George Lang’s House Bill 242 Passes: Make him a senator so he can do so much more!

It has made news all over the country as its only the second state in America to do such a thing, but as this election comes to a close understand that it was Representative George Lang who sponsored House Bill 242 along with Don Jones.  Below is the press release from George.  Its good to see some positive things happening in Columbus, Ohio in spite of a rough 2020 to help businesses get back to action once again.


COLUMBUS – State Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester) today announced that Governor DeWine has signed House Bill 242 into law. The bill prohibits local governments from imposing taxes and fees on the sale, use, or consumption of auxiliary containers for 12 months. 

“Ohio businesses need stability as our economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lang, who attended a virtual bill signing this afternoon. “I’m proud to have sponsored this legislation that will protect our state’s businesses and families from unnecessary taxes and fees.”

Under the bill, auxiliary containers are considered single-use or reusable packaging designed to transport food, beverages, and other merchandise from a restaurant, grocery store, or other retail establishment.

“Many businesses have utilized single-use containers in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and this bill will ensure these health and safety measures can continue,” added Lang.

The legislation is supported by the Ohio Grocers Association, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and Ohio Chemistry Technology Council.

H.B. 242 also clarifies that existing law prohibiting the improper deposit of litter applies to auxiliary containers under the state anti-littering law.

The bill will take effect after 90 days.

George Lang is well poised to be the next senator in Ohio for the 4th district.  He’s a great person for that job but take nothing for granted.  Make sure to vote for him by November 3rd.  Earlier if you can make it.  But make sure to do so!

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Return of the King: Trump escapes the Temple of Doom

I never liked the part from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indiana Jones was poisoned with a black magic spell to the god Kali that turned him into an evil drone for the purposes of human sacrifice.  That in a lot of ways is how I saw the way Trump was forced to drink the bloody beverage of Covid-19, a global plot to rule the world in an election year where the enemies of America were using fear and maniacal intentions to destroy America and bring about a new age of pagan ritual and domination.  But the movie was fun after Indiana Jones was burnt by Short Round, his little side kick and with the spell now broken the two proceeded to beat up the bad guys and escape the dreadful temple against all odds, and every kind of danger that could be posed to a group of adventurers.  Temple of Doom is of course a fantastic movie and I have raised my kids and grandkids on it.  It remains one of the favorite films of my youngest 4-year-old grandson who loves to watch it over and over and over again.  Even though it’s a fantastic fiction of a movie, it has in it many interesting things to think about, including how to save people sometimes the hero must yield to darkness if only to be resurrected into something of a Gandalf the White!  Indiana Jones was certainly undergoing one of those epic hero journeys in that Temple of Doom movie and that was essentially how I saw Trump leaving Walter Reed and journey back to the White House only to pull off the mask and reveal a fearless leader just when the country and a pending election, needed one.

I’ve been waiting for Trump to give that speech since the lockdowns began in March of 2020, that America is a great country and shouldn’t hide from the coronavirus.  I knew from the beginning that its was all a trick, a communist attempt to take over America not with tanks and missiles, but through the medical community, a trick that really hasn’t been tried before with the intention of global domination.  Why didn’t Hitler try such a thing, or Stalin?  Well, with hindsight being 20/20 they obviously didn’t think it would work, but in these days of social media and the internet poised to be a propaganda machine for left-leaning thinking the attempt to use Covid-19 as a weapon to threaten people’s safety has been the centerpiece around the world in 2020.  As I’ve pointed out with many examples, the plot for Covid-19 was planned by communists working with China very early in the process, and likely the way Covid was spread through the White House was to expose a Secret Service who had never had to deal with using a virus to poison so many people in order to knock Trump out of the election, even if it killed him.  The ill intentions were voluminous, yet it was very good, and healthy for Trump to stand in the White House after watching all the dramatic events of him at Walter Reed declare that America should not let the virus control them, and that the solutions were within our culture already.

Having a free Trump so close to the election was not part of the plan, especially with him getting Covid and recovering from it, then using his platform to put people to ease all over the world.  Covid-19 was weaponized politically to ruin our society. Just think of the intentions of terrorists of 9/11 who thought that attacking the World Trade Center would destroy the American economy from their perspective, imagine what the terrorists of Covid-19 thought, even still New York City is a ghost town and movie theaters all over America are closing—perhaps for good.  Airlines are barely hanging on and perhaps 50% of all bars and restaurants will close as a direct result of the Covid-19 shutdowns.  And Joe Biden thinks that the shutdowns are popular with people, he’s promising to do more of them.  For a long time, it has looked as if evil would rule the day, that is until a Covid infected Donald J. Trump left Walter Reed hospital on Monday after dramatically being checked in on the previous Friday.  And his return was bold and triumphant.  Even as NBC and CNN were broadcasting their phony polling of “likely voters” (800 or so likely voters) Trump’s supporters had been gathering all weekend to show support for the President in numbers much greater than those polling samples, and its unlikely that many or any of those people were captured in the polling statistics.  The political left have set themselves up for a very disappointing day after the election and that was obvious as people watched Marine One crawl into the sky headed to the White House as the media literally melted down on air.

The plan was always to tie the President’s hands behind his back and force him to live within the rules of a bunch of unelected bureaucrats—the medical community which had suddenly, and quite unexpectedly become politicized.   And it was meant to derail his presidency to lose office by the next election.  If nothing had worked up to this point, the Russian hoax, the FBI conspiracies, the torture of many close and personal friends through a corrupt legal system, an impeachment attempt, sex scandal accusations, Supreme Court harassment, tax harassment, phony investigations, spying from one Presidential administration on the next in order to sabotage it before it ever got started—the ruining of many, many lives, Covid-19 was always planned to bomb Trump into submission if only he would be forced to bend the knee to the mask and remove hope from the entire world that there would be anybody to stand up to the fears the virus was designed to exploit.  And once the President arrived back at the White House, we could all see who had drank the blood of doom, and it was clearly most of the entire media who literally came unglued once it was clear to them what was clear to Trump supporters.  President Trump had beaten the virus.  Many of his White House staff had also beaten it and nobody was scared.  And even under all that scrutiny the President stood without a mask and told America not to be afraid.  It was in that one little sentence that a torpedo of its own was sent into the whole global Covid-19 plan.  It was quite enjoyable.


In America we are now on a path to end the fake “pandemic” by attacking it with real science.  This whole proposal of hiding in a closet like the poor fools in War of the Worlds did when the aliens came is not what Americans are all about and we now have a president willing to define it for everyone once again, coming out of a sleep of his own.  In a lot of ways, it was better for Trump to get Covid-19 and his staff of over 50 so that he could show the world that it was no big deal.  And if he could survive, so could everyone else.  And to have that happen so close to the election pretty much takes away all the air that the political left had been counting on which is a massive cause for celebration.  This fever has broken, the spell has been pushed away, and for the first time in a long time, we can see a path toward resolution.  And joy is now on the menu again in America. 

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Knowing Hitmen: The benefits of vast experience, seeing the edges of puzzles


I promised a bit of a glimpse into my experience with “hit men” and organized crime for context into how the Democrat Party conducts their business now.  My experiences, which I’ll give a little info, enough for some basic understanding I see as the opposite of Saul Alinsky’s experience with Al Capone’s mob in Chicago where he actively hung out with them and learned from them to write Rules for Radicals which became the guidebook for modern political theater and is very much what we see happening today from the DNC—the new mob of our times.  Where Alinsky just hung around the mobsters and was sort of a leech and observer, my experience was in actually working with them for my own quest which I’ll explain.  But first, one of the most informative experiences of my life involved a dinner where Channel 19 was filming a commercial and I was picked to be a part of it at 16 years old.  They were filming us eating a nice meal and I was seated with a girl I was dating who was 21 at the time and was a very successful fashion model.  She was the daughter of the piano player where I worked, a classy place that used to be where the Sharonville Convention Center is now.  It had connections to the mob out of Chicago and I learned a lot from those people.  Also at that table was the highest ranking judge in the City of Sharonville who had become a personal friend of mine and I learned a lot about law from.  I had from him an official “get out of jail free card” where if I got into some kind of trouble within Sharonville, I could hand that card to the officers and I was just one radio call in to be turned loose.  And next to him was a mutual friend of both of us, a hitman who was very actively employed and was a good friend of the place.

Now I’m a pretty clean-cut person, certainly am and always have been a law and order kind of guy.  But always with me, since I had my first memories at 1 and 2 years old, personal freedom has always been important.  In fact, I have my own views about wealth measurement.  For me, being rich means having time to do what and think what I want when I want to.  School was a miserable experience for me and I determined in the first grade that I wanted to be retired at age 20 so I wouldn’t have to listen to anybody tell me what to think about or when and where I could do it.  My parents really didn’t understand it.  Since I was always in trouble at school I spent most of my grade school years grounded for noncompliance every time my teachers complained about my behavior. No TV, locked in my room, doing anything fun socially was a treat given to a bird so I learned to live without those things.  But the trouble at school wasn’t my fault, other than I wanted to be my own person.  My kindergarten teacher I found out later went insane, but while she was employed I was the target of her wrath because I didn’t follow her instructions.  In the first grade the biggest bully in our school tried to push me out of my seat while I was drawing some dinosaurs that I was interested in thinking about—but I was supposed to be doing math homework.  I wasn’t going to be pushed around even by the big scary kid so I stabbed him in the eye with my scissors and that caused me all kinds of hell.  Every few months for the rest of my school years was like that and it sucked so bad that I couldn’t wait to graduate to escape that prison.

Isolation for a lot of reasons became my favorite past time, but when puberty hit, everyone—family, friends, social creatures of the established system were concerned that I had no interest in school dances or skating parties.  I was happiest reading and playing in our basement with toys way too late in life.  My parents thought it was best to shove me a bit out of the nest to interact with the world.  They thought I was gay because I had no interest in girls or playing with other kids. I couldn’t explain to them that girls weren’t the problem, I was attracted to them plenty.  What was the problem is that you had to waste so much time talking to them about stupid stuff, and I didn’t want to do that just so I could play with their boobies.  It seemed stupid to me, and what was even worse was that I had no interest in average girls.  I wanted the crazy beautiful ones, only.  So I set out to escape the pressure and get to personal freedom as fast as I could, and playing the game the way society set it up wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.  So with a long story made short, I found myself at that table with those kinds of contacts at 16 years old.  I was making a lot of money, I was hauling around Bengals players and their girlfriends all over town and acting as a body guard for them and many other VIPs.  I was offering my brand of fearlessness to all sides of the political spectrum, actually judges and their officers and people like that hit man who needed wisdom at times even if it came from a 16 year old kid who talked like he was 90 years old.

I couldn’t wait to get married and escape that life.  My wedding day was one of the happiest days.  I was planning to settle down with her and be a gunsmith for the rest of my life living quietly with my books and perhaps building a nice log cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  But the world wouldn’t leave me alone, literally because as I have said over the course of millions and millions of written words, people are trained in life to mooch off others for their sustenance and I have always been a hard worker, and a sincere person—and people want what I have, so they often work much harder in trying to take from me rather than working for themselves which would often be much easier.  I would not wish on anybody my experiences in my 20s and 30s.  I married when I was 19 and felt I had lived dozens of normal lifetimes by then.  I would live hundreds more over the next 20 years that would involve the very rich, excessively rich.  The very powerful, such as city mayors and bankers, investors, congresspeople and senators.  For instance, I was part of setting up the debate for Rob Portman to go on WLW radio when he was first running for congress.  If you can think of it, I’ve been there and done it and more importantly, I survived when nobody thought I would.  I know what pressure feels like, the kind of pressure that the very air you breathe feels like a crushing weight at the bottom of the deepest ocean.  I could write dozens of books on just this little time period.

Only over the last 15 years or so do I consider that I’ve achieved the wealth I wanted when I was 5 years old, just to have a free Saturday or Sunday occasionally to be alone with my books and think about what I want to think about.  I write these articles to share my experiences in hopes that others will find freedom in the same way.  I simply know too many people to give everyone a private advice session.  But I can talk to many thousands at once with them and give them the benefit from that experience in hopes that the world might become better and people find their lives more enriched by attacking the scary things that are meant to occupy their minds in ways that have always controlled humankind.  For me, its really easy to see the edges of the puzzle pieces such as is obvious with this latest attempt against President Trump’s life, or the absolute bullshit that the Democrat Party of criminals is trying to paint as a “new normal.”  I understand that most of the world hasn’t been trained in the way I have been, and most who might have had similar experiences usually flash out within a few years.  I was gifted with two great attributes that have allowed me to get through a thousand deaths with the benefits of wisdom, a natural happiness with the thoughts of my own mind and an unchained brutality to do whatever it takes to win at whatever I’m doing.  Even the 7 year old me was this way by poking that bully in the eye with the scissors.  Most people have one trait or the other, few have both.  That has given me access to some very unusual people to learn from in life, but it has also brought unbridled pain and gut punching reality.  And it is from there that I offer the wisdom of thought outside what anybody else will tell you, and how you can know you can trust it.  Because it comes from a place that is uncharted and very hard to get to, but once you do, it has the keys to all civilization and what drives them to action, such as spreading Covid-19 all over the Rose Garden to solve current political problems.  I have known people who actually do those kinds of things for a living, so its easy to see now on the nightly news the footprints of intention and malice.

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A Force of Nature: Trump made me very proud in the first debate of 2020–and he clearly beat Biden

Every day I speak to people from all over the world and I’ve kept it to myself for a while because I don’t typically mix things together that don’t belong.  I’m not a Reece’s Cup, where I dip my chocolate into peanut butter and smile at the results.  But the Asian markets for many months now have been operating at near full capacity in their economies.  Their shut downs by government to avoid the Covid-19 virus was purely to help China sell the World Health Organization’s guidelines that would eventually shut down the American economy with the CDC freaking out, following the rules established by China and getting people like Bill Gates and Doctor Fauci to walk into President Trump’s Oval Office and tell him that we had to shut down the world’s greatest economy to save lives.  It was purely political, just as Covid-19 has been from the start and the intention of the whole thing as history will remember it would be to give Joe Biden a chance at an election win in November.

Many people will have a hard time believing that people could be so evil and ruin so many lives over an American election, but anybody thinking something like that would be extremely naive.  For anybody questioning such motivations I would refer them to read Giambattista Vico’s fantastic book New Science published in 1744 for a glimpse into the history of world cultures and to what extremes they will go to gain power.   At the presidential debate on September 29th Joe Biden showed the results of all the planning that went in to setting up that moment, and the purpose was revealed, Democrats and communists from the other side of the world wanted to suck the life out of the Trump economy and blame President Trump for plunging the country into a recession by tricking him into the whole ordeal, and dragging the rest of us with him.  They caught him in an either or situation forcing him to save lives by cutting the head off the great economy.  And once there, the Asian markets were back up to full speed by summer, and the media hasn’t said a damn thing about it.  Because they used the situation to get a competitive advantage over the United States economically while Democrats used coronavirus to attempt just another coup to take over the White House.

Trump did at the debate the only thing that was appropriate, he was angry and had his chance to put it on full display to make his case for a re-election.  I thought he was fabulous and that’s not just because I’m a supporter.  But he fought the fight that had to be fought by forces trying to cheat by making all the rest of us follow the rules that “experts” come up with for us, then hide behind those same rules to gain some advantage in the election.  Before the debate occurred, we all knew Chris Wallace was a Democrat and that Trump was going to be outnumbered by representation on the stage.  But that was an irrelevant fact, Trump had to come out swinging and show that he was willing to break the rules of that format sending shockwaves of indecision through the Democrats who were clearly planning to use Covid-19 as a way to force a change state election if only they could keep Joe Biden standing long enough.  Meanwhile ballot harvesting would do the rest switching some of the close state races from Trump to Biden through mail-in ballots, which by now everyone has seen the situation in Minnesota by Project Veritas.  There is plenty of evidence of cheating on a mass scale, and Trump was able to get that brought up during the debate in front of a large audience.  If Trump stayed in the lines and did what he was told by Chris Wallace, a lot of what Trump said wouldn’t have been said.

Don’t feel sorry for Joe Biden, we saw debates like the one he did with Paul Ryan which was a joke.  Many people like me wanted someone like a Trump back then to body slam the Democrats because they were always breaking the rules to win while Republicans always played by them and continued to lose over and over again.  Finally, in President Trump there is someone who represents someone like me.  Which is why he is popular with so many people, because he is truly a representative of the American people.  During the course of that debate Trump managed to get out many of the biggest points in a way that many wanted to hide, such as to the extent that Hillary Clinton actually did partner with the Russians to attempt to take out Trump in the first presidential campaign, then tried to blame Trump for it.

The recent information that has been coming out on that front is absolutely shocking.  Not to mention what we are now learning about the extent of the FBI in soliciting Russian help so they could generate mock evidence and manipulate a FISA court, to essentially run a coup in America.  And Joe Biden was in on the whole thing from the White House.  Trump was able to confront Biden on that topic to his face in front of a massive audience, and that was great.  Trump was also able to confront Biden on his son’s dealing’s in Ukraine, China and Russia and in using the power of his father’s office to gain great wealth and leverage politically around the world.  Trump was fighting the fight we all needed to see happen because the forces trying to suck the life out of America were on stage that night including within Chris Wallace.

The reviews of course all day after were of shock by the mainstreamers and tech industry communists like Facebook and Google.  Even Trump went further than he was supposed to go, they had not anticipated the raw rage of an uncaged animal.  For myself, I was a cheering maniac yelling at my television happy as hell that I had a president who finally was fighting back against all these maniacal people who had ill intent in the worst of all forms and had been destroying my country all of my life.  President Trump was fighting a fight that kept me from having to take up arms to reclaim liberty through violence and I am grateful to him for that.  Instead, he put it all on the line for that debate and he lacerated Joe Biden and his handlers hiding in the billionaire class dropping an October surprise that the Democrats couldn’t prepare for in a million years.

And Trump could only do it by being a force of nature and rage on a format that all of the world could see with raw brutality and tremendous clarity of thought.  It wasn’t anything the pundits of Fox understood, and it certainly wasn’t anything Chris Wallace was ready for, but it was just the thing that America needed after Covid-19 was set upon us as just the most recent insurrection attempt.  We know Democrats are planning to cheat in this election massively because they can’t win any other way. We know they have cheated in the past, and Biden was part of that along with the Deep State that is still clinging to power if only they could get rid of Trump.  And we know the rest of the world is cooperating with the Democrat’s efforts, because they want to get rid of Trump too.  But in getting rid of Trump, they really mean getting rid of us, and for that, we should take that as an opportunity to shock the world—yet again.  However, this time will sting a lot worse than the last time, and we should look forward to it like a person on fire looks forward to a river to jump in, to put out the flames of insurrection forever.

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One Way You can Stop Judicial Activism in Ohio: Vote for Kennedy and French for the Supreme Court

Hey, don’t feel bad Republicans about how Democrats are crying about Trump’s next pick for the Supreme Court Justice to fill Ruth Ginsberg’s seat.  If they had the ability, and power, they would cram down our throats the worst of the worst liberals they could find and attempt to change our nation through judicial activism in less than a second.  Probably faster.  Not that I’m worried that Trump isn’t going to be the next president, for a second time, but there is a position to fill, and Republicans have the power and ability to fill it.  And that’s just what should be happening as fast as it can happen.  Democrats will have a meltdown, but that is because they know what they want to do and will be very hurt that they can’t do it, and that is to liberalize the court even more than it has been.  There are reasons that many supreme courts at the state level, and at the national level have leaned Republican, even though they are supposed to be nonpartisan—its because voters generally understand the extreme danger that Democrats pose to law and order.  Equal opportunity sounds good on paper, but that’s not how courts operate, and that is certainly the case in Ohio where the Democrat Party Chair, David Pepper has made it well known that he sees the Ohio Supreme Court as a primary target for change since there is no chance soon for Democrats to control the House or Senate.  If they can destroy our society at the judicial level, they will.  So step on their necks with this third Trump pick and don’t apologize for it.  Its better to watch them squeal now than to have to fight them in the streets later with violence.  Those Supreme Court Judges in many cases are the only thing standing between a republic and mass anarchy.

I’m saying all this because a week ago I was able to spend a significant amount of time with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy, whom I do like a lot and have for a long time.  And to her credit, she would snicker a bit at the way I put things. She’s a very serious lady and a top-class individual.  I think a lot of her and her partner for the state’s high court, Judy French.  I don’t know Judy as well as Kennedy but out of those two great women, I think they represent Ohio well judicially.  If not for them, Democrats would be being doing to the legislature what Black Lives Matters and Antifa is doing now in the streets for political power, attempting to destroy the tenants of western civilization.  When Judy French said in 2014 to Republicans that she within the Supreme Court would be the “backstop for the legislature” she said an important thing that is at the center of this 2020 race and the way people like Pepper sees it, a protection against liberal activism.

And talking to Sharon, that was precisely her concern for this election, Democrats knowing they have no other path to power in Ohio with one of the major houses is targeting the judicial order as a way to undo what the Statehouse creates.  If Pepper’s Democrats manage to remove Kennedy and French with the liberal judges Jennifer Brunner and John O’Donnell then Democrats will control the majority on the Supreme Court in Ohio.  And that is actually part of the strategy and why there hasn’t been much media coverage on the threat, because Democrats are hoping for a sleeper vote that will unseat Kennedy and French and give them control of the court where they can then undo the legislature in Ohio.  What coverage there has been on the issue has come in attempts to make the two Democrats appear moderate, such as a Marion Star article Back in March attempting to make French look partisan, as if the Supreme Court Justices were supposed to be above the fray as judges, which of course is never the case, and it never will be.  Otherwise Democrats wouldn’t care about the liberal or conservative natures of nominees or elected officials.  They care because they intend to use judges for the activism they want in re-shaping our society legally.

I told Sharon my real thoughts on the election and tried to emphasize to her that this was a perfect year for two critical votes to be happening, where Trump enthusiasm in Ohio will help her and Judy by sheer voting numbers.  But that also assumes that Republicans know that Justice Kennedy and Justice French are the conservatives and that the other two are Democrats.  I could understand why she was concerned, its her name on the ticket and there is a lot at stake.  I think especially this year that nobody in their right mind would vote for a Democrat.  But I also know something about David Pepper.  He practically had to pry Brunner into this year’s race with a 20’ crowbar, after many years of asking, and he isn’t asking her to be another pretty face on the bench.  He wants activism, and he’ll do just about anything to get it.  Sharon indicated that the liberal newspaper, “The Cleveland Plains Dealer” didn’t give her an endorsement which could be harmful to voters who don’t know the party affiliation for the candidates.  The newspaper which is much like the Cincinnati Enquirer are obvious liberal activists, so I don’t know that it matters in the end.  But her concerns are well stated.  That’s the kind of battle that these races are, and you can leave nothing to chance, ever.

Even though the Ohio Supreme Court race is a regional concern, the magnanimity of it translates directly to the federal level.  Democrats have poisoned the court for years with justices like Ruth Ginsberg who brought extreme liberalism to the decision making process, and Republicans with her off the court could do to them what Democrats want to do in Ohio, legislate from the bench.  One strong Supreme Court Justice who is a conservative at the federal level can overturn Roe v. Wade and suddenly many of the progressive gains made by Democrats over the last century start going the other way.  From the perspective of Democrats, what happens on the Supreme Court defines them, so they are literally fighting for their very lives.  Take nothing for granted in their desperation which was the nature of Sharon Kennedy’s concern.  In a purely logical world, there simply isn’t any better people for the Ohio court than Justice Kennedy and Justice French.  And once the smoke clears, we should expect a logical and unemotional outcome, because that’s how Ohioans tend to vote, which is why David Pepper knows he has no chance at the House and Senate as a means to grab power.  But applying the same knowledge to Trump’s next Supreme Court pick, when you get a chance to pop the head off a snake, you should always do it, and not feel bad for it.  Don’t let their cries for fairness blind you to their intentions.  Democrats want to destroy our country.  David Pepper wants to do it in Ohio and all the leading Democrats certainly want to do it at the Federal level.  Their cries for mercy and fairness are only so they can cheat and get close, so they can kill our republic with votes instead of by force.  They may show those fangs, but do not fear them because the fight at the ballot box will be much easier to win than a fight in the streets—and none of us wants that—except for desperate Democrats.  A vote for Kennedy and French in Ohio is a vote to preserve the republic at its very core, and that something voters can certainly understand.

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Why White College Educated Women Join Terrorist Groups like ‘Black Lives Matters’: Sex and power are still the motivator, but how they are defined is the difference

One of the most boring things to write about is the problems of the sexes, but for the sake of our times, there are some major things that have to be discussed, primarily the sad truth that has been proposed about white college educated suburban women and the way the political left thinks they will vote on behalf of President Trump.  I have not yet heard anybody properly diagnose the situation truly anywhere, so it is imperative to comprehend the situation in ways that left winged politics is hiding from themselves, let alone the world at large.  To many, it is quite a mystery why highly educated women, especially white women, have been found marching with Black Lives Matters and Antifa protestors.  It was during the days of ISIS, the terror group, quite a paradox that young women especially where giving up their Christian European backgrounds to join the terrorists and to become radicalized Muslims.  It has even been quite a traumatic reality that many middle aged white women as they get down to the last few eggs in their fertility machines sneak out of the house while their husbands are sleeping to have sexual trysts with black men.  The answers to these questions have been perplexing to say the least, but are keys in understanding why women are voting for President Trump, and will continue to do so given the option, which goes against every form of demographic matrix that politics measures—because they are ignoring a huge part of the reality.

When the media reports that women are supporting Black Lives Matters, and even Joe Biden for president, they assume that it is because the women are educated in colleges and are part of some enlightened knowledge.  Often it is said that the people who support President Trump in general are not college educated, which is why its also assumed that highly educated white women would never support “The Donald” but it is never explored in the media as to why, just that it is the way that things are.  Well, the answer to that question is very disappointing to those who think otherwise, that within the halls of college institutions are the magic ingredients for sophistication and higher understanding which holds the key to the most wonderful aspects of human civilization.  But in truth, it is the sum of the most pent up sexual preponderances placed on women especially who are expected to play out the falsehoods of progressive ambitions and to thus invest those frustrations into what they think of as the dominate males of our day, the bullies of the political left and how they can dominate white males into submission with name calling and other forms of social pressure.  Yes, when the smoke clears from these discussions what we end up with in the highly educated young white college women is sexual desire still for whatever society says is the top males of our species.

For all the attempts at feminism, which is an idea concocted in the vacuum of logic, it was always assumed that in progressive life, where women could vote and leave the house without being on the arm of an aristocratic gentleman was this notion that we were stepping into a more sophisticated era where women could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, after working all day as a legal scholar and never forget romance.  A woman could be everything, but more than anything, they could be independent and function as leaders in their community without needing anybody’s approval.  But what logic did bring to the table of thought was that women didn’t really want feminism, they just wanted to use politics to bring in an age of new top males as defined by a society controlled more by rules than weapons.  Rather than the toughest males of society being the burly fighter who has killed 50 people in their life making all the women want to have a baby by such a creature for their instinctual lust for the best DNA for their offspring that is possible, the new top dog men were college professors with combovers and coffee breath who could beat other men in submission with liberal rules and regulations and force that former brute to be homeless and destitute.

The effects of liberal society has shown these educated women that the top men of their world are people of color, because they can see how they have now pushed around white men and forced them to play the woke game under command of the new bullies of our civilization.  Logic would say to these same highly educated white women that joining Black Lives Matters and Defund the Police movements would not be to their advantage.  Its not like such men and women in those Marxist groups are going to give them nice homes in the suburbs and large incomes for dazzling vacations with their future children.  But since the men of these radical groups are pushing around the men of the former power groups and getting away with it, the sexual fantasies of the white women have twisted their logic into assisting in the tyranny, all out of a yearning for their sexual organs to be exploited by the best and most brutish males however society defines them as the most aggressive.  It’s the way ultimately that women are wired.  White college trained women are not joining Black Lives Matters because they sympathize with race reparations or even that they believe anything the Democrat Party utters as a philosophy about fairness and equality.  They join Black Lives Matters because they want to f**k the bullies of our society for their own definitions of power.  The ability to have sex with the dominate forces of any society is truly how success is measured, especially among females.  Their college educations by liberal professors defined for them that these are the parameters of success, so they join the cause for those reasons alone.

That is, until President Trump came along and screwed up everything with a brutish alpha male approach to politics leaving many women to turn toward the Republican Party. There was never such a coalition of women as there is with Women For Trump that is so excited to vote for a man in his mid-seventies as they are for Trump, because it is now him who is doing the pushing around.  Those same white college educated women that have been moving toward ISIS support, Antifa, and Black Lives Matters are now confused because what they were taught about men defies what they feel about Trump, so they are torn.  Verbally they call Trump a bully, but when the lights go down and their husbands are asleep, they are looking at their windows and wanting to crawl through to some midnight rendezvous at a café serving the bottom feeders of society at the small hours of the morning and hope that they might lay nude with Trump himself or someone like him.  Because that’s the way people are wired, men look for their definitions of the most attractive women, and women look for the top male, the bully, the dominator, the one who can best give them children and a few memories in the arms of power.  How that power is defined is largely by society.  Currently, liberal terrorist groups represent that power.  But the way Trump has defined power in the new Republican Party, well, that’s changed the story quite a lot the other way.

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Trump and Titus Andronicus: Its time to play the cook

The most common reaction I hear from people regarding this upcoming election, its fear that when President Trump wins again, that the political left will really become unhinged and that civil war with actual violence, and not just name calling will become much worse than it is currently. Well, I don’t think that way, and am not concerned in the least. What I see in the way of modern leftist thinking is a captured insurgent who is so outraged by their failure that they are lashing out in ways that most people just can’t comprehend. But I’ve seen it before, not so much in real life, but in literature, especially Shakespeare. I don’t talk about it much because its one of my own personal maintenance pursuits, but one of the ways I manage stress and feed my brain when turmoil and rigor are attempting to dominate the horizon with no other options, I read a few pages of Shakespeare, and my favorite play of his from the late 1500s is Titus Andronicus. A lot of critics over the many centuries don’t hold the play in very high regard for its gratuitous violence, but I find it incredibly honest and it captures the true content of human character remarkably well. And of all the characters in that play the modern political left reminds me distinctly of Aaron the Moor, the main villain behind the villains of the story who once captured at the end famously quipped toward his captors that his only regret in life was that he wouldn’t live long enough to commit 10,000 more evil deeds.

Aaron the Moor was the lover of Tamora, the Queen of the Goths who was a political rival of the great military general Titus Andronicus. Behind the scenes Aaron orchestrated the rape of Titus’ daughter, and the framing and execution of his sons. Aaron had brokered a deal with Titus to spare the arrested boys talking him into cutting off his own left hand to save them, which he does. Aaron by way of the Empress sends the severed heads of the sons along with Titus’ hand as payment and continued emotional torture. As the play progresses Titus goes from a heroic military figure highly respected by the highest class structure of Roman society to an emotionally wrecked person barely sane. But that is but a ruse, as Titus is an excellent strategist. He plays at being mad to lure Tamora’s sons close where he captures them, bleeds them dry, then cuts them up into pieces to bake them into a pie, which he then invites their mother, Tamora to a reconciliation dinner that looks to be an olive branch of peace. But instead he feeds her kids to her before then telling her that the contents of the food are her own children. I simply love that story.

In many ways, Trump has had to play the role of Titus Andronicus, they’ve hit him with phony scandals no different than the worst of Shakespeare’s plays with the Russian hoax, the FBI spying by a previous administration, impeachment, every attempt through books and media leaks to erode away his character until all that was left was an insane old man broken by circumstance. Covid-19 was supposed to be the ultimate back breaker that destroyed Trump’s economy and they went all in on the effort. Only Trump didn’t go mad, he may have gone along with Covid-19 as he had to provoke out of hiding all the hidden figures causing such a menace, but he did it to keep his enemies close, not to let them control him from afar. And now he is feeding them their own children. I think its all very poetic. The bad guys are caught, and they know it. The media has been in bed with the bad guys so they are reluctant to admit it, but the truth of the matter is that once Aaron the Moor was caught in Titus Andronicus, the rest of the villains were exposed in ways they couldn’t survive. And that’s what is going to happen after this 2020 election.

With Trump re-elected, he will have a mandate for law and order, that he has not had up to this point. For the last 4 years the political left has been trying to keep him on his heels with blame and scandal that would have killed most people. The political left has been every bit as malicious as Aaron the Moor, perhaps even more so. To call the left in politics evil would be an understatement, and to understand why, you really do need to go back to the great classics of literature and see with purity the basics of humanity, which Shakespeare captured quite well. Literature in England meant something to the pre-Victorian people, and it still does to this day, so an exploration into the nature of human beings without the trappings of modern society is an excellent way to understand the truth about humanity. All the same schemes and manipulations happen today, but with television, music, movies, and video games to keep us entertained, its not so easy to see. That’s why I turn to Shakespeare to relax and to ease my mind, for me its like going camping and getting to the fundamentals of life. As brutal as Shakespeare’s plays are and as beautifully as they are written, there is a truth there that has never let me down, and has served me well in real life to contemporary measures.

It is for all those reasons that what I see out of Democrats in 2020 at every level are defeated Aaron the Moors, caught in their lies and deceit, and unhinged to the end. They see their empire of manipulation on the chopping block, and they are defiant due to they have no other option. They have been rejected and the real reality is upon them with this election, they have done everything they can do and yet Trump is still the pick of an American people who have pushed liberalism to the side and spit on it. Aaron the Moor was regretful that he couldn’t do more to cause unrest once he was captured and set for execution himself. And after this election, the Democrats and the crazy Marxist left around the world will find that they are pinned down and cannot move. They don’t have mobs with the energy to continue harassing people the way they have, they are almost out of gas and with a mandate for law and order, Trump can then clamp down on them without the fear of the issue harming his election chances—and their insurrection will be truly over.

Most everyone ended up dead by the end of Titus Andronicus. That’s good, you don’t want to leave your enemies around to continue to harass you late in life. I get it, it’s a good policy that once you know who your enemies are, to make sure they just quietly disappear without a trace never to be heard from again, so good people can live a good life without fear of more Aaron the Moors coming back to ruin everything over and over again. Titus spent much of the play letting events unravel so that he could discover the source of the attacks against him and in so doing, he went through a lot. And in the modern context, Trump has done much the same, and we see where the assassins have been living in the swamp. And now its time to turn them all into pies and to allow the left to eat themselves in the days that come with no other option for them but their own destruction. So don’t worry, the left won’t be eating and killing us after the election. They are simply going to be ingredients in the kitchen for a great meal, for which they are the contents—not the participants.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why They are in a Panic: The weaknesses of Google and Facebook data collection

I know it can look scary, but as President Trump said over the weekend, we are in the middle of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the world, and there is good reason for that. Most of what we see and hear is some element of fake news, between the tech companies banning conservative voices, the mainstream media pushing Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matters with a corporate connection to our sports, and riots in the streets daily its easy to fall for the misery that they are broadcasting to us on a daily basis.

But think about it, who thinks that the government invented the internet to increase commerce or to make our lives better? No, they always wanted more control and they intended to use companies like Facebook and Google to give themselves more power and to unite the world under Chinese style communism. What you need to understand dear reader is that it isn’t you who should be panicking, its them. They have every reason in the world to panic because in spite of all their efforts and plans that extend back over a century we still picked Donald Trump for president and are poised to do it again. So much of what we see and hear currently is panic from the left and they are quite terrified of their lack of control over people which is becoming more obvious by the day.

I’ll tell Google executives what none of their people will tell them, and let this be a lesson to all the other Silicone Valley loose collared losers who would rather protest Sea World than to terraform Mars into our next shopping mall. The cause of the failure they are seeing is that with all their AI data harvesting they have not been able to trace the origin of all human endeavor, the products of their imaginations. What Google and Facebook have been mapping for the last decade or so is the worst about human beings, their desire to like or unlike a photo, porn habits, advertising desires, essentially the lower forms of human behavior, the animal needs. The needs to eat, procreate and gossip on each other to mitigate their status on the peaking order of society. The internet has been a way to study the behavior of the lowest aspects of human behavior and now they have sold that information to the governments of the world for profit and everyone has placed their bets on the 2016 election and 2020 election. When the 2016 election did not go as planned, that set off a massive panic, which we have been witnessing here in 2020 as a massive climax to all the intentions of big, organized governments.

What computers have yet to duplicate, and likely, never will, artificial intelligence can be invented by imaginative human beings, but AI will never invent imaginative people. Imagination is a higher form of human behavior and that aspect of performance has not been adequately captured by anything Google and Facebook could gather from their users. And the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and with all indications this year has only increased, the panic from the tech communities and why they are openly manipulating data and censoring any dissenting voices is because the shit is literally hitting the fan regarding their power. They are literally losing power as I’m writing this and what we are seeing from the entire political left, from Europe to China, to the Democrats in America is panic similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz having water poured over her which we all know melted her away. What people want from President Trump is hope, they want creation, they want a thriving economy which is a measurement of human ambition. They don’t want a leader, they don’t want a new god to worship from Mt. Olympus in Washington D.C., they want someone to get government out of their way and they want to be free to create.

Google and Facebook monitor the results of frustration when people can’t do as they please and think what they want. Porn for instance is a prime example of a bored civilization that is functioning from its most basic animal instincts, the need for pleasure and satisfaction of acceptance at being invited in to be as close as one can be to another human being, or human beings, naked and literally inside of each other. It’s the ultimate security blanket left over from childhood trauma at the lack of love a child gets from their mother and father, and the monsters they fear roaming around their bedrooms at night. Sex is just such a driver to put a security blanket on the minds of the timid who arrive late in life with those undealt with emotions. What doesn’t get measured by Google tracking and Facebook likes are the secrets of the mind from those who aspire to do more, because so far no Google engineer has figured out how to capture the aspirations of humankind rather than their insecurities. The things that people are afraid of and how they behave as consumers of curiosity do not represent what people would like to be.

So far the best measure of what humans want to be has been traced by the arts, specifically our movie culture in America. People buy a ticket for the media they most like, and these days that sentiment has moved over into video games where limits on the mortality of humans has already transferred over into avatars. Death and resurrection occurs moment by moment in the video game world as players such as in Call of Duty die and are reborn several times in a minute. Players in that realm have already become immortal in a lot of ways and are thus engaged in getting the best score and building up their stats with something showing productivity. I would argue that the average movie studio and video game producer has a better grip on the desires of human behavior than Google and Facebook, and the fear for them is that soon the governments will figure that out too. That is why Google had a minor meltdown at their lack of ability to control the outcome of the 2016 election and are hell-bent to control the 2020 election. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this 2020 election, including Covid-19 and the race riots and they know from their internal polling that President Trump and his supporters are winning anyway. None of this was supposed to happen, yet it is, and they are terrified.

Knowing how terrified they are of you, you should take that as a bit of reassurance as I’ve just now explained to you a true future state that is well beyond anybody’s current projections of the matter. Mankind, all over the world is driving toward a destination that Google does not understand even with all their power. And Facebook, as history will remember it and governments will in fury remember was a dating website. The same people who use a picture of themselves 10 years old and 100 pounds lighter are giving them information they sell to governments to move policy, and of course the data is all wrong because the sources were corrupted at the point of collection. Without an ability to capture what people want to be there is no way to understand truly how they will vote, or purchase in a society driven by imagination and not raw animal instincts. And when all the smoke clears in 2020, that is how history will be written, and how the power will shift to what should be as opposed to what is.

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Governor DeWine’s FEMA Camps: Covid-19 is a complete government scam in every way meant to control all of us

OK, it seems like I do this every day now, but hey, this is the Book of Revelations, so all the “I told you so’s” are at least a little reassurance that listening to me then wasn’t a crazy thing to do, and maybe if you listen to me now, you might save yourself from all the doom and gloom that is intended for your life. It was nearly a decade ago where I told you Dear Reader about the FEMA camps that were going to emerge and it was difficult to imagine where and how they would be introduced. Well, Governor Mike DeWine whom I often call “Dummy DeWine” signed an executive directive in the middle of the night the other day with no legislature anywhere near to regulate his authoritative power and he made the FEMA camps a very real thing for the future. I have a hard time believing that Mike DeWine is part of some massive Jim Marrs conspiracy or some Alex Jones diatribe, but the governor is a process guy, meaning he doesn’t necessarily think in term of thought, but in compliance so if someone tells him something, he tends to fulfill the parameters of accomplishment. That made him a great Attorney General because the laws were established for him to follow, and he did a good job, but as a John McCain type of Republican, he has been a terrible governor in Ohio. He is following a script that has been well laid out in advance and has been playing his role including demanding dictatorial powers a year before Covid-19 even hit the stage. So all this has been quite eye opening in how true many of the conspiracies that have been talked about for years has actually been. But as a free people, we did something about it which was not part of the plan, we elected Donald Trump and have re-taken the Republican Party away from the old losers. And that sets the stage for the next thing about Covid-19 that I’m going to tell you, which should piss you off quite thoroughly.

Just an update on the DeWine impeachment given directly to me by a very prominent Republican close to the situation, they are struggling in the Ohio House to find 20 votes in favor, even though most everyone agrees that it would be a good idea. The reasons given are because the way the articles of impeachment were written that many feel it insults the intelligence of Mike DeWine and that this is an election year and the Republican Party needs to come together to get Trump re-elected. And plus, many need the Governor to get bills they write passed, and they can’t do that if their name is on impeachment legislation, so for the most part, impeaching Mike DeWine is more symbolic than practical. But I’ll tell you what, it gives new meaning to the day where Trump came to a Cleveland rally and DeWine as governor was supposed to meet him, but couldn’t because he tested positive for Covid-19. So he couldn’t go, but later that day he tested negative. Its looking more and more that either President Trump doesn’t want photos with the Ohio governor, or that DeWine doesn’t want to hang out with the president.

And that tends to be the story with Covid-19 tests just like the ones Mike DeWine took, there looks to be an extremely high occurrence of false positives, and if we could manage to take the test again, we’d find out that it was really negative. For most people, testing is still some kind of exotic luxury so to get a test that counters another test is rare, and even then, it leaves people confused as to whether or not they actually have Covid-19. It looks like the labs can get whatever results they want from the tests so that is the first indicator that we can’t trust the results of what the test claim to provide. Even so, nobody in government has yet to explain to us why testing for Covid-19 is even important. So you test positive for Covid, what happens next? Well, nothing. The virus isn’t really deadly to anybody. The CDC has had to retract the way they count Covid deaths and the real number is around 6K. Most people who have died of Covid, that number that is approaching rapidly the 200K mark are people who were carrying the virus but died of other things like heart disease, lung problems and diabetes. They were people already with health issues, yet government stupidly sought to penalize the healthy to save the morbidly unhealthy and to blame the whole thing on the virus. The result is that we can’t trust any government numbers, at all. None of it means anything.

However, as many know I was looking at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota as something of a scientific test bed of reality and here are the results. The media has scattered far and wide to attempt to make the outdoor motorcycle event a “superspreader” so they could continue to scare everyone into the government compliance tactics that we have been talking about, the mandatory masks, the quarantines, the lack of attendance at restaurants, amusement parks and sporting events—essentially the control of people and the economy using Covid-19 as the excuse. Again we are supposed to believe that just getting Covid-19 is like getting Aids or some other death sentence when in reality Covid-19 isn’t even dangerous to most of our population in the least. So Governor Kristi Noam of South Dakota has been really the only governor not to fall for the Covid nonsense and she allowed Sturgis to go on pretty much as normal. 460,000 people attended this year. The real number is likely higher because that number was counted as vehicles more than the people riding on them, so let’s just say, it was a huge sampling of people not wearing masks or socially distancing. There were even large groups of people having sex in the streets and licking and spitting all over each other at wet t-shirt contests, which is pretty gross, but for our sampling here, its about as bad of an event for containing a virus that one could imagine.

Well the results from Sturgis which has been over for well passed the quarantine period of 14 days as the CDC previously surmised and the media working hard to find a single case of Covid has only managed to attach 300 cases out of that population of roughly a half a million. What that means is that the same population per capita came down with Covid-19 as states like Ohio and Kentucky where mask mandates are normal and social distancing guidelines are most stringent, even to the point where Governor DeWine is regulating how many people can attend a professional football game, if any at all to slow the spread of the virus at sporting events. The amount of people getting the virus with just a case, is under 1%, the same as what we have seen at Sturgis ignoring all the rules of conduct that the CDC implemented without knowing a thing about this coronavirus, and that mistake has now cost our economy trillions. Governor DeWine of Ohio alone is responsible for billions of dollars of lost economy and lives ruined by his actions. Following the social distance guidelines and mask mandates or ignoring them completely has provided exactly the same results among a mass population. This silly notion of controlling the spread of the virus is a complete fiction supported by made up positive case statistics and faulty death counts.

The goal of Covid-19 has always been about controlling the population and giving the government more control, and it has been planned for years even going back to the concept of the FEMA camps. It is a product of the fantasy of government to control everyone with implementing a communist state like what China has now, and yes the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are all in on it. The internet itself was invented by government likely for this purpose. It wasn’t there to make email possible and to make it so everyone could have porn—which should tell you something about the intentions of the internet from the beginning. It was always about controlling you and I from the bureaucratic minds of the dumbest of our society—those who go to work for government to become part of the “Deep State.” We can’t trust anything they say, and enough of us became sick of the experience that we voted for Donald Trump to break the cycle and all this is happening now so that they might prevent his re-election. And that’s all Covid-19 is. It’s not dangerous by itself and it certainly shouldn’t have destroyed our economy the way it has. But our politicians have been bad, even maniacal and they used it to gain control over all of us and they have no intention to give that power back. In the end, if not with an election, we are going to have to body slam a few politicians to get that power back, because now that they’ve tasted it, they are certainly addicted to its luster.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Covid-19 is Over: The evidence of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Republican Convention of 2020

You can tell a lot about something by understanding the psychology of the way people write it. It is important to remember that most of the young reporters out there, working for The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, USA Today, CNN are young kids in their 20s and 30s with a very shallow depth of experience. Many of them are dried up creek beds who partied too much in college instead of the wit and wisdom of a deep ocean of knowledge, so they have a herkie jerky style about them that is easily detected in the way they use adverbs and adjectives in a sentence. And the best thing that reveals the psychology of an event like Covid-19 in 2020 is pressure that challenges the assumptions presented by the governments of the world, intellectual challenges that reveal the truth when the goal has been pandemonium and the end of the world as we know it. That pressure is coming from two main sources, first the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that was held at the beginning of August and has been over for weeks now where riders were exposed heavily to the sun for vast amounts of time in the thousands without social distancing nor wearing the stupid masks. The second has been the Trump administration where at the Republican Convention this year the pressure was to do a virtual event like the Democrats, but instead Trump held it mostly at the White House and with crowds of people watching without much social distancing and very little masks. Then to finish off the week Trump had a hanger rally where many thousands packed together close to watch him speak for essentially a 5th straight night and the pressure on liberals has been apocalyptic to say the least.

The statements politically from Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota and President Trump has been essentially, Covid-19 is over, get back to work. I don’t blame Trump for listening to the World Health experts initially. Nobody knew if Covid-19 was really a thing. I think he had the same suspicions as I did, but nobody could afford to take a chance if millions of lives were truly in danger. But after a few months he had it figured out that Covid-19 was purely political from day one. Sure, there was a coronavirus floating around like the common cold does, and like everything else, including poison ivy or bee stings, some people reacted badly to Covid-19 and died. But generally, the virus was a nothing burger—and in most cases a completely made up fiction that was purely political to serve the needs of Democrats who had a very weak platform and a terribly weak candidate in Joe Biden in an election year where literally the entire world wanted to get rid of Donald Trump from the presidency. Looking back on the history of the reporting on Covid-19 I seriously doubt the death reporting numbers that we do have on the subject, let alone all the other statistics. Most everything about Covid-19 has been false, and greatly inflated to tell a story about danger that might change the nature of the election, and in the process, they have destroyed millions of real lives and jobs costing all of us trillions of dollars. All to essentially get Joe Biden elected and to destroy Trump’s chances at a second term.

I have been using the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as my own kind of thermometer to check the real temperature of the effects of the virus and it proved what I had suspected all along, the intent behind the curtain was all show. As CNN reported and MSN which was then picked up by Reuters all written by little kids afraid of their own shadows who drink lattés like they are going out of style and live off yogurts due to their overly sensitive stomachs, out of a half a million people they could only find around 100 cases they could trace back to the Sturgis event across eight states. And even those cases could be considered anomalies. Ignoring all the government rules, Sturgis showed that all the concerns and panic about Covid-19 was complete bullshit exposing all the advocates of danger with naked revelations that was all too embarrassing for them. Sturgis has been over now for weeks, well more than the most rigorous 14 days of quarantine that the CDC had been recommending, so there was never going to be a mass spread from the event leaving health professionals embarrassed by their alarmism over the rally. Before Sturgis I had panicky people from the left sending me notes indicating that there would be massive stacks of body bags from the dead people at Sturgis and believe me, they believed every word of what they were saying. Of course, the mass deaths never happened and the people at Sturgis enjoyed their life and moved on.

One thing that was very curious was that after the CDC very quietly revised its guidelines suggesting that asymptomatic people may not need to be tested at all sent Disney’s Bob Iger into a tailspin of doomsday pandering. Iger is a Democrats after all and Disney has paid a heavy price for getting suckered into the whole Covid-19 thing. Movie productions have been shut down, park attendance has been horrendous. People don’t want to deal with the stupid masks in 90 degree heat and the thermo testing they do at the entry to the parks have been very intrusive, costing Disney a lot of money—just to maintain a political façade that people like Bob Iger and California’s Gavin Newsom are completely in on. Iger uncharacteristically was vocal about the CDC calling the decision “horrifying.” Yet Iger meant to imply that people would die from Covid-19 if everyone didn’t get tested as they have been, but his reaction is simply a shit shot from midcourt in hoping to keep the story alive for a while longer, until the election was over. As a liberal he wants Trump defeated and he has already baked in the cost to Disney as a company which should make the shareholders very concerned. If the world goes back to normal, which is without masks and social distancing, he has not positioned his company to thrive in that environment and it upsets him greatly, in a way that is horrifying to him. But certainly not to the rest of us. He gambled politically with Covid-19 and people like him are coming up embarrassingly wrong.

The biggest giveaways in all this reporting has come from the post-reporting of the Sturgis Rally where most of the participants completely ignored the government mandates. Those reporters were quick to point out that there were only 460,000 participants this year instead of the normal 500,000—attendance was down by 40,000 which meant that some people were scared away from the rally which the reporters considered a victory for the “state” position. It lets readers in on the intent of Covid-19 from the beginning which Democrats had been hoping for during this election year, it was in their power and ability to scare people away from voting for Trump and having a means to shut down economic activity and push the nation toward Chinese style communism. And many people like Bob Iger of Disney went all in on that investment and steered their companies toward that outcome which completely came unraveled by Sturgis riders and Trump supporters in August of 2020. Now there is a long dash toward November without a population terrified of Covid-19 exposing Joe Biden and all Democrats to a massive backlash and its too late for them to change direction for the eventual detriment that is to come. Isn’t all that very interesting, I think it is.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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