To Take Back Our Country, Read ‘The Naked Communist’: My history with that book and why its needed today

I remember it well; I was in a hotel in Milwaukee on a very important business trip.  We had done our work for the day in 2014 and were planning to celebrate at the hotel restaurant.  It was a big day but before we could eat, I needed an hour to do a radio show with WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan straight across the lake to the state on the other side.  A friend of mine was doing a series of shows covering Cleon Skousen’s book ‘The Naked Communist.’  The radio guy got the idea from an article I had written and wanted to cover the 45 goals of communism that Cleon had written in his 1958 book which then became the Bible for the FBI and CIA regarding fighting communist infiltration in America, and how to defend against it.  At the time I was very familiar with Cleon’s work and was referring to it to explain the socialism that had infiltrated the teacher unions that were educating our children in public schools.  At that time, it was extremely scandalous to even say such a thing because the leftists were still using the McCarthy Hearings as a defense of prejudice to avoid anyone calling them what they are, and have always been, communists.  Just as they used the excuse of the Capital building attack to close President Trump’s Twitter account, or to use any incident of resistance to a Beijing Biden administration as inflammatory domestic terrorism.  As I said at the start of Covid-19, anybody using Covid as an excuse to alter a government was a domestic terrorist, and I could say that because I understood Skousen’s work.  Communists always flip the story to their advantage because they are godless heathens and have no investment of the truth in any way.  Marx was an aggressive tyrannical bastard which is why authoritarians love him so much, and in that way we can call the efforts of communism to be evil.  But back then as my partners were waiting on me to finish my radio show in my hotel room before we had a nice dinner, saying communism out loud was considered conspiratorial and a revelation of lunacy.  Yet look what happened on January 6th 2021 in America.  Communists took over with an overthrow of our election process and when they got caught, they used the forces of our tax payer resources to stop the investigation and we were all insulted beyond belief.  And the first thought I had was that all the work Skousen had done to stop communism in the United States as an FBI agent had just invaded our country.  But the warnings from me and some of my radio friends goes back a long way, well before there was a Donald Trump running for president. 

I came to learn later that Ben Carson was in Detroit around the time that our radio broadcast hit the air waves at WAAM and had heard it.  Later thereafter he talked about The Naked Communist on Fox News as he was gearing up for his own run as president.  My friend and I were happy that our radio broadcasts had reached some influencers out there, which is all we wanted with the effort, to educate people on the forces that weren’t talked about in the light of day, but were very much a part of the political forces we were dealing with.  My radio friend was given a big corporate job that paid very well, but he had to get rid of all his social media to get the job, which was hard.  So the radio broadcasts were taken off the internet which was just an early form of censorship.  He was a very talented guy but he had a new wife and wanted to do good things for his family.  Being a rag tag radio guy doing most of the work for free to save our republic is great and idealistic, but it doesn’t pay the bills.  But that’s why the broadcasts are no longer able to be accessed.  Some of the broadcasts I have done as a radio host at WAAM I still have on my YouTube, but all of his are gone because that was one of the conditions of his employment.  However my articles done at that time are still around, people have copied them so they are likely on the internet forever, even as communist censors in America begin steam rolling over the Republicans in the House and Senate to enact massive purges of conservatives on the government controlled internet. 

I say all that because good books in your hands are still the best way of getting information.  And the one you should buy today and read is The Naked Communist.  Perhaps the second one should be by that same author, The 5000 Year Leap.  Maybe the one after that should be any of Ayn Rand’s books, especially We The Living.  Social media has been fun, and people can talk to each other easily, but I wouldn’t cry about the media platforms that the liberals control, because they were all built to do what we are seeing today, to enact a communist takeover of our country committing treason as they did it.  Facebook was always eating out of the China hand and wanted communism.  I have told of my stories in Hollywood where I had friends there on a movie set at the catering truck who were picked by Facebook in 2008 to be influencers and to knock off Myspace as the leading social media platform.  I was very suspicious of Facebook back then and justifiably so.  I never opened a Facebook page, and the reasons why are for what we have seen.  Mark Zuckerberg used his money given to him by our government to collect data on people to certainly tamper with our elections.  He is purely guilty of sedition, but not a single court will prosecute him because he has the goods on all of them.  Facebook knows who you are having affairs with, they know what your secrets are, they know how to ruin members of your family to get to you, they have been collecting this information for over a decade and they literally touch every life in America in some way or another.  So knowing that, they made their move and the results have been a coup of our President, a slap in the face to every American, and a military move for the Chinese communists to turn our nation into a territory of China. 

Back in the day, just a few years ago really, this would have been crazy talk, but now we’ve all seen it and know its true.  With that said, as I pointed out in my video above as I talk about a few of the communist takeovers that have happened over the last 100 years, America was always a target for them and they have invested a century of their time in the effort.  Cleon kept them at bay for a while doing great work within the FBI.  After him and the publication of his books, the diligent effort wasn’t so good leading up to that radio broadcast with my friend and I in Milwaukee from my hotel room which I noticed at that time for the first time in my life did not have a Bible in the bedside drawer.  Evil was afoot and I am proud that we were revealing it to important people very early in the process.  But now any doubt anybody had is now alleviated.  We know what we need to do and the answers aren’t just in my writing, it is in books like Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Communist.  If you were to do one proactive thing today to take back our government and carry on the Trump legacy, it would be to read that book, understand that book, and start working an underground to defeat the communists in our government before the next big election cycle in 2022.  Because they plan to cheat in elections forever unless we stop them cold.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why 2020 Sucked: It was because of government, particularly Andy Beshear

It has been a joke to listen to Andy Beshear, the loser governor from Kentucky give updates on the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.  After listening to his antics for months now, especially when he felt he needed to provide commentary on a freezer problem at a Walgreens.  The former governor, Matt Bevin was much better than Beshear is.  The little young punk was such a pain in the ass as the Attorney General of Kentucky  then he challenged Bevin for governor in 2019 which Beshear won by just 0.37 percentage points, getting 49.20% of the vote to Bevin’s 48.83%.  Looking back on what we know now, the Democrats likely cheated just enough in Louisville to push Beshear over the top.  Bevin was a good guy and went quietly into the night and now a progressive, communist stooge is running the state terribly and many people are suffering.  And after getting to know this loser a bit I am certain he couldn’t run a McDonald’s, let alone an entire state.  At the young age of 43 he obviously doesn’t know what he is doing.  Before ever getting a responsible job, he should have had to do something to prove that he understands supply chain management and general business enterprise, because Covid has shown us all what vast ignorance he has.  He is the poster boy for precisely why government should never be involved in these kinds of things, vaccine distribution to the public.  Even though I believe the “pandemic,” the “plandemic, the “scamdemic” is pure nonsense and fake in most every way, the Trump administration pushed for a vaccine by the end of the year and got it.  But government should have never been in charge of getting it to the public.  For that, only private enterprise is competent enough for the job. 

Most fast-food restaurants are better at just getting food to all their stores than the government has been getting vaccines out to the people who want it.  Government has stuck its fat ass in the middle of the highway and forced the world to work at their slow speed, and to live with it, because they are operating as a monopoly. They have no pressure of competition; they have nobody leaning on them as a boss to push them in the needed ways.  They suck and they micromanage the world around them because they eliminate competition by their very nature, because they are drunk on power and abuse their authority regularly.  It is the nature of government to do so.  Government is never efficient, the employees are mostly overpaid for what they do, and their results are never performance driven, so what you get out of them is crap.  The smaller the government, the better the society.  Many people have debated that philosophical premise for years, but never has there been a better year on record that demonstrates just how much government sucks than when they used Covid-19 to spread communism to the world and steal the election from President Trump.  To accomplish their desires, they intentionally made all our lives suck, so much that many people look back on 2020 as the worst year of their lives.  And as I said in the video above, 2020 sucked because government stuck itself in all our lives so voraciously that they literally ruined just about everything. 

Now I’m the kind of person who can find joy in just about anything.  I will find the sunny side of a nuclear holocaust, so don’t ever come to me looking for a friend in misery.  My perspective is one that can then easily admit when something sucks so bad that it is purposely trying to ruin the world around us, because I truly resent anybody who tries to rob me of happiness.  Government has proven every negative thing anybody has said about it over the course of 2020.  Here are vaccines pushed by the non-government president in Trump which advanced Operation Warp Speed way beyond the lead time of most of the pharmaceuticals and the FDA.  Of course, they resented the President for making them work so hard for results.  If it wasn’t for Trump there wouldn’t have been a vaccine for at least another 5 years, because that’s how things move in government, slow and terrible.  Just consider the average sea food restaurant anywhere in the country.  If you are in Iowa you can sit down at any time they are open and order fresh fish from the ocean caught within a few hours because of the free market.  Government could never do that, not in a million years.  When you take self-interest out of the delivery process, what you end up with is crap, every single time.  Yet private industry figures these kinds of logistical problems all the time, and the world’s economy has been built off that understanding.  That is, until government stepped into 2020 with made-up emergency powers so they could take control of all industry, and thus, showed how terrible they managed everything, especially that stupid kid, Andy Beshear.  With all the yacking he did against the former governor, you’d think he would have had something to back it up.  Instead, he just showed that at heart he was a communist.  He was the whole time.  They call themselves progressives of course, but it looks like they stole the election to put him in power, then when there was a crises, which was always planned with Covid, the communists in our government wanted a guy like Andy to ruin the economy and play his part in the script, so to save the fish in the ocean from being eaten in restaurants shut down by Covid protocols.  And by keeping people locked in their homes and not driving cars, saving the planet from CO2.  The whole thing has been a joke.

That is the worst thing about government.  Occasionally you get a Donald Trump who breaks through the system and is actually a good politician.  Our system of a republic was designed for just those types of people to be in government.  But when you get hacks, losers who could literally do no other job in society, people like Governor Beshear and Governor Dummy DeWine of Ohio, you get a sucky government which is the standard of all government everywhere.  And if you get to the real reason most in government hate President Trump, its because he made them all look so terribly bad.  Government doesn’t want a measure for their suckiness, just as the teacher’s unions are terrified of performance standards.  No government employee wants to be measured with performance standards.  And because they aren’t, that’s why Beshear was so lackluster in his status report for Covid, and has been.  Listening to Governor DeWine rattle off the priority groups for vaccine recipients is like listening to paint drying.  Imagine going to McDonald’s and having to get on a waiting list for a McRib.  Lately I have been getting two per day, all at different times of the day.  If government were in charge of the delivery of McRibs hardly anybody would get them because they couldn’t distribute them to the destination fast enough.  That’s what happens when you interrupt the free market and is why specifically 2020 sucked so bad, because government put itself in the way of what we want out of the market, and they and they alone made the result, suck!  And to make matters worse, I don’t believe Beshear even won the election.  It was stolen like the Trump election has been, so that communism could be instilled the way it has in places like Kentucky, Ohio, California, Illinois, New York and many other places for the goal of making the world suck the way communists always do.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Democracy is a Dirty Word: How socialists have infiltrated academia by just changing a definition

Democracy is a dirty word, a terrible word.  It means ultimately the end of advancement and civilization as we know it.  Democracy is the very next step until ultimate anarchy as Giambattista Vico knew from his great work, New Science published in 1744.  Democracy is the tool for Marxists to overtake populations and reset the clock of power to where the dumb, the overly emotional, the corrupt can rule through a simple majority the fate of a nation only to fail time and time again into an oblivion which ultimately forces all civilizations to be born again onto themselves as rock chucking religious fanatics, and overly dressed aristocrats to play the whole game again thousands and thousands and thousands of years over again and again.  Democracy is a terrible thing, yet every politician and political pundit proclaims that the goal of us all is to preserve it, to protect it and to fight for it.  And for saying such a dumb thing, every last one of them is wrong, wrong, wrong!  Accepting the word was a trick, a coup set up over a century ago to bring down America and the world with it to a political system that everyone knew would destroy itself.  And in that destruction came opportunities for the weak to climb to power, and for the strong, the wise, and the resolute to have their voices diminished into chaos and overruled by a mob.  That is what “democracy” is.

As we watch the results of the various elections of 2020 continue to spew the obvious lack of education that most Americans possess, exposing the weaknesses many of us knew were there, but now its obvious to all who have eyes to look.  The crises of the presidential election where so many forces participated in cheating in the vote counts by proclaiming Beijing Biden the winner and robbing it from Trump was calculated due to the current state of education in America, the criminals thought nobody would notice and that everyone was sleeping and thought we all forgot that America was a republic, not a slimy, stinky democracy.  And to analyze how we ended up in this mess it is a must to look at little things such as a simple word, that virtually everyone from the most educated to the most notable imbecilic thinks that America is now a democracy, and that we rule on events and law by a simple up and down measure of majority rule.  You can hear such a thing proclaimed every time a Democrat uttered during this 2020 election that every vote counted, when in reality only “legal” votes matter. 

It all started as indicated in the video above, when the ISS set up shop at various colleges across the country in 1905.  The Intercollegiate Socialist Society was only around 100 people who would meet in little groups all over the country and contemplate the dreams of socialism in America.  The people were to become influencers in society working as publishers, business leaders, and college professors and would grow with significance over the coming decades.  We are seeing the culmination of their work now, in the next century.  But when they first started, Americans didn’t like socialists, so they had to find a way to take the edge off what they were trying to do.  So, their effort which started slow brewing for the next 5 decades was to get Americans to accept that socialism would be changed to “democracy.”  It sounded good and people thought it sounded American enough, but little did they know that a kind of card trick had been played on their minds, and now the enemy was teaching the next generations that our government was a democracy instead for the republic for which we are all supposed to stand.  And from there, an erosion of sentiment began to boil, and it was too late.  Socialism had been slid under the door in academia and placed in the light of day to slowly destroy our country.  And even those who were poised to defend it most were out there declaring that the goal of our task, of what we fought and died for was to protect our “democracy.” 

I’ve always wondered how far some of these falsehoods and misdirections of literary definition could be pushed under the protective umbrella of rule of law.  In America, we’ve taken it for granted that it would always be there, and that groups like the Communist Party USA or the ISS could function out in the open and our country could sustain itself.  Its really quite a miracle that we have lasted this long, given the forces that have been against us.  It has been like testing a racing engine by revving up the tachometer to the point where it blows, to see just how well built it is.  That’s how this experiment with socialism and communism in America has felt, and by enduring the ridiculous notion of “democracy” as a part of our daily, educated dialogue as a country.  At what point is it too much, when do people grab their guns and overthrow the government?  How many RPMs can we take as a country?  I think we have found it out in 2020 and the engine blew, the pieces have flown everywhere, and we’ll spend most of 2021 cleaning up the mess.  Now it would seem that the most critical thing to do is to teach people the proper name for things and the function and to reconnect at a minimum the idiocy of the word democracy and to re-institute as things were prior to 1905 that we as a nation worked well because we were and still are a republic. 

But that is no small task because it means that virtually everyone is wrong, especially Republicans who utter with the same conviction as socialist Democrats “that we must protect our democracy!”  Every school in the country and most every college are just as guilty of such lunacy.  Democracy is one of the dumbest concepts ever conceived by mankind because to maintain a republic there at the very least needs to be an intelligent group of representatives.  If the loons, goons and buffoons of democracy want to destroy their lives with drugs, sex and stupidity, they should not have an equal vote in the fate of our country.  We need representatives who won’t act like fools, or become corrupt, or desire to trade their freedom for the comforts of a government pension.  A republic demands intelligence, and if you look at what’s wrong today in our country, its that we have penalized intelligence and those not ruined by corruption with the scandals of the worst of us who hide their sins in the seductress arms of a mob driven democracy, to hide in the masses their sheer guilt and ill intentions.  Then to make matters worse, the chaos of democracy has occupied our minds on the sentiments of the stupid, topics like racism, climate change, and equality at the expense of productivity.  Rather than the best and smartest working on our behalf as a republic on the budget deficit, on concerns of philosophy in our public schools, and the quality of each and every person’s existence, we instead are debating lunacy proposed by crime ridden losers intent to hide their own self destruction behind the destruction of our very country.  And for that, we can’t forgive the idea set that a democracy is our way of government.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A National Debt of $30 Trillion: An attack meant to crush us as a nation

So, with the new Covid relief bill, now signed with all the pork that is in it, the national debt will shoot up to $30 trillion, which is unfathomably reckless, and much of it will have occurred under President Trump’s watch, which was just another trap intended to give politicians looser purse strings in the future.  Meanwhile the enemies of western civilization are looking to completely crush America with blinding debt to destroy our society.  They can’t beat us in the marketplace, they can’t beat us with the military, so they have turned to debt to be the invader, and it has been doing its crushing work.  That leaves the obvious questions that has been asked, and will continue to be, if President Trump created so much debt to get the economy rolling again, then why is he so great?  Why are budget hawks from the Tea Party willing to give Trump a pass but not Obama?  Really anything over the $20 trillions is dangerous since it is much higher than our nation’s GDP, so what and why is the difference.  Well, the answer is actually pretty easy, but it takes a Trump to pull off the upset, which has been the case over these last four years.  And without turning loose the free market as Trump has, there is no chance in catching that national debt, so this idea of government recognizing this fact and that they have conspired to work against Trump to push the national debt up over the $30 trillion mark tells us really who the enemies are domestically for the behavior has rooted them out from the woodworks and displayed their evil for all to see.

I have not worried about the national debt up to this point because with Trump the debt was more investment than just raw spending, the way a socialist like Barack Obama spent money.  Under Trump there has been around $15 trillion of additional wealth created through just the stock market, which compounds out into society in all kinds of interesting ways, so the money to pay back the debt has been established.  It would take around two years of another Trump administration to get the debt clock running backwards.  But an interruption in administrative policy was always the risk.  And obviously even Republicans are wary of the responsibility.  Too many of them have taken money from China, or let the enemy have too many goods on them that they don’t feel free to act appropriately to deal with all that new wealth and turn back the debt clock.  When I say goods in this instance we know now that China has sent in many honeypot spies to infiltrate politicians everywhere and they are compromised accordingly, which gives China and other foreign entities complete control over their lives, which allows for extortion, or investment into their campaigns depending on behavior.  China wants America in debt so they can crush us.  And they don’t like Trump’s plan of paying for the debt with growth they will never be able to catch with their own GDP.

All during the Christmas week of 2020, as talk of removing Trump from office was at a fever pitch, and the FBI was giving press conferences on shootings and RV bombings on Christmas Day to keep our minds from learning the details of just how extensive the cheating network against the president was, to cheat and steal an American election, the media talk was about how China would overcome our economy in GDP within the decade—which is pure propaganda.  For that to happen, Trump would have to be out of office and a Chinese stooge like Beijing Biden would have to be in office to continue the rubber stamp accounting that got us into trouble to begin with.  For the money to keep coming to the political class, what we call these days “The Swamp” America’s economy has to tank and the politicians have to help it along recklessly as they have been doing and are now caught in gross over reach as was the evidence of the latest Covid bill that Trump refused to sign due to the small amount on the relief checks that the government was going to issue the people—a measly $600 dollars.  Thankfully Trump did not fall in that trap and is waiting out the clock before signing, because the plan is to blame the bill later on Trump, just as the last relief bill was established.  When Tea Party types point to the debt and complain, the swamp creatures plan to point at the outgoing Trump and to say “see, it was your guy.”  When in fact they are using the China virus as the means to drive the panic driven debt that was intended to empty our treasury with growth debt for which China would be there to buy up and control us even more. 

I don’t think Trump will be out of office still, and if he does, there won’t be a clean Biden transition.  The evidence on voter fraud is just too great.  So, nobody can say what that will do to continuity of the Executive Branch, since nobody has even seen such a thing before.  I think we will operate as two nations in a civil war for quite some time, which may be great.  It may halt spending all together because nobody wants to make a move against the other.  If the spending can be stopped and the growth that Trump started can manifest, then I see a rollback of the debt clock within a few years.  Trump has always had a plan to deal with it, which has caused the panic we have seen in 2020, especially with Covid.  Our economy was attacked to sink Trump at the ballot box, but that didn’t turn out as they wanted.  There are now so many loose ends that the fingerprints of the enemy are clearly seen which wasn’t the plan.  But China as a communist country had no other means to harm their rival and try to boost up themselves because their entire plan for boosting their GDP is to steal wealth from America and repackage it into China.  That is why they have put so much effort into crushing our economy directly through debt, but in why they have committed so many resources to infiltrating our political class to weaken them any way possible. 

Truthfully, we can’t afford to not have Trump in the White House, because the Swamp knows it has already signed up for a debt forgiveness plan that would involve giving up American sovereignty and surrendering to government control by the United Nations as the debt will be called and we’ll have no choice in the matter.  Due to our own mismanagement and without a way to convert the wealth that was stolen from us and putting it back into the economy under an Adam Smith freedom movement, the plan is to freeze us as a nation under the crushing debt and to gain control of us all.  As Trump has been playing a dangerous game, it really comes down to someone like him, a free person who understands money, who can pull off the upset.  But its also another reason why the Swamp cannot allow him to be president again and actually fix the debt problem.  Because a collapse of the American economy is the only way China achieves their goals.  So, with all that in mind the enemies of America are easy to see, they are the ones who want to continue spending money with these big trillion-dollar bills that no politician ever plans to pay back.  And they want Trump out of the way so they can blame the debt on him as they use these new standards to approve even bigger and more disastrous bills that will crush us as a country and turn everything over to China, who now is controlling the United Nations.  And at that point, they think it will be all over. 

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The Ayn Rand Dream of West Chester, Ohio: Small government leads to prosperity most every time

Its not all that surprising, I remember well when people squawked an awkward eye at me and would say, “you are so intelligent, and well spoken, and hardworking, but you f**k it all up when you start talking about these damn conspiracy theories and call teachers’ communists.  You lose everyone when you say things like that.”  Well, my reply has always been, “it’s the truth, and the conspiracies are hidden behind the reluctance to name the beasts what they really are.  It would be dishonest to not name them properly.”  Ironically now, after several decades and due to the Trump election of 2020, the masks are off, and nobody is hiding it any longer.   For instance, the Lakota school system in my home town has created a whole lot of energy satisfying the needs of Black Lives Matters including a new diversity position meant to inform the school board of any acts of resistance to wokeness, without qualifying that BLM fully intendeds to bring down the values of western civilization starting with the family—to essentially replace the school as a parent in kids lives and push out the biological parents so that we can all raise each other in one big Marxist village, like it is done in Africa.  So rather than assimilation into the American values of our intent to create schools with instructing young students the five basic elements government schools were to teach, 1 the existence of a creator who made all things, 2 the revelation of a moral code of behavior with the assumption of the Creator’s intent, 3 the responsibility of mankind for the way the treat each other, 4 the goals of mankind to live beyond their years on earth and to embrace their immortal character, and 5 in the next life mankind are judged for their likely conduct.  Those were the goals of Ben Franklin as the new nation contemplated the intent of public schools, yet we know and are sure of it from their own teacher union mouths that organizations such as BLM working with the school board in my community intends to replace God and the individual family that produced the child with central government and a blind obedience to them for the rest of their life in dependence. 

But where it counted most, the little town of West Chester, Ohio, literally invented as I grew up from a race car driving teenager racing cars in dramatic ways in the very fields that now host a vast economy of West Chester before there was a single building to get in the way of speeds in excess of 100 mph, a paradise similar to Ayn Rand’s most fantastic concepts in her famous novels rose up along I-75 to give an opportunity to people that no government on earth could create.  And it all started with a small government that was purposely kept small from the beginning of the making of West Chester, where temptations to become a city were fought off, along with the creation of a Democrat oriented city council.  In West Chester, as investors discovered the small government and taxation policies of the new community, within 30 years the area exploded into a surrounding community of 400,000 people with around 100,000 living in the direct region with a per capita income among the highest in the nation, and becoming one of the top 100 places to live in America. 

With the same foundation rules applied that informed us that our public-school systems were following paths of communism based on hard core Marxism, introduced to our tax paying base through the local teacher unions, West Chester led by a few very good politicians were able to keep those Marxist ideas out of the development of the community starting with the first farm field that was converted to a 5 or 6 story building committed to business and commerce.  One politician who I consider a very good friend was George Lang who every year for Christmas passed out copies of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s great classic novel to people lucky enough to be on his vast Christmas list.  And he lived the book in his business dealing and shaping of the political structure, which West Chester to this very day show distinctly. While most communities in 2020 all across the United States are struggling and working with declining conditions, starting with their school systems followed by their local economy, West Chester operates with little debt and still manages to attract large business investments creating something of a paradise that wouldn’t be found many other places on earth with such large populations, but a quality of living that would only be imagined in other years in history. 

With all the bad we have learned about by government after the Trump election of 2020 and the potential of foreign infiltration we have learned about by communist China in the wake of those election results, I find it amazing that West Chester ever came to be at all, knowing some of the behind the scenes problems that communities up and down the highways of Ohio are experiencing, and especially in Northern Kentucky around the international airport there. Life is hard in those communities where they squawked at the potential infiltration of communism into their city councils and school boards without question—but now see that its too late to stop.  In West Chester because government was kept purposely small and the philosophy of Ayn Rand was embraced by those running things, the results are obvious.  Just as the four years of President Trump embracing the same type of ideas has blown the doors off conventional big government approaches that have strangled people for years.  Now that those masks of communism have come off in defiance of President Trump, it becomes clear quickly what has been going on all along. 

I’m not here to rub everyone’s nose in it, I’ve been talking about these things for a long time.  But West Chester which I have often talked about because I grew up with it and watched all the right things happen inspired by people I actually knew who were in charge of it, and running against the tides taught to us in school which valued Marxism much more than capitalism going against Ben Franklin’s original ideas for creating a public school in the first place, the quality of life that were created for people who follow raw aspects of capitalism and reject the tenants of communism and Marxism are obvious.  Given the challenges of 2020 that were artificially caused by big government, such as the ridiculous Covid-19 mandates that were actually communism in disguise given to us directly by China’s desire to destroy our American culture which hungry politicians looking for campaign donations were eager to embrace, the small government of West Chester has been able to thrive as much as possible in the wake of disaster, more so than most other places.  Even better, the Butler County Sheriff has resisted the insanity of an out of control central government and acted on behalf of the people to close the door on power hungry governors and power drunk health directors by putting himself between them and the people who elected him.  Which is also a big part of the story.  A story I have always valued, but one where I am these days, deeply appreciative of.  West Chester is a fine example of what works to point to and show the world what they should be doing, and why.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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We Are Not Supposed to Have “Elites” in America: A ruling class is something to look down on, not to worship

Something that has come up a lot, especially after the last several weeks as many political pundits, especially Fox’s Tucker Carlson, has ranted in frustration about the “elites” in our society ruling us from beyond the law.  As these people have put it, there are laws the rest of us follow, then there are the laws the ruling class follows.  Most specifically this observation has been directed at the Covid lockdowns where governors who have imposed closed aspects to the economy have been caught going to get their hair done or have been attending mask less spectacles such as going to expensive restaurants while everyone else was forced to stay home following ridiculously stupid CDC guidelines.  But its also been referred to in reference to the election fraud of 2020.  In spite of what people wanted in re-electing President Trump, the “elites” were going to give us hiding, lying, Joe Biden anyway, no matter what we thought.  Well, all that may be true, but it is not the way America was designed to operate and in order to fix this silly problem, people need to understand their role in the American experience.  Celebrity was never meant to bring a tier society similar to Europe to America.  Rather, if a person with a new idea could find something new, they should and could have access to the top tier people of our society and be able to work those associations to positive productivity.

In the video above I told a bit of the story of Melania Trump in meeting Donald Trump to become his third and final wife.  As I was telling it I was thinking of a former fashion model and someone I knew who was married to a very prominent man of great wealth in Cincinnati who told me a similar story.  She, like Melania came to America with hopes in dreams of great opportunity.  Now feminists who look like the bottom of a soiled foot will be upset with fashion models because as they say they can sleep their way to the top and gain advantage over others due to their fabulous looks.  But as I say often, pretty people are people too and we should not discriminate against them.  People are people and there are lots of ways to advance in the world.  Pretty or not, success starts with the choice to become so.  In that context I found my old friend the fashion model’s story similar to Melania’s and very relevant to this subject.  This girl told me way back then that the greatest part of America was that she didn’t have to belong to some element of society to get invited to elegant social events.  She told me that in her home country of Holland that to be invited to parties where you could associate with top politicians and other powerful people you had to already be accepted among the ranks of the elite.  It was a kind of Cinderella story where some pretty country girl was stuck under some evil stepmother in a cabin deep in the woods and by magic she had an opportunity to go to a ball and meet a prince and live happily ever after.  But in America you could be standing next to very powerful people in an elevator going somewhere to buy shoes and have a chance to be invited to a ball, which is how she met her husband, who was 30 years older than she was, but like I said, opportunity comes in all kinds of forms.

I was just a guy back then who answered every call to adventure so I met her going to all kinds of big time social gatherings and we met mayors, governors, big time developers, all the people who made a top society run.  I had about 2 cents and a nickel in my pocket, she had extremely good looks and we found ourselves part of the Cincinnati high society. I never felt any of those people were above me and I told my model friend that she was far more talented than the people who were going to those parties.  She coming from a small town in Holland living in a very controlled society was just awe struck that she could come to America, marry quickly a wealthy man and spend her social time talking to the most powerful people in society who were happy always to talk with such a beautiful person.  To my eyes she was becoming sucked into that life when in reality she had far more to offer than them to anything.  But the point was that people of obscure backgrounds, even people who were broke could be sitting at the table of the Mayor for the night and perhaps even spend the rest of the evening with some lonely wife from Indian Hill with all the money in the world, but nobody to spend the money on because America was a land of opportunity, not one where you had to boot lick your way to the top.

When I think of Melania Trump I often think of that old friend.  That old friend ended up becoming a major Obama liberal because she liked the parties so much that she could care less about politics.  She just loved buying shoes, so she’d have somewhere to wear them.  She and her husband had many fortunes in the bank so for her, the joy in life was in buying new shoes to wear to the three or four big charity events, or other social gatherings that she went to per week. She showed me a room she had off her personal bedroom that was just for shoes, and it was filled.  Anyway, Melania came to America from a communist country with little opportunity.  She went to Paris to find a way to make money off her looks.  She had to take off her clothes to get the top jobs and this paved the way for her to escape to New York to get the top modeling jobs, and there she was invited to a party that allowed her to meet Donald Trump, a big-time developer who at that time was pretty shallow when it came to women.  She was the prettiest girl in the room and he wanted her as a conquest.  She played a little hard to get, but eventually they were married and suddenly she was in her own Cinderella story living in a golden tower high above the New York skyline.  But she had an impact on the businessman Trump and over the years, I would say she has molded him into the kind of person who has become the greatest president in history. 

It’s not just supermodels we could tell these stories about, I could say the same about Edison, Sam Colt, Ayn Rand, or just about anybody in American society.  I could tell the famous story of Steven Spielberg who quit film school and snuck on the lot of Universal Studios and never left making some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time.  The point is in America being an elite has nothing to do with success and we should never allow ourselves to worship celebrity because it opens the door in our minds to accepting overlords of our lives.  Rather, you should do your thing, use whatever it is that makes you unique and open doors in America toward success that you never know where it will come from.  We are not supposed to accept locked doors as a restriction to our lives where we have to bootlick people to open them for us.  In America, they are supposed to be open, we are not supposed to have the fights of The Great Gatsby.  Old money, new money, any money is just a measure of value and ambition.  Its not about power.  Only dumb people who want the safety and security of locked doors in life, such as is common in Europe and Asia like the restrictions of a tiered society.  And we should never accept such a way of life, not even joking.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Seeing what the Billionaires are trying to Hide: The election fraud of 2020 and their guilt and jealousy of Trump

It is a pretty amazing observation, now several days after the Trump lawyers gave a jaw dropping press conference, the reaction from the world of corporate media and global government has been almost complete silence.  The Biden people, even sleepy weepy himself has not come out to defend the accusations of major voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election which were made by Rudy Giuliani and others from that team in even a subtle way.  Even through the Sunday shows by the networks it was hardly mentioned at all, but what was were the attacks and denials by those same entities that there was even a case or consideration of any merit.  The Sunday shows did talk about Judge Brann from Pennsylvania who had in the past been appointed by the Obama administration and wouldn’t even look at the evidence that the lawyers presented, and struck down the lawsuit for stopping the vote verification as ridiculous.  Its not just because I support Trump or the team of lawyers working on his case, but I can tell and you likely can too dear reader, there is more than something fishy about the behavior of the defendants in this case, which Biden clearly is not a president of any kind—he’s a defendant in this case and like many others, thousands of others, they are very guilty of major crimes and their behavior gives them away. 

As I said in the video, if I were accused of the things Giuliani and the Trump legal team were accusing me of, I’d have to defend myself.  I’d have press conferences, I’d attack back.  But the Biden team isn’t because they can’t.  They are simply hoping to outrun the clock and to get to inauguration day letting the process advance the legal cases into the corners of our society before they can be solved and to ride momentum beyond analysis using pressure to hide the crimes.  This has after all worked for them in the past, it has worked with Hillary’s emails, it has worked with the FBI probes of internal tampering with the 2016 election with the fake Russian dossier and the Mueller investigation that was nonsense from the beginning  yet went on for over three years costing many millions of dollars when they knew all along Trump was innocent.  We have the emails and text messages that show that the FBI has been willing to stop a presidential election and to work against the intentions of the American voter so its clear that they see themselves as being smarter than the representative government that they are instructed to serve.  Then of course is maybe the worst of all, the Biden laptop which has obvious influence peddling on it and Joe’s son Biden actually on it having sex with underage girls—and pappa knowing about it. 

All those stories and this one which really has become yet again, the biggest crime on the face of planet earth have been moved further and further out ignoring any need for justice as they have now over the last several years piled up involving many thousands of people all over the world, which is also part of the strategy.  The criminals in government are counting on the massive scope of the activity to overwhelm our legal system just like the old progressive playbook suggests Cloward-Piven to topple logic with a mountain of considerations that nobody can wrap their minds around.  What all this silence spells out in this context is guilt, raw and massive guilt that is beyond refute.  And the dare from the Biden people and government itself is to present whatever evidence the Trump people want, because it all exists outside of people’s ability to see it.  People are not prepared to see all this corruption, they can maybe handle one or two things, but nobody is trained to see this much maliciousness, so therefore will not believe it.   The silence is a thumb nose to Giuliani and the Trump lawyers to proceed if they dare because the crimes are so big, that nobody will be able to see them or understand them allowing the criminals to ride off into the sunset unmolested. 

This of course provokes the question of what we don’t see who are running all this crime and that is the billionaire class of people who have been against Trump from the beginning.  Trump stepped out of their ranks and ran for president and won.  They assumed the first time that it was a joke and that he wouldn’t stand a chance.  After all, Soros and Bloomberg, along with Zuckerberg and many, many others didn’t think it was possible.  Their job was to buy politicians and get them to do what they wanted as a donor.  Trump actually won, and many of them have discovered that they don’t have what it takes to win a public office.  Jeff Bezos with all the money he has couldn’t do it, Mark Cuban even with all his charisma couldn’t do it.  Why was Trump able to do it?  How was Trump able to build this massive MEGA movement?  Not a single one of them could. Now they own most of the world through the media, through corporate business, or in the government.  Most people out there want some billionaire money from somebody including Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci.  Those people will dance to any tune if it gets them funding, so in that way you can see what can’t be seen, where everything points to our political corruption, to a few global billionaires who have bet everything they have on controlling judges, media, the entire legal system of politics so that they can get away with it, and are unleashing hell on Trump and his supporters just for existing, because they are jealous, petty little people who can’t believe there is something in the world their money can’t buy. 

The way to beat them is to call them out and not allow them to hide outside our perceived reality.  During these upcoming court cases they need to be attacked and rooted out for all to see.  They are allowed to make all the money they want, but they are not allowed to run our country, or our lives.  If they build a better product than everyone else can, then we might buy their product and make them rich.  But if they think they can use that money to overturn our entire society into some global communism, then they are setting themselves up for the embarrassment that they have only been putting off now for a long time which is culminating in this case.  Regarding the 2020 elections they were intent to keep Trump from winning, because they couldn’t win themselves.  They can’t buy the talent to unite people the way Trump can and it has driven them crazy with grief and jealousy.  So in that regard they have cheated in this election.  They think they own most of the politicians involved and the media that would cover these crimes.  The billionaires also own many of the district attorneys across the nation so these insurgents truly believe that nobody will prosecute them and that Trump is defenseless to do anything against them.  In this way they intended to steal the presidency and give it to a broken up old man to prove to the world that anybody could win the presidency, if it was they as the billionaire class who was the king maker.  And in that way, we can see who the criminals really are in this case and why nobody in the media will cover the story.  The silence is the best testimony there is to prove the guilt and who it was who committed the crimes.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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America Needs to Get Back to Making Men: China wants to dominate and they want no resistance

As we witnessed yet another attempted coup of President Trump, this time coming from the election theft that is turning out to be massive in the 2020 election cycle, many are wondering as they watch ANTIFA thugs and Black Lives Radicals riot in the streets and harass the innocent where the men are in American society to stop the violence.  Well, I would point to the fine book by Sun Tzu, The Art of War as to how the Orientals primarily from China has sought openly to invest into American companies with the caveat that they listen to suggestions from the hive mind of communism into how to function as a corporation, and that over the decades the primary focus was to tame American men so that when the invasion came to be, there would be nobody to defend The United States from the invaders.  Orientals do not like to fight directly, they would rather attack culturally, which isn’t how Americans are trained to fight.  And Orientals will take decades to fight a battle, so slow that nobody even knows they are doing it.  The goal of the Oriental is to win the fight before the fight even happens and for many in the United States, that is what they are seeing happening in the 2020 Election.  The Oriental way of beating the West is to take out their opposition culturally, in this case through the men.


We have been watching for many years the increased divorce rates, the alarming number of homes where there isn’t a father to help raise the children and if there is, it’s a step father.  In a child’s life there may be several step fathers leaving children always feeling uprooted.  We have seen the movement of the state replacing a husband for mothers and wives and this cultural switch was not created organically, out of a social need.  It was created as a weapon of war from one culture to another, from the East to the West.  Not to get too complicated but if you follow the money of legal maneuvers, politics, corporate investment, media slanting, it will all eventually point back to China and their hive mind of communism.  Over many years they have managed through their financial investments to alter American mindsets into destroying the concept of maleness so that it would be easy to undermine our culture.  One easy way to explain how such a thing was done was an obvious example in the Star Wars franchise where Han Solo was one of the most manly men in modern film history.  For the 2015 new generation Lucasfilm led by the very progressive Kathy Kennedy wanted a big piece of the Chinese market so they softened Han Solo played by Harrison Ford from a man who had it always together and was someone everyone could count on to a guilt riddled fool in The Force Awakens, who had left his son and become basically a deadbeat dad.  And that was what gave rise to the terror that was the film’s villain.  That corporate decision was made to appease the Chinese so that the film could play to the plus billion potential filmgoers there.  In that way, China was able to control American corporations over many decades forcing companies like Google, Nike, Apple and so many others to give up their American ideas in favor of those that China was advocating for especially when it came to ideas of masculinity.

China has wanted the destruction of American men since before many of us were born.  It has come out in the kind of television shows that were developed, the kind of music that was published, the kind of books, movies and even Broadway plays that we enjoyed.  If you wanted a job in show business, there would be no more John Wayne types.  And if a manly type like Bruce Willis wanted to stay working, every now and then he’d have to take on a role that humbled him so that the movie going public would know that he didn’t think of himself as a tough guy.  Arnold Schwarzenegger fell into this trap by doing films like Jingle All the Way where his tough guy persona was satirized into complete destruction of his brand for the long haul.  All it took was the failed Republican governorship of California and an exposed sex scandal with his maid to destroy him forever, because he had refused to give up on the manly man persona he had in movies.  The Chinese were and always have been heavy investors into the Hollywood studio system and it is there that they make or break actors, and ultimately what they give young boys to look up to.  Without a strong father in the home which was created through political investment and the legal system, and by controlling the entertainment culture through the same kind of investments, America had let in an enemy with the mask of friendship but the intention for our complete destruction.

Now we have been told that men can’t be men, or that women can be men, or that people can be anything they want.  Of course, in the orient these kinds of ideas would be preposterous.  But China advocates for this confusion in the United States so that they can divide and conquer starting with the traditional role of men in holding families together and solving problems.  Or defending the nation.  When you have a society of men who don’t even know what sex they are, or what they should be doing and thinking about, its easy to beat them if conquest is the goal, and you better believe it, that is the goal of China.  If you really got down to the reasons that so many globalists hate President Trump, its because he’s a classic American man, and it goes against everything they have been trying to do to America to let him exist.  So it has been their intention to destroy President Trump completely because he might be a strong male figure to many watching him.  China has been committed to this Beta Male investment for a long time, the bow tie wearing guys who scramble in their cars for an umbrella to walk 10 feet in the rain so not to wet their precious little hair.  Trump wasn’t just a political pick for many wanting to drain the swamp, he was always a classic American man who undid a lot of the damage the Chinese wanted to inflict on men from the West.

We saw the benefit of men on the night in Washington after the Stop the Steal rally there where Proud Boys and other militia type groups hit the streets to retaliate ANTIFA violence.  ANTIFA is very much a creation of China and they want those lost boys and girls to destroy America at will, they certainly don’t want a fight in the streets.  And there was a fight and ANTIFA didn’t do so well.  Ultimately, there needs to be a resurrection of American maleness in society before anything can really be solved.  I’m sure women want men again in spite of what the media has been saying.  Now that the masks are off, things are much clearer than there were before the election and people can admit as much.  Women if given the choice between a man child and a real man, would pick the real man.  I see it too often where a pretty girl pulls up in a beat up Honda Civic to a fuel pump.  You can tell she’s either single or she’s married to a dud and is unhappy about it because she’s got tail lights that are out, she has dents in her doors from hanging out at some club looking for something better, but ending up drunk and missing parts of her clothing somewhere the next day.  Either way, she is a disaster, she’s not the “empowered” woman that the Chinese have promised through the American media.  She’s desperate and looking toward big daddy government for relief which is part of the plan.  Contrast that to the woman who pulls up in her husband’s monster truck.  She knows her man can fix anything; he works and makes money.  And if a bad guy comes to their house, he’ll kill them.  So she’s generally happy, dresses and acts that way and has little to fear in life.  The Chinese hate people like that, so the best and first way to attack the attackers is to make more solid American men.  And it all starts with naming the beast, then moving in to slay it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Government Mob’s Massive Corruption: What to do now that we know

By now everyone can see just how much corruption was involved in the 2020 Elections up and down the ballots of President Trump and the mob of Joe Biden.  The behavior of Democrats was so outlandish because the vote numbers were so great for President Trump that they had to go way over their plans to cheat Biden over the perceived finish line.  It would be a big deal for anybody to get the 73 million votes that President Trump got during the election, which is going up still.  But we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden who hardly made any public appearances during the campaign won over 77 million votes to pull away in the last 7 contested states which froze in unison on election night to stop counting and recalibrate their targets in the middle of the night once everyone had given up and gone to bed.  The Democrat Party led by the governors of each state went to work in manufacturing votes for Biden to close the gap to Trump in all those states and they had to produce so many votes that they ended up getting caught this time.  As of now we are starting to see what a massive organization it was, one that even involved the mainstream media people and heads of their organizations.  A mafia of government that we always knew was there had to get sloppy to beat Trump, and that’s how we caught them.  So now what?

We need to know who was on the phone calls which shut down voting in 6 states virtually at the same time.  We need to know who the Fox News election desk was talking to among Democrats on the ground to call Arizona and Virginia early hoping to suppress the voters still in line.  We need to know why Nancy Pelosi was telegraphing that Joe Biden would have the votes to win before the election as if she was sure of it, even smiling about it to suggest that nothing we could do would elect Trump to a second  term.  The governor of Pennsylvania projected the same type of behavior, indicating that Joe Biden would have the votes he would need to win the state.  All the arrows of their arrogance are pointing to these Dominion voting machines made in China and connected to the internet during the election which were flipping Trump votes to Biden magically.  That connection is obviously something we will be very troubled by.  It’s obvious these Democrats have been doing this kind of thing for years, obviously during the 2012 Presidential election where Obama won 100% of Philly.  Not one single vote for Romney back then.  And like suckers, we just moved on.  They obviously didn’t have their ground game in place when Trump ran against Hillary in 2016 and they got caught flat footed.  They weren’t going to let that happen in 2020, obviously.  But Trump had such a high vote count that the Democrats had to leave footprints in the wet paint to avoid getting caught in the corner they had boxed themselves in to.  We’d have to say that the fix was in against John McCain too in 2008.  Democrats knew that McCain and Romney were soft and wouldn’t fight back, so they got away with it.

You could likely trace back this cheating on such a massive scale back to 2000 where Al Gore almost beat George Bush with the famous Florida recounts.  The internet was new back then, so a sophisticated ground game wasn’t so smooth for the criminal Democrats.   But that isn’t the case any longer.  We must question everything for the past 20 years based on what we’ve seen on this latest election, which we are just dealing with the tip of the iceberg presently.  We also must question whether or not the Democrats ever really won a majority in Congress—ever over that period or whether they used these election fraud tricks to win just enough seats to get some majorities.  They seem pretty confident in their actions and have obviously been doing these things for a while.  However, because of Trump, they had to manufacture more votes than they had ever tried, and in their haste, they made way too many.  Statistical anomalies were obvious leading Trump lawyers straight to the corrupt areas.  But what’s really been disconcerting is to the level that all our media outlets virtually, endorsed the behavior.  They were all against us in every way you can be, and that has been the most valuable revelation of this election season.

What we have uncovered, which many of us already knew, or suspected, is that our federal government is a big, organized crime racket and the media is in the bag with them—completely.  We know it because of the FBI conduct in setting up a coup of President Trump.  Lots of people knew the details yet they let it go anyway.  Lots of people knew Hillary Clinton started the Steele Dossier and John McCain himself played a part in making it part of the public record—validating it.  We see how the government was used to destroy the lives of friends of the president hoping to push Trump out of office with fear for himself and his children.  And we’ve seen how the media has sold the China coronavirus to the public hoping to create just enough chaos in many ways to cheat this 2020 election with unsolicited ballots harvested for Biden and variable election validation dates for counting them.  It was even used to hopefully suppress voter turnout.  There will be cases in court for years to come over all this.  But we know enough now to flag the behavior as excessively corrupt.

Good for us, Trump is still president and as far as I’m concerned, he’ll remain president.  Courts don’t move fast, so there is bound to be a clash of cultures before there is a resolution.  Personally, I think the recounts alone will take care of the issue.  But if some of the states ran by Democrats don’t cooperate, then we might have some constitutional issues to resolve by January 20th.  The media is trying to pressure us all into accepting the fake Biden presidency, which of course we can’t do.  So we don’t know really what will happen.  But what we do know is that they have been caught, Democrats committing election fraud on a massive scale and the bad guys in the media are the ones covering for them.  And we can’t allow that to happen.  The best thing we can do with that knowledge is to go to other places for our media and make those guilty pay with lost dollars and market share.  That is already happening with Fox News.  But it needs to happen with Facebook and Twitter too.  It needs to happen with the cord cutting of NBC News and ABC, and all the rest of the networks.  There are good alternatives emerging, and we need to help them grow.  But if you want to kill off this government mob, you must have a clean divorce from the services they hook into you.  And from there, everything else will evolve in a more positive way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Joe Biden Did Something Amazing: He managed to get more dead people to vote than in all American history–that is a true “get out the vote” campaign success

Well, its true, Joe Biden if we were to believe the mainstream media—which we have all wanted to—brought to life more dead people to vote for this election of 2020 than any other political figure in the history of the world.  We are just now starting to get our hands around just how many dead people voted for Lying, Hiding, Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin and it looks to be something that Jesus Christ himself would have been proud of.  Joe to believe the election results has raised legions of dead people to vote for him, which he is bragging about, won the most votes of anybody in the history of the United States.  Yet there is a problem with this statement.  It’s a statistical impossibility for one, there just weren’t that many voters, voting.  So votes had to be made up from somewhere, one source looks to be involved in these Dominion Voting Systems, which we use in Ohio.  I have been wondering about these for a long time.  You’d assume that a 3rd party couldn’t get into the encryption and tamper with the information, but it looks like that is precisely what can happen—that votes can be flipped by some controller outside the voting system, like a radical Democrat governor or secretary of state.  Still we wouldn’t assume that this would be the case unless we’ve seen how some of these people have acted under Covid-19 crises management and their radicalism certainly paves the way for voter fraud.  The other issue that has become very obvious are the dead people that have shown up on the voter rolls upon just a brief investigation.  And it looks like the amount of people who rose from the dead to vote is historic, and if they did vote, then Joe Biden has done something miraculous!

However, as fun as all that might be to think about, raising people from the dead, we are viewing something far more sinister, which looks to have come up in Kentucky during the last election cycle there where Matt Bevin lost to Andy Beshear by such a slim margin.  It looked suspicious to me and I tucked it away for reference later.  The issue was that Matt was doing well, then some counties started reporting late.  Then suddenly lots of votes started pouring in for Andy Beshear and he ended up winning.  Everyone accepted the election results at face value because we generally do in the United States, and Andy went on to be one of the leaders of the Covid-19 lockdowns continuing up to the present, which of course ushered in a communist style approach to managing masses of people in the heart of America.  It was a kind of socialist experiment which we have been talking about and the study of our behavior has been crucial to some of these next steps of an obvious media driven incursion that we witnessed in the 2020 election.  Trump was winning, clearly.  The vote counts were stopped, and the Democrats running the election in a lot of these states simply went to find votes for Joe Biden.  The media was in on the whole thing for a whole lot of reasons that we’ll explore in future articles.  But to understand what’s going on you have to look at the pressure applied on Pennsylvania from the Supreme Court.  Pennsylvania has been defiant on any court rulings against them and have been willing to break the law to get the results they wanted in that state.  They erased something of nearly a million-vote surplus for Trump to push Biden over the top with made-up votes, openly breaking the law, and showing outright defiance against our legal system to do it.  So now we see that all the dead people suddenly voting wasn’t some miracle, but it was an act of open criminal activity by a complicit media culture who is looking to crush a Populus movement in America any way possible, even if the laws get in the way.


Here is the irony, these conspirators in our government and media couldn’t do these actions working under current election laws and they are assuming that there isn’t anybody in the world who is going to come down on them with punishment.  These are progressives in all cases which means they are not functioning from the laws of the United States, not even the Supreme Court.  They are poised to only respect a government coming from the United Nations, so any domestic laws they are inspired to ignore, which is why stealing an election through this massive fraud is no big deal to them.  They don’t recognize American law or the Constitution as having any influence over their actions because it will be international law which governs conduct in their future so everyone might as well get used to it.  That is their attitude.  Trump represents a step back from that so they just couldn’t have that, and on election night when the president was poised to win yet again by huge margins, the Democrats and their conspirators in the media—such as Arnon Mishkin at Fox News who was obviously working with Democrats toward their objectives on election night.  Again, none of these people respect American laws, they are looking at international law as their bases for action and as we learned through Covid-19, those laws have been shaped by China, enforced through their media purchases in the United States over the years, and that is how so many dead people ended up voting for Joe Biden who with all his lying, and hiding somehow managed to get the most votes of any presidential candidate—ever.  LOL

I’m not saying to get your guns and go defend the Constitution, yet.  In this process we have learned who these people are.  Trump’s wonderful election night performance forced them to hit that nuclear button and all that was hidden to attempt to push Biden over the top in the national election was revealed—and is still being uncovered day by day. That is why the media wanted to rush an announcement that Biden had won.  But the media doesn’t determine who the president is, the courts do when they certify the results.  That’s the way its always been done.  So we have a lot to work with that shouldn’t involve violence.  But keep your guns close, because if these people at the top of these media organizations—including Fox News, and who run our government are going to break the law, even when the Supreme Court gets involved, then we’ll have to break their laws too when they start trying to make them from the vantage point of the United Nations.  The way our tech companies behaved during the 2020 election with censorship, they are full on communist already.  I would suggest moving off Google and Facebook as much as possible and finding other ways to communicate, and to punish Big Tech by walking away wherever you can.  Don’t complain about it, just hit them in their pocketbook.  And trash their public image whenever you can.  Don’t let them think they have you comfortably in their corner.  There are plenty of ways to fight back without shooting anybody, and we should use those options until those options aren’t there.  But surrender to these insurgents isn’t an option and that’s how we have to look at this.  Trump has all the legal grounds to win the presidency.  However, if we can’t trust the courts, then we have a lot of work to do and it could get messy.  Right now I think we don’t need to add any more dead people to the voter rolls.  But if the laws are coming from the United Nations and not the American Constitution, well, maybe more dead people will be voting in the future which may be needed to keep everyone honest.   If we are going to have a lawless society, that’s fine, so long as we understand that’s the world we are living in.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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