, which has a direct impact on overall productivity. I think there is a lot more juice that can be squeezed out of the orange and I am very excited to show others how to do it.

The way the world works is that even if I put these thoughts down for people to read for free, they would not value them. By paying for the work, naturally more value is applied to the subject matter. So for the long term gain, the short term refocus is more than worth it. Ironically all this became very clear to me the other night, while playing poker. There are so many terms that come from poker that are applicable to business and I couldn’t help but think of the early days of pure capitalism as adventurers, pirates and politicians invented what we consider poker today in the saloons of New Orleans, just ahead of westward expansion, which unleased one of the most ambitious periods of world history. The shackles of mankind fell away. Not only was the practice of slavery coming to an end due to the American Constitution and the philosophy of it but also the concept of kings and queens of Europe suddenly not being a concern of average people. Those people could suddenly gain land and wealth if only they had the courage to endure the wild frontier, and it was along those lines that the idea for the gunfighter emerged, not like the samurai of Japan dedicated to protecting the house of their lord, but the gunfighter was out for themselves essentially for the first time in history. Poker was a game that emerged out of this culture and involved playing kings and queens for advantage, not worship.

That is essentially the game of American business. I’ve read many books on the subject and to some degree or another everyone misses the mark. My life is unique in that I have had my foot in lots of different fields and at high levels. Yet I have always stayed very grounded. I recently had a very important meeting with representatives of the Trump administration and an hour later was playing with my grandkids in the yard. In my mind I consider all those things equally important, and it is from that perspective that I have some unique thoughts to offer on the matter of business conduct not just around the world, but from the perspective of the American.

It’s time to stop apologizing, or hiding our thoughts and feelings to appease others, and to get to the concepts of value and how they come about in business, and therefor the conduct of politics on the world stage. Most of the books of this nature that are offered on the local bookstore shelves all in my mind have their value, and I have learned a little bit from all of them. But what is needed is something that unites many fields of thought into a concept that isn’t just a reflection of where we have come from, but where we are going, especially in this new Trump world. To me its very exciting and I think everyone who reads here every day will enjoy the results. So, don’t freak out when you don’t get a daily article from me for a few months. They’ll be back. And once I get this project moving forward, I think you’ll find that the daily articles will be better than ever.

I was originally planning to write this book about ten years from now, however recent events on many different fronts have convinced me that its needed now, (now being loosely affiliated in the publishing world as during the Trump administration years). By the time we arrive at his last day in office in 2024 America will be very much a different place, much better than it was in 2016 when he started office, and American business will be the envy of the world. At that point in time people are going to want a guidebook, so that’s why I’m writing it now. It’s an endeavor that is worth doing, and in these kinds of things, timing is everything.

Rich Hoffman
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More Government Employees Failing where Guns are the Real Solution

Here’s what I get tired of hearing about when it comes to these mass shootings, they most of the time are caused by some institutional failure but are then opportunities for descriptions of heroics by that same institutional failure. All the while, the moment that a gun is involved in anything, before the facts were even published politicians like Bernie Sanders started talking about why we need even more institutional regulation to protect us from some unknown menace. This is of course regarding the latest shooting incident, this time at Virginia Beach by a long-time public utilities employee who had access to a building and opened fire on 12 innocent people and injured many others. Why he did what he did likely has something to do with government’s failure in the workplace. Members of government engaged in a shoot-out with the guy who was shot. Government employees administered First Aid to try to save him, but the shooter died of his injuries. And Bernie Sanders within just a few hours wanted more gun control without even knowing the specifics of the case, and was demonizing the NRA.

By the way it all sounded, from the knuckle dragging antics of the shooter to the police on the scene it came across like an episode of the Keystone Cops and more people died as a result. The police were supposed to have a shoot out with an attacker, its part of the job just as a fry guy at a fast food restaurant is supposed to drop fries when an order comes in until the timer goes off. Shooting at people or processing fries are all part of jobs that are out there, but you can tell that when the police start bragging about their “heroics” that government is essentially trying to keep the public in believing more government action instead of dealing with the real problem, like why the gunman wanted to shoot at people in the first place. After all, that is the only motive that matters.

Personally, I don’t trust government employees of any kind to resolve those kinds of problems, because the systems they function from are not fast enough. Military and police departments are often too late and make decisions way behind the curb of needed action because of their command structure. I get the need for police to be there to keep some sort of structure present, which does prevent more of these kinds of events, but they are certainly not the cure all for violence. In this case and in many others, the real solution to gun violence is of course to have more concealed carry holders present who could have taken that shooter out in seconds rather than minutes. And to do that the NRA should be listened to and counseled by government because they are the real professions with a solution, not socialist losers like Bernie Sanders. The NRA knows a lot more about gun handling and in using them for defense than all these government employees that are all at the center of many of these mass shootings.

Whether we are talking about school shootings or public breakdowns like the one at Virginia Beach by Dewayne Craddock—or even going back to the Vegas shooting, the 9/11 terrorist incident, or the San Bernardino massacre that the FBI allowed the media to destroy the scene of the crime for who knows what reason, more trust in more government is the dumbest thing anyone could propose. Often, they are slow to get where the danger is, and when they do get there the body count is higher because for them its just a job, like those idiots at the Parkland school shooting in Florida where the police had gotten used to a pampered lifestyle and driving really nice squad cars. When the bullets started flying, they were hiding and looking for every excuse in the world not to engage. The NRA has much better solutions to those types of matters then the government who fails to act when needed, as fast as they are needed, and also failure to properly understand why shootings occur at all.

But to insist that guns be kept away from the public and that our safety and security be put completely in the hands of the government, whether it’s the local, state or federal level is preposterous. Likely when shootings happen there is always some lunatic out there working for government that will have access to guns while the rest of us don’t, and they statistically are the ones we should be watching the closest. When one of them snaps due to some emotional problem we certainly don’t want to be at their mercy, which was the very first thing that liberal politicians proposed after the Virginia shooting. The real villain will likely be some medication either legal or illegal that set off an emotional imbalance which is what we should always first be looking at. Its too early to tell in this latest case, but marijuana is a common factor in many of the mass killing incidents especially in cases like the Boston Bombers and the shooter in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida a few years ago. The gun is just a tool that losers use to kill other people. The desire to kill other people is the real problem, and government doesn’t have a solution to that because in most cases they look to drug sales to generate vast amounts of tax revenue for their unionized work demands so they don’t really want a real solution. They just want to talk about their long gun battles and their administering of First Aid at the scene of a crime. They don’t really want to solve the problem because they are part of it.

The proposal for citizen gun ownership and carrying them in public is to keep the solution closer to the problems and not expecting to expand government to deal with every little tragedy. In the building at Virginia Beach where this shooting occurred should have been other employees who could have shot the shooter within 30 seconds instead of a half an hour. Fewer people would have been injured and killed. Instead a place like that had metal detectors to keep guns out of people’s hands making it a gun free zone, and an easy target for some deranged lunatic which always pushes up the body count. So why would anybody propose more government control when it was government rules, procedures, and impediments that actually cause the death toll to be as high as it was? Because nobody on the government side of things wants to admit that they can’t detect lunacy in people and to stop them before they become a menace to society, and that when tragedy does strike that they are too late to do anything about it. For the rest of us who without guns, are all potential victims to the stupidity of government employees who are much more concerned about their pensions then running into gunfire to cut minutes off the clock of terror while innocent people are bleeding out waiting for help.

Carrying guns and shooting back when danger presents itself isn’t for everyone. But it is for those who are most prone to use them to save innocent people when the call for it is needed. This case in Virginia Beach is no different. If there had been good guys with a gun there to stop the bad government employee with a gun, then a lot more people would have gone home on that sad Friday afternoon. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and many more people died. Then, rather than dealing with why it happened the political class immediately went to more government power by taking away guns and putting more trust into their systematic approach that obviously never works. It’s also why it keeps happening.

Rich Hoffman
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The Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is Great!

I had a nice talk with a friend recently while we were reflecting on the Tea Party days and the direction of today’s youth. By normal visual standards, the socialized instruction in public schools, and PC counterculture has everyone strapped to the body of Moby Dick at the end of that old story. And the drug use that has permeated everything that young people do, by conventional measure things look pretty hopeless. But two things happened over the weekend that I continue to be impressed with and they will certainly have an impact on how our culture is measured.

The first was a visit to Kings Island where the Festhaus was hosting a professional video game tournament. The place was packed to the brim and young people were everywhere and were quite happy competing on stage against each other with popular titles like Fortnite, and other video games that are part of a culture a lot of people over 30 don’t even understand. As I watched the activity I was thinking of a report that friend had said to me about Mason schools going even further into removing competitive events and statues from their public school—the everyone gets a trophy or none of them do type of thinking—and it was obvious that the politics might be moving in that direction. But the video game culture gets it. There are more opportunities for competition there than when I was a kid. Traditional sports are not the only ways to compete in life, or to learn to. Video games are all about capitalism and they are the preferred medium of young people’s entertainment experiences.

For instance, one of my favorite video games not just of last year, but ever is Red Dead Redemption 2. When that game first came out I was so excited about it that I took a week off work to play it, and for me it was a kind of vacation. It’s a western by Rockstar Games and for me it was like going to the West World of the popular HBO series. These video games are so immersive that they begin to simulate reality. They are different than the passive experience of movies so their impact on culture is something we just aren’t measuring yet. But in the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, it sold 24 million copies in just three days which amassed $725 million, and is still climbing. The earnings report for these video game companies are actually higher than many movie and television studios. Take-Two which is involved in Red Dead Redemption reported a Fiscal Year 2019 earnings report confirming so far $2.66 billion. Those are Disney type of numbers so this is not a market of entertainment that is obscure by any measure.

Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in October of 2018 and I played it several times a week through the turn of the year. I spent about a hundred hours playing it on story mode then I played the Beta development mode for the Online portion of the game. I had to capitalize that because their online concept for the game is a thing of itself. It’s quite an extraordinary attempt at hosting a very brutal and capitalist natured arena. In that meeting with the same friend we reflected on the near elimination of dodgeball from our society deeming it politically toxic. Dodgeball for us when we were kids was something that happened every day. Well for the kids of today, its these online arenas. A great video game must at least have online content where players can compete against each other in player versus player situations which are much more intense than dodgeball. The biggest difference is that one is virtual while the other was physical. But the mentality is the same.

I played the Beta for a while but I couldn’t give the game the kind of time it demanded to be good in that mode so I backed off and moved on to other things. Well, this past weekend Rockstar Games finally finished with their Online offering for Red Dead 2 and put it up on their latest update, which meant the official game went live, around six months or so after the original release, which of course keeps people buying copies of the game and keeping it going which is something to say about how video games tell their stories, over much longer periods of time than movies or other forms of entertainment. So I played the game again to see how things were going and was very happy and surprised to learn that the many bars of gold that I had during the Beta phase and all the money I earned carried over into the official release. And also I was very happy to learn that they had opened up the ability to play poker with other live players which is really the purpose of me writing this article. I was immensely pleased with the way the game was set up and I spent most of the weekend playing just that game mode.

I would not call myself a gambler or even a card player the way that people think of such things. I’m not a drinker, a womanizer or any of the things that are associated with the game of playing poker, which in my understanding of history has been advanced by socialists to attempt to demean the games of the Western frontier so that culturally people would be inspired to move away from those activities, so not to celebrate them. But I do love poker. I love watching it. I love playing it. And I love its history as an American game developed in the frontier days of New Orleans and spreading westward with the gunfighter culture. The game and the mind of gunfighting in the American West are synonymous and I love it for that attribute. Playing poker is a fun game that is uniquely very American, and I love it and including it so prominently in the online version of Red Dead Redemption was a technical feat that really impressed me.

Playing poker was part of the original game, the story mode as they call it these days. And I enjoyed it immensely. I am not the kind of guy who likes to gamble money so I’m not a guy who enjoys hanging out in casinos at all. But I do enjoy the function of the game and the way its played so just gambling the chips is enough for me. I like the way poker chips feel in my hands and how they are used strategically to win or lose the game. It’s a very fascinating game and I spent many, many hours playing it against NPCs in the story mode. But having an online poker game is a whole separate situation. You have random players always coming and going and everyone has to play their hand and getting all that rolled into a fluid video game experience is difficult. The way that Rockstar set up their poker games in actual saloons in their various towns and cities was visually stunning and functionally very satisfying. I played a lot of poker over the weekend and I didn’t even have to leave my home.

As I played and saw how many people were playing the Online Red Dead Redemption 2 game, from poker to all the PVP combat that is involved it was obvious to me that this is where the world is at. Many kids wouldn’t even learn how to play poker if not for a game like this, or would they learn anything about westerns since they’ve been nearly eradicated from American culture. But in the world of video games, the western is alive and well and millions of young people are participating in that world and enjoying it. And with billions of dollars at stake in this growing industry, I don’t think anything that is politically underway to dismantle the American way of life is going to stick. Capitalism is alive and well, especially in the saloons and towns of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rich Hoffman
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We Should Never Legalize Marijuana in Any Way

Here’s the thing and I’ve been saying it for years. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the book by Alex Berenson, who is one of “those” people, a Yale graduate and former New York Times reporter, called Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. There is nothing good about marijuana use or its legalization. Not even the supposed pain relief that can come from it. For such people, use something else, because there is nothing, and I mean nothing good about smoking pot, eating pot or smelling pot. It lowers IQs, it actually contributes to severe psychiatric detriment in a lot of people, and it generally lowers the general output of any society. It is one of the worst things a society could possibly legalize, and it is the business of every man woman and child not to be on some hippie libertarian point of view, but is a direct contributor to any society’s downfall. My position on “pot” has always been clear, but this very good book is the one for our ages. Everyone should read it……………everyone.

When we wonder why there are so many school shootings I would bet all the money in the world that the average school shooter, or any mass shooter for that matter, has had a history of marijuana use. While its true that not every user becomes a detrimental psychopath, there are a percentage of people who do suffer such mental breakdowns after using pot to make the argument that marijuana is a direct contributor to the most severe cases of mental illnesses in our country. And when some loser is sitting around feeling sorry for themselves because they have been picked on by students in a school, or some girl rejected their advancements for mating, and they are smoking a joint while listening to a bunch of depressing “dead head” music then decide they are going to get a gun and start shooting up a classroom somewhere, don’t think for a second that a society that endorses pot use is going to come and take away all our guns to make society safer by eliminating the Second Amendment.

Even for those who don’t become psychopaths while using pot, any sustained use does lower IQs and that is a trait that is clearly seen among our population. Yes the reports have been done on the subject and Berenson did the work of putting them in one place so everyone could read them for themselves. The politics of the matter is that governments have spent themselves into oblivion taking all the tax money they could get legally so they are looking for another revenue stream. And so are get rich quick investors who have signed up to put money into the legalization efforts that are so prominent in our society. Like any drug user they are looking for a quick hit to get more money into their spending pockets. For them its like a consumer with too much credit card dept who takes out another credit card just to by groceries for the week, because all their good money is going to interest. Legalizing pot is the worst thing that could be done because by making it another legal revenue stream to collect taxes on, they are ultimately destroying their good money revenue streams in the future. A society of pot users will not make a state or country’s GDP better, it will get worse, far worse.

There is nothing funny about pot use, or even the recreational use of being stoned at a music festival. It’s all bad stuff. Since it was introduced into our American society primarily during the counterculture movement, America has declined, morally, and economically. While our free market capitalism has hidden the fact from accountants and governments, it is only in the restrictions most countries have economically limited themselves to that has done most of the work in concealing the truth. America could have been doing much better if a major part of our social network was not regular pot users. The lack of social rejection for the product is a direct contributor to our generally poor performance as a country for a number of years now, especially going back into the 1960s. Even my neighbor, the former Speaker of the House, John Boehner is now an advocate of pot. As a former Republican, he would probably still call himself one, but he’s now a lobbyist in Washington for the legalization of the stuff, and people like him don’t want to know what’s in Alex’s book. Because its too inconvenient to those who want the marijuana revenue stream to contribute to their mounting debts, especially in states like Illinois and California. Those recreational marijuana users are not going to go out and start new businesses that contribute positively to the next great GDP contributors. They’re going to be sitting home trying to collect unemployment while laughing at the colors of their room and looking for a bag of Doritos.

And yet we sit around wondering why so many people are getting hooked on opioids and why our general intelligence is lacking in so many categories, and additionally, wonder why mental health has clearly been declining. We have a society that seeks to put kids on any form of drug for conditions like ADD or whatever else a school counselor can think of to make a teacher’s life easier in managing a classroom of kids without having their bored minds lashing out for attention. Just drug them to shut them up is our approach so it should be no surprise that they grow up smoking pot or wanting to. It is really easy for a non-user like me to see in people who are using the drug. The lower IQs are noticeable and that was never the point of public school, to lower intelligence. It was to increase it, but pot only lowers mental ability.

I could go on and on forever on the detriments of marijuana use. And you won’t hear me advocating for alcohol either. I think every attempt at mental impairment is a bad thing to do. But with marijuana there is the additional effects of psychosis that permeate the use. It’s not something we talk about often but we all know people who are just a little bit crazy. Marijuana makes it worse for those people and we aren’t discussing it because in politics they are looking to pot to cover the bottomless pit in taxation that they have created for themselves. That’s ultimately how John Boehner got involved in lobbying for the product. Like any K-Street whore, he is willing to speak on behalf of anybody who pays him. And so is most of the media, especially the entertainment media. However, there is nothing harmless about marijuana. It is bad stuff. I wouldn’t even call it a gateway drug because even if users never moved on to cocaine, or meth, marijuana is bad enough all by itself. In most cases it takes some time to bring about the bad elements, but that doesn’t make it any less deadly. Before I leave you on this subject I would encourage you to read the following little article. Then tell me what you think about the link between mass murderers and pot. While the percentage of people who smoke pot and then turn to psychotic violence is not in the masses, there is enough of an effect to point to the mental illness contributors primarily being evoked by the effects of marijuana use. And that makes it the business of all of us.


Rich Hoffman

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Ron Chernow at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the Reason for Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom

I am a fan of Ron Chernow’s historical books, I enjoy them immensely. In that regard I did make a point to watch him speak at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner and the result of that entire evening I think warrant’s the attendance of the President next year. I certainly understand why he didn’t appear this year due to last year’s major abuse of the 1st Amendment by comedians. I thought it was a classy pick to put Chernow as the headliner. That isn’t to say that I agree with everything that Ron Chernow says or his point of view on it. I am personally not a fan of Alexander Hamilton. As I have made it well-known, I think the Anti Federalist Papers are far superior to the Hamilton driven Federalist Papers, which I have studied both extensively. To say I enjoy them as a great work of philosophy in Western Civilization is an understatement. But I respect the work Chernow has done, especially in his latest book on Grant. And I believe very strongly in the First Amendment and also think to his argument that the Bill of Rights are paramount to any debate of American concepts. To that effect I must remind everyone that the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st. And both are hands off completely in any legal consideration, and I find it ironic that many of the journalists in that room cite the 1st Amendment as paramount to defend but seek to change the 2nd. It just doesn’t work that way.

Chernow I thought was respectful to that group of radicalized media contributors, and in the context of history he was correct. But they had become a weaponized faction of political diatribes and that is another problem all its own. Yes we need a media to check the powerful and to keep them honest. But we also need competition to keep the media honest, and in this present time we don’t have it. Many people ask me, weekly and dozens of times at that, why I write so many articles every day of every week month after month after month, and I don’t think they ever really understand the answer. Which is fine, I don’t really expect anybody to. But the foundation of it goes back to a discussion I had with Michael Clark who used to work for the Cincinnati Enquirer but now works for the Journal News as a softball advocate for big government positions. I always knew he had liberal leanings, but we had a good relationship in the beginning until I started this blog to effectively pound the Lakota Levy in my community into the ground. I was a little shocked when he told me that he found my blog as competition for his newspaper articles. It shocked me because I viewed them as separate media, but that’s not the way it was for him.

When I first got involved in this whole 1st Amendment crusade it was fresh off a recent trip from Hollywood where I was working as a stunt advisor for a project and had just got a fresh taste of West Coast liberalism. While sitting among Hollywood’s finest leading stars and listening carefully to them, some were the stars of the television show Beverly Hills 90210, and the Twilight series of movies that were so popular. Some just came off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and there were even more there to watch the production of this hot new RealD 3D technology that was going to revolutionize Hollywood, I had a really good introduction to what would become the liberalization of the entertainment industry. They put up with me because I had something they wanted, but they were certainly not tolerant about my Ohio conservative beliefs. I certainly didn’t hate them for their thoughts, but they obviously didn’t like me. What ended up happening with that project was they filmed my work and used it for computer animation in films like The Immortals and Iron Man 2, and they did that because they simply didn’t want to call me back for the live work. Not that I cared that much, but I thought it conspicuous that they felt that strongly about their political beliefs that they would make business decisions based on them. But that was clearly the case.

I came back from that trip and saw in my home town a Republican Party being torn apart by a changing tide. Many Republicans were being forced to publicly support the massive Lakota Levy in Butler County even though the concept of it was very liberal. So they felt caught between a rock and a hard place so I offered the strength of my name branding to help them out. I had the experience working in communications so I thought I could string that thread in just the right way and I did. But the deeper I dug the more filth I found, so in that process I decided to start my own kind of opinion column and this blog site was born. However, at that time the newspapers were trying to divorce themselves because the opinion letters to the editors were getting out of hand with the Tea Party movement and they wanted to get back to the message of staying on the liberalization of America agenda which was very important to them. I had seen it first hand in Hollywood itself, in the producers, directors and actors working in the business. And I was seeing it first hand in our local media. Not everyone mind you, but certainly a majority.

Of course I knew lending my good name to such a thing would cause trouble but I had that covered too. I mean who is going to physically accost me, which they did try. But I’m an expert bullwhip handler, and a handler of many other things. I put myself in that position to help out my GOP friends and it worked for several years before many members of the media stopped appreciating the spike in interest in their newspapers and wanted to get back to the plan, which meant they had to eliminate me. Their attacks were so vicious that it severely pissed me off and the rest is history. I will probably write these articles forever. I can write more than they can, and more intelligently and I think the 1st Amendment does need to be protected, even from the press who clearly had a monopoly on the subject. Who checks the checkers? Well, citizen media, and its very much-needed so that is why there is an Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.

My name is a good one for a reason, and I do protect it for obvious reasons. I never yield to a challenge, which has also pissed off more than a few people over the years. But I never start the fights. I do finish them, and that will continue. I have more energy than they do so that isn’t going away soon. And that is a cornerstone to the preservation of the 1st Amendment. Having energy and a literate approach to things in life I think is a good thing. I am not a fan of big government Alexander Hamilton; I am much more Jeffersonian. If I lived in that time I could have easily have been Arron Burr except he was kind of an idiot. But I understood his hatred of Hamilton so a duel to the death was something I understand and think would be good in our current time. There would be a lot less backstabbing if we had that kind of culture still. Yet what does remain is a need for positive discourse that is literate in its approach and that is what I set out to do. So I am in agreement with Ron Chernow that the 1st Amendment is needed and should be protected. But the press in that room is also part of the problem because they have attempted to use it the way a terrorist has abused the 2nd Amendment. And the best way to keep them honest is by methods such as what I have used in my own life. There are thankfully lots of good people doing just that, and it is helping restore in America many of the needs that our republic requires. Ironically, that is how Trump was elected, by this honesty from the American people finally getting out. Competition has brought forth the truth which is what we are all supposed to be going after in the first place.

The great hypocrisy is when those same media types hide behind the 1st Amendment but then decry the 2nd is where we get into trouble. The 2nd is just as important as the 1st, they are both needed to have a proper government and more countries should be learning from America how to do things in their own countries. If they learned from us they could advance as cultures as well. The Bill of Rights is a great work of western philosophy that should be duplicated around the world. But you can’t pick and choose, one supports the other. And while those media outlets present at that dinner were mostly nodding in agreement with Ron Chernow, they were also working to undermine the 2nd Amendment. And that is simply not an option. So long as that is the case, I’ll do my part to protect what I consider in the original works of the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers to be some of the finest thoughts on government discourse so far created in the long line of historic consideration from any known culture. My ambitions go far beyond politics, which is why I don’t mind lending my good name to the effort, it goes to the concepts explored in the great James Joyce classic, Finnegans Wake. I love the concept of America so much that I don’t want to see it fall to the Vico Cycle. It needs to live on forever as an idea that others should follow, and not be allowed to be destroyed hiding behind the shield of the 1st Amendment as a means to destroy the entire Bill of Rights in one, giant sweep of oppression and crime ridden anarchy.

Rich Hoffman

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How Religion Hides and Helps Marxist Insurgents in America with a Mask of Christianity

How do you know when you hit the target? Well its how people react to it. When you get close in life to the things people want to hide, those most afraid of that information getting out make quite a ruckus, and a nice congratulations to Glenn Beck for doing just that. He went onto the Sean Hannity show and promoted his year-long research into the cause of the migrant caravans flooding the American border with Mexico and he published the results on YouTube hoping that President Trump would take notice and attack the root of the problem instead of the symptom. I’m glad to see it because I have grown apart from Beck over the years even though we both shared a friendship with Doc Thompson. In fact, it got so bad that it strained my friendship with Doc because of Beck’s hatred of Donald Trump. It put Doc in a strange place to be friends with me and his employer Beck. It was a true civil war, Trump supporters against everyone else. But Beck has come around over the last couple of years as many have toward the Trump presidency and its good to see him thinking correctly again. His work on the curious case of the Adalberto Memorial Methodist Church in Chicago was particularly good and worth a look. To understand the money behind the migrant caravans and how they are organized, just watch this video and the murky scenarios of their evolution begin to become quite clear.


On more than one occasion I’ve said it. Religions easily spawn dangerous cults, such as the Jim Jones colony back in the 70s. Socialism, communism, and Christianity are very closely related to each other in values so it doesn’t take much for a little church in Chicago to become the conduit for a global enterprise of open borders and a Marxist assault into America from the south. They aren’t alone, and they certainly have help, UNISEF and the United Nations are in on the deal as well, along with many other billionaires besides George Soros, but when it is wondered how these caravans are being organized and nurtured along during their long journey, look no further. We know the answer and Glenn Beck has done the job of reporting with his clip. Of course instantly all the primary outlets for mainstream news attacked the Beck video as a radical conspiracy theory, but the evidence is quite clear. It’s hard for people to see due to their love of religion. The enemy is hiding in plain sight behind our churches and their leaders, but it’s not a mystery as to the cause and effect.

As we’ve discussed many times the plan has always been to perpetuate the poor plight around the world by aggravating their condition with war and poverty so that they would be motivated as a member of the masses to move from wherever they came from to something like what happened in Syria recently or at the American border with Mexico. Displacing people is a military maneuver then hiding the conduct behind churches is not a new idea, but its difficult to act on because as human beings we all have a natural compassion that gets in the way of decisive action. Our Christian tendencies would agree, why not help people who are suffering through difficult conditions. However the question should not be whether or not we should help them, but why do they suffer. What is the root cause of the suffering? And why is it being implemented? In the case of the border insurgents coming from Central America and Mexico the conditions of their origin were deliberately depleted to motivate them into action, which is a strategy of change agency. And the eventual collapse of our welfare, and political system are of the same nature. The attack comes to work its way into our lives through compassion and before you know it, there is no more America. And the enemies of the world will then celebrate. They don’t care how many people die or suffer through their maniacal plan; they only care that it happens.

The connections between Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Adalberto Methodist Church in Chicago and another activist group, Familia Latina Unita become quite evident when viewed through Beck’s reporting. In the video, he connects Pueblo Sin Fronteras founder Emma Lozano to the church and the church to the asylum case of Elvira Arellano and behind all that is a lot of progressive activism and money flowing from dark sources, such as George Soros. And it’s no surprise that all this is going on in Chicago, one of the most progressive and dangerous cities in the world. If you just visit downtown you likely won’t see what’s carefully hidden from view. You can shop and visit the historic sites without being shot, but go just a little south or to the west in that vast progressive landscape between the city and the O’Hara airport and you’ll get a sense of it. And many of the most radical activists born out of that very Marxist culture get channeled into activism through little churches like the Adalberto Methodist Church at 2716 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60622. Many think its impossible for such a little church to be at the center of so much controversy and could lead such an invasion into America from even a remote location. But that is because it’s hard for those same people to see the intentions of malice that is hidden behind many churches who are really advocating Marxism socially and secretly. The teachings of Christ are easily adapted to the motivations of social insurgents, so it doesn’t take long for revolutionaries against American capitalism to organize under the crosses of Christ. Just never forget that the cross is a symbol of death and resurrection, not of prosperity. The metaphor behind many radical churches across America and the world in general is that death on earth is the goal with a resurrection in heaven, and many of these progressives are thus motivated. They don’t care that people suffer in the here and now, it’s actually expected. They believe what they teach. That’s how they sell such suffering to themselves.

I personally believe that having religious values is better than not having them. People without values are even more dangerous, so I would not advocate giving up religion or going to church if that is all that holds you together dear reader. But understand what they are trying to teach you, and have been since before the times of Christ. Understand that the goals of most religions in the world are not redemption for the soul carrying itself into the afterlife, it’s for the control of the people in the here and now. Capitalism by itself is a very moral concept which frees people from this delusion and the enemies of that concept of course do not like that people are free to find heaven on earth and to see it the way Jesus actually taught. The goal of the progressive is to change the world into misery so that people are motivated into following them on a sick and twisted path concealed behind what they call good intentions, but the real motives are to destroy independence and thought.

It’s nice to see Glenn Beck back in action. I’m sure a story like this was hard for him because he is a religious person. It’s also why he couldn’t see the value of Donald Trump in the beginning. Trump for me was a kind of King David or Solomon Biblical figure for our modern times. Not a moral man, a person who made a lot of mistakes but had learned to act correctly through his life to be just what we needed as a modern President for these very confusing times. It took Beck a while to see what the rest of us knew all along. But I’m glad he found his way to the truth. He is just another good example of how the truth is often hidden from us for analysis behind the things we hold dear, such as the religion of Christianity. Everyone on all sides believe they are doing the right things. The people of the United Methodist Church network certainly do, they believe that the teachings of Christ mean giving up a love of material possessions and helping people, especially the poor. But what gets ignored in these crusades is why people are poor, or why they need help to begin with. And that answer is often hidden from view and is where the real malice resides. So the reminder should persist, remember, Jesus was murdered because he was a threat to the system of control at that time. Much of his real message was lost over time by political activists who then controlled the churches. And that is why death is the focus of most modern religion and why so much suffering persists. Once you come to terms with that you will be able to see easily that these churches are not our friends, but our enemies and the way they attack us is through our compassion and empathy while all along they are the causes of the suffering to begin with.

Rich Hoffman

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The Need for Truth in Government Starts with William Barr

What did they think he was going to say, they were the idiots who demanded that he come to congress to speak under interrogation? They could have left things alone, but they wanted to push Attorney General William Barr into an answer as to when he would deliver the Mueller Report to congress. And it was they who asked the question which unleashed the Tasmanian Devil of all assumptions. Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign for political gain? Aaaaah, yeah! Of course, they did, we have the proof all over the place and now there is an AG who is willing to look at the magnitude of that attempt, and it won’t be good for those perpetrators involved. And now they are mad at him? Hey, Barr did them a tremendous favor because I personally don’t have faith in the rule of law until somebody does something about the abuse the FBI conducted in conjunction with the Justice Department leading up to and soon after Trump’s official inauguration as President of the United States.

And as soon as Barr showed his intentions into the investigation of what will eventually involve many, many, many high-ranking Democrats they dug in their heels to call him a conspiracy theorist which is laughable. I hear the same things about the things I investigate, it is a way for the dishonest and corrupt to attempt to shape an argument so that their villainy won’t be investigated. But there is another way of looking at such an accusation, if they call you a conspiracy theorist when all you are doing is following the laws as they were written, and intended, then the accusers are guilty as hell and deserve everything they have coming to them. By calling you names like a bunch of playground imbecilics from grade school they actually believe that they can shape the public argument. But why wouldn’t they, it was their type of thinkers who shaped public education and made that type of peer pressure such a dominate force in public education, which is rooted in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, that if enough people believe something that it can either exist or not by sheer democracy. The belief of the liberal which starts in our grade schools, is that reality can be shaped by popular opinion. So if that popular opinion can be manipulated by control of the masses, then reality can therefore be altered, which is why it was so shocking for the Senate appropriations committee to hear Barr utter his opinions so openly.

I would go as far to call such a process of reality shaping as evil. What they call “democratic institutions” I call the manipulation of the truth. The expectation by Democrats was that they would get AG Barr to steer himself into a safe place for them by accusing him of lacking neutrality in his position, which is effectively just name calling him into a position they could control. Hidden behind the diatribes was the intent to trade relationships for outcomes that the democratic masses desired. Democrats put all their stock into the belief that friendships and a public opinion shaped by even the most stupid among our civilization are functions that should take precedence over reality, which obviously is not where Barr is functioning from. But for the “democracy” to work the way that Democrats desire it to, the fear of not having relationships with other people should take priority over the desire to live honestly, and to follow the law.

This quandary is actually far more common than it should be. The priorities of interaction certainly do favor peer pressure as opposed to rule of law. The entire Democrat party seems to be obsessed with such mechanisms which explains why they as a group are willing to follow each other over a cliff so often. Most of the time just the enormity of their sins hides them from the ramifications of reality. But not this time. The Trump case was always bad from the very beginning and before it’s all said and done, lots of people are going to be in trouble. From my own position I will never respect the FBI or our DOJ until heads literally fly over the sins committed in the winter of 2016 after the election of Donald J. Trump. It would be easy to become quite frightened by the expectation of justice that the Democrats proposed, that peer pressure take precedence of the rule of law. Opinions and invites to dinner parties takes for them far more of a priority than the facts of a matter and to see that in action is scary to any sane mind.

Yet that was the intention of bringing Barr to the Senate committee in the first place, to let him know that if he stepped out of line as the AG that he would be punished, not by guns and fists, but by public sentiment. The goal of the hearing wasn’t to get at the truth, it was to control it. And it was to make sure that they intimidated him into keeping his story within their made-up narrative, that the Russians were responsible for giving America Donald Trump, not a free election. And that laws were broken so that nobody would ever try to do such a thing again. And that if William Barr didn’t want his fine reputation smeared and ridiculed to no end, then he’d get smart and play along. But when Barr showed no such inclination, the air in the room evaporated and suddenly the future was not so certain for all the Democrats who had crossed the line and abused the powers of government for political gain, and at great cost.

So yeah, they have it coming. They did all this to themselves. And they have only themselves to blame. As I have been saying from the beginning, the government did abuse its power and luckily for us, Donald Trump did want to run for office and expose all these things. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have this opportunity to get at the real truth, that for which people in our republic actually want. If a society is not built upon laws, it is built with chaos and nothing more. It’s a kind of house of cards built with lies and superstition. And such constructs are easy to knock down if only you aren’t afraid of the results, which nobody should be. It was nice to see that we finally have an AG in America willing to take on these issues, and to stand for the rule of law rather than against it. To trade ethics for the dinner invite which so many people in his position fall in love with. The real honor of serving in such a high government position is the adherence to the rule of law and its preservation, not in the destruction of opinion and individualized value. With that in mind it wasn’t William Barr who insisted on giving such explosive testimony. All he did was answer a question. Democrats weren’t ready for it, that’s for sure. And they should keep that in mind before asking more questions in the future. But honestly, it’s already too late for them. The cat is out of the bag and its ready to scratch at all the threats around it, and it will be painful for those who tried to keep that bag shut up tight and prevent the truth from ever emerging.

Rich Hoffman

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