No Dam has Broken in Support for President Trump: It’s the institutionalists who are leaking

This was a fascinating article of pure fantasy from a mainstream news source, the belief that a dam has been broken in Trump’s support base over what happened at a press conference in Helsinki, Finland with Russia’s President Putin and President Trump. The article refers to calls from Republicans criticizing Trump’s remarks as putting Russia before America and cites comments from RINOs like John McCain, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, and others like them. These same people writing these articles actually think that Robert Mueller and James Comey are Republicans—which they of course are only in name only as well. These are not conservatives. All of these people are globalists in the way that the Bush family has been and they were always part of the problem. They are why we elected Trump and not their other Republican offerings, because voters were sick of what the Party was giving us.‘the-dam-has-broken’-but-for-how-long/ar-AAAdjBc?ocid=spartandhp

During the Obama years it was clear to people like me that James Clapper, Lois Lerner, John Brennan, and Eric Holder were corrupt, communist leaning insurgents and they were heading up our intelligence agencies. I had no idea at the time that John Brennan was actually connected to the Communist Party in any way. It was just obvious that they were not playing on “Team America” as defined by traditional standards—Chevrolet, apple pie, baseball, hot dogs, and guns. They were using the intelligence agencies as tools of a shadow government and the funding was coming from the IRS who worked as an arm of attack dogs to break up threats to this new world order, such as the Tea Party scandal by the IRS which broke loose between 2010 and 2012. By the time Trump came on the scene in 2015 many of us had enough of the obviously corrupt American government and we intended to take control of it back. Being nice, law biding citizens, we planned to do so through elections, but guys like me were planning other things. Whatever the means, it was going to happen. Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Obama, Lerner—all of them had no choice in the matter. They had shown themselves to be enemies of our republic (not a democracy) and they were going to be removed from power.

On election night of 2016 I was relieved. My son-in-law and I were grateful at 4 AM in the morning while we shot guns on my indoor range listening to the radio that we weren’t going to have to resort to violence to take back America. It was a cause of great celebration. I remember it well. My whole family went to Chili’s for lunch that same day with no sleep to speak of and had one of the finest meals we’ve ever had. It wasn’t that the food was great, but the situation was and a new day in America had taken root. I was, and continue to be very happy with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Of course the opposition represented by the villains, people like James Comey as it turned out, Peter Strzok, and the old foes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, John Brennan, James Clapper and many, many others living off the government payroll we all are forced to fund through the corrupt IRS had other plans. They now planned to use extreme measures to put the country back on the track they had been pushing it into for years, so an impasse was inevitable. Luckily up to this point armed insurrection has been avoided. But it’s always in the back of my mind. What isn’t in my mind is surrendering the republic of America into their leftist leaning hands. That’s just not going to happen.

The key to the whole story about what Trump said to Putin and who can trust whom is that we know and understand that there are spies out there in the world trying to learn what they can from each other. America has spies, Russia has spies, China has spies—everyone has spies. The reason that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was supposed to be using a government server for her email correspondence was because there were hostile spies out there trying to obtain information from her. But since she and her partners going all the way up into the Obama White House planned all along to break the law and keep government documents out of congressional oversight committees, they used a private server improperly secured at a private residence and did government business from it. The reason that’s a big deal is because it gave hostile actors easy access to her information which then ended up becoming the Wikileaks documents which came out during the election to show what was really going on in the DNC, and it cause them a lot of deserved trouble.

The content that was stolen was bad and it showed what a terrible party the Democrats were, and they were deeply embarrassed by it. But it was their own fault for not properly securing their information. Their premise is that Russia or anybody else should have never tried to infiltrate a political party for dirty information that might change elections. The Democrats used sheer stupidity to try to hide their crimes and even with the FBI attempting to provide them with a cover story the situation was so bad that the information got out anyway. People like Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and John Brennon thought they could lie to our faces and they’d get away with it because they controlled the entire judicial system effectively at every level and they felt above the average American voter. And the spies of other nations found that information. Is it Russia’s problem or anybody else that they discovered illegal activity from the DNC and provided it to Wikileaks to bring it to the public or is it the crime itself? Clearly, I am on the side of crime. I accept that there is spying going on in the world, and I expect it. If we tell Russia not to do it, then we have to follow the same rules, and that wouldn’t be a good idea. I’d rather know when bad guys get caught what they were trying to hide, and I’m grateful to know just how deep our intelligence agencies were into inflicting insurrection within our American culture. I’m not a fan of President Putin, but I’m certainly not a fan of criminal political parties within the United States weaponizing our tax payer funded intelligence agencies to work against the American voter. That I personally won’t stand for, so I voted for Trump and I stand by him emphatically today. I love the man because in my view he is saving thousands of lives while America works out this cultural void that is essentially another revolution.

I was buying another gun the other day and was proud of it. As the background check was being conducted I thought of the FBI on the other side of the line checking my history to make sure it was safe for me to buy a gun. I’m about as squeaky clean as any reviewer of a background will find, so I wasn’t worried. But I did consider that there might be some radical like Peter Strzok reviewing my purchase and might associate my name with my political activity and try to give me trouble. The fact that the thought even crossed my mind is enough to fuel the rage we should all have toward these real criminals like John Brennan, James Comey, and Peter Strzok. There is no dam that has been broken in support for Trump and that will show in the polling over the next few days. The media fantasy that these insurgents from both parties have penetrated the support base of Donald Trump is completely inaccurate. What it all amounts to is that the media and these characters, from John Kasich all the way down to Peter Strzok don’t have any idea what America is or the people who populate it, and they are about to find out with a rude awakening.

I couldn’t help but notice that Lisa Page had on her wedding ring during her congressional deposition, and she seemed to be pretty proud of it. Nothing says I love you to a husband that she cheated on then in coughing up the goods on a former lover who had just made an ass of himself during public testimony a few days prior. Yes, those texts meant what they meant, Peter Strzok had extreme bias and was the lead investigator who botched the FBI case against Hillary Clinton and tried to cover it up. And thank goodness there were spies who let the information out because we couldn’t trust our own intelligence agencies to tell us the truth. And that is what is so terribly sad on the entire issue. It wasn’t Trump’s summit with Putin, it was that the FBI let us all down and now there is hell to pay that they are hoping to avoid. But it’s too late for that. If a dam has been broken, its in our trust in American institutions, not the individual behavior of Donald J. Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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Standing Proud with Donald Trump: Yes, Putin is more trustworthy

To answer John Kasich’s question which he asked on television about Trump’s Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin I am more in President Trump’s corner now than I ever have been. It wasn’t Putin who was the bully on the national stage, it was the American intelligence departments that had been weaponized by hostile forces to work against all Americans using their own money to fuel the Deep State strategies. I took much of what Trump was doing as foreign policy and attributed it to the great American game of Poker. Obviously, the rest of the world composed of the media were playing Candy Land so they had no way of understanding how Trump could speak one way to Germany then another to Russia. It really depends on what cards you have in your hands, what is on the table from the dealer and who has what chips for which you are trying to inspire a bet. Its elementary negotiating stuff and Russia is a player at the table and Trump wants to deal, which he should. But there was a lot fishy about the Robert Mueller investigation dropping the indictments of 12 Russians on the Friday before the summit as if they were trying to force Trump into picking sides. The media was oddly in sync with the Mueller investigation in attempting to paint Putin as the vilest enemy on planet earth. The investment that many from both the Republican and Democratic parties had in making Putin out to be a villain was oddly forced. Then I saw the New York Times cartoon that they had produced trying to show Putin and Trump as gay lovers. With so many forces working together to paint a picture about Vladimir Putin the question I had was why?

Trump is a great strategist and if I had been in his shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. He knows that the FBI was weaponized against him and that the swamp of Washington D.C. culture was looking to impeach him just for winning the election. If he listened to their urgings in publicly dismantling Putin for some Russian interference in the American election of 2016 then he would have validated the efforts of so many who worked against him. What if the Russians didn’t have anything to do with meddling in the election? Why should we believe an intelligence agency that tried to overthrow a winning president and covered up the crimes of Trump’s political rival? Why should any of us trust anything the intelligence agencies say about anything—because they have been caught lying many times now? I thought Putin’s offer to let the Mueller team come to Russia to interview the supposed hostile agents mentioned in the Friday indictments was a good one. If anybody really wanted to pursue justice, Mueller would have already been on a plane to conduct the interviews in Russia. But we all know that the indictments were not to pursue justice, but to take the eyes of law and order away from the crimes of the FBI and put it on some misty villain on the other side of the world. And Trump was supposed to be so patriotic that he’d back the American intelligence agencies to support the story against even himself all in the name of national unity.

Patriotism does not mean you support villainy if it is coming from your own side. Trump would not be a patriot to go to meet with officials from other countries and stand by what he knows are criminal elements from his own country. By doing so he makes himself a fool and in America it is individualism that rules, not subscription to groups and institutions. There are serious problems with the American intelligence community, many of them need to be in jail for what they did, and in order to deal well with Russia Trump needed to show that he could admit as much. Which then forces Russia, North Korea, Syria and many other hostile places around the world to step forward with similar admissions. It wasn’t unpatriotic to admit that America had its own problems with its intelligence community. To chastise Putin would be to show Trump as a liar. Yet the institutionalists behind the American intelligence community thought it was Trump’s obligation to sacrifice his individual integrity for the good of national patriotism and to sell their version of the events to the world by using Russia as the punching bag.

Yet for Trump to condemn Russia for meddling in the 2016 election the President would then be admitting that his victory was the responsibility of a foreign power. The whole point of this made up story by American intelligence was to justify why Hillary Clinton had lost. It couldn’t have been because Trump worked harder and ran a better campaign. We must never forget that the Russian dossier which was personally handed to the FBI by John McCain’s office, which was originally started by that same FBI funded by the DNC was created to tie Putin to Trump in a negative way. The only problem with it was that the entire thing was made up, just as the meddling story was. Even if Trump wanted to, he couldn’t attack Putin over Russian guilt because honestly there isn’t any real evidence that they were involved an anything significant. The real guilty parties in election meddling was American intelligence that once were caught tried to pin the blame on Russia because they were the last country on earth that anybody thought would be in a position to defend themselves from the accusation.

That is the reason that nobody involved in the conspiracy stories about Russian meddling in the 2016 election wanted Trump to meet with Putin—because it would blow up their story. Putin obviously wants to clear the air by inviting Mueller to Russia to pursue his indictments. Everybody knows there is nothing there so of course the FBI won’t go, which says everything. Yet the criticism of Trump was that he didn’t patriotically stand by his own intelligence agencies while on foreign soil. If a family has a child molester in its ranks, it is not being loyal to the family not to address the issue and call the police on the bastard knowing what he is doing to little kids. If a family member is an alcoholic and is beating the crap out of his spouse, it is not a condition of loyalty to turn the other way to protect the family name. It’s contributing to evil. And the same holds true of Trump. Putin and Russia in general may not be the best people in the world. But it’s not Trump’s duty to contribute to a false story just to show loyalty to the American intelligence agencies. They are obviously guilty of many bad deeds and if Trump wants to sell himself to the world as an honest negotiator, he must call a spade a spade and why shouldn’t he? That same intelligence agency has tried to destroy him. Why would he be loyal to them and help them off the hook they put themselves on? The answer is he shouldn’t. And he didn’t, even under great pressure. And that is what makes Donald Trump the greatest American president the world has ever seen and history will remember these events very favorably.

Rich Hoffman

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The Brillance of Donald Trump’s Summit with Putin: Democrats and Rino Republicans have lost all claims on sanity

Ahead of the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland Democrats in America were chewing away their fingernails with worry. Some of the things they said about Trump were hilariously foolish, as if to assume that the President would be outmaneuvered by President Putin at every juncture—to sustain their own beliefs. Such as the truly insulting comments that during this summit that Putin might pull out a map of Ukraine and that Trump wouldn’t know what he was looking at, as if to insinuate that the President of the United States wasn’t smart enough to read a map. Of course as the day’s events in Helsinki evolved, Trump was magnificent and his meeting with Putin went well. As a Trump supporter I wouldn’t have expected anything less. But what continues to be fascinating is this Democratic insistence that they represent some superior intellect and that they have a monopoly on intellectual aptitude citing that Donald Trump is just another dumb Republican to fulfil their own notions of political superiority that is completely made up. I have met Donald Trump several times and read all his bestselling books—he can handle anything at any level. Vladimir Putin is not superior in any way to Donald Trump. But Trump is kind enough to bring in Putin to help solve some of the big problems in the world, like keeping North Korea on track to disarmament and in taking away the leverage of Syria in the gradually collapsing economy of Iran. There were lots of reasons to have this summit with Putin, and its good to see a president with real leadership for a change. But the good results of the day were certainly not a surprise to me.

Democrats have this perpetual problem, they have this ridiculous belief that if nobody witnesses a tree falling in the woods that it didn’t fall. They believe, and they get this from the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and his predecessors, that humans must witness something in order for it to have happened. They insist on such things while at the same time citing that faith in government must rest on foundations not rooted in reality—that blind trust must be given to the political elite of any culture. And to support these neurotic claims Democrats must have designated villains to play against, such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Republican Party, the rich—just pick an opposition and you will see that Democrats use those elements to sell their dystopian vision for the world.

The genius of Donald Trump is that he not only understands how to solve some of the most complex issues on planet earth among many different cultures, but he knows how to utterly destroy the Democrats at the same time. Everyone should be happy to have Donald Trump as president of the United States at this very particular time in history. I would say that he is the best of the best and history will remember him that way. For people who understand the game of Poker or Chess, Trump is a master of playing the right cards at the right time and getting the people around him to do what he needs them to do when he needs them to do it. And Trump isn’t doing any of this for malicious ends. It’s doing it all for the name of good—good for everyone.

To assume that Trump is a stumbling idiot is a play from a playbook that has long been irrelevant, it’s not going to work for Democrats this time. We don’t have a Mitt Romney or a George Bush for president who would allow Democrats to build up this false image of Republican leadership. In a lot of ways the Republican policy on playing the high ground against Democrats has been ineffective. In a world that plays games, Republicans always needed to learn to play the games more viciously than everyone else, because they have allowed Democrats to project an image of superiority when reality has been far from it. When a tree falls in the forest, it falls whether anybody hears it or not. Trump is the Republican answer to the long needed public image that Republicans have always been in need of.

Regarding the Democrats, to exist they must have a villain to oppose them otherwise their philosophy of emotion is worthless. Without the world being terrified about a Vladimir Putin that is some master James Bond type of villainous spy, the most timid of our populations won’t be inclined to flock to the safety of the herd which is the Democratic Party. The master strategy of Donald Trump and what he is doing right now is something I have been trying to inspire in Republicans all of my adult life, and it took someone like him to finally do it. Much of what Trump is doing is genius because he knows what I’m saying to you now dear reader, the way to undo liberalism around the world in whatever form it takes, the socialism of Europe, the communists of China, the Democrats of North America, the Marxists of Canada and Central America is to take away the villains of the world and bring them all on the same side of things so that real discussions toward peace can take place. Trump is giving everyone a seat at the table because he is confident in himself not to be taken advantage of, and once that is clear to everyone real trust can be established.

The race of our day is to truly make peace around the entire planet, and the fear that Democrats have is that once that happens, nobody will want to join their ranks, because there will be no villains to flee from. Trump is showing the world that there really are no bullies in the world, and the real challenge that Democrats have is that once people realize it, they will lose all their power. Fear is really all that Democrats have to inspire anybody to join them. They have managed to create the impression that it is they who validate value in the world, that if they don’t accept that the tree fell in the forest, that it didn’t, but reality says otherwise, and Trump is exposing reality moment by moment day by day and his genius is that he knows how to sell reality in a way that people can understand. Without that ability a lot of these miracle foreign policy visits that he has been doing just wouldn’t happen.

Watching that press conference between Trump and Putin was a thing of wonder. Trump did not allow the fake FBI story to continue to use Russia as a bad guy. He robbed them of it. The FBI has been caught trying to make Putin into the ultimate bad guy when in reality just like Kim Jong-un, he’s a small player in the world. When Russia says they did not interfere with the American elections why on earth would we believe Bob Mueller’s prosecution of some Russian agents who will never show up to provide any testimony when we watched Peter Strzok lie to our faces on national television during his testimony last week? Sure, Putin may be lying and as a former KGB agent I’m sure he has at some point lied to people. I’m sure he has even killed many people in his climb and maintenance of power. But the fact remains what we know, the FBI did lie, and they did meddle in an American election, and they did try to build a case to impeach an American president. Those are things we know, and Trump did a great thing in not playing into the story that Democrats were trying to build, that everyone is smarter than Trump and that only Democrats can control a narrative. Wrong. For a change there is a Republican who is truly in charge, and he’s smart, aggressive and a far better messaging master. And that is the worst-case scenario for Democrats. I’m very proud of President Trump for his meeting with Putin. Very classy and very strategic.

Rich Hoffman

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What the Little Baby Trump Blimp Says about Europe: The difference between the lazy and the productive

Since they took that little baby Trump blimp to Edinburgh, where President Trump was staying with his family at his Turnberry golf resort I have to pick on the balloon. I was going to leave it alone, but for crying out loud, the blimp was so tiny. It was astonishing that the world’s media made such a big deal about—it shows just how much they wanted to show a resistance to Trump from Europe. While there were significant numbers of protesters who did hit the streets in London, then in Scotland it showed more what Europe was fearful of than what they really wanted to protest. I’ve seen some of those protests up close, especially up near Parliament and it surprised me how openly socialist they were. Socialism has always been a dirty word in the United States, but in London you always see that red Worker’s Party tent when they do big events to protest capitalism, and it has brought about their own detriment, which brings us to that stupid blimp.

If Ayn Rand were alive today she would be very proud of Donald Trump. Here was a beacon of capitalism unapologetically defending it even in the face of the very hostile socialists and the biggest stunts they could come up with where some strangely painted people, a skydiver breaking the no-fly zone, and that silly little blimp as Trump played golf at one of the nicest resorts of its kind in the world for which Trump actually built himself. I’ve read biographies on most American presidents and there simply is nobody like Trump. I have said for years that what America needed was another Teddy Roosevelt that was less progressive, or a Winston Churchill—even a modern version of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, but Trump is better than all those people for the simple reason that he knows how to think big, and he has put the nation on his back to help it return to that mantra. And Europe can’t stand it. It must have been something for Trump to play that Saturday game of golf at Turnberry with his sons and to see all those things he worked so hard for coming together in the same place at the same time. As president of the United States shaking the world up as the greatest salesman of capitalism that has ever been he was playing golf at a resort he built which many consider one of the finest in the world. As a best-selling author well before he was ever president he had accomplished what many never thought possible in their wildest dreams and all his opponents really had to throw at him was that stupid balloon.

What really struck me while traveling through Europe is how small everything is. I’m used to how things are in America, where the restaurant helpings are big, as are the roads and homes. In Europe especially in London when you ask for a Coke they give you this little glass of warm dark liquid that barely tastes right since much of the sugar is regulated out of it. I could tell the story with great fanfare of the time my wife and I were starving for a good old American meal while in England and we found a Burger King. I ordered the largest value meal they had and what they gave me was this little cup that I thought was for a kid and it tasted like Diet Coke, so I assumed they handed me my wife’s order. No, it was the one intended for me, their big Coke was the size of a child’s in America and it tasted different due to the differences in regulation there. I found living in Europe for most of a month to be difficult. The roads, sidewalks and general thinking were all too small for me to the point where it was very uncomfortable, and clearly that was due to the various amounts of socialism that most everyone had some little part of in their thinking. It was easy for me to see coming from a capitalist country that was very successful. Europe felt they were superior to my American sensibilities because they had such a deep history within the world. But in the modern sense they have never really come out of the Dark Ages, socialism gave them an excuse to stick with their old ways of thinking.

Then here comes Trump with all his big things, his big car, his big persona, his big resorts, his big American plane, his big challenges and he literally turned everyone over on their head and made socialism whither in his presence. The socialists knew they’d be challenged so they prepared for his visit by getting out the word to all the potential protestors they could find to show solidarity against his arrival. So they had that little baby blimp of Trump made and they were so proud of it that the world’s news outlets carried the coverage extensively. Then when the London protests were over once Trump left England to stay in Scotland the protestors took that little thing up to Edinburgh and it was covered as if it was a significant thing. The whole situation was laughable, that blimp wouldn’t even have made it on the local news in the United States because most children have things like that in their homes. But in Europe, that blimp was what they thought was a big deal because their minds had been scaled down with socialism to think that little things like that were acceptable.

In so many ways the contrast did all the work that Trump could have hoped for and occur without any real effort by him. Any reader of his many best sellers knows that he is an unapologetic capitalist and why shouldn’t he be? Capitalism is a wonderful invention of human intellect. Socialism is a destroyer of that same human intellect. When a reporter went through the town of Turnberry and asked them if they had played golf at Trump’s resort they answered that they couldn’t afford it—so no. That is the socialist in them speaking. The capitalist would say, I haven’t yet earned enough money to do so, but I hope to soon. That is the difference between socialists and capitalist and between the rest of the world right now and Trump. With Trump anything is possible and that is a very hopeful resonance to convey to the world. Obviously, it is carrying Europe out of the gutter and getting them to think properly about economic matters for the first time in their history, and it is Trump who is leading them. Socialists know the danger is that the work of Karl Marx is falling apart in front of their faces like a soaking wet paper towel trying to pick up a car. Only when there is no competing thoughts can socialists hope to sell their small thinking and their scam to protect the lazy with a social philosophy that puts sharing at the front of the train. Sharing in a socialist culture means a few hard-working people give their good work to the crazy lunatics who protested Trump in London allowing everyone to feel equal in the exchange when in fact they are nowhere close. In Trump’s capitalism if a person wants to work hard enough and earn enough money, they can play golf with Trump at Turnberry. If they want to be lazy, they will just have to look at the gates and wonder what goes on behind them.

That is why the little baby Trump blimp is so hilarious. To the socialists they thought it was a big deal, and the media did their best to cover it that way. But in reality, it was just a stupid little kid’s balloon that anybody in America would think is pathetically small. To the Europeans it was massive, and that says everything. I hear from people all the time some of the remnants of America’s own temptations with socialism, especially the thoughts left over from the Depression and pre-World War II days of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. I catch people saying all the time because they learned such things from their parents and grandparents who lived through that era where government tampered with supply and demand to the point of economic restriction. They’ll say things like “we can’t afford that car, or that house, or those clothes.” What they really mean is that they are too lazy to work for those things. It’s possible that they just don’t care about the material aspects of possessions, and they might even use Bible verses to justify their laziness, but when someone says something like—“I can’t afford that” they are essentially saying as the residence of Turnberry were relegated to state, “Trump’s resort is too expensive for us. We’re just common folk who like to see an appearance from the queen from time to time and sip our tea.” Trump’s visit to Europe was a direct challenge to the entire premise of western civilization which had adopted socialism over capitalism and all they had to defend themselves from it was that silly baby Trump balloon. It was small thinking at its best which showed why America was clearly pulling away in the modern age leaving the socialists of the world in the dust. And Trump understood his role in pointing out that difference and he was quite comfortable with it. And that is why these Trump years will not just go away with future elections, the imprint will last for centuries, and that is something that needed to happen for many years.

Rich Hoffman

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Stormy Daniels Arrested in Ohio: Why wilted flowers should be illegal

Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, that the porn actress Stormy Daniels was arrested at a Ohio strip club in Columbus for allowing a customer to touch her while performing on stage, then claiming that the arrest was politically motivated. Michael Avenatti has made a name for himself trying to use the old porn actress who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump many years ago, to advance his career and attempt to be the latest Never Trumper to destroy the new American President. So he, CNN, Saturday Night Live, and many other media outlets have tried to use the porn actress to achieve what they could not, hoping that there was more than just smoke, but a raging blaze of guilt that would bring down Donald Trump. If anything has been politically motivated or tried to use obscure laws to advance their position, it is the claims of Stormy Daniels who settled to a confidentiality agreement with the Trump team to keep any story that did occur between consenting adults, quiet. It was Avenatti who had used every obscure law he could to advance this story toward his own relevancy and caused even the Mueller investigation to raid the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen to find dirt on Trump. Why did Avenatti and Daniels think that they would be able to come to Ohio, which is Trump country with a solid red backing, and push the limits of the law without consequence?

Nobody in their right mind would want to go to a strip club and see the saggy assed Stormy Daniels who has been pillaged by so many men perform on stage in the nude as such a withering flower. The nature of things is that females are like fine flowers who are in full bloom in their late teens and twenties. A freshly cut bouquet of flowers is quite nice to look at, the petals are nicely formed, the color is very sharp, and the stems are straight and attractive. But a few days later those flowers start to wilt, and they don’t look so good. After a few days on the table, any rationally minded person will throw them out for something new. Nobody wants to look at a bunch of wilted flowers that have lost their color and their shape. Stormy Daniels is a bouquet of flowers that have been on the table for about a week too long and what she presented of herself on that Ohio strip club stage was a has been of a flower plucked by everyone but was marketed as a tourist marker saying “Donald Trump Slept Here.” Most women make a transition from beautiful young flower into something else successfully, but for Stormy, all she has is her sex appeal, and in that regard it’s quite pathetic that people like Avenatti would exploit her in such a way. You almost feel sorry for her because at 39, she needs to make herself known not for her sex appeal, but for something more intellectual.

Unfortunately, Stormy Daniels has nothing else but a melting body that looks more like a blob than an object for pollination in the game of the birds and the bees. Is it fair for women that this is the way of things—sure it is. Selling sex to a bunch of horny men is easy and Stormy Daniels exploited that nature to enrich herself. But she is also dying by the same sword. And to make up for her aging sex appeal she has chosen to make herself the front of the Never Trump movement which of course will bring her way enemies. When you have enemies, they are always looking for a way to bring you down so if you make it easy for them, of course they will do so. It didn’t matter that Stormy Daniels performed that sex show in strip clubs all across America in front of hordes of desperate men who drink so much that they still see value in the petals of a withering flower. Some of those men came because they wanted to touch what they thought Donald Trump had touched, and Stormy was happy to fulfil that fantasy. But Trump is loved in Ohio and she came to the capital of that state and performed in a manner that was scandalous toward the Trump name, and she expected that she would get away with pushing the limits. She might have gotten away with it if she where ten years younger and not at the front of an attack against a beloved president. But in her present state, it would just take the slightest little thing, and that’s exactly what happened.

I would argue that nobody should go to strip clubs, they just aren’t good places conducive to proper conduct. But if you view them for what they are, essentially flower shows for men to remain interested in sex, especially after their own wives wilt away into old age, then some understanding for their function emerges. But women who present themselves as clean fresh flowers available for the plundering by men appealing to their animal prowess have chosen a short career. Woman in the sex industry are used up by the time they are over 25 years of age. Stormy Daniels is 39. Even when she claims to have had her affair with Donald Trump, she would have been in her late twenties which is still old for people in that industry. I think he probably took a picture with her and tried to make her feel good by flirting with her given her reputation, and the rest is a fantasy of hers. But playing the game of taking off clothes and pushing up against the barriers of illegal prostitution is not something a political figure should do, and Stormy Daniels is now a political figure. She made herself that way, so she should expect more of this type of treatment in the future.

The same type of people who are defending her actions are the same losers who want legalized pot, legalized prostitution, and open borders. They are against the type of country that Trump supporters want. Avenatti and Daniels might think its fun to come to states like Ohio and flaunt their careless values in our faces as this state is the buckle on the Bible belt but they should not be surprised when they get bit by their own antics. Stormy pushed the limits and she was busted by police loyal to Trump using the laws of the state to arrest her. Michael Avenatti doesn’t get to pick the laws that he likes and doesn’t like to defend his client. If he can dig up obscure terminology to attempt to bring down the President of the United States which is his stated intention, then Ohio cops can arrest Stormy Daniels for presenting herself in an indecent way and inspiring sexual contact with customers of a palace of sin in Columbus, Ohio.

I would add to those charges the extra insult of being too old to take off her clothes in public. It should be illegal to allow Stormy Daniels to present herself as a withering flower, and to charge money for the experience just because she may have had some contact with President Trump over a decade ago. What she is doing is similar to writing graffiti on some monument, such defacement should be illegal. But nobody wants to see her saggy body eroding before our eyes and to sell the experience as “sexy.” That all by itself is justification for arrest and I don’t think this will be the last time.

Rich Hoffman
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Jim Renacci’s Term Limits Pledge: Overcoming the false assumption about institutional value

I felt fortunate to be invited by the Renacci team to be a part of a press conference for Jim Renacci in downtown Cincinnati to sign a U.S. Term Limits pledge in front of the media. My usual thing in events like this are not just to capture what a candidate is doing, but to examine the larger implications in a cultural aspect since that is always my interest. I care what politicians say, but for me it’s always about the larger implication. What Jim Renacci was doing was very smart, his opponent for the Ohio senate seat that Sherrod Brown currently has occupied for many decades now is one of the best examples of what an entrenched politician in Washington D.C. looks like. Renacci is the underdog in the incumbent race so he must go after weaknesses in Sherrod Brown, which is the issue of term limits. So Renacci signed a pledge to only serve two terms as a United States Senator once elected to counter the long and ridiculous record of Sherrod Brown in front of the media which was very effective. But what I like to bring to the table when covering events like this is that big picture, so I camped out in a part of the room that showed the media interaction with Renacci from a vantage point that the regular media won’t or can’t provide. By watching the video below, I think you will find the information very interesting.

The Channel 5 camera was set up on the right of my position and you will notice that not only the on-air talent asked a question, but so did the cameraman. Then positioned around the front of the room was cameras and microphones from most of Cincinnati’s media, both television and radio, and the questions they asked were fascinating. Usually when these kinds of things go on we never get to see the body language and appearance of the people asking questions, so perspective is very helpful. Most of the people in the media are liberal and present themselves as very shallow, and sloppy intellectually—literally, and their appearance shows it. It certainly says a lot about the slant they provide to any coverage that they do give. Even saying that I thought the coverage of the event was fair, but my video will certainly provide an education as to what really goes on at press events so that viewers can see for themselves how media bias enters into the picture.

What was most interesting was that the concept of term limits was generally a very difficult one for the media to grasp. By the nature of their questions it is clear why the reality of such proposals falls short of communicating effectively with their viewers and listenership. As Jim Renacci explained quite effectively, term limits should be an acceptable practice in politics—yet to the liberal thinking people who serve as filters in the media the concept is foreign to their way of thinking. The assumption by those on the political left, and often on the political right is that elected office is something that is to be aspired to, and therefore there is great intellectual value in having a long-term senator working for “the people” for several decades. But to accomplished business people, like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump, an elected office is like a retirement job. They go for elected office to give something back, not to become something.

What the media present could not grasp was that their concept of institutional value was not relevant to politics, yet just about every senator and congressman is happy to give them that illusion which is what has created such a defective political system. The pledge that Renacci signed is a promise to reverse that trend, but for many politicians who came into office because the private sector was just too scary for them, whether they were failed attorneys or just failed people, they found through a popularity contest—a typical election—redemption and they are very hungry to maintain the illusion that they are members of some aristocratic society that has some kind of special power for their constituents. That is exactly how Sherrod Brown has stayed in office for nearly half a century—because he has maintained an illusion that only someone like him can do the job. But for someone who was already successful before he ever stepped into a public office like Renacci, politics is a service job that he can easily master. The institutional value that the press was speaking about at the press conference doesn’t exist.

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is in their beliefs of institutional value over individual input. As a republic the United States was built to have a constant rotation of elected representatives enter office and leave routinely—and were never supposed to make careers out of elected positions. Liberals of course believe in the aristocratic notion that there is collective knowledge embedded within institutional systems that must be preserved by teams of people. In that case Mitch McConnell is just as guilty as Sherrod Brown in the belief that being a long-time senator has more value than a newcomer fresh to a seat. The procedural protocol of the Senate itself has more value than the vote of an individual vote from a senator or congressman.

Then there is the issue of fundraising and maintaining majorities in state houses and within Washington D.C. That same media present at the Renacci press conference is the same media that wants to turn politics into a sporting event where there are this many Republicans and this many Democrats, and every election is like a football game as to which side has the most points on the board at any given time which indicates who is winning and who is losing. Such a system inevitably attracts the dollars of special interest who then has a lot at stake in making sure their team wins—which is why political campaigns are now so expensive, which then beholden the candidates to the money people and not their constituency. It becomes a vicious cycle of dysfunction built on the false notion that institutional value has actual merit. Which it doesn’t.

What Jim Renacci was offering at this press conference was more than a publicity stunt to distinguish himself from a political opponent in the long-time senator Sherrod Brown. It was a challenge to take all the money out of politics, and all the falsehood of institutional value and to set the entire system correct with a nice healthy rotation of elected representatives. People like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump will be successes in life before and after any kind of political office, so when they are in office, we can expect good work from such people. But Sherrod Brown could have no such similar success. He can only be successful in life so long as people like the media shown in the video above believe that he has some secret power like “institutional value” to use on behalf of an American democracy—which is not what the United States is. Rule by the mob which is a “democracy” is not the same as representative rule, and under such a premise the falsehood of institutional value erodes away into mist, because it never had value to begin with. It never did from its roots in Europe, and it certainly doesn’t in modern-day America. People like Sherrod Brown are easy to find and once they are elected into office and people don’t really understand how things really work even though the media covers these types of stories every day, politicians are placed on a pedestal and kept there to satisfy the general ignorance of political parties. But when someone like Jim Renacci comes along and offers the real thing, it is then that a crises mounts—in a positive way. It is then that the falsehood of institutional value evaporates, and the truth of the matter is revealed, and that was the challenge that emerged from that very interesting press conference.

Rich Hoffman

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Travis Pastrana’s Great Gift to America: Spitting in the eye of death to save humanity from itself

Many wonder what it is that makes America great and has for such a long time, and why its important to philosophies the precise ingredients and then to promote that recipe to people all over the world. Nothing quite captured best of what America produces than the very well-done History Channel coverage of Travis Pastrana’s motorcycle jumps in Las Vegas climaxing with the famous Caesar’s Palace jump over the fountains there—completing and beating three of Evel Knieval’s most spectacular stunts all in the same evening. The stunts were the jumping over 52 crushed cars, then over 16 Greyhound busses followed by a climax of jumping the Caesar’s Palace fountains of which Pastrana made them all look easy. Pastrana is a veteran of the X Games so he has taken a lot of this daredevil work and spent his life so far perfecting these kinds of stunts. That certainly didn’t take away the danger but I had quite a lot of fun watching Pastrana drive through downtown Las Vegas under police escort popping wheelies and high fiving people walking down the street on his way to that final jump at Caesar’s Palace. Pastrana was so loose and having so much fun that it was infectious and it gave us all a glimpse into the kind of unique people who America produces and how often the best and brightest of us emerge under the treasures found off the paved roads in life defying death and in doing so for the opportunity to become rich in the process.

I usually tell stories about my life to show the readers here how my relevant background is applicable to whatever topic we are discussing. What many find hard to believe is that I can talk about so many things, because I have in fact had a very interesting life and I’m far from done. But one of the most common questions I get from people is that they wonder how I am alive and could have possibly done so much at such a young age. Specifically, to this story of Travis Pastana I understand him quite well. It seems like a long time ago, but it wasn’t that much so but I was a member of the World Stunt Association because more than anything at the time I either wanted to be a stunt man or I wanted to be a film director. My entry way into the movie business was obvious because I was the kind of guy who had no problem taking chances so being a stunt man looked like it was going to end up being my career path forward. However for me I was doing all this at the front of the digital revolution meaning that film studios were going to CGI stunts instead of traditional work meaning they didn’t need a lot of new drivers to crash cars or jump off tall buildings. Many of my best friends during the 2000 years while George Bush was in office were stunt guys who were trying to get me into the business. What ended up happening was that my bullwhip work gave me a few opportunities to work in film but even that was becoming digitized as I did a firewhip stunt for Real D3D that excited a lot of people but ended up becoming a motion capture project for CGI animators.

I didn’t care so much because around the same time I started to get offers to do business management which I found to be just as risky. I didn’t see much difference in taking big risks for a company that wanted to hire me to accomplish some death-defying task or a movie company that wanted to hire me to crash a car, choreograph a fist fight, or jump out of a window when the director said “action.!” I was always a daredevil type. One of my first books that I ever read was a biography on Evel Knieval whom I absolutely adored. I would say that if I had a really powerful role model, it was Evel Knieval. Before there were ever X Games and BMX racing that was mainstream I was the kid who would jump anything with a bicycle. I’d jump out of any tree, climb any wall and fight any fight because I was bound and determined to be a stuntman when I grew up and I knew I needed to become comfortable with defying death, so I got really good at it. What was different for me however was that I was a pretty smart kid and I had a lot of other things that I was good at too. So to make a long story short, when it became obvious that to be a stuntman meant that I was going to have to move to Los Angeles and drag my family there with me, I decided to get into business management and to take my risks for companies that wanted to hire me with the same enthusiasm for risk taking but never expecting failure.

That is what makes stunt shows like the one Travis Pastrana did so magical. Audiences become very schizophrenic, they want to see a big crash to remind them how dangerous everything is but the best parts of themselves which reside very deep in the human subconscious wants to see success so that they can push themselves into risk management in their own lives. The great hope that most people have is that during their lives they will overcome the natural fears passed down to human beings for their own procreation. For instance, people are naturally fearful of falling, of loud noises and other things that might end their intellectual development into adulthood. Self-preservation is an internally driven reaction to dangerous emotions and they exist to keep us all safe. But for people who wish to become more than the animal powers of natural development, defying death and the fears of it are essential to that intellectual pursuit. Personally, defying death was like an obsession to step beyond the veils of human civilization—all the “ought not” fears that keep us all chained to civility for the sake of building human culture and the dynamic forces that stepping beyond those fears unleash in us as ways to advance civilization.

Risk taking is the unique intellectual ingredient that builds and pushes the many minds of a capitalist nation toward the aspects of experience which produce a Las Vegas skyline, the many minds that have leapt out of their comfort zones to bet everything on a dream, or to grind their way through many financial dangers to build a skyscraper. They are every bit the stunt people who Travis Pastrana was. I would say that it was just as courageous of the History Channel producers of that live broadcast to air on live television the Pastrana jump, because if something had gone wrong, their Car Week promotion would have been for nothing as they had produced several really expensive shows featuring how cars and speed had defined American culture in such a unique way. Hiring a professional stunt man like Travis Pastrana was a good bet of course, but things can and do go wrong. Those stunts that night had much better ramps and equipment than what Evel Knieval had back in his day. I was seven years old when Evel Knieval jumped the 14 busses at Kings Island, just five months after the disastrous attempt that nearly killed him in London. Seeing that as a young man it cemented in me forever the value of Evel Knieval and Kings Island as an amusement park, the need for humans to push beyond their fears so that they could advance civilization and arrive at a new place. That is why the world needs daredevils, and specifically why America steps into the world with a dominance of daredevil thinking, because in a capitalist society such risks have a tradeoff, fortune and glory for those who succeed in the chances they take while those who observe the feats see how it was done and can apply the stunt in some way to themselves.

Evel Knieval never intended to kill himself, but he was a person who enjoyed spitting in the eye of death because it was death that kept people from advancing, the fear of having a life ended by moving out of the safety of herd mentality. It was Knieval who showed what worked in stunts and what didn’t which launched an entire industry of motor sports and risk taking who were inspired by the death-defying antics of Evel Knieval. People like Travis Pastrana took what Evel Knieval had done and perfected it into an art form that filled Las Vegas with an optimism that was so wonderfully captured on the History Channel on live television. And it wasn’t the stunts themselves that were the stars of the show, but the ambiance of hope that came from the audience. Most people have a little daredevil in them but they never let it out for fear that they might get hurt or ultimately that something might kill them. But I can attest to this from personal experience. If you don’t let that daredevil out from time to time, something dies in all human beings and that is far worse. America is a land of daredevils in all types of careers, from stunt people like Travis Pastrana, to gamblers in Vegas hoping to hit it big, to business people who take huge chances every day which aren’t just dangerous but can destroy the lives of many people if something goes wrong. Those chances are worth taking and are captured in spirit every time a motorcycle jumper takes to the air to defy death by spitting in its face and landing on a ramp beyond the danger to unlock new potential in human intellect and the experience of being alive!

Rich Hoffman

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