Trump and the Opioid Crises: Going beyond just saying no–there is nothing GOOD about drugs


And people wonder why President Trump is my guy.  How could they after that opioid speech that he and his wife gave on October 26, 2017? For them to declare war on the opioid addiction problem in the United States is yet another dream come true for me.  This is something I have been worried about for my entire life—including as a kid.  There’s nothing I care about more than this issue publicly.  Drugs used and abused in any way shape or form is something I have been against and have fought my entire life and I am very happy to see leadership coming out of the White House on this crises.  Boy, you can really see the villains by how they responded to what Trump said.  The people most guilty for the addiction problems in our nation currently are the same people who came out against this speech stating all kinds of garbage—such as—“who’s going to pay for it” and “that the president is looking for a diversion.”  Really?  Most Democrats are really disgusting people, knowing now that their party funded the dossier on President Trump—which John McCain sent an aide to get out of Europe and personally handed it to James Comey which turned out to be completely false and a political hit job against the future president.  Democrats now know that their party participated in real scandals with Uranium One directly involving Russia—not some made up story like what they have done with Trump.  And as Trump was competing his speech about opioids the IRS finally revealed that they had weaponized the tax collection government agency against conservative groups during 2010—which I was personally one of the targets attached to the Liberty Township Tea Party.  Those same Democrats actually had the nerve to come out against Trump’s speech on the opioid crises?  What a bunch of evil scum bags!

I have always been against drugs of any kind.  I have proudly never smoked pot even while all the people around me were falling apart because of it.  I was always the leader of my peer groups and I never ever endorsed the behavior—even during days when I ran around with some very rough people.  Everyone always knew where I stood on drugs—even alcohol.  I never endorsed intoxication of any kind.  I’ve always hated it—especially the drugs at the level of marijuana and up.  I never understood how a magazine, a movie, or a television show could even endorse such behavior indirectly—because drug use is evil.  Plain and simple.   What President Trump is talking about doesn’t take a lot of money compared to providing hurricane relief to our nation, or even building another battleship.  Fighting drug addiction is a common sense issue that everyone should be able to support no matter what the background because it’s that obvious.  Most of the essence of Trump’s speech is to not start addiction to begin with—and that doesn’t cost a thing.

At this stage in my life I’m a major employer, and I take it as serious business to supply jobs to people and help them find a good way to build their lives in a positive way with a job. I take that responsibility very seriously.  But do you know how many people you have to interview to hire say 30 people for multiple shift work?  The answer is very disturbing.  Think about it for a moment before I give you the answer.  Both of my daughters are in that Millennial age bracket just shy of 30 years old and they tell me all the time that all the people they know of a similar age is on some kind of drug.  Schools start the process by prescribing drugs to kids with hyper active minds—to slow them down to the rest of their class.  Doctors prescribe medicine for virtually everything, from a sore toe to back issues.  Most everyone my children know is on some form of depression medicine—which is likely the leading cause of this whole opioid epidemic.  You know how you stop depression?  Read a fu**ing book and build up your mind with positive thoughts—that’s how you prevent depression.  You don’t take some drug that makes you more dependent on some third-party to solve your problem.  So many people these days are on medicine for depression and the politicians are fine with it, because it puts money in their K-Street lobby firms.   Our opioid crises in 2017 is so bad that I think most people between the ages of 40 and 15 are on some kind of drug all the time.  The answer to my original question is that you need to speak to roughly 100 people to hire 30 and in an economy with 4% unemployment you have to work your ass off to do so.  The reason you have to talk to so many people is that most of them won’t pass the drug test and that is a major failure in our society.  It’s pathetic how people view drug use today–and that has been reinforced for them by their politics and entertainment culture—and it’s been devastating.

Even as a kid I would go to parties to meet girls and I’d see all these losers sitting around the living room watching MTV smoking pot.  In an upstairs room would be the music of Pink Floyd where kids were listening to The Dark Side of the Moon album and they were blasted in hazes of pot smoke that would creep out from under the door.  In the kitchen kids would be playing quarters and getting drunk off their asses for no reason at all, but to feel the joy of not having the responsibility to think.  Nice girls that I knew from school would be passed out on the floor with their pants off because people would take turns with their lifeless bodies and nobody back then thought anything bad about it.  On Monday those girls would be back to saying hi to people in the hall as if nothing had ever happened.  Nobody thought the girls were raped because everything had been done under the cover of intoxication—as if being drunk or stoned freed everyone of guilt for such a horrendous act.  I am proud to say that I never participated in any of that.  I was able to observe those types of things with a clear mind and it always disgusted me—and I have been fighting it for years with everyone I know.  No young person in my family, or anyone I have ever known period could mistake my position on opioids.  I don’t do drugs and I avoid them under conditions of even the worst pains—such as surgery.  Drugs do no good for anybody under almost every situation.

The government has made it so easy to get people addicted to drugs.  Most young people now are on some form of medical assistance program because they can’t afford insurance so the government actually solicits membership.   I am actually shocked by how many young people with kids are on these government programs, and every time a child has a problem of even a minor kind the parents rush the kids to the doctor where a drug of some kind is prescribed.  Once kids get used to turning to some drug to make them feel better they are ruined for life and will always seek drugs to solve their problems—whether it’s a drink at the end of a day to knock the edge off or a line of cocaine.  People learn to get hooked on drugs from an early age starting recreationally and that leads directly to addiction.  And it all serves to make people much less than they otherwise would be.  Drugs are terrible for the human race.

I have been personally forgiving of people who have abused drugs in the past but are looking to put all that behind them.  I’m happy to help them become better people if they’ll let me.  I have never abused drugs and for some people who is a problem because they can’t relate to me on a personal level.  And that’s fine.  I have never had a desire to know people so much that I had to surrender my personal ethics to associate with them.  I’ve lost a lot of friends over drugs.  I almost didn’t date my wife because she smoked cigarettes when I first met her, and I made it clear from day one that if she wanted to date me, she’d have to quit smoking.   She was attractive enough and interesting enough to help with that problem, but it was never OK with me.  I pushed for her to quit from the very first date and I’m still like that.  I’ve had a few nieces and nephews who started smoking, then started doing other things like smoking pot and I cut them off the moment I found out about it.  I stopped talking to them because for people to have access to me—which is something most people want because I’m an interesting person—they can’t do drugs and be losers in life.  I feel more strongly about that type of thing than most anything else in my life.  I would rather be alone in life completely than endorse drug use—and everyone who knows me understands that I have very high standards—especially in regard to drug use.

Trump shares many of my thoughts on drugs and he has from the beginning of his presidency.  When he told the story of his brother Fred yet again, and how Trump doesn’t even drink alcohol I can see in the president someone I can relate to.  The best way to fight the opioid epidemic isn’t with more money thrown at the problem.  It is to tell people to stay off the drugs in the first place—even the drugs the doctors prescribe.  Stay away from the pain killers.  Stay away from the depression medicine.  Stay away from the mind numbing stuff they want to give kids in school so that smart kids don’t outpace their classmates with hyper intelligence.  Stay away from the recreational drugs at parties.  Stop going out after work to get sloshed with mind numbing alcohol, just stop it all, and that will go a long way to making America a far better country than it is.  I fully support what Trump wants to do with opioids.  I’m behind it 100000000000%.  And anybody who is against the President in this case I would consider a domestic terrorist.  Because losing minds to drugs is the ultimate attack on the sanctity of the individual.  And I personal find it, and have always found it, to be personally a disgusting thing to observe that deserves a zero tolerance policy.

Rich Hoffman

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The Democrat John Kasich: How ‘The Big Lie’ and State Central Committee have changed the political landscape


I don’t think John Kasich knows where he is or what’s going on.  I think he’s become a complete idiot.  Over this past week he threatened to leave the Republican Party if they didn’t get their act together…………………………..he left the Republican Party on his own when he signed the Medicaid expansion for Obamacare exchanges going against the Tea Party sponsored Health Care Freedom Amendment.  He also left the Party once he came under fire for the way he dealt with a tornado that tore through Eastern Ohio.  How is he the go-to guy in the Republican Party for how Puerto Rico should be dealt with?  And as far as getting things done, Kasich never regained his footing after he lost the SB5 fight.  Looking back on it now, even though I met the guy during all that and he looked me in the eye promising he was doing everything he could to support the Tea Party movement, I think he never was a reform minded person. He and his friend on 700 WLW Bill Cunningham was never Tea Party supporters—they were just actors playing the part to get elected.  The guy we see today still crying over how he lost the nomination of the Republican Party to Donald Trump is not the same guy I heard at VOA Park back in 2010 speaking to Tea Party groups.  Nor was he  the same guy who spoke in my back yard at the Carriage Hill Barn the night before the election of 2012 where so many critical issues were decided the next day.  He was likely always a loser saying whatever to get elected, but what he is today is clearly a Democrat.  He’s no Republican.  That is clear.

Because of people like John Kasich, once the warning signs were obvious, the Tea Party that everyone has always been so unhappy about in the establishment made a very key, strategic decision.  Yes they attacked candidates like John Boehner openly and it had an effect.  Eric Canter lost his seat to a more reform minded candidate and John Boehner left his speaker job to become a lobbyists and make some money while he still could.  Many other candidates of traditional establishment have found themselves now looking in from the outside.  But that’s not the only success the Tea Party had—the real success was much more permanent.  Tea Party leaders ran for State Central Committee seats and started challenging the establishment from the inside out, and after a few years of that they are now running the Party in a way that the newspapers still don’t udnerstand.   John Kasich for a lot of us was the last straw.  When he went bad people pulled together and made some decisions.  That is why Kasich was unable to keep Donald Trump from winning Ohio, because the Party kicked Kasich to the side, even though he was the sitting governor.   Kasich lost his power because he turned away from the people who put him in office.  He’s not going to leave the Republican Party.  He was already removed during the election period of 2016 based on his horrendous performance as a Republican governor.  Progressives like him, conservatives do not.  The Party moved on without John Kasich.

Now Kasich is the go-to guy on all the liberal network stations.  Progressives are hoping with all their chips on the table that John can make a comeback, but there is no chance of that happening.  Once Kasich lost people like me, he lost the only people who could give him a platform into politics in the future.  He’s done and he won’t be coming back in 2020 as an independent.  The world was poised to change, and he pretended he wanted to be a part of that change.  When he showed that he wasn’t, we found people who would and that’s the end of the story on Kasich.

When those same Tea Party supporters told me their plan I wasn’t sure it could be done at the time, but the people doing it were ambitious and smart.  It took real discipline and tenacity to win all those Central Committee seats.   I was asked to be one of them, but I just couldn’t put the time in, but I have been really impressed by how well their plan worked.  And it has made a difference in the nature of politics within the Republican Party.  This is just the start.  Now that it has been successful more people who are of the Tea Party mind are putting themselves in these Central Committee seats and voting with the reformers.  Kasich will have even a less chance in two years of doing anything in the Republican Party than he does now, because he is a liar, a cheat, and a wimp.  The Party was taken away from Kasich.  He didn’t leave it willingly.  They aren’t telling people that on CNN.

This is also why Democrats are all flipped out with these radicalized groups they have, like ANTIFA.  The old games aren’t working.  I’m just going to spell it out for those who don’t keep track of the inner workings of politics, Dinesh  D’Souza’s recent book, The Big Lie has obliterated the political left’s foundational tactics.  Currently only smart people have read the book and are acting on what has been presented, but over the next eight years the contents will spread into the Democratic playbook and literally destroy all the avenues they’ve used to recruit interest to the Party over the last 100 years.  Of course this isn’t D’Souza’s first entry into this kind of thing, but I think The Big Lie is the most damaging to the Democrats.  Coming out when it did while Trump is in the White House is a game changer in politics.  The book is that good, and that influential.  Just like with the Central Committee efforts I spoke about in Ohio, once the smart people get their teeth into something, the change that follows is inevitable.  Democrats don’t have similar smart people on their side; all they have ever had is fear to invoke political passions.  In this ever-increasing information based society, fear is beaten by knowledge.  And people without knowledge cannot beat people with it—even though they may currently outnumber them—stupid people know how to march in the street, but they don’t know how to get themselves organized into something like a State Central Committee takeover.  That’s where real party decisions are made and Democrats have stacks of very emotional people who are willing to join together for a fight, but to fight what?  They need someone to tell them that and nobody can articulate the issue.  Emotional efforts aren’t aren’t working anymore, so they have no more plan B.

That’s why Kasich is now on the outside.  It is embarrassing to watch him attempt to position himself for a 2020 run as an independent, or perhaps even as a Democrat.  Looking at the Democrats there really isn’t anybody who can challenge Trump in 2020, so Kasich being the kind of guy he is—certainly not a Republican—just a hired gun that turned out to not have any bullets metaphorically speaking, might try to run as a Democrat and he’s setting the stage on CNN.  He wants to be president so badly, he is likely considering it.  But he doesn’t have the heart to win that fight.  He’s a weak person who has made so many people angry that he can’t run from it forever.  It’s already caught up to him which is why he looks so oblivious to the reality around him.  He’s already a man without a Party.  He didn’t make that decision.  It was made for him by those who previously supported him.

Rich Hoffman

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We Need More Guns: What the Las Vegas mass shooting has taught us about the failures of progressive society

The only way to stop the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas by the 64-year-old Stephen Paddock was to have other armed people nearby who could have shot him dead. Ideally, personally armed people could have killed him from the balcony from which he rained down terror well before he took the lives of over 50 innocent people and more than 500 concert goers. There is no law or any centralized planning that could have stopped this crime. And if it hadn’t been a gun a person like Stephen Paddock could have used a vehicle. There is always danger when people are so tightly packed together anywhere under any circumstances. The best safety for all involved is to have other people there with weapons to stop the crime before the authorities arrived. As it stands Paddock was able to shoot unmolested for over 20 minutes—and that is simply too long to take action.

LAS VEGAS, Oct 2 (Reuters) – A 64-year-old man armed with more than 10 rifles rained down gunfire on a Las Vegas country music festival on Sunday, slaughtering at least 50 people in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history before killing himself.

The barrage from a 32nd-floor window in the Mandalay Bay hotel into a crowd of 22,000 people lasted several minutes, causing panic. Some fleeing fans trampled each other as police scrambled to find the gunman. More than 400 people were injured.

Police identified the gunman as Stephen Paddock, who lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, and said they had no sense of what prompted his attack. The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the massacre, but U.S. officials expressed skepticism of that claim.

What we know now is that this guy, Paddock was a mild-mannered fellow prior to this event and I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about his background and speculation into why he would do such a thing. Could it be some kind of false flag deal to harass the Trump administration with just one more thing? Conspiracies are relevant to the fact-finding of an issue no matter how far fetched they might seem. Given what we know about our own government, who knows what they might do to turn public sentiment onto a topic of their design. What matters is that somehow this guy managed to get a lot of automatic weapons and a lot of very expensive ammunition to commit this heinous act which is very suspicious. Trump said it best when he said that it was an evil act—because no matter how you slice it—it was evil.

And that places this issue at a very philosophical place—can we trust centralized authority to protect us or do we fully utilize the Second Amendment to make every citizen a first responder in a violent world where people like Paddock could bring death to us in any moment? Can authorities stop the Paddocks of the world? I would say no. The only solution would be to have everyone in that concert armed, to have people in that hotel armed and to have people always ready to stop evil when it appears. There isn’t any other solution. Progressives have an ultimate failure that they are specifically responsible for, they have tried to centralize our society to the point where people don’t think for themselves anymore and the solution to a mass murder like this Vegas shooting is to decentralize the means to stop it.

Progressives like to talk about the kind of laissez-faire gun control that I propose as living in the Wild West—as if that were a bad thing. What they fail to understand is that there is a natural morality associated with personal firearm protection that actually elevates our society into mutual respect. There is nothing in the world that makes people more equal than a gun. A weak woman is as strong as the stoutest man if she has a gun. Guns make the races, and people of age all on equal footing and it forces people to be respectful of one another. In a society where guns are on every hip, Stephen Paddock would have been killed within a minute instead of many more—and many fewer people would be dead and hurt. Progressives are the ones who regulated everything and centralized the safety of our world, and when it fails, the blood is on their hands. In Las Vegas the failures of progressive society failed miserably.

At gun events I never worry about anybody shooting guns at other people because a mutual respect is established between everyone else since everyone is equally armed. Guns are only scary when other people have them and you don’t. Because of the progressive educations we have all experienced where guns were demonized people of our time have been made to fear guns when instead they should look to them as equalizers in a dangerous world—that by having them guarantees respect from those who might have evil intentions. Guns make the world safer, not more dangerous. It is only when guns are in the hands of bad guys, or people who lose their mind for whatever reason that the balance of equality shifts toward evil and the innocent become the bottom of the food chain. One more law or 200,000 cannot stop evil from committing crime when respect is vacant from our society. Guns create respect where it isn’t naturally applicable.

In a free society the best way to achieve equality and respect is with a gun. The more guns the better and in as many places as possible. A centralized state may have good intentions but they were powerless to stop someone like Paddock. And there are no metal detectors and security checkpoints in the world that can stop evil when it decides to act. God forbid we turn Vegas into another airport terminal of neurotic security to overreact to this tragedy when the real answer is to arm more people, not less of them. I’m not a big fan of Las Vegas but it is one of the most laissez-faire places in the world and it would be a shame to allow clueless government bureaucrats to overact by instituting more security when all they really need to do is to make it easier for good people to carry guns openly so that people like Paddock couldn’t kill so many so easily.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Wild Wild West for me is that it was a time before progressives came to existence to latch to our governments and ruin our world with overly centralized planning. The period of westward expansion was a time of great human enterprise and philosophic contemplation. Slavery was ended and most of America’s wealth was created in those years and much of who we are was established in that period. Progressives wanted to “progress” beyond that thinking, and they have the ruin of lives in their wake to demonstrate their lack of virtue. And that has never been more obvious than in the debate over guns, where in Vegas they got what they wanted—a society of people standing around listening to a concert generally unarmed and enjoying an evening in “Sin City.” But all it took was one person to shoot guns into a packed crowd to change their lives forever. And Paddock didn’t have a right to do that. If it hadn’t been for progressive influence, there would have been someone there to shoot that old man. And if they had, many more people would have lived.

Rich Hoffman

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The Pittsburg Steelers Suck: How “group think” is destroying the NFL

I will forever now hate the Pittsburg Steelers for the way they handled the National Anthem and their individual player Alejandro Villanueva who was the only person who came out of the player’s tunnel to pay respect to the flag during last Sunday’s game.  In the past I’ve been supportive of the head coach Mike Tomlin but now under this national crisis he’s shown himself to be one of the villains, and I have no place in my life for a person like that.  I’m not going to watch any more Steelers games in the NFL, I can tell you that.  To watch how excited people were that Villanueva was the only one to stand for the anthem, then to take that away with a weak apology to the “team” the way events occurred the next day displayed everything that is wrong with football.  Obviously Tomlin and the Steelers teammates had gotten to Villanueva forcing the guy to wipe everything good he had done away completely for the good of the “group think” concept of team sports, and I think it’s disgusting.

As much positive that I’ve written about American football, and how it is a game of capitalism, there has always been that one little thing that has bothered me about “the game.”  And that is and was for me the culture of the locker room.  Now to that effect the best comments I have heard on this subject came from Chris Carter shown below in a video.  But for all the passion Chris showed toward the locker room culture that is precisely what always turned me off to team sports.  If I could have just played the game and embarked in the heroics of what happened on the field—I would have loved to play football and other team sports.  When I was in school I was heavily recruited by many coaches and my parents really pushed me to participate.  I was a very fast kid, a strong kid and a naturally gifted athlete.  I healed quickly, my body responded well in the weight room by putting on muscle when needed in a few days—everything about my physical body was what coaches wanted except for one thing, I thought the whole experience of the team concept was stupid.

When I was in the fifth grade I had a physical education teacher who really was encouraging me to be a multiple sport athlete because it was obvious to him that I was the fastest and strongest for my size of anybody in school.  But in sixth grade the next gym teacher was an arrogant prick who was all about group think, and I was opposed to everything that guy stood for.  I can say I hated that person before we ever spoke to each other because his value system was so diametrically opposed to mine.  However, let’s back up before going on—because this is important to the situation we are seeing now.  Even more than physical ability I was gifted with clarity of thought that extended beyond any parental teaching that anybody could give me.  Some might say that God walked with me very closely and guided me—which I think takes away from the actual value of my own decision making—but I always had very clear thoughts about how things should be, and had the courage to act on them—so when I was being groomed for being the next hot athlete in grade school, I resisted because I was opposed to all forms of “group think” that were presented to me—and public education was all about “group think” and “peer pressure.”  Ultimately what changed Alejandro Villanueva from a solitary figure pledging allegiance in the player’s tunnel and capturing America’s pride for about 24 hours but then reducing him to s slobbering apologist surrendering his big body to the rights of the “team” was that peer pressure instruction which had molded him into a professional football player in the NFL.  All those players at that level are governed by the same rules and those rules greatly restrict them as human beings which is why I never developed into an athlete outside of gym class.  I always fought peer pressure from day one in public school and that made the experience miserable for me.  I am thankful to this very day that I was aware of it from such a young age.  Group think is the worst aspect of human nature and I was always immune to it which then allowed me to see things without the emotion of worrying about what other people thought about it.  You can’t be a truly free person in life until you have made that personal decision not to worry about the opinions of other people.

I had a long talk with my gym teacher in the fifth grade when the subject of showers came up.  It was a purely voluntary thing to strip down and shower with the other kids after gym class but I wasn’t about to take off my cloths and share my naked body in the presence of my classmates.  I didn’t like those kids and I surely wasn’t going to reveal myself in a naked form to assimilate with them.  My parents then got involved and they all spoke to me that once we started doing sports in the seventh and eighth grades, that showering would be mandatory.  The more they pushed, the more I dug in.  I always saw the shower thing as a way to strip away the natural defenses of clothing and to symbolize removing our individuality into the naked truth of kinship where everyone was equally naked and sharing that experience together.  I wasn’t going to do it and that was all there was to it.  A lot of people were disappointed in me and they let me know it through peer pressure.  Yet the more they pushed, the more I dug in and the only place I found relief was in books, video games, and adventures outside of the school environment.  Since I didn’t waste an ounce of my time on satisfying other people’s peer pressure, I was free to do many other things leading me to a very colorful life full of unique experiences.  It all started by refusing to shower with other kids in school.

As a lot of these professional athletes grew into the specimens of perfection that they must be to play in the NFL at some point in the past they had to assimilate to that group think mentality which is what quickly controlled the behavior of Alejandro Villanueva.  These players are bigger, stronger, faster and tougher than the average person, but they are weak in the mind and can easily be controlled by little people like Mike Tomlin because of their preponderance to “group think.”  Groups are never more powerful than individuals and that is essentially the opposite message that the concept of team sports tries to convey.  Parents push their kids into team sports always hoping that their kid will win the lottery and become one of these professional athletes and live a good life under the protection of “group think” but you know what, I would never curse anybody I loved with such a limited vision for life.  I would never tell a kid I loved to take that first step in a locker room to become equal and bonded through nudity surrendering their individuality to a group called a “team.”  Not that the showering situation is about being gay, which I think is somewhat of a problem.  Athletes often have a “bros before hoes” clause in their psychological pacts with each other which I am adamantly against—and that mentality starts in the locker room culture—the all for one and one for all mentality of group think.

That’s why this whole NFL protest concept is so dangerous, because here you have millionaire athletes who are public celebrities behaving so quickly to the peer pressure of group think that they are easily used to sell social justice radicalism to their fans without understanding really what they are doing.  Trump is right about what he said about NFL owners being afraid of their players.  And coaches like Mike Tomlin was trying to get in front of that fear by uniting his team through group think, even though what Alejandro Villanueva did was good for the country.  But it wasn’t good for his team so guess what he did—he put Villanueva on the spot to protect the reputation of the team.  Obviously he tried to back track his vitriol once there were reports that Steelers fans were burning their jerseys and Terrible Towels.  Because here’s the secret to the whole thing, fans of the NFL love to watch team sports and root for the collective efforts of the team they have picked in an artificial war on the field of play.  But if you listen to them talk at tail gating parties before the games you hear the recitation of individual stats.  Those individuals are picked for Fantasy Football teams based on their individual performance.  So to the fans, it’s all about individualism and Alejandro Villanueva embodied that spirit gloriously before the game which caused all this trouble.  Once people were reminded that Alejandro Villanueva was just another “team player” yielding to the peer pressures of the world he became no better than anybody else—certainly not someone to celebrate.  And that is why the NFL is dying before our eyes.

When Aaron Rogers tried to get the Green Bay Packers fans to lock arms at Lambeau Field during a Thursday Night Football game on a national stage he was embarrassed to find that almost nobody did it.  As a jock trained to think in group assimilation he assumed the fans would follow him like all the other idiots he knew from his locker room.  People do not like to share themselves with people who do not possess the same value systems.  This is why team sports is such a big part of public education, because the goal is to create a class structure where athletes are considered elite people who then impose peer pressure on the rest of the world to satisfy the objectives of the government institution.  That might work conceptually, but it doesn’t work intellectually—and the effort failed.  But the attempt to even try it reveals the ugly side of the NFL which makes it easy for fans to turn away from the moment that it doesn’t give them what they want—which is relief from politics and the anxieties of our days.  When athletes show themselves to be simple automatons subject to group think instead of dynamic individuals that might be on the next insurance commercial, then the magic of football leaves and something else will replace it.  And the Pittsburg Steelers have really shot themselves in the foot assuming that people would be with them no matter what.  Now they have to live with their bad decision, which won’t be easy for them to do.  Speaking for myself, I will never watch another football game where the Steelers are playing.  I have better things to do than to waste my time on them.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the Senate Can’t Afford to Go “Slow”: Grim realities of politicians who shamefully made too much money in the public sector

Traditionally its true, the Senate is supposed to slow down legislation so that hot-headed ideas don’t mire our American industry with too many regulations and debt. However, you might recall an article I did many years ago featuring my ol’ buddy Darryl Parks who used to run 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati. He did a broadcast showing how much money many of our congressman and senators made while on the job—where they started their tenure as government employees nearly broke but were multimillionaires a short time later. Obviously, there was corruption where these government employees—people like Mitch McConnell tipped the scales of power in favor of themselves becoming greatly enriched by the proceeds of what we call today—The Swamp.

So the rules are off the table now as our country is on the fast track to decline and these senators and congressman have dramatically let us down. Voters saw what was happening so they put a charismatic businessman in charge of the Executive Branch so that economic growth could be created to outpace the devastating debt these looters of congress have embedded into our culture. At $20 trillion in national debt, America doesn’t have time for the Senate to drag-ass and protect their schemes for which have made them rich. We can’t afford to have a Senate that uses “slowness” to protect themselves from Americans by using that “tradition” to shield needed reform.

The way to start the debt clock backwards instead of toward that monstrous cliff of $24 trillion for which there is likely no recovery from bankruptcy is through very optimistic growth—over 3% economic upticks quarterly. And obviously there isn’t anybody else in Washington D.C. who understands how to get there but Donald J. Trump. It’s his task to mash down anybody who stands in the way—because any other method should be considered detrimental to the stability of our nation. Trump knows what he’s doing—look the Dow Jones closed over 22,000 with two major hurricanes striking the US mainland causing billions and billions of dollars of damage. For most presidents, these disasters would have sunk our economy for perhaps years. For Trump it’s just a blip, because he knows how to cheerlead from a top position to keep optimism flowing, and therefore the cash needed for our economy to thrive.

It would be advisable for Mitch and the gang to take their money and run—and get out-of-the-way, or to play ball and reform themselves, cutting ties to the lobbyists who have filled their pockets and to act properly from their positions. Again, this is why Trump was so attractive. The guy already made his money, there isn’t enough money to loot from the system that he couldn’t make himself off the interest of his valued assets. So he is lobbyist proof, Trump doesn’t owe anybody anything so he can be honest about how to fix things, whereas McConnell clearly can’t. Mitch has been purchased just like a prostitute for nearly the same reason—and he can’t act against what made him wealthy—so he should do the right thing and step aside and retire. We have a need and if he loves our country even a little bit, he should at least get out-of-the-way.
For the Senate to function as a restrictor plate to progress, the nation needs to be running properly, taxes need to be low, debt needs to be nonexistent and GDP needs to be between 3% TO 6%. Anybody who doesn’t understand that needs to be out of government office. They are not there for personal enrichment. They are there for proper management of our government’s resources. People who get elected I would expect to have already made their mark in the world and like Trump—be immune to the temptations of power. Anything short of that type of person I would argue cannot effectively do anything on Capitol Hill because they don’t have the correct mindset.

This idea that the Senate or Congress would even entertain the option to prohibit corrective action toward the needs of this country is reprehensible, and it means what many of us have said all along. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, they are—or at least they have been—all the same. Nancy Pelosi isn’t any different from Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer is no different from Paul Ryan. For instance, when Ryan was running on the ticket with Mit Romney there was all this talk about him being an Ayn Rand fan, and the hope that he would be a fiscal conservative. But the moment it was in the press that he liked Ayn Rand he ran from it and hid pandering to the media. That little bit of emotional leverage right there has prevented him from being an effective Speaker of the House. Once you dip your feet in the honey well of temptation and either run from a conviction or taste the nectar of social acceptance, you lose the opportunity to lead when such criteria of conviction is required. Trump has that criteria because he has at least lived honestly. He may have been reckless in his living, but he’s honest about it and this keeps the hooks of guilt from his mind when conviction is needed to make hard decisions. Ryan can’t do that likely for a lot of reasons, but from my observations it started when he ran from the American author Ayn Rand.

Everyone knows that with economic expansion explosive growth is possible. It’s no longer an Adam Smith theoretical concept—it’s a proven fact. Lowering taxes is the way to pay down the debt and to make America Great Again. I would go so far to say that Trump’s 15% corporate tax rate would be key to achieving 5% to 6% GDP growth which would pay down the debt really fast. Liberals don’t understand economics—no liberal—and people like Mitch McConnell have already been paid off to keep the swamp full so that crony capitalism can continue to thrive. Crony capitalism is not the same as the kind of open market capitalism that Trump is advocating. But the socialism that establishment types in the Beltway advocate for will actually destroy our nation with crippling debt for which there is no recovery.

Why so fast Mitch McConnell and the rest of the drag-assers in congress who have become very wealthy selling themselves to lobbyists? Well, we are racing a generational shift in mentality here. The young people—those under age 35—have been taught out-right socialism. They get it in their media, they certainly have it in their educations, and they function as young radicals looking for a free ride—for the most part, that socialism is the way to go. If the national debt does not get under control by 2020 we are done in America—fiscally. Every smart person knows it, and the Democrats also understand it. They would love to see America collapse as a superpower and have to eat out of the hand of communism—essentially China. Just today the socialist Bernie Sanders introduced a bill for their beloved single payer option in health care in the senate which was always the goal. Because of John McCain the Republican repeal of Obamacare went nowhere setting up Democrats for this socialist single payer vote. McCain, is reported to be worth $21 million dollars as a do-nothing senator from Arizona who has never had a real job outside of military service. How did he get so much money? Not all from his wife—that’s for sure. That’s why congress must act quickly, we are running out of time and we don’t have the time to allow for these money hungry politicians to satisfy the people who have paid them off. We need action now—while we have a once in a lifetime chance. Because it won’t come again.

Rich Hoffman

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‘What Happened’: Hillary’s new book is like her, boring, pretentious, and defensive


A lot of times you can judge a book by its cover, even though they tell you that you shouldn’t.  In Hillary Clinton’s case you can look at her new book, What Happened, and get the answer just by looking at it. It’s ironic that the symbol of the Democratic Party is an ass, because Hillary made asses of everyone she knew by even writing the book.  She has said enough ahead of its release to tell the entire story and it is a disgraceful one.  I’m sure I’ll read it when I find it at the flea market for 50 cents a few years from now when everyone has long forgotten the corrupt politician from Arkansas.   And I’ll read it while my wife is buying us some hot dogs for lunch, because books like Hillary’s are easy reads.  The book itself is like the politician Clinton, boring, defensive, and pretentious.  If the media didn’t carry Hillary Clinton so openly a book like What Happened would never get shelf space at Barnes and Nobel because even at the level of cover design, it looks like a child designed it.

Shockingly, what Hillary has revealed about What Happened is that everyone but her was to blame.   She can’t seem to fathom that people didn’t like her, and that her message was horrendous.  Somehow someone told her that all she had to do was show up as a woman and she’d be the president.  After all, when she quit the job as Secretary of State after the Benghazi trouble to preserve her run for the Executive Office everyone knew what she was doing.  Everyone knew when she moved to New York so she could run for the senate that she was setting the stage for an eventual run for the White House.  She went through all the motions just like she eventually did on the campaign and assumed that people wanted her.   What really happened to her campaign was that nobody did.  Nobody I know wanted to vote for her—and I don’t just speak to people who are conservatives.  Hillary was a bad candidate who committed crimes that we could all see.  Not only was she boring, but she was a criminal.  Those aren’t good ingredients for winning a vote that measures popularity at the ballot box.

The powers in charge of politics in 2016 couldn’t even hand her a win even though they sure tried. She was so unlikable and sick—physically—that even with the media at her back in extraordinary ways, she couldn’t build up any excitement for her message.   When she rented out the Javits Center on election night to show that women could break the glass ceiling of power using that place as a metaphor she showed then and there she had no idea what was going on in her own campaign. The values she had were not those of the American people, but of a small group of progressive American insurgents who craved something that too many people saw as dangerous to American ideas.

Yes there were enough brain-dead dope smoking slugs in the inner cities to make Hillary look competitive in any election.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the nation.  Try going to the big sky country of South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada and you’d be hard pressed to find a Hillary voter unless they were lost along the highway because they didn’t know how to change a flat tire.  Stupid people were Hillary’s supporters and there just weren’t enough of them—that’s what happened, and why she lost.  Only an idiot was buying what she was selling.

What’s even more shocking about this book is that she reveals essentially that this is the end of the line for her—her desire to do a tell all book slamming virtually everyone she knows shows that she understands this is it.  She has no fund-raising power any more.  The Clinton Foundation which was always crooked from the start has been exposed for what it was.  It will never have power and influence again.  What Happened may be a mystery to Hillary Clinton, but it was obvious to the rest of us when the book Clinton Cash was released in the summer of 2016.  Or the movie, Hillary’s America.    What Happened was that her past filled with criminal activity caught up with her and due to her high-profile during the election cycle all those things were dredged up into the light of day.  It wasn’t the Russians who killed her campaign. It was John Podesta and the stupid people who worked on her campaign.  It was her corrupt DNC which tried to rig the election to favor her, but got caught.  It was her FBI case for which the director even gave her a free get out of jail free card to make his boss Loretta Lynch happy—who happened to be a Clinton era appointee as a judge.  Even Fox News tried to set her up to be the president—they started covering her campaign literally in 2013 for her 2016 run.  She was on Fox News every day as the anticipated nominee for three solid years covered legitimately and she still blew it.

Like her book, Hillary Clinton is just a boring person.  The white and blue cover design in simple block shapes that look like a self published book made by a fifth grade ass kissing teacher’s pet—nothing risky or thought provoking—the font is even un-dramatic.   It assumes people will buy the book because “it’s her.”  Just like she thought she’d win that night at the Javits Center.   The book is like everyone involved just went through the motions, just like her campaign and the end product was convoluted mess, boring and pretentious.

Everyone knew Hillary was in trouble when she failed to stand up at a 9/11 ceremony in New York and had to be rushed to her daughter’s apartment to recover away from the media.  She was a sick old lady in addition to being boring.  What Happened was that she couldn’t take the heat that day, or the pressure of a tight campaign?  People had told her that she’d be a clear favorite and for some reason she was in a close race and she just couldn’t face her dreams being challenged by a business guy from New York—whom none of the usual dirty tricks in politics were working against.  She just couldn’t figure it out as her team tried desperately to put a stick up her pant suit just to hold her up.  The media couldn’t have been kinder to her yet she still lashed out at Matt Lauer because he didn’t cave enough to her needs and it allowed Donald Trump to look superior to her.  It never crossed her progressive mind that he just was better than her.  He was more competent, and people could see it, and given a choice, they went with Trump as president.

Being a progressive who supports giving out trophies in school just for participating, Hillary Clinton was never groomed to weather competition.  She was taught that being part of the political aristocracy that things would be easy for her—that’s why she married Bill Clinton and rode his coat tails to the White House the first time, and hoped that it would be enough to carry her to her own run to be the first woman in the Executive Branch.  She apparently never considered that being a woman wasn’t enough—she was expected to know things and to actually be competent.  Can you imagine dear reader what it would be like if she was president right now, with three hurricanes hitting the United States in three weeks, war with North Korea looming on the horizon and a hostile congress to deal with in a fourth quarter filled with challenges that would make most people’s heads explode with stress.  What Happened was that people could see that Hillary Clinton was a loser trying to use her sexual orientation to win the most powerful seat of power in the world, and they said no.  And nowhere in that new book does she deal with that problem—which is why she lost, and why she is now thankfully, out of power.

Rich Hoffman

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The Many Problems of Joan Powell: A person 10 years behind the politics of the day


Being serious about Joan Powell, the beat up old politician from Butler County, Ohio who is running for a much dreamed about trustee seat, she has a lot of problems.  Over the years she’s simply screwed over too many people.  It’s one thing to run for a school board seat that nobody wants to do, but a trustee position is a little harder, especially when Mark Welch and George Lang have done such a good job setting into motion the finances of West Chester so wonderfully.  Mark would have to lose his seat in the election, or Lee Wong for Joan to get a chance and that’s likely not going to happen even if nobody did any campaigning.  Joan’s campaign reminds me of when Jamie Green tried to come back after five years of being out of action to become a school board member at Lakota in 2011, which I spoke about below at a public forum.  A lot of things changed in the world in just five years and Jamie Green couldn’t overcome the scrutiny and for having a pretty sizable name had a hard time breaking into fourth place in a five person election.  Joan’s situation is similar now in 2017 in West Chester.

There is simply too much dirt on Joan.  On the surface she plays a nice old lady who has some grandchildren.  But, she’s been pretty ruthless when it comes to politics and her people aren’t in charge of anything anymore.  The world has changed under her feet and she’s on the wrong side of history.  Her act is old and tired and she clearly doesn’t understand it.  What she does know is that her friends down at the hair salon think she should run because poor little Lee Wong can’t get a vote in edgewise while he’s off showing tremendously bad judgment putting his name next to Chinese traitors.   The labor unions put out the bat signal hoping to resurrect Joan essentially because they want a weak negotiator at the table instead of Mark—and that’s why she’s running.  They talked her into it thinking that she’s their best chance of getting control of the West Chester Trustees again by gaining a positive vote count during future wage negotiations.

Her reputation at Lakota while she was a school board member was despicable.  Of course the public employees loved her—she constantly voted to give them more money.  Ironically the moment she left the Lakota school board that 8th largest school district in Ohio started learning to live within their budgets and they have not sought further tax increases.  Lakota has done a much better job of managing their business with Joan Powell gone than they ever did while she was there and now with a few years to analyze the situation, its clear Joan was part of the problem at Lakota and that is the best thing she has to run on in this 2017 election—is her experience at Lakota as a board member.   Her best achievement in recent years was a 2013 tax increase she managed to ride through spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars moving the vote count a measly 4 percentage points—and that was with the help of Sheriff Jones.  Likely Jones is behind Joan’s comeback here because he knows she is a tax and spend liberal and he has family on the West Chester police department who want pay raises at the tax payer’s expense so of course they want liberal Joan Powell to rubber stamp their contracts—but Jones can’t help Powell much.  He’s come out in favor of Trump and was a big part of the campaign to get him elected in Ohio.  He’s not going to be able to publicly hold her hand in the way she’ll need this time which will make it very difficult for her—because she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter masking as a Republican to get elected in Butler County, but the party has changed a lot over the last 12 months.  It’s not the same place.

Then there is the baggage, Joan has screwed over a lot of business people.  I plan to talk a lot more about that as the election nears especially in October leading up to the final vote.  Joan got caught doing a lot of double-dealing and she didn’t make any friends from the people who count most.  Sure, Patti Alderson talks to her socially but if anyone noticed at the annual party that the West Chester socialite has at her house where Republican candidates go to be noticed and ask for money for their various fall campaigns, the Party affiliation and objectives aren’t as clear as they had been.  Sure the Butler County Republicans have wrestled away control from Tea Party conservatives like David Kern in favor of never Trumper types who gambled that John Kasich would do much better than he did.  But now the Ohio governor is on his way out and he will likely be replaced by the Republican Trump supporter Jim Renacci who is making major strides toward a powerful candidacy.  He has the right people behind him and a message that is aligned with the current White House.  Whether or not Republicans like it, Trump is running the RNC and that certainly flows into local politics for which Joan isn’t in the picture.  Patti may like her from the good ol’ days, but Patti isn’t exactly part of the inner circle any more either.  She has money to direct into political pockets as she has in the past, but she doesn’t have the philosophical persuasion that she once held either.  When Joan and Patti worked out their public campaign against me in 2012 to get their tax increase passed at Lakota by 2013 they had to play some very dirty tricks which I’ve never forgotten only to have very moderate success.  And now just four years later the political landscape is much different—not in the favor of Joan Powell.  The game has left her in the dust and people like Patti are only able to hang on because of her deep pockets.  The Party is not as friendly to RINOs as it once was.

Because of Trump business people are in, liberal tax and spenders are out—and Joan is a long way away from her business background which she had when she was a little girl.  For many years now she has simply been a social activist from the school board with one of her biggest achievements coming from the failed attempt to shut down the entire school to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  You can see Joan dancing in the video below at the 7:16 mark which was a project the entire high school of Lakota East put on for the cause of Spina Bifida.  That of course was the cover story.  The real aim was to get national attention on Ellen’s show and using all the kids as a way to do it—which cost many thousands of dollars.  Joan as a member of management thought that was a good use of tax payer money and she was there dancing away at the event.  Her calculation was that the national coverage would put them over the top with public sentiment and get them a tax increase, but they failed to get on Ellen.  I ran into two of the people dancing with Joan in that video at a VIP event at the opening of Rodizio at Liberty Center in 2015 and I asked them who’s stupid idea it was to allow the entire school to make a music video with all the expense involved.  They blamed it on Joan—so that shows her decision-making ability—she’s certainly not a business minded person—and that’s what it takes to be a Republican these days especially at a trustee position.  People expect a little flamboyancy from liberal school board members; they’re more forgiving when it comes to children and social causes.  But managing how things happen where they live, that’s another matter all together.

While you can’t take anything for granted in any election—Joan will have her normal people come out to support her on election day, the union supporters who want a pay raise, the people at her hair salon and a few losers hanging out in the cracks of depravity, but she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter in a district that voted for Trump well over 10% the Ohio trend and the Republican party is much more affiliated with the new president than it was on Election Day 2016.  Joan’s record is terrible and she burnt a lot of people to achieve what she did.  She doesn’t have any people who matter in the current political structure who will go to the ends of the earth for her and Mark does.  Lee Wong doesn’t either—his biggest achievement is that he gets free meals around West Chester but he doesn’t do much else but support traitors and people who want to build sidewalks so he can walk from his house and mooch off people in the business community.  But Joan doesn’t even have that.  I’m sure she’s well funded by the old political power seeking to make a comeback, but it won’t be enough because the moment she opens her mouth people will know she doesn’t have an idea to stand on, and these days, that just won’t cut it.

Rich Hoffman

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