China is Responsible for the Coronavirus: Alan Keyes, and Tom Cotton join the many stepping beyond a conspiracy theory of blame that is justified

I have always liked Alan Keyes, I have been supportive of his past roles to run for president and always thought he would be good. He’s a smart guy and he knows his stuff. I was a bit surprised to see that he has been thinking much the same way as I have on the whole China coronavirus which I caught on the Alex Jones Show on Infowars over the weekend. Before I go into the deep end of the pool on this just a word of caution to those who think that saying anything about something that does not have proof is a conspiracy theory. It’s not. When governments destroy evidence, or even when a common criminal does the same to keep from seeing the effects of justice thrown their way, it is not a conspiracy theory to say we know they are guilty. They may be guilty as hell, even though they have burnt the body, erased all the fingerprints, and deleted all their phone messages. The competency of a court easily manipulated does not decide guilt or innocence—only punishment and freedom. Guilt is something that happens whether or not society sees the action happening or not. And in the case of China and the coronavirus I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the virus is certainly their fault, likely coming out of a super lab they have just outside of Wuhan. And that China needed a story to blame their declining economy on, a distraction after the trade war with Trump didn’t go their way. So suddenly this virus outbreak has soaked up the world’s attention and the cover-up is fully underway within that communist government. Its just a matter of time before the world realizes what really happened.

I was surprised to see that Tom Cotton has joined Alan Keyes in saying they believe that China made the virus as a chemical warfare program, and that they think it escaped the lab on accident. I would go further and claim that they wanted it to get out, not only to thin their population of burdens of the state, especially since it is the elderly and less healthy who are targeted by the virus. If you know China, you have to understand that they do not see people as individual assets, they are as Glenn Beck was trying to say recently, they see all people as serving the state, so when the state needs less pressure, there is nothing wrong with relieving that pressure with the death of some of their citizens. Its how they view the world and should be a lesson to all those who have been pushing in America a similar mindset—which is much more common than you might think dear reader.

China had to show some reason why their economy has been tanking, and the way to blame something other than their own communist government, they have caused corporations to shut down out of concern over quarantine and limited passage of travel in many quarters of the economy. China was greatly embarrassed by the trade deal with America so it is not beyond their scope to kill their own people to hide their faults as a communist government. In the fourth quarter of 2019 their GDP growth was down to 6% and slowing even more. I would say that I wouldn’t trust that 6% number, but it’s the number they report, and likely the situation is much, much worse for them. So to maintain their own lie, they needed this coronavirus to become their excuse for why their economy is slowing. For many years, the artificial propping up of their economy by a world that wanted a lot more socialism and communism allowed them to thrive. But with Trump in the White House and true competition hitting the global stage, China can’t compete and so they needed an excuse that did two things for them, reduced the liability of their elderly on their society, and gave them a cover story for their failing economy.

The articles are already being published giving China the coverage they need. No longer is the talk about how the trade war with Trump cost them so many jobs and opportunities. Now its all about the coronavirus outbreak and the terror that the world feels in its wake. Alan Keys and Tom Cotton were willing to at least talk about the possibility that the coronavirus accidently escaped that big lab that is building secret biological weapons. I would go a step further and say the release was on purpose hoping to contaminate the world with the virus even if it sacrificed their own people. Ultimately, with such a tragedy it not only explains their economic losses, but also causes weak people to clamor for a savior in government and strengthens the position of the communist way of viewing the world. When there is danger, cause the weak to seek the protection of mother government, globally. The conspiracy theory that would create doubt in the matter is that nobody could be that evil. But I would offer that history will tell this story the way I have, that yes, China is that evil, and yes, they would kill anybody needed to protect their control of the state and maintain their grip on the world through fear.

China has lost their leverage as a world power of communist backing with the highest population of any country. They used their growing economic status to launch thoughts of communism through corporate socialism to all quarters of the world, so the trade deal with America, and specifically through the art of the deal with Trump and losing in the exchange cost them much more than a few quarters of declining GDP. If they already were padding their numbers, the real story is likely much worse and they see real fears of sustainability going into the future. The coronavirus has also taken away the protests in Hong Kong for Trump like freedom off the front pages and made the fear of this virus the lead story of nearly every outlet. Given China’s position, what else were they going to do? What other card did they have to play? They had a super lab in Wuhan, all it took was for someone to get the virus out of the lab and into the general population to attack the targets within their own people and spread it to the rest of the world to soak up the news cycle.

Sure there will be plenty who doubt this account, but with enough understanding on the matter, they will gradually come to realize that the Level 4 Super Lab outside of Wuhan was always meant to build biological weapons, and that the weapons were meant to protect communist control of the world economy, not the freedom and personal lives of individual citizens. When a communist government is struggling to hide their true economic status of course they will not mind if they lose a few hundred thousand old and sick people of their state burden and cause the world to look the other way as they try to fix their real economic problems. It’s a coverup that is so big that most people can’t fathom it, yet it’s happening right in front of our faces. And that is what people find so hard to believe, because they can’t imagine anything so evil. Yet, there it is.

Rich Hoffman

To Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Roger Stone is the Most Dangerous Man in the World: It all comes down to sex

I am surprised that with all the talk about the Roger Stone sentencing case and the mysterious reason people seem so alarmed that President Trump has weighed in on the issue, that the true cause of the ruckus has not been discussed. It’s not that Stone lied to congress, a congress that tried to impeach President Trump on nothing charges only to overthrow the 2016 election, its not that Harvard Law graduate and Obama appointee Amy Berman Jackson judge in the case is a political activist using her bench to dispense political ideology against voters sentiments. It’s not even in how the FBI has evolved into a political police force arresting Stone on charges in the early morning with CNN cameras tipped off and rolling as the former Director of the FBI and many under his command sip wine into the many sunsets of the Beltway and laugh at the rest of us who are clearly at a disadvantage to their government paid rule. It’s not about any of that, although those are all by-products of the situation. What its really about, and usually traces back to this central, primal point, its about sex.

For most of our human evolution contriteness has been the means to interact in social conditions. As everyone instinctively knows the first need of all males is to find their way within some pecking order where the top males are known and understood while most everyone finds some happy place of contriteness somewhere under the top male. Most males learn their place by the time that they get into their 20s and it is purely the aim of academia to make the most out of those who fall in that realm of being in the middle of the male dominated pecking order that is at the core of our species. And as all males learn who are not the top males, that the way to move up in that pecking order is with contriteness, so not to threaten the top males with a challenge, but to appeal to their egos in hopes for some table scraps that might come their way. That is the point of most institutional systems. Of course, the purpose of understanding who the top males are is to have the right to mate with the top females, the best looking, the best specimens of supernormal sign stimuli that is on the market. In nature this is how the best-looking kids find the right DNA to procreate the species.

Women of course flower and bloom into specimens for pollination and it is up to these men along the pecking order of society to find a good female and to mate with them and have babies. The great crises for most women is during that period in their lives where as beautiful flowers of puberty they wilt into carriers for the next generation only to be discarded as wrinkled up flowers later in their lives once the children had been raised and there was no longer a social need for them. This is why progressivism was such an attractive aspect for women, because they grew tired of becoming wilted in life and being left behind by husbands looking to clime the pecking order ladder just a bit higher and to trade them in for another young flower that might be at a less declining stage of wilt. Careers then became the new family and specifically government became a new refuge where some level of protection from the more dominate aspects of the species could not make everyone under them feel so inferior.

Less exciting people in life found a home in government where they were somewhat protected by the alphas and so long as everyone followed the rules of English society contriteness, everyone could get along to some degree or another. And those rules were to seek a certification to show that you knew something because someone said you did, and that the way up the ladders of society were to be contrite, to follow the rules, and to be happy with what you ended up with to the degree that you were allowed to have it. For people not at the top of their species, which was most people, this was a good arrangement, until we entered the period of western expansion and the gunfighter on the open plains ignited in American society the idea that anybody could be the top male, or female of their species if they could shoot a gun, or show fearlessness on the open horizons where the sun disappeared away each night. This whole American experiment redefined what being a top male, or top female was, it was no longer the best looking person, the tallest person, or the strongest, but it was the one who was most fearless, or who learned to be fastest, or more cunning which opened the door to a whole lot of new entrepreneurs who suddenly filled American society with a new breed of “top” people.

Of course President Trump with his flashy suits and gold buildings, and long list of beautiful women embodied this divorce from contriteness that the government bound career seekers were looking to hide from so the established pecking order subsidiaries would be angry at for changing the rules on them. And then there are people like Roger Stone, and Alex Jones who are obvious alpha males who are comfortable with the Trump America who wear gaudy suits and show no willingness to bow down to the established order of things, and it enrages people like judge Amy Berman Jackson who spent her whole life preparing for her wilted flower phase in order to still find a life of happiness in the contriteness of academia, as they had promised her would always be the case. When a Roger Stone stands before her, her ruling powers want to throw him in jail for life because they want to slap down this trend, which is now well beyond their control. Yet they still wish to act out against them. If they can’t get to Trump, they can get to Stone, to Manafort, and to Flynn, and those people are not permitted to be “top” anything if people like Jackson has anything to say about it, and that is why this case is so unfair. The legal system was never meant to be fair, it was meant to protect people from the judgement of their pecking order placement in life, where most people aren’t the best looking, or even the smartest. And with the newfound power of the personal gun, they were too lazy to become proficient with such an empowering device. So they have retreated to the rules of European contriteness in hopes that they might find some happiness as the inevitability of old age burdens them more each day with the realities of wilting flowers.

So the case isn’t about justice, the Stone case is a rebellion against the new found freedoms of our modern age where the concerns of pecking order madness can no longer be stuffed into a civilized box of rules and parameters meant to keep the contrite protected from the realities of mediocrity. Under the Trump administration America has been free to sore if only the people of the country dare to go there, and if they are not the best looking, or most skilled, they can still step out of their pecking order station and seek a life of unlimited potential. And that is why Amy Berman Jackson and her Obama era supporters want to throw Roger Stone in jail for as long as possible even as real criminals walk the streets raping, pillaging, and robbing everyone blind minute by minute. To the world of Amy Berman Jackson, Roger Stone is much more of a threat because he refuses the rules of contriteness and instead insists that he is free of such pecking order demands on his life, which is why he is one of the greatest threats to civilization that has yet arrived to human eyes.

Rich Hoffman

Why Rush Limbaugh is so Beloved: Republicans are postitive people

The world’s reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis was bewildering to me. I suppose I understood why many on the left were almost cheering that his death might arrive by the end of last week yet they still seethed when he was presented with honors at the State of the Union address and was seated well next to the First Lady. You got the feeling that if his pending death wasn’t as good as sealed that many of the people in that room wouldn’t have stood for such an incursion and that they put up with it only because they felt just a little sorry for the popular conservative talk radio host. Then I wondered why we have even put up with such hatred. But I was reminded of the major difference between Trump and Limbaugh by Friday when Rush was back on the air between treatments that he fully expects to survive and listening to the story of how President Trump thought of the illness, and it all made perfect sense. Its why I have always been a Republican and why my particular brand of conservatism has been very conducive to the mentality of the current White House. Everything is very above the line with Trump, and also with Rush Limbaugh. Tragedies are expected to be overcome, not yielded to, and even a death sentence is something to solve, not to be a victim of.

As Rush told the story of his big day in Washington D.C. and the after party of a sorts in the White House Residential area upstairs with the First Family, I was hearing a story that was all too familiar to me. That is how I solve problems in my life. I don’t get emotional about anything and everything has a solution. There is no impossible, everything is on the table and its only a matter of time before a problem is resolved. I’m like that with everything and it was nice to hear that President Trump truly is at that level of optimism when he wondered why Rush couldn’t just get all the cancer cut out before the State of the Union Address then enjoy the evening unfettered. It was a reminder to me why I enjoy the people of this particular brand of politics so much, they are positive problem solvers who don’t yield to the emotions of the moment but are always looking for solutions. Democrats are the party of victims, people on their heels and surrendering to the whims of chaos, Republicans under Trump are problem solvers who look at everything as an opportunity for improvement. And in essence, that is the state of our modern political life, half the nation is looking at the glass half empty, the other half, that its half full. The glass is the glass, but the interpretation is radically different.

Rush may not survive the cancer, but then again, he might. He certainly didn’t take the time to wallow in the sorrow of the moment, he was invited to a big event with the President and he enjoyed it for all it was worth. The hatred expressed toward him was personal because there was a subconscious understanding that not only did they want the radio broadcaster dead and off the air for what they think will give them a chance at future elections, but they hate how positive Rush is and ironically that is also one of the things they hate so much about President Trump. They want to have an excuse to fail, to not achieve, or even not to try at all. They want to blame society, they want to blame their parents, they want to blame their schools, their government, their economic conditions on why they have settled in some rut in their life which they lack the courage to get out of. And Rush and Trump remind them of it.

I’ve seen that hatred up close and personal; I never yield to problems at all. Everything has a solution just waiting to be discovered. Its just a matter of time to grind things out so that we can uncover it. That’s how I run my own life, so it was very refreshing to hear to what degree President Trump exhibited the same traits. It didn’t surprise me, but it was refreshing, just as it was good to hear Rush back on the radio on Friday and the early parts of this recent week sounding like he always does for his three-hour time slot. I can’t say how many times I have turned on the Rush Limbaugh Show while overseas on trips, just to listen to him talk on the radio. While in Japan I would turn him on at 1 AM there and listen while I lay in bed because it was noon in the states, and it was very nice due to his positive outlook on everything. Even while surrounded by the necessities of whatever culture I was visiting, listening to Rush Limbaugh was unique because he’s unquestionably American, in that problems aren’t meant to be yielded to, they are meant to be overcome. While visiting those cultures overseas, it is always nice to hear a bit from home, and from the best that our American culture has to offer. I had the same experience in London and in Paris, rather than go to dinner at 6 PM somewhere and listen to the pub talk, I would put in my ear buds and listen to Rush on my iPhone while the rest of the world wallowed in sorrow of their victimized status. It wasn’t that I so much wanted the news of the moment, it was just nice to hear that Rush always had a solution to whatever problem was being discussed, and that was and is what makes Rush Limbaugh something unique and so beloved.

What the left doesn’t understand is that at whatever future time that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t do his radio show every day, that people like me will not turn to them looking for leadership. Simply, someone else will fill the role that Rush Limbaugh currently does. The interesting thing that has happened is that even with all the attempts at communism and socialism that various factions both foreign and domestic have attempted against the American people, positive people always find each other. I supported Trump because he’s always been such a positive person. I listen to Rush because he’s a positive person. In my own life, and I’m thinking of positive politicians whom I like a lot, like George Lang, Mark Welch, Ann Becker, Nancy Nix, T.C. Rogers, Roger Reynolds and even Sheriff Jones. I like them all because they are all very positive people to the core of their personalities. Even though they all have lots of reasons to look at the glass half empty, they haven’t, they always think of it as half full and are scanning the horizon for solutions. That is the biggest difference in the political gulf that exists in our modern day, and its not the task of the positive to yield to the negative. Rather, the other way around. The desire to see Rush off the air is deeper than just hoping that conservatives will lose a voice and that Democrats might win some future elections, its in hoping that the excuses for failure will remain for them to hide behind. Because in truth, that is what is really behind the political tension of the American two-party system in its current form. But that was never America, we are free to solve problems, and that is what makes us different from the rest of the world and is why Rush Limbaugh is so beloved and always will be.

Rich Hoffman

Mark Welch is the Only Real Candidate for the 52nd House of Representatives in Ohio: It takes a lot more than just voting

Another exciting opportunity for this upcoming primary and eventual election in November is that Mark Welch is offering himself as a candidate for the 52nd State Representative seat in Ohio. With George Lang moving over to the senate his friend Mark is willing to cover that House seat and to keep a good thing going which the two of them have been doing for a long time in West Chester, only extending that same effort out into Ohio in a larger way. The tremendous success that Mark Welch has experienced as a trustee of the very successful West Chester township makes him the best pick in the primary to make the most out of that state seat and continue that good work on a larger stage. Like George, Mark has the highest grade possible from the Buckeye Firearms Association and has been endorsed by 80% of the precinct representatives in the 52nd District area, which is 80 total–19 in Fairfield Township, 25 in Liberty Township and 46 in West Chester. That’s an important thing to know because Welch’s primary opponent in this election is Jennifer Gross the retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force and current nurse. She’s a well-intentioned person but has not yet developed any political clout to play at that level. When it comes to experience and a ready built network to get things done with that Representative seat, Mark Welch is the clear choice.

Experience isn’t everything, Donald Trump did step out of his role as a real estate tycoon to run for office and win. But those were extraordinary circumstances and to be honest, these House of Representative seats are pretty tough to run and hold without losing yourself along the way. They are the ultimate middle management jobs where you get squeezed from both ends and you have to be pretty savvy to stay true to the voters, yourself, and the constitutional principles that got you involved in the first place. Mark has been a very successful trustee now for several cycles and West Chester has seen great success which he has been a major part of. It will not be difficult for him to take that experience to Columbus and work the House and network in the Senate in the same fashion. He has great passion for the job and I can say that I knew Mark in the beginning when he was just a bright eyed hopeful like Jennifer Gross is now looking to contribute something to the world around them. Before being a trustee Mark was a successful businessperson, and still is. The Republican Party is always in need of fresh new faces to fill some of these seats, but to be honest, the optimal way to get them is to get into the pool and get your feet wet, then start swimming in deeper and deeper water. The 52nd District House of Representatives seat is about a lot more than just voting yes or no, there is a lot of work that must go on that nobody sees and we want a person who can handle all that with a smile on their face and ambition for the job every morning.

For about 10 years, especially in Butler County, Ohio we have been going through a strong team building phase. We have had enormously strong Tea Party efforts at the height of that movement and many of those people are now office holders who are helping to shape the direction of the Republican Party and are natural extensions of the Trump administration coming directly out of the White House. Perhaps 10 years ago before any good groundwork was being done to reform good, honest politics in Butler County Jennifer’s jump into the deep end of the pool would be applauded. We would have wanted anybody to penetrate the castle wall and hope to unlock the door from the other side. They may have been slain in the process, but we would have thrown our support behind her in hopes that she might be a change agent for the better. But at some point, you do win the castle and now you have to switch from victim to aggressor and you have to hold the castle—because you’ve taken it. And at the same time, you must create a path for others to follow so that you can grow as an effort.

Its not enough to say that a candidate wants to change the political system for the little people, or like that Democrat woman in Butler County who wants to run against George Lang for the Senate seat of the 4th, “People over Politics,” those are clichés from the past. Going from a nurse to a powerful 52nd House Seat would be a tough step for Jennifer Gross because she hasn’t had time to do the proper networking that is involved in being successful in a seat like that. Sure, she might make it up as she goes, but the odds are, she will only be a fraction effective as she hopes to be where Mark Welch will be able to hit the ground running because he has done the work along the way. What a lot of people don’t know about these political seats is that you have to be able to raise money, do the ribbon cutting, deal with all the people who suck up to you, but you can’t lose yourself along the way, which has been a major problem for a lot of people in the past. We’ve done well with the 52nd Seat in Butler County for a long time with good solid people sitting in it, which is why Mark is the best choice in this election for it. While its true that Jennifer Gross has financial resources that make her somewhat independent, the raising money isn’t just for winning elections, its how people in Columbus measure the most valuable voice that matters in bill proposals and other voting matters, the leverage you bring to the table as a member of the House.

Raising money is the quiet capital that is valued the most in the world of politics and its how things get done. Not how the money is used, but in how much money a politician can get their hands on because it says that the people of your district trust you enough to write a check for thousands of dollars. If they’ll do that, then the weight of a vote in Columbus where everyone has their own district concerns means more than just someone who happens to win an election because they had their mortgage paid off and showed up to cast a vote. There is a big difference in such political capital and anybody who hopes to be effective in a state seat anywhere in the country has to solve that basic riddle just as someone must learn to swim if they are going to be in the part of the pool where they can’t touch the ground with their feet. A school board seat or a trustee position is the first logical step in building that network. By the time a candidate gets to a state seat, they need to have the ability to have fundraisers and to capture a significant amount because that is how Columbus measures the potency of a fellow member.

And for people who don’t know Mark Welch the way I do, as a tireless worker who is always upbeat in every setting, and is willing to do the reading and understanding that it takes to cast proper votes that are truly Republican and not some fence sitter waiting to see if conservative values are fashionable enough to cast a vote, the most valuable number to keep in mind is that Mark has 80% of the precinct vote which are the people who really count in all elections. And they are endorsing him because they have had time over the last several elections to get to know him. Jennifer hasn’t, it will take a while, but the truth is, she is untested. While she may be a good person and a nice nurse with a military record, she has to prove that she can handle the fundraisers, the ribbon cutting and all the temptations that come with a powerful office without losing herself in the process. And Mark Welch in this case is the only candidate who has proven he can handle it, and then some. And Welch is the only candidate in this election who could fill that 52nd House seat the way we have come to expect and do the good work there that we all require. I’d like to see more from Jennifer in the future, but she has some work to do before she starts swimming in a seat like this.

Rich Hoffman

The John Bolton Isssue Doesn’t Matter: What Democrats want is the “Minority Report”

First let me say that this leak coming out of John Bolton’s book is likely done by the publisher and may not have any hook into reality. Bolton himself may not even know about it. With the pre-orders for Bolton’s new book going up on Amazon on the same day, the coincidence is less than mysterious. Even more than that, the leaker is likely a political operative using impeachment to hide their own connections to the crimes of the Democrat Party attached to the Bidens and the Obama White House. They saw how well the Trump lawyers massacred the impeachment case on Saturday and Monday, and they needed some way to stall things out in the Senate to delay the eventual acquittal as long as they can, because in essence, they have no plan for beating President Trump in the fall. The longer the impeachment trial goes on, perhaps the more Rino Republicans they can get to at least play ball at preserving their last hope of getting some news coverage favorable to their party. A media culture bored out of their minds with the impeachment scandal jumped on this story like a drowning person grabs at a life raft, but the essence of the case didn’t change. Its not about the facts of anything related to the impeachment case, but rather a hopeful stall tactic to keep their last attempts as a Democrat Party alive with their “Hail Mary” pass for a hopeless touchdown.

The real humor in Bolton’s so-called leak is that it is so hopeless. Think about what they are suggesting that President Trump said to withhold money from Ukraine unless they investigate the crimes of the Biden family. First of all, the crimes were committed by the Bidens. Second, who says that Ukraine deserved any money from the American taxpayer to begin with. And third, in negotiations it is quite common to bolster a position to see how entrenched the other side is, or in Bolton’s case, how much you can trust them. There is a vast difference between saying something and doing something. This isn’t the “Minority Report” where we prosecute crimes without evidence just based on speculation or intentions to commit crimes as suggested by some third party. Trump can say anything he wants, especially among his confidants. If we might say, “I will kill that person” we might utter it to express our anger. Its not against the law to express yourself. It is against the law to actually do it, and in cases like this, we must always keep that in perspective. President Trump is the victim of a crime, not the advocate of one.

It really is a shame that Mitt Romney, for all that Trump did to support his Senate run would even consider pushing for John Bolton’s testimony. Not that President Trump would even need to evoke executive privilege the way that Obama and many others have over time, but such a move would surely keep the impeachment trial alive longer which feeds into the Democrat play book. He knows better and has clearly put his own political ambitions higher than the oath of the office he swore to protect. The actions by the Democrats are so vile that Romney should clearly understand what he’s suggesting. But then again, maybe he does. Maybe there are a lot of Senators in that chamber who did just as Biden did, sell access to corrupt governments for their personal enrichment, and perhaps that’s the strategy and has been from the outset. They don’t want to hear how good the Trump attorneys are at defending the President, they want to make sure that the focus stays on the Executive Branch, not on the crimes committed by their friends and partners in Congress.

But obviously nobody has thought past this case at the future case law they are all proposing, where just for what you say, or even think, could get you removed from office, and destroy you forever. Their vision is incredibly short-sighted, but what should we expect from such a group of low thinking animals. We are not talking about deep, intellectual thinkers here, but very didactic villains, Romney included who will do anything for a taste of power. Even if it goes against logic in every way, shape, and form. To suggest that Trump should be removed from office for even saying something, even though what happened in reality was not even close, is to ignite a very dangerous tomorrow. But when the real crime is that the perpetrators would otherwise be on trial and face jail time by Trump’s DOJ, what do they have to lose by trying to place their own guilt on an innocent party just because the behavior might indicate some shared guilt and diffuse attention from the true matter at hand—that Joe Biden was selling access to the White House and was getting rich off his office. And a few years ago, it was another Democrat presidential candidate doing that very same thing in Hillary Clinton. And that right now in that very Senate chamber many others are committing the very same crime in both parties. Let’s not forget that John McCain was at the center of the Russian Dossier and hand carried it to the FBI himself. So, we are not dealing with people who want to see the swamp drained, rather they are angry and willing to do anything to deflect guilt from them to the Trump administration using any rumor possible to conduct their task.

And the desperation is so great that they will stop at nothing, to Hell with what tomorrow brings. If just a rumor, or a leak from some disenchanted political activist can paint guilt on anybody, then so be it—that is the message here. The facts of the matter are in what Trump did, Ukraine got their money whether they deserved it or not, and any bolstering that was done for positioning wasn’t followed through, which is the end of the Bolton story. But in this case, maybe he sells a few books only to find out later that there is nothing to it, would not be a first in the business of marketing. Its quite common, only so much for one political party usually isn’t on the line. For the Democrats, their very existence is at stake, so to some extent we can sympathize with their frustration. They have no case, all they can hope to do at this point is run down the clock as close to the election as possible and hope that some Senators lose their footing from now until then and vote their way to keep scandal alive and focused on Trump instead of the true destination, the Bidens. At the end of all this it’s not just about politics but rather their own freedom from jail time that we are really talking about so that makes these people very desperate. And desperate people will do just about anything, and they have. They don’t care that Trump is an innocent man, let alone a president elected by Americans to solve a problem. They are part of that problem so of course they hate the American people and their representative in the White House. But even so, they can’t prosecute for crimes that never happened or that were just talked about. If that is the case, just about everyone everyday would be guilty of some life sentence in prison. And that is the door that Democrats are willing to open in hopes of saving themselves, which is why they are so dangerous.

Rich Hoffman

The Schiff Show: Those who are most guilty are the ones pushing for impeachment

After watching the impeachment proceedings in the senate, it is quite clear not just because it is an attack on a president that I voted for, and therefore an attack on me, but that Adam Schiff has more at stake than just a hatred politically for President Trump. It’s obviously personal for them. They obviously don’t think that they can beat him in the upcoming election, so that is the cause of these theatrics of impeachment. There is something much more sinister going on that they are seeking to hide from the public with these antics. Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Profiles in Corruption’ came out a few days ago and I picked it up for a quick read and I am convinced by the arguments made in that book that Peter is on to something big. So big in fact that nobody will cover it because so many people are guilty of the crimes. If only a small percentage of the claims made in ‘Profiles in Corruption’ are true, then we have a huge problem in both houses of congress, which I think is certainly the case. And the proof is in the hatred of Trump and the direct attack on him to defer away from the real crimes that have been committed.

I watched carefully, and without emotion the prosecution in the case, particularly Nadler and Schiff. Nadler has a long history of hating Trump personally, and he is quite clearly abusing his power in office to erect some aspect of revenge against the President for personal reasons. To enough of a degree that Nadler should be removed from office for such bad judgement alone. But the Adam Schiff story is worse, because it looks like he is covering his own layers of corruption for the benefits of his party not just to survive through the 2020 election, but to keep the dogs off his own connections to many lines of corruption, that extend well beyond Ukraine. If anybody looked and acted guilty by all the signs of nonverbal communication, its Adam Schiff.

I would suggest that the Republican approach to this case is all wrong, playing along with the legal grounds as if this were a real trial, and evoking that the “senate” is some kind of stately power that is beyond the quells of politics is not going to work. We are dealing with real criminals protecting a political class that is deeply involved with severe criminal mischief, white collar crimes that go well beyond similar white-collar prosecutions of mass corruption. These criminals are using their powerful statues as law makers to erase away their crimes, and they are willing to bring down a presidency to cover their actions—which should shock everyone, no matter what your political affiliation. The more I watched, the more insulting it was, especially once opening day arguments extended past midnight. All this effort for what—to try to pin their own crimes on a president just asking a question about corruption from the other side. The real issue was why the president felt he needed to ask—that is the cover-up.

Yet Democrats came out swinging throwing out indefensible accusations from the start saying that McConnell was running a corrupt proceeding. The obvious attempt was to make Republicans look weak in response to such aggressive statements that just might tilt the balance in a fall election—if all went well. But the true magic trick here was to keep anybody from even asking the question, “Mr. Schiff, how many of these deals were you involved in with Hunter Biden and his father.” By making it so that even asking a question could evoke so much trouble, who would dare to go further? That is the subtle message here and something only people willing to do the proper study of the situation, like Peter Schweizer, would even think to ask. The evidence is clear that something is wrong and the attack on Trump is far deeper than even election meddling for the 2020 elections, its to cover up crimes committed by many of the people in that senate chamber, and I would bet that everyone there knows it. That’s why they don’t ask those deeper questions, because they too would be implicated.

The purpose of the show is to even help Republicans in the senate appear to make the whole thing appear more lofty than it really is, the proceedings with John “Obamacare” Roberts proceeding as a stately judge hammering his gavel for recess is meant to make them all look like they are in command. That the whole thing isn’t a farce covering up massive international crimes for which Trump’s administration is uncovering just by its existence. What I watched in the hearings from all sides were people either guilty of those mass crimes, or people who knew about them but were worried that if that knowledge hit the public, a complete erosion of their trust in our government institutions would cascade into outright rebellion. Many of those people might disagree in that chamber, but they have lunch together, they golf together, they have formed bonds that it would be painful to expose. They may be political enemies, but all too often they are personal friends, and as most humans are reluctant to do, they don’t want to hurt them. So, they have all agreed to some extent to this ridiculous, and expensive display designed not to seek justice through impeachment of an elected president, but to hide crimes of personal enrichment. And to use their control of the law to cover for their villainy. And they actually have the audacity to stand before us all during all hours of the day, soaking up the news cycle in such an audacious, and selfish way for their personal vanity and desires for destruction of other people so long as the aims of investigation to not point to them.

Like the slob who farts and then cries out, “who passed gas” when they know clearly it was them, but by the smell of it, it could have been anybody in the room. They hope to declare their innocence just by being the first ones to say anything. Yet the fart came from them and nobody else. Others might suspect as much, but because they are friends, they wouldn’t want to embarrass them in public, so they keep their mouth shout and play along. That is what the senate has been doing for Democrats, and it is pathetic. The real crime has not been discussed, and it should be. The real villains are the ones making the accusations, and without a doubt to my notice, Adam Schiff is one of the guiltiest and most corrupt people on the face of the earth. And he is so corrupt that he knows nobody would believe it, so he further covers his trial by being the one doing the accusing so that he is not the one accused. That is the purpose of this impeachment and the voracity of its utilization. And even for the attempt of it, we should all be very angry. Even more than that, we need to look at a serious employment change of these very representatives because we cannot turn a blind eye to this. Justice is begging for attention and our eyes need to reside on the accusers, not the accused.

Rich Hoffman

Jeffrey Epstein and Democrats are all the Same: The evil of ‘Sex Island’ and Pelosi’s attempts at impeachment

In so many ways what we are learning about the Jeffrey Epstein sex island in the wake of his death, is that the Democrat Party, which was participating wildly in the orgies hosted by the New York billionaire on that island, for which many secrets are desperately being secured from the investigation, are all a lot alike. The modes of sex trafficking, which could be said to be the case everywhere in the world is psychologically very close to the way that Democrats recruit new members and attempt to hang on to their old ones. The abuse is simply more mental than physical. Of course, I have been talking about losers like Jeffrey Epstein for years, while the rest of the world is just now catching on. Better late than never I suppose. So, take it to heart that what I am saying about the way Democrats behaved during their attempted election of 2020 sabotage against President Trump was out of the same playbook as Jeffrey Epstein. Mitch McConnell did a good job on the Senate floor not in making such a comparison as I am about to, but in discovering the bad, and bizarre behavior of the Democrats after they signed the impeachment documents and attempted to apply some logic, for which there wasn’t any.

It really does sum up as attempted abuse, the entire impeachment push, from the media to the local politicians espousing the same. And none of it is any different from what Jeffrey Epstein attempted and in many cases did to young girls as young as 12 years old, as we are now discovering from the evidence retrieved from that vile island of abusive sex and partying by the powerful elite who manipulated those circumstances for their pure pleasure. The reason we consider rape and sexual abuse such a vile crime ultimately is that it robs a woman of her choices and that is what went on at those sex orgies. Epstein took away the choices of the girls, took their cell phones, took their passports, took everything until all they had left was drugs and sex to drown out the pain of it all. They were lured there with opportunities for modeling jobs and other lures of wealth, but gradually, Epstein and his officers on the isolated islands stripped the girls of all hope until they were willing participates in their own misery. Aren’t the parallels obvious?

Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi have in the promised this, then that, especially with healthcare’s “we have to sign the bill to find out what’s in it” she has lied, we have watched it openly and studied her shaky hands attempt to manipulate us all in the same way that slime balls like Jeffrey Epstein lured young girls to his island with promises of great days ahead. Only when they get there, they discover that gradually all their freedoms are taken from them until all they have left as options are compliance to a higher authority. That is the Democrat playbook so it shouldn’t be surprising that they hung out with Epstein and enjoyed his orgies because its not just a job for them, it’s a lifestyle. They think in this abusive fashion in every aspect of their lives. The only difference in the abuse approach is that one is sex with underage girls, the other is mass abuse on a voter scale that is so massive that nobody can believe that anybody is that evil, and sinister.

I’m sure Nancey Pelosi doesn’t look in the mirror every day and think of herself as the political equivalent of Jeffrey Epstein. But I doubt that Epstein thought he was doing anything bad either. He probably convinced himself that he was giving the girls opportunities they’d never have otherwise and that they should thank him for the experience. This is typical of deranged people who lose touch with reality. Yet, what makes them all vile, evil people is that in order to function in the world, they must limit the choices of others to sustain their mental depravity. Anywhere where choices are eliminated in people, for whatever reason, we can say that the efforts involved are evil, whether or not we openly admit to the breaking of laws, or whether the evil is so vast that it defies legal parameters of understanding. To stand in front of the public and say that congress takes impeachment very seriously and to be a somber occasion, then to deliver pens from the signing on a literal silver platter and to pass them out in celebration is to celebrate an evil. They were happy to limit a choice election with some profundity that they made up to give their side an advantage. That is no different than Epstein drugging girls for sex or cutting them off from their families so he can destroy them in seclusion for the joy of his guests. Its all evil because it all celebrates limiting the choices of people in some way or fashion.

Most people struggled to find the words of why they were angry at this attempt against Trump and to watch Democrats actually celebrate the occasion with such audacity. That’s because most people aren’t evil. And most people couldn’t go to a sex island owned by Jeffrey Epstein and have sex with underaged girls who see no other way out of their situation except to cooperate. Because all their other options for hope had been taken from them. Most of us aren’t evil in these ways and we just don’t have the vocabulary to understand why our emotions find these things so repulsive. So, I’ve made the situation easy for you dear reader, I’ve named the beast. Now you can work with it now that we’ve said it. It’s the lack of choice that we find so repulsive, and how it works at many levels to add up to mass abuse. Most of us can agree that sex with minor girls is abusive and should be against the law, but we often don’t consider that the reason we find it so despicable is that the girls involved are stripped of their individual rights and robbed of choice until there is nothing left but to cooperate. And that was exactly what Nancy and the gang of congressional thugs were celebrating with their impeachment attempt, taking away choice in the upcoming election—they hope.

The behavior in both cases, with Epstein’s sex island and with Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats—they think its funny and joyous to limit choices to the point where people must turn to their captors and beg for elements of freedom. Nancy did it before with Obamacare, and many other congressional proposals. That is why all those people are against guns in society, because they don’t want people to defend themselves. That’s why Jeffrey Epstein took away the cell phones of the sex slaves on his island if they didn’t behave, because he couldn’t have them calling their parents for help, or friends back in the states. He had to isolate them, drug them with mind impairments so they would have bad judgment, then force them to look to only him as a way out of their circumstances. That is abuse in the worst way, but in all reality, it’s no different than what the modern Democrats as a whole are proposing. Its all abusive, except one is so evil that we can’t even comprehend its audacity. And that one isn’t the one involving sex.

Rich Hoffman