John Podesta Turns to Aliens to Save Democrats in Elections

As it is clear by now, I am referring to anybody who wants to change the nature of the American Constitution to merely the “enemy” because under the oaths dedicated to it, for which we all share, the definition for domestic enemy is clearly anybody with such intentions, to change that founding document into something else. So with that definition in mind John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were certainly members of the enemy party in America and now with Trump in the White House they are political outsiders, even though the enemy wishes it not to be the case. From the perspective of the enemy having John Podesta and Hillary Clinton on the bench with four fouls each and a whole basketball game to play is intolerable and they are looking for every angle to get back into the game as is humanly possible. And understanding that it answered a lot of questions I have been having lately with all the UFO information that is suddenly flooding the marketplace, from Netflix to the History Channel, much of it very good. But why now? Well, I was watching Ancient Aliens over the weekend catching up on some 2018 episodes I hadn’t yet seen and sure enough there was John Podesta on the show advocating for Full Disclosure—the truth about alien life mingling with our current political structure. I had to shake my head, why isn’t the media clamping down hard on him for saying such a thing? If it was a Republican going onto the Ancient Aliens show saying the same things they would have been laughed off planet earth immediately, so why the free pass for John Podesta?

From my perspective I think there is a lot to the ancient alien contemplations suggested on that show, and I think there is a direct link between poltergeist activity and UFO phenomena. I tend to think that human civilization is alien in nature and that our culture has advanced by interacting with travelers that come and go from earth frequently. It’s not just one species of alien either, but many and they have been visiting earth and leaving for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. To us they are simply travelers, space is a big place and earth is just one little island destination for them to visit which they do out of curiosity, the way that we might travel to Africa or Tahiti. Of course, when they visit some of their culture rubs off on us and vice versa. I’m also quite sure that some life forms visit or interact with us through other dimensional realities, which is what we often refer to as paranormal phenomena—like a recurring ghost that might appear on the Queen Mary in Los Angeles, reflections of a period in history that replays over and over again in the quantum realm interacting with our four-dimensional world. It’s all very scientific, rational, and understandable if you really take the time to consider the circumstances. But to admit such a thing it requires us to admit a whole lot of other things that many aren’t comfortable to admit to themselves so we toss the whole subject into the realm of conspiracy and we criticize vehemently anyone who dares to put such a topic into the mainstream, that is until very recently.

I tend to think that the cause of all the recent news from Harvard law professors and NASA itself suggesting that we are going to find soon evidence of intelligent life coming from outside our planet earth as hints so that we are not shocked when it does happen—what people are calling “full disclosure.” But now its obvious that there is a political element that the “enemy” is now suggesting to utilize as a change agency a superstition of our American Constitution to make it less valid and the scope of earth protection more of a priority. And this is why the media is not attacking John Podesta, the guy at the center of the Wikileaks controversy, the guy who ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the guy who was caught having emails about “spirit cooking,” now appearing on Ancient Aliens advocating for full disclosure regarding UFO interactions and our relationships to alien life.

This isn’t new for Podesta, but the tactic is, basically the Democrats have nothing to offer by means of politics and all they have in their pocket of tricks is fear. The Trump presidency has taken a lot of fear about other countries off the table, fear of Russia, fear of Iran, fear of North Korea, perpetual wars in Syria, Afghanistan and even China leaving Democrats with very little to talk about, so their next obvious conclusion is to turn toward aliens from outer space. By pushing for full disclosure on topics that the government clearly isn’t ready to talk about, Podesta hopes that enough millennials will turn toward his party to elect politicians who will commit to full-disclosure which will happen anyway soon. So Podesta has nothing to lose by promising to be the party of Alien warning which of course they will tie into concerns about global warming. Since they can’t win an argument based on economics, morality, or basic trade policy, all they have is aliens and a basic fear of them to propel the Democrats along. Of course, the enemy itself is going along with that strategy because it fulfils their desires to stay in charge a bit longer. After all, what is the best way to deal with aliens from another world but a big government there to protect us from them?

I read Podesta’s emails very carefully when they were released by Wikileaks so it’s not hard to know his mind. I was shocked that a mainstreamer like him would go onto the Ancient Aliens show because we would all assume that he’d be ridiculed for it. But I can imagine the email traffic from him to everyone else, that by pushing for alien disclosure it helps make it look like the government is trying to shut up Hillary Clinton, that her illegal activity regarding her servers is all part of this vast alien conspiracy because she is the party candidate for full disclosure. He’s essentially trying to hide the illegal activity and the FBI assistance in it that he himself was involved in and trying to hide it behind his controversial push for revealing to the world the nature of alien life from other planets. That’s how desperate they are to reach for anything to hide their crimes and try to stay relevant in the world of politics.

So that’s the game that Podesta is playing but what is shocking is that so many people are willing to let him get away with it. I’m surprised that Podesta’s involvement in the Ancient Aliens show didn’t get him ripped to pieces in the media. But that also goes to show who the enemy really is. Imagine if Mitt Romney had even said the word, “full disclosure.” Every newspaper and news outlet would have led their stories off it. No Republican would be able to show their face in public. But the true enemy of America want’s Democrats to win any way possible, and everyone is on board with it no matter how outlandish, or “out of this world” the assumption may be.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes the Patriots Won Again: But why, and what does it say about the NFL and our political world

It’s only been recently that I have been a Patriots fan. I usually look at the Super Bowl as an American holiday in the middle of winter to fill those cold, long and boring months between Christmas and Spring, and I enjoy the festivities of it. I love the game itself, I love the commercials, and I love the general way it unites the country for just a few hours each year. But the NFL as a product over the last few years has become way too politically progressive and I found it alarming during Super Bowl 53 how much public employee propaganda was going on. I usually don’t care much about honoring firefighters, police and other government employee types, but this particular year it was way over the top. A lot of people don’t see anything wrong with such sentiments, but I see them as mental preparation by the “state” to impose higher taxes in the future to support the labor unions behind those job titles. The overall product that the 2018 NFL season seemed to promote were social justice concerns which appeared to be at odds with law enforcement and the military, so the NFL put forth a heavy dose of promoting both which all were way to far to the political left for my liking. However, I did enjoy the Patriots victory and the reaction to it which said a lot about the state of our nation.

It was obvious that Roger Goodell would have loved to have given the Lombardi trophy to anybody but the Patriots yet again. It was Tom Brady’s 6th and their ninth Super Bowl appearance under Bill Bellichick. The Patriots head coach was 66, Tom Brady himself was 41 and the NFL ran by Goodell truly wanted to have a younger Super Bowl aimed at the target audience of the game itself, those under 35 years of age, much the way modern politics does. But the game was a true representation of where the divide of the country currently is and I found myself rooting for the Patriots because of it. The Patriots are just a great organization, the coaches and players work harder than the other players in the NFL and the results are clear. And down the clutch with a game that was one big play too close in the fourth quarter, it was age and wisdom that beat the Los Angeles Rams and the disappointment wasn’t clearer on Goodell’s face.

I remember when the NFL ran Brett Favre out of the game once he hit 40. Surely that wasn’t the first time he pulled his pants down and showed a woman his manhood, but once he hit that age threshold, the NFL was ready for new blood and they pushed him out of the game. They’ve done the same to many players sensing that the public they have in mind are the youth. Just look at the way the media is portraying Payton Manning, and how he goes along with it, as a washed up used to be who is struggling to find relevance in his pro football years. The media is making a joke of it, and Payton is going along to get along. He understands the game and its sad. To stay somewhat relevant after the NFL Payton has to show that he’s in decline and something of a laughing-stock. That is how the NFL treats its elderly spokesmen. I didn’t enjoy many of the Super Bowl commercials this year mainly because they weren’t targeted to me. They were meant for the under 35 crowd and as we can all agree, that demographic is a lost generation born from losses before they were hardly born. What was with the beer commercial with the tattooed freak whispering? Dumb commercial for a dumb generation.

But Roger Goodell can’t live without Tom Brady and he knows it. Brady will go down in history as the best player ever and he’s a supporter of Donald Trump. The Patriots themselves are more old-fashioned American than the progressive desire for the nation in its present circumstances that wants to be more global and inclusive of other cultures. Goodell is more than willing to sell out America so that the NFL can gain international appeal and the Patriots are that grim reminder that the American game is different. The rest of the world can’t play American football, because the rules of conduct are different for us as opposed to them.

The formula the NFL has been pursuing, the kneeling at the National Anthem, the inclusion of women on the battlefield of the game, the inclusion of more progressive causes just do not match with the philosophy of working harder to become better than everyone else and to dominate your opponents. The Patriots have not had high-grade first round draft picks for years, they manage to always be a winning team by taking the hungriest players and putting them in positions to win. That was the story of Tom Brady himself who was a sixth round pick a couple of decades ago and has fought hard in his personal life to be in the best shape and best state of mind during that entire time so that he could be a dominate quarterback. Even in the realm of free agency, the Patriots have acquired and traded away many top name talent only to be good year after year anyway so long as they maintained the relationship between Brady, Bellichick, and Craft. That defies everything the NFL has tried to be, where each year the best teams are penalized so that new teams can be great by giving top draft talent to the teams most in need of help. The Patriots have shown that none of that matters. Top draft picks are often busts and don’t live up to their expectations whereas good coaching and mentorship has and does pull out the best even out of average players.

On the progressive side of things the NFL is about youth, where people are old once they hit age 35 and washed up meant for a trash heap. If there is anything more dangerous than the concussion protocol its millionaire players who were great on the battlefield who have to retire from the NFL only to become irrelevant as older people—above age 40. Progressives themselves are fundamentally about killing young people before they are born and once they have migrated out of their sexually prime years. Old age is not respected just as life isn’t in general. Only obedience and blind consumption is respected in progressive cultures, and that was quite clear in Super Bowl 53. So it was ironic that it was the oldest players and coaches with a team that has not won by new draft picks that was victorious. It was a good lesson on what really matters in these kinds of things.

It doesn’t matter whether or not anybody is a Patriots fan or whether they like Tom Brady. The facts are the facts. Late in the game when not a single touchdown had been scored and all things were equal, both the Rams defense and the Patriots were dominating each other it was age and wisdom that won out. Brady hit Gronk on the three-yard line for the go ahead touchdown. Just as Brady had done many times before. Only this time was a bit different. Everything was against Brady from making that throw and the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl. Yet they did it anyway and that was why social media and the news in general came unglued after the game was done. It was a sign of more things to come from the progressive side. In spite of progressive hopes for change and youth culture, wisdom and tradition will always win out. And thus the future is before us with an optimism that wasn’t there before.

Rich Hoffman

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Abortion is Murder: Killing, death, and hate is what the entire feminist movement stands for

I heard some of the evilest things this week in regard to abortion, as we all did which necessitates some conversation about its role in our society. As a man, a white one at that, I am about as open and supportive of women as anybody can get, but I am also very traditional. My wife is a house wife who would not be out-of-place in 1870s America. We support each other’s roles within our family and we both work very hard, but our emphasis has always been and remains a strong desire to create a good strong family that is supportive of its members. As a house wife she is always there for our children and grandchildren. As a man, I am always a go to pillar who holds the whole thing up structurally and emotionally a rock that can be counted on no matter what is going on in the world. Anyone who would attack my way of life as toxic masculinity and my wife’s as detrimental to the feminist movement to our eyes is an anti-family insurgent out for no good. While I am open to other people’s choices and lifestyles nobody will ever convince me that traditional methods of raising a family, where the man goes out into the world to gather resources while the woman uses those resources domestically for the good of the family is not the best method of social structure. I’d say the evidence is overwhelming that the traditional American family structure is the best the world has ever seen and should be applied to everything we do as humans to procreate our species.

The context to all this is that it is expected that once as parents we decide to bring a life into this world, which that decision is arrived upon during the act of sex, that we are responsible for those lives our entire lives. It is a very above the line position to take, life requires the commitment of parental life to support in every way imaginable, and to my view 99% of all people fail at this very basic task. If you don’t want to use your life to pump life into your offspring and don’t plan to be committed to that all hours of the day for the rest of your life, then you shouldn’t have kids. To have kids then expect the state to raise them through the public education system or other methods is reckless and disingenuous to the child. I have often said that it is better to have an abortion and to not have a child than to bring a child into the world of an unloving family, because the death is much shorter than a long drawn out disappointing life when the family unit is not there to help sustain the continued growth all through their lives that children require. So I am not a cut and dry pro-lifer, but my personal views are much more conservative than the typical anti-abortion activist. I think strong masculinity plays a very important role in all family lives and that all mothers are the hub of the wheel that makes everything work and they should be protected and respected by all members in a godlike manner. That’s how it is in my house and how I think it should be everywhere in the world.

Given my commitment to family life and views of how things should be done domestically in regards to women and children most of my interactions with people disappoint me. But I respect other people’s decisions enough to give them autonomy in how they approach life. I don’t seek to impose myself on them, I simply offer answers if they would life to fix something in their life. So I am quite used to people like Monica Klein who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show this past week to defend full term abortions and the ridiculous statements made by the Virginia governor about actually murdering babies once they were born. For a professional activist her comments were horrendous and show to what extent the feminist movement is really about hate and destruction. As women they have built up a no judge position about everything in their lives, the right to work a job and be treated equally as a man, the right to participate in the political world and the right to their own selfish needs all their life in exchange for the desire to murder people under the flag of personal health for a woman’s body, as if everything “woman” was more sacred than the emergence of a life that is supposed to come from it. Monica’s comments were remarkably honest which was good. She had no real answers for Tucker once it was put on the table what the pro-abortion crowd was really after, the right to murder human beings for the convenience of a woman’s life.

I’ve always thought of the women’s movement as the most anti-family position that anybody could take and is destructive to any society. By changing the roles of the women in a society, enemies of that society benefit from the eventual destruction of the people of that culture because the off-spring is unprepared for the world and are easy to conquer, which is precisely what we are seeing in modern-day America. The argument is not whether women should be paid equally for a man’s work, or whether they should be able to vote and participate at life in any manner. Of course they should. The question is who is tending to the children, grandchildren, and other aspects of a family and making sure that everyone has the physical and emotional support they need to navigate around the world knowing that mom and dad love them and are there for them whenever needed. Behind the nasty comments of Monica Klein regarding murderous feminism is the complete lack of responsibility for anything regarding family life so that a woman can have sex free of concern, do whatever she wants with her body whenever she wants to and is not held accountable for any of her actions. Feminism is the argument that women can behave as reckless as they want in life without any consequences even to the point that they have the right to commit murder of new human beings being brought into the world even to the point of leaving the womb. That is what we are talking about, outright murder.

The entire argument is below the line and is as destructive as anybody could get. Because of it I think abortion should be illegal, not because it is sometimes needed, but because the Roe v Wade argument has essentially destroyed the integrity of our culture, allowing women to migrate below the line in their thinking when families obviously need them above the line. If a woman isn’t ready to bring life to the world, they shouldn’t be having sex. The same with men. Having sex is not more important than creating and raising a family and that is the whole argument behind the feminist movement. By attacking toxic masculinity and the desires women have to head and maintain their families with love and endurance over many generations, the modern abortion feminist is essentially arguing for murder to preserve their own rights to live below the line in everything they do. That makes people like Monica Klein one of the ugliest people on earth, because she actually tried to make the claim that feminism was more important than the life of a child and that murder is an option just to preserve the below the line traits of women’s rights, which are obviously pointless if all it really creates is a society of murders and sexualized perverts. It’s not masculinity that’s toxic, its feminists like Monica Klein who simply want all the barriers removed that keeps them from murdering children that they recklessly conceived and are too irresponsible to nurture into a lifelong commitment they are not equipped to provide. And that is a real problem that I have serious issues with. Murder is not acceptable no matter what the age of the person, especially if that person is only one day old. Abortion is murder. I might argue that the child is better off not being born to someone like Monica Klein so murder might be a better option. But murder is still murder and that is what is behind the entire feminist movement. They are anti-family and pro murder, and there is no other way to slice it.

Rich Hoffman

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I Agree with Matt Bevin 100%: It’s not that cold outside and yes, we are teaching kids to be wimps

There was certainly more to it, the criticism of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin when he said we were sending the wrong message to young people in our reaction to this latest blast of arctic air sweeping the Midwest. It surprised me too that the zero-degree temperatures were responded to almost as if it were the end of the world. Hey, its winter in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, it gets cold and snowy. So what? But even as Democrats were pushing to make climate change the main topic of the 2020 presidential run there was something phony about all the panic, but it was contagious. As I prepared to walk through the blasting wind and snow in only my suit the other day people were alarmed. I then reminded them that it wasn’t uncommon for me to ride a motorcycle in below zero temperatures. So what was going on and why was Matt Bevin attacked for suggesting that we were weakening our youth with our fetal position reaction to every modern-day danger? The school closings and call offs from work had nothing to do with safety but everything to do with politics, with obeying the temperamental mother earth and setting people’s minds onto the topic of climate change as something to be feared, not conquered.

I was alive back then in 1977 in Cincinnati when the Ohio River froze and people could walk across it from Cincinnati into Covington. I was one of them and at the time was a student during that period where for something like 39 straight days from January 4th until mid-February there was snow on the ground and the temperatures often plummeted to -25 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. There were a lot of call offs for school that had to be made up later due to heavy snow, but on most days we all went to school, waited for the bus and were exposed to arctic temperatures for long periods of time and nobody died. The older people back then would have thought it unheard of to cry and whine that temperatures were too cold. Most of us had relatives who were farmers back then and they didn’t call off work, the continued to milk the cows, and perform other outside duties in spite of the cold. Toughness was an expectation, not an exception. Matt Bevin’s attitude was common.

These temperatures just under zero for a few hours at the end of January were not a big deal, certainly not enough to have schools call off the way they did days in advance. And the adults who called off work because it was “too cold” outside were doing so as an excuse to get out of work using the public sentiment as a shield to protect them from the expectations of productive output. I would call it a criminal endeavor to rob people of above the line thinking by using the potential for tragedy to lure them into below the line cowardness. I did my walking outside in my suit happily with snow drifts swelling around me and the blast of harsh wind ripping at my face refreshing. It feels good to tame the elements and to spit in the face of mother nature. She doesn’t control my life, I control hers. It is the human who invented transportation and heating to deflect the effects of mother nature. It is not our task to obey her. We are to dominate her.

But in teaching kids to yield to every little danger and elemental concern, we are teaching them to be future panic driven imbeciles looking for every excuse in the world not to do something. And Matt Bevin is right, we shouldn’t be doing it. The goal isn’t to teach kids to be tough, but to teach them to obey the elements of the world, to climb back into the primal concerns of society where the big government chieftains would be called upon to appease Mother Nature with sacrifices so that below zero temperatures might abate our concerns is the objective of the political left. The sacrifice of course is the productivity of our nation, instead of having a hell or high-water approach to problem solving we are to stick our fingers in the air and determine if it is safe or not, and then to seek government opinion as to whether or not we conduct business. Only when the professionals determined that it was safe to go to school or to attend work would we do so. Those seeds are being planted in our youth as we speak and its pretty ridiculous.

I am one of those people who does whatever I want in spite of the weather. If I want to go on a picnic with my family and its pouring rain, I do it anyway. I find it pathetic that there are so many people these days who use handicaps as a reason for not doing things such as weather or personal afflictions. I can remember a time that I scheduled a romantic getaway to Niagara Falls with my wife and I had just the day before our proposed departure really hurt my back trying to lift a 600-pound tool that was falling off a cart that I didn’t want to see damaged by striking the floor. Yes, I saved the tool and the floor but I really messed up my back. I could hardly walk. To make matters worse, a snow storm had hit and it was going to be a tough drive from Cincinnati to Buffalo, New York under those conditions. Guess what, we went anyway. I toughed through it and we walked miles and miles once we eventually reached our destination, and I enjoyed it in spite of the pain and the terrible weather. It’s quite a thing for me to not yield to mother nature. I don’t give her command of my life and I don’t respect people who do. Because below the line people often use the excuse of danger and insistence of safety to avoid doing things they are too lazy, or cowardly to pursue, and that is the danger of teaching young people to behave in such a way by calling off schools just because temperatures are cold.

Schools and businesses are more adapt today than they were in 1977 to deal with the cold. Heaters are much more reliable, power lines more stable, cars far, far better. People lived through it back then and they can certainly live through it better now. But to my observation, because I have lived through it, people are weaker, they are certainly softer and they are much less prepared than even people were a few years ago to deal with any kind of crises. I have noticed in days of heavy snow that people are much dumber than even two years ago driving slower and with much less confidence. That is because of the way their media has prepared them for tragedy. They have been taught to yield to every danger and to seek help from government over every little thing, they have lost the autonomy of personal needs and desires against the wishes of the dumb science of global temperament. And Matt Bevin is not alone in his assessment. I agree with him 100%

Rich Hoffman
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Yes, I Deny Climate Change: And Yes, I believe we walked on the moon and will do so again

I have always said that the whole climate change issue reminded me of a religious cult, but with the newly empowered socialist element of the Democrat party gaining power over congress it is more obvious than ever. Their approach to climate science and the theories of warming are just as insane and over bearing as the Catholic Church was during the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Calling people like me “climate deniers” is just the same as declaring someone a “Satanists” during the Dark Ages. It is just as arrogant as the Spanish were to rape and pillage the Inca, Mayan and Aztec empires and to steal all their gold in the name of the Catholic Church and enrichment of Europe, then sending missionaries to those places to convert them to Catholicism. And its every bit as radical as the Protestants seeking refuge in a New World calling themselves puritans and putting “A”s on the forehead of adulterers and every potential witch in Salem, Massachusetts—a state where the Revolutionary War started but can’t even own a firearm in now. Climate Change is just the latest radical religion meant to control the behavior of people and it has no place in our modern age. People who believe or advocate for climate change are dumb, lazy people who are no different from the religious fanatics around the world through all history who have used some form of religion to justify the killing and eventual destiny of the human race.

Our education institutions are corrupt and teaching the wrong things, directed that way by the same radical forces from the old world that has changed compliance to the Pope to rule over kings all in the name of Jesus, to rule by Mother Nature where every little sun burn is a cause for bowing before a religious icon. On the day that I wrote this temperatures plummeted across the Midwest of the United States to below zero, temperatures colder than even the North or South Pole. Schools were called off an entire day before the cold even hit. Many especially conservative types were mystified by this sudden desire to negotiate between risk mitigation and productive necessity, schools and some companies picked the safe route, to just shut down. But where did the pressure come from to even consider to shut down due to extreme cold—it comes from the religion of climate science where we are all supposed to be terrified of extreme temperature fluctuations as if they were signs from god of a coming apocalypse. The desire to shut down so many schools over every little meteorological element isn’t to save the school district from potential law suits, it’s to weaken kid’s resolves in the future so that they will be much more compliant to climate science religion than their parents were. I remember a few years ago when for two weeks in January the temperature never climbed up over 5 degrees, most of the time staying -5 to -10 degrees below. I rode a motorcycle to work every day during that spell and enjoyed it. These temperatures were no colder than that, yet our approach is radically different. The religion of climate change is there to usher in a new age of liberalism and socialism—and nothing more.

The real science that is at work wants to take mankind off earth. The divide between climate science and actual science could be traced back to the divide in America over walking on the moon for the first time and the hippie concert Woodstock a month later in 1969. One act was a definite jump forward for the human race, the other was a desperate clamoring for reverting back in time to the Dark Ages where belief in mysticism ruled the world with kings using superstition to control the masses. With modern education especially at the college level so addicted to government funding scientists will say anything to get their money, and that is how the climate change scheme is perpetuated as actual science. Maniacal lunatics on the political left attacked Sea World for their treatment of orcas where it is that same company that does so much to educate people about the wonders of life at sea. The same people who claim to want to save people from Central America from corrupt governments with open arms are the same people who clapped when New York passed a law to essentially give women the right to an abortion very close to their due dates killing babies in quite an audacious way. And regarding those Central American countries, it is largely the liberal class of people, the Climate Change religious worshipers who want the drugs that are smuggled across the border in the chaos that exists there presently because they want to poison the minds of people so that they don’t question the religion of their very insane liberal cult. If there are climate change deniers they are to be put on the rack and stretched until they confess their loyalty to the Queen of the Earth, Mother Nature herself.

Who do you thing started all the conspiracy rumors that mankind never walked on the Moon, that the whole NASA landing was a fake? It was these same people on the left side of things who want us all to serve the cult of Climate Change. By taking away the hope of interplanetary travel and our first step in that direction as a civilization, the desire is to get more fanatics to join the cult of Climate Change by assuming mankind will be locked in its bedrooms for the rest of their lives while Mother Nature holds the key outside our doors deciding whether or not we will all live or die. In truth mankind has formed in a very narrow cosmological window, just a few thousand years and we probably only have a few hundred more to become something of a Type 1 Civilization. Failure to do so will put us on a track to ride the Vico Cycle back to the beginning to start all over again as primitives which is clearly the goal of modern liberals. Even Steph Curry the wonderous three-point shooting guard from The Golden State Warriors has joined the circus by stating he doesn’t believe the United States ever went to the Moon and that the whole thing was a fake. Why does he think that, because “they” (liberalism) need people to believe in the cult of climate science and not the ambitious efforts of actual science. Without knowing why or how, Steph Curry is still just a kid a few years removed from high school and he was taught all his life to believe in the cult of Climate Science. Space travel and humans moving to space is just a threat to Climate Science as it was to the Roman Catholic Church to have Protestants fleeing Europe to settle in a New World beyond their reach, which is how the United States actually came to be.

The reality to Climate Change is that people will flee to the stars the moment they can and mankind will leave the earth and all its socialists just to get away from them. Because aside from not liking them as people, liberals are part of a dark past in the human race that all sane people want to flee from. Democrats want to revert back to the primal ambitions of villages and herds that are easily controlled by superstition and greed. Everyone else is looking toward the stars to get away from them. Its one thing to move out into the suburbs to get away from corrupt city governments that want to tax everyone into oblivion. But Democrats can to some extent chase good people down into those vast spaces between cities. But once people start moving into space and leaving Mother Earth behind, that effort at control will be lost forever and that is what they really fear. They fear becoming irrelevant which to my mind has already happened. They just haven’t come to terms with it yet. They call us “climate deniers,” but it is they who are in denial.

Rich Hoffman

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Four Officers Shot in Houston: When the state abuses property rights and things go wrong–more consideration of Roger Stone’s case

There are a number of things that still bother me about the arrest of Roger Stone at his home before dawn a few days before this writing. When police officers where shot trying to enter the home of some bad guys the day that Stone was set to appear in court to make a plea, four were wounded by gunfire and even Laura Ingraham on Fox News contemplated how bad it was that often residents have more firepower in their homes than the police. The police officers after all were just doing their jobs and serving a narcotics warrant. For a while there was wall to wall coverage of the action but the key issue was not discussed. What right did the police have to enter the home of suspects? Who decides who bad guys are and how can the state impose itself on the individual rights of its citizens with the assumption that everything the state touches can be taken away in a moment’s notice if that state decides that the greater good is in jeopardy?

I am of the thinking that Roger Stone should have held his ground and retaliated against the FBI agents who assaulted him in the early morning hours. After all, we know the FBI is corrupt so what good is any warrant that they issue. The Bob Mueller investigation is an attempted insurrection of an American President. They are bending the law to use as a weapon against political enemies, so why should Roger Stone go quietly upon being assaulted. He had no record of firearm ownership and there was no reason to attack him the way the FBI did in a predawn raid to show that the “state” had power over the individual which was the real message. It was a forceful exchange to show who was the boss, even over presidents of the United States.

In Houston, Texas neighbors had reported the sale from a home of black tar heroin so the police came to arrest the suspects. Now I’m not a guy who has any tolerance for drugs or their sale. I think drug dealers should be prosecuted for attempted murder, even for the sale of marijuana, so I am not lax in my judgement on drug use and sales. But our own CIA has been very actively involved in pushing drugs into cultures for control reasons, so what makes the two guys who opened fire on the invading police any different from world governments who also sell drugs? Not much in my book, they are all bad people. So with that off the table of consideration what gave the police the right to break down the front door and enter the home of these people in Houston? The shots weren’t fired until the police entered the home. Why would anybody expect any other result?

It was obvious to me that Laura Ingraham on Fox News was a mixed bag of emotions. I had just appeared on one of her shows just last week over the Covington Catholic case and I know she is a very hard-core conservative, but it was she who suggested that it was a shame that bad guys in homes often have better weapons than the police and that its sad that police are sometimes shot just for doing their jobs. Well, doing jobs doesn’t give a free pass to an abusive state government that has forgotten that the purpose of the Constitution is to protect individual rights and property is one of the centerpieces of that argument.

The same approach is used when getting pulled over by a police officer, they shine that bright light on you and approach the vehicle as if they owned it and you inside are required to be a compliant citizen. You are expected to recognize that your rights are subject to the judgment of law enforcement and their protection of the “greater good.” Well, none of that “greater good” talk is in the Constitution. I would argue that law enforcement officers are not capable of such judgments, they are not philosophically equipped and are illiterate in the matter. So what gives them the right to confiscate private property and to kick down doors to homes just because a neighbor called in a report?

I couldn’t help but think that the news coverage of the shooting was part of the problem, immediately the news was reported with a tinge of sadness at how dangerous police work was and how you never know what’s on the other side of a door to a house. That same assumption was made by the FBI in how they set up Roger Stone with an embarrassing CNN recording of the actual raid of his home. Of course, the FBI hoped to tap into people’s ingrained sense of yielding to authorities as they watched Stone be handcuffed and taken into custody. The message of course if it can happen to Stone it can happen to all of us, so you better answer the door and yield to authorities when they come for you. And when the Houston shootings occurred even Fox News jumped on the bandwagon of state rule and decided that the police were sad victims of violence without really knowing the details. Oddly enough, the news story was almost completely gone just 10 hours later.

The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution does not indicate that we must all yield to the authority of the state. The employees of the state make mistakes all the time and just because they issue a warrant against you that does not give them the right to enter your home and arrest you on your property. They do not have the right to take your car if they suspect you of some crime and they certainly don’t have the right to spy on you maliciously. The safety of the state does not supersede our rights as individuals. Only lawyers and judges over time have muddied the waters on Constitutional interpretation with loose case-law that has created a belief that the police have such rights of intrusion. But in reality, they don’t. The police who kick down doors to serve paperwork from the state are just as bad as the drug dealers who generate suspicion to generate such paperwork. Just because police officers have a warrant for an arrest it doesn’t give them the right to kick down doors and confiscate property and rights. Warrants can be served without violence, yet the state requires violence on occasion to build up the public perception of conformity, and that is not the spirit of the American Constitution.

As much as people don’t like President Trump, while I am a very loyal supporter, he certainly is a centrist especially in regard to police and military use. I disagree with him very much when it comes to police and elements of state control of law enforcement. As I’ve said many times, I am very much of an Anti-Federalist mindset when it comes to law and order. I don’t trust people to make the right decisions about their peers. If police kick down the door to your house or violate your independence within your car while traveling about in the realm of commerce, then you have a right to defend yourself, pure and simple. And when that doesn’t happen, arrogant bastards like Robert Mueller get cocky and think they can get away with arresting big names like Roger Stone to not only punish him, but to send a message to all of us—resistance is futile. Obey the state. And that is precisely where our modern times have gone wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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The Morality of the Wall: Sex trafficking and the desire to destroy western civilization through illegal immigration, drug use, and sexual perversion

Of course, the Democrats won’t take the deal President Trump offered to reopen the government and secure funding for his border wall, but he had to do it anyway. As I we have been talking about the battle is about politics or even ideology at this point, it’s about above the line and below the line thinking. Above the line thinkers are responsible and self-determined while below the line are victims and always looking for reasons not to do things. Nancy Pelosi’s goal in winning the House Speaker job back was purely for the title. She has been and is currently action like many incompetent people who get into a seat of power, as a below the line thinker the position hasn’t helped her. She magically hasn’t become competent suddenly. Her ability to swing a gavel hasn’t put great wisdom and leadership into her abilities like so many in this world believe. But Trump knows all that and he acted accordingly while she was out-of-town yet again. When a leader who thinks above the line is in direct conflict with an incompetent below the line person, the loser below the line never has a chance. Even though she will avoid this proposal the way Democrats always do, Trump’s strategic movements will reflect favorably on the Republican party and the shutdown can continue well into the future at the expense of the Democrats, because people can see the startling difference and how the two sides act under pressure. Trump has done a very good job during this crisis.

I think in the wake of Trump’s Saturday broadcast we should go a little deeper onto the morality of building a wall. As below the line thinkers of course misery loves company so the whole open border strategy that has been globally implemented held considerable attractiveness to the likes of Nancy and her radical Democrats who at this point might as well be call socialists. The cover is off that Trojan horse, so why dance around the subject. Because many supporters of the Democrat party are below the line thinkers they don’t want the responsibility that comes with being an American citizen and what goes on around the world quite openly these days. Forget about the political rhetoric for a bit, one of the most evil things going on in this world right now is human trafficking, and President Trump brought that up during his speech. There is a huge market for smugglers and other criminal minded to smuggle people across the Mexican/American border for the opportunity for freedom, which sounds like a well-intended enterprise until you understand the reality.

Many years ago, some very bad people decided that they would use their power and influence to shape the world toward communism. Just because people have money and power doesn’t mean they are above the line thinkers. Bad, below the line people can acquire power, and often do. And they decided that the world needed open borders, that women needed to step out of the home and into the work place leaving their children vulnerable to state-run educations. The concept of a family was going to be redefined by the state and in the ashes of all that ambition many sexual fantasies would be fulfilled which of course was the fuel behind the ambition to start with. If you step into the mind of a typical globalists you will find extreme sexual perversions to be the norm, pedophilia, under age sex with both girls and boys, bondage, homosexuality and group-oriented sex orgies. Under all the activity was two basic intentions, the desire to redefine the human race by robbing their intrinsic motivations and instead seeking their place within the state, and to pull them there with the typical stick and carrot temptations of puberty. This catapulted many below the line thinkers into their late adulthoods with a deep desire to justify their sexual illnesses with massive sexual perversions that were driving all state activity. It is safe to say that much of our political world has been filled with these below the line types and they rule the way Nancy Pelosi does, so to her the behavior is normal. Only to people who are above the line thinkers is the behavior reprehensible and even considered vile.

South of the American borders as Marxism has destroyed those economies it has been the fantasy of the corrupt globalists because the only thing there really is to do is to have babies and flood the American border hopefully to overwhelm the system and destroy the American Constitution. And in the process mothers are willing to sell their children into the slavery of human traffickers just for the hope of their kids ending up in America with a shot at a better life. In that process 1 out of 4 girls are routinely raped, so much so that their mothers give birth control pills to their daughters knowing what will happen along the way. But believe it or not, young boys are the most lucrative targets, as dirty old men thinking well below the line are seeking most what’s missing in themselves by robbing children of their intrinsic motivations and scarring the children for life. It’s all part of the plan.

In the great book by Daniel Pink called Drive, he explores some surprising aspects of human development and what really drives people to do what they do. One thing that is quite clear is that most human beings are born with intrinsic motivations to be self-directed and autonomous, and if left to their own devices, to grow up and become wonderful above the line thinkers. But self-directed people motivated intrinsically are hard to control if you are a below the line thinker from the old world so the scheme is to actually ruin people as they get older, enter puberty and are more prone to the stick and carrot motivation lifestyle that leads to below the line thinking. You see, goal-oriented motivations make people less productive than intrinsically motivated attributes. Look at a typical six-year-old kid and they are usually self-directed and soaking up all the learning they can get. Take that same child at age 14 and suddenly sex is on their minds all the time as biology has taken over making them prone to stick and carrot goals, do this and do that and you get to have sex. Then once they have lost respect for that process, they have become sexual addicts for life since there is no way to stop it once it starts. The governments of our world understand this on a conceptual level and it is the heart of the open border concept—the intention is to hold mankind to this basic animal level behavior so that they will remain all their lives easily controlled below the line thinkers. And in this relationship, pedophilia to them is a moral endeavor because it feeds this unity across the world. Destroy a person’s mind and intrinsic motivations getting them to think disfunctionally about sex and they will be controlled all their lives as below the line thinkers.

The Democrat strategy as it has been shaped by their donors, wealthy contributors like George Soros and many, many others is to accelerate this conduct of destroying people’s intrinsic motivations and making them into stick and carrot below the line thinkers all their lives, so the sex, the rapes, the child trafficking is all part of the plan. The illegal drugs are intended to poison American society and to rob thought from entire generations which is happening currently, so Trump is correct, the whole thing is a humanitarian crisis. But to Nancy Pelosi, she doesn’t want to think about her responsibility to that crises because her party is committed to perpetuating it. As below the line thinkers, they are committed to making more people that way. It is their party platform if you really get down to it. So this fight isn’t just about political ideology, it is a fight between good and evil, evil being below the line, good being above. It’s about preserving intrinsic motivations as opposed to growing up as addicts of stick and carrot rewards where no matter how much you reach for goals the stick is placed just beyond your reach all your life by unseen controllers who operate within the political spectrum. And the carrot is usually sexual in nature and can never be filled through an entire life. And when a 55-year-old man buys a sexual slave from one of these smugglers coming across the American border from Mexico the robbing of intrinsic value from the child is encouraged, not thwarted because the goal from the beginning is to take away hope so that only the world’s governments can provide safe haven and thus provide those thus employed to have all the power in the world and to gain the ability to hold the sticks that are meant to control us all—all our lives. That is what is at stake and what this fight is really about.

Rich Hoffman

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