Socialism is Taught in our Public Schools–so why are we surprised that its all kids know?

There was a recent poll that indicated 43% of people in North America support socialism which seems to be a surprise to many people. As everyone knows, I have been screaming this from the roof tops for many, many years—more like decades. This isn’t a new idea and if you take that poll and lay it over the same type of people who voted for Hillary Clinton and may support Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders they almost match perfectly. The new element is in accepting that the Democrat Party essentially is a part of socialists who have simply changed their name. And that evidence is quite clear in how that part of politics has taken over our public education system, which was finely exhibited in the New York City public school system with their recent ban of words that are consistent with above the line behavior, words like success, exceptionalism, and winning.

Many people don’t want to get involved in political matters, as our culture has successfully stigmatized it. It is far safer to talk about grilling hot dogs and talking about the statistics of hitting a ball with a baseball bat. And the people who want power like it that way. While we have been off appeasing everyone’s temperaments and worrying about hurting their feelings with aggressive words, they have taken over our public education system and sought to destroy the minds of our young people from their very foundations, and they have not been shy about it. We’ve let them get away with it by playing nice. And they have taken advantage of our niceness and set about ruining our nation from the inside out by controlling not only our education system, but what people learn, and this has occurred by allowing labor unions who are typically very progressive to run the school boards.

All that has changed is that Bernie Sanders and other very progressive elected officials have moved the political bar even further to the left leaving people like me, who have always been conservative looking in comparison to be some deranged lunatic by the measure of the political spectrum being analyzed. If prior to the 1960s the politics of the middle ground was exactly where a person like me is today, the victory of the communists, the hippies, and the leaning left Democrats ever more moved way away from the center and set a new benchmark that stated the new centralist views were radically to the left of what it used to be. And this has largely happened by a communist plan that started with the beginning of the Department of Education in 1980. It can be argued that public education worked better before a new department at the federal level got involved, and since it has, the entire country has moved further to the left.

I still remember what public school was like in 1980. I was in the sixth grade and I watched it quickly deteriorate. I can at least report a reference point to what it was like before and what it was like after, and each year thereafter from then until now has moved further and further to the political left. For those who say they don’t want to get involved in politics, because of hostile elements that have attacked our way of life, particularly in public education, none of us really have a choice. I have lost a lot of friends and family members over this very issue, which I’d do happily again. To me, what’s the point of talking about grilling out in the back yard, when entire parts of our population are being destroyed by liberalism in our public schools?

To my point of view this is one of the worst issues to confront us in the modern era. That we have allowed academia to be infested by liberalism only to eat up all the value of an education with political activism has been a major travesty on the action of learning. We have allowed intelligence to be stigmatized also with liberalism, and if we aren’t liberals, then we can’t claim to be academics. Through our American niceness, and through our Christian roots we turned the other cheek time and time again to allow these antagonizers to climb into the minds of our children and to take them from us, to attempt to destroy our families, to stand for death and the rights of some feminist version of womanhood as the only way.

Another recent poll that came out revealed that happily married women tended to be Republican in nature, which set off a torrent of anger from the political left. The threat to them was always in controlling the message of what being a woman really was. In their minds they accomplished two things, they keep mothers busy at work doing “things” in the pursuit of being equal to men. The other thing was that it pushed kids out of the house and into schools and pre-school day cares. This is also something I watched firsthand. My mom was a traditional housewife, one of the last of them. And she took a lot of grief for it being ridiculed by virtually everyone and it harmed her in many ways very deeply. She just wanted to care for her children and ironically, we all grew up very emotionally stable and productive. My wife actually followed in her path and for her the situation was even worse. Far worse actually. I watched all this with great curiosity, how could something so good, like loving kids, be considered socially so bad? Well, we were told in public education that liberalism was the way to go and they took our tax money to fund one sided political debate. And if you had a different point of view, then those individuals would be hunted down like the Salem Witch Trials and executed either literally or metaphorically. Whatever methods were used, the results were always clear. Destroy any hint at conservatism so that liberalism could grow.

It is actually surprising that more people don’t call themselves socialists these days with all the effort at attacking American that culture has gone into the promotion of that point of view. Capitalism and conservatism have held up remarkably well considering the efforts spent against it. But its time for us to turn the tide and to not be ashamed to admit what we value and to continue allowing liberalism to advance with our shut mouths and funding by turning our cheeks again and again until they’ve slapped away all the skin. Values can’t just be surrendered to a mob of trained socialists who believe they have a right to pluck us all dry to satisfy their whims. We need to focus on competition for the public education system so one brand of socialist instruction is not the only thing available to young people. By allowing that single source of failure to infect our children we are actually dooming them for life, and its time we stop that cycle. 1980 wasn’t that long ago and people have been educating themselves for many years. Well before the Department of Education came along with an agenda toward socialism. And until we change our thoughts on this, we will continue to see an erosion that eventually won’t be correctable. Time is certainly running out—I don’t think we are there yet, but we are getting close.

Rich Hoffman

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Politics and the Banned Books of the Bible

I think the most interesting thing in the world is not how we all evolved out of some single celled creature swimming in the sea, or were molded literally out of dirt by a god and cattle prodded into existence while mating with our brothers and sisters, but in why mankind has a perpetual need to regress. And that is the trend if you look back over the many years to the beginnings of things. For instance, even while we may marvel as I have at the antics at Stonehenge and Avebury in England the Egyptians and Sumerians were conducting life not so different from our modern day needs and desires in America. Then visiting those same places today, the Middle East has not progressed from accomplishment to accomplishment always building higher, but is now considerably less sophisticated and much less economically viable. Places around the world do not evolve at the same rate, while one part of it may be on the cutting edge of technology the other parts of it has clans of rock throwers and superstitious psychotics sacrificing their first born daughters to some gods hoping to make it rain so they don’t all starve to death.

Then there is the problem as to why we desire to hide that reality from ourselves behind veils of culture, religion, economics, even history. One thing that has always really bothered me about the Bible in the Christian tradition is that the book was essentially conceived around 100 AD, a century after Christ had died. A few hundred years after that the Roman emperor Constantine wanted to unite his empire using Christianity as the glue so the first Bibles were organized and over the next several hundred years scriptural scholars decided what books to put in the Bible and which ones to leave out. For instance in the days of Jesus he was known to have been well versed with scripture, but what scripture are we talking about if the nature of the Christian religion in the New Testament is all about him. The Old Testament had been picked through by so many “authorities” that it really doesn’t hold any historical reference any longer. The scripture that Jesus had studied is obviously long, long gone. There is a long section of Biblical history that is just ignored, especially if you go back and read the banned books of the Bible, the Book of Jasher, the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Jubilees.

For all we know the ancient books of the Bible were passed down for millenniums and mankind had been coming and going for all that time scratching at the surface of civilization while continued pockets of failures went back to being spear chuckers and forgetting about the massive ziggurats they had built with great effort to satisfy somebody somewhere. That span of time could have been three of four thousand years to tens of thousands of years. Yet if you go to the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. they will insist that all over the world we all developed as hunters, then planters, then city builders to where we are today. But then using modern science to peer back under the veil of history we see that all over the world, especially in regions today that we might call “third world” we see the evidence for massive lost civilizations that just don’t follow that assumption. All along the Amazon River we see evidence of major cities buried under the jungle canopy waiting to tell us their stories that occurred long before the Inca were even thinking of building their empire in South America.

We are learning that the Maya were much older and much bigger than we ever thought they were. What we know about all these cultures is really only captured in stone and stories. How much truth is there in the myths of all world cultures and how much of it is made up fantasy to represent metaphorically a need that minds had, like the modern myth of Star Wars. There are deep human needs in most mythologies that are revealed in those stories, but how much of them are truth and how much based on desire? All we really have are guesses and deduction from looking at some pottery and making assumptions based on our modern life. How many Göbekli Tepe temples are there buried under a hill in Turkey out there all through the Middle East and extending into Asia, even North America? The date for that location is well accepted now by mainstream science to extend back to the 10th millennium BCE which would indicate that life there was an advanced culture in the area of the Biblical regions well before the Temple of Solomon was built, or the City of David had laid its first stone. We tend to walk the streets of Jerusalem and think of the Old City as…..old. But when you consider the evidence of Göbekli Tepe as being five to perhaps even ten thousand years older it makes you wonder how many other places around the world might view Göbekli Tepeas the newcomer.

I grew up with Bible study, my family attended church often and I enjoyed learning about religion in the Christian context but as I grew older I started studying comparative religion and wondering about how so many different versions of the same stories percolated out into our nation building. Then I couldn’t help but wonder how much of our myths and legends were actually true, how much of the tall tails were in all actuality laced with fact. And by just a casual observance you learn really quick that most of the governments of the world do not want to know the truth. And they will actually use violence to keep anybody from discovering our true historical context to the distant past. Every culture wants to think they are the first to arrive at some grand conclusion and are therefor the authority to follow. But in reality, they are just the latest, many have tried before and that will continue well into the future. My question is and remains, how do we stop the cycle?

I have some pretty good ideas on the matter, and I have my thoughts on the past and the future that I have discussed in some detail. My interest in politics and economics have spawned off this basic question as to why societies rise and fall so often and unlearn everything they worked so hard to develop. Is this the first time for instance that a world culture has developed the means to leave the planet and head to space? I don’t think so. In the politics of Democrats for instance I hear in them a deep yearning to crawl back into the cave and to paint images of a deer hunt onto the dark walls of Lascaux. Even among most Republicans is the desire to use capitalism to advance mankind into a hopeful future of discovery and triumph, but while hanging on to parts of Biblical history that insist they were the first and only attempts at civilization and that we not deviate from the pages of a book built by the Roman Empire to control their territories. To my study nobody really wants to “get it” and that is the biggest mystery of all, and something that deserves some consideration. Because in that answer is a treasure trove of understanding that holds a key we all could benefit from. And it only takes a little courage to unlock.

Rich Hoffman

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The Democrats Can’t Win in 2020, Which is Why They are Worried

There are two reasons that Democrats are so obstinate regarding the failure of the Mueller Report to give them a smoking gun regarding the Trump administration, the first are the reasons I mentioned on Easter Sunday, the classic control mechanisms of institutionalism. The second is much more immediate. The Democrats just don’t have an answer to Trump for the upcoming election. Their leading contenders are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, both men in their middle 70s who even if they did win would be in their 80s after their first term. Everyone else is a lunatic of fringe socialism with no message but more victimization and administrational control, which is not an appealing message. But its all they have, and they know it. So all they could really do is pray over this false accusation, which they have been doing to Republicans for years. What makes Trump great is that he refuses to play along, which has exposed this whole game for what it always was and there isn’t a single Democrat who is going to be able to go head to head with Trump in a general election. The Democrats knew it during 2016, they can’t win an election without cheating, and they certainly can’t beat Trump, so all they had was the hope that the Mueller investigation might find something that might end Trump for them. And when it didn’t come, they panicked, which has now erupted into an all out mental breakdown, collectively. The world is changing away from their controls, and they are terrified.

Like politics I out grew religion a long time ago. It’s not that I find either of them useless, but the current definitions are designed by people not very intellectually curious. They’d rather talk about the new grill they bought at Home Depot for backyard cookouts than to talk about whether the Gnostic books of the Bible should have been included into the official Bible of the Christian religions during the 1st and 2nd century A.D. As a person I don’t waste time on the dumb stuff, and most people are addicted to dumb stuff. I only am really interested on the big scale epic ideas about the nature of existence and I write about those types of things every day in hopes that it might inspire others to think about big things too. And it takes understanding big things to understand President Trump and his value. There isn’t anybody on this earth that I find deserves worship or following. I don’t need someone to follow in my life, I do all the leading. What I need out of a president is a proper chess piece. He or she doesn’t need to be a moral character. Everyone fails my expectations, so I don’t even include them when I vote for someone. I just want someone who will stand against the levers of control that have been with us since the beginning, the desire of power to manipulate those who don’t have it.

Someone reading an article of mine a few days ago referred to it as a piece of Nazi propaganda, which of course is all kinds of wrong. I’m about as far from a Nazi as anybody could get. Nazi’s were socialists and big government guys. They were way to the political left of where I am and only modern interpretations made by stupid people could even attempt to draw a line connecting those positions. But I saw in the person an individual who was trying to understand things, so I didn’t get all bent up out of shape over it. People come to the truth in their own ways and must overcome all their own personal demons. They assume that they need institutions to function, so they need all these checks and balances that are in place to keep everyone honest. There are people believe it or not who think that Bob Mueller and James Comey were card-carrying Republicans. Yet what is missed is that those definitions were created by the conquered, those who were willing to carry the sins of all mankind on their backs as a political party and allow Democrats to have a seat at the big table, and allow socialism to become part of the American way. My brand of conservatism isn’t even on a chart anywhere. I certainly wouldn’t call it “right winged” or “alt right.” I would simply call it normal, and of the type of minds who wrote the Constitution. I do not see advancements of human thought and achievement as progressing in politics, I have watched it regress into this laughable condition. I see advancements in the sciences and in art, but those attributes have not yet made it into our political world. That is why when the Nazi party did come along, the western world didn’t know what to do with it. Neville Chamberlain and his globalist tea drinkers didn’t know what to do with this popular socialist who used the ten-thousand-year-old symbol of a swastika to attempt to bring in a new age of humanity. They were too busy talking about dumb stuff, like what the name of a particular wine was and what part of France that it came from rather than understanding how dangerously left leaning the politics of Hitler was and how to stop him. Modern Republicans have had the same problem as Neville Chamberlain. Mitt Romney was a joke in 2012. John Boehner, who lives down the road from me and talks to a lot of the same friends as I do was far from a conviction driven conservative. He was a terrible Speaker of the House, just as Paul Ryan was. Boehner is now a pot advocate which is all types of bad news for me. These are not people who share my values, that’s for sure, they are way, way, way too far to the political left for me.

So where does that put President Trump, he’s certainly not somebody who will win awards for good morality but what does make him good and someone worth having in the White House is that he gets one important ingredient that is desperately needed in politics. He gets using the Executive Branch to push people above the line, which is so critical to any sort of change agency. Rather than making excuses for why our people and politics reside below the line, Trump insists that everything stay above it. And the line is that invisible set of targets we all set for ourselves. If we are below it, we accept various attributes of victimization, and if we are above, we are taking responsibility for ourselves and our role in the universe.

For me the line stops at the basic foundations of our Constitution which I view as a work of art that took about three thousand years of western civilization to develop. When after the Mueller Report came out that there were some on the Democrat side of things who still wanted to impeach the guy I helped put in office, well that’s where the line was crossed. I’m not going to put up with any below the line stuff. I’m just not going to do it. I don’t want to return to a political world where it is run by a bunch of Neville Chamberlain types who empower Democrats with their lack of will to fight. I will take Trump flaws and all because at least he gets the above the line needs of the Executive Branch. He wears a suit and tie every day. He has a good-looking wife. He doesn’t apologize for whatever wealth he has acquired. He likes gold. He likes golf and runs wonderful golf courses. He’s an above the line guy who doesn’t feel guilt or a need to apologize for it, and that makes him the best president possible in this day and age, and Democrats can’t beat him because they must appeal to below the line thinking to have a shot and if given a choice, people will aspire to above the line needs most of the time—if someone will lead them there. And yes, it is that simple.

Rich Hoffman

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“Sawed Off Shotguns”

Sure you have a right to be angry dear reader. They have been lying to you. All these climate losers who are trying to propose that the world is coming to an end in just 12 years from this point in time are the types of people who are the premier examples of why drugs in our society should be illegal. Because they are dumb. Dangerously dumb. They don’t understand climate science, they trust scientists are part of the problem and don’t see how academia has been corrupted by a lift leaning political class. To understand the type of people who are falling for these schemes I wouldn’t go so far to make fun of them, because I honestly don’t think they understand much about life. To understand them I recommend listening to the song by The Glorious Sons titled “Sawed Off Shotgun.” Those types of people reflected in that very below the line song are those who are getting suckered by the climate change advocates. They have grown up stupid and crippled intellectually making them victims to every little ailment and its sad to see, but it is they who are now functioning as voters and democratic participants in our culture, and a lot of them, way too many of them are hooked on OxyContin just as the song states.

Even if the United States adopted all the climate measures proposed by these radical new Green Deal advocates, China and Russia as well as most of India and the rest of the world all the way over to the Mediterranean Sea will continue polluting at an alarming rate and none of them, especially China is about to give up anything to halt the expansion of their economies. They are going to pollute in great abundance. The only thing that needs to be understood about the entire Green New Deal nonsense is that the goal is to attempt to stop the American economy so that the other economies of the world can gain strength. You won’t see any of these green advocates protesting China, because communism is their goal anyway. They aren’t protesting Russia, if they did most of them would be killed. No, they protest America because that is the big dog economy and they want to end it. That is the game and to get everyone to forget how the game is played they have created a society of drug induced losers who know they are being played but don’t know how to step away and to end the cycle.

I had a pretty good day a few days ago, it was nice outside so I took the long way home and drove about 100 MPH down the road listening to the “Sawed Off Shotgun” song on my car stereo while I listened to Sean Hannity on my phone. It was an interesting contrast of thought processes that came together quite nicely. Watching that music video for that song I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the audience. They know they are being manipulated and toyed with politically. They know they have been drug induced to be suckers in a society that has hostile elements trying to penetrate it for the destruction of all American influence, but they don’t know how to deal with it but through more cigarettes and alcohol to drown out the effects. I’ve noticed this trend in other musical artists of this generation, they understand that there is a game being played, but they don’t know who to trust, literally. Their minds have been robbed from them and they are defenseless in a scary world. If someone tells them the world is coming to an end in 12 years of course it scares them. They are purposely too stupid to know better.

But that’s the only way it works. You have to be stupid and deliberately void of an understanding of current events to believe that liberals really want to save the planet from a path of 12-year destruction. It’s as much of a hoax as saying that Santa Clause will be president of the United States in 2028. It’s just not in the realm of possibility. The only way anybody could believe such a thing is to get hooked on some drug and to numb your mind to such a degree that you can’t process any real information. And currently much of the youth, people under 30, are in the state represented in that music video and they are truly victims of reality, because they have been taught to be that way. They are losing it and they want to protest but they have no idea where to direct their anger. They have been lied to by everyone and now they are supposed to participate in our republic to keep it going and all they can think to do is to take another drink and talk about getting a sawed-off shotgun. For what we have no idea, but the idea of it gives them a little strength to even pose the proposition.

And so it was in my experience in listening to that song while Sean Hannity laid out the case of the phony Mueller investigation that if I didn’t know better, I could see how people would fall into that trap of believing all the Green New Deal garbage. So since those people don’t know any different I feel confident to assure them that the earth will still be here 12 years from now. Humans don’t have much of a measurable impact on any climate conditions. Climate change is a natural condition that will happen long into the future and it occurred long before humans were ever on the scene. The goal in attempting to connect climate change with powerful economies is only to stop the growth of capitalism so that the world will turn toward communism. Communism is the way of life in China and the left still hopes that it will take root in the West so that is all there is to the climate change arguments. They (the left) hope that enough people are hooked on so much OxyContin and are afraid of the tax man that they won’t question the nature of the Green New Deal. They’ll just follow along and direct their sawed off shotguns at the Trump administration instead of the liars and cheats that are so dominate in the Democrat party.

But the anger is real, the way that young people feel, it is not misplaced. They know someone is lying to them. They are at least that smart even though their minds have been deliberately clipped just like some caged bird so that they can’t fly away. I don’t like the words of that song, but I do like the spirit. People understand that something is happening and they literally don’t know who to trust. So I offer this much, you can trust that the world will be here at 2030 and climate change will have no impact on the state of it. Rather, we’ll be traveling to Mars and settling other destinations in space. And things will be better tomorrow than they are today, especially if you let the Trump administration do their work. The entire premise of the climate change argument is to gain power and I think people are rebellious enough to see through that. Maybe not consciously, but their innate instincts are correct, and so long as they keep asking those questions, everything will be alright. Just make sure to stay away from OxyContin and alcohol and the world will make a lot more sense.

Rich Hoffman

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The Very Unfair Treatement of Boeing by Loser Politicians

As I said when this all first started, Boeing was being treated very unfairly when it had its planes grounded for the 737 MAX after the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 which killed 157 people. As is the trend of the world, those most responsible for everything are those doing something and in this day and age in vilifying corporations to the whims of every below the line thinker in existence, Boeing has been getting a very raw deal. I have contended that the cause of the crash and that of the Lion Air 737 which crashed in October of 2018 was not the fault of the plane, but of the pilots who were grossly inexperienced due to their countries of origin. It’s not as if the pilots in these developing countries have had the benefit of a great military career as fliers to become pilots of these giant flying buses. In a lot of ways they are training for these jobs in the way that some people train for a new fast food job in the United States. The pressure to fulfill the market needs of countries that do not have a deep history with emerging technologies, such as airplane flight, is to put more computer automation into the flight scenarios. We expect too much out of the automation and as in the case of these two 737 MAX 8 crashes, the pilots just weren’t experienced enough to overcome faulty sensors that threw off the autopilot capabilities of the craft. An over reliance on computers is the real problem, and that will happen again in the industry. When mechanical things fail, as they often do, there needs to be a good pilot on hand to help overcome the situation, especially on a big complicated craft hauling around so many people. There are just too many opportunities for error not to have experienced, well-trained pilots flying these airplanes and the countries where these airlines are located just don’t have a history of working with technology, so it’s quite a challenge.

Granted Airbus has the same challenges, and they haven’t been exposed to crashes like what Boeing has experienced. If Boeing is guilty of anything its in expecting that pilots reading their manuals would know how to overcome simple in cockpit problems such as autopilot malfunctions because in the United States most of the airline pilots have a history in either military or civilian aviation. There is a culture in place in America that produces pilots and Boeing is used to servicing the industry from that vantage point. However, the airline industry is growing tremendously over the next 20 years with a predicted rate of need for roughly 37,400 new aircraft to be built over that time span and most of that growth is in emerging markets, so if Boeing wants to compete in that global demand, it has to build planes that very average pilots can fly, and that is the real cause of these tragedies, trying to compensate for massive inexperience and the airlines needs to put pilots in planes that can essentially fly themselves. Airbus has perhaps been more successful in achieving that demand, but Boeing pushed their 737 MAX technically adding to the variables. The Boeing plane is a great product, but is it ready to fly itself without a pilot, probably not.

But as I said three weeks ago when the planes were first grounded, the financial cost to Boeing is and will continue to be catastrophic and what’s pathetic is that nobody seems to care. Certainly not the loser politicians who have been advocating law suits and further punishments against Boeing. The company itself is losing billions of dollars with this grounding in cancelled contracts and the hefty price tag of $60 million per day in lost revenue across the industry with the roughly 400 so far delivered 737 MAX jets sitting on the ground doing nothing. There are orders for 5000 more 737 MAX planes to be built over that 20 year span, and if those orders convert over to Airbus, it will be devastating for the Boeing Company, because their preparation for this next generation of aircraft sales has been this particular market approach.

What has been so foolish is the assumption that Boeing is so rich as a company that they can afford this grounding, and all the law suits that are being tossed in their direction due to the deaths of the people on those two crashed flights that have caused this grounding. Boeing reported $10.5 billion in profits in 2018 which is consistent with previous years, but what nobody seems to understand is that playing the airplane building game is expensive. Sure $10 billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, but it evaporates quickly in a publicly traded company that has so many top-heavy expenses. Boeing sells each MAX 8 aircraft at a price tag of $92.2 million each. It only takes ten airplanes to generate $1 billion dollars. But we aren’t talking about selling popcorn here, there are massive expenses into building these planes and the margins have to be decent to leverage the company against the enormous costs of when things go wrong during the manufacturing process, such as labor strikes, supply shortages, and delivery problems. It doesn’t take long to suck up $10 billion dollars in profit when the scale of manufacturing is so high. So when people say that Boeing is a rich company that can afford to give up their profits for every little complaint, they don’t understand the situation at all. The cost to the company isn’t just another excuse for liberal wealth redistribution hidden behind a veil of safety, it is a perilous drain of projected financial resources that the company has been counting on to justify decades of investment that they have made to bring this MAX 8 plane to life so that countries like Malaysia and Ethiopia can have an opportunity to even have an airline industry. It is very disingenuous to put all the blame on Boeing and expect them to pay the price for what essentially amounts to poorly trained pilots by the airlines operating in these developing countries who themselves rushed to market without being truly prepared.

There isn’t room for airline crashes and they should never happen. When people purchase a plane ticket, they should never expect to crash and die. The regulations in the industry are understandably rigorous, and that is part of the enormous cost of compliance that also eats into the profits of a company like Boeing just for being in the business. If the FAA had become a little cozy with Boeing that is not the fault of anybody. Without Boeing, the FAA has very little to do, they need each other so understandably relationships need to be productive. To expect a regulatory agency to impose itself further on a company like Boeing is ridiculous. Only people not used to making anything in life would think a tighter regulatory environment is productive. The bottom line in this case of the grounded 737 MAX 8 planes is that Boeing was trying to deliver a plane that needed to essentially fly itself because the pilots were not able to do it themselves. The pilots were too dependent on automated systems, and that may be the demand of tomorrow’s market, but it should be understood that the learning curve is going to be demanding and mistakes will happen. When mistakes do happen, experienced and well-trained pilots need to be there to save the day. And in the case of these crashes, they weren’t which was the fault of the airlines which put those planes in the air. Boeing isn’t making yet planes that fly themselves. They are trying, but the technology just isn’t there yet. But the cost of these political groundings to them has been catastrophic and very unfair to. And it’s a shame that more people just don’t understand what all this has done to a great American company. But then again, maybe they do.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Socialism Fails Every Time

Even though I have been talking about the great socialist conspiracy for years, well before anybody wanted to admit that it was the goal of public education and government to bring it about. Why else do you think dear reader that most of Washington D.C. wants open borders, because they want socialism in America, even Republicans. Socialism puts centralized government as a top priority, and they work as leaders in government, so just like that, they have been advocating for socialism. So, with that understanding nobody can point and say that identifying the truth of the matter, as I have for many years under conditions not so pleasant, was a tin hatted conspiracy. It was always the goal for government to embrace socialism because it gave them something to do and made elections seem more logical and achievable for them to win. Make people more dependent on government and the voting patterns that promised re-election would be easier to understand. So why is it that socialism doesn’t work, such as in the most recent tragedy of Venezuela? That is the purpose of this article, to identify that hidden ingredient that often decides success or failure in everything, and for our purpose we can name it properly as leadership.

It was only a few years ago that my wife and I had been planning a nice vacation to Angel Falls in Venezuela. The country just isn’t’ stable enough so it’s not worth the trouble. When people become as desperate as they now are in Venezuela you have to watch your back constantly to keep your assets in tact, and that just isn’t worth it just to go see a natural wonder. But Venezuela should be capitalizing on its natural resources better than they are, such as tourist attractions like Angel Falls, but they can’t because they have pushed all vision and leadership out of their country. I mean how else does a loser like Nicolas Maduro who was just a bus driver end up president, it takes a lot of dumb people in a democracy to even allow such a thing in an open vote. Then there is the other president Juan Guaido with whom the United States officially recognizes as their leader who is running the country from the city streets. Venezuela is now a mess in every way that it could be and it all happened within a decade. The country continues to be one of the best examples of what a lack of leadership in a culture really does when it’s not present. When leadership is lacking, it can be said that nothing happens in the world. It’s not people and their labor that makes things move, its in the vision of leadership that effort is focused and made into something which generates cultural growth that economies work and governments emerge. Not just the will of the masses and their whims represented by a mass vote. Without leadership involved in the emergence of anything, the task itself will always fail.

Unfortunately, leadership is one of the least understood attributes of modern culture. Yet it controls the success or failure of everything. As a society we are sort of happy if leadership happens yet we don’t understand they whys and hows. We just know it when we see it. Fortunately, in America we find lots of leaders emerging in a variety of fields because it tends to occur when individuals are empowered to act with great autonomy. The more rules and restrictions to individual behavior, the less leadership emerges in a culture. For instance, we can see the lack of leadership in the sports world when LeBron James fails such as he has on the L.A. Lakers basketball team. The evidence is obvious when we see the best basketball player in the world sitting at the end of the bench cast aside by his teammates because they aren’t buying what he’s selling, and the record of the team shows it. We can see the results of leadership in sports all the time and we enjoy it in American culture. Yet we fail to find ways to generate leadership in our education system so most people grow up not understanding the value of it or how to bring it about.

When leadership is not present its obvious. A culture like Venezuela happens when leaders are put in jail because they are perceived threats to the current administration and the goal of the country is power through popular vote rather than the antics of leadership. Once the competency of any leader is lost to the cultural castigation of leadership than whatever the endeavor may be, failure is soon to follow. Leadership can further be broken down into a couple of categories. Direct leadership which is what happens when a person is in the field building a reputation for themselves which other people are quick to ride on their coattails. Such as Michael Jordon had as a young start out of North Carolina with a knack for hitting game winning shots as the buzzard sounded. Direct leadership is results based and it inspires in others the desire to follow that influence. Then there is influence leadership, such as what I do with this blog. Once you have a reputation that is beyond the control of any established state or organization, you can then use that reputation to carry others to lofty considerations. In that way an entire culture can be elevated with just a few simple words, even if only very few leaders are inspired to act directly. Without those basic elements of leadership in a culture nothing happens. Work, art, science, nothing happens in life without leadership.

Venezuela sitting on massive oil reserves and other avenues to great wealth can’t even play on the world stage because they lack leadership. Their culture through socialism has pushed away all their old leaders and stifled the growth of new ones. When leadership is pushed away from any process, failure is soon to follow. Leadership is the most important ingredient to any hope of cultural advancement whether or not we are just talking about sports, industry or even entertainment. If leadership is missing, what is being down will fail, 100% of the time with no exceptions. But to accept such a premise a culture has to be willing to recognize that it’s not equality that a society should value, because leadership is a value judgement that must emerge when exception is what drives activity and people show a willingness to follow the best in an effort to improve themselves.

Leadership is not a group decision, it’s what happens when a group follows someone who has a history of rising above the norm. Leadership inspires others to become more than they have been, but when that element is missing there is nothing to encourage others to do anything above and beyond their circumstances, so mundanity occurs and so does the efforts of the masses. This is the case under every example of socialism and why it fails. It puts an emphasis on equality among the masses instead of recognizing the basic fact of all nature and that is that leadership among human beings is the engine that drives all aspects of culture. And that is a truth I have yet to hear anybody else discuss. But if it takes leadership to bring it about, then so be it.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Wins Re-election in 2020

Congratulations to President Trump for winning re-election in 2020. He deserved it but for what he went through during his first two and a half years, we should all consider ourselves lucky that he wanted to even run. Oh, you are right dear reader, it’s only 2019 and there are still many months of election process to endure but this game is over before it even started, the Democrats have nobody and who they do have is about to be pulled into the criminal conduct list of bad activity centering around trying to pull all the people close to Donald Trump in jail just for him winning an election, and for their participation in trying to bring so much great harm to the president himself with all these phony scandals that were 100% politically motivated, they deserve everything they are about to get. Let’s see, when was that when I predicted on live radio that the Democrat party would come to an end? Somewhere around 2020, 2021? Yeah, the reason I’m talking about this now is because its easy to see what’s coming by listening to the people close to the President on Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox News this past Saturday night. With the Mueller Report finished and no more bullets left in the metaphorical gun, it’s the President’s turn to punch back and given his reputation, he won’t hold back. For those who want to see the Swamp drained and have for a while now, it’s about to happen.

Of course President Trump needs to actually run for re-election and do all the campaigning work. And we will have to do our part in going out to vote for him. The Democrats aren’t done with their lying, cheating and out-right scandal driven lunacy. But, and it’s a big but indeed, Robert Mueller who was no fan of President Trump and had poked the bear aggressively only to find him locked in the cage with that bear as the stick broke in his hands had to release the report now. He’s known for many months now, perhaps even years, that there was nothing to the Russian story and that Trump won the election of 2016 fair and square. If he waited even longer it would be too close to the next election and his case had run out of gas. When Roger Stone failed to turn up anything meaningful, the Mueller investigation sputtered to an anti-climatic end right then and there and many of us knew it all along and have been saying so. But now the rest of the world will now see it and it will be a life changing moment.

We’ve always thought about it, but never had the evidence regarding the “Deep State” been so obvious, its like trapping for some elusive animal that has been eating all our food in the garden while we slept and one morning we woke up and see the animal locked in a cage and could get up close and study the creature. That is what its like now with these bad characters abusing their authority within our government suddenly being caught. They overreached in trying to pin a criminal case on a sitting president because they thought they’d always be in power so if they failed, nobody would be left standing to come after them. But what does a 73-year-old man who has a reputation of punching back once punched have to lose in completely unleashing Hell upon the Democrat party when he has all the power to do so, and justification for it have to lose? And he has an election to win with all these gifts to use during a re-election campaign, where even after everything that’s happened, he’s at 50% approval?

I’m not a cart before the horse kind of guy, but when everything is going downhill, you really don’t need a cart to pull the horse, gravity does all the work. And that is where Trump finds himself knowing that the battle has turned. In all great wars you can tell when the other side loses momentum. You can even see it in sports, even though two teams are playing one side is clearly winning while the other will lose. So it is in politics, all those connected to the false narrative of the Russian story and came after all the President’s men with such aggressive fanfare are now very vulnerable and won’t be able to survive what happens next. They are so used to being in power and having the power of fear over everyone on the conservative side of things that they won’t know how to handle this situation. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me over the last year concerned that President Trump wouldn’t make it to a second term because of the way things looked politically for him. They came to me knowing I was a staunch Trump supporter and that I might know something that could show them a light at the end of the tunnel, which I have provided. Now the enemies of the President know what that light was, it was the Trump train coming to run them over as they stood there looking stupid. For a moment I was worried that Trump might let off the gas but judging by his post Mueller Report actions, it looks like he’s about to give that train all the gas it has, and why shouldn’t he? They’d do it to him.

And that is the only way out of this, Trump has to run them all over and win his re-election easily because the world is watching. The pivot point has transpired whether or not everyone realizes it, and the stagnation of global socialism and the communism of China will have no fuel to fill its continuation. I have written about these topics everyday not because there is nothing else to write about, I can think of thousands, if not millions of things. I’m in no danger of writer’s block, that’s for sure. But this fight to keep President Trump in office and motivated to keep doing that job I think is the most important thing in the world right now. His re-election is and has been the key to the future of the United States and for our country to continue, all these Deep State villains had to be exposed. For those of us who have been fighting this fight for a long time we literally had a Trump card in the White House, and he’s not afraid to use it. They threw themselves in front of the Trump Train and they need to be run over spectacularly, and with great finality. It was they who acted maliciously, and that intention deserves definitive life changing justice, and the President is in a position to have his turn and not squander it all away. The reason Trump is in this position is specifically because a Mit Romney or any other standard conservative party member didn’t have the heart for it. They tried to polite their way out of these fights with the Deep State, which of course never worked, but fueled them to becoming even stronger. But not this president, not President Trump. His re-election has pretty much been given to him on a gold platter and we should all be thankful that he knows what to do with it. And by the sound of those closest to him he’s about to unleash Hell, for which the Democrats won’t survive, and they deserve the fate they will find. Every bit of it.

Rich Hoffman

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