I Fully endorse George Lang for the Senate District 4 seat in Ohio

I was quite excited to learn that George Lang was running for the Senate seat that Bill Coley had been occupying in Ohio for several years. The seat itself was terming out and George let me know that on Monday at noon he was going to announce his run for it, and it brought a lot of joy to me. I first learned of his candidacy while on vacation with my family in Charleston, South Carolina touring sites that many were reviewing as the best in the world. I kept hearing while on my weeklong stay in Charleston that this neighborhood, this beach, this restaurant, this shipping lane, this and that were the best anywhere. I had to admit that everything was very nice. Property values were certainly great, and shipping vessels seemed to come into the harbor every 30 minutes loaded to their max. Even at 3 in the morning from our Mt Pleasant home I could hear the cranes working and I found all that economic activity very exciting. Yet the town of Mt Pleasant across the harbor from downtown Charleston was quiet and very chic at that time of night, just as it was all other hours of the day. The people there were prosperous and happy, no crime was in sight. Prosperity tends to do that to a community. So I was a little sad to leave and come home, but then for comparison as my family hit Cincinnati starting at Florence then going up I-71 to avoid the traffic on I-75 it was a startling comparison which culminated into our last moments of the journey travelling down Butler County Regional Highway where for as far as the eye could see, there was prosperity, especially in West Chester. After coming from an extremely wealthy area full of vibrant economic activity, it was obvious that my hometown of Butler County, Ohio was even greater and that is something the rest of the nation hasn’t been talking about. And for the last twenty years, it was my friend George Lang who has had a tremendous hand in that success, which was why I was elated that he was running for that Ohio Senate seat.

It goes without saying then that I endorse George Lang for the Senate District 4 seat in Ohio, fully. I could tell stories all day about why he’s qualified, but the best part of his resume is in this opening paragraph. I had spent a week in one of America’s most prosperous communities and coming directly home to West Chester, where I work, and Liberty Township where I live it becomes obvious that we have it better than most anywhere else in the country and that is due to the very pro-business environment that Lang has championed for many years starting as a trustee in West Chester. Even when Lang was outvoted 2 to 1 on most issues in West Chester by the much more liberal trustees who were there at the time, Lee Wong being one of them, George managed to be a change agent for the betterment of business and the results are obvious today, and the spill over has poured over into neighboring Liberty Township and other regions connected directly to West Chester very positively.

I remember well when George benefited from Mark Welch getting elected into that second trustee seat knocking out a longtime incumbent so that a second vote could be obtained, and real growth could occur for business. For a few years George Lang and Mark Welch opened West Chester to a very positive pro-business culture that is now carrying over into our current conditions which rival any of the best in the entire country and now George wants to bring that culture to all of Ohio. When George was elected into the 52nd House of Representative seat, this was his ultimate goal which he has been working toward. However, as a Senator, he will have much greater leverage to make that pro-business platform more prominent and to take it above the noise of all the other political matters that permeate the state.

George really doesn’t have any competition for this spot, his rivals during the upcoming primary are Candice Keller out of Middletown, who I think is a wonderful person. But when it comes to experience, George has many of the same positions as her on conservative ideas, but his understanding of business and his pro-business platform just puts him on a higher level. Then as I’ve said about Lee Wong, he’s the kind of guy who is a liberal in a conservative area. He has no choice but to run as a Republican. His policy decisions are very much that of a Democrat. If he were running for office in Hamilton County or even Dayton, he’d be a Democrat without question. It was Lee who stood in the way of many of the growth ideas that George wanted to implement in West Chester. I seem to remember Wong’s campaign slogan was that you “Couldn’t go wrong with Wong.” Well, yes you can, in a big way. He’s a nice guy but he’s not on the level of Lang, in any category. In many ways Lee stood in the way of growth, it was George and Mark who broke through his resistance to give West Chester the great prosperity that it sees today.

So, if there is a theme to all this, management does matter and who we elect into these positions has a major impact on all our lives. Obviously in Charleston South Carolina they have a lot of good things going on. Essentially there they have a deep and rich history to draw from which has put politics on the efforts of preserving that history, and not getting in the way of businesses wanting to capitalize off that deep history. In West Chester, Ohio the situation was harder, while Butler County does have a great history going back to before the Revolution, just as Charleston does, we had to be good the old-fashioned way, in the middle of the country with great highway access. We needed our politicians to make the most of those advantages with low cost compliance and protections on upfront investment for businesses. In West Chester, George Lang alone for a long time, then later with a good support staff from a very good Republican Party presence, have created an economic boom that plugs straight into the Trump administration. There is a reason that President Trump enjoys coming to the southern Ohio area so much, and George Lang is more a part of that success than just about anybody. Not in what he has done, but in what he hasn’t.

Most politicians measure their success by what bills they sponsor and ultimately by how much they grow government. In George’s case, it’s the opposite, he measures his success by how much he can get government out of the way of business, allowing them to spend their time and energy on being profitable, which then allows a high quality of living for everyone. For people who have lived in the Butler County area for many years, its easy to take for granted just how good it is. But if you have traveled, the benefits are obvious in comparison. I am very excited to see George Lang do for Ohio as a Senator what he has done for West Chester. I personally think Ohio has an opportunity to become one of the great economic powerhouses of the world and it will take people like George to make it happen. So he has my endorsement and then some. I simply can’t wait to get him in that seat so he can start the work, for which we will all benefit.


Rich Hoffman


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Rush Run Farms: How to make taking a shower much more exciting

Obviously it takes a lot to impress me, but once I do get excited about something, I tend to have explosive enthusiasm about the topic.  So when my sister-in-law whom I’ve known since she was a very little girl told me she was starting a signature soap business—I sort of glazed over on the topic.  After all, soap is soap—right?  Well, she and her husband have this really cool farm just south of Dry Ridge, Kentucky where I sometimes go so we can shoot some of our big guns and I noticed a series of boxes where they were growing some unique items.  After a little probing Nikki told me that it was for her business.  I shrugged my shoulders, loaded my guns and shot for the rest of the afternoon not thinking much of it.  After all, I’m a guy—using soap is like a two-minute operation for me.  But then on Christmas she gave my wife and I a nice little present featuring her soaps and that’s when I could see how much craftsmanship and passion she was putting into this business.  Her product to my experience was far superior to what they were selling at Bed Bath and Beyond and I thought she was on to something.  Here is a description of her work from the website of her soap business, Rush Run Farm.

We are Nikki and Brian McAllister, proud owners of Rush Run Farm.  Here at the farm, we believe in nature’s beautiful simplicity.  Our farm is host to an organically grown herb garden including eight different varieties of Lavender (Munstead, Jean Davis, Vera, Miss Katherine, Sachet, Hidcote, Sarah, Grosso, and White Grosso), two varieties of Rosemary (Arp Rosemary and Madeline Hill Rosemary),  and four varieties of mint (Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, Lavender Mint, Peppermint, and Orange Mint),  These organically grown herbs are used to make our Kentucky handcrafted all-natural soaps.  Stay tuned to watch our garden grow!

Our Soap Shop will feature our signature soaps such as:  Mint Julep Soap, Derby Soap, and Horse Feed Soap.  We use only the finest, purest, most natural ingredients we can find.  All of our base oils and butters are certified organic.  Every step of our soap making process has been carefully thought out to minimize any type of toxins being introduced.  We DO NOT use any plastics of any kind as BPA, phthalates, and other toxins could leach into the soap.  Our molds are made out of unstained wood.  We only use glass, stainless steel, silicone, unbleached parchment paper, and painters tape in our process.  We want your soap to be as pure as can be.

In our Craft Corner, we will be offering Kentucky handmade crafts made from recycled materials from the original farmhouse on our property.  We will also use natural elements found on our farm to make our crafts.  Here in Kentucky, we have a unique heritage and defining character.  We hope our store will bring a little bit of Kentucky to you!


As we all know in business there are three basic kinds of manufacture, mass production, lean, and then there’s craft.  Craft production is certainly what Nikki is doing.  After using her product I can testify that it is like driving a Lamborghini as opposed to a Lincoln MKZ, or a Toyota Camry—only its soap instead of a car.  The soaps have a feel to them that feels exotic and makes you feel special for using them.  Of the cars mentioned all of them are nice of course, the Lincoln is a product of mass production, the Camry of Lean, and the Lamborghini of craft where all the components are handmade and put together by a small team heavily specialized mechanics.  What Nikki and her husband are doing are hand making the ingredients of these soaps to bring craft production into the execution of their product which then carries over into the daily routine of personal body maintenance.  In a world where we tend to take things like body maintenance for granted, Nikki was onto something with her Rush Run Farm product line, and I was proud of her for taking things to that next very important step—moving from conception to execution.

So if you are looking for a last-minute gift idea for Christmas, check out the link to her site and pick up some of her offerings.  Her product line is unique enough to break the ice on those sometimes awkward Christmas gift exchanges where you want to give someone something special, but don’t have time to do anything but swing by the mall to get something quick—then feel bad about it because you meant to do something more personal.  A visit to Nikki’s Rush Run Farm website is just the thing for that unique gift item.  And if you are looking for a volume purchase, tell her you know me and see if she won’t cut you a deal.  It’s one of those things you can’t go wrong on, because she actually makes soap exciting.  And that is quite an extraordinary task!

Nikki is originally from the West Chester area graduating from high school at Lakota.  After a short modeling career that had New York agents seeking her out, she attended Ohio State then moved south where she met her husband.  They have been very successful literally as power brokers in energy commodities.   After turning 40 they made a decision to invest in the farm south of Dry Ridge from their original home in Louisville and have been directing their life in that direction finding a passion they both could share.  So it’s nice to see people pursuing their dreams, but it’s even better when those dreams use the method of craft production to make taking a shower much more exciting and the after effect of how you feel once you have been cleaned and pampered to a point that makes you feel unique.  I think she’s onto something special so I hope she does well with it and sticks with it until it’s a household name.  Nikki is a neat person, not just because she’s my sister-in-law.  I admire her tenacity and her endless optimism.  And best of all, she voted for Trump—and she’s not afraid to tell you about it.

Rich Hoffman
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Joan Powell Announces she is a Progressive: ‘Putting Women in Their Place’ and more feminist Misery

Just to prove that everything I’ve ever said about Joan Powell is 100% correct just have a look at this polished video done by the kind of people who supporter her for the West Chester Trustee seat she is running for on the November 7, 2017 election.  The organization producing this video is an openly progressive group called Putting Women in Their Place and they are part of that radical leftist ideology that attempted to put Hillary Clinton in office just because she was a woman.  Well, there is a great woman running for trustee in West Chester and her name is Ann Becker.  Yet these hypocritical progressives ignore women who are openly conservative and instead go after supporting candidates who will walk the line of radicalism and man hating that come with groups like this.  If you want a good laugh, just watch this video.

I don’t think Joan Powell is an evil person, or is even stupid.  But she has used her network of radical feminists to come after me before due to her massive failures as a school board member at Lakota where she heavily abused a very generous budget of over $160 million dollars per year and essentially caved to the labor union’s demands for higher wages, then asked tax payers to leverage the expense on their property taxes.  Under the guidelines of these idiots, the Putting Women in Their Place crowd, we aren’t supposed to judge any woman for anything.  We are supposed to always look the other way when they do something because the value of their progressive organization is to put women in charge of things instead of men—regardless of how incompetent those women are.

You can hear that in Joan’s voice when she says that the West Chester Trustees have a “father knows best” approach to life in what has become one of the best places in America to live.  Well, maybe father does know best in this case, because it has obviously worked in West Chester.  But in her video, obviously because she’s running against her, Joan fails to mention that Ann Becker is running for a trustee seat given up by George Lang, and she is the endorsed Republican in the race.  For those who need clarification, Ann is a woman, and a very good one at that.  What these progressive groups really mean is that they want man haters in these seats they are running for.  Just have a look at their website.


You won’t find progressive women like Joan Powell and the rest of those latte sipping slobs on that website supporting Ivanka Trump’s quests as a representative of Donald Trump’s administration.  And you won’t see them talking about how wonderful of a first lady Melania Trump is—how gracious and caring she has been in her role as the first lady.  Honestly, the Trump administration has done more positive for women in just the last few months than previous administrations have done during their entire terms.  I don’t see these progressive women cheering on the great work of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House Press Secretary.  I mean women don’t need to win beauty contests to be great in those positions—but there is a beauty in competency and Sarah is one of the best that there ever has been.  Where are these progressive groups in support of these very fine women?

That’s how we get to the real truth about what these progressive women are after.  Everyone remembers when I called these types of women latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match, because these were the idiots who were running the pro levy groups at Lakota and damning all of us with high property taxes because they felt they had a right to function without being questioned.  When they couldn’t answer the questions they went straight to gender politics—because they had nothing else.  Their minds were flat and lazy and they relied on their control of sex in relationships to dominate the political landscape.   As an example a very powerful man wanted to give money to our levy fighting group, and it was for a substantial amount of money.  He asked us not to tell his wife who was also a prominent Republican socialite—because she was a school levy supporter and a progressive buddy with Joan Powell who caused all the mess to begin with.  I stood there looking at this very nice man who was a business tycoon in West Chester and he was worried about his wife finding out about giving us money to fight higher taxes because honestly he was worried he wouldn’t get any sex from her for the foreseeable future.  That’s how I came up with the prostitute notion, because these “progressive” women have used these kinds of tactics to bend politics into their direction for many years, and it has really crippled our society.  Men go along with it to keep peace in the house, but is that any way to live?

I have an aunt who is one of these bra burning progressives—a real man hater.  I never really had a bad experience with her except that I never agreed with her politics.  She was horrible to deal with on Holidays and the few times a year I had to see her, she always felt she needed to infuse her political opinions on us.  My mom was a housewife, one of the last ones, and this aunt felt it was her mission in life to change that status.  (Just as a footnote, you can tell the difference in the kind of kids the two families produced.  My mom’s kids are all successful in every aspect of their lives.  None of the aunt’s have been.  Not their fault, because it starts with the parents) She was molded as a 1960s feminist and we all sort of put up with her, and that went on for many years.  Well out of the blue about 15 years ago she contacted my wife for no apparent reason and wanted to take her to lunch.  You have to understand, I am politically as far from this lady as there are units of measure to cover the distance.  So her calling my wife was highly unusual, but she did and they went out for lunch.  The whole purpose of the lunch visit was to attack me for being a traditionalist and to recruit my wife who was a stay-at-home mom into the world of progressive women.

At the end of the lunch this lady actually told my wife, “we women must stick together—or else.”  She actually threatened my wife with implied violence if she didn’t subscribe to her version of feminist radicalism.   I have not spoken to that person since except to tell my family why I have completely painted her out of my life.  I mean I have never been a control freak about what my wife does. I am very easy to deal with in regard to people’s personal decisions.  I have always let my wife and two daughters do pretty much as they saw fit, but I always did make my opinions known.  I certainly didn’t deserve to have this bra burning feminist trying to inject herself into my marriage to create discontent to fulfill some progressive political objective.   My wife was a very strong woman taking great care of my family in a traditional way.  As a former model she was always very attractive and that drove this aunt crazy—so she felt she needed to get control over her for some perverse social reason.   It caused a rift in our family that still exists.  I never forget anything, and don’t intend to start now.

We have another one who is the mom of one of the people who have married into our family.  When we get together to go shooting she sometimes is there, but she hates guns.  Actually, hate is too light of a word.  She is insanely against them, yet she comes to these family events knowing full well what’s going to happen at them.  She is very dramatic in her hatred and she openly imposes herself on everyone at the gathering.  She loves all that hippie rock from the 60s and 70s and expects us all to just shut up and let her rattle on and on about it, and if we say anything to her she demands that we are women haters.   When we go on and shoot anyway you’d think we threw Holy water on her during an exorcism.  She is ridiculous.  Her husband who is a staunch conservative just sits there and smiles.  When she’s away we ask why he puts up with her.  The answer is an embarrassing one, but you get the picture.  No man wants to be locked out of their own bedroom and these types of progressive women feel that is their right to use sex as leverage to control the politics of a family.  If a man gets tired of it and goes to Vegas to have a weekend with a bunch of whores then those women want half of everything the man possesses—including the kids.  These progressive women have become a menace to happiness and they think they are empowered to create all this misery because they embed themselves like Kathy Bates into every part of our lives.

Speaking from my personal experiences I just think they are crazy.  Somewhere in their ideology and their menopausal hormones is the villain of insanity.   Most of them are older and beyond repair.  Younger women can find moments of sanity after a good romp, because they aren’t yet biologically disposed of.  As younger women they still enjoy the company of a good man, but when they get older and no longer care for sex, they hold their husbands hostage to it because he has nowhere to go.  He’s not allowed to cheat on her by their marriage contract, but if he wants if from her, he has to do what she says.  So the man does what most do and they develop a hobby out in the garage, whether its model airplanes, fixing up a classic car, or playing golf with the guys so they can get away from these progressive idiots and the insanity that always follows in their wake.  Speak to any of these progressive women for a little while and you’ll find some variation to the stories I have just articulated.  Insanity is a common theme with them.   They may speak well socially, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see it.

Progressive women don’t really want women in power; they want certain kinds of women in power.  Conservative women are not welcome, only the man hating radicals who will play the game of imposing liberal politics into their marriages so that they can corrupt every relationship they have in their contacts—from family events to manicures.  Progressive women have all the power and they do use sex to control the world around them.  They play the victim socially, but in their bedrooms that is how they expand their kingdoms and there are many, many men who are prisoners in those bedrooms.  They wish they had a wife that wanted to share a life with them, but those types of progressive women only want misery so they can maneuver everything around them to the insanity of their twisted politics.  And now you know dear reader what Joan Powell is, and what she wants to do.  And you know who backs her.  Now all you have to do is stop her at the ballot box—because she by her politics is a hypocrite, like all progressive women are.    They are hypocrites because they use politics to hide a deep hatred they have about women who are beautiful, or smart—or are truly happy on their own.  Progressives require group think and they need to pull in as many women as possible into their vortex of misery so they can still look in the mirror and deal with what looks back—a hateful loser who often ruins the relationships of all the sane people in their lives—and they need to hide from those mistakes behind some political cause invented to conceal their folly.   Remember that when you vote.

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker and Mark Welch Work Together Down the Stretch: Lazy Lee Wong and many others fall short of a critical Tuesday election in West Chester


Now that we are coming down to the final days of the 2017 election for the West Chester Township Trustees it’s easy to see who really wants the job and who doesn’t—as well as who has the passion to do the job correctly, as opposed to those who only want the position for a social statement.   I was quite impressed by the efforts of Ann Becker and Mark Welch in the final days.  In the picture below you can see that they pulled together to go door to door on the last Saturday before the election which says a lot about them as candidates.  There are a lot of people running, but these two joined together to make a statement which reveals a lot about what kind of people they would be in office together.  It takes a lot of teamwork to pull together resources in the way that they have and in the world of politics, that is wonderful to see for a change.

We already know what we are getting with Mark Welch, he is the current president of the trustees and has done a great job.  Electing him only gets more of the same, which in West Chester is precisely what voters want.   However with Ann Becker, this is her first crack at the job, and she brings fresh ideas to that seat which would only expand its effectiveness.   I can’t imagine two better people running for a political office anywhere in the country than these two.  Ann isn’t a carbon copy of Mark Welch politically by any stretch of the imagination.  She brings her own flavor to the role, but as conservatives holding a very important office the team work they have shown during the campaign would naturally carry over into a good relationship working together to do the business of the people in West Chester.

That is the beauty of competition, and why we have competitive elections.  Most of the times the candidates put out a bunch of campaign signs and that’s it— those with the most money tend to get the name recognition because people generally don’t know who else to vote for but the name they saw on the side of the road at a traffic light.  They figure that if the candidate has enough money to put out a bunch of yard signs, that someone must like that candidate, so that is typically who they vote for.  But this year there are so many candidates with so many yard signs that they are all running together in the mind of the political novice, which most people are.  Few people pay much attention to-day to-day politics and the names behind them.  They just want the system to work like the gas gauge in their car.

Competition especially in this current election race has really separated the truly serious candidates from those who just want the social status of being elected.  That’s precisely what we have seen from Joan Powell the ex-school board candidate from Lakota.  In that position she was a big spender and had a reputation for caving into the union demands during teacher contracts which she paid for with tax increases against the public.  In the past she has supported cityhood for West Chester so she is one of those big government types—a person who thinks of herself as a Republican, but she’s more of a John Kasich Republican—a liberal who puts an “R” next to their name so they can get elected in a conservative county.  If Joan were running for the same type of office just ten miles south of her West Chester home she’d be just another Democrat that has virtually destroyed the economic viability of Hamilton County.   Watching her in some of the debates during this campaign season I would have thought that Joan was more savvy than what she showed, but she really fizzled out down the stretch.  She put out a few signs, but showed no energy in the days leading up to the election on Tuesday and even though I don’t support her, her presence in this competitive election was really flat.  Lucky for us all that we did have a lot of candidates to pick from because it has really exposed people like Joan for wanting the job more for a social statement in their personal careers than as a sincere person who really just wants to do a good job for the West Chester community.

Speaking of flat, Lee Wong is a current trustee and aside from a few signs has made very little effort to defend his seat.  One thing about Lee that is obvious to everyone, he’s just lazy.  He’s lazy as a trustee functioning from the politics of yesteryear where a trustee shows up for a few parades and expects free food when he goes out for lunch.  He relies mostly on his time served as a veteran to cover for his socialist tendencies as a trustee.   As an incumbent there is a lot of dirt on Lee that is floating around out there—a lot of smoke with some fire to feed it—you don’t see Lee out with his wife much.   Based on the smoke the fire that produces it says that Lee has issues with people—particularly females.  But that isn’t the most telling example of why he’s a bad candidate—he’s just a lazy person.  By nature, he doesn’t like hard work and it shows in the way he has been a trustee and in this competitive race, he’s far down the ladder as far as effort.  If people didn’t know better, they’d never know that he was running for re-election.

Lynda O’Conner is another one who put out a few signs next to Mark’s along the side of the road, but she hasn’t been out much to sell her candidacy.  In the debate that really counted, the West Chester Tea Party Forum, Lynda was a no-show, instead she sent a note.  As a school board member at Lakota she obviously thought that the run for trustee would be a lot easier than it turned out to be, so her effort matched that miscalculation.  I have supported Lynda as a school board member before, and she isn’t the worst in the world, but as trustee for the high-powered West Chester economy, she showed down the stretch that she just didn’t have the ambition to really make a name for herself.   Putting a few signs out in this election just wasn’t enough to show what kind of candidate she was, and she missed a lot of opportunities to make her mark yielding to Ann Becker when things counted most.  Lynda starting off was probably the best option but Ann clearly outworked Lynda by a lot.

That brings us to Jullian Kelley who has been a well-known socialite within the Republican Party of Butler County for a long time.  She has worked hard because she put her name out there and a considerable budget for signs—and she doesn’t want to lose.  In a typical election Jullian would likely win a seat just because of her name recognition, but in this competitive climate—especially during the West Chester Tea Party debate she has shown that she didn’t know much about the topics and was more like a room mom in school making treats for the kids in class.   Her heart was there, but her intellect just wasn’t prepared and she would likely be no better prepared for an average day at the office as a trustee than Lazy Lee Wong has been.  Getting elected into one of these positions is about more than just showing up and displaying that you can put out signs.  You have to actually know things, and do things.  On that account, Jullian is clearly lacking in competency.  Good intentions aren’t enough this time.

So on Tuesday November 7, 2017 make  sure to vote for Ann Becker and Mark Welch and reward them for a well run cooperative campaign.  Their partnership would only be good for West Chester.  As trustees it takes a lot of cooperation to manage a vast township like West Chester, which has enough people in it to be considered a city, but needs to stay small enough to maintain its competitive edge over Cincinnati to the south and Dayton to the north.  West Chester is the crown jewel of the I-75 corridor between two of Ohio’s best known cities, and it is the preferred destination for business and people of ambition who want to build a good life for themselves in a top 100 community in all of the United States.  It takes work and Ann and Mark have shown that they are willing to do the work, and to do it together—and those are the first foundations of success.  Before they can bring that success to the township however you have to vote for them, so be sure to do so.  You won’t regret it!

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker for West Chester Trustee: Likely, the best candidate voters will ever vote for in their entire lives

Ann Becker and I don’t always agree on everything.  For instance she is a lot more libertarian than I am—politically.  She has supported school levies in the past whereas I likely never will.  And Ann Becker is not a big fan of guns—where I am.  Guns are a big part of my life—if I don’t have the smell of gun powder on my hands at some point in a day, that day is not a good one for me.  I shoot like some people golf—it’s all about ballistics, velocity and technique to take something carefully machined and crafted to perfection then launching a bullet toward a target successfully.  And that’s before the discussion of the Second Amendment.  Ann understands the right to bear arms, and she’s certainly no gun grabber, but she just isn’t a fan in using them.  She’d rather do other things.  Yet, Ann Becker is the most conservative and politically pure person I know, and I know quite a few people at different levels of occupation.  She is a real treasure in political thought and even with the differences I mentioned, Ann and I have never had a fight we couldn’t work out with a little talking—and that is what makes her such a wonderful candidate for the West Chester Trustee seat that needs filled from the exiting George Lang.  Here are some highlights of Ann’s debate performance at the West Chester Tea Party Candidate Forum conducted on October 17th 2017.

I wouldn’t support Ann just because I consider her a dear friend.  I also have a lot of friends and I wouldn’t recommend most of them for any kind of political office where the sanctity of the people were at risk.  So I’m not just talking Ann up because I like her.  She is just simply the best person for the job.  I would trust Ann with a pot of gold during a hurricane, and would be certain when I returned that all of it would still be there.  Ann is the kind of person who is sincere to her very core and she functions from those beliefs—and is extraordinarily ethical.  Perhaps her best skill is in her ability to coral people together who have incredibly different points of view and to get them to do what needs to be done.  While she always has great emotion in the things she does, she is remarkably able to keep the emotion out of her decisions and to allow the facts of a matter to evolve into a logical conclusion.

For those who are fans of the Brian Thomas radio show each weekday morning on 55KRC you already know Ann as “Lady Liberty” where she does regular radio segments talking about all the local happenings in the Cincinnati area regarding Constitutional studies and Tea Party oriented events.  She was not just president of the West Chester Tea Party for a while, but she was the President of the Cincinnati Tea Party as well. Over the years she has successfully been involved in many political activities extending from southern Ohio all the way north of Columbus.  Ann Becker is one of the most politically influential people in this part of the Midwest and she does it without pretentiousness or zeal.  She gets involved in so many activities because she functions from passion.  West Chester would be very lucky to have a person of her caliber as a trustee.  It takes a sometimes very patient voice to listen to all the different members of a community and try to bring everyone together toward a satisfactory conclusion—which is often not possible.  But Ann always tries and doesn’t let discouragement taint her optimism—and that is a very special trait.  Her vast experience at managing so many different personalities within the Liberty Movement, from the hard-core Constitutionalists, to the casual free speech supporter—Ann has routinely walked that fine line between success and failure successfully—so this West Chester Trustee seat is her next logical transition.   Currently Ann is the State Central Committee representative for the West Chester area which has proven to be an extremely important endeavor.  It’s also the reason she is able to be one of two candidates officially endorsed by the Republican Party.

I’ve worked with Ann on a number of things over the years and our relationship has always been productive.  As I said, we don’t always agree.  I am good at dealing with people of opposing views in spite of what many think, and Ann is also very good at corralling ideological differences without losing her moral compass.  In spite of being on different sides of a number of issues within the spectrum of conservatism, she and I have never left each other’s company mad.  So I am 100% certain she has what it takes to deal with the most complaining voices that a township trustee would have to listen to, all the while preparing for the most extravagant Republican fundraisers with all the powerhouses ready to write checks because Ann is sincere with everyone.  There is no fakeness to her, she can sit down with the guy who is upset about traffic patterns on Cincinnati Dayton Road and be completely fair and caring to him, then get on the phone to the area socialites to coordinate the more communal aspects of GOP occurrences and never lose a beat.   As simple as that might sound it’s incredibly difficult for most of our adult population to be good at those extreme tasks and still function from a place of sincerity.  When dealing with people everyone thinks there concerns are the most important things in the world—so it takes incredible skill to make the people you deal with feel as though you are giving them all of your attention, even though you may be pulled in a million different directions.  The more people in your life the harder it is to give everyone individual attention with complete sincerity.  A lot of times politicians may be so enamored that the socialites call them for help and they forget about the guy worried about traffic issues.  To the public those politicians become just another out-of-touch aristocrat.   Yet Ann is that unique type of person who can give everyone equal attention and leave them thinking that she really cares—because in all reality—she does.

Sometimes voters go to the booth to punch the name of someone they don’t know, and they can feel like they are taking a chance on someone just because they have an “R” next to their name and figure they don’t have any other options.  But finally with Ann Becker they do have an option for someone who is uniquely more qualified than anybody they may vote for in their entire lives.  Ann Becker is the most trustworthy person to maybe ever run for office.  While she was very successful in running the Trump campaign from within Butler County she started off that 2016 election supporting Ted Cruz.   She wasn’t a big fan of Trump at the start of the campaign, but as the facts came out of what kind of person Donald Trump would be Ann put aside her differences with his personality and focused on the policy improvements that would come from a Trump White House.  Ann played a big part in why Ohio averaged 10% over Hillary Clinton in the whole state when the final votes were counted—the ground game was good and the right Republicans were involved in helping Trump while the Kasich Republicans rebelled.  When the smoke cleared Ann Becker was still friends with everyone—and that is a remarkable achievement these days.   Not only does it show that Ann can work with anybody, but she is also able to amend her ideological position based on the facts as she comes to know them, and that is unique.  It’s precisely what any voter would want in a representative of any kind.  And that’s what you get with Ann Becker.  Voters may never vote for a better person for the job of West Chester Trustee in their lives but on November 5th 2017, when they get to punch the ticket for Ann Becker.

Rich Hoffman

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All the Reasons to vote for Mark Welch for Trustee: The “invisible hand” of West Chester

With all the talk about education and how much money should be spent on it, and has been within America, there are a lot of people who are in dire need of a vast education.  Most of the people needing it are those functioning as pundits and news reporters—especially politicians who are doing important jobs but don’t have the intellect to do that job correctly.  That has been the case so far during Donald Trump’s entire time spent in the White House. People who should know better are surprised that he has done such a good job so far and has led an economic approach that is breaking records in the stock market—as I write this the Dow Jones is currently 300 points about 23,000!  And the reason is basic economics.  Trump is providing a hands off approach to government allowing investment to prosper and for our capitalist exchanges to be trustful, so people are putting their money to work instead of hiding it away to protect it from radical politicians who want to redistribute it to their voter base essentially to buy elections.   Trump’s approach works and it always has for those bold enough to utilize a less restrictive business environment and we know that because Trump hasn’t been the first to try such things.  In West Chester, Ohio Mark Welch has been utilizing a very pro business strategy that has been very successful and now four years after he was first elected West Chester is booming in similar ways that the Dow Jones is currently.  It’s all about a pro business strategy that allows for growth, and now that Mark is up for re-election of his seat the facts are there for all to witness.  Below is a collection of video segments from a West Chester Tea Party forum conducted to feature the candidates for this year’s election.  Mark as expected, performed very well, and gave great answers to the questions provided to him which should put everyone’s mind at ease about electing him for a second term to continue the good job he has been doing.

I suppose where the education failure starts it is that most people just don’t understand the basic concepts of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations.  I mean, modern advocates for thought—and that includes everyone from the most highly paid attorney working for Beltway politics to the NFL player protesting on one knee during the National Anthem should understand well the idea of the “invisible hand” described in Smith’s epic work on economics.  The basic premise that self-interest regulates behavior far better than authoritative Theory X oriented fear of government—such as what occurred under Mark Welch when he first became a trustee in regards to zoning regulations.   Before Mark came along zoning was a radicalized venture in West Chester.  I can recall a case where a business was destroyed by West Chester zoning because they hosted Tea Party events on Tuesday nights and the rules of zoning were used to push it out of existence.  The heavy hand of government penalized this place of business for some signage displays on Sunday’s where a similar business right across the street was given a free pass—because it was a popular meeting place for Lakota school levy supporters.  It only took a few months once there was bad publicity unleashed for that place of business to close its doors—and that is just one example that government can destroy businesses by limiting the movement of Adam Smith’s free hand.   That building is still sitting empty years later, destroyed by government essentially.  The same story could be told all across America and when Mark talks in the video about beating an entrenched incumbent in the 2013 election, that’s why he won.  He has not disappointed West Chester, he’s made it much better over the last four years.

When self-interest goes from a focus on profitability and instead resides purely on survival it is then clear that we are living in a restrictive society confined to the artificial barriers imposed by government for the purpose of ideological control rooted in poor philosophic thinking.  It is hard enough to be in business competing in an industry without the hand of government sticking its nose into every little aspect of strategic implementation.  To an extent government is there to make sure that the game of business is played fairly, but they should not impose themselves on that climate, otherwise you destroy the “invisible hand.”  When government is too involved, that invisible hand stays in a pocket and doesn’t do what it should and that’s a bad thing.  Mark Welch certainly understands the concept of “the invisible hand” and West Chester is thriving in 2017 beyond anybody’s expectations.  Donald Trump is doing the same on a large national level.  Anybody who understood how these things work could do the same, but unfortunately such people are hard to find.

Maybe it’s because liberals—especially academic liberals, are inherently lazy in their thinking.  The works of Karl Marx is much smaller than Adam Smith’s works so perhaps it’s because it’s easier to read that liberals gravitate to Marxism and cower in fear of Smith. Most liberals that I have known love to smoke pot, have reckless sex with dirty unwashed people covered in tattoos and body piercings, and are weak people who like to hide in the safety of a crowd—so Adam Smith’s invisible hand is pretty scary to them—because they are scared people to begin with.   But that doesn’t mean you can build your society around their thinking.  Anybody who is in public office needs to understand the basics of Adam Smith’s concepts.  Under Trump’s presidency we can now all see how the Wealth of Nations is built.  It goes from concept in a large volume beautiful book to actual practice as represented by the Dow Jones records currently being broken by the day.  But before Donald Trump was Mark Welch in West Chester, Ohio who understood the invisible hand of Adam Smith from day one of his election during the first term.  The wealth of West Chester has exploded, and it’s not a mystery.  It’s all very predictable.  But Wes Chester is unique because it has had politicians like Mark who knew when to leave things alone—which is harder than a lot of people think.

Many years ago and up to very recently, in leadership training of people who need to learn those skills a common practice is to have a person stand on an elevated platform and to allow themselves to fall backwards into a group of waiting arms from your teammates to teach trust to the subconscious.  The thinking is to trust that the invisible hands of your team to know that they won’t let you fall because it’s in their self-interest not to let you.  For instance, if you are a smart person who holds the keys to their strategic success in life, you don’t have to worry about them backstabbing you from all types of success in life, because they need you for their own fulfillment.  So they won’t tend to let things happen to you if they find you falling.  Building that trust is one of those elementary practices in leadership training.  The people who are always terrible at this exercise are those cowering liberals who are afraid of their own shadows in life, so it is very difficult to fall back and trust other people because they don’t naturally trust anything—because of what they know about themselves if you really want to break it down correctly.  Let alone trust some invisible hand that is not controlled by government.  But their dysfunction cannot be the standard we all live with as a nation, or a community, because what they are experiencing is a psychosis not a healthy deduction of reason.  So when you get someone like Mark Welch, you grab on tight, because he is unique in the political world.  Hopefully with Trump’s successes on the larger stage more people like Mark will emerge.  But currently, people should be very grateful that Mark Welch is running for such an important trustee position, because he understands innately the nature of Adam Smith’s invisible hand, and it has been that hand which has loaded West Chester, Ohio with such magnificent options toward the enjoyment of life.

I was at Cabela’s in West Chester just yesterday buying up ammunition for some weekend shooting and I had to marvel at the work of the invisible hand that has been doing a good job in West Chester.  To have the option of visiting Cabela’s on a wonderful October day then heading down to Jags for a nice steak lunch with important people to make decisions that would increase the fortunes of many people.  Then to top off the night at Top Golf and enjoy the sunset of a fall evening—but before leaving to walk over to Barnes and Noble for some new books to read are all miracles of the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s capitalism.  Everyone should read Adam Smith’s work because they would find such things much better miracles for which they are.  They’d also understand that much of that lifestyle I mentioned is a result of Mark Welch’s proper management of West Chester as a trustee—to build the trust that investors need to fall back into the waiting arms of West Chester’s government to protect them without meddling into their work.  The trust goes both ways, government has to trust business to catch it when they fall back into their arms, and the same for the businesses who must take a leap of faith with their investments to make magical things happen in the realm of capitalism.  It sounds easy, but unfortunately most people just don’t get it.  Mark Welch does, and that is the primary reason that people should vote for him on November 7th 2017. The invisible hand of Adam Smith is alive in West Chester, and it’s beautiful to look at when you can see what it leaves behind.  But trusting that hand is hard, and lucky for West Chester, Mark Welch does, and the results have been explosively delightful, and something everyone—even  loser liberals—can benefit from.

Rich Hoffman

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What We Learned about the West Chester Trustee Candidates for the 2017 Election: Ann Becker and Mark Welch are clearly the best picks

There weren’t really any second-place candidates who touched the levels of competency toward the open trustee seats in West Chester, Ohio than Mark Welch and Ann Becker as displayed during the West Chester Tea Party candidate forum at Indiana Wesleyan University on October 17th 2018. I mean there were other candidates there speaking that night, but Mark is the incumbent and the guy with the very successful track record—so much so that Democrats are rightfully terrified by him and have pulled out all the stops in an attempt to knock him off his seat. Then there is Ann Becker, Ms. Lady Liberty herself as she can be heard often on her 55 KRC radio segments on the very popular Brian Thomas show—who has been involved in just about every kind of politics in Butler County that there is. She is leaps and bounds above everyone else so she and Mark make a great team for two of the three trustee seats that are coming available. Of course, the focus for the purposes of preserving conservativism in West Chester relies on at least two conservatives being elected on November 7th and out of all the candidates running—many of them are good people—only Mark Welch and Ann Becker have the official backing of the Republican Party—and this year, that means a lot.

I think after watching all the other candidates speak if I had to pick a third person for those very important West Chester trustee seats it would be anybody but Lee or Powell. That third seat currently has belonged to the incumbent Lee Wong, but after his support of the Chinese spy scandal involving a Sherry Chen and her termination at the National Weather Service for alleged espionage, Lee has since dropped off the map. He embarrassingly protested on her behalf recently to help her get her job back and his defense of his friend revealed many disturbing traits about Lee Wong that many people hadn’t seen before. He tends to be aloof and disengaged when it comes to complicated issues, and he obviously has sided with organized labor locally—so he has lost his mask of Republican Party affiliation showing himself to be a lopsided liberal on almost every topic.


The other person running who is obviously not a conservative is Joan Powell who came to the West Chester forum knowing that the audience was very constitutionally minded, so she attempted to talk their language, and everything ended up coming out phony. I’ll give her credit for trying, but she clearly wasn’t the right candidate. After all, she had been supportive of West Chester becoming a city some years back which means a lot more government to manage things and always has in her thoughts and actions big government approaches to everything. I thought it was particularly interesting that she tried to distance herself from the terrible labor union negotiations she had been involved in over the years at Lakota by saying that she was supportive of Right to Work. That was odd because most of the reasonable conservatives of West Chester remember her for her tax increases as president of the Lakota Board of Education. By alienating the leftist union members who might otherwise vote for her in memory of her Lakota failures, who did she think was going to support her for trustee? There aren’t enough of the “girls” getting their hair done with Joan to put her over the top. She came across grossly out of touch and adhering to the politics of another century in the past. She certainly didn’t project herself as part of the future.

Everyone else falls below the prospect of viability. In the coming days I’ll put up specific videos from this West Chester event to paint a more articulate picture of the proceedings. But for the high-level viability of the two primary candidates, Ann Becker and Mark Welch they did a good job and the little ad displayed above indicates my feelings on their candidacy. I have a lot of hope for the two of them. For Mark I’d like to see him continue to do the great job he has done. With Cathy Stoker out-of-the-way and Lee Wong put on ice over the last several years West Chester has prospered dramatically. It was kind of like the effect Donald Trump has had on the stock market. There’s a reason the Dow is pushing up over 23,000 for the first time ever. Many investors who had been looking toward West Chester to build a business, or even to start a family felt inclined to move once Mark was elected and from there hotels have exploded on the scene, along with many new restaurants, shopping, shooting ranges and many other options that have improved the lifestyle choices of the West Chester community.

There were some interesting conversations at the trustee forum that represent distinct philosophical differences. For instance, Joan Powell espoused her view that schools are what make a community great—which is clearly not the case. You can spend all the money on education that you want and the quality of a school will not help it at all. Rather, schools tend to be great based on the quality of the people who live in an area. Good people produce good kids and therefore, good students. Mark clearly understands that formula and most everything he does centers on those basic philosophies. That’s why Democrats hate him so much, because revealing that formula is something they are absolutely terrified of. That’s also how you can know that people like Lee Wong and Joan Powell are not Republicans but are in fact liberal Democrats—because they miss the basic concept of foundational government as a representative management device of the public. A government school does not make kids great, their parents do. If you want a great community you need to have an environment conducive to the lifestyle of good people—good in this case being people who have jobs, raise their children with parameters of expectation—and do things as a family unit. For instance, if you go to the VOA Park in West Chester, the people you meet there are generally all good to each other, and conduct themselves well. Respect for themselves and each other is a prevalent theme and that reflects the general demographic of the region which tends to attract good people to it. West Chester has great access to good jobs. Great access to interesting things to do, and it has low taxation—all which attracts good families with values. When those kids go to school they are naturally good kids. If you spend the same money on communities where the parents are terrible, the school system will obviously reflect that. The idea that a school makes a community is a liberal organized labor myth built to inflate wages and benefits for the government employees—not to fulfill the necessities of the community. Mark and Ann understand that delicate balance. Liberals like Joan Powell and Lee Wong don’t.

It was good to see such a large crowd at this event. People care very much about this outcome and that is wonderful, that is what makes our country great—at the local level. That is also the role that the Tea Party has always had, educating the public about the matters that matter most to them. In that regard I’d say the only serious candidates running for those three seats were present in the video above. If candidates aren’t willing to go before the West Chester Tea Party, they really aren’t serious about running for office. Hopefully this article helps you sort out the names from all the confusion—and that really only two names essentially top out the first two seats, Ann Becker and Mark Welch.

Rich Hoffman
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