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Oskar Eustis and his Poor Understanding of History: The director of New York’s Julius Ceaser gets everything wrong

Oskar Eustis as the “artistic director” of the controversial Julius Ceaser play at the Shakespeare in the Park in New York City doesn’t even understand what kind of country America is, let alone have a proper commentary on translating the 400 year old play to contemporary subject matter.  He’s the guy who thought it smart to dress up Julius Ceaser as a modern-day Donald Trump and have the character murdered on stage by a “diverse” senate filled with women, people of color and many others stabbed to death by a mob.  We are a republic Oskar, not a stupid, mind numb democracy.  This play has nothing to do with America—in fact our mode of government was an invention to step away from this kind of mob driven drivel.  Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser play is about revenge, murder and political conspiracy—and all that plot driven nonsense—but its relevancy to Donald Trump for which you made him the lead character in this modern rendition—with Trump Tower leering on the skyline in full view of the audience is an attempt to taint the waters of the ignorant into poking their unsophisticated asses into open insurrection—and it isn’t forgivable.

I feel like I say this all the time about way too many subjects but I know something about William Shakespeare. My favorite of his plays is Titus Andronicus which is a character I understand completely.  I love the way it reads and to date Julie Taymor has done the best job of taking the play to film with Anthony Hopkins doing a phenomenal job as Titus.  Many creative people have applied their hand to Shakespeare and for good reason, the material is rich and it forces actors to really dig deep in understanding theater from a long ago time in a language that is almost completely foreign to us now.  So it was an insult to me to hear how this latest New York modern rendition of Julius Ceaser was abusing its artistic power and trying to explain it away once Bank of America pulled out as a sponsor for wistfully putting Donald Trump into the contemporary role of “protagonist” brutally murdered by a bunch of conniving senators. You don’t have to look too far to understand that the play’s director in this case is rooting for the Chuck Schumers of the world to plot the same kind of assassination in modern politics and that his grasp on this modern history is as shallow as a dry lake bed in Nevada.

When Oskar Eustis said in his remarks on his play that “democracy depends on the conflict of different points of view, nobody owns the truth, we all own the culture,” he displayed a predilection toward insanity that I found quite alarming.  People clapped because they figured he was an art guy who knows more than they do about these matters, but honestly the lack of understanding displayed by Eustis of this material is shocking.  It is because democracy is unreliable that we even have a republic in America—and the analysis that William Shakespeare was constantly obsessed with about the Roman republic failures in his plays are explorations in mob violence for the sake of theater and the compelling subject matter it evokes.  The Donald Trump presidency is actually an evolution beyond this kind of animalistic chaos.  Trump is not power-hungry in the way that Julius Ceaser was and he is not a person who would ever be in a position to allow a mob of conniving senators access to him in a way they could commit murder.  Trump is much more strategic, and a lot smarter than people think he is.  I would warn people not to assume that they can “outthink” the Trump—which is one of the appealing aspects of his presidency for which people like me voted for him.  I don’t want a Shakespearian White House for a change.  I want an evolution beyond it—and I have found it in Trump.


We are not all equal in a democratic America.  Some of us work a lot harder than others and thus we need the representation of a republic to prevent the mob from running the show—because the lazy, the drug obsessed, and the sexually manipulative need to be kept at a distance from the legislative process as much as possible—and the hardest working among us should be the ones running things.  We can only determine value through merit so as far as owning the truth—it doesn’t all belong to us equally.  And regarding the political left, democracy has already defeated the progressive offerings philosophically and they don’t like it and have turned toward these violent threats to stay relevant in the world.  Oskar Eustis can play word gymnastics all he wants in an attempt to take the edge off what he did—which was an open plea for the modern senate to assassinate Donald Trump.  Eustis knew that most people wouldn’t understand the words spoken in the play and that most people haven’t worked hard to gain the meanings of Shakespeare’s language.  But dress up Ceaser in Donald Trump looking suits and make his wife sound just like Melania Trump and even the dumbest people in the audience will understand and that will be what they remember.  And at the pot parties before and after the big show—which always go on with creative people the stoned losers hope that out there in the audience is a James Hodgkinson who might be a committed enough leftist with nothing to lose in life who might sacrifice themselves for the cause of “democracy” otherwise known as “mob rule.”  Don’t kid yourself in thinking that this kind of talk is not happening.  Listen to what leftists say in public—what they say when the cameras are not on is much worse.

I found it particularly insulting that Oskar Eustis on the front page of their website actually said “Act Three, Scene One of Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR takes place on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. By the time that scene is over, democracy will have vanished from the face of the earth for almost two millennia, until some English colonists on the eastern seaboard of North America start throwing tea into Boston Harbor.”  This open appeal toward the conservative movement to connect his play with the efforts of the American Revolution were disgusting—and again it’s not democracy that we’re analyzing, it’s a republic—a representative republic that requires the participation of the engaged and wise and allows the fools and addicts to beg for money on the sidewalk as “unequal” participants in history. There is quite a difference between the players on the field of a sporting event and those who just sit in the stands and watch.  Those who participate in our republic are on the field whether they vote, or become part of the mechanisms of government.  The mob is in the stands cheering or booing depending on how things go—but they are not equal participants.  People who smoke dope and study 400-year old plays about violence and the darkest of human emotions are not equal to the law student who spends 18 hours a day preparing their mind for a big case and will eventually become a senator perhaps after a successful career over many years.  They are not equal people.

Additionally I would offer that Donald Trump is a superior offering to anything that William Shakespeare ever conceived in his plays.  Understanding Donald Trump’s White House is beyond the grasp of people like Oskar Eustis and his thin understanding of history.  We are looking at an evolutionary design for which history will record and will be thankful for over the coming millennia.  To put Trump into the shoes of Julius Caesar is to try to take a full-grown adult and put baby shoes on them—Trump is far more evolved than anything Rome ever created as an emperor. The very stupid of our society may not understand how or why yet because history is being written with each moment that we breathe—but Trump is an idea that will change history for the better.  All Eustis could see as a director of a play was a way to try to hold those animalistic concepts of human nature to a White House that is moving well beyond the reach of the political left and their failed ideas.  All they have is the threat of violence to attempt to stay relevant in this tragedy of modern politics.  They are not equal in this American republic because their liberal concepts for our reality have been rejected in the theater of debate and all they have left is to attempt to redefine the definitions of fairness and the recollections of history to suit their current crises—and to hope that by calling our American system a democracy that enough dumb people will believe them in an effort to get out the vote and ignite their base for the 2018 midterms between the haze of marijuana smoke and a drug induced orgy of dirty, smelly, tattooed covered liberals laced with body piercings and a lack of deodorant forgotten due to their spending the day bitching about Donald Trump instead of getting a job and jumping on the many opportunities this administration has created for them to be more successful.  They like most liberals would rather complain, and plot murder so that they could keep their welfare checks and government jobs intact hoping beyond hope that Karl Marx will find his way into the philosophy of American politics before all the old hippies die off.  But in America its Adam Smith who set the stage and it’s not Julius Ceaser who runs our Republic—its Donald Trump, and he is a creation beyond the reach of classic literature.  That book is being written before our eyes for the first time in history—and it’s much more exciting than anything the human race has ever created before.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Are Responsible for Hodgkinson Assassination Attempt: How, when, why and where liberals use violence to advance their cause

No, it’s not up to “us” to make the lunatic liberals who are communist activists feel better when they go too far as to actually attempt to assassinate public officials, to stick up our hands and say we are equally at fault for the rhetoric of our nation. We are at war with them—they started it—and it is completely up to them to correct the situation.  We put up with Barack Obama and his cadre of terrorist friends—(like Bill Ayers) for many years.  We didn’t like him, we spoke against him and we worked to get him out of office.  But we certainly didn’t try to kill him or even play dirty.  Republicans if they are anything tend to be overly honest and good, “turn the other cheek, Christians” even to a fault.  So “we” are not equally responsible for what the Bernie Sanders presidential volunteer did at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field when he shot up a bunch of congressional Republicans practicing for a charity game.  The fault is clearly with the leftist supporters of Hillary Clinton who like Snoop Dog and Madonna have simulated executions of President Trump for months in their “art” and disguised their message of assassination command behind the veil of “free speech.”  They knew what they were doing—they hoped one of their followers would “sacrifice” themselves the way that ol’ James Hodgkinson did—with violence under the banner of terrorism to stop the Republican advance since the 2016 elections.  The only difference between Democrats and ISIS is that the Middle Eastern terrorist organization at least admits what they are up to.  The Democrats hide their true intentions which is often exposed when they are under pressure—such as they are now.  They don’t want to get along.  They want to destroy traditional value in America and they’ll stop at nothing—even murder to do it. Both Democrats and ISIS depend on terrorism of some form to advance their causes through fear.  So, in that respect, their motives cannot be separated.

When Ted Nugent declared he would not participate in hateful rhetoric anymore the day after the shooting by James Hodgkinson he gave the left what they wanted—what the political right always gives the left—a branch of peace and a seat at the table complete with a hug and reassurance. But these people deserve none of it. The Huffington Post and many other progressive outlets took the Nugent story and ran with it so that other progressives would know that their terrorism had scored a hit and softened the resolve of the Trump base.  That is how these very evil and vile people play the game—they do bad things, throw themselves on the sword to gain the sympathy of others and out of compassion they pull you in to their crimes corrupting forever those who offer out a kind hand of solidarity—then they cut your throat while you sleep.  No, that’s not how this game is going to go down.

I in no way would call myself a radical “fringe” Republican. I love old westerns, the old television show Little House on the Prairie, and old Disney shows like Zorro and Davy Crockett. Both of my grandparents were farmers and my mother was a housewife.  I went to church almost every Sunday during my youth—up until the wife of the pastor of my church wanted a divorce from him.  When he (the pastor) failed to hold his marriage together I left the church because if that could happen to him—something was wrong and I resolved not to listen to people who didn’t have all the answers in life. I’ve always worked hard, treated people fairly—I don’t like to drink, I have never smoked, and I despise drugs, loose sex, and reckless living—for which tattoos are a part of.  I have watched over my years specifically, the world move dramatically to the political left, but I have not moved at all.  So what is considered the radical fringe right is now where I am standing.  But that is only so as defined by the radical lunatic communist leftists who have moved that perception through popular culture so far away from what used to be normal that it looks that way as defined now—in these crazy, turbulent times.

I’m hardly some underwear wearing basement blogger who can’t function in the outside world. I’ve turned down radio jobs, television offers and political advisor positions to do what I do for a living which as of now is international business.  I like challenges and am active in the world—very much so. I’m what many would consider extremely successful in all aspects of my life.  I was in Chef Ramsey’s restaurant in Chelsea, London a few months ago enjoying a very nice lunch—3 Michelin Star ecstasy—but of course during the three-hour meal I had to use the restroom.  Ramsey’s Chelsea restaurant is small—even though it is quite exquisite—it’s a little place.  So it only had one restroom—and it was a typical unisex European kind of thing.  When I walked in a very beautiful woman was standing in front of the mirror so I was concerned that I walked into the women’s restroom and for that she gave me a little giggle. I stepped out and immediately tried to go into the kitchen deducing that obviously the men’s room was in there.  The staff politely told me that the room with the beautiful woman in it was in fact the place I was supposed to be, so I proceeded cautiously.  Once in there the woman shook my hand and let me know that she was OK with everything, and not to worry.  She simply said, “Americano, yes.”  Not having anything else proper to say I replied with a smile, “That obvious, huh?”  For which she nodded and returned to her mirror where she was adjusting her makeup.  I could tell hundreds of similar stories about European travel but my overall impression was that they were pretty “fu**ed up.”  There wasn’t anything about their culture that I thought America should learn from except for maybe more of a love for books and fewer restrictions on the sciences—such as archaeological endeavors which work pretty well in Europe due to all the history recorded there.  Europe is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  Yet these new American leftists want to turn America into Europe essentially, and I’m not OK with that.  Believe me, I’ve been around the world enough to know what I like and want.  My views aren’t just because I live in a “midwestern bubble of conservatism.”  I’ve even done work in Hollywood and have known my share of stars and producers.  I’ve heard their perspective and I’m not buying into it.  They haven’t changed my mind about things—let’s just say that.  Most of the time the people I have interacted with have wrecked lives based on their stupid left-winged philosophy and it’s never been tempting to me at all.

These leftists moved into America and shipped in ideas that run counter to the traditions of this country shortly before World War II and have been taking over our institutions with a military like zeal for nearly 100 years now—and conservatives like me have been very gracious along the way—thinking that we could have an honest philosophical debate and let bygones be bygones. When Obama was elected and Democrats crammed Obamacare down our throats shortly before Christmas in 2010—and Nancy Pelosi said we had to “pass the bill to read what was in the bill” many of us took that as a final straw.  We were no longer going to put up with the communist insurrection that was hiding itself behind the Democratic Party—so we took steps to fight back and six years later we had Trump in the White House to “Make American Great Again” meaning—a restoration of the traditions and attitudes that made America great prior to World War II.  That didn’t mean we wanted to slap women around and put them “back in the kitchen fetching beers for their men lazily sitting on a couch watching football” but to open doors for ladies at restaurants, at least respect our neighbors, and promote the idea in our children of working hard and smart so that they could live a productive life.

The political leftists always intended to take over our country, they weren’t trying to live within its framework—which is why they support illegal immigration so aggressively—because they want people from other places to help them change America into something else. They thought they could shame the rest of us into putting up with it along the way—which ultimately led to the shooting by James Hodgkinson.  It’s not Republicans who go around shooting presidents and congressman—it’s always been liberals because the essence of their political philosophy is group assimilation through intimidation and raw force. It starts in the liberal public education system with kids making fun of other kids who aren’t members of their peer group for a strange haircut or a medical condition then it ends in congress or the senate using phony intelligence information from our covert institutions to attempt to drive an honestly elected president out of office by a media that thinks it’s in charge of something as an unelected layer of government.  It’s a contaminated infestation of foreign ideas that do not work and America rejected it when given the option.  So the political left seeks to remove any options such as they are doing now, and when shaming people doesn’t work—they turn to violence.

I remember when it was a huge controversy that the Devil in the television show, The Bible looked like Obama, just a few years ago.  That is about the worst that conservatives ever did to Obama.  Sure they questioned his birth certificate—for good reason.   They questioned his ties to domestic terrorists for good reason—and they hated him for going around the world bowing to world leaders and weakening our foreign policy everywhere—seemingly on purpose.  But we didn’t shoot up congress and we certainly didn’t put out stuff trying to incite our base into killing the president the way Kathy Griffin did and many others on the political “MAINSTREAM LEFT.”  We’re not talking about fringe people—we’re talking about Madonna, Snoop Dog and the entire art community of Broadway—the people who establish “popular culture.”  The political left overestimated their own power when they took over all our entertainment and media institutions thinking that they could turn all of America into drooling idiots similar to what they did in Europe.  What they ended up with is only half the nation going toward their side leaving the other half very upset and ready to fight.  So we elected Donald Trump as a “non-violent solution” to their long-term attack on our country as a “domestic enemy.”  We stopped watching their television shows, their news reporting and reading their papers driving their numbers down toward desperation.  Knowing that, they have turned toward violence because they have nothing else.

Without question when the cameras weren’t rolling Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dog and Madonna along with hundreds if not thousands of other entertainment types hoped that their violent “art” would provoke someone like James Hodgkinson into committing an act they never could—like taking violence to the enemy—the heart of America—a baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. They also knew that invoking such violence would force everyone to look at how they’ve contributed to the situation and reassess their input, like Ted Nugent has. And by doing so, they get conservatives to admit to a fault for which they played no part of.  So, no, we aren’t going to be playing that game.  “We” meaning conservatives, did not contribute to the split in this country, or the angry discourse.  That is completely under the ownership of liberals.  They decided through aggression to antagonize the traditions of America and half the nation refused to go along and are now in open defiance.  The introduction of the hostilities came from the left—not from the right—and the mandate to defend themselves from an insurrection falls on the political right.  It’s not extreme to want to protect what you value and if tradition is it, then that is their prerogative.  But conservatives are not at fault in the least for the violence that let to James Hodgkinson.  The political left, the radical leftist loons who have nothing to win an argument with in America only have the threat of violence to stay alive in this political theater.  And it is they who deserve to feel the pain and punishment of these terrible crimes.

Rich Hoffman

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James Hodgkinson’s Assassination Attempt Wasn’t Isolated: Deep State Mueller and many others ignore Lorretta Lynch crimes to attack Trump

On the day of the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia by a radical left-winged terrorist by the name of James Hodgkinson, the special counsel investigation into the made up Trump/Russia collusion story announced that it was widening its investigation against Trump for obstruction of justice over the firing of James Comey.  If that is the case and the old FBI agent Mueller thinks that such an investigation is even appropriate—and that is the standard–then Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton need to be prosecuted immediately, because the evidence has already been produced against them.  The hatred that caused the simpleton fool Hodgkinson to do what he did in attempting to assassinate congressional Republicans begins and ends at the feet of the extreme leftists who are currently being protected by people like Mueller, Comey and the other members of the Deep State.  Then there is the media which has empowered the furtherance of real crimes, such as Comey’s illegal leaking of classified information as the Director of the FBI, which caused this special counsel investigation to begin with—they collectively created the vile creature that was James Hodgkinson.  The following video and information reported after the shooter was identified came right off his Facebook page and clearly tell the story.  I don’t know about you dear reader, but I’m not going to put up with it.  These are villains and they are attacking everything that America stands for—and they won’t stop with some liberal loser like James Hodgkinson.  They are desperate and they are killers.  They seek to use idiots prone to quick tempers and intellectual stupidity to do their bidding, but make no mistake about it—behind James Hodgkinson are the puppet masters of the political left—and their desire to commit violence to stay in power—at whatever cost–drives their every breath. Before Trump endures anything close to an investigation into “obstruction of justice” Lorretta Lynch needs to be convicted for her proven actions in that category.

James Hodgkinson was a 66-year-old from Belleville, Illinois.  On June 14th, he opened fire at several Republican lawmakers practicing for the Congressional Baseball game.

Political Views

James’ Facebook profile shows support for Bernie Sanders, FDR, and progressive causes while containing several posts that were hateful toward President Trump and his administration.[11][3]


His favorite television programs include Last Week Tonight, Democracy Now, The Rachel Maddow Show, Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show.[3] James was a part of a number of left-leaning Facebook groups such as The Road To Hell Is Paved With Republicans, Join The Resistance Worldwide!!, Rachel Maddow For President 2020, The Democrats, etc.[3]

James volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign. He viewed Hillary Clinton as Republican Lite and wanted Bernie to be the Green Party candidate when he lost.

On the morning of June 14th, Republican Congressmen and their staff were practicing for the Congressional softball game in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. Around 7 am, Hodgkinson opened fire on the baseball field. Five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and two Capitol Hill Police Officers, were injured.  Scalise was shot in the hip. Hodgkinson was also shot and died from his injuries. The weapon he used was an M4 assault rifle and witnesses report hearing 50 gunshots. The duration of the incident was between 5-10 minutes.


Look, this is a real war, these people are playing for keeps–and you better not turn the other cheek on them.  Its time to fight back, shoot back, and legislate back.  Hit them harder than they are hitting us–because its the right thing to do.  Failure to do so will only breed more James Hodgkinsons.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Jim Comey Should go to Jail: How the former FBI director lied and how

Given the nature of the subject and the amount of time I personally gave to it last week this is sort of a three-part response to the Comey testimony provided on June 8th 2017 to the senate.  (Click here to review the previous entries.)  So for this let me answer the question that was given to me by CNN and explain my reasons—the question of course was whether or not I thought James Comey—former director of the FBI, should go to jail.  In my 20 second answer, I couldn’t give the kind of answer I wanted because of the necessary theatrics of television so here it is in writing.  Yes, James Comey should go to jail for lying under oath and for subversion of our republic.  I’m sure he was lying, and I’m sure he held back information deliberately which is in many cases equivalent to lying and he is for all practical purposes a villain.  Here’s why.

There was something that really bothered me about the way James Comey prepared his statements before the testimony, and the way he referred to tangible observations in such a lurid way.  As I said to CNN, Comey’s written testimony along with the delivery of additional information to the senate reminded me of the early James Bond novels from Ian Flemming–of a much more disgraceful and reckless British agent than we saw in the films with Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  The flair of Comey’s writing style reminded me not of a long time FBI agent—but actually that of a pent-up author wanting desperately to mater in the world just a few years before turning 60 years of age.  My comments below come from the experience of being an employer myself and working with people the same age as James Comey—and in reading voluminous amounts of books over the years—particularly the work of Ian Fleming.  I know all too well that when you hire fire and discipline around a thousand employees over a period of time some of them by nature will not agree with you.  Sometimes they will work against you, and at some point in time will think you are the most evil person in the world because they can’t get you to see things their way—and they find themselves on the outside looking in—which often hurts their feelings.  There are people out there who think I’m the most mean and evil person in the world.  Does that make them correct?  Of course not, but from their perspective their opinion is all they care about.  And this is what we are talking about with Comey—an ex-employee who gambled and lost his job and is now on the outside and it hurts him.  His testimony says all the things we need to know. If you know what to look for Comey spelled it all out before the hearing even took place by what he had written down, then illustrated gloriously during his sworn statements.


Again, this is experience on my part that I offer this breakdown, but Comey opened the door to it by his own testimony.  Because he did that we have to account for the way he thinks and what his motives were based on the instinct of experience. For instance, below are a few of the Comey written comments that I found particularly damning for him so let me talk about them one at a time which will then be summarized to properly articulate my conclusion of why Comey should go to jail.  Here is the first:

The IC leadership thought it important, for a variety of reasons, to alert the incoming President to the existence of this material, even though it was salacious and unverified. Among those reasons were: (1) we knew the media was about to publicly report the material and we believed the IC should not keep knowledge of the material and its imminent release from the President-Elect; and (2) to the extent there was some effort to compromise an incoming President, we could blunt any such effort with a defensive briefing.

That’s not what the IC was doing on their January 6th meeting with Trump where Comey cleared the room to report the unverified salacious and unverified material to Trump.  They were showing the new president what they had on him and were warning him of information they “could” possess if needed for their own preservation.  They were guilty of trying to create the kind of leverage that Comey complained about later which indicates that they were prone to thinking this way themselves—as a point of reference.  The IC (intelligence community) was trying to throw Trump a bone so that they could win him over for their further employment.  When Trump failed to feel threatened by this attempt, the members of the IC were deeply concerned as they left Trump Tower that day and it was at this point that the leaks from the IC began to flow freely to the press.

I felt compelled to document my first conversation with the President-Elect in a memo. To ensure accuracy, I began to type it on a laptop in an FBI vehicle outside Trump Tower the moment I walked out of the meeting. Creating written records immediately after one-on-one conversations with Mr. Trump was my practice from that point forward. This had not been my practice in the past. I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person (and never on the phone) – once in 2015 to discuss law enforcement policy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016. In neither of those circumstances did I memorialize the discussions. I can recall nine one-on-one conversations with President Trump in four months – three in person and six on the phone.

By his own admission Comey never did this with any other president prior, but the meeting rattled Comey to such an extent that he felt he better start now because it was always his intention after January 6th to rid the Beltway of this Trump threat. That was the same type of behavior that an employee who knows they are about to be fired does in an attempt to save their job, they begin gathering written recollections to use in human resources later. Comey lacking personal courage reverted to a passive aggressive approach, which was writing everything down. Comey understood early that Trump had doubts about him and his leadership in the FBI so he began to keep notes that he could use later to extort his futher employment.


My instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship. That concerned me greatly, given the FBI’s traditionally independent status in the executive branch.  A few moments later, the President said, “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.” I didn’t move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. We simply looked at each other in silence. The conversation then moved on, but he returned to the subject near the end of our dinner.

Here Comey is hoping to use his experience as an FBI agent and director to overcome any doubt about what he’s saying about Trump.  This detail about his personal dinner with Trump in the Green Room of the White House is particularly revealing.  First Comey wants to show that he has a story to tell and is trying to attract agents for a big book deal, or even a Hollywood movie based on his experiences.  The liberals of the Beltway who know film producers likely put the bug in his ear which he was receptive to after that January 8th meeting where Comey started writing things down.  The salacious details here say a lot about Comey’s motives because he goes into almost screenplay detail—which has nothing to do with facts the way you’d expect an FBI director to illicit.  Instead he relied on his feelings which are more aligned with the way a novelist would write.  People forget that Ian Flemming, the great British writer and creator of James Bond was a British Naval Intelligence Division agent before he was a writer and if you go back and read his first book, Casino Royal, it actually sounds a lot like the way Comey writes in his interactions with Trump.  Since Comey himself offered that “instinct” is admissible as evidence for the deduction of reason in this case, then I feel quite comfortable in concluding that Comey decided he was going to be a writer after his FBI career and Trump was going to be his villain that he’d write about.  He’d be the toast of the swamp as his friends around the Beltway would honor him for all time as the Boy Scout who saved them from the lunatic businessman from New York during a short-lived presidency.  The more he thought about it, the more alluring the thought became until it became so obvious that Trump could see it on his face.  Prior to that January 27th dinner meeting, Comey had hidden his fantasy—but Trump could detect it and it changed the way that Trump thought about Comey as director of the FBI.

On February 14, I went to the Oval Office for a scheduled counterterrorism briefing of the President. He sat behind the desk and a group of us sat in a semi-circle of about six chairs facing him on the other side of the desk. The Vice President, Deputy Director of the CIA, Director of the National CounterTerrorism Center, Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and I were in the semi-circle of chairs. I was directly facing the President, sitting between the Deputy CIA Director and the Director of NCTC. There were quite a few others in the room, sitting behind us on couches and chairs. The President signaled the end of the briefing by thanking the group and telling them all that he wanted to speak to me alone. I stayed in my chair. As the participants started to leave the Oval Office, the Attorney General lingered by my chair, but the President thanked him and said he wanted to speak only with me. The last person to leave was Jared Kushner, who also stood by my chair and exchanged pleasantries with me. The President then excused him, saying he wanted to speak with me. When the door by the grandfather clock closed, and we were alone, the President began by saying, “I want to talk about Mike Flynn.” Flynn had resigned 5 the previous day. The President began by saying Flynn hadn’t done anything wrong in speaking with the Russians, but he had to let him go because he had misled the Vice President. He added that he had other concerns about Flynn, which he did not then specify. The President then made a long series of comments about the problem with leaks of classified information – a concern I shared and still share. After he had spoken for a few minutes about leaks, Reince Priebus leaned in through the door by the grandfather clock and I could see a group of people waiting behind him. The President waved at him to close the door, saying he would be done shortly. The door closed. The President then returned to the topic of Mike Flynn, saying, “He is a good guy and has been through a lot.” He repeated that Flynn hadn’t done anything wrong on his calls with the Russians, but had misled the Vice President. He then said, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” I replied only that “he is a good guy.” (In fact, I had a positive experience dealing with Mike Flynn when he was a colleague as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the beginning of my term at FBI.) I did not say I would “let this go.” The President returned briefly to the problem of leaks. I then got up and left out the door by the grandfather clock, making my way through the large group of people waiting there, including Mr. Priebus and the Vice President. I immediately prepared an unclassified memo of the conversation about Flynn and discussed the matter with FBI senior leadership. I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December. I did not understand the President to be talking about the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign. I could be wrong, but I took him to be focusing on what had just happened with Flynn’s departure and the controversy around his account of his phone calls. Regardless, it was very concerning, given the FBI’s role as an independent investigative agency.

Even going to the trouble to mention the grandfather clock in this segment of Comey’s testimony is more of an attempt to paint a picture of the moment more than just reporting the facts.  This only reiterates what I said about Comey wanting to be a novelist because the clock has nothing to do with the facts of the matter. The point of this entire segment is to paint Comey as the sole survivor of a treacherous cloud of villainy.  Comey knew that his Beltway friends would soak all this up so he added extra detail for the sake of drama.  In the contents of the discussion its obvious Trump wanted to protect his friend Michael Flynn from further embarrassment as the guy had just resigned a few days prior.  There was no conspiracy or ill intent on the part of the president—since “instinct” is now admissible as evidence.  What is particularly revealing here is the part where Comey tries to portray himself completely in control by saying “I did not say I would ‘let this go.” The president returned briefly to the problem of leaks.  I then got up and left out the door by the grandfather clock”—and so on and so on.  Listening to Comey speak in writing he was very much in control and was the protagonist of his own adventure, but from what he stated in his testimony he added that he was terrified of this one on one with Trump and he felt compelled that the weight of the office was upon him to stop the Russian investigation.

Essentially Comey decided some time before the election of 2016 that regardless of what happened he was going to seek money and fame in the private sector which likely shaped the way he handled the Hillary Clinton case.  If he had prosecuted her—like he should have, the agents and movie makers would have held it against him.  So days before the election when things were tight between Trump and Clinton he tried to take the light off her and help her out a few percentage points—because he wanted his book deal.  It would have paid a lot more than he made as an FBI director and he’d gain fame for he and his family—along with his professor friends who leak stories to The New York Times. From Comey’s perspective of trying to make a little money for his family he’s a hero—he’s the protagonist standing up to the president in the Oval Office like a Boy Scout honest, clean and full of pride in Amerca. But in reality he was just another swamp monster working against the American people, actively subverting justice to keep a political party in power and when none of that worked he became one of the big leakers to the media in an attempt to bring down a properly elected American president violating his employment agreement with the FBI and the natural trust his position carried with it as head of the intelligence community.

Comey lied because he took it upon himself to become an activist, he wrote down information on government computers to be used as a weapon—no wonder he let Hillary Clinton go—but he did not state these intentions which were clearly present.  Instead he painted himself as a bastion of the law who would uphold truth, justice and the American way. In reality he was just another cowering bureaucrat trying to hide in the swamp and ride out his years as he propped himself up as a future writer in the private sector.  He lied because he did not state his intentions correctly for why he actually became a leaker.  He said it was to preserve justice—but in reality it was to take down a president he didn’t like from the beginning and he wanted to be a hero to the left.  He also lied in saying that he wasn’t political.  His actions were very political and more than justified his termination without any further drama.  But we all know how that turned out. Comey placed himself on a pedestal hoping to play at being the sacrificial lamb for the good of the ”Beltway.”  But what he revealed of himself was that he was an activist for the preservation of the status quo and a leaker of information gathered in the Oval Office to be spread upon a salacious press in the way a plot from House of Cards might have a hard time believing.  Yet that is precisely what happened.  That is why Comey should go to jail. He abused the trust of his office. He sought to bring down an American president’s administration, and he misrepresented himself under sworn testimony. And he wrote down the evidence forcing us all to act on it.

And that’s that.

Rich Hoffman

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CNN in Butler County, Ohio at Rick’s Tavern: From Eliot Ness to Ian Flemming–Comey is in trouble

IMG_4642Of course when CNN came to Butler County to do a piece on the James Comey hearings seeking the reaction of Trump supporters I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity.  CNN has been hostile to Trump and they were coming to my turf—and I got an invite.  So I spent the day with several other Trump troops from southern Ohio at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield watching the Comey hearings which CNN set up as a kind of watch party and we stuck around to give our live reaction on Anderson Cooper’s show later that night.  The CNN people were very professional and accommodating so the event went off without any contention.  We originally were supposed to be on the Anderson Cooper show for two 15 minute segments, but because of the busy news day that was whittled down to a 4 minute piece at 9:35 PM.   So we had a problem, we had nine Trump people at Rick’s Tavern to do live television and we all had a few pages of notes that we had taken from the testimony to fill a half hour of air time.  But somehow we had to narrow all that down into a 20 second statement.  So when the camera turned to me I wasn’t sure what I was going to say or even where to start about my various thoughts–I said this.

I’ll get more into the details of the Comey hearing itself in the days to come but for this occasion, I’ll share my notes for future reference and focus on the positive experience we had with CNN at Rick’s Tavern as Americans.

Comey Notes taken on 6/8/2017:

  • Mark Warner made a dangerous assertion with the resolute conclusion of the Russian investigation as his foundation argument. How would he know that?

  • In a world where international cooperation and compromise are praised, it is interesting that working with the Russians is even something that would cause suspicion in the first place.

  • Comey says that the impression of the FBI was not in dismay, which is a purely emotional response. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  • Russian cyber intrusion by the Russians according to Comey, started in 2015 under Obama.

  • Comey said that Trump lied about him and the FBI. That perspective comes from a guy who was in charge at the time and is now an ex-employee speaking from hurt feelings.

  • Judgment of Trump’s character was that Trump might lie about him—based again purely on feelings.

  • Comey assumes that the Trump dinner was a way to get something on the FBI director to use his job as a bargaining chip to control Comey’s investigations. Again, this was purely emotionally based.   Comey made a lot of assumptions.

  • Don’t remember that Comey specifically said “chose to defame me.”

  • How did Comey know he needed to write down everything—the premise was rooted in mistrust from the beginning? The interesting thing is that Comey did not have the same level of conviction when Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to handle the Hillary Clinton case as a “matter.”  Lynch was clearly trying to shape the FBI case, yet Comey did not respond with indignation the way he did with Trump.  He obviously had made up his mind about Trump before the president took office.

  • Comey said he was uncomfortable with Trump after the meeting with him on January 6th.


  • Trump and Comey never spoke after April 11th.

  • Comey said he’d be “honestly loyal,” to Trump.

  • Comey didn’t do his duty because of the pressure from Lynch. Shows a history of bad decisions by over thinking things.

  • FBI leadership team didn’t want to speak with Jeff Sessions.

  • “Gut feel of the nature of the person I was interacting with.” This is how Comey referred to Trump.

  • Comey asked a friend that is a professor at Columbia school of journalism to leak his personal notes to the press hoping to invoke a special investigation.

  • Comey says that Russia actively participated in American elections with a great level of sophistication. But that’s nothing new, the United States does the same.  The problem is with the DNC letting themselves become victims with loose information.

  • Why would the president kick everyone out of the room—because business guys know from experience that it’s a good way to communicate and size people up—not letting them hide behind other people.

  • What is the difference in speaking one on one in a private setting and speaking on the phone with someone. This is something that Roy Blunt brought up—why would Comey feel different in person than on a phone call?

  • Comey leaked info to a friend—guilty of activism—seeking a special counsel to do what he didn’t have the courage to do himself. While he showed caution in not having a special investigation occur with Hillary Clinton, but had no problem letting one happen to President Trump.

  • Comey established a pattern of very weak behavior which likely has more to do with his firing than anything otherwise contemplated.

  • Likely, notes leaked to The New York Times are still in the possession of Comey’s friend. Seriously bad judgment.

  • Case is on obstruction of justice only if the intent was to cover up the Russian investigation. It assumes that job performance was not a factor.

  • Comey referred to himself as “captain courageous.”

As we went on the air many other Trump supporters showed up to fill in the background of the bar—specifically the Biker’s for Trump guys—so there was an ambiance of positivity that was distinctly patriotic.  The news coverage all day long had been very negative for Trump, but I didn’t see things that way, which is why I answered my question the way I did.  Clearly Comey wasn’t an honest Boy Scout as he had been playing.  He was in fact one of the big Washington Beltway leakers and he was doing it from a very high level.

He was in trouble—serious trouble and that wasn’t lost to me during the testimony.  When Comey had said he leaked his memo to a friend who then leaked it to the press, I made eye contact with the CNN producer Stephen Samaniego and he knew it too.  This wasn’t a partisan issue or a group of Ohio Trump supporters living in the bubble of regional conservatism.  Comey had admitted to something that was very serious and Trump had nailed him to the wall with Comey’s own show boating.  Once the smoke cleared from the day’s events, to the time we went on live with Anderson Cooper—that was the story.

As I watched the CNN guys and the live show on the monitor as we were finally set-up for our official shots it was clear to me that this was all part of making America Great Again.  The epic showdown on Capital Hill with Comey–flushing him out as a leaker, getting him to reveal what Loretta Lynch had revealed about the Hillary Clinton case—which we all suspected—was all part of this new Trump approach to things.  Now we had proof—testimony anyway—it all occurred because of the way Trump does things. None of this would have happened with any other president.  The Iran Contra hearings nearly destroyed all the good things that Reagan did—and here was Trump plowing through everything relentlessly and the political left was making major mistakes under the pressure of Trump.  And here was CNN honestly soul-searching for an understanding of how people think from the heartland of the Trump voter—Butler Country, Ohio with some of the leaders of the ground game there to talk.

They were truly curious whether or not we’d still be with him and they picked Rick’s Tavern with its big America flag hanging out front to understand why. They asked good questions and we answered them the best we could in 20 seconds.  When it came to me I said what I did, Comey portrayed himself as an honest Eliot Ness FBI agent from the Untouchables.  But what he ended up being was just a 6’8” cowering bureaucrat who knew how to talk a good game, but when the rubber hit the road, he was lost.  Trump was exposing that month by month making it so that Comey couldn’t hide it any more.  Barack Obama had no idea what competency was but here was a real businessman who knew value in people and Comey knew he was in trouble. So he decided to become the villain of a spy novel and go about passive aggressively leaking information about Trump to take down the new president—and Trump sniffed him out.  That’s when Comey made the biggest mistake of his life—he leaked his notes to a Columbia professor friend to leak the story to The New York Times.  That’s how I came up with the Ian Flemming reference—because Comey was far more interested with images and storylines than substance and facts.

I think there were around 5 million people watching CNN at that time slot so I was very proud of the opportunity to defend President Trump in the trenches, even if it was only 20 seconds—the comments did what they were supposed to do.  And for those who read here everyday, they know that there is a lot more where that came from.  I’d do it again in a second.  Trump is doing a great job, and I appreciate it, and will fight for him all day long so that he can keep doing that job.

Rich Hoffman

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Fighting Back: It feels good, doesn’t it

It’s always been a war; the only difference is that some of you out there are just coming to realize it. Welcome to the battlefield, many of us have been waiting for you.  I’ve known it was war for a long time and have been often mystified why other people didn’t see it.  Most notably for me personally was when I was in the situation that Sean Hannity is in now at Fox News and people associated with me were having their businesses boycotted by fat-assed neurotic activists who called themselves moms looking for a free baby sitter in public education because I was leading the effort to keep tax money out of the pockets of a school system that had been mismanaging it.  Now eight years later they all know what I was trying to tell them—the school wouldn’t miraculously make their children great by throwing more money at them.  Those kids are now on par with the rest of the world—most of them are losers, and with all their bullying, that leftist playbook of boycotts and hitting the political opposition in the pocketbook have yielded nothing positive since Saul Alinsky started teaching those techniques to his slack-jawed followers.  I know how it feels to be Sean Hannity and these other voices who today have a big platform, but it could all be ripped away in a moment’s notice—like what happened to Bill O’Reilly.  I’ve always taken an aggressive stance against leftist insurgency—particularly the economic kind.  But now, finally with Sean Hannity standing his ground at Fox News—people are starting to learn to fight back.  And it feels good, doesn’t it?

As Sean featured the efforts of the group, Media Equalizer.com Kathy Griffin saw major blowback from her political stunt which featured her holding the severed head of Donald Trump. As a liberal comedian and part of that disgusting other side of the war—the war against traditional American values, she thought she was immune to ridicule.  If any conservative had done what she did there would be calls from the political left for their execution on the spot.  Instead, it took several hours for the good Christian people who make up a large part of the conservative viewpoint to become enraged—which they eventually did.  Griffin quickly apologized and hoped that was the end of the story.  The media tried to take the light off her by pointing to a Trump tweet featuring the word “covfefe.”  But it didn’t work, Republicans are now learning that they have to at least fight fire with fire.  I would suggest they fight fire with complete conquest, but for now I’ll settle for fire.  The lesson that everyone has had to learn is that you cannot leave evil unchecked.  And regardless of the vantage point, the political left is evil because the premise of their existence is against life itself—pro abortion, anti-family, support of terrorism, not defending the values of American morality supported by competition through capitalism—I could go on and on, but the essence of them all is anti-life—“evil.”  We cannot yield to evil in any form.   We must fight it!


My sister-in-law and my father-in-law live in a very expensive area in the east of Louisville off Brownsboro Rd where the homes range on average between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Visiting there often I can personally report that I don’t see a lot of lazy terrible people there.  Everyone has a job, everyone is working hard at life taking care of their lawns, cars and families—it is a very productive place to be and I enjoy going there for family visits.  The political left demonizes these wealthy people essentially because these hard-working homeowners make the lazy people on the left feel bad about themselves and through wealth redistribution, the leftists want a piece of the action off Brownsboro.  For my father-in-law’s 73rd birthday we gave him Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln book and he was so happy to get it that he literally read the first three chapters there in the kitchen where he unwrapped his present.  He has been sad that Bill was off the air—and over the many years I have watched the political left take severe shots at him because he’s always been well off financially.  He’s always been too nice to fight back, so it has always pained me to see him have to endure the idiots who simply hate him because they don’t want to match his efforts at life.  I mean the guy has several degrees, particularly a masters in geology.  He’s been a school teacher for several decades after he was as successful businessman.  He worked hard all his life and he deserves to live in a million-dollar home if he wants to.  But who is a guy like that going to watch on television—some idiot like Racheal Maddow—and other socialists on CNN, ABC, and NBC?   No, he’s going to want his news from other savvy people much like himself—someone like ol’ Bill O’Reilly. But you see, the left wants to smoke out people like my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law who also lives in a million-dollar house—because she and her husband work hard at living, raising their family and doing the right things.  They have nothing in common with the people on CNN—but the left wants to choke off information to people like them so that they can advance their own liberal positions without the fear of competition to slow down their message.  Slums are created by the political left, go into any neighborhood with a high crime rate, drugs and a disproportionate number of people on welfare and you’ll see the work of Democrats—and that is something that should be punished, not rewarded.  People like Kathy Griffin should be running for the hills in shame, not holding up the bloody head of Donald Trump simulating an assassination attempt and expecting her liberal friends to send her cookies.  Complacency has empowered these vile, evil people.  Kathy Griffin is evil for what she did.

Conservatives have been too quiet, they let ESPN cut off Curt Schilling last year and now this year it’s the great Bill O’Reilly. They attack conservative movie stars like Tim Allen and they attack publishers who put out conservative titles in exactly the same way that they attacked my business partners in No Lakota Levy many years ago.  When the left can’t beat the message, they attack the pocketbook which is coercion of force—and is the epitome of evil.  All I can say is that I thank God we have Donald Trump as president finally pushing back from the White House and now Sean Hannity who is fighting for his very life on Fox News.  So don’t feel bad about using Media Equalizer.com to go after the advertisers of Racheal Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and the entire network of CNN.  Go after their throats.  Sean Hannity doesn’t want to use those words because of his large platform—but I will—go after the political left’s jugular.  Don’t go see their stupid movies.  (Wonder Woman is the exception because Warner Bros. does supporter conservative filmmakers.)  But otherwise, take the money out of their pockets.  If an advertiser supports liberal programs—don’t buy their products.  Give it to the political left for a change and let them once and for all feel the pain we have been feeling.  It’s OK to stick them in the eye.  It’s not good to always allow yourselves to be picked on.  Allowing evil to increase in power through complacency is the same as being evil yourself.  Don’t feed its spread and support efforts to attack it—starting with their own pocketbook.   The reason it feels good to fight back is because it’s the right thing to do.  So do more of it dear reader—for the benefit of the United States and all it has stood for

Rich Hoffman

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Looking Forward to, Summer: Michelle Cline of Hickory Ridge High School is what’s wrong with public education

There is nothing wrong with women who have small breasts. And there really isn’t anything wrong with women who are smart—the smarter the better. But let’s face it, women—especially liberal women who claim to be all one voice speaking in unity the virtues of feminism, have an extreme dislike of women who are both voluptuously gifted, and smart, because they know that there are many options available to such women and the feminists are infinitely jealous. In fact, you could say that behind most butt ugly feminists who arrive at middle age—manless—or with those little wiener tag-alongs that often accompany such women to middle-aged dinners—it is their lack of access to good male genitalia that is often their problem and they hate other women who do have such access. They become feminists because misery loves company. And if I had to bet money on the motivations of the lunatic principal Michelle Cline of Hickory Ridge High School, North Carolina when she harassed and suspended a graduating student who was wearing the type of clothing Europeans typically love—it wasn’t a dress code she was concerned with. It was the dismay she had with the honor’s student named Summer who had both great intelligence and attractive physical features which set the unhappy 44-year-old women into a power-hungry fit.  Here is the story as reported:

A senior at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina fears her future is in jeopardy, and it’s all because of a shirt.

According to an NBC affiliate in North Carolina, Summer wore a long sleeve green shirt that exposed her collarbone on Wednesday. During lunch period, she was approached by her principal who asked if she had a jacket.

In the suspension notice from Hickory Ridge High School, the principal told Summer to cover up with a jacket.  The report stated Summer responded with, “I think my shirt is fine.” The principal then told Summer that her lower back was also completely exposed, so she was not in compliance with dress code. Summer repeated again, “My shirt is fine.”

According to the report, a friend offered to loan her a jacket.




Biologically speaking we should all be proud of Summer.   As an attractive young woman, she could have simply decided to rely on her looks to carry her through life because what feminists fear most is that voluptuous breasts will still give women access to powerful men usually of the woman’s choosing.  Where some meat-head looking chick would have to go begging for a date, women like Summer have to be selective in who they spend their time with during the courting rituals that typically occupy the time of young women.  Summer as we can see will be as successful in life as she chooses to be because beauty does have a market value—and she as an individual is in command of it—which drives feminists nuts.  But Summer wasn’t happy with just her looks, because as all smart people know, looks last only so long.  By the time you’re thirty years of age people start to stop looking at attractive women and you better have something else going on in your head if you want to stay relevant.  Because by age 40 nobody wants to sleep with you except for other people’s rejects—and that’s not fun.  Being smart, building your life correctly from the start with as few mistakes as possible are the keys to living a good life—especially if you’re a woman.  Those who fail to do this become crazy feminists angry at life—and Summer obviously isn’t one of those young women.  She’s doing the right things so far.

But even worse than a young woman in a public school who is pretty, and is smart is a student who has a mom that loves her and in this case, Summer has that too. Crazy liberal teachers like Michelle Cline believe that the public school is the primary instructor of society—and that the parents are secondary.  Of course, they never admit this openly, but their actions confirm it.  Parents are meant to be ruled over.  So when Principal Cline who had worked her way up from a lowly teacher to run the Hickory Ridge High School targeted the young Summer as a potential threat to her own existence as a modern feminist—mom stepped in to remind the school that her parental role in her daughter’s life was more important than the public school.

I don’t know Michelle Cline personally. I’ve never spoken to her.  I’ve not met her.  But looking into her face—I know her.  I can see the way her goofy eyes look back at the camera what kind of person she is and I can say that I’m sure she plotted for a long time how to ruin the life of Summer in some way while she still could—before the young lady moved up and away from her grasp.  Michelle you see had to work so hard in her life just to have mediocre results and she really had to kiss some serious ass to become the principal—yet Summer would cruise through life with beautiful looks, a great work ethic, natural intelligence and a mother who loves her—and that just drove the homely Cline crazy with manipulative rage.

I could be wrong, and we could all be struck by lightning at the same time on a perfectly sunny day—concurrently. Anything can happen in life.  But I doubt I’m wrong—as I’m usually not.  In fact I can’t remember the last time I was wrong about something honestly.  As news reports jumped on this little story in North Carolina everyone sort of danced around the real issue.  We should never give someone like Michelle Cline authority over our children.  Anybody that insecure should not be in charge of anything.  If they want to teach kids things, then teach.  But getting drunk on power is something that should not be endorsed by anybody getting a salary from the tax payers—which Cline does.  This is the real problem with public education—it doesn’t exist to make kids better or smarter, otherwise the school would bend over backwards to accommodate people like Summer—good kids who just want to make a good life for themselves.  Instead, public schools are committed to ruining children and destroying their relationship with their parents in nasty liberal ways of undermining their natural authority. It wasn’t Principal Cline who was there helping the young Summer learn to walk, learn to read at home and engaged in hours and hours of mental development through conversation—it was Summer’s parents.  Principal Kline only existed to help put a little icing on the cake—yet she assumes to take all the credit by trying to undermine the young woman in one great jab—hoping to secretly to derail the enterprising honor student on last time before success might find her.

It is hatred that is at the heart of such people. On the outside they often speak of wanting to help all people through altruism, but often people like Michelle Cline hope that pretty girls end up as strippers, whores and otherwise physically destroyed by unwanted pregnancies so that those vibrant young looks will quickly be washed away by the guilt of abortions and countless cigarettes looking for love in all the wrong places.  Meanwhile the ugly, the stupid and the corrupt find safe passage under people like Cline because they are not a threat to her power—power long gained through climbing the liberal ladder and greasing the right skids only to get a little truffle in life—an overpaid principal job that means nothing to anybody outside of that little brick building called a school. Meanwhile, Summer, she’ll have opportunities that people like Cline will never have and it’s not just because she’s a beautiful young woman in full bloom, but because she’s smart.   Feminists don’t like smart women—because they know better than to subscribe to the hatred that feminists have for life.  And that I would bet is why Summer was suspended.  The dress code was just the excuse.

Summer’s future isn’t over just because she didn’t walk across that stage to get her diploma. It may feel like it now, but that silly ceremony doesn’t mean a thing in the context of life.  But what she did in defending herself is to be much commended.  Rather than just taking the issue she fought back in the media and has obviously won.  That is the best way to graduate that there is—and she’s doing it.  As I said before, there is nothing wrong with people who aren’t physically and intellectually gifted.  But there isn’t anything wrong with people who are either.  Summer is fortunate to have both—and that is something to be celebrated, not torment.

Rich Hoffman

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