Clipping the Wings of our Kids: Public education has been a purposeful disaster designed to usher in an era of communism in America

It doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but I suppose it is, that I wrote many articles, and did many radio shows talking about how public education and colleges were teaching socialism to our children.  I’ve actually been talking about it my entire adult life and even sooner.  I never liked public school not because I didn’t like learning.   In actuality I am far more educated than the average person; I have continued learning my entire adult life.  I did attend college, but I hated it—hated it passionately because I felt even back then that the institution was teaching anti-American ideas.  In my college days I read a lot of books, none of them were the kind professors wanted me to read and I spent enormous amounts of time in the Perkins at Clifton on the campus of the University of Cincinnati reading books I enjoyed, like those from Joseph Campbell.  So I came out of my “education” years protected by the primary afflictions that most American adults suffer through—the socialist indoctrination of our education system.  I had something to compare to because I did read a lot, so I was one of the few who never in my life not one time, felt that socialism was worth a try.  But in 99% of all education institutions K-12, then to college, communism and socialism have been taught and American traditions have been ridiculed and this has brought us all to a very dangerous place.  In my unique position I was clear eyed to point it out.  But only now do people finally see what I was talking about.

I always felt a little sorry for the reporters I dealt with over time when I’d tell them something about what was happening to our youth and they couldn’t get their minds wrapped around it.  This was especially problematic during the last decade when George W. Bush was president.  Socialism in public institutions was growing in an obvious way back then but people couldn’t get their minds around how much they had been taught to accept it—because it was too close to them.  It was like calling their mom fat.  It didn’t matter that she may have been, but to them it was their mom.  Their schools were places where they came to age on many aspects of their lives, where they obtained their first kiss, made their first friends, learned to color, read, and speak.  So people by their nature were very defensive of their schools.  They were even more protective of where they went to college because that brought to them many more coming of age experiences—so they’d defend the part they played with great protection, almost like their education experiences were like second parents and were beyond ridicule.  But I did it anyway and this caused much consternation—especially with members of the press.

Back when I was very involved in levy fights and public education issues while doing a lot of radio on 700 WLW in Cincinnati my political enemies would say to members of the media “why do you put him on the radio so much?  He’s in the newspaper too much and on television too much, you people in the media are giving him a platform to talk nonsense and conspiracy.”  Well, as it turned out, I was completely correct and when the media outlets did listen to my enemies, I simply turned to this blog site which has done so much more than their outlets to educate people on the truth of the matter and has been far more useful. However, what I was saying back then which was heavily scrutinized as a falsehood by mainstreamers has now been irrefutably validated.  We now know that socialism and communism have been the prime objectives of public education and now many of those long skeptical voices are talking about it toady where even ten years ago they wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  Now they are talking and finally people are starting to realize that their tax money has been used by the state to create this public education system that just isn’t reflective of the American experience.

To be honest many people wonder why I like people from other countries so much.  It’s true; I do love immigrants coming into America.  One of my son-in-law’s is an immigrant and I watched him go through the naturalization process which I thought was very impressive.  Most people who come from other places in the world and have not had their wings clipped by the American education system intellectually are much smarter than the average American today, and they work harder.  I find I have more in common with those people than I do with my neighbors of 30 to 40 years.  The person who has gone through the American naturalization process within the last decade knows more about America and its method of economy than the average grade school kids do graduating from the 12th grade. The immigrant knows more about capitalism than the American student does most of the time, so I find immigrants more relatable to the American experience which I personally love.  What’s so sad about this condition is that the naturalization process is relatively short, yet what it produces in people is a much better result than 12 years of public education and four years of college.  It takes most Americans over twenty years to unlearn all the garbage they learn in public schools and they do a lot of damage over that span of time.  What happens in public schools is that essentially people get their wings clipped so that they cannot fly away from the imposition of socialism.  Their minds are stunted purposely for the benefit of the state to manage them more effectively.  From the position of state control, it is much easier to organize a population that can’t fly away intellectually, so they clip the wings of their young so they can manage them better from their perspective.

Yet the worst is yet to come. Most young people today would prefer socialism and communism over capitalism and they are now starting to vote.  This was always the plan of the left, going way back to the start of the Department of Education, which bloomed under Ronald Reagan.  The DOE was never put in place to educate our young people.  They were always intent to program us all into the ways of communism from day one in 1979.  The communist conspiracy isn’t a local one where the public school in our neighborhoods lead the charge, the problem has always come from the state with unfunded mandates designed to pull us all into a black hole of recollection designed to frustrate local participation while the state continued to impose its will on the education system as a whole.  Overwhelming school boards in this top down way, it has allowed communist teachings to seep right into every school through the teacher unions—which was and always will be a communist method of socialized management providing an unfiltered path straight into the minds of our kids.  Even down to the concept of “sharing” that we all learn in the first grade, it’s a communist method of instruction from the minds of intellectuals who would rather see America assimilate into the European view of the world rather than the philosophy that evolved on the world stage just prior to westward expansion in North America. “Make sure to ‘share’ those crayons in your desk with that sloppy stinky kid you sit next to in class.”

Yes it’s good to hear mainstream broadcasts like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News finally talking about this important issue, and I think under the Trump administration that the trend will be reversed.  But it’s going to be a mess for a long time because so many kids who are now adults grew up with this open socialism and communism being taught in our primary places of learning.  It would in many ways have been better for most people to be raised in a barn without all the garbage that has been poured into their heads now than having to unlearn most that they know.  It really is the biggest tragedy of our times, the massive amount of ignorance that handicaps most people because of their educations.  For me personally I am enjoying the validation that what I have said for so long is finally being recognized.  I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist.  When I get involved in something, I do it well and I always come out on top eventually, so it should have meant more to people when I lent my good name to this issue so long ago, because we could have alleviated so much pain and suffering.  Maybe next time they’ll listen.  At least I hope so for their sakes.

Rich Hoffman
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Al Frankenstein Must Go: He helped write the rules–now he’s had his Anthony Weiner moment

Well, Al Franken—how are you feeling?  Are you comfortable? You know, you’ve been such a pain in the ass.  As a former writer for the very progressive Saturday Night Live and massive critic of Bill O’Reilly you now have to leave the senate.  Based on the radio interview that can be heard below by Leeann Tweeden, you sexually harassed her in a major way.  The proof is all there, it’s her audio testimony and she has pictorial evidence—so based on the rules of engagement that you helped create, you have to step down immediately.  You have to give up your Minnesota senate seat. You’ve called for other people who have done much less than you have to step down, so you have no other choice.  Have a listen to this interview.

I was always surprised that Al Franken won a senate seat based on his star power off SNL.  And his little 5’ 6” ass has been a progressive monstrosity since.  The way he spoke to Jeff Sessions just a few months ago is enough to make your skin crawl, so it is ironic that he is going down the same way he went up.  What’s that saying they have………………be careful how you treat people going up because you’ll see them again on the way back down.  Well, this whole episode is born out of that statement.  What did he think Leeann Tweeden was going to do now that the flavor of the day of all women is to talk about their miserable moments with their male counterparts in the entertainment industry—which Al Franken actually encouraged?  He knew these stories were out there.  He knew the pictures were out there. And he and Tweeden were not on speaking terms after that Afghanistan trip.  So what did he think was going to happen?

When Donald Trump said last year that what happened on that Access Hollywood bus way back in 2005 was just locker room talk, this is what he meant.  People pretended to be shocked by what he said, but everyone knows that the kind of talk he was engaged in was the type of thing everyone says when they think they are alone, especially with other guys.  Women talk the same way, only from their point of view which is the constant recipient of sexual advances.  If a woman is less than 130 pounds chances are she is getting hit on with sexual advances all the time so women have their way of dealing with that constant barrage.  But among men, they are always talking about women and their potential sexual statuses.  Is it disgusting—hell yes it is.  I personally hate it.  Its small-minded talk and really stupid things to think about, but most of the human population engages in it.  Nobody should have expected anything more out of Al Franken than what they got, which was a pervert from SNL hitting on a girl who was well out of his league and using his celebrity power to attempt to bed her.  He wrote the script, he set the stage and he figured from experience that he’d get somewhere with Leeann Tweeden if he put the moves on her during their tour.

Now that the flood gates are open women like Tweeden have every right to say what they are saying.  In her case I feel sorry for her.  In the case of the accusers of Roy Moore, Donald Trump—or even Bill O’Reilly I think the women were just seeking fame.  But in Tweeden’s case she was just telling a story from the road and she has the pictures to prove it.  Should women have to sleep with producers and directors in entertainment to work in the industry?  No.  But do they, yes—it is pretty much expected. It wasn’t always that way but over the last 50 or 60 years it has been prevalent.  The question is, should women be free of this constant barrage, because that’s not how it has been.  People just didn’t talk about it.  Ironically people like Senator Franken have established that anyone who does engage in this activity should immediately step down and remove themselves from existence.  I’m good with that.  I can personally live up to that high standard.  I think Donald Trump can too.  He may have talked guy talk with the other guys, but he’s a pretty sensitive guy and he seems to have always treated women respectfully when dealing with them.  His Access Hollywood tape was more of commenting on his shock that women seem to throw themselves at celebrities which he was at that time with his new Apprentice show.  And he’s right, women do, and when they do, they really can’t come back later and claim sexual harassment—which in many of the cases we are hearing about now, it was great for them when they were young women in their 20s, like Ashley Judd—who used sex to secure roles.  Now that they are bitter bitches in their 40s that nobody wants to have sex with, of course now they can afford to have righteous indignation—because that’s the only way they can get attention.  When Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House after Trump was elected, that is the beaten up old hag talking that men used to line up to have sex with.  Back then Madonna controlled those men with just a flirt.  She can’t do that now.  Men now look at her and her long line of lovers and think—gross.

But Leeann Tweeden is different.  She seems like a nice girl who went on a tour to inspire the troops and Franken had a crush on her the way any adolescent boy might have fantasies about his chances with the best looking girl in his junior high school.  Most of what I heard on that tape was pretty innocent stuff from a biological point of view.  But if you apply the progressive standard to it which Franken himself helped mold—then he should be executed on the spot for using the power of his position to attempt to force sex on an innocent woman.  Right?  It’s only fair.  I mean you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t go after Republicans for sexual harassment and seek to get them impeached or removed from office, then get to hide behind some committee hearing when we find out that someone like Franken has been guilty of far worse.  He has officially lost his moral authority and I suspect that we’ll come to learn that many more members of congress will have similar stories being tossed onto the heap before it’s all said and done.  And if that’s the kind of world we want to live in, I’m fine with it.  I have two daughters and a wife that would love to not be sexual harassed every five minutes when they are not in my company.  I can live in that world just fine, but can everyone else?

Al Frankenstein as Donald Trump is appropriately calling him as this crisis is exploding is having his Anthony Weiner moment.  If you’ll remember dear reader when he was first in congress Weiner was a firebrand using the mask of righteousness to conceal his sexual addiction.  He used his power as a congressman to increase his access to women. He’s now in jail falling from being a phone call away from Hillary Clinton and the top movers and shakers of the Democratic Party.  Now he’s sitting in a jail cell for his sexual addictions. What we are learning particularly about Democrats is that they are guilty mostly for which they find fault in others.  They call Republicans Nazis because it is actually their ideology which nurtured along the most terrifying form of fascism and tyranny the world has ever seen. They call Republicans racist because it was southern Democrats who actually formed the KKK and stood against assimilating Africans into American culture.  And now they have been trying to paint Trump and many others with a brush of sexual misconduct for which Democrats are most guilty of themselves.  In Franken’s case, he has done far worse than anything we have heard to date, writing scripts that allow him to forcibly kiss women and groping them while they sleep where there are pictures that prove it giving us all the evidence we could ever possibly need.  If Bill O’Reilly had to lose his job at Fox News over just allegations, Franken has much worse coming to him.  And he deserves it—as do many others who will soon fall in his wake.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Republicans are Growing: The smoke and mirrors of the Virginia election show the real truth

I keep hearing that the Democrats won major victories in the 2017 election with governor pick-ups in Virginia and New Jersey.  They are also saying that the election was a referendum on President Trump.   I think the people who are saying those types of things are smoking crack.  For instance, at the link below you can see the county-by-county breakdown of the Gillespie battle with Northam and the results are quite clear.  The entire state of Virginia is not being represented by this shift in politics.  It is as it usually is, the dense population centers around Richmond and up in Fairfax that essentially determined the race.  Also the Virginia Beach area which is typically filled with beach bums, pot smokers and other liberal losers obviously moved in a Democratic direction as they always will.  All those blue areas contain either large numbers of government workers who are voting to preserve their wallets, or they have huge amounts of people on government assistance who want to see the money keep coming in.  But the rest of the state, especially down in the Wise County region are as red as red gets regarding conservatism, and they are most of the state by county persuasion.

The election of Northam doesn’t provide a referendum on Donald Trump.  It means that we have too many members of the swamp living in Fairfax who need to be drained.   Those are the people who have grown tremendously in size over the last sixteen years as more and more high paying government jobs were added to Washington under an ever-expanding government.  They aren’t going to vote for a Republican who wants to eliminate their jobs—ever.  So if there is anything that has changed Virginia from purple to blue, it’s the government workers in Fairfax.  There’s nothing mysterious about the election.  Democrats have filled the state with regions of people who want hand outs, and jobs that only government can provide—where pay is approximately 30% higher than other regions of the country.  Fairfax is after all one of the richest counties in the country, but it doesn’t come from private industry, it comes from government workers who live there and commute to their Washington jobs feeding the swamp.

You could say the same thing really about the rest of the country; if you look at the entire United States county-by-county you will not see a lot of support for Democrats.  Where you do see large blue voting blocks are in the tightly packed cities where heroin addicts, government workers, prostitutes, welfare recipients and generally dumb people reside in large group think territories.  Those are the voters who pick Democrats, regular people who live in the vast red areas are underrepresented in politics because they tend to be spread out in rural territories—and that is a problem of “democracy.”  Lucky for us we have a republic so that those vast red areas between the two coasts do not get out-voted by the group think liberals who chose to live on top of each other in urban centers.  Why people would choose to do such a thing reflects their personal preference to hide within the safety of numbers rather than the individuality normally witnessed in rural cultures.

That is why it’s a serious folly to look at any election where government workers and social losers are disproportionately congregated and to assume a social trend against President Trump.  It’s actually the opposite, people in the red counties are tired of getting pushed around by the losers in the blue areas, and that is the cause of the current civil war—not with guns, but with words and ideological conflict.  I’ve heard a lot about how many liberals thought the country would come together after a year of Trump, and that he has made an environment that has driven the country apart.  Give me a break, President Trump has done a fantastic job, and he’s tried to play nice.  Democrats never wanted to play nice, they only wanted to impose themselves on the world around them and they always look to make red areas blue like insects infecting a house with termites.  They start in cells of collective activity, like Fairfax, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, and they seek to destroy the countryside county-by-county until the house collapses.  That is all they know to do as parasites to the human race.  And they call it a tendency toward violence if we think to resist them.  Well, of course we’re going to resist them.  They don’t think like us, they don’t act like us, and they don’t have the same values which are hard work, love of country, God, guns and family.

No, the trend is still in favor of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party.  While it’s true that there is an even more diligent civil war within the Republican Party going on presently, that war will be won by the Trump forces.  The Bush presidents have written a little book called The Last Republicans acknowledging as much essentially.  Their obvious hatred of Trump and his supporters is very telling about what’s going on in America right now.  Conservatives have rejected the Skull and Bones promises of the Bush family toward global unification and are seeking to preserve their lives out in the red counties of rural America.  It’s pretty much that simple.  If the Bush presidents thought that the Republican Party was their view of the world, they were obviously mistaken, and haven’t been to an NRA even recently.  For twelve years I was frustrated with how weak both Bush presidents were.  I voted for them because I had no other choice and I certainly wasn’t going to vote for a bunch of hippie liberals.  But the Bush presidents were not bastions of conservatism.   When I had a choice I took it happily, and so did many other people.

Ohio’s governor John Kasich is of that Bush-era Republican demeanor.  The Party has left him behind and moved back to where the people who live in those flyover states and in counties between cities want them.  That’s not going to change.  Hollywood hasn’t changed those people.  The newspapers haven’t.  Nothing has after many years of liberal advances with that objective in mind.  Republicans who put their finger to the liberal winds of change and decided to concede, like the Bush presidents, Kasich, Boehner, and many others assumed that their concessions would be followed.  Instead, people rejected them and they are upset about it—naturally.  The trend isn’t toward Kasich and the Bush family—it’s toward Trump or perhaps even further to the political right.  The people analyzing the 2017 election obviously aren’t looking at the right things, because they are still holding out hope that the inevitable changes won’t come to sweep them away in their part of this modern civil war.  The residents of Fairfax should take their loot and go because the trend is not in their favor.

The Democrats aren’t going to have a miracle surge in support.  The whole Donna Brazile episode of the present is more about the Democratic Party trying to distance themselves from Hillary Clinton and recasting their brand with some moderate Republican support.   Brazile has thrown some red meat to Republicans trying to position themselves for the midterms, to take the edge off.  But the Democrats themselves are making a push to the political left, so we are all moving further away from each other, not more to the center the way it was when Bush was president, or his dad.  Republicans like Kasich want to move to the left with them to keep the peace.  But that’s not going to happen—and it never was.  Only people who don’t understand the situation even entertained such a notion.  The red counties of the red states are rejecting liberalism and if you look at the map of Virginia that is obvious.  The only difference is that the smoke and mirrors of the Democratic Party have been able to use a few counties in Virginia to fluff their feathers like a peacock to look better than the situation really is, and they are desperate to sell it.  But in that desperation is the truth, and that is not good for the Democrats—but it is great for the Trump Republicans.

Rich Hoffman

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Pulling the Plug on the Swamp: Time for Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor


It’s no secret, and never has been.  I covered the crimes of the Clintons for years as well as many others have.  But can you believe how many crimes Hillary Clinton is so obviously involved in just during her run for president?  Can you imagine dear reader what it would be like if she had been elected president?  Wow, it’s pretty remarkable how close we came to having the worst criminal in the history of America in the White House.  If you drop the massive criminal issues involving her classified emails which got her into so much trouble, Hillary Clinton’s newly revealed rigging the DNC primary, her participation in the dossier on Donald Trump, and her involvement in Uranium One—we’re looking at a person with a massive criminal history.  Hillary makes Frank Underwood from House of Cards look mild by comparison.  Hollywood couldn’t tell Hillary’s story without coming across as fake, her crimes are that outlandish.

There is no worry now about prosecuting Clinton by the Trump Justice Department, because things could no longer be construed as attacking a political rival.  The Clinton’s are in deep doo do.  Rigging the primary run against Bernie Sanders which has been revealed by Donna Brazile in a book she is putting out.  Remember that Donna ran the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to be forced out over her own corruption right before the DNC convention of 2016?  Donna went before the world and lied for several months covering for Hillary Clinton knowing she played a part in the CNN controversy of passing debate questions to Hillary to make her look better—which she denied.  But after the election her conscience got to her and she wrote a tell all book that pretty much slams the jail door shut on the Clintons—both of them actually.

The DNC was in financial trouble, which continues to be a problem, so the Clinton’s bailed out the Party early in the primary race with Bernie Sanders but in exchange, they wanted to control the Party’s direction.  The DNC took the money and the nomination for Hillary Clinton was in the bag.  Bernie spent a small fortune running for president and he never had a chance—even though he polled well and won enough states to be competitive.  Even though we already suspected all this, knowing its all true puts a harder bite to it.

The crimes have been coming in so fast that the slow-moving country boy Jeff Sessions just hasn’t had the chance to catch up to everything.  But now there is more than enough justification for a special prosecutor to unravel this election mess based on the criteria Hilary Clinton established herself.  If you take her own words which she applied to Donald Trump about the sanctity of elections, involvement with the Russian government and the ethical behavior of presidents while in office, she literally tried to push-off all the crimes she committed onto the personality of Trump.  It’s fair to say that Trump has done nothing for which he has been accused of where Clinton is guilty of everything.

If you read The Big Lie from Dinesh D’Soauza you will see how the DNC over the years have used Saul Alinsky methods to apply crimes they committed onto completely innocent people—because those people were good Christians who were always taught to turn the other cheek and to take on the sins of their accusers.  Saul Alinsky learned to expose that through his mentor, Al Capone so that level of manipulation applied as a criminal strategy is what Hillary Clinton’s DNC was all about.   Barack Obama studied the same type of approach and that is why they have brought such a mess to politics.  In their world nobody was ever going to challenge them because they controlled the entire process—so their crimes were quite flagrant.   When you read The Big Lie it becomes instantly obvious where racism started in America, and who built the Nazi Party in Germany—it was 100% Democrats.  Yet Republicans are always framed in such a way even though they had nothing to do with either.  It was Republicans who stood against racism.  It was Republicans who wanted to combat the Nazis.  Yet the criminal minds of Democrats especially under the leadership of Hillary Clinton has sold to the public the opposite notion, just as they are with Trump since day one of his presidency.

I would add that now we know why they are fighting Trump so hard.  Without Trump winning the presidency, all this would have been swept under the rug.  Donna Brazile would have kept her mouth shut and played ball like she had previously.  But with a new day in politics emerging where actions are actually reflected off the new president in a positive way, the game is changing and people are now enabled to come forward.  It’s like I said several articles ago, the Washington D.C. culture will come unraveled just as Hollywood has because once people step away from the mandates of institutional thinking, they are empowered to act as individuals.   Some of what Donna Brazile is saying now is quite astonishing, but given her Christian background she at least has a feeling of guilt to guide her actions.  Now, knowing what we do now—what does anybody think about that meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on that airplane in July was all about?   Can you smell the corruption and the level that it changed the FBI investigation into her email server during a presidential election?

Also like I said some time ago, the DNC is broke and it has no mechanisms for finding money.  Most Americans aren’t left of center liberals, and the Party has moved in that direction, so there isn’t any financial backing unless you tap into the university crowd and Hollywood.  Well, Hollywood just imploded and that cozy relationship has just blown up in the DNC’s face as well.  We are not in the same world politically as we were a year ago.  That’s how the Democratic Party got into trouble to begin with.  They had to accept dirty Clinton money just to put up a candidate against the Republicans.  Now with the Clintons out of the picture where is the money going to come from?   I mean its one thing to have the entire media in the bag, to have the Washington D.C. swamp blowing wind into your sales, but if you don’t have cash on hand, what are you going to do?  How can you compete?

Democrats are already having trouble winning elections.  Their ideas just don’t float in a world of capitalism.  We now understand that Democrats are what ruin cities like Detroit and Chicago—why would we vote for more of them?  And presently they don’t even have the money to sell their story as they have in the past.  With the Clintons and Obamas out of the arena what can Democrats do?  Nothing.  So now is the time Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor into the election problems of the DNC in preventing one candidate from winning in an actual high-profile case of election fraud.   Let that prosecute uncover whatever they find.  It’s not any more complicated than that, but if just that one act would be done, the DNC would forever be ended, because the corruption is so vast.   If you really want to help drain the swamp Jeff Sessions, just pull the plug.  It’s right there in front of all of us, and Hillary Clinton is the plug to pull.  Put a special investigator on her dealings over the DNC and watch that swamp disappear right down the drain.   By the midterms in 2018, there may be no Democrats left to run—because they are all a little guilty due to their associations with Hilary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman

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Terrorism in New York City: More failures by academic progressives–guns are the only answer

It was just hours after the loser Sayfullo Saipov crashed a rented Home Depot truck into a crowd of innocent people in New York City killing and maiming them when some idiot on Twitter started yakking about the merits of gun control in that very progressive town. Truthfully, as I remarked, the idiot probably thought the pellet gun and the paint ball gun were assault weapons and he was doing something special with them as he ran around aimlessly after the deed was done waiting for police to shoot him and send him to his “god.” Coming from Uzbekistan where printed paper is an extreme luxury, a paint ball gun might appear to such an ignorant fool to be a weapon of mass destruction. We are not dealing with normal people here but radicals from destitute places and thrown them into modern civilization like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Ancient civilizations and modern ones just don’t mix and the progressive policies that have thrown us all together have been and continue to be dismal failures. Here is how Fox New reported the incident:

Investigators in New York City were left with a range of questions Tuesday after a driver plowed a pickup truck onto a bike path and into a crowd in Lower Manhattan, killing at least eight people and injuring 11.
The suspect, identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is originally from Uzbekistan and is not a U.S. citizen, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed to Fox News.

The attack on a bright Halloween afternoon occurred not far from the new World Trade Center building and the site of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Saipov had handwritten notes pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State terror network and shouted “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) after the crash, law enforcement officials told Fox News.

Saipov, who was shot by police, was taken into custody and remained hospitalized.

The suspect had a green card, a source told Fox News. Saipov came to the U.S. in 2010, and, according to the Associated Press, has a Florida driver’s license but was said to be living in Paterson, N.J.

Saipov was an Uber driver who had passed a background check, the company told Fox News. It added that Saipov has now been banned from the app, and Uber has offered assistance to the FBI.

In actuality, it took too long for an NYPD officer to engage the target. Luckily for us, Saipov only had harmless weapons so we could afford for him to run around for several minutes before the NYPD was able to disable him with a crippling gun shot. Ideally, there should have been a gun wielding NRA member who was concealed carrying a firearm at the point of the incursion and Saipov could have been shot immediately leaving the truck as he was yelling “Allahu akbar.” That statement alone should be enough to open fire as a threat assessment indication. Waiting for the “proper” authorities to put down a threat is risky business. It’s obvious that terrorist organizations around the world are relying on these low-tech acts of violence—we’ve seen them in France, England and many other places already, so we must assume that they will happen anywhere crowds of people gather. So as a reaction to that threat, we need to spread the use of firearms to every corner of our country, especially gun free zones like New York City so that terrorists like Saipov can be stopped as quickly as possible.

Getting lucky is not a strategy. Ryan Nash happened to be close to that location where the terrorist activity occurred and was able to engage the target fairly quickly as an NYPD officer. That makes for a good story, but the response time in the future needs to be even faster if these terrorist losers are going to use these strategies. What separates terrorism in the United States from more progressive countries like the UK and France is that our people can own guns and can help be first responders to such crises as this one in New York.

I’m very tolerate of other people’s religions and lifestyles. I may find their beliefs to be complete lunacy, but I am still respectful of their right to believe things. But the line is crossed when some radical religious loser uses God to justify violence against other people. I wasn’t for it in the Crusades period, I certainly wasn’t for it when the Spanish conquered Central and South America, and I’m certainly against what the towel headed losers of ISIS are doing. Anybody who uses violence to push their religious views is evil, wrong, and deserving of swift justice as determined on an individual basis. And it doesn’t get any more individualized than an American carrying a firearm to be a first responder against terrorism. Respect for other people’s cultures and ideas goes out the window the moment they inflict violence on another culture to advance their ideology. That just isn’t permissible.

The great progressive failure is that many “academics” thought they could end wars on earth in response to the two World Wars by mixing people together. By making a great global melting pot, they thought they’d achieve world peace. They were idiots. What we ended up with was the opposite. It will take perhaps two to three hundred years of human evolution and likely a global focus on united goals to achieve world peace. For instance, the space race is a nice unifying idea that could help accelerate the process. But you can’t take some sappy ass loser like Sayfullo Saipov getting ISIS material at his mosque studying a medieval religion like Islam in its most radical form and expect him to assimilate with modern western culture in America, you are smoking crack if you think that will turn out OK. It just doesn’t work and the people who created the paperwork that allowed him into our country in the first place—like Chuck Schumer, don’t fundamentally understand the behavior patterns of human beings and they got caught playing with fire. People naturally chose to associate with people of their own beliefs. You can see it in typical families. Families with different foundation beliefs can’t even get along for Thanksgiving meals. What we have in common is football, Black Friday, and a love of food. But if we get off those topics things fall apart quickly. Some families like guns, some like college professors, some like Democrats, Republicans, and some like smoking dope, getting tattoos and pissing in the shower. Some like to have high standards for themselves and others want no standards at all—because they tend to be lazy and don’t want to wake up each day with any expectations placed upon them. Families tend to stick together when the world impresses itself upon them and they associate with their own kind to relax from the cultural expectations of the comparative societies. Liberals have tried to micromanage even the American family trying to take away those options as well thinking that if they force everyone to look at each other, then there will be no other option but peace. Instead, what has happened is that violence has escalated because families have lost their mechanisms for dealing with the world. That is on the micro level. This terrorism issue is on the macro—its part of a global failure by progressives to manage people and their cultures. It’s been a lack of respect given to each individual culture around the world and to work with their beliefs. Instead, progressives sought to destroy everything and create a new order built on combined respect. But their approach lacked respect so how did they think they’d ever achieve such a feat? The answer is that none of them thought it through—and now their failures are obvious. People are dying because of them, and still they fail to take responsibility for their terrible decisions over the last several decades.

The solution in the short-term is more guns in more places to respond quicker to the anxiety that has been created globally by the political leftists. Since America is more equipped to have more terrorist first responders than anywhere in the world, it is our obligation to show people how self-defense looks and to use that platform to change our behavior toward these radical terrorists who are functioning from a different time and by ideas that have long been considered archaic. It isn’t being “open minded” to take no action against terrorism. It’s just stupid. And it’s time for different people who aren’t so stupid to be running things—and to be carrying guns in more places so that losers like Saipov can be disabled much sooner before things really get out of control.

Rich Hoffman
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The Genie is out of the Bottle: Uranium One, the IRS, the fake Trump dossier–and we still have more wishes left!

The Genie is certainly out of the bottle now, and we still have a few more wishes  What’s happening now is everything I hoped for and more on Election Day of 2016.  If Donald Trump had not been elected we wouldn’t be seeing anything close to what we are now, and likely America would be over.  I said at the time that the idea of America may not have lived through the summer of 2017.  After all I had endorsed Donald Trump for president for precisely the reasons we are seeing today way back in 2015.  Donald Trump was saving America by standing against the tide of the criminal minded institutions using his own celebrity and wealth as leverage in a way that nobody had ever done before in world history.  Nobody knew what might happen—I had an idea, but there was no way to know what the impact might be until it happened.  Well, it’s all happening right now and the reach of villainy in our American institutions is presently unfathomable for many to deal with.   If I could have had any wish I wanted in 2015 when Donald Trump was tenaciously staying at the top of Republican polling disrupting all the traditional channels led by the Bush family and the vile Clintons, that Genie would have given me exactly what we are seeing now.

It was April 14th 2014 when what was left of the Liberty Township Tea Party met at the Elk’s Lodge to discuss the case against the IRS that the American Center for Law and Justice was conducting on our behalf against the IRS.  The Liberty Township Tea Party was one of the many targets of the IRS who had attacked those groups any way they could specifically on the 5013C status which was designed to slow down the movement and take the teeth out of reform which was sweeping the nation in 2012.  Establishment Republicans used the Tea Party from 2009 to 2012 to gain House and Senate seats, and they wanted their Party back.  Meanwhile Democrats were on their full assault toward socialism and they figured nobody was equipped to stop them.   While Republicans fought each other the Democrats were on a roll, and they controlled the Deep State emphatically.  We all knew it on that day in April at the Elk’s Lodge and all we had was essentially each other and some hope that if we did all the right things, things could come out well in the end.

I was in trouble for two videos I had done for the Liberty Township Tea Party.  Lucky for me I never do anything in politics that could be construed as payment.  When I do something “political” like this blog, or have dinner with a powerful politician money never changes hands.  I keep things as clean as possible.  It is often hard for investigators to believe that I’d do so much work for free, out of the goodness of my heart—because to their vantage point, nobody does anything like that.   Nobody just does things because it’s the right thing to do. But I do and soon after that fateful meeting Donald Trump would step out of his golden palace atop Trump Tower in Manhattan to essentially cast his resources into the fight for many of the same reasons—because it was the right thing to do.  We all knew then as we can see now that the IRS had been weaponized, but the media hardly covered the story and the Deep State had no fear of any of us, because they controlled all the politics, all the law, and all the money.  They figured that this little ACLJ lawsuit would just go away like so many things had in the past and they had nothing to worry about.

Well just this past week many things came to a boil and for those who resisted the efforts of the Deep State a turning point in that long civil war finally showed itself.  The IRS had to apologize for their behavior as the ACLJ had won their case and a very reluctant government institution had to rectify themselves ahead of the largest tax cut vote in the House which passed, in American history.  With the Dow Jones racing well over the 23,000 mark and Trump pinning down all the holdovers brilliantly forcing them to vote correctly on tax cuts, the IRS could do nothing but stand on the firing line and await their own terminations.  They had abused the American people and they had been caught and there was nothing they or their media cover could say to let them off the hook because an even bigger story was unfolding.   That is the story of the Washington Free Beacon funding the fake Trump dossier to stop him from winning the Republican nomination back in 2016.  That dossier would involve many Republicans and would unite politicians like John McCain and Hillary Clinton behind the common cause of stopping Trump any way they could and at the center of it all was the FBI director himself James Comey.  Comey of course would plot to completely let Clinton off her criminal charges during an election year to help her keep her footing—all which was highly illegal.  But if not for Trump being in the race there would have been no pressure on these people to do so much to reveal their inner workings.  These things would have remained hidden—which was what they all were counting on.

But even worse than that was the Uranium One deal.  That is the one where the Putin regime paid Bill Clinton $500,000 dollars for a single speech in Russia with the unannounced intention to secure U.S. government approval for its acquisition of Uranium One and with it tens of billions of dollars in U.S. uranium reserves.  This is the biggest scandal in the history of the United States, and it’s really too big to cover.  Normal people can’t get their minds around the level of treachery it takes to pull of something with this enormity.  But now we know why the Democrats were in such a hurry to try to create some scandal tying Trump to Russia.  Because they were the ones guilty of the act, not Trump—but they needed the light off them and onto someone challenging their Deep State control.  Yet in doing so they set their own standards for which they are presently choking—which is good.  Without Trump in the White House, this story would have gone nowhere and would have been covered by nobody.  It essentially involves the Obama administration in a very detrimental way as Hillary Clinton was running around the world selling access for personal enrichment and now they are all caught.

So what to do about all this, after all, can we put all these people in jail like they deserve?  To do that we’d have to put several former presidents in jail, many congressman, political candidates, attorneys, media personalities, former FBI directors—a whole lot of people who are guilty as Hell and now awkwardly exposed.   We knew it all along, but now we “KNOW” it.  Their downfall essentially started because they picked on the wrong people.  I mean seriously, the crap I had to go through just for two videos made for YouTube.  Not to mention the ordeal of the people who ran the Liberty Township Tea Party.  It took up a year of their time over nothing—meanwhile these scum bags were doing all this Uranium One activity and spending a lot of money to smear political opposition with fake stories and breaking many laws to obtain any information that could be used against people like Trump before they could ever throw their resources into the ring.   But now we know, and like I said, that Genie is still giving us wishes to grant.  And I have a feeling they will all come true in the weeks that come.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump’s Draft Deferments: Military service doesn’t always make for the best patriots–why sacrifice is a stupid value system

I don’t think it’s very American to die for one’s country. That is actually a very stupid thing to even suggest. To even say such a thing indicates that the state is superior to the individual and that institutionalism is to have more merit than personal sovereignty, and that’s just not right. I have never been willing to “die” for my country. My life is worth way too much. But, ask me to kill for my country and turn me loose to do so, and I’d have no problem facing down a 1000 villains if I could eliminate them without getting into trouble legally. But I would never engage an enemy and expect to die. I would expect to kill, but not to personally die—that’s just not in my thinking. Sacrifice is a stupid thing because the essence of human life is creation, and the villains of our existence are those who wish to deter creation in favor of stagnant barbarism—which has always been a force for evil the entire span of human evolution. If there were a military draft today, I would do everything I could to defer from it, because I just am not the kind of person who follows orders—from anybody. I’m happy to give them, but being drafted into the military to take orders from some institutional representative who has been instructed to break me into an order taking soldier was never an option for me.

The news media seeking everything they can to defer the unfolding scandal involving the Clintons and the Uranium One deal with Russia has made a lot about President Trump’s call with the widow of a slain soldier killed recently in Niger, and even Senator John McCain’s comments about the days of the draft and eluding to the 5 deferments that Donald Trump had as a young man. The draft was a terrible period in American history, it was a very un-American thing to do, and for those who think we should have compulsory service of our young people into the military as the Israelis do, that would be a bad idea too. I would say that the most optimal path a young person could take is to develop themselves individually as much as possible, and avoid the college and military route if they are smart enough, and self-disciplined to carry themselves to success without yielding to institutional influence. The reason is that once a young mind is chained to some form of institutionalism, their minds are altered forever. Now of course that path isn’t for everyone, but often the best and brightest Americans who emerge from genius evolve without the guidance of institutionalism. As Americans we should always be looking for our brightest and best and should not be so willing to sacrifice them to the fires of evil wherever such threats arise. The expectation that lives lost are good for fueling America is just stupid.

I understand the position President Trump is in, and even General Kelly. When you are in charge of an institutional order, you have to protect the function of it, and the American military is a very important element to global politics. When soldiers die, it is good to respect their lives in the scope of a higher cause. But in reality, the notion of sacrifice for one’s country implies that what matters most is not the individual life of the soldier, but the sacrifice they make for the sake of everyone—and that is an old way of human thinking that is grossly outdated and is specifically very European. As I said, if I were given the task by my country to kill as many bad guys as possible, I’d do it in a second if I could be free of prosecution for the task. If I had to engage a 1000 losers on some strip of sand in the Middle East and it was only me or perhaps a few other similar people, I’d formulate a plan and would expect to be successful without losing my life. Embracing death is no way to live life. Some people might say that they are not Superman, so such expectations are unrealistic. I would say that being American means you should always think that way, or support people who do.

There is a lot of talk right now about the Battle of New Orleans, because President Trump reminds a lot of people of Andrew Jackson, and there is a new book out about Jackson and the famous American saving battle from the War of 1812. That battle along with many in the Revolutionary War, and even many in the Civil War, most of the most heroic acts were conducted by people with very limited military experience. Even the famous pirates of the Caribbean, the real ones like Henry Morgan and many others had great strategic victories against multiple odds of fearless institutionalism—soldiers perfectly willing to die for their various countries were often easily slaughtered by the loose acting pirates—so I would argue that being a soldier or having a regimented military is not the best thing in military victory. There are a lot of good people who served in the various armed forces, and I tend to like those people because they learn values in their service that is conducive to patriotism. But I would also argue that learning to take orders not based on merit, but on rank is a major problem in American thinking, making those people drags on our economic development instead of assets. I would also argue that the ability to think outside the box from one individual is more powerful than a whole army of compliant soldiers. Again, the value should always be in creation, never in sacrifice.

I listened to General Kelly defend Trump’s handling of the widow suffering from the ambush in Niger and while I admired his determined resolve—his constant talk about “dying for his country and the soldier knowing what he was getting into” disturbed me. I am all for an all-volunteer army where knowing what you are getting into is an option. I never did sign up for military service even thought I thought about it a lot. I wouldn’t have minded the aggressive parts of military life, but the structure was something I couldn’t have done. Even in sports I was like that, I always wanted to be the head coach, never just a player—and I wasn’t one that coaches found they could teach—because I was a know it all. I always have been. In that regard I didn’t play sports either in a structured organized way. But should our nation institute a draft where I didn’t have a choice, I would look for a way to defer any way possible. I could not surrender my life to the institution of military command under any circumstances. I would expect in any American system a better way to find soldiers for fighting than a draft. Just the concept of it is so European. Being compelled into service with the threat of imprisonment just isn’t motivating to a self-directed individual functioning from their own inner compass. The military is not built for such people.

Ironically this year my wife and I were both picked for jury duty, and I had a hard time with the language of the letter they sent me telling me the dates I was scheduled for. I’m the kind of person who would love to help on a jury to judge my peers. But I was instantly turned off by the way the letter started, “YOU ARE COMMANDED TO APPEAR.” Excuse me, I thought, who are these fools who think they can command me to do anything? I don’t bow to the flag waving merits of any institution. But if you thought my reaction was bad you should have heard my wife who called the Clerk of Courts office to complain about that first sentence. She and I didn’t plan it, or really talk about it, but when she opened her letter she immediately picked up the phone and unloaded on the people working at the court. I’m sure those people thought they had heard every excuse for why people wanted to get out of jury duty, and that is why they threaten people the way they do—to get people to participate in the system with the threat of imprisonment. That’s essentially what the draft was, which turned out to be a massive mistake. Our military went from an all voluntary affair to one of compulsion. My wife is like me, she would love to help a court with their cases, but the moment she learned that she could be imprisoned for not appearing she was PISSED OFF. It took away her natural enthusiasm for doing a community service and replaced it with a threat from the state that assumed ultimate power over the individual. Many people just assume that this is acceptable, because they have integrated John McCain’s soldier’s sacrifice creed into their daily life, that the whole is greater than the unit and that everything should subject itself to the authority of institutionalism. That’s not how it’s supposed to be, it never was. So this idea that patriotism is equal to self-sacrifice for the state is idiotic, and preposterous. There is no greater good than the merit of individual action and an adherence to the values exhibited by the morality of productive thought. None of that comes from any form of institutionalism, and therefore not by any work with the armed services. While they are valuable, and often good for young minds seeking direction in life, work as a veteran is not an automatic ticket toward lifelong merit status. Only good conduct can demand such a thing, and that conduct only comes from judgment on individual behavior within the context of performance.

Just because John McCain was a veteran captured and tortured during the Vietnam War, it doesn’t make him beyond judgment. The media that hates Trump and wishes that institutionalism could forever rule the minds of mankind—because that is what they need to survive—hopes that McCain will be the example that all should follow in sacrificing themselves to bigger causes—relative to their view-point. Trump has always been a self-absorbed person so being drafted into service where unfocused young people were expected to throw away their lives at the command of their “superior” just wasn’t an option. It would never be an option for me because I don’t acknowledge anyone as my superior. My life means more to me than surrendering it to the state for the causes of the state. To expect to die for my country is an unrealistic line of thought because honestly, I could do a better job on my own. Give me the weapons and let me kill the enemy, and I could do so and still be home for dinner. But to be told to run into gunfire and to be blown up on a landmine under orders given by some ranking leader just isn’t my bag—and it wasn’t Trump’s either. I don’t blame him at all from deferring. Choosing to do something isn’t the same as doing it under the duress of the state.

I would gladly run into a firefight if I could be free to win. I would always expect myself to be successful no matter what the odds were. But to be a pawn to the politics of statism is not a value system that should be attributed to Americanism. It is currently and that is leading to all kinds of confusing emotions. But the bottom line is that not serving as in the military forces is not a liability. The only people who think in such a way are those who need the structure of institutionalism to function responsibly in life—and many people are that way. But a gifted few do best on their own, and they are the ones you want to take orders from if you were so inclined. John McCain isn’t considered a better leader because he served in the armed forces and was tortured by the enemy. It was Trump who won the presidency because he took a different path in life—one driven by his own merit and if he had been drafted and accepted authority in any way—he wouldn’t be the kind of person who would eventually win the presidency. Trump doesn’t need to have been a soldier to oversee soldiers. He just needs to have a good mind—which he does. But better yet, a mind forged from his own unique individuality—which is what makes the best leaders known to mankind.

Rich Hoffman

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