A Challenge to Peter Strzok: If you think you are smarter, faster and tougher than me, then let’s clear up your illusions right now

Well, after reading through that Inspector General report I have one thing to say to Peter Strzok who stated in his text messages to his girlfriend Lisa Page, that Trump supporters were poor to middle class, and uneducated—there isn’t a single FBI agent who I would say is smarter than me. I was a Trump supporter before anybody took him seriously and guess what, look how right that turned out. I mean I’m not one to toot my own horn although people might look at the millions of words I have written and think I do that very thing often, but believe me, I hold back. But it really does irritate me when people who are not as intellectually stout look at me, or a group I’m associated with as a “Trump Supporter” and think they are somehow superior to me. There is nothing about Peter Strzok that is superior. I’d like to speak on your behalf dear reader, but you’ll have to do that for yourself. And its one thing to say it, it’s quite another to do it, and Trump supporters now have history to blow wind in their sails. We are looking smarter with each day. But the massive arrogance that came from the IG Report is the least of the trouble.

The stupidity that “they” think is part of our culture in America is the real problem, such as believing that they can sell to us that the FBI had no bias in the Hillary Clinton investigation over her emails—that intent and evidence could not be deciphered based on their investigation into the matter from the Inspector General. Hey, the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were enough. By the time you add Andy McCabe into this mix along with James Comey there is plenty of evidence about FBI activism and bias that has damaged the FBI permanently. And it all starts with the basic premise that they as federal employees were given massive power over our lives and know more than we do as the people who put them in such a powerful position. So they acted against us all by trying to overturn an election because they thought we were too stupid to make an election decision on our own, so they had to intervene. If there was any tampering of the 2016 election it wasn’t the Russians we needed to worry about as to tampering it was the FBI and the leader of all that tampering was Peter Strzok under the direct supervision of Andy McCabe and James Comey. And they all need to go to jail immediately.

I didn’t think the IG Report would amount to much, after all, it’s the swamp trying to punish the swamp—how much could they reveal in such a report? But for smart people, “like me” and likely you dear reader we saw all this a long time ago. That’s why we voted for Trump in the first place. I don’t need any government overlords, I don’t have any “betters” who need to rule my life. I’m much more qualified, thank you. Nobody knows what’s better for me and my family than me. Nobody is smarter than me, especially some cheating FBI agent who can’t even keep his own family together and would say and do anything for the sexual favors of his mistress who appears to be crying all the time based on the IG Report. As bad as that report is, it points to even more problems on what isn’t in it. The Inspector General is obviously trying to do just as James Comey did with Hillary Clinton, they are trying to throw us a bone so that we attack Peter Strzok and James Comey, the obvious villains, and hopefully everything else could go back to normal. Only normal isn’t acceptable. I don’t ever want to go back to the way things were, where there are FBI agents who actually think they are better, stronger, smarter and faster than me—and will act in accordance with that misguided interpretation of reality.

When Christopher Wray as the new Trump appointed Director of the FBI spoke in reaction to this very damaging IG Report I understand that the job was a tough one. He seems like a decent person and I’m sure the people working for him are decent people as well. But are they smarter than the rest of us? Hell no. I am not impressed with the 5% recruitment rate—obviously the FBI if they have people like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok at the top of their organization their recruitment methods are not very good—I mean 5% of what, people inclined to collectivist thinking, to following orders without thought, of people who might lean Democrat—the way that Wray stated the issue he tried to make it sound that only 5% of the FBI recruiting class each year could get a job with the agency, as if that were a good thing. But he has only been the director for a very short time, only a little over a year at this point, so the same type of people who hired Peter Strzok are still making decisions of what constitutes those 5% in the acceptance criteria.

Let’s make something clear, and I’m speaking personally, I vote for representatives to go do these administrative tasks in government because it’s a waste of my time. I could do a better job at fighting bad guys than the typical FBI agent. I have no worries about running toward danger while other people run away from it. I doubt there is a single person in law enforcement that has the kind of testicular fortitude that I have, especially when there is danger. With that said, I have better things to do with my time that I think are far more valuable, so I am happy to hire Trump to go staff these positions in government to take care of the basic security of our nation. But Peter Strzok hasn’t been doing the job because I couldn’t. Let’s make that quite clear. He’s doing it because I don’t have time to do it myself and my time is put to better use on other things. It certainly isn’t for a lack of skill and intelligence. I can promise Peter Strzok this, he couldn’t walk a day in my shoes. But I could easily walk a day in his.

That is really what these people are mad at, Donald Trump is one of those smart people who have done well in the world and he has come into a presidential position and made everything look easy. For him it’s like a retirement job. He’s destroyed the fanfare and spectacle of the office which has given people like Peter Strzok a grim dose of reality. None of their jobs are that hard. What they don’t say in that IG Report is that just about anybody who works hard in the private sector could be a better FBI agent than Peter Strzok. The ceremony of their offices as federal employees are not that difficult. They could be easily replaced. The reason more people like Trump are not in office is because they have better things to do with their life. I certainly do. I don’t have time to waste on losers like Strzok and Page. They are my employees, I’m not theirs. The most revealing thing stated in the IG Report was that Peter Strzok stated to Lisa Page in documented text messages as evidence that the FBI would stop Donald Trump from becoming president. That indicates intent, and employee radicalism—and a challenge to management—me and you dear reader. He also talked about using both guns if Trump where elected—that sounds like a threat to me. And if he really means it, I’ll meet him right now and show him who really is his boss. And it isn’t the president.

Rich Hoffman

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The Criminal FBI Agents Robert Mueller and James Comey: Once you’ve seen a teacher’s bare breasts, respect can’t be returned

I have a school aged grandson who is learning what its like to transform from an unrestricted young person acting on his own volition largely and integrating a portion of his daily habits to the mass hoards of society. He’s learning to stand in lines with other kids and how to go along to get along and its very painful for me knowing that many of the things that kids learn are completely wrong. The habits that young people learn are not conducive to making smart, useful adults—they are taught to make compliant future followers of whatever political order emerges out of a mixed economy driven largely by a Kantian tilted philosophy. The emphasis of human development thus is on social engineering and not individual needs. But you can’t hide kids away from the world either. They have to learn to navigate it without being social rejects, they have to learn to become leaders and they can’t do that unless they understand how people live and function—so they have to stand in lines and participate in mass events drawing out their own conclusions about how their individuality feels about what they witness. But like I said, its painful to watch. The results for many are what we see in our modern FBI now that they’ve been caught in some of the most criminal activity imaginable. If Trump had not been elected president the behavior they had been engaged in would have continued unfettered. Only because he was elected did it expose the FBI criminal network to those of us in society with a mind to see outside the lines at their true intentions. As a result, I lost my faith in the FBI two years ago. Now, I view them as part of an enemy force working against our Constitution in America which obliges me to protect it from them—and that’s a big change in opinion that is growing by the day. It has taken most people a long time to accept that reality, because we were all taught to stand in lines as kids, but with each week more are seeing the obvious. Robert Mueller and his friend James Comey are enemies of the state as it should be, and those who support them are guilty as well which has put us all in a very dangerous place.

I think it is stunning that Robert Mueller allowed under any connection to his out of control multimillion dollar investigation commissioned by never-Trump political opponents to overturn a legitimate election, and to raid the personal office of Michael Cohen—Trump’s personal lawyer to advance his stalled case by any means possible. It’s an obvious abuse of authority given to the FBI to conduct the nation’s business. Yet the FBI isn’t raiding the offices of anybody else, only political opponents to the established order of Washington D.C. That should send shock waves of concern to everyone, no matter what political side they are on. That type of FBI behavior coupled with what we have learned about Facebook this past week and the intrusion on our privacy that is possible with it shows all too clearly that outside the lines of our normal living are some very sinister elements which require a correction. The FBI is out of control and is acting as a villain, certainly not the white hatted law enforcement that we need in a civil society. They have been weaponized by political opponents to violate the lives of most of us, and the only reason they thought they could get away with it was because most of us learned to stand nicely in line while the authority figures kept us from looking too closely at what they were really up to.

I was never a kid who learned to stand in lines in school. I did of course what I had to in order to survive that public school culture, but I never liked it, instinctively. There was a gym teacher who was having an affair with one of the sixth-grade teachers. She was unmarried and young, he was older and married and we’d see them flirting with each other, and everyone knew what was going on. But they thought it was a secret and they often abused their authority to keep it that way. Anyone who snickered at their behavior found themselves overly scrutinized during gym class and even the lady would show aggression at students who let it be known they knew about the affair. Well I snuck out of lines a lot, and I snuck out of class a lot taking extended bathroom breaks so I could explore around the school and on one such trip I found those two in the process of having sex in a janitor’s closet, during school hours. The first reaction of the gym teacher was to tell me I didn’t see what I saw and that if I told anybody I’d be in big trouble. So you know what I did? I went straight from that closet and into the principal’s office and told on the two. I didn’t waist five minutes. But guess what, I was told that what I was saying was a very serious allegation and that they’d look into it—and I got into trouble for being out of class. I received several weeks of detention and was told that I needed to mind my own business—basically to stay in line and keep my eyes looking forward, and not to question those of authority around me. Me and that gym teacher developed a hatred for each other that we never got over. I had him for gym class for the next three years and there was always tension between us. Of course nothing ever happened to either of the teachers and they married by the time I was a freshman in High School. I was treated pretty harshly by the gym teacher from then on which spoiled any love for sports that I might have developed during that period because I couldn’t stand the guy who ran the sports programs. However, what I did learn was to always look outside the lines at the many crimes being committed in full view if only people could turn their heads and look at them—because there are a lot. That is precisely the case with Robert Mueller and the political thugs who support him. The crimes are quite audacious.

I learned early in life to always question authority figures because titles alone didn’t make them good. The FBI isn’t just good because they are part of American law enforcement just like teachers aren’t good just because they are employed by a good school. We put our trust into the institutions that these employees become a part of, but if they abuse that trust, then there are consequences. And with Robert Mueller, if he couldn’t find anything with the amount of money he has spent investigating Trump, he should have said so. But because the investigation was started out of revenge for firing his friend James Comey, the endeavor was never in pursuit of justice, but impeachment of the President. He certainly isn’t conducting this investigation into Trump to make me happy. But after a year to come up short and desperate then abusing his authority to have Trump’s lawyer raided is a major overreach. You don’t see the FBI raiding the offices of Obama’s lawyers, or the Clintons. You don’t see indictments of Loretta Lynch—which means everything that’s happening now is political. That means that you or I dear reader could be singled out for abuse by the FBI not for crimes committed, but because we aren’t on the side of the political establishment that people want us on and that is not an acceptable criteria. I have lost faith in the FBI. Just like that teacher in the sixth grade, once I saw her bare breasts and the gym teacher with his pants down around his ankles I lost respect for both of them and no amount of abuse could restore it. That is the pain of seeing things for how they are, but its important to do so whenever possible, even though we are all taught as little kids to keep our focus on what they tell us to, while the authority figures in our life commit many crimes—and expect to get away with it.

Rich Hoffman

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Why I am Thankful for Microsoft Office: Watching the tech company climb to a value of a trillion dollars

I have to say something about the news that Microsoft looks to be headed to becoming the first company to capture the worth of a trillion dollars. I’m not crazy that a lot of the people who run some of these big companies that I like so much, companies like Apple, Space X, Microsoft, Amazon, and Disney are run by liberal-minded people. However, what they have all done, in earnest is expand the power of the human being in magnificent new ways. Recently while I was reviewing the improvements of the Disney hotel complex at the Contemporary I felt Walt Disney would have been very proud of this particular line of steps marching up into our next future phase. What they did at the Disney Contemporary Hotel is to me nothing short of jaw dropping. It is the hint of where all this great technology could take every single person on the face of plant earth. Sitting in the hotel lobby as the monorail comes and goes to the various Disney Parks while working on laptops running Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful combination of the best human beings have the potential to do in wealth creation and pondering the vast resources available to the human imagination. As the Contemporary re-opened displaying all its greatness at Disney World it seemed to me appropriate to take a moment to thank Microsoft for their contribution to this wonderful world. You can appreciate Microsoft from anywhere in the world—but combining the effective use of their Office software while utilizing vacation time in what is arguably Disney World’s best vacation offering really elevates the optimism that is available to the potential that is coming.

While I respect deeply the origins of the United States as a philosophic opportunity to create a free enterprise system to unleash all these great companies, the challenge of tomorrow will be ti convince the rest of plant earth to follow the American lead. Much the way Disney World under the leadership of Walt Disney took a bunch of raw swampy land in central Florida and turned it into all the beautiful wonders that surround the Contemporary Hotel at the Disney World complex, I think the same opportunities are there for the entire earth and the next great frontiers will be frequent visits into space—and not just within our solar system, but well beyond. The opportunity for much of that rapid expansion in human development comes from Microsoft and how much potential they have freed from human beings. I can say quite confidently that I use Microsoft Office more than most people anywhere in this world, at any income level. I use some program from Microsoft Office every single day of a week, month, and year. Most days I use them for many hours, and I use that program on multiple devices. I am currently very happy with the Microsoft use of Cloud technology because it makes my iPhone such a powerful companion in the world of business.

When Microsoft says “we have more power at our fingertips than entire generations that came before us,” they aren’t kidding. It’s a very true statement and that power has led to great wealth creation for which that trillion dollars of value seems so high, I can easily see a day when earth will become a world of trillionaires and many lives will be greatly improved because of it. Being a millionaire won’t be such a rare thing anymore as it will become the new “middle class” and billionaires won’t be such an anomaly. It will take that to move humanity into space, and those first steps essentially start with Microsoft. I deal with people all over the world every day from several time zones and what we all share is communication through Microsoft Office. Every country has their own version of it that easily translates several languages into easily comprehensive data sharing which is the most ominous task of translation. Being able to put so many cultures with equal opportunities at information exchange has done more for wealth creation than any gold rush or oil discovery has previously.

Over the weekend I had several discussions with people about the tendency of so many children these days to have hyperactive disorders, for which I take offense. I don’t think that hyperactivity as defined by today’s public education institutions is correct. I think children are adapting to the world coming at them in a rapid way, so the worse thing that could happen would be to put them on drugs to level them out to the average displayed in classroom analysis. Being hyperactive is a gift, not a detriment. Anybody who looked at my life and my daily rituals would think that I have various hyperactive disorders, but of course that would be wrong. Just because I tend to work 12 to 15 hours of a day, I play a lot of video games, write books, am very active in politics and I still give my family unlimited amounts of my time—I watch a lot of entertainment, read a lot of books and I don’t really ever feel tired–that isn’t a bad thing. I think humans are evolving into such active creatures because for the first time in human history the means of communicating all their active thoughts are available to them at a speed that encourages more of that behavior. The kids on their phones all the time, or who play multiplayer games online while they are doing their homework and talking to other kids on social media platforms are learning to process information at the speed of future business. That world of tomorrow that is on display at the Disney Parks especially from the vantage point of the Contemporary Hotel is what the rest of the world could look like as more people use their natural inclinations to launch thoughts and dreams into our economies. Microsoft Office is the best mechanism for unleashing that vast power into the world.

I was working on a patent recently and was very surprised that while going though the final steps with the Patent Office Examiner in Washington D.C. that they still largely share information there with a fax machine. My comment to the examiner and the several lawyers on the phone was that it was no wonder it took government so long to do anything—because the speed of business was being artificially regulated to the limits of prior technology. The same could be said in dealing with companies who don’t all have the most updated versions of Microsoft Office. I am running Office 16 most of the time and Office 365 all other times across many different computers and it gets frustrating to deal with companies that aren’t yet doing so, because it slows everything down. Yet the tools are there for everyone and people come to them at their own pace. It’s not the task of the fastest to slow down to the slowest, it’s the other way around, and it is due to that opportunity why Microsoft is knocking on the door to becoming a trillion-dollar company.

More speed and more leisure time is the wave of the future. A 40-hour work week isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to make money. It is kind of the rule of the day, of the 20th Century, but certainly not of the 21st Century. I work close to 80 hours a week, but I also have entertainment and personal growth mixed into my work so that everything gets integrated in a healthy way, and nothing helps my life more than Microsoft Office achieve so many wonderful things in a day. To best see that potential a trip to Disney World at the Contemporary Hotel while taking a working vacation, meaning you still talk to all the people you need to while you are in line for Space Mountain in the World of Tomorrow at Disney World is still possible. Or that you can put together a Power Point from the hotel while getting ready for a big meeting at the convention center at the Contemporary to make a pitch to participants who want to hear what you have to say about something—and while you wait for the big moment you get on the monorail and go over to Epcot and experience the best the world has to offer for lunch while thinking of all the great inventions that are coming to the human race on display there. Working and playing become more intertwined unleashing vast potential through imagination which gets captured best on the various Microsoft Office platforms. There really aren’t any excuses these days for not achieving something, because the means to all creativity is literally at our fingertips, and the effect is now obvious to all. There is no going back at this point, and I think that’s wonderful. I enjoy every day of my life and Microsoft Office is a big part of that enjoyment. I love them as a company and I continue to look forward to each new thing that they do. They have certainly made life very exciting by taking away the limits that used to slow things down so much.

Rich Hoffman

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Revelations from the Hidden World: Preditors and the Herd

I understand the frustration, many of my readers have been complaining about being knocked off my blog subscription list or having trouble finding my articles altogether. Believe me, it’s not you. Obviously, and I am quite used to it, there are many factions that watch everything I do very carefully and hacks are part of the business. With the kind of things that I write, obviously the wrong political philosophy will take exception and will seek their own self-preservation by whatever means in their power. With all the talk about Google, Twitter, Facebook and so many other social media platforms—not to mention publication companies and movie production enterprises—we are in a time where they are controlled by the static liberalism of yesteryear, and they want to keep it that way. If they can they will try to keep my efforts as hidden away as possible. This is the case so too with what we call the Deep State—which are essentially a bunch of people trying to keep their jobs from being taken from them through political change. It should come as no surprise to anybody that my blog pisses off a lot of people and those people will do anything to keep you from seeing it. In that regard, if you find yourself off my subscription list the best thing to do would be to simply sign back up. Just never get caught assuming that the pathway of interaction between myself and you dear reader will remain contentious free. You should always assume that in that path there will be many villains trying to stand in the way. That is the best way to prepare yourself for these embroiled times.

If you have ever watched a wolf, or a big cat in Africa sneak up on a pack of herbivores to the point where they get too close, you will notice that the herd will not break off in a dead sprint of self-preservation. Instead, like a deer caught in the headlights of a surprise they never expected to see, they lock up and pretend that the threat is not there. For them the best chance at survival is to either play dead or pretend that the threat is not there and hope that the odds favor them from annihilation. If they stay put they fantasize, maybe the hunter will take down another target leaving them to escape. It is a desperate hope that all creatures, even the tiniest insect share in common when threatened with a superior force—hope that they don’t notice you.

That is why “they” think that the way to beat a threat best is to ignore it—you know, the hear no evil, see no evil thing. They believe that ostracization from group activity is what protects them most from being hunted by ominous, mysterious forces. Put in the most basic terms, they think that to protect their static intellectual positions in life, they must keep any dynamic presences away that might disrupt their order, the daily routine. If they are animals, that static order is knowing where the fresh grass is, and where they can get water. When they need those things they’d rather not think about the lion that is hiding in that grass waiting for them to come and drink water. Most often, out of convenience and a necessity for survival, the herd of static thinkers can’t afford to think about the dynamic threats to their existence, because they are not capable of stopping those forces other than in ignoring them anyway, so why stress about it? That is the way of all group behavior. They are timid collections of beings who believe that their best chance at survival is to remain in a group where they are protected by sheer numbers and the same holds true for humans.

There hasn’t been one day in my life where I associated myself with such group mentality. I’ve never yearned for the taste of group acceptance in any way—as I see it, what do I care what a bunch of sheep think? All I care about is that they do what I need them to. I often say I understand Donald Trump in many ways, but I can say that something I have that he doesn’t is that he likes groups. He may be a hunter but he loves the sheep. I don’t care about them at all. For him it has served him well, his books sell well, he has produced top rated television, and of course he was able to become president because he cares about the popularity of issues. But what he has in common with me is that he doesn’t change his behavior based on the opinion of the herds.

Any hunter knows that when going into the woods with camouflage and waiting in a tree stand awaiting a deer to cross your gun sights, the whole exercise isn’t about killing the deer for meat. You can purchase meat at the store. Instead, for hunters, it is about the psychological process of establishing oneself as the top of the food chain, of being able to take life out in the woods and using it for one’s purposes as opposed to being hunted by some other force. Fisherman go through the same kind of realignment. Many if interviewed at the lake for the day will say they enjoy the tranquility of fishing—being alone in their boat and having a relaxing day, but in essence what they really enjoy is the knowledge that in the food chain they get to play the role of hunter instead of the hunted. In their various group associations where the natural predilection is to retreat behind the safety of the herd they lose touch with this essential individualism and by hunting and fishing they recapture those aspects of themselves. And by being quiet so to lure the hunted to your weapons of malice, whether it be a gun or a fishing pole, the hope is to bring the world of the hunted to you without triggering their skittish natures away from your objectives.

This is why the first thing they do in school shootings, or other acts of violence is try to identify whether the character was a “lone wolf” or rather an individual who doesn’t function within the impulses of group association that are actually the function of all public schools. The fantasy is that if they can put peer pressure on people not to be this way that they may as a group have safer access to the metaphorical watering spots that are out there in life. But what they expect actually goes against the very nature of existence. Speaking from experience I can say that all groups work very hard to protect their herds from the camouflaged threats that are outside their control. I have told this story before but I’ll say it again for the context of this article. Many years ago a friend of mine who had a genius level IQ was giving a presentation to Cincinnati City Council. At 25 years old he and I knew all the characters on a first name basis, many of them are still in politics, people like Todd Portune, Dwight Tillery, and Roxanne Qualls. The issue of the day was what to do with the banks project on Cincinnati’s riverfront. The city council was taking open opinions from builders and my friend and I showed up. Of course, there were about 7 boring proposals that all were terrible then my friend goes up and gives this wonderful, Elon Musk type of big picture speech. Most of those ideas over the course of the following 15 years were used by the eventual developers, but it took a long time to accept. Without question his speech was the best of the evening, by a long shot. It wasn’t even close. Then after the meeting everyone shook hands as they usually do—he and I positioned ourselves in the middle of the room to give television interviews and to talk to the various other builders and the council members—whom knew us from another project we were working on within the city. Not a single person approached us. They pretended that we weren’t even there.

I had a similar experience at my five-year high school reunion. At the time I had the most kids who were the oldest and when they were giving out prizes for who had been married the longest, had the most kids, and that kind of thing I was poised to win in like five different categories based on the amount of experiences I had so early in life at that point. My kids were even running around in the seated crowd chasing each other. There was quite a bit of anger that I brought my kids to the reunion because apparently that is something we weren’t supposed to do. But my point was to show my kids what a stupid exercise it was not by telling them about it but letting them see it for themselves. Needless to say, the people who put on the whole class reunion experience tried to pretend that I wasn’t sitting five feet in front of them. Or that I knew one of the people running things since she was in the first grade. It didn’t hurt my feelings as much as it defined the truth of many things I had long suspected—which of course has brought me to my current life.

The other day when I spoke at a Lakota schools weekly meeting I noticed something similar—not from the school board members, but certainly the media. When I was a spokesman for the No Lakota Levy—a group that opposed higher taxes, the television cameras and print reporters would always seek me out for comment, but now—as an individual not representing a group, they did their best to pretend that I wasn’t there. They gave camera time and print to the people of the herd, but certainly not the hunters—for all the same reasons provided above. I would say that it’s an understatement that none of those media types like my blog. A story may appear on Channel 5 News or in the Cincinnati Enquirer today, but its forgotten tomorrow. However with me, people find things often that I have written ten years ago and they’ll send me private messages telling my how brilliant it is and ask why everyone in the world doesn’t know about these things. I always say, because the rest of the world isn’t ready—or they are part of the problem and they don’t want it articulated. Their strategy as it always has been and still is, is to ignore you.

You might say I have a chip on my shoulder. I’m very nice to people always as a first impression. I rarely ever explode on people.  But sometimes I do, and it happens more than most people would like to see. My daughters on the other hand aren’t much different, especially my oldest. When a waitress messed up a birthday party for me at Dave and Busters a few years back my daughter went from mild-mannered professional photographer to a maniacal pit-bull in less than a second and embarrassed the young waitress badly. Management comped us for the rest of the evening with an unlimited game card to use to play all the games there. My daughter is certainly a hunter and she learned it from me without question. She’s still learning how to turn it off when she needs to, but she has it. She’s watched me take on some pretty tough situations and looking back its amazing that more people didn’t die in some of the conflicts. But I can say that I have walked through the worst of Washington D.C. at 3 AM in the morning and nobody bothered me, because they knew better. I’ve done the same in Over-the-Rhine before it was renovated as an economic zone, and nobody every challenged me—because they can tell by the way you walk, talk and present yourself that you aren’t from the herd—and unless they are in a situation of survival, they don’t want trouble. They may think about it—but they really don’t want it. Most people will pick life over death if given the option, and they’ll pick comfort over difficulty. They instinctively know that as the hunter you are always in the leverage position, so they fear naturally what options you might give them. That’s why they try to ignore you. I carry that chip proudly because I have earned every bit of it as an individual. There were many times when life would have been a lot easier to trade the chip in for comfort, but I never have, and so knowing how rare it is, I keep it on my shoulder proudly. And it’s going to stay there.

Those are just some of the reasons that you will find that by just signing up for this blog it isn’t enough. I have been watched by every spy agency that there is and I’m very used to it. I can tell lots of stories of how my wife and I were harassed often by various authorities because at the time we were young and thought to be impressionable. To the herd they do seek to kill the hunters while they are still young and believe me they tried with every effort. But obviously I’m here to tell about it and now the herd has grown still. This blog site has millions and millions of words, and many thousands of copies have been made of these articles and placed all over the internet in various forums. I am heavily restricted by Google, and certainly Twitter. The editing of key words to my YouTube account has gone on now for over ten years, so there’s nothing surprising about the revelations that all these liberal organizations are discouraging conservative material from reaching audiences. But people find their way to me anyway in spite of all those attempts at censorship and the influence base has grown proportionally. The hunter will eat if they are hungry regardless what the herd does..

Just remember that all this is to be expected. If you are reading here you are already asking the right questions. Pop culture is the entertainment of the herd and I appreciate the products of the various groups that are out there. But just as in politics, the groups just because they number in size are not the most powerful. Democracy isn’t powerful because of the sheer numbers of participants. Even a big elephant will run from a tiger, it’s not about size, but attitude.. It will always be individuals that hold all the real power—the hunters of human endeavor who roam alone as a dynamic force always pushing the static to adapt. And when groups have to hide and to keep other people from seeing something—that tells you all you need to know about the nature of power and who wields it.

Rich Hoffman
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The Plight of the Comprachicos: How daycare and public education destory the minds of children–purposely

The best way to describe much of the sheer stupidity that we are dealing with at every level of human endeavor is that our society is suffering with the after effects of several centuries now of a comprachico system created by our education institutions. Comprachicos (also Comprapequeños and Cheylas) is a compound Spanish neologism meaning “child-buyers,” which was coined by Victor Hugo in his novel The Man Who Laughs. It refers to various groups in folklore who were said to change the physical appearance of human beings by manipulating growing children, in a similar way to the horticultural method of bonsai – that is, deliberate mutilation. Only instead of reshaping children the way the Chinese did with their shells that they’d cram a child into to give them something of a porcelain shape of delicacy, or an African tribe extending the neck of a child with shims to shove their shoulders lower and their chins higher, the modern comprachicos mutilate the mind of their subjects before proper development of thought can take root in young people leaving them defenseless for life much of the time.

There is only one explanation for the Parkland shooting victims who so quickly fell into the radical teacher’s union anti-gun policies in Florida, or the way the media as a whole has been trained for many years to all hate someone like Donald Trump who has emerged as a president of a free people. The universal hatred that has been shown by many on the political left is not innate, it has been taught to them early in life. This was a topic of great concern by Ayn Rand in book she wrote a long time ago called Return of the Primitive. In 1970 she was starting to write about how the withering effects that putting children in pre-school by age 3 was destroying their minds. By taking away the natural volition children experience by learning from older peers—such as parents, putting a bunch of undeveloped children into a room together to learn group speak and navigating herd politics was weakening the growth process of the human brain. And who could argue with her? We see the results all around us. Go to any place where people gather and you will see the withering effects of their upbringings on full display. Their primary concerns are whether or not they have acceptance of the peer groups they associate with, and they never give the volition of their own foundational thinking any credit.

These days most children experience some form of daycare. The parents drop off their children at centers of “pre-development” where they are tossed into a room with a bunch of other kids all hungry for knowledge but only getting the attention of a busy adult trying to watch all the children leaving most of the interaction to occur between other undeveloped children in the same dire condition. By the time the little ones get into public school their basic foundations are only further exacerbated into further destruction. This isn’t the work of the local school board, or even the state departments of education—it was the value of the nations that instigated the central learning process that made the original mistakes and set the tone for several centuries of destruction.

The comprachicos in the modern aspect are the remnants of that old aristocracy that emerged in human development that wants to be in control of the mass populations through political power and influence of their acquired wealth. They have sought to perpetuate this type of robbing children of their minds early so that the various classes of people who were well-known throughout all human development would endure through time. In a lot of ways, the modern comprachicos were just instinctively doing what their ancestors did, mutilated children for the beliefs of their times. In the modern aspect it was the minds that was the target. On the outside children appear to be perfectly normal, but by the ages of 8 and 9 years old these days the light in the minds of our people begin to go out and that is caused by the comprachico influence over the type of educations we provide and the manner for which it is delivered.

Consider that in pre-school there are common areas where children learn to play. Individuality is not the focus here, but shared thoughts and the application of resources. If a child wants to build a house out of blocks, often the other children will want to step in and have some influence on the task. Most of the time the blocks will be taken and thrown about in some other manner of play leaving the builder only to sag in retreat of their efforts. After months of this behavior the kid that wanted to build a house learns to play the politics of the group. They won’t usually assert themselves into other projects of their own volition, because they fear having their efforts torn away by the group. The big crime there is that all the children wish to express themselves individually, but because of the chaos of group think, they keep their passions to themselves for some other time. Only the time never comes because once they get home, once their parents pick them up from their adult day care facilities at their jobs, it’s off to bed only to redo the process the next day. Then once the kids get into public education and go through 12 years of the same kind of group think mentality, there is nothing left by the time the child enters their ages of 10 to 15 years. Very few people ever learn to think intellectually beyond those early teen years. Most adults function from that level of thinking for the rest of their lives and that is a result of this comprachico teaching that launched their minds straight into a crash with a brick wall of limited aptitude.

The goal of this teaching all along was to get the masses to follow a regimented elite ruling class, which obviously is an outdated mode of thinking, yet it dominates our modern world. Of course, not everyone falls victim to these comprachico methods and that is the root cause of most of today’s divisiveness. There are still a large group of people who grow up with loving parents, a sense of a positive religion, and healthy influences early in life and those people tend to grow up and become individually based thinkers who function the way human beings are supposed to. But they don’t mix well with the people deliberately crippled at birth by the modern comprachicos. This is why kids who are home schooled tend to do better in life than kids processed through the meat factory of deliberately dumbing down children to serve the ancient fantasies of a ruling class.

This is also why so many mutilated minds join together to protest the Trump presidency, or to advocate for gun legislation even though many of the young people have no experience with firearms, the training of how they should respond to group associations puts them quickly in front of television cameras in sync with the other young people who produce the television programming, they all think alike because they all came out of the schools of the comprachicos. And we are supposed to look at their mass numbers and just agree with the pack of protestors and allow the democracy of their volition to govern ours—those who have not lost their minds. The war of thought for which we all find ourselves struggling truly does come down to those simple elements. There are those who grew up under the rule of modern comprachicsos and those who didn’t. Or in some cases the most rebellious and non-conformists endured those hellish places of group think instruction and survived to tell about. But one thing is clear, the comprachicos have made a mess and it is up to the rest of us to clean it up. But not to yield to it.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump the Destroyer and Beyond Pairs of Opposites: ‘The Last Jedi’s’ message to the 21st Century

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good discussion about very heady topics.  It really is the only thing that interests me so my mind is often open to these elements when I see them.  And before everyone complains that I’m writing another Star Wars article, it would be worth the time to follow through on this one, because we’re going to talk about some important stuff.  After the dust settled on The Last Jedi—once I had seen it and considered what Disney’s role in the whole thing was, and compared all that to these really massive investigations into the FBI and Donald Trump’s institution cleansing presidency—I have a few thoughts to share to those with a mind to listen.  So here it goes.

Taken up close, there is a lot to be angry about.  There’s a lot to fix, and most of us do not understand our role in the grand scheme of things.  We can call that grand scheme God if you’d like, but I’d prefer the term Grand Fortissimo—A term I acquired after reading the Joseph Campbell masterpieces The Masks of God many years ago for which that term was applied to the steady march and consideration  of the human race—from its inception to the present.  Art after all is the yearnings and toils of the mind and the imagination which fosters it—and Star Wars was always a work of modern art presented as myth to a hungry public needing more than what other forms of entertainment typically give us.  I’m not particularly happy with the direction Disney has taken the Star Wars stories—because taken at the ground level—these new films are very progressive in their values which makes them political in a negative way.  But………what separates Star Wars from the pack is that they are rooted in very ancient mythologies which have been always trying to answer the big meaning of life questions we all seek and to get there it is the orchestral music of John Williams which takes what might otherwise be average television plot lines and elevates them into the realm of modern myth.

As I was thinking about all this I listened to the new Last Jedi soundtrack by 85-year-old John Williams and if there was ever a person on earth that has the powers of God working through him, it is that guy.  Listening to the music with no images attached, just a good symphonic score pulled from the movie is just amazing.  What he put down on paper is something that would rival Mozart or Bach or Tchaikovsky any day.  That Ahch-To them from The Last Jedi which was introduced at the end of The Force Awakens I think represents the direction of the human race in the 21st century and John Williams is quite well aware of it.  It’s fully majestic and deeply philosophical and touches on all the classic myths of our imaginations and shines a light to where we are going.  For Williams to capture all that in just a few notes is nothing short of genius.  As I was listening to that little piece in my car with the windows up and the sound turned up as loud as I could get it to go I received a notification from my oldest daughter that NASA was sending up a copy of The Last Jedi for everyone to watch up on the International Space Station.  On another notification I received the Friday box office results which was tracking The Last Jedi to break over 200 million domestically by Sunday night—which is extraordinary.  Even though I thought the surface plot of The Last Jedi was pretty mediocre—almost descending into the plot of the latest stupid Star Trek movie, Into Darkness—the deeper elements of it are actually quite sophisticated, which is a serious nod of the hat to Rian Johnson, the director.  He chose to essentially make this Episode 8 movie a modern rendition of the classic Twin War Gods Navaho legend and it is quite effective.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is shaking up the entire world of the establishment.  Liberals might see Trump as Snoke from The Last Jedi and they are guarding themselves from the First Order of his creation.  Conservatives see Trump as the Rebellion fighting against an evil faceless Empire where the Deep State has all the power and might we see in the Star Wars movies as being something worth fighting.  The main them of The Last Jedi is the motif of most mythologies that we know of, and that is to move beyond the pairs of opposites—the yen and yang life.  The cultures of our past which built pyramids understood this all too well, you pick your side and work your way intellectually up to the point where you will have to meld with all the other sides of the pyramid.  Life forces you to pick sides, but once the roles we play in the conflict of living are concluded, all sides blend at the point.  At the end of The Last Jedi what Rian Johnson has done was essentially kill all the villains to merge the characters into this concept which was pretty bold stuff.  I am pretty sure that Donald Trump is a Star Wars fan, and I’d dare say he understands what I’m talking about and he knows his role in all this is a Shiva role—a destroyer of evil and a transformer upon our culture.  I remember when the Rogue One Blue-ray came out in April of this year Trump was playing it on Air Force One while reporters where talking to him.  Trump gets it—I’m quite sure of it.  His job is to clear away all the institutional hesitation for which Star Wars is conceptually introducing to the human race a tomorrow for which we presently aren’t prepared for.  That is clearly the intention of The Last Jedi—to bring mankind to the top of the pyramids and to now move beyond—which no culture in the history of the world has done so far—that we know of.  If they have in the past, they left earth long ago.

It was just this week that Trump announced the next steps for NASA which are going to once again use the space race to spur our economy along into uncharted waters.  Within a few decades we will all have to make a conscious decision as to whether or not we want to die—because we’ll be able to download ourselves into some form of A.I.  We’ll also be able to biologically heal ourselves—so there’s that as well. We are moving toward a time where dying for the honor of our flags, or our loved ones is really going to be robbed of its merit—and what are we going to do then?  How do we live beyond the pairs of opposites—once we’ve had reconciliation with the “father” whether it’s the God of the Christian Bible or the Sun from the Navaho legend?  We must have Shiva destroy the old world and to clear away all the smoke so that we can see the top of the pyramid, then we will complete that climb and move into that next age.  Star Wars is providing a road map of thought to help us through art and subconsciously we seem to understand. Donald Trump for the world right now is Shiva—and I say that in the most positive manner.  He is working beyond the villains of Star Wars for that moment on Ahch-To when Luke vanished at the end of The Last Jedi to join Yoda in the realm of the dead—which aren’t so dead—but willing participants in the theater of life.  Very interesting.

Donald Trump and Disney without really planning it in any way are serving as the two greatest influences that are shaping our culture of tomorrow in ways that many of us today still can’t fathom.  I saw a lot of people at my screening of The Last Jedi who are full-grown adults dressed up for the movie.  This stuff is a religion to them now, and that is taking us all to places that are uncharted in the human experience.  While our political assumptions are being destroyed—rightfully so, our art is providing us with a road map to renewed self-discovery.  Star Wars is not just a movie experience; it is amid all the sex scandals and the obvious destruction of Hollywood the best and only safe place that we can still trust.  It’s all around us at Target, Wal-Mart and even in our cars.  It’s fueling the imagination of NASA which has been given wings again under Trump and where we are all heading for is that grand fortissimo I was talking about.  It may take thirty or forty more years, but we’re going to be going somewhere we’ve never been before and I think that is absolutely wonderful.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Baby Driver’: Reflections where facts are more dramatic than fiction

Even through the new film Baby Driver isn’t quite out yet I think it’s safe to say that my own car chase story Tail of the Dragon is still the most intense action packed of its kind ever put to paper by a human mind to date.  But I’ll have to say, when I wrote that story, I was thinking about movies done in the style of this soon to be Edger Wright classic.  There is room in our culture for a lot more of these types of stories and this one has hit me hard with anticipation for many personal reasons. First of all, since I first heard the song “Radar Love” by the Dutch Band Golden Earring in 1973 I have wanted to see it used as a backdrop for a car chase of some kind and it looks like Edger Wright has done it.  Second of all, by the previews shown so far, the main character of Baby played by Ansel Elgort looks remarkably biographical to my real life between my 17th and 19th years of life.  After all it was those experiences which provoked me to write Tail of the Dragon to begin with—to get all that out on paper.  So it makes me very happy to see movies like Baby Driver getting made and that several of the Fast and Furious movies have continued to push great box office numbers in theaters.  I hope the same for this one—I am very excited for it.

I’ve alluded to it before but after watching these trailers it may be time to get a little more specific because the Baby character just in these previews speaks to me with quite a bit of reflection.  I understand his dilemma.  It was only a month or so ago where a political enemy of mine had looked me up on one of those online searches trying to get dirt on me, and they were stunned at what came back to them.  It showed over 17 hostile interactions with law enforcement and this person sent me that information hoping to get some leverage on me because I’m now living the life of a respectable citizen and they thought I wanted to hide that past.  What they didn’t know is that I consider my actions back then—at that critical juncture between youth and adulthood–to be very respectable—even though it might have been on the wrong side of the law. All I ever wanted was freedom—real freedom—and I wanted to be a millionaire quickly and just step over the nonsense of fighting it out the way I saw was making other people miserable.  I did live heavily in the fast lane and I was willing to use those skills to acquire all the money I could to launch a family and when I found the right girl for me—those people didn’t want to let me out of that lifestyle—and many conflicts ensued.

If I were ever have been said to have an addiction it was probably speed, the kind you get from driving a car extremely fast.  Like I said, as a youth when I first heard the song “Radar Love,” I was thinking of it playing to excessive speed in very fast cars.  The very first person I remember admiring as a young man was Evel Knievel so even at ages 5, 6, and 7 moving fast and recklessly was pretty much all I thought about—so when I was finally able to turn 16 and buy my own car I was ready and I quickly made a reputation for myself. My very first traffic ticket for excessive speed was on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving in 1984 where I was in a race with a Trans Am that clearly out powered my car at the time.  So the only way to win was to have more nerve than he did—so I flew through a swarm of cops parked at the Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati on the wrong side of the road at well over a 100 MPH—against the traffic.  When the police got the radar gun on me they caught my speed at 85 MPH in a 35 zone.  They would have taken me to jail for reckless operation but one call to the Sharonville police station told them to just issue me the ticket.  I was under the protection of the senior judge in that district and literally had a get out of jail free pass given to me by him—because I did work on the side for him which was related to a mob outfit in Chicago—and they wanted me free to do it.

The way that Kevin Spacey’s character is portrayed in Baby Driver reminds me precisely of one of my first “bosses.”  This guy ran a car dealership that I worked for and from that I had to do more than just sell new and used cars.  I did repo work and they liked me because I had no reservations about danger—as people obviously didn’t like having their cars taken back when they failed to make payments. I was always very eager to sneak up to someone’s house and take their car without being shot, and people did shoot at me while doing this kind of thing.  It was very exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  These days repo guys aren’t allowed to do some of the things we did to get our cars back so for me it was a unique opportunity to live very dangerously and get away with it legally—and make great money doing it.  But then again, the car dealership was a front at the time for cocaine dealing—as a way to launder the money and all these repo jobs were ways that this Kevin Spacey style “boss” could check to make sure I wouldn’t be a rat—because they needed a driver to help deliver regionally.

I had my limits of course.  I didn’t mind the danger or the drama of court appearances and the continuous threat of jail—but I did not like drugs.  So when the dealership sent me with another senior car salesman down to Over-the-Rhine to deliver cocaine to a distributer operating across from Union Terminal it was in my precious car which had survived many high-speed encounters and for which I was particularly attached to.  Of course they didn’t tell me what we were doing—they let me believe that the whole operation was going to be a unique repo job, so I didn’t ask what was in the suitcase in my back seat. But I did think it was strange that we didn’t take a company car on this effort—as we typically did.  This was my car and the salesman smoked—and because we were not in a company car I had a little sign on my dashboard telling passengers that there was no smoking allowed. In fact, people who knew me also knew my very strict policy against drug use. So this forty something drug dealer who was very rich I might add, was very upset with  my rules and promised that I’d have a hard time when we got back to the office.  So things weren’t getting off to a good start. When we arrived to the destination he left the suitcase in my back seat and told me he’d be right back as he went to the door of the townhouse where the target lived. While he was in there I took a peek at what was in the suitcase and I saw that it was cocaine.

Over the years up to that point I had a reputation of not flinching at anything.  I knew some of these people I was working with were serious criminals and some were very powerful politicians and sports stars.  I was with them as a body-guard at times even though I was very young, and as an assurance that no matter what happened I was their ticket out of it.  They had never asked me to directly commit a crime—but rather used me as a lifeline back to freedom—and I was very dependable.  But, I had just met my future wife and I was thinking of living a normal life that we could build a family with—and once you’ve been invited to those types of circles—they don’t want you out flapping your mouth about every little thing you’ve seen.  They’d prefer you to be dead or with them—there really isn’t any middle ground.  So with drugs in my backseat I left that guy down there and headed back to the sales office where the mission started and reported back to my Kevin Spacey looking boss that his partner at the dealership was selling drugs.  He looked at me exasperated.  “You left him there?”  Of course I had to tell him yes and there was about a half hour of excessive panic because this Over-the-Rhine distributer had a ruthless reputation and now he had to call in for help while he was in hostile territory.  I was commanded to go back and get him for which I refused.  They had to send someone else.

Maybe I’ll write about the details sometime about what happened next but needless to say the Baby Driver plot reminds me of the two weeks that followed. I can really sympathize with the Baby character especially at that time in my life.  I wanted to be married to this wonderful new girl and I wanted away from those types of people—and it wasn’t easy.  A lot of people got into a lot of trouble and I had to drive very fast a lot to stay out of both jail and this side of the dirt—because these people did play for keeps. It seemed like a long time then, because at only 19 years of age, time moves more slowly, but in reality it was all over in just a few months.  Things worked out for me the way I needed them to.  It was a tough adjustment to live without the level of money I was used to.  Just out of high school I made twice as much money as my dad did at the prime of his career, but my country club wife assured me that she wanted to do everything clean and that holds true to this very day.  It took a while, but eventually I was able to climb out of that hole in my lifestyle—and it was all worth it—especially being able to live and tell about it.

It doesn’t happen often but just watching the previews for this new Baby Driver movie set to “Radar Love” took my mind instantly to this very turbulent time and I won’t even pretend that it was all bad. I loved living like that. It was fun to live beyond the rules and to be so good at things that people would literally do anything to make it so you could keep doing it.  For the first seven years of my marriage I didn’t have a driver’s license because once I stepped away from that life the courts crashed down on me and it wasn’t easy—the penalties were severe.  That past kept clawing away at me trying to either pull me back in, or destroy me in the process—it took about an entire decade to finally outpace that lifestyle I had before my marriage.  People had to die off and the fast life caught up to many of them who did manage to live for the next decade.  They either destroyed themselves or they ended up in jail.  There wasn’t really any middle ground.

Needless to say, I feel a connection to Baby Driver and I really hope it does good business during its run.  Speaking from experience I think what’s worse than a life of crime is a life not lived.  The spontaneity of life is a magical thing and you often don’t really see it until you are pushed well beyond your comfort levels.  And even though he is villainous in this movie Kevy Spacey’s character is right—people do love a good heist—they do need something to talk about over their “lattés” Thinking of “Radar Love” and the way the scenes played out for the preview of Baby Driver, I feel quite a lot of satisfaction knowing that I gave plenty of stories that have been talked about over a great many lattés.  And in the great theater of living, that’s not a bad thing.  I can’t wait to see Baby Driver.

Rich Hoffman

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