Back to Gas Lines: That’s what happens when you have a loser as President

I’m old enough to be able to say it, but I’ve seen this before, gas shortages and long lines.  When Jimmy Carter was president, he mismanaged the oil supply grossly, and America talked about gas rations.  After the cyber-hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, which extends across southern North American into New York and feeds the East Coast, the Biden people are directly responsible.  And given some of their dumb comments on electric cars, it almost sounds like they were part of the terrorist plot to rob Americans of gas at the pumps.  I know many people who are supposed to travel this upcoming weekend but can’t leave their town because they can’t get the gas to do it.  For environmental terrorists, like the Biden administration, this is a dream for them, just as Covid was. It’s a way to keep people locked in their homes so nobody can travel with those evil cars.  Oh, but if we had electric cars, we could—according to that disaster of Department of Energy Head Jennifer Granholm-would be the solution to the oil crises.  If I were a terrorist, I’d want to attack American again just because the first time was so easy. I’d see friends in this current White House who are even more dangerous terrorists. 

However, what we know about these Biden people is that they are undoubtedly stupid and that this whole mishap is likely an accident of their incompetence.  This is what happens when you get heads of corporations who pick a president, cheat an election, then think they can move Biden’s mouth like a puppet to get him to say whatever they want so they can rule in the background.  You end up with an incompetent loser who will make such an arrangement because they are desperate to have meaning in life and control their destiny. They have led a life of crime and want to protect their crack-smoking son from peddling foreign influence by directing the Justice Department.  If you were dumb, old, and failing and wanted to save a family of criminals, you might take that president’s job under that arrangement.  You might smile and put on the show as the corporate heads tell you what to do and where to stand.  But most of them can’t run their own companies.  Heck, Bill Gates can’t even run his own family. He’s not so bright.  And now they and we are seeing that running a government is hard, especially in the wake of Donald Trump.  Trump was a good president.  And now everyone can see just how good he was. It’s a rough world out there, and we never came close to running out of gas.  But with Biden and the gang of environmental terrorists, it happened within a few months of the Biden administration.

Many Republicans who didn’t like Trump’s tweets and his vocal presence with the press thought that being a little mean was not the role of the president.  They expected more empathy in such a high office.  You can now see what happens when you aren’t that way, especially these days. Trump’s way of doing things was needed.  A consensus-building might allow everyone to sit in a room without killing each other, but it doesn’t help to solve problems that are very real.  Trump is the kind of CEO who ran his company with the right touch of whatever was appropriate. You can be nice most of the time, but sometimes, you have to push back when people make you.  Most Republicans voted for Trump anyway, and they will again, but this idea of niceness being necessary to the political process of management is ridiculous.  This is what you get when you are too nice to hostile foreign agents.  They think they can attack our infrastructure and get away with it.  And when bad people out in the world watch our election process and see how easy it was to take away a credible leader and replace him with a complete buffoon, why wouldn’t they attack us?  If they had no moral compunction, what stops them the next time?

Ultimately that’s the main problem with this pipeline attack.  It might be for environmental reasons; it might be for terrorism to test the fences of the incompetent Biden administration.  Whatever it is, now, because of our reaction to it and spending most of the following week trying to get everything running again and watching the panic of millions of people, terrorism has been empowered.  There was no cost to the act.  Biden didn’t send in an aerial attack on the perpetrators.  He didn’t even send a strongly worded letter to the Russians who supposedly were involved with their partners in crime in China.  They haven’t done anything but suggest that we start sending people to school so that 20 years from now, they might be smart enough to defend America from a cyber attack.  Heck, I know a few 8-year-olds who are computer savvy enough to do the job better right now.  But Biden wants them to get a degree in the science of avoiding pipeline hacking first.  That lets the bad guys out there know that it’s safe to attack America anytime they want.  After all, they’ve watched attacks from the Democrat Party work against Americans for years now, so why not?

As I said in the video above, while you are sitting in a long gas line having to get up in the middle of the night to get a spot in line to fill your tanks, remember that Biden is president. We had a guy in office who solved these kinds of problems.  He didn’t cause the problems.  And in Biden’s case, he is a walking billboard for a cyber attack in the future. He’s stupid, weak, slow, idealistic, and a person without any conviction. He’ll say whatever anybody in power tells him to say, acting as a mask for the real villains in this world.  And many of them would love to see America torn to pieces with race-baiting and no oil supply.  Israel is being attacked, the economy is sputtering, and now we have gas lines.  While you are sitting in those lines, think about Trump and consider that maybe the tough-guy rhetoric kept gas in your car and food on your supermarket shelves.  Think about now that the world is coming alive again because of Covid that the environmental terrorists need a new way to stop commerce, and hurting the supply chain of fuel is their new gig.  Of course, people who don’t know how to solve problems think that being nice while doing it is essential.  But now it’s all too obvious that being effective as a leader is far more critical, and if we had one in the White House, there wouldn’t be gas lines.  Think about why it was essential to defend election integrity and not be pleasant as these same corporate influencers stole our last election and gave us this Biden loser.  Think about Mitch, the bitch McConnel who thought it was better to show support for Biden because the admission of voter fraud was too damaging to the Swamp for which he functions.  Because that’s why there are gas lines.  We showed the world that it was more important to be friendly rather than practical, and if you can’t have both in a management approach, they would and should pick friendly. That’s why we don’t have gas.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Eco-Terrorist Bill Gates Says Covid Will Be With Us Until 2022: States that ignored Gates did well, states that listened didn’t

Not all states are equal. Some governors really screwed up, some did really well with Covid

It has been interesting to see things around the country economically coming back on.  About the same time that Bill Gates reported that life wouldn’t be going back to normal until 2022 and that we needed to hit some targets of vaccinated people, the new movie Godzilla vs Kong came out which we went to see, and it reminded me of why I think of all the Covid advocates as eco-terrorists.  It was in fact the last Godzilla film that was complete with eco-terrorists, who wanted to unleash all the ancient monsters who were frozen away in hibernation for perhaps millions of years, to destroy all the humans on earth to save it.  Well, that is all fantasy of course, but the concept of eco-terrorism is very real, and there have been a lot of Bill Gates types who are clearly acting as eco-terrorists, and they have the money to fund it against the world.  In this case it was Covid-19 that they unleashed, not a bunch of ancient monsters, but the effect has been much the same, complete domination of our global economy in order to save the earth from the impact of human invention.  How absurd it was to listen to Gates speak, as if he were a doctor and not just a wealthy climate change advocate who wants to drag the world into a zero-emission society.  Thankfully, people are sick of it and are pushing for a normal life in spite of what Gates and his posse of blue state governors are screaming about.  And there is panic among those governors as their plot is being exposed.  People are going back to normal whether they like it or not.

I saw the Gates interview while going to watch that latest Godzilla movie in the theaters at the nice theater at Liberty Center, Ohio where people were playing at the park in front of it and were spilling over into the surrounding streets just to get out of the house.  It was a long way from normal, and people all seemed to have a bit of shell shock to their behavior, but it was a big step from the ridiculous lockdowns that we had just experienced as a culture.  But this wasn’t just a local behavior.  As I said in the video above, I just spent much of a month traveling all over the United States and everywhere I went I saw this pushback against the mask mandates and social distancing that the CDC had come up with as Bill Gates loomed in the background.  Yes, it has from the beginning been an act of terrorism disguised as a health concern.  For most of the political players it was a way to change election laws and put their guy Biden in place with voter tampering through mail-in ballots. But for Gates and his eco-terrorists, it was a chance to save the earth from their distorted opinion from the pesky humans that have infected its surface.  Gates may not be able to kill them all off, but perhaps he might be able to sterilize them through vaccinations so they can’t reproduce and keep them locked in their homes in as close to a zero-emission existence as he can hope for at this particular time.  That isn’t science fiction, but facts based on his actual behavior.  If this vaccine isn’t the sterilizing one, the next one may be.  This in the eyes of Gates is just the test bed to see if he can get away with it if people are dumb enough to blindly follow medical professionals to their own doom.

Sterilization of the undesirables was in fact the first thing the communists did in China when they took power in 1949.  And of course, we all know of their one child policy.  Don’t kid yourself that Gates and his eco-terrorists aren’t thinking the same way using vaccinees to sterilize people so to depopulate the earth of people in order to save it.  They had success with dumb people following them to their own dooms, in destroying their own economies, so the eco-terrorists are incentivized to do it again.  Our behavior did not deter them but encouraged them to try again, this time with even more destructive force.  Ultimately it will be up to us to push back against it.  Now from my perspective, I have seen up close and over vast distances, people are done.  Some governors as I said in my video have done a good job handling Covid and some have been terrible.  I am still looking for the answer and I have asked some very powerful people who should know, why the governor of my state, Mike DeWine was asking for far reaching dictatorial power a whole year before the launch of the Covid terrorism.  DeWine was already thinking about these things early in 2019 before anybody could even conceive of what a Covid lockdown might look like, or if it was even possible in a free society.  The buzz was out there of what was coming.  We know DeWine’s lover Amy Acton was in the know with the Gates group so they were obviously working out the details of the eco-terrorist act well in advance of the coup attempt later in 2020 and that should disturb everyone.  Amy Acton in case you have forgotten has been Ohio’s Health Director.  Once the heat was turned up on her relationship with the Governor, she removed herself from the public eye, but she has still been looming in the background whispering in his ear the utterances of the eco-terrorist goals—to shut down society to save the planet earth from humans.  As ridiculous as it sounds, and as much of a plot from some disaster movie it may be, it is the truth of the effort.

Notice how this article does not lend any credibility to the science of Covid.  That’s because its all complete bullshit.  Completely, and now looking back as people can now see, some states that never fell for the nonsense, like South Dakota, with Florida following did really well with Covid as other states such as Michigan, New Mexico, New York and other blue state regions have crushed their people and their economies in tyrannical ways.  The eco-terrorists did catch people off guard by crying wolf on what they called a deadly virus when in fact it was just taking a cold and making it seem statistically worse than it really was.  It reminds me of the old Harrison Ford movie, Mosquito Coast where the father moves his family to a Central American town to get away from the world and all its evil capitalism by telling them that the world has been destroyed by nuclear war, only for them to find out later that he was lying to them to imprison them to him. The government led by eco-terrorists like Bill Gates have done the same thing to all of us with Covid-19 and now they are just dragging the story out as long as possible to do the maximum damage they can before people fully rebel against them and stop listening forever.  From what I see people have learned their lesson and a majority of our population will never fall for such a scheme again.  But its important to know that if they tried before they’ll try again.  Only the next time, it will be something else. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Fighting Back Against Government Terrorism from Covid-19: Beat them with hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin

I certainly have a right, the government’s reaction to Covid-19 has been terrorism against a way of life I love and enjoy. They were the one’s who brought in the destructive effects of a virus that otherwise in any other year we wouldn’t even have blinked at. They made it political and they decided to attack our American way of life with it costing us jobs and lost income, and we should all be angry about. I would go so far to call it terrorism. They (the governments of the world, state, federal and global) used fear to change behavior and in this case toward a long-desired Agenda 21 strategy by the United Nations—so that technically is terrorism. Its terrorism whether its some radical Islamic element like ISIS, or whether it’s the grant hungry doctors of America’s CDC. The alliance between The World Health Organization and the desires of global domination of China is unmistakable so let’s just call Covid-19 what it is—a terrorist attack against Americans and freedom loving people all over the world. What the terrorists want is control over mass populations by using the fear of a virus as a way to surrender liberties, get them vaccinated so that Google and Facebook can track everyone on the earth in preparation for a one world government ran by the United Nations by their arm of justice, the World Health Organization who happens to report directly to Communist China.

Of course that mandates that we, as Americans, get revenge on our attackers and the way to undo them and destroy their plans is to promote the spread of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. As a private person, you need to find a physician who will prescribe it to you as a preventive measure to Covid-19 and take it religiously from now until the election on November 3rd, 2020. If you play professional sports, you need to take hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin so that they cannot remove you from sports and use you to contact trace other athletes. You need to take yourself out of the measurement system. You also need to do this if you work for any company, otherwise the government is planning to use you for mandatory quarantine so that they can further harm the economy. You need to take hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to stay healthy so they can’t use you as a statistic to keep you from working for your employers. Because these terrorists want you sitting in your home helpless as your companies and entertainments go bankrupt. That is their goal and you must do your part to take away that option.

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin is the silver bullet that will kill this attacker. It has been all along and President Trump tried to get the word out early. But the news wasn’t out yet on the facts, we were at the time worried that the death count on Covid-19 would be higher. After all, we didn’t have any reason not to trust what the CDC and WHO organization was saying to us. But when the solution of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin became more well known and Google and governments were dead set against it, the true strategy of their intentions was revealed, because if they were willing to mandate mask wearing over such flimsy scientific evidence that they “might” prevent the spreading of the virus, yet when hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin was brought up, they fought against its implementation. And now we know from Bill Gates himself that he has been on the phone with Dr. Fauci directly often throughout this whole process and that what they didn’t count on was that Trump would stop listening to the “professionals.” That has screwed up their plans and caused them to dig even deeper on refusing hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin as a potential treatment. The point of the terrorism of Covid-19 from day one was not to find a cure, or even to create vaccines, it was to put the “expert” class in charge of all world governments, including Trump. It was a power grab, not an actual health crisis. It was fear of a potential health crises, not an actual problem that was the act of terrorism. The use of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin was a solution and one that didn’t require any new science development, which was a threat to their plan from the beginning that they never considered.

So far, the trillions of dollars they have destroyed in the economy around the world, particularly in the United States has been a dream come true for them. It has been more effective than when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and much more costly. It was the Bill Gates way of bringing the United States into the global war for climate change by shutting up Trump and putting Dr. Fauci in charge, and unelected bureaucrat. And the plan would have worked if not for hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. If everyone would take that the case counts would die on the vine and the media would lose its narrative of using case counts to literally scare people to death. They have been lying to us all, so they deserve to be punished and the best, and most peaceful way to do that is to use hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to remove the Covid-19 threat from you so that you can’t be used as a statistic for Agenda 21 change. They are terrified of hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin because it destroys their strategic intentions of using Covid-19 to change our way of life and it’s the best, and least expensive way that you can fight back at what they’ve done to you.

I would personally calculate that Covid-19 has cost me a lot of money from my 2020 projections and I’ve watched it cost people I know millions and millions, and my state billions. Then to make it worse, there have been no movies to go see, there have been no sports, restaurants have been a terrible experience. I haven’t been to Jags yet in 2020. Its been open, but the hours are too restrictive and even if you do go, it has Plexiglas everywhere and just isn’t worth it. And usually I take people there professionally, and since people can’t business travel under Covid restrictions, there isn’t any reason to even spend the money. Its been terrible in that respect and when you know better, which I do, that Covid-19 isn’t really dangerous and that by using hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin all these results could be avoided, then anger is the term that best describes the situation. Sure, I have done fine just reading books and sticking around the house. But terrorists attacked my life and yours so why should we just accept that? We shouldn’t, we should be fighting back and taking from the terrorists more than what they took from us. And that starts by using hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to rob them of their excuse, and to leave them exposed. Only then can we start to set things right, so get your prescription for hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin today!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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It Was a Radical Democrat Who Mailed Those Bombs: How Kathy Wayenandt’s campaign in Ohio is tied to liberal terrorism nationwide

I’m going to go out on a limb here since it’s still early in the discovery process and proclaim that no Republican would have sent any “suspicious” packages to George Soros, Maxine Waters, the Clintons, or any of the other top Democrats that reported being the recipient of terrorist intentions. How do I know, because conservatives have no need. Conservatives are winning, so why would anybody even think of doing such a thing? The violence was instigated by a liberal, I am 100% sure. They are desperate for a way to rally their base because they are seeing the early voting numbers and energy ahead of the midterm election which I explained on Twitter.

Democrats are the kings and queens of dirty tricks and they will try anything and do anything to achieve their objectives. We are not in conspiracy theory territory here because their behavior is well recorded now, and we know that they have deep roots into the “Deep State.” The F.B.I. after all did try to conspire with Democrats to win the 2016 election so everything in the realm of dirty tricks is on the table. As I have said, I expect massive voter fraud in this midterm election, I expect attempts at violence from radical leftists’ groups. We can expect them to throw everything and the kitchen sink at trying to suppress Republican turnout which is also why I have been saying that conservative voters must show up with such force that no amount of dirty tricks will work, kind of like what happened in 2016.

This Democrat playbook is well-known now, there are no surprises from them. We knew the Kavanaugh events play by play, and they ended up fueling Republicans to the polls. In my home town of Butler County my kids went to vote early, and they were told that 500 to 1000 people every day were showing up at the early voting center to vote since it opened. In Butler County, those people aren’t voting for liberals. Republicans are energized in that same way all across the country and Democrats can see the writing on the wall. At the election center there were a lot of signs for the liberal Kathy Wayenandt that were put out by a few unionized labor volunteers to make it look like she has a campaign, but in reality, she is a good example of what is going on across the country.

I remember when Kathy Wayenandt was running the pro tax levy campaign for the local school district of Lakota. I was on the No Lakota Levy side and just a few days out from the election things were tight. It looked like the tax increase was going to go down for a fourth straight time. Now I don’t think Kathy had anything to do with it, but a note was found in the bathroom just a few days ahead of the election warning of a school shooting. Of course, when this levy was going on just as it is today, school shootings were on everyone’s mind and one of the themes of the levy was that the tax increase would be used for school security to hide the fact that it was only a money grab for teachers to get extraordinary raises—to pump money into the labor union. Well, Kathy and her radicals, the same people putting up signs everywhere recently for her run for the 52nd District against the great Republican George Lang won the election by just 1% out of thousands of voters, and the big push came from the media coverage of terrified parents worried about a school shooting. Of course, nothing ever came of the investigation because it was actually someone from the pro levy side that planted the note. That is what desperate people do when they see that things are going against them. They cheat, they lie, and they try to invoke fear.

That was just a local issue but on the grand scale of national politics the same thing is going on and some radical Democrat from their side decided to try to put Republicans on the defensive in the closing days of the election season. They hope to make sympathetic characters out of Holder, Waters, Clinton and Soros because they have been caught openly instigating violence against Republicans and Democrats have to change the narrative before they lose even more seats in the House and Senate. It is the last shot from a desperate party and likely it is a lone loser like that assassin who tried to kill Republicans at the baseball game not long ago. Remember that guy? Republicans are winning, they have no desire to do anything like this because they have Trump, a proper representative for their disenchantment and is poised to hold power well into the future. Conservatives are willing to wait in line for 24 hours to see Trump speak at a rally because he is their outlet to solving the problem. They are not motivated to mail a bunch of bombs to a bunch of Democrats who are on their way out of power—because there is no need.

I spoke yesterday at some length about the natural insanity of a typical Democrat. I even went out of my way to personally speak to Kathy Wayenandt after a recent debate and she swore to me that she wasn’t a Democrat, that she was a conservative with liberal social leanings. Well, that sounds like a mess to me, but I’ll take her word for it. As I said, Democrats have problems and they are prone to doing these kinds of things even against themselves if it evokes sympathy for their cause. I know a lot of Republicans at all levels of society and not a single one of them would go out of their way to mail a bomb to someone they didn’t like. Even with all the problems of the Obama administration and the height of the Tea Party movement no conservative came close to committing an act of terrorism—because it just doesn’t match the philosophy of being a Republican.

We are meant to think that there is some crazed branch of conservatism out there capable of doing something “terrorist” in nature and I’m saying that those elements of conservative philosophy do not exist. That doesn’t mean that conservatives will just take being pushed around either, but they don’t mail pipe bombs or commit terrorist activities. Even the faction that liberals call the “alt right” are not conservatives, the neo Nazis and KKK racists are just variations of liberalism within the Democratic party. They aren’t Republicans. They may call themselves that for the cameras, just like whoever mailed these bombs tried to make it look bad for conservatives by targeting high-profile Democrats, but their ambitions are always on the political left. Nazis, fascists and anarchists are all elements of the political left. Even though Antifa claim they are “antifascists” they are on the same side as the neo Nazi and the typical racist. Republicans are not in those groups. Tea Party members all through the last ten years educated themselves and voted accordingly, they didn’t shut down highways, harass politicians in restaurants, and try to exert force—even if they may have been justified in doing so. They voted, and they are in power, and they aren’t giving it up. And they certainly didn’t all of a sudden become terrorists. Only the Democrats know those methods and they are guilty of this one as well.

Rich Hoffman

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Disney’s Crusade Against Toy Guns: Hiding behind terrorism to appease their progressive base

Terrorism and the problems coming from it are the fault of a federal government that has failed to do its job.  Most of the terrorist incidents in America over the last twenty years are the direct result of a failed government to do what they were supposed to.  Yet their reaction is always that we should give them more government as a result of their incompetency, which most of us realize was a stupid thing to do.   Then of course comes the next debate as to private companies having to protect themselves due to the ineffectual policies by the government to hedge against terrorism.   People like me think an expansion of the Second Amendment is the needed result, whereas progressive organizations—like Disney believe in gun confiscation and more intrusions of personal liberty.

I am a long time fan of the Disney Company.  So it pained me greatly not only to see that they made such a terribly progressive Star Wars film but that they have announced that they are getting rid of toy guns within their parks.  For as long as I can remember Frontierland was a place where a child could buy a toy rifle and a coon skin cap as a memory of their Disney World visit.  But not anymore.  Regretfully, Disney as a company has let the liberal persuasion of capitalizing off government mismanagement marginalize their impact on the minds of our youth by pandering to gun grabbing politicians covering their own fallacies—purposely perpetrated, or by default—with gun censorship.  I would go so far as to call the following announcement entirely un-American:

Disney announced that metal detectors will be installed at the entrance to Disneyland and its Florida theme parks starting Thursday. The enhanced security measures will also ban adults from wearing masks or costumes, and discontinue toy gun sales inside all parks.

The entertainment giant announced the changes quietly Thursday, saying they were not based on “any single event,” but were intended to help security personnel and to make guests feel secure.

The portable metal detectors will be positioned beyond the “bag check” area at Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks in Florida. Security personnel will randomly select some visitors to pass through the magnetometers as part of a secondary screening.

The company also announced that it will beef up the deployment of police officers contracted to help with security around the parks. At Disneyland, that means beefing up patrols by the Anaheim Police Department. Disney did not give details about the scope of the expansion.

Disneyland will also increase patrols by explosive-sniffing dogs around the parks and related properties, such as Downtown Disney and its resort hotels, the company said.

The ban on masks and costumes will apply to all guests over 14 years old. And the company will no longer sell toy guns inside its parks, or allow guests to carry toy guns with them, regardless of age. Spokeswoman Suzy Brown said the company banned the toy guns “to avoid confusion or distraction for our cast members and security personnel.”

The rules are an apparent response to recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. Disney’s overseas parks will also enhance security, in accordance with recommendations from its experts at those locations, the company said.

The new rules are included on the company’s Disneyland Resort Park Rules page. “We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate,” Brown said in a statement.

A Universal Studios Hollywood spokesperson said the park is testing metal detection as well, but doesn’t sell toy guns.

“We have begun testing metal detection at our theme park,” the spokesperson said. “We want our guests to feel safe when they come here. We’ve long used metal detection for special events, such as Halloween Horror Nights. This test is a natural progression for us as we study best practices for security in today’s world.”

Here is the hypocrisy of Disney, take away the guns and cannons from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and see how many people line up to ride, or see the movies.  Take the guns out of Star Wars and see how much money the films make.  Even though the gun was taken away from Woody in Toy Story, at least he had the holster.  Guns and their application are a huge part of what has made Disney as a company successful in the past, and is at the heart of their continued success.  Taking a stand against toy guns falls right in line with the rest of progressive leaning insurgents from teachers to politicians who are suspending children in public schools for wearing Star Wars characters holding guns on their clothing—in an attempt to change Americas love for firearms—culturally.  One of the largest entertainment companies in the history of the world is taking a position against guns not for fear of terrorism, but to solidify the progressive plans of their friends and allies on the liberal side of politics.  And it’s disgusting.

Walt Disney would be rolling over in his grave!  Frontierland was intended to keep people from forgetting about their heritage in America—which revolved around the gun.  The Disney Company has shown at many levels within a day of each other how radicalized against American tradition they have become.  The Force Awakens was clearly a liberalized version of Star Wars—the most obvious one yet.  In the film again regarding the space cowboy Han Solo there were occasions where he borrowed Chewbacca’s bow caster and was impressed by the power it exhibited.  All Han Solo fans know that he prefers a powerful pistol which he’s often seen holding in promotional pictures.  It is impossible to believe that as long as he’s known Chewbacca, for over 60 years–that he’s never had a chance to fire that weapon before.  Likely there was a decision by the filmmakers to show that Solo appreciated “native” weapons to advance the progressive platform sympathetic to “native” cultures instead of imposing a particular viewpoint on others—it is a small world after all.  It could also be that J.J. Abrams or somebody else just wanted to see Han Solo shoot Chewbacca’s gun in the film.  But because of Disney’s behavior about guns and progressive acceptance of cultural values conspiracy theories are bound to flash across our minds.

Instead of slowly weaning America off firearms in their entertainment productions, why not go all the way and take guns out of their films and television shows completely?  If you want to know the truth, Disney, the reason that The Lone Ranger flopped at the box office was largely because Tonto was the featured character and The Lone Ranger gunfighter aspect was greatly reduced so to appease the progressive activists.  Americans wanted to see the gunfighter shooting guns, not flopping around in the film until the very end.   So instead of taking guns out of the parks and hiding behind reasons of terrorism prevention to sell it to the public, why not just declare to the American public that as an organization you are against guns?  Disney won’t do such a thing because it would have an impact on their bottom line.

The policy is pathetic and further evidence of how far the company has fallen from its roots of preserving traditional American values.  The rest of the world is welcome to share in those values, but it should go without saying that American culture is the best, and it’s up to companies like Disney to communicate those values in a way that helps other cultures adapt aspects that might help them be more fruitful.  It’s not Disney’s job to try to alter the advancement of American culture back to the ways of the lowly European history—the gun grabbing losers of progressive tendency.  Further imposing restrictions on their park visitors with bans on “toy guns” when much of their revenue is generated from “guns” is disrespectful, and intolerable.  And let me tell you this dear reader.  It is well-known that I love Disney World and the surrounding parks affiliated with their company.  But this will change my plans for many years.  If Disney as a company will take a stand against guns like they have over this latest issue—I won’t plan a trip in the near future.  I many abandon it all together as a future vacation destination.   I will not spend my money on such a company.  And there are many people like me who won’t either.  It’s a pretty bad move on their part.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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How to Peacefully Destroy ISIS: Why America created the terrorist group and what to do about it

Just for clarification, the United States created ISIS. While Russia and Iran supported Bashar al-Assad’s regime of terror in Syria, the West, Turkey, and the Gulf States supported removing him. So America essentially supplied the weapons of war to the rebels against Assad to defeat him. What occurred in the aftermath was ISIS. That is why to this very day America cannot join Russia in teaming up with Assad to fight ISIS, because that would be far too embarrassing. The Obama Administration made a serious blunder and there is no going back now. For proof that the U.S. Government wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria watch this Reality Check from Ben Swann, who has a new job at CBS 46.

Good job Ben Swann, now watch a video he did two years ago predicting the creation of ISIS. Pay very close attention to the little boy singing approximately 6 minutes in. There are thousands of kids like him and there will be absolutely no way to reason with that child poisoned with extremism. That is the fight that is before us, created by Barack Obama’s horrible mismanagement of the stand-off with Syria—remember when he drew a line in the sand, Assad crossed it, then Obama walked back and drew a new line—which Assad crossed again. So Obama along with Republican Senator John McCain sought to supply weapons to the Free Syrian Army to overthrow Assad. But what that army did instead was attack outlying villages and begin to purge Syria and Iraq of Christians, Jews, and invalidate a peaceful exchange by Muslims toward the rest of the world.   Watch closely—this is what the “media” is supposed to be doing—reporting the facts.

Now, there is no way the United States could possibly work with Russia to help Syria against ISIS, because America created ISIS to destroy the current Syrian regime backed by Russia. Do you see the problem dear reader? That is the very definition of the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and hell is quite hot these days. Obama drove us here because he couldn’t read his GPS system, even though it was beeping with alarms the entire time. We now have a severe mess that there is no easy way out of. There is no solution which takes everyone back to peace. The Middle East will never again return to a glory day of Arabs practicing peacefully in the arts and sciences of Aristotle’s brand of Islamic faith. Communism and radicalism are now centerpieces of the Middle East and factions of more severe terrorists are breeding at an extraordinary rate. Little children like the kid in the Ben Swann video are going to grow up and bomb Europe and the United States with increased frequency. War has been declared whether or not we open the mail to read it. They are coming, and we empowered them to do so. If you were smart dear reader you would fire every government official connected to this failure at the very next election. The situation is catastrophically epic.

So here’s what has to happen to rectify the situation. America needs to unleash its oil potential. Currently we are sitting on 285 years of oil and Bill Gates has agreed to pour tens of millions, perhaps billions of R&D dollars into renewable energy yet to be discovered. We should be able to achieve that within 285 years. We could probably do it in 20. So the plan should be to completely cut off the Middle East of oil sales to the U.S.. Saudi Arabia sponsors too much terrorism, and there is really no good way to defeat radicalism in the Middle East so long as good and bad Arabs are plotting against the United States using our dependency on their oil as the leverage mechanism to deal with us. That means we have to cut them off, starve them out, and force them to peaceful negotiations on our terms. They have to want our money otherwise they are unmotivated to deal. Instead, they will continue to use our money and our weapons to fight us. So they need to be choked off—all of them, the entire Middle East. If they are mad at us for our participation in Sykes-Picto, then let them have their land and all the worthless oil on it.

But opening up the oil reserves in America to the point where oil prices would be under $1 a gallon would jump-start our economy again and bring down the global price per barrel everywhere. This would take the wind out of the sails of the only thing the Middle East has by way of economic sustenance. Because of their flirtations with communism, they would not be able to develop any other economical means, and would be forced to face their failed ideology. Their fights would turn on themselves instead of outwardly being united against America and Europe. By completely withdrawing from the region, the United States could take itself out of the debate and leave the red meat to the wolves to fight over. In just a few short decades kids like the one singing in the Ben Swann video would snuff themselves out fighting for the same piece of bread. Oil funds the Dark Ages mentality of ISIS with the belief that they are equal to the developed world outside of their attempted caliphate. But they’re not. Without the United States, they would become like an island of head hunters in New Guinea, isolated and primitive—like they truly are.

I don’t propose letting Israel plunge into possession by the barbarians. We should still support them—they have other economic engines to keep them going, and should be a lesson to Jordan, Syria, and Iran on how to conduct a proper economy. Eventually when the money runs out—which it will, the oil barons in Saudi Arabia and at the UAE would be forced to eat out of the hand of America for basic income. Within a few decades those dust pits in the Middle East could be like modern-day Puerto Rico, one category under statehood, and be forced to adopt American policy and capitalism just to survive. That would be good for everyone.

We are at war, forget about the environment. Global warming is a false prophecy advocated by the political left with a religious like fervor. It has no grounding, or basis in reality—it’s just another communist inspired scheme by old hippies to cripple all forms of capitalism in worship to a deity called Mother Earth. Screw mother earth, drill for oil, choke off our enemies from the easy money, and advance civilization off this planet for destinations yet unknown traveling among the stars. It’s stupid to stay on earth. The rest of the planet needs to learn from the United States. China needs to give up on communism. Russia needs to expand its economy and come out of the Soviet era economic beliefs also centered on state controlled economies. Europe needs to give up on socialism including Sweden and Norway. It doesn’t work as well as they prop it up to appear. In a few years their youth will show signs of complete complacency and those are not the type of people who will voyage to Mars resettle that red planet from what will prove to be a history that we share. We are already in World War III. So we need to pull together and do what it takes to win that war, and unlike the weapons of the past, this current one is financial. The best way to defeat the Islamic caliphate is not with troops on the ground, but with opening up American oil reserves to choke off the world with our isolation so they can’t mooch off our wealth any longer—then get mad at us for giving them that help.   Cut them off and live happily ever after.

The kid shown in the video above won’t be reasoned with. He won’t be won over with flowers, or even a show of power. Those Arabs are filled with hate and stupidity and there is no way to deal with them rationally now. Forget the deals with OPEC, forget the meetings with the World Bank to keep oil prices at a certain place to secure the economy of the Middle East. End all those deals and cut off those terrorists so they can’t buy a bag of beans from Russia and Iran let alone nuclear weapons. Take away their oil not through theft or possession. Do it through currency devaluation of the price of oil. If you love mother earth so much, then leave her to her home while we as a human race move out into our own homes. We can come back and visit on Holidays, but as a species, we need to think bigger. We need to advance to space; we need to use up our 285 years worth of dirty oil to destroy those who hate America forcing them to unite with our freedom and style of republic democracy so that when we do move into space, we can all get along for a change. But before we do any of that, we have to understand that we created much of this mess, so now we have to commit to fixing it for everyone’s sake. And we should not listen to the idiots who caused all this in the first place—people like John McCain and Barack Obama. Open up the Keystone Pipeline and drill for oil in New York. If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like it, send him to Iraq to trade in beads—while the rest of the world moves on under American leadership and a dollar valued by capitalist countries.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker: Paris terrorism and the guilt that gives them strength

Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker was running for public office in Dublin, Ireland and was a prominent pub owner who carried a reputation as a great man. A husband and father of three–two boys and a girl he was a man on the rise.   That is until he was walking through Phoenix Park and noticed two young girls urinating with their pants down to their ankles and their sexual mechanisms exposed. Three soldiers spied Earwicker and would later provide testimony as to what they saw as a cod with a pipe approached the distracted celebrity with an inquiry as to the time. Earwicker feeling guilt for noticing the young girls quickly stumbled through an answer indicating guilt that was not justified.

Later the cod’s wife hearing her husband retell of the incident with a bit of flurry to his remembrance carried the story to the local priest. After all, her ear for the spittoon was a seduction that she had great notoriety for, and thus began the downfall of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker. Soon after the priest uttered a slightly varied version of the story to Philly Thurnston who thus did the same to the next person, who did again to the next person, and so forth until all of Dublin soon knew of the encounter. A pub ballad was soon constructed at Earwicker’s expense called “as The Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Earwicker was so shamed that he soon was locked up in jail—for his own protection, lost his public office, his reputation as a good man, and was put on trial. Eventually the men of the court having sympathy for Earwicker’s shortcomings—because they themselves were thus prone—found him not guilty and the family man and pub owner was somewhat restored once again to his life and daily maintenance.

Thus is the basic story of the main protagonist from the great novel Finnegan’s Wake written by James Joyce for reasons that have provoked the most astute minds of literature.   The purpose of the tale was not to just tell another sultry story of a middle-aged mind caught into the perversions of sexual indulgence by women at the prime of their seductive powers. It was to show a cycle that all societies go through as represented by Earwicker who is often just termed in the novel as HCE—or otherwise—Here Comes Everyone. Finnegan’s Wake is a heavily inspired metaphor of Giambattisto Vico’s cyclical theory of history which states that civilization always passes through four basic phases, a theocratic phase. An aristocratic phase. Right on cue it enters a democratic phase. Then once that cycle has run its course society drops back into chaos and anarchy. We presently throughout the world as seen most dramatically in the opening weeks of 2015 are witnessing the attempt of a theocratic order attempting to use chaos and anarchy to gain control of the world population through radical Islam to start the cycle again for mankind.

In a lot of ways Western Civilization has been undergoing this elusive menace for many years starting with the communist attempts for attention and world-wide expansion during the 1950s and 60s. Behind that mask was the Civil Rights movement who like the priest from Finnegan’s Wake took some of the collectivist uttering’s of the communist insurgents and added their own sprinkling of truth to the story under the guise of righteousness to further deteriorate into a quandary. Now society is so disarmed with guilt not completely justified, that it can do nothing but shut itself away from the world and hope that the courts will find them innocent—which of course they will. But, the damage to all reputations will have already have taken place and HCE—(all of us) will have to be born again and start from scratch under a theocratic order. In this case it is the Muslim who desires to set the new rules and have everyone bowing toward Mecca—or be decapitated as a surrender of individual sanctity in favor of collective identification.

The recent Paris attacks by young Islamic radicals are nothing more than the spreading of a new modern age “Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Their military intention is to destroy the previous cycle of history and gain power for their order under the Vico cycle of an emerging theocracy. They are the girls in the park with their pants down urinating after a long night at the pub singing and dancing. The mechanism used to move society from one phase to another is guilt. Once a group of assailants can get portions of society to admit to “guilt” they can then control that person infinitely. This is what has happened in regard to racism and the progressive platforms. It was Republicans in the United States who put an end to slavery and started the Civil War to free men’s minds. But, using the same social tactics progressive radicals have demonized Republicans into inaction and thrown them in a metaphorical jail for being angry white guys old and outdated while the only people qualified to manage their “people” are boyz from the “hood” with crack sales on their resumes and baby-daddys from here to infinity as their family lineage. Like HCE, Republicans put themselves in jail to protect their reputations from the swarms of gossip and turned toward the law for help. But the insurgents have gained control of the law as well leaving no recourse but to stand on the sidelines and complain about the gross unfairness.

Finnegan’s Wake is a warning of this cyclical procession that has embedded itself in the human consciousness like a sickness destined to always destroy the grounds made among human kind. Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker couldn’t help but notice the young girls with their pants down showing their private parts to the world. Being a man of great reputation he was quick to catch his primal thoughts and get them under control.   But, the cod who asked the time assumed that Earwicker stuttered not out of self-regulation, but out of guilty yearnings, such as the cod likely struggled with. He needed to feel reconciled and momentarily superior so he passed on the story making himself the hero at Earwicker’s expense. The result of the book is to show that Earwicker was destroyed but rose again to return to the beginning of the story.

Yet my proposal and the purpose of this site is to step off that Vico cycle all together. It might be remembered that I had a bit of controversy once, which I considered to be equivalent to the court trial in the novel Finnegan’s Wake. When Scott Sloan asked me on 700 WLW in front of many hundreds of thousands of people to admit guilt and say I was sorry to all the fat-assed despots and levy supporters that I had properly identified, what he wanted was for me to play the role of HCE and put myself in jail awaiting judgment and forgiveness by my peers. Of course I refused because my opinions were my own and I felt no guilt for them. Just as HCE should have never felt guilt for walking through a park and noticing a couple of girls with their pants down. He didn’t pull down their garments and ask them to conduct themselves in such a way, so he should have never stuttered when the cod asked him the time. He had done nothing wrong. Yet, because HCE knew that there would be judgment cast upon him, he knew he had to be careful how he answered, so he made a mistake which then perpetuated itself into chaos—which is the aim of all these endeavors against logic. And so it is that no Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist should feel guilt for the plight of the modern communists behind ISIS, or the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I, or for slavery in America that was ended by the American Constitution, not sustained and justified.

The enemies of our age are using guilt to destroy us dear reader. You would be advised to stop feeling guilt and allowing it to control your actions. You must first have convictions about things, and be willing to stand by them. If you do not, you will end up like poor Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker from Finnegan’s Wake. Society uses guilt to advance the Giambattista Vico cycles which ultimately always erase whatever progress we truly make as a society in the fields of philosophy, history, religion—even mathematics and science. America is a step off the Vico cycle, and its high time that those lucky to be born under its protections stop feeling guilty about their fortune and protect the philosophic advancements passed down to us for sanctuary. The human race is in our hands, and it cannot be surrendered to chaos and theocratic despots by simple unfounded accusations designed to invoke guilt—and thus surrender of the emotional high ground for which America sits. Be warned, and listen to the quandary of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker for what it is—a warning to us all. Do not make the mistake he did and carry willingly the guilt of mankind just because a cod asked for the time. Give him the time if he asks for it, but don’t feel any guilt for what you see. All the girls of Phoenix Parks everywhere will do what they do. But those of us who are like HCE have a right and obligation to walk where    they do and not be steered away just because society has its own agenda and a desire to regress back into a theocratic rebirth—and loss of all human advancement thus gained.

Rich Hoffman

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