Trump Was Right About Iran: How political consultants have caused war and are to blame for the deaths in the Middle East

It was always disingenuous to suggest that President Trump did not have a strategy when he ordered the end of Iran’s top terrorist general. The constant suggestion of recklessness about that decision and the media emphasis that it would cause World War III was dubious at best from the outset. Wiser minds knew better. Iran is a third world country ran by small minded people who for a period of time had first world money due to their oil. They are not capable of conducting a war with the United States and everyone smart knew it. Yet there is an advisor class who make a lot of money off politicians in Washington and within the media culture who inject themselves into the situation with their take essentially to make money off of chaos. And for them to continue making money off the Iranian instability in the Middle East, they need the world to believe that Iran is more than it truly is, a real threat globally that can only be dealt with by some fictional academic elite forged from our liberal universities and who think in groups, instead of individual leadership.

In reality, Iran has barely been hanging on politically for a long time and their people are ready for another revolution. The communist one of 1979 has not worked out for them and now this new generation is thinking of better things, western influenced. Trump being one of us—people who live in the world by the merits of our own decisions—understood that by removing a person that Iran counted on with competency to inflict harm to the world, that the incompetency of the Iranian culture stagnated due to their totalitarian view of the world, would be at a loss. It is shameful to see that Iran did shoot down an airliner headed for Ukraine carrying many innocent lives out of Tehran shortly after sending a missile barrage at U.S. airbases—but not surprising. Incompetent people make mistakes when their leadership is absent. It happens in businesses, and it happens in countries—it happens everywhere that organizations suffer by a loss of leadership and they do not have a culture that inspires the next generation of leadership. So when a senior leader is removed, and there is nobody to replace them because totalitarian leaders often are getting rid of their future competition, not nurturing them, then a leadership vacuum always follows. So yes, President Trump knew exactly what he was doing, and he had a strategy. It just wasn’t a strategy that the boot lickers of our society wanted to see, because they can’t make money off Trump’s way. Its as simple as that.

Innocent people should never lose their lives due to the incompetency of their governments. However, for the lives lost due to Iran shooting down that airliner killing all onboard, the Iranian people were granted a rare admission of guilt from their government, which had no choice due to the hard position Trump had put them in, forcing their own incompetency to be revealed to the world on live television. They were provoked to attack America to save face from their embarrassments, and they overacted to the civilian airliner headed for destinations of innocence because they expected attacks from America in response. Instead, Trump played it cool, sent out a tweet saying all was well, leaving Iran to face itself with honesty for perhaps the first time in decades. The Iranian government failed to poise themselves as the grand threat on the world stage and revealed themselves to be simply a terrified regional gang. And now their people want a change.

Trump’s plan never included more troops to the region the way the boot lickers who act as consultants suggested. Killing Iran’s top general was never going to be the start of a new war. It had a plan, it just wasn’t a plan that the consultant class understood, because it didn’t mean any new work for them. Of course, they hate Trump, he doesn’t need them to consult him. He can make decisions on his own, like any great business executive can. People like Trump have real life experience that easily beats political hacks around the world and those too dependent on consultants to tell them how to proceed next. The plan was, and continues to be, to act decisively based on Trump’s experience which turns out to be superior to the consultant class. The criticism is meant to tell the opposite story, that only they have the answer which is critical to them because that’s how they make a living.

However, in many ways the lives of those poor people on that destroyed airliner shot down in Iran is the fault of that same group of people, the consultants who artificially propped up Iran to look like a first world superpower. Giving Iran false power has endangered so many people over the years, and countless people have died as a direct result. True, they are sad that Trump has solved the problem in Iran setting force a new revolution that the Iranian people will conduct on their own, without American troops to help. Any recklessness that has transpired had already occurred before Trump was even in office by the political consultants who have for so many decades made Iran feel tough, and embolden to be terrors across the world, leaving many innocent people to die needlessly. That is the real crime. Trump ended that threat with a simple decision on one guy. That has left Iran exposed for what it always was, and now lots of people are upset, and they deserve to be. Because they were cheering for the wrong side all along, for all the wrong reasons.

Unlike the show that consultants wanted to occur where proper strategy only gave them more to do, more work to whisper in the ears of their paying clients, Trump’s strategy was to solve the problem. And that’s what he has done and why Iran is now poised to stop being a threat to the entire world. Any leverage of terror they had before they shot down that airliner is now gone and forever, they will be known as a lying regime to their own people. Many of us on the outside already knew that, but the people of Iran weren’t so sure. Now they know. And so does the world. And Trump exposed them just by pressing his position and forcing Iran to act in ways they weren’t competent to respond. The pressure got to them and they made a huge international mistake that they had to admit to, since the evidence was so overwhelming. Yes, Trump had a strategy and it worked. He didn’t need a bunch of people to tell him how to do it, he already knew from hundreds if not thousands of business deals in the past. Dealing with Iran isn’t any more complicated. It may have higher stakes, but the skills in understanding the strategy are the same. That is why the world is a lot safer now than it was before Iran’s top general was killed by an American drone strike, ordered by President Trump. That is always why the world is starting to feel empowered to challenge their authoritarian governments. The results are far better than leaving billions of dollars on a runway for terror to thrive. Trump’s strategy made people much safer, and gave more people hope than ever before. Which is why he’s a great president. We are lucky to have him.

Rich Hoffman

The Obscurities of Exsistance: Understanding differences between results people and process driven bureaucrats

I am pretty happy these days, we are having what I think is a very healthy growth period for the human race. That was quite evident while listening to Rush Limbaugh’s January 9, 2020 show which can be watched below in its entirety. I would suggest to all to take a little time to watch it this weekend for the content which in a lot of ways is revolutionary. Rush Limbaugh always does good shows whether or not the listener happens to be a conservative. There are few places anywhere on planet earth where these kinds of topics are discussed and analyzed that have such far reaching consequences. I am of course talking about the aftermath of the Iran situation and the killing of their top general, and how Trump did everything so decisively leaving lots of sloppy minds in his wake. Congress reacted by attempting to limit his powers, but what they are really saying is that they just want to slow him down because he’s such a fast and decisive thinker that it makes them look bad. While Trump was saying as much he had guests in the White House behind him in a speech and they were laughing to themselves at the situation as many do these days all across the country, and that is because of this issue that Rush spoke about, the big difference between people of action, and people of process.

I have always been a fast driver; I enjoy best a road with nobody in front of me. I hate most traffic. I am not a patient driver when on a highway only going 15 mph. I prefer to go 100 mph or more with no cars in front of me and I don’t look back at whoever is behind. There is nothing more arrogant than some loser who pulls out in front of you if you are cruising down a street at 50 or so and they get in front of you and only go 35 or worse. They may stick ride to the speed limit and stay there in front of you almost smiling to themselves that they are slowing you down and that its for your own good, because they think speed kills or something ridiculous. This is the mentality of our regulatory class of people who are process driven and are the direct products of our current education system which is obviously deficient.

I heard recently that Boeing employees were mocking the FAA on approval of the 737 Max with little new training for pilots. It was the New York Times reporting it as process driven social malcontents because in their world, regulations and process is what protects them from a world that demands results. They of course sympathize with the government workers at the FAA because they are those slow minded losers who pull out in front of us on the highways and hold up traffic to the speed limit or less. Speed limits as I say all the time, I hate them so passionately that I wrote an entire book on the subject called Tail of the Dragon, are for the weakest links of our society, not the best. Not the fastest. Certainly not the most competent.

I’m not saying we live in a lawless world, or a world that doesn’t need FAA regulators, or even people who drive the speed limit. We do need those people for things. But we should not like them. There is nothing wrong with mocking them just as the people behind Trump snickered at how stupid the rest of the world was while Trump was talking. People get it, they know the process drivers of life are slow, dim-wits who should not be in charge. We can use them to test our skills and advance our civilization. But we should not let them limit us creatively in the realm of business. Trump has shown why it was always important to have a business guy in elected office instead of process drivers who are overly educated in process, but not in results.

Businesspeople are used to results where as Rush pointed out, government types are used to processes. They hide their lack of courage and personal timidity behind processes and so long as the world stays under the speed limits that they set; they can feel like they are important to the growth of the world. But they aren’t, usually what happens is that they are those slow losers who pull out in front of us and ruin our drive by slowing us down ridiculously and they are smug about it because it forces us to live within their limits instead of them reaching up to ours.

Trump by the nature of his existence is forcing this discussion in ways that just weren’t possible a decade ago. Rush was right, if you really take the reason that people don’t like Trump in Washington its because he’s a results driver as most good executives are in business. He’s exposing the compliance and process class of people who have been running things for many decades for what they are, slow people who never expect to accomplish anything and to get paid well for no results. They go home at the end of everyday whether or not the work was done, they meet friends for drinks even if the world is on fire, and they could care less. They are safe in the processes that we have created for ourselves, and so long as they stay under those speed limits, they feel safe. But for the rest of us, we feel fury at the lack of results that are produced, and at the cost of such bad results.

My happiness comes from having this discussion finally after many years of observing this trend and my own personal feelings about this matter. I’ve always had a thing for speed limits and compared them to our processes in a social context. These processes greatly limit the human imagination and it makes me sick to see. I enjoy most to see free minds thinking and striving at whatever pace they can handle. I don’t want to see them running over others and killing them, but I want to see what people can do if they push themselves and processes prevent that kind of thinking and place everyone into the same box of performance based on some arbitrary speed limit that a bureaucrat conceives is “safe.”

As I tell people all the time, processes and speed limits can be used to make you better, so they aren’t all bad. We do need FAA regulators to check our quality and to maintain standards. But they should never be allowed to be the pace setters for society. If they pull in front of you on the road, you should pass them. And in the Trump presidency, he does just that and the workers behind Trump gave their knowing smiles because they understand that. So did all the people later that night in Toledo, Ohio who lined up to watch him speak in a stuffed venue in the middle of the work week. None of the Democrat candidates could draw a crowd like that even if they paid people. The process people just don’t understand because things are happening faster than they think and are willing to function. Leaving them in the dust, permanently. And for the rest of us who have felt unnecessarily restricted by these process driven lunatics for many years, finally we can see changes happening much to our relief.

Rich Hoffman

As Iran Fired Missiles, I Slept Very Well: Having a very good president in the White House

It was over before it even started as I announced in earlier articles. Trump had destroyed Iran’s “queen” in the great chess game and the war was over even as Fox News broke into its coverage to show missiles in the air headed for American occupied bases in Iraq. Every station had in fact started covering the revenge from Iran on live television and the situation looked ominous. I laughed to myself and went to bed. I was not at all surprised to wake up the next morning with a text from President Trump saying all was well, no American lives were lost. As a matter of fact, as the day evolved, we learned that the Iranians had been telling us that they were firing missiles essentially to appease their political base, but they weren’t aimed at any Americans. And they told us when they were done. They really didn’t want any action from America, that was obvious. They just wanted to show some missiles in the air flying around to show on State television to save some face after the embarrassing end to one of their top military minds. It’s not that I didn’t care about the results, but I can do math. Iran as I have said over and over again cannot fight a war. They do not have the resources for anything beyond regional terrorism. So, they weren’t going to sign their own death warrant. I slept well even as the missiles where in the air flying around in the desert.

The media was caught red handed on this one because the fuel of the entire exercise was their coverage, made up as they went along. Like many of us have been saying for decades, the media has ran many of these wars covering movements, reporting them on air, then forcing presidents and generals to adapt to the broadcasts as if it were a sporting event. This has been going on since television became a common thing. And now that we have a president who understands the game, he doesn’t get played by it, but he certainly plays the players. The drums of war were being beaten by the media for an event that couldn’t even take place if the Iranians even wanted it to. They simply don’t have the resources, which left all the broadcasters reeling to justify their panic driven coverage in the aftermath.

If you are a reporter, or a network executive, you should at least be a little intellectually curious as to the nature of war and strategy, and to know that Iran only has about 200 to 300 Scud missiles and about 100 Shahab-3 medium range ballistic missiles. Their entire strategy is to use terrorism as a leverage point to show power, because they don’t actually have any power. They have an unstable government hanging on to an old communist idea that has eroded away into Islamic ideology leaving them with very little in financial options. And without finances they can’t even buy new weapons or think about building nuclear ones. They have nothing to work with, so no possibility of a war with anybody. The energy and cost to fire off those few missiles they did in revenge of their slain leader cost them a fortune that they didn’t have, and they have no appetite to do it anymore. We aren’t talking about kids firing off Nerf guns in their back yard, it costs a lot to fire off any kind of missile and Iran just doesn’t have the financial resources to conduct a war of any kind. That is why I went to bed, because what the news was broadcasting was pure nonsense. It was a ruse from the start and any news organization should have known that. What they were broadcasting was a fiction, and they likely knew it. If they didn’t know it, they were incompetent and shouldn’t even be on the air.

I slept well because for the first time in my life I knew there was a guy in the White House who could see through the illusions and to not allow a bunch of panicky generals and advisors to poke him into war with an enemy that was about as harmful as a common house fly. Now a house fly can land in some shit and then land on your food and cause trouble, but in all reality, their intent is pretty iniquitous but not very dangerous. And Trump’s speech to the country was along those lines. Be careful with flies landing in shit and crawling on you, but for now, we will leave them alone by keeping the door shut. Trump’s speech addressing the issue was the best that I can remember. He shut down the drums for war quickly and addressed the truly minimalist situation for what it was properly, giving people an honest assessment for what was one of the few in history. Most of these kinds of things are draped in drama meant to add a fearful narrative that has a big government subtext to it, letting people know that government will keep them safe. Not in Trump’s speech. He essentially said, nothing to worry about. Its cool. Go enjoy your families. Only with him, it wasn’t a lie meant to lull people back to sleep, but to get them back to living good productive lives without the worry of some flies landing on their food with feet dripping in shit.

This is what competency looks like, it doesn’t need to fear the actions of losers. Losers do not rule the world, as the media would like you to believe. To properly reflect this new age of living, the media is going to have to adjust, they’ll have to get better. They’ll need to figure out how to cover a 24-hour news cycle without talking about war, impeachment, or some FBI scandal against our president. Eventually they’ll have to come up with fresh content all on their own that doesn’t rely on scaring everyone to death to stay relevant. I would say that time has passed, but there is no time like the present. For myself, it was the first time I went to bed when some national incident was occurring, because I have learned the falseness of it all well and could see the signs from the very first moments. And the next day, most of the country had to admit the same, even CNN. As we all learn to be more competent, and focus our efforts on productive things, the news will have to grow with us and that will be a real challenge for them. The same old tricks will not work in the future as they have since the advent of televisions into our living rooms. They could all learn some lessons from Trump himself who is the Master of Media. He was before he became president, he won because of his knowledge. And now as a president, he only has sharpened that mastery. I trust him more than I trust television executives, so I went to bed until I heard from Trump. I didn’t want to hear from all the lesser people covering things they didn’t know just trying to frighten people into staying tuned. And that not just for me, but for many people, is a very new thing.

Rich Hoffman

Not Giving Domestic Enemies in the American Press a Free Pass: Making a hard decision that is required of our times

It’s time that we have a conversation about domestic enemies and their use of the First Amendment to attempt to bring tyrannical revolution to America through the guise of freedom. It’s an old trick that has now worn away into obviousness especially in light of the recent killing of Iran’s top general. The domestic enemies of America have shown themselves under the banner of free speech by proposing that America and President Trump in general was wrong in the act of defending itself from a leftist aggressor. So much was made of the stampede that occurred at the funeral of that general which left 30 dead because there were over a million people attending. But that’s not so impressive, what else were those people going to do? It’s not like Iran has a thriving economy that is keeping everyone entertained with plenty to do. In most cases the people in Iran are left with only pictures of the supreme commander to look at as they count dust blowing across their roads. So a funeral is a welcomed distraction for them, yet to many in America’s media, they sought to make more of it than was true, for all the reasons that a domestic enemy might endeavor.

When we talk about the Second Amendment many people think that all sorts of restrictions can be placed on that one. They seek to limit where we can carry guns, how many we can buy, they try to tax ammunition to discourage buying more and they look for all sorts of ways to take that right away from us. But when it comes to the First Amendment, if you are on the wrong side of the political spectrum, they seek to ban you from Google searches, YouTube and even Twitter. But for them, they can say anything about everyone anytime they wish. They call it free speech to criticize Trump’s actions against Iran, or China or even want to impeach him over a Ukrainian conversation, yet they see no problem in siding with known tyrannical regimes to weaken the United States domestically so that power players all over the globe can be emboldened. That is a real problem and they have really shown themselves in the wake of the latest Iran incident picking sides with anybody standing opposed to President Trump.

Well, we all take an oath to the American Constitution to protect it from foreign and domestic enemies and these abusers of the First Amendment are clearly acting as agents of destruction toward American ideals and we should take action against them. There is nothing wrong with it, we aren’t violating any of their Constitutional rights. They do not have a right to be a voice against American policy if their intent is not to make a vantage point stronger, but to weaken it into collapse. And if they are cheerleading an enemy against America, then we need to deal with that in the fashion it deserves.

I wouldn’t say I’m suggesting that we round these people up in the middle of the night and throw them in jail for speaking out against American ideas by supporting Iranian positions. They certainly want to do that to Second Amendment supporters, and just ask Roger Stone about illegal searches and violations against his Constitutional rights when he was arrested and thrown in jail just for knowing the President. But I am saying that we need to slap these people down and knock them off their platforms without our endorsement of subscriptions and ratings. We simply can’t let domestic enemies’ function in the open within our society and get away with it with a smug smile on their faces. We need to knock that smugness off right now.

Iran isn’t dangerous, all they have as a weapon is fear of some terrorist act. When our own media is the sheath that carries that weapon, we have a problem. Take that away, and Iran has nothing. They have no money to fight a war. They have no complicated political position, just a few tyrants who run everything as is common in any authoritarian regime. They are all paper tigers only propped up by the worlds media who desire to bring down the governments of capitalism from the preponderance of fear that any terrorist soaked in ideology might dream of. And we should not allow it to continue unchecked. Its one thing to be critical of a management style of a governing body. Its quite another to encourage enemies to appear stronger than they are so that our government makes bad decisions. This has been going on for a long time and until President Trump came along, we had entire presidential administrations who listened to these unelected domestic enemies and set policy to their opinions, and that has only made the world more dangerous, not less so. It has allowed Iran and North Korea, and many other places to believe that America is an easy target, and that has propped them up to bring harm where it otherwise wouldn’t have. That is worthy of prosecution all by itself.

Free speech isn’t free, there are consequences. Just as we have the right to bear arms, yet we can’t just carry around guns anywhere we want, we have decided as a society that there are limits. Now if we want to say there are no limits to these things, then let me know and I’ll carry a gun everywhere I want to, churches, government buildings, sporting events—everywhere. But don’t tell me that there are restrictions to one amendment, but unrestricted interpretation to all the other so long as it serves the needs of domestic enemies. We must admit to ourselves that America does have domestic enemies, and they teach our schools, they work in our government, and they run many of our networks. We are not all equal and we don’t all like being American. We are crazy if we allow domestic enemies hide behind American law while they work every opportunity to chop down our system in favor of tyrants around the world, which is precisely what has happened in the wake of the killing of Iran’s top general.

I would say that Iran is not a threat, but our domestic enemies are, they are cheering for some terrorist act to embarrass our president for purely political purposes and they are doing it to the point where they are opening the door hoping to let the insurgents in undetected. The most dangerous occurrence to come from this latest Iranian crisis is that our media reports might embolden some terrorist loser to act so that they might at least get positive press coverage upon their sacrifice. Its not that the government of Iran would organize it, because they can’t, they are incompetent. But some rogue cell of bandits and outlaws might by the encouragement of our own American press. And it wouldn’t be by accident, but on purpose. And they think they can get by with it because they are protected by the First Amendment and think they are untouchable as domestic enemies. Which is a disgrace to us all, knowing that they feel the way they do about our country and the ideas of freedom that it has always represented. This crisis demands that we take a position of making a decision between domestic enemies and Americans as a unified whole. Because they are not the same thing.


Rich Hoffman

Why ‘Richard Jewell’ was a Great Movie and ‘Joker’ Wasn’t: With awards season upon us, getting the best that be obtained

As I said in my review of Richard Jewell, the movie—it was an important film that every Trump supporter should see. For that matter, everyone should see the new Clint Eastwood film as it tackles an obscure truth that we live with every day, the nature of power to corrupt those worst to rise to the top of institutionalism. In a society that values perpetual bootlickers and places them in the highest ranks of institutionalism, it should never be questioned why things go wrong yet they do, and that is the precise point of the film. I think its important to mention that it was distributed by Warner Bros. which is the same company that produced Joker, which I thought was the most destructive film I have seen in a long time. In many ways this is the answer to the questions brought up in the Joker and its nice to see our 1st Amendment hard at work. These are the types of choices that we should have as a free society.

I have serious doubts however that Richard Jewell will win any Academy Awards which obviously the studio is hoping to get nominated for. The real-life performances provided in Richard Jewell were certainly worthy of awards, but the politics of the matter is the problem. This film was certainly a direct offering to the 60 million and more Trump voters who have been wanting for a long-time options from the kind of world that went after Richard Jewell cruelly, and unjustly. Even with all we know about our modern FBI and its connections to the Department of Justice, what we have read through the direct text messages of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok which could have easily have been the plot line of Richard Jewell, we are still reluctant to name the beast and call a spade a spade. The point of the movie was a good one, and worthy of best picture of the year for Warner Bros. but the question is one that no institutionalist wants to ask. Rather, they will prefer the Joker’s anarchy to the legitimate questioning of power through constitutional means offered by Richard Jewell.

I generally only have time to talk to really smart people professionally, so it amazes me during the holidays every time, when I get a chance to talk to normal people—people who care more about Ohio State football than the trivial complexities of Freudian legalizations wrapped with the bows of institutionalism which ultimately had a love affair with Karl Marx a long time ago and are still spawning children of thought to this very day. I don’t enjoy talking to those kinds of people with small talk because they don’t care about the big things in life, and for me, those are the only important things. Big things. It was simply stunning to hear so many normal people not understand why Nancy Pelosi is holding back on sending her impeachment votes to the senate, or how people don’t understand the relevance of what Peter Strzok did in the FBI, or the nature of James Comey the former FBI Director who was drunk with power, conspired with anti-Trumper John McCain to attempt a coup right in front of our faces, and expect not to get caught. For many, they just don’t have the mental horsepower to think about such things so they don’t even try and it never ceases to baffle me to their lack of curiosity.

But then someone like Clint Eastwood comes along and nails it with great simplicity pulled into focus in a way only a master storyteller could. Richard Jewell is a far better film not just politically, but ethically than Joker even without the fancy soundtrack and dynamic cinematography. The ultimate question is asked, and the protagonists provide the answer through the direction of the story, which in this case is even more difficult because a lot of the players in the story are still alive and it was true. Can we trust our media, can we trust our government, and the answer is no. Should we move toward anarchy and throw the baby out with the bathwater as they did in the Joker—of course not. That is what made the Joker a cheap shot where Richard Jewell was a true examination to a very modern problem within our functioning republic.

There were several very powerful moments in the film including at the beginning when the attorney friend of Richard Jewell gives him a hundred-dollar bill and says it’s a quid pro quo which everyone should know by now what it means. Jewell says he understands the meaning of the term and its then that Watson Bryant says that he expects in exchange for the Benjamin that Jewell will not become corrupt with power as he fulfills his dream of becoming a police officer. And in several scenes behind Bryant is a sign that says, “I fear my government more than I fear terrorists.” Bryant’s girlfriend and assistant is from Russia and is always there to remind him that likely the government is lying to protect itself as she is the first to believe the story of Richard Jewell’s innocence. And of course, at the end of the film when Jewell finally sticks up for himself, when he leaves the FBI interrogation with Bryant behind him smiling the door to the glass room closes with a the camera fixated on the reverse image of the FBI logo. This was a film that openly questions our government and for that, the Academy should be applauding. Unfortunately, most members of the media culture are precisely like Olivia Wilde’s character of Kathy Scruggs.

It’s movies like this that ultimately educate those who don’t read many books and are not intellectually curious about the world around them. They just want their chicken wings and their Bowl game football to distract them from moment to moment without the impediments of questioning the validity of it all. Trump supporters have been questioning things for a long time and that 60 million number is growing. Hollywood doesn’t necessarily want people questioning things, but I did find it extremely interesting that Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the producers of Richard Jewell. I always watch the credits of a new movie at the theater to the very last one, because there is a lot to learn from doing so, and what I see happening in Hollywood is a change in focus. Even when a terribly irresponsible movie like the Joker is made and the executives at Warner Bros. are betting chips on several potential winners that may be politically opposed—they all make money for the studio which is the name of the game, a trend can be seen emerging. I don’t think Richard Jewell would have been made before the Trump election. Nobody would have understood how to play the parts because our assumption of behavior would not compute the evil it takes to behave the way the FBI and the media did.

There was a scene where Bobi Jewell watched on television the terrible things that Tom Brokaw said about her son and in many ways that was a very powerful scene because that was all of us watching television every day. A few years ago we looked at figures in the media and we liked them until we have witnessed them turning on us over the 2016 election and it has been shocking, even very painful. People who don’t pay much attention to these things do so for the same reason that the Jewell family did, even if they were desperately naive. Bobi Jewell told her son to work hard at defending justice and he believed it whole heartedly, like most of us do and when faced with the terrible evil that those working in the media and the FBI are just as flawed as the worst of us, it is a grim reality that hits home painfully. And that is the essence of this great movie Richard Jewell. It tackles a great pain with a youthful buoyancy found only among very high intellects, but it doesn’t talk down to anybody. Its just a story that has a hard truth attached to it, and for that, it deserves the best awards that it can get. But to ol’ Clint Eastwood, I would think that the best reward he could receive is that people watch the movie and learn something from it. If not at the theater, then when it streams soon from our home televisions. And that is something that every single American should do at least once.

Rich Hoffman

The Loser Law Professors of Trump Impeachment: Our colleges are more dangerious than guns and these people showed why

With astonishing uniformity, the interpretation of the so-called impeachment witnesses that were called into congress to provide testimony regarding President Trump were telling a story that clearly wasn’t true. Once I was able to get home and watch the hearings for myself it was quite clear that nearly every news outlet was missing the point in live time as law professors Pamela Karlan of Stanford, Noah Feldman of Harvard and Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina made a mean spirited plea for a resumption of the social order they had spent their lives manipulating. A fourth witness, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was much more accurate when he argued that the Democrats’ impeachment push was being rushed at the expense of fact-gathering and that the House Intelligence Committee’s end of the investigation had not produced clear and convincing evidence of impeachable offenses by Trump. But more to the point, if anybody tried to impeach President Trump for such a silly thing as a phone call then imagine what future presidents from either side would go through. It was dangerous to even be having the discussion.

I have not been a supporter of colleges, and of my family members going. I think you can learn more by doing real things in life than in going to the propaganda chambers of our American colleges. I would go so far to say that I see zero value in most of it. I went and I thought it was the dumbest thing in my life, worse than all the years I went to Sunday school. Studying the Bible was far more valuable than in studying the liberal points of view that colleges were pushing, and for the life of me, I don’t see why anybody would send their kids to colleges for free, let alone spending the fortunes that colleges cost to teach virtually nothing. And the sheer shortsightedness and stupidity of college opinions is mind-blowing when you think that the four people that were put up to testify against the President of these United States were considered some of the best and brightest that are produced, and they sounded like cheap idiots who belong selling blankets out of the back of their car at a flea market instead of the heads of our major education institutions. It’s been clear to me for a very long time, and it was obvious yesterday to many millions of others, our modern college system is not the one that Socrates and Plato would have envisioned. Rather the brain washing that the Nazis did is the only thing close. These people were losers not just in their political opinions, but in the content of their thoughts. Even I was embarrassed for them.

To have such hatred as three of the four college professors uttered and to have it shape their intellect, these people shouldn’t be anywhere near the minds of our children. Parents who send their kids to these losers to learn something would argue that they do so in order to provide their kids with a head-start in life, so they can get a good job. But at what expense? These people shouldn’t be teaching a dog to go outside to use the restroom, let alone anything professionally. And the danger was evident in the reporting of yesterday’s testimony. It’s not just that I support Trump that was the problem. But my take on the hearing was radically different than the recently trained college opinions of the media—many of them just a few years out of whatever college they came out of before getting jobs where they could then start reporting media events. It’s the thought process that they have learned that is the danger that runs against the notions of critical thinking they should be using. Instead of reporting what really happened at this testimony, they simply repeated like some tropical bird what their schools had told them to say with a cult-like voice that matched these liberal law professors. What we were seeing was a very dangerous trend where the minds of young people have been completely destroyed by professors like these, and we should all be angry about it.

The danger isn’t that the law professors have opinions different from the over 60 million people who voted for President Trump in the first place, but it’s in the obvious attempt to use these short-sighted nitwits as the best in the business to convince us that impeachment of a very popular president during an election year is anything but a frustrated gamble because the liberal side of politics doesn’t have any other way to beat the guy in an election. And they are trying to sell us some snake oil version of reality through our education system to tap into those old fears we all grow up with, of standing out of line for the water fountain, or marching down the halls in single file to go to recess, or a poor grade on a test because we didn’t follow instructions that the teacher’s gave us. A fine example of such a thing I can think of from kindergarten where a crazy, nasty bitch of an old woman teacher that I had gave us a class assignment to make a paper cut-out of a little bear and to complete him with some corduroy pants. I put jeans on my bear because it made more sense to me, and I got into a lot of trouble for it. In fact, that kind of thing went on for all 12 grades of my life in public school and I learned to like pissing off the teachers, because I always thought of them as idiots. I was right of course. Usually, those who teach can’t do and that has turned out to be a lot truer than these law professors’ opinions about the qualifications of impeaching Trump. And my thoughts certainly didn’t change at college. I thought of it then and still as a massive rip-off and a scam at best. It was never that I couldn’t do the work or wasn’t smart enough. Quite the opposite. I had a hard time being taught by people who weren’t as smart as me, which protected my mind from losers like these detriments to society that were presented yesterday to congress.

I’ve had those opinions about college all of my life but I don’t push my thoughts onto others unless they ask me. But yesterday’s ceremony was just too much to ignore. I voted for Trump so that the guy could fix the kind of world those idiots have been trying to create. I certainly don’t need them to tell me anything, yet they were paraded around as experts for all of us to listen to, and it honestly angered me quite a lot. It was a reminder of just how bad our education system is from top to bottom, and how destructive to young minds its been. Normally I can ignore the terrible impact education has had on our population, but this was in our face and aggressive politically. And the reporters reporting it were like zombies reporting the way their college professors told them to, to follow the directions, don’t question reality, and protect the status quo. And it was something to be sick about.

Rich Hoffman

Democrats Can’t Live up to what they’ve Created: Over 60 million people voted for Trump and they’ll do it again

I’m not the biggest Steve Bannon fan but he has been making the rounds giving good interviews and perspectives on the impeachment attempts by Democrats, which looked at philosophically, as opposed to just legally, has some all-encompassing elements of a future state America that is very good. But if I required honor and good conduct from everyone before I dealt with them or listened to their opinions, I would never speak with anybody. So, I watched Bannon’s interviews with interest without thinking much of the many dubious schemes he was involved in himself. A lot of people make mistakes, especially when they get into the forges of Mordor where evil whispers into their ears often, and Bannon was certainly one of them. Trump on the other hand is used to power and he isn’t the stereotype that many would make of a rich man from Bible stories of opulence and a love of gold and beautiful women. Trump has remarkably been able to repeal evil even as it has surrounded him and shown great judgment while under fire from many enemies, which is something new, and what Democrats didn’t count on as they over played their hand.

As I have been saying about the end of the Democratic Party, this impeachment attempt on their part is the evidence that continues to grow. If Trump had been a conventional politician with lots of skeletons in his closet, afraid of his own shadow, these methods might have worked as they did in the past. However, he is far from conventional, and that is precisely why over 60 million people voted for him and continue to support him even with all the dirty tricks the Democrats have tried to play over the last three years. What’s really bad for them about the whole impeachment attempt is that they have now opened up a level of judgement of an American president for which they will never be able to live up to. For what they are trying to impeach Trump for, Obama could have been convicted a million times over, for which their only defense was that he was a man of color, and that any criticism of Obama’s administration was racist. Well, that might have worked in 2012, but we’re in a whole new world now folks. The Democrats have shown too much of their play book and now they are exposed, and that is the cost of overplaying their hands. They won’t be able to withstand future Republicans who control the House and their cries for rebuke won’t be listened to by a sympathetic public. Democrats have ruined that relationship now, and likely forever, which is why I said they will lose their party soon.

There are so many things we could have impeached Obama on. Just the IRS case for which I got drug into where the government tax collecting agency went after Tea Party leaders with an obvious attempt at harassment. That isn’t a conspiracy theory, its known fact. Fast and Furious is another, so is Benghazi. There are so many actions taken by the Obama administration that are far worse than this Ukrainian phone call they are accusing Trump of that under the same considerations that Trump is being held to, the Republican House could have impeached Obama many, many times over. And in the future, due to what the Democrats have done to Trump, there is now an open invitation to consider everything impeachable. The Democrats have made it for themselves impossible to ever have a Democrat president again who could withstand the scrutiny of the office. Much has been destroyed regarding respect in politics that what will remain is a bloodbath that many of them won’t be able to stand.

Bannon is right about Trump being the CEO that America put in office to solve these many problems, which is why no matter what has been brought up, that support for Trump has only increased. It says a lot about America that more than 60 million people understood the problems well enough in government to pick Trump over the other offerings. And that is precisely the problem with Democrats, they don’t have anybody in their party with that kind of appeal. Nobody. Not even close, and now that they have extended themselves legally with this impeachment attempt against a person that 60 million people voted to put into office to fix the dysfunction, then those people were called a “cult” by those same people in government seeking to hold their jobs just a bit longer, they have pretty much signed their own death warrant as a party. This trial in the Senate is going to be bloody for them. Very bloody.

Without question the House Democrats were so short sighted that they wanted to put a black mark next to Trump’s record. They don’t care if it sticks in the Senate, they just want to hurt Trump in some way for bringing change to their swamp culture. The cost of that is of course exposure for the future as the same rules will be applied to them, for which they won’t survive. It was one thing to go after Obama for all his crimes during office where the other side could call it “mean-spirited.” It’s quite another when the next time is founded with the roots of precedence. Even when Trump was critical of the Obama birth certificate issue, which was founded in much harder facts than this Ukrainian thing is. Democrats paid it no mind at all and felt compelled to push back on Trump for even bringing it up calling all those who followed such thoughts, “birthers.” Yet now that they other side has felt the sting of an even flimsier case and witnessed how far Democrats would commit themselves to it, context is now in place for many worse battles in the future. We are truly in a new age, and that is not good news for Democrats in any regard.

Bannon has always had good thoughts about strategy, and he’s right about this impeachment case. It will backfire on Democrats. Power is a funny thing, everyone wants it, but few people can deal with it. The stories of mythology are filled with characters who failed when power was granted to them and they became tyrants. Democrats for all their statements about the powerful are among the worst. However, few have been able to handle power so well as Trump has over the years, especially now. No matter what political sides try to make of the law, nothing can change the fact that over half of America voted for Trump recognizing the need before 2016 took place. And after three years of the Trump presidency, America is far better off, meaning people are going to vote for him again in larger numbers. And Democrats have nothing to offer and now they have screwed up their own future with a precedence they can’t live up to. If there was ever a “checkmate” in politics, this would be it. So, it doesn’t take a genius to see it. It is good to see that after all the smoke has settled, people like Steve Bannon and Glenn Beck are finding themselves on the right side of history.

Rich Hoffman