Public Education in America is a Disaster, Worthless and Filled with Elements of Communism

Every time I see one of these teacher strikes it makes me sick. What a bunch of lowlifes! The public education system itself is a joke in the United States. As many know, I have a long history with this subject and my attitude toward it has become more negative the more I’ve learned. My modern impression of public education is that it’s a worthless exercise and so are the teachers. What good is a teacher if they teach your kids all the wrong things. I honestly think children would learn more and do better in life playing video games rather than learn in the modern public education environment. The instruction on display is socialism and communism, and anti-American propaganda and we’d be better off as a nation if we just did away with it. The idea of a society which teaches its children as a first world country how to live in the world is a noble one, but the results have been an unmitigated disaster. Public education is a joke, kids aren’t learning the right things and the teachers are about as worthless as a fast food worker. They are lazy, pretentious and a big part of the problem is that our youth are growing up in the world without knowing what to do or how to do it.

Of course, there are always exceptions, there are good teachers and good people in the profession, but you can’t keep a massive brain drain, tax eating parasite just because a few people find good in it, or it may help a few students. I am of the mind that no public-school teacher should belong to a union. If people want to enter that profession, let the free market determine the results. No school should be attached to a zip code. Parents should never have to send their kids to a school that is not effective, they should always have a choice. And the curriculum that kids are learning should not contain any socialist concepts—at all. Kids should learn Constitutional ideas and American history from the point of view of exceptionalism only. They can ask questions about the merits of it later, when they are adults, but for their intellectual foundations, kids need to be learning about how America works, not how Marxist labor union teachers want America to be, which has been happening now for half a century—and the results clearly show in our society.

In my own background education is very important to me. I don’t think American citizens are smart enough. I don’t think people in general are yearning to be as smart as they should be. I would propose to every human being on the face of planet earth to read at least one book every week for all their lives, because the process of reading even trash is good for evoking proper thought alignments about basic concepts in any social structure. Our education system doesn’t go near far enough for me, and I am quite used to dealing with people every day with Master’s degrees and Doctorates. To me those indicators are not sufficient in establishing successful and complete people. Education should be more than that, but it always disappoints me to learn just how stupid most people are. It’s not that they couldn’t be, it’s that they put too much trust in the institutions of education and what they end up with is a bad product that they carry with them all the rest of their existence and it’s a shame. Most people are shells of what they should be because the education system let them down from pre-school to their sixth or eighth year of college once they produce their final doctoral thesis to some liberal loser who has no right or real authority to judge such things.

And we keep hearing that the teaching profession does not have enough people in it, and that there’s a shortage that must be filled with new bright-eyed participants. “Who wants to be a teacher when the pay is so bad” we keep hearing. Well, I’d argue that the pay isn’t bad and that we should be doing a lot more with less. We live in the age of autonomy where kids can learn so much more so quickly, that class sizes should be increasing not decreasing down to something less than 25 students per class. Anything along the lines of smaller class sizes and high employment needs for any district is the socialist labor unions talking. In the case of Denver, which is the latest strike the teachers are parading around with their “red for ed” t-shirts, which is to say that red stands for communism, because it is precisely what they are after, and they are declaring that they love their children so much that if only they can get a pay raise, they can get back to work. CNN shows on television that the kids joined in the protests and were fighting for their beloved teachers. What is happening is purely anti-American. The teachers do not love the children, they want too much money and the children would be better off homeless and in a street gutter than learning the system of communism that the teachers themselves are revealing. The lies and protests that are so common with unionized teachers isn’t worth paying for let alone the damage they put into the minds of our children and if we really cared as a society, we’d stop pouring so much money into that corrupt and useless system.

There are many ways to get an education, especially these days. The public-school route is probably the worst. It’s not a matter of funding, its whether we should even be talking about money, because the product is so bad. If there is anything good about public education it is gone the moment kids learn to read. Once they can do that, education should become much more autonomous than it is now and the adults involved should not be part of any collective bargaining agreements attached to tax revenue. Education should be an individual experience, not one the state is concerned with. The state’s original claim was that society needed to be taught how to be productive in the world but in the age of illegal immigration into America, employers are happy to get people who show up for work, let alone know how to read and speak in complete sentences. Anybody can have a job in the modern world if they grow up with parents who give them a work ethic. Kids aren’t learning how to have a work ethic in school so what’s the point?

It’s about time we come to terms with this diabolical menace which is the public education system. The subject itself is like talking about a public toilet, a public water fountain, a public park, a public library, a public anything. The sentiment is nice as a concept but the reality is never good. The idea that the public owns education, or land, or the means of an economy are just preposterous. The public doesn’t own anything but the right to rule themselves as individuals. They certainly don’t own our children’s minds, and it’s not up to the public to provide free baby sitting for lazy, pretentious, modern parents who don’t really want to do the job of raising children. And it’s not our job to help lazy real estate agents make money off good schools attached to zip codes when the real value of a community is in the offerings it has, schools being only one of them. The whole system is a disaster that needs to be rethought and every time I see a teacher’s strike like the one in Denver it reminds me of it.

Rich Hoffman

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John Podesta Turns to Aliens to Save Democrats in Elections

As it is clear by now, I am referring to anybody who wants to change the nature of the American Constitution to merely the “enemy” because under the oaths dedicated to it, for which we all share, the definition for domestic enemy is clearly anybody with such intentions, to change that founding document into something else. So with that definition in mind John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were certainly members of the enemy party in America and now with Trump in the White House they are political outsiders, even though the enemy wishes it not to be the case. From the perspective of the enemy having John Podesta and Hillary Clinton on the bench with four fouls each and a whole basketball game to play is intolerable and they are looking for every angle to get back into the game as is humanly possible. And understanding that it answered a lot of questions I have been having lately with all the UFO information that is suddenly flooding the marketplace, from Netflix to the History Channel, much of it very good. But why now? Well, I was watching Ancient Aliens over the weekend catching up on some 2018 episodes I hadn’t yet seen and sure enough there was John Podesta on the show advocating for Full Disclosure—the truth about alien life mingling with our current political structure. I had to shake my head, why isn’t the media clamping down hard on him for saying such a thing? If it was a Republican going onto the Ancient Aliens show saying the same things they would have been laughed off planet earth immediately, so why the free pass for John Podesta?

From my perspective I think there is a lot to the ancient alien contemplations suggested on that show, and I think there is a direct link between poltergeist activity and UFO phenomena. I tend to think that human civilization is alien in nature and that our culture has advanced by interacting with travelers that come and go from earth frequently. It’s not just one species of alien either, but many and they have been visiting earth and leaving for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. To us they are simply travelers, space is a big place and earth is just one little island destination for them to visit which they do out of curiosity, the way that we might travel to Africa or Tahiti. Of course, when they visit some of their culture rubs off on us and vice versa. I’m also quite sure that some life forms visit or interact with us through other dimensional realities, which is what we often refer to as paranormal phenomena—like a recurring ghost that might appear on the Queen Mary in Los Angeles, reflections of a period in history that replays over and over again in the quantum realm interacting with our four-dimensional world. It’s all very scientific, rational, and understandable if you really take the time to consider the circumstances. But to admit such a thing it requires us to admit a whole lot of other things that many aren’t comfortable to admit to themselves so we toss the whole subject into the realm of conspiracy and we criticize vehemently anyone who dares to put such a topic into the mainstream, that is until very recently.

I tend to think that the cause of all the recent news from Harvard law professors and NASA itself suggesting that we are going to find soon evidence of intelligent life coming from outside our planet earth as hints so that we are not shocked when it does happen—what people are calling “full disclosure.” But now its obvious that there is a political element that the “enemy” is now suggesting to utilize as a change agency a superstition of our American Constitution to make it less valid and the scope of earth protection more of a priority. And this is why the media is not attacking John Podesta, the guy at the center of the Wikileaks controversy, the guy who ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the guy who was caught having emails about “spirit cooking,” now appearing on Ancient Aliens advocating for full disclosure regarding UFO interactions and our relationships to alien life.

This isn’t new for Podesta, but the tactic is, basically the Democrats have nothing to offer by means of politics and all they have in their pocket of tricks is fear. The Trump presidency has taken a lot of fear about other countries off the table, fear of Russia, fear of Iran, fear of North Korea, perpetual wars in Syria, Afghanistan and even China leaving Democrats with very little to talk about, so their next obvious conclusion is to turn toward aliens from outer space. By pushing for full disclosure on topics that the government clearly isn’t ready to talk about, Podesta hopes that enough millennials will turn toward his party to elect politicians who will commit to full-disclosure which will happen anyway soon. So Podesta has nothing to lose by promising to be the party of Alien warning which of course they will tie into concerns about global warming. Since they can’t win an argument based on economics, morality, or basic trade policy, all they have is aliens and a basic fear of them to propel the Democrats along. Of course, the enemy itself is going along with that strategy because it fulfils their desires to stay in charge a bit longer. After all, what is the best way to deal with aliens from another world but a big government there to protect us from them?

I read Podesta’s emails very carefully when they were released by Wikileaks so it’s not hard to know his mind. I was shocked that a mainstreamer like him would go onto the Ancient Aliens show because we would all assume that he’d be ridiculed for it. But I can imagine the email traffic from him to everyone else, that by pushing for alien disclosure it helps make it look like the government is trying to shut up Hillary Clinton, that her illegal activity regarding her servers is all part of this vast alien conspiracy because she is the party candidate for full disclosure. He’s essentially trying to hide the illegal activity and the FBI assistance in it that he himself was involved in and trying to hide it behind his controversial push for revealing to the world the nature of alien life from other planets. That’s how desperate they are to reach for anything to hide their crimes and try to stay relevant in the world of politics.

So that’s the game that Podesta is playing but what is shocking is that so many people are willing to let him get away with it. I’m surprised that Podesta’s involvement in the Ancient Aliens show didn’t get him ripped to pieces in the media. But that also goes to show who the enemy really is. Imagine if Mitt Romney had even said the word, “full disclosure.” Every newspaper and news outlet would have led their stories off it. No Republican would be able to show their face in public. But the true enemy of America want’s Democrats to win any way possible, and everyone is on board with it no matter how outlandish, or “out of this world” the assumption may be.

Rich Hoffman

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Remembering Doc Thompson: Be careful around trains and other things

I always liked Doc Thompson and I certainly think he was too smart to jog on train tracks with the music turned up too high on his ear buds. But accidents happen so let’s not muddy the water with conspiracy theories. Doc Thompson was a friend a mine who died this week and it’s a shame because he was certainly one of the good guys. He called me just a few weeks ago to see if we could work together on a new project he was working on. We had tried a few times over the year but we couldn’t match up and that is sad. I suppose that the thing I most feel bad about is the impact that his loss of life with have on his wife and kids. Doc and I were pretty good friends while he was in Cincinnati working at WLW radio. When he was terminated from WLW while on his honeymoon I never could forgive the people who were involved. It certainly changed all of our relationships. Doc invited me to their wedding and once they had left for their trip to Egypt WLW had pulled the rug out from under Thompson leaving him newly married but without the big job that he had. The reason was that Doc was just too Tea Party and not enough Reds baseball so they waited to part ways with him while he was on an extended vacation. Doc was a frequent contributor to Glenn Beck’s radio show when he was hot back in the day so after WLW Thompson headed toward Beck’s Blaze news and things were pretty rough for him from then on.

What I always liked about Doc Thompson was that most of what he did in life was out of autonomy, he was an extremely above the line person and was always full of hope. I don’t say that in a eulogy sense, but as a fact of life. It’s also why once he left Cincinnati we drifted apart. He was very much a purist who wanted to make a radio gig work in an age when radio was on the decline. He wanted a big syndicated show like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh in an age when podcasts were becoming more the thing and there isn’t really enough money in that to become a celebrity the way it was done a few decades ago, so I sort of viewed him as a Don Quixote type who would with great purity challenge the way things were in the world. His devoted wife would follow him from city to city where she was always working as a television broadcaster supporting him and they tried hard to build a good radio job for Doc with their growing family in the best way possible and now it has fallen short. I feel bad for Doc for clamoring at success, but I feel worse for his family who will have a hole in it that will be impossible to fill. It’s not my normal thing to feel sadness about anything, but I do for Doc. He really did dream big but he could never get all the pieces together to make it a go.

He and I did many broadcasts together and at the front of the Tea Party movement he was personally riding the wave of a very successful future. He came to Cincinnati as their answer to an aging radio personality market to be the next Bill Cunningham and Mike McConnell but Doc just wasn’t interested in the sports part of the job. He had won several awards and still did a show in Richmond, Virginia and was on the rise a decade ago. But if there was anybody truly committed to a career in radio broadcasting, it was Doc Thompson. He eventually went to work for Glenn Beck and did television and radio for him and that is when our friendship separated slowly over time. Doc tried on several occasions to put together a deal to help Beck become the next Disney. I told Doc that I thought Beck was a loser going nowhere and had lost his nerve, he was never going to be a great movie producer or great author again. Beck had been spooked out of New York and was living off the wealth he created there and was quickly headed to becoming a nobody. That was before Donald Trump came along and I quickly joined the support of that campaign while The Blaze was clearly anti-Trump supporting Ted Cruz instead. Doc got caught in the middle of a fracturing Tea Party movement causing a rift that was impossible to pull everyone together.

Doc tried again after the election to get everyone on the same page. I had moved more into business challenges and was short on time. Doc left The Blaze in the fall of 2018 to start his own radio platform so he called me again to see if he could get help getting that moving which is where we find ourselves. We had promised to talk to each other in a few weeks that never came and that truly is a sad situation. Doc could have been anything he wanted and he truly was a purist at his occupation. He was fired from so many radio stations because he refused to compromise, which isn’t good in an industry where change is happening rapidly. But it is a good trait as a human being. Doc insisted on being an above the line person in a world obsessed with operating below the line. He was loyal which put him in Glenn Beck’s camp to begin with, but it also hurt him within the industry for all the same reasons that are against Trump now. The difference is that Trump fights back whereas Beck didn’t essentially destroying the opportunity of all the people in his media company to get buried in the industry.

The Tea Party is still around but much of what we had been concerned with was now in our court and I saw Trump as the way to take that next step. So I put my time into successful business as opposed to political activism because honestly it takes money to play the game at the next level and someone needed to have a responsible job which is the kind of support Doc Thompson was looking for, someone on the uptick who could help him get things off the ground from a broadcasting perspective. Many could say that Doc Thompson should have changed his approach to meet the times, but I will say that he couldn’t because he was an authentic person. He was very happy to announce to me on Christmas Day of 2018 that he was working for himself now and he wanted me to be involved. He had left Beck to do his own thing which was taking off. So it is very sad that his efforts came up short. If ever there was a more honest person in the broadcasting business, I wouldn’t believe it.

That is why I feel sad for his early death. He was a good guy who deserved better and his kids certainly were lucky to have him. They are the ones who will be hurt the worst by his loss. Our current society underestimates greatly how important dads play in their children’s lives and they have been robbed of that opportunity, of getting to know him and what he stood for. Many of the personal decisions that made Doc Thompson special are the things that people didn’t see, the decision to pick up a job in Detroit after being fired from WLW trying to do his own thing independent of Glenn Beck who was offering at the time to take Doc under his wing. At that time Beck was still doing well in New York and had not lost his nerve in the game with George Soros. Doc had every right to be angry at WLW for the way they treated him, but in talking to him Thompson was optimistic and ready to tackle another challenge. He could have sat around crying about things but that was never him and that is what I always liked about Doc Thompson, and that is what his kids won’t get to see on a day-to-day basis and that is why this early death is so terribly sad.

There is a Go Fund Me page for Doc to help with expenses if you are so inclined.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes the Patriots Won Again: But why, and what does it say about the NFL and our political world

It’s only been recently that I have been a Patriots fan. I usually look at the Super Bowl as an American holiday in the middle of winter to fill those cold, long and boring months between Christmas and Spring, and I enjoy the festivities of it. I love the game itself, I love the commercials, and I love the general way it unites the country for just a few hours each year. But the NFL as a product over the last few years has become way too politically progressive and I found it alarming during Super Bowl 53 how much public employee propaganda was going on. I usually don’t care much about honoring firefighters, police and other government employee types, but this particular year it was way over the top. A lot of people don’t see anything wrong with such sentiments, but I see them as mental preparation by the “state” to impose higher taxes in the future to support the labor unions behind those job titles. The overall product that the 2018 NFL season seemed to promote were social justice concerns which appeared to be at odds with law enforcement and the military, so the NFL put forth a heavy dose of promoting both which all were way to far to the political left for my liking. However, I did enjoy the Patriots victory and the reaction to it which said a lot about the state of our nation.

It was obvious that Roger Goodell would have loved to have given the Lombardi trophy to anybody but the Patriots yet again. It was Tom Brady’s 6th and their ninth Super Bowl appearance under Bill Bellichick. The Patriots head coach was 66, Tom Brady himself was 41 and the NFL ran by Goodell truly wanted to have a younger Super Bowl aimed at the target audience of the game itself, those under 35 years of age, much the way modern politics does. But the game was a true representation of where the divide of the country currently is and I found myself rooting for the Patriots because of it. The Patriots are just a great organization, the coaches and players work harder than the other players in the NFL and the results are clear. And down the clutch with a game that was one big play too close in the fourth quarter, it was age and wisdom that beat the Los Angeles Rams and the disappointment wasn’t clearer on Goodell’s face.

I remember when the NFL ran Brett Favre out of the game once he hit 40. Surely that wasn’t the first time he pulled his pants down and showed a woman his manhood, but once he hit that age threshold, the NFL was ready for new blood and they pushed him out of the game. They’ve done the same to many players sensing that the public they have in mind are the youth. Just look at the way the media is portraying Payton Manning, and how he goes along with it, as a washed up used to be who is struggling to find relevance in his pro football years. The media is making a joke of it, and Payton is going along to get along. He understands the game and its sad. To stay somewhat relevant after the NFL Payton has to show that he’s in decline and something of a laughing-stock. That is how the NFL treats its elderly spokesmen. I didn’t enjoy many of the Super Bowl commercials this year mainly because they weren’t targeted to me. They were meant for the under 35 crowd and as we can all agree, that demographic is a lost generation born from losses before they were hardly born. What was with the beer commercial with the tattooed freak whispering? Dumb commercial for a dumb generation.

But Roger Goodell can’t live without Tom Brady and he knows it. Brady will go down in history as the best player ever and he’s a supporter of Donald Trump. The Patriots themselves are more old-fashioned American than the progressive desire for the nation in its present circumstances that wants to be more global and inclusive of other cultures. Goodell is more than willing to sell out America so that the NFL can gain international appeal and the Patriots are that grim reminder that the American game is different. The rest of the world can’t play American football, because the rules of conduct are different for us as opposed to them.

The formula the NFL has been pursuing, the kneeling at the National Anthem, the inclusion of women on the battlefield of the game, the inclusion of more progressive causes just do not match with the philosophy of working harder to become better than everyone else and to dominate your opponents. The Patriots have not had high-grade first round draft picks for years, they manage to always be a winning team by taking the hungriest players and putting them in positions to win. That was the story of Tom Brady himself who was a sixth round pick a couple of decades ago and has fought hard in his personal life to be in the best shape and best state of mind during that entire time so that he could be a dominate quarterback. Even in the realm of free agency, the Patriots have acquired and traded away many top name talent only to be good year after year anyway so long as they maintained the relationship between Brady, Bellichick, and Craft. That defies everything the NFL has tried to be, where each year the best teams are penalized so that new teams can be great by giving top draft talent to the teams most in need of help. The Patriots have shown that none of that matters. Top draft picks are often busts and don’t live up to their expectations whereas good coaching and mentorship has and does pull out the best even out of average players.

On the progressive side of things the NFL is about youth, where people are old once they hit age 35 and washed up meant for a trash heap. If there is anything more dangerous than the concussion protocol its millionaire players who were great on the battlefield who have to retire from the NFL only to become irrelevant as older people—above age 40. Progressives themselves are fundamentally about killing young people before they are born and once they have migrated out of their sexually prime years. Old age is not respected just as life isn’t in general. Only obedience and blind consumption is respected in progressive cultures, and that was quite clear in Super Bowl 53. So it was ironic that it was the oldest players and coaches with a team that has not won by new draft picks that was victorious. It was a good lesson on what really matters in these kinds of things.

It doesn’t matter whether or not anybody is a Patriots fan or whether they like Tom Brady. The facts are the facts. Late in the game when not a single touchdown had been scored and all things were equal, both the Rams defense and the Patriots were dominating each other it was age and wisdom that won out. Brady hit Gronk on the three-yard line for the go ahead touchdown. Just as Brady had done many times before. Only this time was a bit different. Everything was against Brady from making that throw and the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl. Yet they did it anyway and that was why social media and the news in general came unglued after the game was done. It was a sign of more things to come from the progressive side. In spite of progressive hopes for change and youth culture, wisdom and tradition will always win out. And thus the future is before us with an optimism that wasn’t there before.

Rich Hoffman

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Operation Paperclip: If the Deep State will lie about Trump, they’ll lie about aliens, UFOs and the origins of the human race

Again, the History Channel’s Project Blue Book television show is some of the best that I’ve seen in a while. I’m not what you would call a UFO enthusiast. I did do a book report on UFOs way back in the fourth grade that earned some rewards and was quite good at the time, but my association with the topic isn’t an obsession. Over the years I accept based on the evidence that our documented history is not correct, humans did not evolve by themselves into what we see today, but were accelerated along by interactions with different cultures, some of those coming from outside of the earth. And this has been going on for millions of years, not just thousands. Additionally, our lives extend into at least 11 dimensions. Our biological bodies only have senses designed to record four dimensions but even those have a very limited audio, visual spectrum of understanding. There is a lot that goes on that we just don’t see or hear because of the limits of our biological senses. So some of the assumptions that are being presented in Project Blue Book to not shock me. But for what the producers were suggesting about the real life Wernher von Braun and Dr. Hynek in Episode 4, “Operation Paperclip” I thought was quite extraordinary, revolutionary even.

President Trump was the first president I’ve ever met in person, and I’ve met him a few times now, each time was very enjoyable. But personally, I was able to have the façade of pretense removed upon these meetings. For all our lives we are led to believe that the President of the United States is a kingly like persona and once you meet them, they are really just normal people like anybody else. It’s the office that holds all the mysticism, which actually shouldn’t be part of the package. For me, President Trump won’t go down as the greatest president for all the things he did, which has been a lot of very good things, he’ll be remembered for what he didn’t do. Because he didn’t come from a political background or a cultured one, such as the Skull and Bones Society, he has been able to expose the Deep State, a branch of government that has been operating in the shadows of our tax paying system without any congressional oversight for years and does not report to the general norms of our Constitutional law. They are what Alex Jones would call the “globalists” and the maniacal Bilderbergers—the key holders to many suppressed technologies and the progenerates of many historical falsehoods to keep everyone off their trail, such as Columbus discovered America, Native Americas have indigenous rights and communism is the way of the future. Watching how the Deep State has gone after Trump just for winning the election of 2016 the evidence of many conspiracies long under suspicion have shown themselves to be true.

It took me a long time to admit it to myself buy without question the CIA has been on a campaign to allow drugs into American culture likely for the ultimate goal of dumbing down our population. Even now, many politicians are endorsing marijuana as a new tax revenue and much of this change has occurred with the behind the scenes involvement of the CIA. Learning the back story of the former TWA pilot Berry Seal who became one of the greatest drug smugglers ever under the direct employment of the CIA connecting him to the White House of Reagan’s second term in office was very eye-opening. Without question it is the desire for drugs to pour into American culture that is behind the resistance to Trump’s border wall. And the Deep State thinks of the president as a temporary employee anyway that they function independent from. They are not living by the American Constitution, they have their own code of conduct and that extends globally. In just the way that the FBI has behaved with Trump and the way that the current president has been threatened, and compromised with leaked information to the press that could have only been obtained through NSA recordings, CIA manipulations and FBI corruption. The Deep State has been revealed in how they have acted toward President Trump. Presidents used to be put in place to deflect attention, and Trump has not done that exposing all these maniacal plots in a way that has been very positive.

Yes, because I have seen the cover ups of science regarding North America’s true history, that well before Columbus arrived there were advanced cultures functioning as an Empire well before any flint chucking Indian came on the scene, their structures are everywhere and they date before Christ. Academia has ignored this evidence to carry on a storyline that fits what this Deep State wants. So it’s not hard to believe that the Airforce has been and is currently covering up alien contact and UFO technology reverse engineered to present some of the modern miracles we see to this day. The evidence is quite clear that there are life forms that have been visiting from outside the earth and have had their hand in shaping our culture. There are even lifeforms that exist in other dimensional planes. It is not far-fetched in my mind that many of these UFO sightings began when we learned to split the atom. The concern that UFO sightings seem to have around nuclear sites would best be explained by nuclear explosions having an impact into other dimensional realities in a negative way—they would have an interest in mitigating that risk. What to us looks like a massive explosion coming from a very small source likely pulls vast resources in other dimensions that are at this time incalculable.

And it is likely very true that our current government that is Deep State related and uses tax payer sources to run a global campaign of disinformation and panic driven synopsis to control the world’s populations is sitting on levitation technology and “free energy” so to maintain the current order for which they control. They are not eager to give up that control even though it is obvious that they are going to have to. Because of free speech and the rules of capitalism, they have not been able to suppress us all with their communist plot. People like Trump were elected anyway and now privatized space travel is going to space without them. They have lost control and they aren’t happy about it. I believe very much that all this sudden information such as Project Blue Book and Ancient Aliens is being released to the public because everyone knows that once we get to the moon, and to Mars that we are going to discover that we’ve been there before. Our relics and archaeology will uncover it all once again and we’re going to have to come to terms with that knowledge. And this Deep State will lose all their power even though they’ve done everything they could to hold it for another century longer. Perhaps their intention for inventing the Internet was to get everyone addicted to free porn and to keep their wondering minds quiet with abundant access to drugs. The human race is crippled by these things, but their curiosity didn’t stop as was planned. We have arrived to the doorstep of the 21st Century looking to space anyway and now we are discovering that it’s not only part of our own history but its an active place full of many life forms coming and going all over our Milky Way Galaxy.

I don’t know how much Project Blue Book has taken creative liberty with the material of the actual Wernher von Braun and Dr. Hynek. But I can see exactly how such a thing as proposed by the Episode 4 could have happened and is still happening to this day. We have seen it with how the Deep State has treated Donald Trump and how they are willing to lie even when they are busted beyond any hope of recovery. And even when the President picks his own people and puts them as heads of the intelligence community, they quickly revert to the culture of those Deep State tentacles. If they will lie about little things, such as how the FISA warrants to spy on President Trump during the transition of 2016 occurred, then they’ll lie about the origins of the human race and the current relationship earth has with advanced lifeforms. From what I have seen regarding the behavior of the Deep State in how they deal with Trump, I have no problem believing the theories of Project Blue Book. And it’s up to us to unseat those power-hungry despots, because they are not functioning for our own safety. They are doing everything to hold their own power just a while longer as king makers and class dividers. It’s not aliens we have to be concerned about or their invasion. Its our own people who would stand between us and them just for the desire to control the flow of information in the world, even to the detriment of millions of individuals. I think its time to end that practice in the here and now, and not some future time when all this will come hitting everyone in the face anyway. Now is the time, not later.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, I Deny Climate Change: And Yes, I believe we walked on the moon and will do so again

I have always said that the whole climate change issue reminded me of a religious cult, but with the newly empowered socialist element of the Democrat party gaining power over congress it is more obvious than ever. Their approach to climate science and the theories of warming are just as insane and over bearing as the Catholic Church was during the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Calling people like me “climate deniers” is just the same as declaring someone a “Satanists” during the Dark Ages. It is just as arrogant as the Spanish were to rape and pillage the Inca, Mayan and Aztec empires and to steal all their gold in the name of the Catholic Church and enrichment of Europe, then sending missionaries to those places to convert them to Catholicism. And its every bit as radical as the Protestants seeking refuge in a New World calling themselves puritans and putting “A”s on the forehead of adulterers and every potential witch in Salem, Massachusetts—a state where the Revolutionary War started but can’t even own a firearm in now. Climate Change is just the latest radical religion meant to control the behavior of people and it has no place in our modern age. People who believe or advocate for climate change are dumb, lazy people who are no different from the religious fanatics around the world through all history who have used some form of religion to justify the killing and eventual destiny of the human race.

Our education institutions are corrupt and teaching the wrong things, directed that way by the same radical forces from the old world that has changed compliance to the Pope to rule over kings all in the name of Jesus, to rule by Mother Nature where every little sun burn is a cause for bowing before a religious icon. On the day that I wrote this temperatures plummeted across the Midwest of the United States to below zero, temperatures colder than even the North or South Pole. Schools were called off an entire day before the cold even hit. Many especially conservative types were mystified by this sudden desire to negotiate between risk mitigation and productive necessity, schools and some companies picked the safe route, to just shut down. But where did the pressure come from to even consider to shut down due to extreme cold—it comes from the religion of climate science where we are all supposed to be terrified of extreme temperature fluctuations as if they were signs from god of a coming apocalypse. The desire to shut down so many schools over every little meteorological element isn’t to save the school district from potential law suits, it’s to weaken kid’s resolves in the future so that they will be much more compliant to climate science religion than their parents were. I remember a few years ago when for two weeks in January the temperature never climbed up over 5 degrees, most of the time staying -5 to -10 degrees below. I rode a motorcycle to work every day during that spell and enjoyed it. These temperatures were no colder than that, yet our approach is radically different. The religion of climate change is there to usher in a new age of liberalism and socialism—and nothing more.

The real science that is at work wants to take mankind off earth. The divide between climate science and actual science could be traced back to the divide in America over walking on the moon for the first time and the hippie concert Woodstock a month later in 1969. One act was a definite jump forward for the human race, the other was a desperate clamoring for reverting back in time to the Dark Ages where belief in mysticism ruled the world with kings using superstition to control the masses. With modern education especially at the college level so addicted to government funding scientists will say anything to get their money, and that is how the climate change scheme is perpetuated as actual science. Maniacal lunatics on the political left attacked Sea World for their treatment of orcas where it is that same company that does so much to educate people about the wonders of life at sea. The same people who claim to want to save people from Central America from corrupt governments with open arms are the same people who clapped when New York passed a law to essentially give women the right to an abortion very close to their due dates killing babies in quite an audacious way. And regarding those Central American countries, it is largely the liberal class of people, the Climate Change religious worshipers who want the drugs that are smuggled across the border in the chaos that exists there presently because they want to poison the minds of people so that they don’t question the religion of their very insane liberal cult. If there are climate change deniers they are to be put on the rack and stretched until they confess their loyalty to the Queen of the Earth, Mother Nature herself.

Who do you thing started all the conspiracy rumors that mankind never walked on the Moon, that the whole NASA landing was a fake? It was these same people on the left side of things who want us all to serve the cult of Climate Change. By taking away the hope of interplanetary travel and our first step in that direction as a civilization, the desire is to get more fanatics to join the cult of Climate Change by assuming mankind will be locked in its bedrooms for the rest of their lives while Mother Nature holds the key outside our doors deciding whether or not we will all live or die. In truth mankind has formed in a very narrow cosmological window, just a few thousand years and we probably only have a few hundred more to become something of a Type 1 Civilization. Failure to do so will put us on a track to ride the Vico Cycle back to the beginning to start all over again as primitives which is clearly the goal of modern liberals. Even Steph Curry the wonderous three-point shooting guard from The Golden State Warriors has joined the circus by stating he doesn’t believe the United States ever went to the Moon and that the whole thing was a fake. Why does he think that, because “they” (liberalism) need people to believe in the cult of climate science and not the ambitious efforts of actual science. Without knowing why or how, Steph Curry is still just a kid a few years removed from high school and he was taught all his life to believe in the cult of Climate Science. Space travel and humans moving to space is just a threat to Climate Science as it was to the Roman Catholic Church to have Protestants fleeing Europe to settle in a New World beyond their reach, which is how the United States actually came to be.

The reality to Climate Change is that people will flee to the stars the moment they can and mankind will leave the earth and all its socialists just to get away from them. Because aside from not liking them as people, liberals are part of a dark past in the human race that all sane people want to flee from. Democrats want to revert back to the primal ambitions of villages and herds that are easily controlled by superstition and greed. Everyone else is looking toward the stars to get away from them. Its one thing to move out into the suburbs to get away from corrupt city governments that want to tax everyone into oblivion. But Democrats can to some extent chase good people down into those vast spaces between cities. But once people start moving into space and leaving Mother Earth behind, that effort at control will be lost forever and that is what they really fear. They fear becoming irrelevant which to my mind has already happened. They just haven’t come to terms with it yet. They call us “climate deniers,” but it is they who are in denial.

Rich Hoffman

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The Nature of Intrinsic Value: Why Nancy Pelosi comes out looking like a phony while Trump does genuine

Its one thing to identify below the line thinkers and to associate them with losers, but what’s needed is to understand what makes them the way they are. Why are they losers just for thinking in a negative way aspects of their existence which brings everyone else down? A few great examples are the current teacher’s strike in California, the government shut down and the Nancy Pelosi desire to keep Donald Trump from giving his State of the Union Speech in Congress. Can anybody imagine what would have happened if Republicans controlling congress had not invited Barack Obama to give the State of the Union speech? And that’s kind of the heart of the matter, losers are people who are functioning all the time below the line, and usually the reason they are in that position is because they have lost their intrinsic value for the things they do in life. People who only do things for money for instance are creepy because we recognize that they are not driven toward accomplishments that are aligned with their intrinsic values for their part in economic activity.

I have been going through old notes of late to solve current problems that were conquered long ago, but in the wake of current circumstances, have great meaning. In that regard I have been thinking of Daniel Pink’s work in the great book Drive, which explores the relationship that people have with intrinsic value versus carrot type motivations. For instance, since many people wonder about it, this blog site is an intrinsic state for me. I love writing, but I do it for free to the public because the value of it personally exceeds what anybody would pay for it. This leaves my motivations a mystery to people who are still functioning from the point of view that financial rewards are the only reasons that people do what they do. In that book Pink uses the example of Microsoft building a fantastic encyclopedia with many of the great minds of our day as paid contributors. I remember that project, I loved it. But along comes Wikipedia which has unpaid contributors building the whole thing and that business model beat over time the Microsoft encyclopedia concept. As the Internet has matured it has unlocked much more of mankind’s intrinsic desires than the predictable modes of thinking that preceded this current revolution. These days YouTube videos done by amateurs are outperforming large feature films and television broadcasts because the intrinsic value is undeniable. When people do things because they love them, it shows and people quickly gravitate toward the passions that come from those products.

To put it in a more proper context, currently there was some controversial comments by Donald Trump about the nature of Nancy Pelosi continuing to get a check from the government during the shutdown. The reason it scored points with people was that people understand President Trump is intrinsically invested in the job as president. He is currently not taking a salary and when the Clemson football champions came to visit the White House Trump bought them all hamburgers out of his own pocket which set off a firestorm of anxiety. Trump in the eyes of below the line losers had committed the worst kind of crime, he had blown their cover story all these years. Nancy Pelosi would never dream of giving up her salary as Speaker of the House because she is not functioning in her job from the perspective of intrinsic power. For her the financial compensation and the power that comes with it is very important to her, because she is personally lacking intrinsic value, so the monetary compensation is a motivating tool for her. But as we know from the book Drive, typical carrot type motivations are not the driver of human behavior in a positive way, in fact, it usually gets you worse results because intrinsic value is pushed out of consideration making the overall product produced inferior, and too expensive. On the other hand, Trump loves his job and it shows, his intrinsic value as President is something people can relate to, especially in this modern age where intrinsic value is being unlocked in the increased freedoms that technology is bringing us. You don’t have to go through the New York publishers if you want to be a writer in 2020. All you have to do is have the intrinsic value to do so and a site like this one will outperform a typical news and opinion site by a factor of 1000s because the paid writers aren’t doing what they are doing out of intrinsic value for the subject.

That’s why teacher strikes these days have lost their power. We are living in a time where education can easily be done online and by less than human resources. A striking overpaid teacher only demonstrates to the public that they don’t have intrinsic value for the children in their care which is a major turnoff to any voter. Many people these days may be photographers, artist or independent researchers due to the freedoms that online activity and smart phones have given them. While they may have jobs that pay them money and thus their bills, their real intrinsic value is often in their recreational activities. National Geographic may not be paying them to be elite photographers, but modern photo taking is made much easier allowing people with an intrinsic desire to photograph the world to do so without all the special skills that used to be required and the path to a paycheck that used to be associated with that endeavor. Intrinsic value has always been there, but it has only been recently where technology made personal preferences much more of an option that humans started expecting those choices to be part of their everyday lives.

When it is wondered why people are more interested in their smart phones than in the real world with real people in them it’s because the customization that is afforded to modern smart phone users gives people more intrinsic options than the real world typically does so its more interesting to them. People more than ever are driven by intrinsic needs more than financial ones and that is an aspect of these government shutdowns that just isn’t being covered. People don’t have much sympathy for workers striking or marching in protest because they aren’t getting a paycheck because it shows a victim status of below the line thinking which in the new age of intrinsic motivations is increasingly a negative impression. If someone is off work or not getting paid, then they are free to do what they really enjoy, and that is what the public sees more and more. That’s why Trump was popular in spite of the government shutdown while Nancy Pelosi comes out looking more and more phony, because she is functioning from motivations that are not aligned with intrinsic value. It’s good to get paid for the things you do, but if you are only doing them to make money, people are quick to think of such people as a phony because they have options in life to exhibit intrinsic value, but instead of functioning from that vantage point, they are complaining about what they don’t have and why they don’t have it. And nobody likes that type of person which is a newly identified condition of our present circumstances.

Rich Hoffman

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