Real ‘Tragedy and Hope’: How the FBI let us down again and why

I decided as a combination of events following the massive cheating that went on as a result of the 2020 election and the complicity of the media then followed by an obvious attempt by the FBI to destroy evidence in Nashville Tennessee of that stolen election that I would go back and re-read Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley published in 1966 which is a big book about the rise and fall of western civilization that is over 1300 pages long.  A lot of people who read that book take a decade or so to get through it, for me it took a summer way back in 1993 a year into the Clinton administration.  At the time I was thinking of the Trilateral Commission and the idea of a New World order as being something of conspiracy, but after many years and many scandals that show the FBI and other law enforcement agencies always at the center of the latest mass shooting, terrorist attack such as 9/11, the attempted coup of President Trump, or most recently, the massive voter fraud effort by the Deep State to steal an election from Trump and give it to Beijing Biden, my opinion of the FBI has dwindled away into seeing them as hostile domestic enemies, certainly not the good guys in The Untouchables—which is what I wanted to believe.  My first thought as I watched the FBI press conference of the Nashville bombing in an RV on Christmas morning was, well here we go again, it’s a white guy, a loner, and an RV owner who lost his mind and became a terrorist, and we’ll likely never know why or how the event came to be.  All we do know, and this is how the case began and ended forever, is that we’ll never know why or how.  It’s like the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas a few years back, or the San Bernardino mass shooting at a Christmas party where the FBI openly destroyed evidence in many ways to keep the motives to the killers from being known, but always like setting the alarm on a clock, right on queue when the Deep State needs a distraction, the FBI comes up with the latest mass shooting, or bombing that gets everyone looking over in some other direction while the real culprits are conducting the crimes of the century over and over again.  All this has caused me to go back and read Tragedy and Hope with a fresh, older perspective knowing what I do now.  The first time was hard for me to accept such notions as failure of western civilization to support some “elite” view of the world meant to imprison everyone in it to just another age of aristocracy by today’s wealthy minority.

And that’s why I say in the video above that its sad that the FBI screwed up again because after what they did to Trump, or in the NASCAR case of finding a noose in the garage of Bubba Wallace and trying to bring racism front and center in the car racing world at the same time that people were deeply suspicious of the mass lockdowns caused by Covid 19, the FBI have shown themselves not to be friends of America, but enemies working at the whims of these globalist hacks and their attempts to run a borderless world at the expense of us all, particularly our freedoms.  When the FBI needs to, just as I gave the example of Martin Luther King when they tried to shove the civil rights leader into suicide at the height of his powers in the 1960s, the FBI has been using public relations to shape opinions rather than investigate crime.  Their goal is always to use fear to open the door for politicians to react to policy and that is how the game has gone for many years, and justified the many pages of explanation that went into that massive book Tragedy and Hope.  Gradually over the years I have hoped that the FBI and other members of the Deep State would be open to reform, especially if we had the right president, such as we have with Trump, but the goals of the Deep State truly are sinister, every bit as bad as conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones postulate.  The delivery of the warnings come across as crazy, which I have tried to take with a grain of salt, including when I first read Tragedy and Hope, but the facts over time just become so obvious, culminating into the end of 2020 with the bombing on Christmas, the way too fast wrap up of who the bomber was, how he did it, and the FBI had it all wrapped up as a case by Christmas evening, almost as if they were reading from a script prepared for them.  The true tragedy of the event is that so many people have lost faith at all in the FBI community.  Suckers who want to believe everything they say so they can go back to sleep of course listen to those press conferences and consider if guns should be made illegal, or even RVs because during lockdowns the government is disturbed that people have rushed out to buy guns and RVs to get away from all the stupid rules due to Covid and the Deep State wants control back of people’s behavior.  But more and more people are realizing that most of our current government have made themselves domestic enemies for all the reasons articulated in that book by Carroll Quigley.  He’s of course not the only one, but he certainly put some effort into making a solid point about the problems of modern western civilization.  The failures are not organic meaning they happen as a part of some Vico Cycle, but they are artificial by a jealous minority of powerful elite who do not respect the Constitution of the United States and spend their lives looking to destroy it through social pressures such as tragedy to provoke law changes that protect their power base and impose their will on the masses of civilization. 

When the FBI should have been considering the way people voted in 2020 instead of listening to the Trump supporters who were in the masses, the Deep State dug in deeper and showed the cards they have been playing for centuries.  We may have had a Revolution in 1776 but the old powers jealously had to concede due to the world at the time taking too long to manage from across an ocean.  Many people don’t think of how John Paul Jones, the revolutionary pirate disrupted the English navy to such an extent that it allowed Washington to have ground victories to win that war, then the British were back in the War of 1812 to get their territory back, which again resulted in an embarrassing defeat.  It took the Deep Staters another century to get their feet back under them again with new money being made during westward expansion once there was faster communication overseas and air travel the Deep State has given up on open invasions with military force and instead turned to psychological manipulation for the same effect which is what the FBI has become as a tool.  And it was sadly on full display in Nashville.  The FBI was lazily going through the motions wrapping up the case before the Christmas weekend was even over as the Durham Report has been stifled and hidden due to its incriminating nature. The effort at corruption and attack on the core values of American society has never been accepted by the Deep State and what they are doing today is just as obvious as the many wars that have been started and useless killing meant to maintain the power base of a slim foundation of elite.  And for their role in the effort, its just sad to consider that the FBI was never our friends, but have always been what the conspiracy theorists thought they were, and now will never be able to repair the trust the public once had in them, ever.

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Covid-19 is a Friend of the Lazy and the Marxist: The loss of happiness in life was on purpose

Another way that Covid-19 has been an effective attack from China against our economy has been in essentially attacking the tenants of Adam Smith’s approach to economics with an overly managed economy instead of the invisible hand of self interest which so greatly sets it apart from other economic systems around the world.  I am personally one who believes that kids shouldn’t be able to graduate from high school unless they have studied and can prove they understand Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  I read it a long time ago and honestly, I thought until recently that it was much further read than it has been.  And for many young people, they get heavy doses of Marx in college and Keynesian economics specifically, but they have not studied enough the economic systems that run America, nor have they been taught why the American system is so superior to all other economic systems which the results of lifestyles obviously show in competitive comparisons.  And that is why few people see the obvious, that Covid was an attack on American culture in many ways, but ultimately it has been a mad professor Marxist attack on the fundamental way of life that drives the American economy, through competition and the pursuit of customer fulfilment that drives dollars through happiness instead of raw necessity.

I don’t talk about it much because I think it was one of the most useless things I’ve ever done, going to college.  I remember well getting up every morning and having breakfast over in Coryville on the campus of the University of Cincinnati when the little restaurant opened there, well before classes started.  Most of the books that were assigned reading I had already gobbled up a week or two into the semester, so I was reading the big books that were only offered to graduate classes because I didn’t want to wait.  I was taking economics as the major and I absolutely hated all the classes by the extremely liberal professors.  They were so stupid and to wash myself of that filth they were teaching I was reading Adam Smith at 5 AM until about 8 while I had my breakfast of omelets and bacon at my usual booth in the corner, 7 days a week.  I’d read this great foundation book full of wisdom as I watched the other college kids come and go before class totally aloof to the great wisdom that was in The Wealth of Nations.  I found I looked forward to that little quiet time I gave myself each day on campus, but I detested the classes because they felt like mind control.  I found that to wash the filth off me I would give myself another 3 hours at the end of the day to continue reading and in that way, I managed through the college years intact.  I pretty much ignored what any teacher had to say because they were not equipped to understand the great classics like The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.  My pursuits, the morning meal, the end of the day meal, and my books stacked up on my booth table encouraged me to read a lot of big books that were way beyond the college experience and I had arrived there by the benefit of the invisible hand, the Natural Law of the universe, the pursuit of happiness—the key to the great joy and power of the American economy. 

My wife right before Christmas came home blistering with rage, ready to turn over a car and eat it, she was mad.  Because of Covid our bank was down to just a few tellers at the window, the lobby had been closed and the Butler County Health Department was in their business wanting to shut them down because of all the mandatory quarantines they were experiencing.  My wife was waiting for 20 minutes to get money for Christmas shopping since the lobby was shut down and the only way to interact with the bank that day was through the drive thru window.  Then as she finally arrived at the window the teller pulled down a shade and declared to all in line that it was lunch time for them.  Come back in an hour.  Well, my wife blew up.  She knows all the people and they did serve her when they saw how irate she had become.  But due to Covid, the experience at the bank had been altered into a chore instead of a nice experience where they send through suckers when she has the grandkids with her to make the exchange a pleasurable one.  But she needed more money so she went back the next day and the entire branch was closed because the last two tellers had tested positive for Covid so the bank just ran out of employees to keep the place open.  The fury continued. 

And that has been the main theme of Covid-19, not to mention the false positives, the stupid masks, the ridiculous and unscientific social distancing, all new terms for a free American society—now there are all these dumb and cumbersome rules that government has imposed to reduce happiness greatly in our day to day exchanges.  And we have had to come to accept that if we want to stay open as a business, or even have a job, that we must comply.  Well, that’s the theme of Covid-19 really, control, loss of happiness, and accepting massive government overreach that impacts us even at the bank, thus that is why my wife was so angry.  Its one thing to see a sporting event with no fans in the stands, its another to see the movie industry collapse, to lose the ability to go to a restaurant and talk through plexiglass windows like we are all living in an aquarium.  Covid-19 has been attempting to change the way we fundamentally do business, to turn our economy into that of Karl Marx and away from Adam Smith, and it has all been on purpose.

Covid-19 has empowered the lazy to stand up to the industrious and keep their jobs.  Covid has penalized the people who refuse to work from home and to not drive their cars down the road for the ultimate goal of the Marxist types of lowering their carbon footprint to save an earth that will just be hit by an asteroid killing everyone on it in a few thousand years anyway.  But it all sounds good if it changes the economy from a thriving one to one micromanaged by a central government.  It has made me think back to the college days where I saw with my own eyes how stupid the professors were and their students who were not reading every morning and night like I was.  They just wanted to get laid and spent most of their time thinking about those kinds of things.  If the college was teaching Marx, they didn’t care.  They did what they had to do to get a passing grade and they got out of school and onto a job.  Then later when a country like China sent in a Trojan Horse virus to ruin our economy they didn’t see it coming and didn’t care.  Just like in college, they did what the teacher told them to get a passing grade and they were too lazy to even ask the deeper questions—like, should we be doing any of this?  Well, not in my family.  As far as I’m concerned there is only one economic system, and its that one of Adam Smith.  Nothing else will be acceptable.

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Understanding Natural Law: There is no place for communism, socialism or Marxism in the world

Not to make things overly simplified but what it all comes down to, it is about natural law and understanding it which makes up the divisions about everything in any culture.  If it is said today socially that we are a “divided nation” it is because the people of that society have different understandings of natural law.  The means for which people measure political affiliation is purposely disjointed, America has endured over 100 years of attack by foreign powers, by countries, banks, political idealists seeking desperately to hold on to their passive aggressive monarchies, their dictatorships, their centrally managed societies which give a few power at the top subjugating people under them in every way possible, just as the idea has recently been introduced to America through Covid-19.  We don’t have a political spectrum in America where the radical left are Antifa and the radical right are racist fascists like the Nazis.  Looked at that way everyone between that spectrum is a radical leftist, and to this day a vast majority of people have been deceived from birth into believing such a thing.  Yet, as I have said time and time again, the more people learn about life and about themselves, the more to the political right their personal ideologies move which was certainly the case in the United States during the formation of the country.  Because back then it was generally agreed upon what natural law was and the roots of it could be found in the pages of the Bible of Christian text.  But the aim of socialists, Marxists, Maoists, communists, progressives, all the same thing essentially by different names was to erase natural law from our institutions and our lives and replace it with the laws of whimsical men and women until a takeover of our great nation was fulfilled.  They didn’t think it would happen fast, but now that more than a century has transpired, the footprints of their movement are obvious to our eyes today, after the first four years of the Trump presidency. 

In the video above I gave what I think is a pretty good modern interpretation of what natural law is, for those who have lost touch to it.  People who are very religious, as the Trump legal team obviously is, have a trust in natural law that is naturally conducive to their studies of the Bible.  Its easy for them because they have already put their trust in the faith that it takes to be a religious subject.  Very religious people have already taken the step to accept the Bible’s definition for natural law by just accepting that things are what they are and that’s all there is to it.  However, and this is largely how the Marxist infiltration started in American colleges starting with 100 people in the 1905 group the ISS, (intercollegiate socialist society) which slow brewed socialism in various institutions over a long period of time.  For those who claim to be “smart people” or intellectual leaders of some kind, blind trust in faithful religions just wasn’t acceptable so they rejected the natural law of our Christian society and started leaning toward the laws of man for their political ideology.  And we’ve seen the result as frogs slowly being cooked after all these years toward socialism and communism with the temperature slowly being turned up at our education institutions since that 1905 date.  What I share with them is that I don’t just blindly follow anything.  My life is not ruled by faith, but by reason and logic.  However, the easy way for looking at something is to either reject a premise like natural law because it requires faith to believe it, or scholastic evidence to reject it, as our colleges and public schools have done, especially under the guidance from communist inspired labor unions.  My argument however would be that everyone is wrong and that they should have pushed themselves for the answers intellectually, because the true answer to natural law requires a bigger view of existence than what has been known two thousand years in the past. 

I would state emphatically that natural law is present in the positioning of Jupiter in our solar system, which has allowed earth to happen with life on it as the big planet has acted as a vacuum cleaner in space to suck away gravitationally all the asteroids that might have destroyed the earth over the last 30,000 years of human development.  Asteroids do get through and strike the earth, but at a much less rate than if Jupiter wasn’t where it was in our solar system.  Perhaps Jupiter has given the human race just enough time to evolve into a thinking species that could escape earth and flee to space for its continued survival before the next asteroid does get by Jupiter and strikes the earth.  We could also look at our own immune systems and say that the plight of our white blood cells is to fight off invaders in the form of disease.  Or on a more grand scale, perhaps that is the point of our entire universe, to act within a body of many universes according to the many thoughts of multiverse quantum understanding in advanced physics where there are more than 10 dimensions that are interacting with us all the time.  The “creator” may well be the body we all fight to keep alive just as our own bodies have many such cells keeping us alive, and within them, perhaps an infinite parade of fighters and seekers of justice to do their part to make our body good and whole.  Natural law may very well postulate that the purpose of our very existence all across our known universe is to keep that cell healthy and doing the good work of justice within the very body of God, for which he, she, or it is just one massive body of billions all fighting it out on a cosmic plane inconceivable to our point of view, but that natural law agrees on any scale is the right thing to do.  Therefore, the United States was formed to make our universe healthy and whole for the purpose of justice in a multiverse of teaming life. 

And from that perspective, the morality for the Constitution of the United States could and should be accepted even by those who struggle with faith in what they can’t see understanding that such laws permeate everything that existence is built upon.  And for that reason, we should fight for it.  The thoughts of Marxism that have corrupted our minds for so many years are those very viruses we are meant to fight to do our part to keep life happy and thriving even if its just here on earth in our countries and homes, or whether we are on the other side of the universe millions of years from now, which to the universe might only be a second of cosmic time, the rules still apply and the work we do today is just as relevant as the world of tomorrow.  And knowing all that, we cannot afford to be a divided species, nor can we be accepting of other ideas as if the world were big enough for all thoughts and feelings co-existing.  A virus wants to kill the body and that is what communism, socialism, and Marxism have wanted from the beginning and there is no co-habitation with them.  The only law that matters in the world, or in the universe is natural law, our idea of God simplified for our very minds through the invention of the Bible so many years ago.  But we know more now than we did then, and natural law is just as relevant as it was for the traditional Bible thumpers.  It wasn’t that faith was the prerequisite for understanding the magic of America’s constitution, or Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, but it was in the scale for which these things were measured.  And when that scale has matured, the key to life and happiness is always within the beauty of natural law.

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Objectivism: President Trump has only been the beginning

For one thing, as I have said for many months, going backwards, or accepting socialism is not an option.  Watching a political insurrection occur is not acceptable and from my point of view the cause of most of the problems is stupidity.  In many cases made that way on purpose by our attackers.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Tea Party movement was going strong.  In fact, it produced the Trump presidency, and it never really went away.  But in many ways Trump replaced the need for the Tea Party with the kind of government we had been hungry for, and a proper take-over of the Republican Party took place and many of the concerns we had for our nation were being addressed.  However, the Trump administration was very much a surface fix.  Trump did all he could from the executive branch, but the limits became well obvious as time evolved that the overall philosophy of government in America had strayed way off path and the criminals which were now in elected offices were diligent in hiding their crimes by trying to get rid of Trump the moment he started culminating in this running out the clock judicially on the greatest election fraud scam in the history of the world.  So, to fix those problems it doesn’t so much take weapons to attack the perpetrators, but it does require intelligence to run a republic which is where we must begin in 2021, with restoring intellect. 

There were two very popular books that came out of the Tea Party period which inspired a movement of people to demand better government for themselves.  The first and most obvious was The 5000 Year Leap and the second was Atlas Shrugged.  There were others, but those two epitomized the Tea Party movement and the kind of things that it took to convince people to take a chance on someone like Donald Trump for president the first time.  Yet to maintain that effort, it would obviously take more of that energy, and more people to come to a better intelligence about how to run their lives, which is part of the China attack on our country, to infiltrate all levels of our government and dumb down our population with drugs, stupidity, and any vice that could be controlled to destroy the lives of human beings as a massive conquest of an entire population was underway for world domination and the spread of communism to every corner.  For many it is a difficult concept to wrestle with, to even recognize that they need to ask a question and that lazy tendency to trust anybody anywhere that they never overcame as children was necessary for the maintenance of a free society.  Ayn Rand’s work is the best place to start presently as the books of her efforts were written in the 40s and 50s of the last century and have been part of the American experience in a healthy way for many years now.

As I explained in the video above, I am not an objectivist, which is the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  I’m way too independent as a thinker to follow blindly someone else’s thoughts on a matter.  But the people I call friends are likely most notably those types of people.  I do get along with Christian people very well too, but like Ayn Rand, I have my own thoughts about things and see philosophy as a growing exercise, something that is always evolving based on human knowledge and experience.  Ultimately for me Ayn Rand was a woman and thought like a woman—not that, that was a bad thing, but it is certainly different from me.  In her books the great heroes of her stories essentially pack up and move away from an overly obtrusive government and are constantly being tortured and victimized by a looter society.  Like an angry woman who feels dejected by her husband, Ayn Rand’s characters saunter off to create their own society in the mountains of Colorado as the world falls apart in the outside would by the crushing effects of socialism.  While these books are great for people who have been taught in public education that socialism is the goal of the world and are now voting and making decisions destructive to our country, I have a much different mindset than Ayn Rand does about conflict resolution.  Don’t get me wrong, Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors.  But I would be more inclined to deal with a corrupt government as the historic figure of Wild Bill Hickok did, with a shootout in the street than how the fictional characters of Ayn Rand did, but taking their talents home only to go on strike until the world came to their senses.  I personally think liberty needs to be defended with an eye toward violence and destruction rather than sulking in paradise waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.     

That doesn’t cheapen the message though which is critical to even asking the questions needed to run a republic.  I have probably heard the word “democracy” more in the last week than I have in all of my life, now that people who have taken for granted that America would always be here no matter how much they abused it, only now are people paying attention to the value of a good democracy.  But as I have said many, many, many, many times dear reader, a democracy is one of the four elements of the Vico Cycle which states that all civilization exist on cycles of birth and destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Building a society around a mob driven democracy is not the way to maintain the kind of Constitutional order that is talked about in The 5000 Year Leap.  To overcome that faulty mindset of a democracy, you must first master it, then build something better as a highly educated republic.  You must build your mind to be a functioning member of a democratically elected republic and to have the intellect to maintain it valuing the objectivist elements of the best among us to drive society ever forward, instead of cowering to every lazy whim of the worst and dumbest of our civilization, as we have now. And to defend those intellects, you must stand and fight off the looters who will come after you for their own sustenance like zombies from a horror film so that you can continue your education and effectiveness as a contributing member of that republic.

 In spite of how things look today, with an obvious attack by China into our American way of life it is the 27th Principle in The 5000 Year Leap on debt that speaks so clearly what the strategy of foreign invasion has been into our lives.  It was Ben Franklin who said “think what you do when you run in debt; you give another power over your liberty.”  I was fine with President Trump running up debt to fix many of the problems we had in America, because he was putting the squeeze on China with the trade deal.  It forced China to reveal their cards and show us how deep their fingers have been into our society, which is valuable.  Trump was paying for the debt with projected growth which is well underway.  But the compromise of our judicial system, many of our legislative branch, our media, our law enforcement particularly in the FBI has been the result of crushing debt over the years and a loss of allegiance to America as those bankrupt souls have looked to Chinese communism for their bailout.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  We’re not going backwards, the same needs that elected Donald Trump are still there.  However, we can clearly see that for the future we’ll need a lot more of it, and we can only get there with an intelligent republic, which starts with a few good books.  And Ayn Rand is a good place to start.

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How China Fights: Looking at the means of attack that aren’t so obvious

To fight the enemy, you must understand who the enemy is and what means they are using to attack you.  That is certainly the case with how China is attacking America currently and has for so many years.  In the video above, I am using a micro analogy, to the macro strategy.  You simply take this example and apply it to many industries across many platforms and you’ll see clearly what they have been up to and how they arrived to the present time so well equipped to use our own people against us in government for their long diabolical plot to take over the world.  China does not want to fight any of us directly, that is not how they do anything.  Rather, they want control of the propaganda machines itself which in America we call the entertainment industry.  This was a target the Chinese established years ago as their goal and we have been watching it develop quietly until of course they now run most of the media directly or indirectly in America as a result.  I would propose that it all started with the purchase of several Hollywood movie studios, most notably, Legendary Studios after the 2014 release of the new generation of Godzilla movies. 

In the video above I told a brief story about how the Chinese communists invaded China in the wake of World War II, after General Chennault’s Flying Tigers was decommissioned into the Pacific theater to combat the Japanese, oddly.  General Stilwell back then seemed oddly inclined to only provide Chennault with enough resources to make a good showing in the war.  The Flying Tigers were in fact over performing which seemed to greatly irritate the regional commander.  Further, many of Chennault’s best pilots were taken from him, like Tex Avery and sent to carrier deployment while a rag tag team of the AVG continued to fight the Japanese over China.  By the end of the war China was left in ruins as the American forces were pulled out paving the way for Mao Zedong to move out of the north, from Russia with love, to fill the power void thus ushering in communism to their entire Asian region.  Back home in America Chennault warned about the threat communism poised in the region he fought so hard to protect, and he was proven right with the Korean War and the Vietnamese War followed by China moving from a third world country to becoming one of the world’s superpowers.   In hindsight, it was obvious that Chennault’s observations that America had no interest in stopping communism in China was more than apathy.  It was a strategy and he had played his part in helping it along.  The Japanese and Americans were thrown together to start a war and wear out each other while the real power forces of communism would be poised to take over, which is precisely what happened. 

China is at it again using media, executive investment, and seductress spies to infiltrate our culture in America and undo us from within as they sit poised to sweep in on the backs of the wreckage to take over with full fledged communism.  We saw the results of this strategy during 2020 when big tech companies like Google and Facebook went full communism in censoring the press and shockingly the press was in on the efforts fully, which if anybody were paying attention they would have noticed when the Wanda Group purchased Legendary Studios after the string of hits they had, finalized after Godzilla did respectable box office numbers.  After a string of big hits, especially the Batman films of Christopher Nolan the Chinese acquired the studio to fulfill their need of controlling the message of communism in America through Hollywood.  It wouldn’t be their only big studio purchase, but it shows their strategy of taking control of Hollywood products and the American media in general.  The next film under Legendary Studios, Kong: Skull Island was essentially a film about communist propaganda and the next film after that, Godzilla, King of the Monsters was even worse.  Legendary Studios lost their market, the movies were good monster movies with great effects, but the heart was gone and movie audiences could sense that something was wrong, so the films were rejected at the box office.

China was growing tired of accepting the ten or so movies that American studios were trying to show to their 1.40 billion people, so their strategy was to control the films being made in America, or at least controlling their content.  That was the obvious problem with the Disney studios who began trying to cater their Marvel and Star Wars films to that market’s sensibilities.  Most notably was the scene from the Star Wars film The Last Jedi where a black guy and an Asian went to a casino planet and saved some animals and talked about the evils of both sides in arms trading.  It baffled long time Star Wars fans but was a clear appeasement of the Chinese censors to win over the communists to showing more Star Wars films to the people of China.  Of course, American audiences rejected the new Star Wars films largely and the brand damage done to Disney was immense.  In trying to reach the communist market, Disney had destroyed itself in the capitalist markets.  They couldn’t bring everyone together with a common love of a movie, but instead, China deepened its strategy of taking over American media by convincing them to chase after China’s vast population, even though only a small percentage could actually go and see the movies that were allowed to be shown in China.

Now this all might seem pretty harmless, what does war have to do with making movies?  Well, for the communists its all about setting up market collapses of industry, getting American titans of industry to over-invest, or be crushed by a compromised status such as some honey pot getting scandalous information on a powerful figure then China buys up propaganda assets on the cheap then uses those assets to convince Americans to kill their economy with green technology, or in attacking the traditional roles of men in society, or confusing the hell out of women while talking about the great merits of a collective communist society to set everyone up for an eventual Chinese take over of all markets, not just movies, but car manufacturing, aerospace, even zoning administrations and state and federal government positions.  China knows and has done this for a long time, if they can control the message, they can control the people.  The tactics were used by Mao Zedong after World War II, even during to help propagate the conflict with the right power players to get them to wear each other out opening the door for new powers to take over when strategically possible.  And China has been doing just that to America for decades and most notably with the purchase of Hollywood assets like Legendary Studios.  As a long time lover of King Kong, I could barely sit through Kong: Skull Island where the primitives on the island were now the heroes and collectivism was the way to stay alive, not one man against the beast to win the love of the damsel in distress.  The attack may seem subtle, but as I demonstrated here, it is extremely obvious, especially in hindsight.

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We Are Not Supposed to Have “Elites” in America: A ruling class is something to look down on, not to worship

Something that has come up a lot, especially after the last several weeks as many political pundits, especially Fox’s Tucker Carlson, has ranted in frustration about the “elites” in our society ruling us from beyond the law.  As these people have put it, there are laws the rest of us follow, then there are the laws the ruling class follows.  Most specifically this observation has been directed at the Covid lockdowns where governors who have imposed closed aspects to the economy have been caught going to get their hair done or have been attending mask less spectacles such as going to expensive restaurants while everyone else was forced to stay home following ridiculously stupid CDC guidelines.  But its also been referred to in reference to the election fraud of 2020.  In spite of what people wanted in re-electing President Trump, the “elites” were going to give us hiding, lying, Joe Biden anyway, no matter what we thought.  Well, all that may be true, but it is not the way America was designed to operate and in order to fix this silly problem, people need to understand their role in the American experience.  Celebrity was never meant to bring a tier society similar to Europe to America.  Rather, if a person with a new idea could find something new, they should and could have access to the top tier people of our society and be able to work those associations to positive productivity.

In the video above I told a bit of the story of Melania Trump in meeting Donald Trump to become his third and final wife.  As I was telling it I was thinking of a former fashion model and someone I knew who was married to a very prominent man of great wealth in Cincinnati who told me a similar story.  She, like Melania came to America with hopes in dreams of great opportunity.  Now feminists who look like the bottom of a soiled foot will be upset with fashion models because as they say they can sleep their way to the top and gain advantage over others due to their fabulous looks.  But as I say often, pretty people are people too and we should not discriminate against them.  People are people and there are lots of ways to advance in the world.  Pretty or not, success starts with the choice to become so.  In that context I found my old friend the fashion model’s story similar to Melania’s and very relevant to this subject.  This girl told me way back then that the greatest part of America was that she didn’t have to belong to some element of society to get invited to elegant social events.  She told me that in her home country of Holland that to be invited to parties where you could associate with top politicians and other powerful people you had to already be accepted among the ranks of the elite.  It was a kind of Cinderella story where some pretty country girl was stuck under some evil stepmother in a cabin deep in the woods and by magic she had an opportunity to go to a ball and meet a prince and live happily ever after.  But in America you could be standing next to very powerful people in an elevator going somewhere to buy shoes and have a chance to be invited to a ball, which is how she met her husband, who was 30 years older than she was, but like I said, opportunity comes in all kinds of forms.

I was just a guy back then who answered every call to adventure so I met her going to all kinds of big time social gatherings and we met mayors, governors, big time developers, all the people who made a top society run.  I had about 2 cents and a nickel in my pocket, she had extremely good looks and we found ourselves part of the Cincinnati high society. I never felt any of those people were above me and I told my model friend that she was far more talented than the people who were going to those parties.  She coming from a small town in Holland living in a very controlled society was just awe struck that she could come to America, marry quickly a wealthy man and spend her social time talking to the most powerful people in society who were happy always to talk with such a beautiful person.  To my eyes she was becoming sucked into that life when in reality she had far more to offer than them to anything.  But the point was that people of obscure backgrounds, even people who were broke could be sitting at the table of the Mayor for the night and perhaps even spend the rest of the evening with some lonely wife from Indian Hill with all the money in the world, but nobody to spend the money on because America was a land of opportunity, not one where you had to boot lick your way to the top.

When I think of Melania Trump I often think of that old friend.  That old friend ended up becoming a major Obama liberal because she liked the parties so much that she could care less about politics.  She just loved buying shoes, so she’d have somewhere to wear them.  She and her husband had many fortunes in the bank so for her, the joy in life was in buying new shoes to wear to the three or four big charity events, or other social gatherings that she went to per week. She showed me a room she had off her personal bedroom that was just for shoes, and it was filled.  Anyway, Melania came to America from a communist country with little opportunity.  She went to Paris to find a way to make money off her looks.  She had to take off her clothes to get the top jobs and this paved the way for her to escape to New York to get the top modeling jobs, and there she was invited to a party that allowed her to meet Donald Trump, a big-time developer who at that time was pretty shallow when it came to women.  She was the prettiest girl in the room and he wanted her as a conquest.  She played a little hard to get, but eventually they were married and suddenly she was in her own Cinderella story living in a golden tower high above the New York skyline.  But she had an impact on the businessman Trump and over the years, I would say she has molded him into the kind of person who has become the greatest president in history. 

It’s not just supermodels we could tell these stories about, I could say the same about Edison, Sam Colt, Ayn Rand, or just about anybody in American society.  I could tell the famous story of Steven Spielberg who quit film school and snuck on the lot of Universal Studios and never left making some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time.  The point is in America being an elite has nothing to do with success and we should never allow ourselves to worship celebrity because it opens the door in our minds to accepting overlords of our lives.  Rather, you should do your thing, use whatever it is that makes you unique and open doors in America toward success that you never know where it will come from.  We are not supposed to accept locked doors as a restriction to our lives where we have to bootlick people to open them for us.  In America, they are supposed to be open, we are not supposed to have the fights of The Great Gatsby.  Old money, new money, any money is just a measure of value and ambition.  Its not about power.  Only dumb people who want the safety and security of locked doors in life, such as is common in Europe and Asia like the restrictions of a tiered society.  And we should never accept such a way of life, not even joking.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Treason in America: Without the death penalty, domestic terrorists have lost respect for our laws

More and more, especially by the famous attorneys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell the word treason is being thrown around to describe the massive election fraud we are dealing with regarding the 2020 presidential election.  In my video above, I added the term sedition to the mix because if you take the role that the media has played in this obvious fraud, they have acted in a manner of sedition with an attempt to overthrow a properly elected president by the people who run the country.  Not to mention the Russian dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for and the media played along which was knowing sedition, the role the media played collectively, nearly uniformly in the 2020 elections was clearly sedition if suppression polls are considered as they should, pre-mature calls for states still voting, and the knowing proclamation that there is no evidence of fraud when this past week we have heard nothing but evidence every day.  But the attempts at wide scale cheating from domestic and international characters attempting to overthrow the election results in the middle of the election to shut down the counting until fake ballots and machine calibrations could be utilized to catch the Democrat Biden up to the dominating lead Trump truly had was treason by any definition that should be punishable by more than just jail time.  For everyone involved in those Dominion voting machines, treason was always on their mind, an overthrow of the United States of America to steal votes not just from the candidate Trump, but from the people who voted for him. 

As a student of history, one of my favorite periods of time is the old west period where justice was instilled by hanging.  I always thought it was harsh to hang people as a form of justice on the wide plains of western expansion.  Some of the hangings were over silly things but the official law enforcement of the time was very rigid about hangings.  Not the kind where rival gangs hung each other for disputes but authorized official government actions.  Fair or not, the belief at that time was that death by hanging would inspire people to respect law and order and the concept of a republic democracy as America experimented with self-governance for the first real time in history.  Democracies were invented on pirate ships where they elected their captain and while at sea there were harsh penalties for breaking the rules.  Much less harsh than in the British Navy, but harsh none the less.  The reason for words like treason and sedition evolved out of these historic struggles and the need to pull society together out of fear of harsh punishments.  We all know the story of Benedict Arnold who left General Washington for an 18-year-old socialite in Philadelphia society.  She wanted to live in the inner circles of British society and thus started Arnold switching sides from a revolutionary to a loyalist.  For that little thing Benedict Arnold was forever attached to the essence of a traitor.  We are discovering now that George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and many others worked with foreign influence to attack the American election process and they used all their tools in their arsenal to do so.  They have committed treason in a much more severe way, and there is no expectation that any of them will have any fear of prosecution from their activity.  That is what happens when people lose respect for the law. 

I don’t know that I would have supported hanging everyone like they did in the old west.  I am a very freewheeling kind of person; I understand lawmen like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.  I really understand Wild Bill Hickok, people who were harsh with individual fights, but loose on too many rules and regulations.  But essentially, you must find a balance in any society between chaos and civilization that can grow and give people an opportunity for happiness.  But no matter how loose or tight law and order tries to apply to the society under their care, complete lawlessness, or a lack of respect for the authority of law is a reprehensible condition.  And when the laws are on the books and nothing is enforced, or worse, ignored, it should not be a surprise when attackers seeking weak targets don’t thrive into existence.  Over many years, from the time periods I have mentioned to the present we have been tricked into believing as Americans that being soft on the law is a sign of a civilized society.  After all, we don’t hang people in the street any longer for all to see.  That makes us a better society, right?  However, that definition has been defined by progressives who have been planning for a long time to take America over and deliver it broken to the United Nations to remake in the image of the world.  Those acts are treason of the highest order, and punishments must happen in order to make things right again.  As is the evidence of the Bill Barr Justice Department who came out this week trying to take the edge off the voter fraud.  To admit that fraud happened would place most of his employees and those of Washington D.C. into the category of major treason which all the jails in the world couldn’t hold.  And because we view punishments by death as barbaric, we have allowed ourselves to fall into chaos and lawlessness because nobody respects the law. 

This has left the attorneys working on the Trump case to appear crazy demanding justice from a society that has turned away from civility and law and order.  This isn’t just Benedict Arnold falling in love with an 18-year old girl with expensive tastes and wanting to switch sides so he could marry her and have sex with her.  This is massive fraud that involves many thousands of people, all of them who could easily be justified with a penalty of death in a public square to tame the minds of those also thinking of becoming criminals.  The point of killing people convicted of treason was to discourage more of the behavior.  Yet we have seen what happens when people no longer fear such things.  They committed major treason right in front of our faces on a national election and the networks were in on it and were there to tell us there was nothing to see.  And the moment we said, “yes, there is something wrong,” the media was saying without looking at the massive evidence that was pouring in, that there wasn’t any evidence.  They were saying this before the evidence was even emerging—which was sedition to commit treason.  To allow treason to happen, in many cases, was to destroy evidence.  And to aid the most massive crime we have ever witnessed as any civilized nation done right in front of our faces.  These are very serious crimes and extremely serious charges, yet that is the reality of the moment.  Further, without any courage to face down law breakers, justice has no chance of surviving and once people accept that, there isn’t a nation any longer—which was always the intentions of the Open Border people.  They want America dead, and that begins by taking away the laws that hold that society together.  Its why people used to be hung for treason or cattle rustling.  But now that we are “more civilized,” respect for the law has been rejected, so that the real intention can begin, the overthrow of America by foreign, jealous powers.  And instead of hanging the guilty parties, we have made total enslavement of ourselves a reality that is that much closer.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Great Poker Game: Lucky for us, Trump knows how to win at that game

I tend to think of most things like a poker game, specifically Texas Hold ‘em which is the great American game of business.  And in regard to President Trump and the obvious crimes committed in this recent election and understanding where its going and how we all got here, I find the best way to look at it is as anyone would a high stakes poker game.  What we are seeing is the difference between a buy like Trump who spent much of his life playing poker in real life.  Not gambling his life away as a drunk loser in a casino of course, but as a person who understands how to read value in other players and to move wealth from their pockets to his.  These poker players have always been playing poker, but it took a Trump type of player to sit in the presidency to beat them at their own game and it looks to me that he’s going to do it again in the classic way for which great players usually do end up victorious.  But to be good at poker you don’t win by so much dominating the other players with force, you have to encourage them to show what they have so you can take advantage of that information.  That is why poker is the game and not something else.  Because in the world of politics, like poker, or business the game isn’t in the cards or in the rules so much as in extracting value out of the betting where everyone is trying to hide what they really have and what they plan to do with them.

Without President Trump I don’t know that we would have ever discovered just how crooked and what the global intentions where of all the malicious characters who have entered our government with truly sinister plans.  Now a lot of people understand in games like poker that the intent is to hide and manipulate the other players.  However, they have a hard time seeing such things in real life because in their minds reality and games are two different realms of human participation.  To truly understand what is going on in the modern sense you must understand the games that humans have invented for themselves in order to understand how to deal with malicious intent.  Understanding poker will help to understand what game is really going on in our government and how they have gone all in with a great global scheme to sell all of us out for a future state of Chinese communism.  Instinctively we all understood the problem who voted for President Trump both the last time then again this year in even greater numbers.  We understood the stakes even if we had a hard time admitting to ourselves that the whole thing was a game to some of these very evil people and that we had to win or lose everything.  So we sent our representative to the table to play the game on our behalf and thankfully, Trump knows what he is doing. 

To win at poker a player needs to encourage other people to raise the ante in the pot with the belief that they feel confident that they can win that round.  To get them to do that, you must convince them that they have a better hand than you do while at the same time playing to have a winning hand that will beat the rest of them at the table.  Now usually you aren’t just playing against one other player, but six more all with their own motivations for winning.  In the case of this Trump game, there are lots of malicious characters at the table betting and playing to beat us.  There are globalists, government alliances with communism, there are jealous billionaires who lack the charisma to be president themselves and seek a take over of our government to prove to Trump that the power is in the donor, not the seat in the Oval Office.  There are United Nations insurgents who want to move the world from sovereignty to a world where they become the next ruling class.  Then there are thieves, cheats and con artists who want to play all those forces against each other for their own game.  We should be thankful that we live in a time where we have all these characters at one table so we can see them perhaps for the first time in history and understand what they are trying to do.

With that in mind we entered the 2020 election season with Trump at the table as the primary target.  Trump did a good job playing through the various rounds, the Flop, the Turn and now the River card is on the table after the election and the bad guys thought they had Trump beat.  However, as I said in the video I think Trump has a flush.  It’s not the best hand in poker, but its about as good as it gets and already several of the players at the table have gone all in because many of them have pairs, or pairs of doubles, perhaps some even have a straight.  Trump has not indicated that he has had such a winning hand which then encouraged all the other players at the table to go all in literally.  And in doing so they revealed their positions quite well, in such a way that makes it easy now to beat them.  The sloppiness of hiding their crimes in the process of the election fraud was rather ostentatious.  And the alliance with media has proven to go much deeper than anybody thought previously possible.  But with Trump forcing everyone to go all in it show the weaknesses and connections that we needed to see were always there, but were hidden by the nature of the game in the pre-Flop phase. 

Like all great games that are remembered for history, the tension is high.  The stakes are high and many are concerned of what happens if Trump loses. Well, that makes all this very exciting and is part of the drama that we crave as human beings.  That is why gambling, especially in America is such a great past time activity.  Its what does make us all so much different than people elsewhere in the world.  However, be grateful that Trump knows how to extract from all those malicious players a way to show their hands and to what extent they were willing to gamble away all the value they had.  Because beating them will leave them all exposed and bankrupt, so this is a good game to play that will leave millions of people free from an all-out war.  Most of these characters won’t survive the next phase now that the audience can see their hidden hands and intentions.  We’ll find out if Trump’s hand will hold up against all the others, but with so many chips literally on the table but nobody else having a hand anywhere close to a flush—they have pairs of doubles at best, before this game is over, many of those bad characters are going to lose everything.  They’ll flail about and say that Trump only won because he cheated.  But we all know the game and the hidden cards up their sleeves, the card counting and all the attempts to shape the game in the favor of the insurgents.  Yet Trump is beating them anyway, and rather comfortably by the measure of the legal system and forced all these characters to reveal to everyone what was once previously hidden.  And for that, we are all much better off.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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CIVIL WAR: The United States of America versus The Socialist States of America

I’ve been a Lin Wood fan for a long time, the big time attorney in Georgia who most recently has been known for the massive law suit against CNN for Nick Sandman of Covington Catholic.  His position on this Election 2020 is something I share as he told Hugh Hewitt what he thought about what he has learned as he is now defending President Trump from the massive levels of fraud that has been uncovered giving Joe Biden a fake victory.  Its much more than being a sore loser, that would mean we accept the results were fair and square and that we agree to the circumstances of the election.  Lin Wood has made his position quite clear, he thinks there will be massive arrests and punishments based on what he knows now.  I have my doubts because the government isn’t going to put itself in jail.  I hope the bad guys go to jail, but I think we’ll have to fight them in the streets, perhaps even kill them.  I’m much less of a turn the other cheek kind of guy than Lin Wood is and there are many Christian members of the MEGA movement who would much prefer a prayer to God rather than grabbing guns and fists to seek a good thumping of the evil that is on full display.  But what we have in common is that we accept that a vast evil just attempted to invade our country through our government and media and that we consider the perpetrators “domestic enemies” as established by the U.S. Constitution.  There is no way to unify under these conditions, and yes, we do have a war on our hands.

The proof of cheating that is obvious to me is that President Trump won a tremendous amount of support, much more than any GOP president in history and we’re supposed to believe that Biden obtained millions more in addition.  That is what we would call in any business of analytics, a “statistical anomaly.”  Statistical anomalies do occur but not often in a predictable way and to get the amount of statistical anomalies that Joe Biden had to get to win this election is just outrageous, and nowhere near the realm of reality.  Most of this should be flushed out in the recounts, and in the Supreme Court.  But regardless of the outcome, both sides of a very divided country are ready to hit the streets and mean to conduct violence. 

As is obvious from the Trump MEGA response over the weekend to the “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington D.C. and other places, they are certainly the less deadly of the two groups.  The forces that cheated in this recent election do mean to kill people if needed to protect the criminal class that make up that party. As is clear now the forces behind Joe Biden are outright big time white collar crime criminals attempting to supplant communism directly from China into our country.  It was an invasion, and the fight will likely go beyond the courts.  Accepting that invasion is not in my vocabulary, or many other people from the MEGA movement so things are likely to get very nasty.

As many know, I used to do a lot of media and talk radio.  I haven’t for a while partly because of the election of President Trump.  I figured I had my representative in the Executive Branch of our government and that I could largely do other things letting the Republic do its work.  To do media you had to deal with the wishy washy types who helped make this invasion of our country possible, those “we all need to come together types.”  The people who said that Democrats had a point of view too and that we should give them the time of day. That we should go to lunch with them, make friends with them, that we should value our relationships with them.  Well, now we know how dangerous that kind of thinking has been.  Why would we do that if we are going to have to beat the crap out of them or even kill them to save our country.  That’s what we are talking about here.  The political left isn’t the only side who can make lists intending to destroy people’s lives whether they mean to dox you and bring great harm to you or your family, or wreck your career and use the “PARTY” in power as a means to overcome your life in every way. 

I have a list of my own and there are a lot of people on it.  This Civil War isn’t the kind where General Grant sits on his horse on a big hill and calls out commands on a battlefield for troop movement.  This Civil War literally is everywhere and anywhere.  Right now its nonviolent.  But it could turn that way quickly.  Either way, its here.  It’s the United States of America against the Socialist States of America.  Its sovereignty against foreign invasion and it will take a long time to play out.  Its nationalism against globalism and those viewpoints won’t easily be reconciled, but they must be fought, yet only one side can win.  The two mentalities can’t live together as many have suggested over the years.  A Republican capitalist and a Democrat socialist cannot live and play together in the same government and that’s where we are at.

Speaking of troop movement for a moment, there is a lot to be happy about for Republicans.  Holding the Senate has already occurred for the most part and the recovery in the House has been so far very good and looks to get better before all is said and done. Without the cheating that went on in the Presidential election Republicans would be commanding all three houses of congress and Nancy Pelosi is poised to be a thing of the past.  But even if judicially the election fraud is not resolved quickly enough to keep Trump in the White House this year, he will begin running for president again and the MEGA movement will be quite strong to put tremendous pressure on the Democrats that taking a long view of things will likely end the war faster. 

We will have an opportunity to body slam in the media everything Commie Harris does, we’ll make fun of her daily slamming her Avon Lady looks and phony communication, and lying.  Biden won’t be able to open his mouth without having torrents of criticism leveled at him.  The other side did it to Trump, we’re planning to give it back many times over.  We’ll make it hard for them to get up in the morning and do anything.  Everyone involved in this invasion of our country is going to be scrutinized deeply and the crimes that have been left undone that have occurred against Trump over the last four years will continue to be untangled from the mess of Swamp politics.  There will be no “unity.”  The invaders figured out how to steal an election.  But they didn’t figure out what to do on the day after, or how to keep the power they stole.

Anybody who thought the very peaceful Tea Party movement was the limit of defense in America was sadly miscalculating.  I among many see the writing on the wall, the Democrats are losing power fast, and it showed in this election even with all the cheating they have openly participated in.  They can’t win unless they threaten violence and cheat.  But now, people are done being threatened by them.  If they go to the streets to fight and threaten us, then there will be blood spilled.  Given how things are going, Republicans will retake back the House in 2022 and in 2024 another Trump will likely be running. It may be President Trump again or a member of his family.  Either way, the socialism that is coming out of Joe Biden and the media culture is going to be rejected and fought openly.  The networks and corporate media are going to feel the financial hit.  Facebook and Twitter will be dealt with and the landscape will change politically very dramatically now that we know what we are dealing with. But accepting Democrats as equals or at the seat of power intent to overturn America from a capitalist country to a communist one, well that’s just not going to happen without lots of people getting hurt.  And that’s where things are at.  The bad guys in this plot are going to either be destroyed, or they are going to jail and will be prosecuted by justice.  But we aren’t going to share a country with them, and we sure as hell won’t be joining them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Threatening Lying, Hiding, Dummy Joe Biden and Commie Harries with Violence?: Quotes from the media at “Stop the Steal” in Columbus Ohio

I went to the “Stop the Steal” rally at the Ohio Statehouse and spoke there just a few minutes after the AP called the election of 2020 for Joe Biden, just as the Trump team was giving their press conference on massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania which caused the AP to think it was safe to make the controversial call.  We were watching the theft of our election system by dirty Democrats and a media culture tied to foreign nationalism and people weren’t willing to take it.  We’ve all been willing to play by the rules, and the Democrats ignored the rules then expected us to accept outright theft.  So when it came my time to talk, I addressed that issue to the large crowd that had gathered and the report by WOSU radio went something like this:

Rich Hoffman came in from Cincinnati, and was the first to directly address the AP’s announcement that Biden had carried Pennsylvania and reached the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the presidency. The news brought a chorus of boos from the crowd, and Hoffman suggested the AP called the race to distract from a press conference held by Trump’s legal team in Philadelphia.

He urged the crowd to reject reports that Biden won, and made vague suggestions toward opposing the president-elect with violence.

“There are two options,” Hoffman said. “We can win this with the rule of law and court, it might take a few months, it’s going to be a long process but we can handle it, right? Or, we play the game a different way, and we don’t want to talk that way right now, but I think we all know what we’re talking about.”

From <>

I didn’t have video organized to record, I’m sure someone will put it up somewhere, there were lots of cameras there.  But the mood of the moment was people needed to get their thoughts right.  There were lots of hurt people there and the Biden supporters, not many of them, but the ones who were there were openly gloating and egging people into a fight.  There was a socialist rally around the corner on the North steps, again much smaller than the Trump group which was organized and banned from Facebook making it difficult to get everyone together so quickly.  But all the Trump supporters were down in the dumps not really knowing what to do next. 

So my purpose was to remind them that Trump was still president and that he had every legal right to keep being president which obviously made the media there angry with me.  Some of the big stations looked at me with open distain after I finished my speech.  I would say I gave a very good speech and people appreciated it.  But obviously, the Biden people wanted to hear more praying to God for help, and sulking from the Trump people, not any talk about legal challenges or what happens if our legal system fails completely.  Then what?  I said we’d deal with that when the time came.  To understand what that means, read the Constitution.  My oath of legal grounding is the United States Constitution.  Nothing coming from some foreign entity, like the United Nations will be accepted.

I think all the Trump people all across the country were incredibly restrained as the AP called the presidential race for Joe Biden even as evidence of massive voter corruption was pouring in from all over the country, and a media we have trusted was clearly in on it.  Nobody was killing anybody or making such threats which is a stark contrast to what happened when Trump won four years ago.   There were death threats to the president everyday, one of the most vicious was Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House, and Kathy Griffin holding up the bloody head of Trump making an obvious reference. 

Johnny Depp also made such references and of course for the next four years we shouldn’t have been surprised that there were so many attempts by Antifa and Black Lives Matters to throw threats of violence and even death toward Trump supporters—and we’ve put up with it kindly, and without violence largely.  But now after all that we were supposed to accept the very dishonest theft of our president by illegal activity with more proof than anybody can comprehend because it was so voluminous?  Ahh, no.  It is time to start talking about what happens if we discover there is no rule of law where even the state of Pennsylvania will ignore orders from the Supreme Court.  Well, I trust the law until we discover its not there, and if we have to wrestle it back through some other means, then we’ll have to do that.  But accepting the media narrative of a Joe Biden win is not an option and it certainly wasn’t as I spoke on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

I spent the day walking around after the rally was mostly over and saw some of the Antifa people and Biden supporters up-close.  The media tries to make them look tough, like we are supposed to be scared of their potential for violence.  I saw three little boys dressed in camo with their Antifa gear try to walk through me.  Well, that doesn’t happen, anywhere.  The tallest of them was about 5’7,” they were clearly couch potato types who have not been challenged much in life.  They came to the rally to pick on the good Christians who were kneeling and praying for God to guide them through this constitutional crisis.  And those Antifa kids were looking for a fight.

They did go around me and I watched them as they uneasily walked away more quickly than they had come and drifted around the building headed to the socialist rally that was singing praise for Joe Biden, their savior for socialism.  I followed them at an easy pace and stood next to them where they stopped.  They moved after a few minutes to another location in the middle of the crowd.  I moved to their new spot.  Nobody wanted me there with my cowboy hat and boots, and other things, but they clearly weren’t so tough without a mass crowd of like-minded people breaking out windows and overturning police cars.  It was a nice day and they weren’t so tough when exposed to light.

After all that my daughter took me to The Loft which is a famous bookstore in Columbus and I had a nice time buying more books.  But Columbus is a college town, and I was a little surprised to see stacks of the ANTIFA Manual in the philosophy section and in the history section.  And of course there were lots of copies of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  Much more than you can find in my Barnes and Nobel at home, and people have been reading them.  Silently the left has been preparing for this war and their plan is to offer an olive branch of peace—only if you consent to their complete takeover of your life.  And if you don’t consent, then they are coming for our heads. 

There is already The Trump Accountability Project that is floating around before Biden was even confirmed by the AP.  So don’t be fooled dear reader.  They aren’t playing around.  And that’s what I told the crowd.  I always point to the rule of law and say to stick by that.  But if the Democrats want to overthrow that, then don’t be a fool.  The Bible says to turn the other cheek and many Republicans get caught in that trap.  I won’t be doing that.  If you can trust anything in this world, its that if there is no rule of law and a Supreme Court that makes sure everything stays civil, well I’m fine with turning the tables on Democrats in ways they won’t expect.  And they won’t like it either.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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