The Value of Thinking like a 12-Year-Old: How we should improve our education system

Every time I do a bunch of education articles, such as I did recently for the election of 2019 critics write me and ask me for what solution I would support since I think that the current public education system is so screwed up. I often say these days that I think kids would be better off living in the woods without a public education classroom if the goal for them was to get smarter rather than sticking with what we have now. Government schools are so dysfunctional that they really should be considered a menace. For as much time and money that we put into the education of children too many of them enter adulthood ill prepared for the reality which should tell us everything we need to know. Therefore, people who are critical of me are only upset that I bring it up. But to answer their question, lets get to the basic foundation of the problem.

Recently I was reviewing some 3P techniques for a project I’m working on, its one of those Lean applications that are part of the long evolution of the Toyota systems research that has been going on for a long time yet has had lots of trouble taking root in the United States. That is actually the subject of a new book I’m working on called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. I’m not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater like many might be willing to do, but we do need to understand why these things tend to work in Japan and China and not in the United States. Or do they really work at all, or is the key really just naturally engaged employees. And if so, then why are they engaged while others aren’t? I have it all worked out, but explaining it to people who are functioning from the wrong definitions of things is a bit more of a challenge. To be blunt, our public educations have taught our entire society all the wrong things and now we have a mess to clean up that will take centuries. So we might as well start somewhere.

The meaning of life is not to be born, learn how to read, write and perform rational thought only to throw all that out the window at puberty to get a mate, have sex, pop out a few kids then gradually die as the flower of our bodies wilt away into old age where even the universe spits at us once we’ve passed the years of reproduction. All that is wrong—and that is the basic pattern of understanding around the world of the cycles of life. Rather, we are born, we are given the opportunity to learn all we can before we are on the clock of responsibility, and we spend the rest of our lives functioning from what is left of that perfect period of childhood that we all have an opportunity to experience. However, most people don’t get such great childhoods and they grow up and into bitter adults who can’t problem solve their way out of a paper bag and end up intellectually crippled for life.

We should look at childhood as one of our highest states of consciousness and figure out why we are trying so hard as a civilization to grow up and away from this outlook. On that recent 3P investigation one of the key takeaways was that the classroom participants were told that they needed to reconnect with their 12-year-old self, because it was at this time that most of us were still open minded about problem solving and generally thinking outside the box. And that is the case with most children, they all start off pretty equal. As open books on brain development they all learn along a similar path and with great optimism. Just look at the kind of books that we provide to children seen at any bookstore. They are full of colors and positive images meant to inspire next step learning, to lure them to good new things to think about rather than boring, stagnant images. Then kids hit puberty, public schools are trying to teach sex in the fourth grade and earlier these days, and once kids are told that sex is their primary function and their social status within the classroom culture will determine who they get to mate with, that person begins a long decline that lasts the rest of their lives, and it is very tragic.

The 3P people observed from the Toyota culture in Japan that they are a playful people, and this is obvious while at the Tokyo airport. The billboard colors there are very positive and even their television in Japan is very childlike, meaning its experimental and positive about most everything. It has taken the Lean community many years of western thinking to get close to unlocking the real secrets of the Toyota culture. Its not just that they are organized and engaged in Japan, but that they don’t get hung up on silly stuff, they are much more like children than what we’d call adults in America. Children will try things and play with ideas where adults usually try to bend reality to their mode of thinking. Whatever it is that they learned and whoever they learned it from tends to limit the western mind rather than unleash it toward continued growth or at least sustaining what they were when they were children.

This is why I see so much positive growth in the geek culture in America where adults go to science fiction conventions dressed in cosplay and have fun going to midnight movies and making amusement parks part of their lifestyles. It’s the Peter Pan lesson of the approach that Tom Hanks showed in the movie Big where an actual kid was very successful in business because he thought like a child. We have been thinking about this problem for a long time, but still what holds us back is this assumption that by growing up we are supposed to get rid of our childhoods rather than trying to have the best one possible then carrying those memories throughout our entire life with the fuel to sustain us. The way we approach things now we empty ourselves of everything we built until puberty then seek to throw it all away so we can join some lifecycle mating custom that essentially ends by the time we are all aged 30. There is a lot of life to live after that age but most of us just don’t know what to do with ourselves so the gradual decline begins and we find ourselves stagnant and ineffective for the rest of our lives.

Our education system should be looking to make an Einstein out of every young mind. By the time kids leave the 12th grade if they maintained the rate of learning that they did up until around age 10, we should have lots of geniuses running around doing great things. Instead we end up with a bunch of flat thinkers who have to be told as 40 and 50 year olds that they need to reconnect with their 12-year-old selves so they can be effective at their jobs. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me to grow up, I’d have a lot of nickels. Many millions worth. But I’ve always bulked at that notion and am very happy to say that I never stopped thinking like a 12-year-old. Ever. I have always viewed the typical definition of adulthood as a loss of something valuable that we had as children but lost too soon in a premature death. So I’ve held onto mine as a treasure and that has certainly helped me in life be much more effective than in embracing the traditional trajectory of the aging process. And we do need to fix that notion. If our education system started looking at children as the highest level of thought out of the starting gate and could harness that energy instead of seeking to destroy it, I would feel differently. Until then, I’m dead set against the modern concepts of education, because they are not sufficient enough, and do not teach the right things.

Rich Hoffman

All Teacher’s Unions are Communist Organizations: Even at Lakota where political endorsments are poised to lift the veil

As it has been covered extensively the teacher strike in Chicago by their labor union has been very disruptive making even the very liberal mayor there appear to have a brain by comparison. What everyone has to come to terms with, is that these teacher unions are outright communist groups advocating the same communism America has been fighting for over a century. Of course they don’t name it with a “C.” Instead when they hold up their signs proclaiming that “This is what Democracy Looks Like” that is essentially their message. They don’t love children, they want to destroy our capitalist society and for anybody who has watched the Chicago teacher’s during their strike, the evidence is more than abundant. And the teachers in these unions are able to hide their true intentions largely due to a community of parents who are too busy to pay attention to their real definitions, which is on full display below for the upcoming election at Lakota, where we are advocating to elect two new “Republican” endorsed school board candidates, Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn. The Facebook page is from a long time tax increase supporter, Sandy Wheatley who used to be the president of the Lakota School Board many years ago and was part of creating the culture of deficit spending that caused a lot of trouble that persists to this day. She is discussing with another person the difference between a union endorsement and an official political party.

The ignorance presented is staggering. Sandy isn’t as stupid as she sounds here, but she has to play dumb to sell the sausage to Lakota parents, something she has a lot of experience doing. And I promise, Sandy is not the reason that her good friend Julie Shaffer is in support of transgender bathrooms. Sandy is actually a girl. I promise contrary to what you might think by some of her pictures. There is a reason her Facebook picture is Julie Shaffer’s campaign sign. However, Sandy is attempting to sell to all who will listen that the Lakota school board is a “non-partisan” position and that all members should not be political. The reason she wants that is so that the labor union, which is just as communist as the Chicago teacher’s union needs to change the name of their intentions so that they can pull off a scam against the voters so they can remain in power.

All the evidence you need can be found in the labor walkouts all across the country, whether we are talking about Arizona, Los Angeles, Chicago or even the one just to the west of Lakota schools at Ross Township, the mantra from the teachers is “red for ed,” or otherwise, the red of communism to control public education. Sandy and the gang within the Lakota school system has had to dress up their public perception largely because in our community there has been considerable pushback against them for which they have had to put on a happy face and attempt to present denials. But make no mistake about it, the Lakota Education Association is just as communist as the Chicago teacher’s union and they are extremely political. What’s dangerous is that they don’t say what their politics is. As Chairman Wheatley says on her Facebook post, she considers the labor union endorsement to be similar to the “Girl Scouts.” But providing an elusive definition for what they stand for, the labor unions have been able to gain great control over our public education system and in Lakota we are looking to stop that with official party endorsements to the contrary. People know what Republicans are, so it provides a clear distinction between the endorsed candidates of Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn, as opposed to the union stooges Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray.

Sandy knows how the game works, she has been at the center of destruction for several decades now. Back when she was on the Lakota school board the big news was that the district had grown to the point where it needed to have two new high schools. They made a huge mistake under her watch, the district financially should have split into two districts, one in each township for which Lakota resides. One school district should have been in Liberty Township and the other in West Chester Township, because one community overloaded itself with terrible zoning that placed too many residential voters to the polls to vote in favor of Lakota schools, while West Chester was able to diversify the heavy needs of the burdensome school district with more businesses. When it comes time to vote, West Chester tends to vote down tax increases while the new residents of Liberty Township vote in favor. Sandy was part of tying the two together forcing West Chester to support Lakota East while Liberty Township does very little to support Lakota West.

One of the goals of communism was always to attack private property and that is precisely what all public schools do, they force property owners in their districts to pay for their property to a school that is hell bent on teaching children not about capitalism, but about all manners of socialist and communist ideas—things that Republicans don’t support. But all that effort is hidden behind “children” and the real names of the activity are avoided and actually deferred by willing little soldiers like Lakota’s Sandy Wheatley so that voters don’t really understand what’s going on, only that they need to drop their kid off somewhere for somebody to watch while they go to work. So they start off by wanting to believe in the system, which people like Chairman Wheatley are all too happy to provide them with some definition they can believe in, “labor unions aren’t political, they are just like the Girl Scouts.” When in reality, they are more political than actual political parties.

I would doubt that Sandy Wheatley has a copy of the Communist Manifesto in her home. What is disgusting about her is that she used to be a school board member yet she is clearly in support of the labor union over the needs of the voters, and Julie Shaffer is a carbon copy of Sandy. They support the union over the voters and when it comes time to negotiate a contract on behalf of the voters, the voters don’t have any representatives. But the union does, on both sides of the table. That is how costs ran out of control at Lakota and Sandy Wheatley was at the heart of the whole mistake, and she is campaigning for Julie Shaffer to do the same presently. And the labor union doesn’t just want a piece of that $100 million surplus that Lakota has right now, they want political activism, such as transgender bathrooms which Julie Shaffer supports. That is how the union keeps its members placated and focused on their communist agenda. Where else would those stupid people make the kind of money that they do in public education? Listening to the Chicago teacher’s talk, who could disagree with me as to their intellect? Contrary to what they say, teacher’s are well paid for their silly little work schedule and their all summer’s off. It’s a good gig that these stupid people wouldn’t get anywhere else, so they will support the communism of public education to get that pay check. Just as parents are willing to overlook the same so they can have the free babysitting. But what is actually happening is very sinister, and expensive. At least with good Republican people on the Lakota school board we can deal with the cost. While time and knowledge will bring people to the other problems by calling them by name, instead of elusive terminology meant to maintain the illusion that all this has been a good thing all along. Taxpayers need representatives on the school board. The Lakota teacher’s union already has their representatives. They don’t need more with Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray.

Rich Hoffman

The Losers of Lakota: Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer are the keys to the bank vault the teacher’s union wants to rob

Let’s just say that the election for the local school board members at Lakota has been a miserable experience for me. Not because on the Republican side of the voting selection there aren’t good candidates. There are, Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn are very good candidates whom I am sure if both are elected together would represent us very well on the school board against a hostile teacher’s union that is always looking to wreck the budget we all supply that school with our hard earned tax money. But along the way, doing research of all the positions for all the other candidates, and the people attached to them, it has just disgusted me. That would of course be the plight of Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer. Julie is currently on the board. Ray lost his seat a few years ago and now wants it back. Both Ray and Julie are part of the budget deficits that I have complained about over a decade so I have never been big fans of them personally. But it has only been until this election that I did any real look into the quality of their positions, and what I have learned by asking lots of people, and reading lots of things is that they are just complete losers I wouldn’t hire to wash my car. They are far worse than I thought they were, and it has been depressing to learn.

Looking at all these candidates the way I would in hiring for a new position for some important job, which a school board management position is, it is clear that Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray shouldn’t be anywhere near a job consideration due to their severe ineptness as people. No wonder they are such bleeding-heart liberals. They can’t afford to be anything but, and that is not doing any children in the Lakota school district any justice, which angers me considerably. They should have respect for the rest of us to not waste our time. Now, for me, Julie Shaffer lost me a long time ago when she and I debated school topics on WLW radio. Back then the school board was Joan Powell’s and she was building her little coalition of liberal union suck asses and Julie was part of it. Electing a school board is to hire representatives for the taxpayers to negotiate on our behalf. Not to be stooges for the labor union which already is well represented in school board activities. They don’t need help. But the way Joan operated until she stepped down a few years ago was to be a stooge and Julie was part of that culture, which is why everything operated as a deficit. Of course she couldn’t debate me on anything anywhere, in public forums, on the radio, anywhere, so Joan, Julie, the previous school superintendent along with many mad mom Lakota socialites tried an early version of the “me too” movement on me with the help of the newspaper reporter Michael Clark. I’m still angry about that and likely will be for the rest of my life. It showed me just what lowlifes these people really were who were spending massive amounts of money that we give them so recklessly and maliciously. I can handle people who come after me, which Julie clearly did, but in so doing she showed what she was really about. After the last levy since they stopped asking for money at Lakota due to declining enrollment, I haven’t paid much attention to her or the school, so Julie has been off my mind pretty much. However, after the last debate done this year for this election I was reminded just how bad for the job that she is and to be honest I am embarrassed that she even lives in my community, let alone sits on the board representing me as a decision maker. I saw her recently at Sam’s Club in Tri-County and thought about confronting her about things I had learned about her bad behavior regarding extracurricular Lakota events that were quite embarrassing, but her husband was with her, so I left it alone. I don’t want to be the guy that destroys her family. But I wouldn’t vote for her for anything if there was only one name on the ticket.

And she’s the good one. Ray Murray I have learned is even worse than she is.

Ray Murray I always thought of as kind of the Juan Williams of the Lakota school board. I disagreed with his politics but thought he was a nice enough guy to not run through the ringer. He’s a neighbor of mine, he lives close to me and I see him around. My wife likes him a lot and always has. But I kept hearing things about him from people around the community, especially the business guys that Ray wasn’t such a good guy. Well, I had no reason to think otherwise until he threw his hat in the ring for another run at school board then heard his alarming comments at a recent public forum regarding budgets and his views on transgender politics. So I followed the leads where they went and sure enough found out that Ray has drugs in his past and that he has had some serious financial problems. I don’t want to embarrass him; people go through things in life. Some of those problems were years ago, but some were quite recent. If he wasn’t running for school board, I might slide a $100 bill under the door so he could buy lunch, but I sure as hell wouldn’t elect him to a managing position of millions and millions of dollars at Lakota. He was part of the problem before, and knowing what I do now, I wouldn’t give him the keys to a demolition derby car. I sure wouldn’t let him near my wallet. He obviously has a hard time with money, and we’d be crazy to put him anywhere near some. His comments at recent Lakota school board debates are just the tip of the iceberg. He is a walking financial disaster. Look him up on Courtview for yourself at the Butler County site. You’ll see what I mean.

Then there is the reporting, if we had decent local reporters, we should know a lot of these things. Honestly, a local blogger who is busy with millions and millions of other things shouldn’t be the one covering these stories. I’m not even talking about the partisan angle, which from my point of view, the Journal News reporters, well all the Cox Media people are deeply in bed with all the progressive activism that is going on all over southern Ohio, and they sit on stories that might make their people look bad. A lot of this information about Ray should have been covered by them years ago, and maybe if it had, we wouldn’t have had some of the very contentious levy battles that we did, which was very costly to the community. Their coverage has been and continues to be disingenuous to the community who would like to read their articles but have learned that they can’t trust the content.

I will be glad when the election is over because I simply don’t like seeing and hearing from these losers as much as I have over these last several weeks. These people have not been representing me as a voter but have been serious partisan hacks hidden behind a mask of bipartisanship which was always a complete lie. I’m not sure we can believe anything that comes out of Julie Shaffer’s mouth and certainly not out of Ray Murray. I’m not even sure he ever lived in Chicago at this point, let alone was a cop as he has been saying. I was so disappointed in him that I just stopped looking to confirm. The other topics I learned about left me sick. Its nice that we have some options in this election and we’ll see if people show up and actually vote. However, the process up to this point has just been a disgusting look into a bunch of losers at Lakota who should be hiding in the cracks of society instead of being placed on a pedestal. But of course, those who want to steal from us want a key to the door of the bank vault, and for them, Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray are the incompetent stooges who would let them in and to take everything and then some, then ask for a levy from the tax payers to refill the vault. That is the game that has been going on for a long time and the more you learn about the whole thing, the angrier anybody would get about it. And that’s certainly where I am at.

Rich Hoffman


Everything You Need to Know about the Lakota School Board Candidates of 2019: The Teacher’s Union is ready to steal $100 million

It’s not my favorite topic in the world, but locally, the school board race for Lakota in Butler County, Ohio is a great opportunity for improvement, or a projected, unmitigated failure. And in a lot of ways, how goes things in the Lakota school district, the rest of the country follows, due to the amount of money that is involved and the situation involving government employee unions and the overall position of the Trump administration during a second term not yet resolved. There is over $100 million of surplus in the Lakota budget that the teacher’s union is licking its chops to get a hold of, and they are up for a contract renewal in 2021, and they have picked their candidates in this one. They want the budget novices Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray to be the winning votes during those negotiations and have supported them during this election. So, I have provided the full video of the recent Miami University VOA Meet the Candidates debate which was very well done I might add, so that voters can make up their own minds about this upcoming election. The differences between the candidates couldn’t be more obvious as presented here in the format totality.

Obviously from that video Lynda O’Connor has a lot of experience and is business friendly. I’ve known her for a long time and after sifting through the smoke of political theater have come to trust her with millions and millions of dollars of budget. So much so that I have felt I didn’t have to cover everything little thing that Lakota has been doing, instead looking more at national and international issues involving the Trump administration. But local issues will always be the core of what we do in our republic. The quality of who we vote for regionally has a direct impact on the national elements so we should never take our eye off the importance of local elections. And for that, Lynda certainly has my vote. And so does James Hahn. This is his first time running for the school board of any kind and he was obviously a little nervous in the video. I know him as well and can say that he’s a lot more comfortable with a balance sheet involving vast sums of money than either Julie or Ray is. I actually know all of them well at this point and without question Lynda and Mr. Hahn are the far better choices, especially for the many millions of dollars that are at stake.

Ray and Julie both will say in interviews and in those latte sipping formats with other voters that they don’t care about endorsements from either political party. Yet they are endorsed by the teacher’s union at Lakota and those members are very active on Facebook and other social media networks pushing for these two big spenders to be on the board so they can have easy access to that $100 million. Its like a bank robbery being planned through an election. The money is sitting there in the vault and the union plans to break into that safe to take it by electing union insiders onto the board and taking away fiscal conservatives like Lynda out of their way with a simple vote. It’s an off-year election so voter turnout will be typically low. The union members and their families will show up to vote for the pillaging of that surplus so that is what is at stake in this election, theft, or protection of that $100 million surplus.

It was in that video which I referred to earlier in another article that Ray Murray had said that it would take 38 years to spend that much surplus money, so to his mind, why not spend it and give it to people who need it. He was speaking just like a bank robber in the Old West preparing to loot a town for the plights of the poor and downtrodden. Only I’m not so sure that Ray Murray is the good pastor of a church that he says he is. Without question Ray is a likeable guy full of charisma, but so are a lot of bank robbers and other types of villains. If they can get something out of you without things getting messy, of course its better for them, and I would contend that is precisely what Ray is up to. I don’t think he’s as stupid as he’s acting in that video. If he and Julie get on the school board together, they will give that surplus money to the teacher’s union that has endorsed them and we’ll have another very contentious school levy in 2022 which is not that far off.

Of course, we have a choice at this point, we could elect James Hahn and Lynda O’Connor, (both of them) to get a third conservative vote on the school board to protect that money. It would be like hiring extra security at the bank so that looters couldn’t rob the money. Jim doesn’t need to know much as a first-time board member, he just needs to understand money, which he does. The debate itself didn’t go too far into these issues because it wasn’t meant to. It was a nice surface community thing that was meant to be a softball game so to be in the realm of Ray and Julie’s comfort zone. Conservatives never look as good in those types of debates because they tend to talk over the heads of common voters. The details of such large budgets require smart people and both Lynda and James are, but such a debate format doesn’t want to show how smart people are, only how compassionate, giving, and likeable they can be which feeds straight into the union narrative for their looting scheme.

It was a nice event, the debate, but I did notice something that was unusual about those types of events, before the narrative went down the rabbit hole on transgender bathrooms, guns on teachers—or rather the lack of them, and how we would never spend that $100 million surplus in 38 years. At the beginning of the debate there was no pledge of allegiance to the flag. I’ve been going to these kinds of events for many years and there is always some sort of acknowledgment to the flag of the United States. But not this time. Lynda and Jim are trying to bring to the board of education a conservative presence to protect the budget surplus that we currently have at Lakota. And they are also trying to create a friendlier business climate to steer away from the extortion tactics of the past by Lakota against potential investors. And they are both flag waving Americans. But as the board is now, Lynda is outvoted 3 to 2 and Lakota like all public schools is controlled by the very progressive America hating teacher unions. And the evidence was clear in that debate by the absence of the pledge of allegiance. Thieves don’t honor the structure of the bank of the investors. They just want to rob it and to use the money for their own efforts. And that is what the teacher’s union at Lakota wants to do with Ray and Julie, elect them so that the surplus will fall into the hands of the robbers. And to hell with the American flag, and the conservatives of Butler County who live in the Lakota district. They are counting on everyone staying home on election night so that they can sneak into that bank and take that $100 million without firing a metaphorical shot and enriching themselves in the process at all of our expense.

The question is, will you let them?

Rich Hoffman

Vote for O’Connor and Hahn to Lakota School Board: It isn’t about being nice, its about being effective

The value to a person like me of the Lakota school system is in how little they take from the community to offer their free baby-sitting service. I think we are in a time where the college myth is no longer relevant, that we understand the cost of a liberalized education is very detrimental to young minds. But a lot of parents could care less, they just need somewhere to park their kids for the day while they do whatever they do. And if there are sports programs, they can play the lottery with their children by hoping that they may get a scholarship to a college and save them some money. That’s my opinion of the public education system which might be bleak to many, but its my observation that, that is the essence of it, so in my view, it needs to cost the least possible. The real figures that make up a good community are the businesses that create the desire to move into an area. The school that happens to be there benefits from the quality of people who are drawn to the businesses of a region. It’s a really broken system that measures all the wrong values, so while we all figure out the future of public education, we need a bridge from here to there that has smart people managing the resources so we don’t end up with the kind of mess that we have had at Lakota during the last decade.

At the recent VOA Miami University Meet the Candidate night which took place on October 22nd, 2019 I attended to provide coverage for those who couldn’t be there, and video of the event is provided here. I see this work as a kind of public service. Feel free to watch the videos and make your decisions on the candidates. For me the unquestionable choice for school board in this upcoming election is James Hahn and Lynda O’Connor. Lynda has been around for a while and knows how to manage the board and keep Lakota in a win column so that they don’t scare off potential investors into real estate as a deal breaker. I don’t think Lakota is a lure, not in the way public school used to be. Other factors certainly are a greater part of the decision-making process. And that’s where James Hahn comes into play. He’s a business guy and would provide Lynda and the current board member Todd Parnell with that critical third vote to keep the district running well with the massive amount of money that we do give them.

Much of the talk from that debate night was what to do with the massive $100 million surplus that Lakota is operating under. I filmed many of the questions and answers but was out of the room away from the camera when Ray Murray proclaimed that it would take Lakota 37 years to spend all that money, which was astonishing. I’m sure somebody in the room filmed that comment. But the gist of the night was that Ray and Julie Shaffer were nice people who just didn’t have a clue how to operate in this tightly controlled Lakota district where business owners have actually stood up for themselves against the extortion tactics that public schools often use to get more money in their pockets so they can throw it at the teacher’s union. Looming in the room around that event were many of them from Liberty Township and West Chester. Sure, everyone shakes hands at the end of those things and gets along, professionally. But the resentment of the game is a clear dividing line and since much has been said over the last decade about the negative ways Lakota has interacted with that part of the community, it is clear that the skills needed are well beyond Ray and Julie.

What’s different now as opposed to even a few years ago is that “just pay more money for the kids” isn’t enough any more for public schools, and at Lakota that is especially true. There are lots of psychological problems that make people do what they do, and as I often refer to strong supporters of government schools as rapid animals with their minds soaked into delusion as to what the school can actually do for their children, what everything eventually comes down to is money. Lakota has plenty of money that they are taking in. The question is, what happens to it? Without a pro-business school board who knows how to read a balance sheet, that $100 million surplus will be wasted on everything and the board will come back to the community asking for more money in a few short years.

Nobody wanted to talk about a school levy, obviously I was there for everyone to see, and many members of the old No Lakota Levy campaign were in the audience also very visible. Without question that changed the course of the dialogue a lot from pro levy discussions which of course the teachers and administrators always want to hear and centered on more fiscal responsibility which seemed like an oblivious concept to Ray. I am still astonished about some of the things he said during the debate. He may be a nice guy that is very likable but being likable isn’t a qualification unless the job is a Wal-Mart greeter. When we are talking about budgets ranging in the millions and millions of dollars, many times you want someone managing it who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about being liked. Quite the opposite.

Lynda O’Connor has come a long way in her years on the school board. I’ve always liked her but, in the beginning, I thought of her as another idealist who was pro education and would work the Republican ranks because of the regional consequences. But she has certainly proven to me that she is sincerely conservative. She also has a lot of hope in what can be done with public education and so long as we have that as the means of educating kids, she is the right kind of person for a job like the school board. James Hahn is new to all this, and that is great too. So long as he can learn from Lynda, his business experience will be a big help in keeping the business community close and part of solutions. The other two, experienced board members and part of what was the problem originally would be a disastrous pick.

Let’s face it, without opposition Lakota would not have that $100 million surplus. It wasn’t some miracle trick in accounting. Lakota has a good treasurer, much better than who was there before her. And I think the new superintendent is a good one. I’m sure he’d like more freedom to promote the brand of Lakota as more the center of the community than what it is. I don’t think its bad at all to be part of that anger. I see it as healthy. Nobody wants to read one more boring newspaper article about these topics from boring, fossilized reporters. They enjoy my work for sure, and I think giving it to them with an animated zeal is good for the decision-making process. Public school is a boring topic for those who have their kids all grown up and have moved away. They certainly don’t want their taxes to go up. They just want to enjoy their community, their jobs and a nice place to shop and go out to dinner on a Friday night. They don’t want to hear that Lakota has blown their $100 million surplus and is asking for more money because the school board mismanaged it. To avoid that fate, vote for O’Connor and Hahn. And make sure Lakota knows you are watching them. Because the moment you don’t, that money and much more will be spent, and we’ll have another levy. You can bet on that.

Rich Hoffman

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Creating Crises for Change Agency: Why so many are so angry about Syria

It is truly scary to think how close we came to having Mitt Romney as president in 2012, Mr. Pierre Delecto. If you add him to John Kasich who was governor of Ohio during that election, its no wonder the GOP lost all the time. Those guys just suck. Horrible representatives of conservative values and in the scheme of things, before there was a Donald Trump in politics, they were the good guys. We all suspected how deep the deep state was, and why we had troops all over the world supporting make work wars just for the benefit of having something to do and always a crisis to manage. You would think that more Democrats would be happy that Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria and asking other countries to pay their own way in matters of conflict, but nobody in government is happy about it, because essentially it exposes them for not really having anything better to do. They create the crises, then they send resources to manage the crises, all the while enriching themselves in the process. And now that we have a president that is exposing that scheme people like Romney are apocalyptic. If there is anything good coming of it, it is that conservative radio and talk shows are finally starting to see how the game has been played all along. Rush Limbaugh had a particularly good show about it, seen below, as did Laura Ingraham on Fox.

One of the first rules of change agency is to create a false crisis, a situation where people in a panic will make decisions, they otherwise wouldn’t make to usher in a change state to their daily lives. And nothing provokes change more than a war without end. I would think that the Hollywood anti-war protestors would be supporters of President Trump due to his desire to turn away from that chaos of global war machine politics. Instead they have turned toward the next crises, an invented diatribes like “climate change.” They are hoping to see the President impeached before the swamp is drained and all their tricks for creating crises are exposed. Wars used in this modern era, as we have clearly witnessed by the evidence, are make work programs for the lazy, and institutionalized thinkers, such as the Harvard educated Mitt Romney. Trump’s election has turned the world he thought he understood on its head leaving us all thankful that the common sense of the American people made an important change in electing Trump before it was too late, which in 2012 was at the precipice. Many in the Tea Party movement were seeing the writing on the wall, much earlier even than 2009 when things really started to get heated. But the panic now, for losers like “Pierre Delecto,” is that their make work wars have been exposed and that the world will forever be changed, and that they don’t understand their place in it.

Rush was correct, these political class players used our love of military, patriotism, and country to create a military complex that we would cheerfully send over seas to manage other people’s problems all in the name of crises management. Yet the crises were created by hidden agents operating behind the curtain, infusing a little anger here in some socialist cell in the Middle East, or making it so that America couldn’t fly into space but through Russian agents due to cutbacks at NASA. And we were all supposed to accept these ridiculous limits and provocations and like it. Then when we elected a different kind of politician that would turn the GOP into a true Republican Party, politicians like Mitt Romney and John Kasich fell into an all-out panic. They had spent their lives learning the rules and now the rules were all thrown out the window. If we had elected Romney, the Republican Party would essentially slide more to the left and become what the Democrats would like to be about now.

You can see the weakness of these arrogant institutionalists when pressed, Mr. Pierre Delecto uttered “C’est moi,” just to show everyone how educated and “New English” he is while confirming his clandestine Twitter account so critical of President Trump. He was so eager for some reporter at Slate to sniff at his breadcrumbs and tell the world that Romney wasn’t such a boring guy after all, and that he really hated the president desperately, because essentially, he had lost at his chance. He’d rather have someone in the White House that he understands even if they are from the other party. Sounds a lot like James Comey as he talked about drinking wine while leaving Washington after being fired from his job by Trump as another worthless beltway bureaucrat. These people, who we used to call conservatives are simply coastal liberals who have no idea what makes the rest of the country tick, and they have no desire to learn because they are representatives of institutionalism, and that behavior seeks to justify themselves through chaos and crises. They never did want any solutions to any problems, they just wanted problems so they could appear to do things about it, while making themselves wealthy off the process. A quick look at how much incoming senators make as opposed to what they make leaving office tells the whole story. It is insulting that these types of people were upset with Trump for wanting to host the G7 at Doral. I still think he should.

If not for the Trump election none of this would have been exposed, but it is now. Better yet, conservative outlets are no longer treating the subject as a vast conspiracy, but as real news, as it always was. The best thing that could happen is that people like Mitt Romney and John Kasich be flushed from conservative thinking and that the GOP form under the small government tendencies of the Trump administration. The hypocrisy couldn’t be more obvious, even from a giant media company like Disney who should love the Trump administration for its anti-war stance, its solution-based trade wars, and economic sanctions which hit villains in the pocketbook, not in innocent collateral damage. If it’s not obvious by now, our military is not exactly a bastion of conservatism. They are by nature big government bureaucrats which Trump learned while trying to put them in his administration. Troops might vote for Republicans, but generals are very liberal in their thinking, and they love to have perpetual wars with no solutions in sight because it keeps everyone fed with make work programs and reasons to celebrate with dinner parties for the heroes of the movement. You would think that more people would support pulling back the troops but now that someone in the Executive Branch is actually planning to do it, without asking for permission, the outrage is rather explosive, and for our benefit, very revealing. There is nothing new about it, but we do now see a truth that has always been there. And it’s a good thing that we finally did, and that news types, such as Rush Limbaugh are finally addressing it for what it is. We had to admit that our GOP was not fully conservative and that our former politicians were just as corrupt as the Democrats. To me, Trump’s anti-war stance is a liberal one, and he is not what I would call a strong conservative. But next to Mitt Romney and John Kasich, and many others, Trump is the most conservative politician to ever sit in the White House, or anywhere for that matter.

Rich Hoffman

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To Hell With the Chinese Government: There is a lot more money to make once the communist regime is removed

This year feels like a greatest hit of “I told you so” euphemisms and that is certainly true of the situation in China. I suppose I’m a little surprised that people are just now discovering that China has been a communist country and is very much an oppressive regime. They have used corporate extortion with companies like Disney, Nike and Apple to hide their treachery behind capitalist goods sold back to the United States with a nice big smiley face. But it was never an illusion to me that they were a murderous blot of communists that needed to be destroyed at some point in time for their many injustices. My position on China has been always the same because I do know history and it has been appalling to me that so many American companies wanted to do business with China and actually bend to their will for a shot at their population as expansion of an emerging market.

As much as I support corporations, usually by the time they mature, they are not much different from socialist dictatorships ran by a board of directors as opposed to the innovative techniques that made them great in the first place. At the point of a company like Nike, The NBA or the movie industry looking for more and more people to consume their products its not a big deal to cave into the demands of China’s communism because as corporations, they are already thinking the same way within their organizations. Its all about brand protection, Nike has their image to protect that they’ve built over a long period of time. China also has an image to protect, so its not hard to see why they are such good bedfellows.

The good thing is that through the trade war, President Trump has forced the economy of China into a dire situation and they have lost their ability to project superiority as a culture. Taking away their buffer cash reserves has exposed China to the kind of dirty dealers they have always been, and its left this uncomfortable relationship between all these massive American corporations exposed. Seeing their chance for freedom under the protection of the Trump administration, the people of Hong Kong are making their move to stand up for themselves and it is really pissing off China to see all those American flags and protestors uttering American sentiments wherever they can.

China in response is trying to close off their culture to western ideas, which blows the plans of the Hollywood industry out of the water as they count on China to cover their bottom line these days. Naturally China is blaming America for a lot of the riots in Hong Kong and they are angry that they are losing their grip on the world both as a brand and financially. So, they are putting up their walls and trying to disconnect from the world as a reaction, which is really too late to attempt to do now. China culturally has oppressed their people so a stand off is ripe. And now, due to Trump, they don’t have the financial resources to deal with it. They have no choice but to make a deal with President Trump to make the pain go away. And that’s where things are today.

I learned what I needed to know about China from the Joseph Campbell book Oriental Mythology as it reported page by page how the communist government took over in 1949 and inflicted upon the good people there tyranny beyond belief. We all have a lot to be enraged about when political leftists and corporations want to turn a blind eye to the terror that is the Chinese government and has been for many years now in favor of making a few bucks. And they think they have a right to then lecture us on the evils of capitalism. Its all been a not so funny joke.

Yet our education system and our own government in general has looked to communist China as the way to do everything, which is appalling. We could have over a billion people if we wanted to, but the same leftists who support China with a desire to market products to their billions of people are the same who support abortion and the mass killing of millions and millions of potential Americans. The same leftists who preach to America about tolerance for Muslims and other aggressive religions is the same one that promotes China where religion is illegal unless you are worshiping the government. The political left has been pointing us all toward China for most of a half century and telling us that this was what was coming to us and we better get used to it.

And what did we ever get out of China? Nothing really, our trade relationship allowed them to loot off us and gain what they could as a tyrannical regime of communist advocates. The way to weaken them was to prevent them from cheating off our homework and let them fail on their own without propping them up. The only way Chinese communism was going to work was if they could loot off the United States corporations to validate their climb to power. All they had to bargain with was their billion people. Other than that, they had nothing. Yet the political left went all in on that gamble and now it is lost, crumbling before their eyes.

Yet what’s so astonishing is that so many people don’t know that China was and still is such a hostile power, that their communism was so evil, and vile. And that the Trump administration has exposed all this treachery without firing a single shot in aggression. Because honestly, its not bullets that make war work these days, its economics. In a lot of ways, it always was. The governments of the world wanted socialism, so they used China as a way to advance it around the world, they were propped up to succeed and corporate America forgot about the value of a strong nation and bought into the global brand. Why market to just Americans when the whole world was open to them, so it was an attractive proposition.

However, what everyone missed was that those Chinese markets do not have to be limited to us, as they have been. Think how much money could be made by these same corporations if you topple the communist government and free those markets in China along with Hong Kong? Most of those billion people who live in China are poor. Dirt poor. They don’t have money to go see NBA games, to see movies, or buy Nike tennis shoes. But once the communist government falls and the doors of capitalism open, there will be a lot more affluent people in China who could. So pandering to the communists was not the smart thing to do. Getting rid of them is, and with Trump’s tough stance with tariffs, it is exposing that communist government complete with all their weaknesses. They are going to have to change, they have no choice. Then, and only then will markets really be open to American companies. Pandering to evil will not help the bottom line, it just gives the illusion for a short-term gain at long term losses. Those losses are now being felt as they damn well should.

Rich Hoffman

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